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.. nUDI:.he<i every morning, at No. 30 Ann
???et New-York, and delivered to City Subscribers
fc-OSE CENT per copv. Mail Subscribers, $4 p?rr
nrjum in advance, and the paper in no cav- continued
wood &c time for which it is paid- Subscilptioc*
jji.ec for Six Months. _
TVrsii "f J&errtiting_frr eerh .Idrrrtittmrnt of
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tonfC' Advertisements at equally favorable rates
r-?- Advertisements when ordered to to DC continued
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he same charge as on their first appeCuraace? ;>a) able
THE 8 i FT A Christmas ano New-Year's Priskxt
?uk le-ii- Pltitaddphia; Carey 4:]rtart. New Yorki
Carvill A Co.
In tvpDgraphic beauty and external tastefulncss
.?jii volume clearly surpasses its predecessors.
Msnvof it* Illustrations also ar?- capital; The
female face on 'he title-page is remarkably iweei
and e'Jtpressive, and ' The Tough Yarn,' engraved
b? Pease from a jirttritin^ !iy Mount, is irresistible
'Duicibea is clever, and the accompanying verse
by Miss Leslie renders it piquant ' The Country
Giti,' a'so, is a queenly face, though in perfect
keeping. Of the literary contents wu have pub?
lished ? The Tough Yarn,' by Selm Smith?as clever
s Yankee Story as ever Was spua, and ' The Ap
peal of Maria Theresa,' a tiue poem by our la?
mented Lucy Hooper. Mrs. Sigourney has con
tributetl four graceful poems?'Autumn nnd the
Garden," Snow,'' Nora,' and' The Village Church.'
.Mrs. K. S. Osgood hits two articles. Mis.- C. H.
Waterman (now Mrs. tasting) two; Miss Leslie a
rich delineation of ' The People that ?Ii<I not take
Boarders,'nnd the verse, above indicated; Mi*.
Gould, Mr.. Kllet, Mrs. Embury, and Mi?> Cathe?
rine K. Heechrr, utc each contributors. \Y. (i.
Simms, Edgar A. Poe, Park Benjamin, Lieut, (i.
IV. Patten, C. VV. Thompson and Prof. Waltei
each appear on its pages; Mr. Simms in a ghost
story of fail length. The Author of A New Horn-.
Who'll Follow V appears in a characteristic story
of-The. Bee-Tree.' We shall not eulogize 'The
Gift;' the articles we have published and those
are shull hereafter present will more clearly prove
that its contents ure of decided merit.
Thx Mises, on. The Convicts ei Lisxamo-ss ; by Wil?
liam CAatETOts; Author of 'Nual .M. lo:.e.' 'Traits
?miStories ol the In-li Peasaatry.' At. - vole. Phila?
delphia: CnreyA Hart. New-Yoik Curvill A Co
Mr. Carleton is one of the very best portrayers ol
1 ri-h life who has written for many years, ami not ol
Irish life only, but of humble life, of reu! life and it
stormy passions. The story here printed in two
volumes has been widely and justly popular as
' r'diilorou?i:a the Miser,' running in continuous
numbers through several of our best periodicals.
It cannot be read without fixed, almost breathless
The JuvenileClass Book ok Natural rJisioav; con
laining a concise und fan ih r deM riptioil of the Dif?
ferent Races of Men; uf Beasts, Birds, Fishes, Rrp
lilts Mint Insects : lty Dash L IIAss.r.1.1 . Ki.l.ock
?' od, III Broadway.
I he rudiments of Natural History ?re here com?
pressed into a single volume of 12*1 pages, de
signed lor elementary instruction. A cursory ex?
amination convinces us thnt the work has been
Well executed.
The Wavsrley Novels, No. XIX., being
' Tales of tiie Crusader.?,' ha* just been published
by Israel Post, 88 Bowery. ? The Betrothed,'and
' The Talisman,'are both given for 25 cents.?
Thiers'.? French Revolution, No. XIX.,
l-\ cents.
1h>. Northers Light, for October, which
contains a ttauslation of a lone and spiiited story,
by the popular French Novelist, Paul de Koek,
translated by A. G. Juhxson. It has also able
articles by John A. Dix and others.
' L'he Price ok a Glass of Brandt,' a pow?
erful Temperance Tract, by a lady, has ju>t been
published. It should bo widely disseminated.
JohnC. CoLT.?The New York papers give
tnnny items of the history of this young man, some
of them perverted statements of facts, but mostly
mere fabrications to nttet the craving demands oi
excited curiosity. It may be a >|uestion how far
public curiosity should be grutifie.1 iu such a casr.
We are disposed to enquire whether this morbid
taste for the details of crime, may not help to pro?
vide materials for its own gratification ; and w he?
ther the Newgate literature of nur .lay has nut in it
the elements id' self-perpetuation, Wcdo not ask
for tpathy or indifference to crime ; its frequent
recurrence, in such hoi rid forms, calls foi the most
vigilant interest ; but not for that fascinated inte?
rest, that shuddering admiration, with which we
have suffered ourselves to be drawn into sympathy
with vi. e, under the masterly delineations of per?
verted genius, until we have come to look upon
cieat wickedness as great romance.
The simple facts in the history of John C. Colt,
as they have been made known to us, by those who
were familiar with him from childhood, would need
but little adornment to present a talc as attractive
as any of its class. We could not ask foi bettet
":hterials ?rem w hich to furnish forth D hero, than
the tine person, the generous impulses, und the un?
bounded menial energy which we cou'd vouch foi
in him. He has ah iwn a self-relianco, and a .-tern
resolution, in overcoming the difficulties of a devi
'?'Us course that, to interest, would iced little belp
from fictitious surroundings, and an eagerness mh)
perseverance in intellectual culture that would
command sympathy nnd just admiration.
We wish we could transfer to the minds of the
thousands who so eagerly read all that is said ol
him, the one impressive lesson wr are tan.;..:, a*
we trace the. evil in this case back to its getm.
I hat germ whose growth has been so bitter, was
insubordination from his childhood upwai is.
His whole course has been matked by self-will,
breaking through aU*t>sescommon restrains of the
family, of the sehool-ru?tn, of the counting-house,
of social life, and of the law of find. Jokn C.
i'c>!t his been for fourteen years a voluntary
strife /row the parental roof.' Let the child who
will not submit to be checked and guided, tremble
for the end of his own career : and let the parent
tremble for the child who cannot be made to vie.'d
to just authority, and let him never dare to hop
'bat the youth whom he cannot control, will lean
to control himself, and curb his own wild passions
[ Norwich. Ct.. Courier.
Troubli at Sumatra.? V gentleman who cam.
passenger in the Caroline Augusta, from Sumatra,
put into Hoimes Hole, informs the New Bedford
Negater that the Dutch and natives of Sumatra
"ere at war. and that the former were rapidly tak
1!,c possession of the Island. He furnished m
AttoNTMoas Lm per-Writinc.?An anonymous
?ttter i- a moral mede of murder, which, using on!
a pen toi a poinard, and an ink-stand for a bowl
poisons confidence, and s:abs character withou
?tar of detection.
