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?y lim Mornings Saut?cTii tiaii.
ZT To the Member* of Congress hitherto an?
nounced as having reached Washington City, we
and the name* of Messrs. A. V. Brows of Ten?
nessee, Gov. Miller of Missouri, IV. W. Irvin
of Pennsylvania, and J. L. ItlXISOHASI of Rhode
Mr. Senator Preston ? A letter from Co?
lumbia (S. C.) where the Legislature of Soith
Carolina is now in session, says:?" The Hon.
William C Preston is here, and his resignation
spoken of as depending upon a contir.ger.cy."
CT On Sunday afternoon, about 1 o'clock, it
commenced r.novsing in Baltimore, and so continued
until late in the night. Tne ground was covered
to the depth of about five inches.
The mail Irora Philadelphia, which was to have
left there on Sunday night at 12 u'cloek, had not
reached the Baltimore Post-Office at 2 o'clock, P. M.
[CT* Philadelphia was visited by a severe snow?
storm on Sunday night which lasted (as here) until
Monday afternoon.
03* The schooner America, loaded at St. Jo?
sephs, Mich, went ashore on the 15th ult. about
'JO mile-, below that place. Her crew wis saved,
hut the cargo, consisting of grain, A;c. was entirely
L?* A young man named Theodore Taylor, a
Printer, who served his apprenticeship in the St
Louii A'i-iis othVe, was thrown from his horse
ni ar Manchester, Mo. on F riday week and kii.ed.
A FaTAC Re.?CO?TRI?A rencontre recently
to;/k pluco between a young man named McKisstck
aud Pitt Colemao, Esq. io Hernando, Miss., in
which the latter was mortally wounded, and has
(ince died. Upon a heating before a Magistrate.
iL Ktssick was dirchurged upon tho ground of
self-defence. _
Central Ajisrii s ?I be Kingston (Jamaica)
Morning Journal ol the l-t ult. received at f'nila
delphia, says that the British sloop of war Electra,
which sailed fiom Jamaica for Honduras, a few
day- I efore, carried despatches from the Governor
to the Superintendent ?t Belize, ordering nn im?
mediate advance (ot troops, probably,) into the
territory of Guatemala, to demand the liberation
of the British subjects arrested there, as stated in
the papers a short time since. In case of refusal,
force to he applied.
Contain Parker, the senior officer al Port Royal,
whs about proceeding with his sloop-of-war, the
Vestal, to C'Hrthagena, to look after the interests
of British subjects there during the blockade and
Calesu'ab or Covbt or Common Plbas?This liny?
Pun ist-b7, fib. b;\ 73, sjJ, 75, 77, SI, et?, .'1, :., 217, 61,
83 ?I
Part 3d?38.50,80,52,54, 56,8,973.24,38, r.o, 31, 16,
fin, 6i, 86, 6,946,12.
Cits gntelUfleua.
Reported for the New-York Tribune.
Tuesday, Doc. 1.
In the Court of Common Fbas to-day. the case came up
ol Mo?rs. K. Hoe & Co. ngainst Mr. Acker, laic Sheriff1,
to recover property levied upon by hun at the printing
establishment of Mr. Jared W. Bell, in January, 1638,
tuey bohl log a mortgage upon ihe goods. '1 be inott^h^e
\va- Contested on Iho ground thai il was not valid, owing
to ih ; property ni t having been removed. Tins opiuijn
was supported by tho Judges of the Court of Common
Pleas ou a former trial, and by Ihe Hopesjor Court, to
which the cum- was earned, but reversed by the Court of
Enois, who decided that goods ntc,i not necessarily be
r< moved to lender a mortgage on them binding, and sent
the cr.se back to the Court of Con muu Pleas to be pn-erd
upon by a jury. It was sbowo ia evidence that Mr. lie.I
cwed Mi: mi Hoe ,t Co. (iv.dull, and gave them a uiort
gnge in lslU for SIU OUo, which wai not foreclosed, own g
lo the general depression and the certainty of sacrifice,
milled lo the v. i v protract d Ulnesaof Sir. Bell at that
period. In Jouuorjr, lh<- dcfcndunl levied an execution
for about |150, bcinc notified that the property wesmort
giged. T e jury gave ?? verdict in favor or plaiotiffe, thus
e ablisbiag ihu now principle luid d..wu h) tho Conn of
Ti esOav, Nov. 30.
liefere Jni'ge Noah uad Al.'ermen Leonard und llaltield
Henry llurlou, s boy. sin tried for steeling stockings,
g o- > s, vie. Iroin Liir.a llenliu : guilty?setl lo the House
of Refuge. Darnel Tolt, stea'iug u ti unk ai d rsz rstrops
wenu >ir< from Bryant Btargis: guilty?judgement us
pended and he discharged. Cornelius Keeler, stealing 88
fiom Oliver C.Siriaghaoa. guilty? Peuiteutiary -tu onihs.
D,vi?l tshveliau, a boy, stealing a cup worth bom Jesses
Uanter i guilty?s. at m (net lloese of Kefuge. JoUu Da
VI?, black, siraling a Coal worth 86 Irom W illium Pellet:
guilty?City Pnsou b month*. Peter Svenders, colo rd
man. tealing a hut ?oit? %- from John Kt'biLs in : guilty
?son tenon suspended and ho discharged V\iu. Snub, ?
boy,stealing atrnuk worth ?1 irom Edmund \\ dsou .
guilty?seuience suspended and be discharged. J ?nah
Holden, steuuug a trunk and olotbing woitb Ji4 from
Amanda Jobnrou : guilt]?Penitantiarj ti monks Wm.
S-uoih, colored, stealing a piece of calico worth $2 from
Adam Murrey. gaUty?Penitentiary l months, Johu
Cooper, colored,atealiog towels from ibe Ansr Hou-u.
guilty?Penitentiary ( months. Thomas Sparks, ??suul.
and battery on l>?mel McKay guilty? Penitentiary J
months. John Story,assault and battery on llcnrj C.
Pr> atiss guilty?Penitentiary H months. Joseph II. Jcu
titu^s assault and battery ?su Fernando C. (iutrenncrs.
not guilty. Cornelias O'Lesry and Jamas Mansfield,
sdiargrd w .in pent lurceuv, aud William Murray with at
sattll und battery, were discharged for wanlol evidence
Tuesday, November 3>\
ReSBIKO S WlDOW.?On Monday night, olBcer Harber
atre.-tfd n young man named William Sargeant, aged i.0,
a watermnu. residing at No. ?2s Willst-,treet. for steal
mg $:10j iu gold nud silver coin from ike ptemisea ef Mrs
Helen Oakley, widow, No. T7 j Broome streit. Ttio ai
cusad stole the key of Mrs. Oakley's door out of her reti?
cule on the sight of the a.id ult., n heu she was in her sis?
ter's house neat door, aud, unlocking tue door, entired.
stole the money, and decamped. After bis arrest he cou
letted the theft, and $:'0 of ibe money war recovered by
the officer. He was cotan itlad to suswer the charge.
TaBTTI or CusTlllNC.?Catherine Castles was arrested
by sitiicrr Deuuislou an Monday rieht, i haigerl ? nh steal
tag a ca?hmere dress, a merino ?hu? I and pemceat, worth
$7, from Mrs. Anu, wife of Patrick Brown, of No. 39 ?ar
elay-street :>he w>i ,em to prison.
Elizabeth Monson, alias Hill, *u arrested to-day by
officers Uuushes atd Lowmbur v, for stealing a velvet hat
and a ravisl.a dresj, worth $11, from Charlotto Clark, of
No. 84 Mulberry-.treet, two mouths ago. The articbr
were found on her, anc ?he wa? ernennet, to prison.
Stcaling Boot?.?William SsaW was arrested en
Monduy ni,bt and tn-day cruimitted, for stealing a pair
of tiooi? worth Si SO from 1 humas Kelch. No. 1W Faf
tTl'ariintlur Notice.?Tbose persons hsvinf
furniture of any Oeseripuon lo dispose of, or who art
breaking up house-keeping, will find a ready sale for auy
portion or all oi ibeir good?. by_ seadiug then address, oi
calling upou the subscriber. Coeds to tny .amount pur?
chased o7 lui f9) e" COI Tti\ i?i7 t'listnsiinuisui.
