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anlniniug Ihr Froceedinjfa of'4 'on - re. and other
mCtn by lb?' ^southern Mail one day in ml
vancc of ???> ?liier Fenny 1'uprr,
i ?ttbltibeJ ??ery mornm*. at N,,. .giAnu-streei,New-York,
.ad deiirareJ to City Subscribers for t >NE CENT (*r copy. Mtil
s"uM;n<*r?. I1 l*r ?"UIMn 111 advance : otherwise i?.
tum or iDvrKTrsi.se-for fach ADvtkTisEM f.jst or
Tf? 'iBr,or Uws 'over m?). fir-t insertion. 3? eta.
CjjBf nthsahnaaeHt rrssertioo. J3 ??
i?i,,r*iT Isssrlions, or our .k.sjl St)
Cfi,r Twrn'T-fl^e iii.-erliuns, or sue month.?*3 OO
;.?urrr AdverUMraents nt equally favorable rttes.
f,v Fire hm>. hilf thi u-ovo rate..; Two line., ouo-fourth of
(jatrsiM-piyalde in all cases in advance.
JF H E T R I B r \ I
gptv Si anIi ihk Cr it*-* '?We have collected a la.-;;,.
,->r nt' paragraphs, showing that die Win at Crop of Illi?
cit excellent, that of Virginia indifferent, \?\ but
^following from tlte Buffalo Commercial of Friday so
?aTjagrees with ?>nr otvn conclusions that we copy it as
. mbstance of the information collected on the subject:
Thf Crops.?la the greater part of the country tl(e wheat
-e-t is ended, und we have now some precise darn for
-xui? an opinion as t<> the product. From a careful <-\
?tjpsiion ul all statements which have come to hand, we
i?ik there can be no doubt that, assuming the product of
19 as the standard, the crop this year will be found less
?jii an average um*. In this State it i< ill fall off at least
t-tbird. I" Ohio, also, there will be n deficiency as com
,red with '30, though not ?> meat as in this Siat.- Michi
: hi and Northern Indianu will probably show an excess,
be Middle and Southern States will about lml.l their own.
4Ke tlie whole.nitiy. ami we doubt whether there is now
i hand any great surplus of bread-stuffs. An immense
uniity ?I wheat und flour bus been brought into tlii> port
. season, but comparatively a very small amount has
.iched New-York City. It bus been stopped in tranritu
iii.l consumed.
The corn crop?one <d great value and importance, con
rolling in tin inei'iisiilcriible degree the nmrket price of other
-irnduel?promises excel dtngly well. On this point all par?
ies agree. Potatoes?tin-re is im end nf tlietii. Lnle oats
re done well; und id till other crops, exccplillg muss.
?Iiirli is decidedly short, it may be said tliey me fair.
The sum of the whole may he thus -tiii.-iI: The wheat
rmp shows n slight falling off, as compared with '39 and
'jii, mid the stock ol bread-stuffs on baud is not large. Of
n.rii and potatoes there now promises to be an excess.?
Utlii'i' crops about mi dium.
From thosedata each mancan draw bis own conclusions.?
F.r ourself we think the croaker and flour speculator,
ind the expectant of very low prices, will be ulikedisap
inte.I. We have felt it our duty to check so far as in mir
tret the tendency to inflated, speculative prices, because
v believed it would eventually prove disastrous to dealers,
..lit was oppressive in ihc poor; but we shall !>.? den-ived
ur culculatioiis if flour tails much below its present tute-.
VaUlW'r word*, we iliinls lira ruling prices for the ensuing
hiliml winter will be, heir, from $4 SO to $5, and in New
?nk from '{"i to per barrel. It' coin and potatoes
em out ns well as present appearances indicate, they will
ritet the price ol Hour somewhat, but not enough to vary
Mentially tlte rates we have set down, i'ork will be b.iib
.?*l and cheap. On the wholo wc have ev.-ry reason to be
ankful for a fruitful season. The husbandman has a fail
km pect of getting a reasonable reward fbr his labor, und (
?rices will not range so high as to put a loaf of wheaien
it ud beyond the reach of the humblest. Wheat one dollar
i bushel, corn fifty cents, potatoes twenty cents, and butter a .
?Inliitig it pound have ever been considered evidences nf a I
? Miii.land hi'altliv condition, and at about those prices in
liii. Stute, we li\ mir mark.
Indian Bali, Play.?The Hod River (Louisiana) Re
id , ran lias the follow ing :
" We understand that a Ball-Play lately came off near the
Cskasieu, in this Parish, between die Bulcxe und Choc law
Indians. The parties bet every thin!: they were possessed
rf io the world, saddles, bridles, and even the clothing on
twir bucks, including ilteir shirts. The Choctaws proved
tritunphaut, ami their opponents surrendered every tiling lliey
i.ul, und went hnme naked. While the play was going on.
lae squaws got to betting among themselves, and the Bulcxe
spans toon found themselves in the same ti\ as their lords."
I 57 Mr. Stlvestcr, elected Professor of Mathematics in
Ae Sfaiversity of Virginia, is a Hebrew, and at present Pro
fetor of Natural Philosophy in die University of London.
He I. .tli,| to be n very suni tior scholar und miitheiiuttit-iiui.
Hi* appointment was urged by ^ir Joint llor*ehell, the
Mroni imer.
Michigan.?A gentleman of Michigan writes that the
nrpliis Wheat proiluct of that State will be this year
u.ii.m bushel*; and the surplus Pork, 300,000 barrels.
It this !h- so, what an immense tronsportatiiiH business will
be done on the Erie (anal next Fall and Spring !
Cost <ik Railways is Great Britain,?The cost of the
;i way I.i London lo Bristol is computed nt more than
I ; 2,500,000??! about $175,000 n mile, foi a distance of
miles. This is enormous. It is more than tight times
?e expense of some of-the best und must productive roads.
the United States. Tin- must expensive roads in New
fork, (except the r?ad from Albany to Schenectndy, which
a i* the first, "i one of the first, constructed in tins country.)
?i - hIhiui $20,000 per mile. On level routes ?iey may
tebuilt for J?.OHO or $3,000 per mile.
Mti.WAtikiK I.kad TitAPik.?The Lend Trade of Mil
waukte I'id-. lair to be an impottant item of Commerce.
Ihe ? diceintw' are about 80 miles Soutlt-West ol that place,
?nil the mineral is already foutul t?i extend over about 25
in?es of country, and large quantities arc constantly bein?
taia<sd. Tin- Sentinel says Mr. L'nrbii.'s furnace stuolt-.
'?.tun) l!>s. per day. which is brought t.? Milwaukte and
thippesl to Buffalo and New-York. From 20 to .'l? tennis
low* arrive- weekly at Milwaukie loaded with Lead, ai.d re?
turn with Goods,*sxtc. [Detroit Adv.