. a Railroad Bridoi Borneo.?About *n<
fiuodrt-d fee- of the Railroad Bridgo on the Laprai
r-e and St. Johns Railroad were destroyed by tir
jlS>?"'1 '>' morning. It was tue work of an incen
1 j ^ 823 F1
The Wooov.fLLE Mas cat. Labor Institute.
i ?It may be gratifying to many persona :? become
! acquainted with the character and objects of an
. Institution, proposed to be established and incor
1 porated under the name of" The Wood vi lie Man?
ual Labor Institute." The Constitution bas already
b?cn drawn tip by a judicious Committee of per?
sons, selected from Mechanics, Manufacturer-.
Literary and Professional men, and has been print?
ed in proof, in pamphlet firm, wtih the- groun I plan,
fur the purpose of enabling nil t'> examine it who
take an interest in th" subject. Copies of it may
be obtained at the Office of Tin; Tribune. No. 30
Ann-street, and of Mr. E. Langdon at the l air of
the American Institute.
From a perusal of the Constitution, the promi?
nent designs, of the Institute appear to be, to estab?
lish and cany into operation an enlarged and lib?
eral system of Education, not enly in Science arid
Literature, but also in Mechanical and Manufac?
turing pursuits, and in die cultivati >n of vegetables,
plants, tree-, &c. The students will be required
to hibnr ti few hours in ea h day, and be entitled to
the itvai!? of their work. The residue of the lime
will he devoted t'i Study, Olc. In this way, if is.
supposed they may nearly or quite support theti-.
sclvcs. This w 11 be u great convenience to the
poor and to those who are in moderate citcum
stances, and profitable to the rich, by giving them
habits of industry, akn iwledge of ihe value of pro
petty, and u generous respect for tlvir fell>?w be?
ings. It is intended so to guide the moral con?
duct of all, that they will cstabl sh characters wor
ihy of the l est and m ist virtuous citizens, and to
qualify them to follow their favorite, business with
skill and efficiency, when they leave the Institution.
Sectarianism will be avoided, but-u h a regard
will be paid to religious wor.-hip and the obser
vance of the Sabbath, as to meet the approbation
of different denominations and a Christian public.
Facilities are also afforded fur Mechanics and
other persons to connect themselves and their fa?
milies with the Association, to take Stock in it,
ati'l thus secure to themselves permanent employ?
ment und the emoluments of their labor, under the
advantages of a large business establishment
The Capital to commence operations with, i* m
be $3(1,000, divided into shares of $50 each?
?6,000 of which is proposed to be appropriated t<>
purchase the necessary ground for buildings, gar?
dening, (Sec.?$10,000 toward the erection of the
Main Schoo] K lificc?$9,000 to build Mechanics'
dwelling houses in Hocks, ut n cost of about$300
for nach bouse, so as to make the rent low?$1,000
to build work-shops to cost about $100 each?
$5,000 to purchase stock or muteriu's t" be manu?
factured into articles of the first necessity foi sale,
and the balance, $5,600, to pay the wages of jour?
neymen and students, and for other objects con?
nected with the manufacturing department?thus
making use of a portion of the funds of the lnsti
;ute for the benefit of its members individually, us
well as for the benefit of the whole, collectively.
There are to be bjth Male and Female Depart?
The pines of locution, selected and secured for
this object, is ut Wood vi He, in the t >wn of Jamaica,
on Long Island, a Ijaceni to the Railroad and Turn?
pike, 8 m le< from New York?where it i- intended
to extend the establishment so us to embrace se
?ei.il hundrvd acres. Reference is made to the
Constitution itself for a variety of other matters.
It is believed to be worthy the attention of all to
read it.
Any person, sustaining a good character, and
raking one or mure shares of the stock, may be a
member of the Association, and he will have a pe?
culiar advantage. Suppose he tikes a si.air ol
>?U ; this, in common with |other shares, forms
the capita! of the concern. He then, by having in?
vested $?U. comes into the enjoyment, with others,
of a large and well conducted School, she use of
buildings at little expense, raw materials to which
he can add a double value by his !al>or, a parcel
of ground to cultivate, the advantage of wholesale
purchases of goods, a^d disposals of them at whole?
sale after ihey are manufactured. He is essen?
tially, as far as the profits are concerned, a part?
ner in the business of the Institution to the amount
of his Stock. He would soon feel choice of all the
interests of the Institute because h.> would perceive
his interests to be daily effected by the good or
Sad management of all its affairs. He would wish
others, for the sake of his own interest, to perform
their duty honestly und ably, and ho would th n
liscover his reciprocal ob:igation to d > the like.
He would thus learn practically and philosophi?
cally the eletvents and principles of all organized
communities. All his earnings, together with the
profits arisins: from his part of the capital; would
come directly or indirectly into his own pocket.
It is calculated that students will pay a mode?
rate ptic? for their board and tuiiinn, and apply
their earnings in part or full payment, as the case
may be; and that mechanics and others will pay a
moderate rent for the dwellings, shops and grounds,
occupied by them. Dividends of the profits aris?
ing from the productions of the Association, will
;>e made to the Stockholders once in six msnths.
Manufacturers will be allowed to occupy par: of
hfl premises, to furnish their own stock, und to
employ students and others to make ap goods of
anv description, by adopting sue1, modes of prompt
payment as shall be deemed necessary by the Trus?
tees of the Association.
One such Institution?if ne more?is certainly
warned in the vicinity of New-York and Brooklyn.
Within those two cities there are thousands o!
boys anil young men?active and talented?be?
tween the ages of eight and twenty years, who
seed, but cannot find, aiv permanent situation,
where they can iearn some kind of profitable bu?:
?less. acqsire a good education, and be forming
?<>od characters, all at the same time. This stato
if things urgently demands this d rieiencv to be
supplied. Parents cannot in general have a con?
stant supervision of the society which their child?
ren keep, and the habits which they are forming.
ft E W - VO ?< M.. F RI DJ 5 M O B
Individual employers are nut iikely :o make the
matter one of yurn;:e:;t solicitude. Hence perni?
cious habits ari often formed in early life. Be?
tween r|,o->' ages mentioned, trie voting di! not ic
mui:i stationary in murals or character. They are
cither fortifying themselyea in virtue, or cherish?
ing a propensity to vice. Is not this ?su'y et to
invite the action of philanthropists '
Let this: young persons assemble trodi r the di?
rection of ?ise and efficient instructors and busi
n ?s men. nr,d the ?.iin* of their; labors, corporeal
. exercise in the open air of the country, ar.d ihe
natural desire tor knowledge implanted in man, all
stimulated by the examples and emulation of asso?
ciates, will soon call forth uncommon energy of
mind and vigor of body. The las! mentioned qual?
ification has been a matter of much care in many
con,rrie-, I. .: it J,a- bee:, t.?. tr.a.-htiegj.vted to u-e
an.expression of Homer,) '.' in these degenerate
days, as invalid-, every where tobe met, too
. clearly attest. Few persons, especially among
youth, seem to ltn< w or realize the powers which
die) possess, what they can accomplish, or the
high degree of improvement of which they are
susceptible, tiil th-ir exertions are called ou\?
