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Cltn Sntellisena.
Reported for th<- New-York Tribune.
civil~c?i;rts. ,.
Fmo?v. Dec. Is.
In the action for libel brought b> James F. Henry
agsinit Mo-ns Ketchiim. 'alluded to yesterday I the jury
g.ve a verdict 10 favor of plaintiff for $73" damages and >
ceni* costs. .
la our report of the above ca?e yesterday *e intended
to say 'hat neither Henrv or Morgan bad such km* lesig?
as to ?hom the money belong**! as to iu.ufy their crec.it
mg it to the Albany Har.k. Bat saeb knowledge a, ttey
cid posses, w? ??de known ic others if the firm hy Mor?
gan at the. uine.
? In the tame Court, an actio, was brought by Jau-e.. M.
Arnold against the Trust Fire Insurance Company to re?
cover $ ) 000. being the amount of a policy of insurance on
leather miitens. dressed skins, dry goods, Ac. eoniatmd
in store No. 17? Water-street, which was partndlv burnt
00 rbo night of tho ?t? of Jar.nary last, and the pla utilT
rlaims to aav. lost f-t.7UO. Tae Company refuses to pay
r>u the ground of fraud. The case will be continued to?
morrow [Saturday) forenoon.
fjeorge F. Reward brought an action against M'Leod
's?} m iur, proprietor of ihe Atlantic Motel, fordeuiuing
bfs wardroie, Ac. on a board bill I ir $31- 83. TtieJudae
1 barged that a landlord could detain a Iraniient boarder
effects, but uct where they lud taken boird by the ?'.?It,
*e. The jury eoull not agree, and were di-charsed.
FalDAT, Dec. 17
Before the Recorder, Judge Lynch and Aldermen Purdy
and Bradhurst
Taut, kor Embezzli.mkist acsVMED.?The Court met
at II o'clock, aud resumed the trial of Edward abaw.
Josiah r-ttirges was put upon the surd und interrogated
teething th..- peculiar ceremony no dee ned most obligato?
ry in-wearing as a witness. He, said he cootidsred cli
inc."!' i-'j'.'iirati i i , l.ut ccn-iderej the Jv-i-? mod-: et
swearing with th-: hat en as the most eo. He said he de
rived bis*kaowledge of the existence of ? God from the
B:bie, ih.it hi believed m the existence of the Lord Je
Novak, t!t-; I! ing of K ncs atd Lord of Lords, and ti at he
believed in a Supreme Intelligence, ?ho vrould punith ist
this world, but did not say He would punish in trie world
? co ,ie. fie aaid hi* views had been misrepresented, aad
w?. t ally allowed to be sworn as a witucas.
Mr Sturgcs de,i .-r.j that h<i we- book-keeper for Mr.
Edwin Scbeeek u;> to tae Slat of July last ? that he usual y
? eeci"etl tlto rr.autjy p:: J in bv Mr. dhaw, sud entered it
on the cash-book, cad believed tn-ti no other person made
entries of money . in the cash bo'.k except himself; that
on the 3d ? I April hut Mr. Scheock told Shaw ho nc-i 4
"tit wzit on hu customers any logger. On tho 5th i f
April, witness, at the instance of Mr. Schenck, mad* out
some bill?, a ml w eat out to collect them. First ca'lcd on
a Mr. French, who paid the bill. Next called ou Mm r.-.
Coilirs with a bill of upwards of $'7, which they refused
to pay. there being a small balance iit their favor. Wu?
sses has some faint recollection of a list ofm >neys s:-id to
have been collected by Shaw aud cot paid over by him,
and thinks bo beard toiuethmg said about no: all bail i
mcludsd in the It:t. Wasprrseutut a conversetion be?
tween Shaw and Scheuch oa the 17tli of April lull in
weich Shaw told Schenck he had collected .-oinc of h *
moneys hu hid not accounted for, aud t> ud be would give
b m $10(1 oa the ensuing Monday, aud $juu mire on ihe
following Wednesday, isk teslitied tc by Schenck.i Mr,
Schenck upptared to be satisfied with this prospe t ol rc- ,
covering hu money. At the iuterview on the 'dol Aptil.
Mr Schenck to.d Sha* that he understood Suaw bad been
tediiig oil on Iiis own accou it, aud he ?uu d radier i.nve
sjiue oihsar persou to colleet his debts. On th 5th , i
April, v.ite.ess made wuat he uppo-td to be Discoveries of
d- fdcations on the part cf Shaw. Tho first i-iee vv.s that !
of the Messrs Coliiu?, us. before slated Next was the I
ca.-e cf Mrs Fish, widow, of Syduoy Fish, a bill of $7 to j
$*. which she refused lo pay. Next was Albert Powell,
who ro.used to pay bis *? I ol $'0 -3 saying he did not
owe near that amount. Cat ed at tbe fiopi Mills for
$35 75, which hey declined paying. Next ou Koben
Dunn for J'aO 5ls, winch he refused to pay. Belore calling
On any more, on the 5lh of April a'et .--haw at lha door ol
Dunn, ?Ii, ii Llmiu said, in preseuCC of Shaw, ih.-.t he hud
l-.-id 'hi- lull tho wcok before. Shaw lud accounted lo
witness the previous week for u bill of $23 63, that Dunn
had paid dim, being auolher bill, Got niio the wagon
with tihuw, mid told him ho had eolleeied a number of
bil's he bad given no account of, and that he must puy
them, and the matter would end there. Next day Shaw i
gave witness a chock of Cliarle? Schenck for $1 Hi. dated i
ahead. Ou the 0th of April witness called ou several Oth
ere with bills, which they refused lo pay ; mid on the 7ih
of April saw Shaw in the office of Mr. Siheuck und imud |
ed him a memorandum of accouuta be (witness; bad call? d
to collect on the 5tn and till! of April, and which were re?
fused to be paid?the balance on ?Inch, according to
Bbaw'i admihsien, was $260 72 which was not paid over,
ont of which ainoiiat Shaw deducted the check of.$110
aud struck a balance of $114, which he admitted he owed.
There was a note ..| $!?.-.. leutbv Schenck to Shaw, which
Shaw did not wish to be added to the above. After this,
Shaw paid witness two several suu s of $50 und $70. Be
tweeu the 6th niul lOlh of April, witness culled ou nine
seveial porsons ?Uli lulls uiuoiiuiiug to $letl 82, which
they refused to pay. There wire some deductions, how?
ever, tu be made ou bouio of those bill-. Witness gave
Shaw to u-dtrstsud that he uoulJ net Inform Schenck ii
he wonld pay up. On the Oth of April bad a converse' Ion
with Shaw, w ho suid hu thought w itneaa had wld Schone?'.
Witness asked him why hu thought so. Shaw theu
seemed disposed to tell Schenck, and th-- next morning lett
a note for Scbcaek, w hiking bim to cell ut his oilier to
bavo conversation. Ou thu li'lh of April Shaw addressed
a note to witness, wishing hmi to call the nest day (Sun?
day) ou him at Brooklyn, and he would settle up with
him. Witness did not go. Between the 10th and 17th of
April,witness railed on nine ether j<crs*>us with hills
ameuniiug to $311 40 which ?cre rclused to be paid.
This wnut?s was ihen subjected to a long cross-ex'iin
?oation by Mi. Edmonds, during win, h Inn few additional
facts of moment were elicited.
FatDAY, Dec. 17.
Before Judge Lynch and Aldermen Purdy and Bradhur.-t
David Cumniiuts, colorc I. was tried far an assault ui:d
battery ou Elizabeth JohuMW. also colored; adj..dgtd
guilty?sentence suspended and he discharged. Charles
Pluming, stout boy, stealing 50 cents from the drawer of
Henry Marth II guilt)?City Prison 30 days. Dsuiel
Her rri iu, a-sjult and buttery on his wife Mary i guilty?
judg. meal suspended, and In discharged on condition ol
future good behavior. James aud John Flyau, boy.,
stealing a frock coal worth $20 trout Messrs. Roberts
guilty?juilgemeut su?pe. tied aud they discharged. Fun
ny Thomas, colored, stealing a pair of shoes from Ml ssrs.
Gregory ,v Cahill ijudiy?Penitentiary 60 da}s Henry
Brew n, Stealing a tub of butler worth $1 - ir.>in B-iijamii
CKidder guilty?Penitentiary t> months. Adam Sinuc,
stsalini; a fur cap worth $1 50 from Nicholas Whiteman
guilty?City Prison 30 days.