XT Gift a for the llolisii?' e.?Just reoeived an
for sale atIBOClinton Had DiOk store?
The Book of ihe Buudoir, or the Court of Queen Vic
The Ke.cp?ake. eilued by Lady Blessiogton.
Heath's Koofc of Bsauty.
The Drawing Room scrap Book, by Mary Howiy,
Acksrmao's r'or,et-Me-Not.
Juvenile Scrap Hook, by Mrs Kllie.
Tt.e Poets of America?seceud volume.
Tn? Gift, a i briiimas aud New ioar'? prcsecL
Tne llrai.
The R?.se. or Affection's Gift.
The Token.
The MiH.onette. or the Crares of the Mind.
Tub Lady's Book of flowers aud Poetry, edited by Miss
The Youth's Ke-pi ko.
The Aanaallette, ?tc.
Au v.?arimem or Bible-, Testameut? snrl Common
'?>? Kooks, iu spteadid bindings aud of all sie-w.
Also, then w i.lo?trafd e.iitions of Hobm?ou Crusae,
?Napoleon ?nd ihe V,car of Wakefl.ld.
J- ?? ?-tUFtEL?, cor. Nassau and Beek uan.
Pate*, nt the Work i xrhnnji', >?r. .10.
70 City Bank. 100 I 50 do.in* Ui
25 Auer. fcx. Bk . 4m (?'> . 5 l do.h*0d IT
4ti do.n? 6d I '.'5 do.casa !>?}
7 do. 6- IISO do.to'd 17?
? 25D-I. dtHud. |ri;j!inn do.?30d lrj
'28 ?ich-. Hkr. A>?t.?d 56 150 L. I. R.b6?d ? >
25 Farmers' Trust ... Xj lit.i do. 5aj
JOj.Cji.li-l.Co.il.il s.'> SO do_.tacHl .Va.
,'iii MonawkH. f,i j 50 ao. 58}
??tit do.u3J? fi \ 175 do.bnw .'. i
do. 61} 5) do .cash 52}
7." do.0.4 t\'. lOStouicgtoaR. 21}
50 uo.tied 61, 5 Aub A Roch. R.... K'C
25 do.ihwk 6j SoFatenonR-?31 52}
25 do. b2 25 do.cash 52j
15 Harlem R. 16] 5i do.b60ds 53
100 do.Irl'? d !7 IU) do.s3d 5J
?dl Co.16} 5o do.bol 52
50 do.cash Icjl 5J do.?3d 52
Second Konrct.
50 Manhattan Bk .... 60 i 50 Har em R R..alOd IG}
?J i L)eL Jr. H ud_?3d 105 ! 52 do. 16}
10 do. 100 h?. 161
25 do.".'.. lW|tl5U do. lti;
touimtTcinl rind Jloui-y ..Znttcr^.
Tutfduy. P. .V.
Tre ?a!cs nt the Stock P.totrJ wore limned to-day, and
without ma'-rial cbtince in rat';?. Moh iwk declined } jier
cent, Peterson }. Delaware A Hudcoo i l.oui: bland j,
! Farmers'l.o iu 11. Uf Harlem 11(0 rhares were .old.
' closinr ?t K : a decline ot ? per cent. For L'. ft. Bank
was offered, 3} naked.
i The dperalteos in State Securitiei ?'rt ?run larre,
i reaching near 8100.0C0, at a decline of lj per cent on In?
diana Bonds,.} on Sterling do. and lion Illinoii Sixes.
I F ir Ouio Siies, leoO, 92 was asked; tor lean, -?)? was of
tiered. e5 a?ked lur Kentucky Sixes, 1871, 79} offered.
I The aal's were :
I $I2,C00 lUinoia Sixea. 37
?UeKJ oo do.b3U 37
I 6 0i:0 do do. Sei
1 5 000 do do. 3a j
I rOO do do.bCO 36
i 1 000 do do.t-CO 3s J
? 9.r,i.Hi Indiana B inda. 36
; 1?. U<jO uo do. -4}
j 2000 do do.?3 > 341
: 5,ixu do do.?1 ? 35
j 2odU do do.sio 34j
i 2 (Ml do do.itiw 34.
; l,t O.J do do. 34}
j 5 'DO do do. 3 i
j 2 0(11) do do.ath* 35
3.0 ?> do do.s3 35
( tt.litK) do gterliuir P.ot.d.-. 34
1 7iU0 do do. 33
7,0(10 rio do. 33}
1,109 do do. 3Ji
1 UUJ do Co.s31 31
The transactions in Foreign ExcbaOge hare teen limit?
ed lo day. and the market mis a downward tendency.
On dome Southern pointi the rate- Exchange are
again worae today. Philadelphia5a5}, Baltimore3a
31,Mobile 10* a 11, N. Orleans 6 a 6L
We have luard of no ne* Banks bei) if discredited to
dav. but nearly all the red b:icka are b uzht on consider
aide discount. Tne scarcity of money among the brokers
Is undoubtedly the treat moving cause fi-r tins unwilling?
ness to buy un-.urrest note?.
Tbc tolls rai-cd on the Canala of this State ilurinii tbe
third week in November reached $62,777 15. The ruv-.- j
huh of the year will no doubt rxeced $-050,( 00.
On-; of tho morning1 papers made a statement that the
Greenwich Insurance Company and the Ravings Rank
had withdrawn their accounts from the Greenwich Bank,
nr.d iminutcd that there ua, something rotten about the
Bunk. Tbe President of the (?reet.wn.li Insurance Co.
' and the President ol tan Greenwich Savings B.nksa)
\ that there is no truth whatever in the statement, to. fur as
' those institutions are concerned,
j The Pitubarg Advocate says that the Exchange Bank
ofthat place is one of the soundest flank- in the Common.
; wealth; ilint her notes are at a premium of -t per cent in
Philadelphia, and that she lias uever refused lo p.y her
obligations in gold and silver since t!ir resumption in
January latt.
rVesvYorb Market.
1 Ar-IIFs ?The demand la dull, prices without chance.
' Pots $('?; Pearls 5 62}.
I COTTI IN.?The sul-a to-day have been about Bl 0 bales.
Th" uiiirke' is drooping.
I FLOUR.?Buyers for the English market are still "nit
iog lo?< r prices; the recent rise in freights forces them
to do (Ins. TI ere were however, some s.:ln? for sbipn ci t
I at current r't?*. The quantity afloat is very large, and j
t'-e market i- heavy. Gonesae and Ohio we quote 86 37}
a ti 44, Michigan ti 31} u (1 :i7j. Southern t? .V.l. 6 62}.
GRAIN.?A parcel, I00U hu*boh>, Illinois Wheat sold
at 140 cents for milling SaUs 2000 bush- Is Jersey Com
?t 71; 2*.i 0 do 0;:io at 70. weight, delivered; Loot) bu-lo Is
Kyc at SO at the boat. Oats nre not ?0 lr..-k at a 5'.'
J3T Tbe Youog i hoir, or School Singing Hook
oriental and selected, by Wu K>. Bradbury, anJ C .*V
I Sanders. Tho attention of Tiachsrs ia particularly re?
quested lo ibe following notices, just received by the ptib
New York. October 25, 184L
Messrs. Dayton A Saxtom?Gentlemen?1 have . a on
uird y our valuable little niu-icsl publication,1' The Vouug
i'huir," and feel rratified to be able tii express my rueon
ditiooal approbation el ibe same. It is just ihe thing
wanted for juvenile classes; and I hope it may be widely
und extensively patronized.
1 hiii re-p'. tfiilly yours. S. B. POND.
Late vocal Leader of ihe V Y. facred Music Society.
Messrs. Dsvtom & SaxTOM? 1 have received tbe copy
of' The Yi une Cnoir " by \V. it. Bradbury and C. W.
Sanders, ami I have examined it thoroughly anrl wi.b
itri Mi pleasure. Tne music is chaste aud simple iwogreai
excellencita in a musical work. The ?rraogement is ?. I
designed ami executed, and I kruw of no work of the kind
beiier calculated 10 do good. The work also contains
emiiisb of the " Clements ofmusic, ' 10 bu.-?er nil purpo
sc? for yoiiih
I doubt not but i; will afford satisfaction so school, for
childri u and vontb nnd I hope u will obi do a |eni ral use
C. P. SMITH. Mayor of Hroukly u.
October 20, 1841.
