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CT" Graham s Magazine for Janu&.-y, just
published, contain* two steel engravings beside
plates of the Fashions, and seventy-two pages o!
original letter pres , much of it from the pens of
the best American writers. It is for sale at King's
Periodical OrTice, 1C'9 Broadway.
Ohio Railroad.?The prosecution of this im?
portant work steadily progresses, and we doubt not
The rublic ?ili be interested in toe following a,
count of the present condition and prospects of
tho Road: . , ? . ,
The 47 A miles between Cleveland and Huron, 5lh
and 6th dnisioi are now under contract for the
cleatmc. grubbing avd furnishing o materials for
the su-er.tructure, tobe completed m the spring.
One'steam piling machine is now ready to go
?-to operation at OKo City, to go west; and one
will be ready by tbe UOth iast. at Black River, to
? ome east, acccompanied by a locomotive -team
saw-miH for sawing the tails.
The two piling machines and saw mills on 3d
irtd 1th divisions will finish these two divisions in
the months of .March next, when they will be
tiansferred to the 5th division, between Huron and
Black River.
By the opening of navigation, the 63 miles be?
tween Huron and the Maaioee River will be com?
pleted; ready for tiie iron, except Sandosky Rivei
Bridge, at Lt-wei Sandusky, which al.-o can be
completed by trie tune the iron curi be put down
the 63 miles.
By the opening of navigation, there will be less
than 40 miles ot' the line between Cleveland and
the Aiaumee River, 110 3-4 mile.s, to complete,
and en that the clearing and grubbing will b?
done, and materials for the super >ttuctuie delivered.
Ou the same 40 miles there will be 4 steam pile
machines, accompanied with portable saw-mills,
with which the superintendent will be able to build
five miies of load per month.
The Ullis- Railroad; Mad River and Lake Erie
Railroad, and Little Miami Railroad, form a con?
tinuous line between the Northeast coiner of Ohio
and Cincinnati, diverging only 4'J miles from a di
n Ct line, und ut u:i increased distance of le?s than
30 miles,and many miles nearer than any oilier trav
? od route m the State. (.Cleveland Hetald.
The EXCHEQUER Bill.?Not having in readi?
ness the bist number of the series of articles in
contempt ition on the subject of the Exchequer, it!
may not he amiss to indicate the nature of tbe re?
ception the scheme has met with in this city.
And, while Congicss is in session, the sentiment of |
the whole country can generally be ascertained
with much accuracy ou any subject, by consulting
the imn ? liate Representatives o! the people. We
refer to opinions expressed by the Memtiers telu
live to the merit* of tneusutes when not biased
bv political considerations.
Ol couise we have had neither time not oppor?
tunity to conveise with a great many of the mem- !
Lers. Vet it is our gratification to be ab!" to stuf-,
on the very beet authority, that several of the most
distinguished Senators?including more than one
generally recognized a? a " leader ''?whom the !
Execu'ive ecnice hoped would Ctvoi his measures,
iattt' declared that " with a Jew modilications, i
'? ? . arc ready and ant ions :o cote lor such a I
bdl as thi one pr> settled hy the S*cri 'uiy."
In the Hou.se. the prospettt is equally cheering. \
We have learned from a friend personally know n
to many wf the Members, who has taken some j
rains to acquire inf.-i million on the subject, as
well as from out own Knowledge of thr seiifmeiits
of others, obtuined diicctly from themselves, that j
while the greater portion ol the moderate Whigs
will certainly sustain ih>* men-mo, quite a numbei
belonging to the Democratic putty have expressed
ai inclination to unite with them ' on this middle J
ground,' for the purpose of settling finally the
vexed question ol tee Cutiency.
\: pi- sent. Wo have reason to believe that the
Bill furnished by Secretary Forward will be re
tatd-d as unothei 'Compromise Act ' and passed
by a patriotic instead of a rAitTV vote.
f Madieonian.
ClSCUITCut'rt. Tills DaV?Kirnt fifteen liis> s.
Common Pleas,This Uav?15, lr. 1'.', ?>, 27,88,59, 34,
306, 1, 7 IS, 90, SI, 11.
Kite notes of Issue ^uprome Coat for January.
Fils and terve n.Ti lavits Herns Superior Court.
CUj Itttcllifleucr.
Reported for tbe New-York Tribune.
ruLict: OFFICE.
JsATi'hPsv. Dei ember ?.'.
L.tRot FoKOEtttLS ?Otlicer Gilbert F. Hays on
Saturday arrested a man named Henry W. Sherman, j
ea two several charges of forgery. It appeared that j
on the 17th inst. he presented a forged check for
SS30 at the Chemical Bank, purporting to be drawn I
by John Campbell, No. 110 Nassauiiireet, and pay
tbletoB.A- L. which was paid?and on tbe iMtli
last, he presented a check of rMlO? US at tbe Mechan?
ics' Bank, purporting to be signed by Daniel Fan
shew, 150 Nassau-street, payable to B. Hunt, Esq.,
which was also paid, and which Mr. Fanshaw de?
posed was a forgery, as was also the other check. He
was committed to prison to answer.
Theft? or Watches am? Music Boxes.?On j
Saturday, officer McMahon and Hathwaite arrested |
two men limited Frederick W. H. Dro; and Kugetie
Grostauu, charged with having between tbe 13th No?
vember and the 13th inst. stolen 13 silver watches,
lad 8 musical boxe*, worth together 6225, from A.
