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HsUe-ai the ?loch Exchange,
1C9?.S- Ban.. H 91 do..........?-?, ^
50 Ao.ni week 6 * do. h f
25 do.tk'swk tl ??"????????.3>J -,,
lOrj do. ? 50ft?raoa. ?
t: d.:i a Hud... b3d loci m d?.?
- do.?-?k.jgjg fc::vr;i? ?
75 do.eaisb lUJx: ' i n ir i-i
4W do.?3d, I'Wi IoO Hartem RR.. . . 7'
75 Ho.th.swk'oei : -5 do. :
i,, . lOCrSOO no.?da f,2j
? do.".".'..'.'.;..c?.b 10? I l8Syr?& Uica.. 181)
?a do ?. SOdaya 107 ( 23 Stonintton...b60d 291
\q .b3ds 105= I 20 N J RR.?od? 77
,C do.? 3d? 105; 10 Boston ft Pros. '.(.".J
bj r.:ioa Rank. l08 85 CaalooCo . ..nwk s>.
15 Bu.k ofAmer.103)1 2? do.thiawk 25
75 Commercial Back.. 49 I 25 do.ih t*k 26)
30 Atlantic Bk. 661 50 do.b3ds 2'.;
?si Merchants Bk.... 109,135 do.sMMrs 20
J25 Vi. xsburg. 31 50 do.bJd 26]
4u Mohawk R R. O i j ??.) N.O. Caual. 441
27 do.,Jdda 60 j
Second Board.
SNohavk. rJOj' 23 do.s3d* 105
25 Ucl ft Ifnd.?2d 10.1 85 do. lu:*
?X d9. 10? ISO Uldend. 52"
10 do.bldiy. 104} 50 Canton Co. 261
? do.th w 11)411
Commercial and .Tflont-y dinners.
H cdnrtdnv. P. M.
The ?lock marke t ta< not firm to-day, bat tu? sate*
em extensive. U.S. Bank fell off J, Canton Co. i,J4o
hswk U. Pntctsau 1), Harlem Long lslaud i, DeU?are
?ad Hudson 2j.
There was a large amount of operations in Illinois and
Indiana Ponds, at a decliuc of 3j par cent, on the furm-r
and i percent, on the latter.
i.lfil Indiana Bonds.?;
4.WHI do do.-s15
1/00 do de. *?*
1,00 do do.
'-?.0 0 do do. '"'5
1,00!/ do do."3d 46]
2 W0 do do."3d 4* :
P.0O0 do do.?3d 4"
? I.00J Illinois .Sixes, 18711. 44
?2,l0? do do.bOOJ 41,
ll.U?O do do. 43J
".WO do do.? ... 43
1,U00 do do.?301 41
Exchntigee.?Koroijrn?The market is not wull aupplied
with bill*, and lbs sale, remain Inch, tin I.oxduii'.'a!';,
oa Pari? 5.17j u 5 20. In consequence of lhe-e Inch rates
tbe shipments of specie continue aid th.: Gladiator takes
out to Locdou upwards of $2 0,0t/o.
Domestic Itiiis we quote:
Philadelphia. U'i a ''i;M'iut2oiu< ry. f. a 9;
Bsl tiros re. Ii n iHToacaloota. ? ?>.
Virginia,. .'ij u 3/1 New Orleans. .'ij a 4
Harth Carolina.3j a 3$ Nashville.? all
Charleston. Ii n I) I Louisville.?) a 6J
Savannah. vf u iilji4l. Louis. <ij sill
Augusts. 5 a 6 Cincinnati. /?! n s;
Co.umhus.I I a ? Interior of Ohio. . S; u 9]
Mscun. .15 a ? Indiana. Bj a 'J
Muhde. el a BjilUinoi*.9} ulu
TU Aufusls Chronicle says; "For the psst week ilia
market law been quiet for Exchanges with a steady de.
maml. Tue ra'es for Georgia llailroad n.le. i. I percent,
un New-York, and 3 on Charleston, ur.il aorno of our city
Banks tiard chi nked at ? pegcenl ou Ut ? Volk fur their
own uutes.
Xess-Vork Markcla.
Ashes?The receipts continue to be light asd ihe dr
usnl far export continuing active the rate has bean grsdu
illy improving. Th? sales in the early part of ?M week
sere at $6 but there is now no Pots to be had lower than
|S25, at which rate they have been freely taken for ex
ssft. Pearls have improved ami ihara is a fair inquiry in
$5t7j, wuli bet few sellers al less thaa$6
Corres?There ih a steady, fair demand for most de?
scriptions Without change hi prices, dales Braail at 10 a
liei Laguyra, 10' u 101; Marecaibo, 10; Java, 11J : St
D.miHfo 6} a 0c.
CsTVOM -The foreign advices have had tbo rffert o'
addiug firnness io the mars et, and the business, al.liouch
nut vary hexvy, has been done at full puce*. Sales Up
Und an! Florida ni 7 a 10cj Mobile, 8 a II. Now Ur
Iruus, 7] a 11.
DOMCSTIC Oootis.? Thfi deii aml continues good al?
though uul so brisk us b.foiu nol.ced. The stock is nOSS
quite low.
Fish-The market in first hnmls j.barc of Mackerel and
Dry Cod. The las! sales of the former were at $19 50,
|10 25 and $6 50 for No. 1,2 and 3, und of ibu latter ai
|3 S7|. Sales Chatham Shad at $11 fc2i,.unil $612) (or
bbli. aud half bbla. Saks smoked Herring ut 62)c, fur
sealed 40, and 2.7 lor Not. 1 and
Ft (la sND Mr u.?'I he lu irki t, which was previously
lull, was completely uusvttlud tue foreign advices, and
(raduully declined with an almost total sbseneenfde*
nasd lo ii 3iJ a(> :i7) lor Geuesee. Ai thrsu raies the in
ia;ry became more active ami the m iikel gained lir-n
ts's. \\ ilbin a cay or two cunsurr:.ble sal-^ hat [ been
nad? for homo use at 637), und 20<hi bis f ir export to
Lajlaud at the sqme rata. We quota Gaaesee Ii :.7j u ii
Ui Qhio6 23 ? f> 37); Michignn 625. For Southern the
rau has alto declined, and in consequence the basinesa
1? been iiiord active. Wo quote C ." B u fi t!JJ. Tlie stai-!.
bisb.'en iucreased to some- extent. The supply of Com
Ui-id is belter, and sales of 1> Irrels have been made at 3
61J fjr J.-rsoy, aud 3 ft7j- from Brandy wiuo.
IJsain.?The m irket has been inactive di|ring the week
ainly iu ronsr qucrce of the absence of any considerable
'sauud from ihe Fast Distillers are generally uua illmc
n>key at present prices. tSmall sale, of Northern Corn
are been made at 80 a 31 measure, and Jersey at 76a 76j
?*??. The lUpply is uoi lory larco. Northern Ryu i
??Ihrrat 70 a 76J. A parcel of Baa old Geuesee \Vh al
?tsttken at I5Q, and a lot of new \ itgiuia ut Mil. Uat>
us iufair demand at 4Du 5Q, with not an over supply.
Hoi is.iti?Sales of New-Orleans at ~l~i, Martinique at
N Porto Ki:o al 36 u 32. The Jemand lor prime quality
*. (sir, but ibe co mm in sorts are dul1.
On..?Whala c?uliuuas very scarce, and wanted at 3 >
Tilt last sale was al that pricu. Liasced is firm al <il cash
?t1 Oi 6 mouths, wiih sales. Sale:, of crujc Sperm al 93
I osutbs.
nice.?The stock is reduced very low, and ihe sales
?""ceutdiaed to small lots at 3 ?7<. Some holders demand
ProvirtOMS.?For Beef au J Pork th -re continues a fair
-'aiaiid ?ituout change iit pi ices l.ard is in Rood re
?^"'ta: 7- a 71 lor prime \\ astern, hiiJ a a B] for North
Jri Pickled Hann are worth "> u r.J and smoked I a ttc
^boulders cents. Butter aid Cheese uro m lair de
aisad ? tull prices.
