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Cor.-i?i"-nd< a c of the Portland A?!v rti er
HoiLtox, i-rpt. 17, 18 I1
f"r>m Fredericktnn I look ti e stage !??: Wo?d
,t.wk. a distance of ti? miles. Tue mute is on
tireiv upon tin1 banks of the river over ? weil-inur!s<
road constructed by the Government. The bonks
of tho river no* become more hilly, but its bed is
adorned the whole distance with very rich and
live islands, arid in many places there are
wide tracts of inlet vale bordering the ?tream, which
afford-finecrops ot grass and rrain. Tno princi?
pal productions upon this river are hay, potatoes
and wheat" n?t enough wheat, however, is grown
to supply the inhabitants with bread. A consid?
erable quantity ot tlouris impoite.l from t'tie States,
the price being about $1 50 a barrel above that of
yur markets: the duty is 40 cents. I think, a bar?
rel Potatoes ate worth from -10 to CO cents ; this
vear the average is higher in consequence '?! short
Cr-ips The quality is superior to that of those
raj.'eJ in Maine.
Woodstock lie*, about li! nule* along the r.wr.
vrhich is here 300 yards wide. It contains three
,-illag ?? a population of sou.s, un 1 four or
five houses of worship Two of these are Episco?
pal, and there aro societies of Catholics, Methodists
snd Presbyterians. The principal village is s;;u
Bted at tti- mouth of the Meduxnekcag i iver, which
rise- :; Maine and flows titr .'.?;'? Houlton. At its
month there is a fine lumber ut.d flour mill, hnd
other saw mills upon its cour-,0. The land in
Wood.-! ick is very excellent; abounding in inter?
vales, and possess-ng large agricultural facilities,
fat e.v -ceding my expectation. Trie road to Que?
bec follows the Lank of the river 70 miles to the
CranJ F ulis from Woodstock, und acr ?ss the Te
miscuuata portage to the St. Lawrence. It is
much ttaveled at tie- present time, and is the re?
sort of lumbermen, who an- now driven as far into
the inter,or as the Aroostook. Ma.lawaska und
Lake Temfscouata, for timber, of which mo sup?
plies of the first quality are to he found nearer
home f hey depend upon that region for the prin?
cipal {.onion of their lumber. i tiis may be one
ion- thai the Xew--Brunswickers) nr.. :?.. very te?
nacious in their claim to the ' disputed territory ;'
? toui lies them in the matter of dollars anil cents,
has a s:r-mg and direct tendency to inflame
their public ardor. I remember that no longct
i than ..ist year, the whole province was in a
(lame, and public meeting* were numerously at:
tended, because it was proposed in England t<>
impose an additional duty of a few shillings on tint
ion of timber imported into Great Britain Irom the
But notwithstanding all the loyalty of the pro
vincialtsts, I do riot think they want u war with
the United States. The mass of the people dread
it. and deprecate all hostile movements on either
aide ot the border. They were fcirful that the
election of Gov. Fairfield might involve the conn
trie- in new troubles, and hazard the peace and '
bappi .ess of Soth.
The ride from Woodstock to Houlton, ii miles,
is verv pleasant and over a tine road : you cross the
boundary line exolored by Major Graham, within |
about a mile of the latter village. He has cu; 1
away tin- trees for the space of 20 feel, to enable
him to see his stations at distant points. His line
passes east of tin- idd exploring Int.-, and contrary
to the survey of Bouchettc in If. 17, but Corres- !
pending to thut ot" Foathersionhaugh an.I Mudgc;
he finds the bed of the Meduxnekcag where the
line crosses if, about 500 feet hirer than the Und '
h! th-' monument. His station is now at Blue Hill
in th- neighborhood of Mars Hill, from which he
lias a cloar vit-w of the station at Houlton, and can
therefore easily and correi ily draw his line l>e
iween ihe two points.
There is an admirable view of Mars Hill from
Houlton, nppnrently ','0 miles distant to the north. I
It ti-es solitiry and alone from its level base, a
promiiftit landmark to all the euumry round; and '
the country in every direction is comparatively
level, with an occasional detached eleva ion rising .
as that does from its own base, without any pre.en- '
aion to a chain or range ?>l mountains or highlands .
to any quurter. So manifest was this that in Intel- j
ligeni Englishman in my company observed, " that J
he must confess that there did not appear to be ;
any i hain ol highlands from that point,'
l'o ihe ivesi a lull- north, we had a fine view of
Chasses mountain, -10 miles distant, on ihe Schois j
river, rearing its elevated ami pointed summit uhout j
.100(1 feet above the level of the sea, ami Ivtaadn a
little south of west, the prince of Maine mountains,
which presented its hold ami strongly marked front
1.1 our eager observation 50 miles oil", rising 5200
feet above the scu. It is the highest land except
Mount Washington, east of the Rock* Mountains.
The barracks at Houlton contain at present but
200 soldiers : they are situated on u beautiful
?put, commanding extensive views particularly on
the north and west : the town lies in a valley be?
low it. containing two churches ami some pretty
houses. The first frame house was built in the
town 34 years ago by Mr. Houlton. a proprietsir
ol tho tract, who emigrated Irom Massachusetts,
and planted himself in this wilderness to which
there wa- no aacess except by the St . John's river,
by which he introduced himself and family into
his solitary residence. Hi- children are now en
1 tying the fruits of their father's enterprise ami spi?
rit. Mr. Sheppard Cary has a very comfortable |
establishment here, and has recently erected at an
expense of some twelve or fourteen thousand dol?
lars no extensive dour mill, which will enable him
to supply the country around with flour of as goo.l
a quality ai the wheut is capable of making.
I..- ride from Houlton to Bangor, llo miles, is
not verv interesting until you draw near to the
capital of this part of the country. The soil con?
fessedly is much inferior to that upon the St John. '
but by the genius, enterprise and activity of oui .
pe.-i Icit :- made t? administer to the wants of a
p ipi lation us attached as any ? her to their home,
an : .increasing than that to which nature has
been more bountiful.
CT Our attention b*? been directed to the subject of
Pail i i in Water Color?a breach of th- arts wbich of
tl >. :.r- baS so Hiu, h improve.) u-. In oiler a fair i it airy
'>j the more ancient metao i oi Painting in Oil. Tbe 1st
tar material being found inconvenient for the use of la
dies, mm tending materially to exclude them from u pur
lieipati m lbs fascinating ami useful accomplishment
indue.?.! ihe nrti>ts of Europe to turn tbeir attention to
lie improvement of that system of Painting in ?hieb
?Vater is m .le the vehicle- of Color instead ofOil. an.! thr
desired ? Beet has been accomplished. I" England, in par?
ticular, it has met with that extansive patronage, duo to
? useful improvement. Like the sister art of Mu-ic, it
bas there beet me a part of the education of every accom
ptished female, and many who leuru it as sucb in lime
<?? affluence, turn it to a more substantial account in the
?.s:,t ot" misfortune. As,t,0wing the extent to wbich this
art is now patronised, it may be nientionod tbst in Lon
n : lere are iwe exhibitions aaaaally, coari ted oxclu
ri . to Water Color Paiuunr., and another whsre th.
propjiuon of Oil and Water Color is about e-juul: an.,
these altogether independent of tha anuual exhibition
thi It yal Academy, and of similar exhibitions- ia aliuos
every provincial city in tho Kingdom; Saverul of tin
ecntribulors to these Water Color exhibitions are ladies
?!io take a very hich alaiion, uud in fact rank among lb
best ef the performers. Many of their pictures hr>- ??
peat va ne. Any subject may S- painted m this irannei
?? it ? capable of the highest application of >ii?rc?ri.-..
had it teems the colors are as vivid ai I as durable aatfa ..
Minted in Ulf The Cartoons of Ksph- i have ?\
for upward of three hundred yeais. Aaci ? ?: itlumiaated
taara-crij.f also prove tbe durability of Water Coljr.
Tr.s card of Mr Soraerville. an em me: I El r Us i I'ainirr
Hd Teacher of I'.intiug in Water Color, ? .'. be foumi u
??r ?d-.srt:?:i:g roliiMiBs. As pupils aJmnce. he will pio
'cs'.ru-uoM in trie form of lectures on ihe higher branches
?''.tie ort. For bis style and cxecutiou. see 1*0?. 141
??2 atii 179, in the cxhibiticu of the Apo.lo Association
"Ow epeu at the corner of Cbambers-sL auu Broadway.
P" ?.ruerul Commllteo of Democratic
WHIG YOUNG MEN.?Aa arljouraed meeting of this
Boteautte? ?i I be held at National Hall; Canal-stn el, .-n
Friday evcuiug, tbe 15lh of Oclotier, ut half pasi 7 o clo k.
willum B. MsKsii, }
Pas? M. HiLLta. jSocwtarlas. oU $t
LA WYE US' DIARY ...October 14.
