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kiuhail svery ruorning, at No. 30 Ann-street, New-York,
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?==To T R I BJLJ^N E ,
j ' f^EW-YORK, s A i l r; DAY MORNING^ JULY 24.^
/ ftLTS TkaDE.?'/.<?/ our Work-Shops remain in Europe'?
I Toe Census f"r shows the population of these United
i&ei to be about Seventeen Millions!, nil of whom require
Clothing, as surely as they require Food. That Clothing is
ruined yearly, nnd therefore must be replenished yearly?
hence we are furnished with data for calculation thnt will
4 be questioned. We proceed, therefore, to show the ex
fjtof our Home-Mat ket for such Goods as are indispensable
juur support. It is assumed as moderate that the vearly
yrsonal Clothing of each individual vln'/e inhabitant, from
?jtii to foot, und including also the yearly consumption of
?rcessary household Goods, may be estimated to average
?0. Fifteen Millions of Whites, at mi average of $t>0 each
a 1300,000,000 ; Two Millions of Colored, :it an average of
$? each, is $10,000,000?showing u yearly consumption of
Ijoods to the value of $310,000,OHO, and requiring a production
ofQje Million of Dollars in value of such necessary Goods
every working day of tin- year, or to furnish Money to buv
them, to supply the existing population in 1810. It is known
that ?ur population doubles every twenty-five yews; we mav
then-fore assume that in 18f>f> we shall have Thirty-Four Mil
lions of Inhabitants, requiring a yearly supply of $b'<10,000,0?0
worth of Manufactured Goods ; and in the year 1800, (only
fifty years hence,) o.;r population will have advanced to
Sixty-Eight Millions of Inhabitants, requiring a yearly supply
?f Manufactured Goods to the value of $1,200,000,000, or
about Eour Millions of Dollars for each working day, to
ripply the consumption of necessary Clothing, &c. for out
then population. This is a plain and simple view of the ex.
tent of the Home-Market of these United States for Mann
facturcd Goods of the first necessity, at present and within
fifty years to come. That such a Market presents the most
encouraging prospects for 'the work-shops of Europe.' wilt
Htb* questioned, provided only that the policy of Free Trade
cm be established in these United Suites, und the existing
Manufactures cr.n be destroyed.
To annihilate the existing Manufactures of the United
State?, which are already so crippled by the operation of the
Compromise Law, will be an easy matter to effect. It will
only reqeire the continued ascendancy of Free Trade Poli
licians ir the National Government, Ol even the continued
timidity of those in power who claim to be friends to Home
Manufactures, whose half-way measures of Protection being
met by a timely and continued overflowing supply of Foreign
Good* for a few years more, will do the business. The
young Manufactures of the United States will, under v,,<-h
operations, most assuredly be dead?dead?DEAD '
There appears to be ?no difficulty, however, in view of the
policy of Free Trade for this Country, to which it is hoped
that the wise men '.vim have labored to eniighten this pene
lation as to their true interests by advocating and defending
Free Trade will direct thuir attention, and spread the re-ult
before this inquiring people so plainly, thut ' he that runs
tatty read.' It is this :?We hu\e shown that the yearly con?
sumption of necessary Manufactured Goods tor these I nitcd
States is to the amount of Throe Hundred Millions of Dol.
!ars lor the population of 18-I?, and will continue to increase
jeariy until that consumption will have reached the amount
of Twelve Hundred .vlillions of Dollars yearly! within
the next fifty years. It therefore appears difficult to show to
the understanding of the People of the United States, and
particularly to that portion of them who do not taise Cot.
ton, whore, supposing the Home Manufactures to b.- de?
stroyed, those rhree Hundred Million- of Dollar- arc to
come from to pay fur the Goods; and when they look to
i tising Twelve Hundred Millions of Hollars yearly hereaftei,
to (>ay for their Clothes, it is rather appalling, and will re?
quire n very plain demonstration of their ability to procure
these Three Hundred or Twelve Hundred Millions of Dol*
lars yearly, in an easier and more beneficial way than
to manufacture the floods themselves. If the advocates of
Free Trade for these United States can only surmount this
but difficulty, it would seem plain that the Foreign Manu?
facturers may reckon confidently on retaining the supply of
hV.< freut Market; but if tkev fail to demonstrate to the
Pteple their abundant ability to pay, and that it ts for
Aeir interest to 'hare their utork-shops in Europe,' it
inay be apprehended that their floods trill be erehidid
eltos;ether, from necessity, and that the Foreigner may
loin be compelled to transfer his shop, his workmen and
Capital to a Country which sustains him.
TVse notes have suggested questions of grave importance
to the People of these United States?As to their ability to
produce all the Manufactured Goods required for Home
Supply?the extent of our produce of Haw Material--the
increased value given to those Materials by the Manufac
tare? the amount of Capital thus to be created and em
ployedin Productive Industry at Home?the extent of the
Population thus to be occupied and thus to he supported?
extent of the Market thus to be produced at Home for
^cultural Products?the extent of Home Trade that would
"tostataed by such establishment uf Homo Manufactures.
?Ml which ' are respectfully submitted' to the advocates of
. "?Free Trade System, in such a Country as the United
of America, in the year 1841. ^
?3* The Boston Post characteristically denies the truth of
remark that the Steamboat Mails from Europe have been
Atoned in that Citv when they might have been forwarded.
^e ?hall cot bandy epithets with the Post, but state facts.
^ the time the Funeral Honors were paid in that City to
u* memory of President Harrison, we received our English
^?faiiues, &c. via Boston two days later than we should
?W* had them. It is just possible that they were detained
45 the Custom House ; but we very well know that we failed
receive them, as we before stated.
^ Braci;ett's Group of Statuary, now being exhibited
?&?Hon, is highly extolled by the jsurnals of that city.?
^ Sifted artist has just completed a bust of Charles
" I desire you to undcratand the true pr:
Rkforxi.no Druskaros.?Our Philadelphia friends are
proceeding in tlt?* proper manner to reform their drunkards.
