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XT For the Forcisn Newa received v*-alr-rdriy b?
the Columbia, ?<??? First Page.
For a now Chapter of ? Brtrnnby Budst*
received by the Columbia yeeterduy. aee !*???
Page. ?I ore on Mondays
XT For n carefully corrected Bank Note
JLn?t Page. ^
-.- We printed on Tuesdav aud forwarded to lie BosT"" Ati.a>
Al.s.nv Err- Jct KML -NdTKov WHtr-. K clras eeanurtmng toe Pre
dent'. Veto Me.sge. Tbcave for tt,.. Allan were recent, to coed aw,
son. out those fot the Journ..l a:,i Whig appear sot W have r"*??1
their destination. Why so ! They were pbeed on hoard the ? ? ...
boat S?aJk?r, and the Captain apociaiiy reaeested to eeetnej wen
?Jeliver'd at the earliest nioim nt.
- - We return our hearty thank, loth' Editor, of the Been - At
La? for the.r kindness .n pristine* " Eatra containing ,wm
Ml toe beat digest of th? Foreign Now- -old in our coy yesterday
"1 be favor shall be r?-i|int'd.
? ? We are indebted to the Messrs. Ha?xd?:vs for bringing en our
Eitra* yesterday front ssOston. The StnniugUni h*at, being log
bousd did hot arrive quite so aoon a. tbeNorwich, so ?>? ?sre a iitti
behind our rivals: hut that w.ts no fsub. of the Harudena, of cnur-'-.
XT Advertiseiuents intended fur Monday morning's Tribune n ual
be seut in by IS o'clock thin evenmsr, as the office is not open on Sun?
O* The President has approved and signed the General
?unkrupt bill.
I hi; Tkaii. of the SkrpcMT.?If there are any who be?
lieve we have been too hasty or noon in our condemnation >:
the juggling course pursued by the Opposition, and especiaih
by the Members from this City, in relation to tbe Ban! rupt
Law, wo n?k them tu consider the following facts:
It is well known that, early in the Session, upon the first
test vote, there were abaut 100 Whig and 20 Loco-Foco
"vote* in favor of the bill, being a clear majority of all the
Members elected, (237,) and a practical majority of about
20. Tbe friends t>f the bill felt perfectly safe. |i lt (hey
?were ut length awakened from their dream of security by the
unmistakable evidence of the open desertion ?r secret treach?
ery of its formet Loco-Foco friends.' It wns evident that
there was h\teeret understanding among the < Ipposition thai
this bill must be killed, in order b> bring the Session to nought
and throw odium upon the Whig party ! \V!io(1 the bill was
?II ready to he taken out of Committee and passed, on I : i
day week, they were astounded to learn that the axe wa
ready t?i descend on the neck of the hill! They were obliged
tu appeal to the magnanimity "f the Whir: oto'tirietits of t!.,
measure not to take advantage of this treachery; but aid tie n
to get it back into Committee, which they carried l>v four
majority, against tint whole power of Loco-Focoism. Bui
they wer?- still in imminent peril. On Tuesday of this wet
Mr. Clifford of Maine, one of the most dexterous und un
Mcrupulous of Loco-Koros in the House, contrived to worm in
as an amendment to an amendment a proposition which had
been once already rejected, that this Law should not inter?
fere with Slate Bankrupt, Lairs! This extraordinary,
deadly proposition; unking tho measure not only a farce bu
clearly unconstitutional, for the Constitution authorizes Cmi
gress to establish " uniform laws of Bankruptcy," only?wa
carried, by 99 to ffi votes?only Ingcrsoll, Rhclt, Roose?
velt and Ward, of the Loco-Foce party voting against ii
XfjT Wood not voting. The hill being thus destroyed, wa?
nexl formally knocked in the head, by laying it on the tab!-:
Yeas 1 ID, Nays'J? : on<y Plumcr, Roosevelt, Sauf on/. War
and Wood of the Locos voting; against the motion. [Plutnei
ami Satifurd hud just voted fur Clitlord's fatal amendment ]
Then the House resounded with the jeers and exultations ol
the Locos, who believed ihat the hill was destroyed, carryinf
with it all the Great Measures of the Extra Session, and
breaking up lite Whig patty. All over the Country, ns fas;
as the news could bo disseminated, it was fondly believed,
by those who wished it. that the Administration was ship
but their delusion was short-lived. The Willis imme?
diately assembled in Council, and, after a free interchange o!
opinion, resolved to meet and baffle tho arts of their unscru?
pulous adversary. They had hitherto voted, each man foi
such measures as ho individually favored or his District fe
an interest in; but they found that this was potting the
whole power of legislation into the hands of their thoroughly
disciplined opponents. One HuiCDREB and Ten of them
ttow resolved to act as Representatives for the whole Conn
try, and each vote for such measure? as that Country required,
waning local interests or prejudices. Thus resolved, the,
went into tho House tho next morning. Mr. Gamble i : G ?
moved h reconsideration of tho vote by which the Bankrupt
bill had been crushod. Mr. Cave Johnson of Tenn. ( Loco)
movrd to lay this motion also on the table. This was rejeel
??d : yeas 92, nays 111; only Roosevelt and Wood of the
Loco .Focos voting nay. The reconsideration was now car?
ried.: yens 103, nays i>b' ; only Roosevelt of the Loco Focos
in the affirmative; GCf' Wood n<e\ voting on this vital ques?
tion, though ho could not have been absent unless by design
The original motion to lay ihe hill on the table was now ne?
gatived: yeas 99, nays 112 ; Roosevelt again the only Loco
Foco in the affirmative ; Cr' Wood dodged : Sanford ditto;
Plumer und Ward, who hud yesterday voted against laying
the bill on the table, now voting exactly contrary. .Next Mr.
