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ttnlea ?i the Stock Kxrhnnitr. Anjn?? 8#?
.hares US Baak.... ca..h 1t( 6 do .lo...... ?J
? m do do.nest wk 11 Ml do f:J
'2 X. Jo.mwk 10{ 50 doH?uH'mRR....bC0d 13
ib0 d? do.aextwk Hi}' an do do. :|
? do do.U3d I0| 50 do do.MM? 71
W do do. 10, 30* do do.AM 7J
S3 -Jo do.-3d I0J 50 do do.-?3d. 8.
3d? do....J> aextwk IW7.1 do do.rOda -t
yfi do do. 101 50 do do.?Us 184
do S.A. Trust Co.... SI.'M do do.s30d. ?
a ?o d..?i?id? 51 ?00 do -?.Cfc,,h lri
in do Bk of Com ... 97 1185 do do. 1-1
,. :'..>l-.'ln;:,. ? '?' doA...*5yr.RR.... 94
M do P?tenoe.b3d. 50] 50 .lo Mohawk . 5fl
en oo do .s3d 50 I 95 do do.blOds 50
uo jo!.,38dj 49} 95 do Aub Sc RocbkRd.. 107j
jg jg Jo. 41<i 5?' doTantonCo.*90d 8S
i doXJRRooI. '?ll 35 do do.ca-.h 83
?5 do do. 7tfJ 25 do do. 88
05 do Stoiijii2'M...~t4S0dii 33 I 50 do do.?60da 28
Male? after the Ronril.
M do Harlem.nwa 18? 50 do do.I? nw 91
,1 do do. Hi} 95 do do.ihwk 9{
?r, j? do. Wad 50 do do.s3ds 9:
T, do do. 1* 1195 do do._<ld. <i<
S3 do I'.S.Bank . .blOd 95 do N. A.Trum.?3d 5J
1 a do do. 9tl
Cornuaercial nod .ilou. y rjlatlt-ra.
- Thursday, P. .V.
Stock? generally went a till lower to-day and U. S. Bank and Har?
lem ???m to have n dowaard impatua that nothing* can check. The
H. uik ?r.ld Bt9}, a dehne of IJ |,er ci at. -loco yesterday ; Harlem told
a! Irj a decline of IJ per rei.t. Every one aeenu lo have loat COnfi
.1. ace in bath these stocks. A reaction, however, to tome ex teat will
prolsbly tak" place. New-Jersey declined li, Canton Co. I, Pater
-an I,Mohawk 1, Bank of Commerce I.
The reparations in Slate Stocks were?
I, I " Indiana Dollar Bonds.-? *'''J
a,?tm do do.,,r,"J*- ?t
9,600 Indiana Steriing Bonds.
80 0 do do. **>?
3 BOO Him..;.. Six. .. l-"7?.'?'
Exchanoc.?Foreien.?Very little doing. Bill? on London are firm
? ? -. i9 . on Paris R8 'j.
/'lie motion for the appointment of a Receiver for the Bank of
Michigan has (<eou nrratived by Chancellor Famawortb, by which
d. uioa the Bank is virtually daelared solvent and the injunction is
diiaolved. It ia atated that the notes of the North, rn Transportation
Co issued by Peter Comstock of Troy, and whom noa'spaper report
au rrllbin a day or two dei tared insolvent, have been considered a
|,ref. rred debt and will lie soon redeemed. The Watervliet Lank,
the lue.11 Bank of Montreal, and several other- have been 1 oiinect'd
niih-Mr. Comslock, and his failure baa embarrassed them. No he
nor twill probably accrue to the hollers of the Watervliet Bunk
nute-, and we 110-1 not to I'nion Bank toll-holder-.
The Baltimore Foe Insurance ? '.>. ha. declared a dividend of ."? per
rent for the lust mx months.
The Journal ?f Com met CO says. "We '.re told that holders of the
1 u of some of die New-Orleaas Banks nr.- having them protested
?heu pii) incut is refn.ed ill spe. ie, and llo-n attui hiuc fond- dnposit
rd is the New-York Banks for security and payment. The principal
laspeadod bank, have money deposited at the East with which they
HA able to meet nil demand, against them if only they ran pocket a
?remiumof five orten per cent. The sooaer tbey are compelled to
pay St l<?r, the le tter. "*?"*?
Busion-, Au?. "4.?The Flour market ha> experienced a further rise
ia prises on account of a light stock and increased demand for home
trade. S. Ie. (finer.ee, common brands. $7 a $7 12j per bbl. The
nie? of Corn to-day bare been, Yellow Plat 33 ? 34, and Hound 85 .1
- Ie per buahe . Several cargoes are momentarily expected to arrive,
?sieh may effect prices. Oat. scarce?best Southern 15 a 47, and
Northern, small sale., 50 a 54c.
MnlfN ni Auction.
By Hoffman it Co?Cassia?2-I?fl mats at 151c Soup?5 cases at
I |9J Horrinr?IGO kegs Dutch at 75c. Salmon?S nerces at 17
, 13; - bblf. ut ?-IM 85. U me?T, qr casks Sherry St 17; ; 10 do. Cle ;
ado. at .v.'jn: 5do.at48Jc; 5 Indian bbls. at 55c; :t? qr casks Dry
NsJsga st25a26,c Brandy?-. <|r casks White at 65c; 5 Indian
libls. Hl .il 02.
S'Ai/i a/.iur?Just arrived from Canton, sold lo close a concern.
By D.C A W. Pell?Brandy, -I mid 6months?05 hf pipe. Otard.
Danny A- Co., at *l 96a *l 99 : i'l qr casks ut $1 31 ; 6 pipes at >l 90
(1 hf pipes nnd 5 pips.-. J J Dupuy at 86 a 88 1; 7 pipes Rochelle at 93
s'.ij; fihfdo. at99; Sqrdo. at $1 04. Wine?160 <;r cask. Uar
seiilea in Haderia,S5c ; 26do. Port ut 98 a 'JOJe : Muscat ntdfi.-; Vjn
deQrsstat$11Red do.al$1975a$13874/. Bum?lo puu. Ja
inaidn at ?1 55. ?-??I?ICO baskets Nice lit s> I 70 u y t so.
By Austin, Wilmording tt Co?Teas Imparted by various vesals.
Tents, notes at six moutns, payable in this city, to be made satis
laetory to tbe sellers. Hyson?5 ehcts. 5iijc: 7 do 5IJ ? Ifl with
?rawiu Yauug Hyson?7chests,67Jc; 5do.58j : bfdo.57}; 92do.
sc. 561; '-'do. do 54* : 26 dn do. 54; 23 do do..VI'; 17 ebests, 51 j j
Bid do, M: '-'? 131b boxes, JJ ; 15 ehest?, 95lifdo ami 80 1.111, bxs
withdrawn. Imperial? 85 1 "tits boxes. 6tc?175 withdrawn. (iun
paader?4513tbboxes 6IJc. Pouchoug?10 ] chests. 46c, (99 with
,iea*n): 98 hf cheats, 52jc. Souchoag?3 bf chests, 45c; 10 do, do.
JtfJ.(9l6do. do. withdrawo); 5 i chests [Koktso] 57c. (67do. do
riikdrawa. Pecco?10 hf cheats, 39i?9 withdrawn. Hyson Skin?
13?feilest-. 451& Nangong?5 1 chest., a\i,?:m ,,?. withdrawn.
jy For Thix Wreck Only.?Daguerreotype Likenesses:
taken ia a superior style. 111 n few seconds, at the N. K. cornet of'
Broadway and I'ark Place, for (jai I tiding ? tue.) au24 is5t'
I r Jnat I'uhliahi'd at tin BeoeOB OflVce, -I Roasevclt-st.
