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Ukn-Sibe Writes . ? ? - Wo
Lim?, Lrv. Co. Aug. 27, IStl
?? My foot is oo my name heath. and my name is McG^eror^
Though slawling as he dkl upon my nati,ve '"j.1 "^JS
ing upon the Bekls, bills, woods and brooks, ?bo* bn ?
irWes sank ea.liest and with deepest impress into myrbe^rt,
I feel the stir of none of those throng, ^
sions which heaved the breast of-he H.<bl.r.dCh?ef _?. u
aplendid par^e si the great ^* ???fg%*
first learns tbe summary injustice inntcted o> " f ,lU
the -collector boa' ^r^w^^S^,S.
ain safe back-comin,,; I ?e nmlrmg. ^?- ?
h.m.to 'for-wear Ui.i.da... country, ?,,???,,.
verily, if I did I M find gJJ^S S 5* ?
the two last-named co^orLn^ f^se-remained
period of my hfe?thaoks to J. ????;?? ? ?.'
;n ,(,.? ?.*?. faretioosle denominated .1 ^ ?'?
SeS,w.a Kis-n.lv toad, and SO h* -^J^-l?, fe I?
Helen had proved the truth of hu words and shown that ?tu
"as verily 'an incarnate devil when her Mod . urr-thon-h,
pair thinr, she bad ovver muckle reason. On the other
hand, the onlv feeling of which 1 aid C0DSC1OCS, is one ot sad
and solemn '/egret, that these images of beauty, these re?
membrances of a happy pa.it, these shadowy ^armenu J.
??lorioiis innocence which childhood throws around the sou],
Hiust he rudely torn away ia the stmgg!* und storm of life,
or fade into unreal dreams, through the laps" of swif-mm.
in? and swift-departing years. How could X now bless and,
with earnest beseeching*, pntv for the return of those hours
when life folded its wings gently and in peace about rny
heart, nnd the spirit wf Love, pure und holy, dwelt like
ii living flame in th? soni's most ?ecret shrine.?
Brit they gleam afar off wi:h their steady chine, and their
light grows ever more dim as v.e advance into the world**
thick, dark forests, where passion, pride, and all unholinesi
howl like hungiy wolves fir the wandering soul. lire the
ti-st gTcat line be reached, their lustre is tfnne, nnd the eye
cannot turn tuo***on to the star that shine- from Heaven with
umremLiine light and guides to holiness and eten.al glory.
Mv last letter to you was dated from Luke Ontario; bin
the Scenery and character of Vermont engross-d so large a
share of i'. that I must "begin hack," and recount my jour
neyines from Burlington iutner. To Plattsburgh Hip dis
tance is hut thirty miles. Every Americun of course, and 1
doubt nor many Englishmen too, know well the events whicl
have made tins place famous in the story of our wars.?
Commodore Downie, the commander ol the British fleet,
who fell in that seven? engagement, resr? beneath a plain,
low monument, in a Iseautiful burying-ground just out of ihr
village, and not fur from his grave rests the body one ton
anted l>\ a far different spirit. I.urretin Maria Davidson,
the 'child-angel,' gifted ns but few of earth have ever been,
-leeps in n quiet nook of this, country church-yard. 1,'pcir
her grave grow a few flowers planted by the hand of tnmi
affectionate friend, and upon the head-stone are inscribed
tlo-se beautiful lines fiom Bbta.NT's autumn Dirge:
In the cold moist enrth we laid her. ? leu the forest < ist the leaf, J
And we wept Unit one so lovely >b ,uld have a life so brief j "
Vet bot unmeet it was that one, l,ke that wnn; friend ?l our-,
So ?entle and so beautiful abould |ieri-h with ilie Mowers.
Tht* villngp of I'lnttsbnrgh is beautifully situated on the
very border of the Lnk*: the srreets, however, are but
poorly cared lor, the grounds are sadly neglected, many of the
buildings are old and poor, and the general appearance of the
place is tar from being pleasant. I here are mutiv situations,
however, of surpassing elegance and beauty. The United
States' barracks, tin ugh not yet complete, are extensive and
well worth a visit from a strolling traveler. The society and
general character of Plattsburgh are seriously injured by the
grent numbers of destitute, dishonest, degraded French
Canadians, wbo come in crowds from what used to be
culled the Lower Province, and still more, in my opinion, bv
the presence of officers and soldiers of the United States
Army, [f the remark ho just that ' a standing army i. n
standing curse to national prosperity, with still greater truth
may it be said that the stationing of any portion of the public
rro.ps in any village is seriously injurious to its m-intis cti.l
general character The most that tbe officers do for a place
is to introduce more gay and genteel dissipations, a lighter
and less earnest tone into society, while not unfrequenlly.
open profligacy and shameless vice are theunicbuked attend?
ants upon their steps. The common soldiers serve to render
the situations of the officers of justice any tiling but sine?
cures, and on the whole 1 know of few visitations more tobe
deprecated by a country village titan thai of any portion el
mir nntinnal Army.
From Plutubtirgh to Ogdensburgh a distanceof some 1 Qt*
miles the transit i? made wholly by stage. We took our
mmis at ihat most uncomfortable hour, for journeying at least,
0 o'clock A. M. l or some thirty miles the roud is inn reu
enough: few cultivated fields holder the way, the sod is
rugged and unfruitful, and the whole aspect of ihe country
imrsh and forbidding. We were favored with the company
of a gooil lady who, having lived in u mart' civilized portion
of the country, respecting which, moreover, she was not very
well informed, retained tailioi vague but most impressive
recollections of the terror \.ith which she had heard, long
ago, of the perils encountered by those who attempt to p;.
ihe 'Chateaugy woods,' which were some thirty miles lone
and wholly unsettled. Tho good woman never thought that
these might have been cleared up since the days when she
listened to these terrible tales, but was momently expecting
;i morning call from some fierce dweller in these barbarous
forests. A mischievous, though in the muin good natured
friend of mine who was our only companion did nothing to
nllnv this apprehension hut recounted with special emphasis
nil tiio titles of terror Iiis memory suggesetd, and now nnd
then added somewhat to their effect by most suspicio ?
glances at every clump of trees we passed. In answer to a
question which she propounded in a tone of mingled fear
and hope, be .-tilled that it was now more than it week since
any very ttriotu accident had occurred from meeting with
wild beasts und that even then the driver and two of the
passengers escaped with their lives. The good lady had by
this time fairiv made up her mtnd to he devoured Us some
roaring lion, mid censured my friend with n?> little deserved
bitterness foi the indifference he displayed in a casual remark
he tnmle to me thai it would have been far more prudent,
in case we should he eaten alive, to have worn our old
clothes. But her courage sensibly revived w hen, prompte.!
by my tenderness of heart (of which th:* incident was not tho
first evidence during my journey,) I told her that-we had
already left till that remained of these formidable woods some
mile* behind.
The road soon becomes more pleasant and for the remain?
der of the route is through a fertile, well inhabited and
wealthy section. The suriace is level?quite u> much so as
in the W estern part of the Suite, and although the soil is not
us rich nor the genera! evidences of wealth and high culti?
vation so abundant us in this section, the n-[ws-t of the coun?
try is far less forbidding than I think is generally believed.
There is one great inducement to every one to rude through
this section of the Stute; it is one which 1 am sure will have
weight with men of ail creeds in religion and in politics, and
of every rank in life:?let ail therefore listen while 1 tell
them that the finest, most delicious trout they have ever
eaten may be found tit every stopping place upon the route;
If this consideration will not move tuen?the ' doctrine of
motives" is not 'what it's cracked up to be.' Southward of
the main road some thirty or forty miles the must boautifu .
lakrs in all the world spread their tine bosom. io the sky
and reflect with (lightened glory nial a softened grandeur the
tpwernirig hills that gaze with boldness into their hidden depths
und the forest tree* that look with more timid glances
upon thoir sleeping waters. Groat places these for fishing ?
