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Citri I-ntcUiccnrc.
Reported to* T*c Tribune.
Police Office ?Arrtii of a pickpoektt.?A nun
earned Gsorga H. Denatsoo, was yesterday mreated lor
pickii ( ?m p..cset of Thomas Heffermau, ? Jer-ry City
Pilot, of bwjsocket wallet tod p.per<.14)15 in lulu, in
i parter-bouse hi the cornel of Broadway ??d rearl
Mfoel on Wednesd*) night, for which be was sent to
Waling a tratrh ? K.l/ateth .-rot? ?>' yesterday ar
rr-i. .i for .t. aling a wan b, worlh front J"hn Cook,
at ike eorner <>: CbriatopberandGreenwii a met t>,..n the
iTTta ult. Tb? pledge ticket .or thr watch ??i found in
ner possession, and ?b? was committed to prison.
An oirnrr minted/or a lealrh ?Officer McGratfa ) i-.t.-r
dav arrested or.e of the frail f- in.ler of the city, baring in
her po??c-?ion a valuahle (gentleman's gold WatCU, gold
Kuan! ch on aud key, worth together $150, supposed to
be ktolea, and for which an owner ta wanted at t:.e Police
Office by tt>e above namtd officer.
Raming a Prisoner*--Yesterday, City Marshal J Ram
?ey, with - wrrtTant fr< m the Ninth, Teath and Fifteenth
Ward Courts, wi at to arrest a nun named Henry Delisoa
for telling meat out of ibe muket without littuse. On
takln? bim into custody. Deliaon made a violent resiat
r,cre. n-.d Kanoev demanded tisiatanee of another il op
;.nt.-! er named Jamr? F. Carlisle in order to secure bur.
This Carlisle not only refused to give, but encouraged
Ualoon to resistance, and so far aided bun that Deliaon
effected his efca,re. Ramsey then repaired to the Police
Ulije and ma le complaint of the rescue, and a warrant
issuing, officers Cockefair a->d Stokely arrested Carlisle,
who was held to bail in $1000 to answer.
Coroner's Or FICL? Fatal F.?erts of Drunkenness.?
The Coroner on Wodnrs.iay ov.-iiiti?. held au ne|ue-t at
ihe City Hospital on the body of an unknown man ag d
+>. The deceased w.-ut mto ibe liquor store of S. VV.
Biro'.v, eorner of W.-st and Ren de-streets, ua Weenes
i'iy afternoon and got a rln.s of liquor wuich he diauk
Stoa after, a man named Abraaan Miller coming_in the
deceased importuned him to m at bim, saying he would
drink a pint. After lurthcrentreaties, Miller told Aim if
he wou.d drink a pint, te would pay f?r it, which the
other agreed to, and Miller then called fern pinto rum
which deci a-e.J drank off at a draught, and tacn wunted
thcbai keeper to give him more, which he refused, and
led bim out of the bouse The deceased then went aud
bid down on an adji iuing stoop, and becoming in-cmsil.l*-.
? physician wu- sent for who bled bun?and be wj. tak'n
to the hospital at r> o'clock still insensible, ui d the
stomach pump used, by which muck liquor was ejected
from the stomach but be du d in three boars nlier in-ad
Hr. Markee nude a post mortemexamination
and linder hie advice the jury found a verdict of death
jr..in u ei -non of the brain, produced by drinking a pint
uf li'iuor at a draught If Abraham Mill r !?? a mau \. ho
aver has a serious thought we do not euvy bim him bis
feeling*. Ii not so regarded by tu-law. be must esteem :
himself but little better than a murderer. ,
Al.o at Anthony street, in the rear, on the body of
Josephine Bo wen, a colored child, aged between SI and 4
months, who bad been unwell with snmmer complaint ?
lone tune, without a phys nun and died on Monday even- ;
ii g Verdict, died of cholera infantum.
The Coroner was also i ailed to hold three other in* i
quests, vix one at the KUckwell's Island Prison on ibe
hodv of a deceased female convict: the second nt No. 4.'tn
Cherry-Street on tin- body of ? man who there died sud?
denly, and the third at 154 Water-street on the body of a j
German named John Hans, w in, committed suicide by
taking arsenic. A- those were not completed up to a late
hour. ?e mii.t necessarily deter the particulars until our !
Bales nt t5ic Mtoclt rKxrtinuxc, Oct. I.
30 U.S. Bank. 5JA00 do.:Ws if;
51 do.attds .'>-; 50 do. it;.
Sg5 do.cash ?}| SO do.s 10 da IfiJ
do. 5; 160 do. IUI
50 do.sllds 1-2
lo I.. Island. 52
1(H) tio.bUOds 53
550 do. 5{
50 Del Sc. Hud.. ..sill 1051
53 oo..Ids 105
.VI do.billies 105
50 do. 1 l4|l .Vl do.u30ds 53
SOVicksburg.btvu -U 10 Mohawk RR. GUI
Iou Harlem R R. 17 1135 Canton Co.Bait.. 875
Moroni! Ztonrd.
lOAmer F.x. Bk.. .sfiO 7-ti I 25 Harlem. |,:t |7
25U.S.Bank. 5i | 40 do .rlO 16)
25 Patersoa_.boo 52
Commercial nml Money Mnttcrn.
Wednesday. P. A/.
The feeling at the S;ock Kxchar.gc to-day was down,
ward, but the sales were to fair extent Upward of I960
?iinre? Harlem were mid, closing at 16], a decline of j |sei
cent. I'. S. Hank declined }. Delaware & Hudson I, Mo
The sale- of ."?tute Stocks were?
Jl.islo Illinois Sixes, laTO. 4Hj
1.000 do do. -Jot
1.1 W) do do.sill 461
?:o^o Indiana Bonds..46,
3000 do do.sio 4--.
The c sales show au advance of I per cent, on the Illi?
nois 81 te -. and a decline of j on the I ndinns Bouds.
Ex hange.?foreign?Bills on London we quote ai
10, which ii un advenes. On ? oft be B. uks is drawing ut
the latter rate. Bd's on Paris 5.171 a SSV), Island?
Philadelphia SI a Sj; Baltimore Ii a IJ j Mobile .-JaH;
New-Orlearia 3j ailj
lYew-Yorli Markets.
A lias?There i- a very brisk demand fe; Pots, iOr ex
pvrl, a id Ibe market ba? gradually improve ,. The si.lv.
hat le a quite large, including nearly all in first hands
???i tl.iurs.et leaves utT at S'l (i'dj. which is uu advance of
ibout 5tt cents since our la-t weekly report. Pe rls have
been a in fair demand, ut aad there i> now none to
Le had nt that rate.
Coffee?Is dull at.d the sal:- merely to tupply imme?
diate ?aui?. They include Brazils at 10 a Hi) Laguj i a'
10} a I" ? : Java, 11} i St. 1> >miugo, sjr.
Cotton?The market for tlu? arinie has continued
quit" luacttv?, buyers refuaiug lo operate to any con
si teralile extent ai previous prices. The market hn* a
ttadeucy to droop and sales are made at a shade l??er
rates than last wcok. We quote Upland und Florida at
"iaIOi; Mobile,-all; Now-Orleaus,8a He.
Domestic Goods?The demand for most descriptions
is bi t moderate. Prices arc w ithout change
FtSH.?All the llry Cod Ih first hands iia\ t been taken at
-7i : larce parcels nrc expected lo arrive soon. A
c .ti" f Mackorcl has been laken ut $13 50, 10 50 ami S
J>o for Nos. 1,2 and 3, which is an advance for No. 9
There is now none in first bund-. No. 1 Newfoundland
Salmon w re sold at a 33 per tierce, cash.
I' . it ami MSAI .?The market f,.r Wdstorn bus been
jxceediugly dull since our U>t weekly report and in view
ol I rgo receipts, buyers purchase sparingly, anticipating
ad clisie lo prices. There is little ??r no demand for ex?
port and the rttck being lirgc, the injiket Iihs an evident
Isndency to fall off. We quote a. ibe nominal rste?
Geasier,86 a 6 .'??; Olno.fi \?i a G -J?; Michigan 6
W. The a-nvals of Southern nave been more free aad
sales have been made at a decline. We quote Bradywiae
yi 35; Georgetown and Uoward-sL gsS J" . Rye Flour and
' on, M?ul are at It SO a 3 OJj. Both descriptions are
<ik vtn.?T!ie'a<t sale of Whe n w as a lot of very tupi
riorlieue.ee at $1 47. There is now none in market ?
