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( sninini?- the Proceeds oje? of CongreM* and other
.><?"? ">> 'he Southern .Tlnll one dny in nd
rance of itnr other Penny Paper,
i, published overy morurng, at No. ?i Ann-street. New-York.
fii delivered to City Subscribers for ONE CENT per copy. Mail
gcbfciibers. %i per annum invariable in advance, and the paper im
jo esse continued beyond the time for which it is paid. Subscrip?
tions taken for Six Months.
Tea** or AtivrxTistue_rox r.acH ADvckTisr.Mr.-sT or
Ten hnes or lees (over six), first insertion. ?>C Cta.
j)o. for each sul*?equent insertion. a!3
[h for Mix insertions, or one week,.ffl 30
Do for Twenty-five insertions, or ene looath.S*<3 <H>
Longer Auvenisaments at equally favorable rata?.
For Fire line,, half the above rates; Two lines, one-fourth of
thse rates. Advertisements ordered to be continued en the inside
after the first insertion w ill be subject to the same charge us on their
?rft appearance?payable in all cases in advance.
?.?All uotiee, of Public Meetings, Iteligiou?, Political, Arc. of Ser?
mon, to be delivered by Clergymen visiting omr City. ic. will be con
uaeaoasly published sn The Tribune (if not exceeding six lines) for
25cents an insertion
Bv the steam-ship Columbia, arrived Thursday miriiiri*:
a: Boston, we have times from London to the- 3d, and Liver?
pool to the Ith hist. She left the- Metsey at mid-day, and
readied Halifax ut tin' same time on the 17th, having ex?
perienced during the first ten days a continuation of boisterous
weather. She brought over 100 passengers, of whom between
80 ami 90 were for the U. States. The present is the longest
passuee made by this vessel.
The Britannia arrived tit Liverpool on the 29th ultimo,
having accomplished tlio voyage from Halifax in rJ days and
18 hours, the shortest aperiod in which it was ever performed.
The prospects of the coming harvest are far from favorable.
A succession of heavy rains for the previous three week- had
set speculation again aflont for supplies from the Continent
At .Mark Lane on the 2d, Wheat hud advanced 2 shilling*
per quarter, and American Flour at Liverpool bad been simi?
larly affected. The sales of the 3d are tjunled at 28s. 6d. in
bond. The ruling duty wus 22s. 8d. on Wheat per rpiarter,
equal to 13s. lid. on Flour. The Crops in France appear to
be highly satisfactory.
The Cotton Market in Liverpool was dull, the sales of the
previous week being estimated ut "(1,'JUO hales, at a reduction
uf |d. per lb.
Parliament was to meet for the despatch of business on the
l!)th instant, but some doubts exist whether it would not be
prorogued still later. The estimated majority for the new
Ministry is stated at 80 to 86". The following sketch of the
new Cabinet lias been published, but of course cannot be
TTva?h depended on. Jt bad cnused some discussion among
the journals on the Peel side, and is certainly near the murk
as to the parties named, if not in arrangement:
The New Ministry.?The following i? given as a list of J
those who it is supposed will constitute the new Ministry:
Sir Robert Peel, First Lord of the Treasury and Chancellor
of the Exchequer.
Karl of Aberdeen, Principal Secretary of State for Foreign
Lord Whnrnclift'e, L-jrd Lieutenant of Ireland.
Rt. Hon. Henty Golbourn, Secretary of State for the Home
Sir Wm. Follett. Lord HiRh Chancellor.
Lord Stanley, Secretary ef State for the Culonies
Duko of Wellington, President of Council.
Hon. C. Shaw Lefevre, Speaker of the House of slommons.
Sir H. Hardinge, Secretary fur Ireland.
Duke of Beaufort, Lord Chamberlain.
Karl of Liverpool, Lord High Steward.
Earl of Jersey, Master of Horse.
Lord Lyndhurst, Ambassador at Paris.
Trade continued exceedingly depressed. Almost nil the
important manufacturers in Paisley had failed, which, with
the anxiety as to the hnrvest, bad operated on the money
market in London severely. Consols had declined some
ehat. On the afternoon ef the 3d. Three per Cents are
quoted at 8SIJ cash; discounts oh bankers' pnper 4i to 5 per
cent.; but on the middling class of bills money could not be
obtained at less than G per cent.
The over-land mail from India arrived on the 2d, but from
China they had only two days later than by the mail of the
month previous. These dates me anticipated by our own
arrivals direct. The Emperor's proclamation, issued after
the taking of the Rogue forts had renewed speculation among
the ten-dealers, which advanced 2d. to 3d. per pound. The
Indian news is without interest. In Syria all seems tranquil.
Ibrahim Pacha v.us at Cairo, and visited the steum -hi;> Ori?
ental a few days before her leaving.
In France we perceive nothing of moment had occurred.
The disturbances at Toulouse Hie now entirely quieted, and
'lie trials of those connected wen- being entsred upon.
Queen Victoria and Prince Albeit returned to Windsoi on
the 1st from their visit to the Farl Cowper at Pansangcr, and
the Duke of Bedford at YVchurn Abbey. They wore re
wived throughout their journey with great enthusiasm.?
This is the first time Royalty has visited her subjects in the
present reign.
We see that Animal Magnetism is agnin reviving in Lon?
don. Two exhibitions'had been given by M. Lafontaine at
the. Hanover Rooms, attended by many scientific and promi?
nent persans. They appear to have been conducted with
surprising success, and, judging by the attention shown by
the public press, we should not be .suq>ri?ed if this imposi?
tion obtained again some notoriety.
The Pacha of Egypt has submitted tin reservedly to the j
dictates of the Great Powers, and the Kastern Question is j
definitively settled.