Old 1'aiik Walton, prince of angleis would have laid aside
his gentle sadness and forgotten the kindly cogitations with
which he was wont to pursue the piscatory an', he would
have moralised less teehngly over the w orm he was as?i?:i: :
upon the hook he loved so weil, a:,J danced with tio\ish glee
at sight of these glad waters with their hidden wealth. How
calmly happy would he sit in thnt unvisited nook vonder. so
seracefolly arched and clothed with such rich, unstudied ele?
gance that you would know at once the hand of man had
never marred its perfect beauty .' How would the low breath?
ing of the summer wind, sending its voice npon the waters*
and among the solemn wotnis as if afraid of nrottsi;.;- .,
life the great, holy solitude that broods over them all haw
stolen into his heart and filled it with a!! centle and loving
thoughts ! Glorious old Iiaak !?I love to rend thy page,
though I take no great delight in the art of which thou
wen. so renowned n master; it smacks somewhat ot crui Itj
ami what is quite as much to the purpose, it requirvth some?
what of patience. But in the matter of eating trout. Km: -
lome as 1 am. UU cocteosi. Tor a wager, with any tlesh ami
Idoovl within the bounds of Christendom.
The resting-place for the night upon the road toward Og
densburgh i< at a tow n?or rather place, for then* is no house
in sight but the inn at which you stop?named Bangor.?
You will lind excellent accommodations, ami the host, a <tal
wart mac, will give you some mr>- account of men and tilings,
especial!) the Utter, in this secluded region. His punnet.
,i*i, if you will but note her tseartng and iier speech, wiUgiv*
you. mv word f?r it. a better idea of Eli&'a ! r?ntie pantess'
ihan you rrver bad before. The p*ea?Anies4 ^Jiage upon the
route* is Potsdam, by far th?* finest t >wn in St. Lawrence
Countv. The Racket river, which rises far to the South
among the h?ls and iai.es not half a ratio from the spot
whenre flows the mighty Hudson, is here spread out into a
little 'ake and filled with rrrer-n and p!-a*ant islands. The
village, situated upon a level plain, commands no very splen?
did view; but it is a quiet, secluded and right pleasant coun?
try vilia^e. bj do means deficient in enterprise, orin what is
more essential to the good rharaeter of any town. k::;d, in
telligcoL aid high-minded inhabitants.?From Ogden?burgh
j to Oswego I journeyed upon the Telegiaph, one of the worst
tfram packets I have ever seen upon the An.encan waters,
j it i- miserably fitted up. and rr.-ist untidy nrd uncomfortable
in its accommodations. I i e -c? :..-ry upon the St. Lawrence,
! oxeept the passage through the "inou-ai. 1 Islands, is tame,
j though in many places extremely rv?nutiful. from Oswogo,
I a right enterprising town, to frtocheatcf, there is nothing
! worthy of special note: the steamer rides so far from shore
thai yoij ran see nothing of it- beauty.
but I and that, as usual, I am, ipAnnp g mj letter to too
great a length. Thus abruptly, iBereTonr, must I close it,
remarking merely mat so highly do I relish the delight* of a
rambling journey through the country, that I arr. inclined to
wonder, with old Hobble EIIi"t, 'what they can rind to do
amang a wiieen rsnk* o' stane houses v.-.' slaw on the tap o'
them that might live on th'-ir ntn !? ereen hill*.'
CTT To t'ountry Dealern.?Thi riben Iti ep oastant
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plete assortment of School, Classical and M?cellaneoc* Books
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nest reasonable terms for CASH or Lttj dcceplemctl ; also
BLANK ri<'i.?ivs snd STATIONER V of every rsriety, to which
the; invite the attention cf ijercl.ntts visiting the City to make their
Fail purcbat .
ACCOUNT BOOK? ruled to any pj'terr. an 1 made to order, of the
beat materials and in superior style.
ERS, &.C. of t!.? latest par: er nt und fast sowas, suited to
the Country Trade. f?.r *:il" at Matmfoxturers' Prices.
XT Merchants and Heal- r* from the Country are requested to cal
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N. B. Schools, Colleges and Libraries supplied upon the most lib?
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i periodicals and dail) papers many from distant places.) The A*
j >lai. Let roacs pr.nttng delightful recreation lor many ?sinter
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?fsssWW'..; 1 [ <. r: 11
I anre and style of oratory of rainy of th- nn?t distiugoisbrd amt
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I ?vi-Yoili nnri Brie IXaiiroa<l --niiitio< Is. ?
I Notice is hereby given that the N-w-Verk and Erie Railroad Compa
, nv will sell >t Public Auction, at the Merchants' Exch-ngi in the City
j of New-York..on Monday, llie 20th dny of Sept-niber n-xt. at 1
? o'clock at nnoii, under th ? direction ol the Comptrol er One Hundred
i Thousand Dollars ol New YoriLSute Stock, bearing im.t at the
j rate of six tierernt. per annum from tbe iir-i daj of October, inclu
j sively. paj abb- quart* rl> on the br.t days of J lauary, April, July and
, October; h-iug stock issued in pursuance ofChanter I?d of tbe Law's
j el*said Slate, i.f Hi ? > ? r 1*1 i. nud is rei.i.ba. I ? ? i lie- |dea.-ur.! of
th* State ut any tune after the fies .luv nfOetober I?6I.
i The Merchants' rt.o.k. in the City ?i Na ?-V irk i- signod a- the
I place for the rejrstrv an! transfer of said Stock, at i will be the place
I for the payment sf inten -t thereupon;
I The Stock Ail! b ? sold in certiheatea of! ?..* Thousand D ?iiir* eaeb,
: und the buyer.- ?rill iie required t'- pay the am ;:.t of *ti> ir pnrchrsMM
I ras|>ectively immediately aller the sale, ?hi ? trai.sf-r- ? il be made
? accordingly. JAMES BO.WEN, President.
New-York. 35tli tugust. 1S4I. eoiifidlSSl
a.Lv{lk**' ss.rii ria,
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j its. ob baud a well selected^assortment of Cloths, .."a--imeres and
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K MAKUFAf tory.
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rraHK -uli-rr:' r wishes to inform tk public he has commenced
J. raannfactiiring LO<iKS for storas and dsrellings, witbsucbad
vantages ax to enable Inui to fernab a rnuT a*TC aancLS 15 per
coat. than any other maker iu the city. I'.:r-"ur wishing to pur
chase wi Ifind It to their advantat c to cnil and e vim on: b-ore pur
chasing elsewhere. [au83 In'] CHAS. 1'. CA K PEN DER.
KOLTlaEIS i.VH P1?TER8) UKAst*?.
AFIRST ItATi: article of Rolled and Platers Brass, r an alv,yi ts
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States Prison, Mount PJeaaaat, Juno 8, ISdSL
joisr.m n ;. SRvaffHTR.Aseat.
ST?i iu..
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I xv"v? inches?[sixo and quality of the Folio New-Yorker.} It'w
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RCSHI.t Sil EKTJN <JJ*--' ? P5 ? per bale,
for sa.e bv ('. C. H lVEV.2a Piae si. aultieodtf
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oi .he best qa^iity may be had at Ail Hour- on application to
N. CLARK. 510 Bowery.
XT A Physician of lo.ig experience ;w'ao prs^tir.*. in the neigh!?or
hood.'' will be in attendance to e:>- adm-e, i.e. il the nours of - A..M.
and 7 P. M. |vS3m
smith's ri.iu k i:m AUi.i-.imi:.\t~
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"AUlti. ? . BENEDICT, i .-.
Merehaiats'.Evrhange, corner of Wail sn.t William street i
i having formed a connection in busine.- >-i:h5. HAMMOND,
ttheir personal anesrtioa will be given to repairing th t Watch
?mostcomsdicatedparti of Duplex * Catoiuatiei
- put in rsjual to the oruriual.
