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100 do
35 du
gale* nt the Stock Fxchan*je, Ansf?*? 30.
?y.5,lure* U.S. Bank...b3d 11)50 do do. 0..J
Ti do do.W?di 11,2.-. do do. * **
IV) Jo do.Kid 11 1125 do do.*-l. 3 ?
* do do.cash 10}. 50 do Jo.so\d ?
75 do do.th wk 10}' 50 do w.
1.0 do do.s96os ?? ? do do. 2?J
125 do do..east J"l ? *? d.?- V J**
75 do do.nCOdy It, I? do do.aWd. SO
SO do do.ca.h I. ?W rfo ?.W?* **
25 do do.?3d lojfloo jv *>?-??.?au *?
^ do do ...;*lds lOJpMO doLIslRRd.cash 53
.gods ty. in do Aab&SyraRR.... ICO
. i.i do Mohawk RR..M 5-J
100 do do.'.".'...", cash lfj M do do.sCOds 5S
re, ,,? go.th.-wk 1"! du do.ca.h 5S>
? ,|? do.il5d> I0J 40 do do. 564
.7-, j,, do . "'? do do.l/Vl ,|y? 58|
*s d0 j?. (kid, )0i| 25 do Best At Prov R.R.. WJ
lftt do Del- Hod.Canal 50 do 8toaington...bih w 35
r do Merchants Bk. 108 85 doN J R Road ? ?7'"?l 761
25 do BX of Coat . 88 100 do do.bfin 78
,~? ,i? ri?.ncrijj 97 I 50 doN.O. (SaiacBkc... 78
35 do do.^rip >**?| '" do MerchantsJSx Co... 27J
50 do Patenoa.- ?"?"!' ??' do. Can ton Co.i3d 2!*
2J dollarl mKK.s^'-d l'.?J| 25 do do. -J3
lOV do do.cash do do..bOOdya 29
( ouatitcn iul uu<; .ifou ij .Hinter?.
Mond?n, P M.
There was a rather liet'.er Iclinz at the P.oard to-day, and n Urge
?atonal of operations took place, r S Rank shares improved I p? r
treat, Harkaa 1. Long Island |, Albauy ami Syracuse 2}, Boston and
providence }, New-Jersey J; Paturson declined J.
The only Iraasactions in State Securities were
*l,oon Illinois Sixes, 1870..55
I i..J Indiana Bonds .
An improvement of ( on the Indiana Hoods.
KxtH*m.i..~l'ortiri??Pair transai lions at 108] a lC9j on London
aad52>a 520 on Paris.
The Bank of Commerce has taken ? million of the Government
loan advertised by the t>< retsry of the Treasury, aud has b'eii ap?
pointed Deposit.] Bunk, vice tie Merrbsul?\ receutly promoted.
Reason; the Merchant-- *?- loo dignified to rive Use security required
by law.
h. .-Uliou to the greit deprc ialioo of ?. S. atuuk notes which lias
i .Io n place, the Philadelphia Inquirer say s that by the tru-leeai
raocemeat ?12,000,000 of asseu was appropriated to pay t3,000,0l 0 of
?otesand#4,000,000ofdeposits of tbejiotes,0,000have beeuex
chanced for c-rlili.'atss bearing in.er, sl -o tint only 5I.51SI.IMKI are mi
ein elation. The tr it-lees an- of opinion ih.t tie- w hole will be event"
aaHy paid, although il aiay be five years hence. Some of the asset)
are of a delicate nature ami a forced sale would renders portions,
it,, im nearly valueless. The tru-trei are doing all in their power to
advance the interest, of the bill holders.
The Van Buren ? andidalea m Pennsylvsaia have been instructed to
v its sgaiast all further increase of State loan, or Slate debt-, and lot
the ino-i rigid economy in public expenditures.
New-sorli Market*.
Asnes?Without change. Fair demand for both descriptions at 5 75.
Fi.oi k?The market exhibits a lendency to ileciiue, und si me -ais
bava been made st less than market rule. The receipts on Saturday
are reported at about G000 bbls. and to-day I-.' to 15,000 bbls. csused
l,v an accumulation of bo it-at a break in the Canal, now repaired
U e quote Genesee 6 75; Troy ii 75; < )hn> b' SO a 0 75; Michigan b 50 a
(I Ii .'i; Southern; fresh, >'<'?< a 7 00. The -ule, have been very lijflit.
ti|t?i.si?Sab- Northern Corn at SO a Blc; Jertey 70 a ebc No
Southern at market; Rye 73 a 75c; fa's 48c; uew SO a 52c. The
quantity of all grain, ex< epl Oat-. is not equal la the demand, and in
fsci the market may be quoted literally bare of Cora and ll\e.
Reported for The Tribune.
rVew.Vorlt Cattle 'linUet.
Mos oar, August 30, 1841.
At Market 1100 head of Beef Cattle, including 1.-7 left over last
week;S67 were from the Soiilh mid the halai.ee from tin. State, 3d
milch Cows end ItlllMl Sheep ami Lambs.
The Beef .Market continues dull, and prices still lower. Sales al
liiisj Head at .>l,.">n to ,>7. averaging $.''.-Tf the (no lbs.
Milch (low..-Sales of20 nt $20,00 t? ?35,00 in? :-..
Sheep aud Lambs wen! ino-lly taken, Sheep at il.'.'? to $1. Lambs
ti 41,00 to (2.75 each.
Hay?Sub-. ,ii -,1 cents in >l the I(K) lbs?moderate supplies.
The Stockholders of tie- Harlem lt. K held a mee ing yesterday to
discuss Ihe state of Ihe It on.I. und the cause ol the fall the Sto. k has
kurty sxpsrieneed. A Committee wa- appointed to exsmine the af?
fair- of Ihe Road and re, ,. l.
Volume I. now ready.
J7 Proi|>iTiii" of ihr Vomua l'eo|sl?-*u Itoolt. or
EDGE, VoL I No. I?Illustrated with splendid Mettxotinl Engrnvinga
sySsrtsJn and Lsdd, Line Engravings in ihe lirst Style of an by Dick,
Cheuey, ic, ami numerous Wood Cms by the most distinguished nr
'IVre are many periodical publications, yei one mure is wanted.?
The friends of g.nil education, the advocates of the dilTusion of
lerful knowlcd(;c, have loi.e desired to s. e the i oiunicnceiiielil of
?\ Mo:; i ui.v M wiArdM.,
ssvouVd in ihr. instruction rml entertainment of young pemonaofbodi
sues, aondacted w as a -.de \i:-w to iboir impror, meul in Literature.
Science and the Conduct of LUV, written not iu the colloquial lull
pu if which i- addressed to very young children, but with am h in ten
lias tu lbs style as shall render il worthy the notice of thus,- who ur?
an|innn|t the ui t ofcomposi ion or forming their literary taste ; and
tilled ?ith such various, original and valuable matter na shall render
Iiis loluiues, when bound up, worthy a place in the family or school f
It is the purpose of Ihe proprietor of the Young People's Book to
tsraUb ?ueh-ta Magaaine. He i as provided ample mcans for the uc
camplishment of hi- object, and ha pledges himself to the frirnd, of
Kheralaud judicious education throughout Ike Uniled Mutes thai he
sill produce a work which shall be in every reaped worthy Ol their
aiisatiou and p itr mag?.
One of the leading objects ol 'ha work will be lo point out and il
lastete by practical examples Proper tletkod* of Self-Irnttioction
in On- various ilepsrlnteuts of Lllarature and An. la suggesi appro- |
uriatS departm nils of study and inquiry, to prescribe courses of read* |
lag, ami to indicate the progress a hu h i.:- y I i. made iu (he letences,
Ic far si the lir.iu of ilia work will aUon
TI.e forms mill w inch the dilferont bsauehes al instruction ami en
isri .inment a ill be throw n, w ill be regulated by ihe particular obj 11
in view ui ihe tiate, and th- class of readers always addressed.