I). A S. hI?o publish a New Collection of Instruments!
MusM consisting of Solos, Duel- and Trios or lue Flute
i Violin ami Vinliocello, from the works ul Beethoven Mo
?srt. Heyda, Pe Inn, Walsh. Strauss, and other eminent
composers ; to ?hieb arc auded brief instructions for each
Also in press?"The Northern Harp." cousi?tmc ol
original, sacred, ami morn! tones, adapted t? the most ;? p
ular melodies, for the Piano-forte and Guitar. By Mrs
Marv S. B. Dana, auther of" The s- ulhern Harp "
nl6 (2) i'l Nassau street, corner Fulton.
CT ?s t4.?.<IPO.??-? rt"ut?iory .?Snlt- of BONDS
ANu bOtt 1 GARES ? The Bonds of the original sharr
I holders oi the New Brighton Association, oa w hich tber.
i is now due about ine -um of Three hundred ?ud Forty
rive, Thousand Doll?ra, tbe payment oi which is secured
by a mortgage upon all the rtmaiaiog property of siid
\ A>-o latn u. will tie sold, together with i-aid mortgage, by
S, DRAPER, Jr. Auctioneer, at the Jirschsnt-' 1 scbaage
? iu the citv of New-York, on Friday, tbe I7tn day of Do
1 eember next, at 1 o'clock iu the afternoon. Apply fot
parncul rsto R. M A E. H. BLATCH FORD,
l2o HJl7 No. 1 Hanover st
"1 i it in litre Almuuuc.?This Dav
TUf sc.h THE moos rOLL sks
Rises 7 SI I >els 4 3:1, Rises 7 39 j Sets ?-' 17; 10 57
Latest Dales.
LtvrRroCL.Nov. 4 ssw-orlcaus.Nov. 17
The next Steam-Ships to Arrive
raosi uviRreoi. vrom Bristol.
Acadia. leaves.Nov. 19 , Great Westeru.leaves...?
Tho uext Sleam-Ship to Leave
Caledonia, leaves.. .Dec.2 GreatWestero leaves...?
cleared VSSTtaOAVl
Shirs Furope. Marshall, Liverpool, C H Marsha!!; On?
tario. Brsdi-h. Lon.ion, GrinneL Mintars A Co. Bait.more.
Fuack. Hair-. Boyd a Hirk. u.
Hri?. Jine Allison. ( Br) Mi Collum. H alii'.x. S Whitney;
Yankee. Go;>drich. Richmond. N D Catlisle.
Sehr Nassau. Dearl-oru. Rirhmoud
BriR William. Bacon. 24 dys f.n Si Mark?, with cotton.
I Br brig Charles Heseltiue." Talbol. lo uv t fx Bermuda.
I ia ballast, to Middletoo & Co. Lett sehr Sultana, Hail,
i for NYork im 4 day ?.
j Sehr franklin Spirga. Calais, plns'er.
Son. Peru. Gi eh ist, Luber, piaster, to Brett A Vcse.
Sehr Victor. Hallet. Bo.lon. mdae. lo S W Lc? is.
Sehr All.srt M Hale. Boston, mdze. to J Atkius.
I Sehr W leaHl, Kider. Boston, imrze tr J Alkios.
I Scar Jasper. Howes, Bs-ton. mdze to E A J Herrick.
Ship Catherine, Charleston; barks Hobart, do. Laurent
The London, Liverpool and Havre packets all sail to?
day if the weather is favorable.
f O.-ME**i>C OA ?IO.\
XT That very va'uable and cite naive Stock of Fancy t
late the property of C. R. HI LL, ?i erased. A- ih:? tntiri
Cre?t Bargains.
O* I'liierrolojiy nnil a ' brllrr half.'-*?
THI3 rVtM>'U. kt Rntjers Institut. Hr.l S : ?W
LtK will delirer a L*etu e on F?r "to'o.-y .a ' Mi Fiolc
cy as at p'ted in the salectien of ? ci nspai ion :':r tif ? and
tor lim.?? heppiiy with those already -elected, i - is
wne of the most ? itsi o tant lectnres of the Cour-e. aaiell
who with <<, -ecire .-at , w il d > > by c ^itis earty.
On THURSDAY K.Vi.M.sG. ilr.'u * F will deliver
a lerure, upon Tc;nperar.cc. considered Phreno'ogicaily
oii.i Physiological!'. , at Cimiou Had. Actaissiou FrlE.
di It '_
>" r New-YorU I.yci-uui Lecinrrs.-Lrctur?
ih - VVt tnetday) evening naif past 7 ./dork, at ih?
Broadway Tabernacle, by.Uejj.- Gsspard Tothiuao. of
ine Polish Armv.
Mi'ject??'l>e Polish Revolution.''
Tickets, admitting a lady and renttemsn, 50 cents:?
rnnv be had a' ihe I yceatn Rooms. ! 1 B*o?dway, and a.
ihe door. By or letv L. 1*1 'R.MAN,
dl ii Rccirumg Secretary.
XT Notice.?President .Uitian trill preach at 7;
o'clock This Events* in ihe -j i Free Congregational
Church eo-ner of Cary-lie and Delts-y st.s. " "dl It
.'sriclmiiia' Temperance .'?li'etiiiu' ?1
public meeting cl the Me c ,ant?' 'lempcranee >ocicty
will :>e bei I at 7 o'clock this evening. ?t the Hr-ck Church,
Dr. Spm g r, which will be addressed by the Hon Henry
W. D wight of Sloekbndce, Mass., lormerly a distin?
guished M mocr of I 'ongres., now n-pemily reclaimed
iron habits of inu mperance, en< en atde advocate of th=
temperaoe? e.u-c. Citizens generally, ladie.- aiu gcntle
men, are i_vitcd 10 atlet d.
L. M. Lath nor, Sei re-arv. dl If
7"'" The N'ew-Yorh rheaix Temperance
Ktnciolmt As.ot iadnn 1 > meeii . a
the Cannon street Baptist Church. N. Y'.. this evening.
Dec. I, a half-| a-t C o'clock. A numl er r f recently he
formed Drunkards will relate their experience.. A col
lection will be taken up to aid th* Association in :heir
works of charity ane benevolence. Will the friends ol
bamsuity invite the intemperate to nttead tin. meeting
w th ih.ai, sail Ibas hi lp to rc.torc those to s temperate
life who huve long been -laves to intoxicating drin??.
A. W. GOFF President
f. P.. smith. Secretary._ dl It
New Temperance Horementn.?1 i?su
snt to catUa meeting was held on Fr.d?v eveuieg, Nov
-?th I-'I. a the Academical latutute,35*Brooae-*uert,
fi r trie formation ol a T-.rul Absiicei.cn -oeiety oo Wust.
ing oniau principles, divested of tome features, foutd
from experience, to he objectionable. i
Doctor J hn C. Sloat was called to the Chair, an! Mr
Ch trl> t It. Duryee appointed Secretary pm irm. a form
of Cuoatii .ti ii -?a- then submitted bj sir. Woodruff
which was aaken upin detail and with come additional
article*, unanimously adopted as the Con?tituiion of thi
Hope-Total Abstinence Kcltof Society of New-Y rU. On
motion. Mr. Jamra Cook was unanimously elected Presi- ?
drnt, Matthew W. King Vice fr siden?, Thomas M. ':
'.Voo irntr Secret iry, nod .1 n tu au W. Allen Treasurer.
Mr. Henry Sheldon, John AI. Stuart, ''homas Fenton
Albe't House, S?d David W. Allen were elected Directors
for the ensuing year.
On motion. ?e (lived the proceedn cs cf this meetinc
be published in the Sun, Tribune, Journal of Commerce,
rattler, and Washington Temperance Gazette, end ih..t
due toticc be given ofour n< xt meeting in said pap r.
Ji IHN i'. SLOA r, Cha rman.
Cuss. H. Duavee;Secretnrvpro tern. n303t*
.% J TlJfc I l.l.tl.l\,
1 10 Fulton-street and 1 5 Ann-street.
Thus snya the Editor ol the Planet:?
?? Fnr.r. Keadisc Room.?Without doubt ene ,,r the best
end one of the most convenient (.dace, in ihe eitv torn
ttier the new. i f the da? is a< tbe Chases Bating House.
