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stales at the Stock Exchnanr. Atigr-?"- 31.
jSibire? D.S. Rank... ?3d ID,] 100 <>" ^('?""'Cr,*
M do do.cash lb;! 85 ^^'^i" 3
5 do do.cash 10.105 do Mohawk K R. 58
? do do. (Oi 50 do Fatsrson. S0|
50 do do..cash 10. 50 do do.. 50}
.? do do. II ?100 doKarecmRR. ... ?3d SM
6 do do. Hi, 100 flo
* Z do.....alOd. II lg Jo do.,3d 904
r. do do .ca,h 111 M do do.cash 201
t? do do . II* ? do do.>3ds Suj
do da.'.'.'.'.'.... "? 50 d" d0?Md" a'?
Jo do.?60d 10 100 do do..slOd,. 20,
?>S do do ..irfWd' IW 5d do.cash SO]
25 do do."". U||300 do do.Oda Si
KS do do . HI W <-o oo.s3ds 21
ag d? do. Hi do do...SMs SO]
25 ,)? d,. Hi 100 doI.HRKd.bfiod 53]
45 do Del. A Hod. CaaveJ J06t! 50 do do.bCOds S3]
2T, do N. A. Trust Co_ 6 150 do Stoningtoi.cash 3",j
85 do do.aim 51, 25 do d<. 3-".j
Male?, after the Board.
1()0 do l/onr f'laad. 5311,50 do do.huxtwk'lli
50 do U.8, Bank-bnw 10] 50 do do. 13]
25 do do.s6eds ll]l
Commercial aud ilou -y Itlattera.
? Tutiiay, P. M.
There was a bettor feeling in i aifested at the board to day, and the
baaiaeaa was quite extensive. U S Bank improved 8] per cem; l'uter
MM) 1; Del dt Had j; S A Trust i: Long Inland }: StOttiofton 11; Har?
lem j; Mohawk fell otT \.
The operation" in State Stocks were only
3.?O0 Canal Fives, 1856.?0}
.1,000 Illinois Sixea, 1370.55
KxcMasers?Foreign?Moderate inquiry. Market firm. On Lou?
den ai a 9J; on Paria 5 52 a ." 22. Dornest ie? We 'piote
Philadelphia.2$ a 2*'M?con.,5i ?
Baltimore.2 a 2? Mobile. " ? r.
Virginia..3i a 3i,'Moutgorri-ry". * a !'i
rYorthCarolina.3] a 3||Naw Orleans. *: n 4
Charleston. Ii a IjiNaskville.I0j alU
S.vanuah. 3 a 31. Louisville. 7 a 7
Augusta. 4 a -ij St. Louis. a"1
Columbus.15 a I9|! Cincinnati. 8j a 9]
Bickaell'a Reporter says that the ease in the Money Mur'tct which
has mutinied for several months, still eontiuufd in Philadelphia, but
ascribes the faet more to the paucity ol demand ihau nuy surplus of
mesa*. Any new and certain channel of investment or any particu?
lar activity} in trade would immediately nuke money more sought
s'ter aril produce some degree of contraction. Paper of an ui.ipjc?
tinned character can be readily negotiated at C per cent., while 7, G
.?ad 'J per cent, may be stated as the out door rate for fur paper.
The Detroit Daily Advertiser .ays that scrip, in consequence of the
rfnubt still resiin; upon the payment of the October instalment, does
not retain its credit. It i- however generally takes by merchants.
The b. Us of the Farmers and Mechanics' Bank are 10 percent dis
i .nut. The Bank i? baying drafts oo New-York at II per cent pre
tinuin. Of the ilijn.'JOO circulation, it is stuted $0u,0oU nave been re?
deemed within Ihre : months, supposed through a broker, nt 10 per
cent discount The bills of the Rink of Michigan are asunsalesbll ::
before the dissolving of the injunction. The Bank i. apparently doing
so business. Suits have been commenced by some of the bill-holders.
Flour at Rochester is $5.00 a ?.13. Wlieut 1.25a 1.30.
gThc N. O. Bulletin has made an estimate of the situation of the
Hunks uf that city in regard lo their capability of resuming specie
payments. It is made up from the official report for 31st July. The
Hull. Im says: " It will be seen that Ihr general situation of OU,
Baaks is highly satisfactory, as in the aggregate (without recourse to
their portfolios, which contain forty-live millions of discounted paper)
they show about 50 per cent, of cash means on ihn amount of their
ch-Ii liabilities, including nil their circulation and deposits.
" We doubt if tlin Hunks in any other city of ihe Union can make
'ii favorable u show.''
Total Cash l.iubilitie-_$14,978,414 Cash Assets_$7,414,813
The lolls of the Stillwater Cunal Baul; are redeemed at the Wash
iifliin Itaiik in this rily I! percent discouut si Im
CoMPTRott.kK's Orrtcn, Bank Department. <
Albany, 30th August, lsH. )
The Comptroller will be ready to redeem, nt the ollicc, of the Bunk
Dspartment, the circulating nates of Ihe following Broken Banks
st the times and al the rates mentioned below, to wil i
I S3 gj O ? *? Jt
Name of Bnnk. \ ~i _ e I"S , I *
s-ftsmber I j Bins liiunptoii Bunk.|79 per cuut'71 percent
3 Phu-uix Bank of Buffalo..-??-!~j ?? "
" C Usnk of America ut Bullalo_7H " " 170 " "
" ?IKrie County Bank.72 " " jtin " "
" OlCattarailgtlS County Bank.H5 " " 77 " "
" liiiBunk of CoiMtiiercM, Bulialo_|7fi " u \ -??-?
lo ibe sale of llie mortgages ol the Mechmi'Cs' Kunk of Iturtalo, tin
.-. baser of one mortgage was allowed until the 11th September next
l?ascerlaiu the title. &c. ; immediately after which notice will be
fiven of the redemption of the notes of that Bank. The dividend
ii|oo hills of the Bank of J?odi is also delayed a few days on account
"i snnia pending inquiry as to one of the mortgages of thnt Bmk.?
Tu? notes of the following Runks " ill be redeemed as soon as th?
fhaaeellor decides, iu a case now peudiug in that Court, ihe right of
priority claimed bv the holders of proieste.l notes of said BankB, to
?ii lloioa Bauk of Buffalo, Bank of Western Ne* York, Bank of
1 sited Stales at BuiTilo, and Merchants' Exchsnre Bank of Biitl'alo.
,1 JOHN A. COLLIER, Comptroller.
rVetv-Yoi-U Alurlsi'tM.
Antes.?The receipts were large yesterday. The demand to-day
sal not been very active. Small sides of both sorts al 5,75,
FwnjR._The market lias broken ilowu to-day and sales have been
nsdente ul B]alS|c decline on the prices of Snlurdiiy. It nay be
?heu the large quantity nlln.it is worked od*, the market will xgaui
io buuyuiicy. We quote, with few operations. Qenessee 6,63Ja(t,75.
froy fi.024aC.Te; Hjekigaa 6^5*a Vii'd; Georgetown, Howard-street,
tad Brandysioe i".7.r> a 6 "**.
i .t i.>.-..? 'j hp salos lo day are very light, without change in rnlee.
Grain -Rye baa advanced materially, and -ales to h large exti at
Ivsve been tusile al 7i'.a77c; North Carolina in-mall iots al Jlliisll,
. sv the laiter del. Jersey Corn 7'Jasd< iiicb-.. No Southern at mar
k-| Hals uew nl -l7asV;c; old SOaSle. The supply is not large.
Vn' ii s at Auction.