They are not satisfied with striving to obtain their name, to
a pledge of total abstinence, but take them from the gutters
and Dye-ways of the city, set them to work shearing wool,
and poy them one dollar a day. After they have worked
themselves sober, they procure their pledges to abstain from
intoxicating drink, and give them employment until they can
provide for themselves. In this way two serious evils'arc
remedied: the thirst for alcohol is vanquished, and the re?
formed inebriate is placed out of the reach of want and of
Iktemptation, ami enabled to provide for the comfort and con?
venience of himself and his family. This rour-e of proceed?
ing is certainly most laudable and deserving wide imitation.
The Westers Crops.?The Cincinnati Gazette of the
IGlh in.:, says that the crops in Ohio will be an average
yield, and the latest accounts from Indiana, Illinois. Ken?
tucky und .Michigan show that the same will he the result of
the harvest throughout the West.
Too D.'.n.?The Philadelphia North American publishes
Longfellow's Poem ' It is not always May," and credit* it to
Bentlcy's Miscellany.
CT Saratoga is filling up this week. Washington and
' hard times' have kept it thin thus far; but the ho: weather
is creating a general thirst for the Mineral W aters. If no?
thing stronger is drank there, we doubt not a visit will prove
most salutary.
ET The Annual Commencement of the Wesleyan Uni?
versity takes placeal Middletown, Ct. on the 4th of August.
T he graduating ela.ss numbers between thirty and forty. The
Oration before the Literarv Societies is to be delivered by
Rev. .lohn N. Maffit.
CT* A second edition of Da.na'.- 'Two Years before the
Must ' i- soon to he issued in England. The first iias been
remarkably successful there.
KT The store of Mr. Wehster at Plattsbttrgh was burned
on the 1 Ith inst.
A New Newark Enterprise.?The ship .lohn Wells,
Capt. Russell, of this port, went to sea yesterday, on a eruise
of three years to the Pacific and Indian Oceans for sperm
whale. This ship bos been purchased from the Newark
Whaling Company, by n few citizens of this place. She has
been thoroughly overhauled from keel to truck, und fitted
and appointed in the mosi liberal manner. She will cross
the Atlantic toil.?a?r of Africa ; visit the Azores and Cape
de Verd Islands ; rcero?.s und cruise on the Brazil Hanks anil
neat the Falkland Islands; double Cape Horn and cruise on
and near the Equator?probably visit the Sandwich, Navi?
gator's and Friendly Islands, and likely fini h her fishing on
the coust of Ncw-Halland. [Newark Daily Adv.
A Temperance Iscidest.?The Lowell Courier says
?" An incident occurred last night at the Lowell Museum,
which is well worth noticing. Two Irishmen from among
the spectators went upon the stage to nid the magician in
his performance. In oneofthe feat- it became necessary for
one sfthem to drink it class of wine. This, however, they
both resolutely refused to do. Mr. Young, not knowing the
ground of their objections we presume, urged them, hut with?
out effixl. No argument could persuade them to touch one
drop of the wine, though on that account the "trick" would
fail. The scene was very amusing, and dtew mark* of ap?
probation from the spectators. The name- of the Irishmen
were I'eter Collins, who works mi the Mcrrimack, who has
neon a teetotaller for \'i months, and Philip Woods of ?' the
Catpet," who also belongs to the Irish Torn] Abstinence
On the- biiHia of CJeogrnphy for the uaf of Fninilie?.
Two Volumes bound in One, making a rich l6mo, volume of 70o ps
i ges. Illustrated uitb more than
Neatly bound in niu-lin, full gilt back, at the extremely low price of
il ,25,?published und lorsaleby J.A.HOISING TON,
150 Fulton-st. 3d door east of Broadway.
Every Family where there are children who can rea.l doubtless will
not let the present opportunity pass without purchasing tbe above
valuable work; as it is not only the cheapest but decidedly tbe i.e.t
work of the kind that can be out into the band- of the youth of belli
sexes; for while it possesses all the imaginative charm.- and lively at?
tractions of tbe best work* of fiction it exhibits tbe trutbs of History
hi such clear and vivid colors as tomake lasting mid nseful impressions
i on tbe youthful mind j and instead of filling it with those wild ur.nat
nml \ aganc- that are to be met with in iu?n> of lli? hook- that now
tio.l theii way into the bands ?f youth, it will More their minds with
the solid truths of tbe History of the past and present times, well cal?
culated to prepare them for usefulness and happiness. It will make
nil subsequent rending and reflection on the .subject of history") both
usefnl und interesting, aud a -timulu- to research mid ever alter be a
thread to guide tin- enquirer through tie- labyrinths of Historical lor.
Tbe following ..re selected from the numerous recommendations of
the public press :
"PaaLEv's Universal llisToav.?It i- written in a beautiful and
pure style, und is a very interesting book for all ich Icrs. It is t'nil of
captivating storie- and legends, that cannot tail to rivet the attention
and excite farther curiosity. It is fortunate for our country, and prn
mises ?eil for it- future happiness, thai such attention i-civeti to the
wants of the people, and that such beautiful mediums of instruction
are provided. We perceive It has been examined and r.tmmeuded
by more than forty of tbe teachers in this city." |\. Y. Obsever.
"1 consider il one of the liest works of Us talented and indefatiga?
ble author. Its style i? clear, and It- plan ahows tin' labor of thought.
It is based as all such works should be. upon Geography, and judi?
ciously cemented witli Chronology. It is surprising thai ai ) aiii.lv
ab of so complex a science as History, should disregard ?hat have
been loaptl) termed its * two eye*,'?Geography and Chronology."
[L. II. Sigonrney.
" Familiar, lively and agreeable in their style, they blend the charm
of the Story with the "n-ver interest ofhistorical or scientific truth."
IN. Y. Tribune.
'?This is one of those truly valuable children's books for w bi-b tbe
world i? indebted lo Peter Parley. No compiler of books for children
was ever half so popular." " [Brother Jonathan.