Sccsks?Remain as last noticed with a stea dy fair de?
nted. Sale, of Porto Rico at 6J a ~l . SLCroix, 7j a 8)5
X.0.7a7J: Cuba Muscovado,6j ?b,te Braail,7) brown
1 Havana, 7 a 7, ; White do, ;>i a 10.
WmsttSYe-The market is very dull and declining. We
aaota Stats Prison bbla 2lc.: good W. stern. 221 a 23 t
Drudge Casks,23, wUh llmitsd s.le?.
tax*?At au auction sale yesterday the market was
srtH sustained and fur ?,u,o descriptions the prices ob
lamed wero an advance on i,nv.ou> sales. The teas wen
old and fioui several cargo?.. BJX Teas are scarce aud
I seated.
? nlcs ut Auction.
By U M. II >iba*u * Co.?Teas?.Tertas, satisfactory
so e-. ut.', month*. pavaMs in ih.- city of Ne? ,,rk_
I " II) .on?35 ehest*. 62); 5 do, 59- i do, i?; 5 do, 721; It
io. 67), and 163 do. witadra*a.
Canons Hyson?4 ehesis, 93; 11 kf do, !Hi. 7j 13 u> has
*-'?!? 3J? do du. CO.
Voang Hyson?18 bf chests. .'0, 60 da do, .53; Sdo.lo
s2 do do 59; 17 do do, tlj; 84 do Ji>.f3i; :tu do do,:
\* do do. 64?; I!' dodo. 63; 7 do do, t*f j; 7 do4o,66; .i.
^u do. b2. 6 do do 6 ). 3il do do, 50, 30 do do. .".-j; |j do
S?; SM ,?? 41 5 j0 jH (,7;; 13 J0 d?, 6ti}; 81 do do. 0,'>; 7:
<!o4a,62i; 113 Jo do cni. to d-.-b. 42; 89 do So mit;,-,!, t s
41 dodo.bbj; 6 do da. extra fine, 8 lo dj do, extra cun
2*.9l;IOdodo, extra line. S3); 7 do do. 631; 20 do >'.c
^ti do do, 58; 10 do do. 53; 10 do do .v?, to do do.
!" do, 10, aud Sil? do de. irithdrawn. 72 chests, 58; -
l|u'< s6.?;:iid? 50;; s1.? do. 35. 29 d>. 6-' ?: 10 do I
J*i 15 do, 57; . 1 do. 68; 2 O H:b bo.\e., 32 a 33: 5J do d,
I 5ao7oj.
I . ft ?- tt.Ladlaw.?Real Estate?Three story bouse X>
\ Kfi "road* iy, earner ol J(fli i SOn-St.? 'ot 232 h
I.VOO u.iu.e and lot No. S31 adjoining, same di
u"J""a' $5.250
S M 'I ?irj.su st Co.?CoSTee?300 ba-s J iva at 9
I Toba-co?11 j bxs maaufaet at II a I Nairn-;
2? k.gs st - '; 1 do at 75. 3 do at 4:' Starch?to kep. ?
I uavials?.-411 kegs at ad; Soap?160 bXs a
'?Jj- Ciarol?3.iad>.st3.'U. .M.itisso. ?10 ahds st2
CTGrahnni Uouae.tiJ Bsrclay-st.?The frieu
'?aperaaee xig mvued io call. Shower Batusfree. 1
Office Bowery.
Graham's Lady's ami Gentleman's Ma^aziur.
Coolen ti of [he Ociot. ?r number,
VoLX X....N0. -1
Original Paper*:
Brot'-er a: d Sister, ?lu-t at^d by Jeremiah Short. Esq.
Kate Bererly; a Story of the Valley uf Wyumiu-?il?
lustrated by Percie iL Selten.
W e ?rere Boys Together hy Georrc P. Mo ri?.
L m- Tor Life; or, Leslie Pierpoiat; a rale in two
Parts, by Professor J. H. Iiijraliatn. author of ? Lafitte,'
' Ki.:' ' Ths Quadrooae,' etc . .Part 2d.
The I'm istian'i Dr< am I I" the Future, bv Robt. Morris.
Th- Kowserillers..Na le?O'Donnell's Prize, by Her
m:.u PHntzboff.
A Forrest Scene, by Mrs. R S. Nichol?.
WawhiU?wa; a Legend of the ftuonuecticut, by D. M.
Shake-spear..No. S. by Theodore '?? Fay. auttior of
? Nor nan Leslie ' ? Tne Coaatesj l<ii.'?' Hamlet.'
Biilat. by J. It Lowell.
! Tue Kotn'an Bridi: a Tnle of the Western Empire, by
' th? antborof ''J be Brother.',' ' Cromwell,'' Riogwood the
; Rover,'etc.
Angara, .'written on th' bank of the Nia-rtM river, be.
tween tbe Rapids and the Cataract.) by Ureas nie Meilen.
, The Vagrant, bv Louie Funsters! I T?.i?ira
The Baptism of Poeshanus, on tue Picture inthcRr,.
tun a at Washington, auttior of ' The Dream of the Oela
Thr; Reefer of 76, Bon Homme Richard, by the uu
thor of ' CruiZiOC in the Last War.'
Israfel, by EdjraraPue.
Music..' By-Gone Honrs,' words by me lien. Mr?.
Korten, music hj Mrs. Price Black wood.
Sports and Fastimes..The Fowling Piece?Woodcock
j Shoutin?.
' Review ofNow Book?.
The l!-other ind Sister?'in exquisite Mezzotinto on
steel, from tbe burin of Saruin; engraved exprceslyfor
tlnv Msgsffine.
! Ilt-^r ?rot into the V alley cf Wyaminj?a boautiful Line
engraving; of American Scenery; engraved ezpressly for
us by A. L. Dick, Esq.
Colored Flowers-a Briquet
The Monthly Fashion?Four Fr/ures: z Grntleman
and three Ladies, ??! graved on steel in liic finest style.
Music?Two pages : 1 By-Gone Hours.'
'Ill It MS?S 1 00 per annum in advance, or :Jj cent- a sin
ale number. Published monthly, delivered in any iur;o:"
this < sty and Brooklyn, and seal by mail to ali part, of tbe
L'u.tei Srn es ,n,d tin; Canadas, bv she Publisher,
rr to ;:eiu ha>th axis othebs.
?The nndersigard having received a curse cf lessons
from *'r. Richardson, in bis Academy,235 Broadway, con
eeive il a duty to say. tor the benefit uf (hose who tire not
a tpjsieted with tin- gentleman, that they insy place the
highest confidence in tu? instructions. His system nnd
manner of tcsching it entirely different from any other
tetcher with whom ?e hare been aerpiniit.il mil ins sue
ees ? is not confined 11 any pai tienlar age : belli ;.v.u.,r n:.<!
obi seem lo acquire a full and ?alisfact try knowledge, f? m
his p ain end interesting e.xpl nations, consisting uf forty
Mr. IL-liar !.on'- -y-tom* of Bok kcepine anil writirg
are com rderr d. among the best, and bis success has been
without a t-inglu instance of diseatitfaeiion. Ami we ?.'o.
with ihe prustest pleasure, recommend him to our friends
and f llow-citizen?, BS h correct and very faithful te icher,
one tiiat is every way qualified, having been for thelost
twelve rears, principal ?>' ihe Commercial Department in
several of ihr Boston tfclio I-. aud i- highly recontraended
by the Mayor of Boston, and School Committee ol said
-i ho i ". Hi- classei .\t? open f-om A. M. until i* P. M..
daily. John Crolious, No. 15 Beekman-st,
James P. Roscrs. 59 Green wich-it
W. S. Weed, Ohl a '5j- Light Co.
W C. Tavlor, 3o9 Washington-it Brooklyn.
J. F. W Vim lorbilt, :i Catherine -hp.
George G uckrmeycr 112 Pearl -i.
A. D.C'irtwtigbt,305 Breome ?t
Joseph Wait, 144 Nassau-ft.
It. A . Bachia, ?.'?'?'< Bnsadway. ?23 Ii
ET Male oTGeuleel "'urtiiuirc, including a
-jdi n it J Pi uio Forte, A e , on 'I hursday, at No. 35 Mulber
ry-sircet Sec auetiau hen I of
i22 at* TflOS. BELL, Auctioneer.
] TSali> of Pinna is ?rim, Organs, Se*aphinns,
Paintings, Looking Glasses. 4ce on Friday ia the Large
Roiims da Ann ami 115 Fulton-streets.
s223t' THOS.BELL, Auctioneer.