Straub, of l? Frankfort-street. The tickets tot the
?r?des pledged were found on them, and the prop
trty being found, they were committed to prison to
SlEALtM. PokK:?A woman named Ellen Hay
wood, was arrested on Saturday night lor stealing a
piece of pork from the store of Hugh McBride. No.
1? Orange street. She w as taken to prison and fully '
committed to take her trial for her anft-Jewish pro- |
Steaxiko Boots. Au:.?Eliza Moore was arrested
eti Satunlay night, for robbing a man of the name of |
larns. boarding at No 69 Beekmau street, of sundry I
tnicles of clottiing. Earns met the woman in the
street and took her into an oyster cellar and being
snJet the influence of liquor at the time, she disrobed
tam of coat, boots, hat and brenst pin, valued at
?beut SIo.
_ Stlalisg from a Grocery Stokf..?George
Smith and Benjamin Underhill, the latter n colored
"-.aa. were arrested on Saturday, by officers Tappen
?ad Denniston for having robbed the grocery store of
&- Bush, of No 2sC Greenwich street, of t> w ater
psu. They were committed in fall to answer.
~ Satirday. December ilj
Scuidf. in ihi. Hall.- ofJostice.?An inquest
was held by the Coroner, at his office, on Saturday, on
tae body of John Seilor, u native of Germanv. aged
isout 45. who was discovered dead on tbe Aoor of
we ce;:?, with his throat cut, and a raror lying near
-tin on the above morning: He had been arrested on
tae SSd inn., taken to the Upper Police, and commit?
ted on a charge of having attempted to kill his wife,
?jj shooting at her with a loaded pistol, ehe avoiding
<-eath only by suddenly averting her head. He was
conducted to the City Prison on Ttiuradav. and at the
, closing of the cells on Friday night, appeared as well
?t usual, but on Saturday morning was found dead.
?s above described. Vedict, suicide by cutting his
throat with a razor.
Yesterday the Coroner wo.- culled to bold an in
suest. at -20$ Delancy street, on the body of a woman,
?.beut sjo years or upwards old, named"Priscilia Ea
ton, born in New Jersey. The deceased was a hard
dtioking woman, and wont to bed on Saturday under
'Je m?uence of ardent spirits, and was found dead
6y a p?r?on who wa? her bed fellow, named Marga
*ei rerego. who retired about 10 o'clock, an hour or
?sore after the deceased had goue up stairs. A phy
5;cian made a |>osi u.orient examination of the body,
bis conclusions were that the woman died of ap
j "paixy, ami tbe jury gave a verdict t? that effeot
ID" Kootna ami Hours].GeatlemeN wishing t<
?fM* Apsrtuieiu. and Boarding f?r lti? VVintcr win he
^??unoiiat^j on uMsttreaaonable terms in the nrwsed
? ,1 v 1 h"U"! ,N" l*C,V ,U" ,',,','''? ,!,>t '?'nute's
j^ 'jjftaof the Post Ot?ce, aad convenient to Kreml
u*>. 'V?i| uoa iVnil-si/ceta. TLose who have not yet
ltH ? "''"'Seaieuts lur the ?inter are earnestly invited to
t- totd * *'*"*u*[ el.o? here, as every effort will horn
,'J; .14 ,f
ET In fienfrol tommiiiitol Dtnistmiit
WHIG YOUNG MEN", Dt embet I . IrHI
Rcielvcd, That >h-: Perrtocrstx Whi? Yonng M.c of
ibei.'itj aud Cotrpty of Nesi York be rcc< miree led to
meet in their respective Wards, ;.t suih plac.?- as. shall be
designated by the various Delf jstioiij to tbia Comniitiee,
on Tue-d^y Evening,2sth December instant, at 7" oelu'.k,
to select five Delegates from each Ward to the General
Commutes cf Democratic Whig Young Men fur tiie tu
-n:uc year, and la iraxtact tuch other business may be
brought before them.
httulctd. Tu.it tbe Delegates so rt.ctcd to the General
Committee of Democratic Whig Young Men be requested
to meet at National Hotel ou Friday. Tin January next, a
nj o'citck, P.M.
William B. Haasa, > ,
GtLU M. ILllti a, 3 secretaries. ..... |t
Pursuant to the recom aendaiton of the General Commit?
tee, the Democratic Whig Young Men of t:i fir.' M ard
will meet at the Kneel street Hotel, corntrof Peatl and
' Broad streetr. ou TUEPDAY EVENING, Dec 28, I(M1,
at batf past ksvua o'clock, to select Five Delsgaies titbe
Geueral Committee of Democratic Whig Yoang Men for
the ensuine year, au I to transact sueb other business as
shall be laid before bena.
'I'm- attendance of every Whig is expected.
GILES M MM.I.i*.': I
ED?\ IRDW LLIAMS, j-Comraittee
,Yi-j .It 1.1'liK UM I. j Mi'a
g"j* Second Ward.- i' i u .
Veti ul tie: ste'.otir) Wurit ore requeso d to i?e-: a' Joses'?
Second Ward Hot"). No. -". N.-sau-streu', >>:; T ??? ? lay
I evening, Dec at half past " o'clock, for the porp of
i selecting five Delegates to the Democratic Wbig Young
Men's Genoral Corasiitti e for tbe ensuing year.