New-York, n New homos <o inn Lira ok Tromss Paime, by GJ
Valf, with a copious Iudex, and Chapter of Contents. I rice, bom d
|195, ib boards $1. The rapid sale of this book bespeaks a large
laisLife has boen acknowledged by the presa to be ' the best yet
I'ufibshed." Tha author was seven years collecting the fasts, which
are c and idly given, well arranged, and forcibly expresaec. The lie
1 0111 Oh. a brief but intercstinc history of ihe causes of the Amei lean
tad French Revolutions, and aq appendix contulnini.' I'aink's row.
im.1 LETTE as To Washington, suppressed in Ihe existing Amen
1 hi edition of his works
*V. R?The Works of TllOMAS I*\ink, and other liberal ?rit?rs,
for sale at the Beacon Office._ au2?9i*
i r The AfaTaerlcatn M?*awewi*fe?Containing tbe most v. I
nable and oricinal receipts in all the various bran*, kea of cooking. By
. aa experienced lady. Also, the whole Art of Carving, iUuatratttd by
nsteen engravings. Fiflh Rdition.
" Next to the Bible and it. companion., we hold the uCOOk*tsOok"
tobeihe mosl necessary volume iu all families; and tin. American
Housewife we Oike to bin one of the best iimoiie the class. In u multi?
tude of counsellova there ia wisdom, und there are twenty-five ways of
cooking a potato, What one book lucks, another furnishes?so rea?
der buy, and take home 11 copy fir your wife. If you have not H
wife, buy ? cook book and ret a wife to match. [Tuttlor.
Published by DAYTON A SAX TON, corner of Fulton and Nassau
sir^uts au?4
IT i'ni'liculnr *Volic?'.?Those persons having lurui
lure of any description to dispose of, or who are breaking up
bonse-keeping. will find a readj tale for any portion or nil of their
foods, by ie tiding imir address, or calling upon the subscriber.
Qoods lo any amount purchased.
auStm F. COLTO.V. 197Chatham-squate.
O* Cnnspbell t*v .ri?-Klr:nli, Attorneys and Counsellors at
La*, and w 1111 am >v ? Campbi 11. Master 1.1 Chauceiy, uiuv be eon.
tailed daily nt their otli-e. No. 43 John street, next aoiar to the Me?
thodist Church. WILLIAM W. CAMPBELL
aui'.imis THOMAS McL'LRATH.
t ' Tunic Soup and Mteattn si TIVOLI GARDJCN, corner
ofVarick end Charliou-su. ever) ilay this week.
Fruniliei supplied a- usual. au2Ti 4t
C>'e?-VorU mid Urn- Kailroad State Stock.?
Kotice is hereby given that the New-Yerk and Erie Railroad Compe?
ls win $ell -a Public Auction, .it the Merchants' Rxchangt in the City
of New. York, pa Moadav.the 90th tlayol Saptembor next, nt LJ
restock wt noon, under lie' direction ?I Ike Comptrnl cr. One Hundred
Thousaud Dollars ol Neu York State Stock, bearing interest at the
tste of -i\ per cent, par annum from the first day of October, iinlti
tivety, payable quarterly on the fir.t days of J inuary, April, July and
1 lober . b ii,c .lock issued iu putsiian.'e of Chanter 19tl of tne Law s
at said Si ite, of the venr 1- i', and is reimburranle at the pleasure of
the Si ite st any time sftet the tir> >\ ty of October, 1861.
l a.- M m 'luuts' h.uik, 111 the City of New-York, 1- designed ... the
pi km for thv ri\-istri and mittler of said Stock, sud will be the place
tor the payraeat ef interest thereupon.
The Stack nil] be sold in certificates ofOae Thousand Hollar, each,
nod the buyer, will be required te pay the amount of their pure bars s
respei lively Inuraedlately alter the safe, when transfers will be made
"'? JAMES BOW EN, President
New-Yoik.-r.th Aurust, ImI. ' an26dtS2U
SUM RISKS.r. 25 ! MOON SETS.0 'l'
?*?.?? -C 35 1 n-cii u-ATEB.5 3o
latest AO TICKS.
I.v -,.ool. Aiiff. 4. I Havre, indirect, Auy. 1. | N. Orleans, Aug 17
Schrx pe?-uoi. Kelly, Boston; Repeater, Prruicix, W?minaton N
C; Magtiet .Baker. UverpooL N S, S W Lew,,. K?iw
Itichmoud, * u.
Packet-ship South Amorira, Bailey, B5 ds f.u Livensool md-e to
C I! Marshall and Soodhu? A Co
Ship North Vmerica, Hall. 15 ds On Pictoa, 300 rduddrons coal to
J O Ward
Bnj Turner, Morgan 8 d- fin Portlarsd, molas^>s, t,, J Train.
Wrxt Leonora. Lee, 5ds tin Boston, ballast, to J Ojtdeu.
Sehr H irwieh, Ro^e.-s. 10 ds On Ea-stport. plaster, to Captain.
Sehr Manchester, Allen, 3 ds I'm Richmond, flour. Allen St Faxen.
Sci,r Catherine; Ki igsburr, 10 ds fm Laguira, coffee, Ac, to P
Harmony A Co.
Bracht Watchman, Tennov. 7 ds fm Bermuda, ballast, to Mid?
list ton ft C"
i<-l * -l ship. I bark auJ 2 brigs.
rCTKuviil vtnii fsju-nmrr froiii Bsston to t.ivcr>
pool. -The Letter B?f? for the Columbia are uo* open al Har..d-:;
A To.', ottice. N .. 3 Wail st. and will dote on Tues.iay. Auj. 31, et
one quarter past 4 v M A Bae will be arm everT day unui snU on
i . e. lay W'M. WYMAN, Agent.
GRAF! A M'S MAGAZI N E?Officr 83 ?e^ry.
I Graham's I.ailT'n and Gentlemen'* yingazinr-.
Content? of the September Number, Vol. 1?- No
The Fire-Side?ID tut rated with ? Steel Enrravinr.
Fragment, written 00 the first coming of Spring', by Park Benjamin
Shakspeare, by Theodore S. Fay, author of " Norman Le?be,"
" The Conntem Ida," Ac.
T.'ie Wildwood Home, by Lydia Jan? Pierson
Reproof of a Bird, by J?-pi. Evan* Snodgrass.
The Ref.-r of 76*, !iy the author of '? Cruizing in the La?t War,"
Scouring the Channel.
Oli: a ir.erry Iii".- Joe? a H'inter lead, by Gen. P. Morris.
The Widow's Wealth, bv E. Clementine Stedman.
Flirtation, !>s- Emma C. E nbarv.
Death, by Mrs. ir. ft. W. Esting.
The Saxon's Brid il, by the ..uthor of the ?? The Brother.." u Crom?
well," '? Ringwood the Ro\er." etc.
Why should I Love Thee" In- John S. Du Polle.
A Bell- at a Bal', by F W. Thomas, author of Howard Pinckney.
Misfortune* of a Timfd Gentleman, by'J. Ro-s Browne.
To Helen by Edgar A. IV?.
Never lbti ?.jr Head, a moral tal*. by Edgar A. Poe.
The First K.- ofL re. by C. A. R v. bold
Lame for Life, or Leslie Pierpoot, a Fale m two j.-.rt-, by Professor
J. H. Inerahi in author of Lantte. Kyd. Thi <t isdroone, etc
Leaves from a Lawyer'- Port-Folio?the Step-Mother.
Mu-ic. "Mv Bonnie Blue-Eyed Lassie, 0," a Scotch Ballsd, sung
in- Mr. Dempster.
'Collage Piety, rill nitrated) by Jeremy f-hoot, Esq.
Sports and Pastime?the Fow ling-Piece.
Review of New Books.
EmbeUisbmeuU of the September Number.
The Cottage Fire Side, a iPa_M:ric-ut >?????: Eiignv .:ig. prepared
expressly f?r this work, by Raw.loo. Hatch and tsmilie, of N. iork.
teottsge Piety, a ipleudid Mezzotinto engraving on steel, by Lsdd,
ofNe? - York.
Splendid ro'ored Faihions. Four F-eures.
Mo-ic - My Bonnie B]us-Eyed Lassies. 0 :" two page-.
We are pleased to he able loaunounee thai we be ve nude ?rrange
ments with foloniiig distinguished Writer., who will hereafter
l,e permanent and repuinr contributors to tins Magazine, ?I/.:
Theodore S. Pay, author of Norman Leslie, Countess Ida, < sr. etc.