When a youth ac neves something important, which
he never dar-'d attempt before, he is amazed at his
success At first be had no faith in making an ef
fort. Those who believed they could, who were
I determined they would, and who have assiduously
endeavored to attain eminence in any qualification
of mind or body, prove there i- ..eaicely any limit
to the degree of perfection to which the facilities
I of man may be cultivated. Those men who arc
great in the spheres where they move, have, with
few exceptions, been trained to exertion in their
I younger days, and their faculties have became
strong, bosh by the aid of others, and by coming in
! collision with others. Man hei;i? capable of im
provement. can still be improved, and that contin
j tinually. To say he cannot, is to assume that ho i
i has attained perfection, which all know tobe ab
| surd. Action and trial, reaction and repeated I
trial, will dcvclope new and useful things. If in?
dividuals will unite, put the Institution in opera?
tion, and give it u trial, it is believed that success
will be sure. They doubtless will make a profit?
able investment, be the means of starting other
Institutions of a similar character, and become the
benefactors of the age. Those who may be edu?
cated under such a system, whether rich or poor,
will be surprised at what they can do with them?
selves and f?r themselves, nr:d stand a better
chance to anive at and maintain a distinguished
position through life, than if they were educated
in the more common monotonous method, where
all faculties are not called into activity.
It is pleasant to promote the happiness of man?
kind, and many wealthy, and all benevolent per- j
sons, are often studying how they -hall do so. The i
ti n. foi doing good, or trying to do it. is ?h?rt.? {
Sometimes an opportunity is wanting, if the will
and the means are ready. It must be a painful
consideration for one who perceives his life is abou*. '
to terminate, n> think he has d me no good in the
world, considering what he might have doae, had j
he nvide suitable efforts?but consoling, to reflect I
that the wmId is better for his having lived in it.?
Look at a muri in one lung course ?( existence? j
in this woi Id and the future?fur ever, as he must j
be. a hUN>. "i i hocnr. and will he ever reglet?
or will he rejoice?that he u;cd somi exertions 10
benefit his fellow man, and that HIS ti'JoD vvokks
lick Ai rut ii1 m I
Oct. 13. 1-11.
NEW-Yoast, October Stil, 1MI.
Afr. C. C. Bristol, Buffalo:
S..: Having derived great benefit from inking your
iav-tluablx SsOSAnaiLLA. 1 feel it my duty, likewise a
ploasarc, to inform you of the astonishing effect it bad,
under t'in blessing o.' Diunc Pravidel ce, m restoring me |
to health, after .. long mid afflicting illness. I was a iuf- I
fnrer from the F.-.. r and Ague for nearly two years,
which reduced me to a perfect skeleton: my throat was
ulcerated, and. from the nccumulariuti of plilecm. U u m
constant dread ofsuff cation; I bad no appetite, nor could
I Fwallow aay thiog but Ihpiidi and on'y a few drops at a
tim<\ In Si pletiibTr, 1838, 1 began to sink rapidly, rind,
aitli mgh every thing was done for ir.e that the mind of the 1
most skilful physicians could sitfce-t.I found no relic. : my
cute was considered hopeless, and I heard from them that
a few in.at. must terminate my sufferings By sosic prov?
idential : 'rcumstai.ee, your Sarsaparilla was mentioned; j
my f. e nd- endeavored lo obtain some, but could not with?
out sen ling to * ou (a c ist nie- of over Iiis' ni les.) at Buf?
falo, which they did, and in the beginning of October I !
commenced taking it; and from that t'tne I began to re- I
\ ive an ! increase in strenrtb snih< ieatly to go lo the ?il
lage of Ann Arbor the fir?t week in November. Let y?ar
I went t j England, and wishing for my o? n satisfaction io
ascertain the qualties of your tsar.-aputilla, 1 ?a> much j
cratified iu slior. iug a part of a bottl- 1 had by nie for .
nearly two years to ao emineat and skilful chemist, who j
pronounced it a centime and cco.l article; il was perfectly |
-si et. nnd retained every qaality. Shou d any in your
neighborhood be snff..r:ur as 1 was, you may urue them
to s t'nl of\our medicine : or shou'd your Acmts ia this
city wish any reference, they cau, by caluag on me, or
sending any patients to me, arccrtma the benefits I have
received from it.
Witn respect, ?:r. I remain yoar obedi'ut servant.
013 ? JOHN GILES, 301 Pearl street.
&' A book of 100 pages, containing statements of som?
of the most impcrluul cures on record, may be seen on ap
plieatiou to any of the Aceci- ? ho seii trie medicine. lie?
feren re is al-o msde to Mr. Thomas kTeCAX, '06 Stanton- i
street, and LCMt el LCLAXO, corner of Franklin and Hud- |
soa-atrects. who wu'l be p!??se I to satisfy any one of the
astoui-hmc effect* of thi? mediciue.
Kor sale at Milhau's, 183 Broadway, William Burger.
SO Conrtiaadt-streat, Burntt 4 Co.. I'M Maidea-laae, eoid
by Druggists generally.
A-k for BRISTOL'S SARSAPARILLA, and see that
his irriKin -isLature is across the cork of the bottle.
_oi-.' y
rORSK rS, Gentlemen's Belts and Braces, at wholesale,
cheap for cash, bv T. LC'VE. 13t West Broadsray,
ooramr of rVsch-sL ?I* I?*
/'BO( KEIiY A.\D ?1,A*4?100 BOW
V E K V.?M K R RIT PS i rMGfcl arc opening atihetr
Stores, 100 Bowery aud 335 Gratnt-slrvet, a large number j
i ol new patterns of Diuner and Tea Ware, which, with their 1
! former extensive assortment of China. pUia sod rut Glasa,
Lamps, Girandole*, ic ire renders their stock a< com?
plete in variety as r -n be found ia rjas city. Housekeep?
ers and others ?ho wish to lay oui their money to the best
advantage, will find it an object to give them a call.
?17 Im'_
1 III raTtsKE FOB s* A I. E?Adapted
I 1 retail business, situated in the central part of the
city, with a gjod run of patronage. Terms cash. This
1 is ? food opportunity lor a small capi.alist. Kor farther
j information inquire at it*? Spring >u oc Bt"
NEW STYLE ?r ? .'."HiOK
BentlenfeB's ffafr-C ottfirg,
Will ff ferrWac
?? Mutiny. 1 s t ?, L ? ? , ..
\T Ii 1 - ROOMS, J>;7 BROAD WAV,
Where, from arracreBisnL, nuda. he will b? foutiJ alwavt
AT f?o.*!i:
By those who?iahlobe : ratcrl aevirni str.
_ ?17 .u,l?is
DCfCIffEB, ! ETS?IDS .V f?i ? ? ?
attorneys; S^iitairtta? C??g?Hh>r,;
0?ce Sp - ??. 9; ? ? r git smI^s-kb,
Merchants t-xc . i-.re.. . "r'-' J v. R*vsot.r
W.V.i- t.-et. \ rv:7-tf j O. K. Piatt.