Acjourncd to Tue.-day. -_
FaiP.sv. Dec. 17
ACCTlOi*. Shavers.?Tc-day two several cases of shav?
ing by aiock-auclionecra were brought to tho knowledge
of the Police, which icsiilted in the righttig of the par
Has tormuged. Those ore as follows ? A countryman en?
tered the mock-auciiou ahop No. Ml C?atham Street,next
south to tae Chatham Theatre, and bid off a card of
kaivea for two sbilliugs. He gave a $3 bill in payment.
all of which the reader kept, saying the knives ?t o sold
at twe ?ailbng? each, and nlso keeping the knives. The
stranger tun repaired to the Police Office, and officer
Claike, accompauv ing the man to tho auction shop, de?
manded the money, whica was paid hiui. lo save further
Acoiber country man from Orange County went into the
same shaving-shop, and, bidding off some articles that
laid ou ihe couuler for $4 25, tendered ihe amount, which
the aii.-lioueer kept, as he did also the anteics, saying
they amounted to about $31?.'. The cheated man hasleueu
to the Police Office,and, procuring the assistance of otB
cer Sweet, relumed to tne sne-p, where tbo shaver, lo
prevent difficulty, refuuded the money to the owner.
Siat'lNC. Silver-Wane.?Officers James hue;: arc
Hil itkor. e{ tae Upper Police Office, arrested a black fel?
low named Bill Jones, aud found on his person and tu his
premise* a quantity of old and Lew-fashioned articles vi
silver-ware, as follows, viz table, tea and sail spoons
forks, sugar tongs, soup-lad.e. nutmeg-eland, goblet,
cream-cup, silvar watch, Ac.?all of which had been sto?
len, and lor whica ow ..era are wanted al the Upper Pc
bce Othe Jon s was committed to prison lo answer.
Fatoav. December 17.
The Coroner early ibis morning held au inquest at the
Foanh District Watch-House, over the JeU*er*oa Mstkei
os the body of au unknown uian, who w as louud by watch?
man Hall, at la) o'clock on Thursday night, Ij ing inseusi
bis on the .iJewaU at the comer of Fifternth-eiree: and
Broadway, and. being conveyed to the Watch-Housc ex
pu-ed half au hour afterwards He bad no cost, vest oi
?toc'.iugs ou, aud *ai dressed only in a CcttOJ shirt, puii
laloous and old leools. Verdtct of the jury, tliat he dieo
if expo-ote.
gOODCN Deatu?The Coroner held an inqje.it to-day
?1 the house of Chtries Bradsbaw, No. Si Howard-street,
on the body of Hiss Maigarct fctoraa, ? native of this city,
?gerl i!0 years. The deceased retired to bed at 9 o'clock
Oil Tauniisj right iu apparently e.v.elleot health and
?pints, but this morning, luaeeu .r> and 6* o'clock, Mr..
Bradshaw, the lister ol deceased, hear.ujr a strange noise
proceodiug fron: her room, ran in aud fcocd the deceased
: in a fit, with her bauds firmly clcuchtd. A physician was
immediately cent fur. but b:.'<re he could arrive she had
1 died. D t. Thayer ami Warner made a post mortem ex
Mfiiu.tion of the body, and the jury readcrnd * verdict
that she died of congestion of the brain.
BaooaXYKi Friday, Uec. \ ~.
Before Judges K:nt, Lot'.. Siiutn, Cooselyea, Martence.
-nd Herren.
Ic ihe case of Sunuel I). Dou?e. tm.O for ihe murder
of William Vinson at Flatlands, Kings Co^ oa the J Ith
ofJu.y last, (reported in our la>l,) the j .ry this morning
broucnt in a verdict of 'Guilty of Wilful Murder."
The trial of William H. Cook for burglary had been
eel down for to day. bjt ?is further po poned to Tues?
day next.
T ?' *>ebrini;',? Kentoratlat Cordial
lam cure of Dyspepsie and N'rvou? atiexiious. It is pe?
culiarly adapted to remove these distressing complain'.:,
uot by eostatanuj pby iicing, L"u by strengihening ihe
system. No greater mistake can be made tl.au to suppose
that Dyspepsia or any otucrdueaae nr.-n r from debility,
can be cured by a Ire'iu- i.t forced action on the bowels by
purgative medicines. Where this complaint exists, the
system is already too weak, and every additional dose
lends to make it more so. This Cordial, on the contrary,
netinc a- h tonic, strengthens he digestive organs and as?
sists them lo perform their ti."i ttioHs a- nature designed.
Uemce.itis fuuno to.be efficacious also in tSuxse diseases
peculiar to females, whica arise inore frequently frt,Ul
wrjilti.ejs than from any olh- r eaa-e The agi ?] and -n
firm o! both sexes, sad persona ol srdent try habits prone
to cottiveness, or wbo suffered frem lo.a of appetite, bare
experienced great benefit from:: i:i convalescence from
levers <Ld othor acute disorders, it restores strength. aud
individuals afflicted with .\cnuu-. Headache, aud other
derangements of the nervous, functon, have keen entirely
cured by this remedy.
The Cordial is as pleasant to the taste as win? itself,
ami many lawiesaad gentlemen nre m the daily habit ot
Hiking a gl is. of it .-.i d'nnrr,. latant 'o digestion
Sold ?t l9J Fulton street, and >M6J Bowery.
TlUfirj Ap/JD Ca?7" BtJEaiSS - >(MV
TT THIS DAY pabliahed, ihe Third Series ofthc "JOd
Pictorial [llastrstiona of the V, ble and Views of t lie Holy
Land," profusely i'lit.ti iti i with Engravings and beititi
fully printed . the three volume* forming an
embellished with 6X0 Eugraviugs e:td containing the
necessary letter press descriptions, chiefly explanatory ol
ihe Engravings, aud i fnumer us passage* connected with
ih? history, geography,natural history ?na" antiqrties of
ihe Sacred Scriptures, completed principally from the
notcb of ihe Louden Pictt rial Bible.
Recently published, the First and St toad Series of th
Pictorial Hlutira'icu- of the Bible?new editions. The
three volumes an- u: ? bound in different styles to rsatch '
former cdttiout.
?vstli 130 Illustration*, ! vol IGuio.
BIBLE QUADRUPEDS, with beautiful engraviugr.
1 vol l(i mo.
Ifi do
An assortment of Helydsy, snd Uifi Books cl all kiads,
Mi cebaLcciu Ii ok- si..' Sir'n r ? ry.
dl l if J S KE?FIEI.D, Clinton Halt.
IT A Letter front i>r. fLatrdcer ou ihr
New-York,Oct it" 1841.?At tho d's-ro of Mr. Jami.<
C. f.ouKCR No. 4"j Broa Iwnv, I have i Xamined a PattM
Lamp sold by him, and tabmitu I it te experimental trial
by the a ual Pnotometic in thuds aud bare foui d thai
wiren tho burner acts with its greatest power the light
yielded is ei|ua) to about twenty one -i" rm candies of ots
diuary i|tinlay. Al'or iuk Ih.s illumiuatiotttheconsump
tion ol Porl-r s Chomieal Oil proc. e Is 'il the raie of the.
eighth part of u pint per hour, which, ai stVenty-fivi cto.
per gallon, giv - - ii COSl e?f 1 I <1 cent per hour.
In the practical u-o of diese Lamps il -w i JI not be ad?
visable to push thi in to their maximum posier of illumin
an??. If it bo aseumee that th ya adjusted to give a
bebt f'iual lo tieu-tliirds of their greatest illamiaation,
ihnsavingss compared with an equal quantity ol light
obtained from sperui candles ?ouid be about fourteen
hundred per ci ut.
I find it proper to observe, also, ihst the light afforded ,
by these Lamps is remarkable for its beavin .-a and uni?
formity, and for the p r> Unas < I it color, which i. entire
ly free from the pallid hue whu b rcndi rs gas, us usually
manufactured, objectionable. The combustible also, rises
so Irc.-ly from tho reservoir tot ?? buraer that the Lamp
possesses all the . dvanlsge* of Carcel's principle witao.it
Its comploxity or its liai-ilitv io get out of order.
iilti\ LAKDNER.
A silver medal was awarded the subscriber at the lato
Fair for loia Lamp and Light
Lamps, Fluni, aed Chi mical O I always oa baud.
.1 C. HOOKER, 460 Broadway.
dir Uteod between Grand ami Brooine SIS.
By Bang.-. R i i: li a r d s A Platt.
CT Ott Ttecadrtj Evening at 0* o'clock at tbe
Auction Room ?
P.mntisos.?A valuable and choice collection of Oil
Paintings by rmi eut American Artists, mostly elegantl?
irsinod. comprising a variety of inicifsting subjects?
:iauy of ttiem works of great labor und of esteemed
FaxMcn EnoaaviNGS.?Also, a rich variety of fine En
rraviags ia elegant gilt franset Persons about selecting
article- for presents wi 1 fin 1 many of the above eleguut
and appropriate as Holydav i.il
They will be arranged fur examination oa ihe day cf
s.le. ' dl3
W in . W . Shirley, Auctioneer.
