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from the London Literary Gazette.
I looked into a placid lake :
I Itxiked upon its shore :
I feit my thoughts a current take
They never took before.
I thought of ail the glorioub things
Which on this earth are spread ;
I thought of peasants and cf kings
That under it lie dead.
I thougrt how vain a thing is man.
How vain has hope* and fears :
And from my tbbughtful eyes bega?
To drop aiow-tlowing tears.
I looked up to a mountain's crest,
No cloud was then tliTeon ;
Unruffled wis the lake's eaim breast.
On which the moonbeam* shone.
1 t OUgbt, one little moment's space.
Of tiizh and holy tilings.
Of <roo'? redeeming love and grace,
From which salvation spring?.
A a . ??:(?:. tie clouds poured out their rain.
The wave? uprose on high :
I looked around, hut looked in vain,
1'or dark was ait the sky.
I thought of .sinners' awful doom,
My flesh began to creep:
I wished n?) elf again at home,
I wished I were asleep.
I gazed?the darkness knew no light?
i heard the waters; roar.
But could not see the fearful Mglit
That I liar! seen before.
I sat me duvvti and thought aiei prayed.
Till nope had well nigh flown;
I saw my crimes and sins arrayed
Before me one by one.
Flash came the lightning's livid flame.
Loud roared the thunder peal,
T?l quivered all my trembling frame.
And sense began to reel.
It ceased, and suddenly J saw
Again the mountain's crest:
Fear, wonder, love, -and holy awe.
Strove iu my humbled breast.
I rose up from the steaming ground,
I rose, und walked away;
1 heard a .solemn, soothing sound.
And calmed my soul to pray.
Since llo'ii full many a -tonn I've seen
Stir up the raging sea;
Hut ne'er has ni^'lit r.o dreadful been
As was that night to me.
Tor the Tribune
It has for ti long time seemed to nn- that the
senseless cry of ?'Stute Prison Monopoly" has
been sum-red t<i pass nnrehukod by those huvit g
the public ear, through tin- fear of bringing upon
themselves toe ill-will ?>f those who maintain the
clamor. And foi ihe same reason, to.'. I think tint
Mime of um public men give un apparent heed to
this noise, which, if they hud a little more inde?
pendence with iheir great wit. they would be far
from giving. Hence, thu nppetil nnd artiuments
being generally on one side, tin- multitude of those
icho do imi think fund they tire always too many,)
are led on to -well the number of those whose pas?
sions or funcicd interests have mounted them on
the demagogues' stand.
We very naturally reason tlmt where there i>
smoke there must be lire-, and Some con oven be
made to believe that there i? smoke at least, if
their neighbors persist in asserting its existence,
even tlioue.li thuy cannot themselves discover it;
in their charity being willing to admit the fault to
he in their own eyes, tut her than in then neighbors'
hearts. In this wa) I account for about seven
eighths of the rank nnd file of the crusaders against
State Prison labor.
To this seven-eighths I wish to offer u few com?
mon-sense thoughts; ashing only thut they will
read my arguments calmly, und decide upon them
i perceive, then, that the first condition of out
physii al existence i-, Man must oat ins I.rend by
the swent of hi* brow. The condition is without
exception; every human being must labor, if he
would lue. "He that will not work, i.either shall
he eat." Hi' it understood here, that in civilized
communities the common weal requires u division
of labor; nnd tlmt all kinds of honest employ?
ment are still labor in the proper sense of the
word, whatever organ ol sur being is devoted to
them; thut is to say, head-work is as much labor,
as hand-work. Ar.d the hcnd-work of one class ia
us absolutely essential nnd indispensable to tho
common good, as is the band-work of another
class; Consequently, my philosophy cannot ac?
knowledge the propriety of the distinctions which
some half-thinking people m?kt?, when they divide
the community into producing und non-producing
classes. Ail me producers; some in one way.
some in another. Ail ate consumers ; sonic of one
cluss ol productions, some of another.
.My second position Un corollary from the first;
w hen a mun attempts to procure In* bread by prey?
ing sm the labor of others, the common good re?
quires thai Society, in its organized capacity, should
compel him to adopt the only rightful mode of pro?
curing it; in othei words, ho should bo nude to
lubor. In so doing, theic is injury to none; but
good lo nil. lined io the individual; for it re?
strains him, if il does not even redeem him, from
vice. Good to all lathers; foi protection is thus
given to them, against the depredations of ike law?
less upon theii honest industry.
.Now here ore two propositions, so simple that
all can understand them; so true that none Inn a
rogue in ethic* (and in my opinion such u rogue
needs a- much to Ik- watched us a pick-poskct.)
will question their correctness.
On what principle, then, can the labor of con?
victs and felons be objected to .' Why, on no prin?
ciple at all but tlii->; that it is wrong to bring the
labor of the rogue into competition with that of the
honest mini. This is the argument that is used :
let ii- examine it. It assumes that lubor i* a privi?
lege, not a duty, and that the man of correct moral
conduct (we will say nothing for tin* present about
principle, as the busi* of conduct.) is alone enti?
tled to labor. Now the absurdity of tins is appa?
rent enough if we run the notion out to its legiti
inato consequences. How many of the human
family would be exempt from destruction, if none
but the strictK upright in every thing were per?
mitted to labor, and >0 to enjoy the rewards >>t la?
bor 1 C'airy out the notion, and the law of tho
strongest would be me law of existence; and earth
would be n hell. In opposition to nil tins we sav,
that the violation of one duty does not exempt
from the obligation of another: consequently,
though a man may have committed a crime aiiaiti'-t
the laws of Society, he is still bound to labor for
his suppoit: and to that support?the reward of
his lubor?he is entitled. If the rogue may not
be made to labor for bis living, then he has three
alternatives left tiitn : eitlu-r be must be left to ob?
tain his bread by violence and fraud, or be must
he fed bv the community, or he must live without
being fed at all?if lie can. As to the first alterna?
tive, the poor would sutler more by it than the
rich : foi the latter could pay for protection. As
for the second, it would be the greatest induce?
ment that Society could offer to villainy. As for
the third?well, if any body wants an argument
from me on this point, he must wait till the Christ?
mas holidays ute over. So I do not see but that
?wo aro drawn to the conclusion?compulsory labor
for the felon.