By order ufthe VVur.l Committee
JAMES KELLY, Chairman.
Hewsv iraaais, - s.
R. W.Booth, )? ? '
XT Third Ward.?Pu
taon of the General I ommitlee ibe Demes r ticWbii Young
Men of the Third Ward will me t at their heart quart r
B.A. Msyreau'i N. II C -f.. Hoa.< No. 201 Wa hing
ion sL) on TUESDAY KVEM >??'. H uembei I8D at
7J o'clock, to select five Delegates to t-? General Coin
inillco ol Democratic U'h-r I'.un; M-n tot ?;, .. . , ?
joar. end also to tromacl su-b otbel busincst .: shall bs
laid before iheus.
J P. DIPPING. . Delegb i foi 1841
d87St J.ACKLEY, :)
I' ?"'eurth Ward.?The Wl ? El toi ?,
Fourth Ward are invited to meet at the Shaksp are Ii
tel. corner of William and Duauo streets, on Tuesdat
Evening 28th inat. at 7} o'clock loapptdnt five Del rs as
to the General Committee ol V> b g Young Henfortlte
ensiiini' vear. H v order of tbe Ward Commiitee
WM. HALL, Chairman.
Thos. M. Annum e, Becretary.
Tbe Ward Committee are requested lo meet at ihc
ramo place immediately after adjournment cl tbe above
uieelit'S. c'JV Jr
TT ""rvr.ittlt Ward li'ssunft **rn ?""Terting
Pursuant totho reconimeni itiou i; t iu Ucticr 11 un u
len, the Deifacratic Whig Young Men of ibe Seventh
Ward are requested to must at tbe Franklin Motel, cur
ner ufRutgersaud Cherry Street?, on TUESDAY I VKN
ING, Decembrr 28. at ha'f past 7 o'cl i k or the purport
? fselecilsg five Deb g lies to the D inoeratic Whit: t nut :?
Men's General Comu itteo fcr th? en ui g ye r, ai-d tu
tr?nket i .-uch oth. i bo ii ? . h ill ? I tad \>.:??.<.' tin m.
The attsndai crot e.t ? Wh s i_ expu* ted.
MORGAN MOR'j INS, Committor.
i Y? US L ' .\t. I ER I
? Jl Ju.-LI'll II iRRISON, )
IT/' Eighth t" ui'd.?I'ursuaul lo the recomaonda
non tho General i^omniittec, tire Democratic Wiii^
Younti Men of the Eighth Ward .-.i? i ? queste l lo meet at
the Tivoli? Saloon on Tuesday evanii r Dee. 28th, ui 7J
o'clock, to elect five Delegates to represent tbe Ward it
'. uieral CoMmittre of Wlnj: Young Men for the ?n uimc.
year, and to iraosaet >m;]i otbti business at may come
before them. Bv crder ? f th? Ward Cniumittee.
J T. M. BLEAKLEY, I liairtnnn.
W. J Van Buskibx, >
A II. j>Tofit.safR?.h. j 'r'"' d27
XJ" Ninth Ward??i'ursuaul to tbe recommendi
tionoftba Ueuoral Committee, ibe Democratic Whig i
touue Men of tbe Ninth Ward are requested to incit m
thi Northern Exchange, Bleecker-sitest, on Tu lay
Keening, Dec 28, at 7j o'clock, for t'i, purpose of se?
lecting rive Delegates to represent the W ur f for the en
suiiii ye.ir in the Democratic Whig Young Men's General
Committee, net to transact :uth bu-ni- ?mj ?nie ?.
fore tin m.
w. u r.ri'?L, : Committer.
ET Tvsefth Ward.?Tue Deiuocrati Whigs ot
tbn Taicllih \V ard ar? r -ipte-nd !?? attein: a .;ei u
be held nl Furr iogion's, comer of 12-Slh St uid :t I avenue
on Moudav evening next, ine -~ b Dei. iti-t. to appoint n
Ward Committee for ib< ensuing yi ar, i td to telnet Del
ogatei lo the Geueral Committee.
CHAKLES M. GRAHAM, Jr. Chairman.
A. H. DovcUTV, Secretary. hJ5'.'i
CT Thirteenth Ward?In pursuance i i n call
made by the (tepural Comiui'???>.- <?( D? me; ? e.te Whic
Young Men of lbs City and County of New York, the
Demo? ratic Whig Young Bleu oi this Ward are request* d
to meet at No. SShuriflTsireui, on TUES 'AY EVENING
next 83th December, at_7J o'clock, to respond to the se?
lection of four delec tea made .it iho District meetings,
lietJ December I7'h. far 'be Committi t and to si I el tbi
fifth dolegate from the Wuril ai la-s-- to represent this
Ward im th'. ti.i:rral Couimiuee of Young Men for the
ensuingy?ar, ^i>d transact ?uib other business as may
come before tlttm
ALFRED W WHI "!:. Di legates
EDWARD COLLIN fa 13lb ward.
d'J7 Z\ M ill N FAULK N RR, I
XT *.onrteet:'li Ward?Pursuant to resolut
of the Democratic Young Men's ti no nl Committee thi
Democratic Wbie Young Men of tho Fourteenth Ward
will meet at the Broadway House, ou TUESDAY EVE
NING, the SOth Decemb r, inst. ..'. 7] o'clock pre iselj
for the Durposs of electini l ive Deiegaios to the D ino?
eratic Whig Young Men's Geueral Committee, and lo
transact Mich ol .ct busim ?- aa may be requistto
Byordorof JOHN STEWART, Chairman.