KT Auction Notice?CHINA, GLASS AND
I Ail 1 IIIIN VVAB E Mi n ' j. Dec. SO, at I? l-i <?'< lock,
ai the corner-of SOth st. and 8th avsiaue, a hrge stock of
errckery. glass, china, nsiral laMips. i astr i1 ground
shades, blue, brown, black and pink plates, dishes, teas,
ica sett., bowls, jugs, tit uiib?rs #rc . also all descriptions
of sileahlewhite, colored, painted and dlpt ware, auita
ble for crocers ami ihina .t're retailers, slid in lots to
>nit. Those attending will find sale positive of eveaylot
oll'ered. Knickerbocker -tares pis. fie door. Crates and
straw free nf charge to liuvcrs cf V-1- Sale positiv". ram
or shiue. dl> It
JTr" The largo and valuable Catalegue of London Book.?
to bw sold This Evening by Royal Gurley st tbe New
Vork Long Room, 169 l>r railway, ofleraa desirabl ? ocpor
t"uity lo lovers of Fine London Edilious. The collection
c uisi-ts of :< grent v. ri-ty . f Si uadard Work? oa Tbcnlo
?;>, H'story, B'ographj snd tbe Arts, together with a
splendid assortment of Ei g'iah Annuals und i!lii-tr-t-d
volumes of the most r'cli and costly detcription. The
?taudar I Book.- arc work*of h sterling charaL'lcr. 118
CT To Editors*.?The Editor ol s or, li table Coun
'ry Paper K?- .teo in a health) and tkriviag villege about
thirty miles from New-York, is desirous of rbanging his
business, and ?;li therefore dispose of his Establishment.
Inquire at ihr i tllce of the Tribune. ill? 4i*
CT To Jfonrneyuscn Printer??Wanted Im?
mediately, a first eaio workman at both ca-c and press, on
s Weekly papei and Job?. Such a hand, giving salisfac
lory evidence of " total abatiueuco from all llict iutOXi
catei," indastrh u- habits and genera! gu d moral charac?
ter, will tiud an adv auirtg-'ous permaaeal situatiea. One
w-ao cau produce u certi?e ita of membership iu good
standing from the Pa lorofs Christian church in this
citv, would be preferred. a lloe addressed Z. A.Tribune
Oth e. imui-diaiely. (before - P. M. this day if possible
g.ving real name and residence, or present place of em
ployment, will receive attention. (31 41? It"
In the Acadia. froni Bos in for L verpoel?Gen B S) rues.
W ilalgaboan. Mr Rigby,S Hammoa 1 Runde F a L.?hs?.
Aexuidcr Murray, wa Whiteford, Hugh Allen, Johu
- tewart, a Shaw, t> Torrance, Wru M liibsoa, ai.d three
in be steerage.
for Halifax?Mrs Johrson, Dr 8 Sun?tral. >lrsS Sun
stead. Mr Sunstead, >'i>s Suastead. aud Joseph Sharp.
tliuinturt- Alnannnc ? Tuts Dsv_
rue sun I TatMOOn ruu.sca
Rises 7 ii ! Scis i It: Rises 10 ; |Scjs ! more.
Latest Dates.
LCt*DOI.NOV. 1? ' Il.tVRE.VCV. 16
LivearooL.yov.TS I wtw-QSXfctja.pec 5
Tho next Steam-Ships to Arrive
vrom liverpool I ?xom MVESJOOL
Columbia, left.Dec 4 | Bntaania, leases-Jaa. i
Tbc next St cam-Ship to Loave
rao.M boston TR'sM boston
Columbia, lciv-s_J.-a. 1 : Britannia. Iwave*-Feb. 1
cleared yesterdav:
Ship AdelmJe, Mtckle.Huvaiia.SporTord.Tilestan A: Co.
aaarvko yestesdav:
Brig Margarctta. Everett, Macluas, Umber, to j F S
Sehr Curlew, Hamilton, Portsmouth. NH, with mdr.9.
Sehr Fairfijlil, Bu r, Salem, with mdze.
Sehr Boston. Macluas. um er. to J F Snow.
Barge Oaeida, Estelow, Philadelphia.
Several oufsard beaud vessels are detained, owing to
t!-.e weather.
Below?2 .hip*. 1 bark. 3 brigs.
TT .'I tan? of Exu-rminnii?; Di?ia?f and
Promoting Health?TUE DIVNER PIi>L?Tne
advertiser approa. he- the pubhe w Ith unshaken conti Icnce
in the rirtue of the Dinner Pi!L Tour excellence be
' been tested by not only one, bet several of uur regular
Ml D. Practisirc Physicians wi o are devoted to Medical
? sei'nee and pote.isedof disticsui-hcd powers of-'i.-cern
ing end removing disease. Man; oertili - . ? from the
? most respectable sources could bi gives "f tbe cotnsntly
restoring qualities of the Dwue.- Pill bat * I :n.t for 'he
present. The Dinner Pill is prescril in-sB cases of De?
raagemeotof the Stomach sad Bo?e!-. Cos live cess, vio?
lent Headache.Ace- On* or two PiTsiaonly necessary
to be takes soon after dinner ; they assimilate wuh the
food, promote a healthy digestion. rel eve ad uneasuieas
after a hearty meal, and restore a :> guiir -late of the
bowels. An office for the tale of the Dinner Pill is open
at 2bi> Bowery:?ttiey can be ef'tai;. 4 .'??r ::??: prsaent a:
Ulis number,SA6 Bowery, but at no other place in the
city or Uuitel States. Price ^ crcta pi r hex. Particu?
lar recommendations and uirertior= accompany ea.b b^x.
Fcr sale only at llie Offceof th? Diener Pi:!. No. 554
Bowrry, by the proprietors, HOLDREDGE A CC?.
Copyright rec.ired. Furth-r nc.ice anon. (3i die dus
AT 1 si*, I LJ31
1.49 Fulton-strcrt. and l\ Ann-street.
Th.is s--ys the Editor of the pj-r- ? ?
?? Fs.sk Rr.'MNf. Boom.?vV".:. , 11.: iubt one of ?hobest
and ona of the most convi meat | Ist es in fhe city to sa?
nier the. new? of the da' is ?? the 1 i ax Eating House,
No. I? Ana-street, run-iini' 'hr- ugh to Fulton street. At
this well conducted Son popular - nrtbereare
twenf. .tx marble tables, with e ! dine mrnal on each
table, represen?u; every State ii the Un .?. tbuseiti
isens and ?'.rangers have the opportunity of taking their
e.tTee and reading the Ir.c t ps'peri from a! pirts ol
t?e countr- cu the ?auic table. It striaoi 1- that this ar
raagement u superior to aaytbie. ? pted in this
city, nrd we bays no doubt will j . res gre 11 .'ea;u-e iu |
this exieusively patronized b< use o!" rcf.-eshmrr.:. Fcder !
be management of its gcollcms . prietor. the Cl
mar, r.,-ar" pleased to barn is rsptdly in r--. mi iu pa
trooage and popdlsr favor, and we d ibtnm viBi 1'mue
io receive 1U Tull saaiC of public SUpp r'.. . t p ia."
u~7 (-ft
XT Particular Notice.- :.. bavii
fnrmturc of any description to dispose- 0*' or wlto s.n
breakingup 'iou.-e-keeping, will fin la rea ? e for hi;
or.cn or aU oftheir goods, by radios thetr address. 01 j
er.ll.us upon the subscriber. Goods to enj truouslpur
?baaed o71m fsSj !?'. -i Ti >"? i t. Chatham-atraai
r. ttn>c< of the London and American
PATENT sVATER-PROOl CO., 10? Fulton urect,
vrhce all garments ntiri eve > i'e., r:~ ion of Cloth.
Leather, ? ..are made impervious 'o wet. so thai the
wcirer il secure fror: the effects of rain, m o t. or damp, i
while the appearance or texture of the articles is not !
changed, and the pores of the goods I ::-:.! t ea.pcr
piratinn will freely e-ea-c A Pus'.o may be bad at the j
ortic: f"r wster-proofing B00N. Slio? s iiml i.-aiher, which 1
acd- to tan aoi'taess and durability '.-i the leather,
m? SawWosSlm
CTiTledicineaol the Heel ?l:i<:lity?Aoprovoc
Popular KcmedieK, Leeches, Euitiuh ..nu French I'erfuw
cry, Soap:, Brash...-., Ac. for Ii
J. ev. t CODDI ,GTON, Druggists,
dl--? I mis' 227 If 1 :.^1 . earner ol Sprint
TT Mbi tout*. Cloak's, ."it ?A large as-ortment
of beaver a d milled Cloths, for Surtouts uml Winter
Frocks. Als 1,1 loak.Cloths, n ? and will be madi
up to onb r, at th? Emporium ol Cheap Garments, a .
such prices as must offer ir.du. ? no tit.-, to purchasers.
'I lie ,'.t)le and lini-li of garments will be found to com
port with any house in the trade.
WM. T. JENNINGS, 22s Broadway, American Hotel
A (.o id assortment of the uho.e Garments constantly
on hacd. (~) n-Jl lens
fil a x r 1 c ? ?
In tbiacity. Dee. 13, by the Rev. Henry A. Rowland,
Gideon Pei k. jr. to Mary E W >'?k.. all ol this cny.
In thi. eity, Dee. 16, Thomas D. Doubleday, of Mobile.
Ala. le Mary A. Ward.