Clifford's destructive amendment was reconsidered: yeas
116, nays 93: iij" Not one Loco-Foco in the affirmative;
R sosxvttT dodging; Wood voting plump in the negative.
And now Mr. Clifford's amendment was rejected: yeas 90,
nays 1 IS : O" Not one Loco Foco-against it: Wood. I'm -
m kk and .1. B. Da wsosj?. favor of it; Rooskvkh uKJ'st?l
skulking the cote. The bill having now boon slightly amend?
ed, the question was taken on its final passage, which was
carried: yeas 112, nays 106 : Roosicvklt, Wood -;u ! J. i*
Dawsom oeing the only l.oco-Focos in the affirmative,
(Roosevelt having suddenly come to life ;) und every one oi
these having plainly indicated by his course on preceding
propositions his disposition to kill the bill if he could do it
afely. Sanford dodged; Plumcr und Ward voted plump
against the bill, though the latter was pledged to vote foi it.
But the bill is passed, no thanks to them or their party, and
from the l?th of February next will bo the law of the land
And now we usk every intelligent man to examine this sim?
ple record, and judge whether this gieat measure has not
been treated by its Loco Foco pretended friends with studied
hostility and systematic treachery. The open opposition ol
Wright, Ferrit, and the great bulk of the party may be re?
spected while it is condemned; but for ' the hand of Joab.'
which is outstretched in seeming kindness with a dagger in
the sleeve, wo have no feeling short of-detestation.
EGT Hon. John T. Sti'akt, having received his creden?
tials a< Member elect, started posthaste for Washington,
ami arrived in the Houso just in time to vote for the Hank
nipt bill on its final passage. Ho was welcomed with hearty
congratulations. _
cry The Herald yesterday had a coarse attack -n Mr.
Granger for stopping the Sunday Mail to Boston. V, e
th'-.i"ht every man of common sense knew that the Mail
Service for 1S41 teas arranged by John M. Nilet and tht
contracts advertised beforw Mr. Granger came into office.
He had no more to do with the stopping of this Mail than the
Postmaster General of Texas.
Death 1st the Citt Pkiso.\.?A colored woman named
Amanda Bartlett, who was committed to the City Prison on
Wednesday lor vagrancy, died in that institution on 'lliurs
day night, of apoplexy, though attended by the physician oi
the Prison.
Th*. loss or the Erie.?The investigation of the causes
which led to the destruction of the Erie, closed at Buffalo
on Monday afternoon last. After patiently hearitig aJ! the
testimony which could he aaMurisd from the survivors of those
who were on board of her at the time of the burning, the Ju?
rors here unanimously arrive..] at the conclusion that "the Cn*
was cnu?ed by the bursting of one or more demijohns of
-pirits of turpentine standing on the boiler deck and cemmu
riieatirir with the fire in the furnace of the boilers."?that
?? ?aid demijohns hurst by r?a*on of th?* beat of the '???ilcrs
over which they were placed, and that ili? boat had been
lately painted and varnished, and this, together ?i'.ii the b:?r>
wind, drove the flames so rapidly through the boat that it was
impossible for those on board to -top the lire or prevent the
destruction of said boat." They further testify that the des?
truction of the bent was accidental, 'he being in ail re*p*-c;i
completely fVjrnuhed with apparatus for extinguishing fire,
j and tno'P than ordinary means for the safety of the boat and
passengers having hem provided. The jury also recommend
boat owners to furnish their boats with a sufficient number of
ifc boats to sustain all the passengers they may carry ; also,
?is auxiliary, to cany a suitable number of pine or whit^-wood
plank, and that they be so placed as to be easily thrown over?
board; also, life-preservers sufficient for one handred passen
m i -, and that they be inflated and placed in the berth- im
mediately nftrr leaving port.
Lei preventalives, similar to those recommended by the
the jurv, b* established by law, an?i let tiiat law be in every
ease rigidly enforced, and the destruction of human life, by
the burning of hoats, will be far Ies? frequent than it has been
for a few years past.
ICr* 'i he Standard left out the Chapman-bird yesterday
that bad for some days headed its morning advices from
Washington'! It croans about an awful Whig Caucus at
Vir. Web-ter's. at which an immense log-roil was agreed
upon, embracing the passage of the Bankrupt, Land and
(cvenuo bills, the continuance of the present Cabinet, the
confirmation of the important nominations now before tie
i ::ate. &c. Was ever any thing so abominable ? The
Whig Party lias actually refused to tear itself to pieces for
nothing, but virtually resolved iti-tend. in spite of a sore dis
tnpointment, to pas- the Great Measures of Relief which the
Country requite-! HorriSde conspiracy! Slamm, where
ne you ' Have nn Indignation Meeting called ih the Park
brthwith, tell Garry Gilbert to grind out a new ditty, Mon
l>'\vczac to pet up another speech against England and
Vic Leod, with a translation, and have Vanderpot 1 tell the
mil-frog story over attain with trimmings, and not be s,,
lorribly tedious as he was last time. The atrocity of having
mOld Federalist in the Cabinet should be appropriately dwelt
m, and the Resolutions .sent to Buchanan or Rcucl Williams
o lay before the Senate. Something mvn( be done, that's
?crtain. The Whig party positively refuses to destroy itself!
What true Loco'- bristles do not stand erect at the bare idea
if such monstrous, unheard-"! i'iiijuity on the part of British
Bank Federal Whiggery!
The Case or Miss Rogers ami Morse.?As .1. W.
I Morse, who was arrested on suspicion of being the murderei
if Miss Mary C. Hogers, by proving an althi has exonerated
j himself from that horrid charge, and is now in custody only
? i answer a charge of assault and battery on mid abuse of hi*
.vifc iitiiii he can furnish bail in $500 for his appearance for
rial, it may not be improper to state the reason lm assigns
?or having fled from the city, and remained absent until
?rough! back hither on the suspicion ol being a murderer.?