The market for Rye ha- materially declined, and snles
ktre been moderate at 70c, delivered. Buyers nre now
offering only 67c a 69c. Tac quantity for sale is consid?
erable. Com has also declined, and at the low ra'cs the
>ales have be -u to - uue extent The low price of Whis?
ky deters distillers from buy tug at the rales of la-t werk.
Sales ef Southern at 6tie a 60c, measure, delivered; Jer
) .i ' 3 weight; Northern at 72c. ?eicht; North C. ro
Una Wime ?l?se. The mirkei is still heavy, a ith a teu
dency to go lower. The market is nearly bare of go
Northern Oats, and ?e quote at IiV a ?le. Tho demand
Is active. Sales Southern at 43je. a parcel of North
Rivoi Barley s?, taken at 'Set, nud subserviently another
at GO.-. Toe season lor ibis article hi- hardly commenced.
Hors.?We understand small sali? first sort. 1841, have
i-e.-u made at 15c, aud thai is*- ? t|le most now demanded.
The growth of this year will, n Q aSdornicorJi (,,. one
thud hirger tha i in lt'to.
MOLASSE?The inquiry is very moderate. We qu ite
TuuiJud Cuba at 25? a 20 : Porto Rico, 30 a ?'j ; New
Orleans, 27 a 2eje.
On ?There is little or no Crude Whale in first hands.
4?.1 31c would be paid for export. I.mserj, iboucli
raiher--aree. i? in less reque-t Sale- beat American, at
SI 05, cash. The stock of English is very light, a large
pircel of f'ruih Sperm sold at New-Bedford at Oac ra-h.
PaovtstoNs?A moderate demand exists for Be fund
? ort, without material change in rates Holders are
?oxious tu s4 ;r I.urd und lUuis are steady. Cheese
**ils biukiy at f> a 7c Bulter, Iii a 30c.
fli.ar?The business i? light but holder? are firm'
-?alts Porto Rico, tij a ; New-Orleans. ' a 7j : St
Craix,8aJ . prime Cuba Mu-coiado, r-; white Brazil,
't i brown Hi. ana, 7 a 7j ; white do , 91 a lOic.
Tl??Tue of the Kbeu Prtble's cargo wss at aq im
FtQvaaseal 0f 3 to 5c per Ib., on tho Country picked.
( >otu[i made Youag Hyson were slopped at 42c.
'YnlSKV?The pr.re* are reduced aud drudge ca-k-sre
?sllmjatiilr -. now! We.twru bbll at 22c. Stale Pn^n
Hnls-s nl Auction.
Ky L. II. Hoffman It Co?Peanut., 10 bars African &t
"'>c. per bushel.
Rsi-inn, i:to boxei Maseatel, 83 ; 100 half do 6"3c
Nutmegs,.'. bbls. st 7". ceo.-.
Brig Mary Elizabeth, IC- ton? burthen, seven vears old,
copper fastened, ?>.<?' i.
By Ii. t; & w. I'ell <t Co?Mahogany, 1 months,cargo
brig Norman, 31 OtO feetMausaniila at*, a ?. eats p?r
Molasres,2 bhda. P. R.27 a 28.
US dozen Maraschino. 7.
Ii i? conceded r.n all bands, it the NEW WORLD
The contents for this week are of the riebest kind, as
. will l>e seen by the following h-t
contents I or octobes 2. 1811.
1 The Spanisth Beggar Uo>?.
exquisite Engraving on wcod. executed expressly
for the New World, by Mr M. Hart, !rom aps r..
ing by the celebrated Spanish artist, Marillo.
1J. The Broken Heart, mi original tale of real life,
by C. Edwards Le-ter, author of 'The Olory
and Shnme of England,' a new work in press by
the Harpers.
HI. Hymn to the Rhine, a beautiful original Poem,by
B. If. Benjamin, K-u.
IV. TnK admiral's Daughter, a powerful and thril'
mg novel by the author if the'Deformed,"' Wol'I?
ami Fields,'commenced in ilos number.
erem article for .Ving-an.) Democrats, showing
tbe .tale of Parte-.. Every Politiciansbould read it.
IV. NOTI s on the North WllAT-D'ye'Cat-l.-'esi Elec
tioti. an aiiiii?iii(r satire, by \. I'. W. of Psssamma
'pio'bly?(?of Glesi-iuary.) Capital!
: VII. Original Poetry?'The Jesuit Missionary among
the Moliswk ,' by Tone, of Boston; Sonnets, by
It'.v. C. W. Evere?l:' Autumn.' by James Abtrieb
I'.-e,; To-ar EoUaa Harp,'by Miss Eliza Pratt,
VI1L Original Reviews?Of Dana's Prose Writings,
Actkon's Cl ? ical D'c ionary, Ckanning's Works-,
?II of which ate treated ia a masterly mann r.
IV. <;?.-. F.\v .-, two additional chapter', in cumin
-v. Barnabv It dixie?two chapters, tho latest received
in lhi? cc.iiii ry.
XI. A creat variety of Selected Miseellany rnd choice
Poetry; Lockhart'a Spanish Ballads, News from
the Frontier, Important News, and Editorials, in
immense profusion.
J ' The whole of Charles O'Mallev, as fir as pub?
lished, can be bad at tin- otlice, by all acar "tibscrib r>
sad others.?Terms, S3 s year ; f>i cents Mint!.-. Olli ?
Anu-.iteet. J. WINCHESTER. Publisher, ol
CONTENTS roll SA I i RDAY, I iCT. 2, If li.
The Touch Tarn, sn the Cause or Jack Rodin! m's
Lameness.?A humorous itory by Si ba Smith, from
The <;.ftfor l.-TJ.
A Series or Poems from Tho Feast of the Poets for
1841, never before rcpublisbed in lhis country.
Baenabv Rudce?Two New Chapters.
Lake Leman and it- Associations, by Stacv G Potts;
with Kemme:cesce. of Voltaire, Byron, arc
Likes on run Death oi Miss Luc y Hoci-er, by J. Crei n
Tin Cast os McLeoo?Editorisl Correspondence with
reports of the trial :.t Utica up t.. the latest in intent
Aoosessoi' rne Whig.Mechanics, to the Whigs of the
City nnd State.
Mn. Wi bi i En's Position? A verbis of papers ia ?'? fem i
of the Secretary of S tat" from a distil gaished sourc ?
Tin Mt um ? in Samuel Azams, with, full particulars.
Editorials on The National Batik Question; Dismem?
berment of tbe Whig Parti : Tbe Santa Fe Kxpe i
ti?3 ; our Border Troubles, a c 4c Sec.
Proclamation or the Pri sident with r.-crd to the H ir
der Troubles.
Chancery Reports; Full Intelligence, both Foreignacd
Domestic; Literary Item., of int.-resi ; Appointments
by il e President and CCovernor | .Money. C ttlle ai d
other Markets, A:r. A c. tfce.
SttLsx riplions, $2 per ye-r; single copies, fi' cent-.?
Office al 30 Ann sin- t
<7itri:i.rv .\ v. Ki.n vni, Publishers.
Ni w-Ti r.., Scpt.?l, 1841.
Resolved, That the County Convention be requested :?
meet at the Broadway House on Km lay. the l?t ai Ott?
Ixir next, al 7 o'clock. I'- M.
Resolved, That the Convention tn seien Delegates t.
the t-e.iui'.rial Coi vention be requested to m.-ei r?n -Was
day, the lib October, at ihe Broadwaj House,tu 7 o'cloi k
P. M.
H.C. Wi stervei.t, I ~ ...
E. T. Backhouse, >' -?-'?Jiwi
-iis i
TT YVhti; Meuntorinl Convention, Fit--:
District ?A: a inc. til f of Ih wn ei tion
the Broadway House, on the 13 h of October, 1&40, the j
foil wire It.luiion was passi ?!
Resolved, That ihe next Sen norial Convention f.irtic
district beheld on ih.eond Tuesday if October, t ? 11
ai lit o'clock at noon, ai lie- Broadway House in the Cilj
of New-York, and that the President cause duo uotic.
hereof to be given of t'.e Fan o.
s-JT tf LAVItKIC" SI'VDAM, P-esi.l?nt.
CT General Commtiiec of Whig Vatsttg
tlcsi.?Au adjourned in cling of this Comiiii'ice ? i:l he
bi Id at National HuII, Caaal street, on Friday Eveaiag,
October I. at 7j o'clock.
Wm R. Marsh, j < . ,
Giles M. Hills sk. s '1 s3 I 2i
TT" To Cntlcr* niitl Clerkn ? \: a in<
the Committee of Airsncineuis held on Thursdaj eve
uing tbo IWlh ins:., the following resolution wi - adopted
Ii, solved, Th t *c deem ii expedient lo ca I a hin ?...
