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?ale. at the Stock Kicbeogf. A?iP?-* '--??
IX B.nk Mil l? dc*Bk of State N-Y. 97
do "....bn?t'wk n| do k't?..i?gto-RR ... :rj
^ So Del &Hud....irfm 109 60 do . ?j
50 , do ...10?1!50 do Harlem.. 224
SO 1? L\.|08i| 23 do do. 23
g f fe""'.t??& 109 j 90 do do. W
5 7.V t Trust ....slOds 71 M do do.b-TOd 23
* JK do".blOds Til 25 do Mohawk. 60
T:., .ale. ofState Stocks were?
13,(*d Indiana Bond?.
x(X?i do do.
anoO do do.
3,000 do do.
'sjS*Stau- Five"and a^HalYper'Centi!".*.'.'.. 9l J
mii?.i iute Fives, 1855. B5|
CemmrrcirtI und .'Iuh y blatters.
- Friday, P. M
Then- *** J Httlobetter feelinr at the stock board; this morning.
Xbe tales were to a fair amount and prices unproved aomewh :t. In?
diana Bends closed at an advance of 1, L'tica and Scheeeetad)' Rail
road. ?ad Canton Co. 1. Long Island Railroad of $, and Delaware
aod Hudson and Harlem Railroads I. CM. Bank closed ut y est er
Hay. prices.
ExcasncB.?Foreigne?Bat little if any thing doing to-day in bilU
on I/iodon. Thetominal rate is el. Domestic?Tbe board quota
uoio to-day : ,,B Philadelphia 96{a97, Mobile91 i, N. O. 951*06.
U5ITCD States Loa*.?The National Intelligencer of yesterday
contains a notice from tin. Si rretnrv of the Treatury, thru be wilt r?
teivB proposes at the Treasury until the S6th August, for tin- -uii
i-riptinB afone million ofdoitan?a part of the Twelve Million Loan
autftorir-e.l by law.
We understand that large orders for Flour came out ?;? die amer,
but limited so low that ifiey canaot be executed. Flour holders to?
day arr very firm at 6,25 for Western and G,37j a fi.o-'i for Southern'
The sains have heen considerable and little or none can now he
bought less than 6,371. for Geneva, ar.d $(1,25 for Ohio.
rSjiW-h nt Anclion.
By L. M. Hoffman 4t Co.?Teas, imported ih the ships Lehigh. Gi?
rant, arc. Term*, satisfactory notes at six. months, payable in this
eitv. Young Hvson?4to kf chesu 79J cents; 90 do do 71K 90 do 77; 38
dodo 7 chests 76; 25 do do 72; 75 do do 711; lOOdodoOCJ; 25 do do
66; 40 do do 641; 45dodoC4j 131 do do 63}: 38 chaste 61}; 10 do 60;
2-- do 59}; Tt hfdo 59; 88 chests56}; SI do 21 hfdo 56; 28 hfdo .'.f.j:
"3 do do .'itl; 15 do do (2?5 hfchests withdrawn)?20 do do 1J; 193
do do 42}.
Hyson?3 hf chests extra Curious Tonge.ua *l ?5; 15 chests Footae
581, (95 do withdrawn;)
Gunpowder?30 hfchests 95 cem-: 11 do do 67 : go do do 64; 15 do
do63J;.'.2dod>i62f;>-n 1211. boxus 71}: 120 do do 06; 300 131b do 02},
so i ases each 12 21!> canisters ^1 cents; 7.r> do da 7TJ.
Imperial?2.". hi" cheats rJ4 cents; :> do do '.'); 7 do do70; 2Gdodof65];
15 do do 64}; 100 121b boxe, 02J cents; luo ,t0 si; (3-jg Idlb bzea a ith
Hyson Skin?30 du sts 43 cents, (389 withdrawn.!
Powchong?10 bf cheats .".lif. cents; 50 do do .r.n.
Cassia?1000 mats 17 ci ins. same price offered for more.
Indigo?50 ( eruoiis Cars ecus at $1,22 a 1,26; 3 do mlat 1.02 a 1,0-1.
Magnesia?I casks at 30c._
XT Now publishing in weekly numbers at 61 cents per number,
to he completed in If numbers, und will contain 120 engravings.
Year 1834. An affet ting narrative of tho lo>- of the Chu'lc- Eaton
on the crest barrier rrsjifof Now-HoIIaud, und the massacre of nearly
all the ship's company hy the natives; w ith u journal of the prucei d
iugs oil hoard of the tcbooner Isabella when in ?enreh of the su'fi
vors, mid the rescue ol the infant, William DDyley, from the Polyne?
sian t'sHiiilials.
1-.17 A narrative of the wreck of the brig Regulator, off Plymouth,
iu Ma? sachusetts Bay.
1835 The singular preservation of James r.ro k. the- Beachmam
who was capsized inayuwlofl? Yarmouth on the eastern coast of
Kurland ; and bis providential r.-scue, after swimming mure ib.?n it
1637. A detailod journal of the proceediaga on board the steam
packet Home, wb'ch sprung aleak off Cape Hatteras; with a melan?
choly account of her subsequent loss on Ocracuke Island, off the coast
of North Carolina.
1837. Ilnrriil piirticii'urs of the proceedings on hoard of the ship
Frai ctfl Spaigbl, which foundered in the Atlantic Ocean.
1817. The Pamper** of tho Kio de la Plata, with the remarkable
narrative of Mr. George Pracker, the sole survivor of the crew of
the ship Jane; his escape to the shore, and perilous situation while
uiikoiir the Guachas of South America.
1821. Tbe remarkable narrative of tho ship Sea-Fox, which was
capsized by a squall in the Atlantic Ocean, with the sufferings of lour
of the crew , who were confined iu the forecastle three days ; and their
rescue from ihis perilous situation by catting through the dcek.
1618 Extract from the log-bonk of the ship Oglethorpe, w hich w as
-itin-k by lightning during a voyage from Savannah to Liverpool, Inl?
ine an account of the proceedings on hoard ihul vessel when on lire.
1632. The wrack of the American tV'hale .Ship Mentor on tbe Co?
ral Bteeft of the Pelew Islands ; with the captivity und escape of Ho?
race Holsen and Benjamin H. Nute, who for two years were subjected
to unheard of sufferings among the buibarous inhabitants of Lord
North's Island.
1619, Dr. Maddea'a Narrative of the noble concoct of Capt. Collins
of the Pai ket Ship Rosciui of New- York, in rescuing the officers and
rrrw of the English Ship Scon i, winch was water-logged iu the At
laatic Ocean.
1837. The melancholy account of the loss of the Steam Packet Pn
latki, oil' fiipe Look-Out on the coast of North Carolina, occasioned
by the explosion of the steam-boiler ; with the narratives of the suf?
fer i u u - and affecting scenes which those passed through who survived
the catastrophe, whilst floating on fragments of the wreck, und in
reaching the shore in boats.
1635. The burning of tbeShip Sir Walter Scott, w hich was struck
by lightning
l-Jti. The famine on board of the Ship Frances Mary which f-.nu
dered in the Atlantic Ocean.
1638. The heroism of a Steam boat Engineor, during a gale ou Lake
l-;t.-. The history of Rambornugh Castle, on the North-eHStera
-mist of England, with the heroism ol Grace Oarliug, of the Long
?toni Light-bouse, in rescuing the shipwrecked company of the For
farvhire Steam-packet
I8d5. A diary of the wr?ck of II. B. M. Ship Challenger ou the
Western coast of Souih America, with au account of tbe encamp?
ment of the oflSc iis and crew, duriar; a period tf i??> iiionths. on the
South coast of Chili, and their subsequent adventures on tho plains
oi Mo'ynilla.
1835 Nautical skill evinced in extricating the Frigate Pique from
her periloas situation ou the rocks of Lahrndor, where she lost her
keel i and the passage across the Attantie, during winch she loal bar
ruddei. and w a? strt red fifteen hundred miUl truhout u?v
18.16, Affecting Accident?a child overboard,
1837. Tbe stranding bf the Barque Mexico, on Hempstrad beach,
miiiIi shore of Long Island j hy which catastrophe one ktrndrtdottd
sirtrt n lirrs vrrt lott '.
