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to Bi r-do ar.d either d.rted her there or com?
pelled her to leave him. Leftdestitute and loo
proud k> return to her father's roof in her f?'-ien
fortunes, .he applied to McLeod for advice or as?
sistance, and was by him induced to become un in
male . f his hnu.e-he le-i"? a bacheler. From
the time this became known to her lather, his for?
mer devoted fri.-nd.Uir. for McLeod has been
changed for aa aversion ?loch a father and a man
could not ?repros*. Bot this has not prevented
him or his family coming forward, when they
might have refused, to tell the truth which might
,&ve iheir false friend from a conviction fur Murder.
The testimony will pretty certainly be closed to
dsy, and I think it will consume the day. The
Defence is not done yet, and the Prosecution has
some more to offer. Monday will be devoted to
summing up. and the Judge's charge, and I appre?
hend ?e -hail not have trie verdict till a late hour
in the ni^ht?after the cars have started. But, as
the character of that verdict is not doubtful, this
;s not material. The Attorney General and Dis?
trict Attorney for this County will sum up for the
Pcopl"; Mr. Sponcti and one of his nolleague
iur the accused. The testimony is so voluminous
and co.ers so much ground thai the summing up
must take time.
?We had a futious Hail-Storm here yesterday
afternoon?^ furious that the Court suspended
busit.o-- fur fifteen or twenty minates. The wind
from tiie North East, not very violent, but the hail?
stones weresolarge that much glass was broken?
some in the Court-House. The hail covered the
ground to the depth of an inch, und remained,
where undisturbed, all night- '?.
Editorial Correspondence.
Syracuse, Thursday, P. M.
Tuh Win.. Statu convention has beeu irises
siou up t?> half past 1 o'clock. Yesterday after?
noon was devoted lo the preparation of the Ad
dies-or Declaration of Principles und View s, and
corresponding Resolutions by the appropriate
Committee. At o o'clock the Declaration was
reported to the Convention in informal session, and
there carefully considered and debated. Not one
iota of difference of opinion or of principle was
manifested?not a shade of lisseni from the lan?
guage held by the Declaration with respect to
Whig Principles and Measures, to Mr. Tyler's
course, to the retiring Members of the I 'abinet,
and their successors. On all these points there
was a perfect ami enthusiastic agreement in the
sentiments set fottli in the Declaration. On one
or two incidental matters?questions of time, of
circumstance, and of phraseology?there was some
cordial and kindly discussion, which resulted in
a hearty concurrence in the Declaration as adopted
Messrs. J. A. King of Queens and Furman of
Kings appeared as Delegates and tool; their scats.
The Convention reassembled in formal session
at 'Jr\ o'clock this morning. Gen. Lf.k of Wash?
ington, reported the Declination, which was ap?
proved without a dissenting voice. I send it here?
with. David Graham, K-3. of our City then re?
ported the Resolutions, which wen- also unani?
mously adopted. Ho accompaniod them by some
eloquent und animating remarks In acknowledg?
ing the honor so justly paid to our Whig Delegation
in Congress, Hon. Daniel D. Barnard of Albany,
spoke ut length most ably, kindly and effectively.
J N. reynolds, Esq., of our city, responded
to the tribute so jusdy paid to Hon. Nathaniel
I'. Tallmadge, bearing eloquent testimony from
personal Observation to tho fidelity, zeal and etfi
ciency with which he hud sustained Whig pi mci
ple. and measures ut the late Session. Animating,
inspiring nddiesses were also made by Jons A.
Kino of Queens, A. Worden of Ontario, Wil
liam Doer of Oswego, John H. Martindale ?f
Genesee, Phineas Hord ef Cayuga, und (.'. E.
Ci irk i of Jefferson,?all concurring m the senti?
ments of the Declaration and inciting to energy
and victory in the approaching contest. Burst
after burs; of patriotic enthusiasm electrified the
Convention. Finally, ou motion of Wst. W. Toon,
Efq.. of our city, u resolution of thanks to the
officers was adopted, and the Convention ad?
journed in the spit it efdetermined confidence that
in the ensuing contest NeW-YorK sii.ii i. t/rilul i>
niE WHIG BANKER, let who will falter or turn
aside And now to action ! II. G.
Full returns, official and reported, from all the
counties in tho State but five, and incomplete ones
from all but two, have been received. They render
certain thw election of Francis Thomas, tho Locofoco
candidate, by from .000 to 1000 majority,. To the
House of Delegates 36 Whigs and 11 Locofocos
have been elected ; and there is a tie as to one
member in Queen Anne's, and ihn result of the
election for anothei in Allegheny is doubtful. Tho
Senate i? Whig. The Houso consists of 79 mem?
bers. The members of the State Senate nre elect?
ed for sis \ears, one third going out every two
years. None were elected this year except lo till
a vacancy iu Baltimore city.
Later From Canton.?TJi? ship Lowell, Capt.
Ketr.niomls. arrived on Svurdny from Canton,
whence -he sailed on the "9th May last. Affair
there continued to wear pretty much the same as?
pect u? ut the sailing of our lust dates; but there
existed a very strong expectation that this quies?
cent state of things would bo bat of brief duration.
When the Lowell was leaving Macao, a fleet of
about twenty ships of the line and transports were
passing up the river, and much excitement pre?
vailed among all. especially the trading residents
of Canton. The Lowell brought but two papers,
which circumstance, (yesterday being Sunday) pre?
vented our learning the details of the intelligence
received by her.
Arrival of the Great Financier.?On Sa?
turday night. Officers A. M. Smith arrived hither
from Philadelphia, having in custody the celebrat?
ed Colonel Monroe Edwards, uhas John P. Cnid
well, alias Hugh S. Hill, charged with extensive
forgeries. He was brought on on a requisition oi
the Governor ; and was committed to be e\u:niu
ed this day. Of the money alleged to have been
obtained by him $?14,C00 were received, and re?
gains in Philadelphia.
IS* Thomas Barrett has been recognized by the
President us Consul s)f Hi* Holiness the Pope for
tne port of New-Orleans.
October 9, 1s41.
Present?Lieut, (tovrrnor. Justice Coweti Clark, l)<m
{"?ton, li.xou.Klv. Furman, Hawkins, Hull, lluiuj.hrey,
H ?????s?e, i.?-. H. A. Ltvingsion, Moseley, Paige,
JzfV- n Kl'"*U", Root. Scott, Stronr, Tin ior. Ver
eUark. Work?.
^arr"> vs Bennett?Mr. Marvin continued,
tflmune* **"1 *',"<""<"s/*? Deeree of the Chancellor af
v 10 !o ~> willen opioiua hv Justice Coweu, vrrbal.
W. Verplaack-Gen, Root and Mr. Poiste.
Hods in County, New Jersey, In?l-est on Daxiel C. I
Tatst., hie late lover ano ?et?gthed hv.-bax? of Ma?
rt C. Koclk;.?On Friday hiebt aid Saturday morninr
Gilbert Merrill Esq. acna? an coroner of Hudson county
bald an inquest st Perry's Hotel, Honoker.. New Jer,ey
on the body of Daniel C. Payne, a aauve of England, late
cork culler of ihn city, ?ho wen found cn Friday aft*r
ooou about 6 o'clock lying or. e bfnrli by the side of lha
walk neat the Sybil's Cave, Htboken, in a dying state,
an '? -bortly after expired. Tbe debased acquired con?
siderable notoriety, soon after the death of Mary C Re
t c rs. tu whom he v. w rr.pst-.-! to he married, a:wbosi
admirer and wooer h? had beer. formontha,baviag board?
ed, with her mother at No 120 Nassau street, up?
time of her mysterious disappearance sr.d untimely
and cruel death. Tuyte afier her death, ?a? Id?
iome ?u.pected of bMng privy to her fcbJuction, or as
knowing where she was and with whom she went a- ij
and brought to the Police Ofilee snd interrogated ?!o ely
oo this subject, but he bei; e able to sccouut satisfactorily
for every hoir of bis time on the Sua'-'sy of her disap?