Meeting of tbe Cutters aaj Cioihing Cl irk. .it :'j u'cloi
mi Monday es euing in-xt, ?t toe Slisksp are Hotel, to con
sidi r the p opiiety of calling a Mas. Me ting of ihe Clerks
of tin.- Ciiy, without distinction of busianfs, tu devise
such measures as will bring into uflcct the system of clo
sing lha stoies nt 8 o'clock. Punctual attteudaucc t- par?
ticularly lequestcd. Uy order.
J?ilN HOI.MAN, Chairman.
Edmund Davis, Secretary. ol tt*
CT Unman lanir.-^?NKS'-s OIL OF C
CIRCA ->l A? 1 he best aud most ??. ..nein:.- ll . rticll cler
made; be convinced, Thi following respectable pers?m
certify thai it will mike the hair cow. prevent its falling
out, give light or grey hair a soft Cark appearance, cure
daadriU*, Ac?J. Gilbert, Houstan-sLN.Y., E li sb ip, i02
lljuk si. N. Y.. F. To!! ind.Siato si Boston. Try it. The
price is only 3.5 and S shillings a bottla Chatham
si is the place to set it T. Junes is.signed on the Lbel
Agents, ?47 Grand, 38 Beeknian, and 3 ". Division sti.
PORT OF NEW-YORK, in lor.Lll 1,1-11.
IVliuinturc kltuauac. -Tuts Day
tiis- sun the moon hi.:, sea
Rises till I Si ?': .ti-cs :.r?| I Set- ? '-. Halm
Latest Date...
LONDON.s? 1. 3 j HAVRrt.SErT. I
LtvKxeooi.sEer.4 ' .\Ew.oaLE.sxs.SEPT. 80
T b ?? ii o xl l ?? a m ? S h i p a to Arrive
Acadia, left.S-.it. 19 | Columbia, leave-.Oct. 4
The n < \ t S tea m ? S h i p to Leave
Caledonia. .Oct. 2 j Columbia... .< 'ct. 10
Ship South America, Baily, Liverpo !. C H Marsh'.:1:
Mssthator, Chadwick, I.an'en. John Griswold; Charles
Cart oil, Lee. Havre, Boyd Si Hinckea; Liverpool, Aery.
NOrleans, Dunham -v. Dimon.
Ita.k- Aurea. Kimbslt, Sisal, Bauchard a Theibard;Bro
Jobu Krcde ick. Wlelh g, I!r.-:a ::. No ten, as St Pavea
Brigs Radius, Plummer, Halifax, Badger Si Peek; Ca!
c?lta, Park, st Mary-, (it. NesmithAe Lcetb; Linden,
Livcrmore, Mol i!e, Sturges a I e irman.
S. hrs Ta?.?. Hooper. Bastoi ; Abbott, Lawrence.Meek?
er, Bo-loii; Cor o, 1'icrsou, Mobile, Centei a Cc Charl. s
ETharn, Smith, Wilmington, NC; Commerce, Swan,
Yorktown, Vi. Telegraph. Chase, Boston; George Scou,
Doughty, Philadelphia.
Sloop Jaae Eliza, Knapp. Coluabia.TexaSyi H Brower.
Ship Swiii?rla:id, Smith, Boston, ballast, to Grinnell,
Mintutu a Co.
Bnc Lincoln, Graut, fm Tobasco, and 8 Jy- fin Charles
ten, logwood Nc.-.r.nh .v Lee is.
Bnjt Wakaika, Rattoum, fin Mal?ga,.and 23 dys fin
Gibraltar lemons, Johnson .\ Low Jen.
Brut II. an aa.l Anna Payne, 12 dys l".n Windsor, NS,
pla-ler. ur.l -r
Brig San Ban/:tt. 4 > dys f;?.-i Hamburg. niJ.'c. Mo:/
a PaJJitz.
Sehr Pairro. Wheeler. Wilmiogtoa, NC, naval store.
Sehr OscOT, Baku. ltu?;t,a, n '. o.
Sci-.r Compliance, Sparrow, Boston.
Sehr John Cool y Eldridge, Boaioo, nnlrs.
S. hr Page, Nichols. lWs ou. muse.
Bti ow?2 ship-, 3 brig>.
r* 1 he Engli.h Annual* for 1 "s t-.?D.
APPLE loS &? Co -jO Bronuwsy, have rewind per
Great Western, an! hi e ready for d livery ;o the trule,
and f.r pi reo? ? rtststbne, a:a d.stanceat prieei not ejteeed
\a" previous year-.
Th Fdrgi . .'?! t-Not, ? ChrisWas, New- Year and Biriti
day Pn teal i"- 1343, illnstraied with eleven exquisite en
rriv.iiffa, edited by Frederick Sboberltenr c h*ii with cor.
tnbutiou* from the pen- c: Jame- Montgomery. Allau
Cunninzbam. CaklerCarapbelh Lamaa Blanchard Mr
Sigournay, Mr*, (tore, Miss F.rL&aold Mr? Walker,
,\ i :., eter.:n:lv h mod in morocco, richly fill?also, a
fee i .p.'- is shite Turkey ui.roeco. extra.
".' Tin- volume far surp s sea any of the previousyears
fur the beauty of its iliu-traiion-.
A so just ready, The CtJ>,:ist of Mnd-ru Ar', edited by
Alarts A. Watu, illustrated triih meaty four splendid
Imc enrra?inr-: coatainii.r contributions from the pens
of Wm. Ho ist. T K Htrvy. Sir HarrisJVitrol r. J.A.Sr.
John, the late L. E. Landon, Mary Howitt, E.L.M00
lairu-, i ;. Ac. a sple.-.did ???olume elegantly bound in Tur?
key :n r.jcci) extra cilt.
The <j-ni? of Art. a tvkesof Remembrance,flluwsteil
wi h i*. .i-) tare--i'^n'v err-.-av-.i pla'.es. ?i:lt Ccu
tr . i.i.-- ?rom !?!?? pens of Barry Cornwall. Alir.e A.
Watts, Wm Col'ins. Rev.H H. Milman, Wm. Howitt.
Caroline B wies; ilrs-Southey.) Mary Hnwiu, dee. Jt-.;
a beautiful volume elegantly bound in Turkey mon-cco
D A. & Co. have a!-o the exclusive inark'-t for the sup?
ply to the trad a, orders for which ar- solicited, of the
following ?; lendid r.usl >k Annuals for the ensuing year.
The Book of the Boudoir?A -en. ? of exquisitely fin?
ished portraits of distinguished Ladies, with poetical
iiluatr?ti i ? : superbly bound in Turkey morcr-o extra.
The Drawing [loom Scrap Hook?''ontaiaini thirty
six varied ami beautiful plates, wtrh poetical illustra
? n o - by Marv Kowiit, asploisdid vclame richly boandfa
Heath'sHistorical \nnual. a truly ia terns ting volume,
illustrative of tbe reiga ?.: Charte- I., embellished witn
fourteen splendid pi .tea, from paintings by <i o ge Cat
termdle. ? leganlly hound in silk, beiur tie- same pr-.re of
Heat .'- K -.i p.ake.
Toe Juvenile Scrap Book, by Mr-. I'lli-. authoroP-The
Women of England,'' Ac ; illustrated with 17 beaut.ful
plati bandsobe ly bound.
It. A. a Co. nl, > import aod otTer, as suitable f >r pre
ut-. an - i.e -ike. anj varied col beton of splendid ly
illustrated and staiid?nl works, in elegant toi i igs, to
x: i< a the atteni on ol the trad- and the pub::c is in?
They also publish, and have now ready, an elegant An?
nual, entitled Ton Rose, or Auction's Gift, for I ?42, by
I Emily .">i r- illuslrau J with ten elegant plaie?. r.. li?
ly ! oand iu arabesque morocco gilt.
Ann is i foa .. . will issue?
l'hr-SIigni neu . ,.? Graces of the Void, an Annual
for Iel2, etubel .-j with eight beautiful piates. An
elegant litilo. volume, richly bound. ol
IZT The Vrun" I'ce-ple'a Book, Oil ice
Bowery. Tt.< Young Pete's Book, or. Magazine of use
lit) and enrertainicg knowledge, edited by John Frost, '
\ H. Pn .' -? ?. ol i: !. - 1. tiers in the High School of
I I'hiladelphi i. au 1 Mo '.<?? MeMicbael.
j C? N PENT.?j OF THE OCTOBER No.. Vol. I.No.2.
The Smugglers, (illustrated;)
Wcatiiei lord, (illiutrati.'.
Course o Resdi-.g, illus rated.
To- Etds ? i Lifo, by T.Arthur. Esq.
