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T%\r <*FNT per copy. Mail Sui.fcr.ber.. ?4 per
f?nnmfn ah ancc. and the paper in no ??e conunued
?f^tt? which" i, i. paid,
ai'en for Six Months._
?ras. tfAit*rH*az....For "<A liT^So'h
J^ZJor leu (over six}, first insertion.. g Ctt.
it, for -ach Subsequent insertion....
? for SIX lr.wrt.on?. or on. "J"
? forTvVF.VTV-FIVE '""^PVoV-'ble rates
Unser A.lrer.nem.at? at equally fas or: Me rate?.
; ^e? - o? ?p-^^
,', ill cases in advance. _
YV'ikiii.Nr.Tos, June. 1 .'i40.
fixNTLEJiKS ;?I havo delayed answering yours
-f -he 10th inst., in order to make arrangements,
jfpo^We. to acpopt its kind invitation to attend
? , dinner in honor of Mr. Clay by the citizens of
oati"e county, at Tuylorsville, on the 07th inst.
I need not tell you what I think of that man
Henry Clay, <>f Hanover. He has done for him
\ ?elfwhat friends and fortune can do for no man,
ur.d has acquired what neither friends nur foes can
:ake from him?" s fume for which himself bas
fouriit, and from which no man's censure can do
tract." And that fame is his reward. Office
could net add u cubit to his stature. He has
reflected honor on the place of Ids birth, and a
Henry was born there before him ; be has main?
tained the reputation of Virginia's sons, and \ ir
rim'a is the mother of " heroes, statesmen, and
lag?." That is enough for nny one man. and it
Henmujh for you to claim htm as your own?you
honor ?/ourselves in honoring Henry Clay. None
ran impeach his disinterestedness now, and I wish
ihiit all Virginia, all America, could see him, a*
you will sec him, and hear him as you will hem
bini?a teacher, an experienced teacher, of eternal !
political truths, und a witness of facts for freedom
i?sjnst freedom's foes. Heed him. I beseech you,
beed him whilst yon may! H. A. Wise, j
Navat..?Tl.e Norfolk i Vu.) Herald oaya, that
?lie I'. S. frigate Macedonian and the sloop-wf-war
Warn.'? anchored off the Naval Hospital at that
port on the 16th. It says further, that there ate
now seven ships of war anchored in a line extend?
ing about a mile down the river from the Hospital
Point, and they present ijuite a formidable appear
ic.te, such indeed, as was nuver before seen in thai
harbor. First rides the French corvette Bison,
dpt. Aguillecourt, of 20 guns; 2d, the U. S. cor
vette.Cyane, Commander Stribbling, of 20 guns ;
'!J, the Macedonian, Com. Wilkinson, a warm 44;
4>h, the majestic Pennsylvania, Com. Sbubrick, a !
inammotli three decker of 12(1 guns; 5th, the lT.
S. sloop-of-wat Warron, Commander .Inmeson, 00; 1
6th, the French frigate Annide, Capt. Louvet, llug
ship.of.Admiral Arnous, of 36 guns; ?th und last- j
ly, the French corvette L'Aurier, Capt. Gamier,
of 1C guns. Total 27(J guns.
?.V0THER Mf.THODISI Coi.r.F.uE.?At the con?
ference of the Methodist Episcopal Church recent- j
ly held at L'iLuna, Ohio, measures were adopted
far the purchase of the White Sulphur Springs
property, nt Delawate, in that State, as the sito for 1
tin* location of n College, to be under the patron- |
6?? anil for tho benefit uf tliw North Ohio and the
uhio Conferences jointly,
English Elective Franchise?The West?
minster Review contains the number ?d' tint Eng?
lish CenatUuency for the various pr.ru of Great
Britain. 3"be number of electors in proportion to
the population and to the representatives, i.s much
(realer, wo imagine, than is generally supposed,
and shows i hat the most substantial part of the !
people of England really control the government. !
The numl er of electors is as follows :
England, 781,445; Wales, 17,510; Scotland.'
84,803; Ireland, 96,052?Total, 1,009,810. Nam
ber of members of Parliament, (i?o; Electors to u
member, 1,534. The population of England is
13,089,338; of Scotland. 2,3G5,807; of Wales; ;
B05.236; of Ireland, 7.7(17,-101 ; Great Britain.
This was the census of 1831. This gives about
cur eh etor in England to srvcii'rtn souls; und in I
Ireland, one to eighty. In Kurland, then, the
number of electors is one-half us numerous us in
the United States, where suffrage is nearly uni?
versal; hut in Ireland tho disproportion between
the people ami the electors is, voty numerous.
Perhaps this is caused by tho greater number of
persons who have* it properly qualification in
England than in Ireland, ami thus, in reality, de?
notes a better condition of the people in England '
than in Ireland. [Cincinnati Chronicle.
T'ti: IitoK Trade.?But few persons nie aware
of the tribute which the eiti/.ens ?I the United
States pay to Great Britain annually for her iron.
The following will show the value of the imports
ot iron into this country for five years. Not more
than one-eighth of the amount was furnished by
Sweden anil Russia 1 lSU.'s, $3,114,929; 183G,
$1,621,896 : 1K;17, $5,518,115 ; 1838, $3,518,(508;
J33H. $5,876,507. [ Miners' Journal,
CTit" KntcHlgcncc.
Reported for The Tribune.
police On ice?Stealing Fvullrt.?Yesterday morn?
ing, between - and 3 o'clock, a colored man named Aaron
Freem ,n was found stealing chickens from a coop ill Kul?
ten .Market, and handing them toa white mau named
James lirceii. They woru holh arreitrd, with l^o fowls
la. their possession, taken to the Police Office, and sent to
Strobing <i Cime?A man named Jehu Boyle was lodged
is tke watch-house, and yesterday seat to prison, lor
?tealiag a walking-cane worth $l f.oiu Jovph Agateef
-II Broadway.
Theft of Mt neu.?A woman named Wary Jane Taney
easai esu for stealing |31 from Mary Smith of the
ro-*er of Broadway and Masdeu Lane, of which Oic had
expended all except >il oil. which ?a. found In her pos
" i an, an '. she * as committed to answer.
Stealing fru;n a Scitvner.?James Ford was arrested
for stealing u watch and a ring, worth togeth) r $33, from
lb*schooaei Swift, lying at pier Sc. 7, East River the
prop rt, of Samuel Eldridge. Ha vu committed to
prison for trial
I ry
Stealing Fire-,4rm.,.?(Jeorrq Coi.V, a bay. was
re-t d lor|*taaluuj spur of pistols, w?rth >.\ from 11?
Until .is. No 1 Chamber* street, which he seid for ,
d liar, ?I?.-ti,M?i.,?f?r;rj3|.
Bargtar} and Tasrft?^About half-past 2 o'clock re*.
terd.a n...ru..cHi,,,cWi Vn ,Utr Thompson,
entered the grocery ot William Benedict, No. IS Orssi-e
ttreet, thronet, the w,?dow. and ??i, th,rty (,.m. that had
I sen left in ihe drawer. Ht the,, penetrated the Sleepia?
room ol Mr. Ilem-dict, aJ,?lUIB|., ?I,,, ..,.,? a Jua^
cam nine ill >ncy. when Mr. Be.,,i,ct. be.uc aroased.
sprung up andaewsd the v?h?a, who however escsW
>a ? got an the roof of, roar hnuii> ^ ,
by a watchman and, being eoodacted to lie Police."?
?cut to prtsoc
Tk.f.,/? ss^cA-W?liam Crc<k*r, who was arrested
and com Bitted on Monday for stealing three gold . ,tches
Irana Mr. Uuboif, in YVilliam-strset, was vest rd
eamslained of for hanar on the iJth iU.t. lUUaa silver
, watch, worth $30, from Mw??r? tiuedis A M_?t
ia Wall-street, He was fully .otamuiod on both com'
plaints for trial. 0111
Coao>sa s On ics;.?The Oorouer on Tuesaiay aveaiai
held an iu<|ue?t. at a house iu West street, ucar Spriu *
ob the body of Richard Main, a native m tka cUyTsMd
? J ctr-. The deceased ? m a barkeeper for Ira It I),?,?
