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picit.E OIVE CENT.
foniniuing the I*t 01 <; <! i ti^? oI ( on :.-i <??- nnd other
>< us b) Iii?' Mouthrrn .Hail one ?In? in ml
raiice of finy other- Fmuy l*?j?er,
|i pulilisbed every morning, at No. 30 Ann-street, New-York,
and delivered to City Subscribers for ONE CEN I' per copy. Hoil
MuhrfiibeM. i* annum invariable in advance, and the paper in
no easeeotrtinned beyond tue li.ne for which it is paid. Subscrip?
tions laken for Six Mouths.
tkkms or auvfrtisinc_roa bach advestisemext or
Ten ii?e? or lean (over six), fir-t iu-.-.riM.a. cjJ*
Do. for aaeh subsequent insertion.
|ia for mix insertions, or one week,.!?'
lio Cur Twenty.*] iasertionii, or one month..S?? wW
Longer Advertisements at equally lavoraWe rate?.
r?r Pive lines, ballSFe above rates ; Two lioes, one fourth of
then rate.. Advertisemenu ordered to he eontinaeden iheiniiOe
sfier the firs! lu.ertii.n will be subject to the -auie cbarce i* "H their
fir'i 8|?pc.iriiiii e ? payable in all r.a.e. m advance
-.-All aotiees of Public Meetings, K-i f i"u?, PoH?cal, *.? .orser
awas t.. b* delivered bv Clergymen visiting our City. fte. wu oecon
sjsicuousiy pviblisbad iu The fribune (if tot exceeding six Iim-s) tor
-."> ?-? al. an iii-.tIhui. , ?- --
Tun Uccr-Slsvi ii; on.'l'ur Fiasr Wab-Putii. By the author of
'The Last ?I the Mohicans.' 3 vola. Lea At Blanchard. New*
A new novel by Mr. Cooper was wont tobe an inviting ami
satisfying feast: it is noi sure to be so now. I5t:t the ' Deer
Slayei' i? our old friend ' Lcatheratocking,' ? Hawkeve,'
' i'liiiih'iidt-r,' iV Co. in 11 now ilress, nmi i- always inter?
esting. We sluill speak fartlicr of this work, if the public ;
shall not bave read it before we can find an opportunity.
Ti v Tuocsano a Year. Vvl. \ I. Carey A Mart.
Wo rejoice that tliis story has tit length Iss-n brought to n
close. It possesses considerable interest, but is character,
i/.od by the most base-spirited servility to Aristocracy, and
amazing Religious intolerance. It seems nlmosi incredible
that .in || n work could bo written and popular in tin- Nine?
teenth Century. Tin- style is mawkish and the machinery
of tin: clumsiest kind; and tin- niitlitir seems perpolirally sal?
in??"Now, ladies and gentleman! I am extremely pathetic
here?please cry!" It i- on the whole a most pernicious
ami anti-republican work.
llsritNCSa ; us Nature and Sources d.ribed, sad Mistakes co.i n
iag it corrected. By J.A.James. Pp 125. I) Appleton a Co.
This velumo discusses a subject which, however interest"
iug to nil, is yet very imperfectly understood. The name of
Mr. James assures us that it is discussed ably and profitably.
Tat Cause ami Traitor Imfideutv; including a Notice of the \u
iliur? Dubolief, and the Means of his Rescue. Ity Rev. Daviu
Nki.su>. John S. Tsylor A Co.
Tliis is not n now book, but it is a very good one. It is
eirncst, familiar, forcible, al titties n little harsh-judging, bul
ii the innin right-hearted nml convincing. \Vu know hardly
an antidote to Infidelity of equal merit.
Pacl ako Vibcikiai Translatod from the Krem h of Rkrkabdin St.
Pii.kkk, by Moleu Maria Williams. Pp. 96. Edward Walkur.
We nt-eil say nothing to any but very yeung renders of tin*
rhancter or intercd of this celebrated story, which has been
iiamjied with the approval of Nations and of Time. The
edition of Mr. Walker is exceedingly neat and uppropriate.
TV Port ak Caovc; or Little Harry .I his Uucle Benjamin \
'Ja'?farYoatb. By Estues CorLEV.
Tins i? an instructive nnd entertaining little volume designed
to lend the Young in the way nf virtue ami happiness. It
h very, neatly published by Appleton sV Co.
HlTHCOi:K's GkoI.oiiV?Mr. Editor: Professor Edward
Hilcbcock, of Amherst College, Is a 'self madi man' By a
course of self-iiistruction, he prepared himself fer a teacher in
Deerfield Academy, of which lie was for several years the prin?
Still pursuing his studies, lie became a minister of-the Gospel,
lad wus for several years pastor of a church or u congregation
in Conway, Mass.
While there lie was appointed Professor ot' Natural History.
Ac in the College, with which he is still connected.
When the Legislature ordered in 1831 a Geological Survey
"l Massachusetts, Mr. Hitchcock was appointed Geologist In
Levi Lincoln, then Governor of the State. The reports of this
Survey, published by authority of the Legislature, composed ?
large octavo of some six or seven hundred pages. Under a re
appointment n? the State Geologist, be greatly extended
Iii? exautinatiena of the natural resources of Massachusetts, um!
s I.fed IMii.'li to the amount and value of bis ' HlCPORTS.'
The combined dnttea ami advantages oi Professor of tin-Col
lera ami Geologist ol the State, together with Ins extensile and
varied acquirements in the different departments of Natural
Science, furnished Mr. Hitchcock with peculiar facilities for
preparing an elementary work on Geology, which facilities be
has improved, not more for his own credit iii.ni for the advance?
ment ol science an.I the good of the public.
The first edition of Hitchcock's Elements of Geology, pub
1 e.l in I-* iu, was received with >o much favor as almost im?
mediately to call (or a secand edition, which has just made its
appearance, rendered still more valuable than the first by the
addition of some recent interesting discoveries in ule science.
Kev Dr. John Pye Smith, of llotiit-rtou College, near Lon
?oa, on the importance of science for the advancement of reli?
gion, remarks " It would l.e n perilous state for the interests of
religion, that 'precious jewel, wiit.se essential characters are
' wisdom; knowledge, and joy,' if tue professional tea.'hers should
be, iu this respect, inferior to the young nmi inquiring members
ql tliei; congregations. Kor those preaching amdugthe heathen, I
a competent acquaintance with natural objects is of signal im !
penance." I
Dr. S. adds: " To answer these purposes in the hands of the i
intelligent un.l Studioill minister- ol Christ, til's work of Profes?
sor Eiucbcock appears to rue especially suited. Though I (lat?
ter myself that I nave studied with advantage the best English
treatises on Geology, and find ever new improvement and plea?
sure from them, and have also psi.l some attention to French
and German books of this .-las-, I think it no disparagement to
ilieuito profess u.y convictionthat, with the views just mentioned,
tins is the book, which I long to see brought into extensive use.