Ar.c- 'ote of Washington, by Prof, Walter.
Tie- Window, by Mrs Marion II. Rand.
Skew lies o V'ii noa, by A. D. IIa? he, I.I. D.
Tb. B idol, by Na balia
The Captive Prince, from the German of rr^uci
;vu?l.r. by C. Fraokeastien, (illustrated.)
Jud <: d Combat, by II. Gran Igont
The Two l>caih Beda, from the Kreuch of Bertboudt,
with a portrait ol K ?ben?.
Tha ?pnrts of Vouug People in Am ient Greece, from
the French.
The Rom i ec ofN iral History.
Fceb'c Itiogra; by?Maria Theresa, 'illustrated.
/ei..I igj ?The S'i irk, with four embi IlisbmcHls.
The In- >.v. rj z.l. by J. K. Mitchell, M. D.
Hints?Research?11 istory.
New II olt-.
W irks of Washington Irvm-r.
Works ol Mars llu-.-ll Mitford.
.Manner- mid t'u-t ms of ihn Japanese.
tin Tie- LookOut,! splendid Engraving, on steel, by
W. F.. i n- ker, from an original.
Paiutiug, bj .1 T. no int.
Ornann nted He .1. ? i craved by W. B. Minot.
Weathcrlbnl eng taw id by W.B-Minot
Ornamented II ad, to Coum <d It a.nur engraved by
W. B. Mi iot, fr. m a design by W. Broome.
K lb- it..,nut; In- .- mei co engraved by W. K. Minot, :
fr m i r!e ien by Adolph Hi i ael.
Ornnmentcd Border, em raved by C N. Pannelee.
Iliad of K?ttens, ? ngraved by C. N. Parmelee
Maria Theresa presenting her sou to the Nobles, en-I
graved by \V". 15. Minot, from a design by Adolph
Otnanietit.d Mead to Zoology, engraved by C N
Para e!ee, fr ra a di si; n by W. Croome.
Three 81 arks, engraved by ?'. N. I'urmelei.
Thirteen on ami in ?! Initial Letters, i ngraved by C. N
I'ann lee ami T. II. Mumford.
Ti kms nj p. r annum ..i a .vsnce. or Ir j cent- n -iiirlc
ii nnb r. Pubtistaed monthly, delivered in any part of
?his City and.Brooklyn and sont by mail ii aaypartof
tue I niic ' States and the Canadai nv me Publisher.
? ?:< ?: isdilW ISRAEL PQ3T,58 Bowery.
Real rRitipiseafs Oil.?WEBB'S contem
? !..t -.i improvemeul tu the apparatus for manufacturing
pure Camptiene Oil after much study and great expeuse
lias been completed au I the result is the production il
hi article of unequalled purily and cleanliness that w ill
?mr.i ??? i.bout c iiimi ? u, the Lamp- m sIs? iroul.<m?
0 d filth* :. anni r iu w bicn all info iw articles w sit do.
If those who luv.- been annoyed w uh oil. Gas, <>r spuri?
ous imitation Cample ;e- will only try Webb - ireiiuine No.
I, they e ii tarn -. the difference. For sale at 41-- Broad
?a av, corner Canal-sireet.
P. s. Wi b.i". Camphene is as safe as oil ; will not soil
? ii heal dress; u - il not crust the wick; will hgbta
1 irge mum at a cost ol one ceal an b >ur.
a?->.?- :--t ir.j[-v.
Th- ..end edition of "WEBB'S PATENT CAM
PHENi BUttNEKS" will be issued nnd continue to be
i-? ..- I on an.I i.firr iln- da). and if over a Light deserveil
lie a tenti in Of the public it .- that s> hich i- produced bv
this .\i.\\ l.t IMPll?\ E? RADIATING BURNEA, the
ctinstructicn aud .. emu in of ?Inch isentirels aoyrl and
?.. o us !?? th tru v j hilosophic i priocip ?? of radiating
i.ebt?.be briia'i ,? of light prod iced and the on?e.::
ej o| the new Burner Inn never I.n EQUALLED;
tbeCHEAPNESS and SLUPLICITY of its operation baa
nothing toiuatr.h it; th- NEATNESS of it.- appearance
riilbe seen at a glance and its whole combination of neat
aess, con - eat- ace, <!: inpaess, safety und uanquaJled bril
iiucj offers groii or aJvantagei to ibe public than any
? i brr light ever before i.iiru lui e.t into this country. Sam
pic-of tlits new iiiq.mem may be seen in full o| ?? a
n ii every 'vening-froa ibis lav at tie Emporium of
Light,cor. Broi I i iy and Canal-street. (2> s2? if
J iVoticc.?Mr. it . hardsan's EVENING CLASSES
in Ib.e-i.-.v-c, in. am! Penmanship aro now open. Course,
of I . ?FOR i'i IIA..[i LESSONS. H eir-from
3 until 10. Day Cltuwi .uat. # s7 Imis end
CT Auction IVotice?PHIS DAV, at holf-i istlO
o'clock, m the Sales Rooms, 32 Aim and lla Fullou
streets.?Ssle of I'.nno Fortes and o'.letr Musical Instru?
ments, Organ?, i-eraphinas Guilars, Paintings, Engra?
vings Hi ?? i ;.-. Works of An. Books, A <-.
This sale will. uit> is? 11 superior and splendid toned
ui'.i era-grand action, with all ihr improvements, Uoth
secoi .1 i: nd j;:.I new, by the beit makers in Europe ami
ihi- country.
Same tiin ? will be positively -old I ti: e tir.-: suits
Id '".i- chu ch or p irl >r; so.ae music, music sio.il-, -plen
did Paintings, Chandeliers, Looking-Gl^ses, Furniture,
Are. Catalogues ready in nine,
ol it* THfis. BELL, Auctioneer.
E Anictioo i\oiice ?SATI RDAY, at ba>f-pa?i
10-o'clock.-at tbeSales Kooms. 32 Ann ami 112 Fulton
streets.?E egsu? salei f valuable Furuiture.?The entire
ha itsome Furniture of a eemleaiau conn: to Eurrpd
Also, the e'egsnr Furni ure from l!!o nu gdale, n sos .1
tor convcntei ce o. -ale. Al-o, the icma n.ler of the supe?
rior c.uii <t Furniture, city made, fur account ol :n .t
may coEcern. [ol 2t-"J Tlh'S. It? I.L. Auctioneer.
1 Am tii.ti Notice.?MONDAV. :.'. half past 10
o'c'ock. in tin Sales Rot r-s.3-and:M5 l"jl;ou-sLreets ?
S.le of Dry <? v :-. Cl>thiag, Hardware A:c A-a .
siaail stock fchuxo Fort, Madeira und Sherry V. in
Also 2o baskets ?npetior Champagne; 30,000 Havana
Segars, -. i THOS. BELL. Auctioneer.
Auction IVotice.?'J I IEsD i\. si half past I
o'clock, at the corner of Howard and Mercer streets.?
St ck.ol Groceri -, Fixtures, A c ?Will be sold, th- slot k
of Groceries, csmprising- tha usual variety of article-in
?!i lue-. A.-.. . v .!: rs, counters, scil.-s. ea-ks, kega Ac.
, i ,. THOS. BELL, Au:tico-er-ol
In tin- city, Sept ?0, Mrs. Art! Tweedy, ased 70.
II.: relatives sad friends, and tbo?e ?i son--ta-taw,
Fran, i- W. I)j inick and Jo-eph Weed, :.rr invited to
attend her funeral, at the bouse of the iat.er. No Bel
Eldruge -trert. this -if.rriiOin, at 4 o'clock, wilbuiit,
iirt.ier iuviutioa.
Iu New-Oils.-.. - cf the prevailing epidemic, Sept. 17,
John Henry, a. beoa-bind jr. Tha deceased was a native i
ONrt fiill'H -?s ? ?.?I>t?tieutieaiej wi hing to I
purchase r. ebeap Clothing, would dj well to call
at I3dj Ceau um -ire.:, where they -.,u find garments at
: .e following prices ;
Cloth Co s.ii.. * Cloth Jackets, j' to$5j Sati
nett Panu, $t,75 to$2,75; Cloth Pant-$:t to >4 .'. >.
ol on JAtroB COGSVVELt.._
/^-JENKs-S:^ -. ti.l.KV WJkJBtM ?"? Sale
VI Exe augcforN w-Yoik.&ooklyn or Williarnsburg
pioperty. Cur pa t.caUr. applv to
"i It SM 11 H is"1TRNF.R. !?? Joiin-t.
].'OH rSAiaJB, A airs its CIIAHDLEBY.