I's-svs, Nasrativcs, Aklcdotss,Talks, IIistomcai Rsmimiiscck
i ks and Ski a, lit s, Clin Uli i s. DsSCBIFTIVR AkVICI.cs l> GkO
onariiv, Gkolocv, N \ h um. Uistosv, Akkcooi es and
'I'ksv11 s. |!kor\enk st. Neii. is and Poems,
Will all iu lion become the vohil las of iulcllecttujl de>'elopnj..??; anil
eutertaininenL The aid of t'
....... u f I' ??< i u v i i. g ii .. .1 K ii b r a v i n g
.ill be invoki d, anil every snbjeci ?usceptible of giaphic illustration
will !>?? accompanied by ?c<// < xeeuted Picture*.
Arrancemeais have need made for receiving, and the Publisher is
aos in the actual raeeipl of, periodical publications of a similar do- \
sign with that of THE VOUNG PEOPLE'S BOOK, from France,
Getmsny, and othi r pan-of tin- c>: liueui of Ferope j
From these pnblication . mil from u.c choicest parts of Ibreign
.iu. .I,oqal bieia,or,- in It. various departments, translations will be '
issue ?t such articles as sw*ill serve to promote the mam ilesigu of the
work?the instruction and eotertainmentof American \"iuh. Tin- |
pnsnrvation however of a trulu P>Mti?nal Spirit; tie- inculcation of
Ik* duties which everj American Scholarowes lu h,s Couoiry'i and I
Iks exhibition of the capabilities Mr|y Historie, our TiaiU'.iont, I
ssv Cms lams und Set in r--. lor supply ing nil the maieri.il- of a , opioas
tsdbrilliaut l.rte?aiure, willbi constant objects of attention, and will
h-rai frequenl topics of discussion, -sample, and illustration.
In order to insure the rampeteni 1 Jtccuiiooof eachdei>artra ill <>i
lbs work, the'aid of experieuced writers, already favorably'known .
i,, iln- public, has been secured ami the editorial rare of the whole
?.Hinted to IOHN FRO !'. '. .'ii . Profrssoi bf Rellesi f.-cr - in
ms Huri, >cho..i oi PhiladelphAi, whose reputation as a practical
leachar, suit a. a writer in the departments of edUeatioa and poljle
literature, will form a auftteieul guarantee; not or!v for ike eleganl '
?ad t ist, I'ui execution of the w .,rk. to nur nVugui ce, style and em- |
beiliskments arc eoncerueii, but 'or ii> elevated mera' and ii lellbclual '
th? i or. and for as invariable Uireetion toward tie- improvement of j
as yoatkAil renders, mi scieucd, literature, and ihe conduct ofli( ?. I
Tue iocs,. Pnofi s's Booij will lie ppMisked i" Moaihiy Numbers, :
e.i, h u> eontain 34 pace. tmktUished aiik numeiou* Rugruviugt, und !
nraits done up mi im ornamental c,?er It will be primed on win-..- j
paper of ih0 (nest quality, from a new and elegant type, cast ax
pt< sslj to, ?. fd, ,;,tm |?. sU(.j, M IO ?.u^r ti.,. voluaaes, when
completed, a handsome addiiion to tut -helves of the librarv.
psaMS, SSper.aaaum, in advance; siegle numb|?s lad, ctg, Pub?
lished moaihiy ; dalivarad ia ?ty pari uf mis cjt- mid Broaklyn, and
sent b au>|lto <sU ^artsaf'tbe United States. School Clubs dealt
srtw^itorsi ternnsb) iho l'uim-rtrr.
SU? ^il slt\_ISRAEL I'OST, SS Bowery.
l ?? Superior Pinuo tor Mule. A firs) ,.>:e loued ami ii..
i.bed IMAM, a ai be ?.|j v?j ,,.W( jf^gdjesj ,or soon at 138 Fulton
_ au38 :;r
Cf" l'ni-liciilor Notu, n , r
toe Of ans de.lion W . . . .. ' ' " 'V "C. larM'
h,?ise.keepM,c.?,llV,ud.sread -s,.:f> ',,:r "J? ? b,??kW?i U.P
goods, by seii.iius ia.? aSdr? ^VI ? ? " 7 ""i"'
O.hkIs u. any amount purchased' MU,B? "P08 t!u> ??'??-Tiber.
"l ltlN- HIT Ohatham-sqnaie,
( Htevr-Yark nud Brie Kui;roa,i Ntsac. ?tsa?t.
otice is hereto given ,l.a, th. Xcw-Ywrk aaaf ?. o , ??ovlt.
u, w,-: ?eil at Public \a, ui..t ti,,- Whaat^S ] (?*}$*
uf New.York.oa Monday. ihe 90th day J s^'lTr!" ^' ^
o'clock at noon, uad-r th- direcuoa al ii... Coawrol Z n ,V M, .
?'.-ud Hollar, of New-York St..., Stack] Ua,.?* i'^^^
rate <>| ?i\ percent, per annum from Hie tirst .las ?f Ociot.sr it 1
s.vely. payable quarterly' ol. the tirst days of Jsuuarv, April JulvTld
Osiotwr ; being stock issued in puraaaaca of Charter mo of the I awi
of said state, of the yiar 1840, sad it reimbaraanla at the elruitcfc uf
ihe Stale al any tune alter tiie 6rsi day ?: iktober, |8SI,
The Merchants' Bank, ia the City of \ew-Ynrk. is designed as the
', low for the registry and transfer of said Sloek. aiisi will be the place
I ir ihe payment ef interest thereupon.
l as si?k k w ill be sold in certificates ..fOue Tbou?aud Dollars each,
and the buyers will be required to pay the ainouul of their purchase^
fs.jMvturlv uuiuediatelv alter the sale, when transfers will be made
w-cordiualy. JAM1S BO WEN, Pr?sident.
sNow.t0rh.t;5ih August, 1841. su2rj dtS.V
T" *?teatu Power.?Scaled Proposals will be received at the
j Repository of the American Institute till Tuesday. 7th September,
for ?uf ply in? the power required for drivinr the Macbinerv to !e- ex
bibftee durinr the Fair tobe held at Niblo's Garden in October next
The L;?'.ilute hs*on the premise*- the steam boiler, shafts and pulln
For farther particulars inquitr at the Repository of the American In
stitule. (2) au?ti 1? T. B, WARS MAN, Superintending A_*'jt
XT Ricbardaon'a Accelerated Stenmbont.?Ci:.7.er.?
of New.York nn- ot'/ers are r-.pectlully informed that ihe Ruildinr
roininiupe and Director* of the Cnited Accelerating Steam
1 Navigation Corapany have appoiated JOSEPH ROUGH, Esq. 220
Broadway, to receive *ub*r npt ion? sad dele er stock to all p-rson
wi.hmg the furtherance ofthat nn-at project. They bee also to ?Ute
that they have eoctra. ted for tt;i tuihliii? of the bm.L which i? to be
completed and put in operation wiitin ninety dsy? from the i-t of
Sc;,!, ruber next, and that all money advanced is not lo be applied to
any other purpose, .
They would further state that Mr. Hourh is authorized to refund
the money ?nl? -s -o applied. J- 3. RICHARDSON, President.
C. C. H ubbaro. Secretary. .
P. S_Any rnformatioa required will be riven at the office ot the
Company, corner of Chambers aud Centre-street*, where the sum k is
also far sale.
c1rcu lar.
! jj/s Cabs,-The sobscriber respectfully bars leave to triform the
? residents of Greenwich Villaw end the public, that he will on ami
i af.er tin- duy run a line of Cms from the office, corner of Bleei ker
i sud Charles-street. These Cabs ate of the lir-t class, with p.teut
mailaxlea and entirely ne-v, with ?af- horses and careful driver*,
i Per.ou* patronising tin. lint: may depend on punctuality ami justice.
