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I tu. i ike J >k-u lor 1843.
I! i N T I N G S 0 S ii.
?.Y j. c. rctctvAL.
Oil' see how the red-deer Loundeth.
As lie hears tiie born in the taornine .
He leap,, is the blas! resoundeth.
In ins flight, die hunter corning.
And away, away, oh ! awav.
He rleeu through the fores; drear ,
T is more wild freedom's play.
Than :t,e hurried speed of fear.
He leaj.s, as the blast resoundeth,
In his flight, the hunter bc irning .
And away, awav be boundeth,
Ar i.-- berirs tbe horn in the morning.
Then oho! uiio! oho!
Away 'j chase ::.e deer?
Oho ! oho ! oho ;
The free, the free are tie re.
And on, through the forest rleeting.
He biea to the r?ck built fountain,
And bears but the echo, retreating
To tiie dells and glens of the mountain.
He stands by the welcome spring,
And looks in tbe mirror below?
When, hark ! through tbe gre-ri wi.od ring
The born and tbe loud ono!
H?- imps, as the blast resoundeth;
In bis flight, the hunter scorning ;
And away, away he boandeth,
As tie hears tue horn ia the/ morning.
Ttieu oho! oho! o'uo !
Away to cha.-se the deer?
Oho! olio ! rtho '
The free, the free are here !
li A Ii N A B V K I D G E.
21 Xruj Wl'oit. bv Jioj
Tie- prisoner, left to himself, sat down upon hi:
bedstead; and resting his elbows on his knees, am
his chin uoon ids bands, remained in that attitud
foi hours. It would (>v Kuril to ?ny, ol wjia; na
ttire bis reflections were They had no distinct
ne?s., and. saving for some flashes now and then
no reference to his condition or the train of eir
, umBtaqces by which it had I.n brought about.?
The cracks in the pavement of bis cell, the chink
in the wall where stone was joined to stone, tin
Isar? in tin- window, tie- iron rirtg upon the floor?
nuch things a* the..-, subsiding strangely into om
another, and awakening an indescribable kind u
mierest ami amusement, engrossed his whole ruin-!
nnd al?iough ut the bottom of bis every though
there wus an uneasy sense of guilt, and dread o
death, lie felt no more than that vague conscious
iiess of it, which a sleeper bits <>f pain. It pur
sues him through hi- dreams, gnaw, at tiie hear
of ull his fancied pleasures, robs the banquet o
its taste, music of its sweetness, makes happinesi
itscll unhappy, ami yet is no bodily sensation, bu
ti phantom without ?hupe, or tonn, ot visi .de pre
rtence; pervading every thing, but having no exist
enee; recognizable every where, but no when
seen or touched, or met with faco to face, until tin
sleep i- passed, und waking agony returns.
After a Ion* time, the dour of his cell opened
1 loked up?aw tiie blind man enter?und r
lapsed into his former position.
Guided by Ids breathing, the visiter advanced to
where in' sat?and slopping beside him, and
stretching out Iii? hand to assure himself that In;
was right, remained, for a good "pace, silent.
" Tins is bud. Budge. This is bad." lie said at
?wThe prisoner shuffled wild Ids feet upon the
ground iu taming Ids body from him. but made no
other answer.
"How were yoil taken?" lie asked. ?'And
where.' Von never told me more than half your
isecret. No matter; I know it now . How was it,
and where, eh '" he asked ngaiu, coming still
nearer to him.
"At Chigwell," said the other.
" At Chigwell! How came you there '"
" Because 1 went there to avoid tin- man I
?.tumbled on," lie answered. ''Because I was
chased and driven, by him and Kate. Because I
was urge,! to go there, by something stronger than
my own w ill. When I found him w atching in the
house lie used to live in, night uf or night, 1 knew
I never could escape him?never' and when I
heard the Boll?"
He shivered ; muttered that it was very cold;
paced quickly up and down ibe um row cell; and
sitting dow n again, b II into his old posture.
" Von w.nying," sui'1 the blind man. alter
anothei pause, tbit when yon heard ihe Bell?"
" Lei ii In-, will you '" be retorted in u hurried
?.?nee. ?? Ii liune> liiere vi.'
The blind mini turned a wistful und inquisitive
face toward him, but he continued to speak, with?
out noticing him.
? I went to Chigwi II. in search of tin' mob. I
have been so limited and beset by this man, thai 1
Knew my milv hope of safely lay in joining ibvin.
They bad gone on before; I followed them, when
ti leli oft."
" When what left oil "'
" Tin- Bell. They had quitted the place. 1
hoped that some of them might be still lingering
tun?mi:' the ruins, aad was searching foi them when
I heard? " lie drew a lung breath, ami w iped Ids
forehead with his sleevi?"bis voice."
" Saj ing what'"
" No mallei what, 1 do n't know. I was then
ut the foot of the tin let. where I did the?"
? Ay," said the blind man, nodding his bend
with perfect composure, " 1 understand."
?? I climbed the stair, or so much of it us was
l< :t ; meaning to hide till be bud gone. But he
beard me ; mid followed almost as anon u? I set
foot upon the ashes."
?? You might have hidden in the wall, und thrown
him down, or stabbed him," said the blind man."
" Might I ' Between that man and tue. was
one who led him on?I saw it. though he did not
?"and raised above above bis bend a bloody band.
It wus in the room above that ke ami 1 stood glar?
ing ut each other on the night of the murder, and
before ha fell In* raised his band like that, and
fixed bis eyes uu me. 1 knew the chase woulo.
?md there."
" \ on have h strong fancy," said the blind man,
with a smile.
"Strengthen yours with blood, and see what it
will come to."
He groaned, and rocked himself, and looking up
for the fust time, said in a low, hollow voice:'
?? Eight-and-twent) wars' Eight-and-twenty
yeais! Ho has never changed in all that time,
never grown older, not altered in the least degree.