D i C ? :
In tin- city, Doc. lti, Mr>. Jlary Kissam. widow of John
B Kissam, foimerly of this city, in the i5th year of'Her
Tue fri'-nds of the family are . .. . || . ml it d to 11
tenJ h r funeral tin- (Saturday afteraoou at 3 o'clock, I
from'lit neu?e cf tier son, Joseph Kissam, No 'ith ;
avenue, near Oth si.
In this city, Dee. I*, Dav:d son of lt. (ander and Mary
A McPhersoa, aged 1 ?ur weeks and iix any-.
The funeral will tako place tbia afternoon at -i o'clock,
from-17 Wiliism st. Tno frieuds aod a ipaaiutances of
tin- family are respectfully iuvited to .-.imBd.
At the re.-idciic? of 1 1? father, in Brandon, Vt Dec. 11,
ErastusC. Spoooer, student at the N. V. Thro Sem., of
consuinpuon, Iu the ludest hop.- of a blessed immortality.
In this city, Dec. Iff, Mary Crygicr, iu the rliiiycar of
her age.
In this city, Dec. I, of coiisiinipti iu, Sussn, wife of Da?
vid Gudd.
In this city. Dec. 10. of iuflammaiion on the lungs,
Jetiiro D. Wbitakes, aged 3years, 3 months, and i days.
At Newark, Dec 15 -Mr- Abb) Hamilton aged 71.
At Napoleon, Arkansas. Se,.t..f .... l-1 r. laken at
Vickaburr, Mi>8, Edmond II. Tudor son of Mr. Hear;
Tudor of Newburgh, in the -i.ii y< ir of tna ng'.
At Greenfield, on tar fib iust at ihe boose ot ins daugh?
ter, Mrs. Willard Th'uii-s Dickmaa, Esq., primer, lie
w'outd hate Pee 11 73 )ears old on the 's u in
OLBIGsl?i ?l.l'.i?;H\ fbHtGHS 1
^ CRADLES, CRADLES U . SI ighs and Toy
Cradles, toy Wagons. Barrows. A lar;e as-oriiii?nt ol
the ebove articles, together with a gn at rai ietj of bouse
k.-epiig Wood Ware, Hill ? ?'? . Till Ware si,a Willow
Ware, for ?a.e che ip ai 253 and j...'. Green ivicb -tr-. t. by
W. A J .1 \Mlsi IN,
dl.a -*:s on- door rta of Murray-sL
Li WO RAM -v HaUGHWOUT ? iway d!33t
Loss's'.?A cert ficaleol TWENTY SHARES of Iba
Jamaica and Brookhu Barroad " k in favor of
Jno L. Norton. Jr. Apple alien will be made to the Com?
pany, at llicir oilier, on the l.Vh of J-nuary next, for a uew
certificate. diti 1 r*
pBEHH FRUIT. Primi B? i Kaisiru, .?
I ?bolt, half and quarter boxes Ualags Gr:; -. 111
w hole und half kegs : fresh Citrous, dried Cuirauts und
Sailen.! Bail ins, Ate. Ac For ?vi?. ..t whole ale and re
t nl, at the lowest inaikct prices, b) J O. FOWLER, i-'A)
Greenwich street, cornet of Murrray
AI??,Stuart's White aau Yctlon Sugar md Molasses
Syrup, <tc dl- :i is
?i'PEBIBK Btcr7]
rpHE-ubsrnbi r ?i'l offer f.r sale ..' -i.ul.Vo. 18Ful
i too Market 1 his Day, the Beef o an extraordinary
steer fatted by R. Sweet. Esq. Columbia eouoty, town of
Copakc, ?ud allowed Ly competent judges to bi superior
to any thing of tue kind tier offered tu a discerning pub
lie. I'hose desirous OF procuring something special will
please call and judge for Lit - liioeli i,
,11- It- CH tKI,-:s i,l\ YEK.
I t?t?K AT THIS?J i Flan
J iuel-. yard wide, at only Is Cd pi r yard . lot De La u-s
at Is Mi :' lol I glu Silks at only 'Js f : ; corded hat Silks
.1 d.s 3d |u-r yar.l . lol large ^hl^.^ Is al 20s ; lot Taclioaia
at only t>. tjj-, lot French Mennos at -- ad . lot Woolen
Soc ks al i cc::ts a pair , lotCoilou It-Us at 1 ceuls poaud .
lo:Carp-t,yard wide at3-t>i. lot Cotton. Wadding at 1
ecul a sheet . Jot hoys' lor Caps at Is ?J . men's l-r Hals
I3sj loi Muff, at Ids; loi superfine Long Class, yam
wide, at onlv '.' cents per vard . lol Mustii ? at -I ceuls per
yard, for sa^al ?VILLET ha KINS'S -store,
dlSStis* No. 541 Grc-siiwibb st.
Chapman's Jlaji-ic Razor Strop,
XHt, I Mil -i't.NSAi.Lt?
To all who care for ease and smooth Shantg,
Those of gay riuisb 311 SJ w ? ach. ?ith little cl.e to re
comm^ud them.
Retail prices ?f the .'la.ic Strop, from 50 cent- to $1 bJ
each. The perfmaiog part of iiic "5 c nts S:;op *ar
rauted superior to any other in use t?t ihe mo
any returnee;. die
'pSIE A.TIERICAN l>?TH l IT 11 me
A late Fair awarded more rir-i premiums, ' >r pi . i nens
of In?ia Kauber ?oods from our establishment tttau to
, any.other, and as maLy as Ij ad -he viker exhibitors in
i our line of busiLess. Ytt tbo Overshoes invented by us
winch looi We Urst premium.over all ..thers aud which
, are sold al our piace during lue bus aad dull season at a
uuifirui price, and wbicb have received ?rrcai lavur from
the public, arc called a ?' sile imitation" by ihc-e wao
i aaio neituer the machinery cor w orkmen to m ike the
I same, or a? g od.
The woramci. at oar factory aulkorira us to say, that
l they will wager $50 r \\h any maauieeturef 13 the L'sited
; State-, in the prodactioo of any kiadof ledm Rubber
| Suoesor O,er>nocs ever yet man afac tared in this country,
i aud ?ill be re idy to ajJubil al tea days' notice. Let Doast
ers and cautioners try '.
| Among the 50 bands employed at our establishment are
I some of ihe oluest aud most ?kiliful srtisa , in their luj*
| in tnecouuiry, who r oeiVC now and Have received from
, m during the flkat year. 16 per cent, nigticr wage* than
is given tiy auv wlher estaalukmen;. Every pair ol ?ho-?
bears our name.
Supplies received daily from our fsctorv.
Successor Roxbnry Icdia Rubber Co. I26 Maijea lane.
aTO LF.T, Iront Parlor, liu-sia Iron Grates.
Marble Mantle, and plaied furcituie?with Bed
Rooms in a Genteel Modsra Built house?'its
Good B ard. Two Single Gentlemen, cau be also accom?
modated. The family, very small aud private. Apply 41
j Forsyte Street. ds lm*
MF i S F??K Till tltSa, % ISA 1 ?s.
For iic j: The Cl^i:.-;n Hall Bocxstore. a: the lo-x-es:
Cash Prices.
ITLlGtN'TIYb ..au. act See -diu .ms of the Bible of
t?t ail vz-i, from J.a.o lo qaarlo. Te Unseats of the
! uaael Iii?. Ta? B ;k :f C?mracn Frsyer. of alt sizes.
I aad snlend dlv roUid.
T<e Pictorial Ti!ujira::onj of the RxbU?lz three vo s
eomt'i-iie??epsr?iy boual iu morocco gJt. and la doth,
: gill
Eastern J?, and Amtiai?ties?130 illust-atiics. a re
puuii ..I...a trcns .tie Lai-?c-a fteluious Trie: S s-tetv. fn
Silt bind r,f.
Aif.'c Ci'ia^rup'c's,, Bisctee 's. ?ith !6 heaanfed emre
rinrs?ssr> hindi: sr.
Jit Drasin; Room crap Bork witn footl-ia; i !a-:ra
I tiou* by >Uiy Howitt: 3d engravings, and elegaa ry
{ bound m b'ue silk.
Tit B?vk of tit Buitduir. or tio Ccart of Queen Vic
I t?na: a series uf hijmy n^i-aed Portraits of the Fern .
Mobility . 3d .erics. *;:h poetical illustratto.rr. bo-ami la
I r/re-n morocco.
^KLL T'u Keepicke . edited by the Count'ss of Ble.-ic-t-r .
with t:..rieeu ncautifai travel itsamea.s. ele-satly benad
: ia cr.m-nti ?tlk.
TAr Boo* uf E'?u'.v . edrsd by the Cmne-s -:f P,:
|?iugiou; ? it i 13 splendid eugrnvings of her Majest} the
Clu en andother disungai<hed ladie??bonnd in bUesitlt.