Rev. Justin Perkins. American Missionary in Persia, after
expressing;in alauer to Professor li. a strong interest in tue
Geology ot Ins Beld of tabor, and of the claims of this and other
sctesicea upon Auserkan Misakmanes, addsj "I know net that
1 can better atone t,.r my owu deficiency in tliis respect tiian by
.. ' stu
. .s -.tend
tug your lectures, as they would enhance their usefulness in fu?
ture life. It is the combined light of all truth, tcicntifa as well
us rriifWMS, which is lo render so perfect and glorious the splen
dor ol miUeatal day. 1
Kev Mr. Hebard also ?? American Mlasioaarv. and Princi
pal... ^Seminary at Beyroot, after expressing in, leuertotbe
1 co.essor great .merest ?, science a> cotuieeted with his mis
.ma remarks that he t, about ^mmencing , courne of lectures
to Ins pupils on alineralogy and Geology
T.bis excellent work oiMli.s liighly interesting ,?d practical j
science n published by Messrs. Dayton a Saxton.'corner of
J-niton and Nassau-streets, New York, j Holbrook
Low FARSS.?The Perth Cornier state- that, in spite of
the groat Commercial itistress prevailing iu the locality the
traffic on the Arbroatk and Forfair Railway i.< protptrinr.
The average daily intercourse i>\ passengers is nearly KtiiO
]>?'r day. The ease ami cheapness of this mode of commu?
nication arr inducing many families from Perth un.l Dun?
dee to take Summer lodgings in s.-me of the villages on the
N. B. The above is from the London Railway Times of
July 31, 1841. The regular fare of lhini-?-lass passengers
on ?'iiJ railway is two cents j?er mile. Four-filiin of the
passengers are of that ,-1???. as per Appendix to Fifth Res
{fit to Parliament, page IU?. (.Boston TranscripL
. . l"' "iy own uenciency m tins respect taati t
requesting you in my behalf t? urge upon the missionary st
dents inCollege the Uig'a importance of their obtaining a go.
pracncal knowledge ol tieol....v and Mmeralory whUe alten
I desire yon to ttadcrainnd the trne p
WlLLIAMSBtJRG FeKRJJSS.?We perrejve that the Com
mon Council hsre ad vert is,-.! for proposals for the Grand
street Ferry. This is in pursuance of a resolution passed b>
theCemmon Council of last year, and we hope will not an'orr
unfavorably the very meritoriens application made by the n< w
Association <>(' Williamsburg fur the lease <>f the Grand-street
Fen v in connection with the Peck Slip Kerry. If we are cor?
rectly informed, this new Association propose to build aa many
us five new single-keeled hunts, to run two on the. Peck S!ij>
Kerry, two on the Grand-street Ferry, nnd the other on either
Ferry, a* occasion may require; also, to expend all the net
receipts beyond seven per cent, in the improvement and in
,-tense of Perry facilities; Vetily-j this would be a new era
fur Williamsburg und tin- adjacent town-. A;..I why should
not this Association succeed in their ;ii;;ihr>sj.irite.l enti r
prise'? We believe they will, because their application is
just. But what objection can there possibly be to thi it ap?
plication? Why, some very sapient and liberal men w ho
represent tin- Wards Iwrdering on the East River say that
they ure entitled to the ferries of V\rillta,msburg, because they
live opposite, ami therefore all the inhabitants of that section
of Long Island must buy their candy and apples frwn them,
and hence their opposition to ibis Association, which wishes
to connect the Grand-street and Peck Slip Ferries. Now
the tttio way to increase travel through Grand-street is ;??
reestablish tin- Peck Slip Ferry. During ihr continuancu of
that Ferry, tin- Grand-street travel was greatly increased,
because new inhabitants settled in that semion of Long Island
opposite, in consequence of the establishment of a down-town
DCF Tli - Abolitionists of' Vermont, ?.iure the declension of
Hon. C. K. Willi mi-, their fitst nominee foi Governor, have
formed a new ticket: Titus Hutchinson for Governor, Alva
Sokiu for Lieut. Governoi, oml Harry Hale for Treasurer.
-Mr. Hutchinson tvoa District Attorney under Madison and
si.ice Chief Justice of the Stale; .Mr. Sabin is 11 P.uptist
Emigration to Illinois.?Charles Oakley, CX-COmmis
sioner for the State of Illinois, writes that he is alxiul to send
out from England to that Stute fr on 50 to lOU.iilHl emi?
grants, and thai he will soon proceed lu Germany to make
similar arrangements there.
New-York Statu Casals.?There was received for toils
on all the Canals of this State, during the third week in Au
ettsr, 1841.....$57.401 ur
For the game time in IH K). 52,963 7(1
Excess in favor i f 1C11._si.4::7 37
TotvnoAT Explos iox.?The towboal Swnn, Cupt. Limbnrt,
while coming up the rivei 0.1 Monday evening, having in taw ;
brig IL her and schooner Alexander Washington, burst hei
ttnrbonrd boiler, by which accident four persons were killed !
and a large number wounded.
We subjoin the names of the sufferers a* far as ascertained :
Win. And lews, pi oil. kiiieil; Robert Elliott, bar-keeper,
kille I; Peter Ames, steersman, killed : n firemnn, (colored,)
of Mobile, killed : Mnson Altnge, first engineer, slightly
scalded; (i. Brnwdy, second engineer,dangerously scalded;
Theodore Burney, possenser. slightly scalded ; the steward,
(white,) slightly scalded; the cook, (white,) dangerously
scalded. [New-Orleans Bee, Au?r-18.
The Election in Thas.?Tlte election excitcmenrwas
pr.gicssing rupidly in Texas at the last dates. The Hous?
ton Telegraph estimates thai Bumct will receive 8025 votes
?Houston 5385?leaving 2640 majority frr Burnet. The
Telegraph formerly supported Gen. H. with all its might;
hut now it say. his moral character is so outiageously bad it
is compelled to go ngainsl him, und in favoi of Bumet, who
is sober, talented, honest ami patriotic.
CCF Charles Oakley, Ex-Commissioner for the Stute of II
liliois, writes thai he is about to semi out from England, to
that State, from 50,000 to 100,000 emigrants, nnd 1h.1t lieu ill
soon proceed to Germany, to make similar arrangements'
Health of New-Orleans.?The New-Oilcans Board of
Health, under date ul 17th instant, announce the increase of
Yellow Fever in that city, and that ei^ht deaths had occurred
by it since the I lib.
Highway Ronntr.r.?Mr. Daniel Bnllnrd, Jr., of ibis
city. Wils knockeil down by h gang of ruth aus, on Tuesday
night, between I'j und I o'clock, in Clark -ir.-.-t. stamped
upon, and much abused, and robbed of a sohl watch and
chuiu, valued at $125, and a memorandum-book.
I Boston (lourier.
