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pKICE 0.\f. ?EXT.
. ?nlnininK tlir Frcsces-ilina* of ( onj{r< ?? nml Other
\t vsw by the Mouthrrn .Tlnil one dny in ml
rnncc of n?* ?Iber Penn* Fnper,
laoabtishod svery ruornine:, ai Nc*J0Ann-street,Now-Tork,
'?addelivers 11? City Sarjocribers for ONE CENT per copy. Mail
a, : jw..f?. $1 per aotiuro invariable in advance, and ihr pnp?r W
aoca?econtinued beyond the tin" for which it i- paid, Subscrip?
tion* taken for Six Month*. _
TER?* or sovraTlSlsc_r"R r.acn aOTr.RTtsr.Mf kt or
Trn r er six), firat irisertioa.
[>o. tor each subsequent insertion. ?3
; for ftix insertion., or our wck.*I 5"
Lfg fr,r'I'?e-uty-?i v?- insertions, or one month,.???* "?
Longer Advertisements at equally favorable rates,
f ? Fire lines, hall the above rales; Two lines, one-fourth or
these rates- Advertisement*Ordered to be continued en th? iMtsie
after the first insertion will be subject to the same cbarre ai on taeir
firstappearance?payable in all caaea in advance, rsior
" ?.?Ailnot.ee, of Public Meetiaga, Religio?*, Polit*cal, &e. orser
,..,?. to bo delivered by Clergyman visitiagour City. *'? ?" <
picaoasly published ia The Tribune (if not exceeding ?? unes;
'. ills an in-erti
T H E T R I B U N E ,
l ue Public Lands?Mr. Van Buren'* Opinion.?The
living is nti ??struct from a speech made l>y Martin Van
lf.,rtn in the Senate <>f the United Stute-, May 18th, 1826,
en tin" proper disposal of the Public Lands:
"Mr. Van Buren said the subject of th<- Public Lands wn*
becoming daily more and more interest in;, und would occupy j
raocb time in legislation. It extended tin- patronage of tie
(VVrernmenl over the States in which they were situated, to
a great extont; it subjected them to an unwise nml unproli:
ibie dependence "ti the Federal Government. * " * No
punt could tendoi-the country a "renter service, than he who
djootd devise some plan by which the United States might
be relieved from the ownership of this property, by some
(suitable mode. He would vote for a proposition to vest the
U Is in the States in which they stood, on some just and
ami table term-, as related to the other States in tin; confed?
eracy. He hoped, that, after having full information on the
..lijcet, they wuule !"? aide to effect that great object. He
believed tiiut if those lands were diposed of at once to the
irvural States, it would be satisfactory t* all."
[Holland's Life of Van Buren, p- i.'33.
53" A friend writes us from Washington that we would
not have complained of the vote of the House laying on the
?able die request of tho Retrenchment Committee that they
.?empowered to sit during the recess and to send for pcr
4 ."as and papers, if we had understood the anti-Whig compe?
tition of thai Committee.?Yes, hut we should, though. Tke
Committee is admirably constituted for a thorough investiga?
tion, two Whig?, one very shrowd Loco-Foco, und two n'?
itnctionisls, of whom one is slightly and the other bitterly
hostile lo the W'hig ascendancy, making it practically an < lp
pesition Committee. Such a one could walk thoroughly into
tbe work which it is appointed to perform, without dodging
hero or ?liining there to screen n favorite. Wherever a dol?
lar could bo saved or an office dispensed with, it w ould be
discovered and.pointed out. That is just what we desire;
and we hope the Committee will prosecute its labors tbo
roaghly, whether empowered to sit in the recess or not. V* e
vast to see just such n report as Mr. Gilmeb shall choose
is make, upon a full knowledge of the facts. If he should
ruder his public duty subservient to the gratification of hi
private feelings, the public will see it. Rut let us have a
?Jiorotigh investigation, tit any rate.
Sixth Annual Ploughing Exhibition.?This will be
held during the Fourteenth Annual Fair of the American
Inittiute, under the direction of the Board of Agriculture.
Gen. Jeremiah Johnson of Long Island, truly a veteran in
fuming, is Chairman of the Board. He, in company with
nine otbei members of the Institute, a Committee, on'Thurs?
day last visited Sing-Sing, Wcstchester County, for the ? ur
pese of selecting n suitablo field for the Exhibition ami testing
of the Ploughs. They were joined by a number of the leading
men in Sing-Sing and some of the officers of the Wcstchester
County Agricultural Society, and a tield near the Landing,
?eil adapted for the purpose, was selected. The Committee
aie assured that the inhabitants of thai and the adjoining
Counties will enter heartily into this Agricultural Fete.
Every year more nod more interest is excited. It was
: Led that not le.s than 4,000 j.pic convened at Newark !
last year. More will probably convene at Sing-Sing. West
chester is capable of becoming one of the richest Agricultural
Counties in the world. Het contiguity to New-York insures
iier a good, convenient and durable market for any surplus
she cno produce.
riio Committee, after partaking ot'n most excellent dinner
prepared by Mr. Workman of the American Hotel, returned
to New-York in the evening, highly gratified with their te
ceptton und the prospect of a spirited Exhibition.
Disturbing Worship.?Mr. Editor: Last Sunday
nmaingl dropped into Dr. Spring's Church, Park Row, t?
listen to the Sermon, but was miserably disappointed. The
<~lereytnati was u fait speaker, hut his discourse was render?
ed unintelligible by u continual howling of "Sunday Mom
"'c News!" Sunday Murkry!" "Sunday Morning
A(IU!" ?? Here's the E.rtry Sun!" from the very strong?
est lung- on every side of the Church. I do nut think there
was a single minute when these shrill, discordant, intcrrain
filed cries, did not rise above und drown the voice of the
preacher. Tin'whole service became nn unmeaning mum?
mery, and the audience would have been more edified by sit
I c ui silence. Now, sir, 1 wish respectfully to inquire if this
is right, and whether a whole congregation ought to he dc
i ' vod of t?o privilege of Divine Worship, tor the benefit of
? tew pubtishars of Sunday papers and extras .' I am an ad?
vocate ol ? the ?neatest good to the greatest number,' and
No Fanai ic.
. '?' * Rattle-Ssake.?The Susquehanna. Penna.
Kfgwter ol ruesday.aays:?? On Saturday lust .Mr. Hubbell
Wells, a Farmer ol that township, aged 70 years, discovered
a large Mack ?ttle^nak? in hi. wall, and while pulling htm
...it with a pan ol tongs was scv<relv bitten ... the thumb.
