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rtfvt, New-York, ana delivered to Cltj Snbeerlbera
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fr/- The WEEKLY TRIBUNE; ? very Inr?* papei
foi the Country, is published every Saturday morning,
at:be low pure uf f*'J j er snniirri, in .id vino ??
A I) I) R E S S
Of liic Officers and Members el' the Mer
ehants' Temperance Society of the I it)
? uf \i-w-\urk lo tlic Mercantile Cominu
] nity.
Tiiv cause of Temperance is not a novel enter?
prise. For years it has been before us commend?
ing itself to our judgement, engaging our esteem
sod. by its preventive and reforming influences,
Messing us und our cumnwn country. But while
many ol us Lave given it our approbation and bidden
Godspeed to those who have been engaged in its
promotion, it bas received from Merchants, as a
fins-, but little Of th-st aid which it* importance
demands, and which we arc now resolved tobe
stow. Recent developments "f its power, not
merely to prevent In temperance, but to save thou?
sands sunk in the deepest degradation and to raise
them and their families to comfort and usefulness,
have aroused us from cur lethargy mid led us to
oipiM/c a ' Merchants' Society,' which we intend
thai! be an efficient auxiliary in this greut enter- j
We enter upon this work under thu humbling
conviction und >\ith u lull confession that merchants
have stood foremost in the great work?of furnish.
^ inj the material* and scattering abroad over the
I land the means of that moral pestilence which has
? b'kjlited the fiireit hopes, and brought thousands,
; year after year, to the drunkard's grave. Almost
eveiy drop of liquor, that has done its work of
Resolution, has pa?si?d through the hands of the
rrerclan*. 11<* is the importer, he the wholesale
dealer and grocer, lie conveys it from the City
to the country village, distributing it by the bar?
rel, the enlion, or the glass, to all who will buy
and becoming the agont in producing whatever of
eiil it conveys through all the channels of Society.
True, fortunes have been made by the traffic, hut
th- > have been mude at the expense of the ruined
fortunes, health, peace and comfort of unnumbered
We do not put our hand to this work for the
benefit of other classes of the community only.
Merchants, as a class, have been the chief agents
j in promoting intemperance, and they have not c>
i cajs/d from suffering by its ravages themselves.
'4 We are saddened by the recollection that I'nms of
[lie highes: respectability have wasted away under
this ! lighting evil and have sunk into the drunk?
ard's grave ; and tli?-ro are tho.se now in our
midst, with whom we have hud pleasant inter?
course and important transactions, who, like
drowning man, must be rescued soon from their
destiactive habits or it will be too late, and they
be lost fori v. r.
The good of others then is not oir sole object in
t!u- un Lertaking. We make no ho ist of our ow n in?
dividual safely. We believe no man i* secure
whu habitually i*,-* alcoholic drinks in the n il iest
' form nud greatest moderation. They are poison?
ous to the human system Indulgence in their
use to-day naturally lead* to an increased indul?
gence to-morrow, and thus habits are formed,
which, before the man is aware, end in shame and
death. The droadful experience of many u strong
minded man fully establishes this truth. We
therefore put our hands to the Temperance
Pledge for our own personal security, not feeling
it lo be a sacrifice of our liberty, but a protection
and safeguard against some of the mos! dangerous
of the fashions and customs of society.
t\ o engage in this enterprise, also, on account
of it?? multiplied and important bearings upon ull
commercial business. The intemperance of tho
people has indeed I.n made apparently a source of
revenue to the State and <d' wealth to many an im
porter and vender: but it remains to be told how
much it has in reality impoverished the nation,
and to what extent the very firms, that have su|s
posed themselves to be doinga profitable business
in the traffic, have, by the use of ihr intoxicating
cap by their debtors or their debtors1 customers,
been brought to rain. Fires have consumed, and
the ocean has swallowed up oar wealth; disor?
dered currency luis made exchanges ruinous to our
proih?. bm intemperance ha.s wasted more than
ail. and often where we lenst suspected. Hud the
merchants of New-York followed the example of
the banker who refused to discount a note lor a
gentleman because his breath smelt of brandy,
they would have saved millions of dollars. But
they have heretofore pursued a very different
course. They have invited their customers to re?
fectories or to their own houses, and put the intoxi?
cating cap to their lips, and helped them on in the
toad to ruin.
We engage in this enterprise in view of ebl'ira
tions restiug upon u- in relation to all with whom
we do business, and to all under our immediate
care. Had every merchant's clerk in this city,
thirty years ago, been , tilisied un the temperance
principle, who can tell what would have been the
aaving of property, health, life and character,
and what the extension of prosperity and happi?
ness to unnumbered relatives ? The past is bevond
our control, but its history and developements
should warn and guide u? for the future. And
knowing what have been the ravages of iiit'.-t'-.t?..
ranee among the young men w ho have come with
fairest hopes to our city ; what the temptations ate
*'utch here entice them ; what tho connection be?
tween the bar-room and the theatre, the gaming?
table, the herse-raee and the house of death ; we
chsnot but feel it our duly to raise the standard of
total abstinence from all that can intoxicate, and
to incite to its. protection every clerk in tour eity.