JLT 't'o Country Dealern, ?'Pie- autiscribers keep 1 onstaul
ly on haud at their Store, No. IAS Pearl 4t. near Wall sl a coin
pletc asaorliaenl of School, t'l.s.sicu. an.l Mi.n i.i..isi >i's Bocks
of the latest and most approved editions, which they ?fter upon the
nio-i reasonable terms for CASH er c'.t;/ Aeeepttmeet ; also
BLANK BOOKS and STATIONERY of ever} variety, to which
thej invite the attention of Merchants visiting the City to make their
Fnll part lia-es.
ACCIIUNT P.? 1 ?ks ruled to any pattern, and mads to order, of the
beat tu n. ! 1 .1- and ill superior style.
ERS, Ac. of the lattsi pattern* and t or colors, suue.l to
the Country Trade, fbrsale at IkTmmnfkctnrer*' Prices.
Merchants and Deal, is from the Country ar.- requested to c?l
and oxamiue their stock of goods,
N. B. Schools, Colleges and Libraries supplied opon the niu-l 111
eral term-. BAKER, CRANE A Co.,
Wholesale Bookseller, nu I Stationers, and
Dealers in Paper Hangings, No. 158 Pearl st.
an'Olin (Sijru of the. " l.edj,) Ne* -York, near Wall-t.)
S ? tMIPOSl i'lir.N KOiTiTSEBS?, of toe best materials and
" ' qualiiv, -atU of all -izes, cast at the Oil': <? of the New World. 30
Ann-sL Inquire cd Mr. J. W. RICHARDS, in the P.ess Room
(basomeut.) au21 tf
" ' would cad die attention of the Public to their extensive stock o
plaia and ricli l.lass. f'luua. .Vc. Ac al tbeir stores, No* 100 Bowerf
and 336 Grand-st Prices moderate. nulls lm*y
|tts UI.LS ! I'll'KLLsi: {?Orders received for Osl
I Assorted PICKLES in Gallons, Halves and Q sari.-, in the usual
packages, Catsups, Saucs, Jtc. st JOHN BROACH'S,
ua24t? CO Fultou-st. tear Kreut.
J> I. Saasa A ?11 Jet BX1N?9.?Si bales, blown and Idea betf,
\ Russia Sliectiuc-. for ...... by
a ul:'. .li'.iWKI.I., VINTI'RN A f*o. 7" South-.
i 68 and 70 Nassau su, me door from J.-hn.i print- every rnrietj
of Cards, si prices raiurinc from J! p.-r Iiksi upwards. mSS-Sin
I i\t \ REAMS barg? buperial Printing Papat for sale; 25 f>y 'J".
Ll fx) inches?(-izeand quality of the Folio New-Yorker.) It w
he .old .-in-np for <-i.?h. Apply to the F.d.tor of tins pa;>er. raiiiO
1)1. A.NT KB** ItA.Mi. ??? Acricultarnl P._. ? Notes ta
Natchez, ??Ute I at unproved rates by
iv*tt( \ t.nvi.I-VK ItROT?KR? -3' Wall street.
: ttc?:;<i iPi?i,lt? 1; Mr-, sakai; :.. iiAUi-i ?
? a No. *9 \v,-v.st wto ha> ha.! many years' experienca m thebuai
r?"?s. ic-'l it
j)lt(IW\ StHEKTBNtlSi?RH) bales Ctiesterfieid Factory
, ^f- wo Shostinn, ior s-l.
aul I P'IUSSK A BROOKS til Liberty -?
OOVaVS BIa?A?:miNG POWDKB.?10U nski
?? * 8oyd's crlebratad Qleachina Powder, jcs-. receive.! and for -sie hi
-v'--' ITRSSK A BROOKS. 61 l.it-rtv-.t.
'P<> POVNTRV JIBKVSIA.VI'si ?Pocket Books at
a ? bolesale, cheaii f..r ca-u. to
?.u-.'7 im t K. GU-LESPIE, Ajeat. SS (late 19) Johu-st.
rinciple* of the Government. I wl?h thetn carried
VOKK. ?5 0\0 4V HO;J\n(., A i'li I S f
CjT. LOCI?? CLASSICAL .ANT* < o.'lM i |{.
ISLAND;?The public are respectfully informed thai the aboic named
Institute, situated in one of tin- im.-; salubrious end f i?hi ->n?Me p,rt.
of New-Brighton. i? now in inccesafal operation under 'be immediate
; cbarre of EUGENE FUJRNARD, and tii- luperinteudance of i'r
! The branches taucht in tfaia InstitMtian are tii- English and rr.ii.lern
. taaguage*. Msthematies, pure and mixed; Geography, .Natural Phi?
losophy, aad Natural Hwtory. In snort, students are here prepared
for tbe coun-inr-boute or for eatrai.ee at any of the Universities in
ill" (Jailed Slate - or abroad.
While the cultivation of the mind is regarded, the constitutional
health is not neglei l?d, but every opportunity is fiven t.. ihe ?tudent
tiy cwiiii ??ne exereve? and .eieiinn.-?aik? around ilw beautifn lo?
calities ofSuu n l- a id.: i strengthen the Ith ? f the body while the
menial faculties jr.- expanded, ami s? the Kreuch and Spanish
I languages are .p..k-ii in the Institution, ami taucht on Manesca'i
I system, an excellent opportunity i- offered to Americans to acquire
! these languages thoroughly.
I The terms for Taitioo, Board, Washing; Steading, etfc, :.re $*00
l per annum, payable semi-annuall} iu advance. No extra charge dar
i inc vie SliOBS.
For details of plan oftui'ion, A-c, see prospectus, which maybe
, found with the following gentlemen, to whom it is permitted to
'? refer i
His Excellency Don Pedro de Argaiz, Minister Plenipotentiary of
I her Catholic Majesty in Ws.hiue'<.n.
Hi?Ex elhtncy Don A. Culderou do ii Bare a, Ambassador of her
' Catholic Maj rsty in M?xi. o.
Me-.r.. Peter 'Harmony Sc. Co^, Pieabis A Manzanedo, J. Granjs,
Esq., A. Pstrullo K q? F. Del Doyo, Esq- Dr. A. Sidney Donne.
Officer ofHealth or the Port of. New-York: Thos. E. Davis, E?q.,
John Iselin. Ksq.. J. N. Reynolds, Es?|., New-York, an.'."" .?
; adie.n' school, -v... d n -n ...irdou-.n,,
s i irons an I the p;.r.!ie genera :?? .thai bi r koul, si I G I". .-i Er .aJ
?av. u.il reopen on Mondav, Gtb of September. tnvs.it
M?s. tapscwtt w isnes to inform her pupil*, and the
publi .tint her SCHOOL rill be re-opened on Weduesd ?>. the
1st September. Circular, with terms, maybe had byapplvisg at .
Mr-. T.-- residence, 01 Walker .t. near Broads ly. ' au3i lw
Vtll ><l I. AD? ES' IViMIi r::.ui Nevr-Voi !..
rpilE MI-n S HAVENsj receive young ladies a* boarding and
1 day -i bolars m the residence of their father, R. IIa.er.-. E i|.
No -'-j Lafayette Place. New-York.