V I S C K N T L 01 LL'S
*TKB E o T V i a _ jp t> 1 ? JJ ?IV.
Nr? i'idtc-i-st. f trth -t-r;,' n-V-TWk frfSt
J. B. iyWAIN
jc2? No. 1G Ji.ha ??.? Third Siory. New-York, if
piAEAP t'ARPKX STORE.-! . "-"?T~rr
" ' ber offers for tale a hew and splendid'i-sortmei;t a
3?ply B.*u?m--.J!o? i .,i;:r, lii,' It.grai.i Carfcting, t>i{
Cloth, Kurs, Mutts, Hatliug, with other article* ci i
aected with the business, ! h ?a-,-.- man can b*. boat:, tat any
other store in the city. Persons from the country or ci.y
mi hiejc to purchase arilj run! n -_!u;h to their ad vari tage ti
call before purchasing elsewhere; at 17 Ca? .! -tr.ri: tontl
sid ?-, it.-ar ftr-indxay."_D\MKI. M Wi'iMX. auffi 3in
7 < iRPETlrVfs.-t CHEAP KOK IMSU.-1
V; L. *? M. S. bro ?VN; are now offering Br?ssel ?
ply lugraio airl Russia Carpets on tanas which canjiot
rail id please the economical, ttu'gs Door Mats, Suit
t; ,rj.-t-. an 1 Rod?, Table Covers, OirClota*, Jfcc., ??> c-e.r
acj cheaper than at any similar establishment in tbii
citv. L. * M. S BROWN,
<ii lm* No. 16! Chin ? na street. Vew-York.
j,'t:.;. A ?(>>?!{ <;oob?.?iT wii".
I LiAMS A CO. would politely tuviti : i Ladies xucaJ
and examin ? thitr lar^e sin! Splendid rus rtKient of plain
lii'tired. plai I nn.l striped Mousseliae de La rues, at id
pnes. front I to 5 shillings p.;r yard. Taglioms an iS:.Ks
of all colors, together ?itn a full assortment ofPrench and
English Mennos, Flannels, dec?iu short, a fall assortment
of Fall and Winti r Goods, for -sic cheap, -t
HENRY Wild.I.V.*.-A I'D , ?? '."> Hre-nwich-st.
N. R ?French, English and American Prints, froni ."??! u
3 shlliiafs .17 tin
i I PltlCG STORK?GenUenseu wish ngTc
" ' purchase good eheap Clothing, would do well to call
at lit!} Chatham -trc?t. where they c m Bod gsnsehis >o
tlic followinjr pne t-:
Cloth ContSi $9.to * : Cloth Jackets, $4 m Vi i .Sati
n-tt Pauls) $1,75 to $3,75: Cloth H int, -fa m *4.jit.
o! im jacoo coGswell.
is Merchant Tailor, No. riri Fulton-sL would invite his
friends and the public to call and examine his -to-lc ul
iiha Kail Ciouds,coi:..i.-uncofClotli-. i a?siui?res and Ves
ingssiutcd to the fall iruilo. Ceatlensen lenviiig their or.
djra may reiy upou their b-n g fulfilled intbo most satis
fnrtori iitaiiie r. Term- moderate?i'a-h on delivery, hi i
17RE NCTM A.*YO_?.TIS.KIt A.-?i i'?V*TlS
r HANGINGS nod Borders, for sale cheap, at t!i>
L't lt=d Slates I'ap?r H.-.ucnii and [land llox H arel-.r.i?.
oj Canal-stxeer, aear Br-sadway, New-York. lloums pa?
pered tu the n?.test manner.
?i;i::>ih jns?r.? hrdv. n. if, c .? ,i..!r..,.u
i ??:m'tiT.* Asri'mlu .. >i--. .-ak.mi i
i s HARPER No. ss W.sey ?t. *sn na.? had many treats
sxr?or,oi r? m ihn hnrdiHMM ,.,-M
i y.f. H. AND UtllLOin? STOW S? ^?Tbl
U .-iuh-criteir will deliver uu board of vessels at lb
Prison fork. Dock sttoue for 1t> ccatj (icr ton, a.nl Marbh
I5.:tl !tor Stone for 'Ii- Sd pur 102.
t'tntrj Prieoa. Mount Pln .riql. June 9, I61?
in 13 ???>? I?. I.. 8KVMI >hk. Acnn?.
t i I a 1 IMIV Utit COITUS.?I ii?iri r
*J commenced the nmtiutacture of tins article, and sbal
keen a constant supply dunnx the season.
?171m' T.G.HOUGRtN? IV Courtland-si.
No. 4 Wall-rstreet.
Fall Fasiiiou for Gentlsoien'i
'!fnf ?P'i; e y!e i- ?t_ri:.--?1 jgEy-^T5^
i::t! universally ^dmirod by c-n- a?2^>~^~&L
Lieme0 of la-te an . fssBMOi and l,o line coutidmit ihm i
see "Hi be but to iidnnre. Al-o, (.'. ?. Army ami N'avj
Cbapenux, which time met tne approbation of the -v?
Department in the City of Washington, 'and nflic r
throughout the t'uile-l State.. n:;d ha't beeu awarded 'hi
first premium at tne last night Ka:r, wf the American Me
rliamc."' In-titLle. iu the city of Neu York. f'>r the ties
Kavy and Army Uhapeaux and Beaver Hats ofTered.
Wholesale order, promotly attended to slfl <m
No. I S ! BOM'KKY :
stablishment in New-York to gel bargains iu tin
ooi nuit rtho<! line; you have only to call to !>?
convinced. I.adie?'. tiei.llvmeirs. Misses, lins..' um
Childreas' Boot-, Sb?os aad Gaiters, in all their variety, o
my own manufacture and warranted, first rat?, at (nice,
to suit the times. Likewise a largo assortment of coo.
country werk, t. UicIi will sold very cheap,
j yd Cm WILLIAM AtiATK. II I Howsrv.
Slrcl fens are Letter in all re?|i-cls than Hudle?
more J^ralile. equally l lia'.lo and cneip.
The> arc can Itillj made, selected and ro-selcctcd h. fi,r?
offorod to tue public.
it is believed tiiaiiUeir own merits trill soon give theai thi
pre-eminence aiming others.
The trade supplied ?t wholesale by the Ag.-nt.
EDWARD J. KNO, i Platt-street
>'. u._Korsaie by the principal Sutionersand dealer
in Pens in the City and Coontry. an30 ly
'g's>; H la F?Moslkv's, tftLLoii's and Ker
shaw's Steel Feus. A good assortment of POCKET
BOOKS, and oiiier c >ods.at wholesale.