He states, us uro informed, that he was not acquainted with
?li-s Rogers, and firmly believed that the young lady with
?vhom be went to and staid ull night at Stnten Island
?vas no otlior than Mis- Maty C. R 'gers herself; that after
hearing of her death and the discovery of her dead body, he
bought she had destroyed herself on account of the treatment
I 'he hud experienced from him. und that he therefore fl'?d for
ear of being brought into difficulty on her account; that he
i did not discover his mistake until last Thursday mottling,
vhen the young lady with whom ho wss at Staien Island was
brought to the Police Office and proved to be not Mis?
Rogers, but the identical female ho had endeavored to seduce
?.no n dishonorable connection at State? Island.
Whether this is the reason of his hegira to the Last, or a
nere fiction of his own", we leave to other* to determine.
Fire in Main1..?The extensive Woolen Factory at Read
ic-ld, Maine, with all its contents, was entirely destroyed by
ire on Friday of last week. The Factory wus one of the
sest in tin* State, had been just fated up with new and ex
pensive mschinery, and within a few days had received sev?
eral thousand pounds of wool. Loss $35,000. The insut
ince expired about ten days previous to the fire, and had not
seen renewed. The principal losers are Josiah Perbnm and
losiah Perham, .lr.
Murder in Philadelphia.?On Thursday, an aged
female, living in the family of Mr. McCaully, Fifth-street,
Philadelphia, w as attacked in the street by a drunken colored
woman mimed Mary Walker, tin own down upon the pave?
ment, und lind hei skull fractured, so thai she died shortly
ifterward. The deceased was 73 years ol n^e and very re?
[?T" Dr. Henry Vates Carter, an old gentleman well kn >wn
in Philadelphia, where he has many friends, was knocked
down by a locomotive on Tuesday, while on a visit to his son,
who resides on the Columbia Railroad, near Paoli, and dan
porously injured.
CT R. II. Madrn, Esq. lute Editor of the Florence (Ala.)
Enquirer?one of the very best papers in the South, died nt
Florence on the 4th. Also, on the 5th, Rev. James L. Slo,-,
Pastor of the Ptesbytcrian Church in that place, aged -19.
Florida News.?By the way of Savannah we have further
iccounts from Florida. The Indians had shown themselves
again in the neighborhood of Micanopy, and fired upon a
white man belonging to Carver's plantation. He escaped,
however, and having carried the news to Micanopy, a party
of 50 men. commanded by Lieut. Whiting, immediately
started in pursuit. A mounted force, under Lieut. Hanson,
had niso sturted from Wacahooto anil another purty from
Micanopy, under Capt. Holme?. The Indians still con?
tinued to come in at Tampa. Lieut. G. W. Patten, with a
detachment of 70 dragoons and infantry, had started from
Fort Russell, to co-operate with another party from Fort
Kingv (ander the orders, of Lieut. Col. Riiey, of the 2d In?
fi, ttry.) in search of lluleck Titstenuggee. who still remains
indomitable. Great hopes were entertained, however, that
he could not escape these simultaneous scouts. Fort Holmes
is a thdoned, and its garrison divided between Fort Ri;--ell
and Fort King. [American.
The Chatauque brought down, last evening, a male child
about lo month- old. that was picked up in the lake some
distance from the city. It had on a pink calico frock one
w oolen sock, a::d had evetj indication of being one of those
lost from the Erie. Its parents mu>i have been Americans:
[Buffalo American.
StrtciDX.?A sailor in the I'nitcd States service, destroyed
hi- life on board the receiving ship ut Fell's Point, on Tue>
? day evening last, by taking laudnum. Ho had recently come
I on herv from New-York, and w as named Davis Blakely.
[Bait. Patriot.
Rather Sxriocj. Aitajr.?Mr. Thomas Pennington, of
shin piaster notoriety, was attacked and stabbed lust evening
some w here on the York road. The wounds wore represented
by his physicians as n.?t being ditr.gerr.us. [Bait. Am.
Thi Case os Florid.-.*?Dead !?The charge* allcdged
agniest Dr. Eld ridge will probably fall to tho ground at pre?
sent. At the conclusion of the last term of the Court of Gen
j oral Scr-siotis, we understand that tue counsel for thr pro?e
I cution forgot to force the defendant to renew hi* recognizance.
' He is et present liberated from ail liabilities. [Fhii. Ledger.
A H*rrr Escape from a Snare.?A genteel looking
Englishman, of" prepossessing manners and address, a ?h?rt
time <;lc? became acquainted with a handsome, interesting
young widow lady in this city?the adopted daughter of ?ne
of our most re?jhe<::abie and wealthy citizens?and so
? won upon her affections, by his polita and gentlemanly con
? duet, that !:? obtained her consent to marry him : and they
were to have been unite i in marriage tbe present week.?
The disenminatinr eye of the foster father of the lady, how?
ever. fiise.,vered something in the intended bosbasd of his
adopted daughter that induced itispici&n, and caused him to
cherish for the lover the uiixt cordial dislike. He therefore
instituted the most searching enqtriries into his character and
conduct, and obtained from the Briti-h Consul and sons the
most un'nvorable testimony of his utter destitution of merit
and morai worth. He also obtained of the lover of his
daughter a reference a* to hi? character, and he i >on ascer?
tained tlitt tift had been referred to a man 3? w arthle** as
he believed the wooer of his daughter to be.
Not entirely satisfied with this, however, he proceeded to
th" Clerk's office of the Court of Sessions to ascertain w'ne
I ther the name of the man who sought his daughter"- hand,
was not registered amongst those of the felons who had been
before that Court for trial?and was soon confirmed by refe?
rence to the record that H-J. C-(the name of the
devoted, iowr of his daughter)?had been convicted in Sep
tember, 1340. of a constructive grind larceny, in fraudulent?
ly obtaining a valuable pnid watch from Mr. Henry O'Con
ner, nnd had been tcnlenced to the Stole Prison for two
years: bm that in the exercise of Executive clemeney,
C-had beet; pardoned on the ISth March last, and rest?
red to lii-erty.