McLkod?Our Xaral Force.-The London Morning j
Herald, in an article on the MeLetxl case, and in which it
j reviews at some length the report preseuted to Congress j
by fj,e Secretary of the Navy, recrsmmending the formation
; of a Home Squadron, thus concludes:
Our own ardent hope is that the Unked States Govern- \
"?ent, by a calm, and dignified, and dispassionate policy? j
aaswaved by party demonstrations or factious demands, will i
5*1 forbear from any course of proceeding toward Great !
Britain which may ever give to this report any interest more |
Painful than that of a statistical document of great accuracy.
'fit once allow the clamor of ui.bridled prejudice and nn
^"cal antipathies on tho pait of a few noisy demagogies to
^pd it to acts of violence and bloodi hed, such as at this mo
Ineat they are endeavoring to force it upon?us surely as it
? *iil have'thus recapitulated the povrers of its injured antngo
"jn to infiia [be- penalty, so certainly s ill it have insured its
j ' " But we shall yet re>ly upon a sense of justice stronger
"-?a the appetite of vengeance ;?a sense ef national dignity
*?? self-respect more powerful than tho influences of a cabal.
I ??" ?be animosities of a club,?and a sense of the interests of
"Jm*nity. in the sustained amity and mutual confidence of
Nations more vigorous than either! "
" I desire yon to understand the true pr
France i? bent on peace and retrenchment. The price of
bread is high, ami merchants me breaking.
Grzei e.?King Otho iisia been'constrained to dismiss his
Bavarian bangcrs-on, and appoint Mavrocordato Prime Min
i i?ter.
Candia.?The last accounts from Candia, brought by the
Port?foglio Maltest of the 19th ul:.. are dated the 8th.
The cause of the insurgents then nj?t?*nr'*'l to I?- hopeless.
Since the arrival of Tabir Pasha, the Creeks were worsted
in nearly every engagement. In the hut, fought on the *J 1 -t
June, they lost - a?> or :t."i killrrl, !j prisoners, und about 100
wounded. Six other encounters had taken place previously, 1
in which the Candiots bad several hundred men h?rt >i com
bat. Tin- arrival of several utliei vessels of war from Cor.
stantinoplc, ti> reinforce the blockade, his ruined nil the
hopes of the Greeks, who relied on receiving some assistance
from the Continent Several of their chiefs had taken to
liight. and others had sought refuge in the mountains Sev?
eral deputations had presented themselves to Mustapha Pa?
sha to offer their submission. Some villages had surrendered
their arms. Discoid prevailed among the1 chiefs of the in?
Fresh reinforcements wore daily exported from Albania.
Ike Pasha of Janina bad collected the "JUcIti Albanians sent
for by Tahii Pasha, and a portion of them had been already
embarked in u steamer, which was to sail from Prevesa to
Candia on the 7\h bit. The rest wer?; tu follow i-i several
trans potts freighted for the purpose.
Thu account, of the excesses and cruelties perpetrated
the Turkish regular und irregular soldiers are truly awful.?
After the action of the -Jl-t of June* the Turkish troops,
guided by u colonel just landed from Constantinople, sacked
and destroyed the villages which bad submitted, burned their
crops, robbed the churches, mutilated the prisoner-, and,
afier violating the women and young girls, beat them in the
most horrid manner. All these atrocities wen' committed in
? pile of the severe orders issued br Mustapha I'm ha. en
pnnin? ihe observance of the strictest disciplina. Tahir re?
paired to the spot to inquire into these (acts. A Kreuch fri?
gate, the Minerve, anchored along the adjoining roust, ami
the captain of the British ship Benbow, who had arrived
from the Pirams at Suda. on the 3d, w-as charged by Sir Ed
mond Lyons to institute the strictest investigation into these
occurrences. The European Consul* had addressed cum
plaints on the subject to Tahir Pasha, who replied that he
bad Uern unable to master the fury of his soldiers. He gave
a rather cool reception to the commander of the Benbow.?
The cruelty of that old Turk is proverbial throughout the
From the London Tune, of Aiigu-t 2d.
Our express from China and India, in anticipation ot the
mail, bring? intelligence of very little importance. The last
dates are?from Macao the 2d of April, Calcutta the ?th of
June, Bombay the 19th of June, and from Alexandria the
Wth of July."
Bombay, June I!).?Our accounts fr?m China are to the
2d of April, only two days later than those brought by the
steamer Queen on the 20th ofthat month, and which we re?
ceived in June. Commodore Sir Gordon Bremer, who had
beeu in the Calcutta since the middle ol March, luft that
place for Canton in the steamer Queen on the 25th of May.
to resume his offices as naval commander nnd joint plenipo?
tentiary in China. He takes with him numerous reinforce?
ments, and others are following in transports. The whole
fleet may be expected to reach Canum by the beginning of
July. As soon as his excellency rejoins the squadron, there
can be but little doubt that hostile operations will be rein-w ?
ed. It i> probable this expedition will be loo late to get up
the Peiho this year. They may re-take Chusan, and the
steamers might reconnoitre to the northward, but we doubt
if matters w ill be finally arranged until the season of 11142.
The results of this supplementary expedition are looked for?
ward to with the greatest anxiety, for upon the prudent man?
agement of the force must entirely depend the question of
our future relations with the Chinese.
At Macao our troops ami the Reel still remained in posi?
tion awaiting reinforcements and orders, w hile the Emperor
of China, inflamed to the highest pitch of anger by the pre?
sumptuous proceedings of the British in attacking his towns
and destroying his ships, was issuing furious edicts and de?
crees against them. One of hi" edicts, in reference to the
capture of the Bogtie Forts, contains the following words :
" They have carried their unsubmissive rebellion to this ex?
treme, und 1 (the Emperor) now swear that both Powers
shall not -land, one or the other must conqueror die."
In the Punjnub things still remained in n most distracted
stnle. The Governor of Cashmere had been murdered. In
Seinde all'iiis nppeivrisl as far as ever from a suulemedt.
