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CoBi?i??B* ?!??? Proceeding* of Congre*? and other
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vance of any other Penny Paper,
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I* Five line?, half :he above rate?; Two huea, one-fourth of
gutritf*?parable in all caset in advance.
^Q~^r~r~iTiTN e , "
Jolting* Down in loss n.
C u r r e i p o n d e n r e of The Tribune.
BosxincTOir, Iowa, July fi, 1841.
Irem^rnher my promise, but in truth 1 Imnllv know what
Moununicato. J could toll you a^ain the thrice, nv, th*
^aiand-times-told-tale, of the rapid increase in wealth,
peer and jxipulatinn of the Great and Mighty West. The
,<jd oft ami often rings in your ears; but literally you know
,:, you realise not, the mighty stride* that the Valley of the
/.?issippi is making njion you. I have a desire near unto
jt heart, and that is thut my fellow countrymen should nr
uire more practical knowledge of the boundless resources
id rapid increase of this fertile Valley. Let us for a mo?
ment contemplate the wonderful progress of the country
.Vest of the Allegaaies. But a few short years have passed
mny since a few bold and adventurous hunters penetrated
the forestH of the Ohio und Kentucky. For many years the
iefcsnries of life (for luxuries they had none) were brought
a.-roas the AUeganies upon pack-horses. In 1811 the shrill
? puff of a steamer reechoed, for the first time, through the
dark; and overhanging forests uf the Ohio. To-dav, and the
Mine bell that rings for ' All a-board!' from tin- crowded
Levee' ol Pittsburg and Cincinnati, startles the hurfalo from
the >bi>res of the ' Yellow Stone,' or the ' Red Man' ni St.
Anthony. What obvious ehangu* did the introduction of
Steam produce upon the character of the Western emigrant!
What facilities did it afford to Commerciul intercourse ? The
rapidity with which frontier settlements are now made, the
great convenience afforded to emigrants for transporting not
cnly all the necessaries but even the luxuries of life, the
entire security from danger, and the proximity of (he settle?
ments, should nt once be conclusive evidence that the
character of our frontier people is divesiod of the ferocity
ind ' semi-barbarism ' which the good people of the Mast so
faosenlly compliment us with.
How often have I been amused to hear the intelligent man I
f the Atlantic cities, in 'summing up' his conversation up
*s the West, remark something like the following: 'I en*
vrliin a high opinion of your country, but I never could
"migrate?too great a sacrifice?no society,?none of the
refinements of life. What! place my family in a situation
rxt off from the world ? No, no, never !' How absurd a
?elusion. The great mass of people seem lo forget that ire
I w purt and parcel of themselves. Who emigrate ? The
fouls tmd unambitious, or is it the energetic and intelligent ?
For my own part, having, in my career, traveled over more
than three-fourths of the Slates of this Union, I cun assert
with candor that I have never known practical intelligence
more generally disseminated than in this young Territory,
Iotvu. Allow me to illustrate by citing a case in point, viz:
0*Town Jyoung ' City ' ?>f Burlington?u point that six years
Jjn had neither place nor identity, save the solitary appella?
tion of the ' Flint Hills," a landmark, known as the occu
tiniial resting-place of the hunter and voyager. ? And to-day
I ?rite you from the drawing-room of one of its hotels, which
in ample appointments and intelligent guests would not dis?
grace Broadway oi Chesnut-st. Ami who compose our com- :
rounity? 1 fear were I to tell you as minutely as I might,
nm would question my veracity. Imagine, if you please, a
wial little ? Tea- Party,' or u 'bevy' of ladies and gentle- ;
men at an ' Ice Cream Saloon,' (for we have such thing! a;
the ' jumping-oti place,'though it be,) and I will select from |
our guests those that have adorned the gay circles of nearly .
erat) city of the Union ! And yet we are called ' Squatters.'
I snly wish that that respectable dns> of personages who
tie* rhe world from ' Vuu.xhall Garden ' to the ' Battery,'
rould suddenly be transported to our ' Settlers" " firesides?
tu ild 'drop in* to our rude Court Houses ami witness the
lire ol" eloquence of our young men and the sober judgement
?four sturdy yeomanry. They forgot that the unshackled
mind of man soars beyond ' brick walls ' and ' pavements ' ;
they forget that the conceptions of the Western Pioneer are
Imped with sublimity. See how he grapples with the sur
rjuadinr elements! Look at his self-reliance; his unshrink?
ing energies, that make the Wilderness blossom like the rose'
In a word, I will place the Pioneer of Weitem America (of
the present day,) so far as the attributes of u generous na?
ture, heroism, unshrinking energy and practical intelligence
are embodied, a* a race unsurpassed if not uuequaled
upon the earth. Btt: I have departed from the main sub?
ject which I had designed for this letter?it is now too
late to retrace; my paper, like the sand in the -lass, is
neailv ? used up,' or rather, run out. My purpose was
to have entertained you, or. perhaps, have bored you
with a description of the ' Mormons,' of their renowned
City of ' Nauvoo ' and of the progrvss of iheir ' Temple," or
'Holy of Holies," all of which, from the novelty of the sect,
ate objects of much interest.
1 was an eye-witness, among thousands of spectators, to
their Grand Celebration on the 4tli of July?Independence
Iky. The ? Nauvoo Legion ' was out in all their Military
fl.uy. ? Joe Smith ' was mounted on a splendid charger,
ihe ? observed of all obserwrs." The pageant'was DO less
'?ovel than imposing; and in variety of uniforms they were
in truth'a motley crew." I should suppose every regiment
>a Europe, Asia, Africa and America had been levied upon
4,1 contributors. Indeed I doubt if Sir John Falstati"'s regi
"Wtt, of olden time, was a ' circumstance ' to the ' Legion'
?f'Saints ' rallied under the grucious presence of ' Brother
"3oe." The General, Lieut. General and many other of the
principal officers, were dressed a la Militaire not inferior to
*w?r City Militia Officers. The Dinner Table was a magni
Scent ariair, being one thousand and ninety-fix feet in
??gtli! covered with an arbor of given torest trees the en
length. When the Procession formed to march to the
table, 'Joe Smith' rode, in state, in a barouche, uccompa
aiei by two ladies and surrounded by his ' Body Guard' of
?ounied men in the uniform of Lancers. I wish time and
'i>acc would allow me to go into detaii relative to more of
' master spirit* ' of this singular people. Should this
frude gossip prove acceptable, you shall hear again from
" A HavYsVEK."
