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i ??Mi.hed every morning, ?( No. 30 Ana-streot, New-York,
'-i&aS fo City *.bm.oer. for ONE CENT ,>er copy. Mail
Subscribers. W* P?r m*nm * ?t^08: otherwise $5.
TrRM5 or ADvr.iTistnc-roa each adt?rtiscme.it of
Tea line* or I? (over tut), first insertion. 30 cla.
rlVf?rf-?b?''!'^Mn, k"*rtJ0D35 "
r? for Kix insertions, or one week.? 1 50
Do for Twenty-*** >Dl*rtion*, or ?oe month.!*5 OO
Leorer Advertisement* ?t equally fuvorabte rate?.
mof yireiiw. half the above rates; Two line., ona-fourtb of
[tew IllSt rif*1^ m *" C**M in advance.
the following Editorial from n lute Richmond llltie will
ieread with high gratification by the friends of Arncricnn
Industry. It puts important truths in pluin and forcible
language. Light is evidently breaking in upon the South,
yd the cause of Protection will not always have to bear up
minst the unbroken part of that section of the Union.
Hear the Whig:
THE TARIF_New Views.
Considering that we always render our readers good scr
bv inserting an able document upon any topic of public
interest?whatever may be the particular view* advanced?
svhave copied to-day a paper of that character upon the
mbject of the Tarif. Muny of the views nnd suggestions
?ifl be new to the Virginia render?for it has been tin- wont
ntre to regaid any word in favor of the Tarif damnable
heresy. The odious term Turif is No. 2 in Ritchie'- famous
category of State war-cries, which he has been mumbling,
with toothless gums, for thirty years. ' Bank, Tarif. Inter?
nal Improvement,'or 'Internal Improvement, Tarif, Bank,'
take it which way you will, it comirs sec?nd in the li-t of
abominutiotis. The incessant clamor, rung with ceaseless
Jin throughout ull the borders of the Commonwealth, has
iid the effect to forestall the public judgement, and pre?
vent all calm consideration of the subject, ft may be, and
we think it probable that it is so. that a majority of the peo?
ple of Virginia, operated upon, unconsciously, by this clamor,
or by some other ?ause, nmy dissent from most of the leading
views of the paper which we publish. But dissent or not,
the document is of a character whirh all thinking men will
read with pleasure und profit?for its tendency is to suggest
lew trains of thought, and to enlarge and liberalize the mind.
Long und deeply steeped ourselves in the popular preju?
dice against the Tarif, our minds have not been entirely
seiled to the revelations of experience. We affect not,
however, to have wholly overcome that prejudice. But we
have seen enough to occasion doubts, where before ?u
thought there was absolute certainty. The. bold and confi?
dent predictions promulgated respecting the operation of the
Tarif, by distinguished statesmen, have been so completely
falsified by results, that the most uncompromising opponent
of the Tarif might well doubt the soundness of his con?
clusions. The whole North, with Mr. Wehster in the lead,
resisted the first Turif?predicting that it would work the
loud prostration of Northern Commerce. The event dis
appointed their forebodings, und they have become, from
blurt assailants, tho advocates of the system. John Ran?
dolph, although supposed to bo gifted with more than ordi?
nary foresight, in opposing the Tarif of '16', prophesied that
it would annihilate the revenue of the Government, and ren?
der a resort to direct taxation necessary to supply the daily
wants. There is not a moro remarkable instance of the
fallacy of human judgement ups?n record. So far from the
results predicted being realized, just the opposite effect en
snsd. The Treasury began to fill apace ; the National Debt
?as speedily liquidated, and an immense surplus, notwith?
standing aw unprecedented prodigality in the Administration,
was accumulated. Again it was confidently asserted that the
high Tarif of '28 would arrest the production of Cotton in this
country, and prohibit, altogether, the introduction of certain
articles. But instead of this, Cotton never bore so high an
average price as for several years succeeding that act, and
tlic articles expected to be excluded entirely, actually fell in
price?whilst others, on which the duly has been reduced,
nave advanced. These and such like facts havo caused us
to doubt tho justness of foregone conclusions, and we would
not now?as wc have done before?assert without qualifi?
cation, that under the existing commercial regulations of the
world, a high Turif would not be beneficial to this country.
But the fact is, there is no subject on whirh human reason
is so liable to err, as that respecting the effects to be pro?
duced by the increase or diminution of duties. Here po?
litical economists are nt fault, and with all their boasted
icience they are unable to devise any rules for tho pro?
duction of any fixed, certain und invariable results. The
difficulty springs from the complicated and comprehensive
character of the subject. That which to-day, from the lights
before us, may be deemed calculated to lend to beneficial re
suits, may by to-morrow produce effects just the reverse, in
consequence of some new invention, or some now regulation
abroad, by which the production of the particular article in
question, may be increased or diminished.
All that we design by these remarks is to persuade the
country, and our legislators particularly, to approach the
consideration ol this great question divested of pnssion and
prejudice, and in a spirit of enlarged statesmanship and en?
lightened patriotism.
Correspondence of Tho Tribune.
Bitfalo, July 16, 1841.
Friend G.: I will tell you how I wns mistaken in rela?
tion to the prico of Flour. At the time I wrote you that
Flour " was selling at ?*.'> SO, w ith a prospect of its going to
{<>,' I heard a dealer who is selling a good den! of tho arti?
cle say that he had been offered that for a particular brand
tad refused. Ordinary brands were selling in lots at that
Uraefor$5,?the retail price for Flour was then, and is now,
& 50,?and while the article was on the rise, I do not know
that persons were to be censured because they believed it
would ascend instead of descend. The Commercial mis?
takes me entirely if it thinks I am one of the speculators
who wish to advance the price of Flour by circuiting false
"Torts in relation to short coming crops. You know well
?ttfugh ?mt 1 have no particular interest in having the Wheat
<n>p fail. Taking the country in the aggregate and I have
ao doubt but a full crop may be realized, but there are See?
ons where there will not be half the usual crop. I have
ssade strflicient inquiry to satisfy mo that in Genesee and
Erie Counties there will not be half the ordinary crop. I
fc?ve not only made tho inquiry, but I have been on the soil,
?"d am satisfied, as well by the assurance of the growers as
?j personal observation, that the late rains will hardly affect
Wheat crap as much as vou imagine, at least in this
The McLeod decision gives universal satisfaction in these
The question will come before the Court of Errors,
^"tb. assemble here in August, and it will probably affirm
149 decision. I have no idea that McLeud will be con
**i if tried.
, Our Recorder's Court is doing a ' smashing' business for
?** bard times ; some sixty indictments havo been found
*vanoas offences, and the Judge shows no quarter; his
^ bad hands for rascals to fall into ; he will endeavor at
term to make a clean sweep among the keepers of
J*** of infamv, and the way be has commenced makes
'?^ shake.
f~^n traveling season is fairly open; the houses at the
arc full, and a considerable many strangers are, and
*Yt been for a week or two, passing through town. Busi
^ ccntinues light, and money as scarce as ever.