Chab K. Tavloi i g
John i_a>amli ?->' "- " tJ253l
"stxlertitli Warst.?lu putsuau ? ol i call
made by tbe (leueral Commuioe of Democratic Whig
Young Men of the Cityand County* of Nou York, The
Democratic Whig Yonog Men ?t tti?- Sixteenth Ward are
requested to meet at II ?zelten' corner of 17th -i. and t; b
avenue on Tuesday evening m v: Dt '.'- h. at o'clock, j
for the purpose ol elm ting t'rl-; lie- toibe GeneralCom
milteeof Democrstic W'hi: Vonne Men tor the ensuing
year, and al-o to transact such oilier business as may t> ?
brought before them.
Addison Dougherty, William H. A.lsiu
A. H. Bradford. James Hornby.
John D. Cooper,
j.e, j< [Delegates from Sixteenth Ward
D" Sercntreath Word - The Democratic Whig
Young Men of the Seventeenth Ward are requested to
ment al ihe Henrv Cl ij Hon.-. comer of Avenue A and
Fhststreet, on TUESDAY EVENING, Dec.23tb.ai
o'clock, f-ir the purpose of selectine five d-ilegates '..? re?
present ibis Ward iu the Whig Youu^ Men's General
Committee for the eusuii : year.
By ordei ol tho W ora i ammittee,
JACOB ICKER ! bairman.
Jamls ASDEasOfS, Sec'jj il'.'7
'? I,oat. but not leant.*' Robert M rrj -
Museum. Yols. I and H edited by Mr t- G. b'oodnch. ihe
REAL PETER PARLEY, beautifully illustrated, and
bandsumolt bound, forming a most desirable Cbriaunas
and No* Year*' p: seal, u foi --?l i by
WM. K. VA1LL, Clinton Hall.
,)-.>.. Stia 127 Nis-au ?u
T~- A inu-i ncceptublr prsi?eul tor Nevr
Vear'a.?baYTON ? SAXTOrs. Tubiu
sellers, corner of Fultoa and Nassau -tr, t?. New-York,
tim e this day published ilia Noftbera Harp, a coUectioa
of original and moral Songs, adapted to tho mo-t popular
Melodies, consisting of Solos Duetts, ind Trios, for the
Piano Forte and Guitar? By Mr.- MaryS. H. Daca. Au?
thor of the " Soutbern Harp." ?? P.?rn:.i Family, ncd ether
Poems." Like the " Sotttharn Harp' by Ihe tame author,
ibe Poetry in tbls volume is entirely ongiotd. arillcu by
Mrs. Dana, and adapted lo t!;o iu -.-t popular a.cV.he?
alth an accompaniment for tbe Piano l ort' nd i;..i...r
The* Southern Harp." needs no o'ber recommendation
than tlm favorable regard nlrcdy bestowed upon it by
tiie public ; and for those who h-vc beau ncquainti I with
thb volume, it will b-.< unnecessary to d*e!l up u tin
moms of tkc " Northern Harp" except to remark i at
tho work possesses the s;<mo general thnrader ss it. i re
ducejsor, aud is pruned and bound Ui the same st) k\ and
will, at leasl. be i quail) attractive.
The "Northern Harp" does. >u general, exhibit another
and n n:or? cheerful aud lively variety ofsantimOW taau
I ibat embraced in ihe "Southoru Harp." aud coutaius
I several nieces of original music wriiteu v.vprcs-Jy lor ibis
> ?ork. Tho music-?as under the c ireful .-upcrvtsion o.
! Mr I'. A. Aadreu. an accomplished profc-sor of the art.
I The Re v. Ed ward W. Hooker, of rJenaington, Vt., aa
j .hor of a prise essay on music, prepared an introduction.
This ?oliiiae w.ii be a most acceptable present for the
: ipproachms Hblydays. No pairs wilt be -pared to rea
; dor the literary and ni, chanical execution ot .lie -'Nerth
??ru Harp" attractive; and tho mosi contiJeiit'top-s nre
intertaiued by the publishers, that n w ill command itself
to every ariuurer ot Poetry and .Music happily Ideuded,
tad that, in the language of Mrs. Dana's uwu anuse, ex
i>rs.vsed IU the iuUoduetioU lo her "Soulli-rii Harp,'- ll
?rail "suit it- way lo everv heart." t
Price in Uo.rds, Jl | in Cljlh. gilt, $1 to. dS' if
Being Christes? ?II basinets was suspended u> day.
Iii? Bcrrd of Brokers held no .r.uion.
Toe otncial statement of the Bmk of Georgia gives
Sp-rie.L> posues.*3,T27
Bills other Banks _27,'JUe i/culalloD. Ji.i-iT
Dae fnua Banks. 9,711 {Dae ?aik. 535
?J..7i" rv.t>u;>
A h:!lh?; fccec reported in the Hoi=. cf Represent urea
for extending the term of the retijne i ? 'i rerumeet
I oan. The bill also coain'r- a pre-vision for an additional
Five Million;, mended as a suDtiuute for the rctr.sui u
Trea-ury Note'. Tbia extension of the term of the loan
will render it. ttegoltafion hhcIi Ie-? difficult.