E. R. GILLESPIE, 1!' John-street,
arr?O 3m* Between Broadway and Nassau
1 WuC 1". 501 Broadway, are now opening a new am
splendid assortaieet of silvered and oruialu Pa lor C i e
deliers, Bracketts, Mantel L'i:!:ts, Lanterns, Ac A c. foi
Om- and Can tieatd would iavite those who ,'? r- intro
ducing ihe City lias into their bctiscs 10 call and see then
a- s^ri neat, of 2w
materials ami quality, aad "f all -iz--. cast at the ?)?'"
ce of the New World,3D Ann-st. Inquire of Mr. J. W
RICHARDS. in tb*Pre?sR.nfbssenienO ansM tf
jjs.AlVTEKs' BANa?, a -o Arriculiar... Hsu.
i Notes to Natchez, wanted at improved rates by
j?->:n k.Assvi Rfja HROTHKRS.rSl M/nlUstrmi
Dtia... of superior quality, r o tad, for .-a> by PER-jSE
A KltunKS. 41 Iai.ertv -tre, 1 .-rr
O 10? ca-ks Boyd's celebrated Bleaching Polder, ju.-t
received and fors~c bv
jyS? PERSSK A BROOKS. 61 Liherty-nt.
Miner's Patent Pumps
No. 4:1: River -t . Trov, N. Y.
The attentioaof ttie pubic isre-pect
fuliy called to tae rnuease nuiaber ol
these Pumps now in use, and to the
testimonials of thousands ?ho have
thorough!; proved them. Tbe working
C) lindrr and pluuseratud sll the w<.rn
i tier or opersung parts of them arc 01
ca-t-trou. Tke p.pe is of e'ear stuff?
pirje?turned off 10 about four 1nc1.es
in dia ae er fitted for ?cre? me loge^
>t at eaca cud, and boiled ia a resinous compo-ition "inch
muse- it very durable, and free from all the objections
chi.-eed aiatn-t lead pipe? it being injurious to neal'.a.
The advaauxes pe .uliar to thtm sre c- eapucss. Jura
billty, La-e of uperafon. and security agai:..t frost: taey
are slso iirbt an-l porisble. anl easily put up or removed.
Tue Hiiiv-Tsal celebrity s-faicb thee fumps aave ob?
tained inhere they ir- beat kcown, together ?Ith much e.x
perienee which the ?nb-cnber is: had is trie bu ines?,
makes him confident of giving entire satisfaction to every
All orders for Well or Cistern P.raps should give ac?
curate measures of me same frum the tcp ct the platform
to the bottom, so that the ieag'.a may be formed suitably
ai tne -Sop.
Persons bui'diiic new cisterns and de-irn'nc to place
these Pump- in them. r.eed nol incur the expense of a
curb above the phetorni. as lae Pump is secure rgainei
frost without iL
As a caution :c recard to ether kinds of Pump, iu cir?
culation ?hieb hive cot my Wbe! upon t'em. the pt^e
a> d wooden parts of ?hieb ben g mvde of rhlte-Koad.
sad soeie of them of cucainifr ifoud I d'eTj tt ?r-per to
<iv that sli the wooden pij?- of my msuufaetare is select?
ed fro?> the best of rAire ptnc, icart siulf.frec frort sap.
acd being boiled and well saturated :n a resiaeus compu
sitioe. is warrinted in every re?;?ect a ?u,ser!or article.
The follo-ving persons are a;enu for Uie sale of civ
Pomps, and have at a!! limes a supply .-c hand:
>lr<<i?. O.bora x. Little, Hardware D-.al-rs. 33 Faint;
t*_. N. Y : Mr. James S, Gouh*. 3o? (south Market ?u Al
banT; Mr H. L. Ward. Schenectady. N. Y.
Trov, Jalr **** ?-~ ^ H.WARREN.
. i. SO. 161.
I EVVENLW ?CH^OL at the Gn> nwicb stree:
j -a-S tsemiuar* ? 316 Grcenwxa street, w 11 open tili? eve
Bt?c I) i '? er I aSchoolfor Youur Laities ?il-:eopeu
! al nue time iii :.',e Peiat e Department, antler tj'
ol Muss Pratt. Terms aoOeralc, a
?t i . . i. it r v. iv..1 irr.truclioa from 3 to 5
v :'.?A few more pupils can be received m tic Da
School._ et Im' N. CAMP, Principal.;
L-i Classical an<) Commercial Institute, .V>1 Broadway
A. NKV. ifAN -Principal. Terms from *.J to $6 -a the
s' up**;, - id from s}"i to in '.!;>' Lay sehe' I to rtlic Eng
" 1. a$2 to$3 extrafor tbe:La g i?s>.-.
r -s taturht oj Professor has-El*. Pd
p il> admitted a.: any L;a?. LTnqaeatiooabie reference;
given: saS lot*
j?vr.\rM.* AM) DAX Mt llttOI .
. La.M. Hi; aar;-v. tfevctita street, a few doors ea..l cl
Thi I Aveau NEWMAN -td I). BLACKMA.f
Principal-. Terms, from S3 to $ti per quarter in ine e?e
f icr. aad fron >l to fc :u the day Sch"ol for the English
brad 'i and treat *i to *3 extra for tie Langiiaire*.?
Kreuch aim Spanish taught 3y Professor Basset. Pupils
admttti d at any time. la>?
f'KSrii H LAiWUA?H.?Madame i.. ??
t . N t SI a 'il'ltAMs'jt .first c!??s f.-r the season com?
mences :.-?- evenrnx;. Oy the -ys;..m sbe piir?*r< the
I arher'msy iCquire a f?r Knowledge oCFrancb by onl] ?
few. lessons a ?jek. of an aoar each, dunes the winter.
rttViTv? ;>ti; im; BOAKoiiVO
a StOfaDOl Tdrrytown ft. Y ? The Winter re 101
t is School irilLcommeace o-. i!k first November. No in?
stitution offers greater I'acUities for the ncquiremeat of a
t'.nrooKh Education. Circulars containing references
i . itali ; is f studeHtayAce. may he ha-l at Column's Ui.ok
-t r?. 203 Llroadway, Crowen's ?! t.t Broadway, or at II. St
S Raynprs 7.. Ho.very. Applications for admissiob au?
be made, t>v mail, to tue Principals, or to Peter P. Lyon
Cai il ?:. W51 ?'. LVOV, ? .>t i
o!33w OHAS H.LYON, A.M. >1 r,"e,Pa->
r\ HUM; ,v t' A I .N XIM..-r'. GRAIN'S
I / SCHOOL, No. 38 Lispenard -i. is new open fur th
reception, of pupils-. S. n-xds ami Clares ai private real
deucesraueuded as usual, sir) Int*
711 S i t ? I 'be tubsi ribet, s native ,.|
C un pe. and educated to the profession
of Music from his cbildhoosk mpeetAillj
unees bis services to the inhabitants of New York, as
teacher of the Piano-forte and Singing; He ha. had ove
??lie years ?.tperietii e in tr.icliiDc . more lhaa haifoi
that period in tin. country.
For further information as to (in qualifications auii
character, h. h ia in- Measure of referralk aiaon; others,
o thi following well known s-' ;i lernen, in whose families
he i- no? and h,u. been lor .ome lime teaching;
l>.- Patton, j rhomna Hasiings, Esq.