Mr.'Hanunoad we;:;,! atake hi- acknowledgements t0 the Trace,
for their kindness and patruaaee since bring in New Vo: .. and a II
always give their work presence m u.okiug Duplex work, bat wi 1
not be able to teak' any discount fn.ui the retail price.
Duplex, Independent Second, and other Watches of splendid pal
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?nd S.Uver Ware as usual
Ja 1 1*41 ?tV-sr D,<;ur Hehnich ha.- n-ed soTnM E or 1(1 bot
L, u'-^0.hs?i'"ECT0R,-,'T- *U'1 ^ 0,xu-'? H?? beaia
ai . lor several ye^rs pa.-l, ana his Ah,.eara, loJ e.te, te?
dded .mprosemeot lu baaUh. H? n^ei.-r' ? von 1 d,CIUe nas
induced him to recommeud it to bis friends, and mtw uXmed u.a.
maxiy ol them have been cnr.u. ,ad ..taers grea.lv relies^L
Prenarru ..nly a; No. ?? South-Third street. Phltodelpbia.
Hold ? waolesalc mid retail by A. B. j. ?. SANDS, Druga-baa. Nr.
79 and Ic? EttUssa-sUisjt, auu U.\VI? SAUDS A CO., 77 L^t RVoad
way.Ntw-.ork. .oU 1?
JASES B . .? W A I Ai .
P R T X T E R ,
For tale ?t the Office of
No. lt? Fxoxt-st.. N. Y_ ami No. tu3 Fi.cxt-.-t_ B? - -lvx. L. L
m_- N. B. White head. Otis, Cokrarv. <fcc_ for nil- a.- ?bore. rf
ditcher, k; e y^?rDsT i pl at tT
Attorneys, Solicited aa_ loonspilors.
CrfBceNo.81,83, ) ? , ?>?:.._ i?-.t->-'_.
Merca-ats' Exdmnge, } .'?w-t?rK. m n. k., sjlao,
W__-*tr~-L } nuT.-tf H. Pljstt.
2?y the Drtpvtrrtofyp* Process. '
Tl. D. Tnn l.onn. -ncce-_..r to A. ?*. YVolcolt,
Ufher St?rt os Gkajitte L*i it ding.
Corner of Broadway t'hainn?rs-.t. "in:,.' ;, ChsiBbera N. Y
TT Likrac----? u-en from 7 AJL till I .ndowB. in an} kind of ?ea
ther?Clear. Clcoly. or Rainy au:> lm
No t?? Falton-at. fourth story. New-York. je!9tf
Done in th- ne?t-st manner, cheaply and ev,;vditiou?ly,
at Tax orricc or the mew wotLS, :tn ans-stxeet.
Apply to the Editor or Pahliaher of lbs World. aa'-l tf
3 7 AND -It* B 0 W ERY. NEW. YO R K .
WROLCMCC ?XD R'.TAll. titlllRi IX
Foreign Wine-.. Liquor-.. Ifavaaa Raid Principe
Grocer*. Hotel'. T .vern?. Port-r-Hou?? and Con. try Merchants
?applied on r-a-uial,..- lerms for or approved i-v.-. au-1 lm'
MaK1 - CT axr IXIiyBS LaXDLOXQS' VV.i-iiTS,
AojjfY for Lettik- Houses, Arc.
Office?al .Mnrint- Court.
Home, No. 4- Beekmaa st. aul7 Im
PROM THO?J l?i I. A YE A Mtn.- :
1 Samuel All-n. of V-<* i .,-k City, feelii c nun. -if aggrieved by an
advertisement -:ca d Tho.. Lane A Son. and barms applied to us
i statin: such i'.ct, _e take iin? method of explainingt?e-am-; we
therein Slat d -thil Mr. A lea vj, bu' i_'ce vear- .:. oar em loy
m-ut, and ihen merely io t.|.>c_ out uppers and it end the journev
ineu. for it is a well kr...?u fact that ?av.ue daring the dine - ol Mr.
l.ane lie never trimmed a ladies -ho--, or cut a pair of ladie, gain r
boots.for a ?um ieut r-a-en. th .t he eras Dot comoelenl to do o ." iu
which we did not mean, or wi-h the pablic to h:::k he was not com
pe'?nt tn do :t. hut - anted them to understand that we toon i barge of
the hj-ine?? ourselves. As a workman. Mr. Allen i< of lbs best. l_d
1 lor g-llirg up th- article- of lad et shoes and gaiter b bts, we always
eon-idcred him morn competent ihan snr other man we ever had la
our employment THOMAS LaNE Jr. SON.
Unca. Aug.-I. 1541.
I have snhmittrd to the publication ol the above article, which, to
getber with the payment of all r? t* in me sou I r an . e as a -uffi
. ieni atonotneni for -o gross a calumny.
SAJil r L vLLEN, si J R Ma ir -.
-,-_U-2 Canal st.-.
/ < II KAI* < 1 RPH E *>.-? -
v, vaie -aie. ami per recent importations, .i. extea Ivi assortment
, of desiruMe Brussels, Three-Ply, I indVeai Ian Carpets, which
bsviua* been boughtoa the mo-i advantageous terms, will be -old 20
i p,-r cent, cheap-r th-'n at other establishments. Those who intend
' fun i.kine the coming Kail mouth- _ ill find this di ridedty a good op
portnmt? to supply ibemselves w.ib a beautiful article and al a low
pritf:. bv ralbnit at L. W. MILLER'S,
..! lw: No. _S Caral st. north side, m ar Brosdway.
i II KAP l/AKPxiT .1 !' 4? il i..? I
Vj s-.le a new and splendid a>-orliuent of3-ply Br?ssel?, fine and ?a
pernne lugraia Carpeting. Oil-Cb.ib. Bugs. ALitls, Matiinx with all
other artiries i.ouaected ?ith the bosioess, ehester th ui can be bought
' at any othrr store in the city. Persons from the countryorcity wish
: ing to purchase -*ill find it much to tbsiradvan agi i call before pur
rnu-inc elsewhere, al 17 Canai-slrceu soutu .id-, nenr Broadwav.
m.-jTom DA? |EL 4 W1LCOX.
pLOTIIING tVHOi.l.itl.1 ?ND m I ill..
; v' A c.Kid as'onment of ready-made Clotsing, manufaeiured >x
pre'sly for the Fall md Winter Trade, is now i.. jog Id uh, !??>
and retail at 85 Chatham it The -tec:: i* new ai d easists part or
i fine blue and bLck Beaver, PUot and Fl isbing Overcoaw, m ide^ m
the latest fiishions; superfine plain an- lieur.d Silk"and Tabby VeJ.
I vel. Satin, Vab n-'i. Cloih ??: I Satluet V,..-l? of :i v sriety o! ,'y|e.:a
good assortment ol Ci.sime'e. Satinet aud Moleskin P?ntal.s,~b?
I -ides a fi-st rale lot of Shirt? and Prayers, vi b red twills I and plain
' Flannel tfvarioui ipulines. bleaeked sndiuiibSeached ITaaioa I'l.oi
! nel, Hamilton striped, Calico and fine white Muslin.?AU sel iwg cheap
! for Cash, sr.d sijiinNi fer ihe city anJ country trj.,,..
I N. B. Country it.-r, hanti ire particularly requi st td to call and ex
amiue the ?to. \ lor lin-.i-e .\.. .'. n:, .--.or
S7r?"\t DRY GOO Did.?p. URECOR. ? SON
Is h..ve just opened, al th.irol.l stand, an extensiv, a-- r.m-..i ??;
Staple Goods, Their former customers am! ladies iu want oi Dry
Goods for famils u-e. hp invited to sxamin their I ir_- ? sto, i.. a hica,
for -up.-nnr styles and good quality, mid unusual tbeapuosa, -a.-.not
be ?xcellad. Their -lock rot lists in part of all Styles of i.on.' Cloth
Unbleached Sheetings: and Shirting., Engli-h and >.?'??!-*. Flam la
Domestic ami Cotton Fwnnels, good and ? bea i. Bed 1.1. . t ..?-? .