But what will those who so strenuously put for
?ward this argument, Say to the innumerable law?
ful modes that skill ami depravity combined, daily
employ to underbid the sul?stantiul labors of hon?
est industry ? 1* there no Stale Prison to be
found without labot and without bread (for the ar?
gument U against the former, and the lax on the
honest citizen against the latter,) for these lawful
cheat.- .' Puzzle ye out thi*. il ye can. mv mas?
ters .'
We con;.- ihen to the next important considera?
tion : in w hat department of honest industry shall
ihe felon be employed I Thi? is the vexed quea-.
T O \V N S E \ D'S I C E B R E A K ? R.
In order to show thsit this Machine will effectually break ice and make navigable channels tor Steamboats anil Vessels, let an extreme case be
supposed : take a Channel of sixty feet in width an i two in depth.
Suspend the large Cylinders nt a right angle, upon arm* id he raised or depressed at pleasure, a: the Boat's bow, and pass an endless chain around
the cylinders, through trunk placed length-ways of the Boat, over a spar wheel hung on a -haft, to be connected with the engtne. Let tha two
cylinders be thirty feet each in length atel six in diameter, with strong heavy iron teeth firmly inserted therein and projecting two feet; which are
fastened on rmg> =ome two feet apart and four on a ring, in form of a right angled triangle, and sixty to each cylinder : the bodies of which are elevated
so tlmt, with thejr rotary motion, the teeth perforate and crush the ice. These teeth are arranged that about ten of them penetrate the ice at the same
moment, h is obvious that when the teeth, so arranged, pierce some .six or eight inches the ice will yie d.
Apply id the cylinders an engine of 250 horse power, anil give them C!? revolutions per minute, which i* equal to more than i?r)0 feet momentum pet
minute. 'J?O horse power divided bv the 60 feet of ehannel, affords four and two-thirds horse p..wer;.. each foot of surface. This- throw-, al-o. 25 horse
power into each of the ten teeth at the same instant. This would be a power and a pressure that no ice could rasist. nor Commercial men of this great
.Metropolis regrrt. The sheet of ice, however, need not be permitted to become over one foot Thick: and then an engiue of It'll horse power would be
abundantly adequate to keep the fiudron River navigable during the whole winter in all ordinary seasons.
tion: nitliermoro so, in fart, than the one wc:have
just settled. It is a question'of expediency; high
principle is not so involved in it n* in the other.?
Hut. alns for poor humnn nature! these are the
very reasons why stc>muchill-blood is often aroused
in it* discussion. A little good nature, and a great
deal of good sense may determine it: the former,
I in-i-!. I tiling tv the discussion; as to the lai
ter, I make mi particular pretensions?especinll)
as wiser men have said that it i-n subject " fraught
with difficulties." Yet b< re are some tilings that
may be thought of, when considering the ease.
t. The employment should be regulated by the
education of the convict. It tie has a trade or
calling by which he can be made to support himself
while undergoing the penalties of the law, let him
be employed about that. To this no one can rea?
sonably object. The man is at hi- trade; what
mattors it to the honest men of thnt trade, whe?
ther he pursue it of choice or compulsion! No
new competition i* brought against them.
2. Regard should I?- had to the health and the
capabilities of the individual. And if in conse?
quence ?f disability, be cannot pursue the calling
to which he hns been educati d, no injustice is done
to any man hj directing him to that of which ho i
capable. This change, under necessity, is what
honest men have to make everyday; and no more
injury i? done t? the trade in profession into w Itich
n man is thus introduced bycempulsion, than if
lie enters it of choice.
3. Consideration must also be given n> the con
dition of confinement, in which the subject is now
placed. Ho may, before committed, have been a
farmer, fir example; plainly he cannot plough t:'>r
plant, reap nor gather iu prison. And yet, the
country bus a light to Ids labor whilst there; and
to that description ol labor, too, which will com
prnsatc them for the expense which he has
subjected them; (That expense is gresst, it con
i sist? in puyivg judges,sheriffs, juries and counsel :
i in building court houses, in erecting mid maintain
j ins; prisons.) His labor, then, must I.hanged
of necessity?but if it ran conveniently ho to
! something that is connecter! with 01 subsidiary to
Ids calling, so much the better for nil.
?1. If the individual has no trade or calling,
then he should be taught one. In selecting for
him,.in addition to the considerations which we
have already said should be taken into the ac?
count, his connection- in society and future proba?
ble relation to it, should Ire regarded.
The object of teaching him a legitimate way of
earning hi* bread is twofold ; first, that when he i*
discharged he may turn to honest and honorable
industry; und second, that he ma\ pay hi* way
whilst in confinement. The tirst is the more im?
portant object; and therefore that branch ofindus- i
try which be would be likely to pursue, should be
selected for him. For if lie is forced to another,
then on his discharge he would b- likely to revert
to bis old tricks. It should be that too, in which '
he wouid stand the best chance of being sustained
by society.
Here I may notice a question which tome me?
chanics have started; '* V\ uy do you nor make
these men lawyers, doctor*, or parsons, a* well as
mechanics '" The reply, which, at first blush I
should make, were the question uddresvsed to me
personally, would be something like tbi.?.. If the
convict were taught the law whilst in prison, be
would only come out tin' more accomplished rogue;
and us no one would employ him, desperation
would drive him to crime of perhaps more exten?
sive injury, than thnt for which he first suffered.?
Were he taught medicine, why it would only be
increasing the number of qnacks?by. tlteway,
this might do : for nothing seems to thrive so !
well as humntbug pills, everlasting plasters, corn- '
salves, life elixers and head washes. However. 1
will not press the point. A> for making priests in
prison?perhaps, my go^.1 catechist, tiii* may suit
your need : hut it do'nt mine. But not belonging ,
mvself to either ?f these learned professions, 1
will leave them to do battle in lh< it own behalf.