"It should be placed in the hands of every young msn."
" This appear.- to us the most valuable of any of the numerous works
from In- pen. [N. Y. Observ er.
??This in our estimation i? the best work ever written by Mr. (i,.od
nch. We commend it to families believing that ?II ages may he grati?
fied and beMated by its study." (?live Leaf
"It is weli calculated to i.tipart to the youthful nnnd tbe elements
of Geography. History ami Chroanlory." jr.V I?' .Cum. A Iv.
DOCK AND KUI,DI\<; ?TONE.?The Subscriber
will deliver on board of ves.-el- at the Pri-on Dock. Dock Stone
for 15 cents per ton. and Marble Building Stone for I? tkl pur ton.
States Prison, Mount L'leasant, Juue y. ISi
jel2 6m U. L. SKVMtH'R. A->':,:.
fHEAP: CHEAP"! CHEAP! ?Engraving at uai.-pr:
V a Visiting Card tlate eagrased m; 1 fifty card.- printed, for only
Jt?5ti. Business Cards uud all other Engraving at half price, at -I9J
Cortlanat, coruer of Greenwich-street. Please call and see speci?
mens, jy tC lin
pAVlLYO.N FOl'.M'AlS', Saral..gaSprl:;g-.-Thl? ceb>
A brated .Mineral Water, constantly en hand, fresh from the
Springs, for sale, wholesale and rslsil, by the Agents.
GASSON A YOUNG, 132Chatham-st
\. B._Sent to any part of the City free of expense. jyl5 lm"
C~~ ANA ISA .HONEY WANTED at the following prices .
Bunk of MoutreaJ, MontreaL.?.2? lu 3
City Brink. " .?. do.
Peoples' Bank, " .-. Jo.
Bank of British North America, Montreal. do.
I'uioti Bank, " .'l
Uuebec Bank, "? . -s---"--_^ ?
jcil tf H GRAY A CO. t*\ V. all-street.
A WILTON. Fairfield Coitntv, Conn.?JAMES P.ETT&. Principal.
This School is in successful operation. A few are w anted to make up
the limited number ?f2?. For further information, and circular- eon
! taining particulars, reference may be had to Rev. Samuel WhUUesey,
Brick Cburcb Chapel, office of the Mothers' Magazine, to E. H. Rob?
erts, corner of Peck Slip and Water-street, or Dr. T. L. Maseru 100
I Piue-Apple-:treet, Brooklvu. j>'19 tV>
inciatlfw of the ('.?Tcmmeat. I wish tfcetn carried i
T GLUCKLICH, lwi Bowery.?Preach, German and Ital
L* inn Fancy Goo,!-, at6$, 12]- and 1-] cents per piece, imported
direct. 1000 different articles of Fancy Good- and Toy-, ?uichwill
be -old at the fixed price* of ft. 13 j and 1-i cents, at *<* hole.*!* an.!
r.-titil PlettM call,and look at tb- plan nf the Parisian system of do?
ing business at 106 Bowery.
N. 11.?Cu-lom< r- who buy to sell again. 0 ill be -erved at whrlcfale
, The French, German and Italian language, -poken. jv21 !w
IOOK AT THIS!?Plaid, striped, thru red and plain, black,
? J blue Mark and aolored Silk-, extra cheap : plain and figured
Honsseline de Lainesj Printed Muslins, for 1. 6d and 3s; French,
English at. I American Prints, at all price-, from ."h! up to3s6d;
Muslin Shirting am! Sheeting, from 6d up t" all price.. Ahm, Linen*
1 in endless variety, together a ith an entire a.-ortment of all Good,
generally k< p: in re-pect ible llry Goods -tore-. For sale at th-'well
Known cheap -tore No, 303 Greenwich-street.
N. R.?Cloth-, Cassimeres, Gambroons, CanMetS, Latin Cloths,
Str., Ate. jy 17 Im
PAKPETI.M; tTI~S%A~FfcIt ""THAN Hi Yf.il.?D.
V- M. WTLCOX, No. 17 Canal -t. South side nenrBroadway-, has
ju?t received from auction u large und choice selection of Ingrain lar
peting ? bu ll, being bought for rreh, can be sold at prices to mil the
ai-he- of the pur, baser. Al-oa great variety ef Rue-, Mats. Aiano
and Table Cover., Floor Cloth-. Ac. Ac. with various other articles
connected whh the business, all of which will be sold as cheap (or
cheaper) than can be purchase i at auy other Store in the City.
jyiy lm _
VJr A ( ? .'- New Establishment, 319 Greenwich-su, e,,r. ef Han lay.
The subscribers have ju-t p-eeived large lots if Goods, well selected
for my and country trade.
N. ft?Country Merchants are invited to call ami examine our ?.x
tensive assortment of G.i.-.
y r. tf III IPPER, MORSE it Co. 219 Grcenwich-st.
?OSS E BY?? I dozen White at 1? a pair, 75 dozen at 1- 3d, aud
100 dozen at Is lid a pair, very fine, and so on in proportion to
the fine-; quality, at half the u-iml prices. Ladies wishing the cheap?
est Stock ings, white, black and unbleached, ever offered in New-York,
will obtain them at THOMPSON'S Cheap Store, 130 Grand-street,
near Broadway. m:il-tf
BkaACK ML Its. heavy and u i >r'. ? lustre; together *i'u Itlue"
Hlack. in superb fabrii this morning receiver from Auction, .and
? ill be sold at a bargain, at ft THOMPSON'S
jel7 Auction Good. Store, 130 Grand?t. nea: Broadway.
MORE ftll.OK- in heavy Pol de Sua, selling at I- i pi
yard, by ft THOMPSON,
je!7 At hisSilk und Shawl Store, ISO Grand-St, near Broadway.
DOMESTIC irICSLi.VS? In bales, yard wide and heavy
at tid per yard, by ft THOMPSON. ISO Grand
jel7 The fir-t Dry Good Store from Broadway.