A ti c 11 o n Noii c e.
: T sTJcrtnan TLrtsasN, Laces and Cotton Fi ingi -
al Aliclirni on I liiir.il.iy la) I in.-'..
lilt IPER, J'. will s II at Ins Auction Room, corner
of William and Pine street,
2* cartons German Thread Loeei of in"?c.t and choice
patterns, and in ihn meet desirable assortuacul*.
Al.... 6 asm Germao Cotton Fro go*.
These Goods c in;.r;-e un entire invoice and will be de
rercd immediately on landing. sia
IT Private Tcrfcher.?A young gentleman of
Coliegi i e education, is desirous of giving inairoction, one
o. two bouts a d ry, either in ? private family or boordins
school. He would consider ins b tard a eomponsntioa for
his service. Testimonials of character aud capacity
with the most respectable references, wiU bo given. Ad
dr. s, S. P., at this office. ?15 if
0 r Cnttle "Itow r.tnl Fair nt Syracuse.??
The Executive Committee of the New Vork State Agri?
cultural Society have made arrangemeats to si nd all
stock, implem'iuts, Ate., destined for ibis Fair, from Al
baay lo Syracuse by railroad. A traiuof twenty pari will
start from the I roc In. du'pul .li tint city, on Tuesday
luuruina Sept28.
D" All |ie-?on- wijhina ta send stock, implemeats, Ac.
should give immediate noiice to F.. P. PaEMTici or L.
Tucana, Alban/, nnd all animals to be seel must bo in
AT un.. iu seaiou to bi> put on board the can on Monday
afternoon STth iiist.
A'bany, 18th ?ept, Iw*
D* The Last 4':i ii.?tirucha, li ivbele and M- o
Sli iw Is, 15 mbazines, M? ? iuoes, Silks, Cloths, Ca*eimort t.
Flannels, Biaukets, Muslins, Volvcu, Satins, Luc-, II- ?
tiery and tiloVpa, Ac. OfC rare idling al CUaT, for u few
davs only, ai
s'JO lw' J. A. RENNET'S, -57 J Grand-st. near Sheriff.
L r Particular Notice.?Thuse persons having
furniture ol any dcscripiiou to dispose of, or whu are
breakingup bouse-keeping, will find a ready sale for anj
portion or all of their goods, by tending tbeii address, or
calliug upon the subscriher.
Goods to any amount purchased
?7 lnu* auw' (-a, F. COLTON, 187 Chulimu etroeL
i.ast sixtv-mvk TEARS,
AM? TIM LS. tu '-' Vol- . I'Jmo.
Oo ii tents of Volume I .
Battle of Lexiugion.
Boston from I7c4 to ITi-'?.
Charit ttoo ir 1*95,
Sandwich Irlands.
1) dbam, Besten Ac. in I?.?-'.
The Late John R indolph.
J..dae Edaaus Kurke o South Carolina.
My First V ynge to Lurcpe, in IsJO.
Peter Frea-au.
Geueral Robert Y. Uayno.
A 1 Li- in Cincinnati
William Low ndc?.
Jukn Geddes, Governor of South Carolina in I8l9aad
Progress of the Newspaper Pres?.
George Washington.
Authentic 0 curreuce oftho Rovolutioa
Edinbi rj!. iu 1903.
A Voyage to Europe ,:\ 1920, embrr-eiug a Tout in
Eoglaqd Prance?thoir Agriculture?Chief Towns
Curiosities?Trial uf the ttueea?Excitement?Proces?
sion, .vc. Ac
John G ullaril of South Carolina.
John Hancock.
Th; Lie ol Wight?E irl Mjira.
Tot il Eclipse of ll-.e Sun.
Samuel Adams.
PostScript to ihe Reminiscences?Charleston, S. C.?
? Baltimore- Now-H improvidence?Arnold's Escapo?
Facu to make Men Tlurk.
Contents of Volume II.
Sketches of my Life and Time?.
1 take the Responsibility.
Druukatds and Qlultous.
Iti ? tilv import tnl from Wo.-i.iUj ton.
Consumption of Bread Stuffs.
The Wonders of Natu.-c.
Tin- P?a. sad ihe Presset,
Mr. Dromgoolo's Resolution.
Extn oriliiiarv Product.
To ti c Hon. Johu C Calhoun.
Accouut of ih ? Great Flood of the Haio and its Trlbuta
; ries. February, IS32.
Retniqi-ceaciu of Aaber Robbina.
Remiuisc mc- of Noah Webster.
Tbc li.-cai Valley.
Tue C.iaailat.
F.i.-..a Whittb scy.
Cong 'ess?Extra So.-sioa.
Mr. I'sliiun.-.
Cincinnati ia Jfovember, lr?J.
Chore! es.
Pin.no D vr'.lincs, Ac.
W uer.
H--ultii an 1 Climate,
sue of Use luy.
Kxp >r.-.
Trir. Post OSes.
The Queen of the West Her Improvements, Litera?
ture a- I Arts, ia October, 1S37.
Sculpture, '.'uiuling.
Ci ?..luuati in IShO.
Boston Massacre, March 5th, 1770.
Tue Boston i'.-a Pad), wh.ca i^.k olnce ou Tbu^dav
Deceiaotr. 1773.
Evaenatioaof Beaton. March luh. lTTo.
Appenuix, iu 5 vcls. Ii.:iu.
Jj-l r-eceited and far sal- by
3ti? ? ISRAEL POST, s; Bow.ry.
I A? Columbus. Ca., Sept. 11, Chester Hiram Dunturn, a
l' p. iO.h year cf age.
\( '." .VI" K D ? A . = -.-t ? nr in a Dry Goods store, ap.
V niy to J. B. MOORE, 23 Cathcriae-si. tSj It
UK T IVlTKStE, well ri eorsmended, war.:? a .uua
tion, at HuL-un'?Office. 56"? I*ea:l st- ?23 1 ?
SyOY VTANT ED?To t?a of errands, a
3 !.'! Va.--.iu street, corn-r of Pice street. s23 St
A,KT> 1>?<u I- :??><?? .ni.-re-la.. Also
StJ16Fu1Un-st. _3f
TOOK WANTED.?A first-rate Cok ?ili find
--? tmpl.iymeijt at I4i Eighth st. s223tis"
Nn rVsij Pearl-sirect, Boar Broadwav. st Irni?'
I Oil's .UcCAHE efc ?jo.'i? LVi-fcLLIGKNcT: ?~F~
af FICS. .?? Nassau rt. ?9 lmi.?*
?>.- >> pi.?"s iNi t.MT<;t\( ??! i !<"?.
1 r.u ha?: llma-i >a-.??? for servant*, and lo ci.ara*e
to empiove*s until furo:- ed. silt"'
UA.\ 'S' i-. D?tl 1 lachmen a:; I 2 \v liters, srith good
city reto-euoe. for respectable private families.?
Apply at the itHce 5*4 Broadway. tZi It"
\\ ' ANTED?A situation in a retail cry gu. d
? ? by aD intelligent active-Boy of IT, who writes a
rood hanel *hl is well recommended. Address T B. at
thi?_r.ffije:_ s23 3tis*
H'.l.VTliD--a?ili"?. Msrcti.'.nts Ilm d-rs. Hotel
? " ami shop keeper-.(iwnera of Farms to snpplr with
good Hen ai.d Woman help, at the City uck?. No. 7."
Canal- treet, ?23 3t"
l If A .VIED?To invest a f.jw hi.ndred dollars in
1 f some safe and profitable business, either as partner,
or by purchase of io:a* person's interest :c a bu>ni"S al
ready e-t-1 Iis] ! \ Idress J. W. S. et this r.ffiae. ?23 3is
U'AS SEI?.?Good second-hand FUKNI I'L'K E,
suitable tu furnish r.:.e or two room, ami a bed
room, until ih: Is: ?f May text, al a reasonable rent.