The Nepaulese have become troublesome, and appeared lo te
? |uire ii severe lesson. In Afghanistan things were compa?
ratively quiet; Dost Muhonimed was amusing himself in Cal?
cutta, w here he wa- treated with marked attention nnd re?
spect. In Herat things were again quiet, ami Yar Mahom
nied was likely io givu im further trouble.
A Vaxkfk Incident.?Not long since, but before Judge
Cowen decided that people must be tried in this country for
crimes committed, there happened to be in one of the prin?
cipal hotels in Montreal, u pompous discussion among a
quorum of British officers, upon the subject of the imprison?
ment of McLood. And after turning the subject over and
over, and bringing to bear upon it all the light, evidence, nnd
sound reasoning that the subject demanded, the gallant offi
ceis and other good and loyal subjects, concluded it expedi?
ent and right to call out a regiment of Her Britannic Ma?
jesty's soldiers, march down to New-York, liberate the in?
sulted prisoner. McLood, nnd bear him in triumph lo Lis
home, ns becomes ihe dignity of -o great and powerful a na?
tion as England.
" Gentlemen," and in a moment all eyes were turned lo n
remote corner of the room, when- sat, before unobserved, a
very comfortable-looking stranger, in whom, however, at a
glance could be discovered the truo \ ankee; for indeed he
Stood, (as we say.) <>r rather leaned, six feel six and a half? j
a perfect giant; and that he sat. serm:n;ly only to admire
the beauty of the ascending volumes of smoke, drawn from
the end of k-ts huge cigur. the like of which, together with
whips and L<*o-Fik-o matches, he had tot years peddled
from Quebec to New-Orleans. " Gentlemen,'?Stid he, "I
hope before you undertake to carry your deliberations into
effect, tliut you will use a little consideration. What, talk
about taking McLeod out of prison with a regiment of sol?
diers I?Why. gentlemen, you talk like children.
" Why, ail the forces that von can drum up between here
nnd so fur north that the thermometer won't rise at all. can't
march down ta the city of Albany and back again, no way
you cau contrive it. Now I am a little, small, delicate s|h>
rimon of Vermont, nnd would like to tell vou what the Ver?
monters have done for your case. They havr made a propo?
sition, through their Legislature, to the Genera! Government,
that they will whip out, cleun and smooth, the Canada-. New
Bninswick and Nova Scotia, for the sum of sixty-five dollars.
?? The Genen;! Government approved the plan, but thought
the price too high. I he Legislature reconsidered the vote
and made a second proposition, awl agreed to do tiie work
for thirty-six dollars and fifty cents. This, the Genera! Gov?
ernment accepted ; and now the only remaining ipjestion to
be settled is. who finds the ammunition. As soon as that is
settled we shall be over here.
?? The boys are new headed this way, and it is all the Gov?
ernment can do to hold on to the:r coat skins to keep the
devils off vou; and mark my word, in three days from the
time the Government lets go, there won't be British Govern?
ment enough luft for a byword. But gentlemen, if you per?
sist in gouig fur McLeod, arrange your affairs foi a long ab?
sence ; a?d f?r Heaven's sake, and "more particularly for your
own, don't go by way of Pt.aTTsBfnc !"
The conclusion of the matter was, that if Vermont had
actually got started, and if the Yankee then with them was,
as he said, but a small, delicate specimon of what was to j
corn*, they had better abandon at once the idea of sending ?
for McLeod, and arrange their affairs at home for such un?
welcome visitors. Lssex County Register. I
inciples of the r.5t?ri?ifni. I wieh thcrn carried
X~~ Hinte Prison Monopol v.?ii an adjourned meeting of
Iterates held at Warren Hall, tin Tuc-d.iy Eieninr. Augu.t 17th,
1- II. for (be purpose of receiving Dclegate* to attend the Suite Con
veutiog at Albany oa tlic Ui of September nett, after the readme of
the minutes of the b*i mi etiag, a delegation from th? Master Stone
Cutters *:i- received and accepted by the meeting ; also,an addi?
tional delegation of Journeymen Cooper* aar! other, were added.
On motion of John Commcrf.ird, a C'?rr'-?ponding Committee of
Three was appointed, as follow- John Commerford, George Wit
and Robert li?-tiy.
A motion was made at d adopted, that a Committee coo-isting of
the thrr-e first names rnention'd in each branch of business be
appoieted to call on the Delegates and others of the same Lranch and
making collections for the nurpo-c of defraying necessary expenses,
and hand the same to the Finance Committee, 117.: D. C. Peutz. Dan?
iel Lee. and Win. P. Coles.
I: s?- alsu resolve,! that the branches of bu-in-ss not repr.oteil.
or represented.by insufficient members, be invited :<? appoint Dele
pates forthwith, to meet with the delegation en Tuesday Eveains
next, at Warres Hal!, at - o'clock.
Also, that the proceedings of this m< < ling be published 111 the Sun.
Tribune, New Era and Courier Sc Enquirer, together with the name.
rf the I),'legates, as far is appointed, as follows 1
Daniel C.Penis, Daniel Baker, Hugh Aikman,
Robert Taylor, John Waydell, James Giraad,
ThomasShortlaad, John A. Weeks Robert Getty,
Frducis O'Brian, Jam s P. Decker, J"hu Elaworlh,
George Hcl.augblia, Joseph Benson, Lewia Denny,
James Flynn, William Beasel, William Beesel,
James Doraa, Charles Rloom, William Nalbaway,
Stephen llog.irt, Anthony Verehotl. William Dykes.
ri. ?se-makers.
Elbridge G. Baldwin, Haiaes Crane, Samuel Barry,
llntfield Davis, William Hall. William Way,
Benjamin Hub!? 11, Rokeri Ifarroa, P.G, Spencer.
John Lunaigan, George Robinson, Hexekiah Williams.