Spool Cotton; Tapes..Thread. Ac. Stc, Ir.sh Linens, Table Cloths
avd Diapers, Brown Ho.lands, English, French and American Print..
French aad English Merinos, Bombaxincs, Cloth?. Ca limeres, Satin*
ettc Yestings, Silks, Jaconets, Cambric Lawns, Laces, etc etc.
st |w P. GREGORY A SON. 17.7 Sprinc- t.
j~s,%V-4 5 ?t?tt4?Vh:i> ?sllliKT R( HBEH OVER
. tJ SHOES-?5,000 iiair Ladies' and G( atli men's :>t rale. The
uppers of this truly e!t-:^!it Over-?ho->, made from the Rnbherni ira
norted from South America, in shoe.., are erceediorty elaatie, th -
san-e fkee adiustiuir u-elf to every wilih of fie't. -.-.'..? r T> in French
kid and made over lasts of the ino.t approved Broadway ir.stiio.u. Vbe
bottoms or soles of matber laid between the robber, urc joined to?
gether so ?ecurely as to be perfectly water pr-aif. Them Sn.h-v have
been tried thoroughly the past winter, an.! given crul .~a;isfnciiou.
livery pair warrauted uoi Ui d..roiii;>ose, ?r the lippers to loosed IrOOJ
the soles. The trade are invited o> eXasXlslg .h;..e u. general a.
! sortment of India Rubber Shoes, now in order for the fall Lraup.
HORACE II. DAY, Successor io Roxbnry L it. Co.,
anSSm ''-'? Maiden-lane.
A SHADES?OLIVER ',??'. WOODFORD, Catbariue st
is enablesl to offer 1,5011 pairs uf Transparent Window Shades at the
follow ine low prices, viz :
roo pair- Land- ape., 'fore-en vic--s) et *!,7' j -r pair,
-.'a' pairs Moonlight Scenes.St-J.'.'J do
_*? pair. Vignette Ceoters.*'i.>si do
900 pairs French Scroll Borde.-..$4,00 do
N. B. 50 setts real Italians from 110.00 to$30.lay per pair. Country
Merchants and I'pholstrrnrs will realize a -.ivii.i >>f ."- p. r . -nt. by
pun basing fromtne subscriber.
au-Jl lm O. W. WOODFORD, M ' ath r.si
CHEAP CMCKKRV, H?<> f?o.v.ry,
ONE cfth largest and best assorted slocks of common and rich
Goods in ine City, cc mprisiag the latest patterns of?
French China 1? nner Sets.Cut and Plain Glass:
India do do do.A-iral sad Hall Lamps,
Graaile plain and printed Sets...M - it--! r>d Shade Lamps.
Earth'-n do d2 do..... . .Girundoles. *
French China plain and pencilled Tri s:,-t-..... Plated I '..tors.
English do dr. do do . Briilai la Io.
Wcdcwood and Cnamelled do .Tea Boards.
Blue Stone, granite had toy do .Knives, Forks, Ac
IT S.-llnx at pri-e. Wl II woitbv the attention ft !>-.|.-r, an.i
Housekecpet>. |sl-.s.', M LR RITTS A pauk.
1* Tador. No. Lhi Fulton-su would ingite _.. friends and ie.- put.
lie to eijl and examine bis siisek of new Fall Goods, cousistiag of
Cloth-. Caaeimeres and Vestings snited to the fall trad.'. GentXemea
leaving their orders may rely epos their being fulfilled in the most
satisfactory manner T-rms moderate ? i'ash on .'. liv. ry. ?t! if
V would call the -mention of the Public to their e .tensive stock o
plaia and rich Gia-s, China. Ac. acc. al their store. Nos RIO l'-o?erf
and XU'i Grain!?t. PriL?- rtioderal". au D> Iro'y
s.giinl otier for sal-ai amelesale and r, -..n rsrooma,Tubs,
Pads. Brushes, Mat-, and Baskets of every description. Cords, Cor
doge, comprising a general assoriment. ai.fier?i for sale in* bv
MEEKER a: SHAM 95 rVashiegtoa-at
nul? lm opposite tie Market.
A liele d, ihe Modern Bun, era' Gurde, iliastru" d ???:? r~ eoi . - t
pla'e.: Minard Lu/ever, Architect. This ?.. k i- r- ..'?te vc.h every
information coohected with the bueines-. ltd tai i an accurate trea?
tise on hand ami stair railing, a branch which ha- heretofore been
but imperfectly noticed. 'I he principal part of the plates hai- beej j
engraved by the subscriber, with rreatcaie and attention. Ilk. baad
?OOMly Ix.usd in quarto, aad i? rcspecifully ore-red to ibe public at
? hol.-.?;? sod retail. ' WJL D. SMITH,
Arrhiieeturai. Portrait, Seal and Card Engraver aad Printer, ISO
Broad ? av. 3d story.
For Sale, a few due Oil-Sloue. for Engravers, Peuti-t-. liars
sultscrit-ers keep cousianlly ou baud and otfer for sale in .,-L- t ;
sun pcchasers?
WRITING PAPER, c.f all kinds.
Also, Rok.in?_.n's Blank Book Papers, of al! kinds.
PRINTING PAPERS, olall sizes and qualities, on hand or made
to order, at short notice.
They also keep on hand a large .?soruntat of Wires, Kelting'.
Blue smain. Bleaching Powders and aoda Ash tor Paper .Manufac?
turers, of their owu importation, ol ihe best . ity, _...ch they
otfer at very low prices.
jyl5tf_ PFRSSE a BROOKS. 81 Lil ertv -ire. ?_
I of all sizes, hy the sei or siurle plate, kept on hand aad for -ale
by ibe suh?crib?r. Also, all kind- ol" pa;.er >l?cuiu-ry fu.-nisued al
the shortest notice by Messrs. Ho?e a Qsaddard m application to tin
subocriU-r who i? their Agent in this City. LDWaRD CL'RTlS.
?u_4 i? Paper WareUoUMi. '-I Lib-rty street.
WAREHOUSE. No 31 Liberty-street.?Printing. Lithog-apbic,
and Color.d Paper? in all iheir varieties, made to order o: any qua
lit- from common News. Io ihe fiae-t R>ok paper made in the coun?
try, al th- fair market price., from the very superior mil1- of Messrs
A. C ._ W. Curtis, near Bo.-.on. and W. A H. Curti?. Bellville. S. J.
^nd from several oiaer manufacturer". Saving the beta of maenmery.
AU onler? lhaek/ullr received and promptly cs-cuted.
an?6m_*_EDWARD CI-KTls. AtrenL
INGS and Bord-rf. for sule cheap, al the Uoitad Slates Piper
Hanging aad Band Box Warehou-e, 65 Caaal-street, near Br?adway.
New.York. Rooms papered in the ne.ile.t Banns r.
ha4 3a? JOSHUA BROWN. tS Caaal-streeu
MARTIN TV. E .TI .71 ON ?s keeps con-: im. i ? o-iuT?lisuaiTi
af BRASS A GERMAN SILVER Casungs, at Nu 14 Sprace
strreeu j-*4rr3m
PEACH ORCHARD COAL.?The subscribers are
daily receirmr their fu-tplr of best Resi As* Peach OreharrJ
Coal, broken, egg -cd sat ?ize/which :hey will sell io lob to ?iui
pnrebs?er?. at tre lowest market raus.
Ai-o. White Ash, Uverpool acid Virginia C?als.
' i e Aodereotl A Ward.) corner nfLairbt ?ad ?V asbmttcn-si*
PEA CII UK( HA?!) C U A I.?From boafor yard at the
lr.?e>' market price*.
Also. Letrgh. Ijekawan?. Liverpool. Sidney and Virginia Coals.
