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KY GREELEY ?fc McELRATH. ? I de.ire r?u to irnderetand the true principle* or to* <;orer?Bie ot. I Tri?b th-m curried OBi?r H?k aothlaaz 0???."-!;.??;^.. OFFICE NO. 30 A N N - S T.
? on';?:?<?'-" ,hr Proeerilinas of C'ongresa nnd other
Metra by the Southern .Unil one dnr ???
ranrr of nny other Penny I'nper,
h published every morning, at No.3UAnn-street,New-York
,nd sVjIwered to City Subscribers for ONE CENT per cop*. Ihn
jj0[wiil?:r?. %i per annum invariable in advance, and the paper in
aocxsccoatinacd beyond the time for which it is paid. Subecrip
liona taken for Six Mouths.
rffH u/e* or leas (over mx), first insertion. SO eta.
Da,Isresebsubsequent insertion. 'JS 11
. ,,: .wix insertions, or one week.1*1 50
lso fur Twenty-rive insertions, or anc snot-th,.85 OO
Usogui Advertisements at equally favorable rstes.
for Flfelioca, half the above rate?; Two Hues, one-fourtb of
tnc?e rat*.'. Advertisements ordered to l>e continued on the in?idc
after the first insertion vsill l,e subject to the same charge ax on their
feat appearance?pa vable in all in advance.
"f HE T R I B ? N E.
Bocfaeater?Fnnernl of the Bemmimn of fti-volu
tionary Heroes.
Correspondence of the Tribune.
Rochester, August23, 1841.
Dear Sir : I had yesterday the good fortune of witnessing
the interment ef the bones of the brave Lieut. Botd and his
companions in arms, and a most interesting and imposing
-com- it was. At daylight, the Mayor, Common Council,
and Military companies of this City returned from Livingston
County, where, I am i.if--rrned, they were received by ten
thousand people in t!ie most enthusiastic manner, and where
the Remains were delivered to them by a Revolutionary sol?
dier, .Mr. Campari, who fought under Sullivan. The vast
multitudes that thronged our streets during the morning,
manifested the deep interest taken in tin- ceremonies, and
t!i" feeling of gratitude entertained toward those who fought
the battles thnt established our Freedom. Here and there
the aged and the young might be seen assembled in groups,
talking over the early history of the Genese? Valley, ami
especially tliu events of Sullivans famous Expedition, tbe
lu-l ever tent against tlie Indians of tiic Stalo of New-York.
At ten o'clock the procession moved forward, headed by
the .Military of this city and the Staff of the Governor, (the
Governor himsell not having yet arrived,) and proceeded to
Mount Hope. Before the procession arrive,l, thousands bad
already assembled at Mount Mop-. The urn and sarcopha?
gus containing the remains were placed on one of the mo..t
beautiful eminences in the Cemetery, which is hereafter to !>e
called the "Hill rt Revolutionary Patriots," and on which
it monument i- soon to be erected. The Rev. Mr. Tucker
lead tin- grand funeral service of the Episcopal Church.
Al tin* close of the service, Governor Sewakd was intro?
duced by Vice- Chancelloi VVhittlesey. Tbe Governor ad
dressed the multitude for about half an hour in a happy and
impressive manner, lie alluded eloquently to the ttiuls am!
sufferings endured by Sullivan un.l his brave followers, and
to tbe deeds ??t im; 1. valor winch tbey performed. Ho vividly
depicted the changes that three generations have produced,
and thriliingly did he appeal to tbe patriotism of the Ameri?
can people, earnestly entreating them to admire mid imitate
the noble examples uf valor and virtue presented to them in
the history of their Country.
The whole scene was impressive, nnd well calculated ts
call up long trains of pleasing thought. We stood in one of
the. most beautiful Cemeteries in the United Stntes, in sight
of a city containing more than twenty thousand inhabitants,
addressed by the Governor of millions ef Freemen, and wit?
nessing the interment of the boues of n brave young officer
who, sixty yours before, beyond the verge of civilization, wus
must cruelly butchered in the broad valley that lay before us.
Could Boyd hnv*> peered through the mist, and seen the fu?
ture greatness of bis Country?the salutary results produced
by his own valor and that of his associates, and the high re?
spect paid them three generations afterward, he might well
nave exulted even when enduring the tottures of the suv
agu. Yours, C.
Passage or the New Exchange Bask.?The following
are the Yeas and Nays on the passage of Mr. Sergeant s bid
creating u Fiscal Corporation, on Monday night last:
Yeas.?Messrs. Adams, Allen. L. W. Andrews, 8. J. An?
drews, Arnold. Aycrigg, Bnbcock, Baker.Barnard.Barton,Birds
eye. Black, Blair, Boardtnan, Borden, Bous, Briggs. Brockway,
Broosou, Milton Brown, Jeremiah Brown, BumelL. William
Butler, Calhoun, Win. B. Campbell, Thomas J. Campbell, Ca
ruthers, John C. Clark. S. N. Clarke, Cooper. Cranston, Cra?
vens, Cushing, Wm. C. Dawson. Deberry, J. Edwards, Ever?
ett, Fessenden, Fillmore, A. L. Foster, Gamble, Gates, Gentry.
Goggin, Patrick G. Qoode, Graham, Green, Greig, Habersbam,
Mull. Habited, W. S. Hastings. Henry. Howard. Hudson, Hunt.
Irvin,James, W. C.Johnson, L 1). Jones, J. P. Kennedy, Kim:,
Lane. Lawrence, Linn, T. F. Marshall. S. Mason. Mathiot Mat
tocks.Maxwell, Maynard,Moore,Morgan Morris,Morrow.Nisbet,
Osborne, Owsley, Pearce. Pendleton, Pope. Powell, Raiasey,
Benjamin Bandall, Alexander Randall, Randolph, Rayner,
Bencher, Ridgway, Rodney, Russell, BsJtonstall, Sergeant,
Sbepperd, S monton, Slnde, Smith, Btnnly, Stokely, Stratum,
John T. Stuart. A. H. H. Stuart, Summers. Taliaferro. Jobn B.