1 as ire pruptieti r is determined lo a'ce.ii.r: >dute the public 'i be
j rates of fern as established by mw will be placad inside the Cabs, bnt
the rste. of I'm- line are considerably reduced, viz. ?All day, $4 ?o;
? by 'he hour. ?U cents ; by the mile, 2S cent".
Church call* attended lo punctually.
i n. B?If any extortion should be attempted by the drivers, notice
will be thankfully received at t.ie office, corner of Ble/rker and
Cbarle. -'re.-is. W.M C. JAQUES, Proprietor.
New York, August26,18-11. au283teod.*
XT To the Public?The sun r ? th liberty of pret
ing to the public the following letter from a highly respectable gen?
ii man of this city, in reference to ihe en" ? i- ol the <?. lebrated uieJi
clne? 77ir llriifam nf V, sralello?'ia case* of Cholera Motbus, Dwr
rho-.i, Ac. Tb* uudeisigned takes tin- opporluuity afstating that h.
basin his possession hundreds of similarly gratifying leslinionrsl*
from the most respectable isdividuals of tin-and other cities; ?uiii
cieol to a.-ure the mo-t sceptical end uttbelievitig lint. H. a rem I.
for bowel complaints in adults, and for th-- summer complaint of chil?
dren, i!n? bal-uui is the most safe, certain, ami valuable in ihe world.
J. WHEELER, Oculist, 33 Greouwh h si. near tic i! ittery.
i ?? Dear f>ir ? New-York, Aug. 17,1341.
While tunering a few d?y- since from a violent attack of the Cho?
lera Morbus. I was recommended by a friend to make a in.,] of your
Balsam ol Moscatelle, (of the celebrity of which I had not before
heard.) and I was as much gratified astonisln d to find th e the lir-t
wine-glass fall I took greatly ameliorated mv pains, and thai, on tak?
ing a second do-e, I got rvmplrtrly irtll. \\ Ith the bottle which I
' hail from you, 1 received a pamphlet containing tie names of several
' gentlemen well known in the city highly recommending your meiii
I ? iue, und I do n't know that I can rend- r a belter -en a ?? lo th ! pub
lie than by adding my name to the list. If you think proper to use
u lor ?uch a purpose, you are quite nt liberty to do so.
Your'. A-c 1,01)13. M IRK, IS3 Water-st.
Dr. WUec|er, 33 Greenwich ?< ?.. i- cor. Maiden laue.
At Le Roy. August Alfred I'. Ltur-tow, Esq., to Mary, eldest
daughter of Joshua Lathrop, Esq.
At Portlaud, M?, Alien Hopkins, to I.ouisu S. Pay-on, eldest
daughter of the laic Dr. Payson.
30 l f ? :
111 this city, August 'hi, in the Ith gear of her ace, Anna Margaret,
youngest daughter of Joseph W. and Rachel Ann Kellogg.
The friends mid ai quaiuiiiin es of the family are respectfully invited
lo attend the funeral tin- afternoon, ai I o'clock, from the resident e
ofj. \V. Kellogg, 132 Canal-street, corner, of Thompson-street
In tin- city. Auiru.i 28, Alexander Bremneri only ami infant son of
Alexander Maxwell, nged ? months und I- day*.
In this city, August 29, John A. Graham, 1.1. I>.. in hi- 78th year.
In tin. city. August 28, Mrs. Catharine Jone-, aged 7G,
In tin. ciiy, August 28, Samuel Sinnen, aged 53,
In this city, August 3 i, Frances Morton, ared 27, w ife of Homer
Morgan, mid youngest dautbler of the late Thomas C. Morion, E*q.
Ar Hyde Park, August31, Lewis Maim, aged 415.
I SYSTEM ?The subscriber is about forming an cvenii e a--, to
commence on the lOtli Sept. Gentlemen wishing to pursue the sludv
of the French upon the highly approved -v-iem of b>-r father, will
please call and leave their address. Ladies' elasses and private in?
struction duriug the day. 1.. MANESCA DURAND,
au3l 8t N?. 93 White East of Broadway.
n\ I N <V?~i^sVT^lt s VI' IN?, t: A HE !. 1 *? 13 .11 NT".
Office No 111 William, corner of Johu-strect.?All lind? of Silk,
Cotton mid Woolen Goods dyed, restored and dressed, including la?
dies" and gentlemen's garments, such as Dresses, Coat.-, Shawls,
Ciapes, Velvets, Ribbons, Merjunes, Hosiery, Caasimeres, Carpets,
Rues, Piano and Tilde Covers. W indow Shade-, Ac. i t. au3l Im'
lliSI family of ihre- person., until ihe l-t of May next. Location
prefern d below Canal st. Address J. P. box Mo Upper fosl I >ffii e,
with location and price. a bull 2j i
lyltEIMREI? ?'.tMT Nl'EEIi SP001V8.?The puh
I in- are n'ow presented with an article fir superior t" any thing of
ihe kind ever before manufactured in tin* or any other country ?
those of pure silver only excepted. They will neither rust, tarnish,
uor lose their brightness though kept in constant use.
All nrd.-r- relative to the business UMV be directed to
au30 I mis Messrs GEORGE S c\?tv ,v I " i"' ??-< H.
Y E YV CARPEi Kl?iU'..lbi ot???,.,. ,... Mib
?N ecribor* w i?h to cad ulteution lo their new mid handsome assort
?Heui of Carisating which they are now opening, and which comprises
many entirely new ami richly shaded patti rns of English ami Ameri
can Brussels, ibree-ply, supsrfino ai d double superfine Ingrcin Cai
pots, hue and exlrafinedo., lull ami stair Carpap?,,?a Cloths. l>mr
gels. Hearth Ruga, .tl.it-. Table and Piauo Covers, Window Shades,
Stair Rods, Ac fee Th?ti goods line been selected with great can
for the fall trade, und having been purchased for rash ou ihe must lav
arable terms, will be -old a. cheap or cheaper than at any other store
hi the city ? Puicbasera an- rtuhectlully invited to call and examine.
JONES A MARCY, !? | Unwary,
BuSfi I?:-' middle Carpel Store hotween lle-i.-r and Grand -t-.
?s-ej IHPItltTits t'tSltsK I IVAItKUOCMiiC
\v/ W. IiIKT. I C. dar st. near Pearl, is now receiving a barge a.
' \ sertmiml of white mid colored CORSETS, made to order, and
t-r^iwarranted to give satisfaction, and selling ai extremely low
N. ILConnirv Morehants lupp'fied nu'Jl Imi.*
I I'*.'I' ?TECCjEIYEI>,Gcases ALAPACIIES, to*be -mi ..t re
tl duccd pricp*. by [nug*| _ u. II. I.Ki:,.'.l Cedur-si.
') " t \i \ ?OI?! ARM to loan on personal properly or n ii es
?..)* m/ late, \ppiv ui 312 Broadway, cor. Fulton sL at the Ex?
change and laiMii Office*. air.'- J*
IO AM* KFVEiiTED ?ii ri d i ?tute ?n I para ii ij ,?? .,.
t ty at tba Exchange and Loan Office, 312 Uryadw/ay, cor. Fullnu
.treei. au?? II'
I <tt?l<l \'V \ Ikhfa.-I u.:.. it V . -Tin the City,
1 i al a hill.fc. E R. GILLESPIE Agent,
nu'J* Im* l'ioi It* John -t.
'Iii: K l.in ii'eii civ K ' YAMlHli CARD S?MJ-:s.e,.'
