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? pgbljibe? ?vry morning, at No.'10 Ann-street. New-York,
sid oelrrerrd to City Subscribers for ONE CENT per copy. Mail
guisciibers, $4 per annum in advance: otherwise
?IN? or advertising-for EACH ADVERTISEMENT of
Tftt line* or less (over six), first insertion.50 Cta.
Be. for sseh subsequent insertion. 'JS **
Do. fer insertions, or one week.> 1 SO
Do. for Tweulj-.fl re insertions, or eno aiosth.S3 OO
Linger Art sort iaense life nt equally favorable rales.
for Five lines, half the above rates; Two linen, one-fourth of
Ifcsse rate-?payable in all ea*e,n in advance.
ZJ' " The Northern Light," published monthly at Albany
under the Editorial charge of Hon. John A. Pix, Amos Dean
and othors, embracing the foremo*t men of all sm* and par?
ties. 1ms reached its fifth number. A better work (if its kind
we know not. The August No. oontains original papers !>y
D. B. Stockholm, C. H. Forbes, John A. Dix, Dr. T. Romeyn
Berk. John I.. O'Snllivan, and others eminent as writers or
"Tin Nkw Woklt>."?Wo have boon favored by the
publisher with the two semi-annual volumes of the Quarto
New World, just completed. We do not believe so hint?
an amount of fresh and excellent Literary matter was ever
before- afforded in a form suitable for preservation foi Three
Dollars? The Third Volum? just commenced is on a larger
sheet, but it can hardly be better thiin those which preceded it
"The Health Almanac for 1842" is one of tho very
best publications of the day. It embodies fiu-ts in rconrd to
Food. Drink. Cleanliness, Stimulants, flee, which every one
ought to know, but which thousands die daily from ignorance
of. It may be had at 126 Kulton-st.
DCP Tin' Muga7ine of Horticulture and Botany for August
has just been published by I. I'ost, 83 Bowery. It is a neat
octavo of 40 pages, and contains much useful information.
Tue Pr.RJKi iTLn Family; A Narrative of ibc sufferings of the
Covenanters in the Reign of Charles II. By Rorifc-RT I'ollmk,
Author of - The Course of Tune,' ate. Robert Carter, 5n Canal.
This is not a new work, but, though small, one of decided
interest and popularity.
Zy Tin1 Indiana University, at the late meeting of ti e
Board ?f Trustees at Bloomington, established a Law De?
partment, and elected Gen. T. A. Howard Professor.
KJ" It is reported from Washington that Col. Worth will
succeed to the office of Inspector General of ihr, lT. S. Army,
about to be vncnted by the appointment of Gen. Wool to the
vacant Major Generalship. Such an appointment, we be?
lieve, would givo general satisfaction.
Kj* There really seems to bo some truth in the story that
a rough Diamond has bem found near the Wabash River. In?
diana. We have bevn incredulous.
Ef* A shark nine feet long was caught in a seine at Savan
Rock, on the West Haven shore, Conn, on Friday afternoon
KT" We learn that the receipts of the Philadelphia and
Baltimore Railroad for July, 1841, amounted to $G3,H47 14.
This is one of tho most successful and best conducted im?
provements of the kind in the country.
Americas Institvte?Next Fair.?In justice to this Association,
it becomes not less a duty to itself then to the public to repeal in sub?
stance somo circumstances heretofore officially made known, but
which it is feared arc overlooked. Charge* wore confidentially made
which, until investigated, left impressions prejudicial to its character,
snd calculated to impair its usefulness. An investigation soon dis?
pelled these delusions, snd the falsehoods fell lo the ground.
None but those who take an artivo part in the duties, connected
?Ith this Society can be competent to form a correct opinion of tic
arduous nature of those numerous duties. Not only do they require
a great sacrifice of time, attended with much irksome responsibility,
tut they involve prvumary considerations not always the most wel?
Many gentlemeu of the highest rospecuhility, some of them wilh
their families, are visiters to the Annual Fair, und struugers from all
parts of the I'nioa among the number. The most respectful sad
courteous attention is called for under such circumstances, aud the
officers and manager* are under the necessity of devoting the most
'??iduous uttentiou to constantly multiplyirg deinem'*, aud tn give
answers to the numberless inquiries thai are made. They must also
listen to numerous complaints continually springing up among keen
competitors in a eoucern so complicated, often creating embarrass?
ments and cngeuderiog unpleasant feclirgs.
It is deemed proper here to remark that, notwithstanding the heavy
lav which in divers ways dovolve? upou thr Institute genernlly, and
on the managers aud officers particularly, the whole duties, with a
"ingle exception, are performed gratuitously ; and w hen it is taken
itito view that consequences of unmea-urable imporlaacc are the off*
?priog of this great scheme of giving aid lo tho Agriculture, Arts an.!
Mtaulactun-s of our country, it will at once be perceived that sinister
nouvf- have no share in impcll-ag the ageuts to the performance of
th?ir duty.
Wo wish it to bo borne m mind that there u but one salaried officer
helongmg to the Institute. The superintending agent receives no
Bore than a moderate c erkhirc , and even much of this is upended
lu the performance oi duties incidental to his station. It i- even be?
lieved that no executive magistrate of ?uy State in tho Cnion per?
form, as much labor, or in subject le so much responsibility, as falls
to the lot of thu iudividual ; nor is it thought that his compensation
is by any means adequate to hi* services. None but a man of cnlight
earst miad and ripe experience would be qualified to fill the place
wilh credii and usefulness.
It may not be improper to slate that the Secretary of the Institute
receives oue hundred dollars per annum. This sum is not only too
small to be named as a salary, but it is little more than sufficient to
cover certain expenses iacidenl to the office; the duties of which are
frequently burdensome, aud occupy much more time than many per?
sons would be willing to devote to it without a fair compensation.
