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tu u ? sverv niorniap, at No. .'hi Ann-stroet, New-York.
U PL.hr??J 10 C?>'.-subscribers for ONE CENT por copy. Mail
V .enters. $4 P?r ??">?? 10 s^an06; otherwise $5.
cm boss or low ?*er six), tint insertion. 5? Cte.
, .^subsequent insertion. i{S "
? ? 2g "lertU. or one week.?1 fJO
C far Twenty-Are inseruoug, or rne mouth.S3 OO
Lsarer AdvertiMBMOtl at erjually favorable rates.
ffttreliaes, half the above rate-.; Two lines, one-fourth of
jo^ .-usi r""ht> 10 a" C4""!* !" a'bi'ance.
!f=TflT T II I B U N E7
The CabiHet?Should its Members Resign.'
The correspondent who favored us with the extract from
j(r Webster's Batik Speech in 183-1, published ??ii Monday, .
pbmiu the following strictures on the proposition of the
(parier, that, because the President and the; Cabinet hold (as
aprctumed) somewhat different views of the extent of power ;
aCoogress to regulate the currency through tic; medi im of
jNational Bank, therefoio the Secretaries should rtdgn:
Why, i* '?? n"t known to every one that previous to the char
jr of:he fir?t Bank of the United State?, (Jen. Washington,
?tertaining doubts both us to the Constitutionality und use?
fulness of such an institution, laid the matter before hisCabi- .
?ct. nad, after receiving the written conflicting opinions of
Jtcerson and Hamilton?tin.- former then Secretary of State,
iod the lutter Secretary of the Treasury?be decided w ith
Hemilton in fuvor of the Bank; and did Mi. Jefferson re
era on that occasion '. No : And by retaining his place, al?
though he thought the Bank unconstitutional,?was it ever
charged that he became more or less responsible for its exis?
tence, and tor the consequences that might follow, and there?
for,,be ought to have resigned 7 Certainly not. Look again
si the conduct of Gen. Jackson's Cabinet, when ho consulted
tbem en that high-handed measure, the Removal of tic Pub?
lic Deposits': I believe it is well understood that there was
bot out member of that whole Cabinet who did not pro?
nounce the contemplated measuie unwarrantable and disas?
trous, and the Genend wits, thus compelled t? take all the
responsibility of that act upon himself. Now, were Lewis
Casi and Louis McLnne wrong in continuing with him in
that Cabinet.' Was it ever so charged against them ?
But the Courier has at length, and I believe alone, discov?
ered that a resignation should follow any difference of opin?
ion on a great public question. Now if the Courier be riL'ht,
then the Lord only knows when we are to have a Cabinet;
fur I verily believe such a thing was never heard of or ex?
pected as that six or seven public men, (I don't menu co7
lared men,) would ever agree perfectly on every measure of
Government, even where Constitutional questions an' invol?
ved. We have a striking evidence of this in the differences
of opinion among Whig Members of Congress?and, by-thc
sy, if tins Courier argues tightly, with how much more pro?
priety, should Messrs. Preston, Choate, and the other dis?
rating Whigs give uj> their places, that their constituents
might thus have an opportunity of substituting others, less
independent, who would go the whole figure 1
Ia:n not endeavoring to show that the Members of the
Cubinet, or thut our Wide; Senators have done right in yield?
ing lu President Tyler's Constitutional scruples?supposing
them to have done so,?because I cannot know all the cir?
cumstances that influenced them in the case. I am now only
shutting how preposterous is the idea set up by tiie Courier,
that becaiue the Executive and his Cabinet tniiv differ on
measures of Public Policy, therefore the disagreeing mem?
bers must necessarily, to meet the expectations of the Peo?
ple,?resign. This is a new doctrine, which finds no sup?
port from American precedent, and could not he adopted
without infinite mischief. A Whig.
Correspondence of The Tribune.
FrirnJ G. ? Ben al j, July 2t, 1841.
Doling the current week we have had the warmest wea?
ther of the season thus far, the mercury ranging from 80 to
JO3;?our streets are very dry, urn) were it not for the almost
constant, though light, lake-breeze, we should suffer very
much from the heat. This morning, the breeze being from
the- land, or rather the East, for the first time these three or
four days, u beuutiful fleet of sail-craft left port for ;he West,
?:id a splendid sight it was, I assure you.
a Committee of the Bar of this city, in concert with a Com?
mittee from the Common Council, are making arrangements
for the reception of (he CooKr OF ERRORS, which is to coin
uience its session here on the 7th. The Court House is to
be the place of sitting, which will, under the superintend
ence of this Joint Committee and the Sheriff, undergo divers
and thorough improvements and tittings-up in the way ofcat
petinc, painting, and new-seating. These improvements will
lend not more to the accommodation of the Court of Errors
then to the future convenience of the County.
By the surmises of some of the Eastern papers, we were
led to think that possibly the McLeod ease might, by writ
uf error, be brought up for argument to the Court of Errors,
which would have given crest interest to the Session here.
But it is now understood that the counsel tor McLeod is
airout to do what, as wise counsel for the mutt McLeod, he j
ou;bt to have done long ago. to wit: give him the benefit of
Trial by Jury at the earliest opportunity.
Such opportunity will he afforded by the next Circuit
Court at Uiicu, (27th September.) whither the cot use! for :
McLeod has, I learn by the Oneida papers, procuied his
Client s remevalfor ihn purpose of receiving an impartial ttiul
?of which step I doubt the wisdom, for it i* known thru, in
icgard to the whole Caroline affair, the feeling is deeper i
-5* interior than on the frontier.
While I am writing at u quarter past I o'clock, the ther
siomeier shows 92? of heut m open shade. But u shower
Stems toba coming in from the Lake, from w hich we expect
great ibings. Respectfully yours.
HoUixs or Revolutionary Sot-mir.-.?a movement
? in progress in the western part of the State for collecting
-?< rslics of sundrv Revolutionary Patriots, and depositing
titm under a suitable monument at Mount Hope, near Ko?
lter. The Corporation and the various military cwrps of
??? City have appointed delegates to a General Committee
-barged with making artangemetits for the solemn cerenio
3'--l. Several sub-committees are engaged in selecting a :
??ot and in preparing a suitable plan for the monument, and
wthe interment of Boyd and other Revolution?r worthies '
aose remains now-He obscurely buried in various parts of j
'?ae Genesee Valley. This is an enterprise which rellects
highest credit uport those who are engaged it, its prose- i
'sQon, and is entitled :o the ardent support of all worthy de- '
"^^kots of those departed patriots.