>o. I) Ann-st'eet, running through to Fulton sireeL At
this well conducted and popular establishment there are
twentv -IX nimble tables.-,v nil a leading journal on e ici
table, representing every State in the Union ; thu-citi
gene and ?Sraniers have the opportunity of taking their
c, Dee. A ?. ?nd reading the late t p ipers from all parts ol
t-e COS Ott on ihe sane table. It -trikes u- that tin- ar
raagen e;.t is superior to anything ever attempted in ibis
eil) and we have no d'tibt will prove a great feature in
ibis extensively patronised house of refreshment Under
be management of it- gentlemanly proprietor, the Cli
mas, we ?ro pleased to barn, i- rapidly increasing ii: p?
troirn e ni d popular favor, an I we doubt not will continue
to receive its full share of public iUpport Slep in."
n?" (2)
X'' Medicine* oi astral Quality?Approved
Popular Remedies,Leeches, English and French Perfum?
er; , Snaps, >tr us bes. Ac. for s de in
J. & i CODDIaGTON, Druggists,
nlU linU* SSI HitHaon at ei raer of Spring
1\\ a r r i e D:
In this city, Nov. - -. William Mason In Harriet, daugh?
ter of Ai,en Drinkwnter oi North Yarmouth,Me.
In r i- city, N. v. SK by Rev. Mr. Aodrews, Mr Charle
L. Tiffany, of the firm oi TdT.uv, >. unc A Ellis, to Miss
Harriet' ?livtn, d tugh er of Hon. E. Young.
In tin- city. Nov :t0 William Nielsen, to Mary Johnson.
At Hiddh bury, Vt Nov. 15, H-nry M. Davis,of Ticon
deioga. N Y. to Laura Crane, of Addison, Vt.
At Pel ?-Tille.Ohio.?>ct 28,by Ihe Rev. Carlo-Smith.
Daniel K. Minor, of New Yors,' to Mrs. Theodosia S.
Skinner, of the former pi -ce.
D i c b :
At Sylvaton, Staten l-laud. of -carlet fever Nov. ?>.
Frances Tappaa, aged II yeir-, sad Philipina Slosson
ai-ed 5 yi ur- and :i month-; and Nov 29, si the -a'?o pi ice,
Cornelia Pinn, ug-d ;i year- end - months?all daughters
i f Richard It. Laming, Esq.of this cu>\
The frit nds of hi- family are respectfully invited to at
tend ihe funeral thi- day at IS o'clock.
The Statrn l-l?ud bust leeves the (uol of Whitehall st
ut II o'clock. Carriage- will be in readiness en ike urn
ral of ihe boat at Stapleion duck.
le ibis i ily, Nov. 39, after u short il!ne,s, Mr. Charles
Porter, ageu 17 j e r..
The frierds of the family, and those of his father in
law Noah Brown, and son-in-law fim. VV. Sunnier, are
invited to ntiend the funeral from hi? late residence, 193
Henry -t. tins (Wednesaayj afternoon at II o'clock, with?
out farther invitation.
I- i-t-r:. p.pers please copy the above.
lu th.scity, Nov 36, Mr- M,ry Ciurk, formeily of
Philsdelt bia. ill her 56th year.
Xr Philadi Iphia pa| ers ?ii please copy.
In tin- city, N iv -Js Mr-. Rachel Longshore, in hrr 6Ith
At Princeton, N.J. Nov. 19, Ralph Salisbury, in his
7th year.
AtNew Orleans, Nov. is, Thomas Morgan, in bb 3.1th
11 ' A IMTE ii ? Sim : ? . r \;n-ri a:. I..'
i vl Irish Pr testant,Scotch,German, and coloredser
' vants, at 504 Broadway. No charge at this office.
! dl It- I' r.LLloTT.
\ t ' A > I fc" I) - A partner in . genteel and lucra'ive
11 businesr, with a small c p ud. This is without
humbug . a fair ai d honorable, and in truth, a very pro
Stable busin*as. Inquire at 4- Ji hn street, taiee deors
from William this day. dl 3i*
j <> Oasis I'lsTSs?A Demist ? - is in the
J- vicinity of Chambers street sad P. r* Puce, wou d
a illingly sttead to ta- plate work of one 0' two o:h-r. du?
ring hi- present leisure. The werk ?ill bo faithfully and
accurately dwbe, and at a very low price.
I An opportunity ii slsoorlered to individuals wishing
artificial leetb, (or other Oenial operations) to save tum
supplied on ea.-y terms by a regular and sou-purli.g
member of the Profession. Adures? "Su-scon. Park
Pott Office, staling waeu and wnere en interview is lobe
obtait rd. dl St
Oi* t ?A certificnie of TWCM's SHAKES of the
Jno. L. Norton. Jr. Applica'i u will bs made to the Com?
pany, at their otSce, oa the l?t? oi D:cen,tier instant, fur
a new certificate. dl i*'
l'T.MI.Y'?i I.NT1K17i.I<;E.>?. K OFFICfc..
\'n .Vaia P?,rl ?tr. st, near RrOatSwaV nlrt Irro?'
t? OFFICE, H;i N.i-sau-?t.
Rtrt nt;>i ? >:?Hon. M. H. Grianell. H. Brevoort, Esq.,
VV Irving.Prof henwick. n!3 Im
Pearl-street have en Sand an extensive stock cf Gilt.
Gilt and Mahogany and Mah-gaty Look! ,g Glasses of
every variety and pattern. The trade and hoo-ekeepers
can be supplied at the lowest cash prices. Curtain Orna
rur-nt. and Fixtures constantly on hind. 33J Pearl-streeL
dl If _
I 1 AVi.M; PBRCEIYBD in the Police Re
I X port- coulaieed in iSe Tr.buue of y esterday m irai g.
a -tateiueut thai I had be a arrastel for purchasing < ib?
of Bri.t:e?. knowing tocra to stolen. 1 "ej io ?.at? tna'
the eben eis altogether ?ufounded. and 1 trust taa mv
character la too w-ll known in this city, where t hav?
beeo ei gag.-.i in t-anssctinj busiaes- for several years, to
?arrsut such au opiuiou. I taeref -re r-qje?t my tello*
Citizen? to .^speud th-ir opteions until the milter is le
gelly .iTO'oljjr._[dl] SaML'cL HL'ltLEY'.
I ? WAKE?100 Boa era and 3S5 Grsnd-sL?V ER
RITT Jt PAiiE hav> on hand one of the large-t and
best assotted stocks in the ctty. which ihev are selling at
prices well worthy the- attention of housekeepers aad
oiuors. H9f imeodis'
rj AY.-iw bundles superior M vrsh Hay. is good order.
II for sale cheap, by
dl it LLEVVEDLYN JONE? A CO. 35 Water st
I) A Y S U N L Y,
L>AV. : OVL-IKEK 29th.
r.d -r.2f.i- ORT GOODS ic slore No. 71 Cstieritie street
?lock mast b: closed is a few days, u? Ladies mir expect
e27 I wif
A M ? S E .MKM'S.
B. BLO't*.
On Monday, -.n t. aov-iute-r. a..d TaursU,.-. 3d December,
use subpci? a .11 he ibe
Illustrated by Laset ?a.?.v?ARS>-c:Ei. Tbetuod rnTel
e copic LU-coveriea respecting ihsase bodiea anil be ex?
T.i open at 7. and to commence at 7J o'clock.
Tick -1- .i.;u.r.:i-.- .1 ,?? ?? ? ;iau and t*o : idie?. Ste?
ele ticket- .'*. cents. Y. u."r pjcraoi - a ill price.
Principal! 01 Schools d-?ir u-ef attecJn c these Lec:ar-?
?Ith their pupil-, may OL.aia fac?l?es by appbc-.ti n to
Or. Uar.lner t2- 5t
\ J 5?. Si fi 1 it V Ti baa
-'A in compliance sith the wishes ot" mmv mend, he
rntlgiveaMi?l ELL\.\Eoi s C NCERTat ine.Stuy
vesant Inatitute ou Wedni id iv. Dec 1.
Part' I.
Celebrated Aria....* Deb ,.er Q i?-ta"_from
.Mozart-. Opera of ? Cemei / 1 Hi Tito.