" I desire 70a to underwtnmi the tree pr
Charles O'Mam.ey.?The New World of to-norrow
' will contain the August part of this humorous, powerful, spir?
ited, dashi.-ii: romance, which ha* achieved so general and
? just a popularity. Tho New World obtains it by purchase of
' the author's publishers a fortnight previous to it* regular
appearance, and so issue it in advance of any other paper.
' By favor of the publisher we have been permitted to make
the following extract from the August Part, which, for viva
i city, power, and stirring adventure, surpasses any before
; issued. Mr. M ike Free js t)M. hero of the following adven
! lure, which takes place between and i:i si^lit of two closing
i armies:
As 1 rode from out the thick woed 1 could not help feeling
I sutprised at the sounds which greeted me. Instead of the
: usual low ;>nd murmuring tones?the muttered sentences
I which precede a cavalry advance?a roar of laughter shook
the entire division, while exclamations l>ui-t fron, every side
aroiuxl me : " Look at hitn now ;"?" They have tiin: !?P.v
j heavens they have him!" "Well clone'?Well done!"
. " How the fellow rides.''* " He 's hit!?he's hit .'" " No !
: no'" " Is be down !" iJ He 's down!"
A loud cheer rent the air at this moment, and I reached
the front in time to learn the reason of all ibis excitement.
, In the wide plain before me a horseman was seen, having
I passed the ford of the Aguada, t" advance at the top of his
1 speed toward the JJrilisii line-.. As became nearer, it was
! perceived that he was accompanied by a led horse, and ap
I patently with total disregard of the presence of an enemy,
rode boldly and carelessly forward; behind him rode three
lancers, their lances couched, their horses nt full speed; the
pace was tremendous, and ibc excitement intense; for some?
times, as the leading horseman of the pursuit ncared the fu
gitive, lie would bend sudden!) upon his Middle, and, swer?
ving to the right or left, totally evade him, while again, at
others, with a loud cry of bold defiance, rising in his stirrups,
he would press on, and, with a ?hake of Iris bridle that be?
spoke the jockey, almost distance the enemv.
" That must be your fellow, O'Malley; that must be your
Irish groom,*" cried a brother officer. There could be no
doubt of it. It was Mike himself.
" 1 'II be banged if he's nol playing with them,'* s?i,| Ha?
ker. " Look at the villuin ! He 's Imidin? in : that's more
than the Frenchmen are doing. Look, look at the fellow 0/1
the gray horse; he has flung bis trumpet to his back, and
drawn his sabre."
A loud cheer buist from the French lines : the trumpeter
was paining at every stride. Mike hud got into deep ground,
and the burses would not keep together. " Let the brown
horse go! let him go, man!"' shouted the dragoons, while I
re-echoed the cry with my utmost might. But not so: Mike
held firmly on, and, spurring madly, he lifted his horse at
each stride; turning, from lime to time, a glance at his pur?
suer. A shout of triumph rose from the French side: the
trumpeter was beside hirn; his arm was uplifted ; the sabre
above hi-, head. A yell broke from the British, und with ;
difficulty could the squadron be restrained. For above a
minute the borses went side by side, but the Frenchman de?
layed his stroke until he could gel a little in front. My ex?
citement had rendered me speechless : if a word could have
saved mv poor fellow, I could not have spoken. A misl
seemed to gather across my eyes, and the whole plain, and
its peopled thousands, danced before my vision.
?'He's down!" " He's down.' by Heavens " - rvo :
no! no!" "Look there?nobly done!*' " Giillant fel?
low ! " " He has him ! he has him, by -." A cheer
that rent the very air above us broke from th>< squadrons,
and Mike galloped in among us, holding the Frenchman bj
the throat with one hand : the bridle of his horse ho firmly
grasped with his own iii the other.
" How was ii? How did he do it ? " cried I.
" He broke his sword-arm with a blow, and the French?
man's sabre fell to the earth.
?? Here he is, Mi.-thei Charley; and musho, but it's trouble
he gave me to catch-hira! and I hope your honor won't be
displeased at me losing the brown horse. I was obliged ?1
let him go when the thief closed on me; but sure, there he is!
m?v 1 never?! if he's not galloping into the lines by him?
self." As he spoke, my brown charger came cantering up to
the squadrons, and twk hi- place in the line with the rcsi.
HrnaJirttu, [few-York, and Pater Notier Moir, Lande*.
IsspoitationW Books, English an.I Foreign, for Colleges, Public
ami Private Libraries, iic Sec. Siugle Hook- imported i" order. Or?
ient forwarded by every Steamer snd also bj the Liverpool Pa< kcls,
ami answered promptly by the return of the tir*t Steamer after thu
receip'. if desired.
W. & P. would invite attention tn the unequalled facilities afforded
by tbeir London Agency; (which has bow been conducted l>y Mr.Put?
nam for several rear*, Iiis jnrmnntnt residence being iu London,) for
procuring English anil Foreign Book* fur Collegi?, PrnVic and Pri
rutr Libraries, Bookseller*, ami thr Public generally, on at least at
good terms snd with greater dispatch tliau they have ever before been
imported into this coiiuirj by any other establishment.
Urder* with references or remittances nut) t?- sein direct to the
Loadon house if preferred, and book* >:an be shipped Uieuee 10 any
of tiro principal i>ort.? in the United States.
Bouks for Incorporated liutiiuiians pay KO on v.
All 1I10 English Journals, Monthlies, Quarterlies and Newspapers
received regularly by the Steasers o:* ihe first of each mouth n>r
subscribers, and llie principal f riailirals kepi on hand for the sale.
?.? Orders for ihe. Steamer Great Weilern will iu season it re?
ceived by 3o'clock, P. M.Saturday,August '? J>'?'-, '">
No 128 Fulton-st.(fourth story) New-York. je!9 if
Ii. \v. THAYEK, ."?II. U.
No.9 Howaao ?trket.
Ortice consultations fron 7 to Hi A. M. and 1 to :! P. M. j> 17 Im
j .1 .11 k * h . SWA] !\ .