O of era through tae Poet i Jrfice peiseraally attecde.1 to.
au** 'm;?' J- TERBELTV, ror. of Hudson and Arno?-.??.
I'lBGIlVfA COAE.?No? lochar-ringfr - ; ran.?'.
I Ja. ?.?u Por. fool .:" \ "-.t.-.-vt. N. U.. a superior ?ju.litv of Vir
n iCaL For sale by WARD A BROWNE.
- 3t ,n- \.. > r-on A W'ard.'cor. 1.? rfcl aid Wrisiiinrtoa-n.-.
THIS newly invented Cooking Stove
adapted to the use of Coal or Wood, is fax -u
psr>or to any other now in u?e. The oven,
wisica i> i.rr^r i??n :bat of .?>? other Slov <
Of the -ante ?iZC. is protcrlcd in pan by ,
patent guard plate wh.ca prevent* it frs.n
becoaung i'si DsKbtbestrd. and servos al?
to prto-ct the rise iron becomicg filled will
coli or owr obstructieaf l" tae dra:t Uaboka* a patent darsp-i
in fix tho pnrposo of conveying; off tne vapor arising fiom cookmr
and al.o the dust ar: mg from tie coal. The luck boilers, which it
other Stoves rcndared almost useless by their remotmess fron
the Ma/?'. .re -.. -itsaied as to receive the ?.mir benefit irom the firs
as th. s.i a, front Another very important rrceimraeudaliou to th?
Eagle Cookiuc Stove is that it "requires le?s fuel than any other pat
eni cow in us-. The publ-c ire r-spectfaily invited u> call and ei
a mine for Uiemselve-, si
THOMAS FEAZJER'S. No. 206 Water-street.
Where may "be found a variety of tie moat superior patterns 01
Hill. I'arior.'ane Oteer Steve?. _jv2S "im
sa. TO Vt. as, ?TOTE?, 3S7j 3LEECKER-?TK?ET.?A
^ f.- .....en.-;- ?'Slot ", for wool or coal, suitable for larr? or
small families. AI?o for 'aje. Hall and I'arior Stoves of the latesi
patterns, Cheap for cash
Jwbbinr done at the .hortest notice.
All iT?i"r? taanij'uilv received and punctually attended to.
ant tf " <;EO HARRIS. i>7j Bb-ecker street
Office No. Ill Wn.r.nv. corner or Joh>'-?t.
-'? DYED, restored a^-d dreasetl, iDeladiar ladies' and rsntleaien's
rSTUSeotS, such as Ur. ,.e,. Coats. Shswls, Ciapes, Velvets. RibbosV,
Merirtnes, Hosiery, Cassimeres, Carpet*. Rnjs. Piano and TsMe Cov
e - W ! wSh.'v,. Ac Ac. aa.H lm*
<TKEI. PETNS.?Moss.1 v's CiLUrrr'sai i Knouw . Steal
v p t good a**ortment of POCKET- BOOKS, and other roods
at wholesale. E R- GILLE3PIE, lv Jonu--trect.
au-o "dm* lUiwern Broadway and Naasaa
Ulli. cm.-- I a' subscriber re., ectfnlly hep icav.- to inform ho
frii nds and the public that he ha., ou hand, and is constantly re
eeii-inr, larre invoice-of UuiIN. which he oder? for sale at redaced
price . wholesale and retail. Country merchants woui.l Jo well to
call. W."i"'re purcaa.inr sl?eikere. at
jeSatf '.. -A. n. i\Ai MINE'S. iVi Pe.rl-.t_
Ulll.1.3 "sil HtlWKBF.l). - M \> I 'K S S Steel rYu.
are ?eper la all respects th..a Qatlls?more durable, equally
pliable and cheap.
They are carefully made, -elected and re-aeleeted before offered le
the public.
It is In lieved that their owl m'rils ? 01 ..Mm give them the pre-emi
Dcace a:nonr others.
The trade supplied at wholesale by tbe Agent.
EDWARD J. ENO, 5 Plan-street.
N. R.?For sale by" the principal Stttiooers and dealers in Pens in
the Citv and Country. au30 ly J
?THE PHI I.OTOKE.N, n 'Female'a Friend-'?Tbl
A medicine may be ie?orteil to with confidence for the purpose o j
relieving and removing all those complaints peculiar to femules.
which lead in ?:>n:r form or other to permanent ul health. Ii
will -il.e relieve mu< u of the suiTerioir and prevent those accidents to
which all mothers ire exposed. Pamphlets c-ntanung te-tisnomals.
directions, and much intorvnation valuable to females heads ol
fsm le--, may be bad gratis where tae Philotoken i- sold, at i*!1 and
tin Broadway, IrM Greeneich-street. 421 Pearl 79 and liki Fulton.
?>' IT:j.!-... i: I 77 East ?re ! i av, ? ?."> i 'h itliam. aud in Br.wklyn by
W Badev. Fnlton-straeL Price $t.SO, par Isolde. auSSlaa*
/ -l KI-7 Kill < flOI.ICtCA tltllllll s AND SI M
I ME v COMPLAINT.? I his may certify that I have u.-ed lbs-tor
Jaynea Carminative Balsam very extensively in Bowel Coinplaiuts.
aus have not ihr least hesitation in declaring it superior to any pre?
paration that i have mat with,' for the relief of those diseases,
WlLi.um STrr.Lt.tMG. M. D..
P! I -man to the Cuaibcrlsiid, >'. J. Alms House.
Brighton, July 1!'. 1336.
Dr D. Javmc i?Dear Sir?Having made use of your Carminative
' aisam in aiy family, aad finding it to he admirably adapted to the
? ? mpl lints for which it i< intended, 1 take pleasure in recommending
it to tie use of my friends and the public generally, believing these
who are .itlieted wiim any Otf those con.piaiilt- ?, , Bud relief in thi
see of this valuable uiedrjioe. jo.savii.vs Going, M. D ,
Pre.?ii!eut of GranviSa College, Ohio.
New-York, May 20, ISTT.
Prepare! by UV.. J >.VNK rt Soutb-Tbhrd streat
S. Id at wholesale sad reiatl by D. Sands A Ce. 7V East Broadway.
Price 50 eeiir.-. au!4 Im
J n POBTAN r niOTlCE^-JIoriaOai'a Pi??.-Tai
; I Public of Arnoriea -.r.funued, th at the British College of Health,
, London, have dismissed Mr. Taylor, of M, Broadway, Npw-York, at
! their General Agent, and that row. therefore. 'i(ey lave no longer a
geuei i! agent ic America. This is particularly impre-si d ou the peo
I pie of the United Suite., as ? is ???!! known ihut several individuals
; are emii avoring u palm off their Medicines under the plea that thev
; ar> ti ting ?. General Agents to the Establishrnenl iu London.
I Merchants, Traders, Agents ami ethers, may be supplied ou the. same
terms sj their late >.' ?t. Mr. Taylor, !>v ?enaaiing their iniers direct tc
M assrs. MORISON, at the British College of Health, Hamilton Ploce,
New Road, la ndon, when thev will obtain at lue same time a Certifi?
cate nf tbegenuineness ol'tne Medicines.
Look for the revocation of Mr. Tsytor'a appointment and other par?
ticulars, in '.he New-Yl rk sad other papers. All debts owing to Mr.
Ta : ir for Horba i*a ."/e i'-in-? ir- to be pmd to Messrs. FIRTH A
HALL,ofFranlcim Btfrsaie, Nair-York.