33" Counterfeit two dollar bills on tire Bank of Rome are J
*ffculation at Buffalo. Their color is bad. and there arc '
^"ets in the vignette by which they may be easily detected. ?
ok Detroit.?Tb?* story set afloat bv a cer
?n Bernardius Castelli, that the Roman Bishop of Detroit,
? tiese, was imprisoned at the Eternal City, appears to be i
Pjjnj specimen of rigmarole. Dr. Rese resigned his Bish?
er* about four years ago, and has since resided at Rome?
, dungeon of the Inquisition, but in tho Convent at
e,-*? t0 the Church of San Lorvnzo, in the full enjoyment
' *? much liberty as is possessed by any other ecclesiastic.
" I desire yoa to nndemtand the true pr
Cads?Bcvare of Imposition .'?On the L'od of Febiuary
last, the Common Council of this City passed an ordinance
regulating the charges of Cabs, follows. We advise every
citizen to cut out tliis table of Legal Kates of Cab-Hire and
put it in his but or pocket-book for future use.
1. For cmiveying a passenger any distance not ?xcecding
one mile, twenty-five cents; und for eery additional pas?
senger twelve and a half cents.
2. For conveying u pn?set,ger any distance exceeding a
mile and within two miles, thirtv-seven and a half ctii- ;
and for every additional passenger twelve and a half cents
3. cue conveying u passenger to the new Alms Huu.-ea::d
returning, sixty-two and a half ecus; a:id for every addi?
tional passenger, twenty-five cents.
4. For conveying one passenger to Fortietlt-street and re?
maining half an hour and returning, seventy-five cents ; and
for every additional passenger, twenty-five ceiiis.
?. For conveying one passenger to Sixty-first street and
remaining three-quarters of an hour and returning, one dol?
lar; mid foi every additional passenger, twenty-five ceim.
6. For conveying or.e passenger to Eighty-sixth street and
remaining an hour and returning, one doiiHr and thirty-seven
and a half cents; and lor every additional passenger, twenty
five c<-iiis.
7. For conveying one or more passengers to Hurlem ar.d
returning, with the privilege of remaining three hours, two
8. For conveying one or more passengers to Kingsbridge
and returning, with the privilege of keeping the carnage or
cab all day, three dollars and fifty cents.
9. For th?- use of a ?ab by the day. with or.e or more pas?
sengers, three dollars a-id h'fty cents.
1U- For the use of a cab by the hour, with one or moro
passengere, with th? privilege of going from place to place
and of stopping as often.as may be required; for the first
hour fifty cents; and for every succeeding hour thirty-one
and a quarter cent-.
11. whenever a cub shall be detained, excepting a* afore?
said, the owner or driver shall be allowed after the rate; of
fifty cents for an hour; twenty-five cents for euch and every
subsequent hour, and so in proportion for any part of the
first and subsequent hour which the same may be so de?
All cabmen to be 21 years of age, and to carry their num?
bers outside the cabs in gold letters.
OCr* No. IjO, who lately extorted from us double fare,
will please hand over the extra to the next poor woman who
usks charity of him. and we'll say no more about it.
LCT The Nashv ille Bannet of the 15th says thai General
Jackson's health is improving.
The Bee Business.?Mr. Rice, of Ripley. Chautauque
Co., N. V , has an extensive establishment for keeping bees.
Twenty years ago he had one swarm?Irotn which in twelve
years, be had 'S'.IG swarms. The Erie Gazette slates that
they had then Isecomo so powerful that they ?omtnenccd
depredations on the neighboring tribes, going out on preda?
tory excursions to the distance of two or three miles, much
to the annoyance of the unforluiiute neighbors. He then
killed off a number of swarms, and obtained over two tons of
hooey for the New-York market. He has now adopted the
patent hives for a part of his bees, in which small glar-s
drawers are placed in the upper part, with small apertures
fur access from the main pait of the hive. In this way, bj
drawing the slide, the bees can be seen at work, und the
amount of hooey ascertained. When filled, the drawer can
be removed, and the place supplied by another, without de?
stroying the industrious insect-.
The Blacklegs ark Coming ?The Star says that lot?
tere received announce the fact that the Police of New-Or?
leans have made war in earnest on the " Blacklegs " of that
city, and will succeed in driving ihem out;?many have sail?
ed for New-York, an.I more are coming. They form a corps
of the worst men in the Country; they deal in counterfeit
paper to a great extent, and ate occasionally engaged in
burglaries and murders. We hope our Police will be on the
nleit, and that citizens informed of the whereabouts of these
gentry will give information to the Police Office.
JOYFCL News?EmpLOYXEM .?Any man w iiling to work,
who can use a scythe or a hayfork, ciih get employ in all
parts of the country. We hope this notice will seed hun?
dreds from this hot city?who would stay in the city wailing
for employ?who could have fresh nir, good food, and six
shillings u day?better than twelve shillings a day in the city
and find yourself. [ N. Y. Times.
1'. B. JEWELL,
til JollN-stkeet, BETWEEN Gold AND PeaKI.. jvl'.' Im
_No las Fulton-st.(fourth st..r.o New-York. je!9 tf
U. W. Til AVER, Jl. O.
No 9 Howard street,
Oilicc consultations from T to iii a. m. ami i to 3 P. m. j) 17 Im
J A .11 E Sj R . h \V A 1 N .
P K I N T E R,
(TfAEAP PUR ?'?SM. ~
IIonarkeepinK lliirdavnre and Cutlery,
Boxcry, bttitcen tyring and Prtnce-alrec'.s. )*&-tf
ATToKN e' T AT law?com mission er OF deeds.
No. 27 IWkwaii-sL jeS-?m
For sulc at tho Olfice of
No. loO Front-st., N. Y., and No. f? Fkont-st., Bk.-oklvn, L L
mir.! N. R. While Lea.!. Oils, Colours, Ac., tor sale a- above. tf
By the Daguerreotype Process.
M. E>. Van Loan, success.r to A. M. Wolcott,
Upper Story wi Gkamie Puilding,
Corner of Broadway and Chambers--!, (entrance in Chambers) N. Y
U' Lihcut-ses taken from 7 AAL till Miuaown, in an.> kind nf wea
ther?Clear, Cloudy, or Rainy _jvSHm
Attorneys, Solicitors and Counsellors.
Office No. Si. ?S, ) _ , ( Salem Dutches,
Mercnsuts' Exchange, > ?ew-iora. f j. N. rev*****,
Wall-streeL > oiJ7-if (O. H. Platt.