I tis^ Hint Tit Nassau st., (one door from John,1 prial ? t >-.y variety
nf Cards, st prh.nging from $1 per ItM . yiwuvla." m9!Mm
I IW*i it CAMS lur-e iripcrij I ,-ijir Paper la." sale i bj .1*
a" t\ ' ir-'-e an I qtisiiiy ofllif Coli? New-Yorker.) It ?
he solil cbenp tor cash. Apply to the Editor of tin. paper. ml Uli
?I.A.VTKHJP RANK. ?Ts? Atnctiltur .1 Bank t ,o
I Nat. bei. wanted al improved rule- bv
jvSKtl VANVI.CCK PIL-.^iiLuS -.n Yttall-ateeet.
|,?OYI?,? t:S.k'..i? sIs.Ni: POWDER. '..i-k
I > RoyiPs ?mbrotcd Bleaching Powder, ju*l received and for sale by
jv8a PERSSK a BROOKS, hi Libcriy-vt. '
ARTS* "-V. V.n UOJVSII.p-,?i..:-.iii.-. rJiTandu Ik .1;
uf URASS A. HERMAN SILVER C^?ugs, at N'ol 14 Sprucn
.trreet. ie3?3ni
/ MtAMSa -.1.f r s*le bj .JlllNNKI.I.. MIN'Ti';;?? .v Co.
V ' B?3-I_ _ - gouth-tt
n ED ItACK .Utlet'ltlV .?Ttiii U i.taken
IV Dry Goods. NqatMieoifliil in prices. 4-1 Greenwich st. mil:* I .j
( Al.U'O PRSNTKR.?a-(?iie i , nf macbiueLap
I pings, for sale by PEItSSK Ac. BROOKS, Iii Liberty-at. snl7
I RE RH ARD, CORN DOCTOR, acquaints his patients
I *? that he hau removed from ill Broadwav u? d Murray-M. aul7tf
t.MI.I.A IIK tlP. sjhale-.foi -. ?? by
nu-JI G RINN ELL, MINTI RN & < ?? 78 South -t
I ARD?Pleasant r....u -. ?> nu board, cau be ..tli"
Cedar-street, near Greenwich. auls lm
IUI? It.li K tl()>ti ,; e.v., taken at psr for
IV Dry Goo s. w-olesaTe and r-tiiil. at 414 p. art si. u.i-ISl Im
IlKKsHIP SOl TU AUKIOl '.. style
I ' Urilish Prints, by ImO] q. It. LEE, ">1 Cedar -?.
~- CA'sEs PRINTED *i.\(l^ just rei .
/ sal., . b ap by jau2?] n. II LEE, 51 Cedar-st.
OVA! % 1ISP PILI, R?XE* ui casksof'to luiboo
sadd'esch, or .ale by J. M A. B. R SMI I'll.
aulftUwU" Cheraisu and Drurrrisl. cor Fulton and Watar sta"
attorney AN'.> counsellor AT LAW.
axraas to
Daniel Lord, Jr. Esq. Messrs. Posts st Main,
Jehn Anihon, Esc. f R.c. Wetmore .v Co.
J. Pre:rott Hall, Lsq. J. V. Greeafield A Co.
Griffin Si H a, i us, ; Walsh A- Matlory,
J. Haggeity Sons. I W. M Johnson ? Sons.
Com in IU Kations may be left at No. 28 Ann street, or at No. 8
Gold-street, New-Y'ork. aulg Imis"
Crom Dr. Ayres, Drurgist, Haviua. N. Y.
HAVANA, Chemnng Co? N. Y, January l.t. IS4L?1 certify that
I have sold A. Gridley's vsluabie Salt Khiuiu tliuuneai lor six
! years past, w hich he* been warranted lo cure iu all cases, t believe
; then- have n<>; been lo r^ceod three or four cases of it* tailing iu Ihe
i ni.ii^ dozens i have sold. Soineca-es of Scald Head, and one of lang
; viandiim iu this vilbitre. was ctfcctuilly cured by the use nf it, three
j years Min e. I consider it a mast ia/alaabie rcise-ly lor cuuaeotu
diseases cenerullv j it has tiken the place of all other remedies in this
part of the coumry for several yrars, aud d?e* cot ruu down, but iu
or-s-, - ih popularity ami demaud. SILAS C. Ai URS.
Persons afficted with Salt Rheum. Scald Hcsd. Scrofulous I'1. erB
: Ac., will Gad in the above a s?fe, ceriaiu, and tiiial cure.
W'arrauted to . fu el a cure iu all case-ef Sail Rheum and Scald
j Head, or the money refunded. Price, 50 cents per bottle.
I Fur ?sie b> WM. BL'RliER, Urucgi?t, 5c> Courtland st. su^r 3u='
Boy WANTED?As aa apprentice loth' Book-biiid'cc bu.i
dc??. Apply ? '?old-atreet. upstairs. ,m3i jt
VifANTED?To Hai-Tnmin*r??A number of Hat-Trimmer*
T f wanted. A, p y to J^R. ISF.LTGN. l*v, Broadway. au.H ?.i*
y I ()()() WANTED?Ga bond and nior.raee, for one or
'1? A ;UVL/ more yiar?. at 7 per cenL on improved property in
Die thickly settled part of the villarr of Vv ilium.burrh. L. f, worth
over twiee tbe amount. Apply at 119 Ludlow-.t from 12 ta?d'clock,
or after it o'clock in the evening._,?3! _r
pAnr.\EK WANTED ? A youi g . .r ~n7:Jdle- ac-Ml??n.
I well arijuaiiit'-ii witn the Grocery jq<! Provision basinet*, "ho will
dev tehim*?tflo it upon Christian p,inci|>|es. having a c pital of
> !.:> ' or 8 '?' 00, and aneiabarras?cd. may hear of an opportunity of
forming a eosnection lo commence the business in a Grst-raf -flu i
ti^n in the lower part of the city, by addr*ssiiig a note to A. B. at the
office of the Tnbun*. with real name aud r. fereaee. Communicatioris
wid ha treated a? strictly confidential. au31 bt*
BOV WANTED?To attend j'-TTrTiu tb-' -th U-:. ....
tij o'clock, A. 3Ltill8o'clock io tbe evening. Good reference
r.-.e:.r-d Apply to P. STJCKNEY, Jr.. Umbrella Maker, 23 an,! 30
Cherry-street. au3i w
Ur ANTED?One or two good Corsei Makers who understand
the business. Apply at .12.? Hudson-st_ au31 3f
i ?iE.NT I.K.II AN ? ... I! "l-he- to (..!...:, a
comfortable Bed-roi m with Breakfa-t and Tea m a respectable
private family?not higher than Blacker ?t. Andre,. Be* i-> Upper
Post Office. No Boarding House keeper need apply Bu3l 3*
ry\\ o YIH'MJ LADIES? just arrived from Scotlaud, are
I desir-u. of procuring a situaliou in some re.p-cta'ile Female
Seminars- s- u.-.-taui Teachers. They are '1 nalified lo takeeharge of
n 'la., in French, Music, Drawing am Ornament.:! Needle-Work, as
well as the ordinary branches of an English Education?w ould have
uo objections to to South Ad Iress M. M. at this office. aug31 3*
UMMED?A yenng man with tne very best of ctiv refer
f? who thoroughly understands bis business, arants a sitnadon as
waiter toga South *i h any respectable family. Apply at 504 Broad?
way. _ _ au3l 3
TTT ANTED SITUATIONS?By some good American
? ? Cooks, F.neli-n. <;?rinac. Im-Ii Prot' -.ant ai d colon d c.iaiaber
maids and girl*for hons--: ,|.o .mall ciris. Apply l^lttroadway.a.ll 1m
AlfAN'TED slTI ArH?>S-l r some faithful waiters,
M white and colored .? achmen, la'sorers and-mall boy. for trade--.
Apply t'ai Broadway, above Tatier.alls. au.'ll Im
AI'A.\TED?A situation by an American young man with nu?
ll doubted eity reference, a? porter in a-tore. Apply at-ISO
Broadway. au3l I*
r iM?~BOOK.FoiTDER*.?A "few p,od Folder, and Sewer.