Thompson, Richard W Thompson, Tillinghast, Toland, Tom
linson, Triplett, Trumbull, Underwood, Wallace, Warren. Wash?
ington, Edward 1). White, Joseph L. White. Thomas W. Wil
liams, Lewis Williams. (.'. H. Williams, J. L. Williams, Win
throp, Yorke, Aug. Young. John Young?125_[All Whigs.j
Nays?Messrs. Arlington, Atherton, Banks. Beeson, Bidlack,
Bowen, 15.'V.l. Aaron V. Brow n, Charles Brown, Burke. Wm.
0. Bu?er, Green W. Caldwell, Patrick C. Csldwell, J. Camp
bei! i'.ny, Ciiapiuan. Clitlord. Clinton. Coles. Cross. Daniel. B.
D. Davis, .lohn B. Dawson, Dean, Dunn, Doig, Eastman. Jobn
C. Edwards. Egbert, Ferris. Jobn li. Floyd. Charles A. Floyd.
Fornance, Thomas F. Foster, Gerry, (1 ilmrr, Wm. 0. Goode,
Qrgdou, Custiii", Harris, John Hastings. Hays. Holmes. Hop?
kins. Houck, Houston, Hubard, Hunter,Ingersoll, William ll".
I . : Jack, Cave Johnson, John VV. Jones, Keim. A. Kenne?
dy, Lewis, Littlefield, Abraham McCleUan, Roben McClellan,
McK iy. Mallory, Marehand, John T. Mason. Matbews, Medill,
Miller, Kewhard, Parmenter,Pavne, Ptekens, Plumer, Beding.
Reynolds, Rhett, H:g::s. Rogers, Roosevelt,Sanford, Saunders,
Sbatv, Shields. Snyaer, Steenrod, Sumter. Sweney, Torney,
Van Buren, Ward, Watterson, Weller. Westbrook, Jns. \Y.
Williams, Wise, Wood? 94.
[St? Opppositioo, .1 nominal Whigs.]
Safety Steamboat.?An improvement in the construction
of steamboats lias recently been made by a gentleman of this
City, which is calculated to afford complete security to all on
board, in ease of accident by fire or otherwise.
Uns plan combines several important advantages over
boats oi ordinary construction, even when provided with
life-preservers, boats, &*. it will not add materially to the
weight of the boat, nnd may be applied to boats already
built, at a cost which would be a mere triile, taking into con?
sideration the immense importance of the object for which it
i- intended. ?
As it forms an indispensable part of the boat, the space
which it will occupy ,?ay be employed on ordinary ccasiens
foi other purposes. U is arranged in such a way as to be
completely under the ^utrol of the Cnptuin. or Pilot at the
wheel, and may be detached f.om tbe boat and launched
in a moment, for.n.ng. when in the water, an immense life?
boat, which will support In safety three or four hundred per?
sons tor any length of time, and may also be propelled tu
shore by oars, sails, &c.
Boats constructed on this principle, it is confidently be?
lieved, will secure the patronage of the traveling Pan 0f t;le
c >m nahity in preference to any others, as affording the
greatest possible security to life. It will be farther secured
by a ptepanition which will effectually prevent its being de?
stroyed by tire. A model will shortly be constructed, and
? bibited at the American Institute.
Fir The Tribune.
I have read with satisfaction the observations made in this
paper i>n the subject of want of employrrier.t for lite poor,
particularly in the winter, when some industrious laborers
1 are thrown out of employment by the severity of the weather.
Tie: want of some establishment, in which the poor uould
always obtain employment and moderate watres, '? perhaps
i the greatest delect in the economy <if our cities. Constant
employment would do more than education to prevent crimes,
and a public establishment for this purpose would probably
cost less than the supplies of food, clothing and fuel now ftw
! nisbed by the public. If ?urb an establishment were pro
' vided, the pol ce officers should have power to set every man
; to work; not an idie person should be suffered to walk the
I streets, or lounge at the porter-house.
'1 here is another great evil existing in some of the States,
j for which no reason is very obvious. Our poor people are so
l infatuated with a passion tor equality, that they think it de
grading for them to be servants to the more wealthy. Girls
j who have nothing but their hands to rely on f>r subsistence
; will not outer the kitchen of the more uflluent, though they
; will work Tor manufacturers. The consequence is, that in
i some oxtensive districts of the- Northern Stales it is im:io<si
j blc to hire females for domestic employment, and the old and
, the sick at times absolutely sillier for the want of nurses and
domestics. Of this fact, some striking examples have fallen
i under rny own observation.
An old man bad a grandson sick with fever, and could not
, End a woman in the parish who Would assi-t in nursing him.
A venerable lady of 84 years of nee, the daughter of n
' clergyman, lay on her death-bed. A niece of hers rode over
a large portion of the town to procure n nursv for a day or
two. As sat: returned 1 met her at the gate, and she told
me -he could v-et woman to attend her mint, ami she was
apprehensive she must be left alone. A nurse was obtained
a short time before .-lie died, but death soon after relieved the
A clergyman in a country town was not able to hire a fe?
male domestic in the parish, and, his wife being ton feeble to
do the w ork of a small family, he w as obliged to board in his
ms ;i parish.
The keeper of a hotel in tli^ country told me he had ridden
scvural hundred miles to lore n female domestic, and was not
able to procure one.
In a distant State, a woman was delivered of a child, but
neither domestic inn- nurse could be obtained to attend the
woman, and the chil 1 died fur want of care and attendance.
This .state of things compels us to resort to foreigners for
domestics, and a great portion of these are Romanists. The
result wili be, that in les< than u century half of the inhabi
tants of the North and West will be of that denomination.
The aversion to .Manual Labor in this country i.; one of our
greatest evils. Young persons of both sexes strive to pet
their living, in almost ever) way except in tlmi which would
certainly give them a comfortable subsistence. They want
to bo gentlemen and ladies without property, which is as
I ridiculous as it is inexpedient, for it dooms them to perpetual
j poverty, from which industry, in the humbler occupations,
would in time deliver them.