Bj 1. M HofftttanJt i - Sugar? >l? bbls Clarified al 5.6C a 5,Ci4;
i i: I- do at to do St Crop a Gin--pipe. Holland at 71 a
... Wines- pipe" C ila|)ria Port at 33; ' ?jr sa-ks Sherry ?. 41 u4C
Tobacco -35bxs manufactured ai 13a14c. Coffee?42 bsgs Java si
I Irish Whiskey, per ship Stephen Whitney?1 iopr at 1,50; l Jo
a 1.60; 7 do at 1,35
By D. C. sV VV. Pell A Co.?Tobacco, 4 mouth?lin bales Cub;.
|? Hi a 1-U- S- gars?87,000 inf. at 4e50 u 4,75. Rope?95 coils bolt
.?t?3},3.i nice- L.'ttoii Baggu g al lo al 1 jc.
By W Gerard?Tobacco, 4 months?49 hhds Kentucky uew crop,
pan aaaareaantahle; st4]a7L average 6,88: 1? hhds do new crop
"''uaulilr al '.?'.>'?. average .?.?.."?, !' do old crop unmerchantable ut
?t ? 4] average 5,33. _
XT Niratu Power.?Sealed Proposal- will be received at tie
KciKttittry of the American Institute till Tuesday, 7th September.
?? l 'wnlying t.ie poorer r. quired f?r driving the Jlnchitior;- to be - v
'?'??:le.i diiriug the i'air lone he.d al Nibio's Garden in October next
* ks Institute ha- on the premises the steam boiler, shafts aad pulli
roi farther particulars inquire at the Repository of ihe American ln>
" tat? (S) suSO lw T. It. WAKEMAN, Superintending Agent
XT The City 4'oamicreiul School, No. \44 Fulton-st,
*Ul he re-opened ou Monday, bill September BCXt
??'>-tis- J. B. QUICK, Principal.
- | P*tb?u? The tubas: rider respncifully begs leave to inform the
i sidenUofGrosnWtch Village and'thepublic ihat ha will ou and
. .er (bis day run a bus of Cam from the olhce. corner of Blcecker
aral Charles-street These Cah. are of the first class, with psirnl
'' : SXlOsiand enarely otw. with safij horses cud careful drivers.
1 ? r-on- patrolling this iiUe miv depend on punctuality and justice,
is the propiienr is dcteriumcd" to aecensmodate the public. The
rates ai lar? ase-tablishedby M? W1|| be placed inside the Cabs, but
the rates of tin- line are vonsiderablv reduced, via :?AH day, $1 50 ;
by the hour. 50 ceuis j by the mile;:, cent-.
Church calls attended lo punctually
n ^lI?^ U tempted bv the drivers, notice
wdJ be thankfully reeved at lie ror"rr |lf Ble?cker and
* '! strfi'lv tVu j-* I...,.,. .
New-York, August S3,184L C" ,AQI tS' 1 .,oi.'nc:,;r;
M anSs aieod.
r" *Z ?l?f i??blic-Tbe .aa.vrit.er ukesthe liberty . fpresent
mg l ? the publu ilic tollovs iug ctter from a l.i^i.1 ? . ' . H
ulmaa of this ciq .... releienc? to the rfsJJs fit ? , ' ?'?.D*
.,?c_rar bVscn s/jtfsaKoirUs-Ucs^ 'j1^"
rhesa, A,-. The undet.igned takertias oTpartnmtv s.,- . ;. ?,'.1,'"'
basin hi.possession he,,.-reds of srntdir?^^ Ual t
? Its most respectable isdivulual, ef this S? cU,e *
ciaat wasters the most sceptical and anbeuevingthai usar-rn-'v
bit bowel eomplaiata iu adults, sad for the summer lompla.ui ol cml
do D, this baisaih is the iiwji safe, certain, aud valuable iu iK^ ~ Ilia
J- WHEELER. Oculist. 33 Greenwich si. a-ar uX*?r
" Dear Sir.? New-.York, Aug. 17, imj.
While sut'eriug a few Jays siuce from a viojea't attack of the Cbo
b ra Morbuv 1 was recor.iniendod by a friend to t..?k* a trial of your
U..i,su, cjf Uoscatqllo, of tin- celeoriry of which 1 had uot before
M-vrd i and I was as much gratified as astonished lo tod that the tir-t
" iuv ?las? full I took greatly 'ameliorated niv pains, aud that, on ta?
l.o* asecund done, I got COSyhtftf Ktil. \\'ith the iK>:tlo wliich I
bssd froasyou, I nveivwd a parapUiei containing the names of several
gentlemen well known iu the city highly recommending your niedi
I ice, and 1 do n't know that I can render a better service to the pub?
lic than by adding my name to the list If vou think prwper iu use
it lor such a purpose, vou are qnito al libertv'to do so.
?.-. ,,Y?-r'"ic. LOUIS MARK. 153 Water-st.
Dr ? hselrtr. 33 Ureeiiwich-sL' aul5*w cor. Maideu-laue.
(iODEY'M LADY'N BOOK, Office *?S Bowery.
FOR ?r.lTEYEr-R, 1641.
With more spies Ld Engravings had ata greater cost than icy other
Magczioe ever published.
The Embellishments in th'ti number con brer j*t,SOO !
1 Shakspes.ro btfore Sir Thomas: Lacy, for killing a Pe?r.
Tbi? piste is engraved by A. L LHch from the only one iu the coun?
try, and is 'he pr.ee plate of the Edinburgh Apollo Gallery.
2. Tne Rr.-e of the Boudoir,
From a painting by E. T. Partis, and engraved by Dick. The work'
manship of thi* pfate ban all the soAoaas of the mezzotint eoaibited
with tue rigor of line eneraving.
3. Lscfl Work and Embossed Rose?, surrounding Mus* Rone aud
Tin? imitation is pronounced perfect. Wo acre the first to give
thi- style ofeuibeliii.ouie.il, a- we were the first to give all other- of
any beauty^ . k?5.
4. A Fashion Plate, eoulair.iaglour figure*, e.jua! to ?ny ever pub?
lished in E igland or France.
Two pace" ofOriginal Music.
Mill further ami more szpensive novelties.
The Proprietor ofGodey'i Lady's Book will publish aMazzotiot
Plate tu addition to the usual Blee] !'i its and Plate of Pasbiona, This
i? donenotthtt he prefer* the Mezzotint?-it i- tot as high a brai chof
the art as Liue Knrravtu??bui in conformity toa promise ntade some?
time ?mce that every novelty that was a' read in the world ol Embal
lisbsseats ?bo aid tee transfer red to the Book.
Toe public " ill now b? aide to judge w hich style of Enrraving is
trie best, by having Mezzotint and tne Line Engraving in juxtaposi?
He ha* employed Mr. Sadd of New -York, decidedly the best mez?
zotint engraver in the country, to execute a serie. of pistes for his
That the subscribers may be assured that they will not bedisappoint
cd in the number of prates, the proprietor or Godey's Lady's P.owk
pledges nuuself that if in any case the mezzotint cannot Le no: ready
in tune he will substitute a fine steel eii?riviiir in its place. Thn.
ever) number of ill? Book will contain either
A Mezzotint Engraving;,
A Sleel Line Engraving.
A Plate of Fashions, containing three or more figure..
Two pages ofMusic,
Embroidery occasionally, etc. etc_OR,
Two tine Steel Engravings,
A Plate of Fa.trials, containing three or more figures,
Two Patres of Music,
Embroidery occasionally, etc. etc.
N. B. Wa were the fintto publish u mezzotint plate in a Maga?
zine, and in proof rater to our March No. of the Look for I-3TI.