Their course of instruct.embraces all the usual branch.f Eue !
lisk Education, includinc '?'.!.a al studies ; also. Latin, Greek, It lian,
German and ornamental branches, as desired by parents. Particular
g^van to instruction in I'r- ui U.
Their Kal! Term comini m ??? September I3tb, hul pupils ?ill b ? r?
ceivetl si any time.
Purther inrormalion may be otttaiued by comiuuuica].ultlre-sed
to ill iii-ei-.-s as above, or to their father at bis office, No..VI Wall
street, New-York.
Thev sl-o r. fer to the fotlowii : gentlemen
Chancellor Walwortb,Saratoga, New-York.
Him. Ambrose Spencer, Lyons, VVaynoCo.
How. Heury Huniinxton, Rome, Oai ids Co.
Rev. ii. Spring, I? I?. New York City.
Hon J Phillips PI o .nit, do.
lion D. P.. Tallmadge, d.i.
Col. I'.1 sha Je?kin-,
Daniel Lord, Jr. K q. do.
Burr Wakemaii, Esq. do.
Messrs. T. I?. A T W. Porter, priai ipalu i f the Washington
Institute, N. Y.
Bev.S. W.Cox, D.D. Brooklyn, New-York.
Linau. (*. Duncan Esq. New-4 Irl. an-.
.ia-. |t. Leverieb, R q. an9e tf
'. Sciuiunr) for Yonng l.ailie*.?Ai 3-J Iti.-ington st.?
This Snsiiiuliou will bo re-opened on Monday the 30th iu.?t. Smia
bis ii itruetors are engaged for each Department.
A S loci Shoo I f..r Boys, is alu.oaseted with the institution, but
entirely separate from the Female School Parti.- Car. fivon on ap?
plication. au27 Im V.THOMPSON, Principal;
I Roarelins and IJ:iy ?i< imal fur > nine Ladies, No.
Ii".- Henry-street.hretd?*r?r below Clinton-strcei.?Miss SAGAR and
Miss BALLOW will ro-open ti.i it school on Monday, (ha tllh ofSep
leniber. i ircularscontain insu full statement of the principles on
whieb the school is conducted, tue course of instruction, terms und
r< ferences, may be obtained oa application. atdR l? -
1 ' ITKr. Cnnsp'u 8cuoaI?Al 3IH fJreenu-icb-street, will be
re-opened on Monday, August ?tO. Mi-> Pratt wrl continue to super
intend the Young Ladies' Department, The course of instruction 1
comprises every thine necessary to a complete English ndocatioo.
Private lessons given in each department. nu21 iiti?* j
Tbe ITfiuseu Cole*' Young Ladies' lb.a.Im.- mil Day
8cl.I. No. 301 East Broadway, will opec ou ihe :t"th day of lugusL j
A thorough course of English Ihr Young Ladies. Al-o, and Infant
Department. Music Lr.to Ladles m ,.r out of the School, r.-r. if '
1 Rnglisih mid Clnsnicnl St?|iool, No 347 Bowery, bc
lue.n SecuuJ andTbird-si.is ? Mr. IIY'SLOP'SScbool wilt re-open
on Mond v. t Ii - ? Mtll in?t., under tne stiperv.u of hiuis. If and Mr, 1
J. K. CilAMBERLAl.V, as Associate Priacipak?Application may be
made, at the School, or 311 Iln.m-st au?C?c1
I S'lie School, of Messrs. Bunds .t::" I Pearl-street, Tl
Divisional, and 417 llouston-st. will be re-openol after the vaeatioo
on Monday, Aug. 311. Terms mooerste. for particulars inquire si
the respective institutions. At the latter place will be opeuoJ a de
partmeat fur Young Ladies under the < ar- of Miss S. J. K iso.
J. W. R \NM. ) ., . ,
.Jllni- AARON RAND, j FrincipaU.
t ' ."Seventh tVnrel *.'i n miliar Sjchool?2Ti Divi
near Clinton.?This School ?ili be re-opened ou Monday the30th I
ui-t. Experienced and highly competent teachers will be provided '
fur the several departments.
A room, pi ii-niit an I airy, is re' ?psn. for little bnxs and girls?all
under the care an I lu-lrueiiou of the pr n i-.?nl. Terms m ?1 rate.
?Irs. mid Miss llollou'n Bonrdins nml Day
School, No.ll Amity st-afeu doors west of Broadway, N. Y"ork,
Tho Fall Term will ctHitmeuce September 1st. Private Clasies in j
Frouch, Music. Drawing, Painting, Oil Paiuting, Geology, Physio
loey, aud Paley's Natural Tlr-olecy illustr.it-d. wuh -uit.-ue pt...<-a
a- aud drawings, will becontinued as heretofore, under the direc?
tion of approved iea< hers.
fir. a! o- iu ij be obtained on inquiry.
a r In Assistaut pupil is wanted in the School, apply as above. |
1 Education. i -M> Bioome-.lm I.
Mr CHAMBERLAIN will re open bis sehoel for boys ami his afier
c.iou school ibr Ladie.. on .Monday. '!" lb ittSt ll.s lliii.m.. are open '
Day aud Evening fer theaccimsoHlaiiou of ceutlem-u. J. B. Aubl.
A.M., havirc bccuins an s-s'm-o te Teacher 111 the Classical and
Malhcmat csl departments of bis Day ami Kv-mne Sei.I-. Mr. I'
rill sttend more particularly to the Co.lercial brencbes. (especially j
to Arithmetic, Book-keeping aud Euglisb tirammar.) iban he has
done hitherto. Mr G. A. Giraad, who has been associated with iiu
Institution more than :"ie years, *iil continue in the Kreuch Jep irt
n.eui. .Vr. A. B. Dolwage having ihe priviLgo of receiving pupils
who .b s.re to attend exclusively to Penmanship, Mr. Chamberlain
believes that Ladies and tieuduaea. who avail themselves of his in
; structioa will be highly pleasel with hi. style of writing and ma :..cr
of tvachiog in both of ? heb le- i- much superior to any oll.er tea. her
within bis knowledge. The department for Dnwing ami Painting !
: wdl be continued under the instruction of Mr. Edward PureelL
I nu S7Jf
ijt sic.il, TITITBON ON I II i. ?-i X N <>
f # i ?!?!r. A Mrs. BROWNE with their daughter. Miss U
: ecsrs Bkowsie, bog leave to announce to the Ladies of Now. York
j and its vicinity that, after several years' absence, they have retninad
: to thi-i ity to resume their Professional Practice, and base takcu a
bouse No. 700 Broadway, aorner of Kourtii-sL
LaJies de^irou.- of obtaining Tuition, either on the system of the
j celebrated Logier, or by the common manner, may be atteude.l at
I their residence, or at ike Academy, 700 Broadway. References ar^
[ numerous, and of Cie sery highest resp^. lability. AH Mi-- Aul-u-Is
Browne's Musical Compositions for sale?* The American Boquel' aad
1 ? L'llenri Callope ' just published, ami may also be lud at Mr. l.-rani
Post's Bowery, and Mr. ii F. M. Young's, Clinton Hall, corner of ;
l Bockman and Nas>ac-?ue.-t?, and at the Music Stores._ami if
SliDLS?.\ws.i pair Indies" and (o iitl-.nen ? fur sale. The
I uppers of this iruly elegant Over-shoe, mad- from the Rabber x? im*
! ported from South America, in shaet?. are exceedingly elastic, the
? tame sboe adiusting itseirto every width of foot, softer iban Freaeh
i kbl and ?adeoverbv.tsof the most approved Broadway fashions. The
; bottoms or soles of leather laid between the rubber, are joined to
cethrr ... sec Orel J us to be perfectly water proof. These Shoes have
be -ii tried thoroughly the past winter, and riven 'eicral -ali.-fidion. .