Bnti.-h College of Health. Hamilton Place, f
New Road, London, April 5, 1841. >
N B.?!t 'ill be remembered thai Messrs. Worison's Iste Agent
Mr. T?/Isst'i rrraoned ep i.r.d sold their Medicines to the public in
pind Uhr;? t theriiibre -.. :i wi|l c w r..i u,f - bo geuu'ne. Tue Me?
dicines of tne Hriti.ii CoH?gc oi'Hea'ih vill henceforth be adid'as'in
Eagtaad, with the word- ?? Moaison's I'nivaasxL Msoicisms" enrra
ved in s-Aitc .'ittrrs upon a r'd grvund, intne label affixed to each boa
or packet_jyfls' 3m
C'Ct V ?~?< iVEVr* VOBK, ilOtti sjuly, 1?41.?This
' is U) certify, that 1. Peter Greeu, now empTuysa in Ute engineer's
department of the Narregansett steamboat was for live years dread
filly afilicled with diseased eyes, one of which became totally blind,
arid the other being >u bid that I could with d ffieutty see any thing.
Tniit niter hsvfng consulted and ? mployed .ome of the most eminent
surgeons of thi* city nml Philadelphia, none of whom were ?Hl? i?
reader me my material assistanee, (arid several af w hom pronounced
... incurable] I was advUcd io place myself under th? treot
ment and care of DR. WHEELER, the <?culi?i. of No 33 Greenwich
sir. et ??!,., has icterej ihj m;Ul of .he tye that -a? be.'ore totally
obscured, and otherwise so far relieved me. aritbonl re-trtmr fo any
suriic .l nperaiioa. a* to eua' le me to prosecute my business, and
attei d to ihi du it ? of im itstiou. PETER GREEN
New York, July29. 1S4I.
Persotrails appeared before cie.ih- above namtd P-terCreea, who,
00 being .!uiy -sorn. ?ay thai the certificate |o ah? h his siyualurc
;a atKxed, is trua in all its parte
Vv si. AUSTIN, Commissioner of Deeda,
?- [a M Wall st.
VIS > i ? ip Engraving and Printing Office. A Visiting Card
Plater..- ived aiid fifty Canla forooly$lS0. All other Engraving
at ? n- h.lf the usual price. Pleasec?lland aaamiue .prcmiei?. No.
il)l Courtlapd it. corner ureenwiak, au?n Im
^ HZl Pearl-street, tive doors above Peck sop
a Tin. Ms.-hiue bring, inebu.iness of Card Priutiug
s . -.jab! a higher point of perfection than it has ever
i^T'^pl' ^fhreaUsUaod. ^nd at a mu.-h ch-aner rate than
itsSwaJl r"' ^donehy the common mode of Printing Tho
t^SSaMachine took the premium for tl ? ndPress
in n ? . Cants pn ted 1' mi $1 'SI f3 per I?0Q. auldlm
CARD?! CAJf CS' CA K DM !?I.ocouioli ve Pie,.
? - -li^^j?tf^S?rO, - e? si KrIJS.I :
'?^^S&mjt>&.'^%'' J;'hn-street,
third door
11 out Pearl.
Cin??E, the
only out !a
the e:ty can
?????^-? notbeequal
1 fo< spe ?! and b?au y of printing. Cards ,>r!nt?d ou tsis Macnins
a- mucb cbeaper ra:e.- than by the eon mon uiofe of pr ntiwg Cards.
V>.itior, WeeWlat auo Store Cants engraved and printed,
a'aill Im WM B. FOLtsER, 101 Jobn st. Id d,Mr fr.mi Pearl.
I U.t. WHEELER Ocallst, No. 33 Creenwicli street N. Y. respect
fairy informs rhe public, that in C'u,sc'|aence of bis practice nanng
: ne enlarre.l to so great au extent, he is compelled to coufiue ho
<}'.?< ail. ud nice strictly between the h .ur* of 3 A. M. and 1 P. M .
after which hour be visits his out-door patients.
Notwithstanding taal aasong tbe ma- y hundreds of casej which
Ilr W. ?! u attended, many have bees operated on by other Prof-ssors
without .-jee-sr, and pronounced by them isccrahi.f. yi-t Dr. W. h-s
never faile-i to eradicate the disease, and effet a perfect cure, despiie
every di- idvai t rr which may have presented it-elf. and iu many in
stances alino-l without hope. It is this unprecedented succ?*? in his
treatment of the variaus ^hitherto considered ncurable) diseases of
the eye, that enables him with contider.ee to refer the adliclrd who may
be linac'juaiutcil witb him, and Ills mild niude of treating the disorders
?if this orgm?to numerous restored palienls in the first class of soci?
ety respecting hi- professional abilities and skill as a ?c cntilic
Ocu 1st
Chronic inflammation of the Eye-lid or s-ire Eye?, however long
standing can be effectually and rermanent cored,
n?- All other dueaae* ef the Eye cared without surgical operation.
(Commonly rai'td Sovinttajr.)
Safely and erT>.c:ually removed 'in a few minutes) with scarcely an}
inconvenience or pair. 10 the salient.
'Terms to suit the circumstances of the Patient
N. B.?Office hours from 6 o'clock A. MM until 1 P. M., after which
ou; dcor patient- are visited. ^ lm
Pit KI.EM 1 PICKLESiT^Ordera 7eceived"forTjTboTr?,
Assorted PICKLES in Gallon?, Halves ard Qaartr. in the ustta
packstis, Catsapr, Sauces, Ac. at Jt'HN BROACH'S,
?rtW k)o Ful{*a-sr_ tear Fro'ut.
L_J-L . j-fun*
State or Xi* Yot?, >'C-itary't Ofict. Jus-'t7 J?;;
Pur-uaat to the direction, of Ohe ?-.-??Ted nwoiutleuj
?ad Assembly, and is conformity with tfct pro-inert, nf ihe Co??t,??!
non, tne fo Uwtoc proposed smruinai. to [ha Co??t.i?tjun tu,
t-eec agrcxi to by a majority of the member- ate. tod t.. eaea tf -?j
two Houses, are herrbv peUished for the infer motion of ihr- kw'
of ti- ?uid State. XMW C. SPENCER. Srcr-ur? ?f -.o?, '
l.\ AsssarnLi.May >i, ijj.
RtrvtetoU Tu*? t'.r follow it-. ???.-.-r... ms ? ? .. r L< .....
this Statr N- proposed an.! referred to the next l.f ro'atnr- tat>tjte.
??n. and tfc.t tie Sccreta-y of Statf cau?e the >?_? to r-e reibhst^
in one nrw.paprr Iii each of the .ouul.?-.. of this State. ,t" taera ta
ooe ended therein, for three ?oath? previous to th- nett
election, purwent to the j roi isions of the fir-' lectKVa ..f the ei(tn.
article of the mud Constitution.
The ifi? ?Miele of the Constitution in hereby amended ?o aa ta
read aa follow*:
?an cut rtrTH.
geetjssa 1. The ju-turial power -hull he tested in the Cart sVmVs
trial of imp*schirren? and Hie ror-.t'inu ?f error?, the c?_t ?r
Chin. ery. it,,- Supreme Curt, suen other court- ?I Co ? din .tr iJin^
diction with the Supreme Court, not exceeding i?... .- ns> ,
?uini.-! by las in i ?cfornniy to the aw-'udmcnts to the t'on?ittar?s
hereby adopted, and .u such ?uhsirdiiaaie couri? an I e l .-er? ,.
now cou?t.luted or may front nine to time nerctlcr be cum.tuted kj
} i The court for the trial of impeachments srd the eorrtxtns,
of errors -hall consist of the Prosiston! of the Senate, ta- S?o?;.y,
the Juds-:? of ihe Court of Caaucery. of tne Supreme Court, wi mt
any other court or courts of co-ordinate jurisdiction therewith fe^,.
after to be constituted, or the major part of fiem; bat w h-u at m
peachmeut ?hall t>e pro-cute.! ajtaoist any juoge of any court, tie
per?on ?o impeached shall be -u-pcnde.i from exercising ho ofSc
until his acquittal. and ?heu an appeal from a decree ittChiacrrt
? hall Ik" heard, the judges of thai court shall assign the reasonsa< |
their decree, but sha.l have no voice iu the final sememe ; and aksj
a writ of error ?ha 1 Ue brought aa a judgement of the Supiss?