He has been before me in the dark night, and in
the broad sunny day; iu the twilight, the moon?
light, the sunlight, the light ot fire, and lamp, ami
candle ; and in the deepest gloom. \;Wavs the
same ' in company, in solitude, on land, on ship
board: someutnes leaving me alone for months,
ami sometimes always w ith me. I have seen him.
at sea. come eliding iu the dead of night along the
bright reflection of the mo?.ti in the calm water:
and 1 have seen him. on quays ami market-places,
with his bund uplifted, towering, the centre of a
busy crowd, unconscious of the terrible form that
hud its silent stand among them. Fancy ' Are
vou real? Anil' Are these iron fetters, riveted
?>n me bv the smith's hammer, or are they i.mcie
I can shutter at a Mow
The blind mas listened in silence.
" Fancy' Do I fancy that 1 killed him ! Do I
fancy that when I left the chamber where belay, I
saw the face ot u man peeping from a dark door,
who plainly showed me by bis fearful looks that he
suspected what 1 bad done ' Do 1 remember that
1 spoke fairly to him?that 1 drew nearer?nearer
yet?with tbe hot knife in my sleeve ' Do I fancy
that le died ! Did he stagger back into the angle
of the wall into which 1 had hemmed him, and.
bleedtn? inwardly, stand, not tall, a corpse before
me ' Did 1 see htm. as I see you now, erect and
uu his feet?but dead."
The blind man. who knew that he had risen,
motisined him to sit down again upon his bedstead ;
but he took no notice of the gesture.
?? It was then I thought, lor the first time, ot
fasteniriir the murder upon him. It was then I
dressed him in my clothes, and drugged him down
the back stairs lo the piece of witter. D* I re
jjiembot intertill*; to the bubble* that came rising
up when I had rullad him in ' mo I remember
wVpine the water from my lace, an.) because the
body splashed if there, in its descent, feeling a, 11
; i: must be blood ' - - , , . .
" Did I home wt.en L nad done A:..; r.\.
' my (sod ! h?w long it took to do! Did I stand be?
fore my wife, and teil her ' Did I s*e her fat! apon
the ground; and when 1 stooped :> rais-j her. did
-he thru?t tne back with a force that cast me off as
j if 1 had been a child, staining the hand with which
' she clasped my wri<t ' I* 'hat fancy '
?? Did rle- go down upon h' r knees, ar.d cal ? n
Heaven to witness that -he and her unborn child
! ivi.uuriced tue hum that hour: ar.d did she, in
words so -olemn that tr.ey turn-d me cold?sr.e.
fresh from the horror- my own hind had rrr-id??
; warn m? to tly while there was time; for though
she woaid be silent, being my wretched wife, -tie
would not shelter me ' Did I go forth that night,
1 abj'ired of God and man. and anchoted de"p in
j hell: to wander at my cable'- length about the
earth, and -urely be drawn down at la-t '
" Why did vou return said tic blind man.
"Why is blood red' [ could: no mare help i\
: than 1 rouid live with ?ut br^atn. I struggled
I against the impulse, but i wasdrawn back, through
I e\etv difficult and ad-.erse e rcumstance, a- by a
mighty engine. Nothing could stop me. The day
! ar.d hour were none of my choice. Sleeping and
waking, I ha 1 b-en arnoin: the old haunts fbryeari
?hud visited my own grave. Why did I cunw
buck ' Because this jail was sspit g tor me. and
he siood beckoning at the door-"
" You were not known '" said tiie blind man.
?? I was a man whu had been twenty-two years
deud No, I was not known."
?? Von should have kept your -ecret better."
'? Mu secret ! Mine ' It was a sen.-:, an\
breath of air could whisper ut its will. The stars
! had it in their twinkling, the water in its.flowing,
the leaves in their rustliag, tiie seasons iu their re
' ! turn It lurked in strangers'faces, and their voices.
I Kvery tliinsc had lip- on which it always trembled
' ?-Vy secret'"
"It was revealed by your own act at any rate,
! su d tiie blind man.
" The act was not ra;ne. 1 did it, but it was
' j nut mine I was obliged at limes to wander round,
land round, and round ihn? spot. If you bad
| chained nie up w hen the lit was on me, 1 should
j. i have bnsken away and gone there. As truly
I as the loadstone draw- iron toward it. ?<> he, lying
' i ut the bottom of his deep grave, could draw tue
' i near him when he would. Was that fancy ' Did
I like to i o there, or did I strive rtrnl wrestle with
the power that fore d me '"
The blind man shrugged his should ? rs aed fmiled
. incredulously. The prisoneragain resumed ids old
j altitude, and L?r u long time both were mute.
"I suppose, then," said his visitor, ut length
b eakinc silence, " that \ou are penitent and re
i signed?thai you desire to make peace with every
body (in particular, with your wife who has brought
j you to this;) and that you a-k no greater favor than
to be carried to T\burn a- soon as possible ' Tbut
being the case I had better leave. I am not g sod
enough to be company for you."
" Have [.not told yau," said the other, fiercely.
! "that I have striven und wrestled with the power
that brought meliere' Has my whole life, for
eight-and-lwenry vent-, been one perpetual strug?
gle and resistance, and do you think I want to lie
down and die ' Do all men shrink from death?I
most of all !"
"That's better said. Thai s better spoken,
Budge?but I 'II not call you that again?than any
thing you have said yet," returned the blind man.
speaking more familiarly, and laying his hand up m
h s arm; " Look _\r?I nev. r killed a man my
self, for I have never been placed in a position
th.it made it worth my while. Farther, 1 am not
an advocate for killing men. and I don't think I
should recommend it or like it?for it s very Im
/.ardoiis?under any circumstances. But as you
! had the misfortune io get into this trouble before I
j made your acquaintance, and as you have been my
companion, and have been ol use to me foi ri lone
time now. 1 overlook that part of the matter, and
urn only anxious that you should n't die unneces?
sarily. Now I do not consider thai at present it
is ut nil necessary."