? Kverv psir warranted not to decompose, ..rlhe sppers to |.a,-cn from
the soles. Tt.e trade are invited to exairin; these and a eeuera! as
! ?.artaeut of India it a iber Sh.ws, now in o.-ler for the fill tr^de.
HORACE II. DAY, Successor loRoxbury I.R.Co.,
ln3 vra 13? Msid'a-bne. 1
|;ili:\; i! t>? AULUit -VN PAJPBB ItANG
i IXns au I Border-, for sal-cheap, at the United stales Paper
Hanging aad Band Box Waren .u-e. 85 Caaal-sirect, uear Br-ajway.
New-Tort Kooat- papered in the neatest maa-icr.
au-l :1;m JilSHL'A BROWN. 63Canal-street,
tJOl CENTRE STREET, [Opposite Hesterstreel
rpUK subscriber ?i-ae. to iuform the public be ha.- commenced
L manufacturing LOCKS for -tore.- and dwellings, with-u n a.:
var.tas-s as to enatde him to furuub a i ir.sTKtTE asmcts 15per
.. u-. ie... than unv oilier maker in the city. Person- *i-a:nr to pur?
chase ?i 1 and n't" tueir advanlaje to call and Csaunne be .e-c pjr
chasing elsewhere. [ang lsa'1 CHAS. C CAKPENDER, |
JtsEL PJEWST.--^Moswrr's.Giliott*sand KrsJHAW'j Steel .
O p..,,,. A-U.V1 x.surtuient .f Pot'KKf BiM)KS. and oth-r good...
at wholesale. K. R. GlLLESPIE. 19 John-street,
au303m" Between Broadwav and Nv-.au.
IOilK .ST TI118.?Pocket books, the heapest ia the eity,
s ai ?i...legate. E. R. GlLLESPIE Agent,
magi 1m' 85, late Vi ivha sL
>ni? E suit nothing more *'?Batovtsou.
S\5>:A Rt ItiiKH GLOTB.
DEALERS in this article be not deceived. If you would retain
your customers; mpply th-ai wirt ihe article which is aekuow.
ie-'grd by evc-y consumer who ha- tried it as greatly superior say
other. My Cloth for i arriage matter's purpose., in irked A. has never
be.-n equaled i">/r beamy of appearance, hardness and durability,
?hile tue 4-t Cl. th. -a.i.cli I >eii from 5?i to U2j cent* per yard, is
?ar.-aiited in every respect fully equal to and generally much better
than the Cloth made in t!-,e ordinary way and with the small old
fashioned machinery. A rood supply now on hand of th? various
qualities. HORACE H. L?AT, Su? essorto Roxbury L R. Co..
an- -.11 l.'ii Maiden-lane.
rp~IK A MSP A KE.MT 3 IV i. J A > r? t > i) (i \\
is enables! to offer LSOO pair* of Transparent Window -Shade- at the
following low pnee.. viz :
tftfil pair. Landscapes, (foreign views) at $1.75 per pair.
pan. Moonlight Scenes.S2?9 do
2? pairsVignette Centers.$3,00 do
SOU pairs French S, roll Borders.h.<? do
N. B. 50 -*tt. real Italians from (10.00 to330.1*3per pair. Country
Merchants and Upbolstrrer* will realise a saving of 50 per cent, by
purchasing fromtke subscriber.
n'lJ! !m it W. IVOODFORD. 66Catherii.t.
F> ?CK A WAY PAVl'lalOiV?Trains leave Brooklyn a
V half.pajt?) v M.. half-past 4 and half-past 6 P M
Returning, leare the Pavilion at 7, quarter-past - an i quartsr-paat
4 for New-York. Stmngers will find .t i is Watering Place the com
forts and ease of a private residence, with the elegance und refine*
ment of the Uic.-t priin-l. ibb.tiineut on tiie Coutitieiit of Europe.
mi 12 if
J > FIX DE BSC 5IAUIV.'. tl!! , it MDi visinn-street.?s
* i comp et.rtmtui of Saab Pullies, Butt Hiugenj Screws, Anter
icaa a;;.. English Knob Lacks, Fine Plate, Dead, Cupboard, Drau
Chest aud Pad-Locks, Barrel, Ronnil, S>|uare Spring*, Flush and
Shutter P. 'It-. IK".it and Plate Hing ?-. logei ter with nearly every ar
tide iu lue line, VI of w llicb will be sol! a< low s. at any place in lb'
Also, Cat Nails by the easA, at the lowest market price for ca-h.
1 11i V ?:??U*s II. V. HOAGLAND, 71 II lUston-street, has
I f i ou on band a general assoruneut of -.11 artii l?s !n bis line, to
winch lie i> daily adding new and seasonable articles. Good brown
Sheeting mnslio 6d, better at rd, '.i.l. ai d IOd. Heavj Die iched Mus?
lin -A find 9d, ihe best ben; i i..11 ShirliUj! it I- \\ bitl re.' and >e<
lo? Flannels from 3s upwards. Prints from Cd to 2a. A fuRassort
ment of Hosiery. Whiteunbleached and black cotton Hose at Is.
Tick-Cheek, strip I Shirting, cotRn and linen Table Diaper, site 1<
Customers will please call and judge for tbcuut-lvo*. BUT ONK
PRICK. j rJ7 I? ?
\J sale a new and spiendid msortmeut of3-ply Brussels, tine and >u>
perfioe lugrain Carpeting. Oil-Cloth, Rugs. Matts, Matting/. ?Ith all
oilier articles, connected with the business, cheaper than can be bought
at any ,.ii.?-r -!!>??? in I lie city. P, r-.o.s from ihe country or cits wish
ink' to purchase aill find it mm Ii to tli >ir advantage lo call before pur?
chasing elsewhere, ai 17 Canal street, south side, near Broadwav.
au37 :iiu Daniel m ivilcox.
|)ii'i:i. 'i t:,i 3 n i t iti:it-?'- wn r?MMiissi?N
I U lREHODSE.No 31 Liberty-street.?Printing, Lithographic
md Colored Papers in all their varieties, made to order of any qua.
Iiis from common ,Nc? ., to ihe fiuesl Book paper made in the cum
irv, at in- fair .uaiket |in e.., from the eery superior mills of Meswrs.