Sone? The Seasons_'Tbr-re 's a tha-m in
Spring *-written expres-ly f r Mr. Brahimi by Box
S ice-? The Old English Gen tie 1 au'.Old ChaaL
Song?The Watchman '.Ta. Moor?
Song--R^ck Kyed su-m'_The P.ifirr by
Uay. Composed by t e eel brated !*..-.- sieger
Leveridge, in the r.n; . fuu-e. a-u.
"Part II.
Sore...." Sond to your run. my heart* of o-k'. Carter.
By general deiire_'The Miniature'_<rne
Poetry by Geo. r*. M r?:s.Kr.igat.
Haydn's Canzonet_'My Mother bide me tiud
my hair'.
By p rinu.ir rti|ie.-l_'Ally Croa.er' and
? Goosey ? .?tsx'.'..
Favorite f *Had Murqan'. A. l.ee.
Cel?brat<d Sous; Bruces Address to hi- Army
. . . .' s. "Is ? ha ha". .....
'?i. S i ard i> v. Ural ...n e vca his ?jsl S *Ct? ED CON
CERT pre* i.-;i? to In- Ill ,i.,;lurr f?r Bo-ton.
Tcitcf Po *?< hsd at Aiwill's, Hewitt's, Dubois'i
and J... Muiie Ssui a^enel it Day tun A Saxton's "00k
alore. i29 2t
??????Miss. N tCEl.'?
r*AREtVtt.LL sO.NCt.itl -
1. ?ith me a-iabes of a u i si! er of gentlemen of this cny,
addressed to hnn Sien >r John Niitfel U3s me !t?uor to an
iiouucc ha: he int-iets pin<[ a (,r.,n( Vocal and liiafu
mental Concert pievioas to hia departure, on TH?RS
tiAY t\I. M\G, December 2, atmeCity Hotel, assisted
b> tae following enunentartiaU i
Mr. .-t il IKFCN8ERS.?Solo on the P ano Forte, who
lu- km 11v volar t eied his services.
Mr, I' C HU I.. Leader of the Qu irieit?.
Mr. II TIMM, who arj I pres'de ji 'I. - Piano Forte.
Tickets one Dollar e.ch. to be b >d at the prini ipal mu
sicstoies, and at the dooron the evening of periormance.
Doors op..a al 7 o'c.c? : to commence at S o'clock pre
ci e|y. aid (it
>o. :t? (Sower).
?"PHIS EVENINU D cember i ibe performoace will
? commence with a era 0 Equestrian Acr.
Master H. River-will exhibit his wonderful eifert on
the Enchant- d Ladder,calico ^he vVortd Turned Upside
Down : aud couciud-- by ti nig a brace of pistols wh.le on
the pole.
heats of fivmn?-tics. by the cHe-rated Biver* Family
Pyr mid cat Devices,by ths celebrated Rivera Family.
Doots open at a qu.rierpasl ti o'clock, performance
comment es at 7.
Hose..''' 1 eat-. Pit 25 c?nt?. n'J
OLATK A.-vO MARSI.E B fi ? Bl i.? t
0 l AilLKS. wi a tmth iron and Mahocany Frames,over
the Climax Eating Rooms, No l| Ann si aT,d I4'J pulton
?t. The greatest and best sssortment of Tabl , with ail
the European imnrnveiin nts. ir- in f.i'l operation. Buy?
ers and player- lire mviivd to cd! Jini try them, i.l- tf i a is
1 '<H,si?.iHTirs w 1st i I im. trsD BOOK
y* KEi PING ACADEMY, ?S I Broadway, oppoam
Waahiagton Hall.?Mr. GOLD8MITH re-peclfully in?
forms tlin ladies and gentlemen Ol .New Vork aud OrouS
lyn, that his Rooms are uoe/ upnu tor the reception ot
pupils a id visitors.
Mr. O. p|i ice, bimsi 'f 10 mipBri 10 nil, iu Ten Lessons
of One Hons Each, bis much admired system of Men
and a masters' command of the pen. which ins own spe?
cimen* and practical exemplifications anil illuatrate, that
they cannot possibly cv r lo.e in their iuiure practice.
Mr. <?. hn? reel ived the KiksT i RtMIU.M three -ucceas
ive years for tl,e nt.*r specimkns or orr iumi Penman?
ship exhibited ?1 the FaiaSOl ibeAMEBICSN IsrsTITCTt.
Terms, Five Dollass,including siauonery, payabli
iu advance.
Bennett's System of Booh Keeping; taught by a practi?
cal accountant. n29 Iwis*
( I.IM \.\ E vTliNG H?1 SE]
No. 140 Fulton -t ext< ndinc t' 1 . Anu-sL clcur through
from Street to Street,
Am! the Furnitur , ami FiX'ur?s for sa'e or f xchanceil for
property in the city or v cinity. To ibo.e ? ho arc nc
i| sinted with it- uarivalled loealitv, the respectability of
Its customers, and Ibe m'vai.lsae of its tlioruuitblare from
Street I0 Street .0 s?ld.i||i obt.iitied, it Is supeilluiius to
expatiate on the-.- ane many other induceaneut- by ?bicb n
c mpeteoi person rnu.t Inevitably realises lari:-- ami pro
fitab.e Im.mess of tne be.t kind. All farther iotormalion
wi I be given by the proprietor, whose only re.-on f.r of?
fering this highly favored plai 1 to let is urgent business
which uni xpeetedly compels ins immediale personal al
lendam e 1 Keaiueki.
On FRIDAYS Bass, with other boiled Fish, will be
served up. Tho finest Oysters, fried, stewed or in the
DINNER frern 12 10 D. with the usual variety of the
Choi ejl preduce of the Markets.
Beef Steaks. Veal Cutlets, Mutton and Pork Chops,
12 ! 2c:ui?: Roast Partridge cents, with eiery olhei
d.'lieacv 10 .1111 all la-tee.
Tea and C fie.- always ready, 3 coir, a nip. nliltf
i.ii: il 1 H" t I. slllti in, CALI iTiii -
is BROWN?.' Ur.QUHAK.T, 5d Catherine st base
just pures ued for CASH about 30(1 pieces beautiful small
patterns t heme Cslicoe?, faste lo-? same qualitv as they
have heretofore been s.llinrat Is6d per iard. Tbey now
offer them at Is per sard. The t?s: anicle ever wife ed
ia the city at the same prices. Those who call fir-t wni
have, of cour-e. the b.-.?i 1 boice 1 f patterns. Ob-erve,
BROWN It UK QU HART'S One Price store,
n3(KI is' 5o C .tii-riii". n rner of Mad'sou.
S?. II A \t I.ss ' I?T ... !. r.-. Kic ? . . . - ...
e-l and best assortment of Fa'l and \Vinior
limn Im in the l uv of IMew-V irk ia now ior s rst
t3 1 3tis* On-- Pric- Store. 56 Calherine-sL
uk- nat par for Coal at ">'j; Broadway.?Red Asa.
Peach Orchard, Lebigb and Bearer Mead w Coals. Ai-o.
Ln.rpool. S.dney and 1'ictou Coal*, all of the be-t quali?
tv, for ?a e al tho loa rit nwkei P"< e? at the Coal Yard,
59"} Brosdwav. near Prince st. and Hoasulonic Kail Road
mos- v takou in payment at par.
o30 j is- J. W.a- J. MfiROAV
Sherman's Orris Tuoth Pa-te will ?weeten 'he Lreaih,
harden the * urns, wbi.en the teeth and keep thj.n from
ach'ue. Warranted not to iajure tli-m. rrcommeniled
by Dr. Elliot the oculi-t. -" ? st.: Dr. C??Ue th^ dia
iinauishe i dentist, 297 Broadway; Dr. Cbiliou the well
kn wn chemist, and every body tSit hi' ured it. One
thou?and dollars will he forfaited if it ever injured any
oue'. teeth, or if Ii ?an lie surpassed. Sold at lt'6Na?e??
St.. 1-5 Bo?erv 77 Ei-t Br .adwav, -.-J! Bleec.er. 2i7
Hud-onsi and 13"? Fultun Krookl'vn. n'J3 Imi
Tai- p eparalieo is 1.0. offered to the Public as aa in
fal'ibfe cure lor all the diseases of Human Life, ne ther is
il composed < f a irreal number of prtiendfd rare foreign
vegetanlea, whose virtue- are known on,y to a favored
few ; but it is a ?ompound mostly of aiuip'e veget-bie.
which grow on our ow u soil, and 1? with coc^d-ncc offered
to the Public a- the he-t remedy aver b-fore inlrodaeed
for Coaghs. Colda, Hoar-enes?. ic
Warranied in all cases to afford relief.