This intelligence, astounding as it was, was communica?
ted to the young widow, who thanked heaven and her father
for having >o opportunely rescued her from ?0 disgraceful a
connexion, and the shame and misery that must have inevit?
ably followed.
It is needles- to n Id, that Mr. C- was promptly in?
formed by tho rather that if he dared to enter his doer again,
be would be kicked out much quicker than he entered.
We understand that, since this gentle hint, he has entirely
discontinued bis attentions.
Vale College Commencement.?The Annual Com
mencement of \ ale College tix>k place at New-Haven on
Wednesday last. The exercises of the graduating class
were quite numerous, und honorably sustained the reputation
of ihe institution. The degree of LL. I), was conferred
upon Iugustcj B. Loxgstreet, President of Emery College,
Georgia, and Damp B. Douglas. President ofKenyon Col
!ege, Ohio. Edward E. Salisbury, formerly of Boston,
u:i* elected Professor of Arabic and Sanscrit.
On the day previous, the Oration ?n delivered before the
I'hi 13?-i:i Kappa Society by Professor Kdwarh KontNSON,
of the New.York University. At II o'clock on the same
day. an Oration was delivered by Rev. John New land
Maffii?'Genius'?before the Society of ' Brothers in
Unity.' In the evening, an Oration was delivered before the
Linoninn Society by Rev. W. W. Andrews, of Kent, and a
Poem by N. P. WiLl.13, Esq. of this Stale.
Tho Commencement will hereafter be held on Thursday.
ET The Commencement of Wiiliam? College took place
at Williamstown, Mass. on Wednesday. The Valedictory
Oration was delivered by Snmuel G. Wheeler of Puirerson,
N. J., and ihe Salutatory Oration by Timothy Childs of Pitts
field. The Annual Oration before the Alumni was delivered
by Hon. Elisha H. Allen of Batigor, Mc.
CCP The packet-ship Ville D* Lyon, lying at Pier No. ?.
North River, was struck by lightning during tbe shower last
evening. 1 be alter rnain-skysaii mast was shivered, and the
fluid descended the conductor avid severed the hand-rone of
the gang-plank, thence descending into the water, throwing it
on the quarter dock. A man standing w ithin eighteen inches
of the gang-way almost wholly escaped the shock.
On intelligence.
Reported for the .New-York Tribune.
Special Sessions, August 30?Before Judge Noah aad Aldermen
Benson mu.I Williams.
Klizi Allen was tried for stealing a cloth coat, hat and parntnl,
worth from VYilli.un Henry Hngan . found guilty?sent 10 the
Peniteutiary 60 days. John McKinney and Terence Hosey, stealing
a cow worth SSO from George W. Hodden) guilty?Penileittiery 6
months each. Jiliu lleinuur, slealiuit M) Shauisb cigars iroui T. At
A. Hope: guilty?City Prison ?0 days. Williasa Kelly, stealing a
co.ii, tsro set., hat and pair 01 shoes from J?!ni W. Bryan guilty ?
Penitentiary ti m >nih?. James J ickson, black, assault ami battery ou
Ilia a-ife llaiin.in : guilty?City Fr.sou. 20 days. Margaret Shaw i.lias
HcCaddeu, stealing a parse und eha?i;? from Mrs. Margaret Ksut.
Diprharaa ?Frederick S'-hultz and Johannes P.nk,, bargod ?ith
petit larceny, and Ann Hammond, hdward Scofield and Catharine
Graham,charged e ithx-snulta and batteries, worn severally discharged
fur s?. 1 oi evidence.
PoLICK OfFICC?Pasting a Counterfeit Bill.?A unlive of Wales
named William Harrison, who resided at Adolpnus, ;so nidus from
Kingston, t'ppcr Canada, from whence he arrived in this city ou
Thursday . veaing, was arrested yesterday by officer Siepheas for
passing a fcjo counterfeit bill of the Union Itmk of this cit> to Mr.
Fraucia Brow u. iiarmer of Mr. J.srcd !,. .Moore, of No. 11Coaths m
sireet, tu payment for ? siik |itiise, price DSj cents. Mr Itrown, sus?
pecting the bill to be bod, seat it to Mr. Marsh, Exchange Broker,
arb 1 returned aril 1 it. prooounced it a e luaterfoit, and s-ked Harri?
son if be bad any more ofthe kind. He -ant Ii? bad one, which he
pulled out and handed lo hint. Ham- m was then taken by 0nicer
Stephens to toe Police Office, where, in his examination, be stated
thai he bad received the 0ills_on board the steam r K.vpress. on the
passage from Kingston to Osaego, of a geaileman,a passenger on
board, to a h im he gnv> $lo :n Canada bills for them, and was as.nrid
l?y several thai they were good. Ills story may be true, but he w.i<
c iramitted to aasa er.
Amal in ihi Street?Officer Prince John Dvus yesterday arrested
a fashionable iu,l finely oressed young eypriaa named Caroline Mai
l .ry. as she ?ras promenading the street, with her gallant, clnd in ;i*rl
ia a splendid silk dress ?ort.*, $31, which she iad stolen from Alias
Ellen I'ayTor, of 99 Urauge-st, Tbe officer conducted her to tbe Po?
lice c. while her diseonsolau gaduui ? msile tracks ' ia au oppo?
site direction. Ska was committed to prison 10 answer.