\l\ O URNING LAWN* jusi landed, and for -ale cheap at.
IIA je 17_ft THOMPSON S, 12D Grand-si uear Broadway
on hand n well selected aaeortmeat of Cloths, Caasameres mid
Vesting*, suit) 4 to the season, which he often to make up fi,r lee
public generally in the very best manner, at extremely low prices foi
Ciuh on delivery. aioMy
THE Subscriber havsng opened the store 27 Boweryasa fashion,
able Tailoring Establishment, otfers to his Friends ni.d the Pub?
lic a very Slipctior assortment of .Spring Goods of the latest style,
which be warrants t- fit to the taste and fashion of all who will favor
him with their patronage. ROBERT A. BOUTON.
Th? ("utt.ng Department is superintended lg>- Mr. Charivi- Bon ton,
formerly of the firm ofGray A Boutou. A good assortment of ready
miide Clothing always on hand. l36l3lll
JOil.\ STAAT?,
AND Clothier, No. 99 Bowery, three doors above Hester-street,
New-York. Constantly on baud, a handsome assortment of
Cloths, Cassimeres, and Vesting-, winch will be made in the best style
at the shortest notice, and on the most reasonable terms. jelii tf
respectfully announces to the gentlemen of New-York that he is
permaoently located as above, where, he flatten himself that, having
hml several years personal experience in the French Metropolis, and
devotmg his personal attention to his worjt, he will be able to make
rASHIOKASLK clothing as cheap for cash invariably, Bad ai
! perfect us enn be procured in the Country. Thankful for pa.'.l favors
he solicit, a continuance of patronage. a3?3m*
1 \ I STORE.?I. F. A. BIDDLE,Merchant Tailor .nd Clothier,!*
Bowery, comer of Walker, re pectfully invites public attention lo
In- large uud varied Stock of Road) Made Clothing, which he will sei
1 at very reduced prices. Also on hand a good assortment of Cloth-l
, Cassiiie res, and Ve-tiags, which he will make t* order with Heatnesj
mid despatch together with a gr'Hl variety of articles in his line,
I such SS Shirt', with a Splendid srleriinri of Cravats, Glove., Ac., n
great variety of Boys'Clothing ou hand and will be made hi order St
Shrrt Notjee. Remember No GO Bowery, corner of Wnlker-st.
I jeS? Im._ J. F. A. RIDDLE.
ity and one price Hat Store, 17* Chatham square, corner i
Moit-st. The inte-t fashion Hat* for the low fixed pn.if.$.l
surpassing in beauty and style of finish any ever sold bfcfort
for ihe same price. In pre.eiituiL' these Hal- lo the public, tht
proprietors think they have reached the ultimatum of beauty, dura
bility, eheapxess and comfort to the wearer. All sale-are for ca-h
j which precludes the necessity of charging a rood custom >r for |n**e
incurred by the bad. luSU-Um*
4 l^s-TAP'^FOR CA~s"H?HATS of an excellent qua
luv at the extremely low price of Two hollars und Ffty Cents.
" and judge for yourself if the full value ofvonr money may
not be obtained hy purchasing the -nine at No. 72J Bowery.
Men's, Youth'.- ami children's Cloth and Velvet Cap- of the late-i
fashions. [iyl3i3w?] 0E0 W. MYERS.
SPRING FASHION.-Cheap ('ash Store,No. IS
'Chatham-st, (opposite Roserelt-sL) WILLIAM BROWN'S
Fashionable Hal and Cap Store. A large and splendid assort?
ment of Cloth and Velvet Cap-, of every style and deseriptios
now in u-c ; also the most extensive assortment of Summer Hats ever
exhibited in any Store, all of which will be sold at wholesale and re
1 tail, at the lowest prices. m2!i-.Tm*
*naE No. '-'s'l Grand- street, New-York.
_m20 3m?
rt-w .till.I.INERT. Mr-. HAMILTON. -1 L> IVarT-tre.t
? j ff?) tneur William-Street,] eontiuaes lo uiaka. clean and niter La
,;i.-.-' Hal- in the most fa-hioiiable st)le ; al-o. Ladies'Caps ele?
gantly made and trimmed._ nil.v.3m.
Jt O O T S : BOO TS ! A NO SIS O E S :
OLD BOSS RICHARDS (as usual) ha- cone all lengths (cash
in handl and has procured h>I the different kinds, choicest,
most eb-gaiu tip top fashionable and durable Boatsand Shoes
so l?w thai be con In.I defiance to all competition. Please call at No.
934 end 940 Canal-street, or at 509 Greena ich, corner of Spring -tr.-et
and 17-1 Cbethumssqunre, and t>e satisfied tbal this i- no puff j- lm*
m No. I I i BOWERY i- uVridiislv the I.e.: . -labl?h!
In nt in New-York to get bargain- in the Root ami Shoe line ;
JB roil have onlv lo call io be couv meed. Ladies', Gentlemen'-,
Mis-ee.B-.il>1 and Children..'Hoot.. Shse. and Gailer-. in all
their variety, of my own manufacture and warranted tir-t r-.te. ai
pi ice. to suit the tune-. Likewise a large assortment of good country
vork. which will be sold verv cheap,
jy.'j WILLIAM AGATE. I i I Bowery.
rpHE undersigned would inform his friends and the public that he
1 is prepared to c?ver buildings with the above material-: at short
notice, and on favorable term?. Reference will be given to some if the
first buildings In the country for worlonaaship, Ac. Building*!
covered in any part of the country. Gutters. Cornices and Leaders of
the above uiaientMs made and repaired, at the
Old Stand, No. 204 Canal- street
Summer ovens, that the subscriber will warrant to Bake or no sa!e
Tin Wait-always on hand. Also, the Atiianor CooUpjE Stove, the
only place the, can be had in the city. W. II. SWEKT. m22
A DATE.?The subscribers having a -lock of Tinned and Galva?
nized Plates and Sheet Iron offer to cover Roofs at the following
price". Ihe work to be well done and warranted tight:
Galvanized Sheet Iron Roofs.20 ceuts the square fool.