Yours, truly.
" X desire you to undcrsitand the true pr
A Good Examplk.?We heard Mr. Clay in a debate, a
. day or two since, upon the Loan Hill, remark, that for twenty
or thirty years neither lie nor his w ifc had owed anv man a
dollar. Both of them, many years gone by, had come to the
conclusion that tin* best principle of Economy was this:
" Never to get in debt; to indulge your wants w hen vou
an: able to do so, and to repress them when you arc not
able to indulge them." The example is not only an excel?
lent one for itself, hut comes from a high source. To re?
press a wunt is one of the wisest, safest, and most neces?
sary principle- of Political Economy. It prevents not onlv
the dangerous practice of living bevond the means, but en?
courage, the safe precedent of iivinr; within them. If all
who could, would live within their mcuns. the world would
be much happier and much better than it is. Henry Clay
and his noble wife give us an example worthy of all imi
tn-ion. '[Express.
For Albunv. from tlie foot of Barclay-street
The TROY.Tin- Wednesday Homing at 7 o'clock.
Tlie AI.MANY.Thursday Morning at 7 o'clock.
The TROY. Friday Morning at 7 o'clock.
From the foot of Corllnntl t-str?-ei.
Tie DEWTTTCLINTON Tbia We nesday Afternoon, at 5 o'clock.
T-e DEWITT CLINTON Fri.lay Wt-ranon. at o'cb ck.
pkople'h i,ink Ott- ?TE?>Ib??AT8
The new and commodions steamboat I'TICA,
Capt, A. M. Schult*, leaves the steamboat 1'ier be?
tween Coitlandt and Liberty streets.
THIS AFTERNOON, 'I bun lay, July SO, at r, o clock.
For freight or passage apply on board or to
P. C. SCHULTZ, at the olTice on the wharf.
Tim new and commodious steiimbo.it NORTH AMERICA, Capt
L. W. Brancard, leave- the pier between Courtlandt and Liberty
streets every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at .1 o'clock.
The ROCHESTER, Capt. A. P. St. John, leaves the above pier
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock.
For passage or freight, apply to
P. (.'. SCHILT/., at the nhVe. or on fionrd.
fs, MTEAIff BOAT DIAMON?.?Tais boat
leave- the wbarfbetwccn Barclay and Vesey-streei.,
New-York, for Albany, at 5 o'clock P. M every Tue?,
day, Thursday und Saturday, and returns frum Albany on Monday, '
Wednesday and Friday, at the same hour. She goes through with- :
out landing, making her pasiugea regularly and certainly within
twelve hour?always in time for the Western Railroad. The pro?
prietors run her for comfort rather than speed. There is no noise or
jar on board of her ; the engine, being horizontal, is below deck, and
moves very still, aud is without any unpleasant swcIL Sin has two
large cabins and two saloons below deck . a ladies' saloon and two sa?
loons for gentlemen on the maiu deck, and nineteen state rooms on
the upper deck, with u hull 15 feet wide and 100 feet long for prome
nadillg between tbem. This hull is well sheltered, lighted and venti?
lated, and opens by double doors on the forward and alter decks,
affording a walk the whole length of the boat. The suloons and state
rooms have each a bell leading 10 a hall where servants are in con?
stant attendance.
The state rooms arc 7 by 11 feet, and have double beds, andean,
when required, have two additional standing berths in each -f them.
A oart of these rooms connect by folding doors, making a spacious
parlor, where families and parties can have ten, supper or breakfast,
at uuy hour of the passage. A chambermaid waits on the Indies'sa?
loon, and another on the state rooms. Passengers are not called up
by a bell on reaching the wharf, but rise at th?ir own leisure, all noise
on deck being strictly prohibited.
The Dismond is a very stilT boat, and does not roll or careen in
rough water or high winds. She is 970 feet long, draws3 Icet water
onlv, and cm pass the Overslaugh and all the shoals at any time of
tide. [jy5 Ira] A FLOWER, Commander.
hs r-g??P ?a. The steamboat OSIRIS, Capt. J. L'. Allaire, will
TBSBsBr. run a* follows?leave Fulloa Market slip, East River,
' 1 every Monday morning, at o" o'clock; Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Suuday, at e o'clock, A. M., and
Saturday, at 19 o'clock. i.oon.
Returning, leave Red Bank at balf pust 1 o'clock, every day, (ex?
cept Monday) at 10 o'clock, A. M , ai d Saturday, at 4 P. M.
The bo il will run as above until further notice, navigation and
weather permitting. N. B.?All freight and baggage at the risk of the
owners thereof. jy9 Urn
LONG stems* rjrank z^"**. W"
S^h?tlAv3 ^XjjijagJ *grCTBt *V>1 1 1
ISLAND ^^S^f^o^~^mr ROAD.
n and after Tut>duy the Illh May. 1641, the cars will run as
Leave Hicksvllle at 7 o'clock, A. M.. and 9} o'clock, P. M.
Leave llompstoad at .r> minutes before 7 o'clock, A. M. aud 10 min?
utes past 9 o'clock, P. M.
Leave Jamaica at li o'clock, A. M. and 3 P. M.
Leave Brooklvu at '.ij o'clock. A. M. and 4\ o'clock, P. M.
Leave Jamaica til 81 o'clock. A. M. and 5 P. M.
Leave Brooklyn at 9) o'clock, A. M. and ?1 P. M.
Leave Hicksville at 4} o'clock, P. M.
Leave Hempstead at 10 minutes past 4 o'clock, P. M.