L Stock. Fixtures. Go?d WDI and Lease. A smart man
cat! malic ^ fi rt i..- n?t ... it; is uow doisg a go sd bu-i
ucss. l or particslars apply to
ol It* SMI 1 11 a TCRNER. 'ri John-tt.
I- I ATM' s> :{ E ??' is K >*A17e7 ai?p:--1 to th
i retailbiuiness, situated tn the central i>a-t of the
city, with a rood ruu of patroLage. Terms C ish. Thi? .
is . good opportunity for a-mail capitalist. For farmer
mfo.nut'ou inquire at uoe J3pring--t. ol It* |
?onnn in< 0000 stock e .?.. p..
?*"wWVi tent Medicine, to Ev :n<r:" t ?' C ab aad
VVesti ra Land-. Apply to Smith ? Turner, No. 15J tu
t^Ot-_ o] !:?
C- 1' A S P " K OF VVINK- ?n.! I. t,
*.' iUA/V/, exchange for cash aad iamts \, ? , .
day t? >>..::i ? Tarner, 16 Jona st ol lf
y 1 "jfWA FOK SAL JE??"i ry Si -
"?? * '*'"*? riiture- and lease, or will exchange f ra
?mall tarnt?will put ?um? ron-y ?ith lh- so-?.l- F-i
panko?an, applv to Smith a Toner, Ii Jobb street, op
""?"?*?_" al-Tt?
i'VTED-Si luv icook ,:? t
who Itv^cJ 3 i ears in the list piece. Appiv .it 436
!*SV. rl If
\?"?.\TE?? At 135 Nassau street ? -;.a-t ? ? for a
?? 'tu-.rt hny tn the hatter's trade: Also, i clerk for
.Irr pa ? !. b?--inecc . n waiter and eoaehm n. nl V
? N t E U?Oaice for Atasncan ajd tier a
_ v?n'?. 13!) B.aeri. ?ernn ?iL-cj:: i:
ree. Term- to suit Ul. "I
V 1 ~\ i II I " : ,-^-?>?,<} to
?.??J?? ?V city property. I no rest 130 Bow ry. 1
I CVXaKOtss)~ ?s?.!l{>. MM ??R?IS, VIR.
? i.IMA ami TENNESSEE I.ANUS for - ?r ex
change. SMI I'H 4- TURNER lb* John t. ol It"
( 'OL.URED \V.\lTV.il*.-' ? "
x ri.lored a?..n wjnt -itua ., at H .t i'rh ' ;
Pearl-*:._ nl 2:
\ \ '.?.'V r e.!)?To |.ur. h i*e ., - a hire, a I ra?
TT be agr.-eii upmi. a r .t . rV It lilroad Car. fortUa .
of the Hartford and New Haven Railroad; Coodiuoaor
reats of no consequence, a- passeugora on this Road, even
Indies, are .ilrejjy experienced in traveling io b ggag
cars, with the aid of - ich ??at- s. can h- picked up nl the
several stopping elace*. ol it'
-4..> I tti?.* pljf-e hs a Protestant r.e.- md
seamstress: Apply at 136 Broadway*. Best "C city
??Ii c riven. ol If
ANTEO??goodTailuresH Se i?tre<
m?nation- for Coachman aad general Clerk?.
?' OFr ICE. 99 N .... - ' n s"
VfOVEVTO IsO?'lV?ii ? ? ? ?.
.?I ,30 rltiV WARREN X BENSON X* I Aoi -?.
I I J ;???.;>??? EtTBLLI??e?< E Oc FICE,
II Nu .".Iii; P..jrl-er,vt, n..;,r i-.-vnv. it tav
DOARDIAG,-To let, w,tn board i is ? mi
It from parlor an the first floor, with bed room ittsi
Also a himlsoine froni pa-lor, with a bed-ro ? i .. Ijoinii e.
nn the senm-floor, -in able for ira .11 families or sing.'e
gentlemen. References exchanged. Apply ai No 575
Broadway,opposite NibU's Terms moderate. -:;' tt'
AM i. UMJ.4,
Wit. he F-'lt SALE
'$ I Ann ati-rct. ol It*
AJ E?ICINE CnkSTS.?Thesobscrili Th~7e
-*1 constantly on hand a larre istortment nf.Medieioe
Chests tor ships, P imilies sn 1 Plantauon*. Als" lilted up
with leath r e ses for travellers' use, filled *iih i !.
of Medicines, acompsai d bj directions in Kncluh anil
Spanish. RI"S,'ITo\ .?. AsPINWALL. 8C William-st.
ol If 110 Broadway,and 10 Aiturlfouse.
I? axiTJi TEETH_I j.' tjeuu e I
' 1 Aromatic 'I ooth Pa.- tr. for cleaning ana becutilying
the Tei ih mid sweeteniag the breath, i- solely veadi .1 ai
my Pharmacy- a I other is -r-anoes. Students of o.oao
my should u-c it. 2j cents per jar.
ol It" 3C7Greenwich, 1 door above Franklia-st.
Author of Philo. Engl Gram. Prinripa'.
Studentsdia|>esed to learn English Composition will be
pleased to apply early, iuji to facilitate the adjustment
"No man ran do justice to hi- otva conceptii n-. is ho i
ineap u leof ip -aUii.g orwritiag is bis lang a age withp r
?picuity."? [Blair.
Hour.- of uttcudnr.ee, s to I0J; Commands addressed
if by letter, postage paid to J. W. Wright, ?'. I ?
New Vork and Erie Railroad Otfice, 34 %V..li strc t ..r II I
Canal street, will receive due attention. Business will
be commenced on the lIth of October next.
References? Son Seward, the Hon. J. C.Speccer, Su
p';rii,|.?t ef Ciiniiiinii Sclionl.. am! Ii. n 1.? ra o:. (.'on.
mis-inner General of the New Vork aad Erie Railroad,
ol Iw
r*1 ve.\iN?; sc iioo i,, ita-<
Li corner of Gr.ui4 t.nd Meicer-streels, whore quasi
comfort and every facility for improvement are auorded.
r-nn. ? i 30 p. r quarter an I no extracharge whatevi r.?
Classi - for young I diet a- formi riv.
JAMES LIWSON, Principal.
N It.?A f-w in ire pupils can lu aceon.inoilated iis lu?
ll ly Sehr* i. in which are a m il- and fem lu de.-.rtm ui.
Term. lew. a-.! refi rences unexceptionable. el 4f
~l*>i'- i i.I!Ds I i-:.t "tJ-s-l i I - i -?K
s5 Cabinet Fsrnitnro scllii s at least 25 p-r cent lest than
down town at STRATTON'S, 326 Bowery. ol It
/ ?aTAiVrEBY lAlTlS OF \ ALI Alt' K RETl
ESTATE, situate ai Hsrlem, in the TWELFTH
WARD of the city of New-Vork, knusu as she Red
House Pr. perty.
Will bo sold linger ihn .lirrrtn.u of John A.Sidell,
Es?) o"e of ihe Masters of the Court of Chancer; bj
.11me* M. MiUer * Co Aueuoaeer*. si the Merchants' i \
.!:.iin the city of New-Vork, on Wednesday, ihe tiih
day of October next, ai 12 o'clock at noon the lo I swing
valuable property iu the 13th Ward
3U Lots on the 3d and 3d avenues, between 103d and
10-ltn streets.
In ?? on t.'ie 'J.l and :U avenues, between 105th r.ii.l
106 th streets.
?J0 ?' on il.e north title of the l-t avenue, between 103d
i ii I 104 h -tre.-t
11 " on the east side of the 3d t venue and 106th street.
- ?? on the north side of the l#t avenue on t?o cornei
. f -Cih str.-i t.
4? ?' comprising tbo entire block of lsed. bcnndml !>)
i!ie I-i aveuue und avenue A and I03J and 104th
28 ?? oa avenue A and I04lh and 105th street*,
is ?? oo avenue A anil lU5ih ami I06ih itret-l.t.
;i:) '? onjivenue A and 1st aveaue, bctrceu l.^th ra.l
II 7th streets.
?JO " oa I"7 it .licet, on the east ? of tbe 1 i avenue.
IJ ?? on av nut- A, froiiiit.i II irlem til tr.
The blocks fronting on the river are suitable forXhii
Buildets, and well w orthy IU- ir attention?the wan r and
-bore afford ng every convenience for >tii,? bullJi
SALE rosiTIVE. 'I he properly will be pump in parcels
of about I Lots aud sold to the highest bidd r. Free and
ilc .ruf all iitc-:mVrai;ee-,L.x?>and assessments wb . ser.