"o 5T3 Brssadway and I-ft there about a ?e k since, si
9*a stated, to go oa a tskiag sxcaraioa. Laa>t Saturday
attal lie ?:? seen lyinc *>leep ou hoard thefislimi; smack
Auel, near the fool ofCkaritoa street, and w?. ?? Tur...
?ay afternoon, 4 o'clock, found iloatiug in the Hudson
Roe,-, near me fool of Sprlur strccL Verdict, found
iocforo.'r al-o hsld an inquest vestordav at N.^ Lit
cnarry-?treet, on the tody of Jjhn Fitzgerald, aces' m
a aattve cflrelaad. The deceased was as wvll a? u.-ual m
w? atceniag, and after breakfasting ??> atsout to go to his
or?? wbe* he was suddeuly sei/-d wlib a tit and fell
sea?e,esa<up?u the door, and never .poke arstu lie hud
h "uTT 'i?n,'jf vl>asms- uad although Dr. Goldsmith bled
w'asateVLI a ^b"J1 aooB- A l,01t niortem examination
?f^elli & l)r (Jol-l?nu?i, and conclu-iv? evidaac?
ot apoplexy exhibited. Verdict, died of apopleA v.
i CCr* Tii?- Commencement F.r.crcises of the Ohio j
University were celebrated at Cincinnati on tin;
' 3d in?t. Addresses were delivered before the .
j Literary Societies by W. M. Cony, Esq. Dr. (
j Drake, an-1 E. I). Mansfield, F..]. Mr- Man*, j
'. tielJ is the Editor of the Cincinnati Daily Chrooi
: cle, which we may as well take this occasion to
?av one of the best journals published in the
Western Country. Its political articles are dig.
nified in their tone, and evince careful thought
ami strict adherence to the host principles of law
and morality. Though manly and decided in its
positions, there is nothing like abuse or vulgarity
in its column?. ^^^^^
n./" Governor Sewnrd has offered a reward of
$250 foi information which will result in tlio eon
?.irtion of any individual engaged in stealing
two field-pieces frotn Cayuga County, or the gun?
powder from Lockport. The Goveinor's Procla?
mation will hi; found in another column.
\SjT Mrs. Jemima M. Mason is about to repub
II-h the Dublin University Magazine, commencing
the l*t of January.
Tew.tsEND's IcE-BnjtAttKit ?We have exam?
ined a plan of u steam boat and apparatus pro?
posed by Mr. Jacob Townsend for the purpose ??<'.
breaking ice, nn.l then keeping a navigiiVIc chan?
nel open in winter. This invention from its ihgo
nainty and simplicity promises *o !>e efficacious in
attaining the desired end. While therefore we
rannst venture to assort that it will bo certainly
successful, we feel u pleasure in recommending ihi*
apparatus, us well won by of being subjected to die
test of experiment,
isaac L varian, james rex wick,
aaron CLARK, %0aM i! ILL,
john NEWHOUSE, WM. davis,
peter cooper, charles DAi 13,
i?r. ii. McLean, r. r stillman,
JAMI>- cunningham, wm. ii. BROWW,
PETER HENRY dreye? It D ueecher,
[Pres'tof N. v. s. N. Co. j.illN steel,
jus. p. pierson, JAMES walters,
F.A. tallmadge, w. ii. II VI.e,
r. r cm.I M IN. JOHN i LARK.
valentine mott, id. copeland,
timothy HI DGES, g. w. copel?-nd.
Z.RING, rillNEAS rennet.
juiinj. vanloon, Now York
Gentlemen's Hair-Culling,
Will l>c introduced
N n t ii r d n v, I '. i 'i [ is a t
Where, from arrangement* made, in- will be found always
Hy llionc who wish to be operated on ev Histsrxr.
si7 In:lwi*
/ M<o rinse, w 'holenale 'ans? re
V ' TAIL.?A good assortment of ready-mode Clothing,
manufactured expressly for the Full and \\ inior Trade,
is now being sold wholesale nud retail at 85 Chatham St
The stock is new ai.il consists in purl of line blue und Illach
Heaver, Pilot and Flushing Overcoats, made intho latest
fa-loouc; su|inrfiuc plain an.' fitftiri'd Siltf and T.l.by Vol.
vet. Saun, Valencia, Cloth and Satinet Vests of s variety
of styles ; h pood assortment Ol CaSSimore, Satinet and
Moleskin Pautalooi s, besides a first rate lot of Shuts anil
Drievers, viz : red tw illed and plain Flannel of various
qualities; bleached and unMeacba >l Cantos Flannel, Hau -
iltoii striped,Calico und fine white Muslin.?Ali selling
cheap for Cash, and suitable for the city and country tradi.
N. it. Country Morcliant* are particularly requested to
call and examine the siock for themselves. No B5 Chat?
ham st. s? Im*
quirts .HAWK to OfiMKU.ut No, 161
?5 Broadway. New Yoik, up stairs.?The subscriber has
established at the above location, n Manufactory id Shirt?.
Collars, Bosoms, &c. in all tbtir varieties. The superi?
ority in point of fit and workmanship wi ichcharacti rises
the article* from this citablisbmi at, cannot but commend
it to, the patrouage of those who have suffered from the
annoyance of n bad sillier ihtrt. Please read the follow
iag from a gentleman of ibis cm :?
James Harvey?Sir, Having been informed it is your
intention to open aa establishment for the purj esc of ma?
nufacturing shirtu, erdlars, bosoms, At. it afford* me much
pleasure tu stating that 1 bavi.in >i-ur work repeated?
ly, and 1 can safely say, that I never secu any thing t"
compare with it. Respectfully, yours,
Pacific Hotel L. A. I'll ATT.
Shirt* made to set well or nochsrgs made.
nil) lw- JAMES HARVEY.
Ifl ERS? Received at 2iJ9 Broadway. ?Ui
rl,171.t\ KATLVG ROUSE, l it* I
street, extending t? 1J Ann street?Green Turtle
Soup every day. Meats, Poultry and Game, the best our
market affords. Wine.. Ale, lie. A hot lunch served at
the Dar every day at half-past 10. Hrcakfa-t, Dinner aud
Supper ul the usual hours. Free Concerts every night.
? 151 m*
JUST RECEIVED?Froni auction, at 193 Grcen
wich-st., s splendid assortment of wool black and fan?
cy colored Cloths anil Cassiuieres, very cheap.
rtlm _RJ. DENTON.
?teel VeN9t.?Mo'st.lv"s.T;ti.t.oir's -i.d Kit.
^ shaw's Steel Pens. A good assortment of POCKET.
Bf >> 'KS. and other goods.at n bolesale.
e. R. GILLE5PIE, 19 John-street,
au:W im* Between Broadway aaJ Nassau.
UU?LI.M,?The subscriber respectful!) heg* I.
inform but fneuds and the public that he has oa h iu I,
an', is couzlaully receiving, large invoice, of Quills, which
he oircrs for sale ui reduced pritrs, wholesale and retail.
Country merchants would do wull to call, before purcii isuuj
elsewhere, at
jeffi if A. McKEACHINE'S, 555 Pearl-si
Steel Peas are belter in all respect* than Quills
more durable, equally pliable and cheap.
They urc carefully made, selected and re-selei t. >! i.. tore
offered to ins public.
It is believed that their own merits will soon give them the
pre-eminence among others.
The tradu supplied at wholesale bv tte Agent.
EDWARD J. KM), a Plait-street.
N. B.?For sale by the principal Stationers and il.-.'..;rs
in Pens in lite City und Country. nulttl ly
?A few bales of each, for sale hy C. C. HAVEN,
ullioodtf 8S Pine.street ~
CHAPMAN'.- magic RAZOR STROP,with whi
every person may keep his razor in perfect order, v. ucthe
at sea or on laud, it presents four lacos. each of ditler-gt
sharpening properties, commencing with the Metallic
Hono, often times the power of the ordinary hone, and
finishing oh ihe simple calf-skiu. Retail [prices 50 cetits.