March or Intellect;?At u farm-house in the hamlet
of Teignholt, Drewsteignton Parish, the blank form which
?is left for the enumerator who was taking the census, was
tau* t'il!,-,l up:??? William Poptnan, aged !?!!; pud".-..ion.
4 . - is by the tire: Anne Poptnan, 85, makes lire." ?? My
son Will hath filled up your paper." said the old farmer,
"Tight, he told me; but I don't know any thing about it
Iran mind what happened70 or SO years ugo bettor than
?W was done Ls.t year. I know very well," continued he,
"*lien the New Style look place; 1 was then in my 11th
*tr, and what a fine holiday there was on the first new
Christmas Day." [Western Luminary.
As Extbaordinary Meteor.- -The Cheltenham (Eng.)
tree Press of the l!'ib tilt. suys.?" Between IS and 1 o'clock
^aiuniav night, tin ulurm was given that Easicourt Man
atCharlton Kings, was on fire, a great light being ob
?*r?d an the roof nt the house, and on the trec? and lulls to
""nie distance. In the course of a few minutes the meteor
^"creased, and presented to the eyes of the spectators the
lP"eufii man with his arms extended. The figure appeared
18 tum round, dwindled to a beautiful siar, and then entirely
AS.tvtxt;.?A dandy, strutting about a tavern, took up a
f*51" of green spectacles w hich lay on the table, put them on
?lasse and turning to the looking-glass s?\s-. ??Landlord
^do these become me? Don't you think they tmprovt
*J U.k, ?? ?? i ihiujr ,hev 'replied the landlord ; " ihe>
W,:*paitol your lace." '
" I desire yon to uuderatanU the true pr
?m??m i i '???im wn-re
Cabs a.nd Cab Hire.?We copied from ati old Herald,
at the request of u rorn's-pondetit, a list of prices for Cabs
which was said to have been established !a-t February by
the Common Council. This proves a mistake. Such a r. -
gulation was proposed, und we believe it passed one Board,
but did not become a law. Cabs arc theiefore author.-.- d
tu exact Coaoh-rates, which arc as follows :
Single passenger, not exceeding a mile, 37.-J cei.t*, and !
2.? cents lor <-t"iy udditiotial passenger.
Over one mile and le?.? than two miles, 50 cents, nu.i 25
cet.ts fur every additional passenger
To the new Aim* House und return 7."> ceats, and 37 j
cents for every additional passenger.
1<> '10th street, remaining hall an hour and returning, one
doliai : foi ??very additional pnssotigci 25 cenu.
to Gist street, remaining ihr.matters -?f ?ti hour-ami
returning, one dollai und a half: for every additional passen
gerS^cent*. " ,
lo Harlem, remaining three hours a; d returning, four dol?
lar-, wh'thcr for one passenger or more.
1 he drivers of the ralis ar-- required to hav? with tliem, i
und produce when demanded, .-> card showing the legul
mtes. It' he does not produce i:. pr if he demands
more than the rates allow. i|i<- passenger need not pay him '
any thing, and ho cannot recover. [Com. Adv.
1 ?
Something W?rth Knowing ? Twenty of the Membcis
of ih" Convention which frumed the Constitution of t!?e
United Slates, were Members of Congress when the aci
establishing the tir-t Haul; of the United States was passed,
ami only nix of them voted against it. In the Debate on it?
passage, Elbridge Gerry," who had been u Member ol the
Convention, declared thai " he thought Congress were <i>
competent to e*labli*h a National Hani. u? either JJt>i?<
was to adjourn from ?Inn to day.''
? A prouiineut Democrat; Vice President under Mi..loon.
A Royal Chin im:.? 1 he present King of frussin, when
Crown I'rince, had a private printing olliee of his own, and
frequently put into type original remarks und passages that
he mel with in nmdiiur.
Broadway, Kt ie- York, and J'ut r Nosli r Row, /..????iru.
Importation ol Books, English and Foreign, lor Colleges, Public
and Private Libraries, die. Ate. Single Book* imported loonier, Or
d<t- Ibrwarde I by < very Slenmer and also by tin Liverpool Packeis,
Hinl answered promptly bj ibe return of the !ir-t Steamer nil r the
reca ip if desired.
W. St P. would invite attention to the unequalled facilities afforded
by their London A gem y. (wbieh has now been conducted by Nr. Put*
Mino for several years, his permanent rtiidence bums in Loudon.) for
proeuiing English ami Foreign Book? J?r Colleges, Pubiii and Prt
tute Libraries, Bookseiter?, and the fabln -.generally, onul feast as
fo?.d term - ami ? nil greater dispal h I ban they have ever before I? eu
imported inw ibis country by any other establishment.
Orders wiib references or remittances ins) be seul dirr. t to ibe
London house if preferred, and books can be shipped thence loan)
of the principal ports in Ho' Uuited Slat' ??
Book* for Incorporated Institutions paynoovrr.
All the English Journals, Monthlies, Quarterlies and Newspapers
received regularly by ike Steamers of the tii-t af each month lor
subscribers, and tit*principal periodicals kepi on band for ibe ?ale.
?. ? < ir.l. i. for Ihn Mi um., tValedonia ?.11 be in season if received
by .'loYlock. l\ M, Saturday , July 31. j>'3U tin
JP. It. J?.; W )'L I.,
Ill JoHK-stkbct, between gold ami PEABL. jv IS Im
ft T PC R K O T V I' F. F O V N I? R V ,
No I-- Ful.on-M. (fourth story) New-York. jel9 tf
II. %V. THAYER, W. B>.
No '.? HoWABO stbbet,
Office consullahons Irom 1 to 10 A.M. and I to 3 P.M. .;yI7 Im
J A .is t: ? it . I" W .1 i i\ .
P R I N T E It,
ffj JOHN-ST.?Til IK 1? STiiRV. j.->t if
R?l! I N SON,
ISetiiM'Ueeplnir Nurdsvnro and Cutlery,
'J'i-i Bowery, vttwteu Spring r.nd Prxnre-slrtr'.s. je.1 tf
J. F. l,fc!A.UlSl,.
attorney AT LAW?COMMISSIONER or deeds.
No. 87 Beekman-sL je8-3m
For sale at the 11 tli c e o f
No. inn Fbont-st., N. Y.. and No. 85 Fbont-st., Rboorlyn, L. L
hi--"-' N. It. Wime Lead. Hil.. Colour-, .v... f?r sale above. t.'
lit/tin- Daguerreotype Process.
.TJ. I>. Van I.onn, NtscceaMur to A. m. Wolc-oii,
Upper Stort ?>? Gkanite Uuilding,
Corner of Broadway mid Chaiubers-si, (entrance in Chambers) N. Y
X T Liken.taken from 1 AM. till sundown,hiauj kiudofwea
Iber?Clear, CUuidy, or Kaiuy jyihlin
dutcher, UCVrVOLDS a platt,
Altorncys, Solicitors imJ Coiiusellon.