461 EiKbiecDth-ntreet,
THE subscriber respectfully informs the Public that he continues
to manufacture the following articles, wbics he offers for sale ob
reasouable t?rm>, vrz:
Steue Wars. Earthorn Ware. Portable Furnaces, Chimney Pots,
Stove Tubes, Ovcu Tilo, Green-House de,, Pirn Brick, Druggist and
Chemical Ware, Ac. Ac
ftlovo Linings mado lo any pattern and at short notice.
pOnnU99I01V PAPER ft'?^EHOt'?a^Th?
v_> subscribe!* keep constantly ou hand and offer for sale la lets to
suit pu'cuasers?
WRITING PAPER, of all kinds.
Also. Rohinson's Blank Book Papers, of all kinds.
PRINTING PAPERS, of all ?nies und qualiues, on hand or made
to order, at short notice.
Tbey al<? keep on hand a large assortment of. Wires, Fellings.
Blue Smalts, Bleaching Powders and Soda A-a for Paj>*r Manufac?
turers, of their own importation, of Uie best quality, which they
offer at very low prices.
Jy15 tf PERSSE A: BROOK:*, 61 Liberty street.
KIN TINO PttEstf*.?One 2d ha:.d Waslnnctou Imparial
No. 5 Press. >ed ?4 by ?JOi inches, in perfect order, for -alo low
by [i.v231w] W.m. H AGAR a CO.. 74 Fahun n
?olaiE?~THaNCi COPPJER.?ca--es English Sheathing
l3 Copper, irom U to '?2 oz. far sale by
iy?fJ GR1.NNELL. MINTI'RN St Co. 73 Soulh-st.
'FBI POT8.?UTrv~PoU, 10U. aDd ISO gallons, for sale by
A jyaa_GRIN'NKLL- MINTI'RN A CO 7sS..uthsL
SO?X A?B^-5 tens for sale bv
je39 PERSSE Sz BROOKS, 61 Llberty-st.
in< iplfr? of die r.9TCr???cj. I winh them carried
Fook at ti* ir?:?Plaid, siripeii. tlc-ir-,1 *nd (-lain, black,
a blue black nii'i w loreu Silks, extra cheap; plaia and figured
Mousseline de Laiaest Printed Muslins, for 1? 6-1 sad 2s; French,
Enxlish and Ameticaa Prints, al all prices, from 5u up to 5- Od;
Muslin Shirting and sheeting, from Cd up 10 all prices. Ai?o. Linens
inendless variety, together with an entire as?oii?cnt of ail Goods
generally kept in respect il le Dry Goods stores. Fur snI- at the ?eil
known cheap ?tore Nu. JUS Green? ieh-strect.
N. B.?Cloths. CiUsimeres, Gan.bruocs. Caiablct.-, Lama Cloth.-,
Ac , Ac jy!7 Im
\J M. WILCOX. N.i. IT Canal-si, Soatha.de near Broadway, haa
ju.t received from auction a lai ge audcbuice sclent:on of Ingrain Car
peting which, being bought for even, can be suid at prices to sou the
wi-hc- of the purchaser. ai-./ a rreat variety of Ka_'>, Mats. Aiano
and Table Covers. Fioor Cloths, Jtc Sic- with various other articles
connected with the business, all of which be -sol! as cheap (or
chsaper) than can be purchased ut any other Store in City.
jylll Im _ _ _ '
Git ft; at k ?.k<; :. i ?"' f;t)i'PKPv7-foitaE
Sl C?.'s N"^. Establish?- at. Sil? Greenwich-st-. r-.r. ??* Barclay.
Tnc sul.-cribers hale just received large lots v[ Goo-:-, well s-.-lecteu
for city and country trade.
N. P.?< .uutrv Merchants are invited to clII and eiaiume our :x
tenslve assortment of Goods,
jei". tf HOPPER, MORSS A Co. SI" Grceuwicb--t.
MERCHANT TAILOR, I do rt'l.T? >N-!-'Tlt EET, tins
on hand a well selected ueortMent of Cloths, f'as.imeros hoc
\ estings, suitod to i ie season, which he offers to make up ror tkr
pcVrie pen- fj;. iu "Ae very best manner, at extremely low prices foi
Cssli on deliver,. sSStly
ME R I HA S T T A II. 0 R ,
A NU Clothier, No. W Bowery-, three doors above Hester-street
a^V New-York. Constsndj on ham!, a handsome assortment ot
Cloths, Cassimeres, ana Vesting*, -hieh will be iae.de in '.be best style
St the shortest notice, and on lite ino.t reasonable !? mis. jet5 if
*?*?"" .m>KeS'?. rAssiio.>.?brovvXa co/Sui ?Ts
jSw ity sad us' pn: e Hat Sioi . ITS Chai am -? ire, comer >
Mott-t. Tn< latest fashion Hats fb' the low fixed price of $S
surpassing in beauty ?r..l ?tylo offiaish say ever sold befon
for ihc suiiie price. U presenting these Hats to tbe public, in
proprietors think thoy have reached ibe Ultimatum of beauty, dur
tniity. eheapyeu and comfort ts the wearer. All -ales .ir.- fur ca.u
which precludes the necessity of olnrfinif a good customer r>r los.e,
incurred by the b;>d. ni?< iin'
?*l A2B '-AP FOB CASH?HATS of an excelleg
MB b'v at the esftnaely low pri:e of I'm H.i,|..r- . i-'i'iy Cents.
Call :mii j u ilt:- tor yourself if die full value of -our monei ma]
not be obtaiued by purchasing the same 'it No. T.i Bowery
Men'.. Youth's - ud children's Cloth and Velvet Cup- of 'b>- latest
fashions. ,j: li:, I GEO. VV. MYEKrj.
SI'HI.Vfe FA?fl!OrV.?Cheap Cash ??;. r- S? i?
'ObathauMt, (opposite Hosevelt?L) wlLLIAJI BKOWN'fc
Fashionable Hal hh.I Cap More. A lurce ahA splendid assort
meat of Cloth and Velvet Cup?, of every st.ie and d.-. riptint
now in use; also the mo-i extensive assortment of Summer Hats evr
exhibited in um >iinre. all -if which will tie sold nt wholesale and re
tall, ut the lowest prices. nr.?J-:to.'
C O S A N T ' *
No. 280 Grand, street. New.York.
m?o :tm
mil.Iil.'VBRY.?Mrs. HAMILTON, 4? Pearl-street
.'near William-street,) continues to make, clean and alter La
diiss' HaLs ia the :no-i fashionable styl? ; nl.o, Ladies'Caps elo
gSJItl.t made and trimmed. iiiI.v-IIhi.