By the above arrangemeul passengers taking the morning train will
have time to visit Rocknwiiy, and the several villages on the route,
and return th; same evening. Stages run regularly on the arrival ?f
the curs, to Rockawuy, Hempstead Harbor, Glen Cove, WheaUey,
Ovster Buy, Huntington, Babylon, Smitbtown, Ulip, I.iff Snedickcr's
Hotel, and through the Island to G reimport and Sag-harbor.
Fare to Bedford lij cents; to East New-York Irj ccpts; to Jamai?
ca 95ceut?; to Bruahville 37 cants; t<> VVestburj, Carle Place aud
Hempstead ?i coal*; to Hicksville C9j cents. _jy 13 :?tu
^..^.. cheap excursion.
I S1*'lt?7rf?j?ZZzen?' new Rae of Stages, between Ncw-Yoik and
' Rnckaway Pavilion, on and after Thursday, July 1, I84L
During the summer -.?a.nn. the Citizen's Line of Post Coaches will
; leave New-York every day (Sundays excepted) at 4 o'clock P. M.;
j stopping at the Broadway House it a quarter past :$ o'clock; Carllon
House. Wsthinpten Hall, American. Astor, City Hotel, Howard's
Franklin, York House, Globe Hotel, and South Ferry at about 4
j o'clock, and arrives at Rockaway at 6 P. M- Leaves the Pavilion at
! Rockawav every morning at 8 o'clock, aud arrive at New York at 10
Families called for at nuy part of the city.
Passengers enn take their sent- at Nt w-York, and not be obliged
to pet out until they arrive at their journey's end. Orders left at 91
Bswery nnd No ? Cortland-st. York Homo. This Line has a regular
relay of horses, and splendid Post Coaches. Fare $1.
j.g inl. M. L. RAY, General Agent.
ara^s FOR LONDON?Packet of 1st August?The packet
^fiftship Ontario, W. K. Bradish master, will sail as above, her re
I? puiar ,iav. For freight or pnss ?p?\ having superior aceommo
dations, applv on board foot of Maiden-lane, or to
j7Ii " GR1NNELL. MINTERN A CO. 78 South-st.
FOR LIVERPOOL.?Pack ?; of 7th AucuThe
Lpacket-sbip INDEPENDENCE, E. Aye, master, wul sail as
Cabove, her regular day.
For freight or passage, having superior accommodations, apply on
board, foot of Maiden laue, or to
jvlti GR1N.NELL. M1.NTI KN A Cn.,75 South-.t.
"j^~p6R G liASBOU'?The tine A I coppered Br Bark
SjSRODESSA, Vaughan master, has three-fourths of her cargo eu
gaped, and will have quick dispatch. For balance of freight,
cr passng-. apply to PERSSE A BROOKS, til Liberty.-t.
Or to GEO. GERSHAM. r3 Wall -t._jr-.'ri
/ 'I'l'Y HOTEL.?The Public are informed that the above
V named spacious and popular tslabUshment will be continued as
usual. The interior has been recently repaired, and the parlors and
many of the rooms newly furnished. The City Hotel is one of the
very few Hotel- in ibis city in which the entire lower floor i- occupied
for "the purpose-of the establishment ; it has a bar. leading, diuiug.
sleeping rooms and parlor on Hie rirst tloor. The convenience of its
location being near the centre of the busines part of ihr city, aud all
tkt pnucipal steainliuat and railroad landings, ?ith spariou? and plea
saut pariurs on the first tloor, on Broadway, the principal thorough?
fare of the city, make it an equally desirable situation for men of
business, and for families or single gentlemen travelling for pleasure.
The travelling public are assnred that this Hotel shall be so con?
ducted as not to be excelled by uuy other establishment in this coun?
try. With cleanliness, and good, attentive waiters, a good tsblc,
choice wiuesand li(|ours, aud a p-ncral desire to please, the proprietor
hopes he niav be favored with a share of the public patronage,
jyil Im Successor to Gardner A Packer.
II Office 43 Wall-st.?Capital $300,000 ?This Company
Insure against Loss or Damage by Fire on Buildings, Good*. Wares
and Merchandize generally; also on Vessels and Cargoes in port and
in the couisj of inland Transportation, on tba most favorable terms.
John Brouwer, William G. 'Ward. 8?"P??n Holt,
Philip W Eng?, William S. Slocuni, W m. W. Campbell,
William Jenison.jr. Samuel S. Doughty, John F. Mackie,
Jacob M iller. Joseph Wasbburn ^PlU^W
Daniel Howell. JOHN BR?L W ER Pr-, t
Josiph W. Savage. See'y._-""-0 lm
RUGS ?lND .nEOICINES of every description and
of the beat quality may be had a, ^'^^SZiSf.
XT A Physician of long experience (who prae?oe* in the neighbor?
hood.) wiU be iu attendance to give advice. &c at the hours ot . a.m.
and 7 P.M. jy33m
Inciatlea of the Government. I wish them carried
Where do yon find Cheap Dry Goodi ?
JOHN H. DINGMAN. 301 Grand-street, corner ?f Orchard, can
supply the Ladies ?:ih all kinds cf Dry Goods, at the lowest prices,
and they are muted to call and examine for themselves a complete
assortment of
Printed Lawn.':
Preach, English and American Prints;
Challns. Mouseline de Laines;
THrhoni-, Satin Striped De Lhiaes;
Plum mid figured Jtcon.t, 8?'Us and Cambrics;
Damask Shawls, Cashmere and Thibet:
Bombazines, silk. Cotton and Linen lldkf
Hosicry, Gloves, Cravats. Parasols;
Worsted, D.virrask, Colored Table Cover- :
Elegant Daiussk Piano Coven, Veils, Ac;
Linens, Birdseye and TaMe Pupers;
Ga:nt>rooii<. Vesting*, Summer Staff.:
Cloths, Cassimeres, Satinets and Moleskins;
And S very large stock of
Domestics, Blenched ami Unbleached, from M to Is per yar L
N. B. Sheetings three yards wide.
jy80 3l 301 Grand-street, corner of Orchard.