'? What else i* left me '" returned the prisoner.
" To eat my way through these walls with my
?? Something easier ihan that," returned his
friend. " Promise me :liat you will talk no more
ol these fancies of yours?i de. foolish tilings, ijuite
beneath ;i man?and I II tell you what I mean."
?? Tell me." ?uid the other.
?? Your worthy lady with the tendei conscience;
your scrupulous, virtuous, punctilious, but not
biindlv affectionate wife?"
"What of her'"
" Is now in London."
?? A curse upon her, be she where she may '
?? That 's natural enough. If she had taken her ,
annuity as usual, >ou would not have been here. \
and we should have been better ill'. Mm that's ;
apart from the business. She'? in London.? i
1 Scared, a- I suppose, and have no doubt, by my
representation when 1 waited upon her, that \.m
were close nt band (which I, of course, un ed ... .<
as an inducemeni to compliance, knowing thai she
was not pitting to v,v you), she left that place, and
traveled up to London."
" I low do you know
" From my friend the noble captain?the illus
tiious general?the bladder, Mr. Tapjicrtii 1
learned from hit* the last time I saw him, which
was yesterday; that your son who is culled Barna
ii\?not after his father I suppose?
" Death ' docs that matter now !"
"?You are impatient.'' said the blind man.
calmly; "it 's ? good sign, and looks like lite?
that your son Barnaby had been lured aw av from
her by one of his companions w ho knew him of
old, at Chigwell; and that he i- new nmnn; the
" And what is that to me ' If father and son
be hanged together, what comfort shall i find in
that ?"
" Stay?say, my.friend," returned the blind man.
with a cunning look, "you travel fast to journeys'
ends. Suppose 1 ttaek my lad" out, and ?ay ihn-,
' much: 'You want your son, ma'am?good. 1.
; knowing those who tempt him to remain ninon^
? them; can restore him to you. ma'am?good. You
j must pay a price, ma'am, for his restoration?
good again. The price is small, and easy to be :
paid?dour ma'am, that's best ol all."
" What mockery is ?y< '"
" Very likely, she may reply in those words.
I ? No mockery ut all,' I answer: ' Madam, a
person said to be your husband (identity is difficult
i of proof after the lapse of many years) is in
I prison, his life is injperil?the charge ticairtst him, |
1 murder. Now, ma'am, your busband has been |
j dead a Ion;, long time. The gentleman never can
j bo confounded with hira. if you will have the :
I goodness to say a few words, on oath, as to w hen
he died, and h?w ; aad that this person (who I
am tola resembles him in some degree) is no more
he than I am. Such testimony will set the ques- :
ticn quite at re>t. Pledge yourself to me to give
it, mit am, and I will undertake to keep your sot:
(a nue boy'; out of harm's way until you have
done this trifling ?ervice. when he -hall be deliver- i
ed up to you. safe and sound. On tbe other hand,
if you decline to do so. I fear he will be betrayeti,
and handed over to the law, which will assuredly
sentence him to sutler death. It is. in fact, a
choice between his life and death. If you refuse
he swings. If you comply, the timber is not j
erowti, nor the hemp sown, that shall do him anv
" There is a gleam of hope iu lids'" cried the
prisoner, starting up.
" A gleam!" returned his friend, "a noon-blaze:
a full and siorious day-light. Hiiiii' I heur tu?
tteasl of distant feet Rely on nie."
? When shail ! hear more '"
" As soon as I do. I should hope, to-morrow-.
They are coming to say that our time for Calking
is over. I hear the jingling of the keys. Not j
; another word of this just now. or they may over- j
hear us."
As he said these words, the lock was turned. ?
and one ol tfie prison turnkev- appearing at the j
I leave the iaii.
"So soon!" rai-i Starr, meekly. " But it can't
be helped; Cheer up. frier.d. This mistake wi I
soon be set at rest, and then you are a rw arain!
It" this charitable rentleman will lead a blind man
! (who has nothing in return but prayers) to the
prison-porch, and set him w:;h h;s face towards
the ?e?, he will do a worthy deed. Tnank you,
0 . h! -ir. I tnank you very kindly."
Ss? saying, and pau*:ne tor an it. .tint at the door
to turn his srinnicif face towards his friend, he de?
When the officer had seen him to the porch, he
returned, and again unlocking and unbarring the
door of the-cell, set it wide open, informing its
inmate that he was at liberty to walk in ike adja
cent vard, itthe thought proper, for an hour.
The prisoner answered with a *u!ie:i no?l:: and
being left Bloae again, sat brooding over what lie
had heard. anJ pondering upon the h pes the re?
cent conversation had awakened; raring ab?
stractedly, the while tie did ?o, on th* light with?
out, and watching the shadows thrown by one
: w all on another, on the stone-paved ground.
It was a dull; square yard, made cold and
gloomy by hish walls, and seemine in chill the
verv :un!i2-ht. The stone, so bor?, and roujrb.
and obdurate, filled even him with luaeing thoughts"
of meadow land and tree? ; and witlt a burnine
w i.h to be at liberty. As he looked, he r**e, and
leaning against the door-ptst, gazed up a: the
bright blue sky, smiling even on that dreary home
nt crime. He seemed, for a moment, to temem
her Iving on ids back in some ?weet-?cented place,
and gazing at it through moving blanches, long
His attention was suddenly'attracted by a clank
ins? sound?ie- knew w hat it was. for he had startled
himself bv mukins the same noise :r- walking to
the door. Presently a voice began to sing,nnd he
saw tiie shadow of a figure on the pavement. It
st ipped?w as silent at once, as though the person
tor a moment had forgotten where he was; but
soon remembered?and so. w ith ,he same cl inking
. noise, the shadow disappeared.
He walked out into the court and paced it to
and fro : startling th-* echoes, as he went, with the
harsh jangling of his tetters. There was a door
te ar his, w hich, like his, stood mar.