There is one important view connected with this subject which
ought not to bo lost sight of. No other institution in the city bu? the
effect of bringing together such a throng of visjters from abroad, for
sone other can furnish so rich and m.gnihcent a display of useful and
ornamental articles, calculated lo captivate the eye of the beholder,
and to carry borne to hit breast a deep and solvmii conviction that the
true source of our national strergth, independence aud riches is found
at our native energies, ingenuity snd .kill Who then,can withhold
from it an acknowledgement of its boundless utility ? Who will re?
fuse a trifling contribution for the gratification of witnessing an exhi
Uon of unrivaled splendor, demonstrating the important fact that we
po????? wiiaiu onrselves all tho element* rf greatness* Moderate in?
ducements alone are required to produce such a concentration of
??Usi and such force of action as will speedily raiie our ?ountry to
""highest pinnacle of renown. ^A FRIEND OF THE ARTS.
Doing a Bio Business.?The pickpockets and thieve*
aa extensive business, on board the South America last
"ifbt. On her arrival hero this morning we saw several in
djvidual? minus of coats, hats, boots and wallets ; one of the
t*raoas who lost his coat had in the pockets valuable papers
?f no benefit to any one but himself, which, if :he thief will
?*-7 return, he will be welcome to th* coat. Tho business
* Mealing boon on board of steamboats has become very
???faioaable lately, and it behoves travelers to be on their
-P-*? for these soulless thieves. [Albany Argus, Monday. |
ff f desire yon to anderatand the true pri
Americans in Inkia.?The Mobile Journal publishes
die following oxtract from a letter from a native of on? of
the Cotton-growing State,, who is now in India, tinder a
contract with the Government, or a Company who are
making an attempt to improve the culture of Cotton in that
Country. The letter contains information which is curious,
and deserving of attention from its authenti rity: i
" CalfeE, Nay 10.1841.
" I am n??-.v about six hundred mile, from Calcutta, in the
District ol Bundlecund, and have commenced !,n-;ness after
a sort of fashion. A~ l" labor. I ran get plenty, such as it
is; one of our negroes will do mote work than live of the
natives. They an" something like our Cboctaw Indians at
borne, only much inferior in strength, aourage and energy.
There is no forest i".>r them to roam in here. a- the Ciiortaws
have, and they are therefore nur,;? Ii".! to make a living, >tir|,
as it is, by labor, and the rent to the Government eats out the
protit of all they do cultivate. The land here all belongs to
Government, and the natives have to pay rent lor using it.
The rent is from three tri nine rupees per b?gha, according
to situation; the nearer a well the hither the renl, three
beghas make about an acre of measurement. T his grinds
them down so bard that tln-y rarely attempt to make more
than a m</re living, which is nothing but a lmle rice. There
are few of them that ever get animal food at all. so you may
judge what ?ort of creature* they are f,.r labor, compared
with our Negroes at the South. 1 do say tlmr this is a great
deal worse slavery than that of the Slaves in North America.
Von may say they have no masters to order them to their
work as you do slaves, but they are nothing like a. well pro?
vided for or a< happy, Von can biro the best men here for
live pice a day, women arid boys at two 10 three pice?there
are 43 pice in a rupee, and a rupee is worth about ?{?"> cents
of our money?so you see the free laborer here gets lr>.
than live cents per day. or one dollar and a half a month,
with which t<> clothe and feed themselves and pay renl to
" Besides this, there are other circumstances against this
being an Agricultural Country. There is hardly any timber
fit for use. J have seen no tree, -ince I have been here,
higher than tkiriy feet to the top branch. There are no
horses fit for work, except the Arabian brought from Persia,
and sold at hi^h prices, from hundreds up to two thousand
rupees, which is too much for any farm-horse, und so we
have nothing to depend on for ploughing but very small oxen,
much inferior to those in America. We may make about "JUH
pounds of Cotton to the acre, and three acres to the hand,
which will be about 600 lbs., or a bale nnd a half of our
weight to the hand, but I have not vet heard of more than
101) pounds to the acre, and that of very inferior -turf com?
pared with Mississippi Cotton. Still, as this is much better
than the native cultivation, I may do quite as well for
myself as at home, for I am disposed to think the Govern?
ment w ill ba liberal. I shall, nevertheless, return to America
at the close of my engagement.
" The native dres:- here is nothing but a -trip of cloth tied
round the middle, and a turban on tiie bend of another strip,
the test of the body in both sexes is naked, exposed to tin
sun and wuather. The women you may judge of, when I
-ay they are more offensive than the Choc taw women. If
any difference, the Choc taws have it."
The writer's route to India was London. Paris. Lyons.
Malta. Alexandria, down the .Nile to Carin, thence by the
way of the Bed Sea to Bombay and Calcutta, a journey
which, while it excited the wonder ol" a Mississippi Cotton
grower, served also to excite his disgust at many thine* which
met his eve and his olher senses, and caused him lo declare
himself more of an American ilmn eror. [Express.
Brondtray, .Viir- Yurk. and Pater Hotter Rtnr. I.undrn.
Ieipoi tation <>i Hooks, English and Foreign, for Colleges, Public
slid Private Libraries, He. Ac. Single Hooks imported to order. Or?
ders forwarded by every Steamer and also by tLu Liverpool Packets,
and answered proaiptly by the return of the first Steamer after the
receipt if desired.
W. Si P. would invite attention to the unequalled facilities afforded
by their London Agency, (winch ha- now been conducted by Mr. Put?
nam for several year., his permanent risxdenee briny lu London,) for
procuring Entflieh and Foreign Bonks fur Colleges, Public and Pri?
vate Libraries, BuukstlUrs, and the Publie. generally, an at least a
good terms and with greater dispatch than they have ever before been
imported into this rountrj by any other establishment.
Orders with references or remittances may be sent direct to the
London house if preferred, and books can bo shipped tbeaee to any
of tho principal ports in the Hailed State...
Baaks far Incorporated Institutions pay so duty.
All the English Journals, Monthlies, Quarterlies and Newspapers
received regularly by the Steamers of the first ol" each month for
subscribers, and the principal periodical* kepi on hand fur the sale. (
XV. St P. have for sale a variety of Guide Hooks through England,
and for tho continent. J>':l" Im
Makes olt and skksrs Landlords' Warrants,
Aoikt for Letting Houses, &c.
Oilier? ??t .Tlnrinr Court.