Any person having Furniture, not in use. may hear of
one who wilt take e-i-J care, cf it. b; addressing a line 10
P. W.. Tribui e Office. ,ii 3tis*
\i Hi- E WAS I El/-ni i7'?s nr.ii ,:? .iii.toliig
? I circuin-tan -: and tue lad v. In In: acceptable, wist
snssrer the f< Hewing description: Ace from 1- to22. dis
position ciild. pious fair features, middling sine, ii telli
e'nt, ofre-peclabie fistily. und disposed Malay al home
Letters addr< ased tu S.. S, S.. ami left at the offle ? of the
Tribtti 8, staling here a.-d wbeaaa interview can be bad,
*i'l l.e fiotl.fil y ?tt.-::i!e1 to. s223lis*
'V*> .'sSis^t sTaNTb ASU Vi |itjUS.-a
1 m diiie-age ! in in of good character ami habits, wish?
es empioyme t in s .--'?or'. Office, Manufactory, or other
establishments to make sir.-s. do light work of_ any kind,
errands, dec. f|c is capable al*otf as-istiag in more im?
portent parts of business. Persons in want of an indus?
trious and faithful man, for . ich purposes, will please
leavi a acte addressed to S B. at the Post Once.
?23 .'tis- j
C- I - ;?>..".-> $10,00)?, stt.OOO. 15^000,
'./ I 4 ?Uwys $1,0?', ??.is?. to loan ia se irate
sums on bond nail moitgage on real estate in this city.
Ap.ijy lo s23lw JO*. B. N0NE3,3 Wall-?t.
fiOAll <*t>laIaAKS?.?Rum, Branuy, Gin and
Wine to Fxcliaugc far cash and Western
Lau ! . Apply tday lo Siimii *. Tu. nsr, 16 John sul*
DAKE i'44.i ~*i'V..?A young innn w-tn asmall
I V c p lul -ul! hear of a favorable, lieht ami lucrative
husincs . < uly one half of the money to bs paid down, the
other in 0 months. N ? i tack required i<> cocdncl tlie i,u
>i c? Apulv"439 Brome street "23 It*
I^OE Ni 5>.? \ whe I harrow. The. owner may obtain
I it by calli: ^- al J-.I Pearl ?t. and paying expenses.
I>??i V 4-1 II BOAUDIIVO.?A prirate family.
X haviiurm.ro room than they require, will receives !
. sntli;. u and wife, or two or three single gentlemen a
oo rde s, and will endeavor lo in?.k>- ihrir iiouie m < vert
rcspectapl usautone. Apply at 106 Hudson st. Bcfer
en ?? i exchanged. sil 3
WASTK!) Tt> ::KN I'.- . p.H.ir, ki-'ch
B B - ? and lie I n an, furnished or unfurniahed, sin-able
lot house keeping for a gentleman ami bis wife, withoai
children Location uot particular. Rent low. Address
E S. i' al tin eiri?c. ?23 3 a"
sSsk 'l'O S.KT?A.Nea Rocbelle, ?? ni w und band
< j" - m? -lore, i car ike steamboat landing. A good
?laud for Dry Goods randy-mada Clothiag or Shoe busi?
ness, luiiuire of J. I.. Moore, No l!2 Chatham ?t- Ne*
Vork. s23 3*
'i'r? i.Zl't'?A hundsninn two story llou-c Ith?
Waverley place, near Was hi njfton Parade Pos
? iuki ii .1 ly. Kent loa: t<> a ci?>il tenant. s2fl islf
l> 4- f at <" '5'4? Is V ? F.?r *a|e cheap, Stock and Fix
Ik- iii-e- $l'iperd*y ean ba made out of It. $i50 will
purchi so tba -? hole. Apply iln- day la J. TURNER, 16
John-.?ttcet _s-H If
|.ni>Otil set; IOK8ET VVAHI.B&4?rMK.
I ?VV B1RT, 1 Cedar-street, near Pearl, is now. receiv
ng a large assortment of white and rolored COttSETS,
uade to order, warraatod to give satisfaction, and selling
it extrginoly lo * prices,
N. II?Country Merchants supplied. au241mis*
.~ GUM ELASTIC SUSPENDEKfj for side at No.229
Broadway. s-.'J sti.
ki PITAirFiEI.D Siik Pockei lidkfs, Liaen d
0 I ,k llaliaa aud faiicy Siik Cravat) ut 224 Broadway.
-a SIL KS?C. B. LEW has received, and i? constantly
rcci bring by every French packet, tbs newest and riebest
styles Pan. Bonnet tUbbons aud Bonnet Silks; the
vory crojt ssaortmsut already received uro decidedly the
most eleraut ever imported to this ciiy. C. B. L. ha?
also imported entire') a w stvle full neck ribbons; also '
a greal variety of fancy l>rv Goods. Ladies are respe t
.ally invited loca l before purchasing elsewhere. Mil?
liner.- and country il alcrs supplied on the mortfavorsb e
terms, ?bolesaie aud retail,2d Division-.t
s-t.limi- C. B. LEVY.
/ I IB EAP SttJCrAXI_A large and ? home assort
" mi ni of while ......I 1.1 o" Sucar,suitable i,,r preserv?
ing, for -a!- ..i any quantity; 7.5U or IflOlbs- barrel ,,r box.
by i. 0. FOVVLER. wholesale and [retail sracer. -i"ai
Greenwich st. cor. Murray. Families and dealers from
the country ir,- r, i|u sled toeall and examine belbtc per
1 II .-.:ii' eise? hero. N B ?Goods scut to families free <>i
charge. _.23 3*
\'?f.\<i ?Sl SO.> TEA?Is- chesu Vouog Hy
1 son T. a bar - tic by
s-.M OIIINNKI.L. MINTI.'ltN .v CO. 7-iSouth .t.
( IIIWSjIL.?liQ tons on bourd ship liueh.-^, tor sale
\J by
s23 GRIN'NELL, M1NTHRN & CO. 7- Sonth-st
sjl.l I K nF .Nh\>-\i>ltl<-l\ CHAN'CKKY.-Bef-re
? the Viee Chancellor.?Trust Fire Insurance Company vs.
Qhtdtah H Imss, New \ is I):.. I) >ek Ciimpany sod others.
|n put mance . f a drei,-:.,I ?i4cr of this Court u Uta in lha
sbjveentitled cause, h artiig,date tbe.I5lh dxv of September
one lhou> ind < ight bundled and forty-one, wilt b sold a, pub?
lic suction.u d i tin Jiiectiunoi the lubscriber, utie ol the
Masters ol ihis 0 ml, i William II. Franklin. Auctiuncr.) al ,
? he ?Iercha?ils' Kxehangs in Ih c- yofXew-Yotk. on Friday
Ike lath day ol loher next, al 12 o'clock no in ul ihai day,
all those nine cert tin ! its, pit r.. . i p.nc. I, ofland -iiua'e. lv
iii- and '??'i-iC '"the T>velfth Waid of ihr City et New-York,
kn. ?Ii on a - Map ?I ! mil. situ ,ie imhr Twelfth Wird of .br
CityofNew.Y?ik"madeOecemherlO,] ;;J kyEdwii Sx-iin.
Ci y Sur? yor. bythe l umber. 173, J7J, 180,1,31,182,133,184,
183 186, Ih* said ! as lym- adj iccnl to each other, sad ial>?.i
Las* Ihrr <ve houudrd a. lutlow!?Soklhcrlr in fiont hy One
Hundred ? nd Tweiilr-Eigluh itrem, Wesleily hy ths Seventh
Avenue, Nonheily sentre lor betwera 0a? Hundied
and rweuly.Eighth and One 11 : - . and Twenty-Ninth
st'celi,anil Easterljr bya line drawn parallel lo tl.w >eeeu:h
Avenue o J di-tt.ii Eislwardlytherelrom iv>.< hundrid and
l?. ?! y.firefeel. legether ailh tie right of way ai o.viir.i by the
said Obad ah Holmes ind Jme hi. wife ?ver the aforesaid
^ir.etand Amine. Dated New V >rk. S^pi^ia'i^r . 1. A I).
I ;: v> ILL.AM ? . I AMPBELL,
?..' >1 i.'.rr ni Cbaacery, Nu. 42 John ?trert
OP ATS 01 \r.'i YORK?IN CHANCERY.?Before
0 the Vice Cham Hot ? dusi Fire Insurance Company vs.
Ohuli ih Holmes. V ?s Yosk Dry Dork C impany, and Dtbets.