Court, or auy other court of co ordinate juri?dicii.?c, the ju ij-tsf
the court which rendered ihe ju<-cement ?hall assign the res..in? (*
the same, but ?hall not h ??e a ?-ice far its affirmance or reversal.
' 3w The Assembly ?h?il hate the power of impcc.iiug attCfl I
Officers c-f this State for ? il nnd corrupt pra.lice? in office, snd f, (
high crimes sud misds-i_. anors; t>.i a Basjorit) of all the numb.-.,
elected shall concur in an impeachment. R-t* r.- the trial ofi
peschment. the Members of the Court shall take ,11 oath or arrirmv
nou truly and impartially to try and determine ike ck.ri.-e iuque*
lion, according 10 evidence ; au i do person ?hall tse cont:.-ted w-.th.
out a concurrence oftwu-tbirdj of the men here present. Jurlgcairst
ill ca?e? of imprachmcnt. shall not extcml farther than the remorjl
fiom elf.ce and di?.piulifi.ali.ui lo hold and enjoy any office of h.-n.ir,
tru?t or --robt. under this si?*e-. hui Hie part} con tic tad saall 1?. lia?
ble to indictment am! punishment according 10 law.
J 1. The Court of C ancery ?hall consist of a pre?iding Judfe.
styled the chancellor, and not le?s than two nor more lhan fuur
judges a? may !h- limited hy taw, styled assistant chancellor*, hut the
whole Dumber ?hall never exceed the * hole aumber of judrei of the
supreme .ourt. The supreme emirt ?hall consist of a pressillngjtidge,
styled the chief justice, and not less than two nor more is.u f.mr
judges, as tsay hje limited bylaw, styled justices. The legislatara
muv by la~ coastitute tot more than t?? olher courts tf law, po?.
?e??ing co-urdiaate jurisdiction ?Ith If e supreme court, to fonsisi re
spoctirely of a presiding judge, styled the chief luJee. and not lew,
than two nor more tb.m four associate Jude.-., styled judges. A mt.
joruy of the ju. n>'? of each court ?hall be rcjui-ite to h.d.l the gep.
eral term, thereof for t!;e .-".-^ u heariug of causes or qaestiotta iui th?
merits, hut any less nuuiher may hold special tern,' for hearing .Urier
?|ue?tioiis. a. may bu provided by law. The -MUlature may prevkSi
by law for term> of tne court nf chancery 10 be held before the .-has
cellor or my assistant chaitoellor, making the tlecistoas ai such trrat
snbj-cl to be revised by the court of ch.im.cry iu _.-neral K-na lirf?rs
the rJtancellvir uua iu.-i?tant chancaltors, or a majority of them.
J The judges of the court of chancery of the supreme court, tr?l
of any oihv court of la* possessing eo-ordinata JnrlMictloa ?ith ihr
supreme curt, ?lull be appointed iu the 111 uinei provided by thecoe
?Idiilioii for llie appointttient Of all judicial mm er? oxcupt juxttees sf
the peace, and sball bohl tie il ulSces dm ins good le-baviour, or until |l
ihey s?all ..ttain Ihe at- ofsixl} years. The ?ald ...fees -h.l! befcll.d
in the rir.i iu?tanc< as follows :!.ban cellor aud chief ju-ta*
shall t>" n tamed SI presiding judges of their respective courts; tkr
two other justice? ?l the supreme courl ?-all be retained a? jil.'gesol
their court; the other judgsaol the court of chancery ?hall be sp
pointed from the whole aitmbet of the vke-ch -ncellors ini ludiuj tv
ussistaut vice-chancellors . and 111 ?ppoibting (he oilier justices efiV
supreme court, and the judges of the other court or courts, a pre! a
eace shall be given 1? the circtUl judges then in uffica., and tks tkfes
of vice-chancellor and of circuit judge,as atprosenl cuosiitutsd, *U.I
be thereby at? b -a
f) n liia decraes of the Court of Chancery, and th.? jqdgi n ni> at"
the Supreme Courl. ?hall continue lo be snlij.-, t to rev islou sod cm
reutiou by the Conn for the trial of impeaehntaata and the corrective
of errors in ike same manner ss ronnerly, ami the judgetm Dtsefaa/
other coui 1 or courts of co-ordinate jurisdiction with tbeSupreM [
Court, lo be hereafter eon did.led. sh ill be ?ubjeet 10 the like reti- 1
?1011 aud correction, and w iih the like e:l'.-ct a? the judgements of tie I
Supreme Court. The I.eyi-lature if.r by Uw conrliti;te 1 .-.i.i...
RevbjW, U cuii?is; of the judges 01 tnn coarts, whos- decUtoassn ;
subject lo lie rn-uoved dire, lly lo liiu court foi til" trial of diipev !i
?xentl and the correction of error?, for levis? iug snd , orrectiai las ?
decisions of each otl,,-r ill su?k t i.es -uj lU'iv bo expedient, I elbie ?ll
?auie shall be SO r.-nioved by wrii of er.of or appi nl ; exeeptiag I .
?uch Court ?f Review, ihe Judges tu'ihn court wiiu?- decision*an
brougat 111 question,
? 7. The Legislature ntaj by law provide fur the t.-ial .4" Lai.
joined in any ranri before any of the Judges of the ?sine or any oth 1
OOilrt, u.< may unite ?UM or mure of the Judges of any court ?ilh lb:
Judgusuf any oilier court of subordinate juri-diction f.,r the tri il
any such issues, eras men bars of uny such courl.
ft ?. Judges 01 the County Courts, and Ret-orders of cities, sha'l
bold iheir otBeea for five years, but s?y be removed by ihe 8enate)
on ihe recommendation of ihe Governor, for causes lo he staled .a
such recommendation.
J 9 Neither iho Judges of ihe Court of Chaicery, of the Supremi
Court. nor of anv court of co-ordinate jiirisdiction with theSrpnaie
Court,shall bold any.oiher othce or public trust All votes far my
elective 0tTlce, given by the Legislature or the People, for . uy Judge
of uny of iho said courts, "luring bis coniinnuhce iu his juilieial of?
fice, shall be void.
Thi? resolution having been read (he third tune and a majority of
all the niembei? elected 1- the Assembly voting in favor chareot? '
Rettitced, That the resolution do p
By order of the Assembly, _P. B PpRTER, Ja., Speaker.
In Senatb.May 96, It It.
This resolution having br-en rend the third time, uuu a majority of
all the members elected to the Senate voting In f ,vor thnreuf,
7?r^-.(.;-, Th..l the i?Sa?10Uen do pass.
By order ?f ihe Seiialo, L BR S.DISII, President.
State or Nrw-Yoax, ^rcrrtnry't o-fi-t. June I", IKII
I hereby certify that I h ive compared the preceding with rertiii
original resolutions of the Si-cafe and Assembly of this Slntr, depos?
ited and Sled 111 Iii;? ..the.-, anil that the 'aiue 1? a correct transcript
therefrom, and ?f the whole of ? lid originali
j. '.'i; lawlgw .MilN' C. SPEtVCBR. Secret ,rv of S'ste.
^1 \Th > r.v?.\ 11, K-t.\> AI. Iii' I- mi I .Mr N 1 -LoaXII ?
O caaavtMc on tnc Pi sue " os:-s -- rh? C ?uimtoloneri ?1 >Bt ('?