Coruclm* Van Winkle Joseph Jennings,
H. W. Boaaell, John Commerford, (iilbert Smith.
JohnBoyce, Daniel Lee, Tyler W. Lafetra,
C. u. Colton, Ebeuezer B. White, Lonng Ingersoll,
Ambrose w. Ritcbell, Jonathan Ofborn.
William B. Coles, Daniel B. Phillips, Samuel K. Coldson,
.1 line- Sa'ton, Thomas H. Sayer, Eugene Kerns,
Tnoma.- J. <i Idersleve, Charle? A. Sam mis.
sa uhlers.
George Weir. Alex. H. Dunscomb, Ceo. W. Schuerman.
Frcdrrick Miller, John Saundtrs, Stephen H. Fecks
Brush-Makers.Daniel Reman.
hol'se-carpenti rb.
LeidyBilger, Aaron Morris. Thomas Little,
Wi Imiii Bayard, John Orr
Win. M. Huoniford, Ssmuel T. Mnnson, John Powell.
Tinsmiths.Joseph P. Simpson
marble a Nil s TO.N'p- cutters.
Joseph S. Barnes, I'eter McLaughlin, Forsyth Labaps,
Abraham McBride, James McClave, Robert J Brown.
Thomas Crane.
Cabinet and Piano Corte Maker.Charles Holder.
Silversmith.Jerardus Boyce.
Moei.ur.li.Barnabas Halleck.
Tailor.Sau.I C. Alhcrlaou.
N. B.?Mechanics throughout the Stale are requested to appoint
their Delegates to the aboveuamed Convention, for the purpose of
devising means to free themselves from the unjust and unequal bur
iben they are obliged to bear by the present State Prison System of
thi? and other States. II. W. BONNKLL, Chairman.
Ki.hriiioe C. Balhwin. Secretary. aul'.l 3t
KT To Country Dealern.?The subscribers keep constant?
ly on hand at their Store, No. 13X Pearl at. near Wallst, a com?
plete assortment of School, Classical anil Miscellaneous Books
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mini reasonable terms for CASH or City Acceptances : also
BLANK BOOKS and STATIONERY of every variety, to which
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Call purchases.
ACC< H '.VT B< ?HKS ruled to any pattern, und made to order, of the
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ERS, tec. of the latett pattern* and fast colors, suited to
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', ' Merchants and Dealers from the Country are requested to cal
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N. B. Schools, Colleges ami Libraries supplied upon the most lib?
eral terms. BAKER. CRANK A Co.,
Wholesale Booksellers nod Stationers, and
Dealers in Paper Hangings, No. 1.18 Pearlst.
aal9 Im (Sign of the " Ledger,") New-York, incur Wall -t.)
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JoTlai rond block from the Market, aud a short distance from the
ferry?being 21 by tu feet A first rate stand for business, con?
sisting of large convenient store, 11 rooms, basement, cellars, coal
bens, Ac all complete. Price. $5.500 Apply as above. aul3 Im"
l-A OFFICE TO let.
txU '**,,e 'P'endid Basement Rooms in the Merchants' Exchange.
? corner of Wall aud Hanover-streets. Apply to Mr. Pearson
jfneo of the Company, corner Hanover and K\chanee Placn, or tc
h^i tf J. WINCHESTER. 30 Ann-strccL
?A Pl'BLIC IIOCMK at Hartem to be jit on" the 3d
avenue, corner of indd streeL Inquire at llti Bowery. Rent
low. Rull lin"
M\ril li a.tiHburgii propebiv of.
FICE, No. 1 Ann-street, New York.?Persona wishing to pur?
chase will do well to call. Some nit* Cottage, fur aale; al-?,
Building Lot?._aulO Im"
CITY PROPERTY OFFICE, for buying, seil.ng
lit! and exchanging City Property, st No. 1 Aun-aL auin Im"
.V'. BOO.iis TO I.ft?A room ami hed-ioom with rin-n..
WtSpantries, sec. Bailable for a small family. Also, one large room
extraordinarily well lighted, suitable f?r a work?bop. Inquir.1
the premises of Jl HIN LOCKE, in rear of HI A im - ?t. am- 1m
?DKC?! STORE FOR SsAfcB.?For sale the stock
of Drug-, Medicioes, Furniture, Fixture-, Ac. of Ike -iure 360
Broadway. The present proprietor has occupied the above
stand for upwards of sixteen years, and now offers the stock for sale
on account of declining health. The store i.? tu let, and immediate
possession given. Apply on the preuii-c.- lo
a,,:: 5 ? WM. LANGSTAPF
?TO LET?Tue spacious five story buildmg No. i t
Broadway, coraer of Duane?lreet. and may be Occupied a.
othces for professional gentlemen and those of the line arL-.ur
for lodging rooms. The Room- will be let a. follows, viz :
The Basement Room, well lighted. -Jl feet on Broadway by 10; /eel
on Duanc-slreet. at 1500 per year, with a good cellar.
The Storn ou Broadway, 50 feet deep, |rJO0 per year, also a Room
in the rear of the Store, fronting 011 Dunne-street, 5"! feet deep, at
$900. There are three entrances to this Room from Duaue-st.
Second Story.
Room No. 42, on Broadway.il feet b'v 14 feet....$1."si per year.
" 41. 8.15 " -$125 - "
" 40, 15 ?? " 15 " ....$I0'i " "
?? 39. 15 " " 15 " ....$100 ?? ??
?? 44, aud a room ad'g 20 " " 30 - ....$150 " "
Third Slory.
Room No. TT, on Broodwav, 11 feet by S3 feet. ...$125 per year.
?? 30, ' 0 " " 12 " .... $*S " "
- 35, 8 " " 12 " .... $75 " "
? 34, 13 " " 15 " .... $"<3 " "
33. 15 " ?? 10 " .... ?75 " "
" 31,and2roonasad'gl5 " " 15 " ... $l's? " "
u 89 g " 12 " .... $75 " -
? -js, 11 - " 8 " .... $65 " "
vrr, si s - .... $6i) " -
.. 06, 8 . ? - tt 8 ? " $60 " "
Fourth Story.