7."> cent. |1 O0,tl 85, and $1 50 each, according t.i size
and outward finish. The performing part of a 75 cent
Suop tiio s.'iue as one si $1 50,
I CHAPMAN, 103 William-st.
N. B. The perfoimir.g part of my 75 cents Strop war?
ranted to In superior to Goo. tanadars* best; at Ctaaeh,
aud the money returned if the purchaser t?e dissatisfiod,
jvSl im
^??agSHPLAlN, ?oic ag. nt for Tallman 4 Ru
IT if I 1? superior grand action Pi no*, 7 Barclay ...
near ttroadpray.?The pnbiic may rest assured that instru
menu of this establishment cannot be ex. died in tone,
toach or appearance, by any manufactured, and at prices
never before eifere J. Having been constantly engaged in
Teaching, Tuning and Regulating for the last sixteen
years, he is confident he possesses advantages in the selec?
tion of Piano. u--e?iualed. si lt?
afSJa. EELLOW-CITIKENS. don't U- diJr
^Toouragr.t, :.? LULLOW-STREEl is-yet tin-.hop
JE?., for cheap and good BREAD. -I pouaisbaked at the
present for oue shilling, ai.d a promt-e of more a; soon s
the market will warrant. Cakes, Pies, ilusk. aud T>a
Bi etui dsily?all ,u iiaulitv equal to auv in ttieeitv.
?so i* w. c. holmes..'it i."di..u-.cir_e>.
S Kooks si wholesalr. cheap for c-s|, by
'-IT Im' K k. RIU.KRPUi Agent. ,'|at^91 John-?-.
L>KD "b'AFK HONE TS en ALL tu.- ?muTi fa
* 'hisfsuto will be taken witaoutstiv discount for a few
days oul> fur Dry Goods at 4SI Greenwich .t, near Canal.
tl5 lam
THE SI'asCKIKKK :a- ? ?*>?-?
No. I7.'f RRaXD-STRBET,corner of Ml LBER
RY, and ha?, after considerable lab r and expense, K0< ked
the -amg ? ith a very choice I t of Tew aid Family <;? ?
eeries,'?biea he will s, 1 at the lowest ca-h pr.ce,. 11s
would respectfully invite the public to call and tee lor
ihentielvee. Af goods, a.- niuaL; sent tu any part cf Iii-?
city, ana Broollvn, free of expense.
? i-i,- ' J.B.?cCCyE.
u;i:;io* M; rsbbon*: ribbons:
T ? iLI.INFKS p.:r.:..:.-re soodifor caah ire in/iled to
?i'l. cull an I ?.).,.;... the large aial desiiaWe assortment
of Good, now being spened at BONNET MILLER'S
cheap Ribbon (tore, I3?J Willism-itreet, near Ann. Hat
Siit? am! Ribbon- of ev?-ry -tvle. to?.-:iier weh all article*
neeessarj or Milliner- purposes, which will be soid cheap.
Remember the number.
?13 iw'_BONN IT MILLER. 1*?; William street.
Clicnp tiiiil (Splendid I?'nll Ril-bou?
\1 J. DR UM U< '.*> I > ??? 9 iira^d. hasju-l received fro.a
4.IA? Auction a moat splendid assortment or Silk- and
Ribbooa which he can and will sell lower than any jobber
down Iran. '1 ho-c country milliners, who so liberally
p;.lr?tiiZJu hini Ian year, are requested to call and esam
ioe bis :oek : as he will -el! at a sina'l advance on vtctn.ii
price-" L-.ces and Edaiags, retailed lower llnu aij other
? -?ilii.-?i,J .. ..,?:.:> i is- i.i'l pool; Muslins?? itli .1
peneral asaorlmeni of Fancy Goods.
W.B. Colored silk Velvets *l per yd. at309 Grand
Street, sldliti
[VEW S-'.iS.l. GOdK*.?ALFRED sSlHL
J x Merchant TaBor. No. I3C Fulloa-st. would invite his
friends and ti.e public to . :;t gad examine his sto-k of
new Fall Goods.Misting of Cloths, Cassimercs and Vcirt
ir.gs r.tiited to the fall tr.;,le. Gentlemen leaving; their or?
ders may reiy upon their b iog fulfilled iuthe most sat:.;,
factory manner. Terms moderate?Cash <>u delivery. ?- tf
v m a st fa:: >. <? f. v d i r *.
(socccsson to ceo. rcuscuBn,)
? 'I street, of every possible ?h .pe, style, an : variety, for
the use of Htiv lineof bm iai -? : constantly on hand n large
s-s'ir,..,. nt of Square Boxen, plasia nsid lancy, single, and
in -ela; ai.-o
by the b.> it ucsL
Genuine German Cologne Water imortcd, and for sale
it a very l>* fric-, s93m*
\.y.\itL .v iviNiEK <;.io ?>??.?n wVC
2 HAMS & CO. would pol tely unite the Lad.es to call
?ud e.xamii ? their large and Splendid a.-s rtmcni of plain,
Sguret!. plaid and striped Monsseliae da Laities, at all
prices.from i to ." shilling- per sard. Taglioa f and Silks
?fall colors, tngi iber with a full assottmi ut of French . nd
Ktifli-h Mennos. FUnitcts, Ac.?iu <hort, a full assortment
i>l Fall and Winti r ':.>o.!.. for sale cheap, *t
N. R?French, English and American Prints, fro n 5d to
11 hillings. si". I in
l| E8JM' ITtSO candy?A safe,pleasant and
.'i efli lent npcrient, prepared for children by T. G.
Hi ?DG KINS. Gnnfee-i.r, 49 Go llandt-st. ?17 Im*
(?ORSETS, <. mtlemea's lb Iu and Braces, at whole, ale,
J cheap for cash, bv T. LOVE, 154 West Broadway,
io n. r ??! lie < h-st. s!7 Im'*
india KUBBSn CIaOT?a\
? VKAL'.ii.- in Uli? article lie no: deceived, ifyou would
if retain your customers, supply them with the article
which i- acknowledged by every con-timer who bas trial
it as jrr- ally superior to nuy other. My ("loth for carriage
mailer's purpo,e.-, marked A, hw* never been cspialcd for
beauty of appearance, hardnoasand durability, while the
l -l Cloth, which I i-eil from r>o to 69] cents per yard, is
warranted in every resnect fully equal to and cercrally
murb better than the Cloth nade in tue ordinary way
am) with t!:e small obi fashioned machinery. A good sup?
ply now on band of the various qaaluie*.
HORACE H. OAT, Suaeessort? Roxbnry I. R. Co.,
hi.. 3m l->> MaMon-laao.
(OHEAP CARPI2T STOKE.-fhe ??toeri
v > I er oilers'or side a new and splendid ie -orlineM of
3-pl.v Brussels, fine and superfine Iugraia Carpeting, Oil
Cloth, Rugs, Matts, Matting, with all other articles con?
nected v. ith t!:' business, cheaper than can bei bought at nay
uher store in the city. Persons from the.countr}' or ciiy
wishing to purchase will find it much to thairadvaatage tn
:-.ll before purchasing alte? here, at -IT Canal-street, south
iHl?, lieu. II. I) S Vir.!. St. WII.I-O.V. ??-C ??.,?
|>OVIi;M Bil.KAe'"l!3IN?; PO^VILsKk.?
I* 100 casks Boyd's celebrated Bleaching Powder, just
received and for sale bv
jy-j-> PKRSSK J- RROOKS.61 Liberty-st
j 0?>K AT 'I'Si IN.?Pocket book-, the cheapest
Li in the city, at wboli de.
r.u-jT Im' E. R. CII.I.KSPIE Acent. -25. late lf> John - t.
Jl'ssT ItliCEIVED?At 193 Greenwich.street, a
splendid assortment of Tagtionia, very desirable colors,
for sale cheap._fs4 liii|_H. J. PENTOX.