Shepherd Khapp. Rsq L' arle. M. Saxton.
Orders left at the book atoreof Day ton St Saxtoo coroei
of Fulton and N uisan .-tree:.., or m 40 Barton ?t will be
punctually a landed to: PEIUIO A. ANDREI',
.it linlw*
-^J t ??s? I'.b'l'l ISIN. - au LIAM I'i.a-I.. Fi
?I fessor ..p.i Teach r o: the Pento Fnrtf, iIrsan am:
Singing, re'i eptfull) iaforma the young centlemeu of this
city that he bus Hit d up u ro -ni in In- Mask Saloon, No.
160: ft road way. aud isready to commence giving lessona
on ti:e Piano Kort.' and in Sil ging ? ither in the d .y lime
or evening, flentlemsa wishing to coacmence will tii.-a.i
:? tnsk-' appli mttoo at ihe UnSic Saloon, No. ??j Broa.;
w ly. 3d door from Foarth-st.) Terms muderate, nil tf
i,I artii? ^o.iiEKviTTi.is. professor
.on- al Scho?ia und to Pii|o'? al their residence, tit Pig
ure. l andscape Klowe* Painting, und every deparnneei
of the most approved principles. Address Mr. P. a-.-V
.Music Saloon. No. Ton Broadway; where specimens mn>
bstseen,and terms obtained. A Drawing Class formiig
there'. o!a 1?*
KllVCaVSI PA I ii'N' i' sill,!' ItOI KIMi
CHAIR?IS11?Is no ? offered, much impiovi d.
Will rock of itself. Will please even an infant
W ill give perfect ease. Will comfort the aged.
Will uot gel out of. nlcr. Will prove a family coir for
Is not this surTieient ? In sickness or in health.
Keek, rock in Kind's chair, there's a eharai in it,
That soothe.- all the cases of suffering bmuauiiy?
Tell of the picarnrb there is in the u-e of it,
Burking -o freely?of rase the reality?
Th? regttlatiog seatefihia Chair makes il ih ?sTecttsnjta
to two distioc and separateebair?, consequently tte mir
ehaserofR ng's 'elf-Rockor l.u?a the CHEAPEST a
we I as the easiest aad best rockerin Ihe market.
N.B.?The rockers of tin- cfa ur prtitnt an obstruction
lieittii:r do they wear the e-irpet.
Always on Hand the fullowiog patent Chairs, u!t w?t
raiit. il io' i" gel out of order :
OFFICE CHAIRS, with a sre.it variety, all ma le foi
e-p-cial ease and COmforL All kind* of chairs mide, io
The lubscriber confines himself exclusively 'o the ma
nufacture of chairs. M. W KING,
Patent Chair Maker, No 171 Hriad-ny,
old if New fork, between (ienn i A, Hrui.me ?t.
'ItflJE GKEEA book: A < wnpanion of Pro
I fe -i mal Records on Marriage,.g a familiar vom
meniury on the iodiscrelious arising froai human fraili)
in which the symptoms ami baneful effects of aelf-abuss
ai emperance ami I bertinism are e.tpiainol iu an eaai
manner, to which are added very extensive praetical r?b
aervationsoo sexual debility, ami its at endani a> npathies
sd In -seii to youth and maturity, by R. J Culverwell, ?I
D . siemtier of the Lodoa Royal College of Surgeons, b
cenciated pracnii ner in medicine ?ic Kor ?ale at tbi
Print Suiu l in Wall street. Prici- i"i e? nls ol3 I ? "
Vi .? K1?.?i under igned begs leave rwspecrfullj
to inform in- frienda und lac public thai he has lakei
tri? ulfi-e lately OCC i]u>: I by Mr. J iseph G almaa, for tl e
t 'iii-sr :on of ibe Custom-House Brokerage basuesa In
all it. deo .rtineuts. and solscila a eoiilniu ilioti of p?tTOB
SO Nassau ?t. basemi nt. opposite the Public sirore.
The subscriber avail- himself of this opportunity of re
turn nit -lunk? to hi. frien!- Hud tne public for the liberal
kuppon aad patronage extended to him in hi? lata busi
i e.-s ol f" i-.oui House Broker, and bees leave respectful!}
to recommend Mr. BRONBERG as In. successor, .mil u
being even w ay worthy Of their confidei Oe and .upport.
\uw York. I.'t'i October. IMI._nIS'gf
?|>0 WOOLEN ?l i.MFAl 'U'KEB?.
I The sebscriber has now iu operation ono of bis Pa
li Ri tchet Feeder aud Shell Pii king Machines at Ni
bio's Gardi o. A e ? t number of Manufacturers iiav.- al
ready supplied ihemaelvea and uniformly -ay it is pro
ci-ely what lh?y wanL They are durable au.i easily
kept iu order. The cost of one of US inches width of fee
table delivered at Hartford, is Ninety six Dollars, ami
for a greater or less width three dollars per inch, adiied
or deducteu.
Carding Ha bia*s with Coodenrors and Spinning
Jacks made in ihe best modern sm?. Or.ier? or leiier.
of inquiry left at No 6? Princs! -t. near Broadway during
the Fair *i.l meet with |iromi>t attention.
ol3 I*- UEO.C. KELLOGG, New-Hartford. f'onu
DJaCCniTBD K, lately from Troy, V Y.. takes
s th.s opportunity to inform hi- old cu-tomer.-.
friend-, and the public generally, that be has 'aken th?
^"lintoh Hair Cutting, l.'urlini' an ! Shaviug Saloon. I3S
Clinton, corner ofGraad atrects. Having had long espe
r:e..ce io the liu me... he is competent to cut aud curl
II lir iu the mo-t tashioaabM aiyle. Please true a calL
os 1,Q
Chatham-street N'ijw York, a few eases of Winter
Dnder-Sbirta and Uraw.-ra. to/ether with a larc a-aort
meat of Linen Bosom Shirts. Collara, Bo-oma, 4ic., whiea
will be sold m th? following pneea. viz : Under Shirts am:
Dr.wer- il ?I J4 35, ?I W >?. $7 |8,$9. tlO, ?12, $13
i anil unward- p-e uozen : Linen Bosom Shirts at $7.
' *V. *10. all. $13 30. |i.3. $lr5. J1-, %'J) lod upwards per
dozea; Linea Collars at 3*i eenu. fiU cents, 75 cents, gl,
? |1 50, tl '3- S- *- *- M and upwards per doz
ea . Pla'u Shirts st *3 30 ; Colored Shirts at $3, $6, $7.
and |*J per doz'.-n.
Dealer? frcn all parts of the country can depend upon
Leiag supplied wjth eoo'.s agreeing wttb oar cataiosue.
MARSHALL'S Troy Shir: Depot,
No. 3(1 Lhs.th.m-street, New. York.
N. B.?No patroaagi asked of those who heal down.
-_ ?32 lm
Pickles: pickles':':?orden received
for Oaboru's Assorted Piek!? in Gallons, Halves and
Quarts, io the usual packages, Catsup* Sauces. Ate at
?n?a 3in On F.iltnn-st . ear Fr..nt.
kolled a.m1 platers' BBAS8.