OLD BOSS RICH tit Iis (as usual) has g?ueall lengths (cash
in hand) and has procured a I the diiTereut kinds, choicest
most elegant t';> top fashionable and durable It .w. and Shoes
so low dial hr can bid i< fiance to all enmp< tttion, Ple.-.-e call at No
834 and 240 Canal-street, or at Sl9 Gr.-en ? ich. corner of Spring street
?ml ITI Chatham-square, an?i be - ,ii?fi."1 ih.c ihis is no pnfC jetlm*
*" No. Ml BIHVKRV i- d.-'. nle.iy -he l.-st establish
IS ment in New-York leget bargains in the Bool aud Shoe line; |
Jg you have only to call io b* convinced. Ladies', Gentlemen's,
^r^i Misses, Boy-' and Childreus* Boots, Sh sea and Gaiters, in all ;
their variety., of my own manufacture mid warranted nV-t r te. at \
p ices to suit the turn s. I !k-ivisn:i i n?.: assoruaentof good country
work, in Inch will he -old very cheap,
jyji WILLIAM \f.\TL\ 111 Bowery.
Ml!!}* COWAN re.peeifullv informs ;h~"l>
ie. of New-Ywrh anil its vicinity, that she continue
^ flgiving Le.is on the II ;:;i Piano lone. Guitar, ati
iu Singing, ut ber residence, No. T'J Duane street, h few dis.rs on tbi
eist side of Broadway, or ut the respective bouses of those La.'.ies
who prefer receiving bast rue lion at borne.
Harps and I'isoo Fortes to be bad on biru. .Vlso, a splendid Harp |
made by Krade, London, for snl>\ m'24 tf
THE nndersipued would inform his friends and tin: public that he
is prepared to cover buildings with the above materials al short
notice, n sd on favorable h-ruis. Reference will be given to some ef the
Crsl buildings in tba coot.try for workmaaship, Ac. BuildincnJ
covered in kiiV part of tbe country. Gutter., Cornices and Leaders of
tbe above materials mude aud repaired, ut the
Old Stand, No.tWt Caeid-street.
w. n. SWEJST.
8nmmer ovens, tbut the su!i-. ri!.er will wMrTnnt to H:ik?? or uo sale
Tin Ware always on band. ,\l-o, the Athanor Cooking Stove, inc
only place they i hi! be bad in ihe my. W. II. SU EET. Bl23
BOIil.kd A:v5> I'LATER*' BKtss.
AFIRST BATE article nf Relied aud Pisters Br iss, c in always ke
found nt JA.MKS G. MOFFET, ivil Prince street, nesrWoost ?r,
i at the lowest markot prices. Likewise a very superior article of
' Cooper's Brass niM tf
JAMES G. MOFFETT, 121 Prince-street, near Woester,would par
ticiilurly c-ll the alteatioa oi Hardware Deni-rs and Manufacturers
to bis superior ?nie e of German Silv< r, *Sirh be oners for sale whole?
sale and retail, of uM thicknesses, mid wirnir.ts it equal to any, eiilicr
Foreisn or Domestic, for color nnd softness. i?s*-Tf
GOLD und Silver Refiner. Aesayer and Smelter. No. Id Juim-.treet
?Assaying and Melting dune at the stiarte-t notice, old tiold
and Silver and Bookbinders Rags bought and ir.eltei ; tiildcr? -kew
! Ucs, WHsniiics. and old fhruffbourht jelt-.'lm
ab ras, Japtme-d Tea-Trays, B read-Baskets, in ?eits or separate
fine Table Cutlerv. and Rbeuy or Alabaster Clocks; tor s?Ie by
BEACH .v SEXTON. 11 ICbatbam-st
N. B. Lamps rebronzed aud repaired, equal to new. ExtraJiamp
Shads?, Aeon . jcjLif
BaTlIsDEKM' IIABBVARE, al Wblvirieu^ireou? 4
OOmp ete assortmi :il of --ash Pu?ie?, Butt Huiifes. S'rews, Alnsr
icaa and English Knob La< k.-. Pine Plate, Dead, Cupboard, Drsw.
Chest sad Pad-Locks, Barrel, Round, Square S,-.-ihl's. Elu.h an.'
Shutter Bolls, Hook and Plate Hiar. s, together wuh nearly every ar
tide in llie line, 3? of which be sold as low *? at any place iu the
Abe, Cut Nails bv tbe ca>k. at the lowest inark?t price for ca-h.
ml7-if_ _ ' _ JOSEPH WEED.
U.U. IE A4-A K A t it.
1 Y P E A N D S T E R E 0 1 Y V E FOUNDRY,
74 fis'ulton, corner of ('?eld-atrc?-t,
riajIE subscribers take this method of annouacin.: to their fre-n,|j
1 and the public generali; thai, having purc-casrd the axteasive
aud ?eil kno-?u Type Foundry formerly owed by Messrs. Conner A
I Coohe, they have removed the -aine to their present central location. ,
Having made extensiv? rev.-ion-, aitcratiou- aud additions, thev are
now prepare,! toe.veeu'.e orden- of any magnitude th-v ;uay be fa?or
ad with, with pronnit.-.ej., and on .:s favorable term? a? at any Fouu
dr> ia America. To theiraew Spechnen-Book, which baa been re?
cently exteasively circulated, they wou'd respectly refer.
All articles anUUtSCtUred by tse.n -hall be nf a material equal, il
uot superior, tu sn> uunufactrred in this .uustry?nud undergo a
thorough e.xammation as to ippearancej ranging, dressing, and pro?
perly assorting. All articles -.xlnbited iu the Specimoa-Book formerlj
issued by Conner A Couke, together with Soris to Fo,its ?u:d bv ihtrm,
can u?w be furn-sbea liooi this Foundry without delay, with many
since added.
WM. HAGER A CO. sr.- Ayenls fur tbe sale ef the Napier. Wash- 1
ingtou and Smith Presses, which, loireihcr with Chases; Cases. Com- ;
posing Suck-, Farniiure, Ink, and every article iued_ iu t?u Pnctma ;
Business will be kepi nn hand. ?Hd furnished at manulscturers' prices, j
N. B. No Machine Cast Tvp- tnanufacture-J at thi- Foundry. je3-tf ;
RtG8"?Su ME Dill NE S of every .Wcripuon auc
of ttc best qua.ity laav be had at AH Hours on app'tcalioc to
Pi. i LARK; 510 Bowery.
TJ~ A Phvsician of long experience (wbe practitc? in the aeisbbor
hood.) will lie in sltendauce to give advice, ic ai tue nours of S A.M
and 7 P. M. _j>3 3n
itos. Lclrs ) ~l ??ld, Silver,
Gr?mte. Coals; '. Verm. ? Dumonbs. Pearls ;
Things useful. > ( Mere represeu stives of value
To all who care for ease and smooth Sharing.