I wanted at WAI KER'S Bindery, 112 Fulion-si. au.'tu :u
/ I.EKK WANTED?A ! nag man who has a thorough
" knowledge of the Comb and Fancy Goods Business, and who
. ..ii furnish wtislsctory recommi ndadona of unexceptionable moral
character may obtain a favorable situation as Clerk by addressing
T. II. S. al this office, staling bis name,residence and last place oi
business. auiui -jr,
Ul N T E I>?t Nurse and Cnambermaid. to iro into th.u;;
try. References will be required and none need apply lass
than u.', years of age Apply immediately at -ti Leonard-id. au283f
'pitE ADVERTISER, being u?der aa e?g ,.? ?*?;?.? to go
I Wr-t is a few days,is relu tantly compelled lo dispose of his
bueiuess for on -half its real value. It is ? very-ore and profitable
conce n, and has paid from $5 to $3 clear profit daily. The sum re?
quired to purchase is $150. Any young man who command thai
-um iray apply immediutely ai the General Agency Office, 33 Oak-si.
where farther particulars may bo bad. :iu3l If
WZ ED?A Bar-keeper, a Clerk iu i Grocery, and two in
?r Dry Goods Stores, AUo, several Boys, at 212 Broadway, cor.
ner of Fullon-sL au23 3l*
V 1 flflO 1" ^?'?,'<><> wanted on Property oa Slate? Island
1 " ' worth Ho-'.' limes the amount, for three ream, Gt od
? ity b.oi.'-man. A.Mr. -. Ii K Upper Po-t "the. nut!' Iw*
y./' flAA WANTED?Os producdve property m ibis
V * ' s* City, $?,W)0 loi a term of rive years, for win. it seven
|,er eent. interest w ill le- paid Address D., at mis office, utri', fit*
TWO VOI7NG I-\I?IE?I ,an be acenmiuodated iu the
? family of on- of ihe Principals ..f the Hull of Education, Wil
liamsburg. Numberrf boarders limited to -ix. Addresi Hall oi K,l
ii, alton. office of the Tribune. Refer-n c. . v.-hanc-il. Terms, in?
cluding introductory course of Music and French, ?12 per month,
V?TANTED?Trus worthy Protestant servants, mal.I female,
1 t can b-< bad at die shortest notice, for city or country, at ihe
Americas Intelligence ..ilio-. No.56-1 Broadway.
BU25 iw T. ELLIOTT. Proprietor.
'po TOM PUBIsIC?The New Intelligence Office, licensed
i by his Hon. the Mayor, h*- recently opened at 438 Broome-st.,
next door lo Broadway. Those who want good, fa.thful and trusty
servants of any kind would du well to leave their addreaa at the
office from s A. M until - P M. A reui-ier will also hs kept for the
purpwse of n nunc sod letdng bouses or property to lease or for sale
.v.-., .vc. A Dumber ?f families can be supplied with the best of ser?
vants immediately. Office43d Broome-st. bum im
v s ~x MMfi l<> laOAN on Bond and Mortgage iu dine rent
0 i .),\nHf sums, ai No. I Ann-ft " buIO lm'
JANTED?Situa?pus for C(>oks, Chambermaids, Waiter.,
Coachman, l',.r.er- and Women for ecu. ra! housework. Tk,r
beauty of our establishment is, we protect families from annoy?
ance ami domestics from imposition. Tni- we achieve by tuktnir no
money from servants until they are suited am! the result is, we -end
none but those we hr.se stroitjf reasons to believe will .nit.
J. Mci'A BE Jt CO. 99 Naasau-sL
R E F E R E N C E S:
Washincton Irving, Esq. Hon. Moses H. Grinned,
Henry Breevort. Jr. Esq. Prof. Renwick. au5 istf
BOARDING IN BR?ADWAV'.?The advertiserhav
ing taken the new mid commodious bouse, -bit Broadway, corner
if Grand si. bega leave ia iiiiViriri gentlemen that |h?y can obtain een
icel board, witii pit a-tut rooms, togethct with a desirable b cation.
where there tre a few seleci bo,ardors, on moderate term,. Geatls*
mea nn-J their wives, or sinatla gentlemen, sceommodatod with full or
1 s lial board, us dusire*!. Entrance in 'iraml ?i, south-west lonisr.ij
uua.1 !??
BO 1 It it ?Ot?.T?:ti a.-y be obtaiocdin a private lanuTtyi
- ny.applybis al800 Hndsdn-st je7-tf
pi'EAeiANT KD09IS and good Family Beard may be ob
l tsinod by a few persoos of quiet habits a; tij Murray-sL Thu
location is very central, and oa every sccoaut a dusirablu residence.
4 t;E>l ?. E .HAN AND W IKE, wishing to obtain
.' V hoard wuiire there are ton few others, caa be accommodated
*ti\h one or two.bed roowts, t.-t'eilo-r with a parlor if required, by ap
plying at 211 East Broadway. autfcl if
DOABDIKIs ElKDt'?ED-Having tnkeu ihe isrire and
l> couvenii at i story house une bha:!, from Rroailway, where geu
?emen can be accommodated with good board for $2-50 per week;
id.-o siugle beds and plua.-aut room-, by applying st No. U lloward-st,
cor. of Elm, entrance in Elm-tr;c; jySlti*
[)().'. It D?With pl.-as.oit Roonn, c.-n. i.bta ned in lamil ei
l> -ii gle .-? ii tkit.eu hi 77 Murray st. Term, moderate. ReRtrsa
ccs e^changad. nuld 3w*
13DAItDlN4j}.?Single gaudeinan ind uo oih,ur?] residing in
it the lower pir: the City can be accoatmodiited with.good
Board, witb_or without r.is, at 10 Fultoa-sL Also, three or four
can have Dinner only, if desired. J.--4 if*
W?TCMEM A (V l> .1 K W E I. K V. \ERY LoVV
?All <!?-.iipii oi- of Gold hu.I SK.r Lever, Anchor, Es
\ys. capeiui at. Duplex, lupine and Verge Wii. ;,e. Diam.I
BsssVatfS Pi?s and Rings, gold Pencils, i bains and Jewelry, for -ale
ai retail lower than at any other place iu the ("ttv. Watches and
J.-o.-ir;. exchanged or bought. Gold Wasche- ?. low as $:r> and *lt)
each. All Watches will be srasrnuted to keep good time, or the
luouey* rnluined. \V.f.,i.e. and itiiM-k. repaired in the best mannst
and ?? arr. ntc-i si ...sich less than lha ti-ual prices, by one of the tiue.-t
rforkaien m America. ?>. C. ALLEN, Importer of
Watches au.l Jewelry, wholesala and retail,
iiuN Imis IS' Wall-atreot, n;, stairs.
NEW FALL i;o?l)S
I l .'.Eiilion-i e.>t. noar Broadway.
We Would invite the attention of our friends and ihe public lo h
large ami well selected sssoruaeat of nupsrfine Cloths, Casaimeres
ami Ye.inn;-, saitable for the summer and fall wear. Gentlemen ar
nunc in the eil] can be furnished with a full -nit ia 24 hours,at
laving of at Icasi 40 per ceuL from Broadway prices.
Stru t punctuality observed in filling order-.
Cash on delivery, and no abatement in prices.
P. S.?The cutting department i ?.till uader the superintendence of
Mr. M. Gay-lord, whose services have beea too well appreciated by a
fashionable public la seed any comment. Particolarattention paid
tu culdng iauSI if J. C. BOOTH, AgeuL
Tht ercalrst
modern Improvement
in Fire Arms.
Solf-COCKITsTG and Self-He
vol-ring POCKET PISTOl-S.
Tips Pi.-tol can be lU-charred six times *nb aln-.o.t the rapidity of
thought. The I'isioi cocks, ihe barrel revolves and discharges, mere
Iv by pulling the trlsjer. not tequirine to be cocked ? - the common pis.
tol, they eaa be fired the moment they are taken from the pocket nib
one hand only. They are no hrcvr than an ordinary pocket pistol,
and. wei-huis bin thirteen oenees, csube carrtc! is the pocket with
out the least inconvenience. The lock* and ihe whole p.stol ar- uot
so babls to gel 0ui of order as ihe common pistol.