House, No. 42 It e e k m a a - s t. au17 lm
91. R. WHIT STV A CO.,
importem or and dealers in
au5 IG3 fhnlhnm.it., nrnr Jaiur*. _lui
No 188 Fulton-.i. (fourth story) Hew-York. jeH if
jTX n K st H . H W A I I* .
16 JOHN-ST.?THIRD SToRY. j.? if
For sale at the Office of
No. IdW Frost-st., N. Y.. ami No. 85 Frost-st.. BaaOKLVN, L. I.
mC2 N. B. White Lead, Oils, Colours, A.c.. for -ale as above. if
Bv the Daguerreotype Process.
ITI. D. Van Loan, auccesaster to A. 9. Wolcott,
Upper SroRY ei Granite Cutldiko,
Comer of Broadway and Cbambers-tt, (entrance in Chambers) N. Y
XX Likenesses taken from 7 A.M. till sundown, in an) kind of wea?
ther?Clear, Cloudy, or Rainy auifclin
Attorneys, Solieiters and Counsellors.
Office No. Ml, 83, * > ? ir-.-u (Salem DuTenaa,
Merchants' Exchange, \ ?ew-s or*, j } N Rfvsols*,
Wall-street. ) m?7-tf (O. H. Platt.
*:c?The subscriber is selling on sery favorable term- a general
assortment of floods in the above line, consisting In part of Plated,
Brass, Japan and Tinned Bits, llatues sml Buckles, Hegakins, Saddle
frees. Coach Lamp-. Coach and (Jig Baud-, Axles, Sprints, Step?.
Boot Top Leather, see. Ac. JOHN L. SUMMERS,
auT twis3wos 13u Water-street.
WAREHOUSE, No. ;tl Liberty-rtreeL?Printing, Lithographic,
aad Colored Paper- in all their varieties, made to order o:' any qua?
lity from common New-, to the fiuct Rook paper made in the coun?
try, at the fair market prices, from the very superior mills of Messrs.
A. C. St W.Curtis, near Boston, and W. i" M. Curtis. Bellvillc. N. J.
aud from several other manufa, turcrs, ba\uig the best of machinery.
All orders thankfully received aud promotly executed.
I AND SOUTHERN MERCHANTS.?Ten thousand gross of
Fancy Soaps, comprising Eau de Cologne Soap. Almond Soap, Mille
tleur Soap, all uew in the market; bvsides Windsor and other as?
sorted Soaps, can be purchased at half the u-ual prices, for cash, at
Messrs. WRIGHT Si CO"S., ?2i Chatham-street, wao arc sole Agents
for the French Medicated Soap in America, which Soap is allowed by
all the Phvsiciaus in Pans to be one of the most ?xiraordinary dis?
coveries in medical science ever known in the world for all outward
complaints, as Ervsipelus, Pimples, Scurvy. Freckles, Salt Rheum.
Ac, for which Agents are wanted throughout the L'uioa for ihe sale
of iL_?!> -' -m
1 RTRAL, MANTEL"?^D H?LL LAMPS. Oiraudole-, Caudel
In. abras. Japanned Tea-Trav?, Bread-Baskels, in setts or separate,
fine Table Cntlerv. and Ebenv or Alabaster Crocks; for sale by
BEACH it SEXTON, LM Chatb'am-st.
N. B. Lamps rebrouzed and repaired, equal to now. Extra Lamp
Shadse, Ac ob Irand. _je.29-_
INGS and Borders, for sale cheap, at the United States Paper
Hanging and Band Box Warehouse, 65 Coaal-street, near Broadway,
New-York. Rooms papered in the neatest manner.
au? 3m JOSH I'A BROWN. 65 Caaal-strscL
FOR MAI-K?Or exchange for productive City Proprr
ty?A Farm of ">3 acre... utuated in Huntington Township, L.
'I., It miles from Norlhport, fror? which a stenmbom pile* to aud
from New-York twice a werk, Hood buildings, good wainr, 6ic. Sic.
For full particulars inquire of E. W, VV( (OD. -I Rirington-street.
0^7*^ ,,r Bxcbjuiga for a good and improved Kami within >' miles ot
""?? the City.?The Lot No. lit Alien street, with the substantial
four-story brick building,-.o feel front by 3<if feet deep, containing a
first riiie IS hor-e power Engine, shafting and bell?; also, two burr
-lone Flour or Spice Mills. auJ Snvviug Maching. all in good coadi
tion aud profitably employed. For further particulars, iii jire of the
subsenher, st No." 65 Delancv-st. fau!3 lw?| J. C STANLEY.
<V-A FAR.TI WAJNTKD?The subscriber wishes to pur
r-y4s rha-c a small farm of from thirty to fifty acre* of good tillable
?""""land, located within fifty or sixty miles ? f this city. Any per
son having such a farm to dispose of, and anxit-us to realize u small
amount of reinty money fur the -hiii'. rasy address a line to the -u!>
scrib.tr through the P->st-Otlice, (>o?t paid, ginne a full description of
tue property, location uh?' price, together with the real name of i..e
owner. ' [ault Is-] DANIEL C. BRADLEY'.
_r3fr FOR SALE? A-firmi in trie town of Srailhtown in S if.
^rf1 f"lk County. near the village of Comae, consisting of two tino
1*- dred acre., about thirty of which are timber and ?piouts Und,
the remainder cleared and under s good state of cultivation. On tiie
premises ure a good dw.-||iug house, two barns, crib and wagon-hou?e,
with a well of water near tne door. Also, a good young Orchard with
s variety of cherry and other fruit trees. Possession can be bad to
suit fc convenience of the purchaser. For partit u!ar? apply to Mr.
Smith Woodhull. "JOT FroRt-slreet, or the subscriber on the preim
uul4 lnr DANIEL SMITH.
New-Bnchton. Staten Island by subscription.
The Trustees of the New-Bngiton Awocialiou have made arrange,
ment.? for the sale of five hundred block-, or parcels of land, embra?
cing the most desirable and best loca-ed porticD? of their property;
each parcel contaiuirg oot less than eight lots of 23 feet by PA) feet,
aud some of them containing from ine to five acres. Oo several of
them are splendid improvements, touiprising large mansion houses,
hotels, cottages, docks, etc etc. in perfect order.