Ml 2 N" -*V.' S- '5 ? keep, enstaut!-. mi
hwidall km I? of BRASS k GERMAN SILVER Gast
ilirs. at No 11 Spr.ire strreet. :e4>2:3m
li'si' BECEIVItB-At 193 Greenwich-street,
t' black and Idue black Silks; some -)o inch Matteonas,
very cheap. j -1 Im] II. J. PENTOX.
\l APJ.K SUGAEi.?Of the best quality iu me
.Tl cocks of ISO or 70 lbs. For sale by
s-.'u :'i JAMES HOWE. 29 Coentiesslip,
LKIit'ilKfS ?PJ'blEII t.y Mr-. S.ULAH V.
HARPER No. 48 Vesay-afc ?U l.us had mane rears
??perlenen in thobusinius IwSI if
/ it .11 t lNSJV FOR <??l.I >
x 5 i mmeuced the manufacture of this article, and shall
keep :. coustaat supply during the season.
-IT I in' T. G. lI'tlniMNS. Ii< Court laad-sL
DLAlVTEHei) BANK, also Agricultural Bank
L Notes to NaleheK want.-! at improved rites by
jv II VIVVI.I-TK UllllTHKKS. JO Wml.alra.t.
, l4AKAT4*e?A union 81*king.?The
w ater of tins Sterins; having recently ullracled the alteil
tioa of to mxnyof the visiters at Satatogi, and it., e.T^cis
mi ilau system being attended with such happy resulv- in
v.nou- diseases, the proprietors were induced lo incur the
expense of iiu\ iog it unalized by oce of our most emineut
chemists, tha result of which proves it to be one of the
itio.-t hiah'y medicated waters at Saratoga, and as such it
is now onVicd to iLe public with the confident assurance
that i - virtucsare unequalled. A comparisoa with the
analysts of either aftbe other Springs will -how the facL
One gallon of this water coauuas the folio sing iugredi
Chloride ?f Sodium.243.629 grains.
Ca bonale of Hagm -iu. 84,265 "
t u-bonale of Lime.-Il/tn) "
Catbcnate of Soda. l2,r'U0 "
Carbonate of Iron. 5,l?- u
Iodise of Sodium and a trace of
Bromide of Potussium. 3.600 "
Sil.ca aud Aiuiiiiiia. 1,570 "
Carbonic Acid from wr.ter bottlod f..ur
week-.344,16 in.
AtmospbericAir. 4.62 iu.
Ne - York, Aug. 19,1841. 318,78
The -ub-cribers are propre tors of this valuable Spring,
areprepared to supply the water to Merebaots, Ha
te's. Packet-ships a.i.i Kauiilics, ciihcr i.i ?pjart.- or j?.iits,
put up and packed in ihe uiost eoaiplete in.:uuir and ou
the most ft.t urabi? Icrni.'.
Older- are ressccifully soKmtetl.
A. B 4 I? SANDS, n-m-ri
si- ltWilwD 7*' r.n l I?Vi Fulton -Irert, New York.
SARATOGA lVA.TJSRs f<om ihl 1 line Spring.
s^ Tue e.'.iiine Spri.ie contain- much more Iodine and
Carbonate of Msjitaesrja than any oilier louuta.n, and con.
s.-qari.tl' is tse uiosl powerful ?Iterative and apeneuL It
is bielily charged a.:ii Carbonic tias, which icudeis it a
pun?'clil ?ud dell. Itful drink.
A. A. ICELLOGG, Owner,Saratega 5-pa.
Sub! st wholesale and ?<? ail iu New-York by A. it. .* D
Sands, Drustists, 79 snd 100 Fulton-street: at retail by
DavidSaads &< o ".7 East Broadway; J R. Cbdton, St-i
Broadway; Mithau, ItU Broadway; Sloca.n. eciraer oi
Broadwsy and ChamVers-ttteet; Sotullard A Dellue, 581
Broadway aad i Park Roan Ritshtoa A AspiawaJLStj Wil
liam-stre. i: DnMileotvt93 Broadway; Hau'iv27r3>Broad
way : Ring, W4 Broadway : Do !.!. 642 Broadway : Cogges
hail. 4SI Pearl-street; Hil'tnce A Hosenm.ller. all b;e..k
er-Mre.-t; Hill,20S Grei awich-streetj Jeasiaga A Beu.iei.
loSGn i w.r'.i-rire-i: Burjtr, 50 Cortlaadt-street; Koi
ton. It'- East Broadway._s'.4 Im
Cbathaa-sueet New Yo.-k. a few cases of Winter
Ceder-S irtsand Drawersloeether with a Ursa assort?
ment of L'ten Bosom Shirts. Collars. Bosom-. Ac . w hich
will be -old si the fo'l iwiag pru.es. viz: (Jnder-Shirtsscad
Drawep. at $4.*t i.V *l 50, fj6. f7, $S, $9, $10,812,$15
and n ?? ard- per th aea : Linen Bosom Shirts at $7, $3,
$9, $10,$11,$1350,$15 $ld, $1?. $20 ?nd upwan's per
do/-ii: Linen t* ?Mars a'. .V1 ceuu. oi cents, 73 cSats, $1,
gl 23 $150, $J 70. $2 i-"'. i- 56 and upward- per J--/
.n. Plain Shirts at $5 50; Colored Shirts at >j, jT,
j.- and ji' per dozen.
Heater, fron: all i arts of ibe eouatry can dopend upon
leiar avupplied with go ? agreeing with our catab.cue.
M IRSKALL'S Troy Sh.rt Depot.
No.90 Chathim-jtreet, New-York.
X. B ?No patroaag-: asked of those who beat dowu.
?aa im
I.\G, SEPTEMBER 24, 1841.
from lie foot of Barel..., - :r
The TRt >\.Friday M< rniar, at 'o'clock.
The ALBANY. Saturday Horsing, at To't o-k.
j Thc XK0V.Monday Morning, at 7 o'dk.
1 Frcru tbe footoi C ornIimc:.i-?tr? # t.
Tb? DL Vv i r*T CUNTON,Tuefday Afternoon a; S ;c;..
do do Saturdav do 5
j Notice.?All Goods. Freigi:. Ragi'agc. Pank Bills, Spe
. c:r. or any other k:nd ofPropertv, taken, shipped; or put
! ?l beard the Kent, 01 this Line muu be at the risk of ike
j r> ' ! ?*<"?' ????'? ? Freight. Bagg ??>. A c
fe?r-al.\t. line of steamboat**.
The rteainboai ROCHESTER, Capt, A. P. St Joan, w ill
I leave the Pier between Courtland and Liberty-sis. every
Monday. Wednesday aad Friday, at 7 o'clock P. M. 1
The SOUTH AMERICA, Capt L. W. Brainard, leaves
the i ? -v.- pim Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. kt 7
o'clock P. M.
For passage or freight, apply to
P. C. SCHFL'l'/.. at th? office, or or. board.
fob BIIUKWslBlllT. .
k, fz^1- *?. The iteamboal OSIRIS, Capt J. U.
\tS3j?GSmm\Y? -s'Lire. ard ruo as folio-leave Fulton
" Market dip, East River every H i lay
morning, at S o'clock; Tuesday Wsdnesdsy Thursday
Friday, and Sunday,at 8 o'clock, A. M.. anc Saturday, at
12 o'clock, nooav
Returning, leave Red Bask at half-past 1 o'clock, every
day, acopt Monday) at 10 o'clock, A. M.. and Saturday,
at 4 P.M.
Thc boat wil] run aa above until further notice, navi?
gation mo ? either permitting. N. R?All ft eis at and
baggage ?t the risk of thtowners thereof. jy9 3m
DER, Ca,:. .: Roberl Wardrop, will IcaVC the foot ol .
Warren-street, New-Ysrk. every Monday, Thursday, and
Sarcrdny afternoon, it 4 .i'c!..ck.