An erroneous system of education in this country will in?
crease ibis evil ten fold Young men and women, becoming
strongly attached to books, abandon work, with the expecta?
tion ol gaining a living in some other way, but their set vices
lire not wanted, or they neglect the only means in their power
to save or in pain property, and finally fail. 1 know several
families which have been ruined by their attachment to book-.
It has been painful to see amiabit: families, in a few years,
read away a good estate. OnstKVKit.
Remark* by the Editor.
Our Correspondent, who is n sound practical, keen ' Ob?
server' of tlic old school, is very right with regard to the
pernicious aversion to Manual Labor which characterizes too
many of our people, male and female. The existing Coil :s
undeniable; it is possible we may differ as to tiio remedy.?
It is evident to us that preaching w ill never effect a cure; I
every one sn_v< there ought to be more work and less contriv?
ing to live without work, und yet nearly every one?preach?
ers or prcachcd-lo?goes on contriving with all his might.
Is it tiol so ?
Uur notion is thut measures must be taken to make the
condition of Labor a more desirablr one than it nov is?in
other words, to render Industry Attractive. It is not Labor
which the majority dislike, but the privations or the degra?
dations (real or fancied) connected with it. Thus believing,
we urge that these be removed.
Our friend's principal illustration is directly in point.
Why do most women shun family service if possible ? Not
because they will not work, as is proved by their readily en?
gaging in factories ; but because in family service, as a gen
etal rule, they are not regarded as rational, independent be?
ings, their boms of needful relaxation guaranteed, and their
feelings properly respected. The time has nearly gone by
when a human being could be treated as a beast of burden,
and we rejoice thut it is, let who will lament. Profoundly
convinced that the Social economy and usages which require
so many servants are radically wrong, we arc rather rejoiced
than otherwise to learn thut Domestic Service, such as it i-.
is so generally disliked by our Countrywomen, and we honor
their spirit. When the time ?hall come that few or no yourg
women will go into strange families as servants, then means
will be taken to attach those already employed by kindness,
consideration, and what our friend means by the dreaded
term Equality. When servants become scarce and shy.
young ladies will of necessity be taught to ply the broom as
well as play the piano. The real evil is not that so many
are unwilling to serve others, but thnt *o few are able and
willing to serve themselves. If all wen- fitted for usefulness
by their education, und nene were required for servants where
they ought not to ho, there would be no lack of them where
they arc truly needed. \_Ed. Tribune.
Suicide.?J. G. Cole, an English portrait painter, aged
about ho, who catue to this sity from the East a few days
since, committed suicide at Hurt's Hotel last night, by
swallowing a quantity of prussic acid. Coroner's verdict ac
' cordingly. [Hurt". Com. Adv.
IVsr Office Defaulters.?According to the late re
: port ol"the Post Office Auditor, Mr. Whitticsey. there wore
i on the fourth of March last no less than three thousand three
! hundred and thirty^seren Post-Masters in arrears to the
j Government, lot sums varying from a few dollars to many
ceiving into their Yards Lackawana Cod Iresh from the Mines,
I which they offer to their customers and thx public at the following
! reduced prices:
Egg and Bri>kec.$7 tw per ton delivered.
Stove and Furuac:.~ 00 do do
Small Nut.?.5 Oil do do
Yards comer of Beac i acd West. King and l-Ireecwich, and Mont
gomerr and MOBIOO streets, ?her? orders will be received. Alro at
iliew [tank, corner of William said Pine-streets, where contracts will
i be ai i.ie lor cargoes delivered at Roudout._ jes-3m
1>KAt ei OICl'UAKD COAL..?The subscribers are
daily receiving their supply of best Red Ash Peach Orchard
I Coal, broken, egg and nut size., which they will sell iu lots to suit
i purchasers, Ht me lowest market rutrs.
Also, White Ash. Livripool and Virginia Coals.
I _Qate_Aader?oB A Warily corner of Lxignt aad Washingtcn-sts.
j T RR RI1ARd7cO?N DOCTOR, acquaints his patients
1 lb,t h" baa rerno.ed from ill Broadway to 6 Murray-st. aalT if
H^O CALICO PRI.\f ERK-One bale of machine Lap
| A r'?g?, for sale by PEKSdE * ?ROOKS, 61 Liberty-sL aulT
IT To (' innlrr Dpnlrrs.-T ? ?
Iy ou hand nt th-ir Store. No. 13?? Pear! ?t. near Wall -t. a com?
plete assortment of School. Classical and Miscellaneous Books
of the Utest and most approved editions, which they otter upon the
ino?t reasonable term- f->r CASH or City Acceptances ; also
BLANK BOOKS -nd STATIONERY of every variety, to which
they invite the attention of MerchaLts visiting the City to make the:r
Fall purchases.
ACCOUNT BOOKS ruled to any pattern, and made to order, of the
best materials and in superior style.
EES, A.c. of the latest patterns ami Vast colors, suited to
the Country Trade, for sale at jtfon.Mjoctm.rers' Prices.
XT Merchants und Dealers from the Country are requested to eal
and examine their -lock of roods.
N. It. Schools, Colleges and Libraries supplied upon the itiu-l lib?
eral terras. BAKER. CRANE A Co..
Wholf sale Books-tilers ami Stationer-, and
Dea'er- in Paper Hangings, No. ISS l'enrl-t.
aalO Im (Sign of the ?? Ledger.") New-York, near Wall -t.)
13' Stale I'riaon irlonopoly.?At an ?<-j?Urned mcetirg of
Delegates held at W irren H dl. 0:1 Tuesday Evening, Augu.t 17th,
l-ll. for tie- purpo-e of receiving Delegates to attend the State Con?
vention at Albany oa the 1st of September next, after the readme of
the minute- of the last meeting, n delegation from th? Ma-ter Stone?
cutter- wa- received and accepted by the meeting ; also, an addi?
tional delegation of Journeymen Coopers and others were added.
On motion of John Coaunerfurd, a Corresponding Committee of
Three was appointed, as follow-; John Commerford. George Wier
and Itoliert lictty.