In pursuance of a drcretal order of Ibti Oaurl ?iade in the
above entitled eaus?,;heariugdate ih.e la;h day of Se,.inu-.rr
on.- ih ia> md . i;'i liuu tied ?r.:i fully si,., .-.ill he ??< d .11 pub?
lic auc:i"ii under the direction o' ihr sohscriber.oneof the .Ma?
lersof this Court, (Williim Hi Franklin, Auctions*^ a ihe
Mrrchaals' Kxcluuig* in the City of NewYuik.on Friday ih'
loihd?y i <>? ober n.M.at l^u'clurk noon ofih.it d..y, sil
lh..,e tljhl lols, pieces or parcels of laud siiuale, lying and hr
inC in i i Twelfth W ,.d .iCity of New Yuri,known na a
?? Map-ft ibJ siluite ii th< T we! Ith Ward ?ftbe City New
York" ap'le Dcci in'icr 11.13-5J. by EJwin Sooth. Cily Sur
TsryMs*r1he numaers ?7. SS, w.;0,31. Hi, M ?H, tbr ?ai,l !"<s
1 yiug idj iceal to each other, and taken i igclhet a e hounded
f i: r-.'?N .::!..? ly by Obs Hundred and Thirtieth iireel.
Westerly by the See n i; Avs-.-.ue, Southerly by ihe centre line
betweenOne tlundr.d iad I'hirtielh and One Hundred and
Twenty-Ninths reels, ad Easterly by a lias drawn parallel
wilathe Seventh Avenue, aa l distant Eastw?rdly h. .-ef:. si
two hundred feet, tog ihsr with the rirhtofwsy as owned by
the said Obxd ah lljima aid Ja"e hi, wife or el the aforesaid
Sirrel and Airnue. Da'.ed New York. Septembei 21, A. ?.
kJJ M is'et ii Chaiscery, No. 42John street.
QTATE uK XelsY YO.IK.?1.\ VMAN.CKRY.?Belne
? the Vir* Chsacellor ?Fire Inaarance Company vs.
Qbadiali Holmes. N?a Y ilk Dry Datk Company and oi.lrrs.
|n p.ir'uu;:re ol" a ?1- rr.t il 'idrruf ibis Coup made ia the
shove eat. lied cau'o, bean, c d.-t- ihe 15.hd.yi-f SiyteuiDcr
... i ih ..i-an t . s':t liu...<ttd and f 'rty-o.ie, will be void alpuh.
Iii .?ai liwa under ihr direction cf ih? -ut?ciite-r, one ?f ibe
Ma :er? of Ihi- Court vWilliam H. Franklin. Audi nrer.) jt
Hit Men i an -' Exchance in ihe Oily of New York, on Fiiday
the I5tli day ol I 1 hrr i.esi. at 12 o'clock noon of thai day, ill
? |h ?e twelve cert ii .! its, pieces or panels ol Sand 41 "-He. Iviug
s ?lnth?Twelf h'Wardof li^ Cityof >t.wT->rk, knows
.... - 1Map of lands sitmil? ii th ; Twelfth Ward cf ihe Ciiy ui
Ni l Vo;k " :u ids Dect-aib'r 1 '. litit hv Edwin s uitb, Ci-v
Server r. t>? lbs n im crs 127, 120 123. 1 0. 131. 132,20a. 2C4,
2 5.206, SOT^aat.the'said lots iric.? a j rent to each other, aed
. lakeu ti^eiher a:e .: -.f is to low.? Becusaiax -1 v p-jiui it
the Southerly ar of On Hundred and Twenty-Ninth street
d .unt Ea-i ?-.ir.jty iw , h-jndr-d and Sf:y t-s. fftuH Ihe Ea-t
erjy Una of the Eighth Avenue, aud ronniug ih -ice Eastward j
iluns the Saut'ieriy linrol Mac Hundred and rwenty-Nutl
>ir-elon huadred and tifiy fe^ito Ictuumhel 133 ba said map
I nee Sou bwaidly ;? ira 11.. with the Kifbth 'venueloth.
? N- r h-ny Ii is of One Huadred and Twei.tv.E.sbih street
th-iH- We-twardly il s?g th- Northerly line..f Un. Quadref
snd Tweotv- Bit hth stretI -n- hurdied and Ci':j feet lo llu
Westerly :ine ??' tot nuui*er J 3 a-id ihenre Northwardly p ira;
lc! with "li e Eighth-Arena* io tbe Soaibeily .id- i f One Han
Jr. d J">! Tweoty-Ni th ,Ueet lbs place of rt-jiniens. l.^edit
wilhthe riebt I ??ly as owned by the-a d ? 'o.diah Holm*
and jane his wifcove tv. af .r-.a d oree... Dated New York
Sepiembci 21, A. D- HiL WILLIAM w. CAMPBELL.
^ ,?j MaiterinCaaacery, No. 42John street
343 Broadnay,
i"2d house below Leonard-str?-t. and exactly opposite ;he
Respectfully levite the attention ?>( the emz-ns of New
> ork and Strancers visiting ihe city la iheir larre sleek of
The whole ?*< ck has been purchase! or landed from :he
European packets wtth:n the last few days, and will he
found to contain a mod varied and desirable assortment at
remarkably Ksr prices.
The following- articles will he found ia tie assortment i
Heavy Breche and plaid Gro de Naples. 4.. W. per yard
Rich plain Changeable do do. 5.. Cd.
do pla.a and tijursd Cms d'Aa.ure. 6s.
Riche?t Rep?, 6s. vita ?U?iCt Satin stripe, 6d.
c"o Satin stripe Changeable Pou de Soie, f'is.Cd.
do Gm* u'.Afrique. 7?.
Splendid Ombre aud Glac. heavy Silks ou'y 7s.
CbsBgrablc, Watered, Foulard and Chi:e Siiks. of the
newest styles, very cheap
Black and blue black Silks, in great variety, from 4*. 6d.
per yard apwards
Latins of every description and Silks of all kinds, equally
A c-n-1 article in Mou?. de Lxine. for 2*. per yard
Very excellenl quality, ??. 6d.
A new ?:ylt> of Ciiiiie Moni, de Lame, ail wool, 3s. Gd.
li autiful Paris goods in great variety, ti. and upwards
Plain Colored Moni, de Lame. wj:h rich Satin slripe.
Cballies of an entirely new ?tyle
Moaning and half monraing de Lame?, cheap.
In thi? Article G. W.M. A Co. offer a variety, w hich, for
extent, beauty and cheapness tbey believe to have been
rarely if ever equalled.
Rich English Calicoe?, Is. i*d. and Is. !M. per yard
A splendid assortment ef the newe.t styles, such as are
n'it lo be found elsewhere. 2?. and 3*. 3d. per yard
A lot ef beautiful shawl pattern Calicoes quite new
3 css-s ricbsst Freach.Cbiac Calicoes, 2s. 6VL per yard
All other styles of French Calicoes in great variety
Mourning aud half atoursing Calicoes.
Six cises superfine 1-1 In?h Linens, ;ra>? bleached and
fiiiishrd entirely without dressing, 3s, 3s6d, and 4s.
per yard. Thee roods are much below value.
Three cases bird's-eyo Linen Diaper, cheap.
Fine --1 Linen Damask for Table Cloths, ?stkl yer yard. |
Excelhint 10?I Linen Sheeting, ??. per yard.
Table Cloths of all lizes and Qualities, very cheap.
G. W. M. A Co. invite pat ticnlor attention to this article
of wbich they will always keep a very large assortment nt
in mufneturer-' prices.