?? believe that the simple announcement of a
Merchant*' Temperance Society in New-York,has
Wilt* thrill of joy through the breast of many a
Intent, brother and sister, far distant from our ern
P"tium of vice and corruption, as well as of trade
W'H tho merchants of this city, by withholding
! their names and influence, permit these hopes to
be disappointed .'
We owe the step we have taken also to that
class of our laboring population who are mnre or
less dependent on their business relations with us,
for the support of their families, and especially to
the thousands of seamen ia the merchants' ser?
vice. The intoxicating cup, we know, is not good
for the laborer on the land or <*n the water?for
the landsman or the seaman. But if we resort to
it ourselves, with what consistency can we with?
hold it from them ? If we renounce it from pria
j ciple ourselves, we are, on the s^me principle,
j called upon to withhold it from others and to dis
j suade them from its use; and this can in no other
; way be ?o effectually done a- by an active mercan*
j tile temperance association. No cla-s of men
' have a more extended connection with their fellow
citizens throughput this wide Republic, than the
merchants of New-York. In his store or counting
room the merchant, day by day, receives his cus?
tomers from every part of the nation. There he
mingles with commercial men from the North and
the South, the Castand the West; and there, and
at his hospitable home, this intercourse must una?
voidably be for good or for evil. Has it always
been for the protiiotinn of temperance ? Alas!
has not many a voting merchant from the country,
just starting into life with prospects bright for him?
self and his family, felt, on returning to Iiis home,
tha- like the merchant of New-York bo must have
wine upon his table, he too must treat his custom?
ers with brandy ami gin; and lias he not, in this
way. formed habits which have brought ruin upon
him for time and for eternity, i.ej the met chants
from the interior, when they come to our market,
be taken to our homes, be cntrrthined as our
friends; but l?'t them hear us say wie have banished
brandy from our stores, wine from ojr tables, and
whiskey punch from our parties, ami the good in?
fluence will bo felt in every corner of the land.
To those who are parents we would appeal and
pray you to eon-ider the influence of your example
upon y our children. Dirrct your tbougnts to the
i* mis of many of the wealthy merchants u ho huve
pa?el, 01 are now passing, from the stage. Ob
servo their characters; trace th"ii history. See
how many of them are running a career of dissi?
pation and infamy, to term nate in destruction.?
Where did thej firsti acquire their fondne-s for the
intoxicating cup 1 Where but at their fathers' ta?
bles, in their childhood, sipping very moderately
of the choicest wines.' Where hut in the social
entertainments of their parents, and iheii parents'
friends 1 Are you w tiling that your children should
tun the same career.' Are you willing that they
should acquire this dangerous taste for the intoxi?
cating cup I How can yoir prevent it, if you keep
it in your house, drink it at your tables, offer it in I
your friends, and have it commended and extolled
lor its excellence in their presence .' (."an yeu, un?
der these circumstances, advise youi sons not to
take it? And if you can be so inconsistent, which
will they be most apt. to follow?your precept or
your example, especially i( they think you are not
injured by your indulgence I Should any at' your
children unhappily sink into the ruin of iotemper*
ance, are you w illing to be reproached by there,'
and to have to reproach yourselves for forming in
ihem the taste.- tu:,I habits which caused then
wretchedness I If not, banish from your houses
nil these enticing, delusive and dangerous liquids;
leach them constantly, by precept and example,
the safe principle of entire abstinence from all thai
can intoxicate, and then, it: all ticmaii probability,
they will live and die secure from intemperance.
But should they go down to the drunkard s grave,
though sorrow and moutiling must be in your hearts,
the guilt shall not be in your hands '
The business ol the country is influenced, to how
ereat an extent we need not say. by the business
of the city. Let the merchants of New-York
abandon the traffic in intoxicating liquors, and the
etfect throughout the country would be immense.
Let even one importer renounce the traffic mid pro?
claim to the world that he has become u temper?
ance man, und what a change may be produced
through fifty township- .'
Said a merchant of our ci'j to it merchant from
the country, who applied for an assortment of
liquors, " I have given up that branch of my busi
ness, and shall sell no more intoxicating liquors.''
?? Have you .' " said the ether. " Well, I thought
very seriously, before leaving home, of buying no
more; and, since you have abandoned the trade,
1 will also.'" By that determinatioa many have
probably been preserved from a drunkard's gruve.
It is a well-established fact that a large propor?
tion of the pauperism, the vices and the crimes
which prevail tn our land, have their origin in the
use of intoxicating drinks, and as the use ef ihese
diminishes, so will diminish nearly all the evils
under w hich our Community is suffering, and so
w ill the industry, virtue, happiness and prosperity
of the people increase.
How can wp persist in a business aad in prac?
tices which are causing so many evils, so tnuch
wretchedness and sorrow in our land I Shad the
Merchants of New-York be the last to promote, by
their influence and example, that which promotes
all the moral, agricultural, mechanical and com?
mercial interest* of our countty I
In presenting our association to the mercantile
community, we are confident that we shall have
approbation of those who love their country, who
regard the welfare of their fellow men. or desire
the triumph of trae religion in the world and we
feel that we bave a right to ask their cooperation.