pearance, was di-chnrgrd from even suspicion by tbe
magistrates. After her I f less botfy was :oui.e, and be:
ovrianeboly fate made manifest, Payne's f- <-i..- n et i.t
1 ly b- came too overwhelm* d for h.s mind to endure, and
hi- soiio* aid disappointed bo.n shook reason from her
? throne, aud he unsrht be consider d from that period a
lo?t to kim.-ilf aud to si-e-.tty. j'.- business energil ,
luxed.bi* habits of indjig' Lst in drink .n r'ut- .;. at, :
on Thursday he I. ft the city o:nl wardered uLoiit th.
woods and auiongit the roch- ami thickets of Iloboken
exposed to eold, hunger, thirst and in o<ii tormenting
feelings until niture became exhausted and he sunk into
tbe embraces of death, near the uaballewed ijsoi when
hi- tffianced bride bad, (as was supposed.) been brutally
outraged and murdered. H'- too *??- indirectly murdi r
cd by the s.uae hand tbat destroyed bis intended wife,aud
bis blood rests on the bead Of her destroyer. Kr..m the
evidencti adduced before tiie Coroner'i J.iry it appeared
thin Payne hud not committed suicide a* was st firs! re
ported, but hi d falle* h victim to his owumelancholy and
lusiio- wHiiderinc - v Inle brooding o\ er the memory of ici
he loved. The first witness who testified before the Cor
ouer's Jury was
Or. Samuel I.. Grineold of this city, who wa? wall ii i
along: toward-the Cave on Friday afternoon about five
O'clock, with Dr. Cluiuetits i saw th-- !e.,->-l lyme ui >.
bench, his knees and bead down; witness raised kirn up,
looseued his'collar, and lie soon alter died. If- o.,. ,
were partially open.
Eiirard /U/ikint deposed tlmt be f?uud the hat of :i
m in near the place " here Ms1- It oners w.,. supposed to
have been murdered, and the phial that bad contained 1 *?
danuin near u?tbe bat betw en tbe weed- and the pbial
near it- It was ni irked laudanum, Souillard &? d Hue,
late Place, 3 I'urk Row. A lilllr further w itness found a
wiote pocket handkerchief.
Jahn I'uyn.. brother of deceased, deposed io the h it as
being bis brother.?the era;ie wus put mi soon nfter Misi
Rogers' death. lie identified also a pockel-bool. spo na
cles, eVc. found on the body. The la-t time witness sa?
Ins brother, was on Thursday aft r dinner : he appeared
to have drank soina. Ho was much rejected, imd had
been so ever -ince Miss Rogers' death. Wim.? thought
that his hrotlier had not been of cane Blind since the death
of Miss Rogors, to whom lie was much attached.
/antes Lawrence testified us to having been with H?p
km- when the bat, phial, &e. were found uear t<ie -j?,-.
where Miss Rogers .-.:,- -upp .?cd l" hr.ven mnr ii red
Mrs. Loa* deposed to having rosn the deceased once in
N. \ i>rk, sud mire la-t fal; gunning. He did not corres?
pond in appearanee with the parson Mir saw with Hisi
Rorrers in July lust. That person was younger, thinner,
mid rot mi lull.
James McSkaui snw the deceased on Friday m rnii ;?
0 o'clock ; ouu of his in- ii lo d him ihero was a man Ij ing
in lim ti.irk woods near the nil.ige, about loU yard- freni
witnesses' house j went to him, touched him in the foot'
an I a-ksd him if he were a Frenchman or Americ in?he
said no, but requested a drink of water i picked biai up,
carried him t? Riarty's tavern, end set him down on the
1 loop ; he theo got up aud wei t to Scudder's tavern, bjt
was refused admittance, ami gsve bim no w ater, I.tuse
they thought something I.I.-, drinh was ihe mallei
with him. This was in the village of Hoboken 1* miles
from kliere t'i? body whs found.
Samuel Whitney deposed he whs in the Phoenix Hotel
when the deceased ? ante there abtut 10 o'clock without n
hat; he asked for and they gave him aa old straw hat;
be could scarcely stand . his eye- lookod sleepy, not as if
he ?erw in liquor.
W'urrrn Smith saw the deceas.-d at 10 /' lock on Timr
day night; lie wanted liquor and diank a tumbler hall
full of brandy he ?ni'. " I suppose you dont know me ."
witness answered no; hs then said "I'm the man that
?in promised in Mary Rogers," ami as he went oat. be
said " I am a man of a freut deal of trouble : hs ?a ,| he
lost bis but half a mile oft", and wished to he shown
th? w ay to the Vnuxhall Gardons,and wnnl toward- them.
The woods lie w us found lying in the next morning w, r,
uear this h mse,
John Wood deposed that he saw the deceased lying on
ihe ground oaths w.slk. in front i f tiie Mai ston Hause,
ilioui ti o'clock on Friday morning, lie appeared to be
asleep und witness did not disturb turn.
Afe. Orommelin 'hen entere.! the rcu m, idoatified th?
body, und said he suw deceased, about three Sucday ? ago
?th :ro was no coolness between them.
(f'illiam Latturetu -aw ihe deceased about aqoartei
past -i o'clock on Triday morning, lyms' in th i weeds. He
laid on bis bu k snoring mi 1 mad,- :i dreadful not-,-. Ano?
ther man picked him up und put him u? a stoop. He
then went lo Scudder's, got it drink of water, weht to near
the ice-house, and -toej there near an hour. Witness
saw luiu again in ihe afternoon, silting on a bench by the
('.-ruin Livs, a boy. mw tbe deceased -.i his mother's
house on either Thursday or Friday, he could not say
which, lie came in and s-ked for h pl? s of brandy und
water, w'uih he took. He asked ?her,- Mary Rogors was
BtU der.-,!. w Huess to ?I hou, and he won; in ihe direction
of the place, staggering us he went.
If'.Ilium Su.-i'.y saw the deceased on Tursday i t. moon
atSo'olo k onWeehawkea hill, silling oa the spot where
Mury Kocc-r-is sa d lo huv? neeu murdered. Ho h :d u
pocket bojk on Ins kn-rs writing, and look UO uotiee of
witness or his rompauinu.
Dr. Un/irold executed a pott mortem examination,
und found tbo -toinnch, b-a-t and lungs bealthy?the
braia much congested, but whether from bran.ly. lauda?
num or the pnsitio.. in winch he *u- found; wen,c tub!
a it tell; could not tuid any trace of poison or extravtea
liou of blood to show that he died of apoplexy ; til ^;':.t
the drlck he bad taken and the position lie was fou.nl in
eaused hi- death.
Dr. Cask geuerally concurred ?iih Dr. fin-wold?
found no smell or indication of laudanum at the stomach ;
his heatt however w a. wasted, which might account for bis
melancholy. Witness thought be detected the prese ?
of laudanum on the hruui?thui his manner of passing
the prev ions twenty four hours of ins life must bat tei J
ed to ins death , aud that I e might have fallen .front the
bcueh. which, with bis peculiar position, w.i- the probable
cause of death.
Amongst the papers found was one in pencil, in thesa
'? To the woat.o.
HERS I am on tnk SPOT. God /D'etre me for "if/ ei-?
fvrtUHC, or for isy misspent tlmt."
There was nothini; to implicate him ia the remotest de?
gree in the atfsir of the murder of Miss Rogors.
Tue jury found the following verdict " found d.-id
with coag^slion of the brain, supps-cd lo he brought
about by exposure uad irregularity of living', incident to
sbsrrat ion of moid."
LAWYERS' DlAR1' . October II.
Eile Notes of Issue Supreme Tourt. (Albany.)
Cale.ndar or Common I'lsias Tiu kt?This Day?37,
', -Jri. 97,34,108, 111. 65, 51, 110, 19,80, 86, -l. 6'. 1 if-.-i,
D*v Calexoar or rue CiKceiTCt iKT-This Dhv?i?,
81,25, 39, |4f57 M i5 ^ j., TOi 7j.