Office No. 81, h4, > . ( Salem Dutches,
Mcrchsuis'Exchange. J Neav.%oi-U. . , \. RevNOLbS,
Wall-streeL S m37-tf (O. II. Platt.
npilE DELAWARE it HUDSON I \^.\l COMPANY are now re
I ceiviug iuto iheir Yards Laekawana Cod fresh from ibe Mines,
which they otter to their customers and tin- publu ?t ibe following
ts luced prii es
Eft' nu.l Itniksii.$7 06 prr ion delivered.
Stove and Furnace. 7 im do do
Sitmll Nut.5 IHI do do
Yiru- corner of Reach and W.-.t, King un.l On ? nwii h, and Mont
gonierv and Monroo-?lrceu?, where orders ?ill be received. Also.nl
their Hank, corner of William ami Pun- street*, where contracts will
be made for cargoes delivered at Rondout jo8-3m
\ PjEII TON -Peach Orchard Coal, broken ?l 7?pc.
TP t ."'vl rior quality, constantly discharging at the foot ofChnm
liers-strceL This coal i- selected with aie.-it car.', and cannot be sor
passed by aa] iu lhe market It wiU be delivered ff.f cartage to
any |n?rt of the cit) at the above low price. JAMKS K. WOOD,
j* Ii. I in- Union Coal Office, cor. Chambers and Washington -i>.
c.r -M PEACIn ORCllARU Nt I 4 0AI. -
?jpUstlU do do Broke and Err. N'oa dischargiug, and will be
for the season from the Old State Prison Dock. This coal is of the
first quality and will lie delivered with care and food order. Lehlgb
and Liverpool at low prices from boats or theyard, cornea, oriladson
and t mos-s tree is. Orders must be sent soou to secure the above low
prices jj> Is luil .1 TERBELI?
DOCK AND Kl 11.;?! ><; >crONli?Tlii
will deliver on board of \e.-, !- at the Prison Dock, Dock Stone
for IS cent- jo r ton, and Marble Building Stone lor .1- Id p?r ton.
Set -.- Prison, Mourn Pleasant, June 9 I~ 1?
jel.r*u D. I.. SEYMOUR, At.-ut.
i No. -S? Voaey-sL who bas had many yea.-.' experience iu the
nesai i?et if
I Am REAMS la's- Imperial Priatinr Pajwi for sale: -5 by 37
ivrvl isc ii-ize and quality of the Folio New-Yorker.) It wil
las sold cheap for cash. Apply to Ibe Editor of this paper. mil
I MAGIC RAZOR STROP, with which .\-ry person maj keep
bis rarer in perfect order, whether at ,-ea or oil Und. It presents
four face-, each of different sharpening properties,commencing with
the metallic lloue. of ten times lue power of the ordinary hone and
finishing oh the simple cslf-skin. Retail prices SO cei Is, 75 cent-.
$1 W. $1 35, und *1 SO each, according to size and outward lim.-h.
The performing part of a cent Siiop the -w as one at >i SO.
I CHAPMAN, 10- William-st.
N. B. The performing part of my 75 eeau Stop warranted to l?
superior to tieo. Sausders' best; ?I $d each, ami the money returned
11" ln>- piircl.r t-e di'sati-tie.i.
I BHAPEM?1000 psir- transparent Window-Shades for sale
bv OLIVER W UiK)DrX)Rp.6oCa?erine-?treet,attbe low price
fi,' 0 per pair. Families residing in the city or country, can purchase
a handsome pair of Wm low Shade- at a remarkaby low price.
CTMerchants and Upholsterers supplied by the ease or dozen.
N. B.?A few pairs of Italian Landscapes, from |10^M to t->.isi 1(cr
pair._J' 13:1m
i S3 and 70 Nassau-st? one door from John,) prints every un. tj
of Card., at prii--- rauc ing from $1 7.*> per IHsWi upwards. mv?.M:n
REO BACK MONEY on all the r.ank.- taken at par far
Dry Goods. No abatement in prices, tsl Greenwich-?t jylfilm*
II EU BACK .HONEY ?? all the Banks taken at p.r tor
iv Ur> C^.J- whalasale a.d retail, at 4-1? Pcsil st. jylrj liu"
inciple? of the Govoraaoent. I wiah tbetn carried
SHOES?5JW0 pair Ladies' aud Gentlemen** for -ale. The
upper* of thu traly elegant Over -hoe. made from the Rabbers* im?
ported from South America, in she.t-. ere exceedingly elastic, the
?anie -Hoe adju-tme r.-?ii ro f\(-ty wii:h of foot, -?fter than French
kid and made over lasts of the approved Broadway fashions. The
bottom- or soles of leather laid between the rubber, are joine I to?
t/ether so securely a- to I? perfectly water proof. These tsh.have
beea tried thort urbly the past ?inter, and iiomi reieral satitfacti tm.
Every pair warranted not to decompose, ..r the tapper to loosen fn at
the soles. The trade are invited to exansing these and a genera] as?
sortment of India Robber Shoe-, now. m oM*r for the fill trade.
M?RACK II. DAY, Successor loRoxbun LR. Co.,
auS im l?? Maiden-lane,
TO THE I, A 8>f s;?s?Tin subscribers have on bund, lately
I received, a few easesef Ladie:' Straw Bouoeu, together with a
a- neral aasortmei i of-Tuscaa *ml Ruti ind Bonnets, Straw Trimming,
Tuscan Braid, Baid Boxes, Artificial Flowers, Palm Leal Hood Hats,
A-<- . ,Vi., all sold very low for ? a-h. in lots to suit [ urchasers, to c ose
off a h i preparatory to the Fall trade,
GALE A CO.. Commission Merchants,
jyjfl 2w Pearl-stn under 17. S. Hotel.
gon.1 cheap Clulhiiic, would do s?-ll t.. call at I33J Chatham
.treet. where ihey eaii find garments at die following pro.-- :
Linen J.ii kets, C2cents -. Linen Drilling Pants, "-I Cloth Co t?.
s:'to*|-.'. Cloth Jackets, jl b ? ?*.'?; Sitinei pants, >l 75 l.? i-i 75 .
Cloth Pants, ?it.. >? at, ; i..-7 lm| .Mcnit c >i;svvi:i.L.
i ?OK AT T^lilsn^i'faid.'striped. tirnred mid plain, black,
l a blue black and colored S.Ik-, extra cheap-; plain mid figun i
Mouaseliii?de Inline* ; Hi mt.-.l Muslins, for Is ??! und is; French,
English and American Prints, at all prices, from 5.1 upto*i?tid;
Muslin Shirting ami SI.ting, from t;.l up to all prices. Also, Linens
in eudlcss variety, together with an entire e.i.n.nt ?.fall Roods
generally kept iu respectable Dry Goods stores. For sale it the well
known cheap -tore No. &I5 Greenwich -tre.-i.
hiacy \y ILLIAMSA CO.