The Lady's Booh is an independent publication and rare, nothing
for rivalry. Whatever can be none w ith money 'o keep it a .v.i I, In
every reaped of any other publication will be done by the publisher;
The Lady's Book was the tir-t Magazine to give encouragement to
American write s und Im? paid more money for contributions than
any other Magszioe in the country. We wish also lespectfully to
tail attention to ih* list of
Mi-* Edgrrorth, the celebrated Novelist, her :ir?t contribution to ?n
American Magazine.
W. Gilntore Simms, Author of the 'Partizan,' ' Guv River-,' Ac.
II. W. Herbert, Author of Cromwell," 1 The Brothers.' .tr.
Professor Wm J. Waller, Author of ? Life of WooJsey,' 'Slaty
Uuecn of Scotts,' A c.
Mis-E. Lev1;.-. Mrs. I. IL Sit'ouiuev.
Mr-. Sal ih J. Hi e. Mr-. E. P. Elicit.
R. Sbelton McKenzie, LL. I?.
T. S. Arthur, whose <|uiet, domestic Stories are more extensively
copied ihm tbo.e ofanj other wni.-r of the duy.
.loan U Day. Mr.. J. Thaj cr.
Mr.. C. W. if. Eslieg. Audrew Mc.Mahin.
Mr. Win. G Howard. Dr. J. E. Snodgrase,
W. D. Biinckle, M. D. and the Author of Ellen Campbell.
With nil these improvements the price of the. work is still Three
Dollars, In advance, or Twenty-Five Cents a single Number. Sub?
scriptions received as usual, by
sKi.TltY ISRAEL POST. ?.- Bowery.
Volume I. now ready,
j Pros|irrtu< of Ihe Young l*eoj>I?-*? Hooir, or
EDGE, Vol. L No. I?Illustrated wuk splendid Mezzotint Engravings
by Sirtain and Ladd, Line Engravings in the ;irst style of art In Dick,
Cheney, Ac, and numerous Wood Cuts by the most distinguished ar?
There are many periodical publications, yet one more i- wanted.?
The friends of general education, the advocates of the diffusion of
useful knowledge, have |oi g desired to see the commencement of
devoted to the instruction snd enterlaiomenl of young persons of both
sexes, conducted with a solo view to their i in pro v. mem in Literature.
Science and the Conduct of Life, written not in ibe colloquial Ian.
gaage which is addressed to vciy young children, hut w nh such inten?
tion to the style IS -hup render it worthy the notice of those who are
acquiring the art ofcomposi ion or forming their literary taste; and
tilled with such various, original and v i.'uublv nutter ns -hall render
tin- volumes, when bound Up, worthy a place in Hie family or school
It is the purpose of the proprietor of the Young People'. Rook to
furnish such a Magazine. He I as provided ample means for the nc
roniplish.nriit of bis object. :n,r! h" pledges himself to the fri-nd. of
lili-rul und j.nticin'.is education throichoiit the I'uitcd Suites I hut he
will produce a work wb.ch shall be iu every respect worthy of their
ittenlion mid patronage,
Oos of the leading objects of tho work will be to point out and il
natraie by practical examples Proper Method* of S, If-Instruction
ii the various departments of Literature und Art. to saugest iipp'u
iriute departm mts of study and inquiry, to prescribe courses of read
i,(r. and to indicate the progress w hich may be made in the sciences,
io far as lae limit., of the work will allow.
The forms into which the dirtcrnnt branches of instruction and en
eriuiniilent will be thrown, w ,11 lie regulated by the particular object
n view nt the lima, und the class of renders always addressed.
Essays, Narratives, Anecdotes. Tales. Historical Reminisces),
cbs and SkBt cues. <'r: i iqucs, Dkscbifti\ e Arth lbs im Gkj
uKAI'rlY, Gt.nl.onY, N v 1 ural history, A.NECOOTr.i and
Travels, Bioobafhicai. Notices and Poems,
Will all iu turn become the vehicles of intellectual development and
intertninmenL Tne aid of tho
Arts, of Painting und Engraving
will he invoked, and every subject susceptible of graphic illustration
w ill he ace. mpauied by vtll ezreuttt! I'tcturct.
Arrangements bave been made for receiving, and the Publisher is
now iu the actual receipt of, periodical publications of a similar de?
sign with that of Till". YOUNG PEOPLE'S BOOK,from Prance,
Qeimany, mid other parts of tin- Continent of Europe.
From these publicutioua, und from the choicest parts of forehrn
aducational literature in it- v, ri.m- d.?purlin-ill'-, translation- w^ll be
made of such articles as will serve to promote the main design of the
w irk?the instruction anu entertainment of American Youth. The
preservation however of a truly Itatitmal Spirit; the inculcation of
the duties which every American Scholen .ve. to bis Country, and
the exhibition of thr capabilities stir early History, our Traditions,
nur Owitomtomd Scenery, foi supplying a'l tho materials of a copioas
au.I brilliant Literature, will I e constant objects of attention, and w ill
form frequent topics of discussion, example, and illustn.;ii n.
In order to insure the competent executiouof each department of
the work; the aid of experienced writers, already favorably known
to the puldic. bus bean secured, und the editorial car" of the whole
committed to JOHN FROST, A. IL, Professor of Belle Lettre* in
the High School of Philadelphia, whose reputation a- ? practical
teacher, and as awritei iu the'deiwrtments of education nml polite
literature, will form a sufficient guarantee, not only for the elegant
mill tk-t. ful execution of the work, so far a. k.nga: ge, style and ??
bellishmants are concerned, but for iia elevated moral and intellectual
rharacti r. and for us invariable direction loward the improvement of
it ; youthful readers, in science, literature, and the conduct of lit".-.
Tins Voi n r.- oi i b'j ;!.??.., wiRbe, published in Monthly Numbers,
e:., b t.ulaiu S3 pages embttlUitd leitk nvme'OMS Engrovingt.and
neatly done up in an ornamental cover. It will bepnntftd on w hite
paper of tho finest quality, from a new and elegant type. . a-t ex
pie?ly for it. The form u-,il l,e .ucli a. in make ihe volumes, when
completed, h handsome addition to the shelves of ihe librarr.
Terms, $3 per annum, in advance: single numbers i-j cts. Pub?
lished monthly ; delivered in ;...v par: of tins ct- and Broakryn, and
sent by tnail loall parts of ibe Uutted States. S.h.ml Clubs dealt
with on liberal terms, bv the Publisher,
suSsSiTUtY isit ?EL POST, S3 Bowery.
Particular Notice.?Those personi having furni?
ture of any description to dispose of, or who are breaking ur
house-keeping, will find a ready sale ibr any portion cr all .f their
good-, by sending their address, cr Batting upon ihe -abscnte,-.
Goods la any amouut purcL-^cu.
auMat P. COLTON, 197 Cbatham-squaie.
JT? a rri en :
In this city. Auf um 3C, Samuel N. Lecomte to Anu Eliza Robbins,
dallghUr of the laic Ri-har 1 Robbins.
In this city, August -*>. Seaman J. Morgan to Louisa Rankin, Loth
of Albany.
In EliHira, Aagust 19, the Hon. W. H. Wisner, of Elmira, to Ada
hue, daughter of Col B. Tubbs.of Homer, Cortland Co . N. Y.
At Philadelphia, Aue. in. James Asb, jr , to Mary :-.>nhia. dattifhtrr
of James s. Duval, E-n.. all of Qencaniqwa
9 tea":
At Brooklyn, August 31, Brant Schuyler, sge.i ? year?. yoMnce||
sou of J unes R. and Sarah i'.. Waldrou.
The friend, aud relative-of the family ure invited to attend i.i>
fnneral, without further invitaitoa, this(Wedacsday) afternoon, a: 4
o'clock, from No Si Myrtle Avcaae.
In this city, August :i i, Koaanna Dei lin, aged "0 years.