Professor J. 11. Ingrahein, author of Lantte, Kyd. The Quadroone,
George P, Morris. Esq. of die New-York Mirror.
Park Benjamin, Est],
M-- U. S. Nichols.
Robert Morris, Esq.
And a ho-t .r. of the ablest w riter.- of the day. We are deter?
mined to keep t'-o- lead in literary worth, us well as in beautiful and
costly embclltsbinenut
lern? $3per annual in advance,or35 cents a single : umber. Pub?
lished mnntlily Delivered in any pan of this city and Brooklyn, and
sent by mail to all put? of tii? United State* an i the Canni bv the
publisher, [auSM3ti*T*Yl_ISRAEL POST, -- Bowery.
1 " Jniiacts'New Movcl?i Ik u.. nt Regime, o Am
Dm Morin," by G.P..R. James, Esq. author of Dnrotey, Ricbel i
The Gipseys the Gnutlcmaa uf tlie 0:d School, etc. Complete in urn
volume. Price Fifty Cents.
Ju-t Published, and for sab: wholesale and retail, bv
au?b't ?l ISRAEL POST, SSBowery.
VT To the Public?Tbc subscriber takes the liberty of present
ing to the publii the following letter from ? highly respectable gen?
ii man of this city, in reforenri to the effects of the celebrated inedi
cm ? 'ih' ttalsmm of Moscoltlto?incase- of Cholera Morbus.Diar
rba ??. Ate. Th und< i -it. ned takes ibis oppoi tuuity afstating thai lie
bas in bis possession hundreds of similarly gratifying tesiimouislt
from the most respectable irdividuais of this and other cities; sutli
dent to assure ihe uie?t sceptical and unbelieving that. a? a remedy
for boa el complaints i:. ad alt-, and for the rammer complaint of chil?
dren, this balsam i* the most safe, certain, tu-d valuable m tr-e world.
J WHEELER, Oculist, 33 Cr, anwich si. near ike Batten-.
" Dear Sir ? New-York. Aug. IT. 1841.
While suffering a few days since from a violent et'iu k ol the Cho
I -n. Morbus. I w a? rnroniin.'iidcd a friend to make :i trial of your
Balsem of MoseateSIr*, (of the celebrity of v -hieb I bad out before
I" srd.'i and I was as much gratified as astonished to S?d that ilie lir-i
wine-glass full I o...k greatly ameliorated mv pains, snd that, on tak?
ing a second dose, I got completely ??<'.'. With the untie w hich I
had from you, 1 received a pamphlet containing the names ,.f several
gentlemen well known in the city highly recommending your nietti
ciae, and 1 do n*l kmc- that I call rend- r a b'ller service in the pub- j
lie than by adding my name to the b-t. If you ilimk proper to use
it lor such ii purpose, yon are ijnite ?i liberty to do so.
Your'- Ac. LOUW MARK. 153 W.r-st
Dr. Whcel.-r, 33 Greenwich-*! auld Sw cor. Maiden-laoe.
I In the Packet-ship South America, from Liverpool.?Mr. John Na
I gel, Mrs. Nagel, Miss Purdy, Mr. Thomas Firth. Mr. James Winter
bottom, Bishop Miles, Mr. Louis Host.Mr. Henry Thorn, Mr William
Kcrr, Mr. Henry Stevens, and I IS in ibe steerage.
August 85th, tit St. John'. Chapel, Edward H. Van Wiufcle, M. IL.
to Cu harm ? A., el lest daughter of Thomas N. Stanford, Esq.
Augusl SO, Bard iv J Bum- to Mr- Isabella Smith, daughter of Dr.
Robert Cook, formerly of Art) le, Washington Co.
At Butternuts, Augusl 91 Martin Wygaat. Merchant of Cincinnati,
to Cathariui Emily, daughter of the lain Samuel Comstock, of tbi
formerly piaee.
At Mohawk, Herkimer Co., N. Y, August 19, David Raibach to
Mary, daughter of the late Peter M Myers, E?q . all of Herkimer.
Aiigii-i SC, William Mandevilla Leat,jr? age,] l year and IS days,
only sou of Win. M. and Amelia LeuL
August95, o( consumption, Adam Young, aged 61 year-.
Augusl 21 Mrs. Margarsi Goodwin, relict of Capt, Thomas Good
win, formerly of Middletown. Ci, aged T'J.
Ai Slateu Islam!, Augusl25, Emily Augusts, daughter of William
K. Thorn, nge I 7 months.
AuguslS^ Harriet Livingston, sged 70 year-; eldest daughter of
? he late I'hilip .1. Lin-gstoii. I"-r;. , f Thnig's N.. k. West, he- er.
At Chelsea, I ?rang? Co. Vermont, Mr. Joseph Spiller, aged To. Hi
was one uf il small but hardy band who first suttled in that now flou?
rishing and populous town.
OKV GOOD"}?H. V. HOAGLAND, 57J Hous.-?ireet, ha
now on hand n general assortment of all articles in hi- hue, to
which be is daily adding now and seasonable articles. Good brown
Sheeting muslin ii I, better ut *<!, 9d, snd llkl. Heavy bleached Mus?
lin Btl mid 9d, the l,i).i long cloth Shirting at 1- White, red mid yrl
low Flannel, from Ss upwards. I'rmts from Cd to Ss. A full assort?
ment of Hosiery. White unbleached and black cotton Hose at Is.
Tick-Chei k. striped Shining, cut, u and linen Table Diaper, Ac A ,.
Customers ? ill please call and judge for themselves. BUT ONK
PRICE. _au37 lvv"
pH EAP CARPET STORE.?The nibscril ? r offers for
V' sal.- a new and splendid assortment of3-ply Brussels, fineuud su
perfine Ingrain Carpeting. Oil-Cloth. Rugs, Matts, .Mailing, with nil
other nrlic:e. connected with the bu?i. ????, cheaper than can be bought
al any other -lore in ilie city. Persons from the country or cily w i-ii
mg to purchase ?ill find il mm h to th -ir advantage tn call before pur?
chasing elsewhere, ni -17 Canal-street, louth -id", near Broada .
nSAVll OlfCSaXUU ('(It ?. ?I'roin boat or y ard ai : h
1. lowest market prices.
Also, Leli gb, Lackawana, Liverpool, Sidney and Virgin a Coals.
ii- ers through the Post Office punctually attended to.
au36 Imis J. TERBELL, cor. of Hudson and Amos-sts.
LOOK AT THIS.?Pockcl books, the cheapest in the cHyj
at wholesale. E. R.GILLESPIE Agent,
augT Im' S?. lire I!' John -t
'DO HOVrVTRY lUERCWANTS.?Pocket Books il
I w bnlesale, cheap for cash, by
eiiv!7 Iur i: R.GILLESI'IE \:-.-,jt. 35 Iaiel9 Jobn-st.
Second Edition tin- day published.
rriHE PUBLISHEKS be? leave to call ibe aitentiou of the public
A to the following unsolicited notices of the Elementary Geology,
from gentb men eminently qualified lo judge efit. merits:
[From Prof. It. Sil im.ii. LL. D. of Yale Coilege.]
" I am greatly in fault in not having answered your kind letter of
Aug, 220th, with a copy of your valuable work op Geology. I took
the work with me to the West in the expectation of looking it ov.-r;
and although 1 failed to i> ad it satisfactorily. 1 glanced at it enough 1
i? convince me of its high value, and tbsll recommend it m my Lec?
iFrnni Prof. J. W. Webster, of Harvard University
" I have just received u copy of your " Elementary Geolory," ft r
which 1 beg you to accept many tnanks. I am tbankfall thai you j
Have found time to presei i u.. ? itii s > excelleut a v luw of the - -iet.ee
and -h .11 recommend the work warmly to the class attending my
[From Prof* C. Dewey, of Rochester, New-York.]