N.B.?Cloths, Cassiuieres, Gambroons, Cauibleis, Lama cloth.,
ir . Ac jj 17 Im
< i\ ttr t: i t>c < IB 5 t!-i it Tas A .-. i: v E it i?ii.
\ ? M. VVILCOX, No. 17 C.?,,i -!. South: de near Broadway, li..?
ji.-i received from eui lion n i ai ,-? and ? hoire selci lion of Ingrain Car?
pi tin..- which, being bought for retb;can sold at prices lo -ml iho
wishes of the purchaser. Also a great vai eiy of Rugs, Mats, Ai mo
and Table Covers, Floor ci.?:!.-, *& Sic with various other articles
connected with the business, all of ?he b will be sold as cheap (or
cheaper) than cau be purchased .it any oiliei Store iu tit- Ciiy.
jj 19 I in
i < us: \T KAitt; ti>s ., .i- il in.pit.it. HmtsK
" > A Co.'* Neu lists blishment, 219 Green* ich-fct., ei.r. ?I Barclay.
The subscribers have just reei ived large lot; ef Goods, well selected
for city and couutr) trade.
N. B.?Country Merchant* are invited to call nn-l examino our -:x
leasive assortment of Goods.
jc25 if HOPPF.ll, MORSE A- c... SI9 Greenwich-st
i'i on ban.! .< well selected assortment of Cloths, Cassiiueres and
Vesting*, ?ait.-d to the season, wiii. il ho oiler, to make up tor thi
pablic generally in the very beat manner, at extremely loa prices foi
Cash on delivery; a?fisly
JOtl.N S i tu s,
M /?; R ('II A .Y T TAU. O R .
AND Clothier,No. 'M Bowery, three doors above Hester-street,
/\ New-York. Constantly ou hand, a handsome assortineut id
Cloths, Cassimi res, and Vesting*, whii h will be made in the best style
nt ih" shortest notice; and on the most reasonable temi-. jelO if
HATTERM' l>l.r.MSI --W.1 -.-..i si-i,-. ..i-i ,,iil>
on hand, st ?i.V. mi lit /.or ]>rin i fur , sail. Hat M nnufactiirera
arc pHrticalarl) invited lo call :.*.l examine it. at 159 Pearl
street, up stair*. SILAS DAVENPORT,
Im' _Agcat.
MPRIKtt V \.??2X1 ON. - !'.ftn.\ N St ClJ "Suiu ., ml
ty and omc price Hat Store, ITS i"listli;un ..;a?re. corneri
Mott-st The latest fashion Hats lor the low fixed price ol $1
surpassing in beauty und -lyle of lim-h any ever sold h. fort
for ihe ..ime price. In presenting ine.c Hats to the publu-, the
proprietors think Iboy bine rem le d ih? ultimatum of beauty, dur<
bility, cheapsess and taimibrt to the wearer. All sales are lor cash
which precludes ike neeessit) of charging u good caslomar for lo-ses
iucurred by ike bad. tnSl-'lui*
I'll 1-7.1 *> ~\V~t* K" <'A.?*il?HATS of ;u7.\e. Il-i.t .piT
I it v nt the extremely low price of Two Dollars and Pfty Cents.
Call -11111 Judge for yourself if the lull value of "our money may
not 1.Iii.mied by purchasing ihesanio at No.73J Bowery.
Men'., Youth's ami children's Cloth and Velvet Caps of the late'.t
fashions. |jrlj:tw| t;r:o. W. MVKItS. ?
SPKIN'G FASHION.?Cheap Cash Si.-n-. No. ?"
'Clialbatn-st, op.itc Rosevelt-sL) WILLIAM BROWN'S
Fashionable Hal and Cap Store. A large and splendid a.-ort
i tent of Cloth and Velvet Caps, of every style and d.-> iriptioi
now in use; a!>u the most extensive assortment of Summer Hats evei
exhibited in any Store, nil of which will bo sold at wholesale and re?
tail, at the lowest prices. ne29-3m'
?' ? N A N T ?8
No. iNj Grand- street, New-York.
mSQ .im*
InjJTl/lNEKY.?Mrs. IIAMILTUN, I?5 iVarl-strcal
'near William-street,! conliuues lo make, clean and alter La
dies' Hats in the most fashionable .tyU ; hI-o, Ladies'Caps elc
made mid trimmed. iul?-:i:u.
OLD BOSS RICHARDS (as Usual) has com- all lengths (cash
' in band).and has procured all the different kind., cl.st,
.-I.-eint, tip top fashionable and durable Bouts and Shoes
so low that he can bid defiance to all competition. Please > all at No.
it I mid -J In i 'anal-street, or ui 5091 ir-.-n? ich, corner of Spring street
and 171 Chatham-square, and be saris'lied that this i- no puff, r 1 in "
.\n. 114 BOWERV tTdccTdcSly the best establish,
[men! iu New-York to gel bargains in the Hihii and Shoe line :
>u have only to call to be couvinced. Ladies', Gentlemen's,
Misses, Boys' ami Children*'Boots, Sbscs and Gaiters, in all
their variety, of tay own manufacture and warranted tir.t rite, at
p ices to suit the times. Likewise t Urge assortment of good country
wi.rk. which will be -oi l very cheap,
jysa WILLIAM AGATE. 114 Bowery.
BOOTS, BOOTS AN 11 SnOES_l.ook ..nJ
read, then call al 171 Chatham square, directly opposite ihe
Tradesman's Itank. where Staads old Ito.. RICHARD'S Boot
? ml Shoe Museum. Great, c esl and wenderful?and of ihe
grandest modern Curiosiiies of the day. All who wish to .s hun?
dred thousand pair of fashionable and durable Boots and Shoe. .-\
bibited at.view for-ab?all who wi.-U lo seethe l ir;.--t Uii.,t ever
exhibited in the known world modi of leather?all w ho wish lo .-u
eoun.N a \ ork, London, Paris ami Philadelphia fashions?all ? ho
wish to encourage ih. bom -t mechanic?all who are opposed to
Stati s-pri-on Monopoly and who w.-.ir Ibior. am! Shoe., ru n >>r poor,
lire invited ic call where the i imbls sixpence passes for the -low .-.ni
ling, and the largest Und m w orld -t inds at the door, at
,j:tl i,?- BOSS RICHARDS, 174 Chatbsm-sqr.