The friends ol the family and of her >oii-iu-law. Arch. Ii?II. are re?
quested to attend her funeral ihn afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from her
lute residence, 4fi Roosevelt-street.
In tin- city, Aucu-t 31',Rev. Samuel G. Wiackc-tcr. Pastor of the
Presbyterian Can ich, Natcbi /.. >ji.-.-.. aeej 3d.
Iu th.- cit} . August31, Mrs. Elizabeth, w idow of the late Hoary D.
Sneckacr, ujied bo.
In tins city, August 31, Charles McEvers, seed TS,
In tills cilv. August o<k Rose Jdc Far land, *<red )..
Iu this city, August.'11. Joseph ManehaU, seed
la ihu- city, August '-i1. Eli sa Stool,wife of James Stou".
V ' The ,-ubscriber bus received by late arrivals several case.- ef
wool blick. Invisible greeu. i'nuce Albert, olive and brown CLOTHS
of hue qualities.
CASSLMERE??Wool black, aud fancy Jeeakin and plaiiu
VESTLVGS?Rich stj le.Also,
Silesia.. Serge*. Ciuiliugs. Cords, Plaid Linings, BuUona. etc. etc.
all which will be ?oi.l by the package or piece at the Uwast marvel
prices, at No. U'4 Wuliam-streel, bv
>! .:.,. jylHN M. KIPPER.
1JAtf.K.\T>? AftTf GlTJkBDlAlNsJ, who are socking ?
schaol for ibeir .ous are muled to call cn MR. LlK."KWOOD.
I3i Wooslrr-sire^t, 41J. JlK)r ?0na of Pnuee-street. Sucu as prefer
a school where the numher 1? Luiited. are especially lufnrmed I3al uo
more are admitted mto hi- school tkau he can superintend and teach
himself. si 5t'
VAI. ( HIP PILL IlOXfc;?? iu cask, of 7 to li-inou
sand each, or sale by ' J. M. i. H. R SMITH.
aulOfiwtV Cbetai.t* aid Druggist, cor. Fultou and Water >ii*
\i7axted-A colored, man who understand, er?king to jerve
TT in 3 ReActOrT. Apply at the OIi?e Branch. 77 Fulton at. ?1 2*
OY WA.N'TEO?Tj r-.? of errand.-. Apply at Id Nassm
street, corner of I'inr. ,j jt.
\? ' A>TED-; legaai rorkS * ek at Ue Tailoring
y y business. Alse, au a preaucr, or one who would coma to fin sh
hu trad1?at No. 5' Maiden Lau.'. si 3t"
s^ElUPstTRESSES.? Waateo.'inlne lower part if
? ^ females to make rests, pantalooer, tun coats and fine shirts. A
line to X. T. V.. Tnbiire ot5c-\ will l>e attended to. None but those
well experienced need apply. ?I .V
IVAWTED-Any person baring good set ad hand
yy suitable to fnrni-h a parlor, ar<J w.juld like to have it well
uken care oi't.'irou.'h the wi,-t. r way near of s per?.,a that w?uld
Itke to hire it br addreisire a lice to '? Perkins." at thi* orTic*. .1 3t*
\\ II.I.IA ri II. ?IGLER wfll
yy C anal-street, this day, ard >ettle for rash l?nt. si It
XVAMTED?An American or Ei-gtts . Cook for a Refectory;
* y a!-o. 10 colored and white Cook-, and 50 House and < hamr>er
maid* for good places. Apply at 27f Hudson?L Nochare? if t?t
provided with place?. _ si It*
?? v be disposed of this day, yielding, clear of all ??pec-e.. |S0
i.on lily average throughout the year. A very small capital is re
quired to enter. To a vounc man desirous of en?a;ing in a bu-ine..
where there i. no rink whatever. thi= is an oppr.rr-.inity seldom to rw
met with. Satisfactory reason, given for leaving. Apply at the
General Agency office, 3r Oak?t. ?I It*
WANTED?Situation* i oks, im ei istds, waiters and
girls for housework by American, English, Scotch, Irish Pro?
testant and German -creams-. Pl.-.i'e apply at the American Office,
No. '*'A Eroadway. third door below Prince ,t_ Elliott, proprietor. 1"
"ANTED ? S ? 584 for ich men, p..r
ten. waiters and laborer-, all protestat.t-. with roisl refer
_s lit ?
"A.NTED- \ it" -I ????"k. '? i-.'';- " ? f . nil aen. -I to
do housework?gusid situations. Apply at 3? Oak st. -lit
rA.\TED?a jmr'!n-er for a Porter-llouse and Bowline-.*.!
ley, coin? a nobb-Ini-iness. Capital about .?1,000. Apply at
27} Hudson -t. Part Cash.) _ si If
MOV WANTED?A- iu eBook I
Ii Bess. Apply at j<j Gold--!" et. up ?-t:nr-. aa3l 2r
lATANTED?To ilat-Trimmers?A number of Hat-Trimmers
TV wanted. App.y to J. K. ISELTON\ ICO Broadway. au3l 3f
C. ] (\f\f\ WANTED-?? bond ind mortg .? . one o
I ? *"*'? mora years,'at 7 per cent on improved property in
the thickly settled purt of the v Ilage of VVilliamsbnrzh, I.. 1, w .rih
over twice ibe amount. Apply at 119 Ludlow-st from 12 to 2 o'clock,
or after ft o'clock in the evening. au'll 3t"
]>An J .MIR \VA.NTKD.-a ; . .- ?? middle-aged man,
I well ai qnainted with the Gn eery and Pro-1.1 business, who a i'l
devote himself to it upon Christian principles, having a capital of
.i::,(i!si or $1,' 00. and unembarrassed, may hear of an opportunity of |
forming a ronrection 10 commence tee business in ? fir-t-rate sr.ua
tr n in the lower part of the r;n by luidrcssinc note to A B. at is.
office of the Tribune, wnl, real name and r, ference. Coinuiiiiiiruiiom
?il| be treated us slr.ctly confidential. and! t>C
Dfslt'WANTED-To attend i i - in the Ith Avenue, from
IT 6* o'clock, A- M. till * o'clock in the cvruin; Good refer-oin
required Apply to P. ST1CKNEY, Jr.. Umbrella Maker.-.'- and 30
Cherry-street. au31 Bt*
VrA^TEII-One .,r two :.v,| (V.rs. t Maker* w-m ?i?di r-tanA
TT the bu-ines?. Apply-n d?. Hudson-st. sn31 3f
4 4'E.NTI.ft.rI Aft' ? - i in bu-iu -- ??? i.-hc t . o. tan. a
comfortable Bed-room with Breakfast and Tea in a respectable
private family?not higher Hi in i?ercser ?L Address Bex \l Upper
Post Office. Ho Boarding-House keeper need apply. an31 ;v
rp WO TO VIS G l-ADVES jusi arrived m Scotland, are
I desireus of procuring a situation in some raspectablo Female
Seminary as assistant Teachers. They nr.- lalified io lakecharee of
a ? la? in French, Music, Draw mi! an i Ornament il Needle-Work, as
will m- the ordinary branches of an Enelish Education?would lc,v?
no objectinni to c> Sooth Ad Irena St. M. as this office. snctll :t
? * " ANTE O?A yes:.-.- man w ith the very best of city refen nee,
it who thoroughly undcrstandj his business, wants a situation as
waiter to ;.?<> South wi.h any respectable family. Apply at SCI Broad?
way, oi 3 i 3
llfANTEO MTf iT!?>S-It, some food American
T V Cooks, English, German, Irish Protestant and colored chamber?
maid- and nirl. for housi ; also small girls. Apply 456Broadway.a3l lm
ICAMEI) sTtTTATISsNS?For some faithful waiters,
* v while und colored coacbmeo, laborers and small boys for trades.