I he serpent was nnalh killed -.?.i.. .* . .- i ? a l
, , ' . I ."id a portion ol his flesh ap?
plied to the wound. Other remesnW ._: i i i- i
, ? ,, .. ' "'""ties were tried and medical
aid htially procured, and hiq-ej^m.-nirwd of his recovery "
The lmm?.??.. S,x.-The following aro ,,?. m :uui
w ? % t "X 'nd^iU&1*'. w''" Sr?> commenced the
Washington romperance Soctetj m Baltimore
William K. Mitchell.1VlW/
.lohn r. Hons.Carpenter
James McCurtey.Coach Make?.
David Anderson.Blacksmith.
George Stein -.WTieelvrright.
Archibald Campbell ?,.Silver Pinter.
These m?-n held their meetings tor many evenings in an old
cat[..-nter's shop, sitting around a work-bench, on boxes and
erds. Their number had increased to fourteen when Mr.
Hawkins joined them, ami this was something like two
months after thev had commenced.
Emigration to Canada.?The number of emigrants w ho
arrived at the port of Quebec during the week ending August
14th, was .iT3. Whole number since tue 1st of January,
^'4.1b7. Excess over last year, 4.t>'S().
1 I draire tos to irnderatand the trne r'
9 ?
i THE Vir tim 0! CHAW rrv : fL A DcBTOlt's Kx.--F.iiK.sre Ct the
Author of "A Wei k m Wall-l' 3. Coleman, H John-st.
This is a tab- of truth, as many a sore heart ran boar testi
1 monv. It. aim is the correction of abtue? which exist in the
legal machinery' for. the collection of debts. We wish the
writer a wide audience ami a candid bearing, not doubling
that he will command conviction.
Asti Poitrv; or Popery Unreasonable, Unscriptnral and Nor*]; By
John kor.ERs. C. K. Moore,14? Nassau-strceL
This i- the production of a -trong and earnest mind, but
we do not think it well calculated to convince those of ad
vcrse faith, on the contrary, we consider it more likely to
exasperate them. To those who like to wield the battle-axe
ajniriit the Roman Catholics, this work will ho found u con?
venient manual of tin- various objections to that Church
drawn from Scripture asd Reason, and hitherto urgedagainst
her. There are, moreover, some feature- which to us are
novel, and will doubtless extend it< circulation.
The McsiCAL cabinet ' is a very larje and eUgunt
monthly work, of which the second number is just out. It is
edited by (i. J. Webb and T 15. Hayward, Boston, and pub?
lished in this city by W. K. Vail, 127 Kassau-st.
Schools, Colleges, etc. in Michigan.?A document
.'utrly published, prepared for the Society of Inquiry in \?
dover Theological Seminary, informs us that one thousand
four hundred und seventy school districts nre alreadv or;an
i/.ed, and the schools tire attended by IT" scholars between
the ages of ?> and 17. Congress granted every 16th section
in ever,- township for a school fund ; these lands amount to
1,100,000 acres, and at an average price of $5 per acre,
will give a fund of $5,500,000, and an annual income of
CT To Country Dealern.?The subscribers keep constant?
ly on hand at their Store, No. I JiJs Pearl at. near Wall sl a com?
plete assortment of School. Classical and Miscellaneous Books
of the latest and most approved editions, which they offer upon the
most reasonable terms for (,'ASII or City AcetpUmcci; also
BLANK BOOKS and STATIONERY of every variety, to which
the] invite the attention of Merchants visiting the City to inak" their
Fall purchases,
ACCI H'NT BO"KS riile.l [o any pattern, and inaile to order, of the
best materials and in superior style.
ERS, Sec. of tue latest pait<rns aed kast eoLoas, suited to
the Country Trade, for sal- at lu*mn*fmctttrer*' Prices.
XT Merchants and Dealers from the Country arc requested to cnl
and cvainuie their stork of goods.
N. B. Schools, Collegos and Libraries supplied upon the must lil>
eral terms. BAKER, CRANE A Co.,
Wholesale Book-elb rs and StHtiouers. and
Dealers m Paper Hangings, No, 158 Pearlirt.
nnIO Im (Sien of the " Ledger,") Now-York, (near Wall ?t.)
PkEALERS in this article be not deceived. If you would retain
tJ your customers, supply them with the article which isackaow
le.lged by every consumer ?ho bus tried it as greatly superior 10 any
other. My Cloth for carriage maker's purposes, marked A. has never
i?i. ...|..? ,.,i for iie otiy of appearance, hardness and durability,
while ihr. 44 Cloth, which t sell trom 50 iu eaj cents per yard, is
warranted in evory respect fully equal to and gi nerally much better
than the Cloth made in the ordinary way and with the small obi
fashioned machinery. A t.I supply now on hand of the various
qualities. HORACE Ii. HAT. Suseessort* Roxbnry I R. <
au9 "Jui 136 Maiden-lane.
is enabled to oiler 1,300 pairs of Transparent Window Shades nt the
following low prices, viz :
BOO |iMir- Landscapes, ifereign views', in (1,75 per pair.
250 pain Moonlight Sec.$~-'.;''J do
90 1 pair* Vignette Center?.?1,00 do
200 pairs French Scroll Borders .$4,00 do
N. B. 50 -cits real Italians from flO.OO to$30.00 per pair. Country
Merchants and UpboUtrrers will realize a saving of 50 per cent, by
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au?l Im O. W. WOODFORP, 6CCathcrine-sL
ROt KAWAY PAVIlTaOiX?TrnTiis leave Brooklyn a
half-past P *. M.. half-past 4 and half-past G P. M.
Retnr.g, lean- the Pavilion i?i 7. quarter-past S and quarter-past
?I for New-York, Strangers will find it i-:- Watering Pin " the cm
fort, and ease of a privat- residence, with ti.legsnco and refine
mant of the most princely establishment on tae Continent of Europe.
r>Vf)L.DBKS' HARDWARE, st ?i DivisWi-streoL?A
tt complete assortment of Saab Pullics, Butt Hinges,.- raws, Amer
n an and English Knob Locks, Kuir Plate, Dead, Cupboard, l?raw
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Shatter Bolts, Hook and Plate HingOS, together with nearly every nr
tide in the line, all of which will be sold as low as at any place in thi
Also, Cut Nails by tbo ca?U, at the lowest msrk.-t price for rush.
?JO I CENTRE STREET, Opposite Hester street)
'l^lll! siibscribei wishe. to inform the public he has commenced
X manufacturing Lin Ks for .ion s and dwellings, with such ad?
vantages as to enable him to furniih a riRSTRATK akticlc I5per
cent, li^s than any other maker in the city. Person? wishing to pur
. base ?i I fuel ii to their advantaie to call ami examine be ore pur
chasiug elsewhere, [an?i i in | CHAS. C. CAKPENDER.