Keturning, the HIGBLAtYDKR svBl leave Newboxyb .
everj Mondsy moruiug ,i 6 o'clock, and Tuesday asd
Friday afternoon at .' o'clock.
For freight or passage, apply to the Captain 0:1 board.
N.!!.?Ail baggage, mi J freight of every description ami
bills, 01 specie, put ?u hoard this boat, must be at til" rt-k
of the owners thereof, unless a bill of ladi.ur or re. 1.
ligned for the sumo, jv-jo
.7. n_i..^L ^ I intermediate landings without bar?
ges,)?The low-pressure .Steamboat SUPERU 'It, Captain
Jakn Gould, will leave the pi er foot of Chambers-street 1
this (Mondsy) afternoon, Sept, -2Sub. at 5 o'clock. All ?
kinds ? 1 freiskt taken at barge puce.. The accouunoda
lions of the Superior for passengers arc! equal to any boa 1
on the river.
For freight or pa-s ige apply on board, or 10
Leaves Nosr-York Monday-. Wednesdays and Fridays.
non company. -CANALAND
Cr Freight and Passengers.?New-York
t? BulTido, Fifty Cents per hundred; other places in pro
S. G. ru \SK A CO. Albany, I ?
J. R. EVANS .V UI:o. Buffalo, S rni,r:
J.J.CARTER v. T. P. WHITING, Agents,
Refer 10 16 S win-street, N. Y.
S&all, William; .t Co. >2 Froul-st.
Dows A Cary, 7-i Cbrtlaud-st
A. Van Santvoord. Iii S null-.'.
J. II. Douglass, IU7 P.ronl st s7 liar*
EXPRESS 31 AIL USE FKU.H .\L U-iliiili
I EASTON, lu.ilfeS
* '^-i' Via .NVw-Brniiswirk.?Fare through, 82.
STOI T'S I'. S. Mail Linelesves foot of Liberty street
every iiioriiing,'Xcept>undays,at o'clock.by Ne.v-Jersey
Railroad t-. New-Brunswick, tbenre by Troy coaches di
reel, atriring in EastOO nt ll o'clock the same day: being
decidedly lb ? most pleasant and convenient as ?eil a., the
most direct and expeditious route from New York to
Mi..ten. K..r >e?u apply-at lha Bauls.1 Oatoa.>i
Liberty-street, North-ru Hotel, foot of Coui-ilaaid street,
or 00 hoard the car.-, of \\ si F. Ann:, who ?id ac com?
pany the passi ngers to New Brunswick, aud give .all in
forma'io.1 nn 1 assistance required. *3I tf
^ss^cesi, EAS l ON, pa
'i brougb in H In.urs. Fine onlv
Leave pirr No 1 .V. It., Battery Place, at fg o'clock, A.
M. daily, Sundays excepted, by steamboat Cioderilla or
Water Witck, to Elizabeth port, thru t? take the cars of
the E. Tie., it t ud Somcrville Railroad to Botiiidlir.n k,
leaving only .i- miles by coaches, making by far the most
pleasant and expeditious route to Easton. For seats ap?
ply to A. D. Hope, 7J Courll it dt st. or on board. A. I)
Hope will accompany the passengor* to Bound Brook, au.I
r. nd'-r ?II assistance necessary.
N. II. This is the oulv line that arrives it, Easton before
night ,-t-l 3m
_ assyaa- S.tPNS; island rail
r,T.,"-.A.'. "r?yL I' All? KAI.I. A It RANGE
-C-:!s *^ '^s?*- 'll'.vT.-iin and after Monday, the
iiih September, tkt cars will run as
Leave Hicksville nt 7-1 o'clock. A. M.. an 1 1} P. in.
Leave Hempstead at 25 minutes pu-t 7 o'clock, A..'!.,
and 20 minutes before 3 o'clock, P. M.
Lvavc J.nini-a a: t-i ? .*,:I?.? !.. A. M- und C o'cl.ick, P. M.
Lcav.. Brooklyn at :-j U, A. M . ami 1 o'clock. P.M.
Leave Hicksville at 'i A. BL,and -I o'clock. P M.
Leave Hemps lead at -"? minutes pa.-t7 A. M , and Smin
ut.-r before I o'clock, P. M.
Leave Jamaica atrjj o'clock, A M.. am' Ij P.M.
Leave Brooklyn nt 9J o'clock A. M.,and ti P. M.
By the above i.rrangeineut ras'engcrs Inking the morn?
ing train will have time to visit Rockaway, and the several
villages on the route, uu I return the same e\ ruing. Stag s
run regulativ on the arrival of the cur-, to Rockaway,
Hempstead ilari.or, Glen Cove, Wbeatley, Oyster Bay,
Hnntiagton) Babylon, Smithtown, Islip, Lift* Snedickor s
Hotel, and througti the i.-luuJ lu Greenport'aud Sag Har?
Fare to Bedford. 10J cents: to East New-York. 1:5 cents;
to Jamaica, S> cents; to Brusbi ill-, :{7 cents ; to Westb irj,
Carle Place aud Hempstead, 56 cents; to Hicksville, 6Sj
cents. hit
S2;3 >Kvr.Yo'::k a erie
" --?' _^??fit.Hl.lttfA is will be o, ened
for freight and passengers on Thursday, the 33d of Sep?
tember, and until further notice the traitu will ruu a.
follows i
A Fus'.?err TVeia daily, except Sundays, leaving the
depot at 7 A. M-. and stopping at any of lit ? follow ng
places where passeugers may desire to le left or taken
up. viz:?Chester, M uroe Village, Turne-s, Monrae
Worts. Ramapostatlbn, sutferus. Pa-cnr. Blauveltville
and Picriacnt. arriving in the Steamboat I'tica at New
York, at .'J. M.
A F'riuL-t Train tri-wtkh), leaving the depet at3 p.
-M.. oa Mondays, Thursdsys a..d Satuidays, stopping, if
required, at Chester, Monroe Village, Seanianville, Tur?
ners,' Monroe Works. Ramapostatioa, Sufferns, Pascac,
i.r leabusb, Blaa-veltvillo and Pieraoat, arriving at New
York, by th_- Company's steamboat aud fre rht barges,
at 10 P. M.
A Pattcnger Train JmIu. except Sunday-, l ading the
fvot oi Att.anv-street, in the Steamiscal I'iiCA, Captain
A. B. Schultz, it - A. >l.. ar?! crriving in Gosk.-u at 1 P. M.
A Frtipkt Train in-xnklu. leaviag tae foot of Cedar
street at -? P. >', orj Moadaj -. Thundaj > and Saturdays,
and a-r.n^ 2 at Goshen at 10 P. M. Slopping places ih'
same a- in Ute trains from liosheu.
Pa* e? = er- by the wo.-ting trains are informed that no
breakfast ill be furnished :a the boat or cn the road.
Tn (V ate requested t.. purchase tickeLs before liking
-eat-in the crs, a. all persons from New-York, or from
any depol where ticket-- are sold, will be charged as way
passengers, if they neglect to purchase tickets before
tsk'iir their seats.
For trt-igh; or passage, htqatre it the Company'- dock
in New-York, at the foot of Albany-street, or ac tbe vuri
ous dep-ls along tbe rouie. H..CSEYMOI R,
SupcriLleaJetit and Engte-er t"a-t-r:i Div:.i..n.
.?"tf New-York Si Erie R.nlroa!.
rjxo thoue who VALlh'HEALTH.
J ?The GlLaTaNASIsTOT, 5 od 29 Ann
strec^s. are now open daily. Gentlemen subscribing have
the privilege of caercising at Initii the eslablishmci.:*. Iu
addition to every implement made a e of la the regular
Gvmnsstum. there are a bowling alley, quoit-ground.
lk"ooDrg-;?"suy. and a large ppsn space for running,
juu.pmg. A;c^ exclusively for the a*;Uicn.=i:t of the m.iu
^W. F. resraectfully informs parects and guardians that
a iu^ior clv-s is about being forme?!, and wto will exercise
alw ays under his immediate sunenaieodeace.