Superior Covar Calend.r?Thi, Day?14' 3" 39 56
-- 90. 4:m 65,29, 433. SB. 63 3", II-. 17?, 174 173 176
41-, 177 178.179,1^0. 183.134, le5 186, 187,156.
Pay Calendar of the < i*, l it d i hT - Thi. Day?57
: 82.38, 10. 5. 66 -. 16, 49. 50, 53 61. 3d, s\ SO 91, i?2 :.j
'J6, b?,k>. 100, 101,103, 101. 105, l?J6, \"', 1 y.
Calchdar <.; Common Pleas Cocrt?Th - Day?123
Iii. 12 . 126, iu7. :-. , ,
Cito Sntelliflcnce.
Reported fuM ?? Tr:( Una.
CuL-Rr of Session*. 0-t..ber I'i.? Before K' .tier
ajil Judge. Lyncu and Noiih, end Aldermen F?a??. a
Jobu II. Hiffman, indicted for keeping ? di.orderly
house, at No.37 Anthony ? re-t: ole?'l?o guilty io the
inOictineut ?Ith th.- privilrge of putting in ?tHJavit? to
pr>.\.- that lh<- nuirai cc has Oeen abated.
John J. Morrison wm tried for compounding a felony.
The accused on ice :il*t July. io<l? an affidavit at the
To.ire IJtli;e. lha on the inf.! ; ???*. ? is. he : . r ?'
h?-a of $2jt3, ib sovereija- ?nd told iesl?. by Catharine
Youni and >u ;b Jones, ?ho were arr-?t d uud in.1ir.teJ
for the offence. Ou ihe I4:h August ihe >-rU->-.i c-.njro.
mtse.il aud settled ibe whole a.!a r for JIo-j. t.iiicu wis
paid by Catharine Young; as she depoa.-d, to J. II. M e
nus, tor the pn oner, who t re t receipt therefor, .od
promised that he would not e\ p-ar to pro-ecut . Catha?
rine Young a^u .le x.-e-i that nei her ibo n -r Sare*. Jr.,.e?.
ever .tole any money or o: :er article fro n the prisoner,
a?.l os no lelony'was committed, the jury, uuJer ibe ad
rice <>fi' e eoart, found a verdict of no' guilty.
James G. Do? was tried for -i nuisance in keepioe ?
tea pin alley at 'he corner of Broad am: Stone -ire.-t. ?
It was proved bv numerout i it cra? that Bowling w?s
carried on there as late n- It] or I o'clock at night, to tie
anooyanceofthe neighbors und essentially d'-sturbing
the reat and repose of the citixeai :n that vicinity. For
th<. defence it s io proved that the establishment ?a- as
orderly and well conducted as any place <.f the kiud in
thecity. Several neighbors also testified that the noise
did not disturb them or ir.-ir amities. The j >ry found ?
verdict "f guilty.
Jam s C Thomas *u> tro-.j for a burglary in the 3! de?
cree, iu entering through the .c:;:ti>- into the st<.r? of
Frederick Lohse, No. C5 Libert) -sirei t. ou the mcht ol
the 3.1 or the morning of t::<. 4th of Auch st last, in I
me 41 musical boxesvlworth ri.'?'. Officer Tappsn ar
resied the prisoner, and obliined one of the stolen box-,
from William McNumara, to whom th- prisoner bid - .1
it for ?J tbe latter saying be had purchased the box ic
Phils lelpbia f. r > 'i't.?- prisoner an ! bit brother. - n he
2d of August, bid be>ii in th' uppor part of the la I build?
ing ic Little <irusi,--:r?et adjoinu j; t>..- nor >.t' Mr. I....;?.
? xaiuinin? tb* room and preteodins t.> <v..?t :.. lor. -. . iu.
the roofs e immunicatiag For the defence, Samuel Wil?
liam- deposed ti.ut he told tti<- box t'..r 8 I in tbe |.n i i er
on the day of his arrest, in payment f| ib debt of that
amount. Williams swore be never ???;?? iu tin store of
Mr Lohse, while Mr. Lohse swore he waa ibem the dat
before Ibe robbery, pricing wateiis. Tbs jury u.-r.
unable to agiee, rh.1 were diacj/itrged
Th.- witness Williams was arrested bef .re he left th>.
Court on a charge ol perjury in swearing falsely on this
trial, and ?u. committed to prison.
CeaoMca's Orvice?The Coroner yesterday held an
inquest at th ? Alms House in the Park, on the body ..i ?.
unknown man about X*. yuar? <.i" ace, apparently ? conn
try man ?ho was found dead at i o'clo* k yesterday morn?
ing a. the foot of Veaey-tt.. and conveyed to the watch
liou-e. He waa about 5 feel 6 inches in bight, very thi'u
in llesh, with liark >uburn hair; was dresst .i in da'k grey
dress coat, veal an! pantaloons, black Hi rk. r..:t..ii .birt
gray cotton -o.-k?. coarse Loot., and bad * :ufj*. priintng
knife an,I -ouie Inline n in his pocket. Dr. ."v Sir.:.',
mule a post ui.irt. ui examiuatii o, :.i..l f.. ::..l the luatt.
ndhe:. at ts tbe tills ou l.otb sides, am: both lungs i iii ..
sively diseased, tubr.rcled, and the atruclsrc ol ihem en
tireiy changed. The re were no marks ol vi dence ub..ut
the Ii i.I v. Verdict, die I of disea e the lungs.
ifnlea at Ute 8tocL luxrkantre. Crt. 13,
275 U. 8- Bunk. 5 li?i I IsIRR. 55i
10 Del. A Hud. 105 150 Harlem. 15
95 do.alOds I .'. &i0 do.slSds 15
10U do.lk|.iv\k 105 150 do.c*>h I';
l>) do.slOdys IMJ'SuO do.st,|.. 15j
25 do.b30daya I0."?i Ml do.s30d* I3j
5 do.slid.- loaj 150 do.cash 151
25 do.blld 105 150 do.Ii .1 I.'-:
10 Manhattan Ilk .... 7?J 50 do.s J5d 15)
75 M chauica'Bank... si 100 .i....Ji. I.'.i
50Slate Bauk...tCW? -- li?i d.oGUds 15
5 do. O.i j .VI do. 151
6> Mechanics' Bg-Ast. 59 I5n Jo.h30ds IfH
35 Farmer's Trust.... -II 175 do. b IdjraXlS)
19 Mohawk RK. C3i 2iN) do.b-'Mhlva C
10 oo.s.'U'ds h-j : -r. do.b90iU 153
lOStoniatrtoa. 27J' 50 do.s!"i. 15
SOPatersoaRK. 50 50 do. 15,
I? do. 50j li.11 do.l.?Ods I5j
40-' do.Od 5IU 10 Canton Co.
Second s?om?l.
IS shares Delaware and Hudson. 105
Couiniorcial und money ifSatterr?.
minttday, I'. M
Tiie sale., of IIsrl.'in ut the Imnrd to-day were again
Innre, reaching about ? ?> shares, cloeiug at IS j?an ad
vjiiro of 1 per cent. Of United States Bank 275 sli ire.
ko d ut ">?a decline >>r j. Delaware and Hudson improved
1 pej .-.'at. Mechanics'Banking Itsociation Mohawk
j. Patersoni. Farmers'Tru?t fe!lofl t
The sales of Slate Stocks reached about $36,000 withou
in it * i ml variation.
I0.0Q0 Plata 5,'?. 99
C.WX) luditiau Bo::.ls. . V '
3,r00 do do....?4) <C
I.o/il do do.sOrl 40
l.tKHI do do.-.7 ?i>
:tia?l An do. 4f";
3.100 do ds>.sl5 46i
2,000 Canal Five., 1855. * ?
?j 000 Kentucky Sixes . . "1
9.V00 Illinois Sixes. 1870 .
2.OO0 do do. ki w 4 It
111 IH.S0 do do. b?O 44;
A sale of 2,000 sovereigns ?-s made ai the b?a d at
*t 851.
The Miles ol sterling bills to-day I. tve not !>?cn Isrce?
principally at lu per cent. Fraiirs 5 17} a 5 Iri?in ;?t J
at I- 0 li.lter rale.
The Liverpool parket takes ..ut only about$35,000 in
The Committee appointed to examine the affairs of the
Harlem Railroad are to make ? report 10 morros t ightto
an adjourned meoling of the iincstb ilders. It U rurao r.l
in the street that it will be more fsvorable tiisn ?as ib
ticipaled, and that no ce su-.- will be i .st upou t... offi
??er-, excepting ? Is. k of judgement in the c?.mliic.ioii of
the affairs of lbs Company. This, however, may be one
of the stock-j .bbinc rumors cir^- ila-.^d by the bu'N to af
feet ihs stock, ?hieb i>ju t now ihe principal speculative
fancy st the Board. The reports that a greater n.her
uf shares has Ii en issued than thero wa? aatboriaiid will
also it is said, be disapproved. Wo give i!.e-.- item- ??
ibe rumors of the day.