The Firanco's fn.'irjt.c* Company, Baltmore. have
declared Cj i-er cent, divident! forsi\ inon'ds. The money
market at Baltimore i- ens-ttled. and the Bai k offeringi
had un-reascd. and discounts not readily obtained. In the
street tne rate ? as IJ per erat, per nionlh
'I.'-e Natp ual Intelligencer contains a long article frrm
Mr. Cross, Ri prcs< utsiive fio-a Arkansas, in rt latton to
tie pr' ceeJings v.1 the Re I EsUle Bank in regard to the
-tit? Bonds pledged ?Ith the North American Trust sad
linking Company of this city. Tue article is too long
to tie tran-f rred 10 our columns, (jut we recommend a
; erusal of it to our readers as necessary to a fnl I
Standing of the ra-n's of the case.
IZf To be Retailed at Wholesale p"ce?. at 153 Pearl
street, corner of Wall. Abe, Caps, Drawers andfWrap
l?ers, ready made Unens, ate
1 ii se wishing to purcuasc had better apply soon.
d24 SiFrAM
P a b i i a h e d V a 15 Dur.
] Mm Tent Comutaiidaseau, - adidlj I
tratedon IV . d by J Ii. Butler, printed on a large
?beet, ja Colors. A Lc l'Hiful Chn-tma* and Nsw 1 em s
.'. S. RED FUEL D,
di43t _Clinton Hail Bookstore.
TJ Firsj Departracut -A Special Meeting of the
Hepr ? i latives of the N V. Fire D-pnrtmcnt will be
leld at Fin mens Hall nn TUESDAY E* ENIN'G, tbeSsth I
asLalTt, o'clock. Punctual attendance is particularly
?, rpi-rted. By order of the President.
<J-.'V '.'t fsEORGE H. PURSER, See'?.,
ET % Tempera net Jleoiiisfg will m held at the
T -hms Mouse; Nu 5 W?l PI.rear of Tompkih, i
IIarket.)on NJESD.iY EVENING next. Dee. a- ?, ?t
r e'clock, trhnre ah tipplers, renders and the public in
f'ueral ararespeetful'y invited. Addresses may bo ex?
pected from Warbineionians. city, 3r*
~<.Z Graham Uaaae. tiarclityat. MISS
PRAVEK and MRS <>ue^ rapectfully inform theii
riendi and the public that they have ink-ti the well I
mown Gbahsm House, hitherto kept by Mr. R. Goss,!
who retires,) aad, having put it in excellent condition i
or the winter, are prepared t'. accommodato a fe w more
rerun uent Boarders *itb Parlors or Bedroom; only on
easonable terms. TueirTable w?ll be supplied with ? ie
iesi Vegetables, Fruits, ice that the markets ol our City '
,tr ii i . while tboa? who prefer iiniet, simple and natural
iviug and an atiaosphcrc untainted by the odors ol Alco
10I and Tobacco, will Snd here an Bgreeable Home.
Transient Boarders, or persons rutting the City, ae- |
imodated on roa sonahla teems. oi? if
New-York. December'.lo. 1 = 11. >
? Notices?The Light-Ship -tenoned oft Stratford
t h 'j. taken into port on or about the U5tb Decem
or ? btani and remain during the ruuius;.- of ibe Ice. I
rhcn sbi will resume her farmer station, of which dac
otico .-ill be given.
<i-ii Wt EDWARD CURTIS, Collector.
r .'KT Ul NEW-\oKK. DECEMBER 27, 15?.
."?Siniittnrt- A !uiiicac.--THts Day
ti-es 7 i7 j Sets 4 d.3; Rises 6 i>3 | Sets 11 5s, S 10
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ViT.t to Stnrges A. Claarmaa.
Itng Anxeue, McCtintoc, tf da fm Wilmington, N C
rith naval stores to Captain.
eicbr Senator. Mains r. d iVs from KappaliMnnock, with
,'oru lo Cnptaiu.
Hr -xiir Resolntioo, Long. II ds fm Nasaaa, N P. in bal
i t. bound to Windsor, N 6. I'ui la in distrc;e.
.-?dir rreaident, Osborne, 7 d= fm Alexsndtia, with
'lour, tus to Siurges .v. Clearman.
t-thr La?le, June?, ti ds Im .Vi !'j|k, a itb wood lo Cap
uiu. _
XT 'ITtt- 5'roti sitiiisi Reformation >oti
?|y*? Coiirae of lacctarra will i immencc iu the
Pabern ct? on Thursday evaui g, Decemher 30 and will
i ? coatiaued on every successive Thursday evening dur
i g the vv niur.
Tne following are Lecturers already engaged Rev. Dr.
diller of Priiicetoii. Hr Breckearidge ol Bait.re, Dr.
'oi:d. Dr. Pe.k i fNaw-Y'ork, Ur Wylia of Philadelphia,
ir.Cox ol Brooklyn, Dr. Browulee, Dr. Spragae of Albany,
Ir. Reese, M. D-. snd rhe Rev. Messrs. bosrJiuau and
lere of Philadelphia, Rev. Mr. McLeod and Rev. Mr.
heavi i. New-York.
s i . ii Pickeis l ' tlu Course, to admit a lady and g?n
I? man. $3; Tickets f i u Stnglo Lecture, to admit two
? i-. ,?- it) cents, By order tf the Committee.