'? I introduced yonr Geology into our Academy. Fart ol it is hard
reasoning for mind- n >i pretty *el! matured. Still it i- so vastly bet?
ter thaa any thing iu the English language with which I am ac?
quainted, that I boast over il It is admircbli for the College
course." tTo be continued.' auS7'.3t
vyEW t'AJtl'K'r ST^lCE, 10I Bowery.-1
?N -cr>i?--s w iahi to call atientioa to lh< r new and baudsome uaort
ment of Carpeting ? hi h they are uo? opeuiugj ami * Inch comprises
many entirely new und richly shaded pattern' of Eng ish au.l Aineri
? an Brussels, three-ply, sup'rfiue m .1 double superhne I- ? da Car?
pets, fine and e.\t:aline d?s, ball and sl.nr Carpets, (??! Cloths, Dreg
gets, He rt. Kii.s, Malts, Table and Piano Covers Wind?* .-hade-.
Stair Rod. \c. itcc These goods have bees select >. ? ith gre ii care
for the fill trade, and has ing been purchased for cs-h ou the most fav?
orable terms, will N. sold as v ies,, or cheaper than at a-iy other store
in the c.tv. Purchasers air resnectlully invited i" call and examine.
JuVKS a MAKCY, ttil Bowery,
uuOri l?i." middle Carpel Store between Hestor ami Grsad-sts.
JONAS :?i i t.Sifc.
GAlaVES4T if N, T i. X A S,
sereas to
Daniel Lord;;-Jr? Esq. | Messrs. Posts A Main,
Jokn Anlbon, Esq. K.C. Wetmoro v Co.
J. Prescot! Hall, E-^. A V. Groe.,lie.d A. Co.
GriuYa A Havens, Walsh A MeJlory.
j. Hifgerty & Sons, f W.aM Jobuson dt Sons.
Cemotutttcatioas may be left ai No. 38 Ann-street, or at No. S
Gold-street. New-York._anl3 Imis"
good cheap Clothing, would do weili,. call at I33j Cliaia.-^n
stteet, where they can rind, nrments at the foUowing i rii -
Liuen J Htkets, 63 cents . I.men Dnlliag Pants, St 25; t l^th Cosu
tSlo$l8; Cloth Jackets. $4 tot". Ssiinci Pants, $17. to 75 .
Ckr.h Paau, $? w $4 50. [jyg7 1ml JACOB C^.SIVKIX^
^-i( W. ItlRT, 1 Cv.| ir si. near Pearl, is now receiving a icrge as
Lseruaent of white and colored CORSETS, made to ..r.:. r. and
ie=5Awaxr. ..ted u. give sat:.fac tion, end selling at tXtrescly low
J^J ,;" r?"?'ry Merehxrits .up-.lie.l_au'Jl '.mis'
* : "73 RnfARE PIAIVO FOBTK rtPia?**
"S=??c|2sWKK v. tXTED lo gu to Meat real A comp? tent per
! I r l lH?h (acne outers need apply; will hnve liis-rn wage
sud coosnui >mpioy. For paruculars inouire of F. Copcutt. -We
WashiBjjisii a:. auil Iwis"
Vi 000 TO***-eo<> on Property' or. Stau o :
v")-A .UV/<J worth tnrr- nraei the aaount. for three yean. Good
eny bondsman. AilUre.. B. K. I pper Po.: i >trVe. ' s.u_7 lw
<Tl ( lOO WAITED??Ja bond and raori?__e. for cn* or
p I fl " ' m we years, at - per con;. on improve,! prop.rtv in
thethickly ?ettled psri of th? viJUtreot* Wiliiam.bargh L I w-rth
over twjc- the amount- Apply at US Ludlow ._. from IS to 3 o'clock
or after G o'cloo'< in the evening._?u_7 3*
C-O r WANT E D?A young man with the above tarn is wanted
'^m.'J tin. day at 4'.I Broadway?entrance in Graod st. au37 It*
\*lI' ANTED ? Employ meit for gooc E-gu-n. In.a IS
TV lerranu. who bare arrive.) this week. Employer* mav be a?7
.?red that none hut faithful and competent help ?ill be .ent from '.
SuOSM it. ' a?27
?' I*? 51 E .4 S> V E RTI 'S E It being '- enguemeot lo go
1 West in a few days, is reluctantly compelled m dispose of bis
bu-ii.es- for ene-bnlfits real value It is a very sure and profiiaMc
concern, aad has paid from $.7 to S8 ck_r profit .'.ally. The -um re.
quired tn purchase U ?ir,i. Any young mar who can command that
sum may apply immediately a: the Gei.en>i Agency Office. > Oak
?treet. wh- re (arther particular* mav be had. au37 It*
*A.*t FED?Places by several rery nice girls, Prote.t., it* ami
Others, a* the old office, 139 Bowery. autTT _f
ANTED?Si'iiatinn* by tot.! excellent girls, al No. ;7
Broadway. Wauled, a lad who has worked at BlatcJuinithinr.
_ au27 ?t'
U'ANTED ? A'. -?? i! ji!-'.. -er for t:,. -fu*.
Fixtures; e*cc of a well located Porter-ilouse and Bow li_g-AI
I ley, that wiii clear from S>i to $77 per ?> eeka Capital required about
fitjW?one-balfcash. au27 it*
11 * A N T ED?At > E.?-t Broadway. 4o g.rl> for r.,s! p7ac.->. Of
It all persons the most miserable and degrading in this world,
are those men who try ??build themselves up nu the popularity of dis- I
tiiigui-hed writers, aud by trying to ruin their neighbor's reputation |
and character by base :laa_er and falsehood. We h ive l.-?en |sj to I
thcfc remarks by noticing an advertisement m yesterday's Tribune. |
si;-ned - Join TdcCaiie A Co." We pronounce the suth*>rsnf that ad?
vertisement wilful Inr*-. We never have kept f.n office inClifT-street,
or any oile r street in the city or -lite of New.York, except the ose
we ua* keep at 50 East Broadway. The public can judge of their j
motives, thev aie unworthy of further uotn-.- from u?
au_7 If " Citi.K A BROAD.
IT7_NTED?A partner in a dry g.Is store, with -
? ' capital. The purchases and sales being exclusive'} for cash,
a better opportunity of investment rarely o:Ter.. A ie.:e f.-.r A. B.W.
with r.-ai naue- and address, al this office, will be attended to. .V. K
gecrccy observed. _ au563t*
IX/ hNTED?Ayoung wemau who can give satisfactory refer
if nncc, wauls-a situnlioo as Cook?v. ill as.-i-t in washing and
ironing?understands ber business. Apply at 17!l l.varence -t. in the
rear. nuSG 3*
\ \ "A **? 1' ED?At East Broadway, 90 American and Ecgltsh
? t girls fir rood places. Remember, that tin* is a free <,?;;??? for
American and English siri-. Families can be sum- oi getting the rery
best of help ar this .nil.- for city or count')'. nuit;3f
V.' -' r* is Sil iVAJVTEO?On productive property in this
'iJUjI " " t Ciry. >o. WO o.r a terra of five years, for which ?even
.rent, interest will be pud. Address P.. at mis office. au35 8t*
'I'Cti totiVG LlDIEri
l family of one of the Principals of theiiallof Education, Wil
liamsl urg. Number < f boarder* limited to six. Address II dl ol Eti
ueati.offic? ??? the Tribune. References exchanged. Terms, in?
cluding introductory course of Music and French, $13 per month.
au35 lw
- i\ GIT. ES - inted at Hougblon's Umbrella F ctory . I - Liberty
1*1/ ktrect, lib story. Als?, a number of girls to Lam the trade.
uu_T> It*
4/17'A NT ED - \ i abinettnaker to do light k. Also a Wire?
's1 worker: one that understands cage making prefered. A non
iddrcssed J I), and left at tho office of this paper will be promptly
sttcnd>*d to. aui? :t
f.-oa An acme man with 5iM dollars may Gnd a good mtua
tjpij v/V/a tion by addressing '? Industry,' nrith name, at this office.
auS5 it"
\S/A.N'I EIS?Trit. v.orihy prot.-i,.;t servants uni.e iiiel !? male.
vv an be had at the shortest notice, for city or country, at the
American Intelligence office, No.564 Broadway.
au35 lw* T. ELLIOTT. Proprietor.