Apply 1?6 Broadway, ubove Ti.uer.-al;-. ' au3l I in
IITANTED?a situation by an American young man with un
yy doubted citv reference, as porter in S store. Apply at 1?0
Broadway. au3l I*
r!?lT~Si;<??"ii~P <? i. H t: \ few good Folders and Sewers
J. wanted at WALKER'S Bindery, 118 Fulton-st. au303t
r 11 -s? ? VOl'.Ms i. iSIEN e.t, I.icommodated in the
X family of one of the Princip .1- of the Hall of Education^ VVil
liamsburg. Number ft boarders limited to six. Address Hall of Ed?
ucation, office of the Tribune; (teferencea exchanged. Terms, in?
cluding introductory course of Music and Kreuch, ?12 per month.
a-j2? Iw_
*T?? '4"i3 PUMI.IC?The New Intelligence Office, licensed
1 by his Hon. the Mayor, has recently opened, at 438 Broome-sL,
next door to Broad way. Th.who want good, faithful mid trusty
servants of any kind would do well to leave their address at tee
office from 8 ?. M. niitil 8 P. M. A reci-lcr will al-o i>? kept for the
purpi.se of reutine an I icttn c houses or prop-rly in lee.se or for sale
Ac, *c. A number of families can be supplied with the best of ser?
vants immediately. Office43d Broome-sL null 1 in
0 I ~ t\i W j TO I.O.t.i "ii Bond aud Mortgage m diti'erenl
V L')?UUU sums, at No. 1 Ann-st. aulu lm*
\i "ANTED?SilUHtiims lor Cooks, Chambermaids, Waiters,
It Coachmaa, Porters and Women for gem ral housework. The
iieniny of our establishment is, we protect families from annoy?
ance and dome-tics from imposition. This w? achieve by taking uo
money from servants until they arc suited und the result is, we send
nouc but lliose we have .-trina' reason- to believe trill miiL
J. McCAIli; A CO. [)>.i Na.ssi,ii-st
Washington lrvinr. I'-q. Hon. Moses H. Grinnell,
Henry Breevort, Jr. E-q. Prof. Reuwick. aii5 istf
DOAJtblNG fi.N BROAD WAY.?The advertiser hav
D u:g taken the new und commodious house, 461 Broadway, corner
of Grund si. b*-gs leave ta mforci g- iitU-nu-n that they can obtain tfeu
t-el l.oanl. with pie.i.iui roieiis, locette r with n desirable locution,
where there arc a few select boarders, on moderate terms. Gentle?
men and their wives, or simtie gentlemen, accommodated wi'h lull or
l>a ti il board, as deal tel. E.i ranee in Grand vt, -oulh-west corner, v
au3! lw*_
|>?sSAKI? AND tSOOItlS may be obtained i is privat? family,
?i by applying at 2iiH Hudson-st- je7-tf
?tEASArVT BOOMS - id good Fatnil* Board may be ob
1 taiced by a few persons of quiet habits si 65 Murray-st. The
location is very central, and on every account a desirebie residouco.
mi'i-tf _
GEiNTaLEM?iN AND WiJ'E, w.-.o..- la obtain
/V board where there are but few others, can he accommodated
m th o:ie er two bed roni.is, together with a parlor if required, by ap
plying at 211 i'.a>i Broadway. aulu tf
1>4?AKDI\G REDUCED-Having taken the large and
I S convenient 1 story ho.ne one block from Broadway, where gen?
tlemen c:,n be accommodated with good board for Jri?o nor week :
also single bads sud pleasant rooms, by apply ing hi No. 'J Howard-st.
cor. of Elm, entra. ee u. Eifa street _jy21 tf
I id.lRD - Woh pic isaiii It.-on:-, can oe obtvned by families or
I> dngle gentlemen at 77 Murray it Terms moderate. Referen?
ces exchanged. anI33ar*
I><>A?? 1>1 ?Mucle t-i:l.email .aiet no other- re-idia? in
t) the lower part of the City can lie sccomaaodaied witii cood
Board, srith or without rooms, st -Iti Pultoo-st. Also, luree or four
can have Dinner only, if di -ire.:. i- 2-1 it''
TO iTET?Possession given immediatelj f. requirod?The
si:; l.i v.-r part oid front b.i.-?m.-ui, tuiU half the vault, together with
the third story of a tk-ee story tr :k Hoa-e :u Hai'-Jct-ly-.treet. third
door west of V-, ;i-:.ii!?cm-... tu.puri! en n-- '.-reri.i-, s. -i |w -
APARTIUKIVT? ivajvted.?A yi og married
Zj_ man wishes a room w th tire-place in a rrspectable neighbor?
hood and family, without board. Rent not to exceed $6 per month.
Address 0 P. A. t'ms day. Hi this Pllii ?'. _ ?I It*
A euR.NISHei> house w ANTED, for a
family of three persons, until t'o- 1st of May ue\t. Location
preferred b'el-iw Canal st. A-ldrc-- J. P. bot Sbi I'pper Po-t OtV-CSi
with location and price. au ;l '..
_ ._ Jem for Talli nn S Rand I's superior grand action
j{ |i } JJl'i-u"- : Barclay s-rcet. n,-r Br ..'way.?The jaablic
may re.-i n-sn.-^d thai itutrun^enis ofthb esublishmeot cannot be sxs
, ;i;^* in tone. ti;ach or appearance, by any manufaciBte.i, aad at
prices never before offered. Having l:e?n tamslantly enjared in
Teaching, Tnaing ainl Regula ting for the last sixteen year?, he is con?
fident be: possesses adva^vago? in the selection of Pianos aaeqttsjed.
si In,*_
WAT4'ME.Si A N D J E \YE l.It V, Vi.it 1 l.oU
?AU descriptisai oi Gold and Sdver Lever, Anchor, Es
1 " ciipement. I>'iplex. Lepine and Verse Witches Diamond
_Pins and Rings, gold Pencils, Chun- an.I Jewelry, for -ale
ail lower than et any other place iu the Citv. Watches and
Jewelry exchanged or bought. Gold Watches a- low a- $35 and
eaclu All Watches will !??? warranted to keep good time, or ike
money returned. Watcher and Clocks repancd u ti.v cost manner
and warranted at mach less than tiw tj*ns* price?. by oru of ths finest
?orkn'ea ta Axnoriea. 6. C. ALLEN, leif-nrter of
W?chse aad Jewelry, whblesalss and retail,
aul 1 ltnis 30 Wall?treet. u;. sUirs.
\W W. lilliT, I Ced ir st. near Peart t? i0* receiving a lai^e aa
'/ \ sertment of white and colored CORSETS, tua^si ta. ordstr, and
i?^warraul'-d to give ss-tisluciioii, a,i ^.llinr at extremely low
N. B. Counlrv alarihaota ?uppiied. _stgj Imis*
AHAN D-?. AKT, pa Bkd green, one of the wheeU of which
si- -tr.lrc frt-m Porter's Cart No. 30, wa? picked ui a day or two
since. Tue p-r-ou who c.aim? to be 'iii OWBSI ia\v Hive it on paj injf
expenses by cabin; at No. 14 v>uar-i^ _?I 1,1
U PKtVs. [From the Now-TorkSnn.]
Ma. Eunus? Tin. is to certify lhat oa the 12lh day oi June last,
tx ic?- in New-Vor?. I purchased ? boilie of Seguine's Acousuc Drops,
e remedy fo Deafness. I followed the direcuons, strictly ?yriagioi.
tuuy as instructed?t.c;"orc ihe bottle was half exhau-ted. my b-sni*; |
was entirely restore.!. Ej.- the last tea Javs I have hea.;d s. il?ticctly
as ever. Ji'SEPH G VALE, oi" tvicronond. Vs.