Bu'glaru ?The house of Mr. Talbol, ?? Laurcns sU, 'S?? burgla
rio i-.v entered <m Thursday night, and robtstd of property to a con
si lerable amount, nach ul-o being wantonly destroyed, The fainil)
are absent in the country, a female domestic alou" remaining. Tue
robbers have not been arrested.
Charge if Forgero.?Yes crday a person calling hi-name Thomas
Boylaa, sent 10 tie- rial k of New York ai.d presenied lo Mr. Hunker
the 1 -t Teller, a de ck f>r J ISO, pay aide to T. 11 Smith or bearer, da?
ted the 19th August, and sigued Thomas C. Winthrop. The Teller
.Mr. Bunker, knoeing mat Mr. Winthrop always -iirsed his checks
?uh ihe mil a one. f Thomas C Winthrop, ai once knew 11 to be tor
red, aad delaiued the man uiml OUV er Me 'irath was .em for, wno
conducted him tu Ihe Police Ulliee. There he said thai ne s>. *ij
years old. .1 native of Ireland, and that ne had received the check of
Themas lt. Smith, who seal tum with it to pay for -ome sovereigns
1 prisejer eras 10 purchase for mo. He wan, committed ia full to an?
j dir. Ii? I daughter.?A little girl aged betaeen 13 and 14,?Maria
Morn-, who has respectable parents residing in Essex-street, having
been m the habit ol runnii g out, and slaving out at night- until II and
12 o'clock,and having been for the but two mouth- 1? two several
hou-cs of bad repute, where she said .he ?1, violated. ?j, brought
to the Police Office au.l lent to the House wf Kefjge.
Cosonkr's Clrnca?The Coroner helu an inquest on Thursday
night at ihe house ol Ed*ai : Lvuch, No 39.' Monroe-street, on ilie
t>od. of Jonn Perry, aged II mouth-, .on of Mrs. Pue'ie Perry. He
sras catting teeth, and w;.. attacked *itn onrrho-a some weels -nice,
and w?? found bv his mother doad in lied 1 etaaeu 5 and 6 o'cloca on
Thursday morning. Verdict?Died of dyseulery.
Death from an Esphsisn.?Th? Coroner held an in-(?e?l yesterday
si lh-- uouse ol Jo'ju MeGnire, corner of 1st Avenae aud lllb-slreet,
v. the body of Alexander McGutTO, aged S*, a unlive of Ireland. The
ceased resided ia Msw-Jersey anh his family, and on Tu-sdav last
at oooo was engaged inoloaiug rocks on tne lands of Mr. Levant Llu
vin, iie.,r Port U a After applying the milek. be stepped back, the
rii.irer exploded^ and a ttarmeni of the rock striking him on the
forehead, fractured his skuii. A physician was called, who ?xtraeled
several nieces of b me . hut th-- pvieui dn-c on Wednesday, M hours
-firr the accidetit, add ?ras brought to mis city for interment. Ver?
dict, that ho dt-J ia e?aseqaenee of lejaries receired while blasting
rock- ou the pl ?ce of Levant Lilison. in llie state ef .New-Jer-ey, on
the !". Ji ?"?* i iliereby producing a fracture of tae skull.
A-j at the bou?e ol" Jsae MsClnsky. No. Ii Jaeob-?tre<L on the
body of Michael Kairoer, aged 21, a native ut this city. The de
c?asVd bad beeu ill ef cuugl expe-noranon and otaer < onsuraptive
symptoms for two or tnree y esr^ bad no regular physicisn. sad sud
denly dicii on Tbarsday tnoruisg. after beit.g eSeacly washed and
dressed. Verdict?Died of peimoaary EOBaaap?oa
Tbe Coron?r al?o held a inqneet at th' Hur!-?late Ferry, on the
bod) of r. > ird OrrTeo. ?g-d about ST. who kept a grocery in Aotbo
nv-sircet, ne r Orange, aal when out in a -ail-boai ?Ith iwo ?Iber
vox. r men ?.l Tuesday last- the boat was struck by a diw of wind,
drawn into the walerat Harlgate. and tbe deceased drowned?the
others rlTectii'g their e-cape. His body was found yesterday by some
voung mvu ol bis jcquainunce who were searching for it, floating
near tae plate where it sank. Verdict, accidentally drowned.
By tkis Morning's Soathern Vail.
Privat? Correspond?nee.
VVamucto?, An? 19.1841.S P. M
Dear Greelet?All g~* well. Mr. Sergeant wili re?
port an Exchange National Bar.k bil! to-morrow, with a
capital of twenty-one millions. It will receive the vote of
??? ? rv sour.i Whig, after Mr. Serjeant explains its prov.- ins.
This bill will pass the Senate, and be approved by the
President. It will be a most Useful and popular Bank,
j Mr. Clat surpassed himself in his reply to Mr Rives
i this afternoon. It was one of his mightiest efforts. W.
Wasbacinon Correspondence of tie New-York Tribune.
Thcbsdsv, August 19. 1st?.
The iu-per.se is over the anxiausly-expected deliberatioo
by the Senate of the Bank biil and President's Veto has to?
day taken place, in th< presence of a dense crowd in the Se?
nate, who have listened with the utmost silence tor a period
of five hours to this subject.
The mi w as taken up at 12 o'clock to-day, the question
? being, "shall this bill pass V
Mr. ClaT took the floor, and entered at length into the
subject, being compelled to it by a sense of duty, as be said,
although against his feelings. He adverted to the melan?
choly providence by which Johs Tyler was called to the
Presidential Chair. At that event, he had in his own mind
at first doubted the course that would be pursued by him in
the performance of his Presidential duty with regard to this
subject?w hich hail ever been dear to him. ( Mr. C.)?n Bank
of the United State?. But when, in bis InnuguraJ Address
to the People of the United States, he avowed that his course
: in this respect would he guided by the ever glorious lessons
a red example of the Father* of the Republic, he ( Mr. C.)
w as sati-iied. The address was Whig?entirely Whig. Mr.