No; in sober earnest, give the man n calling in
which he can work with seme reasonable prospect
of being able to support himself, and of securing
the countenance of those who aiv willing to aid
the needy and the repentant.
It is very strange to me how any right thinking,
honest man can suppose that his own reputation ?
sutler* in consequence of a rogue being inducted
hit * Iii* employment or profession. " Act well j
your parr: there, all the honor lie*."
Rogues and dishonest men are to bo found, ttie ,
world over, m all trades and callings. Why, on j
this principle, it would derogate from a man's I
character to live in the same t'lare. to drink from
the same fountain, to speak the same language, as
a felon. No : the notion is preposterous. Let
the honest man show forth hi* honesty, whilst the
villain shows forth Iii* villainy; Time and Eter?
nit) wiil alike testify to the honor of the one, and .
the infamy of the other. And the circumstances
in which the character has been develi ped.will no
more receive the credit of the result, than will ihv ;
deep s,-a for the swiftness with which thr gallant i
bark glides over itsyielding surface. Z. \. X.
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I Iu ion -i. J- W o r. slid] Graud st. C Cougnacq 39 Cbal
Che? man A tli?.crt. Bowery, '1 Corge?h*ll, Perl
?ad Ro*e?lav,C * W. P. Blatrove, Brooklyn.
J VME3 I? NOW ILL. Sole Proprietor,
At W. Watson's Apotheeari ?-' Hall,
*2| tf '".itherine -'.
' CAM, rilK ATTENTION i ii
a to tl.e above advertisement to caution ibem tu p irtic
uinr not to ellow themselves to be played upon by a man
who ha- not got a sound prisi iple about h m In the rir? t
place lie sceuses me of csnnterfeitiag (his) article which I
deny; n- my name i- Nowill as well a.- his own. ami the
srticl ? that I make up is a., different from hi* as ru.ii'n is
m cheese.
He accuse* us of not having common lease enough to
Compound medicines, (at all ?vent- we should be ..>rry io
learn from auch en ?.ne as himself He says elso that we
' arc not honest I should like to know if he wishi - us to
learn honesty fr.nn him, if he .Inc., we cm tell him at
nace that we never shun! l-h ive belied a brother's c?ar
acter when be mi- away,'nor would we when he came
back hu?- - sindled nun ??iit of hi- money to support ,.ur
own rxtravagauce,?hut "c hive the feeliugs of Chris?
tians and forbear to say mare, mi.I will only give him a
!. :'? cauli. ami lliul is, to beware how he. -; eaks.iif.uii-t
us for the future
i i- pn pared by Joseph Nowill,' can be ;,a.j .it the (>>lle* ?
ing places, namely:
Wholesale and Retail ?t the Original Depot, SI Madi?
son -treet. con.er of Catherine ?t. and retailed by II. V.
Bnsh, 61 Barclay-st; Asr.ei Gilbert, 110 Pulton and 328
Bowery; James |I. Hart, 37: n road way, cor afCbambers
streeu W II. Duseuhury, West Grtenwich, Conn. a-.?l
retailed bj Druggists in every i iiy is the Union.
N. 15.?Be -ure thai each outside wrapper In ?r< the sig
i nur-of Joseph Nowill in mil. without which none are
it- inline. --- It
KEEP IT KEF ORE THE I*t'S5 5 . 3 8 .
thai J .-. [ih Nowill, Jr , at length say* hi* article
..- different from my preparation of Liverwort i- Khali is
from thetot. f.enr it in mind, agents mid nil ye thai have
had i' represented to you a- pren-ely the same?pre?
pared from my original receipt?and hive been induced
i.. take is frotn that representation. A- to the tlaadei w*
vituperations" contsioed in his advertisement above they
ire enrirelji beneath u ? notice.
s43 3 ? JAMhS l> .'<'?? ILL, ?"? Catherine st.
I Nowill** Pectoral Honey of Liverwort, prepared
only by J.ph Nowill in the city or New-York, is the
surest and most ellfcneiou* remedy t'?r Coushs, Cold*,
A?thni*>, Whooping Cough and .ill affections of the Heart
meI Lung* leading to consumption.
It t. -..hi at the I iw price of two sbillii gs per bottle.
I'or sale wholesale ami retail at the Original Depot,
?il Madi on. or Catherine, ami retailed by II. V. Bush,
It irelay -t j Aaron Gilberl, I I? Fulton eo I S?? It iwery ; J is
H. Ilm. ?-?> Broadway, cor. of Chambers st.; W. II l?,i
?eoberry. Weal Greenwich, I'oun., ami retailed by Hruir
cot- in every ci y in the Union.
N. B lie -ure that each outside wrapper bears ike sign i
tar.- of Joseph NowiU in lull, without which i one areceuu
me. .'j Imeod
r?M .*i I ?I* IO N V A I* E !t W A It EII O I * E.
?The lubscriberi keep constantly on baud aud oiler
for aale oi lot- to suit puictuser,?
WRITING PAPER, of all kinds.
AI ... Robinson's Blank Boob Papers, of all kinds.
PRINTING PAPERS, of all sixes a?.l i|uabtie*, on hand
or in11, to order, at short notice.
They i keep ou ban.I a larre a.^.rtir.'nt of Wire,,
Ftiltings, Bine Smalt.-. Bleaching Powders and S...!a Ash
for Paper .Manufacturers, of their owq importation, of ihe
I. c.l quality, whh h they offer at very low (.rices.
ivl.*. n" " PKItSSK ? It KI >i IK >.' ii I l.il.ertv .tr.vet.
\) '.i'i 11 M IrVi HI I I KKits' tNIJ
I MISSION WAREHOUSE, No 31 Liberty-street.?
Printing; Lithographic, asul Colored Paper, in all their
rarieties, made to order of any ijuaht- from common News,
to the Caest Book paper made in the country, at th" f,:r
market prices, from the. very superior mill* of Messrs A.