DUNBAR'S < anp*ho< md Gaiter Hoot Store, .??j
Bowery, lietweeu. Walker and Hester streets, where may
be h.i.l bidies', ini-.e." and children's Shoe, and tiaiter Boot* in
great varieties. I.adu ^' t'ia.l.-r-. fr. n. >I 70 to s.J -J.7. jyitl lia
I ANEJ.*i FRENCH SIIOES.?Haviug perused
I s vcrtisemeiil in tiie New-York Tribune, of June n, o\.-r ihe
nature of J. B. Miller, aud finding therein our name, used for the pur
jm-.- of selling shoe.* i fa far inferior quality t" those *ii"-h sup?
plied the ladie? of New-York with, we tik? tin- method to inform
them ih it osr name- are n-?d without our permission, soli ly to palm
off tb. ir ?h.upon the patron- of the obi stand; Lane's, I Murray
street , and ther. i- alsoa gross mUstal.ent iiin.lc is tns (.mf allu?
ded to, that Mr. ADeu conducted our !>u-iiies. for years; years, of a
truth, hut t'ire.- was lie in oar employment, md then merely to block
out the upper., ami to attend the journeymen, for it is ? well-known
fact that saving during the illness of Mr Lane, he never trimmed a
lady's shoe nor cji a pair of ladies' gaiter boot*, for a sufficient rea
son, ih it he ? a- not competent lo do it. or at lessi we did not so con?
sider bint Ladies ?il! nnd a -upply uf lb- art.ele tb>-y were funnel ly
supplied with, at the old -land, No. I Marray-street.
|y382w* THi')M\> LINK A Si i\\
D enlists.
EYMOUR WHITING would respectfully inform bis friends and
the public that he .?tili continue* al bis old ?taad. No. 63 East
Broadway; and,having associated himself in partnership ?n!i l)r.
UNI S PRA IT, they are ready to attend to all ?Im in ed tli-ir pro
frsssioual services. 'I ke pnMic niav l?- assured that -11 operations iu
their urofsssiou will be performed on the ino.t approved plan. Art;
heist reetk, from ou? to a full set, icsertsd in the most scientific man?
ner, and on a- favorable terms as al any otaer srfi- e. W hole ..-(_. in?
serted on the old atmos iheric, or the new approved palentaUnospberic
pl.ui, wtuch obtained ih- premium at the Ksir of the American Insu?
late is-t year, and ?. w. II a? can be done in this < ity. Teeth plugged
with gold, tin foil, or rrin.-iit, as circumstances may require.
Nerve, of Teeth destroyed without psin. aud in most cues the
Tooth effectually preserved by ?lliup.
Au infallible cure for the Tooinache.
N. B. Mes.r... WHITING* PRATT will instruct one or two young
men iu the art of Dentistry, on reasonable ttrnts.
Hi. Honor Chance Ik.r Walwarth.IProf.Win. Tally, M. D.
M. L. North. M. I>.. --sru. Springs. Rr?. Nathaniel Pratt.Georgia.
Wm. \V. Minor, M. D. 1 v ? . SamoelC Ellis, M. D.
Jar.sl Liasley, M. D. ) xorK* Rev. Henry C Lndlow.
Prof, Benj. Siirunan, M. I>. LL. D-IWin. N. Blakemaa, M. D.
Prof. Jonathan Knight. M. D. Jobs Miller. M. D.
Prof. Rharl?? II Shepard. M. D. Istephmi Brown. M P. ie53m
I'l.NI. PAPER.?t'rintiur I'sper, ot ?li quadaUesand
, couslautl-. on baud and for ?ab- by
jy*S l'LKSSt A BROOKS, Cl Liberty -L
out?I auk nothing more.''?Haibisc*.
.4 PUBLIC HOUSE itllarl
avi one, corner of luid .-tp-et. Inquire at lid Bowcrv. Rcul
low. jyl." :!???
1 ? LET.
Ths third story of :ne r?ar buii.img No. 39 Ann-street Ii
one of the best Rooms in the city for a Printing office, or an;
lirht business, being lighted on three aides. Rent 1150. Apply to
a-39 :f II. GREELEY. or J. \VtNCHESTER. 30 Anu-?t-_
Tje splendid Basement Rooms in the Merchants' Exchange,
..r::--r of \\'\\\ uad Hanover-streets. Apply to Mr. Pennon,
liTire of the Company, comer Hanover and Exchange Place, or w
a39 if J. WINCHESTER. 30 Ann-streeL
IT1 OB M?,K OK TO LET?A Iron -
I business location. Appli to .Mr. HALLOCK, corner oi'Snllh in
and Sorinc-etreeU. jy?O Sw
POR .HALE?Or cj . .-? ductive City Proper
:y?A Farm of 53 acre--, situated in Huutiagton ronrnsbip, L.
"I.. :i mil-- from Northport, from ?inch a steamboat plies t.> ..i d
from Near-York twice a week. Good buildiurs, g ?*d ?Jt?r, .Vs. a..
For full particulars inquire of E. W. WOOD! -1 Ririn.ton-streat
rpHE undersiirned would inform his friends and the public that he
a is prepared to ci>ver buildiugs with the above materials at short
noli, c and on favi ruble t. rms. Reference ?ill be given tosome of the
fir.-c buildings m t.i ? country for workmaaship, ice. Buildings!
covered in any part ofthe country. Cutters, Cornices and Leaders o:
t!io above materials made and repaired, at the
Uid Maud. No. 304 Canal-street.
W. 11. SWEET.
Summer ovens, that ilie iub<eriber will warrant to Bakeor no -nie
Tin Ware always on band. Also, the Ithanor Cookin: Stove, the
only place the] can be had iu the city. W. .'I. SWEET u.~
UOI.I,:. I> AN I? PLATER*' ?JK\*-??.
AFIRST RATE article Rolled and Platers Brass, can always ha
found at JAMES <i. M< iFFKT, 1*21 Prim ?? street, u.-.ir \v noster,
it the lowest market prices. Likewise a very superior article of
Cooper's Brass_n-J tfj
j;oi'.r.r.l) (.KI.'MA.N Ml.\ I'll.
["AMES G. Mi 'I FE IT, 1*21 Pri. streeL ueur Woosier, would |..w
? ? n< uluiiy call the attention of Hanlware Dealers aud Manufacturers
to his superior ante r of Genaan Silvor, whh Ii he oilers for sale ? bole
sale and retail, of all thicknesses, ami warrants u equal to any, either
Foreign or Domestic, for. ..lor sinl softness. atsi-tf
>. I'l U.S.?Th.I? riber reiqa . ifully Itogs leave to inforui his
"V friends and tbe public that he has on hand, and is constantly re?
ceiving^ large invoices of U nil-, which hoolfers for eule-ul reduced
prices,whuicsali and retail. Country merchant* would do well in
. all, before pun basiug elsewhere, at
jeS2 if A. M< REACH INE'S, 355 P. irl-st
ITIPKoTeD IPiM ?All* ii U ..!???? -
Lawsou's Patent Balance Pulley?The public are respectfully in?
vited to call and examine, this article, it having many valnnble pro?
le rtie- 1 eyoild am Illing for the same purpose vet ufTered.