Clay referred to the events of this Extra Session, their pn>
; tracted deliberations on. and tit length passage of, this Bank
bill by both brunches of Congress. He had not dreamed of
1 a veto: but one had now come.
He criticised, at length, the Message. It treated in too
har?h a manner and made a poor return for lha 16th funda?
mental rule with regard to the location of the branches in
the States, w hich was the fruit of much compromise and con?
ciliation. The President had proceeded entirely on the ground,
in relation to this bill, as expressed in the Message, that
there was but one course for him?to assent or dissent. He
{minted out two other courses. If the President hod Consti?
tutional scruples as to signing the biil so loudly called for by
the people, ke might have withheld action on it for ten days,
and it would then, according to the Constitution, havr be?
come a law. He conceived that there was nothing dishonor?
able in this course. The other was according to Mr. Ttler's
example, when n Senator, if be could not comply with the
tns'ruciiont of the people of the I'nioa, his constituents,
two-thirds or three-fourth- of whom desired a bank, he could
have resigned his commission. Mr. Clav did not ?ny that
he wished for this, fur from it. but he was showing the three
courses that might have tak??n, instead of the one only, as
the Fresidcnt had assumed. The Veto had been interposed
against the wishes of a largo majority of the people, of both
Houses of Congress, against the unanimous opinions of a
Cabinet, aguinst the opinions of muny fathers of the Repub?
lic, of Washington and Jefferson and Madison, and against
the affirmative decisions of six Congresses, as to the Consti?
tutionality of a bank, with no Congressional decisions against
But it was vetoed ; and the question notr tr?.r. what course
they should pursue ; should they give up all their measures
because they had lost one. and divide the party and disap?
point the hopes of relief indulged in by the country, from it 1
No. they should pass other measures, und return to their
constituents knowing that they had done tall that men could
do under the circumstances. Thero were now attempts
made toagreoon some other plan that would meet the views
ofull the Departments of the Government. He told his
friends who were exerting themselves in this, to go on, God
speed them! He would not hinder them ; he could not tell
whether le> would vote tor a measure they might get up?
that would depend on its form und principles ; if they admit?
ted he would aid them by his vote to establish such an agency.
M. Rivfc*. answered sercatem the Senator from Kentucky,
and wont into a full, clear and forcible defence of the Presi?
dent, who had aetvd in conformity with his known and open?
ly avowed, and always consistent principles, from a doubt of
it* Constitutionality. As to letting the bill lie over teu dnv*
?this course of a back-door retreat, and escape from din per?
formance of duty, was not consistent with the promptness and
rectitude of a noble Virginia spirit. The President had not
been elected by Congress, as by the Legislature of Virginia,
when not being able to comply with their instructions, he
took tho patriotic and rnaoly course of resigning his seat
in the Senate of the I'nited Stale*; but was elected by the
people, and the question ofu Bank of tho United S?ite* )m*
not bem decided bv the people, bur that issue has been
shrunk from. He believed that the Sub-Treasury, thw pet
bank system, the old fashioned United States Bank, and now
the new ?? Fiscal" Bank having failed, some plan of regula?
ting the currency should be devised?not a* a party measure,
but one in which the country might uxite. It should 1?- cur?
ried to the people, and their will, and the experience of prac?
tical men should be brought to aid. They should pass the
other measures of the session, and return to their constitu?
ents. They could not arrange a firm und permanent financial
j system at thecloso of the session, and at a period w hen more
j diversity of opinion than ever before existed on the subject,
without further deliberation and consultation of the people.
Mr. Clat replied, expressing hi* surprise at tin* latter
view of the Senator, and hi* desire that they should give to
the people before they adjourned, what they were crying for,
, above every thing else, a financial system for their relief.?
'. He replied with much excitement to wt.ner arguments of Mr.
, Riv ks, anil at times with profound elixpier.ee. Hi.* remark*
1 elicited a rejoindei from Mr. Rives, in bis accustomed abil?
ity and eloquence. A conversation arose between Messrs.
archer and Clat, which was of much interest, and of
! which, as of the preceding, not even an outline is hen: given.
The question was then taken, according to the Constitu
' tion, on the passage of the bill: it wa* lost by Yeas 25, Nays
I 24? twst-lhirds not qoting therefor.
In the morning hour, a resolution of Mr. Wrioh r, instruct?
ing an inquiry into the expediency of the appointment by the
President and Senate of eommi*.*ioned officers in the Reve?
nue Cutter service, was adopted.
The resolution of Mr. WooDBURT, instructing the Com?
mittee on the District of Columbia to inquire into the nature
! of disturbances in the galleries of the Senate, at the passage
: of the Bank Bill and the reading of the Veto Message, and
at the President's House the night of the Veto, and into the
proper measures for repressing similar distutbar.ee* in fu?
ture, was discussed briefly, and laid over to the next Session
; s( Congress.
The Disirib'-itiaa Bill wa* taken up and an amendment of
Mr. BtNToN to give the new States 12? instead of 10 per
, cent, on the sales of ihe lands, and one of Mr. Clat of Ala.
to reduce after a certain time the prices of the lands to one
dollar, and then, to seventy-five cents per acre, were rejected.
j In the Hou??, th? amendments of the Senate to theForti
fiauion bill were taken up in Committee of the Whole, and
after some consideration, several being disagreed to in Com
? mittee, the bill wa* reported to the House, and it tbeu ad?
journed. _ Argus.
By and irtth the advice and content of the Senate.
Washington Barrow, of Mississippi. Charge d\\fFaire*
at the Court of Her Mo.t Fa:tht"ul Majesty the Queen of
i Tortugal.
AxbRose Bauer, of Georgia. Charge d'Affaires near the
'. Government of Sardinia.