The plan adopted for disposing ?f the above property presents great
inducements to the capitalist desirous of makiog a good investment,
and to all who may wish to obtain a country' residence st a very mod?
erate price, and in a position the moat eligible in the vicinity of
For the prospectus, plaa and details of the tame, apply to HENRY
NCH, President, at the office of the Association, No. j Hanover
street, up stairs.
Books of subscription are opeaed by EDWARD A N1COLL. Esq.
Trustee, at tin ottice of the New-York Life and Trust Company, No.
Si Wall st By order of the Trustees. _au!4 u*
y~> Bank of Montreal. Moatreal.2J a 3 per cent.
Citv Bank. do.2j a 3 per eeat.
People's Bank, do.2j a 3 per cent.
Bank of British N. America. Montreal.....Sj a 3 per cent.
Emen Baak, do. IJ per cent.
Quebec Bank. Quebec.Ij a 3 per oenL
aus tf H. GRAY A CO. CO Wall--*.
nci-slea of the Co vc rat an ent. I xwiah them carried o
reiving into their Yard. Lackawacs Coil lr?h from the Mines,
?.sich they offer to their customers and the public at th; following
reduced prices i
Egg and R-nk-n.$7 W per too d-divercd.
>love and Furnace..._ 7 CS) do do
Small Nut.3 "J do do
Yard? corner of Bearh and West. King and Greenwich, and Mont?
gomery and Moaroe-fitreeta, wbera ordera will be received. Al,o at
their Bank, comet "f William r.nd Pine--tre?Ls. ? her? contracts w,I| .
be made for cargoes delivered at Rood oat. je8-3n
daily receiving their supply of bc?t Red A?h Peach Orchard
Coal, broken, egg and nut size, which they will sell in lots to suit
purchasers, at the lowest marke; rat<s.
Also. White A-h. Liverpool and Virginia Coals,
aulStf WARD .v BROWNE,
late Anderson A Ward, eomer of l.aigbt aail V. a-hiugtc n???.
I IVCBPAOI, COAL AFLOATe-iVos dischsrging
I * Irnm -nip Harvest, foot of Christopher street, a go d article of
eoarse Orreil, for family use. Also, Peach Orchard, Lehigh and Lack*
awana.ironi I oat or yard, as low as aay in the city. J. TERRELL.
aiilT Iw Corner of Hudson and Amos-sts.
FOR SALE?The housi and i?i 143 lloaston-st, -e.
and block from the Market, sad h ?h?rt distance from the
*feny?beingSI by 40 feet A first rate stand for business, eon
ststiigoflarceconveaiert-tore.il ro'inis, basement, cellars, roil
bens, dec. all,complete. Price. $5.500 Apply as above, aul.'i lur ;
TO L BT?75 ' Broadway, belw. sp Waverb y Pine, md
j:'.'J! Eighth street, the parlors on the second story, back room on
ihe third story, nith two pantries, two bed-rooms on the mtir
story, and kitchen w ith pantry and vault. Rent $175 to 1st of May
next. Po.-ession given immediately?will he let together or -ejia
rate. aul3 tit"
SEVERAL COTTAGES and small Farms ?n
tsicn Island, delightfully situated and convenient to the ;
"Ferne?, for sale at No. I Ann-street. SUl3 lit'
The third -tory of the rear budding No. (20 Ann-street, li
one of the be?t R??oin- in the city for a Printing eff-cc, or any
light business, being lighted on three aides. Real *r>u. Applv to
n-Jli tf H. UREF.LEY. or J. WINCHESTER. 3o Ana-it
fcl.'lg T.ie spleinlid Basement Room- in the Merchants' Exchange
comer of Wall aad Hanover-streets, Apply to Mr. Pearson
iffn c ot the Company, corii-r Hanover and Exchange Place, or tr
s?S if J. WINCHESTER, 30 Ann-street
"a PUBLIC HO CSE -t Harlem lo bs let on the 3d
avenue, corner of 103d street. Inquire at llii Bowery. Rent
'low._ anil Im*
Fl' E, .No I Anu-streei, New York.?Persoi a wishing to ,-nr
chnsM will do well to call, i-ome nice Cottages for sal" ; als?.
Budding Lots._aul'l I in*
MOT iT'ImTpERTY OFFICE, fir buying, a Hing
and exchanging City Propertv, at No. I Anu -t. amo im"
4<ss\ ROO.tIS TO LET ?A roam and bed-room with closets,
JUS.pantries, 4r. suitable for a ?mall family. Al-o, one large n om
extraordinarily well lighted, suitable f?r a work-shop. Inquire on
the iremi-r* of JOHN LOCKE, in resr of3l Ann-st. am- Im
DHCGSIORE FOR SALE.-Fi.rsale the sto. k
ol Drugs, Medicines, Furniture, Fixtures, Ac- of the -lore 360
'Broadway. The present proprietor haa occupied the above
stand for upwards of sixteen year", and now offers the ?lock for sale
on account of declining healih. The store is to let, and immediate
possession given. Applv ou the premises to
an it:.* WM. LANG8TAPF
TO LET?The spacious five story building No. 3n4
Broadway, corner of Huane-street, and may be occupied i
otfices for professional gentlemen and those of the fine arts, or
for lodging rooms. The Rooms will be let ns follows, viz:
The Basement Room, well lighted. '.'4 feet on Broadway by 100 leet
on Duano-street, at $.VX) per year, with a good cellar.
The Stor. on Broadway. 50 fret deep, $cHJ0 per year, also n Rnoin
in the rear of the Store, fronting on Du ine-street, 50 feet deep, at
$300. There nre three entrances to this Room Irora Duane-st.
Seeond Story.
Room No. 42, on Broadwav, ?1 feet b'v 14 feet. ...$150 per vear.
" 41, Si " ? 15 '? ....$l?? " ??
" " 40, 15 " " 15 '* _SUM ? ?
" 39. 15 " " 15 " ....$1(X> " ?'
" " 44. and a roomad'g 'Hi " " 20 " _$150 " "
TAtrrf .s'tory.
Roein No. Tr, on Broodwuj, 1 I iVcl by VU feet. 12." per year
" 2?, 9 " "12 " .... $75 " "
" 35, 8 " " 12 ?? .... $75 " ??