Though only a part of our mercantile eomnaunity
are in those business transactions which sus;*:n in?
temperance, and are called t? any serious change
?in their trade, yet all must make some sacrifice ol
feeling, ot habit or of interest.
Is this too much for us to do ? Do we wish to
be considered friends to our countrv. and i> this
-mall sacrifice too much for us to make for her
welfare and prosjverity 1 Have we hearts to feel
for the sufferings of your fellow men, and will we
not do thus much to banish thst which past history
and experience show to have been one of tbe
nv?-t j>r*?iil: ? s.urres of ail o'.r wo??*.' Do we
profess to be disciple* of Him who came into the
world and sacrificed even his life for the salvation
of our race, and have we so little of that love
which actuated him, that we cannot make the
small sacrifice which we request for the good of
our follow men, and t? prepare the way fur the
triumph of his pure and holy gospei in the world .'
Will the wealth which we hone to acquire by the
traffic compensate us for being the cause of much
evil to the bodies and the souls of men .' We can
not plead ignorance as an excuse in this day nh"n
the truth has been brought out so plainly that none
in this city, but those who wnlfu!!" shut their eyes,
can avoid seeing it. If we determine to persist
in this business, which is scattering desolatien and
death over our land, what opinion may we expect
our fellow men to entertain of us f But above
alt. how shall we stand and what shall we ap?
pear, as very soon wc must, before the judge?
ment feat of Him who requires uu to love our
neighbor as ourselves I I ?ur principle is that of to?
tal abstinence from all intoxieatingdrinks as a bev?
erage and all participation in their manufacture
and sale; the only principle, we believe, by which
cur country arid world can be raved from the mo?:
frightful1 desolations which have b>-en permitted to
afflict the human nee. We are aware that many
good tuen have looked upon this as un impracti?
cable und ulna principle, and have entertained un?
defined fears that the Temperance Reform would
be carried too tar. but we have never met with one
who could assign satisfactory reasons for his fear.
Suppose the reform should be carried to the r.r\
treme of ultraisrn possible in the case. Sup?
pose that every man. woman anJ child in titi- coun?
try or in the world should unite with a Total Ab?
stinence Society ami become pledged t? abstain
from all iritoxiea ing drinks as a beverage, what
great evil could arise from >uch ultraisrn .' We
entreat every man not to be kept back by ground
lew, undefined fears, from helping on this good
work. Examine the whole subject carefully, .sad
if you can discover any >erious evils, political, so?
cial, moral or religious, to counterbalance the im?
mense good that would result from the ultraisrn
above supposed, biing them forth to liebt, that we
may tako the gunge of them.
But if these tears Hie baseless, or if thev havo
their origin in the delusive habit w hich uny nre in
id' nsiug wi.-.e or some other intoxicating drink,
and in the pernicious usages and fashions of soci?
ety, we entreat them for tiirir own sake, ns well as
far their fellow men, to cast aside those fears and
join us in this work. Allow us to say that we be?
lieve one month's total abstinence from nil intoxi?
cating diinks?one month's ti-? of gtnid cold wa?
ter?the [iure nie of heaven, w ill dissipate all these
fears, dispel the doubts anal darkuess from their
minds on this subject, und shed abroad a lieht w hich
will enable them to feel and realize and rejoice in
some of the blessings of the temperance reforma?
tion in its present imperfect state, and to form some
conception of the glorious results which will attend
its triumph in that ultraisrn winch they now so
much dread. It any doubt the correctness of our
opinions on this point, tust them by making the ex?
periment fairly and we have no fears for the result.
To the support of this principle we would give
our example ; to its wide diffusion by lectures and
the press, we would give a portion of our w ealth ;
and us far us practicable, wc would aid in saving
tho unfortunate drunkard from destruction and
raising him to sobriety, respectability und useful
Tims we submit our object and aim in forming
Merchants' Temperance Society in the City of
veu-V.irk to the mercantile community in which
re dwell, and respectfully solicit their countenance
nd Cooperation.
Vice President*,
Gabriel P. Disosway, Joh.n W. Leavitt,
UkMRY 11. SCHtEFTELIS, JoH.n Rrl'uli.p.
El i?ua I). HCRLUUT.
Cor. S'-c Thomas Denkt,
Ree. Src. William M. Lathrop.
Treasurer, Rev* C. Has< e.
Edward Coming, Daniel Ayres,
Silas K. Beene, ?Wm. T. Cutter,
Ira Ulis-. Win. E. Dodge,
Fred. S. Winston, Joseph Battcll, Jr.
A. (i. Valentine, James Cook,
Asa Bigelow, Jr. Richard H. M'Curdy.
Silas Brown, Garret N. Bleecker.
- i
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[Georgia Recorder, No\. "J-i.
[Cr1 A poor woman named Margaret Jones, who
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Ladies are admitted to membership ou tue same lerm
Per order.
oOMWtf JOHN H. GRISCOM, M. !?.. President
XT Urn bum House, (Inn Im-,t. MISS
TRAVKR aud MRS. (JOS* respectfully inform their
friends nn- the public that they have taken the well
know u l,s.,Hsst House, hitherto kept ky Mr. R. (io-s.