Tickets to be had at the Bookstores 11 Dayton A" ?ix
on, corner of Nassau and Fulton; RosLoekwood, 411
<io.t.jua> , K. Ccrtcr. cnriji r of M-rcer and Csnal; W. (
laven, I?.1 Broadway, and at the office of the Protestant
.'lud cntor. 143 N'a-sali street.
Rev. Rv ? i J. Breckearidge lectures Thursday even
eg. December 30th.
?11-\.in tn Browne ill- celebrated composer; 'ms
tiudly ? Misouted I i pre i !? at tl e Organ. .!".'7 II \\ .*>T
s.va-VnrU llltil 1 ii' s't :t il I oilfl ?lull
"ft?CK_Notice i- hereby given laattneNew York and ]
Jne ita lr k I Company Will sell at public auclinu, a: Ihc
Uc'chanis' Exchange, in Uta city of Nan York on Tue,,
lay, Ihn ! Ith day of Jauuary, IrU, at H c\ lock at noon,
inder the direction of the Comptroller, Oac Hundred
rboasand Dollars of New-York State Stock, bearing in
i rest at the rale of six percent, per annam. from the
irst day ot J muary. If4-J, inclusively, payable quarterly,
mi the "first days of Januaiy. April, July aad Ucvob"r; be?
ug sti ck i.-.-ued in pursuance of Chapter ii'slof the laws
t said Sia.e. of the veer 1 -'40. and is reimt>ur?ahlc at the
ilertsure of the Slate, at any tuao after the first day of
la' miry 1643.
The Merchants' Bunk, in.t-te.city of New-York, is de
?lenatcd a-the place for ibe registry and traneftr of said
itock, and will be the place for the payment of interest
The st-tk will be sold iu certificates of one thousand
lid are esrh, and the buyers will be required to pay :Ue
ituoiii.i of their purcbas s, respectively, immediately after
he s?!e. when iruu-fer- will be ma b" accordingly.
JAMES BoWEN. Pre-idenL
New York, lrth Decembar, 1841. dCO j
L 3IediciaewoI ihr ?e-.t Hoality-Approved
Popular Remedies,Leeches, English aad Kieuch Pertum
uy, Soaps, Brushes. Ate. for -ule by
J. ^ I. CODDLNGTON, Drugciats,
d!3 lmis* 287Hudson st^corner ol Spring
*ft% a r r i c o,
In ibis eity, Dec C5. at St Thomas's Church, hy tbi
Rev. Dt Ha*ks. Mr. Samuil Joyc-to MirsEllen Zalinda
B i r D :
In this city, Dec. iV Benjamin E. R. ?JalUgher, in the
lUth vear of hi. agi.
rbe friends of h. family ate requested to attend the
noend. t.-ora tne residencc ol hi? lather. Peter Gallagher,
... i a herise-streei ai 18 o'clock itus morniof.
In this oity. Dec 35 of cou-atupnai, Sarah Loui.a,
?uly child at William S. B.a..'t, iu the *.h year of her age.
The fn-u'is of the fam ly a"- invited to a-.ten I the fu
icral on Tuesday afternoon, ?t :i o'clock, from No 40 i
IU tuts city. Dae '-->, of consumption, Henry M Brc
tnoad, in the 19th vear of iiu age.
Ihc iriend- of his fathar, D.Taul Bremond.aad of the
"sniily generally, are reapecttnlly invited to attend his Ii
:ie:?k (rem .No.'le WaiL-strvel. inu ^Monday ? aliernoeu.
it J o'clock.
L09T?Yesterday m .rim.;, neiween l? an I i o'< lock,
a while going front the Union Bank to the Clinton Bank,
and thence to the Cuv Bank, three Bill* of the Onion
It ink Any one finding the saia \ and addressing Box 19
("pi"--' Post OrVi -e where they run be found, will confer a
favor upon the owner, and be suitably regarded. d?53tis
J OFFICE, 99 Nassao-at.
RurEBENCt? :?Hon. M. H.tirincell, H. Brevoort. Esq..
SV. living. Prof- Reawiclt.._d!3 lm
ajl No. 5o0j I'esrl etrtcl, aear Broadway. dl6 lsus*
. Tor -i-. . ? the Cltatoa Hal! Bookstore, a: tie lowest
Cash Pr.ces.
L'Ll.'t tN n Y rx.ucj. and fine editions, of the Birde. of
?L* ail sizes, from 3 mo to qurto. Teguments of the
usual i ??,: fr . K oj Curausua Praver, ot al! sizes,
and splendidly boU?d.
Tat Pictorial TUtutretiont of tit Stilt?in three to'*.
cumi hui? DPerb,? bouad m inorocco eiit. acd la cloth,
' ?'*??:?.
."- cad :?<;;:?<?120 illustrations. a re
I : .:.<-.,. from lie L.ta-.u Keli.;i</ts Tr??t Saciety, tu
;til h'nJtnr.
? i.'e (tvcdrup'di (Bisgley'i "ith 16 beautiful ecgra
' vmc>?e:it Inactne.