I? ? k at TlllsT^Plaid, striped, tipured and plain, black,
s blue black and colored Silk-, e.xtra rlie:,|, j plain and Jigured
Mousseline de Laines; Printed Muslins, for 1? 6d sad 2s; French,
English and American Prints, at all prices, from .*>d up to2s 6d;
Muslia Shirting and Sheeting, from 6d up to all price-. Also, Linens
in endless variety, together with an entire assortment of all Goods
generally kept in respectable Dry Goods -tores. For sale at the well
known cheap store No. 205 Greens ich-street.
N. It.?Cloth*, Cassimeres, Gambroons, Camblets, Lama Cloths,
dtc, 4-c jy-17 1 (si
Vv M. W1LCOX, No. 47 Caaal-st, South side near Broadway, has
just received from auction a large aadcl.e -flection of Ingrain Car?
peting which, being bought for re-sh, ran be -old at price- to sait the
wishes of the purchaser. Also n ?reut variety of Rue-. Hats, Alane
and Table Covers, Floor Cloths, etc Ac. with various other article
connected with the business, all of which ?ill be sold as cheap (or
chenper) than can he purchased at any other Store m the City.
jyl9 tin_
p ilEAT bargain'sTii l)r\ Go?.|- at HOPPER. M?RSE
*J a Co.'s New Establishment, 219 Greenwkh-st., cor. of Barclay.
The subscribers have ju-t reeeived l ira's lots of Goods, well selected
for city and country trade.
N. B.?Country Merchants are invited to call and examine our -x
tensive assortment of G.Is.
jciB tf HOPPER. MOUSE A Co. 219 Groenwich-st,
Hosiery?50 dozen White at Is n pair, 7,"i dozen it Is :W. and
UK) dor.?n st Is <>d a pnir, very fine, and ?o on in proportion to
the finest quality, at half the u.-unl pnce>. Ladies wishing the cheap?
est Stockings, whin:, black and unbleached, ever offered id New-York,
will obtain them at THOMPSON'S Cheap Store, 12(J Grand-street,
neur Broadway. m31-tf
Black &ixkm, heavy und Inch lustre. together with Blue
Black, in so perl? fabrics, this morning receive,, from Auction, and
will be sold at u bargain, at B. TIIOMPSi IPTS
je!7 Aucliou Good. Store. 1211 Grand-sl. n"'nr Broadway.
\ I ?de" colorm in heavy Poi de Sua, selling it 4s 6d per
Ifl yard, by B. THOMPSON,
jcI7 At his Silk and Shawl Store, 12<i Grand--!, near Broadway.
DOIBfBMTIC RlVSaslIVS?10 bales, yard wide and heavy
at CmI per yard, by B. THOMPSON. 120 'Jrnnd-su,
je 17 The first liry Good Smre from Broadway.
Kino'.** patent i'll.i,Alt and claw ke
VOIiTfNG OFFICE ciiai ks.? v most cemforta
ahle and convenient article?when seated lu one of these Chairs, with
a touch of the toe you have the enure command of the apartment,
will out the noce.?sity of any change of position of the occupunt or the
chair, thereby preventing much inconvenience and insuring a great
amount of comfort. Price $&00, $10. U and $12 0u eacn, all complete
with cushli ss, cantors, iic. Note?these chairs cannot get out ef
Always on hand, a variety of other chairs made expressly for ease
?nH f?if'>r >r?l??i. Mot le?.?t, tiir. <.rl-l,isieU rrenilnm Rocking
Chairs w ith self-adjusting seals. These Chairs arc self-rockers, in
winch a perron may sit und rock without any excrt'on. To rculize
the superiority of these chairs, you arc respectfully muted to come
and make a tnnl of them. M. W. KING. Patentee,
jyl6 Idi 47-1 Rroadway.
H |7t jljza, where did you get tin. di-lif-htful llocking-Cbair J "
j-J " Why , si.ter, have you not as good Backers in Boston "
" It's true Boston is celebrated for Rocking-Chairs, hut we have
nothing to c-mpare with this. Such perfect ease?it rocks of itself."
"I purchased it at Mr. King's, in Broadway, between Grand and
"I will gel James to procure me one ; but won't they smile at the
idea: its soinelain^ like bringing coals to Newcastle, were it not that
it surpaci.es any thins we have there."
"Si?Usr, do not flatter yoursolf that yours will be the first intro?
duced into Boston ; Yankee shrewdiiuM has discovered it- I remember j
Mr. K. rcmnrked to me incidentally that he sold a number to the first
families in Boston." je2-tf j
pris.thicrn pateNtWimteads;
spectfully informs the Public, that he continues to manufacture
hi. Patent Bedsteads, so w-H known for its durability and conveu
cnee, at uis old stand. No. 2D Hudson-street, near Chambers. Those 1
unuci|9aintcd with the character of hi- Bedstead are earnestly invited
to carl and examine the principle of the joint and the case with which |
it can be put up and taken down, not requiring any bed-key. He is
always happy to exhibit it, both to those who wish to purchase and
those who do not. He can refer to hundred? of our most respectable
ciuzens who have tested it by use.
Also?Hair Mattrnsses, Eoather Beds and Pailasses. N. P. The
Southrn. trade supplied aSS 6m
OTOVE8.?S. UTTEX at CO., 213 Water-street, respectfully
iuvite the early attention of their friends and the public to their
splendid assortment for nil the various purposes for which required,
sod warranted to answer the purposes for which intended. Our new
patterns ousisl of four -iz-? splendid Russia Cyliader Stoves; 2 do.
Liverpool Franklins; 2 do. Uiter'i new patent Charm Cook Stoves;
3 do. Co nmonsen-e Cook Sloves; also, I.'tter'? improved pa'ent Coal
or Wood Cook, Parlor, um! Wund Franklin Stoves, r ist Fire-places,
Summer Oven-, Oven Mou'h?. Portable Fiirr,ac?s, Ac. Ac. A dis?
count made to tho.e who buy before the 1st of September.
Dr. S[K>or's Stoves ?nld and repaired. jy 17 2w
ITaek a vVAna coal.
ceiving into their Yard? Lackawiiia Co d tre.h, from the Mines,
which they offer to their customers and the public at the following
reduced prices:
Eig and Broken.$7 Ofl per ton delivered.