A pi rtion of tbe Te i- import. .1 in the A'r.',i.r was offen .i
?l auction to- day by Hoffmsu .< Co. Tho Company
Isrijs. sad a belter feeling ?s- > x libitcd ttisu at the pre?
vious sales. Some chops.Youug Hyson told tt an '?i
vanca of I to 3J ptr Ib., und the entire sale supported tbe
marhot. The . onairy foung Hyson was stopped at 61c,
ami the Canton made at 42c, only one chop of ta.-1 ttt, r
beiiic. sold. Nearly the i.ln.le parcel ?a- sold.
The bills of tbe Farmers ..n.l Mechanics' I". m? o N . ?
Brunsw ick. V J. must b.- handed to the receivers pr.? i ius
to the21st m-t.. or they will net be entitled to a dividend,
ui: ? 11 be ai'trr that valueless.
Bi the official statement of tbe situation of tsie Farmers
and Mochanic*' I', ink of Michigan, it appears tkat the c;r
. uiaii.iu is. .8*9,75;.
I)ep.>..ite?. 23 700
Hue Bank.. 3
Immcdiate Liabilities .>7<>,!'-4
Specie .0,7C;
Bauk Notes. 7
Hue tr.uu Banks. 4,927
Immediate Assets.>'- I"
>?-vs-Vorli UlarketM.
Asiiks ? i'ots are uo: in quite sa brisk demand; !.:?'?
sales have been maJe ut a shu.le less than ?6 7 ">. Pearl
sis selling si $?>.
Cotton.?The msrkel is improving. Tn? sales to-day
.ire about loeO bales, si au advance :u aoma inetancea ol ;
per lb, A parcel of low graUL- is report- i to hava b.eu
taken far the China tmrketa: j advance.
Flocx?Tl e market u still deseeuding, and Gennesee
reely offered to-day at >}5 62J. Tbe receipts a-? rt II
arc- and receivers anxious to sell About ?vc thousand
sarrela are going on board tbe Sr'Hand, for Liverpool,
tad five tbou.aud nur? on board ihe WeUingtoa, for
ri..ion ; bmh are ahipptng from first hau^s. Holders ol
^outh.ru ir., ir.s ririu. and ilia offered at The si.sck
f Howard street ia LghL B-audywiae Corn Meal 11 37j
j.er barrel : Jersey $;t jj.
Gsaxtx.?A-lot of?o.t bushel Western Wik? s Id at
S cents for milling. Sales 3000 bushel* Southern Corn
.1 61 cents, measure, and UVW do in lots at 63 cents; 2ov0
.o Jersey at tl.'.;. weu-iii. 1".." 1 jstiel? Kve. at !>5 c. ?:?
it the boat. No Barley ut niaiket Oats 4s tu^'d lor
Auction "snlea.
By L. M. IlctTiuaa ii %. o?Teas, ba:ar.ce of cargo of ship
tkbar?Term-, notes st 6 uiuutlu payable in t.1o city of
New-York to be aiads lalit factory tu tho sellers.
9-1 hfcr.e... mmS] :r- ?r. 3f?'chests 61e6%; a :d 97 d> d?
wiinrirawn. 5 i Mlboxs 02, aad 1211 co do withdrawn.
Hj -on iskin?eh ist? IJ a 50.
T?. a.;kui? m hf chests ."> * an i 'V) do do wm^rswa.
?i lopo-rder?90 afebests7?a77.
Imreria!?t??.? nf cheats 7' ."?*>.
Powe one ?; - bi ehe-ts 59; a:>d B7 do do in;i.Jra?x
Caper Sjocca nr?512 balfcheau withdrawn; 297.I4K:
bos ? r- and lit to da withdrawn.
lt.- V. il. Ladlow?Real E?ia:e?House anl lot of
ground. II- Prince-street. cot;a a nf in fr.nl ac-1 rear
23 feet, J, ,i ia depth 71 fret_Sjlst '?'
15? !. M Hoffmen 4. Go?Mol?.*?*?SO bbl- a' I5j a
a ?IT .? Bit? t 7 i 7; :. Win.?12 ca>U? ?li-rry at
23 a la do at 3U a 37;t SO or e ,s|ts Port a.'.' I a 9 !e.
R. II G Je \\'Pell A Go?MaSoga-y, 4 im?-, j.-ro
? - .? it .. i- i-.v . ion s-t D.-minco at - s ?
By VV.G trard?Tobacco?.77 h 11- Kent?>? merchant'
sii.- a. <: IjiuJ, Ji.j: I - a v - ea-e, at 5; a Ce.
- \ n u da v n o it\i *? <;
En Quarto Form cm u rery Large >)\td,
And afforded to Subscribers ia the Country at
1 f Six Copies will he f, rwarded s year for Ten
Dollar?; Teu Copies for Fifteen Dollar?;
a:iJ any larger uuir.ber in the latter proportion. p3y;a,: t
in alvnuce invariably required, and the paper stopped
whenev er the term of such payment expires.
Tnc Tiuec.vc?whether in its Daily or Weekly ed.
iinu? ?i|i t?- what it-, name imports?ar. uuiiLciiiii? sup?
porter el tbe P< spie'a Rights and Interest., iu -tern hos?
tility to tb ? -rr-.r- of superficial theorists, ibe inff leuce*
of uojuHt or imperfect legislation, und the scheme* and
sophistiies of self seeking demagogues. It will strenu?
ously advocate the Pai rECTio.-* or Amtiican Inpcstrv
against the grasping and to u. t I.gating pull ' of Luro
peau Government . aid the unequal competition wii:cli
tbey force upon u,. it will .?irocate the restoration "fa
lound and uniform Natiosai. Cckrencv; ar.d urge a di?
cr.-jt hu' determined prosccu ion of Internal Improve
a au The Retrenchment, wherever practicable, of Go?
vernment Expenditures aed of Executive Patronage, will
b< zealuu ly urge i. :n -hort. ibia im,>or ?ill faithfully
maiuta .! nil Is rs'rsi y sdrocate the Principles and Mea
?urcs which Ute Pcop e approved in devolving on V. hig
Statesmen t ie conduct of their liovernmenr.
But a Email portion of iu columns will be devoted to
pui y polii al discussions. The proceedings of Con?
gress will be ? ir luliy recorded : tue Foreign an! Do
? rnetlic Intelligence early mid luei ily presented; aud
whatever shall appear calculated to promote Morality,
m liatain So i il Ordi r. extend the M.-.iu-s of E location,
ur iu auy way subserve tbe great cause of Human Pros
press to ultimate \ir.u--, Liberty, and Happiness, a ill
lin I a place in our columns.
N.i*.?Wn< re ten p. rsons ? tub together, uu-l remit $13
at our time n funds not over lour per ceat diacouct iu
Naw York tae paper will co,t hut Si .>(> par year.
It i- bcliet d La ,t there i ? no pa;?-r in the United Slate,
devoted i ?literature ..: I th ? mtirr Current ytirt of the
Day which coatai ? so mseb Reading Matter aad is af?
forded n: ?, che ip a rate as the Weekly Tribune.
Snbscripti ia? ar- solicited hj
GREI LEY A Mi ELRATII, No. 30 Ann jt.
'.' Editors of Weekly Journals wbo desire an ex
eh.!-.* ? ? i h ;' e Tribune ire requested lo gtv; this Pro?
pectua a . iusertiou in their columns. nil
CT tdnilorw' House?Tu? ''.;r:i-r St. lie r.f the :
new Saitoca' Hoste, intended for the'sceonirao-ation ol ;
Three Hundred Seamen, will be laid TOMORROW.
(Thursday, the Itth inst.) at 12 o'cioek. in Caerry, be
tse-n Pil e and Market streets. Tee Rev. Dri Milnor,
|. ,i,.. De Wilt anl Coco, wili participate in tbe eaer
Ciaea und
will be deliven I by Hon Thomas Butler Ring of Georgia
and Hon. Ogden Hi iTotan of this city.
M -r I ants, Shipmasters, and the friends of Seamen
j-i!. nliy, a .? ir-p.-.-tfiiily invited lo attend.
In htiia f of the Seamen's Krii ud STociety,
E. 'V HURLBUT, I Committee
HENRY II iI.DREDGE, I Arri":''",">?t'
..!:! Ci ISAAC T sv| I H. j
XT PIhui (?taud* and Plant Tubrt.?A
large atsortmeat ?f Plani Tub- and Plaut SuiL,i>, of van
ou- sir.es, jusl received an l n r s.i'.i bv
o62^vis 25ft and 355j Greenwich.vt,
i..' ? teuton 5?al! isookolore.?The subser?
? ,t a ? Oi'-n-U a st ire t theeornen f Nassau and Beek
iu a sis.?Clinton Hall?where he offers for nie at the
;. a rM ca.e pri. e-. .1:1 vtens.ie asvirlir.-m of Taeobu'l
cal, Cias-icul, Miscellaucuus and School Books. Also '
Blank Books and Stationery.
lb also publish) > >lu' Eirsi andSecond.and has in press
ihn Thi'd Series of tbe "TwoHun?red t'ici'.rial lllus
t-fc ions nf '.!:? Bird . and Views in ibe Holv Land."