\ \ TA KT? IS? M 97" fl adson-sli !i girls foi housi a-ork, ' 1
it shirt makers and seams ti esses, several for chamberwork and
ner-iri;, and I lUadreSs. s. A man and two woin in rooks. No fee re?
tailed. Uli ess -unable place, are provided, at the office. nu35-it"
UrANTED - \: - ilud.on-strect,2dry goods and3 grocery
cb-rk-. n bar-keener, s! porteJS, u coachman and groom, I
waiter., and lads for offices. aui'i ir
I TT ANTE D?An active, industrioiw boj, 14 or 15 years old, in a
v. Hanl? ire storu. O.ie that can le>ard down town wita bis
parents will be preferred. For the first year hoard only will be
cue::. Apply to te>\ Mo I'pper Posi-O.lice. in hand wriliur of the
nppliennt. _au24 3t
UANTED?A grocer** Wagon, Horse and Harm --. good
r o d. r. Apply al 71 J.oues sL aul!4 *it*
it4? TSif. FtJ B la IC?The Mew Intelligence Office, liceused
by Ins Hon. the Mayor, h*. recently opened al l.'l- Broome-st,
next door to Broadway. Those who waol good, fa.thful and trusty
servants of any kind would do well to leave their address at tue
office from 8 ?. M. until fi P. H. A register will also be kept for the
purpose of renting and letting houses or property to lease or for tale
,tc, Sec. A number of families can tie supplied with the best of ser?
vants immediately. Office 439 Broome-sL miillin
rfy? JIBHCHANf? A.NU BANKS_The undersigned
1 has a family to support, and has been out of any regular employ.
ineut fur seven month-. Ue is compi ti-iil for Book Keeper or A-sist
uit Book-Keeper in any house, nie' can refer to the best men of the
city for.testimonials of character iiiij ability, having occupied the
desk of the DUcOUUt Clerk in the old United Slates Itauk for upward
of eleven years?Ui til the charter expired. The following is a copy
of a recomiaecdalion in Iii? possession:
?? Abijah Abbott ua- f..r many year- Discount Clerk in the late Bank
of the Fulled State., during winch period he had my entire approba?
tion for s rn i attention to bis duties, always performing tin in cor
r, i tly und faithfully. His moral character IS in every respOCI most
ttricilj correct, and In. industry untiring.
Sie,ml. Moaais RoatNsoi?, Agency U. S. Bank."
Other teatimoaials equally favorable can beproduced. Address
me to [au9l lw] AHIJAII ABBOT V.s' 1'ivis.oii-st.
V 1 " i ?' \' \ '"'*** ,'*'-4-^ ?" B"Ud and Mortguce in ditl-ient
?j* I DjUv/Vj* sums, at No. i Ann-sL " ?uln Im"
WANTED.?At 140 i.'rmd -tre.-t, male and female servants
for cit> and country. Farmen and others wanting coo.I h-lp
can have them by apnlyinr as above. ?y-?> if
\Ii* ANTED?Situations ior "J American nurses, 4. cooks, -J cir|s!
M for country place.-.; i) German, 40 English and Irish girl- for
different kinds of places; waiter men and sm.iii girls. Apply at the
United States Intelligence Office, 4.V1 Broadway, above rallersalls,
City and Coanty employers can be supplied without disappointment.
jyd7 Im _
"I t'ANT ED?Situations for t'ooks. Chambermaids, Waiter-,
? t Coachman, Porters and Women for general housework. The
beauty of our mtablLshuent is, we protect families from annoy?
ance and domestics from imposition. This we achieve by taking no
money from servants until they are suited slid the result is, we scud
lioao bul those WO hue strong reasons to believe will -nit.
j. McCABE a CO. 99 Nassau-st
Washington Irving. E-.p Hon. Noses H. tirincell.
lier.ry Breovort, Jr. Esq. | Prof. Renwick. au5istf
pOAKDI.Yti.? A tentleu-an and his wife may be accommo
li dated with a pleasant room and pantry. Also a few single gen?
ii men, in a handsome house und geuteel family, ifiOreh.rd, near
Grand st. Terms mnderaic. au3T3f
V EAT AND PEE?8ANT KDO U.t, whli or witbaut
.' Board, well tuiti d lor geutleineu and their w ives, or single gen?
tlemen, may be I ad at [)6 Canal -trceL air'li -dt'
DOARD? Pleasant roomi a . h board may be had in a health)
l i* and delisbtful locatiun, lul Kaat Broadway?b? u-e first class,
private fa nd/, und u few -elect boarders. Term- favorable. Re?
ferences exchanged. _ au'dl lw*
I . i i \ a ?; t .Nsi?Taree or four single ge .tlemen can obtain .'?.od
D board with pleasant furnished apartments, at 4a CUff-atreet. be
twean Beektnaa und Fulton. Also, to I : ? geutlemaa and hi.
- if. . or t? o gentlemen, a front pnrlor with bedroom OU tUS second
Door, furnished or unfurnished, with board at very moderate prices.
Referenci ^ exi h inged. au.'4 lwi
LSOAiwDI.Nti.?I geut|e:.i.u ml In- . t ? ? r t a ?> re.p. ?
Is young men, may fmlBoard and a pleasant room, furnished or
noL ia a private family. Priee aecord?tg to the tune-. Rrfaiences
required. Apply at No. 50 Anu-strtet_aaSI lw*
1 p (S A fx DC .N1'?In BHOADA AY. as Nu. 831, opposite the Park,
L> uext doer to American Hotel?a very pleasant location. jy37Un'
DO A BDING RKbFFEO-l., taken th? l?7ge and
la* convenient 4 story house one block from Broadway, where gr-u
ilem. n cen be accommo-l-.tod wiLh good.board for per wr-eit;
: No. y H??
al.-o -i igle beds r.ini pleasant rooms, by applying at No. 9 Howard-at.
cor. of Elm, imranceiu Elm-stre-rt Jv21 if
I>0.1KU-H :-h ide.i.aiit R.siui.-, can no i.!.ia ued by laailies or I
I* si?sle r-rtlemen at 77 Murray st. Terra- moderate. Ref-re;;.
cc- exchanged. an 1*13w*
? > S.? A SC l> S "*??*.-Suigle seutJcman i. and no others} ret id leg .a
? iho lower pan of the City can be accomc-odated vith good
Board, with or withoat rooms, at46 Fulton-st. Also, three or four
can have Dinner only, if desired. _je2I tf
13 OA KD .i vi.' ?ri-stO.liM may Oco'jUiUcd.capr.v.t. fiiuily,
l> by applying at 3C*SHudson-s*. je7-tf
OI.!. I' airu giwd Fr.i."t.'y t'. irJ rusy ?? o i
i tainc i by a few persons nf quiet habits it oo Murray-st Tae
iocs! . very crlral. aud on every acccatt a deai.-abla res: ieuce. ,
f>OARD?Pleasant .??! <ith board, can be obtained al 117 I
1J Ceu_.--.lr. ct, Di-.r Greeuwi?. aUl?lm* j
? ? Al AM EOT TO LET- V - i *I0 Kiankluwl
t !'..ion immnd ately. Innuire at 40? Wa<h.n;tnn-st nuSlrn* :
-_.. FOK .**?._EE?A H-j..? sad Lv. at Mill-loiie, N. J.?A
}';7 new t-io?lory House, well bu.lt in a neat and moJe.-a style?a
weU ofti.e be.-t of w ater Immediately at the kitchen door. The lot is
:>3 feet (roaring ou the c-nal by 153 feat deep ; wagon-hcuse, siable.
_c The cammunicalions with this ciiy arc vi ry conyeniant: a suge
leavi s daily, meci:t:s the c-trs at Hound Brook, and r- -shing the city
in aV.ui three bou-s?^>_re 50 cents A aechan'C wisSint: a place
in liie country, matiiifacturia, for this carfccl. or otherwise, wonlu
find the location desirable. The rdxve will be so id low, and terms
m.de ea-v. Fj: further particulars inquire 11
H. V. HOUuLaND. 57J HfMis_n-street,
au27 Iw? Or A. T. VROOM. on the prer-i:s.-?.