1805 A graphic description of the perilous situation mid pre. eed
iugson board the Ship Centaur of 74 guns, Capt. Henry Wlntby,
during a hurricane axperienced by a squadron under the command
afCominodore De Courcy, in which she sprung u-ieak. and was dis
masted. and thereby prevented from joining Lord Nelson's Meet, and
taking her station in the line at Trafalgar.
1832 Some particulars respecting a Japanese vessel whil h leached
Woaboo, one of the Sandwich Islauds. after being blow a oil'the coast
of Jajinn am! drifting on the ocean ne,rly u year.
Mu. Light day- on board of a burning ship, being the proceed?
ing-of the officers and crew of the Barque Burlington,which was
-trink by lightning and burnt in t lie Atlantic Ocean. ,
1585, Shipwreck of ihc Portuguese Admiral Fernando DeMea
dmta on the Bassas do Juida, in the Indian Ocean ; with the affecting
proccedtngl of two brothers.
1835. Tue to., of the Royal Charlotte on the coral rocks of Frede
nek's reef. w ith a narrative of thn sojourn and suffering- of bcr
nampaa) on 'hal low place, during the VOJ age of iho lone boat to New
Uolland for assistance and the airival of a vessel for their relief.
I 16, Th" !,ea of the Barque Medusa, an English West ladiaman,
which was driven on the rocks of the Colorado:: reef, off the Island
of Cuba.
I8J6. The conflagration of the steamer Royal Tar, in Pcaobscot
Bay, offthe coast of Maine.
1803.-A terrible Typhoon, encountered by the ship Fanny in ihc
Chine-e Ocean , during w hich she lo-t her foremast and rudder. Aller
reaching tae Island of Hainan, she ???. blown ?ffthe coast, and lost on
a reef of rocks, whore hercompany buill two Boats, in which they
embarked, and reached Malacca n distance of Wrrrn hundred int'/rs.
18.3. The miraculous escapeafa Lascar, who w as washed overboard
during a gale in the Bar of Beog d. and after swunmiag thirteen hour-,
with mi ai v support. wu> picked up by a passing ship.
1838 Au account of the ? -eck Ol th" brig Ainu, on the coast of j
Ka-t Florida, und the masacrc of tho othe rs an 1 part of the ci. ? bj
the Scrum du ladiaBa ; a?d the uscaiH' and subsequent advealure* and
-ulferngs of two Of the ?rew.
1333. Ad tail of the terrible proceedings on board of au Italian brig
the Eapiriio Santo, in which the Plague broke out, .luring a voyage
from Al^adria towards Leghorn ; by which awful visitation l!i?
crew tmeame unable to manage the v essel, and she was wrecked ne?i
Castle Rosa, on the ao&4 of aKramaaia in the Modiurraaeaa Sea.
1837. A descriptive sketch of the River Mississippi, with illustra?
tive auocdoiM of ita dangerous navigation; and an affecting ac?
count of the buraiag of ihn Ben Sherrod.u .-team io.il on that nr--r.
1-.:'.. Aa interesting account of u boat containing nine Natives
which was blown Off the Maldive Islands in the Indian Ocean and
w as swept bj a South West Monsoon across ihc great Bav of Bengal
to the coast ofSiam, o ditunce tf nurt th n ties thousand miiet.
1808. The tights adveawrosof the crew of the Russiau Ameri?
can Company's ship, the bt. Nicholii. during a sojourn of a) ear
amongst :li- hostile Natives of th* North-Wast Coast of America.
1823. Phe sufferings of four negr.wjs, vrio escaped from lf"' S*?
chellea Islands, in the Indian Ocean, aad were picked up in the Mo?
zambique v.'hanuel.
1838. The explosion of the Steamboat Moselle at Cincinnati, "a the
Ohio Kiver. COOlaiuing a minute dcteil of that tcrribls' eves', and of
the tremendous force of the steam.
1?J3. The unknown fate of M. Or Blosseville, of the French bng
of war Silloise, who snilod on a voyage Of discovery to the Arctic
Ocean, and never returned; with the detailed journals of the three
voyages undertaken by the French Goveruuent m search of this cele?
brated but unfortunate navigator and hn comrades.
1810. a v ii id description of the burning of the Steamboat Lexing?
ton, during u winter's msht, on the waters of Long Island Sound.
For -ale. w holesale and retail, by ISRAEL I"OST, r>s Bowery.
au20 3its
CT .'t^echanic?, Society ?chool.?The School Committee
would respectfuBy inform the former patrons aud the public gene
lallv, that this institution will be re-oi>ene<l on Monday the ot
August. As there are at present some vacant seats, those wishing to
make application can do so by calling at the Bookstore of H. dr S.
Keyuor.7o Bowerv, whore a book has been l?ft for that purpose.
' P.S._Those patrons who wish to relaiu seals for their children
1 or tha next sessi?u, and who have not given notice lo that effect, will
y love do so before the re-opening of ike School.
au4 eoiOwU* JAMES MORRIS, Chairman School Committee.
XT ."Venice.?The Proprietor of the Wavetley Line returns his
thenk?. to the public for the liberal patronage iKey bat s extended to
ward? him fr?m ibe commencement of the Line." Ha'. 11 g fotiud that
his low rate? have resulted in a great increase of patroi are sod of
, profit-, he is induced to rentier the fare in his l.ne still cheaper, aad
: aeo.rdingL- rue- notice thai from and after ibis date ihe fare ml!
he bi cents or a Waverley I.; e :i set. So other tickets will be re?
' ..'?* ^'xpence sril) l.e rrce,;,,iin the Night Line, aad aba from
Kibte's Garden no extra charge. :iwj GEO. W. HO.MA.V
ET \n agreeable and benlthy Recreation in the
Afternoon.?No pleasantcr or more sttrsctive jauetcr.n be made .1;
this season of the year, than by nkine a trip to Hoboken and a wait
1 alone the shady and picturesque bank, on the ruarirn "f the rrrer
! As an ?ddmonsl indurement Ibis summer it is generally admitted that
the walks and croun.'- of this charming, spot are n..w more beautiful
. lhan ever. Access i- rendered easy frotn different parts oftiisi ity by
the Barclay, Canal, and Christopher street Perries, the Beat- on which
have been newly and coas/oTtably refitted. In the ? venire the Canal
street Kerry Boat runs until ten nVlork from Hobohea. jylO Cwis
1 ID" To the Public?Tie .11'"riber'ukcs the liberty of present
ling to the public the following.letter from t highly respectable :-n
tl nmn of this city, in reference to the enecUoftbe celebrated paedi
cin?The l.'n >tm ofjUoscatt'.lo?w ?..of Cholera Morbus, Diar?
rhoea, A c. The und? isigood take- tins opportunity ?f stating ihm he
basin his possession hundreds of similarly gratifying testimonials
fr.nr. the most ri?pectaV>le irdividuals ??f tin- ami other cities . snfB
cieat to assare the most sceptical and unbelieving that, as a remedy
for bowel complaints in adults, and for the summer ? ? mphint of chil?
dren, it:- balsam is i'?m ?1 safe, certain,and valuable in the world.
J WHEELER, Ot ulist, 33 Greenwich st. near i?e Batte ..
"DearSir? Si w-York, Aug. 17,1341.
Win!- ?HtTerio; a few days -inte from a viol- ut attack of the Cho?
lera Morl 11-. I was recvmmeiided by a friend to nuke a trial of your
Balsam of Moscatelie, (of the celebrity of ? Wich I had not Isefore
heard.! and I was as much gratified a- nslonUhcd Jr> Sad tha: ihe Sr>t
: nine-glass full I took greatly ameliorated nir pains, and thai, ontak
: ing a -?-i:.ind dose, I got completely teelL With :!?? bottle winch I
bad from you. I rcceivi d .- 1 amphlet ? ontaiuicg the nun-, of several
! gentlemen wed known in the city highly rucomntendii g your modi*
' ciue. and I do i,'l kteev 1h.1t I can render .1 better servieeto tli? |s.-il>.
lie than by adding my name to the list If yon think proper to use
' it for such a purpose, you ure -jnife at liberty to do .0.