A.C. A W.Curtis, neni Boston, and W. A N.Curtis, Bellville, N.J.
am! from several other manufai turera, lunmj the I esi of mnchinery.
All order, thunktiillv recened ami prmiiollv executed.
?u7 Cm EDWARfl CURTIS, irent.
?co i*?F?K ma \ i i it i t i:j-:k.w-:'ii p > ??? as.
J. of all sizes, by the set or single plate, kept on hand and for sali
by the subscriber. Also, all kinds of Paper Machinery furnished el
th ? shorn -: notii ?? h) Messrs Howe A GoSdurd on application to the
subscriber ?I.their Agent m this City. EDWARD CURTIS
auS4 3w Paper Warehouse, 11 Liberty .lr. .-t
VNi'fE? ?t?tz? C.A5'. .-..tun. Linen a
ou r:;> ??ts.K. iIANUFACTORY.
rORN M. DA VI KS A JONES successors to Luke Devins at Son.
si KSt William itreOLcornerof J ihn itreet, New-York. Caps, Slocks,
Shirt*, Linen < otlnrs, Linen Bosoms, Under Shirt, nnd Drawers,
Suspenders, Hosiery, Lambs Waal and Murino, Gloves, Cravats,
II indkcrcbieCi, Oiled Silk, L'ateul Leather, w holesale ami retail.
Caps,Stocks snd Shirts inaoe 11 order.
.?,_.. ney for Shaker Shirts aa.l Drawers, wuh a general assortmeal
of Fancy Goods. nu7 lm
X i.l-Jl-ID SitUTsT,
ft 1 iCiU St l.VS' 1'AIIaOK, 136 FULTON-STREET,
ou baud a ???;! selected nssortmi nt of Cloths, Cnaeimeres and
Yestiugs, suited to the season, which he offers to make up tor th.
public generally in the very best meaner, at extremely low prices foi
bash on delivery. aitiily
aeli> VIA Vi, 9,
m k r c ha n r t a il or,
A i,"Ii Clothier, No. 92 Bowery, three doors above Hester-street
A New-York. Constantly on hand, a handsome assortment of
Cloths, Cussiiinnres, nnd N tating*, which will be made in tne best style
st the shone.t notice, and on the most reasonable terms. jcIj ;f
FAMES o. MOFFETT, 121 Prince-street, u-i.r Wooster,would par?
s' licubsrl] call the attention ol Hardware Dealers and Mnnufhetnrnri
to his ?upenor artic a of German Sil ver, which he oilers for sale whole?
sale and retail, of all thicknesses, ami warrants it e"|uul to any. either
Foreign or Domestic, for color s.ml softness. a23 if
J*>i5.*i i\ .\ K\Vl< st.
ft OLD ,::d Silver Ri finer, Assuyer and Snu lo r. Na 13John-atreel
AS ?Assaying ..i I Meltinz done st the shortest notice. Old Gold
aud SiH.-r and Bookbic '? rs P.a;- bought aud melted ; Gilders skew
incs. washings; and old shrufl Isnughl ]e9-3m
O ADDLE It t llAICOW n>\fU IIUMMIn.,.-.
0 A c?Tk? subscriber U? Hing .f favorable terms a renenl
assortmanl of Goods in the above line, consisting in p.- t of Plated,
Br ?. .1 ipan and Tinm .! Bil ?. II ime* and ?nckles, Hogskina, Sudd!
Tree Coach Lamps, I nach and Uig Band.. Axle-, Sitiiib-, Step-.
Bool fop Uaiher, Jcc. itc. JOHN S. SI MMERS,
au7 lai-:ivios 130 Wainr-.lreet.
l\;o"ot>EN AM? WII.?.?U' WAISE.-Tbe under
it signed olTerfor taleal ?holcsal.11 retail, Brooms, Tubs,
Paila, Brushes, Mats, nod Baskets of every desctiptio Cord-, Cor
dhge.compitsi'ug a geueral.-- on ment, md ofTnrsd lor lule lo>. by
MEEKER st SHAW, HO vVashiuglon-st
all 17 llll o;,p..-i> Ihe Market.
Ul i 1.1..?..? i .?? sub criber respei ffullj begs leave to inform bit
friends mi.! the publi ? that be has on band, ami is constantly re
Ceiving, large invoices of Q.uiils, whi. U be oOera for sn'^. at reduced
pri es, wholesale and retail. i"..itutry merchants would do well to
cull. h, f..r" purcbasinr elsewhere, nt
if \. Mi :;."A!-ii:\r.>. ?" iVsri-i.
PLEASUSF IN !?n JV1.MJ I . theu.fCH tPMA.V?
1 MAGIC RAZOR STROP, with which - very person may keep
In-razor in perfect or-t. whether at sea or ou bind. Itpr.ntl
four iie.--, h of different -h rpe.ius properties,commencing with
tha Kiel dlic Hone, of ten ti.u^- tne power of t!io brdinnry hone, and
finishlns on ihe simple ealf-skin. Retail price. 50 cent., 7". cent.
$1 00.fl 25, 11 53 each, aci r.:.u't., size nnd outward finish
The performing par: nf a 75 ci nt St-o;. t::.- ime a? one ai II 50.
I CHAPMAN, 102 W illiani-sL
.V. B. The perfonuing | =rt ..!' m) 7"> eeuts Stop warranted to be
superior lo <;??>?. S?und< rs' -t. at j i nach, and the monev return.-,'
if the pnrcksswr t.e dissAtisfissd. |v 3m
EYMOI R WHITING aroulsl respectfuUy inform his friend, and
?ublic that he atiil conlinu*urtit his old .-laud. No. 62 Ka.i
Broadway; and, having associated himself in partnership wuh Dr
LINUS PRATT, ihcy r> to atti a-i to all who need their pro
resjnoaal services. The public maj be assured that ail operations i?
th.-ir profwsaioo *dl l.e performcl on the moat a; proved plan. Arti
fielnl reeth, from one to a fa!t ->?:, n.s. rte.1 in lh^ most scientist mu
ncr, s.iJ on x- fhvorabte terms as >t aty other sfSce. Whole sets in
se ;t the old atmoatiberh , or the new approved patent ntmoapberii
plan, which obtained ti.e premium ai ihe Fmr of the American Insti?
tute la-t veur. ai d a- well i> can te? done in tin - > ity. Tenth plu^'scc
with redd, tin foil. ?r cement; as circumstances may require.
Nerves of Teeth destroyed without pain, and ic ni>-;t cajea th<
Tooth eT. ctnally preserved by fiHinv.
An infallible cere for the Toothache.
N. 1?. M?-r- WHITING Si PR \ wQl Instruct one or two yount
?en in tue art of Dentistry, reasonable terras.
Hi.. !i aor Ch incellor Walwortb.|ProC Wra. Tullv, M. D.
M.!.. N..rti.. M. D^Sara. Springs.|Rev. Nathartiel PratuGoorgia
Wm. W. Minor, M. D. ( M v ... SnmnelC. EBTs, H. I),
fared Liaslev, M. U. > IRev. Henrj G. Lodlow.