Room No. 24, on Broadway, 11 '? ?? 11 " ..I |75 pcr year.
Including h room adjoining, 8 " " 10 ' ?- )
" ?? 22, aud a room ad'g 11 " " 14 " ???? $"5 "
-21. 7 ?' ? 10 " .... $50 " ?'
.. jo, ? ?? " 15 " .... $65 14 "
'? ?? 1?, and a room ad'g lo ?? " 14 " - $J8
" " 16, and a room ad'g 14 " '? 14 " .... $78 " "
- ?? 13, is ?? ?? 15 ;; ' ?so - ?
With 2 rooms adjounug, each . ?? " i -- >
Fifth Story.
Room No. 7, 15 " - 11 " .... $52 " ?
m s 10 .... ns * 11
?' 9, andsroomad'g 15 " " U " -|?3 *
m u 1? 9 '? " 12 " .... rib " "
- e 10 a " 15 " .... $39 " -
so 10 " " 15 " -$26 " "
r si u m iu - .... $26 - '?
.. 10 ? ? 12 ? .... $26 " -
? o' jo ? - 14 " .... $39 " -
7; IS 14 " .... $39 " "
P. S.?There is a fine, spacious entrance to all the above rooms from
For further particulars apply to J. R- ISELTON, 160 Broadway ;
or the whole wtll let to one lensnl. if desired._na\3 tf
\7?C?JrT I^OT~TsjTL.ET-XO. 209 and 218 Pisnkun-st.
T Posaess;on intmediatxly. laqaire st 408 Washinrton-st- au5 lm*
0 ? n
1 1 II I I 1 r
oat?1 auk nothing ns?re."_ll.ixirij3a.
'21, 1841.
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aulStiw HORACE H. DAY.
Successor to Roxbury India Rubber <'o. l?? Maiden lane.
BROWN <-OTTON'J*-->'i.- Me ri sack. I iwrtsiiec.Chi
eopee, Nashua. Stark, Massachusetts, Utica, Hope. Coventry,
and other styles of UROWN SHEETINGS, are offered for sale at
the lowest market prices f.>r CASH, by
aul7 3m O. H. LEE, 51 Cedar-st.
A J EUT.NO.??.?".- ? ? gngiisb Merinoes, black andci ioTed
1*1 just received and for sale b) O. H. LEE, 51 Cedar -t. au!7 3m
DROWN sII|;ETlM;fl-i 1 bales CbciterheTd Kactorj
AJ Brown Sheetings for sale hv
ni t PERSSE A BROOKS ill Liberty -t,
Rl'.NKl.t SHEETINOS.?-S? bales, brown and
llu--ia Sheetings, for sale hv
au!6 GRINXELL. MINTURN A Cn. 78 South-rt.
3-T CSE.NTLE.UE.N trriving from 1*? South and Weal
Wishing for a fashionable outfit, ire particularly invited to cal at the
tli Pulton-si near Broadway,
where enn alway- he found a Lire and desirable assortment of 'itper
Ane West of England Cloth, ami Cassimerss, Cashmaretes and Drab
D'Etes, for Summer Coats; London Fancy Cassimerea Drillings,
for Pant- . Silk Chally and Marseilles Vesting!; all of which ure el
superior quality, and will be made to order at th? shortest notice, nud
in a style unsurpassed by any estabUshment in the city, at to per
ceuL below credit price.. Strict punctuality oh.erved 111 tilling or?
ders. Cn.li on delivery and no abatement 111 prices.
P.S. The cutting department is -till under the superintendence of
Mr. M. Gayloso, whose services have been t,ai well appreciated by ?
fiLsliionaidc public to need any comment, Particular attention paid
I to cutting pants. jyl'.ltf J. C. BOO I'll. Ace?l
JOHN M. DAVIKS JONES, successors to Luke Davies Sc. So?.
InSWilliani-street^ornerof Jobn street, New-York. Caps, Stock.,
Shirts, Linen Collars, Linea Ito-om., Under Shirt, and Drawer.,
Suspenders, Hosiery, Lambs Wool and Merino, Gloves, CravaU,
Handkerchief-, Oiled Silk. Patent Leather, wholesale and retail.
Caps, blocks nnd Sinns made to order.
Agency for Sh.ik.-r Shirt? auJ Drawers, with a general assortment
of Fancy Goods. nu7 lui
*^sl~n ATT E RS? PLUSH-A a^M a-ortaient constantly
tmLW on hand, at citron fly tuir pricm fur cssn. Hal M aoufacturers
mi>H ir.- particularly invited to call awd e.vimiiv it, at 151? Pearl
street, up stairs. SILAS DAVENPORT,
jy .10 liu* AitenU
sw SFKLN4. FASHION.?BROWN * CO.*8unequal
JSBj ity and one price Hal Store, 178 Chatham square, coraero
*^t5g. Mott-st. The latest fashion Hats for the low fixed price of$:t
surpassing in beauty ami style of finish any ever sold before
for the -ante price. In presenting lace Hat. to the putilu-, tin
prcprietor, think ihcy h ive reached the ultimatum of beauty, dura?
bility, cheapness and comfort l>, the wearer. All sales are for ca.su
which precludes the necessity of charting a tfood customer for losaci
Incurred by the bad. inill-.'lin'
"jaaa, ?PKIM! FASHION.-Cheap <:a.h Store, No. Li
JWchalhain-st. (opposite R.relt-st) WILLIAM BROWN'S
I "AM Fashionable ll.it und Cap Store. A large and splendid assort
?,.-111 ofCloth and V. Ivel Caps, .-f ever) style and di .enptioc
: now in use; al.-o the most extensiv* assortment of Summer Hats ?vei
axkibited 111 uuy Store, all of which will he -old at wholesale und ro
tail, nt the lowest price oriKku*
G^** 10 1 Chatham-street, and I li 0 Bwwery. nti.1 if
I, THOMAS BUSH, late ofthe corner of Carmine and
ftleecker-streets, do proclaim to all the world, and inor? par?
ticularly 10 the dwellers in lhat part of this goodly cily known
as GREENWICH, lhat I have commenced business on mj ow n ac?
count, i,t:tTi sixth Avenue, and am prepared to repair dilapidated
salts or furnish new Kadcrtttmdingl 00 the niest favorable terms.