Tkt Dratein^ ?soss Scrap Bevk a na poetuai itlastra
ttooi by Maty Bowttt: 3d engravings, tad elecmtlv
boned in blue milt
Tic o. .-; vftht Bnudmr . or the Cour: of fioeen Vic
"erie.. of:icsi ??iij.icd Tortratta of the Female
Nobility; 31 ???ric?, ?im poetical tllu'lraUoe.. bound in ;
i green morocco.
Th, tCirpsckt . edited by the Countess of Bless imrt-n :
wiU thirteen beautifal emieilisSmeule, clsxsctly bound
la rr:m-nu (ilk.
/?-<? Boot of Beauty. edited by the Coan:e?j of Bies
?-it. 13 splendid enzrxvingt of her M?j?>*ty the
Uu < n and other distinguish, a ladies?bound in Mae silk.
Hcatk't Pietnrttaui Annua,. \ bistery an;: description
of Far:, ih 18-11, by .v.r.. uvrc. ana ".I aichly noiehed en
g ravings?bound in preen r|?th axd gilt
1 ?? Cobbu I of Modern Art: edited by Alarm A Watts.
? .u- rii.ai ?uii . 1 -le-i. i?i e^cranurfs?t srdeadidjvol-'
um<. ' leaai tly sound in Turkey morocco, extra giic
/ I: GtnaofArt a I". k-u of Remembrance, illustrated
with-i.-tecantlv engraved p'ates: a beautiful volume,
elesantly bound in 'I urkey morccco, extra.
Thr J a i mit Si rMJ. Book by .Mrs. Ellis, with 17 beaati.
ful plates.
Friendship's Offering and fTintcr't Wreath?V) beauli
liftil plate?embossed maroc-o.
Tki ForgelrMe-ffot, with 11 rxqusit? enrraMr.c?. by
Frederick sbttb. r:?mor. ceo. rich's gin.
Th Vtolet,t Chr stma= and New Year's Gift, with -
fine engr ivi .c;?norm eo.
The Tooth's Keepsake, a < hiistma. and New Year s gift:
for Young People.
T'tc Uli/rnionctte, with 8 elegant steel plates.
The (iijt a Christmas aud New Year's pieieut, with -
beautiful engravings^-ninrocco, richly gilt.
The Token and Atlantic Souvenir, ?Ith 10 line ecgra
Lady sBook of Floieeri and Poetry?Id beautiful
colored i' ales?mornceo.
The Gent, n Christmas :::d New Year's present?7 em?
bellishments- morsaxn.
/'./ Frundihip'i Offering, by Mr* Catharine H. W.
Tki Rost of Sharon a Religions Souvcm.r by Mis- Sa
ruh C. E canon, wj h 5 plates-- rtn>os-ed
The Dahlia . or, Manorial nf dffeetitm?fj pistes?mo
Tkt Rote, er Aft,': n't Gift, by Emily Marshall?1?
steel engravings?morocco.
Au assoitmecl of Juvenile Bnok?. Stationery, Ate.
?Ill .1 J. REDF1ELD, Clinton Hall.
ruh u;i\ nun; s run i inns mis wJii
e ' W. .'ILili CO. 'II.? BROADWAY ?Ter
' lor ?ale a larife. au 1 complete assortment (f rich
and fashionable Llry (ioo4s, suitsble for Holyday Preseut-.
Evory thins in their hue cau be found at their establish
mum of the best qualities and a', the most reasonable
Excellent SHILLING CALICOES, fast colors.
1.000 pieces rii h ENGLISH CALICOES, from Is. 4d.to
2? per yard.
1 I FRENCH CALICOES of bcrt quali-y. end new
style, on'r 2s. per yard.
The best I I EARLSTON GINGHAM only 2s. per
yard . no: to be bought clse shcre under 2s. 6.1.
AI??l'S. DE LAINES in oodlesa ?urivty,from 2s. and 2a
0J. pei yard upwards. A I ircc lot of very ricb'joods, only
3 . They now oiler their rich Part, roods at 1.. per >?rd
SILKS of every style and description; excellent Chine
Silk., only -. per yard. e|e;a:it Satm Striped Silks, ja. od
6e- a! o tir^j J'Afrique, Reps. Watered. Ombre aud Ulaco
Pun de Sotcs, very low.
Hote, Cemi-ric Handkerchiefs, Thread Laces, 4c.
N.B??G. W.Sc Co. have a lew I adie.-' very cleg'sit
Cloaks i^ ct lem.nuiutf, which tbey will otTer during the
Christmas Uolyduys much bilow their value. They are
ma !-ol the finest Thibet, rich Silks and Salins, and 3 or
I a.-u of the richest Genoa Velvst
A fct7 piece- of the rich yard wide Washing Silks, at
Be. etill remain. dil lwis
t x ART, corner of Oreeuwich and Chambers street.,
have now on ha td and ofTor for s-do at moderate prices,
au extensive vari?ty of French fancy boxes, made express?