!' K I \ T E R,
16 JOHN-ST.?THIRD STORY. je03 tf
dbalcb in
lloufirkef ping Hardware end Cutlery,
?i't'l ttoVirv,ietvien Sprix:; cud I'r-iz'rf.r't'.e. \&-\S
No. "J7 Beekman-st j.)t5-2a
For !< a 1 e at ihr Office of
No. IftO FaosT-st., N. Y.. ami No. Sr< FaosT-st., BaeoCLTW, l. i.
m-a N. U Win;.- l.r^d, Oi'm. Colour-. Sic. i. r a- :.'h,..-.
Attorneys, Solicitors ami CoDasellors.
Office No. Si. si. 1 _. ... . ( Salem DuTcaca,
Merchants' E.xch-?n?e. S I,eW*" ortt' I J. N. !! byxoum,
WaU-stre-st. S mSt-tf IO. H. Purr.
By the l>aguerrroft/re Prorest.
M. D. Van Loau, *acce?*'or to A. S. YVolcott,
! Corner of Broadway and ChambersHet, (entrance 111 t'h*mbers> N. Y
j XT Likeue*m?? uUen fmiu 7 A.M. till ?unJo? n, 111 ac> kiud of wea
: tber?I'lnar, Cloudy, or Rainy jyftlm
MAUIC RAZOR. STROP, ?itn ?bicli every person n.:i> k ?p
hi? r.iA ?r 111 perferl oHrr. whether at sea or 011 land. It presents
four fac-cf, each of dif?-reul sharpening properties^ tomraencitie with ?
1 th? MiPiallic Houe, of ten Urne.? Ihc }h>?rrof th<- ordinary ror.e. an.i
finishing ou the ?im;?le cal!-.-kin. Retail prices M cent*. 75 ceuu,
i fl INJ ?I 35 atii $1 50 rncli. according to size and outward finish. .
The petibrmtng part of a 75 cent St'Op^jhe ? *! 50
v ? I CHAPMAN, llr- Wiliiam-?t.
(f. E. The performine part of mv 75 cents Stop warranted to be
I superior to tieo. Sannders' best, at ?3 each, and the money rowrned
I if the purchaser i>e d?satisfied.
i Tyir'A. ATKIWSiON'S BOOT BKKB.-A si.bst.tute
JJ for AlcoUohc or Malt Lniuors a very pleasant and rtitreshine
; drink, superior to the ordinary Mineral or S0.? Waters. It renovates
: and purifies the human system. To families it will be sold for t>} cents
' per qsarl, or-r> ceuts per gallon, .at the counter 2 and 3 cents per
1 glass, plain; or -I ami 6 cents with SHrsapanil?, ?'iiii'Cr, Angewca,
Eleeauipanc. or Hoarhound Syrup. Remowber. 216GreenWIClV-ABeet
j is tbt place where pure Rool Beer u> to b? bad. J)'11 W
inciples of the C.orcrsuieat. I wish them carried
SHOES?5,600 pair Ladies' inJ Gentlemen's for isle. The
unper- of tai- truly cleeant Over-sho*, made from the Rabber as im?
ported from Sooth America, in sheet., art; exceedingly elastic, the
same shoeadjoeting iuelfto every *idth of foot, softer ihm French
kul mad made over lasts of the mm approv, j Broadway fn-lnons. The
bottom" ur -oles of leather laid between the rubber, are joined to?
gether ?o -ecurely a? to be perfectly water proof. These Shoos hare
been tried thoroughly th" p*-t winter, and given general satisfaction.
I Every pair warranted not to decompose, or the upper* to loo-en from
I the soles. The trade are invited to examine thc>e and a general a.
i fKirtnient of India Rubber Shoes, now in orrfer for the fill trade,
HORACE H. DAY, Successor toRoxbory LR.Co,
_ au2 2m 126 Maiden-lane,
rl*0 THE I.AD E.*??The fiibj-niier? have or. hand, lal-ly
a received, ? few ease s of Ladies' Straw Bonnet?, together with a
general assortment ofTuscaamad Rutland Bonnets, Straw Tnmminr,
Tu -can Braid, Bead-Boxes, Artificial FlowersyPalm Leal Ilnod Hats,
See . .Vr? all sold very loir for rash, in lots lo soil purchasers, to close
ofT a lot preparatory to the Fall irade.
GALE St CO- Coawiission Merchants,
jy?fl jiv 9ml Pearl-street, under 17. s. Hotel.
ONK PRICE STORE.?Gi i irchase
good cheap Clothing, would do well 10 call at 133] Chatham
?treot. where "hey can tin ! garnenu at the following prices:
Linen Jackets, 63cents . Linen Drilling Pants, *i Cloth Costs,
$9 to #12; Cloth jack'-!.'. $1 t. ? .?"?Satinet Pauls, #173 to $2 75;
Cloth Pants, to ?1.70. [jyi7 Ira] JACOP. COGSWELL.
? OOK AT THIS :-P...id. iti pel, Ss ired and plain, black,
I J bine I,lark niul colored Silk-, evtra che.-.;?: plain and figured
Mousscline de Laines: Printed Muslins, for 1- and Us; French,
English and Americas Prints, ?t all pnee-. from ?J up to 2a 6d;
Muslin Shirting and Sheeting, from Cd up to ?II prices. Also, I.mens
in endless variety, together with an entire assortment of all Goods
eenerally kept in respectable Dry Goods stores. For sale at the well
known cheap .-tore No. :'>'? Greenwich-street.
N- P? Cloths, Cassimeres, Gambroons, Cambists, Lama Cloths, I
&c. Ac._ jyl7 Im I
V M. \V1LC0X, No 17 Caaal-st, South side near Broadway, has
just received from suction a large and choice selection oflagrain Car
peting which, being bought for eeeh, can be sold si prices to sail the j
wishi .? of the pun baser'. Also a great variety of Rugs, Mats, Ainno '
and Table Covers, Flcs-r Cloths, Sec Sic. with various other article" 1
connected with the business,all of which ?ill be sold as cheap (or 1
cheaper) thau can be purchased at any other Store in the City.
j> 19 1 in
jo.REAT bargains iii Dry G.\? si HOPPER,MORSE
" * ?'o.'s New Establishment, S19 Graenwich-eu, cor. of Barclay;
The subscribers have oist received laryo lots of Goods, ?.eil :,clec.ed
for city and country trade.