Citri Entrlligence.
Reported for The Tnhur.e.
Pot.ice OrriCE.? Stealing xAair'j.?tin Saturday, offi?
cer Mcl'ratn urre.-ted u featale Uaiih d Catscrme FiShbarS
ui the act of carrying ott twosbawla, wnrta $12. ftout the
I store of Messrs. W. I' H; own A-Co. 50 Catherine street,
for winch ?in- was lodced in prison.
Carrmg oj a Coat ? Olfic-r DurRndo on Sa-iirduy ar?
rested a woman nsmL'd Calherioe Maltory, chorged with
rteallng a e.^at wonh $U, from Adolpbui Manchi of No.
? rVH Pearl-street, for waich she ?ii romutitted.
?, -*r,ry of Malm Money*?Oo Saturday v -:,< of the
000 cntrusti ?! by the President of ;he 0?*?tr > FUnk -o
J. L? Gi-p?rri tocanteytO M" J?nie- B. M-fr'ay of this
uy and for whichd pard ?od Vorrii H. Brfo! wer?,
arrested for carrying olT. wa? recovered in a hielt butltfirg;
:n thi? etty, where h? prisoners had corce.v ej
Stealing frnm a Vettel?Mr. Lecsarr! Bau.*. H-rk ot
Washington Markst, ou Saturday arrestej a im? nuoieJ
Vi Viel B'trtnrt. with a watch worth (24. which he ead
-tolea froai tne schooner Jfsan.toa when lyi;:r ItQ laraS
Hue. II" wa? eommitt-d.
Petting a Counterfeit B?B-^OtHent Hutbtraiie yester?
day i n sied J..n? Doaab ?-. ei .ree 1 wj:b baring ca the
25th nlL passed a $'0 coaaterieil bill of th- M'-i-hut*'
Bsnk ? :' Son B ttord. He arre-l'd to i'i'itr.
Stealing Tnmbtert ?Henry Stewart formerI3 ul the
Slat* Pri-oc, want into th? fo-t-.r bouse of Trenn?? P;:r
ceil. No. Iii Aalhony-stieet, c lied for and d-'i .-> .? ihr?
? Bot ?U?e r.f 1 qar.r, and tb-n Hole two tumid-*.'* to cm
t the ?aterprjse. He w*s bower* r ea igbt *ilh thejj
ia bit pocket, i- i deposited in prison.
Coaetcca'i OrrtcE ?J ?ddenialh/ />r>irn.-i/ ? Th' Cor
- a Saturday bei-1 ao inque*< ?1 15South ft. an the
of a colored man named William Devoe, Heed rt*.
if very 'intemperate iiiint-. Tiie deceases w-?seen hy
-ee of his C'.lrirc' friends nu Frid-y ?venire at half af:?r
dot ii. sitting on ? ?tone -ten in Broad -l neir South.
He attempted to ..r-u-** It m from the state of stupid in
' ui 1 'i'll he wa> in. but did cot sU'C ed and lef. tum ?
"11 S.ituriia? moraine about 4 o'clock Mr. Edward C.
>Jar.h of th? ^eh-. Dratron. lying at pic 5. East river was
troused by the nous of some pe-?oa fiilior rr splashing
'a th" wr.ter, and went on shore to asce t.in the cause.?
He found th" -hoe of stm* per.on. but <!* no on.\ mid
??H'lir.i' some fr.ends to hi* assi-tacct Ahout ? o'clock
'hey sureerdre ia finding the deceased with hi? hesd and
body under unter, in ih>- dock, and one foo fast between
tbe timbers of the'wharf He w?* entirely dead. Ti?
Cor, Bee's jury found ? ve-.iicl of accidentally Jrowneii.
The Coroner hIso held ?11 inquest a: 4o West it on the
'?>??;?? of an unknown m 01 foun 1 in V - *ater in is" for.t of
If.-en r--t. II- ?as dressed as a lesman, whs fr 111 SO to
.'? . i.i, bad not been long in the -ste'. and lud *
pil ( hlx sk ? it-i,. 1 ?I bill, in 1 .Is./iu >1 iu change, ia bis
pocket Verdict, found drowned.
D* Wir Waiter Scott was without excepti . the
ible.t writer ??(the in;". His w..rks will live for . enturies.
!ir. ^'rierrr.nn i- one of the i-reo si benefa 1 r- of tbe pre?
sent liav. II" bat rendered lb luttt-r a.n-1 u*a?eoUS ?tr m<
perfectly palutahle, and prepnred the varioa? ktnds ?f
medicines in tiie nereeald? and ptea'aat f<?rm 01 [etzeorej;
retaininc andeoneentraling mII ii,eir active qualities.?
Courtis, Colds Who iping Cough Asthma, Consu rip'ion,
Hein ?ehe. Palpitation, Fevrr aed Aru? all vie d to the
I. /??>: --'?-:.?. pofot charm. Many hate remarked
bow in eb h tier mrdi me op rate when akenlbisway,
than when fotttd dawn the ibrost as it used to be. <io
? t ? c 1 will ?. csnnoi find hotter remedies than at
106 Na-sstn-I The Doctor i- the only manufssturer of
ii,r " pi^sssi ? aniclcs 111 the country, and hi- nnm< isa
?ufTirienl cua: nteo that there is no humbas or cl arlatan ?
ry iilnu' tVo 1 'i im ss. Si arcely a day |.:i-sh. but what
som.? j.hj v an cj ls oh bim to a?certti'u the pecu?
liar properti - of the l^izenfes, and nnre leave without
expressing .j, ,r decided approbation of the r-fficaey aud
? in di rfiil advantaee . f tb is ov' r the old ui til" ? t pr.ve
nee. Tbej tay al once, we cannot 111 vke a l..->t"r m di
1.11 - Ires, and why should we hesitate toriva our
. ii ... the benefit .if tUr; Doctor's inventions.?Ti- truo
.t will enric 1 bim.but th"n it d.ie. notinjure our pockets;
and certainly jreatly benefits those entrusting their lives
. oil
ET L. N. FOWLER, ..ur Practical Phrenclogisr, de
livers to-night the finishing Lecture of his present course,
aud from 'I.ibject, we venisre to my that it will Im fall
as interesting nihI useful as any of the preceding dis
conrses. See adrcrtis im< :
I 'Kooli'i nt I in lion.?J sun R.ichab - Au<
tionetr.?a\SG3, RICHARDS, Si PLATT; 196 lin.a.l
??y. will s..1! this iioii-, commencing nt 7 o'clock, s
choici collection of Stanoako Books, including ninny
Exclisii Editions, of valuable Historical. Theological,
i'i i -: al, and Scientific Works,?Magazines, rare old
Novels and Romances, and Miscellaneous, generally se?
lected from si veral Private Libraries,
Al - ??A I 0 '-e variety of Seln ol H mk?. Bibles, prayer
?ui Hymn Books, fall a ii half-bound Blubs, Foolscap,
l.e:i-r. ami lt.il t Paper, Cluills, iVc, mostly 111 quantities
to suit e luniry dealers ami others.
LT Caialoeues are now ready, uud the goods arranged
for examination. ol I It
Nrwdntk. October B, 1841. *
Notice, is hereby givan, that a'.l Bonds for duties paj able
on and after Monday neit thai Ith instant, will be de?
posited in ihe Bank of l"oiniu-rce for collectioii. Those
personi holding notices for Urn payment of Bends at the
i'ustoiii House, will from that lisne bs required to pay
their Bonds ut ihe Hunk,
r- a EDWARD CURTIS,Collector.
TT I-iaiit Stands, und Fltint Tub*.?A
large assortment t>f Plant Tubs and Piunt Stands, of vari?
ous siies. just received und for sale by
o8 2wis 355and'355* *lr.."iiwicli-si.