Pace ?1 50 per bottle. Sols] ?, tiojes-tc aud reUil at No 51 Gold
strest, near Feiten A.L-0, at ?' T',c Baaaar," No. 176 Broadway, and
in Brooklyn] by Mrs. Hayes. No. 13.' Eul'oa-strect-_?1 I?'
I'An BS* WOOL- . S m 'South Wale*. '. bale fine Ger
-i man Lambs' Wool, for -ale by
au'-M GRINNELL. MiNTL'RN A. CO. 7s Sou'.ii-st.
?ssszrjau! in ?.Ifii.i i i_mrxi*H?"?" ?? .11 -TT'"
I M I3 () R rr A N T.
E7 Know ?11 Ladies ?n.I Gentlemen by the-e present., that if they
want to di?pn?e of tV-ir money to ue b*?t possib'e advantage m pur?
chasing DRY GOODS, t..e :>*&:?;: chanc I - ' the same
isno* ottered . r. \V. A- TV. F. CIM.h'V, IV?. 4.10
Grttnd'Mrert, ?b'rt ran be found in :bacdant quantities tie
folowmg nam> d Goods, T-jiieh ?hall be ?oid nt prices heretofore un?
known. Remember your interest
cloths: cloths:
We <eii good Clotri? it $5 ,.er yard .
Prime si $3. actually worth $1 '
Eitra .ni-eriur at jt I' and *.'>?
r<|ut! to any that cae be bought down towu at $
A ?tont article wool d; ed Black, at S.2 50 .
Super [tine and Blai k. at <1 to $3 SO.
Stout, solid, dark Cassbx r<-? a: #1 |
Fancy, mixed, riob?d and cord?i front $1 to $i
.** A FI.NET?*.
The largest and best as.or.ir.eiii of Satinets ev er otf-re.1 at retail ir.
any one store in [few-York, and ?oid at 30 p?r cent, under the usui 1
raajket pnee. Having thetn made un.iar our own direction enable,
us la otfer extraordinary inducements to purchasers to call on u? for
We have received trom ilia accnt. ihi. aeek an extensive assort?
ment which we proini.-e to seil at lej.t from S 10 15 cents on a yard
cheaper than they were ?o!d last year. We .ay to ail, COUM ?n.t ??t
if we make any misrepresentations.
li?i different styles, at very low prices.
All ?cid ?? ery cheap t a the irqe cash ?y-teni.
Au rlegaut style vilu ?t is tid.
english prints.
An Muusiiai variety front Hd to i-d.
Plain anu figured and -jtiii striped from Is*, to L tid.
iiuMI lit F W. Jfc W. F. GH.I.F.Y. I3D Grand -u
do ?ie st j< liOODV
XT Sold at Manufacturer', prices by the piece or yard, at GIL
LEYS', 430Graad street?
40,1 00 jiird? Brown Sheetings, fr..in 6d to Ii)d;
30,000 yards Bleached Sheetings an ! Shirtmg?. from Gd to Is j
10,006 yard* Canton Flannel, all kinds and ?1! price. sn31 6i
Tbc subscriber would call the attention of the Public to his splen?
did stock of Fall Goods which he ha., j ist purchased. IIa assures thr
Ladies, and the public generally, that be will s,-,i a? low ns any hou.e
in the city; and al.-o that a greater variety und a more select -teck
caunol be found.
20 pieces rich colored satin striped Gro de Afriqne.
25 do very heavy Gro de New-York.
If) Rich Brazilian Glace.
20 Elegant <!ro do Per.-a.
li'U pieces rich figured Poult de Soi-, nodfl color'.
20 do h?avy blue black figured.
25 do stripe 1 Gro de Afrtque, Heteuinm and Gro de Royal.
?r. do plain black Hint Uluc-blaek, i'r.nn rt. o.l to Ifls |?er \ ur.l.
SO do plain Grode Swiss, Poult de Soli and Gro de Naples,
mode color..
4 cases Taglionis, dorable pattern* Hnd colors.
3 do Bombazines, jet an i blue-black, ull qualities.
3 boxes Cashmere Shawls, elegant patu ra-.
Broch a. Changeable Sum Damask, aud
Embroidered Thibet, Merino, and Fancy Shawls.
A large assortment of plain and liijiirrd Thibet wool and Sututi)
De Lainei; a stock surpassed by uoue. JOHN H. DLNGMAN,
:u)l Grand--!.cor. of Orchard, (formerly Bank.? A Dingman.)
N. B.?The subscriber'., ?ti<ek of Silk?, shawl?. Taglionis, Bomba?
zines ami De Laines Is complete, and nt the lowest prices. au23 7t
prints?prin rs:
A very ?legaul stock of Fall Prints may t>c examined nt JOHN H.
DINGMAN'S, embracing every -tvii thut is desirable in the market.
Jum opened this morning ?
i> cu?i's superior English Chintzes, rich styles.
4 do genuine French Chintzes,chene patterns.
12 do American Calicoes, embracing! very style
The ladies cuuuot but bo pleased with this assortment, which they
arc invited to examine at JOHN IT. DINGMAN' S,
301 Grand-street, cor. Orchard.
au28 7t formerly Bank? A Dingmaa.
1 m BALKS unbleached Sheeting from tid to 10d per yard.
1 ?) |S , bleached Lone Cloth Shirting from tid to I? Id pr y?L
4 do bleached and unbleached Cauton Flannel.
0 cases double-width Sheetings, r.nd 4 casus Tickings.
:i do Sheetings, 3 yards wide. JOHN H. DINGMAN,
au?c 7t 301 Grnnd lt., cor. Orchard.
clot IIS, cassimekei* AND SATINETS.
Fine We.st of Englaud Broad Cloths, all colors.
ho pieces Ca??iuieres. plain and fancy colors.
so piece.. Satinets, all colors anil qualiiii?.
Salin. Merino, Valencia and Marseilles Vestings.
French, German ami English Merinos, a choice usscrtnent.
au237t JOHN H. DINGMAN, 301 Grand-st., cor. Orchard.
The pui.llc wonlJ do well to cue eirly attentiun to the extensive
stock of Walsh, English, and American Flannels, which the subscri?
ber will sell ciieip. Call and lee 300 piece, all colors and quantitii -
JOHN H. DINGMAN, 301 Grand st
hicJs- Tt Cor. Orchard.
A very rich s.'i.ck of New and Fashionable Dry Goods, jmt reo? ired
sod oftered 35 per cent below me eld jiricn.
A large and splendid aisoriinciit of black, blue black, colored and
oVd Silks, at prices from 3s to 12* pi r yard
satin turks.
A new hrticle for Fall sad W,Blei Dr.-. leu pieces of there
ru b Good, ju-.t received comprismg every rariety of sh-id. and color.
A large let of Cashmere Taibet, Wool, Breche, Tyrolaee, Silir. <nd
Satin Damask Shawls atsxlremel) lo w pri es.
70*: pieces Freii. h Euglivh, American Prir.ts, new Styles tUld ele?
gant designs.
Fine French Merino.,, it tirje Doilar por v'sti
French *r.d Englisb Merino.-- at all prices.
5o0 pigcej White, Rt-d ami VeJioa FlaonaU, ?i price- which defy
Heavy wool lye.'. Satinets, from Is to 12s per yard.
ho l.ules aubleache.l Mus Una. gt) cx.es bleached ditto?very cheap.
AU persona who ?i.-h to supply themselves with Fall mid Winter
Stock, will liud they can save 25 per c at. in their purchases by cal?
ling at VOSB?KGH a ABEL'S, No. 15 Catherine-si.
au27 titis corner Ea*l Broadway.
cash tailoring establishment,
vhW Broadway, American Hotel.