6-4 Broche Shawl., $1 SO
An excellent Shawl, drnb or ld.it k ground,$2 50
Beautiful new and elegaol patterns, ja
Very r.ch Cashmere Shawls, >7 ahh >s
A lot 11" inperb Pans Cashmere ShuwD for*12
S,;k scjuirc and lone Shawl-, in the uL'RoM vatiety
Cashmere Shawls, plain color* $2 50 and >t
N. B. An entirely r..?w stjle of superfine Woolen
Shawls, produced in Europe for the first time this season,
his just beoa received. The material is tbe finest Lama
Wool, iu beautiful colors and the patterns are the nearest
Irs gas in O.nbre and China. This article will un?
doubtedly be in much rrone-t a? a warm Fa I Shawl.
li. W. M. A Co, iiitrn 1 lo make these coeds a prominent
Krude in their trade. They are all imported direct, aud
for variety and i heapne-s cannot be surpassed,
ii-1 Cambiic. Mull, Swiss. Hook, Nansook, plaid striped
and I/aca stripe Muslin.-, remarkably cheap, of every
'|uality nnri style
6-4 Cambric Dimity, Musliaettes, Bishops' Lawns nnd hair
cord Dimities
Damask und quilted Skins nnd Toilet Covers
Connnterpanaa and Quill*, of every size, rpjality ucd
English Long Cloths, of ihe most bcnuuful texture, all
N B. The iiltenlioii of gentlemen is particularly called
to u style of Cotton Shining, of most superior quality, just
landed. It is put up ni'imitation of Linen und the thread is -0
beautifully twisted and woven, that it is difficult to tell it
from Linen, il will outwear Linen of the best description.
Excellent Flannel for 3s. per yard
A fiue toft quality,3?. til.
Several habu of real Welsh Flannels, just landed from
" Russell Glover," having been bought on the spot
and imported direct. They are warranted genuine
2 bales 0/ thick Flanael, of Lancashire manufacture, yurd
wide, rood color aud remarkably soft
5-4 ar.d ti-t superfine Saxony Flannels, for shawls, eke. 4kc
Purchasers will find ai this establishment a complete as
sortm ut of tbe best descriptions of English Hosiery, and
much In? er th in they sre usually tu be found,
.'?o dosen Ladies' superfine white Cotton Hose, ouly is Cd.
per pair, wer b 4s.
Ladies' unbleached Cotton Hose
do black ni.d white Merino Hoc
do black Worsted do
do bl ick ribbed do
do blick and white Cashmere do
do bluck nnd white Sil's Ilo-e, of moot superior dra
20 dozen splendid embroidered and open-worked heavy
Entlisb Silk Ho.r, only 12?. per pair
Children's Hose and half Hose, all kinds
Gents' Hose aud half Hose, aud Under Dresses.
English Meriaoes, double width,3*. ckl.
Excellenl French M'rinoe?. -e.
Taglionis in iroat variety
A uc?v style of very tine Alpueca Lustres, for habits aud
cloaks. 6s. per yard
The s me article richly ?triped in all colors
Black Bombazine, very cheap,of evury shade end ijuality.
A Lao,
Ginghams Poplins, Gloves
Embroideries, Crapes, Velvets
Vesting.., Table Covers
All kinds of Domestics,
sit) tills- 3d Broadway.
n..orm iheir customers end the ladies of ihi- city iu "011
cral that they have new ca hand a g<wd assortment ?f
which have been purcbasbed al AUCTION,and which
they are oir-poied to ?eil at lower prices than 1 lie same
style have ever bceu offered at before 111 the city. S. A R
invite hcie- t? cail and rxtstnins their .roods and learn t ieir
prices before purchasing elsewhere We neve biack and
coiored Menno.--, Bombazines, Mousxeline d'* Laia-s.
Welsh and English Flaun'ls, Cashmere Piaid... black,
blue black and colored Silk-, French, English ami Am. ri
ean Prints, Irish Lineas, skeotinr,, Diapers,Table-Cloths
anc Na,>kic-. logetherwith all k md, of Drawer Goo 'a. and
averj I irgeasaortmentof HO SIE Irl Y A GiLOVES.
Alsa. for Millinery purposes, black niiJ blue black Silk
Velvets, Bonnet Silks, and a splendid assortment bf Bun?
uel Ribbons of the newest and nutt splendid sty Id.
Call soon at BUTTON A BUNDLE'S.
177 Spri g s-j-ee:, corner of Sullivan.
N B._Milliaerj supplied at the lowest w holesale prices
iSI i ii-'
AT Tili
Hioailwar f n>h Tailoring Emnbliwhiiient
No 15< Broad*ay.bet" eea CourUand ana Liberty -?'.s.
\ frrai' Ti sa>l Cl'-.aT. Us are re.pcclluily invited lb
inspect the assOTtm nt of LI istic Freuen C-s.-imeres, Vest
iaxs waterprorf Beaver ana Aephadtnm Cloths just re
ce!,ed a: the ' Broadway Cash Tailoring EsUblisbrnent.'
togetber w ith a -plriiJU assortment of supe.-rjue Frencfc
ami Eairli'U Olack. woul-d>ed black, biue and fancy col
or- d vlS.hs, made to order in Ihe mo.lappru. od amilales;
style, unsurpassed in me c.ty, at a discount of 33j pel
cent." from credit prices, w hich, on insptcaon, wu] b?
found lower than mat at any oiair establishment. Fallal
or suv other street natexcepted.
17"' \ whole suit furuis .cd at24 r.our-' notice Terms
casn on delivery. ARTHUR L LEVY,
?-?I bits 159 Bread wsy
fci? AND Mll.LLDi iotu Soriouisn
the latest ?tyle. lor rale ready made at ir? Broad
? 7-KK.Nt' il CA*9I.UER?S tor pants ia a va.-i
JV ety of patttras received stlne Emporuraef Claeaj
Garnents, 2^9 Broadway. r.22 stis
XT A great ?ale of DKV GOODS esme ?ff this wee?,
?im mt hive , . ; to .10?j rrul-ni.lieJ our heretofore large
?Usch of Dry Goods, and art cow prepared 10 rapply pur?
chasers on very liberal term-.
All the above ?r offer 11 exceedingly low pr,ee.. ,R ,
a>?ure Hie PubBc thst our eadtavnrs 10 ?ui! them, Uv.a m
?l.vle axd prtc-?. shall lt ?s?.1BUe,i a* heretofore.
N. R?Stere k-e[ era and Peddlers supplied an ihe met
liberal teims.
F. W. ?V W. F. CII.I.F.Y,
* 430 Oninri.alrrrf.
Against Hard Time,. Hirh Price, and Dull Trade, ha,
been de:e;m,r.e.l upon bv tbe Subscriber, and consequently
he La. armed bimaalf for the kief* w,m a Naw, Un h and
Compl.se S-tock -f Goods. He baa thrown down th*
gauntlet, aii-l il now prepared to look esery Mem* in the
lice; and de.ire, the Ladies, and the Public generali., to
pay him a visit, aud ju tare, by examining his splendid as?
sortment of Dry Goods, whether he is not the victor.
I case elegant changeable stnpcd and figured Armor*.
I do very rich striped and figured Gro de Aeger.
I do beautiful watered and striped Satin, very rich.
1 do sup. .tilpe.1 and ligure. liro de Afnque.
1 do rich Brocado and Citene.
1 do Gro do New.York and L'ro de Pekin.
fi do black and blue-black, plain aud figured Silk, ol'
every style.
.'.0 pieces figured ami plain Silks uf . very descriptioo.
10 do Brazilian Glace, very heavy; together with
Italian-. Gro de Rhins, Double Pouu de Sobs, Sati-is, Ac.
.lease. French, 111 can-- F.urlish. aud 1.' cases Ameriaso
Prints. .t:3CKI.NOEM.
Frenck, English ar.d German Meriooee, all colors and
qualities. Tagtiouls, Saxonies, Hombaaiaies.
Casliinere, Satin, Damask aad Itrocha.
DOMESTICS?Bleached ami Uableasbod?great quan
tics. All of which the public are politely invited to ex?
amine, at JOHN H. DINGMAN'S,
391 Grand-at. rcrner of Orchard.
N. B ?I large asrortmeot of Chene Merinoes. IT The
French, German aad Italian languages spoken. -IT Iw
315 Grecowich-st. "J doors below Barclay, have now on
hand one rl'lhe mo.; exler-r..- stock of Pry Good- 111 lb"
city, embracing almost ovory sty le suitable for fall trad",
which have been purchased for cash extremely low, and
will sold for the -ante.
a\000 yards black and blue-black, of the most desirable
styles mid quality, fr.mi 4- to in- per yard.
'1 ci-e. plain Thibet Wool and Saxony De Linnes, of
a superior quality.
35, 00 yards French. English, Fall Rim, Bristol, Dover
aud Merriuuck Prints, a most splendid article, ut I? per
yard. TAtsl.HONIS.