XT !:ui{?oriiiiu 01 SJbeap Garment*, by VV,
T.JENNINGS, No. 339 Broadway, under the American
Hoiol. m tl4 lm
I ." A verjr fine grei a Turtle is no - cooking, ready
.it .Niiiui? u large bowl for only twenty five cents. Be iu
lime?the scar win for thorn is almost over?every other re
freshmen! nf the iie-l quality proporiionrililv low always
ready ir ra T A. H. ui in 12 P. M.
CLIMAN EATING HOUSE, No. 14'J Fultoa-st.
extcnding.to I) Aun-strcei ullli?
Grocera and Grecrr's Clcrit?, ?ttention.
?? Wim would b? frte themselves ma 1 -trik- tiie
An adjourned ineetinj,- of the Grocer, ami tiroicr'?
Clerks, who are iu favor of clo-me their Store- at S
o'clock, P.M will be held at Columbian Hall.203 lirund
street, on Monday Evening next, October M h. nt Hi
o'clock, P.M. rirrcieel . t" bear the Report of the Com?
mittee appointed to weiten the Grocers ?( >he City if
N. w York, and to transact ?uva other businesi as may be
dceu ed nesjessary lor the furtberanca of tie' c ? isa
All thosc n esestoi in this movement ate r'tpectfully
invited io attend.
Minil.. SULLIVAN, Chairman
Jami s Swikrs, 1 .
Jr.-,: i! LiroLLAi, Secretaries. oll u
ET l.rrtiir?-?t ?a India ?MR. RODGER9 pro?
pose* to de iver Two Lei tine- ?11 India, at R"v *lr. Hun
bsr's Chureh 111 McDoural street. 011 MONDAY and
TUESDAY EVENINGS;!letobor 11 th ant I2tb; andal
?o at Rev Mr. Wheelock'si hurch, in Sixteenth street,
ber 13 11 and Mth.
He will "..d, ivor la shot* in a clesr 3rd comprehensive
manner the lives characters, occstpaiioos, manners, eua
toms. reliriaui ril s. penances aud bjrul e.-r^iaoaies ot
the Heathen
Tne Lectures will be illustrated by 40Paintinzs. 1 II ii
ni the ^ts.c,. Exchange, On. ?>.
SOU. S.Bank...slOds Ml SO do. 614
?j.". no.h'.l.ts Si Ji't do.
.'.ii do.-lods ;.i 23 Patersnn RR. SO.
411 Manhattan Bk ... 19 \ .*.n do..itWdyi i i
20 Mercltants It!; ... 11*9 50 Stoniogton....
60 M en on s' lljiik... ? r? | 75 do .
33 N. A-TriatCo.... 31 35 d?.b60da 23j
4U Del Sc. Ilnd....cash 104 200 do.?3d.? 2?
25 do..n l.'. l 103" ! fal L IsIRR. 53
ir.il do....ca?h I t MUO <io. f:-*
5 1 do.blind, l-l I 50 do.1 60ds .'? t
103 do_b4months l02 1250 Harlem. 1?
a* do.c.ish tn4 ; 150 .io. 15"
?J*. do.s ISdays I03i{350 do. 15*
-j". do. lii3}llS0 do.intweek >'
?i5 do. 104 1100 du.cash 15*
?". - do. 103} 1123 do.b3da Iii
.*-> ,!?..i'dkls 103 ; 10 AnierM.In.Co_ 57t
fsl do.es-h lo 11 Canton l*o. --;
25 Mohawk.s30d tilt
H?cend Board.
5Dtfsr!emRR. 1.*.;.*.' d.....jlOd? lOlj
5 . .:u.- 3ds I5| -^3 do. li>4j
50 Del a Hud. !"4 23 do.Monday I04j
0-, Jo.sl'-dls 101 I
Couiniercial ami ?loaej Wat tens.
Saturday, r V.
There was n moderate smuunt ofbu-mess dor.- at the
board to-day,: and tbe varlatioas were a?t material, I'.
S. Baak - . .1 at .'? which is a denies ci ? cent; Da la
ware and Hudson advase-d I. Slooiagton 1, Canton j,
Mohawk j; Pater ou f-1! nTi. Lace Island -.
The -jie- of State Sti rks were limited 1
j '. ? 0 1 Ibio Bonds I860.
3 iss. I ;J,UUJ Roud. 4fi}
1000 .to do..-2nd 40;
2000 do Illinois Sixer, Is7().4-'l
4-00 do do.441
Tn- -e prices are an improvement of i per cert on th'.
Indian-, aud a decline of ; ou the Illinois.
A part of the cargo of Teas imported iu the ship Splen?
did ??s offered at auati-n yesterdty, by Hoffman A Co
Tim lo-.v grds Young Hvson fell off 2 lo 4 cts per lb. bu
-.::? n.-t'.-r ;u :!i!i'< sol I at :i'.-ut tke rat" of the prev i..u'
sale. The Canton made T-.s acid as low as 40 cts. a
oli:ch liiey ?erc stopped. The SoLchouc, aliout 1.2'.'
lbs, *'*' '"Id previous to ths sale lo a Boston neu-e.
We u-iderstund that the Secreuiry of the Ticasury is
issuing the two uiilhoa loan in ajjouati as applied for. a
par fur a >n per ceut stock.
UT ' Union SIrill BcoL-ton- ?Thi
her U?i op??i-.i t at the corner of Na?ad and Beak
m;n-U?CnntoH Hall?"here he otKr* fo- ??Ii si the
l< west ca*'n price-, in *xt-n.ire as-oriment of Theologi
j cal. Classical, Misceflsneons and School Books. Also
; Bank Book, and Stationery
Hcalte pgb?ibi s Fir?t and Secon.i.and Has is p"ss
the Tin-i Series of me ?-T?o Han'-red Px-onat lllos
tea :on? of the (tib| , sad Views i i the Holy Laud."
The T?NTH EDITION of the K i r - t Serie?.
? snd the THiuli EDI FlU.V oft-:? a-condSeries,
: i.o>- ready.
Also, jo?t published, a bea-tti's! relume Has. 400Oe?
?sitii I3u iliu-tra-i.iu*.
A'-", s voiunte same celled BIBLE QUADRU?
PED^ bea tifa ly illustrated.
The above a-e all eminently suitable for Gift Books
an ; Holiday Pr.;.?i,t_-.
Order- for (>?? above works solicited, aid promptly at?
tended to.
All ae* Hooks received a* *ooa a* isu?*??.
Na ti o n al Rights and State R : h t -.
? Review of the < n?e ot" Alexaadc
.Mcl.s-od, recently determined in t.-.c Sup-em- Court
of Jadi ature of the Stste of Ne?r-tork i b* a member of'
the 5Jas?ncriai,-its Rar Reprinted fioai tae Li* R*
porter. Hoc veri-si num e.-.-e. sine samms jus'itia, Rem
publican geri nolle modo posse.?Cic if' Repvi.
For ?ale by U .M. K. VAIL'. No. i2i Nersaa -t. o9
The Compound Aromatic Tooth
Panic, which gives reeth a high o lish i?d makes
tn.-aj perfectly elean and > hue 1? vended in thiscity -o e
ly at mv Pharmacy. To ? asure the Public seaiasi fi ..,:.
I dft.r ?lines al tti- oatsct keep the sale of ibis article
for New-York entirely at in. own counter
HORACE EVI RE'l T. 367 Greenwich.
<?.-?? door eier? Fr-.nkhn Direct,
And \Ir?. Hayes IX* Fultoo street, Bs wkiyn, :- the o j
I placethsre. 23 coe.u per jsr. (- o9-Si"
ET ?. Iii;; Seaatorial Conventioa, }-:.r?t
District.?At ? meetiog of this i'on.enticu ti .1
the Bio id* ,y H.ause, 011 the 13th of October, 1640, the
j following Resolution w.is passed:
Rttultfd. 'i'nat the next Senatorial Conventioa for ihn
dienet :.e held on ;h.soud Tuesday it OctoVr. 1S41,
fit Uo'c'eek at 1j... ii.t i- Br*ui*ry Hoit-e. in the C t>
of New.York, and that the President cause ?!:.? notice
thereof to he git :i I 1 ? s:i:,ie.
sSTif LAMBERT SUYDAM. President.