The TalNTH EDITION of the P i r s't n*rir?.
and tiie riilRD EDITION of tb? s o e u u d ^ .? r i .? - .
0W read. .
AN". 11?-1 published, a beautiful volume ICmo. 400 pa ,
arith 13 llliislrati ins.
A'so. a volume -am- ? .? ? called BIBLE QUADRU?
PED^, bea tilitlly idu-trui d.
Tne above n e ?II eminently suitable for Gift Bauk
and Holiday Pt -euts.
t 'ru.-r. lor tk- above ?.irk. soUcite I. ami promptly al?
ter d id to.
All nets books received as sunn as published.
(Irdicinei oi tli?i Quality?Anpro7ed j
!' p .: ir neun dies, L?.Eu-^lisu and I ren, h Perfum?
ery, .-?.,ps. lira- es, Ar . for s Ie t.v
.1 I CODUI >GTON, Drugrists,
old Inns' 227 Hudson sr., c.ruer ol Spring.
ttiitinture klmnnrtc?Tins Dav
Rises G29 j acts 7 31 r.i ??-| Sets II 3?, sa dm
Latest Dales.
LOWBOn. _sErT.i" H.svrk.SEPT. 17
,_iw..:i vii. s;.pr. 19 , ?EW-oei.eA.tJ.oct. s! j
Tn e ueI I St o a m - Sh ips t" Arrive
Colurabia, left.Oct. * ; Itritanu:?. leaves-Oct. IK
T a n e xl S t ea m - S b i p to Leave
Asa !;j. 1 I' Bti ati.:i.i. i-av?-?tut. 19
i lej REO v r -1 .? h: i,
Snips lue/., 1. Uiaralurand a market. K V. ,rii ttr
.1 . n Jay, L.iuotrt, Havre via Jon-- River, S H Size!
, !. ..? Turks Island. Barton A Pop?: Celii,
I . atcher, Savaui ab; stcott a Mor el : Fr. E igone,Be?u
nuts K.irdeaus, A s'eignei tm OreganVGuddoe, Nu? Or
lean . Karsli ? a Pope; K mobassott, Foster, Cadist, J Pe?
ters v Co.
Croark Edward, Clemence, Havre, Boyd 4 Ki rk.'::
Bri J Drummond, Brown. Norc-lk. Brett a Vu-e.
Olive, Rev.i ? - Si Thomas.W Dew-v.
Sch s Mary. Tucker. Tampa P.?y. Fl?. W W Pratt.
I"iu lerer, ?aceiee, Havana. rS Chappelle.
Ship Frankfort, Russell, 29 dys lui I iverpooi. mdze,
Joauaou A Lowden
Ship Latayette, Eib-r>. II dys fin Charleston, cotton,;
fi -attou
Br i-.rK (?.-.in,., Outerbridge, 50 fm Bristol, Eng, mdze.
W a Ja. ,(..--.
Brig Aeniey, Sherwood, lo dys fm.Charleston, cotton,
Duuham ? Diaaoa.
Br brig Eagle "' I' na, .11 dys fm Detn rara. in ballast,
ta Dunscombe sV ata kwtth.
Scbr Eiie W ebb, 20 dt s fm Curracoa, .-kms, Ac. to J
Foulkf a .- u 1. ? I "t's Alien, for Now Vurk next day;
?chr Wasnington Suerrn in, for do uuc. The rehr Rotn.i.
for New iork. sld 1;' dys before.
Sehr Francis Habet. Chase, 25 dys fm Moutego Bay.
Ja.? lies', with i inten .?.?. to Ayaiar A Co.
> n Do .- -iv spp.Alexan-lria, rlour.
>c:.r KicnmiuJ. ""-ester, Ri ommd, flour.
S :,r Ar.b. RuaseU. Neweern, NC, naval -lores.
Scar llnuioa Couley Baitimaro. bidos.
s i- ^ \ im Ie, Van N i ae, York Kn or
Sehr J ? epaiae-. Brookhouse, Elizabeth City, core.
S,.ir AnacoU .a. li-a-kitl Washington, NC naval ?tores.
U ;i iw_ rbips, I btrk. sa.J to be the /.ehebee. Ring,
in. 11 imoarg, a ; o line's. Wtna N West.
Sailed?Sl?p? United States Brittoa.Liverpoofc liad
ron Xcw OflaaasiC nsreas, TsmpaBaytBAyuiar New
Orleaa-; Russell 'il??>. Rir ?im-h.m.do.
XT The Pncket-sship U'ellinjtoa. for Loo
idu.wtli.asul PHI-DAY (Tnursday.a; it o'aloc*.
Passeagetri I ?? -i^ in o i ti ard by tue sieam.'r Hsr
cj'?-. from Wbitehail at that hour.
Lett- r Big? wi i clo-e -.: the >lerciaats' Etchanie and
H Oe'. News R ?'in at id o clsck.
\ lt.?S, co:e w ill ne r. c lived ou bosr-l till the hour for
railing ^ uU
XT Kor.il ?Iail from Boston to Liver?
pool.? ras Letier Bass for ibe A:adi? are uow op -a at
il aiv.N PKV a Co '.. Na * Wall-street, a^d will close on
FridaV th-? 15th, ai ? quarter past 3 P. M. A bag will he
saw eferjr day antil Friday. ol'3 (
'Labor O n a i a VLb.cit'
TT Book-keeping nnd I*. ;! ui.ttj.Ji ? [>
Ne? arrangement of Mr RICHARDiO.VS F.l.tad Win
ler. Day as 1 -I.-atnr Clas er. Academy 2 I j Brsadway,
n?ar the Astor Hoste.
Nance?Mr. RICHARDSON, late Pr-.acipaJ. of the
Commercial 0ep.rt3-.eut la the B.il?: School?, returns
hu. thick, to tae sea !'3*a who h-ve to kiailv rcearu
met iel ai* Academy, at.d U pl'ss-d to info-.n t-. a:: :.
tu - Public generally, that be cootiavea to receive pspiis
daily i,.r tiu studies preparatory to tin cosatiag-aouse
sad assares thea that every attention will be cienani
r cpeose ?ithbeld to make t tea thoroughly iad poaitivi ly
icquaanted, in * practic.il u.inner, for every i.taation .a
which they may be called to Uli ia tse merc^atiia profe;
Rapid Mercantile Writing positively tiuibt ir. i\.ns
h?rd |e..o.>
By the abo-. e method, aimos: every on? :-i ly r-tais tbeir
writing, by a very little practice, through 1 fe.
Clas.e-m se.-.jn Mar^iag. Afternoon sl i Evening.
o'.i i:-: 0J11
The Director* of the NexT-York I .
rsUMI repec-t ul y inf..rm the IVbi.: tea: l .- l';;.r : Ma?
nual Coarse of Leetur-> I store that institution u . . . !e
..?. '.'.: .;; :::- Broad* *y T..'-rt..? ?? on \V? n
incs ofiach week,cooirarccmi esr'v in NbvemVr*
Introductory, by ta- Hon. Tri-lram Biuees, of Rt.ode
Hon. Henry D. Gilpin, (late Attorney General t :!..
lulled State-, on-?,
Hon. C. C. Carr.h-. l.-nc. late Minister of the United
Suite- to Russia . on 1 Russia
Elihu Burntt. A. M. 'learned i'lacl.-nntb ot' Massa
cha-'u.a.. ou -The lr.rla.-nc? of Mythological M tag
>'-?'? Impressib.n ths Progress ?f a General letellsetual
Cultivation and Developcment,'
Hoa. Rufut Choate, I cited States Senator from Ma*
-si huset:. rr. 'In-- Literature the Se
< haric- Eaaifs, Ksr,, mi ? The Romanes . f the Times
Henry R.Scboolcrsfr, Esq., (late 1 rittcd States Indian
Agent, oar*Jndian ( hsracrrr. Trait? .' dec
Rev. Srencer H. Cone, ori ' The \ 1 aal.:. Principle.'
Lowell Mason, Hs.).. lue President of the Handel aa.l
Haydn So .-? y, Bo?t..n ? on 1 Music.'
K. ?. Prof. Matr.:t. in_.
Dav .1 Paul Brown, Esq.; of Philadelphia ou 1 T?? \r ?
tocr;. y of Eloquence.'
ltev i:.!?an! Hitchcock. LL.D.. Prot. Geol gy. Km
herst College, on - The Wonders of Science compared
with tlm Wonder* fit" Romance.*'
It .. J..i.:, Pierpont. o' It..-ton. ot. ? Snow.'
Valedictorv, by Gov. Poindexter, of Jlisti? i p
Tbe particular otder aod th? evenings-opou which the
ibove named gentlemen will appear, sot ha-, ing l- en fully
trr.o ged. will l.e ?nnousceJ to ths Public from wj>.k to
week. a? the Leeturei progress,
term, or tht COl R-r.