A FIRST RATE article of Hulled anil Platers Braaa. can
ii. always ... found at JAMES G. MOFFET, I'-il Mm*
rt-ee:, ce?r V.'oc-ter, at tae lowest raarket prices. 'J?e
w ?e j rs.rv ?iinerio- article or fopper'a Brass. aig U
Pavilio.\ fountain, Saratoga Springs
Thai eeiehrsud Mineral ? ? er constantly on band,
fresh from the Sprioc?, fur fajkjjrtoles? and retail,
by the.Axents, GASSNERa% TOONG. l?Cna*am-srt
'N.B. Senttoa^.yp.rtoflhecityfree..reXi.ei-e.-. I'm
rfK TliJUl>IO."^i?Wesses, fsr s^ie by
_W A t\ 1 > ._
IL'A>TED-J ?o,-.t t,, , ... .
" ?'? *-J*'j >e*e/st._ oU J
ri' a \ T i D - v" pecsoe ?fco h*. ?40 "77 j' ' .
' ?. .that.Ji--jA,? x handsome. iuu?l ijj..,, at 5j^s
Br ad* v
.3 6V
Vi A*. 1 * h>?Pr.U-st nt S-.?Va?;... ., M .
? Aatsncaa Ol?ce. ?c< Brc*vdws>v
olllw- T. avLblOTT. Propr..tar
,4/AO i ail>?A J^arn ? ;.a I
I T? turned to Sx?h in,sing and ocop < >.. nr s. yoaa
mni **> o n*? been at tb- St?o-ra?kirp hu-:...*.j ?n 1 ? >f.
u riatvi hie trade at huu--e-carpecucj. wi n ...
! Bendadotif and employment by call . < ? ..
j 1* J ???; Sc. di Am)-at.
% i> 1. H \\ .* 1'fc ;
t WANTED, a lecoad-haud Pos;tab/a tTaorCliisc
! Apply ::>' - WM wesr.
j .Iii* Plumber, and TjaaatMay 10$ H-utson-at
V?. aA'1 !JB 1 * u on tree r \ terse c>l cai.vsssci
* * fir a DOpnlar pcn. clo.! A pJy,W II vi. V ks'.,
: st the c.5."- rib- >.?? Wv . ?
ii'A.> aiil?.?a ,>aricc- to travel 0 the V\evrr
M State-. A mau *bo c n adsai cc ^ ?.. . :???.? ,te;
and can gtve-^ood tc>^-rouia.j oi ctta/ai.031 ??? ? ?" in
profit ? I $3UQ0 u year.
Address ?? W .- ,:c.-*.?u. "jt ths 1 ibuna O.a.:-. . Ii .'
\\'.*i."i i a &>.?.? :?. co>as >?...<?? ui - 1. u?. t?v
M bmb ttaat understands bis business. i< I reibt
??.:c-'? Ert.'u ro st 00 E-st U.-o*d"ray. o.l.t"
L? AN l Kt.1.. . by .1: ?? 1 :?' '??
11 rough!- anderatanos if Dry Good btisiti ?-*o,
Book Keeping uo objection to S ? 9': ? GooaI
reference can bo gici :' Ad rtisa 11. J. Sir. V. ? so"i
Apothet-art-?'HV.l. slattiariue st. 0 I 5*"
? K ALi'l:
. B, M" i. 1 ?..
ord Brewery, 111 the County efPurhsui. England ;..!?'
fr.:n the port "t S .*?.?'er'and sbcul iits,c jt?i? j<o an
landed at IW.-toii. *!:ore he left his slop. If he |.
living he can.1tear'or>omethie|r tery natch o'huia
ist by kppM c.o the subscriber, IS th.' i": y ,:t' ."?
kork, or to Benjamin Uro. Esq. of Sedgeoeldi
Cuunty of Dnrham. Any one who jive in for ?
re?i>tetioc -aid .Velsen, ?di berewai - ? h j,
>????? \.<rk. October l?. Irl!
tX rue Conner Jit Eaqm*. S atiJir??. E.\,-rr 't
ton Atla-, PhiladelphiaI^dee ialumorcP tri
ten Coaner. end \c-a (':'?. ?? . ?.?>u
!i*b the abova < withootthui > eclioo .
raCweekf, end tend rhoir.bill4 to this. Ol ? ,
I .?.ti.'...J\S*.UK Ni >A fa-. i> V -
it induatrioiu man, one who can rebroaze ?ud '
anil undorstaiid* his business cenerairV, Shd steady
ntpl lymeat at WORAM a II ICGlIVt Ol P, II Broad?
way. " i'JIw
[neos ?l a ! t o.n \\ A.> I i H
t NELSON,a aeanun, ? of.John Ni >.
hoard_A cftitl-tu.n and his wife, and a si .: ?
lj gfutleman, can have cooJ bear.! 11. a pj iaata - i ?
where lh?)re are bat few b^sarden, int a de.sira
uesr St. Luke's Churrh. 3SS Hudson s'Cbycalh . imi
lately. ol 1 *jl
it A K1?. I' . . ro
) bad. i vli. hilully situated, at ls?l East i' aid way, in 1
inVais fmiily, tor a lew teJect bsmrdsirs ef qu ? babit
Huu-^ fust clas-. Terms atoderasc Ueferci its ex
:baeced._"_ ol3 hv
L>OAKU ?A U t.!>.-A sentieuian ? ?
D make arrangements Air board during ttie wiii a
4 private bo?rdin| house where til-re :ir. but f * b Ufi
r-. Would w si t a room by himself, ou ".'d or 3.: tl?".-.
riihagnste. Local ion uia-t be in the viciuit; or f ? I f
?ey -1. Terms d iwt be moderate. References \> hanged
liidress V. V. ouTce of ihr Tribune, s nttng ti raw aoo to
SatitW. el l R'
L?t> \ ICO?At t :< 1 i>
. > Call and see. _ ad Im
Zr l'risaic tiourili.i;;.
tuaueni ryonni and Romus in a location caMvenieni toishn
iusiuess pert of th< City, wiU ba.aecoounqdai5 I Nn> W
Huane-sir.'et. just out of Broad, ?/ay, where ion fe? board
??rs are taken md escry exertion iua< o to render ibeii
boose pleasant au.I comfortable The house is estirely
iew, and newly furnished throughout. Terms, misi - it
teferencus sxeharscod.
nOAKDlNG IN BKOA1I il a \ t \ Jai",
Li opposite ine Park, und next door lo the Ami rican
ilotei?? very pleasant ami convenient location; s?! Im*
}.?oA?i> A.\u ttoo^la
J> vntefamilv by applying at 906 Hudson il js
IIOAROIlVts,?Single (cntlemat
ii residing m the lower pan ut the C lj c i
omnvodalod with good Boar:!, with or vVithont rovmi -i
til Piiliou-st. Abo, three or four can h ive Diiuiui only,
fdesired. ju-di ti*
ussXKoY?t; i.n r*~iTir.s ouai.
f ^" ENTl-EMEN visiting New-York will Snd iq lot mc
J pleas?ni home at the GRAHAM HOUSE
I! ,.-, lay street, where ample acccmmodaUoaa arc att
tiraes reserved lortrnusicut lloariter-. and afforded at mod?
erate prices, by the day or week. No fume- of Tubucco
:t Alcohol will be Ibund to ta ut ibo aUu ispbere.