I*. II.?Conntry Merchants arc invited to call and examine our is- ]
tensive assortou nt of 5oods.
je85 if HOPPER, MORSE A To. 919 Greenwich-tt.
on band a well selected assortment of Cloths, Caseimeres und
Vesting*, ??u,.j |0 tno season, which he olTers to make Hp tor the
pul.hr generally in th-; very best aianner, at extremely low prices for
Cash on delivery. aifi.ly
k Nil Clothier, No. 93 Bowery, three doors above Hester-etreat,
/A New-York. Constantly on hand, u handsome assortmont of
Cloths. Cassimeros, and Vesting*, which will be mad.- in the best style
at the shortest notice, and on the most rooionalilfl term*. jnl5 if
HATTE Kw PECeill? \ g??d asortmeni constantly
' on band, ai tzlrenuly Unt priet* fur cash. Hat Manufacturers
are particularly invited to call and examine it, at 159 Pearl
?treet, upstairs. SILAS DAVENPORT,
j.v 3(1 I in'_Agent.
.* ?* KI .'s f.; EAMBJBON.?BROWN A CO.ti unequal
' ity and one price Hat Store. 17" Chatham nrjuare, corner>
Mott-sL The latest fashion Hals lor th" low fixed price of $3
surpassing in benutv and yiy \a of finish anv ever sold befon
for vhe mine price. In preicniiiijr these Mau to ihn pumu*, \r.r
proprietors think they have reached too ultimatum of benuty, dura?
bility, cbeapaess and comfort lo tlie wearer. All tnile.i am for ensh.
which preeludes the uec:?sity of cli?rf.'i!ig a good cvstomsr for lo'soi
incurred by the bi?d. , nii!)-3ui*
M PItB N<; FASV8 BlBN^nTnap Cash Store. No. 12
' Cbatbam-at, (opposite Rosevelt-st.) WILLIAM BROWN'S
Fashionable Hut and Cap Store. \ larpe and splendid rf^-i.rt
ment of ('loth and Velvet Cops, of every style and drsa:ripliOL
cow in use ; .-lino ihe most extensive assortment of Summer Hats nvei
exhibited iu any Store, nil of Which wiH be sold nl wholesale and rn
tail, altbe lowest price-. mS9-'lm*
No. is<l Grand- atrect, New-York.
_ i\20 3m*
< SB A KB, EM W at.non,
154 Chatham-street, and 160 Bowery.
au3 ii'
rrllJUB^JLcVKKV_.>!?-. UAMIl.'I'l 1,\, if. Penrl-'streol,
(near Willi am-fttreet,) continue- to nurkfl, clean and alter I.a
diea' Hati in the moat fashionable style ; al.-o, Ladies] ('?p- rlo
gantl> made end trimmed. ml5-3m,
booth: ?oots: and wTi?Ej*?"
OLD lii<s> RICHARDS (as usual) has cone nil lengths (cash
' in band) and has procured u'l ihe duTerent kinds, choicest,
most elegant, lip lop fashionable and durable Buwi.-and Shoes
so low tiial he cm bid ?fM?* to all compe?tion. Pleite ckII at Nu.
?J31 and 240 Canal-street, or ai 509 Green* ich, corner of Spring street
and 174 Chatham-square, and be satisfied that this is no gmir. jmlm4
No. BIB bowerv is decidedly tbo best octablisb
j ment in New-York to j!>t bargains in the Boot ami Shor line ;
you have only to e.-.ll lo be Convinced. Ladies', Gentlemen's,
Mis-e... Boys' icel Childreus' Boots, Sii>e? nnd Gaiters, in till
their variety, of my own manufacture and warranted first rate, at
prices to suit ihe times. Likewise a large assortment of good country
work. ? Inch Will l.e sold v?rv clieap.
jy22 WILLIAM AGATE, 114 Bowery.
FRENCH BOOT9 AND MHOE8, of superior
'orkmanship, constantly on hand. Gentlemen wishiHg a ci?ul
'article, ma le on Pun- L ists by the be t French workmen, will
I? accommodated by calln.e o'u HENRY CENTLIVRE,
331 Broadway.
n.?Pari, made Boot- on hand and fur tale. ao3 Im
KOOTN, BtOBSTci AND MflOEa?Look and
Iread, tuen call at 174 ?'h itlmin square, directly opposite the
'Tradesman's Baak, where stands old Boss RICHARD'S Boot
and Shoe Museum. Grc.it, srood and wonderful?and of the
f.'randc?t mod era Curiosities of the day. All who wi.h to see a hun?
dred thousand pair of fashionable and durable Boots and Shoes ex
lllblted at one new for sali?all who wish lo -ee the larje?t boot ever
tixhituted in the kuoKit world nodi of li other?all who wi>b to en
courage New-York,London, Tan.- and Philadelphia fashions?all who
wish lo encourage the honest mechanic?all who are opposed to
StateS-prisOa Monopoly and WOO wrar Boot.- and Shoes, ncl, or poor,
?r.used 10 call where the uniblr lixpeoce passes for the slow shil?
ling and the largest boot in the world stands at the door, at
j,3l Im' BOSS RICHARDS, 174 Chatham-?i|r.
DUNBAR'8 Cheap Shoe and Gaiter Boot Store, s*2}
Ui>?ery, between Walker and Hester streets, where may
be bnd ladies', mi?e?' and children's Shoes and Guller Boot- in
great varieties. Ladie?' Gaiter-, fren. j! 7.7 to *-J -Zj. jy3l Ira
LANE'S FRENCH SHOES.?Having perused an ad?
vertisement in the New. York Tribune, of June 11, over the sig?
nature of J. It. Miller, and findin? tberem our names used for the pur
posa of selling shot's , f a far mfenor finality to tho-e which we sup?
plied the ladies of New-York with, we lake this method to inform
ibem that our name- are used without our perfflisaioa, solely to palm
off ILnr shoes upon the pstrons of ihe old stand. Lane's, 1 Murray
street ; and there is also a iross missiatcmenl made ia th? puff allu?
ded to, that Mr. Allen conducted our business for year* ; years, of n
truth, but three ?.is ne iu oar employment, and then merely to block
out ihe uppers, and lo attend the journeymen, forit l- a well-known
fact that savin? daring the illness of Mr. Lane, he never trimmed a
lad] 's shoe nor cu; a pair of ladies' raiter boots, for a sullicieul rea
son, that be was not competent to do it. or at least we did not so con?
sider him. Ladies will nnd a supply oi'the an ck they wen- formet!y
sapplied with, at the old ?Uiud, No."l Mnrray-?tTecL
C'OILCMJBBAN CREA71.?Re''? n" entirely new
principle?This ir.r-timat)le compound i? the most valuable pre?
paration yet discovered to affbrdease and comfort in ?hav?ef. This
principle of it- manufacture embraces a complete neutralization of
Alkali, the active presence of which i-found in r\cry other Soap.?