Vour's Ac L017H.MARK, 153 Water-st
Dr.Wheeler,33Greenwich-sL auISSw cor Meiden-lane.
XT The New Comic Ali'iianar for ! s l i ?
ar.! Ann dole, nnd embellished with forty designs ?fler Cruik.hunk
and others
THE MUSICAL ALMANAC for 1343, an entirely new anair, com
' prising 14 pieeea or Music, Musical Anecdotes, Ate.
Published and for sale by S COLMAN,
SnSO I? 1-" M John-street, up stairs.
CT 8nbacriptianw for New-York Hinte T?enu_So
? tice is hereby itivm in.,, the loans opened at ihe office 1 f the Man
hattaa Company, in the city of New-York, and.at Ihe State Bank in
the city of Albany, for subscriptions 10 the loan of Three Millions at
1 Dollars for carrying on the nahlic works, teilt be closed on Saturday
the 21st day of Augustiastat 3 o'clock P M.
L. BRADISH. Lieut.Governor.
JOHN A. COLLIER, Comptroller,
J. t; SPENCER.Secretary of?tate,
0 L HOLLEY, Surveyor Genera',
U II.I.IS HALL. Ai'ornev General,
autltSI JACOB HAIGHT, Treasurer,
Dated Albany, An;.1841. Commissioners of the Canal fund
XT Particular .Notier.?-Those persoos hat og rurni
tare of any description to dispose of, or who are breaking np
house-keeping, will find a read] saloforaay portion or ull of ih?ir
good-, ly sending tiolr address, or calling upon llio s-h-cn bcr.
, Goods to any amount purchased.
uu.'. La F. COLTON, 197 Cbatluun-squaie.
In 1I1? Steamship Calum da from Liverpool.
For 'Helifoz<?Mrs.Spencer aad three daughters, Mr.?. II. Theo
bal l. Liout Colonel Crawford, Mr 11. Dclymple, Messrs. Branmnnt,
Mr. J. Putnam, A. Jard., J. Morrison, ?W. Perrino. Mr. Allport. J. G.
Stevens, Stairs, E. Smith, Major Baartim, Captain Lefeber, Dr.lt.
Spear, Major Bu.XtoU, and Miss R. Crnig
For Reste?.?Messrs. trilby, A. L. Kroach. Illake. Thos. Mellor,
Coekran, Trolliet, Juan Somodcrilla. E. C. Richards, Henry Sebor,
A. J. Peine, C. Lord, Thos. Richardson, .rge Callender, Jarvis
Stada Taylor, II. Escher, W. E. Lewis, r..l? in Hunt. II. Kissel. G. A.
Neish; Mr.. Beaucroft, Mrs. Neisb, Mrs. McClure, Miss Mellor,Mrs.
Taylor.Mrs. Beuuett, .Mr.. Seymour and infant. Mr- Frosch: Mrs.
Hinke, .Mr.. Mellon Mr-. Cockrau, Dr. A. Jours, its,. N. Troctor. Mrs.
Brown, Dr. J. E. Taylor Dr. Barton and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. W.
Tucker. Or. March, Dr. VV. June-, Rev. Dr. Ilarkcr; Nessrs. Holmt -.
C.D.lIayen, Sey.nr. Johu Ferguson, Ha-eti. M.isirr Barton,A.
Casselli, It. Vandmstravton, A. W. Burns. B. Hartley, Contan and
friend, Woods, McPhintin, Berrie, P. Billier.'Stottard, Renaett, B.
F. Marsh, Phelps, It. It. Atterbury, ?'. Clifton. Bradley, Lefferts, Kop.
per. Metcalf Bringham, Fielder nn-1 friend, W. Wiigley, Thompson,
Hinten, l?r Strait. R.N.
From llnlifitr fur Bottom.? Mr. nnd Mrs. Bars, an ! servant. Mr.
Onlerbridge, Dr. Harvey,and W. H. Graham.
laltirricb :
In this eity, on Thursday evening, August l!>, by tl.e Kcr Isaac S.
Dem und, Mr. Hassan A Hopkins of Vermont, to Miss Sarah M. Mars
ion. daughter of tha late Jacob Marston.
In this 1 ity, Angusi 19, by Rev. Samuel I>. Barchard, Rev. Sidney
I A. Corey of Sing Sing, 10 Sarah L. daughter of the late Peter Snyder
lathis city, August 19, Mr. Cornelius Crania <>f Mobile, to Miss
Miiry Ann Mackie.
In ibis city, August 16, bv Alderman Bali-, Mr. William Forties,
of Boston to Miss Mary Spencer, of Liverpool.
At the residencs of45. L. Phelps, Esq. Warehouse Point. Coup. Au?
gust IG. by the Rev. Zcbalnu Crocker, Rev. Flavel Bascom of Chi?
cago, III. to .Miss Elizabeth 15. Spnrhawk.
In this city, Ancuvl 19, Charles R. Kembln, aged 3"J.
In this city, August Ip, of dropsy, Joseph Davis, printer, a native of
England, and bunt a resident of this city, need .r>ti.
At Westburg, L. I. August 19, Anna Smith, late of Brooklyn, in the
Mih year .f her age.
J- . . . - Jl ' .
8utnr?lny Kvening, Augnsi 'ail, lS-tl.
The evening's entertainment will commence with an Overture.
Alter winch the popular Burletta of CATCHING AN IIE1RES8.
Captain Poodle_Mr.W.Clark. Capt. Killingly_T. Bishop.
Mr. Gayton.Mr. Bridges. Tom Twig_Mr. Chapman.
Barou Sowercroulznnsauscngen, a l'lir-ixnii 111 ? its trel. posses.inn the
O-l-K-O-F. in beaaiifal perfection.Mr. Chapmaat
In which he will sing tin, comic snug of ?? Past and Present Times."
An Intermission of Iis.I< an hour will be allowed for Refreshments
ami the Promenade Musicale, in the GRAND SALOON, in which a
Splendid Orchestra baa been erected, designed 10 represent the
A piece of splendid FIRE-WORKS bv Mr. Edge.
The ?hole 1.1 conclude sun the Burletta halb 1 of THE MOUN?
TAIN SYLP1L with new dresses, scenery, machinery, Ac
Donnld .Mr. H. Wells. La Sylphide.. .Miss Wells, in
Jessie.Miss Wullaok ill wlnrh she
will .-ing "Thou art not be."
Tickets Fifty Conts.
(10RNER of Varick and Charltnn-stroets, five minutes'walk fmm
J tin- corner of Broadway and Pi nice--Iren.?Admission to Ihe
Gardmis tree!
The proprietor h?. the satisfaction to announce ibnf lie has m gr, at
exiieiise, succeeded in effecting an engagement lor three night* only,
with ihe highly celebrated and popular Polyphonist, Mr. I.OVE, ?bo
will appear iu two pics i - on S iTITRDAi EVENING, Aug. 31, com
nieticing at eight o'clock, when be will introducehis popular enter
tainaent, entitled LOVE IN ALL SHAPES, or, the tiallery nf Por
To be followed bv a CONCERT?principal performers, Mr-. Phil
bp. and Mr. J. II. Jones.
After which, nn interinission of bull' an hour, for Promenade and
Refreshment, during which Dodworth's BRASS BAND will playn
variety of popular sir. in 1 e Gardens.
PART M ?Mr. LO. E s-s. 11 s pre- at, for the lirst nine on tin. Island,
Ihe admired Pvrotecliuic Sketch, entitled MINE HOST'S DU.KM- i
MAS, or The Sag's Head on ibe Heath.