" 34. 13 '? ?? 15 ?? _$M5 " "
" 33. 15 " ?' 10 " _$75 " "
" " 3l,and2roomsad'gIS " " 15 " ... $iim " -
" 29, ? " " IS " .... $75 " "
"20, 11 8 " .... $455 " "
" 27, 8 ?' " 8 '? _$60 " "
" 26, 8 " " ? " .... $tJU '? "
Fourth Story.
Room No. 24, on Broadway. 11 " " 14 " .. \ ...
luclnding a room adjoining," 8 " " 10 M .. ) $u per year.
" " 22, anda room ad'g 11 " ?? 14 " _A75 " "
" SI, 7 " ? 10 " _$50 ?? "
" So, 12 ?' ?? 15 " .... gSJ-j ? "
" " Is, and a room ad'g lo " " 14 " _$7S ?' "
" " l'c and a room ad'g 14 ?' " 14 " _$78 " M
" 13. IS ?? " 15 " .. )
With 2 rooms adjoining, each 7 " " 7 " .. )i
Fi/lA Story.
Room No. 7, IS '? '?? 11 ?' _$52 " "
" ? 8. 8 ? 10 " _$25 " "
'? " 3, and a room ad'g 15 ?? '? 11 ?' _$."i2 " "
?? II, ? ?? " 12 " .... $2U ?? "
5, 10 " ?' 15 " .... $39 '? "
" IS, 10 " " 15 " .... $2fi ?' "
4, 8 " " 1U ?' _$26 " "
3, 10 " " 12 " _$26 " "
2, 12 " " 14 " _$3!) " "
1. 12 ?' " 14 ? .... $:t9 " "
P. S.?There is a fine, spacious entrance to all the above rooms from
For further particulars apply to J. R. ISF.LTON, 160Broadway;
or the whole will let to ona tenant, if desired. au!3 if
-V WiUiamabarg, 9 lots in the most desirable part of that improving
village. A better location for a residence in the vicinity of tins city
can oot be fouud. Inqune at the Hall of Education, Grand-street,
Williamsburg. auhi tf
l*AC ANT LOT TO LET- No. 809 ami 910 Fisnklin-su
? Possession immediately. Inquire at No. 408 Washington's!.
au5 lm"
FIRE BRICKS.?20.000 English Eire Brick, for sale by
sail PERSSE Sc. BROOKS. 61 Liberty-st.
at?I uik nothing ?ore."? Harwso?.
19. 1?41.
Dry Good* 1 ommi.?>ioM .Herchnnl?,
No. 57 Piue-st. New. York.
Evn fTort? ar? made to obtain the highest market pricc? for
gi??i.. consigned to them.
Lib?r.ii advance* made to maaafWcturers in C'-sh if required. Also
Si.^-k and Material, fur:. -h<-.l at the lo?<it market price*.
One of thenrTi having been for minv years 1 manufacturer of Do?
mestic Goods, i- Confident tent they will be rnable.1 to give entire sat
is faction to such manumctnrers a.- may entrust them with their busi?
ness . Orders ? ill be promptly att-nd-d to; and any business entrust?
ed to their c.-.srn ? ? ill be done m strict accordance with the instruc?
tions of the coiiMsnor?. Th* current rate of Commissions only wiil
be gbarsed. Manufacturer- when ic the city are respectfully invited
to call upou them.
Betts,Wad diii~, Yarns, Cottoo.Woollen sndotber Domestic Coods.nt
all time, on hand and for sale in quantities to ?tut purchaser., nut if
OEALERS in this article be not deceived. If you would retain
your customer-, supply them with the article which i? aekuow
e.tged by every consumer who has tried it a- greatly superior to auv
other. My Cloth for carriage maker's purposes, marked A, hasnevet
been equaled for beauty of appearance, hardness and durability,
while the 4 I C! ill. ?Inch I -ell from .'s' to litij cent, per yard. i>
warranted in every respect fully equal to and generally much heunr
than the Cloth made in the ordinary wa? and with the -mall old
fashi.I machinery. A good supply now on hand of the various
qualities, HORACE H. HAT. Successor ta Roxbury I. R. Co..
an. ?-'in I Sri Maiden-lane.
n.Y*. 1.11 PRO TED SHEET lit It Si t. li OVER
SHOES?5.HO0 pair Lilie-' and Gentlemen's for .-ale. The
Bppera of tin- truly elegant Over -hoc, made from the Rubber as ira
ported from South America, in sheet., are exceedingly elastic, the
same shoe adjusting itself to every width of foot, softer than French
kid and made over lasts of the most approved Broadway fashions. The
bottom- or sole, of leather laid between the rubber, arc joined to?
gether so securely a- to be perfectly water proof. These Shoes have
been tried thoroughly the past winter, ami given seiendsatisfaction.
Every pair warranted not to decompose, ?r the upper, to loosen from
the -ole-. The trade are invited to examiag these anil a geneial a.?
sorunenl of India Rubber Shoes,now in order for the f,ll trade.
HORACE 11. DAY, Succever to Roxbury I.R.Co..
auS Sm IS>< Maiden-lane.
nOKRIRLE CAIaAiTlfTYl?Neatly ?? iive^ .?
one ?h?rt short hour by the burning of the Kr?v! This awful
destruction of human life cammt hut forcibly remind every traveller
of the necessity of providing some safe-guard?some life-pr.rv i? g
article?to be always in readme., in t ine of need. Among the maiiv
ihou-aiids who travel opiitisuallv on mir inland waters, how few are
provided with any mean- of preservation iit times of sudden danger.
How many ol the 900 valuable lives -o recently lo-t in the " ill-fated
Erie." inithi have been saved by a timely purchase ?fthe India Rub?
ber Life-Preserver or Jacket." Thea? articles are furnished in any
quantity an 1 constantly kepi on hand for sale at the Roxbury India
Rulih-r Warehouse, 136 Maiden-Lane, ofsrnrery superior quality?
being mads in a manner differing i.rv materially from that of am
other ? -taldi-limciit, and the oulv article In l.e fully depended upou.
an It J v HORACE H. DAY.