C. and W. C artis, Boston, and W. i M. Curtis, Bellyille,
N. J. and from several other manu;"... turer?. hak nur the best
of machinery. Ail on'er.- thankt'i?v received ne! pn.GJp
tlr executed. auTrtai EDW.tltlr I'l'ltTIS, AgenL
I HANGINGS aud Borders, for cheap, at the
:' .; : States Paper Hanging and Band Box Warehouse,
'i? i.' mat-street, near Br-sadway, New-York. Rooms pa
pared in the neatest manner,
ait.list JOSIII'A BROWN. i*.-, r,i. ji..tre.-_
[7< LLIOI 5 w RAZORM?A i.
I a received hy the ship L'aii.-.t State-, nn.le expressly
for t.k.e snbscriber and aarranted, lor sale by me sinarle use
? ir pair, a: moderate prices.
H. T. BRAGG, Retail and JobbittK Cuitrr.
-I;lw 11 MS Na..au-.lre?t.
|AOt K A.NU IUIi,L)l.-T<; .-.lONt-l
if *su.i-cr:ner will deliver on board of vessels at the
Pr ~ni Iii?-k. Dock Stone fcr IS ceuts per ton. and Marble
Buildm; Stone for 3s rid pir loc
Sraues Prison. Jl-uci P!e_s.-.i.-t. June J 18 ?
jel-2 rim Ii. I. SKVMIH'R. Ajear.
|)K Kl !>! PICKLES ! :-Orden
I forOsboro's .*.-- .r-.-? P.csl.s in Gallons, Hnlstes i^.j
Usart,. in tu? usual packagvs. Catsups, Sam es, Ae.ai
*n34tf 20 Palton^r. near Pjnni.
R( UaLEl) GEk.M \.N .SILVER.
JAMES G. MOFFETT, 131 Pnuce-.tre.-t. near V.t,. net,
0 woulu particularly call ibe attention oi Hardwaijg Deal
-.rsand Micuficturers to h:s superior a.-tic e of l"eri</:n Si:
ver, -a sich he otfei-s for sale wholesale and retail. oTaXrJtick
Bet? and warract* it e^ual 10 any, either Koreigr- >r I)o
mestic for mW ?smI -?a *J2-t/
n&ST RATE article of Ra>Qed aa | PUiers BrT?, ea-i
always u: fou-id cl JAM? 0. MOPPST, 131-Priace
?tr.;-?t. ucar W ooster, a: the lowest market pricss. f Like
-ris^- " verv superior article o? Cooper*! P.r:..-. j.i-2 of
/ O'lPOMTION BOI.I.EKw. , ^Thkll
"?_/ matenal- and "uality, atJ of all -ize... rast a!(he Of
VX** W?rt's30Aan-st Imjuire of Mr. ;J. W
s-li H.tKl).-. in toe Prs., Rcxim ;ba.?en.c:iLi Bs?1 if
t ? c. tc- la eisht cases out often this disease .aav be
i.-r i-te,i sail curec by obtaining a box of Or. J uns,.., Nru>
?ery Pill*, ?hick has beea found on eXfserieice a specific
in thej>hove coaspla.nu. Sold by A. ii. ? II. SaauY, Dror
c:-i-. i9aad too rultot-itrest; aad bv ?av.d Sann A Co.
.. East Broadway. ,ltlla
K. KU" HA KD *??.>'?* r-HEKKV WINt.
BITTJKB**.?1 ?g unaftwol il
Uuriai notices:
F: <a the BostonJttoraiag Post.
Dr R charoSOnN rbrtrv ? me Bitlr:. src an (xcclirot med.
cio*. w* hare uleua bottle of thets, and-u-e ahout ten year.
Toun;er(in our f?linr*' tl ?o we were a month ago.
Prom Um rSn?. bill Anrors. Charle ?! ???.
Dr. Rjeh-a-dsoo1? Buir'?-The Editor of the P-i b?beeo
m-dr to lee! tt n y?st? y.ainitrr by the u-e of one bttilr oi Dr.
Richard >tT- B.'.l.r?. I'ara- Bit Ts are cutte p. ptlar. .Hi.:
prose highly hrn-n-ial. The tciior .1 the Post ljcer??0Hy
jo d an.h ni? in >?..u ca~. an 1 his perso-i.i ixperirace
f^ulii p> tar owurd tj al> bhiog the Dort, 1*1 Compound
Fr.s-the E-?ei B in.ir r jn.: tTavcthftt Advertiser.
Thi- i? the >ewn 1 ir the uieotthi. valuable medicine. It i?
the a: ?I -ale ? tdyM tttta! family mofirine, fur di?ra-es which
it or. ft se? '?' core, 'h 1 tW he. n dt-crerej. It t > out
po-ed of diCerfU roots sad plants We like the bii-ei? be?
tau?.- ihrr are n > quack, rut rr-pared he a r.eular pr.ctical
ph??n i .ii. who S?>S but ?ery little ahoul ihtm hitn-elf. bs-t
leaves it for " liose who ute hrui lomakrtn.ii own stattaseals
of their enemiairffrcts upon the-j?trm. ?e h.?e ju?i ...ed
? , - ofoar h. : . . ?loch we purchased tr m our of bis
a-rn i. who., name will he f.. undo., the ouL-id. ..i .urp-;rr.
v .. .. r.e ther:un.hs.,t..i Bg, hi ! i dii.ce.. r
en ??> work, without feelfapthat our day were ... -n to he msas
,? ,-:h.trial aieit.-t. Bui !he-e Rilts-s hasr cuisd
ut a-d *- feel asif wr had rweo horn again, and ran .ay. in
oar awn pe. u ur-t.lr. -a. goor dull cue.- to wlroweire.;
and thosewho w,.n to tee, ... loo meat resort 10 R.chsrdsou .
Bitter?.or there help for theea. _
From ae Lowell Patriot.
To the sW w, ch?e-fully add ear own te.iiir.ogr.-f the effl.
c-cvot K ehi-.i.-n-. Bitte.? They ire excellent t rallt-e
pu;pojea ?r which lh?y_are i*como?et>deA <?vn<
General Agents, 79 and IPO ration -t ?"o. .. East Broauwaj .