; sad Puad, >>y siriue isf the ? 1 entilled " An aci it, po v'.le fu??!i' >r <>r j
i lux on the piiall. aorlranow le pn.<>-..,-? p ,.r.i M.y |3 b. lull, hrrrM
: giv- notice Iiis! ., j!.,l p apo, 'hi wRI he i>< - ive.i until Hr nesd y, 'h- t*
, le.-nlh d y ,-> Seoomvr iiniaie, i-mi f ?? ?: la . In-lbs ,11-., vmofWA
day,(bra loan of seyea hundred ? -j--ii.I dsvl oft, f 1 ibi nisrs*a 1 stfl I
ne Cue Can .1;'?? hundred ih wasaiid dollars lor <becmsstnKtlo'uof isi
brnerr V ^ lev C -'l ll, -ad one '.11 aj Stj thOUS W 1 IM Isrs f.,r ,h, roimrst;
le.iio. Ute IM s River Canal ;:tn_kiAs in the whole Ibe ?uui of one ool'ist,
ef dollars.fof wbi- a musf-i-a le e-r'ifV aof tio.li w,!| be issued ia?M
name uf the peuple of ihe State ->f New-York, braiiaf int.rett ?ith-r.!?
if lire per cenl eer u n, payable .jus t? ly, ,,a the H -t day ,f JsiiM-rv
April, J ly aii,l I Jc lolier, in *a.h y * jr, .ml llir p- list ipal payable ,n ihefl it
dar ?>? July. Iftfi". or at say .me th*n after, tt ih, ,1 icr. te n of ih? C,_
, ail., oners ofihe Canal Paad.
, Th- pr j. mU shejid Ksfa me whole rum (he bidder P'oposei m l-iij,
not less than leu iie.s.and ..',.1 sis, mil the sesuunl Iu esoney h. i, ?1 list
io go t for ess 1. buadp d dollars of ttnek. All pr-p stall to hnsed-al upaad
awuorsed " Loan foi the r?l oge sew >>f ih? Erie Canal." or' Cutn t r Iks
. oanatiucttou of ihe Oenesev Vailej Canal" or * Iv.j- (,< ihe ixtsalrurxl 1
of llie Bl -ck Ri.sr C 111 I " at ihe e or may ? e, and ei.cl ted iu ar .i.nr1
ope sliedce to the Cajpir'j ler .1! A|buny,
O3 notice Ub-c gi/ei. 1 rlhc t.cspiane- -i ine pinp? jj,, me reooey .auu
do deposits d to the r.-eti 1 f ?ie CommiMiootrs ??( -heCoisI V,,n In lie
New-Yo<fc tuie Baak al AtaaurKof in ihe B.?.? ,,f ihe Maa-hattaa f'.'uipe
' ny in the city ol N'sw-Yosk.
The itockho dert rrsiding iu ibe l?l and SdSeitate Districts, srd ihoten
, lid.ng oulof the Stile ? II rece. ? the iuleresl.he stock h. Id by f besi
quart.rly. at Ih - Bank of tie Ma hat in Company i" ihe . Ityof .New-York;
: ?11 other it.<1>holder, ti the New-York state Bi, k i ? the ci v ?,(.sih.or.
The Coiumi-1 o- ert re??r?e to itsrooelV,, ihe right of l k'nt ? let, -us
than Ihd which any be ?.ll.-red hj- a.j- p?r? .n or B -11k. if the off r it not il
their "pillion idvinl ife?ui to Die late Sail "f Ihe aisle
U BRADISH LI uteoaatQ.Fvermsr,
IHHN \ COLLIKR, IkimptxolWr,
J.C BPRNCCR, ?rc'r of *,ui-,
O LMOLLEY, Surveyor General,
WILLIS MALI. Au'y Geusa d,
J. IIAIGHT. Ti-a,?ier.
AlKaiir. Sept. I,', fait. tOf] C ..mi-i .it- ? of ?he Ca al Pucs
UTA I'M Of N K W-YoRK?IN' CM tr?CKKY?Wilbau? lugji. omi
kj (te.,r<-R uir- Tru.'.e-. !i. -;. Km-.i.d Wllk?S sod others.
Pu.suant U> a decr-UI <ud r ul this Lssurt mad- In the .h .ye ,ntiibl
c?u,? hearing da e ihe S-tlfi d.y ,1 Auguo. I2H will he sold aTpuM'c r.
t'oo, und? r th? ni'-ni-.n ,f m<- -ob.rr f.er ? ne 1 f th- ats.ier, .,1 ihn f>e>c.
(D. C. k W Pril A Cef, A'-rn sneers.) al the M-lr^..ll |V Bich sage, i- 'r?
tlty or Ne.-Yolk -.n Tue?d?jr ihe vi I systfSept. ,1 l.el r.-ll SI Ig-r/ct/dl
n-on ,-f ihst day.-I> lb ??r-ri IsvMs-f l-.rul ?ils-ste.lyieca .1 t,ei. g in US
Tw-lfih Vsj doiib C it "t New- Y ,tk, snd kosMsa aed di>t.,-^..i,b.-.U?i j
nssp ?f th profn-riy f George Bap.iyr. R..( c ited ii - I,H, r?
F.iu.. 11. de >,y U.ierl h-?. City Su'v-y r, in ih, uvmih ' f >'jy,n? ]
thou ai i -lain l.undi'd jiul ihirlythire, ai du ri - i the ..if. - oflfce Be;
tbterof the City and Cutinfy o New.Tott.oo ihe flrst dty . f Pebfwviy,]
?use thons?nd-ighi .tend-ed ind flity-f ur s b.n*i umh?r (2<Cj 1-0 sw?
dr-d snd ? ithiy-foiir, (2S5) two bun ir dad eiriity.h?-, (2813) t?-, huidrel'
?i.d euhiy-tii. nrfiri g?n lbs v? th rUeef Thirty Seventh .treei.ibr
?aid .', 'lo- - .. ease liu.ier-d fr--l .1, length..- e.rh irie and twe ry-9-*
f?i in hr.adil. Is fr..r t sad r??' ; Usge tM r with all snd jingulai Ul- !????
men--, hried.t.imei i- and aDpurteu<ncet Ihrirunto htlongii-g or ia ?'f
wist lppyrtaimng D.tsd New-York, August 38,1ML
-ao o, W1I-LIAM Vt .CAMPBELL, Ma.i. iy i ? Chanatf.
?uJ>2.wi 2l_ \z |?h,^lr?.l.
y lh,: v'ee CUancelior.?Krecenck PUce rs. Samuel Stephens asi
Tranklin S. Kiuuey.
InpursHauceof;deeret;.|o'(b?rof this Court, made in the ab??
entitled cause, by ihe Vice Chan .ellorof the First Circuit, will beiokl
at public auction under ?.edire,!t,.,n of the ?ub?enber, one oft*?
Maslers oi-aid Courl, at the Merchants* E-.cb-.Bge, in the C iv W
New-lork, by William IL Jon??. Auctioneer. 011 the LJth day of Sec
lember, one. thoutand eight hundred and forty-one, at IS o'clock
(nssouy of that day: All that certain parcel of land, situate m uw
Sixteenth Ward of the City of New-Vorl ; bosnded and described"
follow., viz : Beginning 11, the centre of Tbirty-Niuth street si ?
poini duiani three hundred and eighty-five fe.t souih-easterly free
ibe centre of the Sixth Av.tuur, returniag tkence ?oem-w?^ert/,
parallel with the Suth Avenue, one hundred and t-eufy-etght f?^
eight inebe?. more or less, to the centre of the block between Thirty
Eighth and Thirty-Ninth ?f.: tbecce souih-ea?ter)v along the eeotrS'*'
?aid bl.jck one huudred feet; iheuce north easier ly, parsll-l with tt?
, Sixth Avenue, one hundred and tweaty-eight f?el"-ight inches, ?srr?
j or le??, to the centre ofTbirty-Nii.lh street; and theace norinwc'
erly along the centre of Thirty-Ninth street, ooe hundred foetl?'** *
place of beginning.
Dated New-York, A'igast 13. leMI.
THOMAS McELKATH, Master in Chancery. No.? J./k>B-.t
A W. Baaprofto. Solicitor._auU j."t3!j_
WOOL?50 bales, for sale by GRIN NELL, Ml.NTlR*
siticV) 7s SosOik

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