He hud not tak-n half-a-dwzen turns up and
e: iwh the yard, when, standing still to observe this
door, tie heard tue clanking sound again. A face
looked out of the grated window?he saw it very
dimly, for the cell was dark and th.- bar. were
heavv?and directly afterwards, a man appeared,
and came tow nrds him.
For the sei.f loneliness he ha i. lie mignt
i have been it: the ja I a year. M iije eager by :'(:??
j hope oi compani inship, be quickened hi- pace,
I and hastened I ? Meet the man hail" way?
1 What was tili- ' Hi. son !
They stood face to face, staring ai each other.
Ho shrinking and cowed, despite himself: B.ir
naby struggling with his imperfect memory, and
wondering where he had soen that face, before.
He was not uncertain long, for suddenly he la: 1
1. inds upon him, and s tri vi tig to hear him to the
ground; ci ied :
?? Ahl I know ' You are the robber '"
lb- -aid nothing in reply at first, but kei.l down
hi- head and struggled with htm silently. Findii _
trie younger man too strong for him. fie raised his
face, looked close into his eyes, and said,
?? I am your father."
God. knows .what magic the name had for !.:
'ai-: but Barnahy released his hold, fell hack
and looked at him aghast. Suddenly he sprung
towards him, put hi; arms about. Iiis neck, and
pressed his head against Ids cheek.
Yes, yes, he was: he was sire he was. But
where h,i,i h'' been so lone, and whj hud he left
his mother by herself, or worse thin by herself,
with her poor, foolish boy ' And had she really
b-en as happy as they said 1 And where wns she
Was she near there ' She wn not happy now,
and he in jail ' \h, no.
Not a word was said in answer: but Grip
croaked loudly and hopped about them, round and
i lundj as if enclosing them in a magic circle, und
invoking all the powers of mischief.
JnSs ?Natural
S iv food of Man
J^jjj^JZ j^gr^^^/ff ^e^^ ' * ' ' ' '' 0Va
'of his teeih
and compara?
tive anatomy
Opinions oi
various Au?
thors, among; whom are the following: ? Plato,
Lycurgus, Pythagoras. 1'orphvrr. Plutarch, Culleu.
Gtivier, Ahernethy, Chcyne, Bell, S. Orahain, and
Tea, arid its effects? Sheep f..J on flesh ? Scro?
fula from eating pork?Effects of stimulants on
the jaws and teeth of man ; also on animals, with
plates ? Milk lor the young;?Bloodsuckers?Mo?
saic Law ? Teething of infants ? Salt ?Unleaven?
ed brca.l?Manner of preparing an I making hrea !
? Pat, and its effects ? Nourishment, an 1 its e|.
feels ? Man must labor for his support ? Digestion,
ami a picture of the human stomach ? Mineral
poisons, and their effects ? Tooth.ache? Relation
oi husband and wife ?Power of assimilation ?
Feeding London swine ? Sleep ? Nutritious mutter
,u animal and vegetable substances ? Iniquities of
parents visited on their chd Iren?Corsets und ?mal
waists?To young men who intend to get wives
au 1 raise healthy children? Disobedience to pa?
rents shortens hie?Marriage and long life?To
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l.iabiiDi IIou>r.6J H-.r ? friends
?f femileranct srvi?-itedto ceiL ia?werBat^sfree. ?!
s. r-sas? ?.VhW.VUBK.U.liiVi ?
?j.??-^ ?? ; B iTLINl - ta
rbe TKnV.Wednesday HjorBiri* a: 7 oVlock
rba SWALLOW_Thursday m"rnm.- at 7o ?>
I TRI H.F-.jsy morning at" o^cloek.
From the too: ol < orilnmlt-?i. . . :.
The HE WITT CUATON,Th'ir?day and Sa-a: : .? v.*
noon at 5 o'clock.
Notice.?All Good.. Freier.i. Bagcatre. Bask BiUa, Spe?
ie, or anv other kta.l of Property. takeas kipped, or pel
:, board th" Boats of this Line mu-l be at ttie risk of tile
tamer* of met Goods. Freight, Baggage, dec_oll_
? ; -. i.vfm.ii; L i n k". : on
is. The steamboai SOOTfl AMERICA 1 bl.L. VY
Ira . leaves every Monday. Wednesday a ad i riday
: 6 o'clock P. M.
'I te ROCHESTER, Capt-A.P St. John, leave*
be a pie every 'Tuesday, Taarsdsv and Saturday, at
'dock P. M. ?
Th-' k.sVster and South America are new and
tautial boat., well titled up and furnished withstnti
nom?, and for speed and accommodation, are uotserpau
d by any boat.- on the riser.
r ar , ? "r freight, apply so
i' C. SCHULTZ, at the n:Ties. er on haird.
? ?=i FOIl ALBANY - I
S XOON atSo'clock tae steamboat DIA
IN'D, from fool ofBar. lav -t.
i't,\\ til i. * i '???*?. us : .
?SPRINGS The ttt unl oat HIGHLAN
.... Hoben Wardrop, wd, leave the foot o
Warren-street, New-York, every Monday, Thursday, ui
S^t .r.'.av afteraOOB, at 4 u'clistk.
Returning, the HIGHLANDER will leave Newburrl
BVi ry Monday morning st 6 o'clock, and Tuesday anc
Friday afternoon ai f o'clock.
For freight or paasage, apply to the Captain ou board.
N R?All baggage, and freight of every description sei
b:!N, oi specie, put an board this bout, taust t>.. at the ri-li
of tae owner* thersof. unless a bill of lading or r>-. ? ipt ii
licned for the same.
'~k,*~*rT*r Via New-Bracswick.?Fare through. $4.