.M.n.-r 199 Broadway, GatsaerJt Vom I IS2< ha riam-ti
Cine-3.7 Boae.r larr.inti?r Gieen?ich->t, J.COUdlOC*
< " Ci-H-.t ' T Jt J. Coddbnpoo k t*on ST Hud.oa ?U,
ScbM lie 114 Canal-it.. e Undael S3 moh Avenue.
Bin; sil Br. a.iv. iv. John Sun to b iWery, Badeauoio ? ???
er, ? C It e Rjlo-,.'* "Uraud-.!.. ?otie.i 1 > Ka.1 Broad,
wir n..?. a IJ! B. wr-T, Staple- V Ford 133 Bj?'iy. hoiton
171Bioad?..y. _?P-lB>
CAWD*? KEJtEDV PCR S.II r lifrlE???
? \v,-r, Salt Bbeom. kingwortn. rat
t.tr, Scald Head Barbel - or JackVon Itch; !".? rsetn M P-"t
??iav Paimario, and other.dUease* of the akin tire aafely;
certainly and ett*?<;.. dly cured i.v ike o?eof??Mda,a Reme?
dy, which baa now bern tested in more ihau siv thwiaxnd
ditferent rjaiea ofthe abovediaenue*, without having i'.i ? ??
in anv ah. re the directum- are attended to. t'lie uuparal
lele.rsti.- -e.- oi in;- rent dy in cur,eg disease*ol ike ?km
is without equal'la the bmtoryotmedicine; The Com
poHud Svrupof Sarsaparilla ii recommended to-beeaed
with the ItemAdy, il loads to ihr..* out fr.the 11? d
and lystem twteraUy all tl:e anhcalihy hnmor coanected
with ihr diseases, and the application of the Remedy e\
ternmly ai the lame time, entieel) eradicates it from the
system. Tha Remedi is perlrctlj harmless in its opera?
tion, and mav bo applied with sal" ly siveii to lue skiu ol
the tenderest mi'acu Testimonials ofiuemcaoy are daily
received, aad the following ar.i.eie.l for publication,
whiah it is thought will satisfy the nuud of every candid
oerson ol its extraordinary virtue*:
' Nr.u-York. May-I. U40.
Kessn A. B- *. 0. Ssads?Gentlen ?a. geling? of thank
' fulne.. an ! p ititu le indu e me to inform )..u thai lam per
i ti - ?i.t Kit. urn by the use ol yuu K.'ue.lv
The dhcase ?pre id over h th my hand, to m? linger end . ami
had been itamfing l ?arte u years, daring which lime I w>. un
.i. ? it;,, in Btmi nl ofm .re ifuir 2" dHFrreul phy.t.-i ms. wh i ...
filled i ? Ji.e more Ih.l'i . lei.p- it v T e :. i I ?a. ahle lo loa?
my luioacs hm litile. in.ir uld not pul tl em in wster; my Bails
repeatedly came ..d. an ? I almost helpless from ihe mm
p aint. I tried Indian and Rool Doeton. butall to no purpose,
until lasl lumm rl wai i.!.i-ed hy ifriead loaseyow Reme?
dy. Icoeimei.crd with Ii ti. fai h, having I ied sosnany things
without producing any good r'T, rt. In a few dayi mv hand,
werebet'-r.andnotw) n. ludi gl put ihemin watet daily, they
continueJ lo tmprore, and la a few w^Vt were eniirely well
Ii i, now morelhaa -it m?rilh> once the cure wai eoectcd,
? in. e which lime ihev n ,v, '>? aa perfe. tly well.
Voeis re-pectfrillv, LYDIA LEWIS, Newark,f?. I.
Me irs. A. II. a l>. S ads?Gentt I rerlifi thai I have been
.-uird of ihr Sjii Kb.um I ien ye.r,' ,.| miliar, by the use -l
\ .ii Remedy snd Syrup ol Sars parilla, and I whh e< try \ ei
. a troubled wilh ibis dreadful complaint la any form would
. ,11 ..u me, and 1 ?dl iall.fi iheui (list your on die. r will cute
iheuiperfectly. Y'ourstruly. AN.VMAK1A WKIBALU
llcsideuce 109 Nasmu-sL, rtore 113 K?tten .'.
New-York. June ;. ISM.
M .... \. B.V D. Sands?Gentlemen: Peeling deeply lo
dehlsd to T ai t-.r Ihe v ilu iblesi rvi.-.. you h ue rendered me
I du most i hei rfutly Inf rm > )U that my wife Is entirely cuied
,l ihe Sail Rheum by the u.e ..f youi Remed? and Syrup i
Sarsaparilla. She h.,d h-en ?ery severely afflicted with Ihe
disc ?eil Ihe face (?i six ysars?hail liieilVariousoiediciac?.
both internal a d exlernat, hut without producing any g od
eifar". until, by ihe advice of a friend who ? <? cured '?> ? in
meJ cine, she wa? indu ed lo use it. ind 1 im lhank'ul to say
tile i r "ill i ha* hern a pel In t rule. YoU'l respei it il'y.
IOIIN C1UPMAN,79 Chatham-st.
New-York, Sept 15,1831.
Prepared an I .-old. w''(?'.?? .?! ; ar.,1 relail, by
a. B. Je u. sands, l?r. .'c.-ts.
79 and 100 Pullen-at
Sold also by Wm Brown, 431 VVushiugton-sL, and S.W
Powie, :i.i Princc-at., Boston .Joseph Boich, ir. Provideoce
lt. I.: i;. IV. Bull. Hartford, Ct.; Dr. R. IV. Malhewson,
Norwich.Cl; H. Rawls A Co. Albany i J. Gorhain. and J.