Th-ase of rav finish at -$.1M' each, with little ri?c to recommeL-d them
Keuil prices of the MAGIC STROP from 50 cents to 81 50 each.?
The performing part of the 75 cents Strop warranted scrtxioaTO amy
other in use, or the mosey returned. Sold wholesale and r. tail at
llM Wilium ?t_ _je25 3m
FRENCH~VA.'?ES, GIRANDOLES, Ac?A large assortmesti
of tba above articles, coinprisnig sll toe most splendid patterns it
the market, for sale at low prices by MER&ITTS A PAGE, No. 100
Bowery. jeS-Sm*
>nt?? Hmtt nothing more."?Hasjhi s.
8, 1*41.
F> SO COFFEE.?1 200 bass prime ;r...? Rio Cmfee for -..l<
A by ?Iii VN'KI.I.. MINI I i:\ ? C?. 7->.,?;!,-.(, jyj'.
(1 BASH.?-'j bale. Russia ( null, for sale by
GRIWKLL. MlN'Ti UN "a CO.79 South si
PILLS.?10 ha?kei R .-- i .?? U II?. for lie bj
)\ia i;RINVKI.I..MINTrR* .V CO. Tr1 S?uill ?L
" US ami 7" Nassnu-sb, (ooa dooi fron John.) priuts every variety
Ol Card?, hi price* ranging irnui $i 73 per 1000 upwards. m'-SMto
1 *vt-AMS bugs Imperial Posting Paper Tor wie: :J5 oy 37
I' ' inches-?<? and quality oftbe Polio New-Yorker.) It ?il
he ?nldehest? for m.Ii Anplv !?> tri? Kdiwr of ihi. paner mil
I > ?? It At i\ ?1 ?NEY (?? ah the n..?? -
JTV Drv ???<?-. V abaieavat in price*.-131 Greenwich-si jyllt lm'
B.J low rit-s. H. PRAY A Co. 60 Wall ,1.
ED BACK MONEY on all i ?? B-uke taaen at par for
Drv GtwaK ?li-l.-.al^ and retail a: 444 Pi-arl .t. jvirt Im*
Rl'ffnTX-?II EEVINu S^'JO Tale?, brown and bTeacje".
Rus.-ia .?neetia.'f. for -de hv
jv-Kl " CP.IVNEI.L. MIVTCRN A fo 7S Stouth-tt.
f"pKA.\MT " A~* ?' n ONIsUICAL, lor K stein; Chro
1 noinelers. a splendid article, for -ale hv
jyC2 1 *- V B \ E Si ? HAW. !KS Water-si
PBI2VTITVO PAPEB.?Printing Paper, of all qnali toes and
sizes, con.tantlv on h.inJ and for sale hy
jySS PERUSE A BROOKS, 6! Liberty st.
Royd's eelebratcsi It^e^ruinr Pj"He'. jc-* recwivirl sad f>r sa'e bv
jv? i'ERSsE St e.RiKyRS 61 Liberty ?. '
W.4Ttll GLTS-*E"?.-r~' su' si riber is -el ing at No. ;
*T John-street a goad assnrtm nt of the above named stiele. 0I1
reasonable term*._'<^-ti tin] JOHN GKAYI ON.
FLO BE TT A PA P E K? 25 bale*, entitled 10 debenture for
jy-20 sale by (IUI \ \ ELL. MI * TURN A CO. 7= South-st.
anil la HE mp.-CO" bales for ie.> hv
jv? RRLWEEL MIVTCRN A Co. 7? ?out?--?.
a.nilla ?liait?i.J?- Basra for sale by
jv'-fl_OKIVVEI.I. MIVTCRN A CO. 78 South-st
BOLT ROPE.?V>i -.,-!- tlsorte.li Ra^jj p^.it Rope for
sale hy ),yt r.R|\VKI.L. MIVTCRN A Co. 7r South ,t.
MARTIN \Y. E rOIOSTS keep, oorutanliy on hand ?II kind.
ifRR i>? i r.-.avtv s-ii.vFR r,.ii?fl ie?a.e
MA PUBLIC HOUSE at Harb m to
ivennc,"cernerof Il<3d street. Inquire at 11C Bowery. Reut
low. jyl53w"
d?5 Tbi tWrdstorj of the rear building No. 29 Ann-all it 1
one of t!ie best Rwom* m the city lor a Printing office, or -u'
bzut bu.-iner.-, i.'-iuc light'.! on three sides. Rent $150. Apply to
?C?tf. II. GREELEY, or J. WINCHESTER. itnn-st
Em Tai I tndid Basement RL>om3 in the Merchants' Excnaust, .
"?"corner of Wall md Hanorer-strcets. Anrly to Mr. Pearson
?Uice of the Coiapanv. corner Hanover ami Kxchamra Pis.ce. or u
s-y tf J. WINCHESTER. 30 Ann-street
'?.??! ~t o't nt'is y""i;e"?j u c e--I- j f."r '
ji,^ it Rnhwjy. New J.-r--.. half a mile from the Railroad passi
J??ss.:.eiwt-.i tUis city ^ad Philadelphia. There :? one acre of
ground, on which fc> a new tw..story d*>-'lin? House, a laree ?h?p. '
calcalated fort cabinet or co sen-maker, and bam. Cheap ior ex-h
or exciiaated for property in this citv. Po?si isioa iutmedi?
ately. Apply to ' VYOOUWARD St CUNNEK.
jy-eJl?- SUl i;rr?k*icr.-!tr\-t.
I busiue?s loeatiou. Apply to Mi HALLOCK, corner of S-illivan
andS rin2-treeLs. jy-i.'tlw
Sj? FOR S?AI E?Or - h?nge for productive City Propei
W i ? \ Fat 'j * - - ?its :- i ' ? p, L
mmmm I.. 3 mites ft N thporL from ? b i neun it plies to a
from New-York t?.it. a w 'e!-.. Re ?% buildings,goad *.it*i. Jtc. A'
For full particulars inquire >-f E W. WOOD. -I Rivingtoa-streat
~ FOB OW CE 7 N ? *IOI GUI-.