Just upened, 2ca.-ies, eomptising every color am! pattern
a beautiful sty le. A lao, Senses English Merinoes, Ate. ?rtf
No. 12 John-street,
uenr Broadway.
Citizen- nnJ strangiirs arc respectfully invited to cull at
the Emporium, and examine a splendid assortment ?>f
French. German and We-t of England Cloths, Fancy Cas
-imeres. Vestiugs, Ac. which will be made to order nt the
shortest possible notice, and in the most fashluuuble and
approved style,at reduced prices for cash.
i9 Irnii W. R. WILLIAMS, Ag>nt.
FOLIYELE ? ?ttifc.VOoitT,
? I-'tilioii-*treet,
Would respectfully inform iheir patrons and the public
generali)-, thut the) have just received th. ir Fnll Fashions
from Pans and London, and are now prepureil to receive
orders, having supplied tbeaaselva* with n well selected
assortment of good, of the latest importations, consisting
of Cloths, Cassimeres, Vesting*, dee. Ac , w hich they are
prepared to make up at prices which caui ot fail lo please.
To those who are uuacqtiaiutcd with our styl? uf gelling
up garments, they would respectfully invite to call and ex?
amine fur themselves.
N. B. Terms Ca-h. ?II tf
HEWITT* BAILEY, No. 105 Bowery, having pur?
chased thrir Fall Stock of Carpeting, consist ng cf Brus?
sels three ply fine and super Ingrains, and which ihey will
sell very low, respectfully solicit a c:ll from ihos; about
famish!Carpet, made up at the shortest notice.
No. 195 Bowery, tir.t Carpel Store below Grand st.
s% 2?is*_
?")A flA/l YAKJ)S ''leached long cloths st dl, 8d.3J'
!2U*UUU luJ, Is and Is Od per yard. 25,000 yurds
Sruwo sheeting of tvery known style, direct from the
manufactories, fwr fn!, 7d ,r<d, Sd, l?d, ar.d Is Ml, per y'd.
I du-es uubleocbed Caaton flannel-, at lOd and Is per y'd.
3 casci bleached Canton Banoebi, 3 cases, 5 qrs. and 6
qrs ikoeting, and i bales tkkingr, at
,r; if 315 Greenwich Lt.
W. A J. JAMISON, 35S and 2554. GaxEnwicn-STKEET.
KITCHEN FURNITURE in all ils varilie?, cousiet
m* of Hardware, Wood-ware,Tin-VTSTC and Willow
ware, kept cor.fta.itly on hand, of the beat qualities, ai
very low prices to suit the times. Those who would wish
to purchase articles of the sbori kind wili find it tu ll.eir
id van tage by eaUiag before purcha-ir.g elsewhere.
N. B. A largo s>?nrimrat of French Travelling Bags
and Baiket?. [-* Itr.is] W. Ar J. JAMISON
a'LOTJMS, Cawniiras-re", aud Nutinetn ?
^ Supcrfico West of England black, blue black, invn ble
green, brown, steel tjn.x>-u. and blue cleths ; cissimer-'S,
?rool blick, plaia and fancy; 50 pieces Salian*. every
color and quality, from 3. 6d to 10/ per yard, and likewise
-satin, intfrin?. cash mere, ;nd Valencia vesiinrs.
s6tf J H. BOCKOVEB A CO. 215Greenwich street
/A BALLS will be opened this morning of Welch, Ro
\Sj gers' patent, Salisbury and Valley Dale Fiauueis
v lirte. red and yeduw, from lend to Bs per yard,al
J. H. BOCKOVEB & Co';.
?K if 215 Greenwieh St.. 2 diwir, hel?w P.arelay.
XT Mcrinoes, Mousasdinede Laines and Mo'-eskirs ; red
U/hileandyeUow Flannels; a good a.seortment of Pr.nn
? md a general variety of Good, usualiy kept in Dry Good
.: torts, for tbe lowest ca,h prices, at No. i'.i Houston st.
sIS lwi.'_R. DOWIK^
,15 171 BROADWAY, N. Y. lmis
N B?One ounce equal .a virtue to a pouud of the re
s \ i. i- >
Store U ?il WKAr?:H. Jr.
On Till li-DAVSepi.c, lu.vi rk
Far,.,,.. . ...V,. j y ?.? , ?-.f
?I nr i.a.i btgh Mlltlek?, T.m.^^,, ^!
rcr;;?!;i:;:i,r" -; ? ?* c*"*-*- ?i
AI.... keevy blick Silk Velvets.
Alan, hea?y rolorw Mi? \ ,i,,t i'esiiag?.
Also, hesiy *. , Sgarwd ?jt.., 'Tutlng*.
Ai.o. 29 fifun. G.rn.sn Thres.1 Laces, of entirety u>
pattern, sud ??rv desirable uvmarDt.
AI?... 6 cases IsWmaa Gatten Frings?. Th? ah??* wo..
prise an entire in?, ice, received sod will r- .oj j^.
ireral le on :..p.-,u*
Oo SA ri K.'AV September 2S. at 111 o'clock.
Cloths uroCssssssssss raow th? Shtl???.?A tsrg?
?mi feneral a?-o tin. ni if Wet ..f r nt-lsnd ll-.vidclolka.
ji irt* an 1 Plloi I'lotbs, Lie* Skia? aid Klus iinr?.?
The nja ambra bag a desirable assonmeut of woolen
gl 0 '? a "a. to the aeaSOU.
T-tm?, S nt-.nth?. f >r a iprevsd indorsed note*.
1 CESD \V. Sef.L 2\*i 10 .. d stk.
r? (Iii S .. i ? package* of Foreign and Dome*
lie Dry i..?m. ef recent importation, amour which are
a full a??..ria;eut ot ?ea.oaal.le goods.
Tarnjsf) mnain. on approved endorsed imtes.
I armitarac and ?amples oa oiarninr ef aale.
Joint Richards, Aaetioa?? r.
Stort IOtt rV-aaW?Nr?
?V KOV aT Ul Bl.riV.
St..?. Ii lg| u ,., _X,? Voax I os,. Roov.
ri l'.Mi\\ AFTE*.VOO>, 9*pt
Al halt pa.- $ ..VI. ek, ?ad lb* four lollowiu* Java.
?.???r San m OtB t:ssL|.? |trH)k, ,T s,tN rtoK.?Oaa
11 th- in.?t valr. ibfca, rare, ,-u ,..H. sa I ??loan] BO lectio..-,
ol An. inn ao i MoOeri, lUx.k. that has e.er beea offered
at public ?sie in this e.iuu ry
'"' collect.tomprasends the ?hole -sure of liters
lore* Art?aad Scieores,it is h.> ?-r ;??,? start] ... ?in
trasadaUocwof the Oriental, Greek tad Reaiin Classics,
eorksooi iaa me ia'? aad nashlansa iisatlsea oa wissh
. rait aatroh gy and akhimy. early travel, and h.
of North America, :.?>. ills-La:..! t. .....i tras kasaay
..f lb* work- ol il a o d .1 aiia-i'- writer*, *?. -mi . ,.-ti?
sad tre.tl.es en i-.u ie. fotM CSeiee .?r? CatboH ?otk?
a-.o valuable Prot??taai Tbeology, .unr eorks oa the
early geaeral aud typcgraphieal hbsory of EagUosd aaal
Ireland, the works ol* the early and interrnssliata phi a
.opbieal aniUors, au.l a va?i variety of ihe best uj ssoei
aaiusing iueiu.nr? sad li?e.. both Brfl .h sn.l Coatlm tlat
rVfBIaO'm i.akde.H.
I i MMI. Meat 23d, IS4I.
The Propri. tor r--?p' cuully announces to the public of
New-York and it? rsciaiiy, ibal h- has entered ioio ancu
rafeasi at, far a luuiird aussber ol msht?. with the rele
.rai-d HAVEL FAMILY. They have adJ.J lo ib*Jr
eeasnawy -?>.t:iI names ot huh European repsiie. Tb?
whole under ibs direction .>f the celebrated Gabriel R?
I. I. who bs? recently cr.-u:r.l er?ai a ?.-n.stiou in Pari?
and I. .udoll
The following eminent artists mil base the honor of
mak-nc tbeir third appears wee in Ansatica
CliARLE? win runt.