Fowler, Ncwburg. N. Y.: Dr. David Jane, 20 South Third
suPhiladelphia; t.'. K.Tyler, Baltimore. B.TrivettA
Son. Poughkeepsic; and by druggists generally in til the
priocipal cities and chief towna iu the United ?iat. ?. Price
gl. sl? Im
k^JS'.'f-iS, V N N.?MosLtv's, IslnLOTT's and Kr.l
O sn.w's Steel Peus. Ajrood assortment of POCKET
BOOKS, and other goods, <t wholesale.
E; R. GILLESPIE, 19 John-street,
auOd Jin* Put.veen llroa.lwuy and Nnssmi.
/ \ Ulla la Si .?Th t subscriber respei i fully begs leave t
VrsJ, inform bis friends and the public th it he ha- on linn.l,
and i- constantly re wiving, large invoices ? f Cluills-, wh-.-ii
he oilers for sale at re>luc;il prices, wholesale and retail
Country merchants would do well io call, before purchasing
alsewhere, at
jeSS tf A. KeREAfTHINE*S. S5fl Pearl-st
Ur?t'.!.--? il eeusuub 1*.?hayd'en^s
Steel Peas are hotter in all respects tluu Uuill"?
more durable, equally pliable uu.l cheap.
Thi y ire carefully made, selected und re-seierte.l I. for
offered to tbfl public.
Ii 1 ? believed ihal their own merits will soon give thorn thi
pre-emioeuce utnnitc others.
The trade supplied at wholesale by r.e lg i-t.
EDWARD '. UNO 5 Platt-rtreet
N. II.?for ?::l" by Ihe principal SUslionerS aud der
in Pens in ill-* City autl Country. nuttl ly
BY J O ?-. E I* tl I. 3. O T T ,
(.AC Pit i.V.?The high character of these Pen, has in
duee l the atl.-nipt, on lbs part of -.-ier.il disreputable
uiak.r-. to practice a fraud, DO! only upon Air Gillott, l?al
also upon the put.;i<. An inferior article bearing the mis
spelled name, ihus, Qilloi, emitting the fins! t. i- how in
the market. It can readily be detecud by its unfinished
appearance, and the very common style in which it is put up.
Oottrve, the gen line Pen- are all marked m full?"Ja
seph Gillutt's Patent.'- or. " Joseph GiUott, warranted ;"
and that each gross bears a facsimile of hia Signatars iuu,
The ab .ve mar Imi bad, wholesale, of
jylS Iv HENRY JESSOP. 71 J??? r..r. of C.ol.l.
\V ?I. 39 It. A It A- < ?>.
7 1 Fulton, corner oi" Geld-atreet,
rsiHE subscribers ? this nctbod of annonacing to
i- Ih-'ir friemls and ' .e public generally that, having
purchased tiie extensive utd well known Type Foundry
formerly owed by Messrs. Conner & Cook.-, lin y have re
move,! the -am? to their present central location. Having
iu ide exien-ivc revi-i.,u., alteration- and additions, they
are now prepared to execute orders of an) magnitude ihej
may be favored with, with promptness,ami on as favorable
term, as at any Foundry in America. 'I*., their new Speci
men-Book, which has been recently extensively circulated,
they would respectly refer.
AU arti, I - man ifoctured by tkem .hall 1.fa material
eajual. if not superior, to any manufactured in ibis country
?and .;:.?!? r.-o a thorough examination .- to appearance,
run-in:.', dressing, and properly assorting. All trtinles ex
bibitedintbeSpei men-Book form. r!v issued Cosni-r A.
' ooke, together w.tii Sorts t'. Font- sold by them, c in bow
be furnished from ihis Fougdry without delay, with many
since added.
WM. HAGAR i CO. are. Agents for l!i? -al? of the Na
p:-r. Washington sml Suntii Presses, ?bn.h. i.,;'.:iliKr with
Chases, Csses, Composing Sticks, Farniture, Ink, aud
every article used in the Printing Business will Is: kept
on hand, and famished at manufacturers' prices.
N. II. No Machine Cast Type manufactured at tin
Foundry, je.l-tf
I HAI.L?R ti A TI MON D. No" 142 t
I ? -tre.-t. would re-p> rtlu?y inform tin: writing public,
universally, that ha ?..n ihnes u m?aiuiaclare his ?? impe?
rishable Black
which, there no loi.;e,r remain- a doubt, is superior to anv
in rise, not m ly for it, possessing every quality which reu
ders it safe for public d.aiHnienLs and permanent records,
bat for the pleasure afforded in u-mr it. as it flows fre-H
from >|uill or in'talu- pen-, aad does Bot corrod? them. All
dealer., whether in city or country, are invited lo tall, he
fore they replenish, a::.i examine Mr. Hsmntaad's recom
i mendation- from some of the l>e?t j adzes iu thi- city ; also
from the -: iti ? r- ol Vermont, aad from Yala Collen
: Dartmouth Co'lez? iu:. Sic sIS l?i
I <UOU Mills FOB TUE t ??.NU ut>.
KM IVEL-TO THE AFfLICTEDe?We are happy to
n.l'.r:,! t;;.-l'o.ir fite,!..', woo arc itMicted with any' af?
fection o^the Lung-or Liver that they can find a -afe.
plen...iat. and an infallible rem. .'; in Dr. Williams'? just?
ly cetebrati d Com pound Extra, t'-if Hoa'hound, Balm of
Gilead. and .-lippery Elm. \V.t advise all thus alliicted
to apply at 07 Bowery, where, for a -mall .urn they esr
ol lain a medetiue w haih w? promise will aiv. de. ided re'
T ist ibeye Extract can bt had of M HEARD Drucgi.t
its- Wxshmgton street, wholesale and retail Alse at IM
N?aa -trer.. ., : .,- s ?. . .. er-er of R,wery and Sprinr
street. Agenm from tae eountrv w .nted. ?so | w
Qa^GM A.N? ntUK l.Ms o7every dT
a "'?il-tl"D ??l at the best quality maybe had at All
T%'*u*Vi cau:'n 10 N- ' LARK, 510 Bowery.