Ja;., FOK ?VI.E-A l>ru.--St?r-, now doing a go.?J bu.i
TJl: n-ss ; would be a good McaUon tot a physicnu. Inquire at the
-tore, corner of Anlhoav-street aud Wist Broadway.
Wanted? A location suitable for a country Store with dwelling,
and from one to six a.re? of grou.d, not far from the city. Inquire
1- above. _au97 :jt*
TO LET?Tii' Store No. 77 Dey .:re-t. a first rate aland
v?'" lor ihs t;roc- ry an- Baiter busiue--s. for which it h;j b.eu oc?
cupied for many years. Immediate posseaaion can te had. lauutre
ou Use premises, or at No. 75, next door above. 4^27 1 * *
F. W. A W. F. GILLEV'S 430 Grand-fit.
Wiiain UM lau wrek we have bought for cash, at auction, the fol?
lowing goods, which we nrTer as akore.
cloth* ! ? lotus ! !
Good dark Golk?, at $-2 irj *2 50, worth vT to *4
Sur>er West-of-EtuLnd wessMyed blue.blatk Cloth*, at only $5,
as rood ar. article of dcth .?.. ever ha. Seen -old in Grand it.
Ar-sod assortount of black and fancy colored r?eres, wool
dyed black at IS*, g<-od quality.
Of Satinets we have decidedly the rrr.itest and Vest assortment
ever otT?.-e.i in Grand
We hive Bristol Sat,act* at 6s; Fanium's a: n"s to $1.
silks: silks:.
Our assortment of black and !>lue black Silk is not surpassed in Ike
city of New-York, and for cnespne?* it is sot prtdiable a- cheap a lot
ein be fojud in any part of this city.
200 pieces comprising evary style ever called for. ail taught early
and warranted encaper thax they wiil ?eil for at auctiou in rive ar >u
I? IHM?.
Some of the most elegant French Pn.it, at Si Sd.
Elegant Enstlish from 11 to ISA
10,1.00 ? yards iKstncstic at frrai '"J to N.
In the article of Sheeting* and Shirting* we defy the world ; we
ktijw we can sell c caper t-an ether retailers, a .d we also know we
do. We have superior aJvantage* in obtaining our domestic* over
other retailers. We ask ?f the public the favor of a call, as-urnr
every one they shall lie satisfied.
au23 6tis F. W. \ IV. F. G1LLEY, 130 Grand.*!.
' very rich stock of New and Fashionable Dry Goods, ju?t rec. ned
and offered 25 per cast, below the bid puce.
A Insert and splendid arsnrtment of black, blue Mack, colored and
tied Silks, at prices from 3s to Iiii per yard.
A new article for Fall and Winter Dresses. I OS niece* of these
rich Goads just received comprising every \ anctv of shade and color.
?sse i\t? !.*- shawls :
A la-Cv1 l"t of Cashmere, Thibet, Wool, Brache, Tyrolese, Silk, and
Pinn Damask Shawls at extremely low pri es.
pr IIb ts.
700 pieces French, English, American Prints, m w sty lea and ele?
gant designs.
Fine Freni h Merino,, at iln - Dol! ir per yard.
German a-ij American Merino, at all price-.
500 pier.-. White, Red and Yellow Flannels, at prices which defy
??.% tin irrst.
Heavy wool-dyed Satinets, from is to ISs per yard.
.To bale, unbleached Muslins. 80 cu.?e. hi ached ditto?very cheap.
All persons who wish t" mpply themselves with Fall and Winter
St'M-k. will find they can save 35 per ce.it. m their purchases by cal?
ling at VOSKURGH A: ABEL'S, No. 15 Catherine.!,
aii\!7 Otis corner East Broadway.
rrjT.w. dfc S. BARKER, Sdl Grand-st. take this method
of informing their numertui friend, and the publie generally that they
have jUSl received iverdl" paCK.i.'e. of new.rich.fasloolialde alii che.l(;
goods, whic'l they have open, d ami are now prepared to -til at very
|CW p leer.
25 pieces nine, bib and colored stripe und figured gro !e Afriqnfl ;
15 do. Hellen.ilk-, light and dark Colors ;
20 do. rich Cheune Silk.-, assorted color-;
15 do. very rich brocade Silks, new style;
25 do. er?, de Oron, very superior quality i
30 do. uro. 1 ? New-York and gro de Perse, very rich ;
50 do. jet and blue lilk. pro de Swiss, very heavy ;
15 do. gro de Rhine anil Italian Silks, high lustre;
lo do. jet and blue blk. Italian, 5-4, rii h and heavy ;
150 do. rich fig'd Sstin stripe, changeable and plain Mack, blue blk
and colored, comprising the must extensive assortment "v<jr
taglionim 6V bombazines.
100 pes beautiful colors, small fig'd Taglioais, some cbeune pattern.-.
5'J pesjet and blue blk bombaxine, 20 different qualities.
be lahnes eV ciiallies.
lliil pes ju-t imported, plain fig'd satin, stripe and colored grounds,
very desirable.
76 pes Saxony de Lames, double w idth, from .'!- 10 ii 'id.
hierin oes.
5't pes French blue lilk, invisible green, brow n and light color..
lot! pc*German and English, of very desirable colors, low price.
50 pes new style, col'd ground, handsomely figured.
250 pes red, whit.;, yellow, green and black Wolsh and English Flan?
nel-, cheap, and warranted not tu shrink.
??cases French anjl English, from Is to IIa, a mostsplendid steck.
15 rases Merrtmack, Dover and Fall River,Ad, Bd, lOd.aad I..
Mil estings and shirtings.
In i ases Ions doth. Hamilton, Walthnm and > ork m il Mnalni, Od, Bd,
ln.l, Is, and 15.1.
15 bales brown Sheeting, 6d, sd, lOd.
Families wishing to be supplied wilh Good, for the Fall and Win?
ter will find, i.y purchasing their Co,od. now- at our establishment,
tbat they w ill save 25 per cent.
N. P.. Goods finely shown to all w ho will favor us w ith a call,
au-ej Otis
<; Ii i G I N A L
i'.tH?3 tailoring establishment.
?*J9 B>'oii'bray. American Hotel
?CT Th ? Undersigned offers for inspection an extensive assortment
of Summer Goods, which he is prepared to make up to ord?r at such
a re luelion from credit pr ees as, in view of the superior style of gar?
ment, cannot fail to offer inducements to purchasers, from w hom a
call i- solicited before purchasing elsewhere. Foi the accommodatioD
of tbo*? who, in caw s of emergency, or others i.e. may require a first
rats article ofRcAOV-made Gaxsiexts, au asson meat is always kepi
oi hand. Jter the style originally introduced at ik e old Establishment
HC Broadway. la addition to which, Fancy Drei - Articles, including
Suk and Satin Scarfs and i ravats, Muslin Cravats in ? great variety
of patterns, Cravat Stiffeaers, Suspenders, I'rx ket Handkerchiefs,
Linen and Muslin Shirts, Collars, stc. are offeresd for sale at gr*at!y
rc.'u- 1 prices froin the u- ial charges for t:?e same -tvle of geex.?,
wh :b are of the first quality. W.'.J. T. JENNINGS,
jyrscj i-if 22ti Broadtway, American Hotel.
new fall goods
143 Fultoo-*u cet, near Broadway;
We would iuvite the attention of our fronds and the public to a
large and well selected assorunsnt of -u;?. fine Cloths, Cassimere*
and Vesting*, suitable for the summer and ixdl wear. Gentlemen ar
riving in th-city can be furnished with a Juil luit m 24 hours, at
saving of at b'a.t 40 per c.-ni. from Broadway prices.
Strict punctuality observed in rllbng orders.
Cash ou delivery, ai d no abatement .a prices.
p. <.?The -Utting department is ?tili under ihn superintendence of
Mr. M. G iv I -rd. whose services have !iee.B too w.e'1 appreciated by a
fa. hioii'ddn public to need any comment. Platl icalar atteuli '.n paid
to cutting pants. au2l tf ? A ; \ BOOTH, Agent.