Fencing and Sparring uugut aa a-ual, upon tke most
approved principles.
Aa evening clas.. will be fjraed at aa early period, and
eosrinr>? dunoc the winter^_ ?! 1 2w
O way. Aineriean HoteL sir!
FR K NV3TAStSIJI ERE S?Just reccTvedTt
?iS3 Broadway. Aawncsoi Hotel. s!6
vol. l. no. 143.
S r H O O LS
-," it'' "n' ?'?"???liflu-i Roariliu-iiind
May School, No II -: i:. . loo?; ..:
Broadway, Ncw-.ork.?The Fall Terra of Chi? Institution
n.rneaced Sept. In, under arrangements for the..?com
notiatioa el pa; '? in daily, aL-o m weekly and >rM..
?rcelily cowries of instruction.
Order of Reeitatioa*? and Lectures.
9o'clock, A M. doily.?Bible and Ecclesiastical, Aucuut
a:;:* Modem History,
lei o'i lock. A. M . Mondays and Thur^iays.?Ord.nary ex
erci.-es of Eaxli.-h Grammar.
? Tuesd 13 ? and Friday**?Geology, Miner-do-y and
" " Wednesdays?Criiici.-ms on Compositions.
11 o'clock, A. M . Mi* 'ays auJ Tbarsdavs.?Meulal and
M?r I I'm ..-.?:.?.;..
?' " Tuesdays, Wednesdays aad Fridays?Physiology.
I- ?? M. daily.?rali.in.-n..- and ?'1 ca) Music
I ?? P. X.daily.?Arithaietic, Geometry, aud N-iura!
PenmansLip in the afternoon, by Vr. POLREAR.
Ladies cot in eoastant attendance at the School, nm
1 e rouu*-t?.: with any , arl..-u, ir class or classes, basing
prepaiid l.l. ir lesson- at home.
Terms for the above.
Five dolb-rs per Quarter for any separate branch. If a
full course is taken in several, for an the branches, terms
?sill be the same as stated in the regular School Circular.
A Day Governess i. connected with tSe School, who will
visit pupils at tiieir residence if desired.
The established class in Drawing and Paintinc bv Mis.
GILLMUK ?rill be continued at b?lCpstsi 3 o'clock, P.iL
luttruclion ia French, and instrumental Musical hours
aiost convenient for pupils or private cusses. Oil Paint
u - on Saturdays, by Mr T. W. WHlTLEt".
Professor THOMAS HASTINGS will cntinue his pri?
vate classes in Vocal Music. Dr. HOLTON will meet bis
private classes in Pbysiotovry, and iu Paley's Natural The
otogy, stauch nine, and places as will b.-.t accommodate
<:.top.-in? them. Subjects will he illustrated by
-Jit due Apparatus am! 1>ht?inj?.
Mr. M. ROBINSON will civc a course of instruction
with familiar Lectures on the Outlines, Chrouolecy mid
Authors of Ancient ami Moslem lli-tory, dwis-ooU ti. said
? tioh as wish to jcirsiie a thorough course ofreadiag.
Ea ih member will be furnished with a blaak booh for a
Chronological Chart on Mr. Robinson's plan.
F.-r further |iarticnhtrs, Mrs. and Mise H. respectfully
refer to thoir general Circular, which may be obtained at
their residence.
It is hoped Parents and Guardian?, having Children or
Ward- 1:1 the Si sol. will oec.t.ioiially mines tlio lleci
; itions at tlio hours ipccittcd above, without special invi
J ' An Assistant Pupil, who (peaks the French Lan?
guage's wanted. Apply as above. sIS I in*
I " ?cniinnry for Vouas l.asliets.? \t 33 Riv
iagtoa-sc.?This Institution will be ic-opencd on Monday
the 30th iust, Suit.ble iusiructors ar. engaged for each
A Seta t Shool for Boy-, i- also connected with the insti
tution, but entirely separate from the Female School.
Particulars given 011 application.
au-CTIm* ' V.THOMPSON. Principal.
I The Misuses, t-'olce' Vom... Ladies' Boarding
and Pay School, No. vir! Fast Broadway, will open ou ihe.
leit'n day of A nullit. A thorough course of English for
Young Ladies. Also, an Intent Department. Music
Lessons to Ladies in o,- cut of the School.
Some School Furniture Want *d. -.i". if
1 'The Schools! of ".ci.rn. Rnadn at 371
Pearl-street, Ti Division-st.and 417 II >uslou-st. will be rc
opened niter the vacation on Monday,Aug. 30. Terms
moderate. For particulars inquire at the respective insti?
tutions. At the latter place will be opened a department
for Young Ladie? under the care of Miss S. J. Rand.
J. W. RAND. 1?. . .
?3'lm* AsU.iVUAMl, J Principals.
NT. ANN'S IIAjLJL, k? 1. "L'*s JS ? .N<.. Is. I.
rTxHIS Institution is dedicated tothn cause of Feisnle
JL Education upon Christian principles. The aiembers
of the institution form a Cbri-liun Family, rf which the
lie.v. Dr. Schnieder and Mr.-. Srhn.eder have the general
supervision The Directress will attend to the manners
of the pupils, and give particular attention to the Lauu
itry, with a view 10 perfect neatness, health ami comfort.
During the pr.at vacation, the Rector; together with
Mrs. Porter, ti.e principal Governess, and Mrs.Roberta,
Its. T< .0 M-r .-f .VI..sio, .nicn.l . .......? All.. >iv. UsSwsv, susd
Buffalo on their way to Niagara Kails, and will be happy
10 meet any of the friends of the institution iu either of
those places, and give them inure particular information.
Tin Secretory will remain at the Mali to receive applies*
tious lor the next term, winch couinicuccs on the 4th of
October. as? lw*
?7* VENtNfs rtCflOOI;, at 135 Wo?ster street,
t t the,fourth door north af Prince street.- They that
have I isuro and a disposition to improve it, ir the pur?
suit of some useful study will here find agreeable teach?
ers, a Ureo comfortable room, ami eonveati ut single
desks. The terms an: moderate. Bookkeeping by dou?
ble entry. Penmanship, Arithmetic aud Algebra are taujiit
and simplified totbocomprciiensionofthedulle.it scholar.
Will commence this Evening; Sept. in, 1841, between
Prince and II- us 10c sis. s-.'ii ow
S.K V [Mil \\ A UI) (i RA MM A R SCIU >UL, ..
v! > 1 Divisions!., uearClinton.
IT*. HIS School 1. now open for the reception of boys. All
t e ve. iie.it Classical and Mathematical Teacher is asso
cia'ed with the Principal, and their 1 fforts will be joined
in give students ? speedy a.,d a thorough p. ?paratun for
College or the Counting llonse.
la an adjoining mom, small boys are instructed in the
Elementar) Breaches to prepare them for the lusher
class is. lostrui lion given ai-o in the French and Spanish
languages. '-I-.;- HORACE CQVELL, Principal.
i J SCHOOL, N ? '?'?> LUpeuard st. is new open for the
reception of pupils. Schools and Classes at private resi?
dences altended as usual. sir1 lm*
I NEW YORK.?Professor BASSET will organize Ins
Evening rins.os for instruction ia the Fre.icb language on
the 20th September instant, alsooa.the .nr. and I'.uh of
October rext A Class is already formed for those who,
having acquired considerable knowledge, wish to perfect
themselves Uy conversation. A CIassof Young Ladies will
also be attended rt .*> P. M. As those who join the dilfarent
(.lass's at the above mentioned dale- will enjsy many ad
rantages, he requests early application. Prof. B. can be
seen either before 9 A. M. or alter - P. M. at his residence,
?I.'.?; Broadway, second door from the ooruer of Broadway
and Graud-strneL sit Im*
r/KS'.Nt SJ I.AMs tL'.Aii E.?Mad uiie [.. MA
I NESCA DURAND*S br.-t class lor theseaaon com?
mences this evening, by the system ike pur-ae? the
learner may acquire a fair knowledge of French by only a
few lessons a we-.-k. of au hour each, ih-riug the wictcr.
l'T. LOUIS ClsAeiSICAIi <*L ?'?.1I.11EK
STATEN ISLAND.?The public are respectfully informed
that the aboi 1 named Institute, situated in cue of the most
salubrious und fesbi ?nable part* of New-Brighton, is now
in successful operation under the immediate charge of
EUGENE IH'i'-NaTD, and the superintend*,!'.* uf Dr.