. fB7*-Clan of lonir etperiereerwbopra..tieais in the
it'i.'tioorooo.i.; will be in attendance lo give ads ice. die at
the t?,?r- of - A. M and 7 P. M. ,v:i lw
cIrc.^^T,^',^ ^?e-mhibt? ^ dr?yv.
r-lis?Kcccivsd at ???) Broadway, American Hotel.
s Tim i: s .
?The -ire-it fael-saver?Tht? article ?res-r, ?cbeeV
fai and d-lm us straosphere; needs io be r-, !roi h?is?t
oice in twenty-four hour-, Referencescnec.. a j^j
tnpply oo band. Order?sofeited. Atso,a u.-t,erii ??y..
rccnl "of the most sppro.ed C.-*kiog Stoves.Cylinders, Ac!
Mouth (irate-. I per cent. otTfrom f rn-.cr price*.
.: I On_L. >V BADGER. SSO Watetet.
^ I'OVtv STO* r:*?,
o a :.ir;c assortment efStore* for wo.?d or cuai.-uitjs:,
for lartf'or -mal! families. Ai.-o for sale. H.lt and
lor stove- of the late-' pattern-, ciieap for cash.
Jobbing .lone at the shortest ? OS.
All ord-r. th..nsj"ullv receive.! and punctually ittea.fed
jo. aut if GBO HARRIS. SS7' Bieeckerst
?. i <?\ : ? ?. roi i s
5. - ' i NPKKIIil.i. > M V\ i v
K 1 TEN i' COAL 11? K'a,;
STO? K. SO* i li-r-.i for .,',
?hol*?a e or retail, st iVH
Grain! -t. This -ts?r i,
kDOwMred by all -hat hat?
med them to be ?tij?- rior i0
any Stove thai his been intro.
dacedin ih? Ne?'-Yerk mar.
ket- The public are miitej
to ca'I and evanunr this art cie previ.ni. to pu'chasisr
elsewhere, and judjc for themselves of the utility at<
economy f this >to?e.
Al-o. Parlor and OiF.ee Stove? of various sizes and ?st.
terns; ail of ?hieb will be offered at the Uwest maikn
pr i c JOSHUA L'NDERim L SS ? Gr ind at
-11 tf smi od opposite r'.--c\ Market,
adapted tolis
ase ? I Cos .,r
w ...,'. i. r..
?upe ior to til
>'i ten a. it
? i iire*lek?f?ad
'ha'n any ether
?i. v.; eoatrdi
C a. man?
at Iii les of u?..
jTbeova lislat
fcr tin.a t*.t
i fotherstoi .
e ni oiy.and very
merit er offen '?
f Parlor and Of.
i itterns, ? uh art.
of the *am I ??30?, . .?.!?? SBU k .... -
laraje. In add.non to the above, the s
the Neu-York public a Urge collection
?- of <? arious sizes ?,id ue?
ces lower tii an .-?\ yet offered.
sIS 2m ?? t ISSJ Grand -t. hen
.ion v s. II ?DISON,
sn Cliuion end Atttiaty
rpHE SUBS! RIBERS give no ? e that they ar* ee*
i e tabled i - i| ply all demands for their iituuiubu?
Shaving Soap, whit h has been offered to ihn public unil.r
the assurance ;'i : it* freedom from alfdelslerious inrriii
??in. a mid reudei the operation of shaving perfectly rsasj
and free from tbo Usual sularling or urn ibiliiy atia*na*ss|
ihe use ..f oilier compounds.
Then kUMess in fvirnlsblng thb groat desideratum bar
-.us been ?o appro iati I .is s.> u nder thi* noli* ? tie. i ?..ary
it is with conddanco a tri d of the article is solicited.
Kor sale, w n lesate and retail, by
Ii - Green? ii h street.
And by the principal Druggists und Perfumer* la t??
City. "_?'e Im
si". REWARD.
t.O**i". "'i Friday, IT in i., a cold Watet
having a slight gold Chaiu and Seal ?f.i.lisr ta
ii has a gold Fai a, with Heel Hand, and bis,k
? Figures, duplex Escapement, mau.HuredCri
Benedict, New York, No. 33. The ubbve rawed
i paid on delivery of the Witch al Id South st
A > I i Kii v*> r GOI 15 W Alt II
anchor escapement ..id extra jeweled, (i3 jewtfo,
2 of tin in rubies,) iiii a beautiful gold ilitVa
?plendid article for either a lady or geaUeraas,
th Iba h-U iu.ik. r, al It .?er\. i'.?r .ale. I:
cost a g ntteman, a few inonih* ag. , 8I2S. It is warrant?
ed a Iii-' rota tun t-keeper, th- watch-maker can cuiran
tee that, , ind I" ill be sold lor !?r30. tSO \m'
s iiiTU's i mm k kmtahiViwii 'iim
s oi in i of ilco Bawerj and Dir i??u-*l.
ft CLOCKS ... every description in any qiiand?es,
aw gnod trte and cheap for rush.
A, Cloi I;- nade to order for Steeples, Baaks, Ac.
|j i Also, whi *!- and piuiona cut Small sTtvlcne* aa*!
.i.o^el- m.ido for ir iciiicus. l.uirauco Bowery.
jelT tf fFormeriy Smith A lir..ther.?
??AUi'ffCI. *V. HRiVKDICT, -Vitca
Slnher Merchant-' K ti hange, corner of Wall ?t?i
WHI lam streets, having rormed a counfSctli>a_.iB
husinr srilh S. II AM Mi ?NH.lheir person il attts
?ion will be givoo to repairing'BnaWarehn*. rI*he srest
iomplicatcd pat*ta m fJuptea a. Chroaomsttr
Watches put in espial t" the original.
Mr.llnmm nd ??<??? Id unke hi* acknowledgeniarnn.to,IM
Pre do, for their kindness sn.l patronage since luiny is
Ww Vbrk, and w II always give their work prwftrsajeth
making Iluplex werk, l,m will not be ablu to Hadtat any ihi
rouet from the retail price.