Kiuiatare Vlmaanc -This Dai
Ri.?s e 25 l -- r, sr. rt.-???? 3 :t s: Sets ?< 11 6h a n
1. a 1 ? ? l I) ii t - .
mverpooi.sept. IS i nkw-orlea-i*.sept. 39
. '5' ii e next S t ii m - S ii i p - to Arrive
Columbia, left.Oct. 4 [Britaoaia, leaves_Oct. 19
T he n e \ t S t Ca hi - S Ii i p to !, ,- a v o
Acadia, leaves.'><:t. 16 \ Britannia, leaves_Oct. 19
Ships Russell Glover, Howes, NOrleans, Glover A M,
Hurray; Congress, Marshall, Charleston, A Ii C?ofe);
Penasj Irania, Gooy. Ta up i Bay, N ?inr.ii ,v Leeds; C.si
houn, Myers. Charleston. Geo Sutten; Diadem, Barstow,
Charit ?ton, John Ii El well; Bir.igham, Rob n-.,n. M?
bile, Dunham .v Dimon; Newark. Sherman, Savannah
liiiiihs.n At Dimon; Hudson l's g -. V 'r..-.ui? J >itu Elw<
Brigs Reaper, Beartou. Baltimore llowland St Aspin
wall; Pallas, Hauuca, St Dominzo, Nesmiin a; Lei da; Sea
Flower, Nortbup Charleston; Wai II Talltuau, Giberoa,
Pensacola E D Hurl >ui ,v C ?: ltr. Leone, Leswell, Mali
I fax. Soule, Whitney .\ Co; Roarer, Comiug, MWraobau
[ and Para. E Corning A Sem llallowell, sinilb, Cedar
Keys and St Marks W AV Pratii Wellingaby, l>>viugton,
Ho?! in, II H ud ii.d. Susquebauu ,h. it lucrolt, Port Leon
via Key-West, W VV Pratti Augusta, Sherwood, Sav in
nab; Isjaa Mead, Studley, Darieu, Gt? R M Demill; M?
Dsco, Wording, Philadelphia, R P Bu k
, Sehrs Atlautie. Liugo.New C Del. J V. well; Isa ?
I Townseud. Child, PI mouth NC; Mary hwer V\ est, Mo?
bile, Taylor A Merrill; Haloyoo, Anderson, Philadelphia
Zesmith A Le ids; Cbas M Tiiotupsi n. Si ely, Richn on '
Nonpariel. Skinner, Ba limo ?-. J'?> Clark, Collius, Pli la
delpbta; Thomas and Ni in y. Williams Wasbinslou, NO;
I Vermileon, Jones, Norfolk, Badger A Peek; Ssinl lug.
haul, v\ lo-.t.e.-v, Galvesioii. Itaditer A P-ck; Wo c-?lt,
Ryder,Boston; Victor, Hallen. Boston; Ja.per. Ho>es,
Boston; Napoleon,Lambeton Swansboroand Bsaufort,NC
Ship Russia, Elliot, 04 dys fm Liverpool, mdze, Hood
hue St Co.
j Ship Lowell, Remmond, 142 dys fm Cantoo, teas and
: silks, i'..rev Si Co.
.-ship Romulus WebsterJS dys fm St Petersburgh, iron
F ?? Tbnrstou,
> Ship Mexican, Doming, 36 dys fm Madeira, wine, Bar
tila> A Livingston
' ship Flavias, J ii--, SO dys fm Cronstedt, iron. John II
Uowland, Son a Co.
Berk Casalds. II i I, fm Marseilles, ?Ith August, with
wine to the ra i- nr.
Brig Caspar II iua r, Adam-, 1* dysfm Mataoates,sugar,
, SpoAord, Tilleatou A Co
Brig Delos, Eckfeldt, 1- dys fm Porto Ri :o, -ugar, Ma
s< ii a Thomps it.
line Siroc. Nelsou, in dys fm EsstpOtt, plaster,Soule,
Whitney a Co.
Brie Champion, Denis, Georgeiown, with flour to D.u
hum A Dimon.
tins Timolnon, P Bliven, ?? dys fei Demarara,in halla-t
to B Richards.
line ltie.,-k Hawk, Doty, fm Rio Graade,Aug 13, Indes
N llamlin of Boston.
Below?1 (hip end I!.- bark Ce-mo fm Bristol, Eng.
mdxo J a T a VVinslow.
fft a r r I c ?:
On Wednesday, 6th ins , r>v the Rev. Wm. Wbitaker.
Mr. Augustus D. Porter, to Miss it'zia C. Redfiel I, si o
lhi> city.
? in Wednesday I sl by tlie Rev. Mr. GrifTea, Mr. John
J. Van \V.,rt. of Peek-kill, Weslchester Co. ?..d Mi ?
Hannah Adelia Ann nuras, ? f thi, ? iiy.
On t-un lay moraing, Oliver Farringtou, iu the o-lth
year of his are.
The friends and relatives are respectfully invited to at?
tend bis funeral tbis ds; it 12 o'r.lo'-k from his jita rc i
deuce, .".I .ireet. His remainswUl be taken tdNtsw
town for iotermenL
VirA'N f ????A Clera acquoiuted with >iercaniile
M bu-ioess, wUo can ino-.t en coo,t .ec.r.ty about
$1000, lo wn-,'n will be given a luir -alary. Address A.
W.. at tlis office. _"O It*
U.t VI ?;i)- \ i n ,1 iH-siu-> Mr.RCIlANT. *li
can make some advances if necessary, "ii go?ds
con-igued to him ?iii-j|t will amount to fromSsOOdO to
$?O,(h.O a y -ar. Addn ss A. W at tins office. ? H Jj_
U'AMTED-4 or ; .ppr etice? to the amp inahmi
liusiue... to ?o to Nesrark N. J. Euquireof J. W.
Rust, 7." IVillian'Streel. u;> -tnirs, between the hours of
1 and 3 o'clock, P. M. on Wednesday, Uct. id, a d no
other time. N. B. None need apply without the b si of
references. ol I 'Ii*
'AXTED,-lim in am fcreisn 9 r. ? t Girls
i-?t clsss. constantly ? t 139 Bowery olr6t"
d*y ft'if ? ul"' ota." sU.it- to loaa s,u iiood cil) pro
1< i\1 petty. Inquire at 139 Bowtry. v. . I d
(6,000. oil If
It LM I>. A HlUl .'ltll
It k-.u:ed in wuolesale grocery or commissios business
preferi u to m ike ?a!>-- of saleable nnn-iiHciar^J ^ belts
of indispensable ua.ly use. and wr. i can advance, by ca'h
or credit, ?1,000 or*$l,S00. R'l'er lo S. Hurlriut. i?;
Water ?? "!' I '
H'.tSTK Ii - * mai to write-advertisements for a
i ? new invention about t > bo introduced ir.to tb" coert
try. None .;eed .?pply uiiiess t-ey f.iriu-i fsvor.ii,;
?peeimens in A sir v leatioa. One wlio c"u cme recom
led from some manufacturer of patent inocicuies
would be preferred; A.t,:re:s ti. A. A. at the office of the
Trit.une. sll St*
tt'.t^ t' fa ?>? !'r .:? ?- ..'ay. .?; ti.e
If American Office, 564 En.
oil 1W T. KLLi ? TT. Proprp tor.