TERMS?15 per cent on tin- dryofssle; the balance
nu delivery 11 the d?eds in it) days thereafter
Maps aud farther information can he r.a.l on applic Hi in
tip W Vai.Vtt.rb.es. No 56 John ^c, brat lb ?. .h'j
ter't < >!!'. No .-:i John, cer?er Nassau
New Vork, September 30. l-ii. ol .1 ')fi
s > COOKING Sl'iO K. for wood or coal, w*_s Lntrodueed
iolo ihis city in the spring of I- S, siuce which ume tit*
sale in this city aad elsewhere has he. n very gre^L ti
poares.es a grew ndvaatage over m->-: oibei Stoves in t!ie
.- t.: of lbs oven, which is capable of b kins six large
I....v<-~ ol I.read in tbe best manner, with a- Imle fuel un :
in as s!n,rt '.line as any other Stove. By a simple mos -
meat of th-. Stove, the fire may lie c.:.e. -.i ! I iLehes n. ar- r
to ?r Ihrtber from the oven thereby inereasii g or di n .
irhiur tbe hesL The Sim ha- lour boiler boles, sod is
capable of daing as much work as an; ufi.-r e?.-r orti-rej
to the Public
A general assortment of Stoves, Hollow Ware, Stove?
pipe a -. .\ ??? constantly on h:-n i
ol u U. WICKEL. 231 Wa-er -tre. t.
I ; LT> ii K h Ht-XL \ '?? i. :
1V tin. s: .t- w ill be t iksn ?* Itbout u \ discount for j few
days onlv tor Dry Goo-is at 4?i Greenwich suuear Can ah
si.'. Inns
a^ |'4> tsST?\ handsome two story ll-.u-c 133
*t ;it_ VVaverley place, near AV'asbington Pantile IV,
air. i?medial, ly. Its.,: I. ?* l , a i-.! tet.ant. -il i.-tl
?f v TO J.E: ? \ i . ?-' :.--ita:> <? . a beattttfttl
"?'iit r .,Resi.ien.- ? ?i;h i'J lo - i.f rround in bro ...
i.e. witini t-a uncut.-.' tide of the Fulton Ferry. Fall
.. . ,.; ,,n. I im-, A -. ca i he had by cloil? a. I t". Wa?
ter ?L c-r. Pine, up s.aits._?30 5*
1>BaNTfl.NG PAPES Ol or qualits
tu ids u order at sboi I
,27 No 61 Lib ?iy -tre*t.
Jl'.aiT BEt'El"! E"|>?r r
wxh-sL, ? splendid a?snrtineni of wool hinck aud fan
ev colorr J CL>* is ami Ca-.-ini.-rs-. ver> cheap.
-a .? _ l*L J. DENTON
fitl'-.:a-rior .|'Jj! ly. c oa..d. f.r -:.;?'> fl.lt.-SE
,t BROOKS. 41 Labern stra t ?27
Q \ti t' l.Nt? ? i 0 rolls 28 inch Russia i.. , .... i 4
5> ... ?? by
.. . GKl.VNELL MINTCRN Is. CO., TS Santk-st reel.
onll, For HALLS. i ARLOR-j-CHAM
aes.atri.Wr'ttuwa ME!'. S. Cli I it' i. KS 4 X RSI
\?Z~ 'jr~l XzlZy p ? T . . ' ~
; js 1 ???.?>?As ihe season
I****V tr? I", j fcr proeuriag stoves i? near at
i J>.; --ijj-i J**gHl hai.C. the pr-prietor Cills th6 at
LitS r-z"? tectioa of the se in want of a s od
' i & 3 : ? ?? to Olmsud Patent
^^%'-e?"**^^-y^'4^- <to> ?' Th - stoves haveli -
-?-1: .-t i\: e ,.r ?i< I ? t..t- re
the public, and are generaUy too well kn<--?n to requi e
much to he -aid in their fiver. Our Stoves are made of
the besl materi .1 and in the most orr iiacr.; I stile.
The proprie'or would cvj ion the nable about th'
mar.v Steves mail* i? imitnlie.n of ta>; Olm-leJ St?ve, but
d lirriair in * It most es-er.Uil par>. an-I wou'd r>?cotn
men I io all in want ta call and ex imiut hi? ?-?ortm^nf.
which ar? not surpass-d in point of be*u y or ntility.aad
u i.l be fuusd to he a? cheap as st ??? o h sr establbbment
All kin l- of stOVS work solicited and attended to with
promptness. JAMES L. P. DE AN 910 Water -L
b?? eod tf
* ute sadycllow Flannel-; irom U 6d U> St 6d CantonFlan
nel-. Mo! skin;. azd Mci noes, s variety of Pnnt.-, from
6d to 1-, xc
Thc&. and other rc-o!, have been jast received at 59
Hc.n-.on street, and are warranted as cheap as car be pur?
chased in the ci y.
Tu-- ladie-. aro jtiiers in aeed of Dry Goods, are invit?
ed ;o calj a:."'.' Huosing -tree.-, aa 1 examine o'-r assort?
ment . . R. DOWIE, 59 Honstni ?t. sir tin
G. IT. JiriB CO., 3 1? Broadway
have just received a eve of beau: fuI tread Plaids for
Boys Dross*. The texture is -i.c-firc Cuhraere, and
DC COion a: e Of ail snakes, contra-teu in the oe?t U?t? -
ol ?tFA W
"- r n - Cork Canb Tailoring Eatabliahnaeiat,
We would call the attention of onr friends to a larte
ind ?cell selected assortment cf Fall and Winter Gooda,
comprising the i iri as styles of Bond-street Beavers, DU
: and Herring-Boo* do.. French Vina pattern-do.,
plain in oi variou- colors; also the Mohair Londoa Coat?
ings, a most ?plendid article tor Winter Frocks; black
ind fancy color.-J French and r'ncii.h Cloth* and Ca*?i
rscr sfrorn the ...s-t celebrated manufacturers; aL-.?. a
treat varieryof F-ll and Winter Veilings, among which
is a beautiful itj le nt" French Cashmeres, London woolen
Vein ?-. black and fancy Siik? ar.: S..tms, Valencia, Ac
ill of which were bought for cash, and will comprise a.
a;: assortment of the richest patterns and finest quality
of'go * :? i al caa be (bund nt any establi-shment in the
.ity, Fiill >ui;.- furnished in 21 hour-, at W percent. Ue
iw credit price*. Strict punctuality observed m tilling
P- S.?Mr. M. Cavi nan will give his ?.hole attention to
theetr.' ng depanmenr. especially to the different styles
if Overcoats that may be Introduced the coming'season,
feeliug confident that onr style will be inferior to none,
and onr aim will be to compete with the nio?t expensive
e-tiibli,hmeiits ia the city. Particular attention paid to
cutting pants. aSl J.C BOOTH, Agent
Y ALL &0 0 D S,
UNITED STATES ? As* 13 rm.oiIlM;
No. 13 Jehn-sireet.
near Broadway.
Citizons ami -irai-cers arc respectfully invited to call at
'he Emporium, und oxamine a splendid assortment ?i
Kreo h, G rm .n and West of England Cloths, Fancy Caa
limeres, Vestings, a ?.. which w ill bo made to order at the
-horte.-t possible notice, and in ike most fashionable and
ipproved st> le, at reduced j riees for cask.
??' 1 . W, R. WILLIAMS. Agem.
FOL .". E 3.1. A- 15 B S VOOitT,
'.i i Fullon*?treet,
Won'.! respectfully inform their patrons aril the public
cener illy, that ihoj have just received their Fall Fashions
from Paris an 1 London, and aro now prepared to receive
orders, having supplied themselves with a well selected
assortment cf coods of the latest importations, consisting
f Cloths, Casstmeres, Vestings, Ac. Ac, winch they are
prej are I to make ap at pri ea which cancot fail to please.
Po those who are unacquainted with cur style of gettins
up garments, thi y would resjiectfully Uiviwlocal and ex
amine for tknmsolves.
N. II. Term- Ca-h. n-t I
w. a J. JAMISON; 555 and 353} GntEMWicH-sTaerr.
JTITCHEN FURNITURE in all iu vnrities, cousist
ire of Hardware, Wood-waro,Tin-ware and Willow
ware, kept constantly on baud, of the best qualities, at
? cry low prices to suit the times. Those who would wi-h
?o purchase articles of the ebova kind will find it to thou
advantage !iy cnlltr..' before pttrcha-ing elsewhere.
N. It. A !:ir;;o er i.rtt;;ei:t of Ere"e'i Trnvellma Ban
md Baskets fsi lni-1 w A-J. JAMISON.