Joh* S. Pendleton, of Virginia, Charge d'Affaires to
; tho Republic of ChilL
j Jam.-' S. Cajlhol-5, of Georgia, Consul for the Port of
j Havana.
CasTMAN** Matic Razoa Srsor.?The following direction, ahoi?]
V carefully observed, vix : The hoo? ?? to b* a?ed ?bra the n?ot
has a round and thick edit*.?buh mav be ?a.ily determiaej by i-.
itracult? experienced in ahavitg clost ly. Lay your razor tJat oc
kone. press lightly and propel it against the edge and gire ths Jt .
at tion u?cd in hoairg.
After u*e. wipe tbe hone with a woolen rag to four the See pari |
-:????>:-?;. which hare a tendency to till up the aar? ifallotred
Direrixemj for '?trappt?* oa i, 3 end L?La? your rvror the
pros* lightjy, and draw it from be* I :?> point, not against ih- ?dje.
ia heniue. but ia the u<aal manner. Li the process Of^atroppiae
iraa-ihr e-Ige of the raz 'r a few tiui ?? siroas the thumb nail, if ,.
passe, ov-r ?moolbly. it is tit for use : if not so, continue to strap
No. t. Five minutes ia ample tun? for pulling a dail razor ia ivrfs. |
order. Retail price* 50 cents to $1 5''?warranted to please, or tis
uoney returned. auti Iaw4w 103 WiUum ?u-~i.
T??o Original and BeaBtil'al Fn?rit? inj;?.
THE NEW WORLD tor the week ending August Jl COatShu .
L THE DEFORMED?a novel of the deepest interest b> the an
thorof " Woods and Kb 1.1.."
IL BARNABY RUDGE- new chapter*, with au illustrativ, e. j
graving madeexpressly Ibrthe-N'ea World.
III. JERUSALEM \ Skitck- with a superb Engraving i
hills and walls ol the Sacred City. 1
IV. AN ORIGINAL POEM, by Mrs. Skip: s.s.-> ? with ?:\ otne> I
Original Poems, by Mr*. Mowatt, Miss Crawford, Renrj I f
Watson, Park Bcnj imin, .sc.
V*. THEATRICAL REMINISCENCES, inclu.ling raemorialt
Mrs. Siddons, Miss O'Neill. John Ketnhle, Bannister, ?sc. fcc
VI. THE SrECTRE SHIP OF SALEM, a story front Blackwoodi
VII. THE WORTH OK THE MIND- As Esnt by Rev Oavti 11
Dl ?iv.
VIII. THE RIVAL?A love story with a moral.
ARTICLES?ranging trom grave to'gay.from lively to se. I
v ere "
XL FOREIGN NEWS, by the Columbia.
TERMS?$3 a year in advance 6} cenUsingla- *i perhtu>
ilred. Sold by Wtchell, .V w-Uaven ; Smith. Newark, N. j . Bai
bcr. Albany and by th? Agents bfthe Tribune; generally.
OtBce30 Ann st. suiO St J WINCHESTER Pnblishei
THE FALLS OF NIAGARA?VA tw Kt iL Watbb?Every pee
son who hss any taste or respect for the Fine Ar's. will surely \;.
this exhibition, now open .vt the American A cad my of Piae Art?, Bar
clny-st three doors below the Astor House, everyday andeveaiii
tiwil farihcr notice. We are sure that uo oue can fail to be grstitie.
*ith this new and novel representation of the GnnATEST Cwatosn is
rnt Wobi.d. Tut Falls cover more than 3?0 s-piare feet. Admit,
lance 23 cents?Children under IS years of age, half price.
JT The application of REAL WATER in ? Panoramic Vt<? ,.,
?or ihe Flits I TIME, introduced mains, as the indispensable, ,,.,?,
to make the ? ' cl perfect. It is areu ru-hing over rocks and pre,.
pises, and t ng with the river below. Every house, bridge, aad
roek attack* . u u- location is faithful y represented in forui snu\?
loriug The reflection of objects on the 1h>.oiu oflhs user predated
by Real Water, gives a pleasing illusion to tbe whole scene, and run.
veys a mosl accurate ides of the Falls and neighborhood, au'Jl lr
Just Published,
The Politician's Reffiafer l**>r 1841?A Compilation ol
Italurns of Voles csst to tho several Stsles of the Union, arranged to
Coaaiios, alphabetically. It. Hotuci GnesLBV. Sixth Edition, ss
isrgisd. For ?a|e at the office ,,f me New \ "rk Tribune, ,N.>. ,le Van
street Price*single copies, 25 Cents, or $1-,30 per hundred, (.V,
au2l 3lTYC
XT Charles O'ltlalley, the lri?li Dragoon.-TV
whole of ihis popular story of Military Life can bo had at the oft
of the NEW WOULD, published in quarto uiimbers. All psrsoat
paving a year's subscription "ill receive ihe Firs'. Volume snd sob
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salarged Volume, hegmnine lal nf July, can be obtained. 8ubsci
nun price $3 a year. OUce 30 Aaa-st au'.'l II |
I From ths Courier sod Enquirer.| i
XT Chapman's 7j . n, 11 i, 11 o is e ssinl It is a o r Ntrop i
much commended by the inventor, aud from a trial of its rirtnss ??
stlinit that ho his some reason to "crow" over it. Manufactory \<1
William-slrcoL 01) jy3u Im*
.1 in I ion .Nolice.
The large and extensive Furniture Sale this dav, by F. Colton, u
Leonard, at tirst house from Broadway is deserving sttealioi
Consisting of every description of Furniture, such as M , hog mj Cb i
Sideboards, Socretanes, 1,'nrd and Centre Tables, PianoF< rls, gefa
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the Kitchen Furniture. (V!) A.
{Jfjr- Aurtiou IVatice.?The extensive sale of elegant rum.