4>'ftB-', iniari . i ri boy, from l?
years of ace. a- an apprentice t.. th- Jewelry bui
ness. A goosl reCommeaaacoh as to character. &c will
ba r |aired. Apply at 53 Joba-st. H. W. CLAPP. o?3*
w'AMTJK O?A Joan yean Carpeni
tomed to S.vsii ninsinr ind Shop-work, cr a yona?
matt win, bus Deen at ta* SA-h-inakmv bii-inesaaii.l wish
lo finish his trade at house-car,.-utics, wim tocd recom
mendj'ions can rind etaploymer.l by calling on
o9 lw J LOCKE, Jl Ann-sit.
iTi'.flP-.TI.lK?K ***?' ?.-*? X'Jt, IJ?A -,.r,-'.- i
1 j industrious man; one who can rebroaze sn,i lacker,
ud understaads bis busisess geaeraily,cau find steady
fin, lny.jetit at WllRA.M At H tl'liil ?V i H'T. '<?! Ilr..-.,-.
?.a;.. c9 Iw
1^ TO LET-A band?, m ? two story House 13?
\ ,S Waverley place, near Washington Parade Pos
?e.- on immedi iteijr. Rent low to ,-. good tenant. ?20 ist/
QOABO WAiVTJED?Agent tnuut, bis wift two
\j caii i" .' and .i i ???. are d--ir Itu of "iitairinir boird
in a private family-, or where there an; but few boarders;
A front -oom. wita onset and h-d-room,aJjo:!.it.p, woj!1
be required. Location b-Iow Canal street, west side of
Broadway: References given and reqairett Address K.
T. at ihis ptfi t*. statu c l-<at.on and :-rrus. o?3tis?
KEIL?- ' ti:a:.d meet, respectfully inform, the la
dies of New York and vicinity, tiiat -ie intra-.ls opemas
he. She* Rooms oo Tbaraday, t4:a mit with sc elesaa:
as-ortmect ef F?l! ard Winter Pan?.ati HitUaery, w ti ca
lor elresnc--. co.-rectne?. of style and superior work nu.
ihip sbe ^Isdge? berseif ar,t rot surpa..sed in this citv ?
From her long' experience and superior facilities, she ii
enal/ed'o otTer Hil. nf the nn?-st fab. ic at the ollowii-s
extrem? b w pricas- Elefant Silk Hat-, v inoa? patterns
Crom $--.."si to SIOU Rich Velvets ?t equally low prices
Part.cular psi^s taken 'n making up ladies' own mate
rials?Frame ici mak...- --:
oll 3f MRS PERRY, 2c*. Grand ?t
G. w. ?il ill ?* Co.345 Broadway
H?\e ;?: led from tae 'Kusseii Glover' sx feral
baJe, re.l Webb FlarS'is of ?fst superior fju . lty. Hav
isr be.a bought on the s^ot by one of the partner,, and
uiti rtcd direct,they are ? irraat?d genuine. These gooda
are remark-a > cheap, and ire ?e.i worthy (heattention
of faiaiiies.
Good r-al Welsh Flannel it 4, per yard.
I" '3'' Jo 5, ..ad -i t-i per yard.
Very beantiful quality for 6s.
Fine -:iU,bur.. 3, *nd 2s 6d.
A large lot o( thick Eugitsh Flanael?. yird wide, good
colv,r aad remarkably ?ou. forming j. very dearab.e lot
fjr ?intercon.-caiption.
A good quality for 4-.
Excellent at i. -nd Sa an- 6d.
Thick Swanskin Flannels of u luiu-illy rood quality.
. Saxony sad double mi'led Saxony Flasuel?,very tin*.
I Sapcrtii'.e tw'iilej Flannels for Saaw|,. o4 Ira.-od
W A *: :i v ItOUBNINsS.
; XT G. w. MFia & CO.. 34'> r.road*sy. have at prc
teni on rsnd "- ooraplere ass-rtatent of articles suitable
.'??r Family Mourning, of ill" brat descriptions and ?t tic
met reasonaDle prices; consisting of
Back and ? ue Ki '.cs Kciosxiue? of good quality at
Ts per v ard.
An excellent article sr. per yard.
BeauLTully fine, alllihacesat Iis. Ii? sad Us.
Bi A-k ?< i Blue ft., eat Crap -, all widths.
Mournrrg and half Mourning Calicoes.
do. Moris dc Laines.
Pistil 11'. - "ii: It ee Black da.
Mn.-lins far Mourning Collars.
BUck Gloves; Hose and Handkerchief-. o4 Intend
V E I. V K T ?. c> 1' <: 54 SI A W I. ?* .
t g. W. .71 DER tk CO., .'14.3 Broadway,
have purchased to-day a large lot of the richest GENOA
VELVET LONG SHAW I.-', got up in the most fashion
ablo etyle, which tht y offer for sale il the remarkably iosr
. price ef 8< -? The colors are buck, blue hlaek, royal pnr
? pie. mazariae bin.-, claret, maroon. .v.\ etc.
Alse, an entirely new-style of olegant Velvet Points, in
dl colors; Silk Long and Square Sh-?ls. Cashmere
!'.r..ci.e Thibet, Lambswool and Plaid Shawl*. o4 2*e?d
drv goods -stj.i.j.n?; i l.eip at
?">!> 5ioiislou-s.il i ? t.
Z.T Rad, white '-u 1 yellow Flannels, from I* fid to 2s
6d, and hi; her. S innet-, from 3- ?d tu '!<; very good for
tsfid. i snton Flannels, neariy every style, from 6.1 to
is ; Ruse .v Whitney Blankets, frem $2 to per pair.
Ac ud a-s'irtiaeut of Heaver. Pilot and other i'lolii-.
Likewise, Prints, Muslins, Diapers, Umbrellas, Hosiery,
See B Cr] R. DO WIE.
a 1.1. the
Are now ready for delivery to in ? Trade, so that they can
be received atanj paint in the Haien Lefor? Christmas.
The prieea rem on tbe same j> in former ye?rs. > although
the new Tariff in reases their cost.)
HEATH'S HISTORII At ANNUAL, the most spie?,
d.d of all tue Annuals of tin: same pries and size with
?? Book of Beauty."
The ab \ ? comprises i ho entire variety, (tho quantities
of whii !i ire ueusall) small,) exclusively iuip.irt.-d by
I). APPLETON a CO, New York.
N. IS. The usual supply of elegant work? f. r Christ
inu? ami New Year's Preseata, aiuw.g which are many
new. now in ?torp. nil tliis
?? ?3 BBNOI.O
Tics Evening at tlui
(tor's 1 ?-? ?iui?: iii Mao
i so a -t by I.. A.
< I" ihn Lecture : Th
Into lecual Bduea
n iDof Mao.PublicEs
hi.in itioas of persons
se'ected by s u immit*
t.-? appointed fur ih-t
P'irpose, wj!i be mrd
M'ier the Lecture.?
Tickets admitting .1
Lady and Gentleman
Twenty-five tents.
oil If
ii v im :. m.m. ?> ?? GWl.?SflITll'?
231 Broadway, oouneiie Washington IUI.?
MR. G0LD3MI rif respectful y informs the Ladies and
Gentlemen ofNew->ork ami Brookisn, that hultoim
are no v open for the reception ef pupils aud visitsrs.
Mr. G. pfodji s himself 10 impart tu all, 111 Tea LessODs
of 1 Hu hour each, ins much admired system ol Merc an
and 1 nin-i-riy 1 omtnane of the p. u , a. inch his own sp-sei ?
mens and practical exompliftcatioaa *ill iilu.tra'e thai
tin y c? not pnssib v ever 1 se in lb ir fntuo praClLte
Mr.ti has receiv d the first premium three successive
years, fo tbe best sp-cimau ? f . ff-hn ni Peiimsusblp ex
hibited .tt 10 Fair? ofth American Institute,
T-rra- Five UoiU.-s lu.ludui? Stitioi.er.. payuhle H
by a praeiieal a ceo 1^1 ant.
Mr will |ualifi Young G btlemen for Teachers ?1
his System uf Penmanship in its various branches.
Strangers visiting the city, may receivo a course of in
struciion in three days.
Fors.vl- at the Academy, a superior a-ticb of Metallic
IIjii-s of mstruttioa for Ladies, at II o clock A M.
an1 4j P. M.