Hmtns Piettiresxptt AntittaX: * history hi..; d-srnptiou
..f Pans ia Sell, by >ir?. uure, witn 21 nir'uly finished en?
graving ?bound iu green -lo'h a-d gilt
The Cabinet of Mod. rn An : edted by Alarie A. Watts;
illustrated wits -J4 splendid eaeravima?a .-^ien id vol?
ume, elerantly bonnet in fursey morocco extra gilt,
Thr GtmaofArt a Tt ken of Remembrance, illustrated
withSJeiecautly eucraicd pate- a beau.iful volume,
eleramlv bound in 1 nrkey morocco, extra.
Tht Juvenile Scrap Book be .Mrs. Ellis, t:13 IT beauti?
ful |da e
Ftendshxp't Ofirir.g and tfiuttr't ffrtnth?10 besuti
tifoi ida:,..?embossed m >roc o.
Tie rorgct-Mt'Piot, with II f-xqu site ergravings, by
Frederic*, .-tioi. rt? iiait eco. rnhly gl t.
Thr Violet a l.'tir tmai hud New Year's Gift, with ?
fir.f enge?vi?a??laoro. co
T.'it Y?n'.h's Keepsake, a t'uristma> and New Year's cift
for Youua Poop e.'
Tie Migniontttc, with 5 elegant steel plan ?.
Tht 'r:jf. a Cbristmss and N-? Year's p escnt, w;;h -
bes iti'ul e graving?morocco, richly gilt.
T.ic Token end Atlcntxr Scactnir, with 10 line ecgra 1
vinc?? in'.-otcu.
7 sc Lady t Ruck of Flotctrs and Poetry?10 beau.iful
col- red ,- tie? ?tnoroc. o.
TLf lit"", a Christmas and Nc? Years present?Tern- .
belli-hm-ais morocco.
Tht Fricnd-hip'l Offering by Mrs. Catharine II W.
Es'i it?!? eleu?.Morocco.
r?i Rost of Sharon a Religious 3 anveni^r by Mist Sa?
rah ''. E eariou. on h 5 plares? i in.ed
T'"i ?uhit? w. Memorial of Jffc:twn?i plate??mo ?
T/,? /cose. t>e Affe--tt n't G'ft.ly Emily Marshall?10 ?
stc> I engravings?iu .roceo.
An assoitmeiit oi Ja\. ml- Book'. Stationery. Ar.
dll if J. S. itE|iF!EL:?. Clinton Hail. .
SOIUJETUIfe'G NEW .-beautiful fa
Mu-ic el exquisite tints, an 1 highly perfumed wub '
Kosc, Mu-k. Lubiu's Favorites, Ac *c ? a I WILL'S
M?-ic Establishment,Stil Broadway, aeer St, Pail ?
The proprietor ever thank I ul lo hu sum. r u? customers !
lor the liberal patroBage b ;st >wed, ha-, at aiiich expi n-e ,
issued a lar^'e assrirtmeni ol ne* hi-h udmirrd Song-,
Uueits. WaPz-s. Marenes, Sic. T?e title, oi mini
aro ciiibeilished witn highly fi .sued Vignettes, and all
eles utly printc" on highly p.-rfuine-l paper, ol six s ine,;
colors, of mo<t delicate and beautiful tints. Nothing can !
excel the el "paiice of a nook of this Mu' ic. and for pres?
ents, tu the lausiealor fe hiouuble world it cannot be ? v
ce led.
ItooHs elegantly hound iu a short time.
Tue price of the rerfui;ic.l and tinted Music i- the same
as oq wbite paper, as low as can be obtained at anv ol the
sma I shops about towu ilS Sw
BLANKET'S: tttli ?AI.H t HEAP!!!
- . v PAItt in l Rns,. und W hitney Blaukeu s-' 25.
00:, .do lat-4 do do do JUd.
100 do extra heavy Mackinaw d.> 100.
75 do superior Batli Blankets, different
sizes, from $6 SO to 10 00.
A !..*-<?,
The eheapssl ssaortment of Flannels to be met with la
the city at BROWN Je CRQUHARTS
Oae 1'ric.) Stole,
5" Catharine street.
d'fi.llis" oorner of Madi-on street
l>?l PAN WIA -AJBA. ?ET TS?DixonASon'.
?*-'rlrita,.Bia Ware of various patterns, just received, to?
gether with a large aaeortm nt of block Tin
and a variety of Fine (iotlnc and Sandwich
Also, polishsd steel FIK.E SETTS
Those who viisii io purchase ?nie es in the above 'me
will call and exemiue ihem befon purchasing elsewhere,
as they will be ottered at very low prices.
A usual assortment ol Wooden Wnre>, Baskets end
Ilardwa.-e snd Tin Ware for housekeepers'use, kept con
sinniiy ou hand at the Furnishing Warehouse, -?- ans
255 Greenwich, on- doer above Murray -tri-et. by
,iig 2wis W. .v J JAMESON.
n~EI?OT lidK- F? S i' V A?Kt.-?S A K I I
t.'L.ES. ?.'2|i Broadway, American Hot, I.?An invoh e
ot uew and .ich >ilk snd Satin Scerf and Cravats just re
. cciv> d end for sale at u.-ual u i d rate prices, wirb a c-u?
ral uasortmeat of fancy dm-; articles. dl'i 3teod
'{ O l?KY UOUDdl T'r-:?t\ll ?i.N I 9?Want
I ed to I xebsnge for l?n (io.els. a first rate fire prool
Iron Chest. Aclies-J. C i tri e of this paper. dl6'ti?" ,
KIY.KI> r?t?l Si AP 1' VPt.K,
reams AIM KS'.- RaledCap. for s dc bv
1 s-.'T ii PERsaL Sc. UUOlKS, Cl Libu'ty it
OFFICE, BS Nassau -t.
Rai. ar.Net:? .?Hon. M. H.GrinneU, H. Brevoort^ Esqn
! W Irvinr. Prol Kenwfek. 013 in
j v n \ i a VI/* AI I E 's A??A thorough insti . ?
1-J aud ex,".-r.ein-d j. ut-in .a of tie ab-ne pr.ifes-i--i.
may tin.I a very handsome aedlucrat v.-practice tu?....
j he may succeed, by applying at S51J Broadway, In. \.
i room !Ni>. 3- None but men of integrity and profession .1
character need apph. a.ni such must have some I id
fund-to secure ihr f-cstiou. dir
ber ha on baud t?Mr,U4?? b ?llles H I AREA VI DIE.
! which he warrants to be genuine. His motto is ?? Holci}
; ia the be-t policy "
This subscriber would here express bt- regret th:? t
j in anv ofhiafollow citizeni ha e hi nerto permitted them
i selve- to be deceived aad imposed upou ay 'li.riooest men
I q.lackst, auetio.e ers u d |.re leaders wbooffer lo s?d what
i fAey en / Haarlssai u.l at fourteen shdliogs p r c-o?-1
Attend strictly to ibe following: Wraopers printed in
j the (?i-rmau lanaua.'C and ill s? with ibirty-six lie^c. are
[ invariably spurlaus ; and of lh-s- printed in :h; Engllsn
! not more than onont of i hundred is ceuuine, most of
? 'h-m b-irg printed in New York All fi i.niue ..-e-ar
Eeglish and have m> name and en ir-nce priu.ed on them
This is done bv Mr T.I y the manufacturer iu floliui.d
Thev have als .my written sisnauire.
j This Haar'iein Oil is med f .r a va-ie-y of diseases. I.
needs no pufB if : Us u-? always secures its r-com
1 mcn.laliuu. Coughs und cold? are cu.eJ by it without
pulling it iu the style ol Candy Jetl.rs.
N. B. The uniers-cncd f.-iis the in.iCar.Ji > >(U i-'.'
! ia New tork, but h- don't -ell Cou^h Candies to cure
i consumption, sprained anklas ani utHh-eche. he leave,
: mat to large dealers a'.d medical geutiemeu.
I N. B. Uenume ti rma i Cologne Water impir'td as
the naderaifbed. CHRISTIAN SYLVE-TER.
Fancy Store No. I2i East Broadway
rOae coor swove P ke-st.
N. B. Want-.l at the aboce place a few dczeu of th<
, imported BRITISH OIL. dIS
Ai riON t Ptl.N DENTllsTRY.-P ea
take notice that tn- p'sc ol eouilructini Art ficial
' Teeth with a cavity or chamber in or ander the plate, frcn.
wbien tfte air is iaieBaed to be drawn so as to prnd.;^.
I Atmospheric Prc*?ur-, fine only meiaod by wbico ii is or
! can -e obiaieed far fastening teem, or any otierpurpes
' was mvruted and ratented by
A. RIGGS. Dest:st 65 CbanAers-st, New York.
The law of patcals prohibits usrn^ sa wtli a>. makiuv or
veusliog i-aieu ed articles ?ithuui e esjiit of tae , a.en:--.