Galvanized Tin Plate Roofs.It " " . "
Common Tin Plate Roofs.B " " " "
Tlu-e in want of gosal Rivtfs are requested lo call and examine the
stock for themselves.
Roofs and Gutter- repaired and warranted tight.
The Galvanize I Paiat for .ale ut $12 fO per iOO lbs.
N. B. Wanted, a lot of old Zinc Roofiur.
Oil and Paint Cans, Galvanized Juear Moulds, Ac. made to order.
Six cents a lb. fo. old Zinc Roofs, if the subscribers put on new
Roofs. jySllw" SUMNER A STEVENS, 93 John---..
AFIRST RATF. article of Roiled aa J Plater- Brass, can always be
found at JAMES G. MOFFKT. 131 Prince street, near Woo?ter
at the lowest market prices. Likewise a very superior article of
Cooper's Rm-? *_*? '?
AMES G. MOFTETT, 121 Prince-street, near Woe-ter. would par
- ticularl v call the atteutioc of Hardware Dealer? anu Manufacturers
to his superior artie'e of German Silver, which he offers for sale whole?
sale an4 retail, of all thicknesses, and warrants it equal to sny.^ither
Foreign or Dome-tic. for color and ?oftne?*._*?
CtOLD and Silver Refiner. Assaycr and Smelter, No. 13 John-.treet
f ?Assaying and Melting done at the shortest notice. Old Gold
aad Silver and Bookbinders Rags bought and meltec ; Gilders skew,
mgs. washings, and old shroff bought- je9-3.-a
out?I auk nothing more."?Hirwso?.
I. I 3 5.
A PUBLIC HOrME it Harlem torse let on thi
' kveane, .???ra>,r of 103.1 street. Inquire a: H? Bowery. Reut |
?low. jyl5 3w
KOO'JS TO LET - 'A : - 1- L?tw?
Roo;.-i- sod a Redr.v?ai on the second iloor of a brick, front
'house, pleasantly situated on Vorth Fourth itreet, uot over 5 ?
talk from the Grand ??. Frrrv. Rent $.'?'?. Enquire of |
it-_E. PETTY, in the rear. onNorth Fifth--!, j
about three acres of Land laid "out a< a Garden, situated at
Far-Rockaway, Loaf LUnd. about fifteen miles fwatNew
York, ?iilun a .h.>rt distance of the Marine Pavilion. Tbe House i
suite ile for a Boarding-house, In ting > cry large and commodious. On
the premises are a Imrn and other out-buildings, together with a well
of good water. It is enclosedbya nest pale hoard fence. For par
liculars apply to S '.MI'Et. R. lt. NORTO.V, on the Premises.
Also; s Farm for wie, situ-u.-.l at the above place, a quarter of a
mile west of tbe Marine Pavilion, embracing two necks of choice
Land, being a beautiful situation for building or for other improve;
meats, having a froatof thrce^rnarters of a mile on the ocean. The
Farm contains 200 a< re. of Land, suitably divided into tillable, wood
land and meadow. The inland communication by the Jamaica Cove
brme vessels to the centre of the Farm.
Also, for ?ale, other I.-.nd similarly situated. It can lie divided
into two Farm- if so wished. Apply to
ji ISAMi'F.L K. K. VoK iOV. it Far.Roekswiv. I.. I.
iTVH The rl.ird itory of the rear bunding No. 29 Ann-.tr-et. It
duo of the best Rsu m> :?? : i itj li Printing office, or su?
light business, being lichted on three -ides. Rent *I.Vj. Apply to
a29tf II. GREELEY, or J. WINCHESTER. 30 Aun-rt.
T.ie splendid Basement Rooms in the Merchants' Exchange,
corner of Wall and Hanover-streets, Apply to Mr. Pear.ou
iflire of the Company, Corner Hanoi er and Exchange Place, or ti
a* if J. WINCHESTER. "0 Ann-stre?*.
I'Ol'MBY RESiI?EiNCE?Beautifully situated
BjjB at Rakway. New-Jersey, half? mile from the Railroad passing
tu'm l.etiv. en till- my ..ad Piliadelplu.i. There is one a< re of
ground, on which M a new two ston dwelling Hoiise, a large -hop.
calculate:! for a cabinet or coach-maker, and bai n. Cheap for cash
or exchanged for property in this city. Possewiea ehren immedi?
ately. Apply to WOODWARD At CONNER,
jv'-jatv.- ' 201 Grecnwich-street.
FOR SALE OK TO LET?AaTrou Foundr) .. ? t??d
business location. Apply to Mr. HAI LOCK, corner < fSulliraa
and Snrinc-strwets. jy2ti 2w
d?|sjL FOU SALE?Or exchange for productive City Proper
ffipy iy?A Farm of 53 a< n ?. situated in Huntingioa Township, L
?,^*G*I? :i mill? from Northport, from which asteamboat plies to an.
from New-York t?..e a week. Rood buildit gs, good wslsr, Ac Ac
For full particulars Inquire of F. W. Wivil?. eflHRiringtoa-street.
jVS, FOSc SALE \ hand some little COUNTRY PLACE,
t^jw containing about i.".t sores, tituated about two mite* above
?_?2=?! i ickensai i. Towe, N. I.. it the cross roads, aud near the river.
On said pi ii- ? good house, kitchen and bam lately built. The
house lot at i^ir corner contains a little over } of an rr. which at ij
be. had separate froni the other land if required. The lot of Isml
nearly 1? acre-. i-a little di-t.ine? from the house lot, and is a beauti
ful site for budding. The whole is worthy the attention of any per*
?on wisbiop i<. keop ? pubtie honse, or or*a meehanle; or for a privat,
dwelling. Term* vfrvea v.
Also for sale, the three-story House and Lot No. ? Hoboken-street,
opposite the Clinton Market. Apply ro
,ej| I mood' J. R. UK I TON. O'i'J -tpriits -t.