A motion was m.-.de nrd adopted, that a Committee consisting of
th? three tir-t name- mentioned in eacli branch of Im-iness be
appointed to call on the I?> legales and other- of the -sine (.ranch and
making collections for the purpose cd' defraying necessary expense.,
and hand the s:nne t', the Finance Committee, vir. 1 I). C. Pent/.. Dan?
iel Lee, and Win. P. Cole-.
Ii a as al-o resolved that the branches of business not represeoted,
or represented by insufficient members, be invited to appoint Dele?
gates forthwith, to meet with the delegation on Tuesday Evening
n- it. at Warn s Hall, at? o'clock.
Also, that the proceedings of this meeting be published in the Sun,
Tribune, New Era am! Courier & Enquirer.
N. 15.?Mechanics throughout the Stale are requested to appoint
their Delegate, to ths nbi.vennnied Convention, for the purpose .f
devising means to free themselves from the unj-ist and unequal bar
tben they are obliged to bear by the present Slate Prison Si-lem of |
tin. and other States. II. W. BONNELL, Chairman.
Elmmdoi G. BsLDwij?, Secretary. aat9 t.St
FOR SAI.K?The si.' ioi :;: II,.?. ,., .P~
cond block from the Market, and a short distance from the
"ferry?I eingSI by W fest. A lir-c rat- -land for business, con?
sisting of large convenient store. II mom- basement, cellars, coal
bens, Stc all complete. Price $0,.'mXi Apply as above, au!3 lm'
MIO "..ET.
The third story of the rear building No. 29 Ann-strreL Ii
one of;ii" best Rooms in the city for a Printing oifice. or any
light business, b. ing I.jilted 011 three sides. Rent Jl.'eJ. Apply to
o'Wtf H. GREELEV. or J. WINCHESTER. *l An'n-st.
aoffice to LKT.
T.i? splendid Basement Rooms in the Merchants' Exchange
corner of Wall Bad Haiiover-atreets. Apph to Sir. Pearson.
itTmo of tbo Company, corner Hanover and Exchange Place, or M
?SB tf J. WINCHESTER, 30 .?cn-streot.
A PUBLIC slOl'ME at Harlem to bo fat on the 3d
avenue, corner of Held street. Inquire nt lib Bowery. Rent
'low. Hull Im'
Kit E. No. 1 Ann-street, New York.?Persons wishing to pur
chx-e uiil do well tu call. Some nice Cottages for sale ; also,
lilding Lots. i.ulu Im*
A**. 16 LET?I large room with a small office attached, on
Vi" the s< coiid lloor, No. j'.l Nns-au s'.. suitable for n Hair-dressing
or Tailoriug business, and possession given immediately. Inquire of
au23lw? A. GODFREY, an stairs.
Jpsi TO I.E'I'?A large light room at 327 Bowery. In'iuireon
17" dm premises, or of T Hy*lop,341 BrooasesL au23 Iw"
V. TO EXt'II AN?. C. lor goods of say descripl.71
JJtL Lois o''Ldiid 01 Wiliia. i-burg. Address H., Office of the Tri?
bune au24 3t*.
a?s>\ t'lTV PROPERTY OFFICE, for buying, selling
lie! and exchanging City Property.at No 1 Ann-st. aulO Im*
M? KOO.IIM TO LET-A roam mid bed-inora with closets,
jfiiLpaiiines. tie, suitable for a small family. Also, one I tri:.- 1.n
extraordinarily well lighted, suitable far a ivork-sbop. Impure on
the premises of JOHN LOCKE, in rear ofSI Ann-". nine lm
la"! The bssemeut, (well calculated for a harues-, trunk or basket
stare, or a refectory ) 250 Broadway.
The bakery and work-shop. No. 6 Morton-st. near Bleecker, H pa
rate if w anted Work-shops, large and 'mall at Greenwich; oue is
11 laigc and distinct building, calculated for a wheelwright, Soap Fac?
tory. Ac.
A lore roo.n on McDongal-.t. for .1 school or public room.
'1 be store ami cellar earner of Waverly and McDouga -sis. a good
?ituatioa for ? grocer or bakery.
A store and bask room, 252 P.brecker-st. and pnrt of tie: house if
The first floor of 86 Si\ili Avenue, and also the second tloor and
kitchen if required, or separate.
The dwi tlit.tr part of ., small house 36V!' Huds in-sL 111 order.
From parlor, -J bed-rooms, ami a kitchen in House 87 Kmg--t
Appi? BtNw.261 Bleecker-st. or 117 Froct-St.
Also?Loft. and offices Mf. and 147 Kmst-tr-ei. iiuiM -.?dlw
*m FOB SALE?Or exchange for productive City Proper
ty?A Furm of Xi acre?, situated in HnntiagUiM Township, L.
1 "*"' 1.. :i miles from Northport, from which a steamboat plies to and
f-om New-York twice a week. Good buildings, good watsr, &e. Ac.
For fall particulars inquire of E. W. WOOD, -l Rivington-street
JCS? FOR SALE?A farm in the town of Smithtown in Suf
\j fblti County, lie ir the ullage of Comae, consisting of two huo
JS^drcd acres, about thirty of which are timber and spiouts land,
the remainder cleared and under a good .tao- of cultivation. < In the
premi.o are a rood dwelling hou-c. two barns, crib tad wagon-boose,
?-Ith a well of water near the door. Al-o, a good young Orchard with
a variety of cherry and other fruit trees. Poaaesaioa can be bud to
suit the convenient e of the purchaser. For particulars apply 10 Mr.
Smith Woodhull. 'JOT FroHt-street, or th-: subscriber ou the premi?
ses. au!4 lm" DAMEL SMITH.
DROWN COTTONS?200 bales Merrumck, Lawrence, Chi
I) copee, Nashua, Stark, Massachusetts, Fins, Hope. Cover,try.
and other styles of BROWN SHEETINGS, are otfer-d for sale at
the lowest market urn.e. for CASH, by
aul7 3iu O. H. LEE. "I Cedar-**.
?J?I Eii(htecnth-atre?t,
between the ninth and tenth avenues.
THE subscriber respectfully informs the Public that he continues
to manufacture the following articles, whit* he offers for side on
reasonably terms, viz 1
St-nr Ware, Earthen] Ware, Portable Furnaces, Chimney Pots.