I nu-Ju_3f
JIVo. III ROWEKV is decidedly inchest establish
meni in New-York tn a -r bargains in the liont and Shoe line ;
von have only 10 call to be convinced. Ladies', (ientlemen's,
Misses, Boys' and Childrens'Boots, Shaes and Gaiters, in all
their variety, of my own manufacture and warranted fir.I rate, at
p-ices to ru't the tune... Likew ise a larce assortment of (m?\ country
work, which will hu sold very cheap.
tis FKEN4TI ItOOTS AND SHOES, of superior
Hworkmanship, constantly on hand. Gentlemen wishing s good
jB article, m id. Paris L.i-t- by the be?l French workmen, will
be tccommodated by calling "s-i HENRY CENTI.IVRE,
&11 Broadway.
N. ft.?Pari? made Boot, on hand and for sal". au.l Ira
at BOOT*., BOOTS A.NO SilOES.?Look and
Oread, lie 11 mil si 171 Chatham square.directly opposite the
^?Tradesman's Bank, where stands old Boss RICHAttD'd Bool
and Shoe Musaura. Great, good and wonderful?mid of the
grandest modern Curiosities of the day. All wno wish to -?e u him
drei thousand pair of fashionable an.I dara'.le Boot- and Shoes r.t
bibited it one v iew for sale?all who wish to see the largest hoot ever
exhibited in the known world mailt 0/{ratter?all who wish to en?
courage New-York,London, Pan. ami Philadelphia fashions?all w ho
wi-h to encourage the honest mechanic?all win, .ire opposed to
States.pri?on Monopoly and who wear Boots and Shoes, rich or poor,
are invited 10 call where the 1 iin'de Mxpence pa.-,-, for the -low s'uil
lni^', and toe largest boot iu the w.,rld .taml? at the door, at
jv-:il 1 in- BOSS RICHARDS; 174 Cbatham-*qr.
~ DVNB \K'*? Cheap Shoe o.e. Gaiter Boot Store, --?
QKSgsfitn Bowery, between Walker ai I Hester streets, where naj
be had ladie.', uiive.' mid children's Shoe, and Gaiter Boot? in
great varieties. Ladies' li i,t?r., ("run. $1 ',?> !?? A- jv JI Im
es?. 1'OK SALE ?A farm in the town of Sniithtowu iuSuf
folk Count>. ae ir the v illage .n" Comae, consisting of two huu
-JPJ-.dr '.l acres, about tlnrt) of winch ir^ timber and spiouts land
Hie remainder cleared and un.lcr a good -tale of cultivation. On tin
premises are ? seoil dwelliug house. I? o barns, crib jnrf watron-house,
who a we|| cf water near the door. Al.o, a good younr Orchard wuh
j a vanet) of cherry and other fruit tree-. Po-session cau oe had to
! suit the convenience of the purchaser. For particulars apply to Mr.
asmitli Woodliull. "J'7 Fri.at-.ircet. or the ?nb.-crih-r on thn preiui
aullliu" DANIEL SMITH.
ceivinc into their Yards Lackawana Cod fresh from tirn Mines,
which they offer to their customers and the public at the following
reduced prices:
E?g and Broken.$7 'W P" ton delivered.
Stove and Furnace............. 7 0<) do do
Small Nut. 5 00 do do
Yards corner of Bench and West, Rue and Greenwich, and Mont?
gomery and Monroe-etreetS, whem order, will (>e received. Also ai
their Bank, corner of William and Pine-?lrecla, where contract.- will
be uinde for earcoes deliver--,! at Rondoul. jef-3m
FE At II ORCHARD COAL-The subscribers ar?
ilailv receivinir their -upply of beat Red Ash Peach Orchard
I Coal, br?sen, egg and nut size, which they will sell iu lots to suit
1 purchaser-, at tie lowest market ratss.
Also, White Ash. Liverpool and Virginia Coals,
aul? if WARD Si BROWNE,
(late Anderson * Ward/, corner of I.aurht and W.i?hin2tcn-?ts.
O ERPOOL CtrAL AFLOAT.?Now diwharsing
from "Dip Harvest, foot of Chnstopher stre<-t, a go d article of
coarse Orrell. for family use. Also. Peach Orchard, Lchich and Lack?
awana, from fcoa: or yard, as low a.- any m ihc city. J. TERBELL,
aut7 lw Corner of Hudiou and Amos-sta.
3rtTH I.LAWES.-Tne-subscriber is selling at NoTt
Johu-street a rood assortment of the ab-.ve named article, on
j reasonable terms. [jy'?i lm'] JOHN GRAYDON.
BUTTER?In 6rkins suitable for Grocers and BakersTdaiTy
receivmj and fur sale by
ant9 3t* J. HOPPOCK Sc SUN, Fulton ?t.
T.TIPROVED APPARATUS foi Window Shades.?
Lawon's Patent Balance Pulley?The public are respectfully in?
vited to call and examine this article, i: bavinc many valuable pro?
perties beyond any thing for the same purpose vex offered.
M. W.K.LNG, Patea't Chair Slakar,
jyCTl 474 Rro.mlway. Aeent for this improvement.^
PEANTETJS' "BANK. ar^.'?Tncul?ral ?anTTNotee 0!