(.who retire..) aud. hiviuc put it in excellent condition
for the wmter, sre prepared to aecouimodite a few aiore
pemasaeat Boarders with Parlors or Bedro-.ms only on
reasonable terms. Their Table will b? su|,plie.| with the
best Vegetables. Fruits, Ac that the markets of out City
atTor?j>. wh'le those who prefer <juiet, simple and uatursi
liviur and an atmosnnere un sled by the odors of A.co
hol and Tobacco, will and here an acreeaMe Home.
Trar.-i-'nt Boarders, or per-oas visiting the City, ac?
commodated on rea-nnth'e terms. Otf2 :f
ntGVEBREOT 1 ?*K fOUTttJklf^?
Tak-n at the R >om- -'.'1 Broadway, come, of i'uaue
?treei. N. Y.. o?er Rn ii's Free Gallery "f Psiuunr-.?
Portraits Uk- n in a few seconds clear or cloudy weather.
XT Pip: - i^-t.-uced in the above *r: in a few >'.av?.?
Terra- moderate._A PAiiK. eg Uf
Ot it M S < (I II,, wnica 1- Ibe best qaaliry
Peacn Orchard, we ?re seih;.* from ihe yard, deliv?
ered in tbe beet order, free of carUjre. at $7 5" per ton.
R. * ri. sKIIiUORE.
cmt' 1 ???* WashtnztOB, cor. Frankbe-str-et.
B~ r ORDER ol NATHAN K. li\CCY-^7F:r\
Ju.lce ot Erie County Courts, notice is hereby rues
trist an attachment has i-.ued sraiu-t the e,t_ute of George
j Miles. Jr. .1*0 Arthur Edwards, non-resident debtors, and
that the same will bs -owl lor the payment of their debti
unless tbey appear aud di-charee such attachment accord
tag to law within nine monia? from th? ?m publieation
of this notice : snd that the payru-nt of any dents due to
I them by residents of-.his Sure, and the delivery u> them
I or for their u-e of any property whbia this State bel-icr.
in/ to them, aud the transfer of any-uca property bvtheai,
I are forbidden bv law acd ire void.
j ant Iawun Attorney for Attachiua; Creditor.
vol. i. ?t,o. 201.
VB? FIKJI l>'Di\e? GOO OH. 1
! ii CHARD a. HAZARD, 120 Grand-street, next to
Broad ?rar. have a fall assortment of staple act tau. >
j Dr. Goods, consisting in psrt of the r'.ilowicg, watch tw? it
? be g ! t .it tnneh h -> ttisn tbrtner prices
FLANNEL!?Re I ? bite and j riiow. a'I wool, s. good ar
ttc e, i -j. an I very fine .t :t> and i. per vard.
SHr. E t lNii> in t SHIRTINGS of ail width* and oaali
lies, of Hope, Providence Exeter, Chicopee, t\ laninc
toi. Merrim t and York Mt:t-. vard wide, from fid to ltd.
: CANTON FLANNELS, bleached and nnbhsached.
SATI >ETS, Verj Low?a apiendid article at S ti> t'-.
MERINOEd?French aad English, Licht aud Daiuaak,
I from its.
FRENCH PRINTS of Bine and ether ground-, from 3a
KV.l.I-H o AMERICAN do. new sad beautiful styles
MOI -.-KLINE DE L?NES?New and r.^n patterna
I froHl (j I.
Bl Ol BAZ1N ES?Lower than ever before offered
?agreet? irii tj.
A full as . runeiii of g.w!. thai are usually' kept m
Thread aud Needle Stores; Tailors' Trimmings ol all
sort* and kinds; Men's Kid and Woolen; a good article
of Boys' Gloves.
HOSIERY?Lastie?' Wh.te. 81b and ColM Cvttoo. Bib
v Col'd Cas . ?? Mix'd .v White Kuit Hen's a ?.??
Hose a Ualf-U se; Children's White and Col'd. Ac A c.
n3o ?-'?"
i? i ffs: >j t kift*: ui f t- ??: \~r ^ \ r
.'I .-oVs. IM i hatham stand ISO Bowery.?The in fa
-?riser informs th ? ladies of New-Yorh and vicin ij that
tie hu? -o* on hand .i very rich and elegant nsao sent
of Lynx and other pur Muffs, at orices reduced full 50 j
percent, fioui any prsviuusyear. He rarnestlv solicits a
.? ? it !:> fore purcbaeinr, and assares these who fa. or him
they shall not be disappointed. For trimming* of all
kinds, and Fnrs rep tired it noli c
t.2t? l.n 'A'AT.-iiN. '??? !i.tii-.tU >t snd liVtB-wery.
-1 Merchant railor, No. 130 Fnlton-eL would invite hia
friends and :i'- public to call aad examine his sum k of
new Fall ta*oods, consisting; oft loth-. Cassimerns and Vest
ag*suited to the fail trade. Gentlemen leaving their or
lors ma] rely upon their being fulfilled intbe most satts
'or ?. t,,i ? r T-rrri- m 'd-rste?C.i-h en delivery. |2 if
t k.m- I'ltK fr. stor E?GenUemen washing to
" " par. in- e.?.d cheap I hulling, would do well to call
it I I3J Chatham -trest. where they can hud garments at
no following prices.