Admittance to the Saloon ~"> cents; children half price.
('OPPOSITION ROLLER?, of the si man rials and :
quality, nnd of all sizes, ea-i at the Office ..file- New World, 3(1 j
Ann st. Inquire of Mr. J. W. RICHARDS, in the l'tr-> Room
(basement.) aii31 lf_ j
sJl'IMKIOK PR sS*? K JI VI\t; A large assortmt
? While. Yellow and Brown Sugars, suitable for Presorviog, fcc.
for sale at low prices, by J O. FOWLER,
Wholes ile nn 1 Retail Gro er, 350 Greenwich-st. cor. Murray.
N.B Goods sent to families free of charge. a ?21 It*
r 1 ? K.%NSFA?ENT 1 ! A 3. I A > AV I A O <> W
l- SUADE.*?OLIVER W. W( UDFORD, OC Catliariue st.
is enabled to offi r 1,500 pairs of Transparent Window Shades ut the
follow lug low price., viz :
msi pair.- Landscapes, (foreign view., at sl.75 per pair.
350 pairs Moouligbl Scones.$3,59 do
' pairs Vignette Centers.$3,00 do
-0l? pairs French Scroll Borders. . .jl,' 0 do
N. R. 50 seit? real I lull ins from $10.00 to$30.0U per pair. Country
Merchants and Upholstrrers will realize a saving of 50 per ceoL by
purchasing from ike subscriber,
nuil Im O. W. WOODFORD, M Cathcrine-st.
'I^O EUSRCIIANTS A\<> B 11VKS.?The undersigned
1 ant Book-Keeper in any hoi se, and can refer to ihe best men of the
:city for lestimoaials of character and ability, h iving occupied the
i de?k of the Discount C!erk in the old Ceiled States Hank for upward
1 of eleven years?u. id ihe charier expired. The following is a copy
of a recommendation in hi- possession :
?? Abijah Abbott was for mauy years Discount Clerk ia ih- lute Bank
of the United States, ilurici: ?in,- 1 period he bad my entire approba?
tion for s mi attention to his dun-?, always performing thim cor?
rectly and faithfully. His moral character is in every respect most
strictly correct, and his industry untiring.
Sigucd, Morkis RostitSOX, Agency I '. S. Bank '
Oilier testiniouiils equally favorable can be pro luted. AJdre-s
lie to [auVl l?i AMJAII AKKorr. *7 Divisioa sL
K N Ci R A V I N G (j .N~Tv ODD,
Pone in the neatest manuer, cheaply and exneditionsly,
at the brncE or the ?ew woaLO. .ti' a.N.v-?Tter.t,
Apply to the Editor or Publisher of the New World.
sh21 if
3 7 AND X 'i HO W ER Y, iN L W - VO R K .
S>4 a-HOLtSAt.1 AND r't.slL DEAL Cats IS
t'uieiv,, Wine*. Liquor??, iluvnun nnd Principe
Grocers, Hotels, Taverns, Pon.r-Honses and Couctry Slerchants
supplied on rcusonablo terms for cash or approved paper. au^t '
j OST_*
i South
sireel, up stairs.
?!?T?a Cameo Breast Pia. representing the graces, wa- ,..t .i
Wednesday la.t. in passing from Dey street. Br.voklyu. by tin
a-Ferry. The finder will be rewarded by leaving 11 al 4'. Beave
L Ut) slsir. BO'-l -t"
U AMF.O-A hoy V. out I7;.c.r, ?f age. ..... ...iar to iT
1 t tend to the interests of his 'a;.tatfr. One ?b?. re-nt ? in the
n-tern port of ma city ?oulJ preferred. Applv at No. Astor
House. Broadway. * au.v] [ft
U'.t.M'ED-A first rate m .. ?ok for a K ei ctorv. to whom
IT food wage, will l,.. riven; also, a ?nn,: . ,..,k for* Refecto?
ry, and one for private family. Apply at 27j Hui?ori-.trre'. Alto,
wanted tir. n I?iuudres*c. for a Hotel ia Broad way; also, 20 ?irl>.
with recommendation*, tor housework in the be.t of families, au'-llf
I 1 'A.MF.D-\- Us l-.-i-.-.r- : a pra : . i iarraer; he~must
?V i.? a Protestant, to go a short distance in the countrv.
Also, a first rate waiter for a K.?fectnry in the eitv ; ?lso. a lad 12 to
l.v._? ati21 If
\?iTE.l D s . wins ?13
to Tin '. and who would wish to inv-st hi- ctpital in a lafe, pro
I titatde business may bear of a decided bargain bj making a personal
application al 38 0?K?L Tr'in- of payment made , asy. au2l it*
H 'A.\TH)-I ?
M her of rood Stockmskers, to ?h>ai >tea*>* employment and
good price, wul be given daring the tali. None need apply w on do
not understand the business. au-.il 3tis
/ MM>!) !?KiM t'iT"*.-^ New
* f geneeOlBce, 2l5j Hudson -t. 15 good Protestant and Catholic
Worner f..r all works; i'omr- wetl rri omm< n ie 1 and good pi sees will
be furnished: No charge unless employment is procured. Apply as
above, 215} Hudson st. _ an2i i*
.1% tF.C?T ir6TI Roofers,this day. Ipplyto
.,.." u- scmner a ste\ v ns. :>i j .in, -:.
1; ? AN I t.O at 215j Hudson Slrei i. this da*.. i ir ..n k. :- iif
"V work, 1(10 Aicerican, English, German, French. Irish, Holland,
Welsh, aid colored servants men and romea. No pay unless paces
that -uit arepifs nr.-.l. Anil It '
U'A.NTFI*---.: L--I for sei r o housework, and one for the
country. Apply at 77 Nassau st. au2t.lt*
\ \" A N T K a - rears f are
II in a wholesale'-tor'. Apply, after 9 o'clock, ail Cedar-st.
up .'ajrs. au2l It"
jyJ-:it"sl>.N>> de re i disnoaingof City ir Country Real Estate
i ..re reminded that a Real Estate Agent y oilice has tieeu onr-.^a
at 215} Hudsoa-sireet, N. V. Orderrso cited. i,u-jl
\ a V?UNG XI A n
tyaZlJ? ner. Apply at215} Hu.Isan-st ?U2I
4 GOOD I'OIM'fi: HuVsonlt
. \ ?, -:i ;
\Krt V. seed i". ?*::h the 1" ?t of recommendation honesty
and capability as < lerk. esn he had 1'ii- day at ill".} Hudson -t.l'
* 1 "A.VI 11 D Bj i ?.- m in ? h .?? d refi renci
ii Coachman Apply.at.TTNas au s'. ausl it'
T A 1>I fcJjt?Vou thai want sen mis can rety upon being suppl ed
I J with-the bestat2l5j Hiidson-st. A Wet Nurse wantet Apply
as above; auSI If
U ATK IIM ONV.?Tl ? r - ,
- rl ant manners and gn'vi temper, well establisnc I in business, a ith
fair prospei t?, is desirous of meetieg v ith an amiable y.ninc laily ?f
similar disposition, with a moderwte fortune, who wosid anile ner
future destiny with ln?. The advertiser i* perfectly serious in his in?
tentions, ai d in penning th:? advertisement is rolely influences' by
:.is natural diffideaee. a communication addressed to I.. C. M.. Post
lmice. \.-?-Ts>rk. stating ?herz h-- mar be fjvon <l with an interview,
w ill reeeiv g immediate attention, and be treib d w ith strict coutidrnce.
aupl If_
OALES.IIEN ?VANTKO.-H . Iiateiy. six 6
O rule salesmen fer the dry goods business. They must be perfect
masters of their business and t>-. able to give satisfactory, references.