S r< 'i 1"S U. S. Mail Liueli ? t - - foot of Lihi rty-streel
every morning,excopt?uaday*,at9 o'clock.by New-Jersey
Railroad lo New-Brunswick, thence by Troy coaches di
r ret, arrisiint in Eastsn at 6 o'clock the isme day
dei idedly the m tscpleasant and convenient as welj as in.
most lir.-et and expeditious route from New York ti
Ka-ton. For seats apply at the Railroad OrV.ce. foot o
Liberty-street. N..rth-rit Hotel, foot of Couriland street
,.r ..ii I'm ir.i the car-, of W.m. F. Aci.F.who will accom?
pany lite passengers to New Brunswick, and give all in
format ion and assistance required. "-I tt
i'KnPi. e'st line FROM NK\V-Y4?RH
^ TO ?, ~n
:.r .i: in 9 ?;???:-. Fare on>. >i
euve pierNo I N. R.. Battery Place, at Sio*clock,_A
Inily, Suodays excepted, by steamboat Ciaderilla i
tcrVVifch, to ElizabcUiport. then to lake the can o
I!. Town and Somervdlc Railroad to Boundbrook
nig only 3e miles by coaches, making by 6r tb.t mosi
;? ml and exp rditioas route to Eastoii. For seats -ip
t.. 1.1? Hope, 73 Caurtlandt ?t. or ob board. A. D
k w II accompany the passengers to Bound Brook, ami
der all assistance necessary.
. it. This is the oaly line that arrive- in F. ?ton befon
it, Retarning this line arrives m .New York at hall
It. o'clock I' M.. two hour- in advance of the u
ill expr.nail Sine via N Brunswick.)_sl4 3m
r-^o rtfjt steiti.u wii Iii .
commence running on Saturday, Saptember 25th, oa fol
i-svc F i!t<i* M irkei .lip, K.-t River -very Sal*
urlay at 10 o'clotk, A. M. Tuesday, Wednesday nu,:
Friday at - o'clock, A.M.
Ret irning, leave Red Bank every Mond ly morn i g,
10 o'clock, A. M. Tu?.Uy, Wednesday ami Friday
at half past rJ o'clock; P. M.
The boat will ran a? above until farther notice, nav?
igation -.n t weather permitting, siib ?m
-i.r^r-^ - ssm, 1 HL LASIr-IlN l'l\:.-:u.N
lizZ^Zi ^'.?^rJL. N E \V. v Ah A r. >: s 8
?"1^r-:^ iZBE&KAItaBOAll?1 ntil further
notice, trains, will run as follows:
J Pinitr,^? r Trtia daily,except Sundays, leaving the
fr ot of Albany-sL, in the Company'* Steamboat UTICA,
; Captain A. II. S, halt/., at r A. iL, and arriving in I< isben
at 1 K M.
a Freight and Pattenger Train tri weekly, in iddi
tion to the above, leaving the foot of Chambers-street at I
o'clock, I*. M., on Mondays, Wednesday* ami Saturdays,
v irriving at Gosheo ai 10, P. M. Stopping place*
???lae as hi the irain- from Gothen.
.4 Pattengtr Trum daily, cxi epl Sun.lays, leaving the
depot at 7 A. 31-, and stopping at any of the following
; j.'a. ??> ???. her.- passengers may desire to he left ..r taken
up, >i/..?Chester, M aroe Village, Seamausville Turn
era, Monroe Works, Ramapo station, sutferns, Puscae
Graesbush. Blauveltville and Pierment, arriviug ia the
sttmmboai I lira st New-York.at IS, SI.
.( Freight and /'.i^s. tig, r Train '.rt meekly, leaviag
tlie depot at3 P. M.. on .Monday.-. Wednesdays and i . i
I days, will stop if required, at the above places, arrivii g
; in New York at 10. P. M.
Freight anil I..- received at the Company's boats, at the
f.aat of Albany-street, J uly, after I o'clock, P. M. and at
ti ?? loot of Chambers-street' on Monday, H edm sday ami
.?sitiir.lny. till :i.. . l.~-.k P M.
F-r freight or passage inquire ai tbs Company'. Trans ?
porMl ion office, corner of Liberty and W, st-nrei i
DR. F.TkLIX tiiH'llAI'D^ ~
\ kl BL1C APPROBATION has so decided!* stumped
I i .?? superiorityof Dr. P. FELIX GOURAI D'S POU
I It r.s j5U It TILES, or Penetrating Powders for uprooting
hair from women's upper lips, side* of the face, back ol
0< ck, in do.; beurtls, a .:. a c tint little need be -aid in its
I praise Ley.in.I the mere aaaouocemeui that it eoml.ss
perfect safety ?ith.tli. uey. an.I bas completely banished
all the deleterious preparations which have hitherto heru
used, profess ng tu rem ive hair.
liOl rtll III DE BKAUTE, orTrue Water ol
Beauty, for removing freckles, tan. pimple*; blotches,
...r>. burn., un 1 ail cutaneous eruptions, realiziag deli
.-ate white hands, neck and arm., und cl citing a healthy
juvenile aptsearance. si per bottle,
terially from dowers and simples, impart* a deli ate wr
nation tinge :.. the cheek, immoveable i.y perspiraiion, ..r
rubbing with a handkerchief or lioen clotn. fjtlceni | ??
|"he above celebrated cosmetics are prepared only
!-r Fe'ix Gouraud, practical chemist, and to be ha'.', hi
V * York. ...ii-, at Ins ex< lu-ive oiic... tiT Walk ir -treet
? doi.r from Broadway, and of the followiug aul. I
NewY'ork?Albauy?Alex. Guthrie,druzzi t I
lane, Utica?G. L Brown, perfumer, Ges..n ?
Poughkeepsie?J. Gray, Buualo?J. Ilinsdule, i;.; jud ... .
Main tre. u
Pennsylvania?Philadelphia?31 rs. B own, Chesuut
Maryland?Baltimore?David P.Smith, 7.". North Gay
, stltttfU
District et'i."..!'ami,.a?Wasbiujloa?S. Parker, Peaa
I sylv.nia Avenue.