Cloth Co it.' $9 t" |12: Cloth Jackets, ?l to $;.; Sau?
nen Pam.. .Ai.Tj to $2,>*3; Cloth Pints $:t to tiJSO.
Ka I'PI.l l'IO s ?? \?4H I ULORIM! KS
? TARLISHMEN I' 3!H Grand, corner of Attorney
street?The subscriber respeetfully informs bis friends,
nsd the public generally, that be continues to trinke ilsr
inent- to r.l'.r. in anv at) le of fashion to suit hi- custom?
ers' tastes. A rood fit au i :h" best of workmanship may
at all-times be relied o . Gentlemen preferring furnish?
ing tU- ir own materials, will rind it to their interest to
ei.e aim a call. Punctuality in all cases strictlj observed.
Charg s moderate. u3S Im
?jt<? tTIE 5'1 ltt.lt .-I., a M. ~ BROV? S I'd
1 Chatham ?t. ?re selling Ingraia Carpets ai 3a fid, Is,
.'s. and i - per yard.
Those in ?ant of Carpets would do well t? .-.ill and ex?
amine lot themselves.as they w ll save at >asi 25 per et.
i y purcbasii r of the subscribers.
N B. All ar?clescoi.led with the Carpet business;
'Hing in in- same proportion. Also, remnants of Oil
Cloth, s uis!.!.- for putting under Stoves seiin g in priees
to suit the nines. nIT tin
dagckhuco r\'pe LIKENBMSRd,
Of Children v. horn wo lore, aud Parents we revere.
Srcuri the Shmlitir rre its Sabttanvt (mitt.
Tskon after the plan discovered !>> Mans. Baguerre by
No. 993 Broadway, (facing the Park,) New-York.
From '.l A. M. to I P. M. daily, Suudays excepud.
Taken in Kur. Cloudy, and even in Stormy W c.nher.
Instrument! furnished, and Pupils taught with los lata
Terms model mr for d'nah. nlfl tf
je2ri No. Iii John -l?Third Story. N-w-York.__tf_
V 1 N C V. S l" L . DILL'S"
t t E ?< r o t vps f o V ."v d k V,
No 1J- Fulton-sL(fourth siorvi New-York, jcIf i
iM< if N K W - l UK K
outci1ek, revnolds a platt,
Attorneys, Solieiters and Coansellors.
Office No. 81 - - . ? v , ( Sslcm DuTcnaa
rlercbants' Exchange, w" *r.t. ? j N l{. ixuL^
WaU-street S m27-tf_K>. IT Pt^tt.
EN G li A V IN (s ON W (J ?lT,
Done in the uv u-.l in inner, cheaply and expedit eiiuly
at th t orrica or thk nnw wohi.u. amn-stx?;et,
?; '1AKV HART.
Apply to the Publisher of the New World. ati2! tf
< ? a !t i. e ?s i t. I d i V 8,
(successor to orto. PKCscves,)
? 1 AM r ICTURER OF PAPER BOXES, 127 William
?I street, ol ever) possible shape, sty la, and variety, for
the usa of any lineof businesi: constantly on baud a large
assortment of Square Box.;.-, plan, aud fancy, single, a&d
In suis ; aiso
by the hale or nest.
Genuine German Cologne Water itn-irted, aud for sale
at a very Iww orn e. .!* 'lin'
i ar h. viller9, Di tal Sureeon, 25 years'
If eiperieiico?The original inventor ot the t>e>t kind,
of Transluceut M oeral T-'eth, ie.ir ?iuc"d t- lbs public
in l-^T. Dr;H. V. performs every operation m Ins pro
fession at one third less than is charged elsewhere in it*i->
I city ; he hopes bis long tried and well known abilities in
' every departm? i of Ins profession will he u snffieisnt
guaranty. Residence removed; to 333 Broadway, oppo?
site the Park. Pupils taught Mecbaaicai Dentistry. Fees
three-foarlb redaccd. Terms cash. nl-u"
^WiLTLTE sV sher-TIAIV, Surgeon : M
?3 ehanical Dentists, 03 Chambers street, opposite the
I Pirk ,d"-ire agaia o> express then gratitude tur past en
couragemeot, and to assure ih.-ir frtendi and the public
i 'fast nothing shall he wanting on tlie.r part lo in.ure the
j coi fidence a; d f .vor of those who may uouor theia with a
: call. Artificial Teeth of the lir-i quality, from Ol e lo sn
.?mire tat. inserted oa the most Improved methods. Tid?
ing, scaling si.d extracting performed with ' are and at?
tention, and iheir charges in alt ea.as to suit the eireum
.t?!'..i i?iei- pull.nts. tv-llm
I^o a ts ?T-Hl t AI UEX. powwk lt.
100 ca?as Boyd'scelebrated Bleaemug Pow ier.jusi
received aud for .ale by
? PRRjasp a- RrtrxiKst ai i.w.v ..
.' rTTs? all laborino under th in .