Stove and Furnace. 7 00 do do
Simdl Nut.5 00 do do
Yard? corner of Beach and West, King and Greenwich, and Mont?
gomery and Monroe-streets, where orders will be received. Also at
their Rank, corner of William und Pine?trecls, w here contracts will
be made for cargoes drlivcred at Rondout. j^--:im
Peach orchard coax-?Now landing, and will be
throuch the season, at the Old States Prt.-os Deck, a superior
article of the above Coal. cl??n Laaip, ?trokou, Egg, and Nut sizes,
at the lowest Market price. '
Also. Gray Ash. Lehirh, Liverpool and Virtinia Coals eonstantly
oo hand at th? Yard, coruer of Hudson and Amoe-streeU, where all
order, wHI be thank/ully received and punctually attended to
jel6 6m J- TER BELL.
i w-j per ton?Pesch Orchard Coil, broken of supe
V / ,UU rior quality,constantly discharging at the foot of Chaia
bers-streeL This coal is selected with srent care, and cannot be sur?
passed by shv in the market It w ill be delivered free of cBrtace to
any part of the city at the above low price. JAMES E. WOOD,
j'yl2:lm' Union Coal Office, cor. Chamlier- and Washington -is.
v'K ?*kach orchard nctc?al-*7W
\?\J?0\J do do Broke and Est- Now discharcing, and will be
for the season from the Old State Prison Dock. This coal is of the
first quality aad will be delivered with care and cood order. Lebigh
aad Liverpool at low prices frotu borit.- or the yard, corner of Had.un
und Amos-streets. Orders must be ^eut soon to -ecure the .iSme l?w
price-. [jylh'lml J TERRELL.
each orchard ( oal -I ? " Eng and Nut
,izf? of the lir-i quality coiistastlv on iuud and disc'..i'giair troia
hosts weeklv, for -ale at the low,-t market prices by ANDERSON 4 |
WARD, corner of Laijht and Washington-streets. jy20 3t
'irginia COAX?A vcrv superior quality tor Blacksmiths,
for sale bv ' ANDERSON i WARD,
jy20 3t" " Cor, of Latght and Washiogton-sL-.^
bintxng ink?Ttie subscriber, who is a practical Prin?
ter, having for more than twenty vears been engaged in the man?
ufacture of Pnutiuc Ink, during whtch time it h-* hetn used exteu
sirrlv in many of the |jr?est pnnum e.-tablnhtnents in the United
States, and givtn genera! sa?sfactioc He respectfully solicits a contin?
uance of the patronage of his typographical brethreu. Having lstely
built a new and enlarie.d manufactory, on Front-street, between
Montgomery and Goverueur-streets, East River, be ts enabled to snp
plv those who inav favor him with thair custom, with as good Ink as
ca'u be procured in the Uuited States, of unchangeable color, and on
reasonable terms. The Ink i? well calculated to work on the compo?
sition roller, and all descriptions of preeses now in use
Orders directed to the subscriber's residence. l?> Greeu-sirect, or
left at the manufactorv, will be punctually attended to.
New-York, July 20. 1841. OyjOja) GEO. MAT HER.
BITD?SD"?TaTEB STONES, from Newcastle?
Superior to others for grinding Iron. Cast Iron or sueL and from
2 to 6 fset diameter, for sale by FORSYTH LABAGH,
je36 lm* No. 90 Washington-st- below Rector.
>ul?I ruii nothing more."?Bauuoit,
21, 1*41.
oc band a well -circled i-sonmcnt of Cloth*. Casmmeres and
Vestingi, .?:;c.i to inn season, which he offers to make up for the
public e-iicrally in the very beet aianuer. at extremely low prices fc?
Cash on delivery. iSffcly
THE Subscriber hav*ug opened the -tore 27 Bowery as a fashion
at,|e Tailoring Establishment, offers to his Friends at.d the Pub?
lic a very superior assortment of Spring Goods of the latest style,
which he warrants t? fit to the lasts and fn-h'?:: of al! who will favor
him with their patronage. K.il.r'.KT A. BOL'TON.
Th< Cutting Department is superintended by Mr. Charles Bouton.
ferrucrly of the tirrn of Gray A Bouton. A good assortment of ready
made Clothing always on band. aifMm
\ ND Clo'hi.-r. No. ?2 Bowery, three doors above Hester-street,
-fa. New-York. Constantly on hand, a handsome assortment of
Cloths. Cstssim-res. and Vestirgs, whirh will be made in the best style
at^the shortest notice, and on the most reasonable terms. jelS tf
ara. respectfully announces to the gentlemen of New-York ibat he is
permanently located as above, where, he flatters him-elf that, having
bad several years personal experience in the French Metropolis, and
devoting his personal attention to his worjc, be will be able to make
r ash i on a alt c LOT h i >' ii as cheap for cash invariably, and at
pi rfeet as i an be procured in the Country. Thankful for past favors
he solicits a continuance of patronage n27 3in*
A .?STORK.-!. F. A. BIDDLE. Merchant Tailor tod Clothier, 60
Bowery, corner of Walker, re pectfully invites public attention to
his laice and varied Stock of Road) Vade Clothing, which hewfll ?c|
at Very reduced prici ?. Also on hand a good assortment of Cloths4
Cassimeres, and Vesting*, which he will make t? order with aeatncs?
sad despatch together with i great variety of articles in Ins line,
such as Shirts, auli a splendid selection of Cravats, Gloves, Ac. a
great variety of Boy-'Clothing on hand and will be made to order at
SU? rt Notice. Remember No 60 Bowery, corner of Walker.sc
je35 Im._J. F. A. BIDDLE.
' ity and one price Hal Store, ITS Chatham squar?, corner i
Mott-St, The late?t fashion Hats (or tk? low fixed price of$3
surpassing in beauty and style of fiabh any ever sold befon
for thfl same price. In presenting these Hats to the public, ihr
proprietor- think they have reached the ultimatum of beauty, dura
bility, eheapxesi and comfort te the wearer. All sales are for cash
which precludes the necessity of charging a good casloin-r for losse? I
incurred by the bad. miH.3m* I
CHEAP FOR CASH?HATS of an excelleuTq??
btv at the extremely low price of Two Dal Urs and Ffty Cents. I
all and judge for yourself if the full value of vuur money may J
not be obtained by purchasing the same at No. 7?j Bowery.
Men's, Youth'- and i bildren's Cloth and Velvet Cap- of 'he lt.ts.st
fashions. [jsl&3w?] SEQ. W. MYERS.