TTr" As there hnee been m ny Complmnb-, i^d ju-t:> too,
ati^l^inide through the newspapj r? in reg a J <o ti.e size an < iu..l tj
Of Bread. I ?ould throng ? tho -.i ne channel inf irm the citizens at
lar:e. ami the M inhatl it: I?Underi in particular, tint ?t my Old qil ir- '
tc-f, Na 59. H iieion-?t c?rner ofCauuou. can lie^ had f?r onesMI
line-, a lo fof CrVad, no te of ihe very be.t ofmitenals, and wuli the
iiri testatrentioa.tocleanliness, that will weiten 41 pouuds, winle !
the bread sold by the Cm er-, and a majority of the Baker., ?ill not j
wenrh nv? r'i) pounds for tee ?ani? Money, i hi 'k of t:.i? dltTerance,
consumers, nun ?!,iiu the pHblie prints ate watcbini ?..ur mtrre-t. d >
n't bt i-ej';geiit i>f it yourselves, but come to II MlPER'."1 where you
can aiway* , et the worth of jour money, and au mule t;ut will j
please th- most 'asti' ion- taste.
Understand, I: pounds of the bestof Bread f>r ? ibilliug; while tloar
remain, si prc<-"t )inte?, ami >?nra shoul i tl ui become yet eh ajie.-.
Cakes, Pus and Cr.tc e ? of a I ^ nrls fresh evert day.
jy23 lw" JOHN IIAIIP'OH.rl i i-ton : i. c <r. '"ucuoti.
!. 1CKA V. ?.v{ t 0 IL.
I eoivimj in o their Yards : ai kawanaCod ire?b from tlm Mines,
whieh they otTe* to th">r custoi^cr.- and the p'tbbc at tt'C Ibllowini
reduced iirice^:
Eee .v"d P.r:;kef. .|7 08 per tou delivered
Stove .md Furnace. 7 (W In do
Smoll Not.5 tsl do do
Yards corner of IWrli and West, .'vtrit' Qraenwicb, and Mont?
gomery usd Monrne-streeta, -?';i-rv or,|-r- *i!l be.received. Also :?t
tlieir r.:.!.k. corner ofWilliaru and Pine-otroets, where contracts will
be umde for en re ocs delivered at It.loin je8-3m
As* . 771 |*"k*R I on?Pe cb Orchard ?".i I. broken uf eupc
'!? / sV/v/ rior quality, constantly dischargine itthelb"! o Cham
bers-street This coal is -elecieo a uh greui rure. and cannot tw sur?
passed by any in ihe mark-t It will be delivered fron nt e naee i<
any part of the city at The abovelow price. JAMES E WOOD,
jylSslm* Union Coal OAee, cor. Chambers and Washington sis.
A? rfi fE.U ii ORCHARD Nl : ? OA t.--: U
?>).?)!' do do Broke and Eg*. .Nc.-v di-ch.,rfi.,c. .I will Im
lor taeseason from the Old --t?te Prison Dock. Phis coal is of the
first quality and ?dl t>c delivered w i b enre and rciwl order. Lehigh
and Liverpool at low price* f:o w b" its o- ill" v ard. corner of HadsOii
an i Amos-strei t.- i Inters imi.t be ---ui sunn to secure ibe n-i.?e io>.
r-ri,.-. [jvl't 1ml_J TER HELL.
I NHAOEs*?inOUpeirs transparem W indow Shades for sale
bv OLIVER W. WOODFOUD, lW Catlianna-street, at the In* price
*?!.<11 per p-ir. Families residing in tfco city or com try,can purchaas
a handsi me |nir of Win low 8bndes at a remarkaby los? prii -
r_y Merchants cud Upholsterers supplied by um casnor du/, a.
N. B.?A few pairs ot'lla?Hii Landscapes, from SUl.UO to $ti-;,iH) ??er
pair._j IS:lm
STOVES?S. L'TTER * Co.. Water-street, respectfully
invite the early attention of their friends and the public to their
splendid assortmsml for nil the various purposni f.-r which r- quired,
suit warranted tn answer the purposes for which intended. Our new
pa'te'iis consist of four sixes splendid Russia Cylinder 3t ive?: 9 do.
Liveroool Krankliusi i do. Liier', ne* patent Charm Cook Sow- i
3 do. Commonsen a Cook Stove.; also, Liner's fmpriived pn'eni Coal
or Wood Cook, Pmlor, and Wood franklin Stoves, east Fire-Plaeos,
Summer Ovens, Oven Mouths, Portable Furnaces, Ac. tc, A di
couni made to tlio?? who buy before tiie I-t of September.
Dr. Spoor's Strives sold snd repaired. jyI7
VVood, Msrlilc. etc. Paint-,Oils, Glass, Brushes, etc. at whole?
sale and ret.nl. S. SCHOONMAKER, No. 7 Chatham Square, eornei
of Enst Broadway, New-York. .ie'-'lm
p E.tlOVAL_Albany Pele snd Amber Ale Also, I i
i\ Wines end Liquors, as imported. The subscriber has Removed
his place sfbusiness froui 5? Courtland t" No. 11 James-street,where
the above articles may b-.- had equal, if not superior, to any ftflere I in
! ihecity. ANDREW KIRK.
New-York,.July 15, ie4l. jylo Im'
1>AVILION FsiUlVTAIN, Saratoga Springs.?I I.,
brnted Mineral W>it-r, eonsmni y . n hand, iresh from the
Springs,for s:.le, wholesale Hint raiail,'bv ihs Agents,
GASCON A YOUNG, 132 Chatham-st.
N. B.??'ent to .me jisrl of the City free of expense. jy to Im'
imhruykd APPAIiATCS foi Wiodow Sh^des^
l Lawson's Patent Balance Pulley?The public ?re respectfully in?
vited to call and examine this article, it having many valuable pro-,
perties beyond any thins for the same pun n:e vet oflered.
M. W.KLNU, Patent Chair M .'.-r.
jv-Jt 471 Rroailwav. Aciit lor tbi- mi|'r.>vcin-nt.
aUI 1j LH.?The subs* rib* r respectfully tc-i:- keav e to inform his
friends and the public that he has on band, and is constantly r< -
ceiviug. I.trce iuvoirof (luill-. w inch he offer? for -nl -at redaced
prices, wholesale and retail. Country merchants wouid do '.veil to
call, before purcbasinc elsewhere, ut
jeS3 tf A. HcKEACHiNE'8, 855 Pearl-su
DOCK AnV> BI'IL?'ING STONE.-Tue Sabecribei
will debvor on bourd of vessehl nt the Prison Dock. Dock Stun'
for 15 cents per ton. and Marble Building Stone for 3s 'id p?r ion.
State. Prison, Mount Pleasant, June 9 1842.
jel9 6m I>.!.. SEYMOUR, Agent
p K FA I" I C i: E A P : CHE A P !?Engraving at half pi ...