Stove Tubes. Oven Tile, Green-House d?.. Fire Brick, Druggist and
Chemical Ware. Ac Ate
Stove Linings made to anv pattern and at short notice.
Wood, Mariile. etc. Paints, Oils, Glass, Bra-he.. etc. at whole?
sale and retail. S. SCHOONMAKER, No.7 C?atham Square, -oruer
of East Broadway. New-York. _jcl-tm
O Ate.?Ths subscriber 1? selling on very favorable terms a g'nersl
assortmttHt of Goods in the above hue. consisting in part of Plated,
Bras-, Japan aud Tinned Bits, lliiuf- and Buckle-. Hogskius, S 1 I lie
Trees, Coach Lamps, Coach and Gig Bauds. Axles. Springs. Steps,
B .ot Top Leather, ttc <fcc. JOHN 8. SI MMERS,
a ? lwiOwos 131) Water-street
STEEL PENS.? Mo<Ltv's (.'iuott', and Kersh.vv-s Stael
Pens. A eood assortment of PUCK ET- Bi K 'KS. and oth-r goods,
at wholesale. E. K. GILLESPIE. 19 John-street,
auA>'-m* Between Breadway and Nassau,
It signed orTcrfor sale at wnolcsaie and retail. Breuns. Tub.,
Pails, Bru-he... Mats, and Baskets of ?very description. Cords, Cor?
dana, compiisin.' a general sssonment, and otfer..! for rale low by
MEEKER At SHAW I'.O Wa-hisgton-st.
auIT lm_opposite tne MarkcL
tTiO PAPER .Tt?NTF?CTl BEBs?? Pc p Screens,
J ofall .izes. hv the set or suirl- plate, kept on hand and for -al
bv the .ubsenber.' Also, all kinds of Paper Machinery furnished at
the shortest notice by Messrs. Howe .t floSdard <>n application to the
.a^-.-nber who is their Agent m tins City. EDWARD CL'RTIS,
aui-l 3w ~ Pa(>er Warehouse. ?*! Liberty street.
Ret KAW'AY P?TlLION-Trains leave Brooklyn a
half-past y *. M.. half-past 4 and ta!f-pa?t C P M.
Reluming, leave the Psvdion at 7. qnarter-pist 2 and quarter-past
4 for New-York. Strangers will Gad .t this Watering Place the coin
forts and ease of a private residence, with the elegance atid rerine
aeat of the most princely establishment on the Conuneut of Europe.
BjUg tf_
EiO BACK .T1?NEY on all the Banks taken at par for
Dry Goods, wholesale and retail, at 44s Pearl st. aug!9 laj
JOOK AT THIS?Just fed. i
j Lawns at oary Is. Lei bleached Diaper at Is. L.t yard wide
Planneis at on|v - ffciltillg*. Cds-iraerr? donMc milled, at r!s. Bd.
Moleskins Is. 6d. Lot m< n'- Kar Hattall?*. Lot best luality
Kid Gloves at 3-.CJ. Lot French Merinos at only f*. 6d- Lot Silk
Velvets at tM.6d. Lot b'ombazine at only 5s. 6d. Lot.Ribbons at
only 4oV per yard. For sals at WILLET HAWKINS' Store,
No. 5-11 Greenwich-st.
Notice to Pedlars.?Hill of goods bought amouui to ore- $.^1. J{ per
cent, di-couut ? ill be allowed. Lots of goods to suit your trade.
auS*3t _
n% V '* I Vi P RO V E ??HKET Kl'DBER OV E It -
SHOES?5.HO0 pair Ladies' snd Geatiemea's lor sale. The
upper, ot' tai. truly el?gant Over shoe, made from the Rubber as im?
ported from South Arnarica, in sheets, are exceedingly elastic, the
same shoe adjusting ?.elf t j every width of i'.mjU softer than French
kid and made over lastsofthe most approved Broadway fashions. The
bottom, or -oles of leather laid between the rubber, arc joined to
C-ther so securely a< to b-- perfectly water proof. These Shoes have
bc-n trie.i thoroughly the past winter, sad given geaeral .ati.faciioa.
Kiery pair warranted aot to decompose, or the appers :o loosen from
the ?a!'-.. The tr.ole .ire invited to exalting these and a geneal a-?
sorta^ut of India Rubber Shoe., now in order for the fall trade.
HORACE H. DAY. Succe.-ser to Roxbury L R- t'o..
tnS -m 136 Maiden-lane.
DEALERS in this article be aot deceived. If yon would retain
your customers, supply them with ihe article which i< acknow?
ledged by every consumer who hns tried it a- greatly superior lo uny
other. My Cloth for carriage maker's purposes, marked A. has never
been equaled for beauty of appearance, bardae** and durability,
while the 4-4 Cloth, which I sell from 5" to ti'JJ cents per yard, i.
warranted in every respect fully equal to anil generally much better
than the ''loth made in the ordinary way and with the small old
fashioned machinery. A rood supply no* oa hand of th? various
qualities. HORACE h. DAT. Stwceasor u Roxbury I. It.ro.,
auSSm 136 Maiden-lane.
/ lO.fiPOSITION ROLLERN, of the best materials and
Vv (juali'v. an I of all size., cast at the Office of the New World.:?)
Ann st. Impure of Mr. J. W. RICHARDS, in the Press Room
(basement.) -mil tf
rrKA>siPAKK.VT I T A 5. S \ TV W I N I> <> VP
1 .shade*?OLIVER W. W( ODFORD, Cfi Catharine at,
is enabled to offer 1,500 pair, of Transparent Window Shade* at the
following low price., rix :
-c:> pair- Landscapes, (foreign views) at 81.73 per pair. m
351 oairs Moonlight Scenes.SSeiQ <l0
?JO pair- Vienette Centers.$3,00 do
300 pairs Fr.h Scroll Border.. .? l.i'O do
N. B. .'.i -ett- re d Italians; from ?10.00 to$30.00per pair. Country
Merchants and UphoUtrrers will realixe a saving of-50 per ceut. by
purchasing fromtke subscriber.
au3l lm o W. WOOOFORD. fi6 Cathorine-st,
nARDWARE PAPER. 100 r am. of superfine pol
i?hrd Hardware Paper received said lor -ale by
iiii 1 - PERSSE St BROOKS.No. 61 Liberty -t.