-\l-o, two 1 nis. Applv ai Broadway, between? and 9 o'clock
A.M. uu-.iirtf
U'Al> 'I'l-J I>?A young I attend tu a Cuufei
Sne wi!l lie reqnin .1 to board ai .1 lodee wuh ihr family, and to
p.oduce the I" st of references a- 1? character. Apply ut 265 Broad?
way. _au20 3C
1J\ Ii T .M-: K TV A .>' TED - iTTl i e Bookselling and 1" i
jug Business?A partner i- wanted in tie- Bookselling ami pub?
lishing business, win. cm supply from three to ten ti oasand dollar*.
To .. p. i-nn who can comm ami thee ish a suAcieni inducement will be
oflered in a respectable coucern already established and doing a good
business. Communications, saying where au interview nia. be had,
can be addressed to B >\ 720, Park Po-t Office. au^O 3l
AIVTED.?Cabinet Furniture of all ki?.i- wanted ..t the
Ware Room, 51 Fullon-streat, neasr the LTuitad Statas UsXaL
IU19 lw
tVA.\TED?Immediately a young American or German Wo
?1 man to take care of Childr u aud do Plata Sewiag. One, ca
palde and well recommended, may find a permanent situation st 336
East Broadway. aul95t'
Ul ANTIC !>.?Respi enable families and the pubti i arc generally
informed that the Amsrican Intelligence OSes is re ope.1 it
if.l Broauway, third door below Prince-street, where Protestant Ser?
vant-, male and female, can be had at the shortest HOtica,
auI7 6t' T. EM.IOI'I, Proprietor.
'|M> TIH-. PI HM I'? The !Vcw Intelligence i ufice. licenced
JL by bia Hon. the Mayor, haa recently opened at AM Broom.-st.,
next door lo Broadway. Those who want good, la tliful and trusty
servants of any kind would do well In leave their address at the
office from 8 ?. M. until - I' M. A register will also hu kept for the
purpose of renting and letting iious.-s ..r properly to lease or for sale
,Vc? Ac. A number of families can be supplied with the best of sei
nous; immediately; Office43d Broome-st, null liu
U'A N'l'Ei*?u American or German 'iirl to do housework, at
-Iii Pulton-sl. aulo tf
^..jy." /inn TO LOAN on Bond and Mortgage in diflereol
%J? *\J\'\J sums, al No. I Ann-sL aulo Im*
i J low rate-. II. GRAY A Co. GO Wall sL
WANTED.?At ii" l.r.ind -ireei, mal.- and iein.iie servants
for city and country. Farmers and others warning good help
can have them by applying as above. J>"~' tf
ll'AIVTKD?Sitnauons for i American nurse., i eook-. 2 girls,
vv for country places; 20 German, 40 English and Irish girls lor
dilfereol kind, of placvs ; w aiter men and small girls. Apply al the
Baited Stataa Intelligence Office, Broadsray, above Tatter-alls,
City and Coaiuy employers can he supplied without disappointment.
jy27 Im
1IT?NTED?Situations for Cooks. Chauheriiuods, Waiter-.
It Coachman, Porters and Women for gem rai housework. The
beauty of our establishment is, we protect families from annoy?
ance aud domestics from imposition. Tnis we achieve by taking no
money from servant- until they are -uitol and the result i?, we scud
nono but tboso we have strong reasons to believe will suit.
J. MeCABE * CO. try Nasaau-st.
It i: F E it E N f E S :
Washington Irvine. Esq. Hon. Mosea II. Grinnelt,
H.-ary Breevort. Jr. Esq. Prof. Renwick. auS istf
iy.\>'TE 1>?A good Coai hman?-one acquainted with the <';ir
i ? ?at Broadwav. au2o In:
BOA ICOI.Nt..?A ennlleman md his wife, or two respectable
young men, may find Board and a pleasant room, furniahed ..r
not. in a private family. Puce according to the times. References
required. Apply at No. 50 Ann-street. au21 I*'
IMMK Ol NaT IN It K OAB W AYT^The adveru-er. Ilav
it ire taken the new ami commodious house liil Bro.idway, corner
of Grand-sL, begs leave io inform gentlemen that they may obtain |
grnteei board, wuh plea-ant ro, ms, together with a desirable loca?
tion, w here there are a few ? elect boarders, on moderate lentis. Gen?
tlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen, m connnodateiJ with full
or partial board, as desired. Entrance in Graad-sL, rautb-west
corner. uulli lw*
I >OA It I>SN ii i rMtOADWAV, at Sil, opposite tin- I'arK,
in xt door to American Hotel?a very pleasant location. jy37lm
BOARDING ItEDITI'I/-ile.i.i,' mken ise: isrg. and
convenient 1 story bouse one Mock from Broadway, where gen> 1
tlemen can be accommodated with go.ai boar.I for $2.5o per weak :
also -ingle be.l.. aud pleasant rooms, by applj nig at No. 'j Howard-sL
cei. of Clin. ei.iraucs in Llm-slreet jySl tf
I )1>A ltl> ? \\ .ill pie is Uli Ivo ..:.-. i ??!, !.1. t.y ,': n.
I* single gentlemen at 77 Mnrraj -i Tenas moderate. Referen?
ces exchanged, aulltliw
DOAjHOINC?A gentleman an: .... ?ife t..r- ?? or four
1 i si i gle til em en . i. be ommodatrd with h?ard and rooms at
~s I*e.-Kt.aii-strect. References exchanged. uu!2 2w
I * tf V It S?4 'v<;.? Srneie f iite-iu.in and no others residing in
LJ* iho lower partol liif. Ci'.v can be aceoiiino d-led with goo,!
Board, with or without room-, at 40 PuUoo-st. Also, three or four
can have Dinner only, if desired. je24 tf*
SlOAKD A N D KO?>.fIS usay be obtained in a private family,
.9 by applyuta it 2''ri Hu l-nii-.t. j.'7-lf
pjLEASANT kCOOIfIS and good Familj Board may
l tiiiued by a few per-ons of quiet habils al 65 Murruy-st. Tne
location .s very central, and ou c.ery accoaut a desirable risiueaco.
I"HOARD?l""'i."?i!t room-, wuh board, tan be Obtained at 1:7
~) Cedar-street, near Greenwich. aal8Im"
l>0 A RUI.VC.?Single gcntlemi n or gentlemen and theirfami
.13 lies can have pleasant rooms with full board or breakfast ?mj tea
on application at 113 Bieecker street. auli 3i*
Cj l.\GTON INSTITUTE.?A new icnu ?ill commence, after ?M
annual vacation, on Wednesday, the 1st of September. Pupils are
received at the age of six or -eveu years; and the foundations of.a
proper education for any station in society are carefully laid, by un?
remitting efforts for the ?? tr Ij es tab iahmcut of good health, good prin?
ciple*. giKal manner-, and gisid -wholarst.ip.
a successful experiment of more than a quarter of a century,under
the control of the subscribers au l their predecessors, has shown tne
adaptation of the means employed to the sttaiumeiii of these itesira
bleeads. Tbess>rei^asaiatanuaregen?enn.n of much experienc
and tried ability. The course of instruction is comprehensive and
fall?both-in the classical and commercial hrsnches. Mruic, Draw
uie. Modern l^mguairr-. Ac are taacht by accomplished and native
ma?ters. Ali the inmates of the esiabbsbment are assoessted a* mem?
bers of one family?at table not elsewhera: and constant attention
i. given to the cultivation of retiaed and polished manners, and vir
tunus and houorahle prtuciples. The health of al! under t??:r care
receives the special supervision of oue of the principals, with w||Um
medicine has been a pr?feSSr?Da] study.
Tue liiflilute, though removed f.'i'iu the crowded ?ections of the
cny, is y.-t so accessible, by railroad and otherwi-e. tnat the frieudsef |
ibe' pupils may reach it. ou any enwrg/eney. in half an hour, from tue
most distant 'juarters of the town.
For any further information that mav be desir?d, parent* and
guardians are referred to Urs. N'eil-on.t'h-e?man, LWing a.id Bulk
!. ?. tVc.: or to Messrs. Jona.. Rebt and Wm. Goodhne, Ru-se! H.