This tb-rcfore to caaiion all persons in want ot Artiti
cid Teeth sgainst permlttieg a y Deut-.i to insert the.-r.
i upon my plan, wbe cannot exhibit a lawful naat from me
, tu do so. I am induced la gire this caution from she fact
th it a number of persons have attempted ia a clscdes'iue
manner, toinfrirge o.. my rigb:* Sv u-iuz the above plan
? without authority, mo-tof whom I belt ve. however, h.ve
' failed of success, and who now seem inclined lo attribute
, the failure to the principle rattier thau lo wast of skill in
adapfs; ir_ tne ..sly irue cau-e.) aud at the sam- t a
i re.-ort to th? unmanly subterfuge of pa;micr upon th tr
: unsuspecti g friends or cu-tomer* cert in fancied ob
jectttnt to lue us? oi such Tee.b. I have nuly to say to
all *h i wish to isqu're fir themselves aad desirs a gesu
' me asttcle. asd cn.quil?d for beauty and ti nuy in all
i purposes for "hicn n-i-iral teeih were -aide and art.Set .1
ones are desiraola, that I am prepared lo sno* uaequivo
, cal ?esumocy that my plan is entirely- su cessful aud sat
i isiactorv to those wno have it tn nse * he: it i> prujerlv
I mid*. I enuld give cer::ficntes of Judges and doctors
! editors of j-mrral? niembers cf Conrresa. ttintste>s ard
? many oiaers, if I crtose to f illow the exa?'ple of i?e man
I newspaper purY- and write then my-*lf. aad pay lor ine;n
! as edi'orul, ?Commua:cal-d" or ' Eairac'e I.' but \prefer
! to be taoest as the author of my own ftat?meni?.
A. KIG'i*.
N. B. A. RIGGS ts the tame Dentist whose r fB>.e has
; been several years ?t s'2 Ea?t Broadway, and removed
' from chCLce last M?y. All oper.lions periaiatsr to Deu
! tistry. as required by children or adubs and all kind-of
i artificial worx faithfully ei-ca-.eJ, in a style which c=oc-:
I be sur,va5?ed, by A. Riggs at 65 Chambers street. N. Y..
Opposite the Park, st moderate prices. Preserve this no
1 uce if desirable, for it will not be continued. dH It*
A .M i S E M E N I' S.
No. <? KowerT.
THIS EVfMN'i. D c-rabtr 16 ibe performance "ill
*? corameu'-tf ?ith Granu American Entree ->> euhi
lades an-l eeutlesteu.
To he followed bv
Alter whi n ?
To coocia-? *i:h?
'' ' . a quarter pest 6 o'clock, performance
coaiuicncc* a, ?.
boxo 5" i enu. Pit 25 cents, dl? <
?- . ABL? s, ?. a both Iron and Mahofsny Fr?.so.-.over
(.' .:, -. Eat; ; Be-j.-as. N0. U Ann u ?> d 141? Fulton .
-?: Tee gri ties, and r-.,t satsirtineet of T tble, with a.l
th? E tro| ear improvements,are ui rail operation. Kuy
?**? ?"" " ' : so call and try t.-jeoi. Iiis tf?-i
or the latest rall and wurrea raTTcajia,
Ca] be I'ou ii d at the
VcTr-Vorltl Baa railorins Evtabliahmeai
I 4 i F?un-street, near Broadway,
V\ :? re i art ca ar auentioo ia paid 10 cu.ti.*'* Pauls id
tiny >ty Ie osr customer* may wish, and uiaee al the short
a?t . otil . \ great i iriety ? f Diamon.t. \iue aid Cond
?licet Beivers for Overcoat... m-de lu order, in i style
serpaa ed by a -nr. and at pnee? to suit the most ecooom* '?
0 at Ab r mutal foB assortment of V? est-c-f England ?
arid French Cloths, together with tne Woole-i. Velvets
Cashm Irocodeaad ?iner Silks for Vesting*, c ra
i'ri- is >' >a assortmeat as can be found in the city.
S ? punctuality observed in filling ord-rs. Casa on
del: cry, and no abatement m prices.
N B.?T lose persons in want ofagood and fashionable
J. ire it, it a ::i rate price, ire invite I to call au.l ex
if tyleaod q lality before parch \?.?s elsewhere,
Mr G ij lord g - m. whole atteotioa to the enttii it de?
? whoss same is a sure guaranty tor ? first-rat. ,
fit- o4 it" J.C R M IT I. Ase.nL
WUK ill s\: H V?GHWO?T.
l and . ! i iv nearly opposite Nibto's Garden.
1 sold for vj 3t>perceat bilo* former pri'es. ?
r> at van- ly ol wnicn are adapted to lbs present season .
ainlara of ue newest style.
a complete assoaTMXHT or
New- pattern Gas Fixture.-.
Candle so I G is Cl n .i I er?.
Girnncoie* i.-molu Silvered a- d Bronze, 1 to .*> lights.
I.... Ul Ubl 1 to 1? Ig' Is.
As r il Lamps, of the late.l pattern, of every size, very
!l ul L imps and La iit-rns.
Caud e>tn ha, a ?rre.-t variety.
Ilai d. Roaiting, S de and Hantel Lamps,
i iin- b ? ,i ?.. ie'.... i*t Lamp-, i large assortment.
PI.t.-d Revolving Castors,
Cake Baskets, Coast Racks.
Hu 'er it,al Fish K?lve?.
Table ' utlery ol ab kinds.
Br.innii i Tea and Coffee Sets.
' ip in Waiters of all prices.
Gi rm U Silver Spoons and Kork?.
Frea :? ?"? ? al*ia Dunne. Oer-sert and Tea W it).
Wines a'i i Tum* lers, Cnampagnes,
Lq-iors.CI ret-, Goblets Flaggen?,
Dei inters. Waier Mo tic.*:,
.'! " s in i Finger Glasses,
Toilet Bottles Cellery Glasses.
Salts,Glu Pitchers. Ice Cream..
Lern 'li ide ? Ho ?IS .far II ?lies. Ac. dec
A separate stock oi -phudid f'h >ndeliers,
i ii elabra-i, Lampa, China Glass, Table Cutlery, Ac.
A .. lurairh d al all time. dl'i -2wi?
C it E ? T ?t B H ? ft o v , K--*(I'?EM
* iG vis ?This very excellent st?, e oi Over Shoes ?
ma'h aperioi to all others, made * ithout a lining ia the
vampor iroal par> of the Shoe, aud cnesequeu ly elastic
md very i i?j to thi foot; the ladies'Shoe w.th a stni
passil it . Ii ? fool u'nl mote from the .-he'* R ib i r
orlio.n imported Rubber in it? native state, kaas aezcr
brrn pottntrti by it C. Smith or by any othir {it Jim in ihu
country nurc o Hiey be. lawfully; uor h ?? any oilui
iKcr-Mio- possessing the sein?! req lisite qualiues, evei
tu rn patented iu the United .-mtia.
I will make the term, broader as I wish to b ? u der
tood. The sbeei Rubber Over-Shoes adio.-tise.l by
Ul S ?'. Smith A Si II and b) myself have u ibe Ii
tented. Yet uufler cover of a patent (whichcanaotbi
Usiaincd, being unlawfu',) fur uiakiug -.hoes lia<*a
throuskout, with cloth, not elastic sad no longer in de
:a.i:ia, Mes .i *. S. try, and perhaps sure* ed in Ira bog ihr
pub ic iuio a belief that iha Shaei Ruht>er Uver-Shoe*
.r.. I-. noted. Toshw? them, wo ksv?al cady publiabed
the Humbug and the. trade understand it.
aupplieasoi Day'? improved rsbeei Roober ; also of the
various other styles of Orer*8hoes receive! daily irom
ourfictory. K> r% pair war nun ed, with our name. Foi
sale ia quantities to suit. HORACE U. DAY,
Saccesscr to Roxbury ludis Rubber Co.
dls 126 Maiden laue.
uv El ;~nT,:~Tis l) (.: lu a k??.
t I" is i .U l.t'ss BOOlTltit, Broadway, ui
-.'V. ,tair>. a I irio assortment of superior re-.oy matt.
O.'r.oat. I ' iK*>. -iini Winter Frocks, winch will be sold
it reduced prices. Al-o a l ire assortment of Overcoal
' ? is and French fancy Doeskins, for pants, wbicb will
ie Made into 'i irmi acs at bargains. Gentlemen aro iuvi
led 10 Call and e.samiui; his ?:ock ol Good, and style ol
i Ivori > its. ?'1 liuis
??hKMAjV? LOZENCiati?.
I7IV*DEW< Ess of their ?real worth in rclievia|
I-i Coueh, Coli s. Consumption, Whooping Cough, Asth
? H? dache,Palpitation, Loaaess of Spirits, Worms
tn 'II at r1 ou" diseases.
Daul W. Fry*, Esq .No ?avenue.
Mr. Ruder, 46 Chatnaiii tt the. famous segardealer,
.>lr. E. G.Stacy, uiahocnny dealer,
Col E S, lb nsoo, 219 Bleecker ft.
K>-iij i rouibie. Hsi Fulton sL
led many eabars have bean cured by them. WholeaaU
? d uilal 1 ? Na>-.u ?t., ItlS Bowory,221 Bleecker,22?
Hud .. 7T East Broedway and 1-57 Fulton street. Brook
vii SI ?I lllllS
I > in.!' Il'ilr.'i! Buffalo, and all the Safety Fun..