DROWN nIIEETL\CN_|im bides ChesterfieldiFactory
Ii Brown Sheetings, for sale bv
anl3 PERSSE Sc. BROOKS b'l Liberty -'.
<?I1.EI> Ul li .?lA.MEAtTOKV.
TOHN M. Ii WIKS v JONES, successors to Luke Oavins St Son.
?' intJWilliam-streetvcornerof John street. New-York. Caps, Stocks,
Shirts, Linen I ollars, Linen Bosoms, Hader Shirts ami Drawer-,
Suspenders, Hosiery, Lambs Wool and Merino, Gloves, Cravats,
Handkerchiefs, Otlad Silk. Patent Leather, wholesale and retail.
Ca| .-. Stocks nod Shirt., m We to order.
Agency Ihr Shaker Shirts auj Drawers, w ith a general assortment
of Fancy Go als. aul lm
ALFRED M.llirai,
ir.l on hand i w.-M selected assortment of Cloths, Caaaimeres a .d
Ve tings, suited to the season, which he offers to make up for the
public generally in tho very best manner, ai extremely low price, for
(.'?ish on delivery. aithly
john STAAT?,
AND Clothier, No. 93 Bowery, three doors almve Hester-Street
New-York. Constantly on hau l, a handsome assortment of
Cloths, CsM?neret, and V?ttings, which will be made in the best style
at the shortest notice, and m the most r-n-enable term?. jel? tf
? WAREHOUSE. No. 31 Liberty-street.?Printing, Lithographic,
and Colored Papers in all their varieties, made to order of any qua?
lity from common News, to the finest Hook paper made in the conn
try, at the fair market prices,from the very superior mills of Messrs.
A.C. Si W.Curtis. nc:.r Boston, and W. A:" M. Curtis. Bellville, N. J.
ami from several other manufacturers, having the best of machinery.
A I; orders thaakfully received and promptly executed.
au76ui EDW'tRH CI'RTIS. Agent.
BUILDERIs' hardware, at W Divi.-imi-irnet.?A
complete assortmi in ofeJash Pulbes, But: Hinges, Screws, Amer
lean ami English Knoh L?cks, Fine Plate, Demi, Cupboard, Draw
f"liest nid Pad Locks, Barrel, Bound, Square Springs. Flush and
Shutter Bolt.-. Hook ami Plate Hinges, together with nearly every ar
ticlu in the line, all of which will be sold us low as at auy place iu tbf
Also. Cut Nails by the cask, at the lowest merket price for cash.
subscribers keep constantly on hand and offer for sale in lota to
suit puichaserss?
WRITING PAPER, of all kinds.
Al-o, Robinson's Blank Book Papers, of all kinds.
PRINTING PAPERS, ot.nl >ur> and i)uul?ies, on hand or made
to order, at -hort uoticc.
They al*o keep on band a larce assorunent of Wires, Fellings,
Blue Smalts, Bleaching Powders and Soda Ash for Paper Manufac?
turer-, of their own importation, of the best i|uality, which Ihey
offer at very low prices.
jvlS tf PERSSE St BROOKS, ill Liberty street.
PLANTER*' BANK, also t-r.cultural Bunk Notes ot
s. Natchez, wanted at improved rate, by
jv-jiitf vtVVI.Ki'K BROTHERS. 30 Wall-street.
I,VX:LB*II COPYING PAPER,-500 reams superior
L-j English Copy nur Paper jusl received ami for -ale in lots to suit
purchasers by " ml-; PERSSE a BROOKS No. ill Liberty sL
{J RIVET N?* PAPER.-Prinung Paper, of all qualities and
size... constantly on hand ami for sale by
jl a PERSSK A HitOOKS. ill Liberty-st.
DLCJE S.'l.l LTNI.-'Jo casks F F F E. and F F F F E Lug
I J1 :.-ii Blue Si:: dtS, JBSt received and f't sale bv
jrd? PERSSE a- RRnoks r.i Lilserrv-at.
No. -1? Vesey-st. who haa hud many years' experience in the busi?
ngs i?Sl tf
MAGIC RAZOR STROP, with which every person may keep
ho razor in perfect order, whether at sea or on land. It presents
four fueaa, each of different sharpening properties,commencing with
the metallic Hone, of ten limes the power of the ordinary hone, and
fiinslnnir oa the simple calf?kin. Retail prices 50 cents, 75 cents,
$1 00. $1 -J.'i, and $1 50 each, according to size and outward liiiish.
Tt e performing part of a 75 ceut Stiop the same a- one at gl 50.
1 CHAPMAN, 103 William-st
N. B. The performing part of my 75 cents Stop warranted lo be
SU serior to Geo. Saunder?' best, at $.'! each, and the money returned
if the pun ha.er i.e dismantled. iv^Ki 3m
SEYTiorn whitinV; a llncm pbatt,
QETMOUR WHITING would respectfully inform his friends and
kJ1 the public that he still continues at his old stand. No. 62 Eosl
Broadway j and. having a-.ociaied him-elf in partnership with Dr
LINKS PRATT, they are ready to atteod to all who need their pro
feeiooal services. The public may be assured that all operations is
their orofus-ion will be performed on the most apysroved plan. Arti?
ficial Teeth, from one to a full set. Inserted ia the cost scientific man
tir, and on as favorable terms as at any other office. Whole sets in?
serted on the old atmoa'iaeric, or the new approved patent atmospheric
plan, wnieh obiain?d the premium at tt Fair <;f the American Insti?
tute ln.-t year, axd a, well as can be dona in this city. Teath plugged
w.th gold, Uu foil, or cement, as circumstances mny require.
Nerves of Teeth destroyed without pain, and in most caaes lbs
Tjoth effectually preserved by Slim?.
An infallible cure for the Toothache
N. B. Messrs. WH 1TING X PRATT will instruct one or two youmj
men tu We art of Deatisirv. on reasonable teriaa.