? 1 common Sore Throat, or Qainzy Sore Throat?Yon
; esn obtaia an ar-icle which ?ill mike a perfict cure in a
few bo.t'.. Sold only at Howery ul23meod
' Ol.f3.lS.fi Bfci.a.Wi-K-. Igll .ild poll.-Oe.! Slelsh
9 Bedavassorted from l?? lo No. 10. Also, fancy and
: enmrn ti strap-, for sale l>v
. a30tf vv M H. WIGHT 100John-street
III.iaHIKi's t HE UH AI. t'1 -
? gl'ct not yooraeif, white a remedy is at band. The pro?
prietor, after making numerous experiments, ?uccvded
in inventing a r.-med> for ihe due?-e? enumerated helow.
? which he confidently offers to the pubec tu au improve
: m- ul over ail others, and fully aj?.|sate to Its ends. It is
infallible la the cure of gout, rheumatism, bruises, sprains,
crimp-, nutiibu-s-and stiffness of me ietnu,boms, scald..
i stirfuessof the neck, frog.-a licibs, er apped h mds, chil
h'ains. fresh cut., scald head, salt rheum snd all eitern.il
injuries ; aud J-o of those to which HORSE"* are liable,
i sprains in the bae'r.. : ailed back". Ac. Soi l by A. B.
: .V D. SANDS, wholesale and retail, at No-. 79 and 100
Fa.ton -t.. N. V.. ?ad bv D. Saads A Co. 77 Ea-t Hroad
?iv Prtee, 3Ieta. n|(l lm'
? For the relief of Nervous Affections and Dyspepsia.
; Tbl. Cordial i-peculiarly adapted to relieve these dis
i tressingcomplaints. Acting as a tonic, by ?treagtliening
: thedige-tive it restores m due time a he'allhr appetite;
invigorate, the rau.culxr sT-tein ; dissipates low .ptnn
i and melancholy: elevates the mind : and,on the return ?f
? heaith an ' -trength. w.nch hl? invarisbly followe?! its use,
renders the valetudinarian hoppv and contented. Ti?
Bostotative Cordial i- pleasant to th? taste, rgreeanla to
; the 'mell. acd does not interfere with a regulsr diet It
1 has been highly aptir-eisted by the female sex. who nave
: gen-rai!v found much b-nefi' from it- SoU whoi-si e ino
reta-l at'No. 102 Faiton-.t. and at No-21?i B??we-v. Krxe
$1 p?r bottle._"' .
IE E t II EA 'jPPI.ISW br >lrs. SARAH E
j HARPKK No 18 Vesey-at. who b?? uxd taanv resra
.xp-riaBsj?iBtb?buc?s?s. laaU"./
_VT A N T S._
a ??> I r.u-N . Kiakof Buffaloacdother
?? orokea ami cuubirui b:nlu. itr ?a,ca the highest
? iMpaid. a; THORP'S EsaJsaag,, ?.S Broad
? " ?_ u?' 3r
\ \ A > 1 ki If? I 1! > ut t.h>J nwrals, a v,Jt io~vTira
'? ?I i;' t* le-irn the Book-biudiug bu.iaesa. tin*
? ho caw board ?ijj Hi. paresis aril] be pruterrod- ApMv
at 15 Aao street._ ^>f ?
? j'O r?Al'U?H9t?Wanted a youa? man of u?.
1 dtistrmus habits, desiring to prwrtuie frvtiral
iidies in^er favorable ndvaauures, and ?Illing to r?njer
imself u- fol oi teaching. He will be employed to m
? ".mut io :!i ? English t>rauche??he will receive ? coiupen
.id.m ?unleient to defray hi- expenses. Imm-disie sp
,- i atioo mast be maole. Enquire iu the Grocery store
? .iruer of Hoary ?ne Rutgers street.
Also, a young uisu capable of instructing in the 1'rencb
t. ,;a:re as above. n".a ,tt*
& .'I I L 1 KS can - I with the (?est ol ser
t t u :-. >r city .iu<! country, and at the shortest no -
i, at 50 East ft road wa v. n-V tin
\ (11:1 K.?II Mr. JIIIW1 /.Ml/, or Mrs. KA
.1 CUM. /.KM"/. s'i ? n.i at tue o!b>e ?f the sub
? riser.-, ?r.-ci igeasse <v.!l !,-.? c^ciiuMnicatevi to taeui which
? ill prove io iheir s. vantage.
. .. GRLNiNELU MLNTURiV * CO.. 7*1 South st.