SPRING FASHION.?Cheap Cash Store. No. 12
rChatham-si, (opposite Rosevelt-sL) WILLIAM BROWN'S
Fashionable Hat and Cap Store. A large and splendid assort
ment of Cloth a::d Velvet Caps, of every style and destnp?oi
now m ur-e ; slso the iuo-t ext< nsive assortment of Summer Hats evei
exhibited in any Store, all of which will be sold at wholesale and re
tall, nttlie lowest price-. r?i;i-.'tu,'
C O N A N T ? S
No. 280 Grand- street, New-York.
nrJO 3m"
IBOWN'S ?eil known cheap -tore, el j Bowery. A large as
?Ortaientof Frame, Silk and Shirred Hats, made up of choice
materials during the past week, will be sold at a very great loss, in
ordrr to close the store, to make cxten-ive alterations for tho Fall
Trade, -?hieb will be of a most magnificent description.
The following is ? description of the Bonnets now on hand?
Splendid w hile Frame Hut,, pink, blue, green, straw, lilac, dark,
mode colors, Ac.
French Cruup'd Lawn Hats, Shirred, all colors.
Small Plaid Chine Figure Shirred Hau?.
White, blue, pink, mode eidor, and dark Plaid Shirred Hats, Ac.
N. B.?No otter will be refused it tl possibly can be taken, as the
whole must be cleaed off iimaed a ejy.
Please not mistake the st.>r-\ 84J Bowery, sign ia front of the hoiisi
?The Cheapest Luhes Bun n:t Store in New \ ork._jvl? lw*
M 1 LLIN EIC V_Mrs. HAMILTON, 4 15 Peurl-elro.n
? near William-street,i couuuuos to uiuke, clean and alter Ls
die.' Hat- in the most fushionablo style ; also. Ladies' Caps ale
gauil\ made and trimmed. ml5-3ni.
H OLD BOSS RICHARDS (as usual) has gone all lengths (cash
JH in hand i and ha. procured a I the different kinds, choicest
-*' * most elegant, tip top f ishiousblc and durable Bovis and Shoe,
so low that he can bid d- tiaucc io all comp- tition. Please call ut No
234 and 240 Canal-street, or at 509 Gr-env ich, corner of Spring streei
and 174 Chatham-square, un- be satisfied that this is no paff, jtjilm'
BOttTrS AND SHOES at No. 114 Bowery. The la
^dics and gentlemen of New -York, who wi. b to spend their rao
'nay to advantage and furnish themselves with ? lost rate arti
da in the Boot and Shoe line, are respectfully invited to eal
at Agate's Cheap Shoe Store, No. 111 Bowery, near Grand St., wbep
they can be accommodated with good Bools and Shoes of his own
manufacture at prices to suit the times. A general assortment of Ls
die?. Gentlemen and Chit- ren'a Boots, Shoes and Gaiters. Al.o a
good assortment of Cheap Work. jy2 14l.
fFroin the New World of March 30. 1*41.;
lO RAZOR STROP.?If the obi motto. ?' Experieutia doc et," caa
be .-nlislHclonly pn ved in any nutter, it certainly can in the ose of
au instrument iikc this. We have had one in use for more than s
year, and therefore speak with full knowledge when we assert ihsi
ihl* is by all odds the best Razor Strop we ever used?and we hav.
had fifty. What an edge it Rives! how ?u,o?ih and how fine! The
Razor, after being drawn across its surface a few tunes, glides over
the face like water, and renders it as delicately soft as that of a Miss
in her teen-.
The Strop niav be also recommonded for its durability. It remains
in excellent order, if properly taken care of, for years, and it can have
all its virtues renewed when they are gone. To the properties of a
Strop it aids that of a Hone, and enc need not ri k the spoiling of a
pned Bh/or by committing it to the hands of a barber. Commend us,
we say, commend us to Saander's Strop, aud no other. If there be
another in or out of this Republic equal to it it has not fallen within
the reach of our not limited observation. G. SAL'NBERS,
jyl6 2w Inventor and Manufacturer, 103 Broadway.
iolu.MBIAN CREAM.?Refiaed on an entirely" iTew
? principle?This inestimable compound is the most valuable pre?
paration y el d itcovered to afford ease sad comfort in shaving. This
principle of Its manufacture embraces a complete neutralization of
Alkali, the active presence of which is found iu every other Soap.?
The absence, therefore, of this deleterious ingredient is of itself a high
recommendation. Added 1? this, it is composed nf several ?Mishtfui
emolirut-, producing a delicious softness of the ?km, effectually re
moving a I pimples in a few days, and answering ao well with cold as
?i h warm water. Ii is put up iu convenient earthern boxe-, from
which it i- used. A liberal discount made to wholesale purchasers.?
Prepared and .old by WM. VAN EMBACH, Agent,
No. 9s> Falton-.treet, New-York.
Sold by Lawrence, Keese A Co.. Hoadley. Phelps Jfc Co., P. Bawue
A Co . Haydock, Co-lies & Tbur.ton. J. A. \V. Penfold i Co., H II.
SehiclEiii A Co., Rushton A A.-piuwall. John Meakin, 509 Broadway.
Marshall C. Slocum, aud all tbe principal Druggists and Apothecaries
in the cny._jyl" 1m
Iron. Lkad, ) ( Gold, Silver,
lir.iviTE, Coals; Versus. < Diamonds, Pearls ;
Things useful. ) t Mere represeniatives of value.
To all who care for ease and smooth Shaving.
Those of rav finish at '$309' each, with little else to recommend them
Retail prices of the MAGIC tjTROP from 50 cents to $1 50 cacb.?
The performing part of the 75 cents Strop warranted superior to any
other in use. or the money returned. Sold wholesale and retail at
102 William sf__je25 3m
SUMMER DRINK ?We would remind our readers of ins
healthr and delightful summer beverage prepared by Messrs.
Sands. No. 79 and 101? Fuitou-sl. It is by far superior to all othsr
drink-, posee-.iug. as it does, valuable medicinal properties, in ?ddl
tioa to t?ose which make it so agreeable. It is a perfect substitute
for stimulating drinks aud the friends of temperance will find It just
! the thing for renovating tie i hysital frame, and infusing renewed
health and rigor. From the New-York Planet, June 30.