ST Ii Fl, PENS.?Moslkv's Uu.lott's'?i.'d Kesjh?w's S:..-i
, Pens. A good assortment of POCKET-BOOKS, ami other rood,,
at wholesale. E. K. GILLESP1E, 19 John-street,
auSOSm' Between Broadway sad Nassau,
((OPPOSITION BOlaliEBS, of the best mal trials sad
quality, and of all sizes, ca.t at the Office of the X'e? World, 30
Ann .t. Inquire of Mr. J. W. RICHARDS, ik the p.-r,? Room
(basement.) auSl tf
x would call the atti nlion of the Public to their axteasiva .t?ck o
plain and rich Glass, China, Ac. Ac. at their stores, No,. 100 Bowerf
and 336 Grand-sL Prices moderate. aal6 km*y
1)M Kl.l> 1 PICKIaE?:!?Orders receii Osbor?*?
Assorted PICKLES iu Gallons, Halves and ?imirt-. in the usual
packages, t:<.tsups. Sauce.. Ac. at JOHN BROACH'S,
au-llf 90 FultOO-sL i ear Prent.
MARTIN AV. K.TI.?IONS? keep, constantly on handaj kindi
of BRASS A. GERMAN SILVER Castings, at No! 14 Spruce
strreet. je*A3m
{jTCSSIA Mil E ET INtJ bale., brown and bleached.
1 Russia Sheetings, for -ale bv
nuu; GRINNELL. M1NTURN tt Co. 78 Souta-ac
I 6tj ami 70 Nassatt-SL, i,ose diHir from John, prints riery vari-.-ty
nf Cards, at prices rang mc from $l 75 per IO00 upwards. ncIMm
1 <W1 BK.AMS Inrre Imperial Priatjag Paper lor -sie: ?5 by .'7
IvU inclir?(size and quality of the Folio New-Yorker.) It w
tie sold cheap for rush. Apply to the Editor of this paptr. ml iii:
1)I.A.\TEKf*' BANK, also Agricultural Bank Not- -
Natchez, wanted at improved rates by
iv inn VAWI.KCK BROTHERS, sb'l Wall-slrecL
1-S No. 4? Vesey-sL who has bad many years' experience in the blur
ness. i>'
t>KO\V> 8D?EBTING??100 bales ChesterfieldrFseuirj
> Brown Sheetings for sale by
iul3 PKRSSK A BROOKS, f.l Liberty -:.
I > B tyd's celebrated Bleachine Powder, j l: re.-.-iN ..- ' for sale ? ??
jySa ' PKKSSK a KROOKs>. fil Libcrty-t. '
ITBBMltalatON.?10 eases for sale by
? au26 GRINNELL. MIMTURN A Co. 7- S. uU iL
NN IS* Oil..?-1 eases Annis Oil for sali
au?6 GRINNELL, MIN TURN a Co. TS South sl
l> HI B AKK.-t cases Rbabarl
l\ aa-Jn GRINNELL M1NTURN Si Co.7S South sl
ED BACK utONBafon all the Banks taken at par for
Hri i;.k?j?. wholesale and rcuil. -it 441 Pearl st. ajrl'.i In
PRASH-.' bales, fur sale by GRINNELU MIMTILV Jt i n.
w.-' au'2t 7s 5outh-?i
L"KUtaARD, CORN IX)?T?R. acquaints hi. patieaL,
? that he tia> removed from ill Broadway 10 6 Murrav-sL aa!7 tf
\TANEl,IaA HE 71 P.?500 bale-, for sale by
" *uS4 _ tIRlXXELL. MINTl'RN Sl CO. ~i South st.
L>O ARD?Pieaaant rooms, with board, can be obtained at 117
*-* <^ cdar-street, near Greenwich. aulslm"
VACANT LOT TO I. ET- Xo. v5?5 and -JiviKrankhn-st
v rossession munedisiely. Inquire at 40S Washmf ton-sL auo lta*
inciplr? of the (.evernnient. I wish them enrricd
LNGTON I.VSTITl TF..?A new term will commence, liter the
annual vacation, nil Wedue?day. the 1st of Scptcmle-r. Puj.il? ar?
! recived at the age ol six or ?ev-n year.: am! the foundations of a
; proper education for any station :n ...ciety are carefully laid, by un?
remitting etf?rts for the early --tab i-hment ot'guod health, good prin?
ciple., good manners, ami g.,..J -cholar.hip.
A successful experiment of more than a quarter of a century, under
the c nrtrel of the subscriber, and their predecessors, baa thou a tn>'
adaptation of the meana employed to the attainment of these desira
: hie end.. The several assistants are gentlemen of much experience
and tried ability. The course of instruction is comprehensive and
? full?both in the r|,i.sical and commercial branches. Music, Drs?
ing. Modern Languages, .vc. are taught by accomplished ami native
; masters. Ah the inmates of the establishment are as-ocsated as mem
j hers of ooe family?at table aod elsewhere; aad constant attention
is given to the cultivation of refined and polished manners, and vir
tnons und honorable principles. The health of alt ander th.-.r care
receives the special super vision of oue of the principals, with whom
medicine has been a professional .tudy.
The Institute, though removed from the crowded sections of the
city, j. yet to accessible, by railroad and otherwise, that the friends of
the pupils may reach it. on any emergency, in half an hour, from tne j
most distant quarters of the town.
f<<r any further information that may be desired, parents and ;
ruardians are referred t'. Urs.Neilaon,Cheeseman, Hering and Bulk
fey, dec: or to Messrs. Jona-, Robt. and VVm. Goodhae, R?ssel H.
Nevint, Eli Hart. Wim. II. Johnson.Rewbifavens, Ralph Mead, Wm.
RTownsend. Ci... s Bobbins, Samuel 1>. Jackson, G sorge and II. E.
I Snttoo, Samuel T. Tisdale, Geo. G?rden, J. W Harris, Val C. Hall.
and P. V. King, .vc. who are intimately acquainted with the estab
: liahment : most of them having had children at thc Institute,or them?
selves been edn ated there. " T. PWIGHT PORTER,
! Thirteenth--trert, near Union Place.
August I-Iii. I - 11. au\>l 4t luweS'
*>?'iiiiiuii> lor Vomit; l,a,lie?. \ . Ril gton-sl ?
This Institution will bare-opened on Monday the 19th iu-t. Suita
hb- instructors ar- engaged for each lJcpurini"i;t.