\:rs::M.? Richmond?M ? Fray?.-r. F street.
Cooeecticut.?Middletou?E. C. F.-r.---. New-Haven?
\. Low.Cbapsd >t Hartford?Welll .<? Co, I7e Maia-sl
Vorwicb?\V:n. Faulker.
Mai-t lusettsv-llos'on?X. S.Jordan, 2 Milk-street
Lowell?G.A Carletna* Co. City Hal Lynn?Dr.A.
L. Holder. Worcester?M. D. Pftilli,... Brinley I", .re
Springfield?F. A. ?'..sie-, Maia-streeL Leo?Bull a
Fi-ld. Salem?W. a S. R. Ive*. Newburypori? C M.
ii ? Ige.
New-II mpahire ? Portsmouth? W. R. Presl ? i
Msioe.?Port nd?T Hay- A Co. Bangor?Messrs
Wiiiitier.V ?,a.! I. Ha:! .w-il ?F. Seaaim-.n.
Rhode Island?Providence, Charles Dyer, jr West
?:. uter street.
11?Col imbns, > :in ???- i^lark.
Every bottle of Dr. Gouraud's Cosmetics t:'..- hi* n une
a j the ..aaie of preparation, and New-York, l.'io-.i on
lac four ;idc. and bts fac sim.le enjraved oa tbi wrap
pers of the l'.?ijres SaL-t;lc-. Noue other, are genuine.
..l-Jtisie-d _.
Nowin** Pectoral iluney of Liverwort, prepared
only by Jo-eph Nowill m tie city of New-York,i*
surest und ta -t efficacion* remedy fur I'ourhi. (
Asthma, WhoopingCuogfa and all aaTecuon* of the Heart
and Luac- leading to consumption.
11 is sold at'.ho low price of two .inllirg- per bottle.
For ?nie wholesale and reUil at the Origual Depot.
<A Madison, cor Catu-rme, and retailed by 11. V. Ba.... ill
Barclay st: Aaron Gilbert. 110 Fultoa and ? Bowery; Ja*.
H. Hart. ST- Broadway, cor. of Chambers it . W. H. Ii,
seaberry, West Greenwich, Cout_. and retailed by Dr ag
gist* :c -very ci y iu tlx Union.
N. B Be sure that each ?ulside wrapper bears the signa
tare of Joseph Nowill in full, without wQicj uoae are gi.. ??
ine. ?9 lmeod
TRY FOB VOX Itw r. I. VEs,
il rs. st i:nuioil' Celebrated Ointment.
L'OB ih? eure f Fever Sores f , ? % | eg n
F L--j- St. Anthony's Fire. Inrlirauiitioc-. Burn
Scalds. Salt Rueua. Sca-d Head, and an invaluable re?
medy lor Sore Nippies and the Piles ; it wtii heal tresk
wounds in from J too days.
For sale at N'->. 103 Houston -tree:, N. y.
Per-ocs wbose wounds are pronu^nce/- incurable by
1' -- wouid do weil to appiy at the above place.
a?O Im" r
(i'V VX,,Kh- '?'? '1RaM a Hi ??
va wo I r r. Broadway, sr- now op.-a : .' s :."? ind
?pl-adid assortment of ailvercl and onaala Parlor Cnan
er-, Bra-aet-^, Maitel Lighu. Lanier:... Ac. Arc for I
Gas and Laadle-. and would invite those who Vre intro- '
rJuciag the City Ou :cto their nousea to cail and .-ee their
a.---r-. n --:. - .,_
-of the best
ce of tae N-w World.Aan-st. Itmair* of Mr J VV
RICHARDS, ia tit Pres. Room ;ba?etaect.; 'SUili tf 1
i \ ::. 515? HAKDSOcV'S BirBKBl
1 / t : k: i sum.- -? " fe*
iturutl aon-es:
Frau) :r, B ?' -a M n M s P.
Dr. Kiriurd-.a": >hc:ry tt ice B.ttcr^ ire an eiceiln
Fi is ??? E
Tnl? i? the teas*
heat :? m toi ir *n ?: i:?c-<
a Ihr .,-ir-ni. ?V'ehssej I
la mil .
D* Foi
eneral ?cen:s,-9 and. Vhv Full r. < end;*. East Broac? i
M, ?..i : K...4.:? iv. ?..i...i-r X \ iiae I - 1 I.? ?' <??? ?' - '?
' Gnrjc 32T Bowery, r?r?ntS?S C!ieei??ich-st_ J. CoJJiob *
? 1 S.in 25S C.iail--U TAJ. Coddiagton Js Son S27 Hud. on
f I Schi-if-lin 114'Catui.tA. Gc?r?e Uotliel 35 >.?ih Areaue,
I Ring-?4A Broadway. J hnSyros?53 1J wery, BadesuS? kW
ery,K..C \K R.'M '?? 'I- It tten lc3 Eatt Broad
i war.Ou n ISJ Bowery, Staples*: Ford I3S Bowery, Rolton
I ! 171 Broadway._ ?14 llu
?? VV irrauted iu ill Riieuui. Ringworm Tet
I ter. Scald Head Ibrter's or. Jackson Itch, Eczema, Psoris
i a ?. Pa::>iaria ... I : .- .. ::i ? skin are safelyi
? eertai ? v and el! tsallv. in .1 In the iseofS in l*'? Rente
?ysieai. lira Keaiedyupertrctly harmless in itsopera
... n : ' tna) ',??> applied with safety even to lite skiu o:
.leresl infant. Tcstimoutals of its elBcac> are daily
received, aad the following arc selected tor publication,
which it is t;:. right will satisfy tad mind of ??wry candid
person of its extraordinary virtues:
.Vew-Yo*jc, May I. 1840.