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in the large rooms 33 Ann mid IIS Pulton-streets, will he f und 'I
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Frrnch plntc Pier (Jlusses, marble-top Tables Book-Csses, Ar
au2U iU* THUS. HELL, Auctiournr
I Cotninunxcaled |
Slwmkb CeMPLAl?T.?Wa ha e beard of several cases of p?rs,ce
especially children suffering from Ihr Summt r Complaint. Tin?
-on is prolific of fruit; and ns ,i natural cen.e.juence, now that UM
hot weather is upon us, w? m.i.i expect sickness. Ths best, been;'"
tried, and most approved remedv lor this disorder is Wheeler's Hi.
sam of Noisatello. It is universally elBeacious,and i? as good uspr?
realative j. ;i cure, it mat be used with equal safety by lefaaU ? :
grown up persons. S?e sdvvrli.etnenf. ('i) su'JI
i T Romnnism.-The Itev. Unas. Ssabbv, ageol i" the Asi
rican Protastaai Re for ma lion Society, who h?- devousl the lastaii m
-even year* in the cause, will preach oa the ?ui?je,.t ofRom*aism,Ts j
morrow (Sunday) Afternoon, tu llie Rev. Mi Nicholl's, tad in til I
Eveuing in ihe itev. .Mr. Floy's, Methodist Episcopal I um u, Brenk
lyn. su2I If CHARLES K.MOORE, Ree Sec
I ?' A Cnnip raeetittp1 alHbe held at Haddam, Pfew-Htu
District, t.numeace on the iitb of September ?e.si. The grori Ii
beautifully situated oa the bunk of the Connecticut River, nesrl) *f
posits the Fast Haddamfaudii ?:.
New-Haven, Aug. IStl. attSI lawH*
XT t'ity Tract Society.?Tbe Hoard of the New-Vork I
Tract Society will bold ? public meeting for the reception if ib? Be
Iiarts of the Hissionariss for the last month, si the Baptist Churei
corner of Broonsa am! Norfolk-streets, Monday Evening, 83d tost -
Devotional ext reise* t., be commenced it T, snd tin '"hair iskeu at"
o'cl'xk. Christian* of all denomination are Invited to attend.
nuJI If l-AAC ORCHARD, Secretary
XT House Cnrpcntern, s ineeti .? of the Hou*eCarpe*
ters of lbs <'.l:e. of New-York and Brooklyn desirous sfformisj II
Asaocistion to improve themselves iu Carpentry and Arcbilect*r?
will be held at Warren Hall, formerly known as' Union 11*1, cornet
of Oliver and Henry-streets, on Moide. Evening, August Wd.si !
o'clo<:k. au'JI It
XT Ta Country Merchaute.?School Books anal Mlsc*l ?
neons Works of svery deseription supplied to order on the iaon
favorable ternia by .?.A.MIT.L < Ol.wAN,
anSO lwis* _ 14 John-sfreet, ap stair*.
From the \e-. Wor : of March 20, 1840
rrMaunilcr-s' Patent Melnlie Tablet Itazor .*llrop.
If the old mono. " Experieoiia dot et,' can be aatisfactorily proved i?
any matter, it certainly ::an in aa instrument like this. We luve ha
one in u-e fur noire thati a ye?r, snd therefore -peak wnh full ko"*
leds-c when we assert that lion is by al1 odds the best RaxorStrop*<
ever Baad?and we Have h.nd fifty. What sn edge it gives' bo'
smooth and lue? tine! The Razor, after being drawn across IU ??'?
face a few limes, _? . :.? over the face line waier, an i renders ;l?'
delicately -oft us thai of a Mi-, ia her teens.
The Sirop may b-i nlso re, osnmended for its durability. It rem?'?
in excellent order, if properly taken Care of, for years, and if can hart
all its virtues renewed when liisy are gone. To the properties of I
?lrep it adds I bat of a Hone, ami one need not risk the propertie, >
a good Rs/c,r bv coinmilto g it to the hnnds of a barber. Cemni'il
I as, ws say, commend as lo Summimf Strop, and no other. If then
be another in or on lot thia Republic e-iual lo it, It has not fallen wita
in tbe reach of our not liinite.' observation. G. SAUNDERS,
*u iil If Inventor and Manufacturer, Its'! Broad**)'.
?V? Rtsrs.:, I - mooisskts.
%W SBTS-.6 4ti j HI6H WaTKB.I|
Lit. rpool. July 20. 1 Havre, ind'rect. July 17. | .V Orleans. July '-<
Bnrks Rothschild. Lawry, Madeira au2 Teaeritfe. Bnto ?c >oar
Annakau.;, Wilson, Vera Cruz, P A Har/.-,ns, Br bark Caroline Vob a
maon, Bremen, NolteuiusAt Porenatun.
Bngs Con-tiana. itallard. liardmer, Me; Sea Island, Br*g. Cberr,.
fie d, Me, R P Buck. ,
Schrs Aaierica, Smith, ichmond; ?ieo Poilok, ?co^ Newburn, >
C; Hetty Town, Crowell, Bo.ion.
Ship Konnohas-ett. Watermao, Canloo 113 ds, teas aid silks t?
Howlaad at Aspiuwall. .
Skip John Cumuung. Tbiyer, Liverpool W 6., iud.ee to Taylor * t
Merrill. ?, . u . *
?ark Bincey, Paine, Stockholm 4H ?!>. iron to John H Howlam., *j
&? Co. _
Sw bark Wi?ielmina. BfoVgeSOO, Gclfe S*. ds, iron to Boonnaa.
Jobnsou A; Co. ? ? ,
Bark Rapid. Ward, Havan* 13 ds, sugar t. M Ta; lor.
Bng Kosato, Cook. Can la D* Arena (Central America; 13x ds. loa
go Sec to JohnT I>*ieh.

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