His Honor Chancellor Walworth.Trof. Wrc, Tully, M. D.
M. L. North. M. D.. Sara. Sprinrs. ;Rev. Nathaniel Pratt. Georgia,
Wm. W. Minor, M. D. 1 v v - Samuel C. Ellis, M. D.
Jured Lin.Ier. M. D. J ' ' I0r Rev. Heurv G. Ludlow.
Prof. Ben;, ?silli.-nan, M. D. LL. D. Wm. N. Blakeman, M. D.
Prof. Jonathan Knishl. M. D. John Miller. >!. D.
Prof. Charles V Sbepard. M. O lsttp|>hen Rnrnn. M. D. ieS-3m
JO*eph gillott,
(FACTION?The high character of these Pens has induced the
. attempt, on the pan of several disreputable makers, to practice
a fraud, not only upon Mr. Gillott. but also upon the public. An in
frrior article beariug the misspelled name, thus, Oillot. omitting the
final t. is now iu the market- It can readily te detected by iu un?
finished ippenranca. and the very common style in which it is put up.
Oiiserre. the geuuine Pen-are ail marked in full?- J-sepli Gillott's
Patent." or, u Joseph Gillott. warranted f and that each gross bears a
fac simile of
hu Signatare fj yv
The above mav be had, w holesale, of
jyl5 iy " HENRY JESSOP, 71 Joha-st-, cor. of Gold.
For Albany, from the foot of Barclay-street
The TROY. Wcdnesu.av Mornms at 7 o'clock.
The ALBANY.Thursday Men?s? at ? o'clock.
The TROY.Frday darning at .o'clock.
From the foot of Counhn d-street.
The SWiAl.l. )\V, \\ eduesday ?od Frt- ay Arterueon at o oVIock.
ili?-,Lh S LINE Ol i 1 'EA.T1UO.IT9
??t for .ii.Bjyy.
The new and commodious ?tesrabont NORTH
AMERICA. Cant M. H. TtueadelL, leaves the steam
boat Pie? between Coillaodi and l.dwnv street*
THURSDAY AFTERNOON. August S6, at 5 o dock.
For freight or passage apply ou board or to
m.?.wmr^, ,p_.~j*chult2' 11 ^e office on the wharf.
Leaves the Pier between Co-rtlaodt and Liberty-at*. th- steamboat
SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L.AV. Brainard, Tuesday, Thurs.tav
and Ss'.urdav at T o'clock, P. M.
The ROCHESTER, Capt, A. P. St. John, leaves the above pier
Monday. VVcdneaday asd Friday, at 7 o'clock.
For passage or freight, apply to
P C. SCHULTZ, at the ofnc\ or on board,
'clock the ?teamboat DIAMOND, from foot of
Barclays'. sa19T,ThsftS
a* 15. The steamboat OSIRIS, Cap*. J. U. Allaire, will
run iis follow.? leave FultOS X.iras't slip, Fa.t River,
'rvory Monday- morning, at ri o'clock; Tuesday,
Wednesday Thursday, Friday, and Suuday, at s o'clock, A. Si., and
Saturday, at 19 o'clock, soon.
Returning, leave Red Bank ?t half-past I o'clock every day, (ex?
cept Monday) at 10 o'clock, A. M., ami Saturday, at. P. M.
The boat ? .11 ran a? above until farther notice, navigation ami
weatk-r permitting. N. B.?All 1'reiglu and hastige :,t fhe risk of the
. owners thereof. jv.tJm
.J5sn5ivr?-ntfc-T<10 ,Wim0o0. HIGHLANDER, Captain Roberl
j Wardrep. will leave the foot of Warrea-street, New-Yark, every
Monday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoon, at I o'clock.
Returning, the HIGHLANDER will leave Newburgh every Hon
; day morniug at li o'clock, and Tuesday and Friday afternoon at 3
j o'clock.
For freight or passage, apply to the Captain on board. ?
N. R?All baggage, and freight of every description, ami bills, or
i specie, put aa board this bout, must be at the risk of iheowuer*
j thereof, unless a bill of lading or receipt is -igncl for the .?nie. jy'JO
?? it E AT ATTR A? TlONFi j!
?J&tr* S2a FARE REDUCED!?13" cents to and from Itsr
*e^,*~"^r y?b,n. The propiietor embraces tlie earliest opportu
??? ?v ? ?*"***, niiy of informing his fnemi. and the public m gen
' oral thui he is prepared to r hi his new and splendid lino of Stages
: from the North American Hotel, Bowery to De W it C. Keliiogi r'
Harb mi Km" Msssion House, regularly every half hour m ihc day,
I touching at other intermediate places along the route, aud making
their passage through in about an hour.
Neat and spacious apartments are fitted np on each end of the
route lbr the comfort and convenience ol passengers. Tl is new-and
j well regulated line rnnniug nearly double the number of trips daily
' that the Cur; do on the track, gives it adeclded advaatage over them,
j ?stopping much longer each trip at Kell nger's and giving passen
: gsrs sufficient time to partake of every kind of refreshment which
nr.-always kept on hand and served up in the host possible manner,
ou term- -uitablc to the times.
Bowery acd White Hall Stapes run us usual every 6ve minutes
I during the day. jy tt 6m J. MURPHY. Proprwlor.
..fan ~'oai*\ I.ON?- IM i. \ It O B AIL
j??^Sf -A.! -!_l ROAD-The trains upon thia
road leave Brooklyn at half past !?
A. M, half past \ acd half past
6 P.IL for ibe several villages ou tbo Hue when singes and convey
slices are in readiness to convey passengers to the Souud side and to
the II iy and Ocean.
The train, return at 7 A. Jl. and ijuurter past 'J P. M., and half past
5 P. M. from .Ismuica, affording time to visit and dise at the Marino
Pavilion al Rocknwuy and other attractive places of resort, und return
th" same evening to town. uuli. if
N A V t 44 A TION
THE Rbove Company are prepared to receive and forward
: Erie Canai, Lascs Huron and Michigan, and on tho Ohio sad Wj
bash and Erie Canals, en the most favorable terms. Familie, emi
. grating we.t, and Merchants will mid it to ihe.r advantage to call nt
their (>lru:c, III,- Broad street, A Steamboat will start daily at 3 P.M.