S-asjt, Ticket-. (a.:-Biiiiu? a la.lv and senilemau. * 1
Members' " ?? -" " ..si-J
Ladies' ".si
Can '???> obtained ..f ih? Librarian, at tha Lyceum Room-,
til Broadway; at Daytoa & Saxlon**, corner of Pulton
aud Nassau streets or John L. Salisbury, 1509 Bra dway.
Thio Liorary and Reading-Room of the N-w-\..rk Ly?
ceum nr.' open day. an.I vonings for th? u-? -f Members,
it ill Broadway, next to the corner of Lupenard air >-t.
sei ind lb.or.
Tue Library is supplied with Books in every depart*
men; of Literature Si :-iice. the Meehanie Art... Ili.t iry.
Biography, Ballet L urea, Vow,.-- '!'.-??? - M taphy*
... -, Theol igy, Jurisprudence, Medicine; Political Ei on >?
my the Pine Arts?in a w, r.l all th..l can be ii?.-l'j| to the
general reader, or particular student.
The K -adinr-Room, possessing ample aceoromodaiions,
is furnirhed with l"e dailv and w-.lily Papers, .
Imericai and Foreign Periodicals, Journal* of the various
Scis ces. &tr. Ac.
N?w Publications will be a | ... . as ra, idly a- tha fund,
will permit,
T o T? rms of Memher.hip nre only *2 p-r annum, pay?
able, ifdesired, semi-annaally.
Ladies are admitted to> membership.on.the same t rm?
Pol order.
o9tf JOHN H. RRISi OM, M. D? President
rr I.rrttir?-? on Intlin ? >1 ti RODGERS rrd
no.-e* to .leaver Tw.i l.e tar.-- ?n In.Iis. ut B v Sir. Dun
'?ir'- f'!::i-rli in McDougal street, on M'lN'DA_Y: and
rUES iAV EVENING*. Ociober 11th and I2i .. and it
...;:? R v Mr. W eelorVs Chureh, in Sixt?e"th si e-t.
ber I iin sod 1 im.
no will endeavor td show m a cl-ar and comprehmsive
manner tha lives ehara :ier-. occupations, manners, rus
t ms, reluijus rite*, penance* end burial cnreinouie* o
Hi.- Heaihoa
The Lectures will be illitstratstd by lOPaintinis. Ml ?(
?' >*otice.?1 kc S- naei-rrld i3roi<-*?t ml V it
THE STATE OF Kf.W YORK.?Th?rs* y t ie 14th in
staut being the second Tbaraday 11 tho month. * Is** regular
monthly meeting of this Society wi 1 be be:,t in th? ?p..i
lo Rooms, :tt Caeal street, at half pn*t '. o'c!iv:k. P.M.
A. CIVILL P.e-i.led.
II. Thomm .n. RecSec'y. 013*1*
CP Franklin Lyceum.?Tho Lyceum will .??,?'?:
ibis (Tnursoay) evening. Met 14th. ai lint Col->ge of Phy
.iciaus and surget.ni, Crosby ?ire-t. The exercises will
c immence at "J o'clock; to c ustti of E uatvs, Recit .:ioas.
mil i de Mi* on t::>- folio ?ing ou itioe Have li crary at?
tain menu exe-cise.1 a rrealer ind ae.ive' inankiad tlisti
military achievements ? Ladies au I gtudem n are in.
ritert t.. attend.
ol4 If W. W. C \t.L4.! R. Secretary,
( arpetinff?, Floor Cloik?, ?I
\ ar.l- ? I < larpeuug from auctioo, choice patterns a-iu col
nr? all wool, from-11? 10 shillings per yard. Acaliisso
acre-! fr?.m those wishing to pur..hn- Carpe'in.' of any
Icscription A larie stock oi Oil Cloth* Rugs, Table
Covers, Matts, -v ?.-slnch th.-y will tell m ich lower th.-n
ran be h oigi t at other stoic.
.,- Im Iraj Bowery. fir?t I ar|iet "-tore below Oib?J tt,
fi\ atci cc,
In t'.ir city.OcL 11 by the Rev T. J S-iwye-, r: .!?.!? A
Burgess, of Mobile, Ala, to Miss Harriet L. Proctor, cl
' _
. *. v -. : ? 3>" i i :
t* a'.iu 10 years of ar>? whi> writes a goo.1 band, and
ean be recommended. One d. ?ir u. m ?tu.;\ i..I.?.
would b- preferred. A email compsu-ation wiii bsal'ow
.:. At ply iMbeoffic ofTHOS. C. PINCKNriY Es
CoUDsS or at l. ov. No. 14 Piae st. _ol-Tl*
U'A-V I M?.- I 'i -r:e ??? !.... r*
for a popular perirdic.l A ply to II G. D igger's
at the otfiteof tbfl .New World. J" Ann si. old Jt
If r.tlVTlvD.?A partner to trave ? VVi ri
? ? s:s:.'?. A luaa who cm advance >>" t -.t his o itfil
nn.i * - it im ? joo.l testimonials of eharai ter, may !raw t
pr..til of$2UK) a year.
Ad Ir.-s. ?? Wa.a.nir'ioi." si the 'i'.-ihur.-* I?'!i"t ; -j
VlfAW VH.D.?A place a* w sit er in i tonn- by ??
tV nan that.understands bit Ua-mess. Good refer
ecces Enquire at '.U Eysl Broadway .i I si*
II.'.IN 1 K Ii? \ ?it.nt.oi in i:.u*:iotao?
tl rougbli aoderataous the D.-v Goo.li busioeaa iu.1
Ito.ik Keeping Ms* no objection to if-. South G .o.i
reference can riven. Address H. J. at Mr. Wa'.soa't
Apa ie ? .ri ?' Hall. Calbarine-st. o .' It
i Hr.S S"j K 2> ?I". nr --T :'>:?? \ [-i'r- ?- l.iaip
iv making busine-a, to go to Newark,N. J. luquiraof
J N Rust, at S G. Sleele's ..tiir..-. 121 Fullon-strect In
,t..rv. betsreed J und 10 o'clock. A. M.. a ,1 I au l J p. M-,
on Thursday, i sctober 14. and no other time.
N, it ?None reed apply without the beat of references.
nl4 If_'_
UfA?Tltl??Ai rS Eldridge-street. a woman to do
housework. None need apply anl?s* they under
s ai d he busine s. n : are well recommended. o'4 If
s* A.*- 1 ?. li?Situations for Cooks, Chambermaids
V'. and-women for general bocse-work. Familie? ia
want of the si. vecan get them, with i'oo.l city references,
by :.p: lyii c st M Nas*au-st. J Mel IBE .v Co. ..14 f
H a *i i ? D.?An American Girl o do cooking an.t
l> genera1 housework of ? family. .None need a.tpiy
:i ilett rec mmsnded. Apply at No. l-'t McDoural
?. itwe? ii 2 =n.t .". ..do.-k. P M._n> Hi
YFii-oa .i.-i'iTtiTT vVA.N i' :?-?*.?Ralph
I NKLSON, a teaman, ?oi. of Joiiu NeI>on. of Rasby
foi : Brewery-, in the Countyof Durham, Eus j--i sailed
from the port of Sun-'erland at.'.n: nr.- year- airo and
landsd at Boston, where he left hi* thip. If he .? i>ba
m ine h? can hear of sotae'binir ?ery ni'icb to his advant
aae hy a;?t?ty i .g to the *.li.-crd.er. in t-e Cnv r,f Ni-? ?
lora c.rto IJ-nianiin 'In!. !..<:. of Sedr-*f:el.l. la tli
Ctunty of Dar hum. Any one who can c:ve iafor^.aiicn
respeetine said N :l-cn. will be r-wariie.i I'nr to doi:
New Y.-rk. October 13. 1511. old Im
TD' Tr.e <"ouri?r i Enquirer. S-andar.i. Express, Bos?
ton Atlai. P .iladell h:a Ledcer, B iltiraore Patriot. Caarlcs
ton Courier, *md New-Orleans Picayune, will pl.-s.-e pub?
lish ibeabovsfwitheatthis dire-ticn: once a ?.ea for
six week-, - cl send their bill- to mi- rrB-re tor payic?8t
.1 OFKICK, <*9 Na-sau-tt. 013 Inn?'
. * .
it em in. ctn h ive tooi u -ar 1 m a pn?a-< familv
h-re -r-* hut few boarders, in edesirable situation
pear St, Las-'? Church, 3ri Hudson st. by ea.liug imme
,: lately^_f'1'*
po vRDi"??; tN u ii.'i?ki.i >. !