XT The Had Signed oricr- for luspeciiou au exteEsive assortment
of Suranier Go<ala, which he i? prepared to make up to order at such
a reduction from credit price, a.-, in view of the superior style of gar?
ment, caanot fan 10 orfcr inducements, to purchasers, from whom a
cal', u suliciteii before purchasing elsewhere. For the accommodation
of those who. in ca--i? of emergency, or otherwise, may require a tim
rate article of Ecadv-MaSS Gva^SNT?, tu assortment is always kept
or. band, after la-.' sty hi originally introduced at the old Establishment
110 llroaAway. In additioa to which, Fancy Dreis Articles including
Silk and Saun Scarfs and Cr.-fat?. Musiia CraVaU in a jreat variety
of patterns. Cravat SutTencrs, SuspenJers, Pocket Handkerchief,
Linen and Muslin Shirt?, Collars, Ac are offered for rale r.; greutlv 1
reduced prices from the usual charges for the -a^e style of goods,
which are of the first quality. ."J. T. JENV]j|Qg
j.yggistf_Scar Broadwaf, American Hold.
Y7. A: J. jamison, 355 Sc 255j Grcentwich-at.
LT ITCH EN FURNITURE in all its varitiea, consisting of Hard?
ware, Wood-ware, Tin-ware and Willow-ware, kept coaitantly
on hand, of the best quairUe?, it very low prices to suit the umes.
Tho-e who would sus to purchase srticles of the abova kind will find
it to tfcan i^. antage by ciUmg before purch i-iur elsewhere.
I N. B. A large tvaorlai-rit of Freuch Truvellnis- Basts aud Raskets.
au4 luna W. it J. JAMISON.
?. -i- li - . JisajaBB^aae??.!!?...?.?: ? ?M<m?
W? A L'CTlit \ 'S \ i. j.- s
j ... i I (i ft , 4 . * ?,<-, *"
by b.m;?, Kit H4RII? a im ?tt.
TUE*DAT, AustwsI 31. idJ f. Qowt ( j,,.. *
H??>ll??The sale of -Ii? lUnk? will do c,>,nm?itcr,1 M T lesd.)
mm.ie?. 31st Arjfii-l. ?i h o'cbx-k. snJ cotitiauisd from ,1ky 1? -ar
unul ??hl Ib theorder 0/ lb*c^tshsgste. ('i.ti^uai >rr g?w nvjr
lev ?*. DB?rBH, jf.
SttTf 54] .?:-n-?.'r,rornf of Pinc>-ttrt*t.
TIMRSDAi ?-p'rmbor'J. ?1 IP o'clock
Kreuth Good?*" cases French foods, of -e,ent lEnpofUii.u.
sinoerT watch ere ? desirable a?*wtme>nl of ?er??Har-i? arl.. 1-.
Term- 1 rounth?, f?r approi '??' H lOrsed u loo,
Cstalocues and sanip'e? "n morning of sale.
OnSATURDAY 5<oept??b*r 4 ?1 in ..'.?;. eh
Shelf Ssie?A reneral assortment of We* of foxisnd tl?:k hUs
b'sck. invisible rrvii and iad;go blue Broadcluiha. AtsCs an mvoioa
of Vestior?. i*.
Tvbjs 0* months for approved ci,<inr*,>d notes.
At W ..'?I..:*, it :i? Merchant ? Evha-ig*.
Ob# hundred - ?: it\ >kum of ;-e reo.'st raoch at ihr Vorw.,0
and Worcester Railroad To npany. The sal- ??II be | eltrra 10 IM)
hirbe-t b.dder and i> matte : ?? a, .-.?um ff ?haia 1' tu.?) roiworn
ON n lESDAY, s 1". . at t<> oviock.
lUctuci S?La?r- pw kafeeo/1'oroifa snc 1>ooi?-(k Drj <"? J?
01" tbe wteal imporUIMoa, im.ini ?Lieh ?:e a ?lesueble and .oa'-sts
hl? assortmrn. of art ?. lea for Gau 'r**l?
Terms 1" menth? for spprosad ?ndiH*e,! note?.
faUl-'fue* ic ! ?ainple? 011 m-rnin? ? f ? ile,
BMtll.O? ?. tum >
ENEFTF OF MISS IYRES.?TltlS l.Vf.MVi; Mi, : 1,1841
The Evening's enirriaiiiiri.-n's wdi eoejuneaas* with an Overture.
Alter Wh.,', the comic Roriecta called IUI I MI SPA.
After a- Burl tu. Moos. Chatel ?dl plav 1 s? lo 0* tb? Violin.
>lr. Cnapuisn ?i'l .mg the <? nine . 1' .-i ?ncl !' c?. ?1 Time
An interii:i.'ion ?f half an hour *iit be a I .ae.| f .r the Proir.eBs.1s
M.Mirale in ihn Grand Sa ???:.. 111 wir. h ? wpien 'id iHcbe'lra ha?
been erected.designed in r. ;??.nt the TEMPI EOF APOLLO, a la
HUSARD l i e anetj tmled rtood I- .1 bi Ilm ce lebrate*! Mr. Thoma.
will play several oaw valsesasd QttiadrtUea
The 'whole te .oncNdc with the comii. Birleiia ?f ANDt.tl
The proprieicr ha? the plea.nre 10 ai'noiinc? 1,1 the public ire r.
engagement of U ISS JANE8LOMAX, Ihec lobraled naaist Du?
nnl-e? will 1>? jiveu of her appearance.
KrTicient otticer. will bc in alten J,nee t., pretenl the adnu?ioa of
all improper pcr.on..
Tickei. Flftj t'enl-:. ?1
tT t o t .?iiiiicv Dealer?.
ly on band at their ""lore. No, I5M Pearl ?t imr Wall ?L a com
plete aaaortmeat of School, Cuiattcat. and Mt.cct i.i.veom Book.
of the latest and most approved e litiOUS, which they olTer upcil the
moat reasonable term, for CASH or Cits .-Ici-e^tcacri . also
BLANK BOOKS .in.l STATIONS It V of every variety, to wW h
the) lavitethe attentioa of Merchants visiting the City to make the.r
Pall purchases,
ACCOUNT It' M IKS r'ile.1 10 any pattern, and made lo order, of th?
beat materials ami in snperior ?i)le.
ERS. A c. of the litttt palttrxt and raST SO LOKS, Sttited to
the Country Trade, for .ale ?l Afa?u/n.-far/r?- Vrtrtt.
I r Merchants >mS Dealers from tha Country are re?iiie?ted to cal
and iitaiiiine their -lock of cuod..
N. B. School*. College? aud Lihrsne? ?upplied upon the ino?! Iih
eraltcrm.. BAKER. CRANE A ? ?..
Wholesale B,?ok?ellers and Stationer?, and
Dealers In Paper llan'inc?. No. 158 Pearl at.
anl!? Iro (Sntti of the - I edcer."l New-Vork, near Wall ?V
"VEU" PAfaTa <;4HJ??S
l43,FultonH,ueet, Dear Broadway,
Wo would invite the attention of our frieua? and ihe public to a
lire- mil weil selected sssorunsntof superfine Cloths, Csssintnres
and Vestings, saitsble for the summer and fall wear. Oentlen.en ar
rumf in the city can be fhrnishsd wuh a full mil in "I hour*. ?i
saving of at least 10 per cent, from Broadway prit SS.
Strict piliicluality ob.erved in tllbnc nrdera.
Cash on delivery, ui.d no abatement in prices.
P. S.?The cutting department is still under the su^riutemlence 01
>lr. M 'i lylord, whose services base 'icea too well appreciated by a
fashionable public to need any" comment. Particular attention paid
to cutting pent-. anSl tf J. C. BOOTH, Agent.