V- A Visiting Card Plate eu2ra ed sol hi"tv cards printed, foronlv
sl,5(). Busiuese Cards aud[all other Engraving at half price, at v.>\
Cortlan-t, corner of (ire?uwicb-strent. Plexse call lUiil -ee Speci?
mens. _ jyl'i Im
No. 4f" \ r .ev-sl. who hua had many yearn' experience in the ousi
o .3
AIL CLOTH.?TOO pack- Ru-ia Sail Cloth, as-orted, fei
l" rev r.KlVVKM.. MIVTCRN A Cr 7- rtonth-st. ;v-2n
BGOLS.-12 casks, for sale by GRINNELL, M1NTCRN *
CO-TBSoo-hst jy?
VOL. I. HO. 93.
P=? *n NEW.yosk, ALB i.NV AND TBO?T
F.>r Albanv. ;'rom tue f.n of Harclay-s'reest,
The TKOY-Tb?.. W-ln?dsv Mnraiag at * o'clock.
The U.'!\\y.Thursday Horning itTo'eloefc
The TKOY.,.Friday Morning at to'eMck.
x ?p,,??* ,h?- Coot ol ( o,;l:in<!!-.ir. < !.
i tie ut.n n r CUNTOM Weum-ia. and Fiuiav A.tertusjn. at S
0 clock.
^ P" * *UULXY....PJSSJ]Q? it
BS??SSkZm . wmiaodloua steamboat FTIC.V.
V.? -l A. h. >cbu!t?, leaves the steamboat 1\?T be?
tween Coitianrit ami l.ih. r* ?trss-u.
On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. July 57, at 5 o clock.
I-or trexat or pussage apply no buard or to
p. C. SCHULTZ, at tae utBce oa the whsrC
for albjyy._farm $i.
Trio r.c% aad conwodiuOl stean.boai NORTH AMERICA. Capt
I'rusdell, loaves the pier between Co r-'-nlt ,ad Libert] sljerl
street*y Monday. Wednesday a?d Friday ut 5..'clock,
"The ROCHESTER; Ca; t A. i". ,m. Jehu, leaves the above pier
j'.e-y Tue-day,Thursday and Saturday,at7o'clock.
For passage or freight, apply to
_P. C. S*CHC'LT2 . ut tbo olNx. or oa Umrd.
te*^;i ?; 1 11 m leaves ta< wharf bstwee? Barelat and Veaey-streets,
?i mi I linn i , N.., , _ . , . ,,5,,'ciockP M..veryTaes
lay Thursday and Saturday, aad returns from Albany on Monday,
Wedsesda) and Friday, .it til ? same hour She goe? throng . wpb
out landing, siskin? her passages, regularly and certrinb ?ithin
twelve nour?al ? aya la time for the Western Railroad. The pro
u iat.r- r :i h> r Ihr i omfort .ither thnc .pe-.'. There i- no noise ur
|ar on board ut her ; the engine, hew* beritontat, is below deck, aad
mores very still, snd is without any unpleasant swell. Sie tu? t?c
?ursr. cabin, and two saloons below d-ck . a ladies' taiooa aad two sa
'. dm- for gentlemen on the main deck and eineteeo state room* oo
ihe upper deck, with ? ha'l 15 fa t "?nie eiHl 100 feel loi c for prome?
nading between them. This hall m well sh> Its red. lighted ami reati?
?ated. and open, by double door* nu the forwsrd am1 alter deck?,
affording a walk the whole ieng'Ji of the boat. 'I be .-'eon. mid stale
rooms base each i bell leadtag to a hall where servants are m con
stant attendance.
The state rooms are 7 by I! feet, and fcave double bed... and can,
when reuuirtd. luve two additional standing berth*, in each-l them.
1 tmitof these roe t? connect b> folding doers, making ? spacious
, p:i lor, ?she e families and parties enn have lea. supper o. brcukfuf.,
at my b "ar o ihe passage. A chamber >iaid waits ou ih* ladies'su
. and snotAei on the state rooms. Paseeucere are not ciM up
??. I bell on r. aching 'he wharf, but rise at their o\?n leisure, ull none
oa drck b lag tricdy prohibited.
The Diamond f ? very -titT boat, and ilwi not rsdl or ..arcru in
tju^U at >ter ur big i winds. She is 270 feet bur. draws ,t ect ?ster
oulv, and can p >m the Oversla tgh and sll 'be s'njs!-- ..t sny time ?-f
tide. [jy5 Im] A FLOWER. Commander.
K<?:t ??-?! U'oKl'IC i - sf >iMER Ah'." A > u' E V /-'.'? T
f* IX00 ^ Theatre boat OSIRIS. Capt J. U. Allaire, will
\_'run as fwllo-leavs Fulton Mai set -lip, f'*-t River,
?zrw?*^Bas--,.'ry '"oi?'?v ruoiniiis, at o o'clock; Tuesday.
V\ aduesd ..?, fbureday, FiiJj>, and Sunday,st 8 u'ck ck, A. M., and
?> >tunlay, at !i o'clock, i imhi.
Rerurnmir, leave Red Hank at half p*?t 1 o'clock, every day, (ex
cepl Mnodsy) ?t 10 o'eloek, A. M . ai d *-turiluy. al4 P. H
The host will ruii a? ^bo.- natil further no'km, navigation and
>Hth r pa tnitting. N K.?All freight and baggage at ihe risk of tbo
... her. t-of _ jy9:lm
ISLANll-^^-^^^^f^^f^r ROAD.
A and aAerTuisday tho lltb Ma), ItMI. the cars will ruu ss
L* ve Hicksvllle at 7 o'clock. A. M.. and-Jl o'clock, P. M.
L- ,ne llcirio.teiol .it 5 minutes before 7 o'clock, A. M. uud 10 min
utni p >i 'J o'clock. P. M.
Leave Jamaica at 7J o'clock, A. M. and :l P. M.
Leave Brooklyn at o'clock, A. M. and H o'clock, P. M.
Leave Jamaica at 8i o'clock. a 31 tud 5 P. M.
Leavi Brooklyn at 9? o'clock, A. M. und t>i P. M.
? Leave liickavtlle st -II o'clock, P. M.
Leave Hemprtead at III minutes past I o'clock, P. M.