N. B. A few permanent Bosniers be tnken
New-York, April 17th. 1841. [U \ Uivvx. i. j |
SA TO lit I'? A handsome two
Jlilh. Waverley place, noar Washington .
?essioa iaunedUtely. Real low to a good i .
ilow.UN To Is ET?A.1 ?" ?
|B ^ in, cto-ou?. pea tri? sVr, r*rttaais-frrr. ?
liso, one large room, extraordinarily ? ,!' .'.
x|n for a woik-aiiop. Impure on iho preuu-, of
rJw if_JOHN LOCKE, in rea- , ' 31 In
>jA FOB BAJsfs OK IXC1I t.\. i
SS.Counlry .-seit, 10 miles from the eilj I : .u
Uueuns County,JM I. containing upwards ,>l SO scri of
r-t rate land The ImiiIsIiiiiis are Mifl di sbl bo iso, mo*
em finish, whh grsies, mnrt'le niui.tl s, oldi g doors,
v.c , extra kitchen; al?o. S large barns, wagon m u
lag ? bouse, shop, granary, poultry bouse u.d yaril, I
hou?e, with all other conveniences uecesmrv for ? i i a
I imily. The fiuit is of tnc best kind auu lu every ? irietyt
ipples, cherries, Ac in bundance.
\ mrge amount of tin: mo ey may remais ? n o tl in 1
mortgage; or Brooklvn or New-York city pi ne :?, wou.J
isken in exch .?g^. Address L. M. S. at ibi 11 .. ?.
?39 if _
brick Mouse, pleasantly situated in 35th street, be
iwei-tt the Sd and 3d Avenue. Ti,* Hous i. ..?
feet, two stories and basement ; thelot.U9el D wch ?
deep. The subscribersintrmd lo erect a .;,!;;, ou i!i?
rear, wbicb will make Ua desirable resideuci for csri
iue.s. The above House and lot can bu puicbasedonad
santegeous terms. Poclbrtber particulars iiquireut?d
l'iu-stre?t, u' LIUI.L'M ?fcGILLMAN. Buili r
?a?^ TO I. El'.- Au t p'j-sca.3io'i *i ?' a the tire
il". of November next?The new two i brick D ell
House Nu. 0-s'irsi street j it contains eleven ,iomi.
?Ith pantries, Ac., comfortably arranged for one or two
families wnh separate kitcbeas. 'I be House is 99 eel
t out and tear, ud the lot. Which is IHI f-et deep, is s ell
1 ml cut, ? nh digged w-Iks. grass plots,2 wood hou'iss,
tisteru, vault, Ac To a suitable tenant the rent w.ll bo
put at MO dollars, ?nd no taxes. Apply to C, DC BO IS,
7 7 Kroadway, or 37 Water St- < l, ooduw*
FAIMl porhai.e, rl\
Properly?A Kann in Uuee: s County, L L, co:i
isiirir between SO and 60 acres of first rate Lend
in a li'gb siatc of eultivuiion. The Dwellins and Oat.
houses are all n-:w sad is tir?t raie order, ?ith.a never
failing well of go?d water, apple orchard, Ac. The die
lance is nine miles from Nesv-Tork. The above >>' \"if
'.dl besohl,or exchanged for city property, and posaes*
?km given iounediately. Address L.M.S at this office.
11.1.1>?i??. ?iy? agewe;v?h.m.w i>,
1 Attorney and Counsellor al Law, u.d General .1
Ajteii.. LeW'STOts, l uit"ii Co. IliiiiMa.
I. ,fereiice?Horace 'iretlv, :>' Ian ? II on AI 1
'?rittiu, Madison , George Draper, ', ; Cedar ?'.,
York . Dr. J. B. Maua, and Win R. M :DougaL ' ?
New Jer?ey. o 'j liu'
nARVKott i) : i it a; :.niukani
COMPANY.?Incorporated 1-I'j- Charter i erpetnal.
This Ion; established and well-known liistitutii ti cou iu
ues lo insure bouses, furniture, stores merchandise ami
o ht-r property, tgaiast io.'s and dnu-^ae by tire. It r ites
are as low and iu lerins as liberal as ibo-e of o ii r ^ood
Con p ones. DIRECTORS.
Elipbalet Terry, Ezra White jr.
S.H. Huntingtoa, James Goodwin, jr.
H. Huntingtos, jr. John P. p, i ??
Alb, rt Day, Charte?Borwell,
Jamls 'j. rloLLsts, See'y.
Applications for insurance er the renev. si ..1 policies may
; be made to the subscriber, wha has been da y appointed
?gent for the city of New-York an iu vicinity, euii wto
will receive proposals and Issue j.o I oh tl >' ii o?'. fa
; vornbie lerm,. JOHN NEU.- N. J' Az"'?
o6 2?* Cffice 51 \i ti'A *t.
BOSTON BROWN kkea lt.-'i. ri
ber would rs'pectfnlly inform the cil zens of New
; York that he is prepared to sappl) hem *.:b ii i shove
i article of a superior ;uality, which may be rl tamed at
i the following places:?Nos.333 Blercker-sU<M Bowery,
' -21-J Caaal-sc, ^13 Centre-ar.. 173 Walker-st, 66 Diviston
: st.. 31? Pearl >t. All order, bift at eitb:r et me above
I places, or at th: Bakery Pdd Charles -i . will be p ami :ly
attended to. [s?? lVj EDWIN T DANIEL-*?.
\. R_A liberal ducunt to th'-e ? h?? sell
i^ETO TO Bi? BBE.IO A S A Si K. ?
j f Al Wo. 3W Hudson and 66 Walker-sU
' vnry sureri'.r h.inesoade Bread and ve'V larr? iojv--.
'?? H i Caket ar? all made from the be-t D dry Butter the
! u-.arket alfsrds. Abo, fancy arucles, sucu is K
' JlaekrowU Finjer, Rout aad Erecca Bt^ta,'. dec, i... jn f
; lars;? Plum an-! P..und of the very best quility r,n ? orua
I a-ul'd in a most ei'fanl style. All at MIL NER.
N. B The subscribes a'so make- the old -ty!.; if Br-..d
j from Rye and Wheat Flour, mixed.
' T*o Boys wanted to learn the basins business. i>*i'm*
(scccessox to geo. rnrscMCzJ
?1 street, of every possible shape, style, and variety, for
the use of any lmeof business; cot.standy o? bard a lar?e
issortr.eot of Square Boxes, plain aud faacy, so ^le. ssd
in sets; also
i,.. the bale or nest.
Genuine Germen Cologne Water imarted, aud for tale
at a very lew price. ? 3m*

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