Gentieaiea m-?et at D "'..lick A M.. an I n and 7; P. M.
" Judii ig fri 111 -..aat we have ,ej , we mu<t proaounea
him to bo unrivalti a in tbe use uf a pen "
[Boston Mjr in:; Po t. Msy 14th. 1S4I,
"Mr Goldsmith, teacher uf Writing,No. 34 Tr. most
R iw, ? without excep'iou, the most cxpe.-i Penman we
??? r ? ? ..perete. To ihe perfection, almost, of copper?
plate e",'r!Ving. hi j'! '? the repidity of 11 lociauotir?.
Boston Iis:;. Eveai. g.Trnnacript,June Kith, 1WL
Mr Goldsmith?'' He 1-. wa -ay anbesitatingly, he
most accomplished off-baa Penman we have ever *ecr.
'.V.' in,'.- known persons Isinriias- t? pro Juee orna
mental writing, wbieh, whan finished, ??< aitog?ts.er
wanting the symmetrical beauty, and fieUbed elegance
? i." ihr t wan n 1? literally dashes fru-n the point of th: pen
with th: rapidity ?f lish't."
New York Fvemn* Signs', Oct. se-tr-, 1-39.
Mr Goklsuiith.?" His lusces* in coutmame ?ting. ?itb
:i .1 woaderfully short space of tan", a well formed aad
eleir.THt ha I, it said to be,and we b -lie.ve with truth, alto?
gether unrivalled.
oil ! .? [New-York Eseni.tn Star. Dee, 17. 1339.
XT y o vs ExRibitinct, at tbe Natioaal Academy ol
Desiirn. Broadway, corner of Leonard street, DuhulV?
marnifieeut Picture of DON JI'.W. HAIDEE and LAM
BRO, na I OH feet of eaavass. The PRINCRSS OK CA
Prj \ aad h fa:i Irmtli Portrait of the hll.V MRS. NOR?
TON, bj Cur:- of London. Open from 9 o'clock in the
morr.ir.i' ut.nl 10 at nigbt.
Admiesion 2fi cents S-nson Tickets 50 cents. s27 tf
/ MiiEAT 9 At Hot vie Ameriecn losutaie at Nid
\.T lo's Garden-?Tee Exbibitjon opens Lbis day at l
? clock. Mstrs spirit snd inwrest never baa been exhibit?
ed. Contril ntioai are crowding in from far and a ear.
Tbe arrangements for -he whole of this week are ex?
trem" ly iu 'rmin: Four Addresses, a Ploughing Exhi?
bition. ar.d a National Cutiven'iuo.
Delegates began to come in on Friday last For par
ticnUra ??? Bill of Arrsncemeats at the fi irden. oil
viagaka r.t:.: '. rVITH REAL WATER.
- 1 rhb exhibition Will be Kept open one week longer.
:? t; its ii |.a.--. ire South. Hoars of exhibition.
iV'^ra ! ' A. M to 6 P M. la 11- ?venia?, frora 7 till 10.
At tu? Arn Via;. ..f f .n..' Arts. Barclay ?'.reut, three doors
below the A.tor House. Admiuian 25 cents?childre.-.
halfprice. oil Ctis
& ?.^^CSiVtIS]^ away
M- ?r'jm ^ ?nbseriber, ou tae 1 It's of .September la?t.
'..." an ind-nted ippr jatice to th- stoae catting bn?inr,.,
hj.I'iv tne :i am of Patrick Divine. Ai?o. on the 28th.
Peter itrady. All persons arc hereby forbid hirboring -jr
'.rustic; ta-ai. a, ttiey wi Ibedeslt with as the law dirtcts.
ell It* NOAH WOODRUFF;266 I8ch sc
prC-s ri.\T*CKE-).--VVtiRAM ti I1ALOH
' 1 WO! I'. .'j1 Brc-d-s-sv. are now opeuing a ness and
tadid asfortmect of silvered and oriaaiu Parlor Cuac
?! iers. ttriCAe't- >1 .: te i. mils. Laafrn?. Ac. *c for
Gas and Can lies, and would invite those who.?" intro
dueiiig the City lias into their uousei to call and see their
i-.-rtnent._ ~
DRAWING .v PAISri.YG.-f' grains
-"CilOOL Xo. 3t? Lupenard st. is m* <-peo :ur ih
ree-ption of ptipi1.. Schools and Cia'.scs at pr.^lt rem
d-nees aitended as usual._118 lm
J OFEIGE, y9Na?ssu-tt. _ . lmis.
i U i i i 11 \
ts ? e?, u ti li-?vii, Jr.
?stare 04 Hi. unm-xlreet, cvr*'r .,?" Pint-*trttl
Dj iTs.?b*Y. Oct. 12. at lo.-'e.cck,
PiCk?ciMi..-a,vcawi British, liua. Scotch ?:>?i
Anifrictu Dry Uood.. couprisiag lrticl-w enspttd to loo
Torin?. " mofcth. lor approved SasdoiSld acte?.
Csttalcfues ?od samples 0*1 i. ?rmat 01 isle.
u? rrr-D\Y.oct. is ?i i<>o'clock
CtOTUSAXO < ?S.lMIHtJ r*OM THC - H?, Vt?_ | g ,B.
era] ass^rtmeat of W?.?t nj C-otland Mack us.! au? blaok
Cloths aar Cas.un-res. no* l.uUni.
Teftas, 6>moai&S UK ip,"o?ed -ad tried notes.
Tfll'KsDaY. Oct Is. ii loo'ci^k.
Fkcxch Good*?2u0 cess* of Frtte Goo,t?. of recent
importation, conpnsing a large and deairabtc si?o.:n,eat
of neb ami bit a < ->st ar.ic f? of recent Pail? ny;es.
A!-o. CO esses of R b-o ??>. betas a rao c? and va!aa->t*
-.s-oriroeut of ' 6 l.'?ad 3 16of GlacJ. B.oebe Pi .aiaad
Cbiae. be.ug the b.Ua> t of a fall nnpo-tstton
Alao, 3 eases of black, blue b.v.-a aod co.ortsi Lye;.,
* .Ik Velvet*.
Terms, ti moults for approved eudorscd note*.
C atalofucs icd s.m;-!*? oc morning of aale.
FRIDAY. ucl 8?.
It 10 o'clock, at me . uction Roox.
rroici Wims?a choice assonmeat o: old bottled Un
drira. Sherry, Port, aud eiasr Wines, received direct from
tar importer*.
All uf which will be ?aueraied in CV.a'ocu?*, ??hieb
*il be it .dy one ?eck before me sale.
Jonah Riebarda, Auctioneer.
SU't 196 8*-~aJtc*i.
At private tale?A subscription copv of the oiirmai
I tdiiioa ofAac?bon's Uir.i. of A net e?. i vol.. Folio
Uu MONDAY Evening. October 11, a: 7 o'clOt k, at the
, Auction Ris'in.
j Bo.-iks?A large variety of stacd-trd miscellan*-us
Books, including a co lection of choice ?\.rk? from a Pri
vute Library
Among :ae collection arc?Shark's Wtuhrngtont Tilloi
I ion's complete works. 10? Sro; Ri?b< p Bevcrtdge'a
I works, Sv; Chardeu's Travel... foU Oddities of London
Life. 2 vo s rvo plates; l?ro<>k ? tiiziteer; >raa,ibridf;e
.-?ermoiis. fol; J- romy Taylor's works :iv P'vo; Scrtt's
Commeataries, <>?: Biekerstelh's Works, 3vo;Plutarch's
Lives, Svo; Rotteck's History of the Wo.ld. iv; Parfci
ton's Tour, th >v,.; Lift and Remains et Warwick, 2*
-voi Davie's P.n csopht; Tro>?'s M ?ti'. Pailoso h v: Nich
??eiP.Ar.vbu.2v; Cooper's, Scott's, and Marryatt's uo>
vels; rare old novels and remauces; Sbas p.?, ,? . wors?.