O tbre* single genilomen. or a geottenua and.hit wife
c in l?e a.-cm'indaled wilb p!ea?aui secoud stcrV ro.-ra
s_,i ?rd. at UT W :'.!ow stru t, s i'.bia a few minutes - ?U
et't'n' Fc-rv._ oi23uVod
.tI'i..- painting n water- iolor, -? .-?* .
sons at School, and to Pu,.ils at their residences in Pig
ure Laadscape Fici?e Painto g. .-.nd?.ery departmej
of the m st ?ppmv-d pr nciples. Address Mr. Pease'*
vi isie s ii > n. No. 700 Broad *a . waere ?pscim?nt ma.
b- s -?n. ?nd t<rm* obt.ua-d. A DrawiLj (."lass firmin?
Al'AK?? We ia.e just rrs:-i?ed oar Poll and
Winter F.shion-. tngethsr *un se assortment of
seasonable i-.?nis. t? *nica we mvite tb' a-teatioc of our
fneais and euttors.-rs. and tha public r-onerslly.
-23 lrais No. 30 Fulton street, N-. Y.
.Ii >HN ii. DIN GM \N.
3 01 GBA N D.8T?- KT,
17^ Would pinicalarlr call the siteatiot: of the Lsdie.
' of aii City \: '. :-. - pu lie peoerally, to ht? splendid as?
sort m ntofO:.YGO iDS. tsitsb'.e for tie se.son. He i
cos.tsa. y rectvi.:; fron aueJoo ae i th- latest i.>parts
nous. .Vci-r sty;* of lsu.il!? taat i? da.ira:ile, waich t:e in
ritecall examine, and era i? j--s any to exhibit a ntor
cac,;c? and ct :r., lete :ock. T as notice of Ue foliowic,
?? u \ w i.??:
10 boxe. Cs< -.-ure. very e.etact, so? design, froa
iT to ?25.
3 ki B.-uoia. alt style?, trem >l y< to ?10.
200 Rot Roy, troa Is to lr? Also,
saun Damisk. Frc-rh K. ,by|eand Embroidered Tubel
silks: sii.k, : ?
I?G pieces ?triaeJ and tj;ur.d llro de ai'm^uc . striped
sr. ! rif un d charafeabi? tiro d.- Aejer. Uro de New.
Vork; BrsziLaa Giacea; Gro de Perre a;d icured S.la?
of seert description; axd a eoa p <to a.-?or;aieui of black
and t!..-. black a.-urec aad plat ? sod taode colored Silks,
firm 3? 6 1 so li-.
Also, Botabaziaet, fr.-ni ii to 20? Solieaes, Do Lame.
AI. P-etia C atk, Kerinoes, French. Gtrinan aad Eng:.,n
v-r-. Frea h. Sins,, b md American Pruu
feotn 1. Jd to :?.
I^1 pieces Blink- ts act 3C0 pieces FisnneU, cheap.
Also. Cio.as. Cassinetes, Satinets, Vesting!, H s'.er
at;'. Pilot Cloth*. Velvets, Linens. G ove*. Hosiery, an:
25 ca>", 2 Sales bleirthid aad uub'.eaciied Domestics,
lit n6dtol.?4l, and a cr-'at ?ariet. of Dry Goods of
? ry description, >ery cheap
N. B.-s-Sheeting 3 yard- wide.
Jlli.N H. DIXGMAN, 3ol Gmnd-sireei
oil It comer cf Ol chard.
7. V? E bare mow to i ifer ths larje t assortment of
Cloths in Grand -t.. mostly purchased at Auction for Cash,
weich we will ..-!l at ttre.it bargains
Fine brown, olive, blue an-l invisible ureeu t"b>tbs, ele?
gant styles far I adi -? Cloaks of superior riuish, at 2 .'">
to vl 25.
Supcri.-ir S'ue black wool dyed, woaded We-t of Knr
IhiiJ luperior Cloilis f(,r Gentlemen's Frock aud t'ru*.
Coats, from > | to
Cadei Mixed and other colored Cloths for common wear,
at $: CO.
Besides the above have an utsartment of Beaver
Cloths and heavy Pilot Cloths for Over r.iatv. the w-aole
of whi-b we warrant lo tell at least 25pereeat less than
any other bouse can afford lb< tame article. Give us a
trial cud you shall he . ttiffed.
ol3i>: F.1V.? IV. F. GILLEY,430Grand ?l
.:::?? <..;<::>-. WELLING CHEAP AT
.'t'.r llouston.alreet.
D" Red, white and yellow Flannels, from Is fid to 2s
6d. and hither, Satinets, from 3s 6-J to 'J*; very rood for
I-ill. i smori Flannel., netrly every stylo, train ?>d to
I? . It ???? a Whitney I', ankets, fram *-j ro ?5 per pair.
A good assortmeafof Beaver, P.lot and otiier fioth-.
Likewise,Prints, Muslins, Diapers, Cffbrellas, II ?iery,
a,. o9 Ct' I R. DOWIK.
rVcsr-Torli J i:?h Cnilorinj; EMiablIabm?Mt,
142 Fla l.TON-STREET, N kar HrOAOW AT.
II lught ezclusivoly fur cash and will comp isentostol
no diflerenl tty .?? now ;.< the market, tome very choir.
w---i u.' England ans! French cloths, co do bUck and fan?
cy < ilored cassia eres for pants, docashn ere. and velvets
f r veslicgs, ill of which will i.e made und iron:, ed in
'. .e richest manner at lo p. r cent, below credit prices.
Sir et punctuality observed in filling orders. Cash on
delivery am! no abatemsni iu prices.
P. S.?Oar fall business has already isereased to thai
patent thut we are compelled to increase our help if the
euttii e department, wb ch i- f'tli under the rupertnteu I
ence of Mr. M. G ivb-rd who will *ne hi. whole attention
to the different My las >( winter garments that may be in
i rodneed.
Particular attention paid to cutting pnm.s.
o4 Im J. C BOOTH, Agent,
VTElV (sOUUa-A .I as.ortmeal ol new
- a i-n i r.cn <? oil-, 'or full wear, received ma Empori?
um ? fCheap Garmeou, 229 itroaimay, Amorisau Hotel
ol4 3us
I't>t 3 ? xr'jlT-sl'Tw. CLOAKS a ? -
O'Gcntieineu aro request d to call and examtun rhu
iyle of-r- 11s. Cloaks, Sec. ottVred at 22a Broad*a,..
i woslorate ri.es, by
ni l 3 i. WILLIAM P. JFV.MVGS.
S \ Ii ?..??.??? a ?- U4>\VN9?in a variety of liuli
U paiteraa, lor aala at 2d9 Br?ai?ay, Aueiican lle.et,
ol I 1 ia
i-f ?Kicb Silk an I Satia Sc ttfs mid Cravats, Chas
ua's super Glotnew stylo*. Su-pendc,s a reeeiveu
it 219 Bro-dway. American II i-i oM3ti?
? I' H t.-v >.'.% U :-. .-s 2' I'iAtiAn ivlMUO?>
L SII/s'iKS. ? I. consequence ol tie spa dy sain oi
tnese much admired lialiau SasUts O ver VV Wn?ufo'o
? i i ? in riiii-e s cas. > in, re embracing some, as
i regard, in imenialaha m.- and beauutul, eaigning,air
no to be ezcei-d by any esubiw meat in this city, i
pairs 'ui i-c.-p- s ?*. i he low price cf }' 7.'- ..is per pair
'HQ " French scrolls " ?' 3 .'0 and 4'0 *?
SOU ?? I in se?pscentres rcr?llboidera500 F-euch
50 ?i t's real Ita ran Undacapes,?ark,fui 1 OJ lo 25 U0. i
.i - sit T uiit"ioy'.'-,.>- H.I.! t.M I'-A-l.. Pre
*1 fe..ij.-?nd I'each-rol Ins Pi^no r-.rte, Or;au sn
3i eil 'g, ecifuily isform the young letitlemeu of this
lh ii be it is tilt d up a io ^i iu his Music Seloon, >?>
JOD 15 Oldwa . and ,s r-acy io COIUCten?e tHKg icssoio
on the Piano Forte su.i ia Si gm.* ? i.her in the day limi
or evening, lieuti-m-a w.shuts to commence will pl.:a-? ,
t- m-U- .,; . a. o itibaMus c Saloon, No. *00 Broac- I
a.. 2d loorfr m Foartb-st.) Terms moderate; ol4 tf
Ami-iiju.ur SsyMtelU of ?? liiiiii;.