Bulk,: iIjo ci Lawrence, Oleau,and all ibo Fiee oi
Red Buck Banks in '""> -"tat . i.ken without any itn>
oa ? for C'oths, I lass meres, Flanoe's, A.c. at :he In > aal
tasb.price it 4SI Greeuwicb-sin ucar Canal. .Ill I mia*
I ? E (CK.HAN i x?? i i Ftl re?E.NGLISH AND
tddresa f>y M ill. ?Terms reduced for about si.x pDjiils,
if they euler soo0, t'i SI'S a year, 'piartcrlv in a.lvance
r.- irei ? i to Patron??J. Ckamberlia. 11 South William.
itr et I- II Munson, lOfi Broad-street, 1 Gurnee, rj
Mi l n Laos B Sherwood, 15John-street; also,Rev S
I.ai I ?'. a- '? J. /. Nicliul?. ol Brooklyn, and Rev. Dr
ttrowniee, J L. Graham aud F. W. L?sak, formerly p?*
ir.K.s di?l-v* N. D'I**IV, Principal.
Dt T/ID ? \ MJfs eV t O. s < tbeeariei ~
C emists 77 Fas'. Bread way eora--r of Harket ?I.
aave oou-'.aiiiiv on baud a complete assortment ol the ver)
heal Drugs aud Medicines , French, English und German
C. (Ill Cals.
Ai o a I ?r'.'e stock of choice Perfumery, Fancy Jtiap-.
C< '? B' is - ? md splendidem g'ssaColegee Bottler,
ami evrrv ai'icle req ired lor tke toilet or nur-i*ry.
Poys'ciaas Prescriptioasand Family Recipes prepared
in tu-' mostcareful manner.
S'i ine' beats for sale i also, filled auJ refitted on
t-.e most re .-??uaM*' term".
Leeches of the heat kind always for sale or applied b>
all ?.?.,.'.*!:e;.... it per-ou at -ay Imur.
Medi ines deiivereU at any hour of ihn ni^ht.
ct? Oteod'
Be pe-bct in this Art aid then
No wi.r i ?as well escape vocr pea.
?? ING .-ti''Hi' ii AND, for lakiua- do*u Serracns, Lec
tares. Orations, Trials.etc. Taugn witv, the most uari
valted s iccrsr by T. TOWNDROVV st his room., CUr
.i n House corner Broadway and Duaoe street. Mr.
row i-o?-. Pro:e-?"r of --teuotrraphy aud Practical Re
? r r rmerly of London and Manchester, ?ouidmo.t
respectfully aun-xiuce to his frieoda aud tbe public, that
. ? an i- iuced by proraiag soIicitatioLs of numerous
indivitlu La who r i desirous to receive instruction irom
mm to prolong bis s.a^ ia this city lor a b Uf period, for
ika pari 'i-e ot' giving another course of Lessons in the
science of Stenography, agreeably 'o his o?n pecuuai
and aiahl] approved system, founded upon tue most sim?
ple and ux--r ug principles, and wnich. tue Authcr can,
- ith the u'raiiei coad >n? pi i- e in fearless competition
with the v inous methods pursaed by llie first stenojraph
er? in the world di7 dt
shce market, 7j catha
rine s reet you eaa tind Boot*
and Sho-i?
Enou/q to sapioy half the nation.
Tbe cheijie t ani b -t in all creation.
Thta streit comprises ibe most -pleudid assortment of
lto..is and Shoe, as -i offe ea. and at prices tUai cannot be
heal . geutl mea', hue Calf Water Pro uf boots |3 5a ct-.
?oi[i: fiae Dress do, from |2 toft; -ideudid Gaiters f r
1 a ics. Tom $1 SO I S2 : Misse? Gaiters. Men's Daeemg I
'iai'.rr.-. Ratibers of a I kinds. Boys' and Youtss Boon j
and ?ho-s, aud a rev-r faibng sapply .f Mi"?''
Chi dren's. tee ehespe?t ai d best you ever '?'' *l 'i
I'.th.r.Ee-ft, corner of Minioe dl^tm_
sstiTrV., n. PI ANS? FotflE FOB
StWmtSE\r. eleeaut lasuameat. mad' "J- one of.tu'
FT f Tft-'- city oaouuseturers. ??"?" ^
siaac: an* eumate, is offered f r sale si .boot "^"^
ittcost l.basbe oiousebntsfewm-ntbs-aadtortu"
is seldom ezeellan. A.y person i- ??t ?r . 6tntjate
la^trameu. at . moderate price, would do wall toexama-e
Uf MRS W?RREN 304 Broadway" j
II No. 5o0i Pearl strtet, aw Broi?*ay. -?b Im?
SiJr* 54 Wuiiamstrtft. rom'r of Prr.c-ttrttt
TUESO?T, Ds>c,9E
Fatvcit tMtj Gekx?m Famcv Goos*.?By eataiogue? 4
? yr? and rich a* ortmeot. t'Frrnih and Gcriaau Faasfi*
i- B I* just landing from Has re and Breiaei.. worthy ihr>
?neu'ion of the trade. Term* of sale, for ail sura.'over
S'OO. 4 month- credit for a,i,ireved eiido-std r..-te*- under
$110, cash, without discount. Consisting of t"ca*es,ol
'lper, wo- <!_. and'm toys, *f every de*c;ipt-ou, si: new
>IJ es; l?Jies* ?ork boxe.. ?uuo and hook ia?pe ladies"
-.cd gentlemen's toilet boars, ?ent tmes'i staving and
-sse!.. ; ;a es farnishrd wi h erery article far laircedi
ate a.-e; cars." and snutf oxe*. of vanoa? kin .s. gilirlc- k<
?1" ;h* s?w->a( ?i>'e. sotpe w,ia the Castle o:' s*t. Je.iu De
acre, Ac. alasa-ter dcsckl new .-ty'e gethic I ind 6 co?
mma*; mu*:c boxes, plawog? airs and osrertBres of the
. ae-t Germ a and I aiian composition, a large a,?ort
Dent of rn-ts. piss, chain*. Ac. u sde of coal an <?: i:t"
es srticr. eilt ring?, pins, cbaCs, Ac. Aft Also a ver
aiticlfs, consisting of riar.ee pia?. ear rings braealata,
neck eriisn ents. sahn" boxe?, kt.v-s and foiks, rail tei?
le r?,cigar holders. At Ac- Also, sold articles, ci usisticc
>l rinr-. ear nags nies, safe's chains, head on m at*,
cigar tabes Ac Ar. Also a la-ge assortment of china
md .-l.i-s aMitlcs for presents, mauy entirely n-w-. Also
in a?-ort.iient ot cell snd silver lepi.se watches, anchor
sscaperoeat, 4 S aad j -w?is. Also 1 case of French wn
ting and r.ot-- paper, fancy and plain.
Also?1 -plcudid Silver Pitcher, we ght about >J oz.
Also?I e,,,.* s.ii.rri -r a-'O'ted t-ealiui: Wax.
Catalogues sr-d sarnples mormuir of sei*.
At I-JJ oc oek.st the Merchjtit?' Fxckance.
NtW-OsL-aJisClTI ?STYiK.-Slt.oSsj of New-Orbar?
City Si vck. beartuj; an iuterc-t oi ? , ?r cent p-r aeaaat,
->>>-h e * mi-aoaaa'ly no the t-l Slay ar-.l l-l Nos-eetber
H th-> Mahhai'tan Bank in the City of NewY'ark, redeem
ildeou -.he l-i .May. l*?o.
At IS o'clock, at the A-cuon Room, .-i I Willlam-st
Pig Iron? Perem'ory -ale oflOOfl tou* Pig Iron No* I
<ni -J. msnufactured by the Stanhope Iron Comp a-.; ??
-itacnope. New-Jersey,
tsaniples now in sto-e for exsinin.itinn.
THl'RSPAY. at IS o'. lock.
? ,-sse? ? httc Pongees, 3d inca. d imaged on the voyage
>f imporratvoa, to be sold for cash fur it-e bent m sf whom
: may conci-ru.
AT.PaiTATi Sals?S case* Ft - French Slvle Csssi
0 r- ? Viu. Oxford Fsacy Doe Skin, Cadet,* Mixt De
loinv I ?, . .?.. i superior ariie'o.
AT PRIV tTE r?ALE?Chin -.-Black Silk Hdkfs. do.
usortedSewing Silks.
Josiah Iiichards Auctioneer
?I t BAJYftS, mi iiAr.Dw * PUTT.
'trier l'.ift crre.us.-raa.
Elegant EneUsh -rd Amer can Annuals Embellish*d
nd Pictureaq i, ttook-. Juvenile au?l Gmcy bum d Book.? ,
iuitanle for i o Holidays.
Among them are, Tjiiinet of Modi rn Art for 18-19 . Tk
Sems osArt fir 'r?M . Hea h"? Annual for 1849 Fr-en -
ihip'sOrTeri - 1849; rhe Gem, 1842; The Dahlia. 1644 .
tose oi ithai run. lri; . Martin's llmsirations of the Bible >
Fisher's Views in 1"' nstauiino?le, Ac.