FOR HAI,;-: -Ahaadsn I mearSarai iSprings
good Orchard-. Fences, Building?, Soil, \r. Apply 'hi- day
to SMITH A TURNER, 16 John-si. up stairs. jy?S?t*
in ICH IG AN LAND, in ira I- of 10 to SO seres,
?nine of the best Counties in the State. Terms, one quarter
Iowa, remainder in 3 and 5 venr-. Applv -eon tn
jj232l* SMI I'll A TURNER, Ifi John st,
s <>5: ?^CE, NO HI 'IBIC.
TT As there hoee been many complaints, and justly too,
_,,*\ made through the newspapers in regard to the state and quality
of.Bread, 1 would through the same channel inform the cilizena at
large, and the Manhattan l-laniler- in particular, thai at mv old quar?
ters. No. 52, Houston-st. corner ofCaonou, can be had for one shil?
ling, a losf of Bread , made of the very bet of materials, and with tbe
strictest attention to cleanliness, that will weigh IJ pounds, while
the bread sohl by the Grocer-, and a majority of the Maker-, w ill not
weich over33 pound'- for the ?aine Money, t hink of this Hurcrcr.ce,
consumers, and while the public prints ate watcbinryour interest, do
n't be negligent of it yourselves, but come to HARPER'S where urn
can always get the worth of your money, und an article that will
please the BtOSt fastidious taste.
Understand, f| pound- of the best of Bread for a shilling, while flour
remain? at present prlt es, and more should Hour become yet cheaper.
Cnkes. Pies and Cracker* of all kinds fresh every day.
jyffl lw" JOHN HARPER) 52 Houston rt.cor.Cannon.
CORN**: CORN* I CORN* :?M-".. and Madame BER
HARD;Chiropodists, from Paris, B31 BROADWAY*, next do?i
lo the American Hotel, have the honor to inform the public that, by
n new ami ;-?cnli:ir im thod,theyextirp ItC H ARD and SOFT Cl IRNS,
Bunions, Calosities, Ac A.c. without causing ihn least pain or incon
venienee. je25lmfn*
?BJILLS.?Tbe subscriber respectfully begs leave to inform hi
friends and the public that be has on band, und is constantly re?
ceiving, large invoice-of Quills', which he nlfers for snle at reduced
prices, wholesale and retail. Country inerrhai.tr. would do well to
I call, before purchasing elsewhere, at
je22tf A. AfcK F ACHINE'S. 255 Pearl-st.
/'< RAMIE. ?20bales Ru-ia Crash, for sale by
! V.' ji-.il CKI.WKLL. MI.N'TI'R.V i t o. 7-South t
UI ! 3.I.M,?-to baskets Russia dressed f*ui1i~for sole l?y
jySfl CRINNFI.L, MINTI'RN A- CO. 7- s>onth .t.
h- and 70 N i-?au- t., :oue door from John,1 print- every isnet)
i ofCsrds, ?t prices ring i r.c from %\ 75 per 1000 upwards. nnHMm
' 1 (lf\ K'-AM'* lur'" Impend Pi.Hting Paper lor side: 39 by 3)
, A'/l/ inchi?^sixe?nd quality of the Folio New-Yorker.) It will
' he sold ehea? for eash. Apply to the Editor of this paper. mil
I' TED RACK MONEY ..a di ib? rt?nis taken at par foi
V Dry Goods. No abatement in prices, 181 Greenwich-sl jylB lm*
Hi low rates. H. GRAY A C.I Wall -t.
ED ItttK MONEY, on alt the Banks taken at par for
Dry Goods, whrdesule and retail, at (14 Pearl-st. jy 16 Im*
KrSSIA SIlEETINliM. 10 bales, brown and
Ritfsn Sheetings, for -ale bv
j >-20 GRIN NELL. MINTL'RN A Co. ?j gouth-tt.
TRANSIT AM I'It ON4S Tl 14'A L , for RTiteing Cliro
nometers, , -pi- ndid article, for ?ale bv
jyS21W FRYE A .-HAW, ?-?-?J Waier--l.
PRINTING PAPER. -Printing Paper, of all quali?es and
size-, constantly on hand an ! for sale hv
jyS? PERSSE A BROOKS, ?l Lib) rli -t.
Boyd's . elebraled Bleachins Powder, just received ami forsale m
jy33 PERSSEA BROOKS, Cl Liberty-ot.
I AT AT CM GLASSEM.?Toe subscriber Is selling it No. e
it Jahn-street a good assortm-snt of the above named article, on
reasonable terms. [jy3S lm] JOHN GRAYDON.
rLORE TT A PAPE R^-25 bales, entitle)! io debi
jyjl -ale by GR I.WELL. MINTURN A f.'O. 7t1 South-st.
AMi.i. t itm ;?.
AN I L LA Sl'l'A si. 00 Bags
jy20 GRLNNELL, MINTURN i CO. 7- South-sL
O OA ASH.?5 ? for - -
je? PERSSE A BROOKS, (tl Liberty-st
laos. Lean, J f Gold, Silvtr,
Gkamtk, Coai.s; > t'craus. < Diamonds, PrusLS;
Things useful. ) ( Mere representative, of value.
To all who care for ease and smooth Shaving.
Tbo+e of rnv Ctush at? each. ?ith little else to recommend them. 1
Retail prieesof the MAGIC STROP from50cents to <\ 50 each.?
The performing part o.'t!:e 75 i-ents <iron warrsute.l -cperior to a.nv :
OTitra in use, or the money returned. Sold wholesale and r< tad at
10* William at._je2T) 3m
SEYMOUR WHIT1VG would respectfaUy inform his friends acd
the public that he still coHti-uoes at bis old stand. No. C2 K.i-t
Broadway; sad,baving assoctatod himself in partsersbip with Dr. j
LINUS PR A I". taev ..re r- j :_v to a::. to ail who need their pro?
fessional services. The public may be assured that all operations in
their profession wOJ be performe..! on the mo-t approved plan. Aru- |
ficial Teeth, from on? to a full ?et. inserted :n the most scientific man- ?
ner, and on as favorable term- a- at any otarr otBce. Whole sets in- '
serted on the old ?traos-ihe.-ic, or the new approved patent atmo-pherit I
plan, wmcb obtained the premiu.a a: tht Fair of the American Insti- '
tute last year, ard a- well as can be doue in this city. Teeth plugged
with gold, tin foil, or cement, a.- circumstances may require.