The absence, therefore, of thi* deleieriom iueredient Is of \isr\{ a hisb
recommendation. Added to ihis, it is composed of several drliuhUu!
emolients. producing a dehcioas softuess of the -km. etf'clually re
moving a'l pimples in a few days, ud? answente is well with cold as
wi'h warm water. It is put up in convenient earthern boxes, from
which it is used. A liberal discennl ms-ie to wholesale purchasers.?
Prt pared and sold by WM. VAN EMBI RO?. Acent,
No.96 Falton-street, New.York.
Sold bv Lawrence, Keese A Co.. Itoadley. Pbelpa t Co- P. Bawne
fi Co . Havdock. Co,lies ? Thur?ton, J. ? W. P-nfo!d 4: Co.. H H.
SchieiBin A Co., Rushton A Aspmwall. John Meakin, 5f! Broadway,
Marshall C. Slocum, and all the principal Druggists and Apoih-can-t
ia the city._J-vl" lm
OCK and^BXHiirblNG stone.?The Sabsenrser
? ill dehver on board of vessels at the Prison Dock, Doca Stone
for 15 cents per ton, and Marble Beilding Stone for 3? ?d pair ton.
Ssates Prison, Mount Pleasant, June 1"4
jeigem _ P. I. SEVMOTR, Agent.
C~' HOTJE R?Tln"fa NTI7JI, Summir Complaint, Ac Ac.
' In naht ca--es oul of ten thudi-ease may be arrested and ccred
by obtaining a box of Pr. James' Nursery Pills, which has beea found
by experierce a Specific in the above complaints. Sold by A. B. A
li.SnfM. Pruzrists, 7'.' and 1>MI Fulton-st; aad by Dsud Sands A Co.
77 East Broadway. lai
oni?I aalt nothing na*rc."?Kaib-.son.
<irA TO J,ET.
ji^B The third story of the rear bunding No. 29 Ann-street It
on^ of the ! esl Rooms in the city for o PVindag office, or sn?
lirht bu-inc-o, l.ei;:i- i..-!?'?.: on :::-.<.> Rent ?I.W. Aj>j>1t to
: _ai) tf IT. GREEI.EY. nr J. WINCHESTER. 30 sii'ii-st.
Moff ick i <? i,k r.
T.ic splendid Basement Room in the Merchants' Exchaut-e
corner of Wall sad Hanover-strcet& Apply to Mr. Pearson
??ice of the Company, corner ttaaover a??l Kxchau-e Place, or tx
?23 tf_ J. WINCHESTER. 3U Auu-streeL
T? E. siT?:.VJ Broad* ?> . bet?rte Wavcrl^vVlaceand Stk
?treats, the parlors on the 31 story, back room on the :W itory,
with two pantries, two bed rooms on the atnic story, and kitch
en rith pantry sad vault. Rent $173 to 1st of May next. Possession
given immediately??i;l be lot together or separate. BUS !w
17?OR tHALE OH TO LET?As Ir?? Foundry ? ? _ .
b tu in est location. Apply tu Mr. UALLOCK, corner of Sullivan
end Spriiu'-streets. jySOSw
FOR stA J. E? (Ir ? s* bange for | reductive City Propel
' ty?A Farm of 53 acre., situated in Huntington Township, L. j
!?, ^1 miles from Nortbport, trow wbtc? a steamboat plies to auc j
from New-York twice a week. G.s-.d buildings, ?ood wtrsr. Ac. ic.
For full particulars inquire of E. W. WOOD. -I Rivrnrmn-.tr-et,
JVtt FOR SAliE?A good Farm of 70 acres with I !.?*.?
f*)'*^ dwelling St for a rcspi
?ill nearly new. The location i- handsome and very health)
and hat the best facilities for communication with this city four tunes
daily. Price low and terms easy. Apply to
liA.MEKEi.' X HOOPER. Front-st.
'tTK^^-i^-r-^. .--ll SIl'AI, Ti lTIO.'H ON THE PEAK?
M $' f flMr. .v M-s. BROWNE, (with their daughter. Miss Ac* I
ccsta BaowKE,) ber leave to announce to the l.adie- of New fork
and its vicinity that, after several years' absence, they h ive returned
to this city to resume their Professional Practice, and lia\e taken a
hou>e No. 7nii Broadway, corner of Fourth-st.
Ladies desirous of obtaining Tuition, either on t!'e system of the
celebrated Logier, or by the common manner, may tie attended it
their residence, or at the Academy, 700 Broadway. References are
norm rous, and of the very hielis-l res;?? lability. All Miss Angusta
Browne's Musical Compositions for sole?' The American Boqoet' and
' I.*iler.ri Gallop* ' ju?t published, and may also be had a! Mr. l.-rael
Pom's, 88 Bowery, sad .Mr. ti. F. H. 1 ouog's, Clinton Hall, comer of
Berkman and Nassau-streets, and at the Music Stores, ?i:'t tf
O <' K. I W ? S ? i! ?AL.
s ceiving into t;,. u Yards Lackawana tod tr.--'i from the Mines,
???'?liili '?e) oder to their customers and tie public at the following
reduced priec.n
Egg and Broke::.$7 00 per ton delivered.