M. W.KING, Puteal Chair >l iker,
jy23 -171 Broadway, Agenl lor this improvement.
I)t?ll,lti*i EOUNTAIN, Saratoga Spring?. I'bis c< ?
I bra teil Mineral Waler, constantly in hand, fre-h from the
Springs, for -ah', wholesale aud r.-iad. by the Agent?.
GASSNKIt St VOL'NG, I32 Chalham-st
N. I'..?Stent to aur part of the City fr.f expense. j> 15 Im'
4 < i II.D and Silvas ReGiier, Aeaaynr and Smelter, No. I ! John-street
<* ?Assaying and Melliug done at the shortest notice. Old Gold
iu.1 Silver aud Bookbinders It igs bought and ineltoa ; Gilders skew
iitr?. wasbiues, and old -lirutl bougbL jc:i Ilm
\STR? L. M \VI Ell ?NU II M.I. I.\MP.<. Lit.loi.-.r ,.,,: i
nlira-. Jap.ml Tea-Trays, Bread-Ruskels, in setts or -. parate,
fine Table Cutlery, and Eliouy or Alabaster Clocks j for sale by
BEACH .v SEXTON, III Chatham -t.
N.R lanaps rdirouaod aud repaired,eqiwl to new. L\\tra Lamp
Shads*, Ac on IAumI. jegl-tl
lUOL.VtVit!" POTTl.KV,
-til EiojbteenJb-alrcvt,
rTtllE vua-critrer .r ely iolorma Uio Public that lie contiwuea j
A in manufacture the following articles, win. h be oilers for ?nie on
reasonable terms, v..-. i I
Stane War?, Earthern Ware, Portable Fnrnaces, Chimuey Pots,
Stove Tubes, oven Tile Green-House de.. Fire Brick, Druggist and
Chemical Ware. A.. Ac
.- t.c.e I.nnni'- made to any ;"altern anil at short notice.
Wood, Marble, etc. Paints,Oils, Glass, Brushes, etc at whole?
sale and r--i.nl. S. SC1IOONMAKER, No. 7 Chatham Square,coruef
of East Broadway, New-York. je I-3m
[Mat a>'.** BLEACHING POWDER.?I.asks
IJ> Boyd's celebrated Bleacbiug Powder.i received and for sale by
jvd-2 PERSSK A BIU ii ?KS. Gl Liberty-st '
\*.'A'I't ii (a I. A*!*?E.*?.?'i'be subscriber i- selling at NoTri
I? John-strcut u goad assortment of the above m.I article, on
reasonable terms. jy?Jm] JOHN ORAYDON.
M.\ RTIN U . E.tl.Tlo.v.* keeps constantly on hand all kinds
af BRASS A HERMAN SILVER Casting*. je/-2?3ni
piaANTEKSt' It INK. al-o Agricultural Kauk Notes o
I Natchez, wanted at improved rate- by
jyta-tf VANVLECK BROTHERS.30 Wall-street
SO XV A BE USTE? DJ?, Ca!.i l-'unuiSYk. - dluTg 25
-,per eeul below price, downtown at STKATTON'S,
jj-aU 9l" d-Jf! P...?ery.
tll.o.M COW AN res|icsifully informs the Ls
e- of N"..-\?rk and its vicinity, that she continues
?.ih^' l.<-.i-on the Harp Piano Forte, Guitar, and
at her residence, Nc. 72 Huaue-slreat, a few doors on the
east sil.f Broadway. or at the respecuve houses of those Lallan
wko prefer receiving lusiraetiou at borne.
Harps end Piano Fortes to bo had on hire. Also, a splendid Harp
made by Era.!.-. London, for -ale. unit if
Corner of tbe Bowery und sJi?iaou-ai.
CLOCKS of ever] description in snyquantities, joa I iris,
and cheap for c^ik.
Cloi k- made to order for Steeples, Banks, Ac.
Also, wheels and pinions cut Small wntcbes and medell
mde for patentees. Entrance7j Bowery, It. SMITH.
iel7 if (Formerly Smith A Brother.)
A t[| h i, w. ISEKEDICT, ? . ."J .ke,
Merchanu' Exchange, corner of Wall unal William sweei *'
hsmiL' farmed i connection in business *nhS. HAMMOND,
their personal slteNtii u w dl be given to repairing fine Watch?
es. Tbe most complicated parts of Duplex Jt Chiouometer
Watches put in equal to the original.
Mr. Hammond would make his acknowledgements to ihe Traie,
for their kindni ?- and patranage since living in New York, und w II 1
always give their work preference in makiug Duplex work, but will
uot be able to make an] discount from the retail price.
Duplex, Indepeudent Second, and other Watches of splendid pm
terns for sale, warranted perfect or the money returned. Jewelry
and Sil? Ware SS u.-ual.
ISOLD a.id ?1LVEB WATCHES*, fx-luoui.
eJewi Irr. Silver Spoons, Butler Knives, Sugar Tont'?,Ar.
at.-d i 'like Baskets, Candlesticks, Snuffers and Tray-, Cas
r...V' .. Britannia Coffin i'ot- and Urns, V<-< Setls.Ae.aad
?:- oerally, f..r -ale by BEACH -v SEXTON;
N. P.. Watches sa l Jewelry repaired. Ill Chatham-st
CLOCKS! CLOCKS 11?Tbe undersiraed
Vr??N tak iitbeaceccy for the -si- of JEROME S BR
C-/%CLOCKS, ai their Clock Warerocan,No.20-1 Broadway,
H'leg'.!.he? II sell their PaTBim Eight Day and Thirty Ho* r
Bra? Clocks, uf i \ iri f ofpaiieras, at ti.. Unmut -?bole-a1? Factory
prices. Jlerchaut? .?? ! ?: tiers in Clocks would do well in call ase
examine their sun k !.. vo. jiur. ba-u.r. Al-o, ?>i .i-.orrn.--ut of W<e?i
Clocks, ChEac r?a CaSH. Recollect the number. --<>l Broadway, up
N. H.?Particular attention paid to the Retail trade. Every descrip?
tion of Clocks r.-.-iir"! and ? irranted. rat f
tlA H'i'ON1NtiTOS~. DAI LA'.
HAKNDEN a C0*S. Amen
'- -_- 'J . r? -r ?.. .j. 1.- i ,| nrwarams
- *~- *_S *- -:_tOtli : .
sample ^o?J-. specie, and Uauk uctes, will be reo ived and forward"-,
by Express, to and from tbe following place-:
From Boston to Liverpool, London, Manchester, Birmingham, and
Leeds, Eh?.; Dublin ami fork, Ireland: lila-now and Greeoock,
Scotland t Paris and Havre, France; and from Boston to Providence,
New-York Philadelphia, and from Troj und Albany, having recently
made arranremruu with the People's Line to that effect
HAKNDl'.N a < m. will attend to collecting or paying Drafts
Note-. Bill-, or iceeptancee, and tin- purchasing of goods of '-?ery de
scription, or ttuisieni bnsiaess of any kiud, which they undertake
Lrtier Rags ?rill kert at their Bo-tnu. New-York, Philadelphia
and Albany otEi e.. for Cunard's Royal Mail Line of steamships . sbo,
f?rthe steamer Great Western, and the sailing pockets from New
TAKE NOTICE? Ps. kages sent to either office, for England, or
auv other place, tonst not. in any ease, contain letters.