? from th? foot sfCortlandl street. :;inl three Canal Boats of a supeno?
I class will be started daily from Albany. For Freight or I'uwago ap
p!y to NOAH COOK 4 CO. bis Broad itreet, tt. Y.
O. .VI. TOMUNSON <*- CO. Albany, N. Y.
E. s. BEACH, do.
A. IL COBB St CO. Buffalo, N. Y.
- Proprietor".
COBB. OA'I MAN St CO. Cleveland. Ohio.
DAVIS A SMITH. Portsmouth. Ohio.
DORR, WFBB A CO. Detroit, Mieh;irsn.
alfl-tf BRISTOL Jc PORTER. Chicago, Illinois.
NY.?(.'anal mid Lake Transportation?Merchandises, Pus.cn
gers, itc. forwarded with care and dispuleh. For freight or pussngo
apply to
H. NIL.ES At t'o.. .',9 Uuav-st., Albany. 1
H. WRIGHT ?v Co., Rochester. ? Proprietors.
J. P. WOLF St P. J. KNAUF, 09 Wasbi-sL NY )
And to....P. GRANDIN, KM Broad-st N. Y. )
P. L. PA RSI INS Si Co., Buffalo. j W"1*
II WKI.I.S. f Conn st.. Boston. I jyl im
VE&SepL 1-t?The parket slop ST. JAMES, W. S. Stihor, master,
w ill .mi h; above, her regular ? ay.
F'or freight or passage, having superior accommodations, apply oa
bonrd, foot of Maiden-lane, 01 to
all lift IWy.l.L, MINTt'RN A C< 1 7s S.eiih
FOB LlYEBPiVOL?Packet ol Sept. 7th ?The
*Sj2&p-ck-it ship ROSCOE, H. Huttleson, master, will sail u* above,
her regular dav.
anil GRINNELL, MINTL'RN Si CO. 7- South-.t.
i&i FWR SALE-The whaling ship NEWARK, belongs
ing to the Poughkeepsie Wbulmg Company, and now lying
at their wh.rfai Poughkeepsie. Thi" -hip wa- built in New
York Hi 1833?afterwards she was burnt to the water's eitge and re?
built in Poughkeepsie in 1K15. with an entire new suit of ringing.
Sec. She Will be sold irilh all her whaling materials, and cau bo
sent to ..-a with the copper ?h'i now has ou her. Kor term, apply to
D. s. SHERMAN, Agent for the Company ?t Poughkeepsie. or to
sm 19 GRINNELL, HINTURN v CO 78 8outh-t.
tOfg. HATTERS' P Es USH?A good aaortajeat constantly
JiB "" b>nd. at tttrtmtly loa ptict* for casn. Hat M aiiufaclurera
^Ss? are partiealarly invited to call and examine it, ?t 159 Pearl
street, up stairs. SILAS DAVENPORT,
jy 30 Im'_Ageat.
SPRIIfi FA.9lII0ON.-Blt.OW.N A co.s??e.|ual
ity and oa- price Hnt Store, 178 Chatham s-iuare, corner>
Mott-st, The lan.-st fashion Hats for ike low (ised price of %Z
surpassing in beauty and style of linish any ever sold hefort
for the same price. In presenting these H its to the public, the
praprietors think they nave reached the ultimatum of beauty, dura?
bility, cheapsc.ss and comfort to the wearer. All sales are for cash,
which precludes the necessity of charging a good customtr for losses
incurred by the b?d. iu29-!Jni'
"ja*. -sP RING" FAS II ION.?Cheap Cash Store, No. 12
Chatham-it, (opposite Uosevelt-sti WILLIAM BROWN'S
9a^^ Fasbiouahle Hat and Cap Store. A large and splendid assort?
ment of Cloth and Velvet Caps, of every style and deeiriplion
now in use ; also the most extensive assortment ol'Sumuier Hals ever
exhibited in any Store, all of which will bo sold at wholesale ami re?
tail, at the lowest prices. mSf-'lm"
154 Chatham-Street, and Ibll Bowery. au3lf
JFJtfcNfH BOOTH AND "SHOE'S, of superior
workmanship, constantly on hand. Gentlemen wishing a good
article, made on Paris Lasts by the be t French workmen, will
be accommodated by calling on HENRY CENTLIVRE,
aOI Broa/iwey.
N. B.?Pans made Boots on hand and for sale. -:f lm
BOOTS, BOUT ss A>D ?MOE9l.-L.s,k ?cd
ad, thru call at I7t Chatham square, dir.cn/ oj.po.ite the
an's Bank, where sunds old Boss KlCHAitD'S Boot
^Sf Tradesman ,
and Shoe Mawuix Great, good and w.nderiul?sod of the
erant^.t modern Curiosities of the day. All wno snsh to too a ban
dred th iiumnd pair of fashionable and darable BQ0U aud Shoes ex
lnbited st one view for sale-all who wl-U io see the largest boot ever
exhibited in the known work) made of Uathrj-o\\ who wish to en
COUrs - New-York, London. Pans and Philadelphia fa, lions-all who
wish to encourage the honest mechaaic? all -sbo are opposed to
States-pri-on Monopoly and who wear Boots and Sao-., r[,:t, or
are invited to call where the umblc sixpence passes for the slow shd
__j ,h- boot in the wornl .Lands at tue Iwr, at
"hi In? 171 ?-h?"??sqr.
~ ?~ ?lUcVB AD'S Cheap Shoe and Gaiter Boot Store, t*t\
MBnaVt Bo?ery. between Walker and Hester street-, where may
'k had ladies', mi*>*?' ?'?nd children's Shoes and Gaiter Boot? in
great varieties. Ladies'Gaiters, from *! 7", io |-J 25. jy-Jl Ire
a VlN CABLE-'j^athon? Tj in-.h C?ai? ' 'able, I
aB2t GRINNELL, MINTURN At CO. 7d South-it.
KASiM-30 haJea, for sale by GRINNELLT MINTURN* St CO.
au24 78 South-st.

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