N'cvin.*, Eli Hart. Wm. H J ihnsoo. Rens.H?vens, Ralph Mead, Wm.
B Townsend. Ceo. S. RoDbins, Sarauel D. Jark?on. George aus! H. E.
Sattou. Snnuel T. Tlsdale. Gen. Cord n. J W Harns. Va| C. Hall,
and P. V. Kibc. Ac who are mum .teiv acquainted w..Ji the ctab
lishmenl ; most of them having iiadcluldreu at the Institale.or ineni
sclvesbeen educated ther?. T. ?WJGHT PORTER.
Thirteenth-street, near Union Place,
_August ISth. 1S4L? _atr3I 4t laweS*
LBBBH?BD, CORN DOCrOIC acquaints his pausau
s ibat he has remosed from231 Broadway to 6 Murray-st. aal" tf
ITThe Sob-cribrr. JOHN IT. DIXCJIATI, (formerly
Ha.i's- 4 DingmasO ?o?M cill the attention ?f the Pablic to his neb
and extensive nock ol WHY ?OODSt embra iag every style
Wat the market affords; and. while he would thank the Ladies for
their forin?r patronage, h t would assure theci that a complete assort?
ment m ly be found at 3ill Ornnil-.trcct. By the latest impor?
tations, just received?
2 c.o-s very rich c-dor-J -iripe.i Gro de Afrique .
- do ?inpe.l aiut figured, nio-le co'.or-, Oro do Afrique ;
20 pieces elegant tiro ce .\ew-Y?rk ;
ID da Ob-He grounds, colored tigaied Poult de Soi;
Id do Gro de Persee ; .
So do rich Cbeae, veryheavy; also, ruor- than
loo do rich figured Silk*, of every style;
SO do striped Gro dc Afrique. blue black;
lit' do plain and figured Si s.. and bine black Silks.
3 cs.es just received, very cheap, end beautiful color-.
40 pieces Eolieacs, rich pattern* and shades,
t iriinil. Plain ami ??ntiti Striped I>e J.nines.
More than 50 different qualities.
15 c?-e. bleached Long n,.th-. from fid to I- fid rer yird ;
i Sil bale, unblea. bed Mu-lin-. f'oin fi<l to tod per ? ard.
JOHN H. DING MAM, 301 Grand st- cor. Orchard,
j N. E ?The Itest assortment of SILKS this >ide of Broadway.
I_an] I 7tis
I A cre.it varn ty of the above Good-, together with more than j<0
j pieces of FLANNELS,
I and a complete assortment of Dry Goods, may be purchased cheap
I st JOHN H. ulNGMA.VS. 301 Grand*ucor.Orchard,
aal i "us (formerly Banks Jr. Dingman.)
sj <.ks: silks ::
Ni w m l Ricli Sill>. very i neap.
Scarf- and Long Shawls.
Shawl?Cassimere, Satin Damask, Breche au 1 Menno.
Hosiery. <>loves. Linens. Table Covers.
Diapers, Draw Goods of every description, ami a full, rich stock of
Dry Goods, may be examined at JOH N H. DING MANS,
301 Grand-street, corner of Orchard,
an 11 Ttis formerly H.nik? A PingmarO
142 Fulton-sti eet, near Broadway.
We would invite the attention of oar friend-ami the public to a
large and well selected assortment of superfine Cloths, Cassimeres
and Vesting*, suitable lor the summer and fall wear. Gentlemen sr.
riving in the city can be furnished with a full suit in 24.hours, at a
?..v mi of at !??.,.t |o per cent, fmiu Broadw ay prices.
Strict punctuality observed m filling orders.
Cash on delivery, and no abatement in prices.
P. s.?The culling department is ?tili under ihe superintendence
Mrs M Gay lord, whose serv ices have been too well appreciated by a
fashion tide public to need any comment. Particular attention paid
to culling pants. auSI if J.C BOOTH, Agent.
< Mi Hi i N A L
229 Broad/teay, American H"tr!.
CT The Ui dersigned oners for inspection an ext> asive assortment
of Summer Coods, which he is prepare.! to make up lo order at such
a reduction from credit prices as, in v iew of the superior style of gar?
niert, caimot fail to olfer inducements to purchaser?, from whom a
call is solicited before purchasing ei-ewhere. For the accommodation
of lbo-u who, in cases of emergency, or otherwise, may require a fir-i
ralo article of ReaDV-MsDE Garments, an assortment |. alw ay s kept
on hand, after the style originally introduced al lbs old Kst.iblishmeni
116 Broadway. In addition lo which. Fancy Dress Articles, including
Silk nnd Satin Scarfs and Cravats, Mu-ltn Cravats in a great variety
of patterns. Cravat Stiffehera, Suspenders, Pocket Handkerchiefs,
Liner, and .Muslin Shirt-. Collar-, Ac. are offered for sale al greatly
reduced prices from the usual charges for the sane style of goods,
wbirh are of the first quality. WM. T. JENNINGS,'
jy22 i.-tf Broadway, Auo-nc in Hotel.
\v. A j. JAMISON, 2SS <9L 9531 Grcenwich-at.
I'iTCIILN FURNITURE in all us varities, consisting of Hard
w are, Wood-ware, Tin-ware and Willow-ware, kept constantly
on hand, of the be?t qualities, at very low prices to suit ihn times.
Those win, would w ish to pin chase articles of the above kmd will find
it to their advantage by calling before purchasing elsewhere.
N. B. A large assortment of French Travelling Bag- und riasknts.
au l I in is_W. At J. JAMISON.
THE greatest clearer und beautificrof the face is undoubtedly
VAIL S WATER OF BEAUTY, for removing all diseases of the
skin. It restores the skin to a degree of fairness and purity beyond
the powers of description. Ladies may rely thnt it renders the ?In
fair and delicate, ami removes every kind of stain, tan, sunburn, which
long illness or fatigue generally produce. lu -h?rt, u is the only cos?
metic n lady can u-e at her toilel with ease nnd comfort: or a gentle
moil have recourse to when shavinir has become a dreadful operation
by reason "f pimple? on the face.
For erupt, 'a- and unpiirili.f the face, frmi whatever cause aris?
ing, iij pimples, blotches, ringworm, carbuncle, freckles, and the im?
moderate use of paint, it need only to be tried to convince the most
timid of its superior ellicacy in clearing and beautifying the fs.ee.
For burns and scalds, and -ores of all description, it will be fount
to be unfailing remedy, healinp' them in a very short time. Price
75 ceuts ner bottle.
For sale at 04'Chatham-street, 'i-i Greeiwich-street, 130 Fulton
street, Brooklyn, sad 1<>T Division-street.
Al-o st J. L Griluu's, 607 Broadway.
Au effectual cure for the Rheumatism at TA Chatliam-st an7 Inns
'Pii!'. DELIGHTFUL Pleasare Grounds st Hoboken have i.
I put in complete order, and, having been m uch improve,:
arenoe. mien to Visiters. The cool and shady walks, winding for i
long dUtaaco on the Isaaks oftiie majestie-'Hudsoa, oiler a pseaaani
ami r> freshing retreat from the hot and dusty pavements of the city
Thehights of Castle Point (which are slill open tu the public
eomtn ind an extensive and beautiful p roe pect, embracing at a glance
the noble bay. lotted with islacds, sud enlivt ned with vessels gliding
iu every directinu on its bosom; the city, witli ii? numerous spires,
and the distant bum of its busy inhabitants ; while the river, whitened
with -aii-. is lost in the distaui t beyond the towering palisades, pre?
senting altogether a scene lovely beyond des, ription, and of its kind
unequal od.