Nerve? of Teeia destroyed withoat pain, and m most cases th?
Tooth effectually preserved by filling.
An infallible cure for tbe Toothache.
N. R. Mes?r?. WHITING sc PRATT will tnstruetone or two youas i
men tn tbe art of DeatL-trv, .,n reasonable t?r:n-.
His Honor Chancellor WalworthJProC Wm. Tullv. M. D.
M. L. North. M. D.. Sara. Spring?. Rev. NathsmelFnitLGeorjla.
Wra. W. Minor. M. D. \ ?. v . jSamael C Ellis, M. D.
M. D. > ,orK !p.*v. Henry G. Ludlow.
Prof Benj. StUlniSur, M. D. LL. D. Wm. S. Biakeman, M. D.
Prof. Jonathan Knight. M. D. iJoha Milier, M. D.
Prot, eharles D. Sfleptxd, M. U. ,Stephen Brown, M. D. jei- 3a
VOL. I. *0. 1)0.
S P5? % XEn'.VOBK, ALBA>'Y .l\D TBOV
For \;: inv. from llie foot of Barclay-street
The TROY.This Frida* Morning at 7 o'clock.
ALBANY. Saturday Morning it 7 o'clock.
The TROY. Mooday Moraimj at 7 o'clock.
_, ,!,e toot ot < ortinndt-etrcrt.
rhe DEWITT < UNTOM rhu Fi da> | ter ? it " o'clock.
'Skmmmi'in-?*-, "ew ?ml commodie - it I Tic*.
Cam. A U. Schult?, leave* the iteamboat IVr be
tween Coitlamlt and Liberty -treets
Oa SATURDAY AFTERNOON, July 34, at ?o.tock.
For freight ur passage applj on board or to
P. C. SCHULTZ; at tSe office on the wharf.
FOR JLBAMf-fjrf. $1.
The new aa ! cbmmodioui steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt
L. W. Brancard, leaves the pier between Coortlaadt and Liberty
street* everv Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 5 o'clock.
The ROCHESTER, Capt. A. P. St. John, leave* tiie above pier
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock.
For passage or freight, apply to
P. C. SCHULTZ, at the otr.ee, .-r Kw,rd.
leave., the wharf between Barclay and V*esey-s treats.
?Now-York. for Albany, at 5 o'clock P. M.everv Tuc*
day, Thursday and Saturday, and returns fram Albany on Monday,
Wednesday and Friday, at the same hour. She gives through with?
out land,nc. making her passages regularly and certainly withiu
twelve hours?always in time for the We.tern Railroad. The pro?
prietor, run her for comfort rather than .peed. There is uo noise or
jar on board of her; the engine, being heruontal. is below deck, and
move* very ?tili, and is without any nnplensanl swell. She has two
large Cabins and two -doom below deck . a ladies' saloon and iwo sa?
li on. for gentlemen on the Slam deck, aud nineteen state rooms oil
the upper deck, with a hall 15 feel wide and HK1 feet long lor prome?
nading between them. This hall is well sheltered, lighted ami venti?
lated, ami opens by double door, on the forward and alter decks.
S&erding a walk the whole length of the boat. The saloons nod stale
rooms have each a bell leading to a hall where servants are iu cou
stant atteadance.
The state rooms are 7 by 11 feet, and have double beds, aud can.
when required, have two additional standing berths in each of them.
A tout of these rooms connect by folding doors, making a -pacioue
parlor, wh.-re families ami parties can have tea. supper oi breakfast,
at any hour of the passage. A chambermaid waits on the ladies1 sa?
loon, mid another on the State room*. Passengers are not called up
by a bell on reaching the wharf, but rise at their own leisure, all Boiso
On deck b-'ing strictly prohibited.
The Diamond is ? very still' boat, and doe* not roll or careeu in
rough water or high wnuij. She is 27n feet long, draws 3 feet *aler
?<niv, and c in pas- the Overslaugh and all the shoals at anv time ol"
tide. [jy.t lm| A. FLOWER, Commander.
?=????*=*?*- PEACOCK'S POINT, oi Suacaj Mom
ittg, July'it, cuing passengers an opportunity to remain at each
place a siitTieieut lime to view Long Island Sound and the beautiful
.cenery oftbe surrounding country.
Toe commodious low-pressure steam! -'at SUPERIOR, Capt. John
Gould.Son.las Moraine. July it. will leave the fool ..I'Chambers -
?treet al a quarter to '.'. Tier No. I Battery el half past Catherine?i.
Ferry in Brooklyn, quartet b, foru I", fool of .Market .treet at 10, and
foot Of Rivittgton street nt quarter p?-l 10 o'clock, precisely.
Returning, will leave Peacock's Po ut quarter to3 P.M , Glen Com?
at :i o'clock, and Neu Rochelle at I o'clock.
The Sup, nor vvPI iirrive at theeitV al sr. earlv hour.
Refreshments of the best quality will !?? furnished on board extra,
aud every attention w ill be given that will conduce to llie comfort of
those w ho may honor the boat ? ith their company.
37 The Superior will on Tuesdny morning next make her usual
excursion to the Fishing Rank- oll' Sandy Hook. jy22 3l
k CT5"0 ft The steamboat OSIRIS, Capt J. U. Allaire, will
Le^s^^ run as follows?leave Fulton .Market slip, Bast River.
l-''J1-'-~ievery Monday morning, at d o'clock; Tuesday,
Wadnesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, ut B o'clock, A. M., and
Saturday, .at IS o'clock, roon.