Also, th- followmg elegant \u iuu'-. suitable for a'l
-? having no dale on them?Finden'* T-^ieau.
teile of a Season; Fi-hor'- Drawiag Room Serap Book;
Heath's Drawi g Room Port Folio; Heath's Pictu-esqaa
taaual. 4 vole Keepsake; ChiWron -f Nobility . Aulhois
>f England . Hanlia^'a Port Folio As . Ac
AI o, au extensive eollection ?( tftaadard Books, in
lading Scott's Works, Byron's Woks Col">idga*a o.,
ilestaotly hmiud morocco. The Pa lor Book,3*o* Charles
I'Mallej . Gierlier'a Hwto?v of'he Church; .MhIiss-,
Civil Engineering, 8vo; Stuart on Hebrew Bsrt'eti's
Op'ic?; Lasarie's Tour; Gregory's .Mathematics, Hiuno
me! Smoletl's Histmy of Ei'gi mil. *c
Afso upwards ofduO volumes of new sad popular Jaie
niles, Children's Books,
Catalosrues tiae now ready asd lite Bcoka arranged for
At fij o'clock at the i^ales Koooi.
Mar.MirtcirsiT CMCLISH BaoKs.?An exten-ive and rich
collection of English Books, em'"rscieg superb Pictu?
resque. Illusirsled and OruHUienlal V\ oik?. in beiiuinul
nd costly binding-, elegant l uglish Annuals, ami other
*orka, suitable for olyday presents, or for the d-awing
ro m. Also, a choice Callectioe of works in the ditlsrout
?ep irtmeuts of literature ai d science.
Among them ire Spirit of the Woods, rpieudnl colored
pin es, (Sve, Fiwden's ''orts and H irbors oi Itreul Britain ;
d,r ia'selegant lllustmiions ol 'ho Bible; Bulwer** l eil >,
?pendidly illu tratej *.o; theV'eterColorHelery, folio;
leganl Pictorial edllioaa of Gil Hlas, l on U ?XOtlO. Na
Mlion, *nd Lei Evaorilea 8m, Taylor". Illustrations ol
the Bible; Ralleri? de Versailles, l"?' eagraviaf?! Job ami
ii- limes ??' i picture of Patri-rc'ial Times. Sie. Walkers'
Exercises of the Ladi-s; Medical Por ran Galiery,eleseBt
.ibiTs, royal svo; Adam tior> on on Locomotives, I nrdeei
lu Steam Kngiuns; Memoirs of ?'mnient Parson in the
CelgnofG urge the 3 I and lib. 4 vi Is. rjvn; Ure's Cotton
rnsnefaclur s of Great Britain 2 vols; Gilbert's Railways,
ifEnaiand; Gibbon's Work?, Ac _
Hto?b 189 ?Ko?t>w*v?New-York 1 on<: Room.
'CHE Counting Rooms of C. C. H*sSH, 8r3 (..fir
1 street, eooiiaua open from 9 A. M. to y P. M in or
it r that merchants mid others may avail iheinsi Ires 11 n
-nurse of instruction th it is truly practical . one ilint em?
ir ecee a complete routine of mercantile IraBSaCIIO sand
nercantile ealcelatlons; and one iu wmch the student Be?
lts] y keeps ii set of books in I coiiulini: house. To those
vhoare uuecqusinted with lbs advertiser's reputetiou,
ae desires to *ey, th uhts principal work on book-keep
ng bsa passed iaio ten editions, thai it receive* in? pre
? ei:ce in ih-i >e?-Yorl. Public Schools and other largo
: ?-? itutistn*, snd thai he. himself; has the honor ? f home
rsap loimed icarherof b >ok keepiagfortbo "3lereaalile
L.bntry Assoeiation'' of this city. Prospectuaes, with
term* nay be had at the counting rooms as nl o.e.
dli Im*
r'HE AT'I'?."VTIO.Y of the re.,d-r i- re?pecl
felly called lothis unprovemcnt. The author is aware
that it {? only necessary to cad attention to mecir-am
-taue?, that after years of' experience, philo-opti cal re
searca and at a very (fre.t expesute, he h is proi need a
?Ian for teaching Writing ot great practical utility.
Institute 'or u1*tr"CliOM and depot lor Ibfl -?> of the
Guide*, J.'ltf !'. .. i iv. coRMEa or Pabb I'lacc
N. B ?The plau may b-i used as a perfect ?elf iastruc
tor. dl.'i lulls'
G-OS.O-stll rU'ai t*. Hi ITNCi AND BOUK
f RF.tPING ACADEMY, "J81 Broadway,
Washington IL.il.-Mr. GoLl'SMITH respectfully in
-.,rius the ladies a id geutlmneu ol New York and orook
.yn, thai hi- KooBas are uow opuu for the rucopliou o
? upiis sad visiters.
Mr. G.uledges himself to impart to all, in Ten Lessons
>f O.vc Houa Each, kis much admired system ol Heb
:as riLe
.*? !
m l a masterly command of the pen. which ins ow n rpe
: neat snd practical exemplification* will illustrate, that
bey cauuoi po??ih!y ever lose to their future pract.ee.
Mr 6. has'received the Pibst far .mum three -rssseees
ve year* for the atsT speci.sikns or orr-n*sio PtsisiA-i
.hip exhibited ai the F?irs of the Auksicsn I-istitiitk.
'I eruis. Fivu Hollars, including Stationery, , ,...!?
u ndvaaee.
Bennett's System of Hook Keeping laughl by a practl
;al BCCOUBtaat, dl't lwi?*
DAY PREtsE.NT3.?Ju-t received by ir.e s .b
'.er. some very Eee Gold and Silver Lever. Auefcur Eec*]
nent. and Lepnis Watches. Also a low Diamond I' i .
tad Rings, and I .'am to Pins, for radios, Cold CbslnS, Pel
eils, Ac; all of wnich he is sel*lsig, ai ratal) lower than si
mv othor plaee in the city. Gold Wilch"a as low as "Vl
?o *-IO .aeii. Watcaes and Jewelry exchinr/eal or boutrh:.
til W atches wurrnnle.l to keep good time, or the money
returned. Watches and 1 locks repaired in the best
manner, ai much Inea than the usual pro es, by one of the
.'iuest work-n-n in the euy. G. C. ALLKN",
Importer of Watches and Jewelry, wholesale au : t etail,
de I mis Ne. 30 Wall-st av a sirs.
No. 149 Fultoo t. exlendine to II Ann-?t. clear through
from "street to Se.-e.et,
T O L ill T
And the Fursitura and Fixture* fnr sale or i fhaneed for
property in the city or v ctalty To tbo?e a ho are. sc
i raiaied wkh iu unrivalled localitv, the respectability of
.to customers, and the aiivai tage of its ibonmgMkr* from
-ireet to Street ?o seldom obuine l, il i* superfluous to
expatiate on these and many other inducement- by ?hich a
competent person must inevitably reu.ir-ra la.-?rn and pto
fuab-e basiaees of the b-st kind. AH farther mloruistion
-HI he given 'ay tue proprietor, whose only reason for of?
fering this highly favored plica to let i. husiriesa
w-.ch unexpectedly compels his imraediste personalat
lendanee i" K'-nturkv. . _ , ?.
t)r. FRIDAYS Bas?. w,lb other boiled Fish, will h?,
-ervedup. The ?ae.1 Ojster., fr.ed. .tewed or in tha
' DINNER frem IS to 3. with the Bsual s artery of the
eSn-eeni rjr' uuce of ihe Marker?.
BeerStesksT Veal Cutlets, Mutton and Pork Chops,
12 I 2 cent-; R^s?t Pi.-tridge a85 cenf, with every other
delicacy lo.att all taste
T?s and C* ?Iwrays raady. 3 eonu a cup. nlfl tf
0 Sharvrnu's Orris Tooth Paste will sweeten the Ueatu,
aarden ule rura?, ???hueu the teeth and keep thjm from
aeb'us. Warra.-.trd not to injure them, recoecnecd? d
?>y Dr EHmi the oc"li?t, - sL; Dr. C"-.:e the dta
tiniui"hed dentist, 237 Broadway; Dr. Chdton the well
aaowu cbemist, and every body that has ured it. One
thouaand dollara will be forfeited if it ever injured any
one's teeth, or if it can be surpassed. Sold at 106 Na??-u
s?^ le8 Bowery. T7 East Broadwsy, 231 Bbsecaer,9*7
Hudson it aod 133 Fulton sr. Brookliu^_reZI Iron
1 ?ECHe<a APPLIES* by Mrs rs\Ksli K
i-t HARPER.^B Vesey-.t, who has many sears sxdb
ri?oc* in the. business. _J*1 " .
rPEA8.?Fine Gunpowder .cd Imperial Teas,
X chests sud half ehe?i?. for nd? ky_
o7 tf ORLNNELL, HiNTURN * CO. Tel gcu?-it.

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