A >eiect Shool for Boys, is also connected with the institution, hat
entirely separate from the Female School. Particu ars givon on ap?
plication. au27 Im \ . THOMPSON, Principal.
Boarding nnd Dm School fui j u t I id es. No
I(W Henry-street first door below Cunton-atreet.?Miss SAGAR and
Mi?s BALLOW ?ill re-open their -< bool on Monday, ihe 6tfa ofSep.
tember. Circulars containing a full statement of :n- principles.en
which the school is conducted, the cour-e of instruction, term, and
references, may be obtained "m application. au37 Iw*
i r M r. t'nmp's failiool? i - Greei *nl be
re-opened on Monday, August .to. Miss Pratt will continue to -uper- ,
intend the Young Ladies Department. The course of instruction
comprises every thing necessary to a complete English education.
Private lessons given in each department. nuSSGtia*
r The Misusea Coles)' Young. L anil Day
School, No. 901 East Broadway, will opes on the 30th day of August, ;
A thorough course.of Kiigli.h for Young Ladies. Also, am! Infant
Department. .Music l.e-.ous to Ludie* in or ? ? nt of the School. p.2? if |
EPBngliMh ninl ( lii .i, nl Sohool. No. 327 Rowcry, be.
tweea Seeon 1 and Third-streets.?Mr. HYSLOP'SScbool ?rill re-open
on Monday, tii- 30th uist.. under tue supervision of himself ami Mr.
J. F. CHAMBERLAIN, as Associate Principal?Applicati.lay be
made at the School, or 341 Broomc-st au'-'ij tit*
J P The Wi-liool. of Mr-^rn. Bands al I* l Pi irl-strect, 71
Divis ion-;s l. end 417 Houaton-sL will be re-opened after tli<> vacation
on Monday. Aug. 30. Terms moderate. Tor particulars inquire at
the respective institutions. At the latter placewill be opened a de-I
partment for Young Ladies under the i are of Miss S. J. R itto.
J. W. R AND. I ? ,
.21 In.' AARON RANI?. ) "actpals.
I (Seventh Ward Grammar School?2T7 Divisini i
near Clinton*?This Sei.I will be re-opened on Monday the 30th
insL Experienced and highly competeut teachers will be provided
for the -??u ral departments.
A room, pleasant and airy, i- apart, for bt'le lioys nud girls?all
under the e. ire and instruction of the principal. Term- moderate.
Bu86 4i? HORACE COVELL, Principal.
V Mechnnicsi' Society School.?The Sei.I Committee
would respectfully inform the former patrons und the public eeno
rally, that this instiintidn will be re-opened on Monday the -i'M bf|
August. As there are at present some meant sent., those wishing to
?sake application can do so by calling at the Bookstore of II. AS
Rnyuor,7(1 Rower] , where o bowk !>.?? l.-~- l.,? IV, .
P.S.?i'ho-e patrons who -.ci-b to rrtiiin .eat'for llieir children
for the uextscsaiou, and who have m,t given nonce to thai eiTei t. >?ill
t> lease do so b. fore the re-opening of tue School.
mil oud3wia' JAMES MORRIS, Chairman School Committee.
1* Mr.. mill Mian Hollen'.. Boarding nnd Day
s-< liool. N.i. 11 Amity ?t. a few do..r- w.-.i .it U.da ... S V?rk.
The Fall Term will commence September l?u Private Classes in
French, Music, Drawing, Painting, Oil Painting, Geology, Physio
logy, and Paley's Natural Theology illustrated, with suitable appara?
tus and drawings, will he continued us heretofore, under the direc?
tion of approved teachers.
Circulars may be obtained on inquiry: j
L." An Assistant pupil is wanted in ibo School, apply a? above.
nu2l 2w*
I Education, l->0 Broonae-atreet, near Broadway.?
Mr. CHAMBERLAIN will re-open his school for boyannd bisafier
i oou school for Ladies, on Monday, jWth inst His Room, are open
Day and Evening, for the accommodation of gentlemen. J. R. Aul.i.
A. M., having become an associate Teacher in the Classical and
Mathematical departments of hia Day and Evening Schools; Mr. C.
will attend more particularly lotbe Commercial branches, (especially
to Arithmetic, Book-keeping and English Grammar,) than he ha. j
done hitherto. Mr. G. A. Giraud, who bas been associated with this 1
Institution more than live years, will continue in the Kreuch depart- !
mi nt. Mr. A. B. Dolaiage having the privilege of receiving pupils
whodesire to attend exclusively to Penmanship, Mr. Chamberlain
believes that Ladies and Gentlemen, who avail themselves of his in?
struction will be highly pleased with his style of writing and manner
of teaching in both of which he is much superior to any other teacher ,
within bis knowledge. The deportment for Drawing and Painting
will be continued under the instruction of Mr. Edward PorceU.
rr Universal) of the State of New-York?COLLEGE
F PHYS ICIANS AND SURGEONS, in the city of New-Yerk.?
h e siiuiiiii course of Lecture, for the Session of IS41-12, will coin- '
men. e on the tir-l Monday el November, 1841, and continue uutil the
rtr-t of March, 1-12.
J.Augustine Smith, M. I>. Prof.ofPhysiology.
Alex. H. Stevens, M. D. Emeritus Prof ofSurgery.
J..-. Mather Smith. M. D. Prof, of the Theory and" Practice of Phy
SM and Clinical Medicine.
John It. li.ck, M. I). Pr-.f. of Maleria Medice and Medical Juri?pru
John Torrey, M. I>. Prof, of Chemistry and Botany.
Robert Watts, Jr. M. D . Prof, of General, Special, and Pathologi?
cal Anatomy.
Willard Park, r, M. !>.. Prof, of the Principles and Practice ofSur?
gery ami Surgical Anatomy.
Chandler R. Oilman, M. D.. Prof, of Obstetrics and Disease, of Wo
men und Children.
James Ctuackenboss, M 0. Demonstrator of Anatomy.
Matriculation fee, #5. Fee for the full sours- of Lectures, *|o-.
Dissecting ticket, $5. Graduation fee, si2?. Board $2,j?i to $J.UU per
The Dissecting.Rooms will be opened for the season on tne first
Monday of October.
A preliminary course of Lectures on specialities will be delivered
duriuc the month of October, commencing on the first Monday | ihwe
Lectures will be free to the rtuceuis of the College.
On Hvgiene, by Jos. M. Smith. M D?
On Meckal Botany, by John Torrey. M. 1>.
On Comparative Osteology, by Robert Watt.. Jr. M. P.,
Ou the Pathology of the Kar. by Willard Parker. M. I?..