t-i ..sii be a.;! by Ladiesaad licutlruieu. la a delightful
use i stuns'* liire* from Broadway, Apply at 119
Mercer street, nesr the corner of Priuce. n;W tf
? >OAKtHM? ?a gentleman and his wife, or two
I? single geatl ecu ? .-.n b.< aceominodated with cood
i-l -.: No. th Fulton -tr> eu Also, two or three persons
aa be nerommodnted with diom r. nS9 tf
J"? O X il D WA S VliO-AT.^fbrta' le room. wttU
0 board, in a pleasant family, is wsnt-d by a single
gentleman, in the vicinity of, or between Tompkias -quare
?venue lb References riven aad requirwd. Ad
dressSl Jahn, box 6*11 upper post omce. uH if
Ofitlioni; KEUCCKD.?The snbscnbsr
1 ) having titte.i up the large sad commodious house a
? corner ol linw.r.l au.I E'm streets, only
rom: Broadway, where gentlemen can have good board
aud pleaaani rooms for $250 per week; also gentlemen
i id their wires en reasonable terms, by applyiag ?t No.3
Howard sire?:. eotraa te o. Elm. us) 1 m"
iToTuD AN D Rl>? asTm?l beobuined is ?prt
! I ? I*.* family by applying ?J fl Hudson*et. j*7-tf
Js*j CO la KT?Part of - -der? built two-story
jjt-^ iiu:i-.- .No lit t i'h.isiti r?.t. Rent moderate to
i mall family. Inquire at tOO; I i ion ?treet. n29 St*
??:> Ft*K ss si.sv ?sie f \t H.li>?tv-Kor
^:_i.ro in n?r r :?: estate in in ? ? ivy, a Kami of70acres,
>it Dwelling lb Utas and suitable out baildiags in
rood rep itr, Ol e of the bouses fit for the residence of a
large respectable family. The location ishaedsoow and
healthy, with facilities for commanieatioa srith the city
four limes daily. Phe >"il and aubeoil very g,.od; I?
acres in rood wood. Also, a fine variety of fruit, u well
of superior water, ami a ?null unfailing stiesai runs
trough the centre of the Farm, supplying nearly every
Field a.id sufficient f?>r a I burse water pn ?er. the founda
Uiiu for the data andambaaki.its necessary being at
eadylaid. Apply to DAMEREL S: HOOPER, No. 158
Front-st. iriT Jts? I ni"
KOO.TISt TO I.KT-A room andbed-rtwHr
iScLwiiii cli.s, pantries .v.-. milable for a ?msllf sausr?
'. o, mi larye room, extraordinarily well lighted, suna
S for s *.'i k-shop. In pure on the premises of
l22 if JOHN I.OOKK. in re,r. f .11 Aon St.
IsxV VOll HAluB Oil KM II ANt.K \
SlCCountry Seat, 10 miles from the cuy, Itemed in
i^ueens County, L. I. containing upwards ol .">o acres of
rat rate laud. ThebuiMinga are one doable house, mo
?ra linish. with gratet marble mantles, loldiog-doora,
. . e\iia kit< hen; also, J large barns, wngoa-house, ear.
? ??? bouse, -hop. itrausry, poultry house aud yard, toe
hi-... with all oilier caaveniences necessary for a large
family. The i'ruu 1- of the bast Uin.l and m every variety:
apples, ehernes. Steu in abundance.
\ large amount .0" the money may reuunu on bond and
mortgage; er Brooklyn or New-York eitv property would
Ise ikeii iu exchange Address L. 31.!*. at this office.
s-JO if_
sal- or exchange, in tracts of handsome Land, con?
taining 135 seres eaeh, -.ol of a superior quality,
ratered with fine streams, and covered with Ina timber,
such as white oak, hickory, beach, walnut, maple and
vcamore. The soil is adapted to wheat, rye corn, oats,
cotton, tobacco, sweet and Irish potatoes. The above
.1- will be -old at reduced prices, snd on terms io
.ait, or they ?dl be exehaagad for almost any kind
net h i lise For maps, diagrams and purnculnrs, apply
'., SMITH ?V TfRNFR. 11 Job? -treel. op stairs, nl if
il'\I.IAN MUSIC.?Mr MANNING twenty
i years resident of Naples, pupil ol the celebrated Pa
ini and Crescouli) gives instruction oo terms to salt tin
one-, in Italian, Preach, nn,i Baglish Singing,and in the
,,?t fashionable -ty le ol Pi ino Forte playing.
Mr. M. has permission io refer to the following gantla
neii : J M. Wainwright, M.D.; Mnsars llowland St As
. J M. Schroedar, 1>I>. Mr. J. T. Hrigham ; F.
L Hawkes. IU> . Mr. s Ward.
Mr. M, resides at91 Walker street, near Broadway.
n8 and Im'
?I fessor and Teacher of the Piano Forte, Organ and
-tinging, raspectfully informs the young senile men of this
lity that be has fitted up a room in Ins .Music Saloon, No.
rQO Broadway, aad is ready to commence irivimr lessons
.0 the Piano Tone and In So ging either is the day Inno
?r evening. Gentlemen wtshiug to obmmenea w,|| please
?? nuke application ni the Ma-:e Saloon, No. 700 Broad
vuy. J,m..r from Fourth-st.) 'Perms moderate, ol I tf
zzffi' 1 'li I'ES?Pun hssera and li?- public gen
>io sir,* invited to call aad examine the
Imeiit .1 Piano, now o^-iuuc at No. I ll ."earl si.
up stairs, from the celebrated manufactory of Lemuel Gil?
bert, Boston.
The manufacturer In,, recently patented aa improve?
ment in the netion of these instraments, ?Im h-ecuro. a
quicknesa of touch, and power and beaaty of lone, iraly
A- these instruments are warranted tbeymaj wi'hcon
1 I nee be recommended to all lo? er. of this beautiful and
lacn usiiim- v p..p.,l .r artirle ,,f furnitare.
ni53oi A It EE 11 Jt F. HILL. Ae> hi-, 1.14 Pearl st.