Tue bratsches taught in tins Institut.on ore the English
at. 1 modern languages. Mathematies, pur* and mixed.Geo?
graphy, Natural Philosophy, and .Natural History. In
short. Students are here prepared for the COUBting-bOUM
orforeatracceataay of the Hniversities iu the United'
States or abro.d.
While the cultivation af tue mind is rerjrded, lhe con?
stitutional health U not Deflected; but every opportunity
it t:i,e.: to the stud -tit by gymnastic exercises and.'.scien?
tific walk- aroaud the tseantifn localities of Staten L and,
to itrengthen the he.Im of the body ?iiiie the menial (acui?
ties are expanded, a_d s? the Freach and Spaui-h Ian
gusget are rpoken iu the lu-titution. ami taught on Man
-.a'? -'-t in, ail excellent opportunity is orTered to Ame?
ricans to acquire th.-.e i.inciia^e, thoroughly.
The -en,,, fur Tuition, Board, Washing, Mending-, etc..
2re * 111 per annum, payable serm-aBBUally iu advance.
No extra charge during rsxeatioss.
For dsrtails of plan of tui'ioa, Ac. see prospectus, which
may be bund wuli the following geutlcccu, to whom it
is permitted to rcf?.rt
j|u i;v,, lUacy Don Pedro de Ariraiz. Minister rluaipo
Untiary of her Catholic Majesty in Washington.
Hi. Exceliancy Dee A. Caldsrofl <ie la Baica, Ambassa?
dor of ber Cadsolic Maji sty ia Mexico.
Me--r-. PeU.-.- Haraiooy Cos, i'ieabia Si Mannnedo, J,
Granjs, Esq.. A. Patrull? Etqn F.Del Ho> o. Esq., Pr. A.
Sidae* D?aoe, Olnei r of Health of the Bort of New-lcrk ;
15 The* K- Davis. Esq . J'^t l-elin. F-q.. J. N. Reynolds,
Eiq , W.OdJie, Petit de Kiliiers. New-York, auil^.awlm*
1 "N!?'E?1.73ENTEt> WJNE.-D. POMEROYj
xL Jr. No.47 Wal r-s-rect, r.tfjr? for sale a supenorarti
eentrated to a Syrup. Directions for diluting accompacy
ir.r each bottle.
TesTi.st 1 n'ials.?"The sample of the ? Fruit of the Vine,'
free from alcohol, which you have b-seu so kiud as to send
me, is not oaly beautiful but delicious.
Edward C. Delavam."
" I: is a beautiful and delicious article, and evidently free
from that madd/ninsr quality whish, m fenneatod Wines,
ic so dctuuctivc to ti:c souls and b'ulies of rae.s.''
[Jour, of AaxTemp-Union.
" It it free from alcohol sad us deleterious properties,
and. wheu properly diiuted with -rater. maXes a very pure.
be.,,ifu.. and P'^-^-^^^ob-rver^P_h^
It received, wide,sound ^ ^^trret.
low ut the Mahogany Yard, ** W ??-?" ^ ^q^jj ,
sll lm*
W A N T S._
><JTUWANTE??To nu of errand*. Anply at
? ? i .;r-r: . (?....r ,._,.,.[ s.vj
A>.7-Tj:w~<i-'i*1.????? * ?'? ?
?t lib lult.n-tt. ,03 jj.
*. O K..: Broad.,, -rVc for strvaau. .od no clurra
0 employera nnid laruuawd. s?J ?*
a.VI'liO? !???..:??., Me-caanuT Ltaj uc. Hotel
ana?nop-keeperx,Owner*of Farmsu luppi.- with
1 <d Hen aid Women b.lp. st the Citv Office. No V73
'anal-i Irrel_" ,53 ^
V I T ?'o.ooi>r<?.ooo, ?5.000,
sP *? ? ? V'UV/. I4JXM, <U?U. to loan la serrate
,uai? 011 hood and mo.tg.ge oa real eatale loth., cuy
apply to .i!iw_jo<.a noxks,3 \v?ii.?t.
i 4/*ant I\ 1>?A girl logo a ?h?rt distance in the
' V country. Oue w ho speaks French and Kngluk can
tlr.tr of a rood situttion by applying with ricfirniaonds
io'o< at Mr Ruch'?. IS! Liberty st. s21 3t*
ro Dressins Case & Portable Ufsk Ir?ers,
l.aTANTEls?Thiee or four first rate hand* in the
** above line. Those who have born accustomed
:?> wo'kuir; *t Gun CnMa ?ill te preferred. Hood
price* and o!..tant employ mrn. will be given. For par
icular* inquire at J. GAKLICK A CO.'s DressingCa?i
? I" n ,'ne Pc-k Manufactory, 1!.- Fullou street, car
Xsawas. ?il lw"
< " entleihen wishing geateel hoard and a plea
vJ s.u:i hou.c can rind >t by applying *t No. 90 East
Bri.a.tway. third ifoor from Market-street. Several gen
tltineu can also be aCCuamodated w iti beard wh? icnlge
iaiheir store*, at 9) Eist Broadway. ?-2 lw
IVASTED-A young Lad lo tend in a clotting
' * store ? one ih^t can do the b.i.hling work and cut a
little won'.', be preferred. Re lb re nee as it regards honesty
ind letegrity win be required. Apply to Mr. JESSE
BRI Slier lie kiuau and .Nas.oc-street. s22 3t"
u/'am'ku-Protestant C s-. Chambermaid*,
1 V N irse-. S- Unstresses, Waiters and Girls for house
?-rk, can be had at the shortest none*, at the American
Office, No >ol Broadway, liurd door beb* I'ri.ce-street.
Mso, men and I? y servants can be had for any capaei'y.
\o rervani is sent from iius office but those who cau pro
lure satisfactory reference,
?32 5V T. ELLIOT, Proprietor.
U .t.MHi) killPLOYMEKT-Tno young
vi Ladies from the country wish situations as seam
.ire...... Apply to Mrs lograham.SO Crosby**, sSSSt*
S* "\( )lx W 3 ?vr*y '* ~23green han KlUordiuarics,
?jJJ .JIM/ a CoopersO Carpenters snd S Blakcksmith* to
go on pleaS3.nl Whaling voyages, in tir>t rar? >hip?. Thi.
.ilords a good opportunity to eatnrprtsiug young man
wiio will be luppiied with every th.ng they need for the
vovare on credit. Apply immediately to
l)Ut .v ROBSON,
s2l lw* ltd! Water stre-t.