Store and Furnace. 7 oo do do
Small Nut.5 no do do
Yard- corner of Beach and West, Ring and Greenwich, and Mont?
gomery and Monroe-streets, where orders will be received. Ai.o at
their Baak, corner of William and Piao-streets, where contracts m!:
br made foi -iirv-i.lelWered at Bondout. jo--:im
? ? (\f\ per VON? Peach Orchard Coal, broken of ftipi
'J? / av/vl rior quality, constantly discharging at the foot of Cham?
bers-street. This coal i? selected with ereut care, aad cannot be sur?
passed by asr in ilia market It will be delivered free of r.:rt:u" to
any part of the cilj at the above low price. JAMES E. WOOD,
jyiaim* Union Coal Office, .tor. Chamber, and Washington sts.
ty\J??J\J do do Broke and Egg. Now discharging, and will be
for the season from the Old State Prison Dock. This coal is of the
firsti|uul.tv and v.ill be delivered with care and good order. Leltifh
..n i Liverpool i>. low (t:i e. from ho :N or ihe yard, corner of IImJ?i>i.
nnd Amos-street-. Orden mu-t be ?rat soon to secure the atsnvp low
prices._[jvIS Im] J TERHKI.I,
rjAHE iiiidersi-ned would inform Iiis frtem'.s ar.il the public that he
1 is prepared to c?vcr buildim."1 w ith the above materials a: >hor'
notice, and on favorable terms. Reference will be given tosome of the
first buildings in the ciHiutry for workmanship, &c. fiuildiapsj
covered in any part of the country, liullcr*.. Cornice*, and Leaders ol
the ubova ruat:rials mado Mini repaired, at the
Old Stand, No.204Canal-sirocL
Summer ovaos. that, thn sub?eriber w ill arairant to Bs!<e or n.. ..is
Tin Ware always on band. Als-i. the Athanor irix-kmi; Stove. Uie
only place thoy can be knd in the ? :ty. W. H. SWEET. ni22
RfJl'Tilift ?? B'Tf^AElBR'Jl' BRA ?US.
A FIRST RATE article of Lolled aad Platersliras?', ran always br
rV fo.I at JAMES HOFFET, IS! Prince street, m-ar Wooster,
at the lowe-t market prices, likewise a very superior article ni
Cooper's Bras*. a22 if
I AMES (J. MOFFETT, 121 Prince-Ntreet, nn.r Wooster, would pnr
*' licularly call the attention of Hardware Dealers and Manulhctnren
to hi< ?upsrior arlic e of Oerin.iu Silver, which lie offers for Sale wbole
srfle and retail, of all thicknesses, ami warrants it eijual lo auy, either
Foreign or Domestic, for color and softness, s22-tf
Ql'i I - l.si.?1 be subsi riber re-pec:fully ir.'f.^ leave to inform hit
j friends and the public that be ha- on head, and is constantly re?
ceiving, large invoices of UcilN, which be otTers for sale at reduced
prices, wholesale and retail Country merchants would do well t>
call, before purchasing slsewbore, at
jc22 if A. McKEACHINE'8, ir.r. Pearl-sL
IMPROVED APPARATOts foi Window Shailes.?
Lawson'a Patent Bdaii.-i- Pulley?The public are re.-pecrf.illy in?
vited to call and examine this article, it having many valuable pro?
pcrtie.- beyond any tiling for ihr Mime purpose vrt OuVrorl.
M. W. KINO, Pateat Tbair M iker.
?yit 471 Broadway, Agent for this.improvement.
?.V tR'.VIi K,
P<OLD and Siivnr Befiuer, Assayer and Smelter, No. 13 John-street
KT ?Assaying ?n 1 Malting dono it the shortest notice. Old Gold
asd Silver and Bookbinders Rags bought and meltei : Gilders skew
Inge, washings, and old shroff bought. je8-3m
tit! I Eigfbteeitth-atrestt,
k?:twf.e.n the ninth and tkntu sveMDBa.
rTIBTE sulnoriber respe ifiilly informs the Public that w continues
L to manufacture the following articles, which he oilers for sulc ou
leasoaabla term:, viz:
Stnne Ware. E.irihern Ware, Portable Foraaces, Chimney Pel?,
Stove Tubes, Oven Tile, Green-House dn?hire Brick, Druggist aui*
Chemiea] Ware, fcc A c.
Stove Linings made to any pattern and at short notice.
4'Oi.OK ?TORE.
W.I, Mnrbb*, etc Paiats,Oils; Glass, Brash -. etc at wh:.le
sale and retail, s. SCHI it INMAKER, No. 7 Chatham 8quare,cornel
of East Broadwav, New-York. _ _jel-3tn
HT. Sc jr. JAlMiYSOlY. 355 A.- vJ.?.>; Gi-ceii\wicss-aS.
KITCHEN FURNITURE in all it* varities, consisting of Hard?
ware, Wood-ware, Tin-ware and Willow-ware, kept constant!)
on hand, oi Hie be-t qualities, at very low prices to suit the times.
Tlmse who would w iah to purchase articles of the above k.n.1 will find
it to their advantage bv calling before purchasing el?ewhere.
N. B. A Urse assortment ofFreach Travelling Boxes and ?s*i<et...
au I :.:. W. ft J. JAMISON.
OABATOG t M'ATBK. from the Iodine Spring.?The ? ??
\j 111N" ]; SPRING ( out hu- inurn more Iodine aid Carbonat of
Magnesia than any other fountain, consequently isthe nmit powerful
alterative and aperient. It is highly charged with Carbouic Gass
winch render- it a puageal au I delightful drink.
a. .v. KELLOGG, Ow tier, Saratoga Spa.
Sold at wholesale and ret;n! in New-York by A. B. Sc D. Saads.
druggists , 79 and lOO-Fulton-st? at re-ail by David Sands dk Co. TI
BaatBroadway; J. R C . too,263 It'-mdway; Milbaa, 183 Broadway;
Sloc?m. corner of Broada ay .it.il Chambers.st: Suaillard and Uel
luc, 581 Broadway, S Park Row; Rushtou JtAspinwsIl 66 WUIiam-iti
Or Milnor, V.r.l Broadway; Hart,2IE Broadway; Itmi.fitl Broadway;
Dodd,642 Broadwav: CoggeshsU, 121 Pearl >t; Billinge a: !t.ninil
ler,31l Bleecker st; ??C^OSGrcenwicb-st; Jennings A Rennet, IKe
Gr.iwi. i--i, Br.ii-'.r, >) Cortlalidt-t; P.ut'.ua, I'jSLast Broadway.
au4 I in
SEYMOI'R WIUTING wouW rcupecifully inform his friend* anc
the public that he still continues at his old stand. No. 62 East
Broadwav; and,having associated himself in partacrship with I)r
LINES PRATT, I bey are ready Id attend to all who need their pro?
fessional services. The psblic m-y be assured that all operations in
their profession will be performed oc the 110,1 approved plaa. Arti?
ficial Tee:h. from one lo a full set. !r.serud in the must -dentine man?
ner, and on 1- favo.-.!'!- t. r:n- s- at any other ?tfne. hol<s s-:U in?
serted cn the old atmoeoheric, nr the new approved patent alrco-nhcrit
plan. *h:ch otitaiiieu llie premium at the Fair of the Ame.-n.au Insti?
tute list veer, and a.- well as can be dose in this city. Te?th piaffed
with irolri, tin foil, or cement, as circumstance* mav require.