Penny K*gaziae; German Museum .*>v. fcaw toK '<??
mow. 3v; New Monthly Magazine, I4v; Trumbul.'s
works, 2. Svo; Rtehardsoa's .-ketches in P.-o?e u.-.d
Verse; Telemacbus, .ve
AbWi Classical Scienlidc and Medical Work., includ?
ing Don'negaa's Gre'eh and English Lexicon; Bocsr'a
Geograpbia Ctaasia; Crabb'sSynonym?; Bo o in
tj?; >niart'. tioracet Pore's liomer; Drytten's Vir.il
Aiu'uor'.h'. Piety; Urn. U-tt'- Pi-.tioaary; AJom'. Is.-:, s .
Antiquities Greea ind Latin Testaments; ttandi rdtsreek
I. u a std French Grammar; Bowyer's Dictionary; Nee
ton's Optics. S?t JuKaaaoa's Mmeialogy; Charmer's Ait
affileaching; Boncbailetl'sMechanics; Couiii'- Pyscoio
sv; Rrisson's ?mt Turner's Chemistry* Ircudinare on
II. nit. Ac. A.c.
Al.o a cs-e of books partly damaged by water.
Catalogues containing parcels r-ady on day of sale.
Al-o. an assortment o' BiM-1, Prayer and Hymn i*. .
School Book-, Vovols, J.h'. iles, &c.
Also, Blank Books,.various patterns; Letter and Bilh-t
Paper, white aod assorted colors; Qaills, Wafers, Pnu
eils, Ac. Full particu 'irs hereafter.
Svoaa 169 Bsoadwav?Ncw-Yoau leajic Boom.
Oct l-hb, 13thand ltth.
Book ..?An extensive and valuable collection of Eng?
lish nditieas, iucludiug a lirfe an I choice private library,
comprising a rr.'Jt v re ty of si idsr.l ?or'n. in -vary ile
ptutmeol of literature aod science, embracing alao iobm
the moat costly and elegant Looks of engraviogi thai
nas e-.er lieon ofleredfor competition ?t eublic ?ile ia our
city for many year-. The bo iks no* i ff red were select
ed h uh treat rare, aid !-.,ii-i?t ..I choice e.Lti-n s inatiy
ii. fine bicding.snd present mi opportunity to '? uik collect,
reinleinen fi-'-jn; libraries such i ? rarely occurs.
? ?:. IV. ?HHCI.ZV, Aactloiaecr.
i).\ FRIDAY', OctoberS,at It)o'clock,at the corner o
tttd ?lf et and "ill avenue.
CaocKcav inii Ciu*>a.?Jo psekegosof eho'eo china
earthenware, and glass now opening, iu lots lo suit re
tailors an I groeei ies, embracing all saleable goods; also, 8
-e?r pattern dinner s. it?, 143 pieces eaeh, and white
Preach poreelsin. Purchasers of ii'i have etat? ami
packing free of charge, tad every lot Is positivel) soil.
Knickerbocker st ges go to the door for sixpence 'ho
?al- is a.,r lit the nonce of all tuner, of crockery. 06 -l'
XT F. XV. sV \V. V. Ollley, ?30 Grund-stteet,
irt'er to me public extraordinary inducement, in pur
ihasiug their Fall ard Winter Dry 1 i,.o Is. TbS (bl o*IB?
i- a suidll ,|-i>eiuien of our prices, and the reason why w.i
give bargains to our custoaiers.
?vooi.j,i-:x OOOOs
in i pieces woo1 dyed Mack, Invisible OVecu sod oth?r
desirab S -hades for ge&tleBien's dress and fro k
rout-. Roma ui $2 and 2 60 i very (!uo at i 1 50, and
down town f" doth we ?e|| for 4 50.
50 pieces .niiahle for Ladies' Clonks, ui *J 5f ; 2 75,
3?ne 3 5".
100 styles Cassini?re?, plain, fincy, ribbed, buck.kin
uu.i a.I other kinds.
330 pieces Satinets, principally made under our own
direction, and warranted for color uu? streu,th.
Also. Farnnm's Salinem at 6?. 9 I. io 7<. Common
do.3s. dd.to 4s. 6 J.
300 pieces of white yellow and red Flannels, of all kinds
ami wiJths.
White Welsh Flannel, 3 4 yard wide, 4s. and 3s 6d. ;
4-4 and 5-4 do at I. and 4s. 111. Red twilled Flau
ti - i f,r firemen's ?rar, at ??!.. lid. lo Js. ltd.
Orieatalines, the moj,t ulea; .nt patleres e>ur nn;..
Tlie iioods are not the style usually i . fur Ta;li
ouis or Eoliaoa, Uu; far supen r lo ttreuglh aod
be uity.
! Mousaeline de Laioes. * very splendid aswrtuisaiof
plain, plait. Striped and figured.
Rich black and bice black. Silks, no SXOellonl assort
French Prints, ce* and Uurahle paueru?, nt Vs. Od. per
En^lisn Prints, a ^real van-;y, some ?ty.es hilfefto
uaauown. st I-. tkl. per yard.
DO TlErh?lC CiOOD?.
All the Domestic Goods we sell me either made under
our own ira .i?diatc direction, or are purcf.ased from the
.iitc-its, of the factor:**, and we are "nab ed to sell by tho
ease, bale, piece or yard, at bia-l 20 p.r rentl '.? than those
"lin btain their goods in the ordinary way.
X. B. All kinds of dry goods, no enumerated above,
are sold at corr?sponeins/ prices. We rtvitc the public
to ?ive us a call. m-surisg all tost no ose lesves our store
dissatisfied or deceived.
N. B GILLEY is the name, 130 mho number o5 Ism
Extra Wide nad Carled .tjople JHti^h s-o-.t
Particularly adapted t-. tin- Houia. rc Market As
'.he v lriotis kinds adapted lo the nty trsde, a.o now on
tale at 71 Gold-street , ?
Ud/ed l.y all who hava tried th ;m to be decidedly superior
in point of eleaiilir.eta, durability,economy, and e?.-e with
which th<y are put up or taken dowu, to all others ever be?
fore offered to the public. An inspection and trial is si!
that is necessary tu convince every per?on of these facts.
J. Dol.'GLAS, 71 Go! bstr-t.
"O To-?n ar.d County Rights for sal*. r^ lais.
W.St J. JAMISON, 255 and 2T,.r,i Gar-n.-iwicii-JThCET.
KITCHEN Ft'R.VITL'RE in all its tanties, consist
"?"?ing of Hardware, Wo<ei-ware, Tin-ware and Willow,
ware, kept consUntl? on hand, of tha best quabties, at
very low prices to suit the times. Tho?a who would wuu
to p irchiue arbcles of the abov* krud ?iU find " 'hair
idvantags by caiiing before purchasing eise-rhere.
N. 8. A large assortment of Plant StaoJs and Tub.
.,r:;;,u.p.tt-ras.0d.,?.. w &J jA5n8Qw
,15 171 BROADWAY, N. Y. iw
N. B.?One nun*.? esnial in virtue to a iinwer1 nf ihm rvi _
V * W FALlTltl JS BO.\sT~AND BOs'.'Tri
.1 SILKS?C. B. LEVY has received, and is eoovtants
receiv.ur by every Frencb f ick 'l, the newest ao.i tiche,
-tyles Paris Bonnet Ribbons aod Bccnet Silks; tb
very great asaortmezt alrea/ly reecivsd are deeidedly the
mos?. ele?aut ever tmperted to this city. C. K. L. haa
also imported eulircly new style fall neeit nhboaa ; alia
a great varietv of faucy Dry Goods. Laciej are respoot.
fatly invited to call before purchasing olsowbere. Mil?
liners and country dealers supplied on the SSOSt faVSmMst
terms, ?holeeale and retail,28 DtvUwu-st.
sv/Jlmu- CB-LSVY.

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