.1 N'!'VI) SUTE *?'?"IOW??By ?> i?e g?od
American Cook... English,German, Irish Protestant
olored chamber maids and ^irl.for house ; also small
Amdv -Ca; Broadway._*3I Im
T. ?.>(?*? KO SITIATIO.VS-1 r IMM faithful
?alter*, ?hito and colored ccachmen, laborer* and
boys foi trades. Apply teil Broadway, abo?r TattersaUa.
ttu3l lm
jiUlVATt: ISO A gt as I.X;.?A private family,
I having more room.than they re pute, wllLreceivea
genii, man and wife, cr two or three single geullemeii a.
bosrdeis, and will endeavor to make their home in every
respect a pleasant due. Apply at 108 Hudson su Itef.'r
"itces exchanged. *S3 3"
Lj~ Privatas Uoartliisa;.?(lentlemen wishing per
maaeni Board ng.l Rooms in a location convenient to ibe
business part of the City, will be sccosnsaodated ri No. 7ri
Duuue-street, just out of Broad, way, where hul few board?
er. ?re taken iud every exertion made lo reader their
ho me pleasant im.l comfortable. The house i* entirely
uer-. mid newly furnished ihroughouu Terms, moderate
References exchanged. JC-- tf
I.j4?A Sty AN t) koo.ti.UJ mav beohtauued tu aprl
L> vaic fauiilv. by applying at 2<iti Hodson-st. jeT-lf
OOABD-With pleasant parier, ma) ho hadatS7
\* Hudson st. Al.o rooms for ?ingle gentlemen. Terms
nm.b r ite. s't Im
I IOA IC7)IAli.- \ lew geiuleiMitu can be accommo
D dated with Board ami pleasant room., at liil Broad
way. snuth-w...? rora?r?f Grand st._ si I jw*
|>IMttU-U ai7~pieaa.llu~Ko?m>. call He UillUlBI I I >
* > families or singlu gontlemen el 77 Murray-st Terms
moderate. Reference, exchanged sti Im'
I > oppo.ite the I'm k. und next door to lb? American
Hotel?a very pleasant and convenient location, ail Im*
B?AUUING.-Families and single gentlemen can
be well sceomni dated with board and pleasant rooms
at Mrs. Mix dt Tlipp's, ICl Broadway. A front Parlor
mow vacaat] with bed-room and pantry adjoining, either
fur.inlied or Unfaraisbod. Al-o singlii rooms wilh grilles,
i, di lirable fur the muter, to be had ou application as
ah ve. _
Boauu1n?: BSDVCBD-Having taken tho
large and convenient * story hou.e otin block from
j Rroa.li.ay, where gentlemen cuu bo accommodated with
1 good board for $i5<) per weak; also single bed-und plea
? siu.'. rw tu-, hy applyiug at No. 9 llownrd-at. cpr.ofEIm,
entrance lw Elm-street jyffl tf
j ">sf.\s?.t>8"s<..?.-'t:.ule ceiitieinan (and no others)
L) restdlns in tho lowor part of the City can be ac
I comm?dsted With good Board, with or without rooms, at
?ig I' .It. n-st, Alto, three or four can have Dinner only,
if desired. jo2t tf*
T> - - -'? ?? -"'.a a t' ":</0.>'l.*i and good Lsmtly Board
I I. may he obtsinod by s few persons of quiet habits at
' (15 Murray-st. The location is vory ceulrul, and ou over/
account a desirable residence. m25-if
boai:?i.V?i in nW.voisk.
GEN 1'LEMF.N visiting New-V?rk will find n quiet and
i , bui home at the GRAHAM HOUSE, No. ?;::
? Barclay street, where ample accommodation* nro at all
: times reserved (or transient Boarders, und sflbrded at mod.
erat.: prices, by the day or week. No fumes of Tobacco
or .\lcohol will be (bund to taint the atmosphere.
N, B. A few permanent Boarders will be taken.
N Fork. April 17th. 1841. [U J It OS WELL GOSS.
!,'?<> t'N B>.? A wheel le.rroat 'Flu! owner may olitmo
L :i by calling at 286 Pearl st. uud pnymg expeu4Qs.
si'; 3*
'jfa '?"*? I.KT-.i: New Itoclielle, ., n. w and hand
lit! Ill me .tore, near the steamboat landing. A good
stand for Dry (.nod- reiuly made Clothing 01 Shoe busi
Ines?. Inquire of J.L Moore, No IIS Chatham sL New
York. ?23 3-,
2*s>. to laKT.?The iccoiid lloor of front building,
Wt" l') Ann -t. directly over Stoaeall'a bar room, well
suit. .I f..r Billiards or any business requiring good light.?
Enquire of Wm. Fuller, ou ihe premises, between il and
?i o'clock. _!l5 3W
?tig ;i y ami Jl I Franklin strewl u ar West, ouch -JO by
10 / feet. Po.se...on immediately, luoinr.t of
s11 Im* F. CtlPtri.'TT. -<)?) Washingion-:"
1. . ?:??<?.'J.*S t'O LET?A room and 1,-u rTioui
I ^T" with closets, pantries, Ac. suitable for a small family.
', At.... one large room, extraordinarily welt lighted, sunn
ble for a.woik-shop. Inquire on the premise, of
tf JOHN I.Ut'KK. in rear.f ::i Ann.'.
? e b e i 'j' ^.Ni^r<t?itii*ra.iik7>st?77
TREES, Ac?Catalogues of this gieal collection
' ~'of Fiu.t and Ornamental Trans, Flowering Shrub?
bery and PI nit-, Green House plants. BuIIimus Flower
Rot ... Spltadid Dahlias, Garden Seeds, Ac. at Prince's
Nurseries ai Flushing may be obtained oi Charles GoA,
I No if.I Maiden me. and orders leil with him or sent per
uiaii to Wm. R. Prince will receive prompt attention. A
large deduction in prices w.Hbe made on all orders when
fo. a considerable amount.
Flushing, near New.Vork._?22 If
X?LWti.'ll, Conti.?A new huge two story Hours, buih
[mine modern style, with two wings. The main body of
Ihe House i- 2* by:H 'eet. In one of the wings is a kilch
? en. ami iu the other is adressing room und b d-roi.ni with
. Gre p ^. e. D.i tke Cr;t lloor il a hall which ruas through
the House. There are also two parlor?, Snished for pa
penag ?r painting; with rumble mantels; all the walls of
Ibe lower floor are hard finished. In the rear .- a tea-room,
I from which I? a privat? ?Sair-case leading to the id story.
' Ou Ihe su ond lloor are five bed-rooms with closets, in two
of winch are fire-places. There is a large garret with lix
w rSI d in the i . liar is u finished milk room. Near
the II. u.-e is u barn, carriage bouse, two stables, a good
well and cirieru. Altsehed to ihe House are five acres of
gooi land, to be sold with tho Hcu-e. It will hero!.] at a
bargain, s part nf the purchase money f.,r which, can. if
desired, be left on mortgage. Said house is beau.ifully
situated, with a line new of theSo-_u.l. und within a short
distance of Coscob Landing; from which stages pas* to
Rocky Neck iteamboat landing twice daily, iu situation
on the post-road between Nc - -York and Boston, the mail
passing it twice u doy. and from us being near the Sound
the conveniences for sailing, usb.ng, An., renders it a very
ds.-i.-al.le country residence. The proprietor's ill health
only induces ber to sell this property, which she wishes to
do before going to Kump.;. Please apply on the premises,
to Mr. MARY POST, cr st the City ot New-York to John
W. Graydoa, Attorney uud Counsellor at I-;1*r^W('J. H
Johll-slreet. _J__
a V'i'(iNSAtVJr? ?ALtC OF VAL.L r*SAJ
PERTY at New-Brighton, Stolen !?l?ud, by ?ub
,:The?Trustee, of the New-Br.ghton Association have
. ''_? ... r?r the sale of five hundred blocks, or
? ?. most desirable and be*, .??
parcel* ?i ? protierty; each parcel cotilaioicg
.''"Tan e^gV? I .. ofS ft?J by ?00 feet, and some of
on- ?o five acre. On several of
Sem use -pl^ndid improvements, comprising large man
1 ??? ho iseii hoiels.cottage-.docks.cte. etc. in perfect order.
''The plan adopted for disposing of tke above property
I oresenU great inducements to Ihe capitalist desirous of
a dtisg ? ?ooJ Investment, ami to all who may wish to ob?
tain a country resid*cee ai a very moderate price, and in
, pc,i. ;oa the most eligible in the vicinity ol New-York,
i Vor the prospectus, plan and details of the tame, apply
to HENRY LYNCH, President, at the offics of the As
sofislion, Nb.J Hanover-street, up stairs.
Books of tubscription are opeard by EDWARD A NI
COLL. Esq , Trustee, at the office of the New-Yoik Life
and Trust Company, No. 3c Wall-rt. By order of the
Trustee.. __?uH tf
-OOL &J bale*, for .ale by ?KI7S?sfcLL, ?nai.
TL RN & CO. 78 South-*!. ?u-M 4

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