Nerves of Teeth destroyed without pain, and tn met cues las
Tooth effectually preserved by filling.
An tnfallrble cure for the Toothache.
N. H. Mrer,. WHITING* ?'RA'IT'ili instruct one or iwoyouni
men in the art of Dentistrv. on reasonable ttnas.
His Honor Ch.oicelror vVai*orth.j?roC Wm, Tally, 3L D.
M. L. Norti, .>L D., Sara. SpringS-lRev. Nathaniel Pratt. Georgia.
Wm W. Minor. M. D. > Ynrk |Samuel C. Ellis, M. D.
Jarcd Linder. M. D. J * | Rev. Hcnrr G. Ludlow.
Prof. Benj. Sillinian. M. D. LL. D.l Win. N. BUkeman, M. D.
Prof. Jomtban Kcieht. M. I). iJcsa Miller, M. D.
Prof. Chart*. IT. She,,3rd. M. O IPt-phen Brown. M. D. r>5-3?
PLANTERS BANK, also Agricultural Bank Notes o
Nslehei. wanted at improved rates bv
jv2rltf VAWLECK BROTHERS, -jn Uj.ll?reeL
Re D B A cK~K07Te'\ Bank* taken at par for
Dry Goods, wholesale aud r*?ul, at 444 Tearl-st. J)'l0 in
O F F 1 C E N O. 3 0 A N N - S T.
VOL. I. XO. 101.
Tb.? Til iv Albany, Troui the l'i>ot of B?rxlay-?treet.
t'' t[ u,vv*.Friday Horning at 7 o'clock.
t ?ritnv .SaturWav Morning at 7 o'clock.
1J' 1 l_y' ? ?.Mo?day Moraine at 7 o'clock.
Th? ?W m r,?T, ,he foot of * ortlnndl-s,tre?-l.
SWALLOU.Ftidnj literaooo. at 5 o'clock.
v^Y7lT~~g_ ,' ?c, nfw a'"i commodious, steamboat Xt?RTH
tit v steam?
boat Pier between ( oitlandt ami l.ii.rr-.v .tre,.ts
TO-MORROW AFTERNOON,AugustT, at 5oclock.
For freight or passage apply on board or to
P. C. SCHULTZ, at the office on the wharf.
Th.s new end ci nmodiotu it earn boat SOUTH AMERICA. Capt
Prainaril. leaves the pier between Courtlandt and Libarty-Street
street-every Monday, Wednesday azd Friday, at 7 o'clock,
The ROCHESTER, Capt. A. P. SL Join.," leaves the above pier
every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 o'clock.
For passage or freight, apply to
P. I'. SCHULTZ, at the office, or on board.
?. Pf5-? ?5? WESTERN ?15C%U?_-?_sT
KS&zss&il NAVIGATION ^^^?^^Sl
fIMlE alsive Company arc prea.ire,! to receive and forward
Brie Canal, Lakes Huron and Michigan, and on the Ohio and Wa
hsah and Erie Canals, on the most favorable terra?. F.uoilie? mii
rratinj west, and Merchants will mid it to their advantage to call si
their Office, I OS Brood street, a Steamboat will .tar: daily at 9 P.M.
?Vein the 'out afCortlandt street, and three Canal Boats of a superior
? lass will be started da.lv irom Albany. F?r Freight or Passage ap?
ply to NOAH COOK A Co. 108 Broad street, N. Y.
O. M. TOMLINSON A CO. Albany, N. Y.
JAMES CHAPPELL A CO. Ki-.hv-.ier, N. Y
E. s. BEACH, do.
A. K_ COBB A CO. Buffalo, N. Y.
- Proprietors.
COM!, o 1TM vN A CO. Cleveland. Ohio.
DAVIS a SMITH, P-rt-i.ih, Ohio.
DORR, WEBB A CO. Detroit, Michigan,
alil-tf ItUISIOl ,V PORTER. Chieaao. Illiiini?.
?5. The steamboat OSIRIS, ("apt. J. I'. Allaire, will
run IS follow.? leave Fulton Market slip, East River,
'every Monday momillg, at li o'clock; Tuesday.
W alnesday, Thiirad iy, Friday, and Sunday, at S o'clock, A. M.. ami
Saturday, at 19 o'clock, t oon.
Returning, leave Red Bank nt half.pesl 1 o'clock, every day, (ex?
cept Monday) it 10 o'clock, A.M. ni il Saturday, at 1 P. M.
The boat.will run as aboVo uutil further notum, navigation nail
weather permitting. N. R?All freight and baggage at the risk oltlm
owner* thereof. jy93w
T. POWELL <V 4 O'ss. LINE.
v-_^r>. ..'..;> well's, west point a- COLD springs.?
? JJ""!??UB*?The steamboat HIGHLANDER, Captain Robert
Wardrop. mil l.-ave the f,.?t of War run-street, New-York, every
Monday, Thursday, and Saturday altern ton, at I o'clock.
Returning, the HIGHLANDER will leave Nov.burgh every Mon
lav morniug st :> o'clock, and Tuesday and Friday afternoon at .',
Per freight or passage, apply to the Captain on board.
N. B.?All baggage, and freight of every description, and bills, or
?peci-. put on board this boat, must be ill the ri.-k of the owner-,
thereof, anil is a bill of lading or receipt . ngned for the same, jy-.'.t
,T"'>V FARE REDUCED!?13] cent- to and from Har
7?*c3K|g?a -/J lern. The proprietor embraces the earliest opportu
;" g SSS pity 11 informing. In- friends and the public in gen?
eral lint In- i-prepared to run bis DOW and splendid line of Stage*
from tho Nurih American Hotel, Llowery to De Wot C. K-liiager'a
Harlem River Mansion Mouse, regularly every bull' hour in ihn day,
touching at other intermediate places along the route, and making
their passage through in about an hour.
Neat sud spacious apartment* are titled upon each end of tho
route for the comfort ami convenience of passengers. This new and'
well regulated line running nearly double the number of trip* daily
'hat th? Car- do on the track, gives u adcclded advaatage over them.