Bj !l; ? above arrangement psssensors t iking the morniug train will
ha^e li ue in visit Rockaway, and '.be several villages on the route,
nid return the iau.veiling. Stages ran regularly on the arrival ?f
Iii-' .r?. to Rockaway, Hemp.trau Harbor, Glen Covo, Whemley,
Oyster Bay, Huntington, Babylon, Smithtowu, Dip, Lin* Sacdicker's
Hotel, aad through the Islanu to Greenport and Sag-harbor.
r" ?? to Bedford l j - ceuisj to East New-York id? cents; to Jamai?
ca iiSceut*; to Brushvillo 37 cents; to Westbary, Carle Plueeand
Hempstead i?'> c.:> i to Hickaville 09Jj cenu. jyld :'m
MY.?Canal and Lake Transportation?Merchandise, Passen
gers. Ac. forwarded with care aad dispatch. For freight or passage
spply to
H. ml ES A Co., 39 Uuav-st., Albany. )
H. WRIGHT A Co.. Rochester. > Proprietors.
J. P. WOLF A P. J. KNAUF. 99 Wash:-st. NY )
And io....P GKAND1N, IU4 Broud-sL N. Y. )
C. p. kellogg, " '*?.,?,.
p. l. parsons a- c..., .iiutsIo. |-^g<-uu.
H. WELLS, e Court st? Boston. j jyl im
:G' ,, FOR I.O.Y DOiV-Packet of 1st August?Tho packet
?JJ^Jli-lii;' Ontario, W. K Bradisfa master, v.dl sail as above, her re?
in' ,r day; For freight or passags, having superior acconirao
datious, apply on board foot of Maidra-lane, or to
jTI-J l.KIVNKI.i.. MINTI'RV .V co. 7JSoutb-st.
?-v FOB UI?MI?W?The tine A I coppered Br Bark
kE&ODESSA, Vaugban master, baa tbroe-fourtbs of her cargo ou
g iged, and * ill have '|UH k dispatch. For balance of freight,
PEitSSE t ItROOKS, 01 Libertv-su
cr pa.-iig ?. apprv to
Or to GEO GEKSHAM,IS3 Wall-st, je-Jb'
A, FOB LIVLKI'Dlil..-1'.. K,iof7ih August.?The
4VPmpacket-ship INDEPENDENCE, E. Aye, saaster, wnl ,.vd as
. ?,\,-. bcr reuula' day.
For freight or passage, having superior accommodations, apply ou
boird. foot, of Maiden laae, or to
jylti GRINMELL, MINTURN A CQ..7H South-*t.
FOB t.a.AMOOlV.? the Rrst el ss British bark
HQ&ODES5A, Vaugban, master, having thre*-fourths of herr.ur
.m eng iged and now going on beard ?t p er 13, foot of Jone?'
lane, E It.. will positively tail <m the Ut August.
, t or biluu. e of freight, or passage, having excellent cabin and
steerage aceotnmor'ati n.. anoly to
PERSSE 4- BROOKS 61 Lilerty-sL, or to
jy?? GEO GRE - U4M, ti?i Wall st.
% For h OCKAVY AY and NEW-YORK?The Ciu
S ' S'l g /, .M' uew j,,,,, of Stages, bet ween New-York and
Rockaway Pavilion, or and after Thursday, July 1. I84L
During Ihe suiamer season, the Citizens L;ur of Post Couches will
l re New-York every <ta. (Sundays oxcept*<l; at 4 o'clock P. M.;
stopping at thu Broadway House it a quarter past 3 o'clock; Carliou
II'. se, Wnshinrieo Hall, American. A?tor, City Hoiul, HoAsrd'.
Frsiikli*. V ork House. G|ol>e Hotel, aad South Ferry at ahoHt 4
o'i I? ck, and irrives at Ro>rhvway at 'J p. M. Leave* the Pavilion a>
K'xkaway every morning at e o'clock, and arrive ut New-York ut 10
A. M.
Familie? called for at auy part of the citv.
Passengers can take their scats *t w-l'urk. snd not bo obliged
to get out until they arrive at their j...:raey's end. Orders left at 41
Bawery ?<???' So 5 Cortland-sL York House. Thm Line has a regular
relay of Lor>*j, and .-pl-iirti/J Post Coaches. Fare $1.
j>9 Im_M. L. RAY. Gennral Agent.
SE\MO!Tt WHITING would resr.*ctfully tsfjrni his friond* and
the public th.t be still continues at his old ?tand. No. 62 East
Bro;id*a. ; sad, Uaviug associated himself io pur.sership sviib Dr.
LINUS PRA IT, ihey are ready to attend u> all who need their pro
fesskwal services. The M?bl;c may be assured rhat ull operations in
tiieir profsssion ?dl be tperformsd on the mo*i approved plan. Arti?
ficial Teeib. from on* to a 'all set, inserted in the most scientific man?
ner, and ou ss favor.Lie ier:ns as ai any other attloe. Whole sets li
?erted on the old ?mos dient, or tiie new approved patent atmospheric
clan, wnich obtained the premium at the Fsjr of the Ararrreau tosu
tute last year, and a* well as can be dour la this city. Teeth plugged
with gold, tin foil, or cement, as circumstance* may require.
Nerve* Teeth destroyed without pain, and in aio?< cases the
Tooth ttTectualiy preserved by rilling.
An tufallibie cure for the T'?jthacba.
N. B. Meesr.. WHITING et P3 ATT will instruct one or two yooag
mea in the art of Dentistry, ou rcasohahle uruis.
His Honor Chsmcellor Walworth.lProf Wm, Tully. M. D.
M. L North. M. D .Sara. Springs. Rev. Nathaniel Prstt.Georgia,
Wm. Vv . Minor. M. D. I M Y..t ???uel C. Elb*. M. p.
fared Linder, M. D. f W" YCr'- R*v- ?5D-'' G- Ludi?Mw
P-of Beuj. fjimman. M. D. LL- D.\? sa. V Blikemaa, M. D.
Prof. Jonathan Knight. M. D. *?*? ??Ter, M. D.
?:..r r-i..,i?. i ? r? '-..o,-. m n. i.^r^.
M V. AMI ATI ??'*. ? b'eoter. if y.n are Instsblnd ?Uh rlisu
._ cirtiic pains, a -pra'n, .wrll.og m ih. join's or Umb?, so.e t-.roai.
or iLumps i at may I*" enred f-r the trifjuig ?um of 50 cents, by Dr.
jime- McDonjl f ? H'rcuiian E.. bro--ation. So Coon" Wut i< th? D.<
tor of ti* efBcaey of bis medicine, tbat if after a fa-r trial it fat's to
cur?, the Bionev w'll b* returned. For sale at the Drug-S-'o a of Dr.
WAI rE. No. iliCan-l-itreet- Pnce 5<J centa per bottle. Numerous
cerrifieates of cure from some of our most respecrabls citizens
N. B.?A Uberal discount made to those who purchase W sell again.

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