Mona. PERI.V,
Aad the wotderful I aplaad Dwarfs,
M?ns. CARLO, Mad'lle CAROLINA.
In conse*,uence of the imsnensa iu.?h to the Garden, oa
M.ni.isy la,., and ibo ?h'.ui. of laughter ?u>l applause, th?
Pr m>r ??! >i i? in,lure.i to present the sun- performance a.
un thai nveaing
Third night of a new Preach Vaudeville called IfOR
Second u l-Ut this leawa of V0L-AU*> KVT.
Thn performances will commence at half pa?t seven
preelsi ly, wi,h eleg ml and daring feat* on THE TIGHT
ROPE, hy Gabriel Ravel Francois Ravel, LeonJavalli
and Ml n . Charles w mtl.or.
I. An enure tie v peri'o in nice.Francois Havel.
?2. scot, h J r.eo Dpus< dandd ineed by Gabriel Rsvel.
3. ExtraordinaryDaa oofulevatioa,by
tS - cs|ebraled Grotesque Dancer.Leon JavrliL
4. Wonderfulesereises by . M..Chartas Winter,
lha m. at elegant aad graceful dareeria tbf b<>.!.1 wkis
will thr..? a uaek Somerset without a b?laaee p..t.-. ?hile
?tand.og on the rope. Tbia .-\ira?r,liuary I "is t ha? never
been atu mpfa .1 l>v any other person.
After wbb b ? ii.--? Vnudevi hs, entitled H0R1 ENSE;
Or, Encore Uaa Commedmnne! Tue enaraeters bv
Mad'lle Ca.olina and M?ns. Carlo, ihe celebrated Lapland
Dwarfs! I.i thn course of tin- Vaudeville Maa'lle Carol!
na ?iil sustain f?ur characters I
An internus.i.in af h ilf an hour will be allowed for Uo
rresbsooat*, sod Use Proateneda Mu.i.ale la ilsa QraaJ
The wh..l ? to eoaelus* with ihe eomic Pastoral Panto?
mime of VOI ?r VENT, or, A Virtu's Adventures!
Characters by tk-a Ravel Family and Company; asaistod
by th.- i orp* Ui Ba 11.
In which the celebrated Gabriel Ravel will exhibit bis
e> ira .niii.aty |tcrformaace , iatrodneing LaBsrreCer
rli|ue, crossing the slate on a pole fifteen net high, the
moat .liifieuit and daring sei aver attempted.
In the Ballet a variety of characteristic Dances and
Comu Incnloiii?, including ihe Catastrophe ol the Well,
a. d a Sqs II, w i.li mi Umbrella turned inside ontj in
winch .lie astonishing Gabriel Ravel has excited inch uni*
verssl admiration.
Ti - sorrow nv.unig?Pleasant Dreams, thn rrlebraleil
Piano Ferte Recitals, ami a variety of other entertain
meats for the Hem fit of Miss Jan- Stomas.
The Rai el Family "ill perform next Monday Evening.
Xr. Charles Howard iseugaged ?n.l ?ill shortly appear.
Elficienl officer* will be m ait.lance lo prevuui tna
admiaaioa ol all improper persons.
Tickets Fifty Cents. ?'!3 It
\VAIt>l BATH has bees removed lo the upper side
i f Fulton Ferry Pier. Ladies sad Gentlemen can have
Wurm Huh- fro uii A.M. i.II I? P. M. The citizen* of
New-York will Had the pr-.. ni locatins a? eouvenieni ami
easy of access, and can take , Kath wilii as much 1 v peditiou
u> if they wer? on the New-York side of lha river.
Brooklyn,Sept e h. inn. s.-i lmis*
VK.TIV A.1d fVAVV I Nil FOIt.SIS in , .?
order m a superior style ui moderate prices, bv
W Il.l.i \.M r. JENNINGS,
s'22 it'n S;i? ftroidwav. American Hotel.
" ' ?The sul.seriber has received by lalo arrival* several
ease* of wool bbsck, invisible gre-n, Prince Alb.rt, olivo
sud brown ( L< ITHS of fins qualities.
i ASSIMERES? Wool blai k, rancy doeskin and plain.
VESTINGS?R ?< styles.Also,
Sibisias, Serges, Biudings, i.'ords. Plaid Linings, But
lous etc. etc., all which will be sold by ike pa. kagr or
piece at the lowest market prices, at No. H I VSillnin
-rree-.liv fl lmi?1 JOHN M KIM'KKR.
Ol I.*~-1. A.'11? AS I? MA4JUINJB in L?1.
The subscriber, agent for The Cnion Oil Refinery,
c Ifen f.r sale
SSOO gulls, winter aud fall Sp-rm Oil, ble ehed aud ua
TO) do. superior dn , refiaerl e.tpres-ly for maclliHC'V.
3.00 do. winter ami fall Whale Oil, bleached aud un
ble ehed.
1000 do. pure Elephant, whiter presaed.
J1 barrels of O I Soap.
The above articles are. "f the best '|uulitv, aad will ba
sold in lo's in ru t purch users, at thn lowest market price,
slew Ii- 61 Water stress.
|>Ktl'.titt!) ? x?t' mt'eei." i-si*?o.n?.
1 ?Tl.e public are uo-.r presented wllk mi article far
superior to any ihn a of ih.: kind ever before manufoetared
in this or any oilier country? those of pure silver only
exr?pi?l. They will neither rum, tarnish, nor loan their
brightness though kept in constant use.
All orders relative to the business may he directed to
aaiO lim? GEORGE S CAKV <V CO. 19 > Pearl ?t.
-to U'AT ?:*.*?.?* A ^ ti JKWIILKY,
Tf'/X VEllV LOW?All description* of Gold a.d 8il
K^2? v'r '?''-'!r' Anchor Escapement Duplex, Lepine,
Ql^i^Qand Vergi Watches, Diusoud Pins uud Rings,
r^-.. Iis, < Ibain* and Jes. slry. Cor ?ale at retail lower
than at ury Other p!a-e m the l.'ily. Watenes and Jewel
.y exchanged or bought Gold Watches a* low ns $33 and
$<0 e.,eh. All Watches warran'ed to keep good ebne, er
money returned. Watches and Clocks repaired in :he be?i
manner and warranted at much leas than the usual prices,
by one ef the liue.1 workmen in America.
G. C ALLEN. Importer of
Watch as and Jewelry. -?h ilesale and retail,
*20 i?tf ?/) Will --reel, up ?tairs.
?^?%&sra vt.is on tuned
k>-^---^Sr53 la tue best iu:inue.r at 75 cents each, oa
I j "f f 11 application st I3? Fulton-street, up stair*.
Abo. Accordions tuned an.t repaired. ?7 Irsis*
'fo 4 AP1TAJL1*?T0^-Tne pattern, if a lue dif
1 ferent sizes of ihe GLOBE PARLOR H4LI. AND
COOKING S fOVES, in Iro,. and Zinc,losather ?n- ths
aa. x-.ir-.l term Of thePaient, will be .old al s bsrsMi" U*
appli. .1 for num. Slately. The mot uer.p..vocal to.nmony
c.n be. given . f ib.iru'tiliiv. nawoir among other.rreeivea
the silver medal from he American Instituto Wi,en last ex?
hibited. Forpa.t.culars. in'|Uire of .,?.?,
-?- sit ,!tf K. IXO I.E. I/-"'- " u ""':'""'_
rll()>I i nfill 4'HEAP S-OK4 AssI?.
t sf M I BROWN, sis no? offering Brnstells, 3
-a. o. a. .. cwrue-* an terms which cannot
LSlS?^SSl? Kur? Door Mats. Su.r
ct^iTucX Tsb,e Cover, Oil Clouts. &e , a. rood.
a,.dPcheaper than at ^ ^ O^akuMi* *?
WZfa 1:n. No I'-' rhutHam--treet. New-York.
Gentlemen's Hair-Cntting,
Will be introduced
Nninnlar, l*4th Intl..
Where, from arraugercents iaa4>. he will be found alwsya
By those who wi?'j to be operaterfoo aT BiMSSXr.
? 17 Imlwit
HATTERS' Pt^t'Sil* of all-juai.tiea sou ue
. riptioru constantly on henj. and for?aif
il Ut* JJOHN M. ELPFLR, ICK William IV

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