TEMPERANCE DRINK?The most delectable and healthy sum?
mer driuk that cau be obtained i- Sand's flersaparilla Mead, which
, every one can prepare for themselves from the Syrup in a glass of
cold or iced water. Its flavor is delightful. Sold by druggists and
i grocers generally. From N. Y. Tattler.
' " Prepared and sold at wholesale and retail, sad for exportation, by
! A. B. A D. Sands, druggists, 79 and 1*) Fulton ?r_and i. East Broad
; way: sold also by Gassner A Young, 132 Chatham sL Price 50 cents.
jv7 Ira._
1 WORLH, (EXCEPT THE SL'N.)?Thu sub-cribers would re
\ ipoctfally call the attention of the public to TOUGH'S PATENT
LAMPS.'for Stores Hail-. Ac One of these Lamps givas as much
: light a* three gas burners, and will cost but one cent per hour. Tbe
great improvement in these Lamps over all others is the flame?and
of course the hen; can be increased and dimicisaed at pleasure, by
raising or lowering a plate, without tncreasiag the consumption of
Those who have burned ras will appreciate the saving of expense
where these lamps are used.
The public are respectfully invited to call at 143 Fulton st. where
they can see them in use, and can examine for themselves.
N. B.?There is no more danger from these Lamps than from lie
common oil lamps. The bquid used is the spirits of resin, jy? 2w*
VOL. I. NO. 87.
A PUBLIC HOUSE at Harlera t? tse lot ou the 3d
?Wae, corner o.' lOiVI street. Inquire it 116 Bowerv. Reue
jW_ jy15 3?*
KOO.nS T?~~I.ET la Williamsburgh. L !.-tw."
Room* au.l * Be.l iooo ou ih? second floor of a brick front
house, f>|e???ntly situated on .North Fourth street, not over 5
m.nutes walk from the Grand ... ferry. Kent (SO. Also a Front
r.Tu ? a0s- l* ? Room. ?,,,1 a H?.,|.room oa the second floor, aud
ene l*d-i-eominthe garret of . britk frout bouse adjoining the
above. Rent $.3. Enquire of E. PETTY.
!*_ ^_ io the 'f.r. on Vorth Fif?h-*t
' ** tv ?o ?,s=.?!.fc. Vii.ML. aiul
about t iree.ofUnd laid oat *. . Garden, situated at
kYar-Kockaway, Long IshsaLaboai fifteen mile, (roan New?
ark within a short distance of the Marine Psrilion. The House is
Mutable lor a Bourding-house.being very large and commodiou-. On
the pruntses arc a barn and other cwt-ouimiags, together with a well
ot coou water. It is enclosed by a n?w pale board rence For par?
ticulars apply to SAMUEL R. B. NORTON. en the Amissa
Also, a Farm for 'ale. .-nutted at the above place, a quarter of a
mile west 01 the Marine Pavilion, embracing two neck, of choice
Land, being a beautiful situation for building or for other imurota
meats, harms a froatof three-quarters of a mile on the ocean. The
Farm contains 200 acre, of Land, suitably divided into tillable, wood
land and meadow. The inland communication by the Jamaica Cove
bring vessel, to lhe centre of the Farm.
Also, for sale, other Land similarly situated. It can be divided
into two Farms if so ?ishe L Apply to
jvl3 2w_SAMUEL R. B. NORTON, at Far-Rock away. L. 1.
ft^ FOR MAL.E?Or exchange for productive City froper
^22,ty?A Farm of 53 acres, situated m Huntington Township, L.
I., 3 irttes from Northport. from which a steamboat plies to aud
from New.York twice a week. Good buildings, coed water. Ac. Ac.
For full particulars inquire of E. \V. WOOD. 81 Riviatton-streec
trated by eight v seven copperplates, (Minard LaFerer, Architect.)
T!ie platM of the tir.-t edition of this work were destroyed in the largo
tire in Ann-street The repeated inquiry and call for the work in?
duced the subscriber to purchase the copyright; the publication has
been attended with greal expense of tun-, labor and inouey ; it is re
ple'e with every information connected With the business ; it contains
?u accurate treatise on hand-railing, a brauch ?Ii cfa as been hereto?
fore imperfectly noticed ; the principal part "f the plates have been
engraved by the subscriber w ith great care ; the work is handsomely
bound in quarto, and 1- respectfully oll'ered to the public. Price $tf.
Architectural, Portrait and Card Engraver, 1 SO Broadwa\, third story.
_^_jyH lwi??
THE undersigned would inform h:s friends and the public that he
is prepared to cever buildings with the above material, si short
notice, a ad on favorable terms. Reference will be given to some of tho
first buildings in the country for workmanship, Ac rluildtagsj
covered w any part of the country. Gutter., Cornices and Leaders of
i the above materials made aud repaired, at the
Old Stand, No.204 Canal-street
Summer ovens, that the subscriber will warrant 10 Bake or no .ale
Tin Ware always on hand. Al-o, the Athanor Cooking Stove, the
ouly place thev can !?? had in the city. W. H. SWEET. mfiS
X'OTISJE.?Gentlemen. Architects, Builders snd others are rc -
i* spectfully informed they can be furnished with Oruainentul Com
positon and Plaster Ornaments of all description on the meat reason
able term-, and workmanlike manner. Genilemeu furnishing their
own designs will be modelled witaont eitra charge. Scaglwla co>
luiuiis, Pedestels, Ac. msaufactnred in the best manner at this e.tab
li-limout. References giren as to goodness and durability of tho first
respectability in tins eitv mid other purls of the United Stales.
jy7-Jw. ' G. MATHEWa, Manufactory 38 Carmine-st,
B- gjil.DERW IIA HD AVA RE, at lr6 Division-street.?A
comp ete assortiU' M of -<ash Pullica, Butt Hinges, Scruwa, Amsr
ican and English Knob Leeks, Fine Plate, Dead, Cupboard, Draw,
Cheat and Pad-Locks, Barrel, Round, Square Springs. Flush and
?shutter Bolts, Hook and Plnte Hinges, together with nearly every ar?
ticle in tho line, all of which will be sold as low as at any plnco iu the
A'sn, Cut Nails by tho cask, at the lowest market price for cash.