On Monstrosities, by Chandler R. Oilman, M. D.
The in* itatiou lo retofore given to the Medical Profession is re- j
p. ated, and they are respectfully lavited to attend, not only the regu?
lar, but also the preliminary course of Lectures whenever it may
tttil their convenience. _ aull --od if
College of Physician- and Surgeou?. 67 Crosby-st. N. Y. July, Istl.
_ [Mr. A Mrs. BROWNE, a tfa it laugbter. Miaa \r
ui st" Brow >c.i liep leave to announce to the Ladies of New York ,
and it. vicinity that,after several years" ab-ence, they have returned
to this city to resume their Professional PracUce, ami have taken a
bouse No. 7i?? Broadway, corner of Kourlh-st.
Ladies desirous of otitaiuin.' Thiiioii. either on the system of the
celebrated Logier, or by the common manner, may b- attended at
their residence, or at the Academy, 700 Broadway. References are
numerous, and of the very bigheat reaperiahility. All Miss Augusta
Browne'- Musical Compositions for sale?' The American Bi-iuet 'snd
'L'Henri GaUope1 just published, and may also br had it Mr. Israel
Post's. SS Bowery, and Mr. G. F. H. Young's. Clinton Hail, corner of
Beekmaa and Nuasan-etreets, an.! at the Music Stores._au3tf
AY'.** imTb?tb n* be EYbibber ?VKR
SHOES?5,000 pair Ladies' and Ocntl^men's for sale. The
nppera of tins truly elegant Over-.hoe, made from tne Rubber ai im?
ported from South" America, in -heeu. are exceedingly elastic, the '
-ame -hue .adjusting its'lt to every width of foot, softer than French
kid and made over lasts of the most approved Broadway fashion.-. The
bottoms or soles of leather laid between the rubber, are jois-d to?
gether *o securely as to be perfectly water proof. These Shoe? have
been tried thoroughly the past winter, snd given geccral satisfaction.
Every pair warranted not to decompose, -r tie uppers to loo?en from
the soles. The trade are invited to exaining these and a receral as- I
?ortmecl of India Rubber Shoes, now in order for the fall trade.
HORACE H. DAY. Successor to Roxbury L R. Co..
?. -'- 2m lzfi Maiden-lane.
r INCS and Borders, for sal-cueap. at the United States Paper
Hanging and Band Box Warehouse, ?55 Casal-streeu near Braadway.
New-York. Rooms papered m the neatest manner.
au4 3m JuSHCA BiM'A'N.C-.nai?.ra^L
LOOK AT THI**.?Po.-ke: - ?' '? '??"?' ?ty.
at wholesale. F- R. '?LLESP1E. Agent
au27 lm* 25, late 19 Johe st. I
ni?I mil nothing mere.''? Haantsca.
?JV itin.
T1F1LL, Music Publisher. 301 Broadway, informs eurT
that h-- continues to mske a uin-t lil.er..l reilu tiou from the
retail price of Mu?.c, when ordered in quantities by Tridennen. Se
ninsrif.. ?r by letti rs from ihe vona ry. All Miimc published m the
-ountry for salevtogether with every description of Gamut and In
?tructiou Book. Tne following ire among :ne but publications._
? The Gambler's Wife.' a descriptive Ballad, tne word- bv Dr.
Coates, trie ma-ic composed aad respect/ally dedicated to Dr. Wash,
uctoii. bv Id 11 ry Ru,.ell.
? .Net Married Vet," song, words bv George P. Morris, and dech. sted
:o A. II. Kisk. K-.|.. by Henry Rasse 11.
?Tue Metaer ?in> hsth a child at ?ea.' a ballad. a? ?un; with rr?at
ipplaose by Miss Ellen Lewis, and respecr?iUy dedicated to bis
i'.iend. Henry Johu Sharp.by Hetrj Russe l.
? Will nobody marry me" a comic >on;-, word, written bv Georce
P. Morris, Esq., the music composed an.! .uns by Henry Kus,.'!l.oui
?ellishcii ?ith i lithographic rigaette title.
'Old Kmc Time,' a beau iful .one. written by Eli/.a Cook, set to
ns.ic an. sunf by Henry Russell, embellished with a spleadid luho
traiduc vignette.
? O i t.'u. l.ov ??, i iji tin. I.ov?.'a coin"-?onc. written by Ge< rce P.
Morris, Esq., composed bj H. Russell, and ?ui c bj Mr. Dempster, em
>elli.h'it ? itn a \ iguette.
1 be above six songs ire for sale separately, or |iutap in a beautiful
envelope stitched with ribbon- and called
? Away to iii" sroo la,' the words ?ritten by George P. Morris, Esq.,
the music ca spot'-.I hi K. H. Brown, and siuie by )lr. Scrum, Guibal*
lei and Russell. Is embellished with a beaau ul v gaette.
'Oh : wh " has not seen the young rote fade away,' a favorite bal
lad, sung with great applause by Miss Pools..Mrs. Baity ami Mr. \
Phillip.. i!i" t.try written by the Rev. J. Reyoell Wrenord, P. S.
A., the music composed by Austin Phillips.
The Normend} Maid.' a ballad, sung bj Mr.. Sutten, also bv Mi?s
Poole, .n tha musical romance ? Blanche of Jersey,' the music bv John
Bane it.
'Come .me me that sw.-st air again,* as sun? by Miss Pools . music
composed by TbolUaa Moore, Esq.
? I he Boat Cloak,' sung by Miss Poole, written by Eliza Took : the
nm-1<- composed bj P. It. Nichols.
'Twenty Y?ar- Ago,' a beautiful long, sung by Mr>. Baily, the po
?try by Geo. P. Morn- : music comp.1 by Austin Phillips.
? Tne Dream i- Past,' .one. sung by Miss Poole -. music by Stephen
? Come and wander with m*,' i.t to the celebrated ttir of I.a Gi
tana, sung by Mrs. Sutton and Mi.- Pole at the public und private
concerts, adorned with i beautiful vignette; music by A ?ber.
' Fan i?. dearest Fanny,' a beautiful serenade soag, sung with creat
applause by Mr. Wood; composed by F. Nicb?lls I rmicb.
? Evelecn,' .one written ami composed by Samuel Lover; Esq. au?
thor of ? .-jours ,.f the Superstitions of Ireland.'
Six .on^rs byThomaa Moore, Esq.?'We met but once,' 'Oh, do
sot look so bright and blest," 'Music Box,' 'When to sad music,
'Language of dowers," The -luv is dawning o'er us.' Tbe above are
?old -i par itely, or put up in n Beautiful envelope tied with ribbons.