Successor to Roxbury India Rubber Co. 146 .Manien lane.
r>RO\V.N l'OTT?.V<t-J"i?V, Merrimack, Lawrenee7Chi
I copee, Nashua, Stark, Massachusetts, Utics, Hope, Coventry,
and other styles of BROWN SHEETINGS, are offered for ial? at
the lowest market jince- lor CASH, bv
aul? lm O. II. LEE,51 Cedar-at
\| BBJNON.-Ml i:;e. - ti I Kiiitli-h M.-rinoe-. Id ,rk and'ei.lmed.
.Tl jusj ?..,.?, ,| rind far -ale t,\ i). II. LEE, 51 Cedar St. aul7 lm
BROWN lallKETI.NtJM-lno bales Chesterfield Factor]
Brow a Sheetings for sale bv
ml : PF.RSSE A BROOKS, t'.l Liberty -
RUSSIA Mil EETINfGM.?C-l bale-, brown iimi bleached,
Russia Sheetings, for .ale by
aulfi CRIWKI.I.. MIN'TI'ltN A C?. 71 Soinh-.t.
JOHN M. DAVIES St JONES, successors to Luke Davies A Son,
106 William -trcet.coriier of John street, New-York. Caps. Stocks,
Shirts, Linen t ollars, Lines Bosoms, Under Shirt? and Drawors,
Suspenders, Hi.ry, Lambs Wool an I Merino, <il Item, Cravats,
Handkerchiefs, Oiled Silk, Patent Leather, w holesale nndrolail.
Cap*, Honks and Shirts maflc to order.
Ag"ncy for Shaker Shirts aa.l Drawers, with a general assortment
of Fancy Goods. au7 lm
?11 on hand a well -elected assortment of (.'loth-, Cas-imeres anc'
Vesting., -mted to the season, winch he offers to make up for thi
public generally in the. very best manner, ut extremely low prices for
Cash un delivery. a-Siily
A ND Clothier, No. lei Bowery, three doors above Hester-rtreet
/A Naw-York. Cou.tautly oil hand, a handsome assortment ol
Cloth.. Canimeres, and Vestings, which will be made 111 the beat style
at in.' shortest notice, and on the uio-t reasonable term.. je!5 if
HATTERS' PLl'NII ? A good a-ortai.'iit con?tautl>
on hand, at eilrcmely luir prices fur c ash. Hat Manufacturers
an- particularly invited to call sad examine it, <i 159 Pearl
sueet, up stairs. SILAS DAVENPORT,
jy 70 lm" Aeenl.
4WPRIN4.' F A Nil I oivr? BiUHVN A CO.'S unequal
ity and one price Hat Store, ITS Chatham square, corner 1
>fott-st- The latct fashion Hats lor the low fixed price of $.1
surpassing in beauty and ityle of finish any ever sold hefor?
for ihe same price, in presenting these Hats to the public, thi
proprietors think they have reached the ultimatum of beauty, dura?
bility, cheapness and comfort to the wearer. All sales are for cash
which, precludes the necessity of charging a good custoimr for losser
iucurrsd bv the bad. ni29-Sm*
4SPRING FASHION.?Cheap Cash Store. No. 12
Cbatham-st, (opposite Roeevelt-sL) WILLIAM BROWN'S
Fashionable Hat and Cap Store. A large and splendid assort
meat of Cloth and Velvet Caps, of every style and d??:riptioi
now in use : also the mo-t extensive sssortBMOt of Summer Hats evei
exhibited in any Store, all of which will be sold at wholesale and r?
tail, at the lowest price.. m29 .tin"
pTB V O N A N T ' M
et?5** No. SHi Grand- street. New-York m20 3m*
1 5 I Chatham-street, and 160 Bowery. au3tf |
No. 114 HO WER Y is decidedly the best establish
[mem in New-York t" gel bargains in the Boot ami Shoe line ;
you have only to call 10 be convinced. Ladies', Gentlc.siei
Misses, Boys' ami Children*' Boots, Shoes and Caller*, in all
their variety, of my own manufacture and warranted first rate, et
p. li e. to -nit the tin;, -. Lik'w i-e 1 larce assortment of goixl country
work, which will !><: sold Very cheap.
jy36m WILLIAM AGATE, 111 Bowery.
'workmanship, constantly on hand. Gentlemen wishing a good
arm !?-. in i le on Pan- Lasts by the be-1 French workmen, will
be accommodated by calling on HENRY CENTEIVRE,
331 Broadway:
N B.?Paris made Boot* on hand and for sale, ami lm
read, ih-11 calf at ITT ("hatham square. dir'?tlv opposite the
Tradesman's Bank, where stands old Bo-., RICHARD'S Boot
and Shoe Mttsaum. Great, good and wonderful?and of the
gra'ide.t modern Curiosities of 'he day. All UMsO wi.h to see a hun
dr,-,! thousand pair of fashionable and daraale Boot? and Shoes ex
hibttsd at one ti'? for sale?all who srish to see the larrest boot ever
exhibited in the known world made of leather?all who wi?h to cn
couraee New-York, London. Paris and Philadelphia fashiom,?all who
wi-h to eneourag?; the houe.t meehaBic?all w-ho are opposed to
States-prison Monopoly and who wear Boots and Shoes, rich or poor,
are invited to call where the 1 imble sixpence passe- for the slow shil
bi"j. sud tiie largest boot iu the w orld stands at the door, at
jy3I lm' BOSS RICHARDS. 174 Chatham-iqr.
~DCNBAB'S Cheap Shoe ? i Gaiter Bool Store, -itj
IgSaantsk B h^twu Walker and H--i -
I* had ladies', ui:>v?' and children'. Shoes and Gaiter Boola in
great varieties. Ladies' Gaiter?. from *1 75 lo |~S S5. jy31 Im
SEYMOI'R WHITING would r?pcclfully inform his friends and
? the public that he still continues at his old Staad, No. 6'. Easl
Broadway: Slid, baring associated himself in partaership with Dr
LINL'S PRA TT, they are ready to attend 10 all who nead their pro
fessional services. The pab'.ic may be assured that all operations ic
their ijrof?ssiun will S>? performed on the most approved plan. Arti?
ficial Teeth, from one to a full set. inserted in the most scientific man?
ner, and on as favorable terms as at any other office- Whole sett ia
serted on the old atmosiheric, or the new approved patent atmospner.t
plan, ?Dich obtained the premium at the Fair of the American Insti?
tute last year, and as well as can be doae in this city. Teeth plugged
with gold, tin foil, or cement, as circumstances may require.