D::i goods ! db1 goods: dry goods:
SUTTON .fc Rl NDL.. wish to is font i their enstomers aad the
ladie- of this city in general that they arc n oi purchasing their Fali
supply of Goods, wmch they design -hail be- <J the be?t st)|es and at
the lowest puces. Tbev have black audblu e Mark Silk-; black, blue
black and colored De Leines and Cballie*; black Bombazines; Oiag
ha:-.. ood Prints ; Frr!i?h ?nd Wei.-H Flai utel- : black mil colored
Merinoes; Irish Liuen-; Sheetings; Table Cloth* axd Di-per?; a
Urge -v-sortrae.-ii of Drawer fi.Ksl? ; llo-ie ry sud Globes: Linen Cam
5r.c H..ij':k :rrhi- f-. together with a ?p'uii did variety of Boauet Rib
bct? and Neck Rikjoi..-. and all otl.er art .clfa in tiie line, purchased
at Auct.on, and for >'J- at a very small mfVance.
SUTTON i. KINDLE. 177 S| >rtng sL. c^r. of Sullivan.
N. B.?No d'eeption practised at this store, ?srJ no -. aruiioo ir
price. au'.'4 tf
W. A- JT. JAmgON, Ar t353> Greenvrich-et.
LTITCHEN iURNITURE ia aU ii?. variues, consisting of Hard
war?, Wood-ware. Tin-ware and Willow- ware, kept constantly
on hand, of the bmst qualities, at very low price* to suit the times
Those who would wish to niircha.- e articles of the abos s k.?4 will fiat
it to the.r ujvantage by calling neixe-e purcha -ing elsew here.
N. b. A iurge assarttnenl of Fi each Travr I'.ir.g Bag- sod Bask'"
_aut Imis_W.jft A JA-MlSO>b_
OVAL CHIP IMLI tBOXE? ^ c-Vltsof 7 ?. t*00
.ana each, lor .ale by ~ J. M. X H- R SMITU.
anl??wu? Cbenusbi su-d Druggut, cor. f iUwn a?<-wwer -
Jo-i-a Kich.rJ.. Auctioneer
MONDAY, Auru.r 3a ???-w.
T-l*TY-rtH._Tw Nrw-Yoax Tuot >*L_.-Th- next rr.ui.r
Trs.;e :-a e of lk*,k>. Siatiou, ry. Paper, >:--,. typ? I'l.t,,, Jr)U 0,her
article* cennecieii with the Vole trade, ?rill commence on the ?0_ 0f
Augu-t nest, agreeably to the regulations. It will be conducted
uu'ler tfie direction of the cornm-ttceol'lhe trade, on the same terras
uiil CwMUtMM an heretofore.
Staliocery.?TiIC ?ile of Stationery will commence on Vondav. 30th
.if Aucu-t. at half past ? o'clock. Th- catalogue ?tiit>r?ce? ? Utgw
v:. .-,rt\ of B snk Books, half sad full hnnnd. Bassinanil aheap. Paper.
U nil.. Steel Pen?, a g km. variety; Pencils, !??? eil i.e.. Kwires,
K i/.or?, S- iv.nr?. A ralnahie iavo? ? sffmportcd ooerv.
Pia? ing Cards?Reynold.' fine palace Paying Card., end Crehore'?
Playing Card*.
Ink?A ?aluable iuvoice of Arnold's Writing Fluid; Phoenix lak,
Mack, blue and red.
Water Co ors?An invoice of Boston's sup. .-'or '??.'??er Colon, a ,?.
Leather?Also, several valuable invoic :sof Rook-Binder-1 Leather.
TUESDAY', August 51, ?cd fcdlowieg dat s.
B.s>k'?The ?ale . f the H.hov? will be ccii'iiici.crd on Tuesday
morning. 3!st Au? ist. at * o'cii ck. and continued froa day today
uunl sold, in the order of the catalogue. CabUoguea arc now readr.
Merifases on Lands aOsweso Falls. Jew-York.
\\ " L BE SOLD bj i ersicned .: the Merchant." Fvh.ny.j
' ? in the city of Nss. .\ l)rh. at l?o'clock. ou the -U day rsfSeptems
Ber next: A cert.?H liond and Mortgage nude and signed b?- Franc;,
Johusou to John Phillip., dated the uieeternth dayof December,
ISO, t.-r the .-im oi tur-e taocrwad seven hundred fifty-eichl dollars
andeigbty-firecents, payahisi ,n tiv, ?e?r. w.O interest at the rat
oi -,v per cent, pei a.ir.um. payakl.rai-annaalh th- m .rtrace being
on one equal, undivided :e?,h part oi all ih n certain piece -r parcel
ol.a'td intne town el l.raebv. c.>.??v ef l>.*eg.;. ami -state of New.
lork, be.ne tour hundred and fitYy acres oflot nnrnber seventy-fire of
theor,cinal tow!,.hipofl..?i..l.al. (now Gruaby.) m. I?,I,DS'the vil
ageol P?ilhps, as laid mil on * map msale of the .:cne now on tile in
the Clrrksoffice, of the count; ofOswego, ,.?.,,, Mog a,,Jnr(._t
west ot sji.i noace, adjoiuing Fi.h Lake, and extending to the we.i
line oi .aid l .t number seventy-litre, sufficient to contaiu on atcasure
meat the aforesaid feur hundred au.t tift? acre, of land.
Also, one equal undivided t.-mh pan of ail that other certain pico
or parcel oi'in:.d. situate, lying and being in lot number four of t?e
srigiaal township of Lysander.lnow Granby.* in Osweg?county end
hounded as follows, ,lA. On the south by laud, -eretotore owned bt
George D. Wickham, art* led to J.dm Samsnon* on the act by Fi.li
Lake, on the north by lot number seventy-fives and on the aast bv
Oswego. river; containing one bund red and fitl? acres of land, asore
or le<*. Ami also one undivided tenth part ofall that certain other
piece, parcel or tract oi bad, situate lying and being in the present
town of Granby; county of Oswego, and State of New York, known
and dutingubhed h- lot number -even of the or ginnl township ofl.v
sander, (now Granby.) containing sit hutsdred.a re. of laud, lie me
same tnor.- ..r leas, with the amount m*interest then due.
ANo, at the same time, will be told a bond and Mortgage made by
Alexan lor < ? Spencer ts Jehu Phillips, of same tenor and on one un?
divided tenth part of tne ?aroe described property a, above, lor the
-ame tune, ?itb the babi.of interest the* due.
And at the sam,- inue, a bond ami morteage made by J.din Acklaml
and Varnum P. Shattut k to John Phillips for the * mie "sum on one un?
divided tenth part al" the -.tine property as described above, with ibo
balance of interest then due.
Tie s.- thr-e Bo,ids and Morteage. being held a- collateral security
for the payment ofa ram of money now due the holden thereof, nod .??
good nid lawful assignment or transfer will be made to the purchaser
of th.--a. Further particular- will be made known at the time
and place of sale. BANGS, RICHARDS A Pt.ATT,
yjltaw 100 Broadway.
BY *. ?KAPKK, Jr.
Store 54 II i liani'ttree.t, comer of Pine-ttnet.
Tills PAY, August -6th, at I? o'clock, at his Am turn Room,
Fk.s.ii Goons.-?-is* cases Frei ,-h Goods, of recent importation,
comprising a lane and general sssortmeut of seasonable articles,
idapted to the Fall and Winter trade. Terms.6months fur ap?
proved endorsed notes. Catalogues a samples on the morning of .ah'.
SATl'RDAY. August 2S, a. II' o'chick at the Audio.: Room
Shelf S*m..?From th* shelves, an e'egant assortment of eloth?,
isssimeres, vesting*, sec on a credit of 6 months for approved eu
dorsed notea.
Al-o. W. E. Wad led blk. blue I lk mid colored cloths.
Also, f-iicv pi ml Cassinwies.
Also, vY'. F. wool-dyed do.
Also, Caahmcro Vesting*, Pongee Hdkfii, Ac
Alto?HKi pieces <Oaii and drab muted Ni ponsei Cnsaimares.
rUESDAY, Anxnst31, .at 19 o'clock A. M.