?\ 1 ;.. DRaS s AS W has re*opeu?d bis Aeaaemy at
ill Xo 15 ? Broadway
<i stlemcn or all aces aro positively taught an ex
peditious ami superio' Business e-and
And i e ?" Lacies a n at handsome, ai.j fashionable sty l<
n0 m liter h'uu BAD CKAMfEO, or OErECTivE,may be th I
I u i .- nriginal sei ?g.
jiourt i atten lauce rom ) A.M.. end from 4 t,.- PM. :
Terms moderate. Evening Classes. ol4 I mil
^l^frj-ajj NE M 'il sii Ml ORE, ini
fc*?a^c^-tljrI. i-1 i'; ?? ' i -I ? c, respectfully
Jf $ J gliiilurms ihe Public ibai io-iia, upeneda
V| u s I c Salouil and Piano F o r i ? Ware?
house in the ii. per part of Broadway, No. T0?? '.cm:.
door f,om Fourth at.) for the nccommooatinn ot familie
residing in lint pan ol the ri>y ;aad he hope- by he j
? ,..-r Buceasa Teacbertif the Piano aad Dealer in
V. .. . si Instrumi it- with constant attention, lo rneiveri ,
i.u ral share o' pair?aagei
lie in-an assorra -ut of the latest Musical Poblicatfoos; j
also an asror.m ntof the celebrated G^andr.Vctioo Puoiu I
Forte: for h four Medals First Premiums have been j
.. r ? 1 al ilse American t: c Mecbauirs' lu-lituiesof
bia city, fur the l-ett tone und timck. The ab ive In.tru- |
.i laaue of the nest -ea-i u-bu malerials, and ot i
.. I it i nd most fa.bioaabU! -t.!?. a d ?-? i-rr isted n i
- , : , particular for ??c )e^r. Prieesfrom $;*? t. 8600.
Musi i Sa'-j ,n au.' Piano I'uiie War? house,
TOO P.r? id s ey. N V.
.N. H. Piiro F r:e< and Mu-ira! lustrtitneut. tuned ?ml !
r. paired at short Jolice. _oil 2?
} <?\, Is. A I 1 Hl?_J .- ? received a lot e E
I i tab Merinos at 01 ly 1- ;C. lot De Lames, fioeCQlOn
at Is &I; lot Cotton Flannoleat only <>??. lot yard wide
?shite Flaanela at only'a9d: k-itine ed Flannels at 1? M
.-? F ?? Capi st I '- 11 Bootsatooly 15s a p-:r. lot super
noeClothrat reduced price-; lit doitd* milled Cassi
acres ^t ?nly 8s r^i: lot woolee half hose at on y Is; lot
-j i r ? as .' I I; I tyard-aad-o half -ide >?im rJsajk
Muslins at only 1' a yard. For -ale at
.\ i. 541 (iree..w:i-h st.
NOTIfK.? UI b.lls of goods bought a;3;a_tii f to j5
and Of wards 3^ r?er ceoudiecoont allowed. ?5 2wis
v:.-'.> ?ALL B18B?ns *..M> BO.a.NE
? a SlLKi?B. LEVY has rec iveJ, and Ucoostaall
r- r.::y:; ?>?: ?y F-eael packi-t. the newest and riche.
tyles !'ar:? R. naet Ri.ihons and Booret S-.lks; tf
ve: y irc^t assortiuei.1 already receiv?d are decide ly to
Boat ? -.--z: ever iajperted to this city. C. B. L. k.,
?sa irMDorted entirely ?vtw stvle faii neck ribbons; ale
? ?reit ?iriety of fancy [irv Goods. LacieS are respe I
a] v invited ucs'l beste purchasing elsewhere. Mil?
iners and c .u.itrv dealers ?upt>ie-d oo the mo-ifavorah.
ttrm-. *?. .'.-a> iad retail,2d Division-*t.
ritUrr.:-- C. P. f.FVT
V fc 'tV sT A U P Y. V i r o'ii E?The '
LI weald mi'o m iheir Crienda aad the publle that the
jve recently Otteaad a New Carne; jit >re. <5- Pearl ?i
acd hsve -p^reii a pain, in selecting iheir ?tnnr? ?toek o:
Carpetiae OUGlOtks Ac. from t ie best m iie.facio, n
Ud in -ortor, in this sad other cities, and ?i I gearantei
-.ells, low if cot lower thsa c?n h- boMglil r-r else
aber? for Cash WEBB A M A ft MIN ??
c, lie;:. 4-2 P-srl ?'.. 3d Care't *??.'" trout Caajaac
LI ALL LAMP"*.- ? ,rge -s.?.r.m?ti
L I n Ha l Lamps and LanterBS,A,tr .1 Larua?,<?irand i
Ac ia>t oti'ncd aad for ?sie b\
lUlrsvasid-it MKRR1TTS A PAGE. LOO Bow,r/.
A U C T lu.\ SALE*.
??. ??. UKArJk.it., Jr.
Store 54 U r..'::..;-:'? -?. cot - p ... | - r
raUrtSO*Y, Oet 14, u k|(
Frisch l!.vPi-2u0 .:???- of F-.c i...
, importation, esssuprisiag 3 larre auu desarab a asso. Beat
of rxn and bun cmri ar.lc e? uf reoa it P ... . ,
,t!io.? .?in 'i ? ...mtm it of *.d 4 sear si . .
sad print*, ju.t Uatrd. . fin.- 1 --???? ran.::-. .
f.- ItKHPTORl - \L
Ai-o, "2D cases of R.b4 o ?. br.cit 1 ?.to ce ?00 vaiaa'-l.
assortment > if '? 6 12*. id 2 lb of Gisci, Brock* Pi .?1 aad
Chine, being, tie balcn e?.." * fa.i o-utt &
A ii1, t ? se? of ?iacat. bi?o b.i;? ?-i c.. rei ujt.i
?s ilk Velretf.
Term?, c' mji.'h. i'-r r pprov.-d erHor?-' a-tcs.
Catalogues ard * mplw? on morning of
OB >A I Uli DAY, Oct. Id at 1" o'. Iocs
Clct?s ?-o < assist**** raoM th< misl? ?*? t real
,-rsi assortment cf IV? ?t of Luglaad buck s.d t>?s huok
Cloths an -. Caasimere*. t?> Unding.
Ai-o. an tnrcice ? f r?-aj? -n ad'1 C'o?rag.
Terms. 0' "00010.' for approved en orsed not"*.
On riJEsDtY, Oct 19 .,t !? o'clock,
Pacrcaoc Salk?:59 pacKsges;foreign -ca domssuo
I dry gooda. received per laatarrivah), cc": tog a
I aid c- n;r*l assortment of ? ._.ou-.hie -r 11 b s.
Term-. >' oath* for approved endorsed notes.
1 Cstalc guea and Minnies ou uor. ir.g oi sal*.
At 10 o'clock, at ac Auction Room,
Ch v- Wistes?A ckwce .??.. ruu-ot o: ol oot;:od M.
?leim. r-herr;. Port, and ?;^c- ?\ iae?. re. c-..c I t.rrvl from
me importer-.
All of which will We enuersted in Catalogue* wf:.a
? il be ,-eady one ae.it he'ore L-.< -a4.
Jo?iaa Rica ard 1, Auctioneer
BV BAiYGS, RlI'lUKOS & f M : i'.
St?rt 1 >< e4??.
At private sale?A subscription copy of the o.ig.aai
e.lii'ou . fAudubou's B r :* ofAaaeciea, * rot*. Fo i
On WEDNESDAY 1 V KMNG, .1 . o'clix ... : a Sales
Hcuv- 1 n ci. isririi? Several consignment* of ce
mid valuable Uowk* in quantities to suit des r.. rclsrac
ing a assortment of Standard Works, School and
Cussii al Book*. Novels, v..
K*?.l:sii Frisch tso Amis:, is Station ear- v....
a large variety of S atiouery, including 1UU n ants a pei
tiae French Foolscap Piper, plain -n * eilt ..1^ ?up.r?oa
Billet Paper Drawing Paper, Cameo. Waf?i ?; ? ? ..:
horders. perforated'and Yuning I'ards, i 4 . . 1
Boxes I'.i.k S/aucer*. In!.-, Blank il.> . i ? - a ran
Book Slate-, sir. Par ic ?', ira berea'ter.
FKIUtv i.\ ?..N.\(,. I?i , Oci
Patv stc I.:. r?... ? A va liable colli . ol Hu 101 . ..
Tl.es>loirirnl. r-eieatiric ?:u Miscellaneous Sool .
Pri?*aT" I.ibrwrs.
Am one thara is a .'opt of the E-iinburrh I
**>!r..'roui the eommeoc?fi;s>or; sabs an..!4-. - Il 11 ?.
British Etsayia1*, 22 vols, American ilua.i.-. ? Rei
Ivobsdcc Particulara hereafter.
II V KO? si. ?. I lil i: > .
Store IG9 Rao.vDWAV? Nkh \. .s. I on R ?<
Oet I2ih. I3lh and Mtb.
Books?An extensive ind valukble eollei w ol Eaa
lish editions, iaeludins - Isrirs aad choice prn its ?1 >.
romprisinr a great v^ri.ty of standard we k . , .
partraent of litemture aod scieu embrncine ilso ?u
o! the crosccosllv and slegant b?m>k? of ?.ni.ravioiti 1b.1i
has ever been.offered for competition 't 1 11 sale in oar
city for many years. The book* no* r... sere select
. .1 with ere-,t cure, and consist 1 1 holce editiois man)
in fine budincacd present an opportunitv to I ok col eet
nraaad seni.11 . ff g U ? is. .