Returning, leave Rod Rank al half-past 1 o'clock, every day, (ex?
cept Monday' at III o'clock, A.M., and Saturday, at-I P. M.
The bo it will run Hi above until further notice, navigation ami
weather permitting. N. B.?All freight and baggage at the risk of the.
owners thereof. jy'J 3m
LI).Mi sjawsseexa. r^rsn. R1IL
[si wd s-^^-^^gJgffijSa: road.
ON and after Tuesday the I lib May, 1841, the cars will run as
_ follows:
Leave Hicksvllle at 7 o'clock, A. M.. and 2? o'clock, P. M
Leave Hemp-tend nt 5 minutes before 7 o'clock, A. M. and 10 min?
utes past Vi o'clock, P. M.
Leave Jamaica nt 71 o'clock, A. M. and .1 P. M.
Leave Brooklyn it Ij o'clock, A. M. ami l\ o'clock, P. M.
Leave Jamaica at tj o'clock. A. M. and S P. M
Leave Brooklyn al t'J o'clock, A. M. and OJ P. M.
Leave Hicksville at II o'clock, P. M.
Leave Hemps lead at I" minutes past I o'clock, P. M.
By the above arrangement passenger* taking the morning train will
have time to visit Rockaway, and llie several ullages on the routu.
and return the snmr eienmg. Stage* ruu regularly on the arrival el"
the ' ir-. to Rockaway, ITempstead Harbor. Glen Cove, VVneailey,
Oyster Bny, Hun?ngtsin, Babylon, Smithtown, Islip, Liff Snedicksr's
Hot.-I. and through the Island 10 Greanpbrt and Sag-harbor.
Fare to Redford I3j ceul* | to East New-York Its' ceiila ; to Jauiai
CS 25 cent-; to Brushville 37 cent- : to We.iburj, Carle Place and
Hemps lead ?t! cents ; to Hicksville 03| cent*. jyl.t .im
1 \ NY.?Canal and Lake Transportation?Merchandize, Passen
ger-, Ac. forwarded with can-and di-patch. For freight or pmstg.i
ipplv to
II. NIL ES A Co.. 59 liuav-t., Albany. i
H.WRIGHT A Co, Rochester. 'Proprietors.
J. P. WOLF iL p. j. KNAUF, 99 Wash -at NY \
And to.. ,P. GRANDIN, 104 Broad-at. N. Y. )
C P. KELLOGG, " (,.
P. L. PARSONS A Co, Buffala :
H. WELLS. - Com i Roston. I jyl 4m
?t : FOR LONDON? Packet of Is) August?The packet
-hip Ontario, W. K. Rra.bsh master, will sail as above, her re
'Vular day. For freight or passage, ii iving superior accommo
datiohs, apply on board fool of Maiden-line, or lo
,713 GBINNELI,. MINTURN, A CO. 7S 8outh-st.
JOa E4?R GLASGOWe Tmi ???.? A t"coppered Br Bark
SfiBftODESSA, Vaughan master, Im* three-fourths of her cargo ei,
gaged, and will have quick dhrpateh. For balance of freight,
or passage, apply to PERSSE A. BROOKS, 61 Liberty-st
Or lo GEO. < iE RS HA M. H3 Wall-?t_je26
FOK 'LIVER POSs'lTT?I'ai k.-i o77ih Augu-.r.? Tho
^packet-ship INDEPENDENCE, E. Aye, master, wiil -ail ?e
, her regular day.
For freight or passage, h iving superior accommodations, apply on
boar.!, foot ofMasden lane, or to
ivK_OR1NNELL. Ml NTURN A CO.. 73 South-st
JgjL F4?K CLASGOWe-TlN hrsl class British bark
^SElODESSA, Vauehan, master, having three-fourths of hercm
go engaged and non going oirbeerd at'pler 13, foot of Jone.-'
lane, E R.. '*ill positively -.ni on the l ?t August
For balance of freight, or pa-sag/, having excellent cabia and
steerage accommodatii n?, apply to
PERSSE A BROOKS. 61 Literty-st, or to
Iy83 GEO. i,ltK-H\M. ?Wall -t.
new line of Stages, b.-tween New-York ami
Rockaway Pavilion, on and after Tnursdav, July I, 1841.
During the .uinui-r season, the t^itizen'"- Line ofPost Cnachsa will
leave New. York every dav Sundays excepted; at 4 o'clock P. M.;
stopping at the Broadway House at'a quarter pa-t .1 o'clock; Carltou
Hoose. Washinftah HalL American. A-tor, Citv Hotel, Howard's
Franklin, York House. Globe Hotel, aud South Ferry at skoal 4
o'clock, und arrives at Rockaway at tf P. M. Leaves the Pavilion al
Rockaway every morning at sj o'clock, and arrive al .^?w.York al If
A. M.
Families called for at any part of the city.
Passsmrers can take their seats at New-York, and not be obliged
to gel out until they arrive at their journey's end. Orders left at 31
Bowery and No S Oirtland-st. York House. This Line has a regular
r?lay of bones, and splendid Post Coaches. Fare 81.
j>3 Im. M. L RAY. General Agent
CVU'TION'.?Toe high character of these Pen? has induced tho
- attempt, on tfte part of several disreputable makers, to practice
a fraud, not only upon Mr. Gillou. but abO upon the public An In?
ferior article hearing tne misspelled name, thus, Gillot, omitting tho
final 7. is now in the market. It can readily be detected by its un
iini?hcd appearance, and the very common ?ivle in which it is put up.
Obicrcc. the ge,iui.;e Pen are ill marked :o full?- Joseph GiRott'e
Patent." or. '? Joaeph Gillott. warranted ;" and that each gross bears a
fac simile of
his nignatare
T'ne above mav be had. wholesale
jylt ly HENRY JESSOP 71 John-?t. cor. of Gold.
-JAIL CLOTH.-700 packs Russia Sail Cloth, assorted, for
* s*i* by GRINNELL, MIN TURN' & Co. 7c South-st iy*j

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