N. B.? III rood- must U.- m'.rk-d HAKNDEN A COM who ara
alone responsible for tne loss or injury of any article, or property
committed to their care ; uor i- any ri-k assumed by. uor can unv le
attached to the It. a P and S. Railroad, ,.r tie- N. J. S earn Naviga
lioii Co.. on w ho-c road-, or in w ho-e -t^anr-r". Ih^ir crate- are or
may h? transported, in resoeel to ihem or their contents at anv time
RKrcacHcl?Messrs. Fletcher, Alexander a Co., Liverpool and
London; Welles a C... Bauk^r-. Paris, France; Th..-. It. Curti?,
Esq . Bo-ton: ?i.-uihn.- A- Co., New-York; Carey a Hart. Phdad-I
phia . and The-. W. < Ueotu Esq.. Albany.
ti.'ikra?No vr^ River-street, Troy; I'd Exchange, Albany; <S
South Third-street, Philadelphia; :r-J Cnureh-sireet, Li*erj?ool; "
Court -ireet. Bosti n i Hnk n Buildings. Pros Idence.
WM. W \ MAN, Agent, No.3 Wall-street Nsw York.
jy39 :f II.VRNDEN a CO
OFFICE N O. 3 0 A N N - S T.
VOL. I. SO. ?>*?.
~*"Tmm] i?" __T_ STEAMBOAT LINE.
"T^"^^^*" For AI .. ? of Barclay-street.
?? ALBANY.."..TucoJay Morning at "o'clock.
I'1* 1 R0Y.Wcdsss.qr Horning u 7 o'clock.
The ALBANY.Thsrsds* Morning at 7 o'clock.
, ... ?""V"001 ?"?' fool ol i ortliiail(.-ir. < i.
!? IS \L -,,W.Frida) Afternoon, al 5 o'clock.
The SWALLOW..Wednssdsy Afternoon ;.t 5 o'clock.
i'jM>?'I.K-s l.JNt: OF M KVtlKOATH
V gl8"? *-? FOA .1 IM .. pJSS , 6L
lj^5^5=aL T ' ' ? 1 ? ?.i? -' ui ?? Xl ?RTH
IM! RICA, C ipr. M. II .......
bout Pier between Ciiiilainlt and Liberty streets
THIS AFTERNOON. August 3, at 5oclock.
For freight or passage appl) board n to
l*. C. SCHULTZ, .t the office on the wharf.
rC? .t/ o'.l V).FJKJC 91.
The new aad commodious ?teumboat SUI IM AMERICA, i'apt
Braittard, leave* ih>* pier between Courtlandt and Libert) ?treel
streets every Monday. Weduesday a?d Friday, at ? o'clock.
The ROCHESTER, Capt. A. T. St. John, leaven the above pier
every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, si 7 o'clock,
ri.r passage or freight, apply to
P. C. SCHULTZ, at the office, or on board,
K fT3"* ?u slTKl tlllOAT DIUIOM). i i ,
y,??-JO ? leaves ih I'bala eu Harclaj u : v esi \ streets,
?aM"?aa?Ne i Vork, for Albany, tP.M sven I'ues
day, Thursdnj and Saturday, and returns from Albany on Monday,
\\ eduesda) ami Friday, at the same boar. Sue goes through with?
out lauding, making her passages regularly and certain!) within
twelve hour?always in time for the Western Railroad. The pro.
prietors run her fbr comfort rather than .pee.!. There is uo noise or
jar on board of her; the engine, being horizontal, is below .leek, and
moves very still, aad iswitboal any uupleasaut .well. She bus.two
large ? ?bin* and two s iloou* below deck . a ladies' saloon and mo sa?
loon* for gentlemen on the main deck, aud nineteen state room* ou
ih? upper deck, with a hall IS feet wide and Mi feet lone fm prome?
nading between them. This hall is well sheltered, lighted and venti?
lated, uud open- by double doors on the forward and after desks,
affording i ?a!k the whole length of ihe boat. The saloons aud state
room- have eu, h a b.-u leading to a hall where servants are iu con?
stant attendance.
The state rooms are7byll feet, and have double beds, aud can,
wbeu r,-.;uue.i. bjtvo two additional stai ding berths in each <sf them.
A uartof these room- connect b> folding doors, making.a spacious
parlor, where families sin.I parties can have tea, -upper or breakfast,
at any b mr of the passage. A chambermaid waits on the ladies' ?a
loon, and another on t!ie -tale room*. Pasneagers are not called up
bj a heil on r< aching the w barf, but rise at tlour am u leisure, all u.I
on deck being strictly prehibiteil
The Diamond is a verv .-nil boat, and does not roll or careen in
rough wateror high winds. She is 370 feet lone. draw. :i feet water
?iiilv, and can pa-, ihe Overslaugh and all the shoals at an) time at*
tide. [jy5 i iu A FLOWER, Commander.
Milt sol it?: V. *Ii 9 It % -si HMER ditit IA fVE Wf' O*
h, r-J-v*? s^ The steamboat OSIRIS, Capt. J. U. Allaire, will
\ -??? run ..- folio* - Ii ave I'ullo* Market slip, Easl River,
?W*a*B,*"'.-u Monday in- ... .-. ?.'clock; Tuesday.
W slnesday, Tbtinul iy, Friday, aud Sunday,at 8 o'clock, A. M., and
Saturday, at i - o'clock, i uoa.
Returning, leave Red Mask it half pa-l 1 o'clock, every day, (eX
eept M.la) ) at 10 o'clock, A. >l. and Saturday, ai I P. II.
The boat-will run a. abut.- until farther notice, navigation and
weatkei permitting. N. It.?All freight and baggage at the n.k of the
owners thereof. jy^ Um
v ??_^ ' silON lo lbs Fishing Banks, oil Sandy Hook.
-3-ra?-iu.i;i**jJ-^. evc|j 'p.,|ny \ff.i weather. The commodious
;..w pressure steamboat si l t:KbiK. Captain l.Gouhl, "til, on Tue-,
?la) moruis g He \t. August 3d, H'nve the pier loot of Cbsmbcrs-sL si a
1 to -lot k, fool Hammond -t. at -. foot of Market-sL at t to 'J.