Manufactured sad sold bv THO*. r. PEERS. No. 215
Broadwiv. i" tweeu Warr?n and Chamherj sts. nil Iruis
_OVF.Kl OA'I > T.ND ~i'U ?AKS.
\T WYMAX'S BOOJIls, 235 Broadway, ui
stairs, a l?rse asa-irtineut of sjperior ready mide
Overcoats Clocks. ?nd W.atcr Frocka wkicb win be -old
at reduced pn-:e<. AI oa liree a-?ortmentof Overco t
Cloth, and Frem h fancy D ?-sk:na. for pant*, which wilt
be isaar mto (jjr.uems at ha.-jaiu-. Gentlenen are lnv.
ted to call and examine bis slock of Oooda aa l sty I- o
Overeoai?. ?.SU Imis
BEN ,5><JF?'s, bu:Iai ?.^?^runstoa O eja"a7d
P.ed Back Mooey 0:. all the Baik- in this S-ate tak?n
at par. at 41'. Grw-Bwteh-street, near CaoaLfor Cloh-.
Csssimeres. >'e-t_cg., Fiaa.eu. ote. a: tae lowest casb
XT The balance of a whol-.ale atoca of Winter Cloth
inr will b: solo at r-tail for a few week* only, at swoh
pric?-? 3a wui save to the purchasers from $5 tu $25 on a
Beaver PUot Cloth and Flushing Overco-.ts from $4j
to $-5.
Beaver sa i Pilot Cloth Winter Frocks from 3 10 %~H
Blaek. Blus sad Ohve Drtss and Truck Costs from $7
.0 $ 6,
Ca -:mere cad Saunet Pacts, Vests, Shorts, Drawers,
Ae. Ac.
n22 2wjj No. 10 Cedar-stree u up stairs.
TT The iub?cr:ber would ?ay, a really e.tteaaive arc
beautiful assortment of
Where the puhbc raay alw*y- bud tri* most ds-irsbl.
end Fashionable Sty lea cf Goods iu the market whethei
French, German, Etgltsh or Ainerieau. of the latest iru
portatioc?. Taree yea.-,' exper.ecce has taughL tbsi
Van-ty ?f .?tjle. Cheapness of Trice, aad Politeness t?
all. are r a uxitea whuh are absolute, asd all v f then,
combined be invite- th, public to test. For the season?
?Fl.i;>OH) SILKS.
90piece*eleract, colored striped and ?at-red, verj
desirable, fron: 7? to Si p -r yard.
I ( us rich changeable striked an ! fig-rred.
- do beaut ful Chene. desira'r le cued*.
3 do striped and figured S:.k.?, a treat variety ii
styles end price.
3 cases rich figured, figured an^ striped, blue-blac'r
?ilk fn in 6s to 10*, enitjraciug Grc de New-York. He!?ni- '
?>::-. ii: i it*;??. Gro de Armure, Gro do Perse, tiro c
Niter, Uro de Naples, Ate.
1"0 p:oces Plain Silks of every description frora 3? 6d
to 7 -hi lings.
73 piece - black aad blue black plain frora Is to 13-.
Sinchew?, Cherry colorsd Florences, Gro de Naplr?.
Satins, bluo black Satin?, and*colored S.Iks of evsrv
shawls ': ?
0 box?? very rich Eat reidered Damask ?II 00 to $ls
?I do very h-avy Satin Lan s-k. from $7 to $10 10.
5 do rich Cashmere, elegant design., Iroin $10 0t
?20 00.
SCO Brochn, from ?2 00 to $10 00. Also. K-byle. Thi?
bet. Merino, P.ob Roy, and Fancy Shawls of every de
."0 picees, nil ijushti. s an 1 | nets. Jroui Ii? to l;s, anc
Mourning G o Is of every ku d.
Tagtionis, lie'aine? Saxonys, Ac.
Merinoes, Cloths, Cassim?r?s and Satinet!*.
4C0 pieces FLANNELS; 300 pairs BLANKETS, rrd
white and yellow?Hose. hitaey aud Mackanaw.
l)()tlt?Tl( IS.
15 cases bleached Long Cloths, from KJ to I. -t '.
2 do double width fro i Is t* 1> 3d per yard.
1 bales unbleached Msslins from 6d tot?. Also, Cau
ton Flannels, 1 settings, Hamilton Stripe*, Ac.
prin rs.
4 cs?e? French Calicoes from -. to 3iM p-r yard.
10 do British, from Is ed to 9a <t? per yard.
15 do American Calicue* from 6J to Is 4d per yard.
Linen?. Lawns, fldlffs, llo.iery.Glov?. Diaper. Cam
br:c?. Draperies, Velvet*, snd almost every sr.icle of Drj
Goads, which tho Ladies are mviird to exaffliue at
dl 3ii? 301 Grand-street, corner up-hard
OKI' GOOD!) VJ COST, 476 Grandel
JZT The sti: icribera being about to rngaae a o:he
bu?iLc.?, ?ill from ih.- day, Monday, Nov. ??tb, oi'er thr
whole of their well selected stock of Dry Good-at cost
1'lieir -lock consists ol It.oadi loins, Iteaver, Pilot an.
Felt Cloths, Cassini. re-.'Sa'iiieis ai d Vtstiiigs; Merino.
French, German uJ English ; l;.hi and dark c ilorei
black and bine black Buu.te.z i e , Silks, black and blui
h k light fig'd, striped 'ami Chene, Hoaeeliae de Laioes;
plain. Ggured and Satin stripe Teglionis, Oriental-, V'el
-ei- Hosiery and Gloves, Shawls, s variety of styles
Luid! Sheetings, Flannels, Blankets, M l?skin; Cal
icoes, French, English at I American. Together will
i general assortment of Domestic Good...
SCoFIELD & PARSON, 476 Grand sL
N. It Blore to let. n39 3 is
~Ti n .? i' i ii t.\cii ( TiTi ru i.>"""
O. W. M.U1R .v CO., 345 Broadway
(3d Houao below Leonard st) have receives from audio?
this day, three cases of beautiful yard wulo Fr>-ii b Call
COOS, St t le r. ;ii irkably low pneu of Is Sd. per ) iird '
Aha>, 10 cases very best yard wide English Gingham
for Ss per yard, usually sold at 3s.
Likewij. , .'lal rich Plush Cravats, la all the fnshioaabh
colors, only 2-, Ol. euch.
Also, K.ankete, FliLOela, Shawls, S.lks, Menne, am
ready made Cloak*, equally h*w. n27 lwis*
\iCilo.N GOODS.
S l T X 4* .N A K I' I* OLE,
177 Spring-strict,
VRE now offering to their easterners a large swlectio
ol Fall hihI Winter Dry Good.aofnew styles, s'
prices which they think "ill meet the views of any lbs
may irive tu.-ni a i all They hive
BROADCLOTHS, Caasimere* und Ves tings, from nur
linn cheap.
PLANNELS of English, Welsh, und American m.ak'
very cheap.
DK LA1NES of new Styles, Stripes. Chene. 4c
MERlNoS of Engiuh, German aud French, just fron
BOMBAZINES of Ida. k and blue-black, do dodo.
SILKS, Hack, bine-black and colored, superior styh
.and o 'anil
BONNET SILKS of Chene. watered, corded, changea
ble and other -ly lea some Of theui quite new, ar "I seilini
very cheap. Milliners will do well to eailnathey eat
purchase at wholesale prices.
RIBBONS, klBBONS.of Or.enc, ?tripod, iherfed, plai'
and wntee-s tor bonnets and caps, at much luw. r price,
thui in tue ear v pan of the season.
FRENCH PRINTS, of new ?tj le., at Is Id, I 8(1, Is 3d
2s, S< fi t. 3?.
duced prices. Also. Domestic Goixl* of al< kind , Iron
the factories in the country, and ut factory prices.
HOSIERY, G ot,-, Mitts. Ac in slmo.l endle.s van.
iy and style, with almost every Other article o. fiucy am'
staple Goods iu ihe tine, and at prices that aie truly d si
M v/..tRIN'E Blue Velvets and Mermoes.