? And wilt moii weep ?In n I am low," a very beautiful song, writ?
ten bv Byron; third edition.
'The Cracovieone Maul.'set to the music of La Cracovienne.
?Thou art false, but I cannot forget thee.'., beautiful ballad, embel?
lished with u handsome lithographic vignette.
i >a reuo iiiber well, as suns' bv Mis. Sheriff
I'll -peak of the.. I'll love thee, ton
Silent Still, I dar - not -peak
Wild while Ro.e. Preitj star of ni) fancy
Tbs stop of my love . The Ihr. p ..pes of love
The heart that can feel; Happy Land
I come, I come. Carrier Dove f-th rdiiioin
Invitation to the ball, from Gustav. u>
When timo huh ben ft do.
I love her. how I love her da
Masquerade Song do.
To rea i the Slur- do.
Answer, Nightly Sorceress do.
Peace withia the Grave do.
Quadrilles from Gustavus
Gallopsdes from Gustuvue; Overture to Gustavus
Come a?ay, come away , The Grecian Daughter
To thee, love, to thee, love
1 did not weep : Nigbtal ?ea
The beautiful day . My Normandy
Come gang iws' wi' me
Who ii a tiioinrbt of sea nig you
Hunter and lits orutc
Oh promise ate to nag (5th edition'
The ELSSLER DANCES, viz ?' La CracovteaJN,''laaCachu
?a.' "La Svlplndi'.' "La Smolenski.' 'El Vnleo des Jerfs, or La
Sitana,' 1 La Mazurka,' "Pas Styrienne,'' Penny Ebwler'a Pas Soul.'
111 /Capetoo in.' ? La Tarantula,' adorned with beuatiful lithographic
rignettes, splendidly colored, and stitched together with ribbon.,
forming a beautiful hook Ihr the Piano.
Mom.' Quick Stop - Norms Quadrilles.?Gibraltar vYaJus.?Lan?
ier Waltzes.?Eglaatine Waltzes.
Grand trumpet March, by Wal?h
Strau--' celebrated Waltzes
Quadrilles from Le P.-tillion
Van Reossclaer Guard March
LToion Gray's Grand Waltz
Wreath Quadrilles I Ith edition)
Opera of Amilie; Frs Diavolo
? Iperaof Pariaella
Also, a large assortment of Music for tbe Guitar. Violin, Accordion,
v c. recently published at A TWILL'S.
auSMStWJbS '-""l Broadway, below aft. Paul's Church.
nltV <;?><> Ufa?H. v. HOAOLAND, 57j Ilm.-ion itreet. ha.
bow on baud a general assortment of all articles in his line, to
villi I: he is daily adding le w anil seasonable article.. Good brown
sheeting muslin 6d, better ..t Bd, 9d, and IOd. Heavy bleached Mus*
ni ?d ami 9d, the best long i loih Shirting St I. White, red and >el
o? Flannels from 2s upwards. Prints from Od to 3s. A fullaesort
neat Ol Hosiery. White unbleached and black cotton Hose at Is. j
Pick-Cbeck, -trif>?1 Shirting, cotton and linen Table Diaper. Ac. A c.
"ustoiiiersw.il please call sud judge for themselves. BUT ONE
PRICE. au37 Iw |
p II EAP CARPET STORE.?Thi subscriber oners for
V - ,!.? i ; ???*' a...' .j>:.'i a?ortiu.-i.t o|"I-;dv Bru?tine and -u
rierrine Ingrain Carpeting, Oil-Cloth, Rugs, Matts, Matting, with all
Itber article, i oaaected * ith the business, cheaper than can be bought
it any other store in the nty. Persona from the country or city wish
in: to purchase *ill God it much tu tiuir advantage to call before pur
:basing elsewhere, at IT Canal-street, south side, near Broadway.
au27 3m DANIEL M. WILCO.T.
La New-Brightou, Sutten Island by subscription.
The Trustees of the New-Brighton Association have made arrange?
ments for the sale of five hundred blocks, or parcels of land, emhra
iiae the most desirable and be,t locmod portions of their property;
?am parcel couiaiuisg not le.- than eight lots of 95 feet by 100 feet.
md some of them containing from one to five acres. On .-event of
n-m an- splendid improvements, comprising large mansion houses.
Hotels, collage,, dock-, etc. etc. in perlect order.
The plan adoj led for disposing of the above property presents rreat
adncemenu to the capitali-t desirous of making a rood investment,
iud lo all - bo may ?i,li to obtain a country residence at a very mod
srate price, and m a position the mo?t eligible in the vicinity of
For the prospectus, plan ami details of the same, apply to HENRY
LYNCH, President, at the office of the Association, No. ] Hanover
itreet, up -tair-.
Book- of subs, riptioo are opened by EDW tltll A N1C0LL, Esq.
Trustee, at the office of tbe New-York Life and Trust Company, No.
IS H all-.t By order of the Trustees. aul-l tf
I M.\iIIC RAZOR STROP, with which every person may keep
IM raz'ir in perfect order, whether at ?ea or on land. It presents
Ibur lace-, euch of ditf-reut sharpening properties, roininencinif with
hu metallic Hone, of ten times tke power of the ordinary hone, and
"inis'ninc on the simple calf?kin. Retail prices SO cents, 70 cenu.
M 00, $1 25, and $1 ?" "?.?, according to .ize and outward finish.
Tne performing part of a 7j ceut Strop the -awe as one at $1 50.
L CHAPMAN, 193 Wilham-.t.
N. B. The performing part of my 75 cents Stop warranted to be
?upenor to Guo. Sausders' best, at (?1 each, and tbe money returned
f tbe purchaser *~ dunouiafied. jv3n 3ra _
Deal tin In.
CjEYMOUR WHITING wnulJ respectfully inform his friends and
O the public that he still commons at his old ?tsad. No. 6'i East j
Sroadwsv; and. iiav ms- associated hiuv.elf in partaer?hip with Dr
.IM S PRATT, ibey are ready to attend to all who need their pro
'es.-ional services. The public msy be assurej that all operauon" it
Jieir profession will be performed on the most approved plan. Am
ic;al reeth, from one to a full set. icsened in the most scientific man
ser. and on as favoribie terms as at any other offii e. Whole sew in- j
'erted on the old atmos'iiieric. or the new approved patent atmospheric I
dan, wnieh obtained the premium at tbe Fair of the American Insli
.ute last year, sod as well as can be done in this city. Teatb plaggec !
?Ith gold, 'au f"il. or cement, as circumstances may require.