A M 1 .S i M 1. N r s.
nt,IV'YORK .HA'ss. < Jt.
h iiown ss I'. al-' Museum, Bio oppoa a the Pnr'a.
rilUE p11 ? respactfulli m-o-ra I ih l V'OGaL al
I I.NSTltl Mr M IL r- iNCE I ? *i I Ii t ven bj
?<!... sli \RPti. .Mi.. Brtl'CE, Nr ftUAi Li . U ?? . , lat
Hallo Singer,'front the PniLdelphta .M.i r.n. llr. 1.1)
WARDS, tha admired Comic V calut, wi:h a Bu go ol
Drolleries. Professor, ofthe Pia*o Forte.Vr. J 1! -SON
Commencing iu the I. . iure Room at .1 p. .1 T .'clock,
and continue eve y evening4 this ..k.
A ?? r.f burhly mler.-Blni.' >le.ni.TSit : I'n.?.'s.
Animal Magueti*m,) may be .n n at the Museum every
af.emoon this wrek, at * o'clock. Tne patiaut 1* ?u iu
te intent I idv, who bns be.-u perfect!) t-bnti from her
hirtb ; but when asleep she is msne 10 alnp and pi > nn
tha Piano, and also to describe ttimes which "he u-rn
a:?w hi a mannurtiul) n tou'shing, and whi he unoi tsit
to command Hi attention ofcandid and inti lltgi Dt; eople.
The Miise.um i*:di*piayi in three apasi 1- it is, coa
sistin^' !>? Quadrupsds, Birds, Kepiiles, F11
?heil?. .Mo.eiai?. Fo.siJt, and a la*|ie o'lecte n of Por?
trait* of emioaat men and ..Hie' Paintints . 1 ? '? >nd
Cosniorama, sml numerous Ml eellaueuua t u.' si. us,
from ever psrtrf taew ?!!
Fancy tilurv Woi inch) Mr.Ow?ut.
Admi'si.'u to all25 ceuts. Cnllorou under 10 -s-, et
see '.h!i' price. ?14 1 W
XT Now Exhibltlisg, at the N ? 1 ' ly
IV-iltn, Itros.^ny, .-..ru.-r of loou ird street, DubuA ?
matntfieeat Picture of DON JUAN HAIDEl >nd LAM
RRO.on 150 fuel of caavaas. The PR'Nl "-?- OF CA
PI'A aad a full length Poitrait of the tsON. MRS Mta -
TON, by Pari* of London. Open fi mUo1 ek Is is
morning unii' 1(1 ai night
Admission 25 eeats SeasonTickets 1SO csn's. ?27tf
; /"s Ht?A 'S' tk AI CS r f tr e Atrtgric.iu I >iitwt.i at Nib
V" to'? ri .rdesv? I* a Exblbiuo ? ?>!>? 111 tti - ??-.y at 1?
o'clock. M'.ru s irit 1 nu iii'^r^st never h^- b en . xhiblt
1 ? d. Coutubuiions are eruwding nf ..n far nl mir.
Thearranetm 11 ? for he ?..oleof ti. - wesk ir-- sjj.
'r> m ly In cre? t r voui A.i.lre.je?, a f. -ei ? 11 Exbl
bitiou, an4 u Nut., a! Goaveulioii.
Dei*gates besoa 10come 111 on Frulai it t F t par*
liculara ?ee Bdl of Arrangement* at tin G r..'e:i. oil
V I.% ...? Ill FA I. Is*. 'A I 1 'i " iL ??- >.. n
.* This exhibition w II lie kept ojen ore ?eek I r-..
previous to r> departure South. H<u:r* ? 1" oxh buinn.
.'rum 10 A. U to P ?I (u tae e/en^u.. f Oru T ibi 10.
tt th. Acii.' m> if Fine Art? Birelsy steet >i?. , ort
?low ilie Astor House. Adruissir.u 25 en .- II rea
half or <?. id 6 is
Jivini Wide aad ( urled *Ja;.le Ki$h g'ost
Particularly adapted to the Southern va ; At -!*o
'he vnriou- k nda adapted tu Sa.? city trso '. art) how co
, t!s nt TI O i'il-stieet.
WILLIS'S PriEMHJM BED1TEAD5 ire n * ackno*.
lodged t y a 1 n ho iiav..- tr*. i th-in 10 '.e.''Ti iedly luperior
point of cle-.iiline-s dura d ty.CCOO :.n ?, n d esse with
?rbieb th-y are put op or taken down, u> all tfa --.vrb..
fore offered to the public An inspection ri.iI trtitl is all
:aui isnecesrary to convince every person of '.!.rse fjct*.
J. D l' GLAS, Tl t, 1 s-rst.
V To*.n snd f'osctv Real, for s.l -. . '? 1 is.
IIAirtUW -.Utk. X.Sit .1 tiOO ?., .1
W. JL J. JAMISON, 255 sod i.".',} ORr.r;su :..ii.sT>.. ct.
\r ITCIIEN FURNITURE in all its va.-m.-s. consist
ir.s of Hard'. are, Wood-ware, Tin-ware 1 I W
saru, kept cousta-.tly ou ban.I, of th- ben ,., ties, ..
? ery low pn?.:.' v. sail be tim-.-s. T'acsu .1 to a ...d *t*h
purcha.e rticb-- of theabora km J will l: r J 'o .he./
idv .utaire hy Ca.i:r.?- beturo 1 ur.-a t-.in^ .-l-.j-v/i.-rc.
v, B. A large asaortmeat of Piaat Stand* and rubs
>f various pattern* u.-u! -1/ ia
ol In... W a J. JAMISON.
PR HP A R ? 0 H ; 'S TE A M,
?IS 171 BROADWAY, tl. Y \ :.
V R.?One ouiM r equal in virtue to ? rvoun.l ..r.u. rosw
1 ?b 1 riiperior article 1* o.t rr.: to the pul I <? as coai
?tomir mo. e a.lv-at gs? than any other article in t^e rnar
'ei_ Some of the advantages are, that it 11 | irtable .-. 1
?a.-iiy conveyed from place to place II ra'.y t.<: '. ..' :
? ?. one peraon, eirber by b*nd or trea I c, a;:d ?rb very
itue?abor. It wii) tura out wora as quick and it as
-u> Ot er pr??s. and a. 'he nu.nber ol its , sri. .r? f-.-r it
? |i*>il ? to get out r,{ r.rd r. Those who b ive i-e.t ilw
r*-e,.s as well as other -.ersous acquamted win fr-'sss,
,>?<, ounce it the best and cheapest mat :m y. 1 bru pro
laced. Persons desirous -if procuring tae artic: -s.i oh
tain 'hematril John-atreet,between William nd GoloV
?m su. s-?4 Irri.
Fox ft a i.E nKtx vt\H yfi r. -
A lot of fine Goid J'W'Iry, and a lew .- ret
i.chei will be sold a: bargain .'or C iah, -.r e?.
? . ... .ng.->: f.. ? 1 Or'.-ery Store ?1 ? ??..?. ?- ck,
wortufromS toWfii or would ue s, mog ;' r raj
?;h rruil business ?Ire* y s?tahli?hed. J >me r.,, will
ho put with ta> Wa-en? *i?d Jewelry, If th , .v
cbou d sail. Any iserswe horiog J baainem to dispose of
od situation .
an make a first ra'.- ' ? gain. Ad
r? E?S.O at tni- ?.fi.ee. win name -'a g busioe**
,'f properly wished 10 he sachanged and ?hen and wer?
,n intervie'sr csn be 10._"I2 3is'
" w a T t *i !: * a i> J t .. I-. L KV,
VERY LOW?AH description* of <5i : a I Sil
CJ;Vjo v r Lfv r, Anchor Esc* meal '.? , . t, 1 1
{gjjjJgSand Verge Watcbe?, D 4 P.i
..ui ?n..ils. Cn uns ano Jswelrv. for ta'..- a: rrt .ii . >?-i
a^n at any othe pla e ta tae L'.ty. Watefaea and JewsTl.
v excnan.ed or .Sought, '.aid Wane bei aa ! ?w a?S?5 ?nd
.40 eiea \ I Ws '.n^> wjrrar.-d to k-"p .??.? d one. or
.? nay returned. Ws.tt-.?s and 'locks repaired ta lb* isssi
anner ? d warranted ai Bine , less ttus th- ussa; pricsst
f one of the ?cest workmen a Am-rie*.
G. C ILLNV. lat; o't>r of
Watchoi ?o-J JeweU-.. -n ilessle 1 I retail.
dhl ist' ?! VV'stl..-r?er. atalrs
R~ED~'lsA\'Is?rW^.,VEV .a ALL Banks in
this S.ate *il; be tskan without any discount Cor a few
iav- on y for Dry Goods at -ie'l Gretowieh it. n??; .;??!;

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