? i.'Ui'c.nett are inviled to call at the -lore of lile adverli-er au.l exa?
mine th, same, as their simplicity, perfect -afety. and son-UabUity
to cet our of order, will teruiulv recommend iheui over all others.
For Travel-r-. Housekeeper-. Captains end Plauiers they are au
indispensable article, as persons, both mi'e and iVmale. can *iUi this
io-iel protect their lives and property if attacked by several per-ou.-.
For -sic wholc-ale asd retail bv J G BOLEN, lo-l Hro-dwsy.
au3ll 0:* b. twee'a Wall and Ptae-lreet-. New-Wk.
'BtlTE TEETH?Tne l'n::;. .and Aromsiic Tooth Paste
' is the bast article f?r cleanin?. beautifynnr. and whitening
the TEETH, without the least injury. It .weeteii- and paritir. th?
mouth and breath, and i? alto-ether preferable to Tooth powder- aud
washes. Prepared and sohl oniv br HORACE EVERETT, Drue
gist, J67Greenwich, no. door alsovs I'rauklin-street. Pnce 2 shil
an2n !Ki?*
inrs ,ser jar._
I > It I N T l .\?i PAP?ER.--Priuuue Paper, of all qualitaea and
a .ires, coustsnlly on Hand and for sale by
jy^l PERSSE i BROOK.S, t? LiUny
ET Know all Ladies an ! Gentlemen by tbe?e present., that if thev
want lo diappM of their aiaeyto t!ie best possib'e advantage in pur?
chasing DKY OOODW, the greatest chance to effect th* same
is now out-ret! by F. ~. & W. F. G1LLEY, No, 4,'JO
Grand-street, where can be found tu abundant quantities the ]
following named Goods, winch si?s!l be ?c!d at prices heretofore un?
known. Rerii'tnber your interest
\Vu se!! rood Cloths at $2 per yard ;
Prune at $.1. actually worth SI .V .
Extra -ap'rmr at $?! 5 ? and j.." ?
Equal to any tb it caa lie bought down town at $S.
BSAVES ( l.OT?s.
A stout article wool-.yea Black, at |3 5u ,
Super Blue ?uJ Blm k, at $3 lo $3 50.
Stout, -olid, dark Csssimeres at j! :
Fancy, mixed. ribb?d aud corded from jl to *i
The largest and bc-t assortment of Satinets cht ottered at retail in
any one -tore in New-York, and -old at 30 per cent, under ibe u.a. 1
market price. Having them mads under our own direction enable*
us t?s ofTer extraordinary inducements to purchasers to call on u? for
I- l.ANNEL*.
We have received from the agents this week an exteusiie j?on
nteat which we promise to -ell at lea-i from S to 15 cents on a yard
cheaper tnau they w ere sold last year. We -ay to all, come and ?ee
if we make auy misrepres nations,
loo different styles, at very lo? price-.
All -old very cheip on the true cash rystem.
An elegant style sold at -i- 6d,
Au unusual variety from ltd lo lad.
Tlaiu aud tiruied and .aim striped froru ls~i to ts Cl.
aulll tit F. W. A W. E. UM.LEY, 'do Grand .-L
JJ* Sold at Maaufactur, r'. prices by the piece or ysrd, at GIL
LEYS', 430 Grand street?
?Hi,' tin yardi Brown Sheetings, from tkl to lOd ;
tio.issi yard- Bleached Sheetings and Shirting.', from Sd ?1st
10,006 yards Canton Flannel, a'l kinds ami all price... su3l lit
The subscriber would call the attention of the Public to hi. spleu
dld .tock ot l ad Goods which be has just purchased, ileassnres ihr
Ladies, and I to- publil g I: trally, that lie w ill sell as low as any bouse
iu the city; and also that a grester variety and a more-elect stack
cannot be found.
?J i pit rich colored -.lim striped Gro de Afrique.
85 do very heavy Gro de New-York,
in Ri.-h Brnzih.ii Glace.
SO Elegaot Uro de Perse.
Ion piece, ru b figured Poult de Suis, mode colors.
90 do heavy blue black figured.
25 do stripe I tiro de Afrique, llelenium au.l Gro de RoyaL
>?"? do plain black and bin. -black, from 3- t?l lo 12s per yard.
.11 do plain tiro de Swiss, Poull do So is and Gm lie Naples.
mode colors.
?I c ises Taglionis, darable patterns and colors.
3 do Boiubaziues, jel au I Mue-black, all qualities.
d boxes Cu-hlil "re Shawl?. el"irant pattern-.
Krocha, Changeable Sann Damask, and
Embroidered Thibet, Mer.no, and Fancy Shaw ls.
A biree assortment of plain ami liigured Thibet wool and Saxowy
Me Laines; a .lock surpassed by uone. JOHN II. DINGMAN,
IHM OranH-st. cor of Orchard, (fornn-rlv Rank- J>' Do.email.")
N, B.?The subscriber's stork of Silk?. Shawls. Taglionis, Bomba?
zines and He 1.vines is complete, ami lit the lowesl prices. Su2j it
A very elegant ttosk of Fall Prints may be examined at JOHN If.
DINGMAN'S, ambracing evecy style ihut is desirable in ihe market.
Ju.i opened this uiorning ?
Ceases superior English Chintzes, ru h styles.
?I do (.' 'inline French Chintzes,chene patterns.
Ii do American Cali.>s, embracing* very style.
The indies c.uiiioi but be pleased wni, tins assortment, which they
are invited lo examine at JOHN II. DINGMAN'S,
3ill Grand-street, cor. Orchard,
air.'.- 7t formerly Ranks A Dingmaa.
BALES unbleached Sheeting from ill lo IOd per yard.
12 i ases bleached Long Cloth Shirting from lid to I - Id pr yd.
4 do bleached and unbleached Canton Flsnnol, j
0 rase- double-width Sh, rungs, und I cases Tickings,
:i do Sheetings, 3 yards wide JOHN II. DINGMAN,
nuve 7t 301 GrnndsL, cor. Orchard,
Fine West of England Broad Cloths, til colors.
'.Ill piece- Cassimeres, plain and fancy colors.
Ml pieces Satinets, all color, and qualiti. s.
Halm, Merino, Valencia and Marseilles Vesliog*.
French, German and English Merinos, a choice assortment.
auis7t JOHN II. DIM.MVX. :. I Orand-st , cor. Orchnrd.
The public would do well to give early attention to the extensil e
at.a k of Wi Isb, English, and American Flannels, which the ?uh-cr i
ber will -ell cheap. Call ami -er 300 piece*. ;.ll colors and quantities'
JOHN II. DINGMAN,301 Grand-s ?
iiu Js 7i Cor. i Ircbard.
* very rich tics k oi New an.I Fashionable Drj Goods, just received
and offered 25 per cent, below the old puce.
A large and splendid ataoriment of black, blue black, colored ami
find Silk?, ut pr.ee? from I!? to Ii per yard.
A 1!"w article for Fall and Winter Dresse?. Ihm pieces of these
rich Goods just received,, omprising svery variety of shade aud color.
A large lot of Cashmere, Thibet, Wool, Broch.), Tyrolean, Silk, and
Salin Damask Shawl- at extremely low pines.
700 pieces French, English, American Prints, new styles and ele?
gant designs.
Fine French Merinos, at One Dollar per yard.
Freicb and English Meriuoes at a'l prices.
500 pic ?.- While, Red and Yellow Flauoels, at prices which defy
Heavy woo! dyed Satinets, from 1. to 12a per yard.
30 bales unbleached Muslins, 20 rase- bleached ditto?very cheap.
All persons who wish i" supply themselves with Fall aud Witter
Stock, will find they can ?uve 25 percent, iu their purchase.* by cal?
ling at VOSItl RGH a ABEL'S. No. 15 Catherine-...
au27 litis csirner Ea.-t Broadway.
'2~y Brvndtcay. American Hotel.