Natchez. Wanted at improved rates by
I jy S? tf V.4.NVLECK BKOTHERi?; '3J YfOrtWi.
OFFICE NO. o* 0 A N N - S T.
For tibauv. from the fool of Ban Ixy-strecL
rup.M.RWY.;..s... M irningat* ('clock.
The,Ri>\ .Monday Morning at 7 o'clock,
I he ALBAN!. Tuesday aoraine at 7 o'clock.
. =,?, *?7"lS,? looi ?f ? ortlaadNaj Irs ft.
I bo M\ ALLOW.Saturday Afternoon at 5 o'clook.
_ _ fat? o'clock.
Bs?nSaaseags? T'1" conxoodioiu steamboat NORTH
AMERICA, CanuM. II Truesdc* leaves the (team
??wi Pier between Coi tlandt and Lihertv <tns*t?
SLTNDAl AFTERNOON. August 88, at 5 o clock.
For freight or passage apply on board or to
P. ? SCHULTZ, at the ofTico on ihe wharf.
Leaves the Pier between Courtiandt and Liberty-at*. the steamboat
SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. U W. Braiuard, Tuesday, Thunda*
and Saturday ai < o'clock, P. M.
The ROCHESTER, Capt A. !'. St. John, leaves the above plat
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock.
For passage or freight, apply lo
P. C. SCHULTZ, at the office, or OB board
v. '--^v; ?? .thi steamboat DIAMOND, fiom fool ,.t
~~~_*'"~mH r ivsi iul9T.Tb&:S
s pr?? *?j The steamboat OSIRIS, Capt. J. U. Allaire, will
Yn'asTrvTTZ3Lr"' l> ? 'e"ve r'"u'"< Markw slip, East River,
BBjBBsk?evory HonJuy morning, at ii o'clock; Tuesday,
W rdnesday, Thursday, Friday, and Suudny.nt 8 o'clock. A. M., and
Saturday, at 12 o'clock, poo a.
Returning, heave Red Bank at half-past 1 o'clock, every day, (ex
eept Monday) at 10 O'clock, A. M , ai d Saturday, at t P. M.
The boat will run a. above aatil farther notice, navigation aud
weather permitting, tf. R?All freight and baggage at the n.k of the
owners thereof._ jy9 Jin
**The steamboat HIGHLANDER, Captain R.n
Wsrdrop. will leave ihe lVa>t of Warren-.treet, New-York, every
Holiday. Thursday, and Saturd ly afternoon, at 4 o'clock.
Returning, the HIGHLANDER will leave Newburgh every Moo
lav nioruiiig at ii o'clock, aud Tuesday and Friday afternoon at j
For freight or passage, apply to the Captain on board.
N. B.?All bagirage, and freight of every description, and bills, or
specie, put on hoard this Imihi. must be at the n?k of tae owners
thereof, miles, a bill af lading or receipt is - ig lied for the same, jy-t*
?; it I AT A TT K A t'TIUiV '.'.
FARE REDUCED!?12J cents to and from llnr
!>~"Y?lem. The propiietor embrace* the earliest opportu.
? niiv of iuformiag hi. frieads and the public m gen?
eral that he is prepared to ma bis new and splendid line of Stage,
from the North American Hotel. Bowery to De W it C. Kellinger's
Harlem River Mansion House, regularly every half hour in Ihe day,
touching at other intermediate places along the route, and imkiug
their passage through in about an hour.
Neat and spscioui apartment, are fitted up on each end of tho
route for the comfort and convenience of passengers. This new ami
w*|| regulated line running neurly doable the uuuiher of trips daily
dun the t.'sr, do on Iba truck, gives it a decided advantage over tlieiu,
?stoppiag much longer each trip at Kell ager's and smug pa..en
gers .ufhcicul time to partake of every kind of refreshment which
are ulways kept on hand and served up in the best possible manner,
ou term, tuitable to ike times.
llowirv and While Hall Stages run as usual every five minutes
during the day. jy Ulm J. MC It PH Y. Proprietor.
**s*i^~ ? "?"N. LON4U ISLAND HA1L
'4i_Ll BOA l> - The trains upon this
??gps^?^^j^SjQ, road lean- Brooklyn at half past ?
- A. M , hall past I and half past
S P.M. for the several villages on the line wheo stages and convey
ances are in readiness lo convey passengers lo the Sound sine aud to
the Bay and Ocean.
The Irani, reiurn at 7 A. M. and quarter pa.l " P. M., and half past
5 P. M. from Jamaica, affording time to visit and diue al the Marino
Pavilion at Knckaway and other attractive places of resort, and return
the ,ame evening to lown. Ulli tf
N A V I 4 i A T I O N
COMPANY. aiatirtnss
riMIK shove Company are prepared to receive and forward
1 FREIGUT AND PASSENGERS WEST lo all Ports on ilio
Erie Caaai. Lakes Huron ami Michigan, and on the Ohio and Wn
trasJi und Krie Canals, mi ihe moss favorable term.. Pasniliea emi?
grating west, and Merchants will frml it to their advaittagu to call al
their Office, IW Broad ? treet. A Steamboat will start daily at 3 P.M.
fnun the foot ?f Cortluudt street, and three Cau.il Boats of a superior
class ?ill be ?tiirled daily from Albany. For Freight or Passage ap?
ply to NOAH COOK A CO. Iu- Broad street, N. V.
O. M. TOMUNSON dc CO. Albany. N. Y.
E. S. BEACH, do.
A. R. COBB CO. ButUlo, N. Y.
- Proprietors.
COBB. O ATM AN 4 CO. Cleveland. Ohio,
li t vis a SMITH, Pvrumoutb, Ohio.
DOUR, WEftli a CO. Detroit. Michigan.
alO-tf BRISTOL A PORTER, Chicago. Illinois.