Nerves of T-eth destroyed without pain, and in moat cases the j
Tooth effectually preserved by filling.
An tufallible cure for the Toothache.
N. B. Messrs WH I TING A PRATT will instruct one or two youo|
neu in the art of Dentistrv, on reasoaable terms.
His Honor Chancellor WaJwort3.IProf.Wm. Tully, M. D.
rL L. North. M. D., Sara. Springs. Rev. Nathaniel Pratt. Georgia.
rVm. W. Minor, M. D.) v , [Samael C. Ellis, M. D.
Ur-.i Linsley, M. D. ] * ' lork'iRev. Henrv G. Ludlow.
i'rof. Benj. Silliman. M. D. LL. ?.: Wm. N. Blakeman. M. D.
'rof. Jonathan Kr.nfur, M. D. John Miller, M. D.
arof Charts* n SheporsL M. D. ISterihen Brown. M. D. ia5-3m
ED BACK MONEY on all the B.nks ukeu at par for j
Dry Goods. No abatement in prices. 4;1 Greenwich it. suWIm ,
PO t A LICO^BINTEBS?One bale of" machine Lap- j
L pings, for sale by PEKSSE i BROOKS. 61 Liborty 't. aaar
OFFICE N 0. 3 0 A N >' - S T.
vol. i. so. iao.
?i.M .r.YOBK, 11. K V.W AM' TBOY
For Albany, from the foot of Barclay-alr-oi.
I > vi.h \N>.Saturday Morning al " o'ckx k.
The TROY.Monday nomine -t " o'ckx k
The ALBANY....Tm-..! ,v Morning, al 7 o'clock.
From lh? tool of Cot llumi !-?.?? ???**.
' a SWALLOW.V ... A
**? e^_j**j FOS ALBAXY.
^ii~S iatr^TttwiL. The n?w and * steamboat NORTH
AMERIC v. Cent, M H i ? ...... .?e. : . i iti un
hont P..t between l oi?an.it ai?l Liberi* itreeta
SATURDAY AFTERNOON, August Sri, at 5 o doch.
, For freight or passase apply on board ur to
a*> ? SCHULTZ, at the OfSce m the wharf.
Leaves the Pier between Coortlandt and Liberty-sts. the ttesjnboa?
SOUTH AMERICA. Capt L.W. Brainard, Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday at 7 o'clock, r. M.
The ROCHESTER, Capt. A. P. St. John, leaves tho atwv.- piee
Monday. Wednesday and Friday, st 7 o'clock.
For passage or freignt. apply to
P C. SCHULTZ, at th* office, or on hoard.
o'docktbe steamboat DIAMOND, fron foot of
' Bar. lay -l sul'A T.ThiS
C3"* *j? The steamboat OSIRIS, Cap*. J. U. Allaire, will
- -un as follows? leave Fulton MarhW slip. East Kit r.
very Monday morning, at ri o'clock; Tuesday.
Thurad iy. Friday, au.l Sunday. it S u clock, A. M.. and
13 o'clock, noon.
leave Red Bank at half-past 1 o'clock, every day. (ex?
cept Monday) at 10 o'clock, A. Ml, at .1 Sal inlay, at 4 P. M.
The hoat will ruu as above until farther notice, navigation an4
weatber*l>ermitting. N. K.?Ali freight and baggage at thu n-k ..I thi
owners there,.f. iy*) :im
"aB" r"-"' Tu.? sti iraboai HIGH LAIS OER, Captain Robert
Wardrop. will leave the foot of Warren-street, New-York, every
Moud e.. Thursday, and Saturday afternoon, at I o'clock.
Returning, the HIGHLANDER will leave Newburgb every Moa
Hay morning at f. o'clock, and Tneaday and Fnda\ afternoon at i
For freight or passage, apply to tb? Captain on board.
N. R?All baggage, and freight of every description, and In II?. <>r
?pecie. put Mil board this boat, must be al the risk of the owners
thereof, unless a hill ?f lading or receipt is signed forth- - ime. ^2i<
- FAKE REDUCED!?IS) cenu to and from Har
^bj.cJP;'";'^."".'^! 'in. The proprietor embraces the earliest opportu.
aas wir??T nity of informing h? friends and the public in gen?
eral tliHt he i. prepared to run his new and splendid line of Stase,
from the North tmericen Hotel, Bowery to De W tt C, Kelliogur's
Harlem River Mansion House, regularly every half hour in the day,
touching at other intermediate places along the route, und making
their passage through in about an hour.
Neul and spacious apartments are fitted np on each end of the
route for the comfort and convenience of passengers. Tin. new and
well regulated line running nearly double the number of trip, daily
that ihe Car. do on ths truck, give, u adecjded advantage over them.
?sli pping much longer each trip st Kell tiger's and uiviug passen
gwr? sUtBcient tun? to partake of every kind of refreshment wlie-b
ar- always kept on baud au.l served up in the be>i poeaible manner,
.mi termi suitable to ike times.
Bowery und White Hull Stages run ?s uaual every five minutes
dunog the day. jyiiiim J. MCIU'IIY. Proprseioi.
^em~ ? ?**". I'ONG ISLAND KAIla
fvvT^ji f?^rw 'rfuLisi ,lOA,?- The L>. ""'
?^-^--~r^.?^^*p-? r....v. n.kivu..: h.iii -M.i i
?----1-\. M, hall cast 1 Old half pa.t
8 P.M. for the several viUages on the Una when -ia?e. andconvej
ante, an- in readiness to convey passengers to the Sound side and In
the Bay ami Ocean.
The trains return at 7 A. M. and ipiarter pa.-l 2 P. M., and half pa t
. P. M. from Jamaica, affording lime lo vi.n and dine al the Marino
Pavilion at Rockawny and other attractive place, of resort, and reim u
ths .anie evening to town. hu It: it
M FOB. MALjR?? Hoi-.- aud Lot at Millstone. N. J.?A
4tliti new two-siory llouso, well budt in a neat .and modern 'tv It I
well of the Lest of water immediately at the kitchen door. The lot i*
?VI feet fron Ling on the canal by LV> feet deep ; wagon.house, stable.
Ac. The . ..i.iMinil'. ..ich, ?1.1, slua ...y -e- ...r. . - if,
lenvn. daily, meetiug the car. nt Bound Brook, au.l r ashing the city
in about three hours?(fare 50 cenu | A mechanic wishing a place
ill the country, manufacturing for this market, or olherwise, would
find the location desirable. The aln.ve will bo sold low, and term ,
made en-y. Fjr further particulars inquire >.f
H. V. HOUGLAND, 57J, Houston-street,
atl27 lw* Or A. 'P. VKOOM on the premise.