N. B. Hal one price and u* deeapt on. n'.9 lw-??
Uf I *s T k k okv s.O o??.?150 pair RUSt
I LC-M Ts. ad -I/.
?JV pair W ill rN'KY BLANKETS,all sizes.
75 ?? MACKINAW "
100 " Extra heavy BATH - " "
The above vary in price from * I 50 to $10, and per
cbasers wi'l liud lue assortment equal, if not better, ih.u
at iiuv other -lore in the cuy.
300 ( i imfi |R I' tili ES. from lOe. to $3.
The cheapest FLANNELS in the city :
50 pieces Reil end Yellow FLANNELS, at 1? 3d pr.yd
Several cases fine dodo Co at Si 2s6daad3s " "
W me FL INfaELS at I- ??i to IsPd; a rwal article -J.
A lot of superior ? I wide FUNNELS. .*? ill |i-r yan;
Swanskin ana mil ed FI.A.VNLL iu Bed and White.
Caotou FLANNELS 9d. lOd and I- per yard.
SO pieces dark colors, double wi.uh, only S* per yard,
>u,.er do do do 3s, 3? 6d and 4* 64 "
French MERINOES, all the best styl?*. 7., and 3s.
Do do m?aV colon. Ba and 1*1*.
Winter HOSE snd GLOVES, very cheap.
Observe BROWN A I ROH ARTS Une Price Store,
50 CatUeriue-sireeL corutr of Madi-ou,
n30 3ti?* L'uder the Church. '
STORE.?NEW GOODS?The C eapS oreha.
ju.t received a new and beautiful assortment of Goods,
i which are Dow open for the iu?pection of the ladies cl
I the city. sad.also to strengers, who can make their pm
ebasea it ibis store oa more advantageous tcrnis thai
I any other store in the city at 70 Hudson ?L
Tri-- sow's coii-i-t ol a new style of De Laine?, fhm'v
! pattern*, very handsome at a low prxa ; Ileai Weld
Flannels,both -tng> and double widths, i-flbo very bstsi
quality, and very cheap.
A large a.?-ortaient of Meriaoesof th* most fashionable
color-, and of a superb quality, casaper than were ever
offered befont.
Velvets, the largest assortment tn the city, five different
shades of blue black, and five diff-treut price-. Also Ma
rooas, pu-ple,browns, inazome, blue and all other eo
; iors. Ac These are tae cheapa.t Velvets ever offered it
the city. Liaea Cambric H ikf?. at extraordinary low
price*, all linen at 3?. A ?plen lid artici-t of Embroider)
for evening and ball dres-e?. etc at70 Hudson si. u6 in.
'"aisanue street, has to .de arrangement, to receive OL
Monday, the Stbdayof November, arsout -JI cases con
taiaing BOO ps:r of Transparent Window Shades They
I h-ve be-n ordered etpro-sly for ihil msrkei and will be
found to excel ?nv thing of the kind ev-rbef re import?
ed. Farni ics will now hive aa ot>portuiuty of i urcbas
iuc Window Saide, much below meir lu-nu-ic v?!.ie,
those about furniabiog tbeif dweliog* with any kind o
Blinds, wi!; do well lo cail and exani.ue this huge. -.?so:t
meat. The inro ce wnl coal?i
9 0 pairs Landscapes, at use low price of ?1,75 ttt
'i ?-' pair; Pit,ii f'e.-ters Scroll Borders. $3,50 to $4,Cf?
1'? i purs Mo-jcligbl views. Vignette Ceuter:$4,' c to
?*} '0.
15o pairs French Landscape- ard Scroti? $7."o to fi0<<
100 nairs Real Itaiiae Laudscades ..Dark, $10 to j.j
tnd $3iJ.
N. R Always, on hand Window Shade Hacgms>^C
'i*nbek TTihVbw w"ii1rr o?*ible
? WaRpCOTTON sHFJSrLV^?Reeeised aiiaia-r
case of iio?e -upen.r tbrre yard, wide Sn-eixg. Fami?
lies aad Hotel Keeper? .howi-hforagoodar.icle. end!
Sad these Sheeting- equal ????;bfam, and much more
comfortable, URO e>URUl H irt r
Corner of Cslhenr.-! snd Madison -ts.
,j303Q,? Under w. CHLRCH.
a U C X i U .s a a L K S.
'"*? Jr.
?<-,... of rino-t rttt
FRIDAY. LWrrab-r 17.
At 1 o'clock st the Merchants' Fxehaag*.
Fnrl.r-ier pankrralara, *t advertisement ?la-Lfd R
H. A-S I. Blaichf .ru.
AIM, a S.o.. ard laortsac-- for $2 OO urK)n , very
.ble Farm. wi:b larre d-ellirr and out-house,etc. id Ha
">''"? Ro k .?,, crusty. .New-York. peyeMe ia *
. -sr?. ith 7 per cent, luteres:. and h-svia? aldiuoeaj ? - -
tUMty at!acbi - there! . si will tic expressed tt the um?
a Said Farm i. considered worth fire limes tue
.m.'ii"t of the tnnr s-ge.
?- 0 Bo.ndj im Moktoacks?Threehaadredaa
brty five thousand desists ot the Roads of the ongi;
* -s- -r- \.-w Bncniiui .\"<>ciation. ?n whtek
?,ere !? nnw- due shoal tt:e sum cf $ 116 wsj. the pay?
nent of ?i ch is securej by mortgages upoa all the re
u 'a;:ir of laid a<eociaiioa
Josiuh Richard*. Auctioneer.
s'f<rr? 15W ?. - ,?
At the auction K?'n. at ?lf pa-l 6 o'clock.
Book?, i<i,>.?.?. Paren, EsoeAVijios, Ac.?a large
-ol ectio.i ofstaadard Work*. Novels. Jureoilea. n j
'rayer and Ryna B-?>s.-. School aod Clasaical Books,
fancy S1 it oaery. Ac
Ah oog ib. m are Goodrich's Pictorial Geovraph**. Sro;
En j lo edia rfReicmus Koowiedge; Uillie'a Ilia ory
i i.re.Banke's Hbtory of the Pope? 3 els; Rei?
n's >a lent History; Humeaad Smollett's Fuglano. 12
. \v : .. i from un. er a Bridge; i'artous of Ra
Pavlor"? LifecfH-unah M.-o.e. b. u?d in cloth;
lot ck'a II stor) <>>' the World I *!!?. *ocihe?'? P etical
?Vor'ss; Goht*m 'a'. I ; History ofPaii tiay; '3 Walker's
lima >; '-'.'> Engll It Ke,.i,r? SO Parley's liseg?aphv;
1 I : ""i >:.;r fnmio ir I mi.r.k'o via of Capt Mar
>at'a Works; Reeneu's Book keepirg, la-t edition.
I - Leiosic Editions of th* Classic*. Paragraph Hi
. i : xR>rum, Kberle aa Children Car.ie'r surgery,
u M >g alia, Towaaand's Facts oa Mosinerisu.
F b ps'ticulara here..ft-r.
THURSDAY MORNING, Dec3. at II o'clock.
CoLOBBt) Skivkr*? 1,1 dozrus of a -ponor Colored
kit r- hi lets tn suit purchasers, caasUiiai oi Cochineal
? ?! >, Maroon Cream and Black C, |nr*. -u table for r.ook
in ler., Pea-ket Hook-ma*, r. or Halter?.
?V UOVAI. ?;? ?I.KY.
Sroaa IftO BaoaowAV?Naw-Yona loan; Ree*?.
.\ FILL A-MM! i ir.Nl' i?K '
raENcir. a..'D ix^l:sh cassimeres.
Can bo fouad at the
'n'"-Voili < nah Tniloniig, Establishment,
I 1 J Fulton-arrect. near Broadway.
Where particular attention i- paid to catting Panta in
iay ?tvle oar customers may web, and made at the sbovt
-t i otiee. A .irrst v inety . f Di unon.'. Vine ai d bond
feet Beaver, for Overcoats, made to order, in a style
arpassed by n me, and ai price* to mil the njoat ocoaom
:al. Also our usual full asaortmeat of We*i-olEncland
ind French Cloths, together with the Woolen, Velvets,
'asbmerea, Brocade aad wther Silk* for Vestiaga, eom
rises a- full an assortment n*can be found in the city.