_VI paeka.es of Brills.i, Irish, Scotch and American Dry Goods,
iini lauded, compi isinr a desirable assortment of Fall Goods. Turms
?i mnnths for approve,1 endorsed notes. Catalogues and sample? ell
inorunift of sab'.
THURSDAY, Septrmbor 8, at 10 ..'clock.
French Good?200 cases French Coo.!., of recent Importation,
amoetf which are a desirable assortment ofsersonable articles.
Terms t months, fur approved endorsed nctos.
Catalogues and samples on morning of aalc,
|i .MBI.O'.i h.\ It U K.N.
I it I PAY EVENING, August 27, 1641. ?Triumphant suceeia of
LA BAYADERE, arranged in one act. tor the purpo.fintroducii x
MR. und Miss WELLS. Mr. IIORNCASTLF, i.gaged.
Miss TAYLOR and Mr PEARSON are engaged.
M.-s rYyres, Mis- K. Petrin. Mi?. J. Wallsck, Mr.. River., Mr Chip
pettdala, Mr. Chapman, Mr W.i'lurk and Mr. T. Bishop are engaged.
Second night of SHOCKING EVENTS.
An intermission sf half nn hour will be allowed for the Promenade)
Husscalc in >he Grand Saloon, in which a spleadid Orchestra hasi
been er. cled. riasigned to r.-pr.nt the TEMPLE OF APOLLO, a It
HUSARDI Toe nrtequaled Band b-d by the celebrated Mr. Thomas
will play several new Val-e. ai d Quadrilles!
The whole to conclude with | Ul lime nt this K-I.-I.lishineut,) con?
densed into one act, the popular Operatic Billet called
SCENE. ..IM Ignificent View of the Gates and Tity ofCashmere [J
Th.leb ated Shawl Pain e by Mr. ami .Miss VY'olls and Ladies of
trie Corps de Ballet.
Efficient officers will be in attend.nice to prevent the admission of
all improper persons.
Omnibus*? will run to and from the Gurden ai usual.
Tickets Fifty Cents. nip-7
rTIHE DELIGHTFUL Pleasure Grounds at Hoboken have been
L put in complete order, and, having been much Improved
?renow open to visitors. The cool und ihody v.aik.. winding for a
long distance oa the baaks of the majestic Hudson, offer a pleasant
and refreshing retreat from the hot and dusty pavements of the city.
The bights of Castle Point (which uro -nil open tu the public)
command an extensive and beuuutul pro.pect, embracing at u glanco
the noble bay, dotted w ith islai da, and enlivened with vessels gliding
in every direction oa iu tsoeom; the city, with ;t- nninarous spu es,
.ml the distant hum of it. busy inhabitants : while ihn river, w hitened
with sails, is lost in th" distance beynnil the lowering pulismles, pre?
senting altogether a scene lovely beyond description, und of it. kind
unequal sd.
By a newly opened and well shade,I walk, [irotei red from the ray a
of the sun by ngrova of nobls ouk?, viailera msy deacend in a few
minutes to tu.. Colonnade, where.'on at-derateteriiss, arr^furnishedrr*.
ihmenta of the best kind, and suitable to the season. The ferry
mal. have been eo atbrtably refitted witn swuinga, Ac, mid len??
Barclay and Caaal-straets every few minutes?the lorringe, as hereto?
fore. 61 cents. In no other part of the world, perhaps, can so rich ?
treat be so easily obtained and in so triiiuut an expi use. aurj Im'
; s. GRAnDBXCVKtHOM to N-w K-cii*lie<
*B>j^n J Glen Cove, ind to tne CAMP MEETING it Hempr
T,?cz:=CD*fc~-!e,i,i Harbor on Sunday morninr, Augusts..
The large ami ?.nodiousstenmbiiat SUPERIOR, I 'apt, J. Gould,
on SUNDAY morning, August -''th, will leave the fool of Cham ben
street st - o'ehx *, A. M., Hammond si at a quarter past -. Spriug
st. at half past 8 Pier No. 1 1 Battery) at a quarter to 9, Market-at at
9, Caibariiie-st. Ferry I Brooklyn) at a ip-art-r pas I 9, and Rivioglon
?r. at half past '?.
Returning, w ill leave the Camp Ground at .1 o'i lo< k P. M.. stopping
m h w as .it the above places, and arriving at the city at an early
nur Xj' First rate Refreshments OO board, e.vtra.
P \r. E '.?> eis. each ??i.
On Tue*day manning next, th.- Superior will make her usual popu
ir excursion to the Fishing Bu k-. an_7 '^i
.?A SALT Yya
1** s M A \
_ssir_-sT2___ia-_s?iss_ , 'r^i- hisfi ?'..!
mil Bathers generali} that tne FRANKLIN BA t H iaNOWOPI a
at Castle Garden Bridge, north "ids. tor both La.iies and Gauilcaraa.
The Pubne ?re invited u> call au i u imine for tbeosselvas, tnu sa
perior accomotndsAioKa far Bathers?eapecially tha Ladies Denstrtaaeas.
In addition to the above, ther* is a iwimaning rcbool for Hoys, and
on,- (or Girls. Shower B-itit.- on the improved pUc, A c. <kc. Th*
nrice of Season Tiekcte may be ascertained by inquiring al .ho Bash.
? Jyi| ?? MilS THOMtW
i\ Broadway, cor of Warren, the original introducer into this coun?
try of nscrtiag teeth ou the principle of Atmospheric Pressure, aa
practiced by Mes.r-. Gn ;., Beis-.l! 4. Prouil of London, begs to call
the attention of th" public to ins subjoined most haltering testimoni?
al of his professional ?ki.l and the excellence and infallibility of hi*
.ystem, from a gentleman wuo*e honorable character.and distin?
guished reput'il or. are too widely known to need any comment.
Copy of a letter from Jude,; Noah to M. Levitt.
Ncw-Yoast, Ma) 24, L84L
Dkas Sia:?It i* both a matter of duty sad pleasure to siata that
the set of artiti'Jia I teeth on the principl* of atmospheric (ircriirs,
which you made for a lady in my family, has succeeded in every re
?pect, in ?;i[se.arance, comfort, and utility, and liven entli* satisfar
tioa. With best wishes for your?acooragcmeut atd ?uccan, I
dear sir, your obedient servant, (Sign-*!; M- M. NOAM.
To M. i.evet:, Dentist. _1>JU"*
ai^V. nWibe, rnanrnacture. at the Greanwi i Poetsrj
^^leeuth-treet. between Sinti, and Tenth a. - *-'' *l,{
PTTfa ? ItU and beautiful pattern. Devten
isumiae a., bug. a mrunent. ^ HtThXnJ
plant* fro:- car'.; frost and hot suus. ''^ Jh7m;TON smith,
?nade to nnler fj*?3w?al
^ -All decifuw "\ , Verge Wstchei Diamond
cspement, ?^:Jyfi r,,.. Chains and Jewelry, for talo
-;P'n. and R'?r-??,,0tlh;f%|:,ea in the City. VV.iehe, and
at retail lower than at ??> 0lM yVitche,. as low as %Xj and ?40
Jewelry eicriar.ir' UJ ^"jj iwrsnl*d to keep f*?l time, or ike
each. All " ^y4lcnM sad Clocks repaired in the best manner
nstsney [f*"*"**" cb leM than tha a-uai price, by ore of the fiue-t
allj warranted st? Q r ALLEN, Imi*.rter of
workmen .a Au"'r'"UVch? auJ j^welrv, whobssai. and retail.
Ml t lmi*_ _30 Wall-street. ..e^^sjra^
U'UITE TEETII-I e t. . .;?: I.een Pi-ie
\V ,s tee U-i article for cleaning, beau?fyimr. and whneoln?
,ae TEETH, wui.out i be least injury. It sweeten* ?j-d I1 '','!?'* *, ^
mou-h sad breath, and baltogelher preferableto ^^.T^V'"*
vva-1..-. Prepared and sold only bj HOBA E fc* ' i.
gist, 3..7 Greenwich, one door above Franklm-Hrcvl.
nag, per jar. ? <

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