M.,ir..A. K.Il 0. 5ancj?GerJaeiuen; Feelings 'I thank
? . ... md j titude inusee aie inform you that I smper
? . ... . .. e-Iof the Salt Kheum by lb< ate ef youl P.eniedy.
Thedi-e ise spread say hands' to inv finger i nd-. ind
>Li LEW Is. Newark,N.J.
ISN M l '. ? KIBALL.
S. ?? 115 Fulton
?"?? ' ':->" "? ?"!>?<" pi-iur.i'C a- y c-s.il
'. ' . v (he idvire of a mend wbo was cured by y m
?d ? :. lu.ed ? usi it, ind I un lhaiikiul to say
r result has b, a a p feel ure. V.respectfully.
IOHN CU tPMAdV,.9 Cha'ths
i NVw.yi rk; >rr> 15,1 38.
Prepared aud sold, wholesale and retail, bv
A. 15. &. 1). SANDS, Druggists,
71' and 100 Fullen.*1.
Sold sUoby Wm I'.r iwn, 181 VViisI ? gton ?... and S. VV.
Fowl,.. i riu. i--t.. Boston ; J...*pli l!..lcli. Provideucs
it. Lj E. IV. [lull, II irtfor I, Ct.; I?. R. W. M ithewsou,
Norwich, ft.; M. Rawls A Co. Albany ; J. Gorhsrn, and J.
Fowler, Newb irg N. Y.t Dr. David Jane, 3d South Third
si. Philadelphia; G. K. Tyler. Baltimore. E TrivettA
Son, Pou tlikeepsie . and l>y druggists generally in ?II the
principal cities and cluci towns in the! cited S:.u> - Price
?!. sir, lm_
it EA :> i -. i* lie a s. ?:t r.
! I70R the 1 ist -i\ k ,r. Till PI CTORAl. HONEY OF
; s LIVERWORT (us prepared by James I) NowilD jhas
, , been before the Public a- a remedy for Couchs, Colds.
Asthma, Sborl ? of Breath, und all affections of the
l.uiias leading to t'on-uiiiptioii The unpre,-. dented sale.
, sud euvia&b celebrity it has obtained, i, sullicient evi
Icnce of its vlfic ? ?.. uotwithviandine thai the proprietor
: nlac-il itat Hie low nriea of two sbilliacs per bottle, in
? hopes that it would ? >? lare the P iblic against the I a e and
fraudulent ???! rts >: coumrrfriters. liven this, as all
good and dc/ervinelj popularmedieiues have been belbre
; it, is counterfeited. Let those who wish-to get the Origi*
i nal and Geuuine be-very ptirticiilar where they purchase
I it; and oaserve thai it bears tie ?isnattire of /nates D.
? '?'?fill in fall, 'i'li ? ci iiui.e- may b* ohtaineii at H*?rs.
ftlcott, ?I Ki- ou .'. 1 n 1 i". Maiden Line, wboare lieue
'si Agents lor ii,? 1 nited Stites. Thompson <l Uuryea,
1 ir. Broad and Sinuc- t Lawrence, Ket a A.Co N0.IS1
Maiden-lane; William Hal bClapp,83Maiden lane.
Retail of M< r?. Vdatnson i Qliff, fl Bowery and
; Broadway, \\ Miilmo ?:... I way, James Tarrant. cor. ol
i Greenwich aad ?Vau, ,, .i; j I. Coddiugton.S?7 Ifud
son st., J. Wier. 24SJ Graud 't. C Cougnacii 111) Chatham.
I t'lie.. emsn .'. ?? Ibe I Bowi 1 . G Cocreaball, Pearl ;ind 1
Rose.ts, r. A W.r. BUi. Brooklyn; F. VVbitinr, I
U illianuburgh, !.. I.
JAMES D. NOW ILL Sole Pro iri< ti r.
At VV. V. t: uu's (pothe, ari li ill, }
''-I tf 'i,; 1 Intiierine st. '
'???!> % ?? *.. s.j.. Ca? K t<? v*H ills*.
nvte :nt. Vv'lt.l 1 \MS - COMPO|f>9 EN
I'm' I10I1EMOI Mr. tiurrubiuiu Vulgare) B Im
fr?d, P.ipulitsI: .:-i:..;.v-a and Slippery Elm 1
is.ami all diseascirol lie Bru it and Longs inrinitel
rior to all.ll.tc tost.iof the day and g uue.l
? ?
1 Dyspepsia. Liver Co.apIaiols, Sicli Headache. Ner
IPOKTJivT >??.?. I; it J'.j N ?JS
ILLS.?The Pu die of Auieii . .... informed 11,,
a the people of_tbe United St.-.:.-. as it >s well known
iat to era! icdivid 13.U ire endeavoring to palm off tb<-ir
leJicmes under the plea that they are ictiug isg.-ra;
- ? its t.. ;a.ta IU ,.::-nt 111 London.
Marcoanta, Tra e,-. Agents and olbi rs, mav besup
? "?' ? - ??? U r..1 ieir late sgent, Me. Taylor,by
ind.ctr their orders dire-:t to Me-.r>. MORISON, ,1 tl,.
rttisu College of Health; Hamilton Plsee, Ne-v Road
.olid, u, * en 1 be ? * ,0 ?/??: ou at the s one luae a Certifi
'd ;
The in tdicines of
? f rth ?.i a- in
each rox cr packet. | ,n
R?1 I'lll'.ss F?K PRINTING
_ CARDS, :til Pearl reel
ie business of Cari Pristini' to
p". at of perfectK/o than it ha.
ore ettatne.l. and nt a much
rst- than can be doan by the
Tbis mic!.i..e took tue ore.
is in use. Cards tinr.tod fro-n
'PUE -I PSCRIBERS rive notice thv rj,ev a e
Sh,vwa,Soap -hi-m kasbeenorTere., .i ^
the assurance that its freedom from ail eeUterious uwedi
enu^ woaM ren^ theor?r?tioo of shaviaa Stlfeas,"
aad treeirom the usual -martinr or irriral.ii;,'? ..VJ '
thease of other Compounds ""'.ability aueadtng
see- so appreciated as to reader ti)I1 aotlc(.
a is withconfidenee a trial of the article is .ol^-ed
For sale, wholesale a:;J re(s,|. by
.?1 l... . . . _ 168 Greenw,cri..treet,
c.And by the principal Dncjist. Perfumers h, the
' -1-1/3
'j'EAt. Fi eG mpo* let 10 I Impen .. Teas in rraests
J- and halt -heats For .a|^ by
oT if GK1NNEL1.. MiNTLKN A Co, 78 ioath it.