Prof I-.-.:;- Si?^inan, M. I>. LL. D. Wm. N. Blnkeman, M. D.
Prof.Jonathan Knii-'ai. M. U. J^ha Miller, M. D.
Prot diarksa II. >oer?rd. M D !^rei>h^-> ?ro?n. M. n ie" %,?
F, 1-i.wIA IM II.I.a AND Bills LEATHER-A
C few bales of each, for -ale by C. C. HAVEN,
su'.ik-^.:tf Cs Pine-streel
prSHl SHEETINGS-I cached md Brown, per bale.
?1 for sale by C. C. HAVEN, 2* Pine-st._aul6eo<Itf
p CSfSIA AND PBUSSilA BRIaTI.ES, of vanoiis
MX -..rt-. i r tnle, per ca.k. by C. C. HAVEN,
-aUll>,Mltf ?> eo e.sL.
1 !
, eonatntttly on hand and for ?a!e bv
j-^J PERSSE \ RROORS. ri! Liluwtv-st.
IBHRtl VtCJ. i OON DOI IX)K acquaints hi- patleats
-s? iliM he h-- ma?sod frssmSlI Rrssadwav tori Murrsv?i. aa)7'f
MA .% 11.1. A H t, vi l>. ?SO bale-, for sale by
,u.i '111 INN ELI.. MINT I RN * Co ~? South ?t._
1>?*BD-"p - ?. ' ' - a ?:, I,.,.,-.:, cau he "ohco-o ?! ?? ?'"
> Cedar-street, near Greet.*ich. nulelw
OFFICE IV O. 30 A X L* - S T.
VOL. I. SO. 131.
For Albany, from the fool ? re ;.
Tu- TKOV....Monday vtominx st 7 o'clock.
Tie ALbANY.T.iesd.-'v Morning, ?i ? o'clock.
??"* IR?J?. Wednesday Morning at7o'clock.
Frotu tool of < oi ilou.ll-.n ? < I.
Tha sV. ALLOW.r,,.. AAoraooo st S o'clook.
Tb? SWALLOW, Wedn-a-dsy Afteroeoa at 5 o'clo k.
Phc .r.J commodious tteamb- it NORTH
AMERICA Cant M. IL ttuet-dell, leaver iho?:o?ui
hoat Pie. between Cmtlaadt ?i .1 Liberty -tr.
MONDAY AFTERN. ON. Aaguat 30, i; 5 odock.
For fmsht or passage apply on board or to
P. <\ SCIII'LTZ. ?t l-.eo.Tiee nn be ?.?o.rf
tUM.M. I.l\l\ OF ?TEAMBVAT?.
I .eaves tin* Pi r betweev. Curtlaudt an I Liheriv ?t?. the .tevn'i.-sl
ski Til AMERICA, Capt L. W. Brataard, Taeaday, Thursday
and Saturday al 7 o'clock, P. SL
The ROCHESTER, Capt. A P. St. John, leave, t!,< ?b,,v0 pioi
Monday, Wedaesday aad Friday, at 7 o'clock.
For passage or freight, apply to
P. C. SCHIU T V., at the ;:*Ve. or on board.
a, ?***?? The steamboat OSIRIS, Capt. J. II. Allaire, will
y.^-Ty; ? VTy run as follow ?? loaie Fultoa Mark**! dip, East Buer,
"''**'.v.ry Monday morning, it ? o'clock; reesday,
W nlaesday, Tfanrsday, Friday, and Sunday, at ; ? lock, A. M., and
Saturday, at IS o'clock, noon.
Returning.leave Red Bank .it half-past 1 o'clock, every day, (,ex
cent Monday | at 10 o'clock, A. M.. aad Saturday, at J P. M
The boat will run a* above notil farthernotice, navigation atJ
weather permitting. N. Ik?AM freight ami baggage at the i :-!> ol i a
owaers thereot jvHIni
T. PviH EI.L JL- CO's*. ?..>?%.
?v Crr? -j. FOR NEWBUROH, LANlilNll VT CALl)
.TTfi iisjinaaar Thfl . .?,?..,. HIGHLANDER. Cnplain Robert
Wardrop will leave the foot of Warren-street, New-Y?rk, every
Monday, Thunday, sad Saturday afternoon, at 1 o'clock.
Returning, the HIGHLANDER will leave Newburgh every Mon?
day morniug at t> o'clock, end Tuesday and Friday afteruooo ut i
o'c lock.
For freight or passage, apply to '.be Captain on board.
N. B.?All baggage, and freight of every description, end bills, or
specie, put on board this boat, most !>>? si the n-U of the ownera
tin reef, unless ? bid ?f lading or receipt i. ? igned for l*i I sauie, n
'ffjn x s-j. FARE REDUCED!?IS} ceuu to and from Hsr
4e-..-'*7^*iv?'j l,ri,!'iielnr embrace, the < arhcsl opportu
sm B YJ?g?aity of informing bis friends an.I the public in geu
eral tlr.t be is prepared to run hi. now and splendid line ol Stage*
from the North American Hotel, Bowery to VY it?'. Ketiiagar'a
II irlem Rivei Mansion House, regularly every half hour in the day,
touching at other intermediate places niou? the none, ami aaakiag
ihrir passage through ia sboul in hour.
.V it and spacious apartment., are fitted npiin ea.-h end of Ihn
route tor the comfort and convenience of passengers. This new and
well regulated hue runuiug m arly double the number of trips dally
that ilie Cora do on the ira. k gives it nie;Med advantage ovortbeni,
??ti pping much longer esch tri|> at Kail ager's und um?: passen
gars sufficient lime to partake of every kind of refreshment ?hieb
are al a . . pi an hand mid served up tu the l.e.t possible manner,
ou term, suitable t? the times.
Bowi r. sod While Uajl Stages run a? usual every Ivo minulna
duriug the day. jyilOm J. MD RPH Y. Proprietor.
t^Syb ^ ^f^sJk I l-i ROAD- ! i.e tr...... upon this
?"-:**-^V'-- >''-;^-asf'<^r-S road leave ltr...,lilvn al half past 'I
-?-1-??I-a M, ball pa-l I and hall' past
6 P.M. for the several villages on the line when -isves and convey
snce* are in readme., to convey passengers to the Sound side and to
the Bay a.al Ocean.
The ir on- return m 7 A. i\. aad quarter pant i P. M.. sad hair past
5 P. M. from Jamaica, affording time to Man and ill..- at the Marina
Pavilion 'it Roi kaway aad other attraetlva places of resort, and retain
the same evening to town. sulS if
r?v <&-^.??kiZ~ COiTI PalN V. ?J-t^a.-^is^?X?3
rj .HE above Company are prepared to receive and forwatd
Erie Canal, Loaes Huron ana Michigua. und on the Ohio ami Ws
bash and Erie Canals, on the most favorable term-. Families onti
gratina west, ami Merchants will find it to their advantage to mil ai
their Office, I - Broad street. A Steamboat will -tart daily ut P. M.
from the loot of Cortl andl street, and three Canal Boats of a superior
elasi will be started daily from Albany. For Freight or Passage ap?
ply to NOAH Cook A CO. Iii? Broad street, N. Y.