By a newly opened nud well shaded walk, pro Id ted from the ray
ofthesunby a grove of nobls oak-, visiters way descend in a few
minute- to ttie Colonnade, ? here.'on mud. rate lerHi., arc furnished re
freshments of the best kind; and suitable to the seasoo. The ferry
boats have been comfortably refitted * ,'.n aw,,mis. Ac, and leavi
Barel ly and Canal-street., every leu iniiiutes?tue ferriage, as hereto?
fore i": cents, lu no other pan of the world, perhaps, can so neb a
treat be so easily obtained ami at (o tritlitig mi expense, aut; Im*
~\ M CR IE AN IIARD1VAKE?fne subscriber*
1 V h ind an exiensive assortment of Ace rican Manufactured ll .ir.i
warc, which lk> v oiler for sale at the lowest manufacturer's prices.
auSO 1 in Successors to Pettibooe A Lone. tO Platt-st. cor. ofGokL
?a-TEEl. PENS. ?M - . CttxoTT'sand Kebjhaw's Steel
?3 Pen-.. A gosal assortment of POCKET- BOOKS, and other goods,
al wholesale. E R. GILLESPIE. 19 John-street,
au"in-tu' Between Broadway and Nassau.
lriHTE TEETH?The Compound Aromatic Tooth Ps.ie
II is the best articlo for cleaning. beautifying, snd'wkitenins
Ike TEETH, *ilhout the least injury. It-Westens and purifies lie
mouth and .'?reaih. and is altogether preferable to Tooth powders and
washes. Prepared ..no-old only by HORACE EVERETT, Drug?
gist, 367Greenwich, one door abovu Franklin-street. Price 2 shil?
lings per jar. aintOWa'
vit"0RAM A; HAUGHWOUT, 561 and .'nit Broadway, are now
It opetnog a splendid assortment ?f l'nandeliers. Giraudule?
Mantle LirhtS, Candelabra-. Asiral and Maxtle Lamps, Han;ing
Lamps, Charch Lamps and Chandeliers, Hall Lamp, and Lantern-,
vatiua- patterns. Also, a complete assortment of Krenrh porcelain
dining, tea and toilel Wore; ncn plated Castors, Cake Baskets, Can
dlesticks, Acic Tab'e Cutlery and Japaauery of all kinds; rich
cat and plain Glass Ware, of all ibe new and best patterns; together
with every article required in House f'uruistuns'. at a reductiou of %
p? r cent, below former prices.
N. B ?Per-ors introducing the City Gas mto then- houses can see
a complete assortment of silvered and ormola Chandeliers, Manlls
Lighu. Brackel?. Lanterns. Pendants.Sir ,just received, null Swis
NE PRIC E STORE_Gentlemen wishing to purchase
itood cheap Clothing, would do well to cn',| at 133$ Cbuta&ni
?treel. where they can find garments at the following prices :
? Linen Jacket-, fi2 cents ; Linen Drilling Pants, gl 23; Cloth Cots
tS to *!2; CUita Jackets, 14 to lo: Satiuet Pauls, $1 75 to 1J 75 :
qoth Pant-. 83 to 14 50. fjy27 Im] JAI OB I IGSWELL.
W. ?IKT, 1 Cedar st. near Pearl, is now receiving a larg- as
?crfniriit of white and colored CORSETS, mad- to order, and
warranted to giro satisfaction, and selling al extremely io?
N. P. Country Merrhant- supplied auSI luiis*
V?L 4. UIP PILL BOJK.ES In casks of 7 to lOiliou
sand each, (or sale by J. M. i B. R. SMITH,
aal? fiais" CheatsU and Druggist, cor. Fulton and Water-sU
ioMit Richtra?, Auciionenr.
n\* BANCS, KltUARD? .v HI. ITT.
Start 1v"> tirotidir**
lu~ Liberal c?*h a.i\ incea made >n enn?<rwmects lor auction sales.
Oa Monday EVENING, Aur. ?J. si ??? ,
BcoKsri i er St?kk?A large s-sorm-nt of m*i-celb>n. ous Rooks
being p:rl of ttn- .-lock of 4 Reokselle-. c? u-istmc of ? gm; Variety1
of ??Vahle stock, generally in small quanut:c> at J in excellent con?
Also a valuable consignment of Black Koc.k?, iscludinr roysl me?
dium! demy and fool-cap sires, fall and ball heund , also Memoranda
aa<i Copy Bo- ks. Indexes, Pocket B.-.ks. Ku ers. a.-.
Full particulars m catalogues. which may b? had a: the store s? t:.?
?l.i\ of sale.
At 7j o'clock, at the Auction K.x.m.
PaiTiTr. Lueazy?A valuable collecnoc ofSmodard Work*, in?
cluding many r?rr old English Books, popular Kogel?, Magazines.
M:?cetlaBirs.' Ac Among them areLoodoa'i Fnev.lepedta ot Ajn
ultiire Musical I.d-arv. 1 voi?. folio, Clarke's Comosentary; S vois..
Dwtgbfs Travel?, 1 ?.."-.. S . Pierre'sStudio of Xatuie, DoUdr dge <
Expositor, Gerard's History of Plauts, J vois t'oiio.; MarshalI'?
Washington, 3 robs, Mitford's Greece, Ivo!-.. Citford ."Journal.-.I
tu!,.. Beurer's M-rn ir- of Ann? Boleyn, Beat ej '? V,-. ellaay. Haw -
ie's History of the Church. Thieb?ult*s History of Frederick the.
U 'at. IVIsraeli'a < nr.. sities of Literature,.??- is.. R? bidsoa's Histo?
ry of Minerals, Bradford's Comprehensive Atlas, -Do. A.c. Full par?
ticulars hereafter.
MONDAY, August 30.
TutRTv.r h-rtii Ncw-YorjC Ts?t>n Sale.?The next result r
Trade Sale of Books. Stationery, Paper, Stereotype Plates, snd other
articles connecte.j with th- beck trade, wii! commeitce ou the 30th of
August next, agreeably In the regulations. It v. ill be conducted
uailer th- direclioa of the committee of the trade, oa the same term*
a n! cwiid.tion.i as heretofore.
St 'rr 51 William-ttreec, corner of PiHe-atrttfi.
On rhursday, August -Ynh. a-. 10 o'clock, at hi.-Am hob R?a>iu.
900 csas? Preach iio *:*. of recent Imeomtioo, comprming ? lari.?
slid general aSsortnMBI Ol seasonable articles, adapted to the Fall and
Winter trade. Terms. 8 months for approved endoreJ notes.
Catalogues and samples on the nn run g of -sie.
Wo idT?~ P e 117 .A~uctiiiiTc^r. "
BV I>. < . A \V. I'Ell. Ai CO.
- Slur< s7 HcU-tlrrH.
At 1 of II o'clock, in front of the -tote.
Peremptory sale of Brandy?140 in" pipe. Otard, Da pay Co
Brandy, vintage 1341, entitled in debenture.
Also, superior Rocheile Brandy,in pipe.-, half pipes and qrcaska
Ter ns?ii moo?uapprovcd note?.
?ale peremptory
THURSDAY, August'.'ri. {S~n
At a 1 of II o'ciock. in trout of their store.
Cette Wine... Brandy, Jtc.?The enure cargo of the Swedish brig
Pylade, Opt. Nyberg, consisting of? ;
511 bans St Julien ; SOOdo Vm de Crave
To halfhhcs Via de Grave
Eil xr casks Port. .1.0 do Madeira : 100 lucjian bids do.
tin Indian bbls Muscalde Frouiignac -, ?.if1 cases do do
100 baskets A V Champagne, Duiberg A En.-nils, and Ahle?,
Brntsc! i A Co. brand, of th- importation of Messrs. Piedrioh* A
Linau Terms. -I months for stuns over $HKi approved notes.
Also. IS half pipes RocheUe r.ranJy.
Wine Vinegar?300 <\r ct-ks imuatiou Freu? h Wiua Vinegar.
The Furniture of a two story house.
Also, 4casks Sal Soda.
Also. 150 ?|r. casks Port. 400 eases Han't.
UO bags pi im- Old Government J-v i Coffee.
960,000 Havana s-car*. oi floe quality, a killed to debenture.
BV F. ( Ill TO\.