DOCK AND Bt7IIal>IlNG STOWB^The Subscriber
will deliver on board of vessels at the Pri-on Dock, Dock Stone
for 15 cents per ton, and Morbus Building Stono for 3s fid par ton.
State. Prison, Mount Pleasant, Juue 9. 1642.
jel3 6m D. L. SE YMOUR, Agent
Wood, Marble, etc. Paint-,Oils, Glass, Brushes, etc. at whole
ale and retail. S. SCHOONMAKEIt, No. 7 Chatham Square, corner
>f East Broadway, New-York. jel-Mm
1 Hit A DEN?limn pair, transparent Window 9 oides for sals
hv OLIVER W. WOODFORD, lifi Catherine-street, at the low price
*i,t-0 p?r pair. Famdiss residing iu the city or country, cae purchase
a handsome pair of Window Shades at a remarksby low price.
ETMerchauts and Upholsterer, supplied by the case or dozen.
N. B.?A Tew pairs of Italiau Landscapes, from $10,00 lo $&s,00 p?r
pair. :_j) 13: Iro
FRENCH VASES, GIRANDOLES, At?A largo assortment
of the above articles, comprising all the most splendid patterns in
the market, for sale at low prices by MERR1TTS at PAGE, No. 1C0
rlowery. je2-2in*
V" STB?E, .MANTEL AND HALL LAMPS, Girandole-. Candol
abrus, Japanned Tea-Trays, Bread-Baskets, in aetts or separate,
:ine Table Cutlerv. and Ebony or Alabaster Clock-; for aale by
?(EACH Sc. SEXTON, IH Chatham-el.
N. B. Lamps robronzed aud repaired, equal to new. Extra Lamp
Shades, &c on hand. mlW-tf
BMOVAL_Albany P*ie" mid Au.ber Ah) A'so, F"?i7ign
Wines and Liquors, ?- imported. The tubm riber ha- Removed
his place of business from 5h Courtlsnd to No. 11 James-street, ? hers
the above articles may be had equal, if not luperior, to any offered in
ihecity. ANDREW KIRK.
New-York, July 15. 1841. JylC lm?
GBEK.v H i t H P?TTftHV,
'Jttl Eiirbtcentb-atrevt,
retwf.en Tlir. ninth and tenth avenues.
THE subscriber respectfully informs the Public that he continues
to manufacture the following articles, which be offen for sale on
rearonuble term-, V?:
Stone Ware, Earthern Ware, Portable Furnaces, Chimney Pots,
Stove Tubes, Oven Tile, Green-House do., Fire Brick, Druggist and
Chemical Ware, Ac. Ac
Stove Linings inude to any pattern and nt short nonce.
/ s?RNs?: <:0RAM ! CORN*.?M..!!-. ami .s.n lame BfcH
\J HARD, Chiropodists, from Paris, ill BROADWAY, next dosr
to the American Hotel, have the honor to inform the public that, by
anew and peculiur method,they extirpate HARD aud SOFT CORNS,
Bunions. Calosities, dec Stc without causing the least pain or incon?
venience: |eir> liafD'
AFIRST RATE arm le of Boiled and Haters Bru-r, e;,n always be
found at JAMES 0. MOFFET, 121 Prince street, near Wooster,
<t the lowest market prices. Likewise a very superior artielo of
Cooper's Brass. _"? tf
JAMES G. MOFFETT. 121 Prnice-street, near Woesier, would par?
ticularly call the attention of Hardware Dealers ami Manufacturers
:o hi. superior art:.: e of lierman Silver, which he ..Item for sale whole
sale Hn?l retail, of all thicknesses, aud warrants 1*. equal to any, cither
Foreisn or Doaaestie, for color and softness. a22-tf
GOLD and Silver Refiner. Assayer und Smelter, No. 13 John-street
?Assaying and Melt-a? doue at the shortest notice. Old Gold
sad Silver and Bookbinders Rags bought and incite... ; Gilders skew?
ing!?, washings, and old shrulT bought. _je9-3m
ANT I-EXTORTI O.N?Reduction aid Iinprovem-nt 111
Dentistry.?Persona desirous of avoiding the exorbitant . tia'g-s
of Dentists, will find it advantageous to call ou V. SHERWOOD,
Surgeon Dentist, removed to 145 Grand-street, near Centre Market.
N. B.?Tooth-Bche infallibly eared.
Having examined several cases of Dr. V. Sherwood's Incorruptible
Mineral Teeth now in o.e. inserted on gold, and which are so pecu?
liarly adapted as to render them perfectly useful in masticating the
different substances so essential to the support of life, deem it prud?
ent to recommend him to the public us a skilful Denli.t. S. A. Gam?
ble, M. D., G. Rice, M. D., W. Crockette, M. D. New-Orleana, Msy
15. 1?4I._ jyjMm
SEYMOUR WHITING would respe-.tftilly inform his friends and
the public that he still continues at his old stand. No. 02
Broadway; and, having associated himself in parlaerabip with ur.
LINES PRATT, they are ready 10 atteud to all who need their pro
feasienal services. The public may be assured that ail operauous in
their nrofession will be performed on the moat approved plan. Arti?
ficial Teeth, from oue to a fall set, icserted in the most seientiflc man?
ner, and on as favorable terms as at any other .tSce. U hole sets .a
-erU on the old atmos-iheric, or the new approved patent atmosphenc
plan which obtained ^^^^X S"pl gged
Nerles of Teeti destroyed without p^n, and ? most case, the
Tooth effectually preserved by fi']"lfe
aVsi^^vraTWO\ri?Srr w.U instroet one or two yoong
' ' ... ... ?e n?ntistrv. 00 reasosable terms.
men m the art of ^Btl'^'EFEEENCES.
Hiii Honor Chancellor Walworth-IProf. Wm, Tully, M. D.
as I Vorth M D~ Sara. Springs. Rev. Nathaniel PratLGeorgia.
WntW-Minor. JJ-D. J ?. York. Smnnel C Ellis, M. D.
J.red Licsley. M. D. ) Rev. Henry G. Ludlow.
P"2 Benj. Siliimsn, M. D. LL. D. Wm. N. Blakeman, M. D.
Prof Jonathan Knight. M. D. Joba Miller, M. D.
Prof. Cbarle? U. Shepard, M. D. IStephea Brown, M. D. jei Jm

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