HEW ITT St BAILEY, fio. IU5 Bowery, luv ing ptir
ebased their FJl Stock of Carpeting, consist ug of Brus?
sels ihree ply fine and super Ingrains, end which ihey ?iil
sell very low, respectfully solicit a call from thoMabout
furnishing. Carpets made np al the shorteal notice.
No, 105 Bowery, first Carpet Store lielow tirand it
ah) Swb)*
W I T 11 I T S S T A R C II V M A T T E B
sIS it I BRI' IDWAY, N. V. Im
V it?One .ii ee aq ial in vin le a n.ein.l..r ii...
lit CAPCI A lat'"*TS.?The pauerus of nine dif
\ i tent sizes of Hie GLOBE PARLOR HALL AND
OOKtNG S lnVr's. in Ir- ii and/.inc, together with-lhi
unex ;r. ?'. term of the Patent; will be sold at a bargainil
appiii il fin immei lately. The most unequivocal tesumooj
can bo aivi n f ihairutility, having aruoag others received
the -: i r me from he American Institute w;.eu bun ex?
hibited. For paiticularn, inquire ol
-1- wit . E. DOVLR, Aeent.fi! Water-street
\j ?The subsi r.bi r hasre> eived by late arrivals several
-. i wool black, int rible green, Prince Albert, olive
? I brown! LOTUS offinoquaiiti -.
C ISSIMEREj?Wool black, fancy d-ieskin and plain.
VI :STINGS?Rich styles.Also,
Si'e-;a-. Serges, Binding*, Cords, Plaid Linings, But
i etc. etc., all which will be sold by the package o
L.icce al the lowest .n-.rSet price-, .1: No. I? i IVtlti tr.
or 1 bv , 1 I? ? ;,i!l\ M KCPFF.it.
?. tts, (jKit i'A.iSS PKEavsj.?This aea
.1 :?- 1 : nperior article 1? offered to th't publ-e ,i> cum
bining more adt intages than any other article in the. mar
tet Stoma of ibe advantages are. that it is portable aaaj
easily ??;,., tc.i from pUce to place. It nuy be worked
1 obi person, either by hand or tread.e, aud with rerj
little labor. It will turn oat work as quick ar.d good ai
.ny other pre--, and as ire- number ot its (>.rt? are f-w n
i- le-- Ii ? la t? get . ut of or b-r. "t lio.e who have used tlo
Presi is well as other versoas acquainted with Presses
pronounce il the best and cheapest that has yet beeH pro
da ed. Porsors 1601101? of procuring the article can oh
tain tbematSI John-street,between Wiliiaul snd Gold
streeK_ _"--il 'in.,
SflSS oK T:,E
;ULsE\r.VI?8li A f-RIF.
' g X ?e * 1 i. OA !>.?Trams, until
further notice,will run a-follows:
A rj'*(n?>r Train daily, except Sundays, leaving the
,'..; Albany-a reel, in the Steamboat I TICA, Captain
v. H. Si hu'tz, at - A. >!.- apd arririsg inGosben at 1 P. M.
A Freight Train tri-mtehh/, leaving the foot of Cedar
rtreet .-. 1 ??. M.. on Blotulaj ?. Tbarsrlays and Saturday-,
md irrivingatGoshena lo, P.M. Stoppingplaces the
^alac as in tue trains from li'i-b^n.
A Patfengtr T'ntn dailf. except Sundays, leaving the
.b-pot at 7 A. iL, aud st. pping at any of the foUowiog
. . where passeugers may desire to be left or tak-u
uo, cz:?Chester, Monroe Village. Turners, Monrwe
W'ori. Bamapo station,^urTerns Pa-cao. Blauvel idle
and Piiat ittii.i; in the steamboat L'tica at New
Vork. a: . i. M.
A Freight Train :ri-iett!e!n, le-vm; the depot al-IP.
M^oa Mondays, Thnrsdayi sad Saturdays, stopping, if
required; at the above places arrivi ir at New-York at
10 A M
For:>e gat or pus-ag?, ii'ia.r at t.ne Company's t)f
I. e or at th.- isri'Us Depot- oa t ha roa e. ol if
plying the principlea
af Phrenology to the
*<Iucat.on and govern?
ment of chddren. will
b i delivered bv L. N.
FOWLER, at Rale
get." Institute Ma :i
ma-Street aear Clin?
ton, at half pist t o'
clock. Ticket ad
mitiin? a lady aad
g.-Ltlemio. twenty- ?
five cents : six tickers j
for one doiUr. Oa .
Monday, at the sanr*
Llace. sn-lbour. a ser.v
r? ? importantLerture will '
h ? dehvere I apon Marriage and the .oiai re|,t.on. of the
Sexrs,, ,..-jcied porelj Phrmclog eaBy a?J 1 b>.iu!ot,
ol ll
A ? C Tj 0 N S A L K S.
MX ?.. OK.? fj-;u. Jr.
Slerc ?>'. iVilliamrstrcei. corttrr ,"' Ft:.e-strr*i.
Oa Sam-day. Os-ttsber 3d, ??. 2*1 c|jck.
Cloths iy? I'?iMtf-.- a Urga taw uaeat of Wtwt
o!'-F ur'auj Ct..ih? .,:ui C. . , ,|^,_ |.,jot suj Beit
?- r Cloths, Lyon S?iu?. nnahinp. Fancy Casoiaaarea and
?jjf.irt.. now landing.
Abts, Sm,- . . . . Ironi tne wreck of thebsroue Florida.
Term*?5 mouih? loraporosea eadoned noc-?
Tl FESOAY, iVcl .'..at 10 o'clock.
Pv.-xacr Sai.l ?250 ttickag.-s of British, In?h. Scotch
ind American Pry Goods, ?i r.cem Importation, the
? ile ejib racing i large and desirable assortment of -?a-oi,
able article*.
Abo. 3 case* ladies' bl-.-k am] -late wor-tel Hose.
AI o. - e ?-? men's am leu Hoae and half II >?.-.
Abo.''i?"! wooiiii Glove* and Mitts.
Terms'', month! du approved endor?d coir*.
Cnalocu?? a. d samples oa nt-traini" of sale.
On THURSDAY, Ocl :;h. at 10 o'clock.
Fbkxch Goon*.?2*0 coses of French (?.??!?. of recent
importation, comprising a largd and genera! -.??ortment
reaso abl ? article* adapted to the season.
Tens*?? tnOBth.? for approved endorsed rote*.
Catalogues a.,.! s.t *ple? ou morning of -si".
Jo*iah Richard?. Auctioneer.
Store 1 16 tfrev???rtf?.
BY BAY AT, t.l ?1.KV.
Store 169 Bboadwav?New-Yobk Lotte Room
Lr N'ovs Exhibiting;, I le Vatioaa \ idemy of
Design. Broadway, inter of Leonard street, Dubefo's
magn lice..- Picture of DON JI'W H\'.HF.: icd I.VM
BRO. oa ISO I. i ef eaas .??. lie- PRINCESS OF CA
PGA. and * full length Portrait of the BOX. MRS; NoR
POX, by Paris of LooCoo. Open from 9 o'clsck in the
morning until 10 at ni-ht.
Admission'j."> e..Bts. Season Ticket' 50 cents. ?-J7 if
. " llagnificcni Exhibition.?week but
one. A Gran i an I Novel Exhibition of the STUPEND?
OUS PALLS OF NIAGARA, with xauti watsb
CiTir.eN? and STxaxccaa are rsaapeetfull) informed that
this N.-a- aud Su dime Exhibition will continue open FOR.
ONLY A FEW DAYS LONGER, previous to n? removal
South, st the American Academi of Fine Art*, ? !'-.'
ctay st.. ;t door? below the t-ior lloose.
XT Th.s Mod-, cvr- Three Hundred Square Feet.
Open during the l> ij . f om 10 to i and from -I to ii. In
the Bveniag, tromS to 10 o'clock.
X * 4|. the Fve; ins Exhibition, the curtain will be
drawn precisel) at - o'clock.
? ?? Price ofacmissson 25 cents; Children, under 13
y.-ars of ace, half price. ?-i- St
SlttNOK JOSSS >.it;i.j,.
First Violin t? the K i g ... Sweden and Pupil o'Paganini,
,_j AS the a >i or to announce t tat In? second <? ranJ \ ..
I i eal ami Instrumental
Will take place on Fri lay Evening, Oct >ber 1st, at the
City Hotel, .i--i.tr. br ibe i.brated Prima Donna
From the Theatres San Carlos, Venice and Havana and the
Royal Comic Opera at Paris,
Professor of singing and tenor of the private Music ofihe
h, ng of France,
Who ha? kindly vol?u eered his services.