ON SATURDAY, theSlsl iust at Ii) o'clock,
At Leonard street, first house iV.m Broadway, a I .rite and gen?
teel assortment of lurniiure of a family givins up bouse keeping
Such as mahogany ebsirs, sofas, soaretarias, bureau.. one splendid
side-board, one piano forte, spicu?lid card table.. < enter table.-, car?
pets, oil cloths, looking glasses, Also, splendid black walnut chairs.
crockery and glas.-?v are, stoves and tivliire-, bodh and bedsteads, to?
gether with the kitchen furniture.
Catalogues ready ? > the morning of -al-. eufOSt
Furniture Aiictioii.
Assignee'. Sale bv G. LEWIS, Auel .-er. on Tuesday,34lh iH-t..
at 803 Grand street. Columbian II ill? The antire sus. k ofa Furnitur?
Dealer, consistiagof Sofas, Bureaus,Tables.M ihogauy Wash-Stands,
.-e-ines. Lookiag-fslafses, and Chairs, (Boston Rockers, full ami
liulf French, mid a variety uf cane seals,) an extensive BtSOItnMUt of
el. gam Window-Bliads, a lot of Looking Glaas Plates, together w ith
the eiuire Hsuseholil Furniture ofa gsnteel fimily. mfJI .'f
Iron Foundryj Arc. m Auction.
Will bo sold by WILKINS .v ROLLINS, Auctioneers, on TUES?
DAY, the 24th day of August instant, at 19 o'clock, noon, upon the
premises, thnl certain lot and boiling used .... an IRON KOI NDRY.
-Iluali' OU 'lie nortli-ea-terlv corner of Riviligtoll anil le w l- slr-rl-,
in ih.< Eleventh War?l of iii? City of New-York, being in depth ? n
earn snlo one hundred feet, and In breadth in froul aud rear twenty
live feet, tog-lher with the Steam Boiler. Cupola for melting iron.
Bellows ami fixtures complete. One-half of the purchase moiov iu>.v
rem on u|i"u bond ami mortgage upon the premises. Als?, different
?ritcle. used hi the Foundry business, consisting of Machinery. -*p
paratus, Tools ami Implameals. For further particulars, applv to
the Aucttonners. No. II Broad-street. au6tau84
sTONAN lit I I. Fit.
Daniel Lord, Jr. Esq. | Messrs. Po-ls A' Mam,
John Authon, Esq. It. C. Wetmore Ac Co.
J. Pre*. ..it Hall, Esq. J. V. Cr,.re .1 * Co.
Griflln i Haven-, Wai.h at Hal lory,
J. Haggerty St Sons, I W. M Johnson A- Sons.
CmainuiiKatioHs may he left at No. 'Jo Ann-sireei. or at No. -J
Gold-street, New-York. aiil? Inns*
Wholesale and Retail. .vlOO Chiakam-Sqnara.l
TIIK PCBsLIC?ine subscriber would inform bis Pa
trims and the Ladies ami GenifcoMM ofNew-York generally,
that he has removed from bis old store, Oa Chatham-et. to b - pn seal
location, 900 Chatham-square.
Having been atconsnlerubleexpense in Otting uptl.tabloluneut.
be has ihepjeasorii le aaaoaace that it is equal to any other la the
city, II? -idi continues to manufacture bis celebrated Wli.S, which
for beauty of appearance rod Snenesi of material . snnol be surpas?
sed; in aajing this much, he would call tin ir attention t?> the
tact that they are made immediately under bis owe supervision.?
The.e who have not worn or seen liies.: W its Would do ..well to ..'I
and examine for1 thenuelvea. Tbey'will be tuitad on iasjsectiento be
all that the most Kminilxing observer could ?eil "Hli lirsl
quality" aro made of tb? liuesi "natural curled hair," con
scqueatly they ?anuot lose their aurl i>> penptration, or the
beat of a hot climate la their form tliey are eoustructed so as to
ove^ rso more of the brew'than the natural hair, am! t? bold to the
head wuh greater tenacity of grssrpthan the generality of Wm'.
LADIES' WIGS.?The ta-le ami talem displayed ill Ibis brunch of
his profession, is too well known to require comment, and from the
decided superiority over w ir- usually made, in isl i ontinue to take the
lend, and wiU be exchanged should they not suit as T M.SL would
sooner exchange twi Htv Wigs than lose his popularity.
beenu great annoyance jinl ? au.f complaint, tu ladles and goillti
mofl connected with the ?t"k'e, that thev coold not procure (al any
price) proper character VVlgs. It is a jo.t r.-uiirk, thai unless they
dre-s totook the character,il is impossible to represent it- Tim sub
scriver would inform the profession that be has had considerable pra.
tice in the manafacturing of Tbeatriccl Wik-. .>???., pertfeularly in
England?that he is able to execute .Ay order with promptness ami
dispatch, aud in a saperior itj I? of workmanship.
jZ'' T. M. M. w.eibl -e|| ore dozen i hsr.e trr U igs to one order for
|50, w hich would be worth by t!i- single AA'ii- *1.'S).
A largeanaortment of Theatrical Wigs, constantly on hand, and
for sab- or loaned to Fancy Dre.- Balls,dec.
N. R?-Ringlets from 10 lu 10 niches in length?the only store in
the Stales that has ciirle?! hair lliat length.
ARTICLES F 6 Ii' T H ? T 0 I J. E '/'.
J Fiur. //e.'sl../ Hair tht I', rftctiaa of BeatUif.
victoria luiitvcoMPOs i noN,
Is the only effectual remedy ever div.over. d to prevent Baldneea
and Grey Hair, re,tore the hulr wh-'b it has fallen ?(f. . radicate Scarf
or Hanilritf; also, for Perfuming. Curling.and makmg 'he hair?how
-isr hard?beautifully soft and glo?v. It ja ?.ue of the be.i articles
ever recommended for the growth of Whiskers and Mustathwa.
Msv's CoaxntC Fi.l'in. or VecETASLE IIi:r On? Is an excellen'
irtiele for dressing and curling the Hair, without givingtoitthe
srea'y hu?' of poinutum-, or Ihe volatile moi-lure of ?U oils. Price
y) cent- per botlle.
Of all the Pomatums, this i" one of the very !>e?t for t!.e growth snd
preservuuou of the Hair. It is made ironi pnr- Ox Marrow aud vef
table oils. Tina article can with eoaSdeu. e be rsromrarnded as a -u
perior prepar-tion. Price J.'., :r7? and 50 Cta. per p..i
Mav ', celebrated Extracts for the Hsndkereoief. di-'ill-d from th
rinest and mo-t fragrant tlower, of the baln.> Sauth. so justly .?teen..-t
.u every part of the giobe for iheir deligat/ul oilor, nn,.?rting a Oell
cions perfume. 'Yielding not in scent
To the rich orange, or the woodbine, wild
That loves to haug on bough remote her wreata
Of flowery perfume'
Evtract of Rose.. Violet. Bouquet. Carnation, Jasmi-ie. B< r^amol.
Musk, ?fco, perttcalarly calcul.ted ^>'M?''i^^MMa P^?'?"*
For removing Supertluo-i. Hair oo the fare, neck. A.c. Price V>
eanu per bottle. fjt'FFAI.O OIL,
Hlrklv parfumrd. Price 50 cts. per tedtle.
f'gaiv pas TURKISH HAIR DYE,
Warranted one "f the best dye. ever used for dying the Hair and
WkiskSfS to a perrosneat black aud brown.
It would b? superfl iou. m eofBsaeat on this tb|sainasal, s?iBe? it
to sav. that those geutl?mea who have net tried fir n.-r'csl emasl 04
ass Hair-Cnttins. Bre.| only make one call to pesr the fset. 'hat -?irri
in ejtablisSmeut has Ioar been waafd in tin. i i'v Par*! ?* ' a**
tion paid to the Uair-Culliug of vouog Masters and Missss?.
je30 -Jawu' THOMAS M. MA\, 900 CUihaa square.

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