?-ii ppiag much longer each trip st Kell ager** und piviug passen?
gers sufficient time to partake of every kind of refreshment which
arc always kept on hand and served (1 ]> in the best possible manner,
on terms suitable to the times.
Bowery and White Hall Stages run as usual every five minutes
Juri lie the ilay._jy I lim '_J. MURPHY, Proprietor.
S&JSiZ-jf? For KOCKAWAY und NEW-YORK?The Citi
V' ?J"r ,f?/.cms' nrw hue of Stages, between New-York and
Rockanny Pavilion, on und after Thursday, July I, 1841.
During the summer season, Ibe Citizen's Line of Post Coaches will
leave New-York evory day (Sundays excepted) at 4 o'clock P.M.;
stopping at the Broadway House at a quarter past 3 o'clock; Carlioo
House, Washington Hail, American, Astor, City Hotel, Howard's
Franklin, York House, Globe Hotel, mid South Ferry at about4
o'clock, and arrives at Roeknway nt (I P. M. Leaves the Pavilion at
Rockaway -very morning al f) o'clock, and nrrive at New-York at 10
Families called for at any part of the city.
Passsuger* can lake their seats al New-York, ami not be obliged
to gel out until they nrrive nt their journey's end. Orders left at ill
Bowery and No 5 Cortland-st, York House. This Line ha* a regular
relay of her-.,.*, and splendid Post Coaches. Kare $|.
jy!l Im. M. L RAY, General Agent.
LONG fjEg.*^ f^-nct. fill
ISLAND !^$&.^^^mMA Rfl.iD.
ON and after Tuesday the I Ith May, IS-il.the cars will run as
Leave Hicksvllle at 7 ..'. Ic^k, A. H., and 8| o'clock, P. M.
Li sve Hempstead si 5 unuuleo before 7 o'clock, A. M. and 10 min -
Utes past j o'clock, P. M.
Leave Jamaica si 73 o'clock, A. M. and 3 P. M.
Leave Brooklyn at t?l o'clock, A. M, and 4j o'clock, P. M.
Leave Jamaica at o'clock. A. M. and 5 P. M.
Leave Hrooklyn al 9j O'clock, a. M. and t)i P. M.
Leave Hicksvllle st U o'clock, P. M.
Leave Hempstead at II) minute- past 4 0 clock, P. M.
By the above arrangement passengers taking the morning train will
have tnue to visit Rockaway, ami the several village* on the route,
and return the same evening. Stage* run regularly on the arrival ?I*
the cars, to Rockaway, Hempstead Harbor, Glen Cove, VVheatley,
t>\ ster Hay, Huntington, Babylon, Smilbtown, Islip, I.ol Snedicker *
Hotel, ami til rough the'Island to Greenport aud Sag-harbor.
Fare to Bedford 13} cent*: to East New-York IfJ eeuta \ to Jamai ?
ea 35 cent.; to Hru.hnlle .'17 cents : to Westbury, Carle Phu:? and
Hempstead il cea-.s : to Hfeksrille l?2\ cent.. jy l.'l Hm
? II and Foreign Es press, Foreign
Letter, and General Forwarding
^XCSCiS?B3S.Ofuee ?Pscksge* of all kinds,
sample ;'.ii?I-, specie, and 'miik notes, will be received and forward,-*!
by Express, 10 and from the following place?:
From Bo-ton to Liverpool, Londou, Manchester, Birmingham, and
Leeds. En:;.: Dublin .nd Cork. Ireland; Glasgow and Greenock,
Scotland ; Paris and Havre,France; ami from Boston to Providence,
New-York Philadelphia, ami from Troy and Albany, having recently
made arrangements with the PeopsVs Line to that effect.
HARNDEN A CO. wii! attend to collecting or paying Draft-.
Note-. Bell... or acceptance*, and the purchasing of goods of every de
icription, or transient ba-iaes.- of any kind, which they undertake
L'ltera.,g- sriH be kept at their ftoslun, New-York, Philadelphia
a;,ii Albany uffie, for CunanPa Royal M-il Line ofstesntsbips; al?>,
e>r the t. mi- r Greai Western, ai.d the sailing packets lroa New
take NOTICE?Packages sect to 'itlier office, for England, or
any other place, mti.t not, in any case, coo lain letter*.
N. B.?All go.ids mast he marked HARNDEN A CO., who arr
alone responsible for the loss or injury of any articles or property
committed to their care : nor is any risk assumed by nor can any b?'
attached to the B. A P. and S. Railroad, or the N. J. S-osm Naviga?
tion Co^ on whose roads, or la whose steamer-, their crates are or
may be transported, in re-ne<;t to them or their contents at any time.
RKrtSENCes?Me-.r- I etcher, AleXSSder A Co.. Liverpool and
Londou; Welles A Co., Bankers, Pan.. France; Th.s,. RCurtle,
Esq , Boston; Gc-s!hue A Co., New-York | Carey A Hart, Philadel
phia: and Tbes.W. Oleott. E-.| , Albany.
OrViccs-Na 338 Rivei-sstreet, Troy; P.- Excaange. Albany ; 42
South Third-.treet. Philadebhm; 33 Church-street, Liverpool. -
Court-street, Boston : L nn.n Buildings. Prc^n?.
WII WYMAN Agent, No. j Wall street. New-York,
i ji \ ,. A?e s, HARNDEN A CO
J>'-Tl tf _._-1_
T~Myiatl~^T^?lv"?F?KTATION COMPA
A' trM anal 'and Lake Transportation-Merchandize. Passen
gen, Ac forwarded with care anddispa-cn. For freight or paasago
aPP H NH ES A Co , 59 anay-rt., Albany.
It WRIGHT A Co^ Rochester. '. Propnetorj.
j P WOLF i f. J- KNAUF, 99 Waah:-?. NY j
and to P. GRANDIN. m Broad-st, N. Y. )
ADdto?r. P. KELLOGG, ? /
p. L. PARSONS A C<s, Buffalo. ( A?entl
H. ?vVELL-s. !? Court *t.. Boator. ) jyl 4ra
p.4tllJ0i\ FOUNTAIN, Saratoga Spring?.?This eel.'
i brated Mineral Water, constant!*,- tn hand, fresh from the
Spring*, for sale, ^rho|.i?ale and rstail. by lh? Agents.
GASSNER A YOL'.VG, 132 Cb*tUam-?(.
N. B.?Seat W soy part of the City free of espeaso. ;yl5 1?*

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