? '?*> es
~ \ rc
.>; t Sti? V P?T KS 'i K ui.u ?v
Stove? ?rc sw.ll to be iiJ ?111 anthracite eo?l sr.- ?ii .-on.
structed with the revert ible wh ch in- be?n proved
to b? the or.A co-rect oa* for a.good baking Store. The
PARMAl.i.l. PATENT has established for itself a rep*.
igemenl re. civet), and
he ??: tire r-alisfactioo
i .King up
? - .. tfully
ttove r..r
HOU i .
iiii viiiiT
?iiiJlFsl UIUl Ii
the beat quality of R ....
plen?the furnace .,r lire.
cr, ate.l .. . i.nib<. i. between the iiuipgt of the
it the bottom. .;?! i current of air continually rushing
through the tub whit ire left open HI each end for
that purpose, can ??> great amount of rarefied 01 warm
air iuto the apartment. The purity and soflues? ..!' ih<i
air in a r.? m heated b) this Stove are peculini anil r.
m rknble. thu hont being diffused from a great extent of
surface moderately bea'ed. The heated air enteric* the
wines or side* ol the ??;??>? descends and spreads over
thn i iii.re surface < f ihu base at the bottom, keeping ibi
colder portion of the airuext ih>-tl .or in . on-.nut cir?
culation?-in the meantime preserving it. nrirely from con.
ram in ition, n nderii l ib'? stove perfectly sati and iitr.e
able :..t :i| .run i ti ??
as this i> tb.I. '? t
I.,... eombiiii d, i'i" i
and exnml'ne tt li. for
lured by J .'. K RAI
? in be .-. . ii a great III
s,1 Tit\ ' ??: ST<
?."J improved'?S ie <?
,?: I!?n QIIM .V is i
tiou one
Kitchen 1
Stoves, a
lids slee. ? rooms, ,\ ??. Atd
t lias i!.. r..,:. nor and hollow
:.re re*pi ctfully u riled to . ?II
hroing elsewhere. Manofac
'.I llowery, New York, n .
of r.. ..no.! ndati ?.. - tr.en reu
-: i'.. sJS Im
<i !?Tli- Kiti hi P i '? iiipuuion
' ?? lu'i1 ??? ip and ? ?? aomi
;. . ? usual, to supply in- cue*
ral with > ne .?? and im| roved
Qvll culuiHr" purposes, cannot
*?< ui.I invite th. who .re in
? ion lo look in it No.9 far
i.- ?!. twhere, as on examine*
be moat .cruptil.nn that the
?id.:<l preference >-r ill ..ti.er
in ! * im h is consumed in this
? li old patterns, and Hie boil
uc tim , and the equality of
do, give ii a de. ided prefer
S I < ?\ I
Parlor and Of
Hi rn- is.'', (.ii
"?.<;; i o is
f^&rl'<-^"JSBr '* ' ?? ?he r,m.p..|liei
i^?<u:^.? 1 ?' ii ..sis., .i. .i k< ?i'.i.k.?
C^Oty^mSF ?' vik.i.miii.kim i.mo
CENT w|i| prevent th C
It i
:!)>; i*AI EN r s! i ivi s,
For IIAI.i.?-. PARLORS r ii >m
BERS. Cl i ::< bES a NI k.?'k
band, th.- proprietor e*IU the at
lention of ti; ?..- 1.1 want of a t?.od
atticle to the Olmsted Pat.st
Stove, T:ir?e ?tr.v.-s have for the
labt five m>:i \.sr. been before
legally loo well km wn to reu.ui.-e
furor, 'mr Starves arc madeol
? ri w ornament l itj I*,
il . ii ion ti.e (iuM.c . bout lbs
ntaiiou of.tht ?lmsted Stove,bat
?-'iit.sl parts r.a-: would r C m
a!l nnd 'v :mi.i. his assortment,
which ar* not survived in point of beauty or oulity. and
?..III be found to be as cheap a* at,'any ?> io-r C-l lb i-i-iseul
Ali k;:n> of stove work toliciied attended towith
;>? . jami:s k. p i>.?:an. vv.t - ???
?SS eod if _
THE HRlIaOTuJraJR.'Y.or > .
i This mcd:.-:ae may be reMirte.i to with court l< Be) ' r
the purpose cf relievirp and rsin?viuir sll ti.o?e ...ii-1.
jdn.at.i peculiar to f> u ... s. wnich often lead in some lord
'* other W permanent ill health. It will also relieve BBC*
of the sobering and j>r?-vent those accidents to which all
mothers are exposed. Pamphlets containing te>tisuon.Ais,
directions, and much information valuable to :'? lalea tad
hea.!? of families, msv be ::ad jrsti- where the PbilotokeB
i- sold, atZTf. and -itt Broadway, lr> Creeowich-'treet.
fdl Pnan 79 and 100 Fulton. '.*!> Hudson, and 77 East Broad?
way. 135 ChaLbam, ..r. I in Brooklya by W. Baib-v. Fultou
?trwt. Pm.e $1 per r..,tii?. FSSSm Im*
s-a OKlN.".tLL, MLNTLKN a. ts?.???? t
s. 1X3 - -,
th.- best ma
The pro]
lllal.v S t* v
ditTe'riag u
mend to a'i

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