?IISM tl I.ISI t || HO W .v&i
' ?mi.ir and Professor ol Music, and
f 11 Teacher of the Piano Porte, Organ, ?'ms;
id Composition, wishes to acquaint tha Ladies of
s'tw York with.her recent arrival ia tlu? cuy. si.,1 that
she will five lessons ai the residence of her pupils, or ai
the HOCSt of her lath-r, I?. s Browne, Professor of
Music. 7'iii Broadway, where ail her Compositions are for
-nie Miss Browne will give finishing I -sou. ?. usual.
i'..ininsn.l. left at the Musk StOt i of Hewitt X JaequSw
J19 Broadway, als? attended to. nlO liu
1>I%M? I--OKIE FOB MA I.E.-A ipjendid
1 instrument, patent aciiou. inperior toue. made la flos
'on by a celebrated maker, and has not been -J montlis in
ise. W ill be so.d at a ?re ,t bargain for cash, at -II I I nit
It road way. n36 6t*
\t.S<; FOR HA EE .?Suitable for a Doctor
use. Enquire at John ll)k,;r's Carriage E-tsidish
uient, l-? Leonard -tr-et. n"25 Iw"
!>it. Mi.Ml \\s
E L I X 1 R <) F 0 P 1 Ii M .
\NBW chemii a I prepar ,tiou of I Ipium, embracing all
ibeyalaanle medicinal properties of Opium tu the
exclusion i f those wbi a ar? dalati rious and useless. Tha
Morphine Coslein sod Narcein in combiaatloa wiih the
aativa Mee mic Acid, srs all retained in Iheir original
parity, asd henna the superiority ,,f this preparation. It
i- much preferabi? t-s every einer form of opists, such :i<
Laadanum, Pareirorio. Morphine, Dsoareochted Land
num, a.- A. ,as h ,s been lolly proved sal duly
k Bow (edged by the most eminent "i'fron?, phyaicia-is
and eheinists. Its use is noi followed by any of the ,t - ,
. rea ible eneets w hich invariably aiieud the ordniary p,e
paiations of opt m. inch as constipation, "icdsihe, tro
mors, nausea and vomiting, but it may be taken in satfi
eient doses to allay all sntTinring, with perf-,;i safety and
satire success. Por farther parti ulars of its trials m
hi spitals, <-<:. -e- direction- with the medicine.
'1 be Trade mpplied at the l?we.t ptices, by A. B. it I).
Sand.. 7'J and Itsl Fultoo-s .. N. V
Retailed by I). Sind. A. C?. 77 Ea.t Broadway, by
Ru-hloi, A A-imia ,11. by Hr. CblltOO, ?JUS Broadway, by
c. H. Kuir. till Broadway, by Coddiogton, 9S7 Hudaon
?t., by Church's Dispensary, IS8Sprtng-st.,and by all
Drnggists in the city aud country.
Price -'. eents. nl Itf
pA?TI? I LAH .NO 1 ?I E ?Persons mshing
\ to buy. sell or rxchantfe farm-, or real e?tate of say
kin,!, iu trie city or country, will find a prompt and ?3i
cieat airenl in S. BENSON, No. I Ann st.
Also, Loans stTected on cuy property, at 1 An- st
n-2n 1m*
CHAIR?1841?la no ? offered, mach improved.
Will rock of iiseif. Will please e?ea so infant.
Will give perfect cue. Will comfort tee aged.
Will not getont of order. WiUproven famUreesrwrt
I? not this sufficient1 la liclMess or iu le alth.
Rock, rock iu Kirp'schair, there's i charm in it
That soothes all the cases of suffering fmaaaiiy?
Tfcll of the p.aarare there is in tue o?e Of It,
RcklBC so fr*ely-^'?<?>?' the reality.
The reftilatinr seat of tin- Chair aukea It ta effect equal
to ?wo d-tine: and .epsra'eebiiir., MBseqaertiy tue PUr
sbaser ofKing'? PeaT-Rocke? burs the CHEAPEST as
?cH as the easiest and best rocker ia the market.
N.B.? The rockersof thischairprettnt ao eertmcticn,
?elther do they wear the carpet.
Alwjys?? Sand tim following patent Chairs, all wnr
-snte?i not to gel out of order :
IFFICE CHAIRS, we.h a grest varietv. all ma-le for
-pecul eaue snd comfort. All kinda of s"iairi niade to
The lubacnbs^r confines himself exe|u?ively 'o '.he rsi
.ufacture of chairs. M. VV. KIN'f,
Pstent Chair M-.k-r. 471 Broadway,
ol.tif V.,w Yrvrk. Ie.iw^en IJ'sn,! St Rrrxnar ?t
/ 'OTIPOSITIOcI ROi-l/KK-s, .,r th- ?est
\J matensla and e,:ialitv, and r?f all v.w. cs-t at the W
ree of the New World.?) Ann-it. Inquire of Mr J. W
KICHAKDS, in the Press Room (baseraent.) sr - <S

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