FOR M.%l,tt-A Drugstore, now doing g.I b?si
lull. lies.; would be a goial location for a pbv-l.'llll. Ili'|uire at lh?
.lore, corner of Anthony-atrOOt and We.t Broadway.
Wanted?A location suitable for a country Store with dwelliug,
aud from one to six seres of ground, not far from the city, Inquire
as shove. ao27 .if
W TO I. KT-The Store No. 77 Dej slreeL a lir.t rat. I
Jo!", for tin. I iron ry und Butler business, for which it has liven oc
cupied for many years. Immediate po.ion can ho hid. In.pure
? ui ib" premises, ,.r al No. 75, next door above. *u27 lw*
W, FOB MALE?The modern btdii throe sterj no,... i ?
lli.t ..tore, ?ilualed on the south-west corner of Eleventh-streel
au.l Third Avenue, now occupied a. a hardware .-lore, with a lixteon
v earv' unexpired leaae of the lot, at a v.-arly rent ofTtwo hundred and
twenty dollars. Tne whsbi premises are under a lease lor seven
years at an annual rent of seven hundred and fifteen dollars. The
j building i. nearly new ami will i.e .old reasonable. For particulars
[ inquire of Messrs. STEAD ?V SHARP, on the preraises, or of J. B.
COKL1ES, l7th.sL te ar 3d avenue. auS63l*
; .W. TO LET?A large room with a small office attached,on
I Tit! the second door, No. .r>l' Nassau at, suitable fbr a Hair*dreseiog
I or Tailoring business, and poascsaioa given immediately, Inquire of
sir33Iw* A. GODFREY, upstairs
? ^w.. TO LET?A large light room at 3!I7 Bowery. Inquire on
; a !" ihe premises, or of T llyslop, :M1 Broome si. au3d lw'
i A< (TTY I'ROl'KKTV OFFll'K, for buytngi selling
, Jn^and exchanging City Property, at No. 1 Ann st. aiiif) Im'
, .V. BOO IBS TO LET?A room and bed-ioom with rle-r.,.
I KsJ pantries. Ice, suitable for a assail family. Also, oua large room
? extraordinarily well lighted, .uitable for a work-abop. Impure on
j the premises of JOHN LOCKE, iu rear of 31 Ann-.t. ?m. lw
; Jjli_ The basement, (well calculated for a harness, trunk or basket
I stvre, or a refectory, KO Broadway.
The bakery au.l work-sbops No. ?> Morton-st. near Bleeeker, sopa.
rate if wanted. Work-shops, large and small ai Ureenwicb; <>w i.
a lane and distinct building, calculated for a wheelwright, SoapFac
lory, Ac.
A long n.o.-u on McDougal'St. lor a bool or pub!:, room
'I be .lore and cellar corner of Waverly and McDougal-als. a govl
aituatioa for a grocer or bakery.
A store and bask room. 353 Bleacker-st. and part of the hou?e if
The first floor of 80 Smh Avenue, and also the second floor and
kitchen if required, or separate.
The dwelling part of a .mall house llofif HudsOD-St. iu ..rder.
Front parlor, 2 bed-room-, and a kitchen in House t'~ Ki^g-.t.
Applv at No.981 Bleeekar-.i. or 1IV Frontier.
Also?Lofts and offices 116 aud 147 Froat-streei. _ai?24 eudlw*
FOR ?ALB?The house and :? t II. Houslon t,
COnd block from the Market, and a short distance from tho
ferry?being 21 by fJ leet. A first rale stand for business, COU
sisuiigoflargeeoiivenienl.tore.il rooms, ba.euieut, cellars, coal
bens, Ac. all complete. Prico, $5,5<)?) Apply as above. aul3 1m'
A Pl'BI.K IIOL'ME at Harlem to be lal on the .VI
avenue, corner of IT-'kl street- Inquire at I It) Bowery. Rent
low. aull lm*
FICE, No. 1 Ann-street, New York.?Persons winhnie to pur?
chase will do well to call. Some nice Cottagas for sale ; also,
] Building Lots._._aulfl lm*_
FOR ?* A I. K?Or exchange for productive City Propel
nwpB ty?A Furin of .'^1 iere?, aitu*ited ih Huntington Township, I
""?*"**L, :) rail'- from Norrhport, from which a steamboat plies to and
from New-York twice a wnek. I'kj.4 buildings, goeal watar, A.c. Ac.
For full particulars inquire of E. W. WOOD, el Riviugtnu-sirect.
adta FOR MALE?A farnTin the town of Smithlown in fcuf
I'.'ik County, nc.tr the village of Comic, consisting of two huo
a*W- .trril acre-, about thirty of which are limber and rpiouts land,
the remainder cleared and under a g-iod state of cultivation. On th"
premi?;. are a good dwelling house, two barn.,crib and wsgon-houar,
with a well of water near the diKir. Also, a good vounr Orcnard with
a variety ,,f cherry and other fruit trees. Po.?es?ion can be t,jd 10
suit the eouvenicnee ,,( the purchaser. F.,r particulars ??Plr ?''
Smith Wocalhiill. 907 Front-street, or ihe ."bscriber on UM prcsni
aea._ aoltlnV_ DANJfcl. sMITH^
j t- i j? it .L...r varieties made to order oi auy qua
aad Lotor- d raoer. in aJi their varieiie., uj?.a ,
, ? r .. , ,i? fine.i ?fKik naper made m the aoua
btr from common New., to Die naesi o""- i ' ,. , ?
1.? of 3ie.,r..
- . . , - ' f_n,,, ,k. ,erv lupasnof iiiiii. ol :
.r>>."t.taa,f.ir market I' Boston sad W. & M.^'urtnf. Bel.vill
: r : having the beat of mac
and Irom several other manuisxvu, ? ' ?IMi
All order, thankfully received end ^^^^ ^
nasi PAPER VIANI F.At Tl RKBH-P . j. Screens,
I ?c.il.iye. hv the set or single plate, kept, on hand aud for sale
> ih bscriber Als-s all kinds of Pap-r Machinery furnished at
^ .k ' ?, no[,ce by Messrs. Howe Ac, rJo.Mur.1 on application to tli
ubscribTr who is tii'e.r Agent m th.. City. EDWARD CURTIS,
a?S? 3w_Paper Warehouse, M Liberty stfeoL_
?BfNTINCj PAPEB.-Pniiti.i; Paper, of ail T'^
T siaatr. cotuvaotly on luuid aud for aale by
jrSSt -iw- PEB^E A BROOKS. ? L -e ' :

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