Nerve.- of Teeth destroyed without pain, and in most cases th?
Tooth affectnallj preserved by filling.
An infallible cure for the Toothache.
N. B. Messrv WHITING ic PRATT will instruct one or twoyouni
men in the art of Dentistry, oa reasonable terms.
His Honor Chancellor Walworth.lProf.VVm- T illy, M. D.
M. L. North, 51. D- Sara. Springs. Rev. Nathaniel Pratt-Georgia.
Wo. W. Minor. M. D. I ? .. . iSamuel C. Ellis-. M. D.
Jared Lmaier. M. D. j| ,orK' Rev. Henrr 0. Ludlow.
Prof. Benj. Silliman, M. D. LL- D.; Wm. N. Biakem.n, M. D.
Prof. Jonathan Knight, M. D. Jona Miller, M. D.
Prof. Charles U. Shepard, M. D. |Stephea Brown. M. D. J?->?1
VOL. I. SO. Iii.
For Albany. :"roia tue (bot ol* Barday-atreet.
The TKOY .We.luesdsy Morning it 7 o'clock.
The ALBANY.Thursday Morning at 7 o'clock.
The ALBANY.Friday Morning at 7 o'clock.
From ihr foot of < ortl:iu.ii-.ti r ; t.
the svt ALLOW.Thursday and Saturday Afternoons.
_ |at.*> o dock._
i'i:ui>i,t: < i.ink of ?itk vmboAts
JaXaSBS 1 11 T' "^hc '"' " *"d commodious steamboat NORTH
?*aB*lS=ae1**- \>\y,K\i-t.LVt.M.n l .-the steam
boat Pier between CoitJiiiidt and l.ibnrtv streets
FRIDAY AFTERNOON, AugtutSO, at 5 oclock.
For freight or passage apply on boon] or to
P. C. SCHULTZ, at tee office on the whart
BYENTNO LINK of ?tk A 'ihoatm.
Leave- ihe Pier between ('ourtlan.lt and Liberty sis. t'ae steamboat
SOUTH AMERICA, Capt, L. VV. Braiaard, Tuesday. Thursday
and Saturday ai 7 o'clock, P. M.
Tho ROCHESTER, Cant A. P. St. John, leaves tho above pier
Monday. Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock.
For passage or freight, apply to
P. C. SCHULTZ. .?t tho office, or on board.
for SHREWSBURY ?SIMMFK .tA'kjx^.ujj.yt
N p?*1*0 *> The steamboat OSIRIS, Capt. J. U. Allaire, wiQ
run as follows?leave Fulton Market slip, East River,
. an i. v?,v,.rv Monday morning, at tf o'clock; Tuesday,
W vdnesday, Tbnraday, Friday, and Sunday,at r? o'clock, A. M., and
Satarday, at 12 o'clock. woo*.
Returning, leave Re.l Bank at half-past I o'clock, every day, (ex?
cept Monday) at I* o'clock, A. M.. ard Saturday, at 4 P. M.
The boat will run a. above until farther notice, navigation and
weatioT permitting. N. B.?All freight and baggage at the risk of the
owner, thereof. jv9 :hn
T. POM tel.I. ?V *???*. LINK.
^?-,&>l t -IV WF.LI/S, W F.ST II 11 NT A COLD SPRINGS.?
.-"I'inr r isili .?.?,,.?.,1 HIGHLANDER, Captain Robert
Wardrep, will leave the loot of Warren-atreet, New-Ysrk, every
Monday, Thursday, ami Saturday altera ooo, hi 4 o'clock.
Returning, the HIGHLANDER ?01 leave New burgh every Mon?
day morning at 6 o'clock, and Tuesdsy and Friday afternoon at 5
For freight or passage, apply to the Captain on board.
N. B.?All hjgg'ige, and freight of every ???.??riptiou, and bill", or
specie, put an board lln.bo.it, mu?t be at the n-k of the owuern
thereof, Unless a bill of tailing or receipt Is Igned for the same, jyi!>
a, pss? * FARE l-'j CENTS.
Vs. i ,^>, rtf The elegant and low-presssre steamboat *1 ELE
"???iroiBBiT GR^pH.Capt. ODELL, will commence running b? ?
tweeu New York atiS 11 iilem daily on Wednesday morning, Aug. IS.
Hours from New York. Hours from Hailnm.
in A. M. 84 A. M.
3 P. M. 18 M.
? P. M. :> P. M.
The Telegraph will leave the foot Of Chambers-Street at the abuvis
hours, tone king at IVr No. 1 North River, Market Slip and Riving
tOtt-SL, and at Yorkrille each way.
The above ir:ps will sflbrd to the passenger* a tiue view of ihw
East River. HurlgatS and the various public buildings at Blackwcll''*
Ulan.I. the Lone I.land farm., rVc. Ac. enjoying at the -ante time n
cheap and pleasant nx-ursion. _ nulb
FARE REDUCED:? I2J cents to and from Har
?ft?&lem. The proptictor embraces the earliest opportu
"t^st -niiy of informing his friends and the public m gen?
eral thai he is prepared to run hi- new and splendid line of Stages
from the North Americ an Hotel. Bowery to De Wilt C. Kelilugor's
Harlem River Mansion flou-e, regularly every half hour iu the day,
touching at other intermediate places along the route, and making
iheir passage through in about an hour.
Neat and spacious apartments are fitted na on each end of the,
route for the comfort und convenience of passengers. This new and
well regulated line running nearly double the number of trips daily
that the Cars do on Ilm track, gives it adeclded advantage over tueiu,
?stoppiag much longer tach trip at Kell nger'a and giviug paaaen
giirs sutficieat time to partuke of every kind of refreshment which
ire always kept on hand und served up in tho best possible, manner,
ou terms suitable to the limes.