C The Undersigned oners ior inspection au .-iron-ive useortmeut
of Summer <"o.els. which he is prepared to make uy 10 order at such
a reduction from credit price, as. in view of the superior style of gar?
ment, cannot fail to oder inducements to purchasers, from whom a
call is solicited before purchasing elsewhere. For the accommodation
Of those who, inca-.s of emergency, orolherwi-e. may require a first
rate article of RESOV-MaDI GaJUtEltTS, 'ill assortment I? always kepi
on hand, after the -tyle originally iulrodu.e.d at the old Establishment.
IIG Broadway. Iu addition to which. Fancy Dress Articles, including
Silk and Satin Scarf- and Cravats, Slusbn Cravats in a grsut variety
of patterns, Craisl StifTeners, Suspenders, Por'aet Handkerchief,,,
Liueu and Muslin Shirts, Collars, Ate are ouered for sale at rrreuily
reduced prices from ibe usual charges for the same style >*f goosla,
which are of the fir-t quality. WM. T. JENNING S,
jjrSa :-:f 220 Broiulwiy. American. HoteL
W. ?Sfc J. JAMISON, 335 cV Oreenwlcb-at.
TT" ITCH EN FURNIT?RE io all iu varities, couai?iiug ofHaxd
A*- ware. Wood-ware, Tin-ware and Willow-ware, kept coiotautly
on hand, of the best qualilir., it very low prices lo suit the times.
Thos? who wiukl wish to purchase srticle- of the above kind will find
it lo their advantage by callimt before purchasing elsewhere.
N. r. A Urge aasoruaeal of Fr? uca Travailing Bags and Baskets
aui Dais w. dt j.Jaj?:wo->
A r C T l tH ?S A I E S.
Josiah Richard?, JLaettoa
Mars IM i'r:j,'KjY
TUESDAY, Aur'istJl.and f..|lo?ir< data,
R,xiH,?The sale of the R.>oks will I* comaieuceo on Tuesday
morning. 3Ul August, at3 o'clock, aud nrnlinacd from day to diy
until Mid. in the order of the catalogue, Catalogues are now ready!
* S:cr- 51 H . . coro'r of Pine-ttrtet.
TUESDAY, Aurtut31,at 10 o'clock A.M.
i*' packages rjif Britiah, tn*h. Scotch and lm?ric*n Dry Hood.,
just landed, coiiipris.rg a deswable astortraent oCFali ijooo?. Terms
6 month* lor approved eudorsed notes. Catalogues aud ramplee on
morning of .ale.
THURSDAY, Soptrmbor i at 10 o'clock.
French Goodi?StKI ca-es French Cooda, of recent importation,
atu<">r} which arc a desirable a.-s?>,:r?ient of .er-ensble articles.
Terms i> mouths, for approved endorsed mlm.
Catalocue, ami *amp>? ou morniwr ef sale.
On SATURDAY, Seeplrinber 4. at ID o'clock,
Shelf Sides?A general assortment of West of England black, blue
b'ack i-.vis Id' ?rceii and indigo blue Broadcloths. Also,an invoice
of Vesting*, a
Term, n months for approved endorsed notes.
At i j o'clock, .it the Merchant ? Exchange,
Ose hundred and fifty ?bares ct* the capital stock of the Norwich
an.: Worcester Railroad Co npany. The sale will l>e positive to the
lijch.'-t b dder ami is made for irenunt of-how u may concern.
t.VMl.K Ptli.M A IHE KI.\"sl*> PIKI/Dai
ritHE DELIGHTFUL Pleasure Grounds at Hobokea have been
M. put in complete order, and. having '?een much impreve.t
.ireu.?? e; en to virilere. The cool ami .had. walk*, winding far a
loii-r distance 00 the hanks ofthe rrisjeatic Hudson, oner a pleasant
and reir.stung reir.at from the hot and dusty pavement, of the city
The bights ol Castle Point (which are ?u? open to the public)
command an extensive and beautiiu] prosrssct, embracing al a g'ance
the noble bay. dotted with is lards, and enlivened with vessel, gliding
hi every direction oa its bosom; the city, with it. aumarous "spire.,
and the distant hum ol its busy inhabitants ; while the river whitened
wuh sails, is lost iu the disl ne e beyond the towering palisade., pre
tenting altogether a scene lovely beyond description, and of its kind
By a newly opened and. well shaded walk, protected from the ravs
ofthesuoby sgrove of nobls oaks, >biters may deaeead la a few
minutes to the Colonnade, w h 're,'on moderate terms, are furbished re?
freshments of the best kiml. and suitable to ihe season. The ferry
hoaus have been coaxfortably refitted with awuings, Ac., and Mar?
Barel iv and Caaal-SlreeU every few minutes?the ferriage, a, hereto?
fore, tis ceut?. Ill 1.0 oilier part of ihe world, perhaps, can ?o rich a
treat be <n easily obtained and at mi trifling an expanse, auo im?
IIIS EVEMNG, August31, 1841. The Evening'saatertainmeata
w.ii com me ace *uh an Overture,
After which the LADDER OF LOVE.
Mr. Chapman will ?ms? th.' o ume sour ?? Pa.i and Preseat Tune. "
An Intermission af half an hour will be allowed for the Promenade
Musicale in ihe Grand Saloon, in which a Splendid Orchestra hat
been erected, designed to repr.nl the TEMPLE OF APOLLO, a It
MUSARD! The anrqualed Band led bv the celebrated Mr. Thomas
will play several new Valseaaad Quadrilles :
Splendid FIRE WORKS by Vr. Edgo.
The whole lo COhdude wuh the burletu ballet of the MOUNTAIN
SYLPH, with new ., en.-, v. dr.*. .to.
a.MR. and MISS WEI LS will appear in s variety of Dances;
The proprietor baa the pleasure lo announce to ihe public the re
engagenient of MISS JANESLOMAN, ihe celebrated Pianist. Due
n itice lo- given of her ap ?earaac*.
To-Morrow Evening, Miu Ayre's BENEFIT.
Efllcient officers will be in attendance lo prevent the admission of
ill improper persons.
Tickets Fifty Cents. sift-J
Of ?s?.'l'I.K GARDEN.
PENED THIS EVENING, August 31. Maaifieem Display of
FIRE WORKS. I.a-t night bui two of the ERUPTION of MOUNT
\ ESUVIIJS, together with a brilliant display of Fire Works, hnlie. to
urieqrudled, aud in the course ol the evening several .mail balloon*
with lights sltaebed, will be set olf,
Pyrotechaist.Mr. H J S. II,II.
The scene of ihe Eruption, as hud out at Castle Garden, will cover
a space of ,10,000 ?ipinre feel ' extending over lbs entire trout of the
I inrdcH.
Scenery.by. Mr. Grain
The New.York Brass Band, under ihe direction of their Leader. ?
Mr. LeOthtaa, i? engaged' ,
Siifinii Rockels will be tired at ?uii down an.I continued till Mj
?'clock, when ihe exhibition will commence w ith brillisat Rengeu
Lights, Marine Signal Rockets with Gold Ram.
Star of Columbia,
Rocket? wi h Sancissoa*.
The Phetiiv. or Bird of Firs Rockets with Serpents aud Strcanie..
For tbi '! I time this season ihe Star of Poland.
Rock, i. with Sauci?.mis and Silver.
The Yew Tree; a splendid and beautiful piece.
Half an hour will be allowed fin Promenade ami Refreshments,
ait. r w in. a w ol eommenee the
Should the we ither prove unfavorable, the exhibition will be post?
poned.On Monday next ben. lit eight of the Orphans.
Admittance SO cents Children hulf price. und
l*^ $ i Bsilt Writer
|MI E S ub
cribor lu
I forms hi.. friend
mo ?nihars generally thai the FRANKLIN BATH is NOW OPEN
,i Castle Garden Briilge, north tide, for both Ladies hih! Geatleassa.