I ITATLTL PASniOX? Mi l KoPoLITA V " sondard
^sos-O. FISH, 13. Broadway, wBl introduce the abnse style for
Gents, lists, litt day.
N" R?Tne best ?panlil, of Beaver, Moleskin snd Brush lifts uffered
at s I 90 wad wsrr?r,.,l SSspetisn so nmy told si ftk St*
Not un elaborate sutT upon a worthless postrum,hat die plain langunsn
of'Tiiitn and c. mmofl Sense with resaid to
which is compounded Ol S5 of the mo.t safe and salutary rough ingre?
dients. The ?e',scril.?rs sie aw are taal the s irre?? of ihi? anrivided
medical confection h i? exeited mat b envy and malice, and given ri?.
to no little mis repress oration and detraction, To do away wuh ihe
effects thereof, and in defeacs of their own repute ion; they ben iea?e
to submit to tue pablic
If it were pretended ihal Pease', Hnrchouiid Catity la a nulversaJ
panacea for all ill. thai lle.b is heir In ;?if any e\ il r. suits eser ha.J
been, or ever t mid be traced to its use I here ungln be some jusiic
in enlliag it it humbug] hut no snch thin:; has ever been. Il is said,
and sat', truly, ihitr Pease's Horehound Candy is a
Cl ItK roil 4 4>l'4. El!4 A.ND i'OI,D<l,
and is eminently successful In all Pulmonary Complaints. Thai it I?
so, ciiu be proved bv the evidence of mure than
from persons w|i? have derived benefit from Pease'. Csady, Bad th
list whereof would be published herewith did ihe limits of a now.
paper ulliis it_ Any person who doiilits may see them In their owa
iiaud .writing, hv i alliog at
Among-tbe signers of ine>? unsolicited testimonials, sra Members
of Centres., ami of the Stale Legislature, I hvsil isns Ol fa ah ?tnodiUs .
and Ministers of thoGospol-i rueaof such unblemished repu.aiion,
thai wliuso would not I eiicre them neitncr -.??nid he believe rhnug),
one should rise ffom the ?r..v?. The virtues of Psase'i Horehound
Candy, then, rcay bo considered proved by human testimony as in
invaluable remedy.
J. r Now Is geoeiue unless e...ii puckagc is ?istie-! J Pease, & Son.
Division SI., of whom It can be obtained wholesale and retail.
XT All letters must be post-paid.
Acfnts? H?w.. 139 Kollo? -t Brooklyn: Dttvsll, 932 Rrosaf st,
Newark, N. J ; Anthony, New-Haveo, Conn^ Redding, No. 8 State-el
hoston . and by mos', of the respectable grocers ?cd druggi*ts m it.o
city aug3li It
.a have |nst opened, at lueir old siood. an exten'ivc n-vinmeni ,.,
?Itaple fiimd.s. Their former eil'trailers, and i.idic in w,?nt 01 I)r,
Goods for fhaailv use, sra invited to oxt'iniw tneir lai re stock, ? hica,
for superior stybss sod good quality, and unusual chespness, csnuot
iia rxcelled. Their .tuck consists in part of all styles ol i.ontt Cloit,.
I nbleachcil She lieg? und Shirtmr?, Engli-h and Welsh Flsnneis,
IsbmeStie and Hotton Flannels, good and - heap ; Bed Tiek?, Check?
Spool.Cotton, Tapes. Thread Ac. Ac, Irish Linens, Table Cloths
and Diapers, Bn.wn Hollands, English, From '<: and Americas Pnnis,
frenchand English Merinos, Boinbaxines, Cloth' C ?.-?itiieres, jjui,u
etie?. V'estings, SUks, Jaconets, Cambric Lawns, Laces, etr. etc.
I' P GREGORY At SON, l75Spring-st
rpo lAUPEMTERS, ttvYi DERS, Aatv^ott pas
i Usbed, th< Modern Buif er?' Guide, ii:u?irMied w,i's 87eoppu
pla'ei Miuir-1 Lafcver. ArchHeCL '1 bis ?urk i- replete wilh ever>
information coanected with ibe busines-. It con tains an accurate tre
useookand ind -tair railing, a branch which has heretofore been
hut imperfectly noticed. 'I He principal part ot the, plates have beoa
eogravedby the rnkscriher witli great cure and attention. It U hand
?omelv leiiad .11 tpiarto, and is respectfully off Bred to the publi-; ui
eh liesale and retail. WM. I). SMITH,
Arrhiti-ctiiral. Portrait, Seal and Card Engraver and Printer. I-1-!
Broadway, 3d siory.
For Sale, a few i'me Oil-Stoue. for Eugravers, Dentists. Jewellers.
Ate. ?1 iw
( heap crockery, IOl> Kovvery.
ONE of the liirif^at aud l??st assorted ItOCks Of common Said nch
Goo-'i ,u the Cuy, ci mpriaing the latest pattern. ?:'.
i'remh China D'nuer Set, .Cm and Plain Giaas
ludia do do do.Astral and Mali Lamp
Granits pla'n and printed Sets.Mantel n*d ?hade Lawps.
Earthen do do do........Girandoles.
French China plain aud pencilled Tea S'st.Plated Castors,
English do do do do .Rriitania 1I.1.
Wedgwocd and Enamelled d? .T'-a Boards.
Blue Stone, gramie aui! toy j? .Knives. Fi.rkr, i..
?7* Selling at prices wouhy the attention of Deslsrs and
Housekeeper- Mi'?', MEK RITTS A PAUK.
CAIiVEMTON, texas,
BJtriM to
Dauiel Lord, Jr. Esq. 1 Messrs. Po?t? Sc. '.daia,
Joirn Aathon, Esq. | R. C. Weimers a Co.
J. Prescott Hall, Esq. J. V. Granted a Co.
tJntfin Sr. Havens, | WaJ'g & Mailorv,
J. llsrgerty A: Sons, [ ','>'. M Johusou i Sen'.
Communications may be Itft ui No. ffi Ann-street, erst No."
Gold-street, N,;w.yr.,h. aul-' Imi*'
Hatters' i'J.CsslS of
con-tan-ly or. hand, and for sale JOHN M- RUF* BRi
,1 laus 101 Will.am st.
?S K e I is 55 cast ste H Is spoo Nss.-'f
1 lit are, j , , presented wuh an article f.r superior U. any U?l?g Ol
^ *i?Z ever before nts^factored .a tkU or any other country
*bse of pure silver only sepesd They will neither rusL Urnssh.
uor Io-e their brightness though kept in constant use.
All order, relative to the bus.oeas nwv ^ oirecteO to
a,.3o Im.s Me-sr,. GEORGE S CARY A CO. 1J, Penrl st.
\TEW carpet-Store, ioi Kowrry.-r
?N scrib.-r? wish tocaJlatlentiOB to their new and haiidsooseasson
ment of Carp?:iog whs. h they are bow opening, aart whvcb resaprsse.
raiuiv enurelv new and richly sBadi.d patterns of Eog uh asd tarn.
can Brussels, three-ply. ?up-rtiue ard .Jouble supertoe .* ~"
pets, fine aad eXtrattSM do.. haU an 1 -t or Caq-et.. Od
zeis. Heartr, Rug-. M.-t,. TaM? and Piano Cover?. W ?s^^" ^
Sta.r Rods. in. Ac These rood, have been .elected ???/r!T,rf .
fertile fall trade, aud having been purchased for cs.b 00 to*?m
orabie term-, will be sold as cheap or cheaper than . "?"' '?
in the dry. rmesstsers arc rest ad ally n?r^ W^?ad esumee.
su'jrj lwis' middle Carpel Store between ife.w ^

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