Bowery and While Hall Stages run as uMial every five miuutca
during the day._ jyllfiin J. MURPHY. Proprietor.
l .iitVti SMI. A IV Ik as * ?- '
ROAM?The tram, upon tin*
road leave Brooklyn at half past f>
A. M. half post I and half past
li P.M. for the several villages oa the line when stages and convey
nice- are in readiness to convey passengers to the Sound side and to>
the Bay and Ocean.
The iruiiis return at 7 A. M. and rpiarter past 2 P. M., and half past
5 P. M. from Jamaica, affording tune to visit and diso at tho Mariue?
Pavilion st Rocks way sod other attractive places of resort, and return
the same evening to town. aul2 tf
J. G. CANS-BE, Hf. D., Dentist,
The Teeth, though the hardest animal substance, yield soonest to.
treatment, good or bad. They are easily spoiled, and by judicious
treatment easily preserved. Ii i? no vain boa.t of ihu skilful Dentist,
that diseases of the Teeth are ordinarily subject lo his eon-rot.; in -
? lend it may be regardnd as settled in the public mind, that judicious
treatment secures their permanence. The Teeth, composed sublau
Ually of lime, are of course easily decomposed Uy acids ; and oxygon
beiug Ibe base of acids, we ure led to two important fuels in the pre?
servation of the Teeth.
1st. Keep acids out of the mouth, and every thing out of the
Itrmach that generuic-s acids there, aud your health and Teeth arn
comparatively safe.
2d. Keep every thing out of the mouth that attract* oxygen, and
this for three masons ;
1st. Oxygen being the base of acids, runder* the secretion of ths
mouth doubly acrid, and ihu* the destruction of the Teeth i>
3d. The Oxyde? thus produced are poison, and hence the general
health i? put in jeopardy.
3d. Galvanic action is produced, and by this, both the nerves sod
teeth .utfer. These hints, if duly regarded, will lead to the following;
important practice :
1st. No arid, will ever be used for elennsiii? the Teeth. All tooth
powder, ?hould contain a moderate alkali.
2d. All operators on the Teeth, who use mineral pastes or fusibbs
niet.il-, all of which are composed of metals having ?trong affinity for
oxygen, should be shunned ; their boasted remedies arc far worse,
than the disease they proiM-c to cure.
3d. All combination, of met- Is, such ns Tin. Cold, Silver, Platins,
Ac, should be carefully avoided. The purest metals differ in atfiuity
for oxygen, und of course produce galvanic action when put together
iu the same mouth. Fins Gold is the only metal that should ever
find a lodgment in the human moutn. aud lo this conclusion eve ty
scientific Dentist must inevitably come.
No Demist can consistently oppo-e the use of an ama'gam of
mercury and silver, whilst he is himself in the habit?as is at present
alioo>l every Henlist nt the Union?of using amalgams of Plutina,
Gold, Silver, Copper and Zinc, ander the name of "Cold Plates."
Fine UuU, and Fine (Juld alone for DtnUd eiperatiunt, must soon
become an axiom.
And now I will only add in conclusion, for the information of all
who wi-h lo avoid the evil consequences of compound metals to tho
mouth, that they can be furnished with Teeth ret to fine Cold Plates,
unmixed and SO sd alters ted, by railing at my Room, No. '}*, Broad?
way, New-York, the only place, 'with the exception of Baocxwav
A Son-, in Albany and Troy,; where Teeth are .el to plates, without
introducing lute the mouth an amalgam of at least four metals, all
differing materially in their affinity for oxygen.
One word to ihoee who want entire, or nearly entire ?eis of Teeib,
inserted on the atmospheric pressure or suction principle. My
method of putting in suclioo Teeth, differing tn >ome esaeulial points
from the manner usually adopted, 1 feel confident in saying, atacds
uusurpar sed.
Gentlemen of the profe.siou as well as tliuse requiring professional
services, are invited to call aud examine my method of Matting
Teeth, without the use of soldo r or any olaer base metal.
Pern York, Jaly'M. 1S4L lm
S' ICAL OIL.?The -ubsenbers have been appointed by the pro?
prietor -?le agr nls for the sale of Greenough". Patent Lamps and
Chemical Oil, and have takeu store No. Ill "Broadway, where they
base now on hand a c mplete assortment of Lumps, for stores, thopa,
churches, faeton.s, hotels. Aic. dec. consisting of parlor, astral, aludy.
Liverpool, mantel, side and branch lamps, dec. Sec. This article has
been used in many of oar principal hotels and most respectable fami?
lies, for upwards of two year" with entire satisfaction, not a "ingls
instance having occurred durinr that period, whertin purchasers
availed themselves of tho agents'guarantee. Any one so disposed
can he satisfied tbita single burner will emit more light, at an ex?
pense of one teat per hour, than three ordinary burn.rs. consuming
sperm oil at an average expense of three cents cacu. Another, and
not the least advantage from .1? use, is the simplicity of'ta construc?
tion and cleaahnesa of the chemical od. It (l warranted to be a far
better and cheaper artificial light than any other now ,n ase. Every
lamp wdl oe warranted, if ?ol perfectly -atisfactwry. c.u be return
ed. Those about purchaaing lamps would find it for their advantage
to call at the store of the ?f*?^"'^"'^ 'V wui-SiSrlV, T'Y
be seen ? operation, told only by PEARSON A: WHIT MORE,
No. IU Bro-ulway.
NBA eon-tant sunplv of <>'' always on hand._aul= lm
1 MAGIC RAZOR STROP, with which every persou may keep
bis razor in perfect order, whether at sea or ou land, ltpreaenn
four face*, each of different sharpening properties, romrsenemg with
the metallic Hone, of tea tames the power of ih? ordinary hone, and
finishing oa the simple eslf-*kin. Retail prices 5o cents, 75 cent.,
$1 00, $1 25. and $1 50 each, according to size and outward fini-h.
The performing part of a 75 cent Strop the tswe as one at $1 50.
1 CHAPMAN, 189 William s'.
N. B. The performing part of my 75 cents Stop warranted to be.
superior to G?o. Sausdera' beat, at |3 each, and the taooey retiirued
if the purchaser be dissatisfied. if*

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