Duplex, Indcfienilent Second, ami other Watehei iJ
inleudid pa reras for sale, warranted j.nriei t or ihe mm
returned. Jewelry utd Silver.Wnre as usual.
Ces ^ftff^
? P
Cat !41>? I < !.*a S>"*' VAK l?S ! II. o< oni Ol irr
PRESS for printing CARDS, 107- Jobo-sWreer, ilnr.i .Iw
torn Pearl. Tills MACHINE, the only one is Un.Cs?
can not boeijualc I for ?j.1 and beaut) oi pro,tin.'. Ctnb
,>riiu'-.i ..ii this Maehioo a' much clteaper rate* thaat;
the con moo moda ol printing Cards.
\ silil.C, VVi-ddmg and Store l.'ur.J. engraved as,
: printed.
WM Ii. FOLGER, 107 John at, *l d.,..r from P.-art
au-( I .ii
I riiKAP: *. iTe t sst-.A i- ? ii jamiso*
V' St JERVIS'S Cbeup Eugravingand Printing Ofln
V Visiting Card Piste eagraved and llfty Cards fur oulj
*l .Mi. All other Engraving at one hilf ihe uaual pnf
Please i .11 sod eXnuunc ipecimen*. No. <9j CoariUsdsl
on. rGreenwbieh. i.uii Ita
1 Omct No. Ill William, cobnkr or Joh!MT;
?1.1. KIM,- Ml-' .-II.KS. i iil lDV AND WOOlsU
% GOODS OYED, restored and (r..I, including la
lies' and gsntlesnen'* itarm-nt-, -u. U a- lli. -.e., I'nai-.
d iaa I*, C apa -. \ ? Ivel*, Ribbons, Menu... -. Hosiery, Cm
simeres, Curp? la, Rugs, Pi ano-and Table Covers tsTsjde*
-h...l-.. Ac, Ac auitl Ira'
lllb. l.l.m l>li fr-' bc Sr. n1 It fi-.'JAlE
MOi\ rifLY imi.i.s.
L LEG it i Nl>'s Pilules Mensullea Pour lesFes
ies, so justly celebrated throughout Europe for'-*
astouisbins in in cases of irregular ml oosUSCad
asenarruration, are now offorad t-> the Female iorslidsd
lb* United .Slates, among * bom they have already aci-uin*1
m unrivaled reputation'; but that this r> ;> iiation nia) I*
sustained ii i> n c.rs-.iry t* L-ciru against imposition. frf
son*, then lore, ? ho n ly a ish t.- purchase are reqnesisslsj
isbserve thi aaoie of L. M. Legi and upon ihe cover of lai
Ii x, sad -u? cull, d to the directions accompanying *ao
N. B.?These invaluable Pill* are perfectly hirm>??a?l
not urpl-:,. mi to the taste,ycl are certain to restore if
natural fun boas.
A*k for Lsigrnnd's Fem de Monthly Pilt*. P.xplirildb**
ions in Fre'ica and Eoglitfa accompsav each Isus, ?**
particular ...... ? , m Iber* respecting the medii al tres>
mei.t of yon :?? fem iler.
For sale ii this city only at the Hal! of Pharmacr, V
Broadway. ,11 ism*
?T'ilK i'!!il.<>T?KE.\, or -Female's FnesA'
L Tin- mudii iae may be resorted to with c'.iitideaeel*'
the pur; o ?? . f r? : ?? ! r-.i.w.viu.' nil those e?*>
plaieis peculiar to lemales which ofti n lea,I ,u -omefors
or other to permanent ill bexlth. It will ai-0 relieve asaei
Of the lUffl r. .2 snd prevent ihosa; accident. U, waKB?H
inuther-.-r? '<,. .!. Pi.iiiphleo.c-i.iii.iing te-timoaals
direction*, and m . ii iaformatioa valuable to female* tt*
beads of Cam lies, may be had erm, ?ne.? the Pbib-toksi
i* sold, a; i"- and fill Broadway, I?;- Green-?ica-*v?*<
?I Per' Maud Infi Fulton. Hudson, snd T7 F^kVesi;
*ay. i.'j Chatham, ,.n.l in Brooklyn by W. Baili-y. FnlM
street Price <l 50 per houle. au-HIa*
f \ie. feXTx cui'KAro'n pWdres ?
tJ TTLEe-Personal beauty ,|. p. ?>?{. ... much oa ih"*
pear-nice a::.' ; ,n m smoothi-V.. of the skin, that st hiuie?
contributes to improve it. must he cousidered an e\ntex*
importanc? to all who are solicitous to |h>?*.-s lies*
vaatsge which Lord Chesterfield denominates "aletur"
recommendation oa ail occasions," and certainly the p*
-cut aad future aj.> mtlllfeel themselves m.lebted v>&
invent.^ of the curious chemicad process by winch tsv*
effectually uprooted from the upper lip, -i 1c of the
or neck c.f a 0 antifal woman, ?i'hout the -!i<htc?t io>u*7
to the skin, ail of wbicb can be done by u-mr tue p*""*
tics powch n of Iir. Gouraud, -.ad ibepn paralson cas*
-non tested. To he had ho where else in New-VorkbSt?
^7 Walker -tr?-t. one door fron Broadway. *' per he0*
posed materially from Mowers and snnel- s. ui.|iarU a h?? i
nful carnation to the skin, immovable by rubbiag sritk"" *
'iiik-er.. baodkercbief, linen cloth, or by perspiriti00
Price, .Mi c< in., per h-ttle. auli eoda*
*Ir*. iiiiiio.it elebrnted Ointment
F'OR the cur- ? i Fever Sore* of long itendiBgjS**
Lets st. Anthony'* Fire, lafiammstioes, rW*
Sc.-i!.ls, Salt Kheuio. Scald Head, and an invslusbif/V
nsedy for Sor.- Kipplet mid the Piles ; it will heal ??*?*
wounds in from 3 to? days.
For ?a!e at No. 103 Houston ?treet, N. V. .
Person* whose wounds are pronounced luca'af'
Uortors. would do weil to applv al the above pl*e?
s90 1m*

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