O. M. TOMUNSON a CO. Albany, V V.
JAMES CH IPPELL a CO. Rochester, N. Y
E. s. BEACH, do.
A. R. COKH Si CO. BulTal?. N. Y.
- Proprietors.
COBfi. OATMAN A CO. Cleveland. Ill.
DA Vis a SMITH. Portsmouth, Ohio
DORR, WEBB a CO. Detroit, Michigan.
alO-tf BRISTOL a- PORTER, i hs aeo. Illinois.
FOR SAI.E?A House and Lot at Mills., N j i
Sl!.". new tw.,..lory House, well bu.lt in ? lie It and modern st^le?a
?. ii of the be.t of water immediately ai the kitebea door. The loi i
53 leei froacing on tha canal by 153 feel deep ; ?uro a house stable,
Ate Tie- ci inmuaicatioos with ihi.?tryare very coaveniani s stage
leave, d uly, iiie-tuu.' tl.ar, at Hound Brook, ami r. ewhtng ihe , ity
in a''oiil three hours?(fare 3l) eeuis > A ine. huu e w>hiiur a place
iu the couutry, manufacturing for this market, or otherwise, wouM
find ihe location desirable. Tb-* ab. u w ill be sold low, and terms
in nie easy. Far further particular.pure of
II. V. UOUGLAND.57J Honsion-slraei,
aui" !?? Or A. T. VROO.M en the premises,
hsk FOB SAJ.E-A Drugstore, bow dem;. , c> busi
atm ness ; would lie a good location for a physician. Iie|u>re at ike
store, i orner of Anthony-street ami West Broadway.
Wanted?A location viual.lo for a country Store wltbd? 'Hag,
ind from one to six aer.f grouad, not fir from the city. Inquire
a. abut e. aic?7 31"
TO LET?The Store Nu '.7 l)-> street. ? ?i i rate.I
Ai'L for tli? Grocery and Butter business, for which u bus b.en o* -
cupied lor many years. Immediate po.ion can be had. Inquire
on die premises, or it No.75. nrutl do..' above u-J7 Iw*
AaV I'd LET?A largo room with ..?mall ulfico at'acbed, on
.ii" the second door. No. 5SI Nassau sr. luitabl ? for a Hair-dressing
or 1 siloriag business ami possession given immedialelv. Inquire of
au-23 I? ' A. IJODI RE1. ep .lairs
AjA t ! i \ PROPERT Y OFFICE', forVuy?ig V ling
ii". and exehaociaa City Prooertv.al No'. I Ana-sL aulO Im'
JU. !.?><> .'I N TO LET t i?il lied- ... ui with el ... Is,
1J."_ [..n.ui.--. a:e. sH.tiibl.- tor a ..nail family. AI- \ -.ne I?rir?? ... i
aatraordinarily well lighted, suitable f?r a'work-shop. Inquire on
the premises of JOHN LOCKE, in rear of 31 Ano-st. sui8 hn
TO LBV?R'soms sufficient for oue or two; families ia the
JJS. house No 63 Master, corner of Ludlow-.t. Po-?ess ?n ?itni ... -
mediately. Inquire at the premises. _ auOa ?i ?
MIMIK SA LR?The i.oa-e .loi ,..i il. II...-. ... ?
cond block fr?in the Market, and a -non dbtanee from tho
ferry?beii ir -I by In feet A lir-t rale .laud for business, coi ?
sUting of large convenient store, 11 room., basement, cellars, coal
bens. Arc.all complete. Price, $5^00 Apply as above. aul3 Im*
A PUBLIC HOD4B it II tiTbiTut on the 3d
avenue, comer of I03d-street. In-pure at tlrf Bowery. Reut
low. null Im"
FICE, No I Aan'-su;..New York.?Per?o s wiabing lopur
chase will do well to call Sown nice Cottage, for - do . also,
: Lot-. aulO lm'
F'sK SALE?Or exchange for productive I ity Proper
_ '?A Farm of 53 seres, riteated ia Huntington Township L.
" I., 3 miles from NorTJiport- it<.m *????'?> a iteamboatpli. I
.m New-York twice a wc.-k. timM boildiiags, irn?.l saur, A e, & t.
r full parlienlsrs inquire of k. W. WOOD, 61 lUvington-str ???t.
FOIC SALE?A farm in the town ol Binicbiown in Suf?
folk County, ne.tr tue ullage of Comae, coasiatingof two hun
jdred acres, about thirty of which ar; timber and epiOVU lan.i.
Ui? remainder cleared and under a |Ood ?taie of cuinvation. Ou ll.a
premiae. ar-- a i'o?-<i dwelling bouse, two barns, crib uud wagon-lMNU -.
>.tli a well cl water near the door. AUo, ? coo.J yniinr Or. ? .-?)
a vari ty of cheriyaini other fruit trees. Possessiea can bo BM"*a
seit the conveoiem e of ihc purchaser. For particulars apply to Tor.
Smith Wouuhuii, 207 Front-street, or the snlrsertber ?n t* ? ???? ?>?
? es
Vi Naw-Brtgbton, Stolen Island by .ub-enpi.na
The Trustees of the New-Br.rhton Assbejatlisesmve ataJe arrange
menta for ii.c .ale of .i.e hundred btockr, ? n.r--u, W^n.
C.ng ir.e .:..las-trtdlle and be., Irvca ed port.,P. of ne r pro^rlv ;
ea-n parcel rontaimrs BOl less than atgJU b.l- of ao feet b> 00 to ,
and -..me rf tiiem I onuin.njr from ..ne to five acres. On several of
tl.em,-e..,l. nd,d inrprovmnents, comt.r..,i;L larje arsnttloo hou.e.,
hotel,, cotnree,. dock., -re- esc in jfseieet order.
Tlf 'd in ?i.loptrdl"rd:-|>o-"V- '-?'11 w' i ropeity presents ?reit
,.. |nci Bsenls to the capitalist dr.irovi. of ruakiag- a -roo.1 wvsatmenl,
and to all who may w..b to obtain a country residence ai a very in-l
erats.price, r"-1 ia a peieifJon the most el.g.ble in the vicinity of
^For the prospectus, plan aad details of the .ante, apply to HENRY
I YV'H, Pre.ident, at the otTi-e of the A-socialion. No. J H.no.rr
.treet. up stairs.
Booksol labscriptiooareopeaedby EDWARD \ NICOLL L?-.
Tr i-tee, at ih-- office of t-ie New-York Life and Tru.i Company, No.
r;a Wall M. By order of the Tr?ste?-. mHif
lMf A.1T LOT TO I.KT-N .- i and a:w r, ,-.
> l'voscaaioa uuauediately. UHture at WashiuftoU-.l. auo lm'.

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