The Public are invited local) and examine for themselves, ihe -u
pariorac.nmodatioxsfor Bathers especially the Ladies Departmeai.
In addition to the above, there js ii swimming school for Boys, and
one lor (iiils. Shower Bnih? on the improved plan, Ac. Ac. The
price of Season Tit ki ta may he ascertained by inquiring ti the Bmu
jvll tf ELI AB THOMAS.
Should tin- meet the eye ufthe philan hropitl or ihe lUlTnring pit
tienl, illlictid as I have been. I hope that be will be good eOOUgh lo
rend it through, and mil pass it over a. soon us be finds thai the con
U'nt- are designed as an advn?iiseaieni,
I know that the flattering testimonials a Inch sprinkle the pures of
ihedady nml wet kly papers, iu puffing some new nostrum, do ?o bur?
lesque the science nf medicine and uafvbl th- cupidity of the arch
necromancer?a ho would palm off upon the public in. new editirn of
old nostrums ns bis own i ear invention, but which were re illy invent
ed iu the good old le iden age of ignorance, long since exploded by the
Iil'Iu of seieuci?thai they are caleiilat.il to set down any thing liko
a spoeffic In the light of deception. But the pretended Inventors of
patent medicine of ibe pre >?> t day deceive themselves bv introducing
? pi uisible ycl hypothetical theory, forcing by a fallacious rule ih?
whole law of physiology and east ui. ii n ituro mi.i ihe narrow compass
where but ? lew simples, by sssmo hocus pi cos ami ndnsensii al cere
mouy, ure at last found to wip i out the eurse of Adam ? hail the jubi
lee and t iug " Ob grave I wherei is thy victor] I?Ob death! where is
thy sling :" ??they will tell of wondrous restorations far and near,
hat the credulous jic ui once I hocked to ice the weekly returns of
' Ihsva long since ?et down all specific? a. unworthy ? f notice, nil I
happened lo n e ihe seemingly disinterested and unvarnished descrip
lion of artet t- and facts, wuh day mid data?, in a leitet Mr. Redfield
jave 1.1 Dr. Thorp. There seemed lo be ao tumming up of tbeori i
ieal points to make a case mil a medicine, but be described polnu
aad related symptom- so parallel with my own case, that it at onca
siriu k me a? tie proper course to be pursued in advertising a medi
cine, and I determined lei pur-ue the ??nie ; for, if a medi 'ins is really
w bat it i- -aid tobe, ii should ha supported bv eorresponding eviueace
I im no medical man, I know not he m du. operandi of Dr. fnorp's
Carolina tin hill ihi ? I do know, that wb? raus I wc. once ihe iny ve.^..
of lh> grave, wailed to a ikeleloa, sal now l .uns, d ihy as in my most
healih) d?yi, sad la psoof ofthii 1 ran name msnyrespec ,ih!? snJ wi*
eolinc witness's. Ti-e leidu g ? il< lanslam ? ? mil pruminent .yr.ipl^ui.
?sere these: Last July t look acold which bit me with a cough thai I?
creased I'll i Moke a Mood i?-?-l, and was reduced murh i? i., i* ruo
l?icd lomylied. X was so reduced as lo he d eled on arrow ri oC lirasst
leaded by Ihre?diplomatised physicians, under wh.ee ifcilful ire einen: I
Wssraised somnchaslobe ibleto a.1?ml to my busints? till Oelobel,when
mv I ickingin rrased, and in NoveonVr i was scale compelled to lake to
my h? '.. italcontinued raising Mood sndpvri oil ah ul Ihe middle ol Man h
when my physician in rha-ge ^ave upmyrasc si part eure, m ibis eeodl
?i ,n expcellng everyday leaveIhb world, > friend ? illed sad handed my
family the letter orRev, Mr. Redfi Ids in pnni.t.. Or. Thorp III ing the
rtf-d. nf bis CarminantiA upon I.im, <ii<l deviihing Ihe mannei lie ?a il
frsled, which was so like my own,sgsin hopesprnnr up once more, and i
ill leriniiied to try ihe Csrminanlla. i mppoicd myself beyond j rsi., rais?
ing blood sod nusa ererjr day?no appetite, very .ore month aad thrval
;iube i irjme from lui to 110, regular aighl ??*?*!? ?ery cop lour aad regulai
fieri r. f<iay .lay, so iiu-ch emacialcd thai I euuld f-el eifiy i one in Hie ro
.einst of my limbs, br?alliin< ?ery-h ri sad difficult, -pit fr^m bnlf lo j
pi.c o( maltet every day Cat * I <uk uuie, ?( yellow andgresuiorbladshas.
loi, tie taste nf it very intensive.
I Wai thought -i iu ir.ie.th ifa il ibe I. ii. ofO K Ii id made preparation,
and smered into irrangemenli for my funeral, My pbyiician inltsrmed
my ismiiy ihat if I had my business lo teiilr, ii ihonld i e stiendi d lu Im
mediately-?in the mean lime my family procured a ls.nl. of Dr. Thorp',
Carmlnanlh?in Ibe M?e.,f ihr tiro, the rareaesi of my mouth wasbiraled.
I slopped nsing roorphioe, nighl .ae.it> ahateiLstrength !r*cr*a**d?we?
,b|r lo -ii up a little: my ipp-tue became qui'e vonclont; In aboul five
.1 lyi I * i- iisen with a -e.ere rxssghiag ipelLibrew -.il uesi .n? quart of
maller,.mrxed wlffi Mood and fragmenls oi chunks of partly mscerstrd
piei. .. somewh U i? eubllng Ihe lights or live,- of ^ hi ??, ^ml n> jily half ,
pint ol hard lumps, shout ibe >irc of peat, shaped !il>e a barley c-.rn, of
whitish She- sad lead <-..l?r,; thli waifollowesl bravery free discharge ..I
.?ery ihm mi'ler. K) >ery jfemive ai lomak? it aecassary to open ihe
rloorsand wIodows,avd tonieeommooKentstodlssipatelbe itench. Prom
thii time I besan ta n>eed rapidly; In the as* ol the second holtlt ui?hi
,wcats left entiiely. beciicg ne,p>die reduced, and appetite still .ee? r,i
lo Increase, *?> that I could <-ai coined he. (and i Iber hearty lead-?my ft >h
began to make rapidly. I continued ihe u?? fur eight weeks, whan I wit
tgain able to walk aboul s mile at a time wiih l.nt Utile Csligue, I now
weigh my nsual w ? Izbl i? In my he?l by days. I am ??ry ile-hy, an i i.e
h-ve I on indebted f .r my tile to the C mninantia It It a tommua ..hssr.
. ill Hi that my recovery was a lairaric. To lh.ee who miy lie (C'upulni*,
pleiw rail ai my re.oienee. No 58 drove .ireet srd I can addnc* ample
'e.tujKioy of re.-?eetahle wiliie?.iheueh my pr.-.eni appearance Would
-eem to ?..?iradi'l Ihe pOssibillly lhai I auilhe islenlh-al man, wno a few
week? ago im rxpertrd to -ei ib- aiieiehly aceonol*. I sjai iuooarnxoa
in the rise of the medicine, a number of tiicei. while a.mr it. ,;?''tn ".'"'I
ffiatyon will he kind <<??t^~
luwsu?erars. ^ vviLLIA.MS w,i??c Mastar. and Urml.r of the
Meridian L?d|{e. No.42. No. SB GtOT'st,
V n So arenf. Tube had only at Dr. ILC.Thotp's, ISO Cieeaar.h
Uw. third door from n-h itiee,. N Y.
Cirv **o Cot-mtv or New York, ss ?F. VV. William? beief drily
woru "?b. thai the wriltrii certificate >uie?.;ibed by him i? true, sod tlisf
Le freely aiei cheerfully mhscribe. the.ame. ^ ^ ^jjj^^
Sworo before me AugUM 2C. Is4l. . ? ,
r'.? LLCKEY, Commissioner afDesdt. ?'.30 U

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