L'utberii.t. Fern, Brooklyn, at o'clock, precisely, on her regular
excursion to the Fishing Banks, offSaudy Hook, stopping nt Fort
Hamilton each way, jeturning lo the Oil) at an ear1) hour. Kare for
the excursion, SO cents. Dinner and refreshments of the Ural quality,
furnished ou bnarri, extra. HntTatanV celebrated band b euitrt.-.i.
and will amuse the company during tl.xcursion. Bait furnished
gratis. Thsl celebrated obi fisherman, Capt, Poaceck, wb.know?
ledge of the different fishing grouurjs cannot be doubted, ?ill sc com?
pany tin' boat with hisdjnrpoou and other implements for catching
porpoise, Arc. Capt Oo'ttld*lplcdgei himself that every means shall
be used to in.i!te tin. trip one of health, pleasure and comfort to those
wbo ma) honot him with their company. jySO tt
i? r, ^ ^ CITIZEN'.? LINE I'OR NEW
\ . _ -i??,'' HAVEN.?The spacious and splendid steam
.sr**azrs-rtg*?., iu:i,!.r. Capt. Richard Peck, will leave New
York for New-Haven, ever) Tuesdajr. Thursday, and Saturday after
n..on-, al I o'clock, from the fool of Koi.e\elt-Hreet, Hast River, a
lew r..d- above Peck-slip. Fare $1,00.
Will leave the Railroad Wharf, at New-Haven, uvcry Monday,
Wednesday, ami Friday evenings, at Hi o'clock, P. M.
Freight taken al packet prices.
Please observe?That the Belle is a first cl?-< boat, in every parti
cular. Her cabin., are .pa< uu- and airy, ml.I In-r .iccommiidutiou? of
Ihe |ir-l orj.-r
All person* are forbid tru-tuig auv one on account of said bom or
owner-. i\:ji :if
Tse steamboat HIGHLANDER, Captain Robert
Wardrep. will laave the fin.t of Warren-street, New-Verk, every
Monday, Thursdav, and Saturday afternoon, at I o'clock.
Returning, the HIRHLANOFR will leave Newburgh every Mon?
de) morning it 5 o'clock, and Tuesda) and Friday afternoon at ,ri
For freight or passage, apply to ihe Captain on board.
N. B.?All baggage, and freight of every description, and bills, or
spei is. put ?Ii board this boat, must be ut ihe risk of the owners
thereof, nub -. ? bill of biding or receipt is rig.i fbr lHa same. jy?l)
A t:' '-? FARE REDUCED!? I2j ceuU to and from Ifsr
jfmgef? . /-^boi. The prop lie tor embrace, tl.arlie-l opportU'
' ? '?*' a-???inly of informing Ins friends and the public in gen
??r.ii thai he 11 prepared to run In- new and splendid line of Steges
from the North American Hotel. Bowery to Be Will ?'. Kellieger'g
Harlem River Mansion House, regularly ever) half hour in ihe day,
touching at other intermediate places along ibe route, ami uiakiui,'
their passage through in about mi hour.
Neat mid spacious apartments are fitted up on each end of tho
route for the comfort and . onveniencc of passengers. Thu new and
arell regulated hue running nearly double lbs number of trip, daily
that the Cars do oath* track, gives it s decided advantage over them,
?stopping much longer each trip at Kell ager's and givieg passen?
gers* tficieot time to psrtske of every kind of refreshment ?hieb
are always kept on hand and served up in the best possible maam r,
u i terms suitable to tbe nines.
Bowery and White Hall Stages run a- usual every live minutes
dur ug e <l iv.
jy J. MURPHY, Proprietor.
fal/V&~Jf For KUCKAWA1 and NRW YORK?The Citl
Inie of Stages, between New-York and
Roi kaway Pavilion, on aud after Thursday, July i. 1841.
Duriug the summer season, the Citixeu'a Line of Post Coaches will
leave New-York every day (Sundays excepted) at i o'clock P.M.;
stopping at ibe Hro.nlm ty House it a quarter past 3 o'cloek; Carlton
House, Washington Halt, American, As tor, City Hotel, Howard'.
Franklin, York Honse, Globe Hotel, and South Kerry ?t shoal A
o'clock, and arm.-- al Rie:kaway at i. P. M. Leaves the Pavilion al
Roekaway every morning at - o'clock, a:.-] arrive at New York at 10
A. M.
Families called for at iuy psrl of the city.
Pa-nwingers can lake their .<at- at New.York, and not be obliged
to gel out until tiiey arrive al their journey's en.!. Order, left at 'tl
Bowery sad No ."< CortJand-st. York House. This Line baa a regular
relay of horses, and splendid fo?i Coaches. Kar.- $1.
J}^> Im. M. I.. RAY. lieiienl Al'.-cL.
ISLA.>fl M&r?$-S^^^^Mpk^r ROAD.
^ yt and after Tuesday the lltb May, l?H,the cars will run ss
Leave Hicksvllle at 7 o'clock, A. M., and 21 o'clock, T. M.
i.- :ioi Hempstead ii ? minutes before 7 o'clock, A. M. and U) min
utei past - o'clock, i'. M.
Leave Jamaica at 7j o'clock, A. M. and 1 P. M.
Leave Brooklynat9j o'clock, A. M. and H o'cloek, P. M.
Leave Jamaica at -i o'cloek. A. M. and ."? P. M
Leave Brooklj ii at 9J oM.--k. A. M. and Si P. V.
Leave III. k.v.lle :,l ti 0*1 lo k. P. M.
Leave Hempstead .it In minutes past 4 o'clock. P. M.
P.y the aUive arraneement peateagers uki'og th.- stonuag 'rsm will
ha.e li ne to visit Roekaway, and the several village* on the rout.-,
and return the .am.- eve,,,.)- Mare, run rerdsrly on the arrival sf
the cars, to Roekaway, Hempstead Harleir. Glen ( ov?, Hheailey,
iiv-it Bay, Uuu?ugtM, Bsbyloo. Smithtwwu, Islip, LirT Saniicker's
Hotel, mid through the Ulasal lo Graenoort and Sag-harbor.
Far^ to Bedford I3j cents; to East r?sw-iork i-j rent.; to lamsi
, 35 cent* to Brushville 37cent*; to V\e-t!,Ury, farle Place sad
lieiny-iead ili cesl- : to Hick-ville - cent.. jvLl <m
j\' pfYe-Canal and Lake Transportatioo?Merchandize, Pasten
grrs. Sec forwarded with care aad dispatch, For freighter pss.age
'^' 'h.'nH.KS St Ccs,S9 Ouay-sL, Albany. >
II WRIGHT v Cos, Res lo-.ter. .proprietors,
j P. WOLF .v P. J. KNAUF, 99 Wash; si NY i
Aad to?..P- GRANDIN, n-l l!roa.i slN.Y. i
C. P. KELLOGG, ~ ' ,
P. L PARSONS A Co-, BurTslo. j A'eoU
H. WELU?, B Court st-, Boston, J JX* +e

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