'1 a > CJK. A NO EX 4 IRMiOis,, R.?.heiK
'- ..; ^ 'T '''''" 1 '"valid Hemp, toad Harbor, on Sunday morn.
-uj-^.inL, stUg<82i jf lM,. weather should prove favorable.
The largo and commodious Steamboat SUPERIOR, Capt,S. Gould,
will on Saoday BKsraiBg, Aue. 22, leave Chamber.-si. pier at - o'clock,
foot of Hammond at, ai a qoarter past 8, Spring at. at half past 8, pier
No. I, Battery, at a quarter brfora 9, Market-at. at 9, Cathariae-st.
Ferry, Brooklyn, at a qaarterpeal 9, and Riviorton si. at half past
9 o'clock. Returning, will leave llomusunid Harbor at half past i
o'l liM-k, Clen Cow at:?. and New-Roehelle at half past .i o'clock, ar?
riving al the city at an early hour. Refreshments of Ihn heal quality
furnished on board, extra.
FARE 'A't ctft.each way.
The Superior will on Tuesday make Ii>t usual popular trip to tho
Pisbiog B ulk., off Sasili Hieik. m-.s .'i
J?Os K A At AY PAVILIO.N -lio,.- |. K/?"..aivu at
IV half-past 9 *. M., half-pasl I and balf-pnst G P. M.
Returning, lease the Pavilion at 7, quartor-pasi 2 and quirtar-past
I for New-York. Strenger? will lind at this \\ alering Plure the com
Ibrts and ease of a private residence, wah the elegance uid refine?
ment of the uio-t princely establishment on the Coauncut of Europe,
an 12tf
i)LEA?L'KE IN SIIA VINCi bv ihe use of CHAPMAN'S
MAGIC RAZOR STROP, with which >-.v< ry person may keep
bis razor in perfect order, whether at sea or on laud. It presents
four fare-, each of different sharpening propertiea,commencing with
ihn metallic Hone, of ten times the power of the ordinary lioue, and
Saisbing on tho simple cvlf-skin. Retail price, .Vi cents, 7."> cents,
$i 95, anl gl SO each, according to sizoand outward finish,
i'lie performing part of a "'> cent Stiop the .sme a, one at %\ 5<).
I CHAPMAN, 182 u iiliam-st.
N. IS. The performing part of my 75 eeats Stop warraoiad to bo
.tiperior to (ieo. Saunders' beat, at $;{ euch, and the money returned
if ihe purchaser be dissatsstMd. iy:iii
U'OODEN AN O WM I.O H AV A KE.-I. ? ~ .: ,
s'gnul otfer for sale at wholesale and retail. Brooms, Tub-,
Pails, Bra-he.., Mat-, and Baskets of every dccriptio ?. Cords, C-it
dago, eompiisiag a general assortment, and offered for -ale low by
MEEKER .t SHAW, 195 Waahington-st.
aul7 lei opposite llo-Market.
SA KATOCA n .VTEB, from the HiliTie Spriug.-Tse ID
DINE SPRING contains much mure Iodine 2nd Carbonate of
Magne.ia than any Other fountain, consequently is the most powertul
alterative and aperient. It is highly charged with Carbonic Gass
which rendera it a pungent and delightful drink.
A. A KELLOGG, 0? m-r, Saratoga Spa.
Sold at wholesale and retail in New-York by A. B. & D. Sands,
druggists ,70 and Irsi Fulton-st; at ret-ail by David Sand, St. <*?. 77
East Broadway; J. R. Cbiltoe,263 Broadway; Milhaa, 183 Brssdway;
Slocum, corner of Broadway and Chamber..st, Souillard ami Del
luc. *s-l Br?adwav. 2 Park Row; Kush'on St Aspiuwall. 80 Wlllinm-stJ
l)r M.luor. 193 Broadway; Hart.278 Broadway; Ring, fit I Broadway;
Dodd.643 Broadway; CoggeebalL, 4vil Pearl al; BUIinge A RoseHiml
ler,3U Bleecker ?:; BUI, 208 Green wich-at; Jennings A Benoet, IM
Greenwich-si; Burger, 'Ji Conlandt-at,Rotton, i'JcL??t Broadway.
au4 Im _._
0 Ate -Tse ?bscriber la selUng on very favorable terms . general
assortment of Goods in the above line, consisting i* ps? Ol riaMa.
Brass, Japan and Tinned Bits, Harnes ?,.d Buckles. Hogskms, Sadd e
Trce, Coach Lamps. CWh and Gig ^?^ffiksT
Boot Top Leather, Arc. &c. 1? Waior-.traeu
aui lwi?3wn*_ _._
^-s ?kt n a %Ttt\'~->ii) boxes Sperm Candles, assorted sizes, fji salu
C Xr? 'it* ?RINNeEl. M1NTCRN Sl Pp. 7-< South...
T^PlkKTTkrVTTltsfrTMA CL'KED ?Pctnam, Ohio, M?y
1 18 1841 ?Dear gig?Doctor Helmich has used some, e or Hi teat
ties Of VOW Exn.CToas.NT. and 3a.s foasxl dee,de.i benitit His h-alla
belter than for ^?eral years past, an J his appearance indicates de?
nied improvement in health. His confidence U your medicine has
nrtuced f,im to recommend it to his friends, and we are informed thai
manv of them have been cured, and others greatly relieved.
Hr. D. J-vne. Porra * GstsJUSr.
Prepartd onlv at No. 29 South-Tbird street. Phda.telpbin.
sioi/l ,t wholesale and retail hv A. B. St. D SANDS. Driifri?'s. No.
79 and 100 Fulton-.treet, and DAVID .SANDS Si. CO.,77 Last Broad
way. New-York._??'< tm
JLs Nc,. r- V-jsev-at wuo bos avi irniv ver,r?'experience in w-b.?u
cess. i?*4?

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