Strict pa., tuality observed in tilliait orders. Casn OB
Vslivery, and no abatement m prices.
V R?Those p rsoas in want efa good aad fa hionablo
Ivor i' t. a i in rderate price, are invited to call and ea
uuine our style ami quality before purchasing elsewhere,
? Mr Gaylerd g res his whole attention to the cutting de?
triment, whose same is a sure guaranty lor a flrst-raie
ot if J. C. B'sOTH, Aaeat
iisnoy, xiit, ANi> %% (lOUlVAHE.
?V. A J. JAMISON, 955 and a\S5| UaEeiswicil-STtLET.
|7"ITCHEN FURNITURE in all its varlties. couaist
ing of Ilard rare. Wood-ware, Tin-ware and Willow-1
rare, kept constantly oa hand, of the heat qufclitios, at
j;-y low prices to suit the times. Thoso who would wish
'> purchase articles of the aSova kiu-l will find u to their
dvaatage by enllingbeforeporehasing elsewhere.
N. B A large assortment of Plaal Stauda and Tuba
if i irious patterns and aizea.
?< [mis W. & J. JAMISON
' rHerds me pleasure lo ?tata that I have not only beard
C II RING'S fOUGH CANDY spoken of iu the
neat exalted terms by my professional bretbrea for the
?moval of Coufba, Cold., Influenza, Ac. but fr..ra a por
? anal use I have tested it* medieiaal viriucs, which far
irpassed my belief; and, also, from a knowledge of II?
agredients. and in scientific mode of preparation, I h?vo
io hesitation in pronouncing it a remedy worthy of the
UOatextended prolessionnl as well a* public patron go.
Surgical end Mechanical Dentist Mi Broadway. N.Y.
17 Prepared aad for sale by C. SI. Riog,(M4 Brnsd
> iv. Sold at manufacturers' prices by AVMaR 131 Nas
iau-St, and i' 0*1 Druyy.'s. n22 istf
>il Pj7.*T?.V.-s LOZK.NLtL,^.
f'Vtilt'M BSS .e' their cr.-at world io ralieving
I i Couch, Colds, Consumption, Wiueiiuiiy Cough, Asth
ia, Headache. Palpitation, l.uwuee* of Sjurits, Worms,
.ml nil nervou* diseases,
Daul M, Frye, Esq. So. ? avenue.
Mr, Rm'rr, At} Chatham si ih? fuuous sogar dealer,
Mr. E. ii. Stacy. mahosTany dealer,
Col E s. Lteasoe, 819 Bleecker si.
Bcnj Crombie, I(KJ Fnliuu it
md many others have been cured by tham. Wkolea i'e
nd mail in b si Nas.au ?L, 188 Bowery. SSI Bleechor.SaW
lud' ?ii, 77 East Broadway and 137 Faltoustreet. Brook
.a. aS.i Imis
VERY LOW?All descriptions of Hold a d Sil
rer Lever, Anchor Escapement Duplex Lepine,
in I Varste Watches, lliasioud I'm., and Risgs,
rol i i -m ils, Chains and Jewelry, for sale al retell lownr
ban at any .;thor place in the City. Watches ami Jewol
. exchanged or bought Gold Watches a. low aa $35 and
pit) each III Watches warranted lo keep good time,oe
n mey returned. Watch oa am! Clocki. repaired ia ike best
iiainier and ararraated at much lass thnu ia>. usa?Jpric"r,
ly ouu of the Quest workrueu In America.
<a. I.'. ALLEN; Importer (.(
Watches aod Jewelry, wholesale and ret ill,
n'O ksf Hi W.ll atsswH ire .lairs
yntm Goligmani't itrssengir. h'rrnrk paper,) .%?r lo3S.
Sauadi r's Metalic Sirm Tin* arucie nas b-en txtea -
lively used throughout Eagland, Anserica, aad no less
ere. U imparts ion rnzir b ki.su and smooth edce. fir
liicker,and wita more certainly, thasa any oibsi aiu-le
we know of
From the United Serrire tttZtUt, Dec. 9. I8W.
We ret -i*-: i gre it many cadeaux, in th? way of *am
ile. uf commodities, ia whose fator rue smallest pulf is
iankla.lv received ; amour others, a bottle of brandy, the
isting of which nearly poisoned u*. Sometuno? how
v.T. loveutisi > i' useful art, that we can conscier tiously
iraise are luomitted to >.sr aporobatinn Such is the foar
rJed Patent Metatlie R-zur Htrop uf Mr. >aunden, wbinU
-a e-, a-j ravor however blunt, truly fur we i* a few
nomeats, without oilor grind *iuue, a id winch we do not
.. it? us pronounce the most complete thing of the kind
ve. huve aver ruer wirb.
h'ram BetCl H'eek'.i) Mntffger.
Saunders's Patent Metalic Taolet aad Ka/.or Strop :?
me i.f he Uest thinira ol ilm kind iliat we have icec. This
x :eiieat Tablet cowoines me properties of both boaeand
?trop requires so oil or other fluid, and i? in itsu-e>?
tremcly simple. It is must psruculurly recommended to
/? ntiemen whu eipi:rien--e tb- inc ove: ejnee of s leudn
ICC and strong beard, as a razor occasionally applied to
he Tablet will reteive arid reiam so perfect au edge a? Ui
reader tt.e opersiion of shnv.ng as easy auJ agrectble a,
t was before uuplea-aut aad painful.
1 have ?ev-ral certificate, uf ike rreat ase and value of
rie Tablet Strop from scientific gentlemen, but that it
?iay be more astisfac orv to the public I deem it nyhl lo
ns-rt ihe following from Dr. Oriscom, Dr. VaJMUMMoU,
.od General Janiea T allin ?Ige.
ii i res d luaders's Improved Simp, we r>n frrely tesd
>y to its value. The side which an culls in-: Metalic Ta
>l?t is, a.* far aa we know, a tnuig of bis own iHs'ro tuction
u thia country ; u appear, to be an excellent, coufcnieut
?ubatitute for a hone, .nd operutinr on the ? me principle
is steel doas upon a table knife, but with far great r
.mootbre.s and eeriainty; it aaves the uun eaaant neces
ityofoiland water, to assist in whettiny. The othor
hree ?ides of the ?trop are extremely we.I finiihe-l, flat,
mooth. and almost elastic, pre?er> mg ihs r izir from that
roundness of edge whica BO soon d struts its kecunsja.
May 16, 1827. VALENTINE MOTT.
Saunders's Rizor Strop. wit:i it, f er .ides, combines
rdmiraWy all the rerjui.ite. t. sharpen and tit razors
?lib a tiue and smooth edse?it .? a real corrfort In poa
New York. November. ISM
G. Saun ier?, Inveuior, ami sold by G. Sauuders A S?o,
>A f.r. a ... _?53 5t""
T H E OLD 31 A ."V
v.: ii HIS T'i'ini ?CHE
IGAlNer-Cold ?.n':i c-ming
the old maa come back
11 new bis kicdi fnc-a. Last
winter he had hia baud- full of
*o-k, curing th- troth - che day
^eja Is.W md Liv.-.r_ Oa ace mat of too
f i/zT^. 'reaturo of bu-ineaa Ihsvogot
/ J3v?. ' x person to ?a?ist nj*, aud c^n
ow cure, if called upon, as
m?ny as fiv? hundred p-rday.
The spplicsnon ? f tne remeuy
without pain. P iee for c iriay. 5i cents a t-ota. The
?ure ia a w.ya warranted. Out of t'-e vast cu-.b-srs that
tie been cured, not one f.i'ure ka, aecaired. Mul't
dea in th ? city bow are tae bvi-r who- s-e- of ''??> ifti
cacy. SAMUEL :t SMITH,
AtmMpl-eric Prr-. e Deal??' 9?iCnaiuber? st.
? I A ton we.t ( f tke Park.
P. S. Teelh icserte I oa the Atmo pser.c Pressure oeia
oiple in a -ups-inr ?tV?._sjO 3rm
*a Ass.?site Guapowoer an : ImperrisJ i eas in ebes-ts
and half c!?sis Foe -a - t y
C7 tf gbj?nell, MINTLRN * Co. 7a Souta it.

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