Mr. W. C II II .1.,
Leader of :he U lartoite, und
Wh.i will presid" it the Pisu? Forte.
For Programme, see smsll bills.
Tickets, One Dollar each, to be ha I at the principal
II ii?ic .--lore- au l H .tel.-.
Doors epea ai 7?to commence at?o'clock, precisely.
??> -it*
la. WAR M H l I'll baa been removed to the upper side
of Fulton Ferry Pier. Ladies ?ml Gentlemen can havo
Van.i I!eh- from 6 A.M. nil lu P. M. The citixtnsof
New-York wii! Gnd the present location as convenient anj
easy .if a -.. ami C .a take a Bath * Ith ?s mui h ftxpoditioa
i. if lliey were n.i the New.York ?nie of the river.
Brooklyn. Sept. Hlh. ?841. .?I lmi?*
.x MILKS?'*. B. LEVY has rei eived, ami i- ? onst lolbj
rci niving by every Froncli packet, the newest and riebet!
?til- Paris Bounot Ribbons ami Bonnet Silks: th
very great ass irtmeat already receivnd are decidedly the,
most cleirant ever imported to this city. C. IS. L. baa
ilso imported entirely n?w style fall neck.ribbons ; also
i great variety of fancy Dr.* Goods. Lai let ?r?> re*peel
ally invited, to caB boloro purchasing elsewhere. Mil
iners md ? ouutrj dealers supplied oa the most favorable
term., wholesale and retail,2S Divisional.
s23lmis' C. B. LEVY.
VtsAKI).?We base jusl received our Fall ami
Winter Fashions, teg-iiir, with an assortment of
seasou bin goods to which.we invite the attention of our
i'i.. ads and i ustom ? ?>. Bnd ill ? public generally.
,or( lnis No. 36 Fulton ?ireet, N. Y.
. _., In the best manner at ?S cents ea. h, on
A j If appliration at I3? Fulton-street, up stuir?;
lions tuned and repaired. ?7 imis*
?.V.V'fl iiL.i .%?*? JEU'Kl.KY,
V.-.'r^ VI.;. S LOW?All descriptions of Col i a id 811
p?l '.y .. r Levi .?. Anchor Etcapi menu Duplex, Lepine-,
CifJsJSVerge Watches, Dia-ssoad Pin* and Rings,
?> i.i i ?s, Chains aud Jewelry, for ?nie at retail lower
a m it any other place in .Le City. Watch at and Jewel
> exchanged or luiugbL Cold iVatches as low as $35 and
$10 each. All Watches warranted to keep good lime,or
tn.*ney returned. Watches and Clocks repaired in the h.-.t
n inner und warranted at much Isias than the usual prices,
one of the nnesi workmen in America.
G. C. ALLEN, Importer of
Watches and Jewelry, wholesale and retail,
sii Isif :ts? Wall-street, up ?mir*.
Ur ITBBPBOOVli\C9 nithnui Imlia Rubber
fi ee escape ol perspiration permitted The Paris and
Ve? ^ ork WsterprXM tine Company, heilig desirous more
? n nil to introduce lbs benefits of their .... i.v.'.- pro
? . f W_t rj.r chug Wooleus, Linens, ('otton and Can
rass Goods ol .-very van..ty. nr.; piepared to negotiate
vitb individuals and companies for the salsblisbmenl ol"
ma or more Waterproofing o acerns in each siaic; and
from ih.! facility *i.h whn-li the work Is perfi rmed, verj
.-r.-at in lucements offer to persons encaging iberi in.
Applications hv b-iter must bs pest-paid, addressed to
'he Pan- and New-Vork Walerprootiug Campuuy No.
I3I Na.s.iu str-er. N. V._sV.".. :ir
- TIVE? An effectual remedy far Baldness and Daa,
? I r. pared by a Lady of ibis - uy Ii was not origin
illy intended Ihr aale, hm in efficacy being we I twtad
n many piivalO fami ies, induces the propnolor to offer
it now to ihn public For tile at S. 4 L. Holme*', 11
?aideulaice; Sirs. Cannon's, Astor House; Rush ton x
\ pinwalt's; Thomas <ir..n'-. corner of Broadway and
Walker its.; Ladies Repn itoty,435Broadway; CoU a
Ogden's, Broadway, and at/ R. Clark's, corner of Broad?
way and Houston Street, where all order, will he rrecived
ami attended to- s29 Ini
T?TE A f NbW-BRIGHl ov. si iten Island, to the.
amount of Sevsn Hi sdbco Thoosakd Hollah?.
rpilBTRL'STEES OF THE nk? -BItlCllTON as
1 SOCIATION offer for sale, by sabicription five hun?
dred h ocks of ground, tne must eligibly situated of any
u.ey peases*, ?? respects contiguity to tt-o terries, and al
<? -evcial of tbe most elegant uud o. .-irol>lc viiln? ?j.i
ountry teats in the vicinity of th'' city of New-York -
These fiee kundrtd blocks are lo be disposed of tl sight
hundred d dmrs each; every one ol du m will eostaia i igbt
bailding lots, m.d win measure about ns. In j 0 feet, be
mi- sufficient for a neat?.. it-go and garden plot.
E-ieb ?-jb-enber will orna n a Uock valued ul 'n' urd
ii ?: to ihe cash -ales m ids by the At ociattoa the It.t two
-tars) from ft.1000 to $1 -1??, and he alay have allotted tu
-...a i ?. lerty w.rth from forty to -ixi> times the ia:un of
.i- inbseripiion Oa soa-.e of ibem are splendid improve
neat m rising largemansion bouses, hotel-cottages,
?locks, Sic iu pen. ct order.
Tho plan ad pied for disposiss of the above properly,
presents great iaducemeals to tne capitalist desirous of
uik ar s cd in.e-ti.'iei.ts, ?nd to all win, wish to obtain a
mnixyresl enceat a mcderate price, aod in a position
tbe most eligible in the vicinity of New -York. Tor ex
iiiipl.;: Ilie elei-a^l country ?<-a', wilt, about four acres of
Ue i Biljoiaing,rece ilj liinsh.-ii by Thomas E.Oai is,Esq.,
it b cosi exceeding$ii0000, ami which is uniivsPed for
beauty of situation,.will become the property of one of
tbe subscribe -, fr-.e and umncuinbered, it a co?t tu hin,
,:' only $809
To some i.iber sub cr-ner will be allotte I, free ami mi
aeaiuhered: uBelounl ffousc* end cr'.unC**, now rw-cu
pied as a icj.iuuiy for young ladies, at en annual rent of
The ?; l?r:di<l ?' Patihon," eree'ed in Ir'J7, at a cost ea
ceeding (15 ^000, iacludingthe grounds and outbuilding-,
? id S'.ll to another, free and umncnmliered.
'? Lni'htun Ilnutc. " which, with the ground*, eo?t over
S30.000.acd several new and beaatiful cottages, wnl be
? ?ome the properly of other*: b-enbe's.
The Association, in offering so large an amount of ral
?nble property at orta tune on tuen Bsvcrable mrm*.would
merely remark, that th-.-y are prompted to do ?o solely
tith the vi.-at of Closing Ih.-ir Urr*ir- within the leru. of
incir orguuizil existence, which is abc.ut drawing
to a close Trer feel roafdeut tbtt each ?ut.*crib*r
a-i.l obtain property greater in ??lue than Hie amount of
ins iitvesiiner.t. / i_ i
Li*M -f the improved property. (-?<* co,t |D ajj oy?
I : 0,000 1 with mips and act-.m aa) ing do. ume,,: ., , j B
., ?? ,p,.| canon I.. Henry Lyn. h. I re?..l.:L( >>t the
\..o-.alion. (at their olBce. 4? Wall, entr-aorx first rite,
?u Hanover sit eel,/ who wiflgive M farther detail, ol too
Hr'rVrm? -!fsnns?wi'ption for an undivided tharo of eight
-.utnlred dollar*, as follows:
In a b-tnd payable in one and two years, on
interest. 4G0
Books of subscription or? op?ned by EDWARD a. Ni
COlI.. K?. .. 1 r-i-fe. n: the rlllce of tbe New-York Life
iad Tr jjt Company, No. -tr Wall st.
N. B. Tr.e cash pa) meat trill be depoaiud m tbe New
York Life and Tru t Cotnpaay, acd the receipt of the
?ecr*.tary of the Company jtven to all ?ub?cribers.
By orCer of the Trustee*. _ol_
?TBB5I1Xla(Oliv?40CaMS, far ?al ? by
V & i.Rl.NNELL, M1NT?RN *<ai,V'**'> V.

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