ly for them by one ol the best manufacturers in Pnr.-,
consisting of I'd, sliding, ralise, ?nd basket boxes, sues,
cornets,cornucopias, Ac. of various patterns tilled with
sugar pluma ef tneir own manufacture . together with tnu
usual assortment of Candies aad Sugar Pluius of supiu itir
quality. dSO 2wis
?I.YDAY I?RK""E>TM-(iul.(TspfcCTA
CLE3?MOORE i CO., IIS Cnattwm street, have
ou ham! a splendid -..-soi uneut of itold Spectacles, of their
owo, which tbey are selling nt re.iueud prices for cash. |
Those wishing to pre.cm ? highly useful and nco ji able
article, can be accommodated with every description of
Glasses, to obvi its am ilefect. in tue ?icht. d J7 lw>
V i. ?-k feAK'-a failFTat FOR THE HOLY
is DAYS?This week *ill be exposed fir sale at th?
i lo-i -e-t aud most Fashionable Bonnet Store in New
York, &4j Bowery, over 4eu Boonets made in every van
ety of material, pretty ahape aud hau-lsomuiy trimmed,
some with ribb in ami lace aad seme with the same, cam
meacing at tne low price of 2 Dollars up to T*eut).?
Thea? bonnets are all fresh made aud many of them the
handsome*! we ha^e had this season.
French Flowers, Spleudid Feuther?, an 1 Pirii Ribbon
selliuc at nearly eo-t to iio.-e iho winter trade.
Handsome blue black Velvet Hate, trimmed with same,
French dowers inside and uul. ouiy $3 30 up to $SI 00. j
Now 19 'he nine for u> inlrimn lo make presents io ihe
ladies. No lady should b? without a B?>nu?t for New- I
Yean wbili ibey caa get one to cheap and band some at
BOWN'S Chetp Store, 81J Bo*cry. bctniecu Hester and
Walker streets, e27 fit*
n?? I. I J? A V PK**?EN KH? Fine vVatchoa,
Mnntel ' l-eks Jewellery, Sliver Ware. &c.
E.SiS.S ROCKWEHh No. 'J Astor House, have a
complete aatortwentoffiae Duplex. Puteni Lever. Lepine
and otaer Watch' - all warranted ti'si rate time keepers, i
A beautiful assortment of French Mantel Clocks, alto
warranted first rat- fur tmie.
A I nee at sortment of Diamond and other rich Jewelle?
ry, of the newest and most fashionable patterns.
Aud ot Silver Wan . -uc . a- Tea rt-ts. <j bleu, Mus?.
Knives, f ork- Spoon-, and every other article of'Silver i
Ware,* I warraated ut the liaest silver aud best of *ora
maaabip. dill i?u '
I? DAY PRESENTS.?Jual reoeived by ihe subscri- .
bir. some rery 'ioe Hold and Silver Lever, Anchor Escape?
ment, and Lepine Watches. Also n fe* DisaiouS Pms
ami Run:-, ami Carato Pins, for hidies. Geld Chains, Peu- j
eil-, Ate. all Ol w ich he i- .vltku?. al r??i)i, l?wer than at
ier place in the city. 'ioU VVifaaes as low as 30
to (1 \V r :ii .? ?nd Jewelry cxefiaLsed or boaght,'
All Wah Bet w ranted io keep good time, or the money
returned. Watclies and i locks repaired in the best [
mas ? :. at muv.li less than the usual prices, by one of the
Guest w crkiu. u tu the city. O. C ALLEN. j
Importer of Watches aud Jewelry, wholesale acd retail.
.- ! mis N?. 3<J Wall-.t. up stairs. '
LOOK A 1' THIS?Ja?t received Ii t DeLaines
at Is per yard; lot good silk Velvets at only 7? bd, lot j
Mufl'*, g< od quality at only 10s: lot Cotton F.acnels at ;
only ?3; lot Cotton Balls at 4 cents per lb. corded Hat :
Si '?? al I? I'd per yard- Rob Roy Shawls ouly 14s; let of;
ligr.t Si -?- U Mj lot Thread et 2* 'si per lb, let Bom
bazixe at only 6s 9d per yar!. French Mer-nus atjSs 6d. :
vard wills- Flannels at only Is 3d; lot Satinets at 2s 3d . lot
i'a-simeres at ..ulyrj? 6ch boys Cans at Is 6d; fur H als at
12s; lot yard wide Carpel only 2s *>d; ,lot of Wadding at |
1 eeat slieri. For sale ot
\\ ILLET HAWKINs's' S:?re,
d2S 3tis* Sit (freensrich-?r
F'KE-sH Bl .N< II KAlr-lI.Ntw. ?ir,:.
roc-. Driet Currants, Saltaut Rai-ms, ps,-er *nd_
soft shelled Almond-, with a laree assortaiect i f Fruits of
8? kinds, for saie st rcaaonable prices, hy
Wholi -ale and Reta.l Grocer, 250 (rreenwicn-street.
comer cf Murra'.
N. B._Prime Dairy Butler at 's Cd per lb. o2. 3tis
~ < > VEKl 'O V i 5 ^ir-?^ L<X\K5.
\T V, Yn t\'s RO't.'Its, ^10 Broadway, up
stair... a large a-sonment of superior read) made
Oi 11 '04U.Cloaks.and Winter Fiocks. ?hieb will be ??>!<!
at reduced prices. Also, a Isrce assortm-nt of Overcoats !
Cloth and Freachfincy Deetkina, tar pants, wl?ch ?i?l j
?e made into (larme jis at bargains. Gentlemen are ibvi- ,
t?d to call and examine his stock of (ioods and st> le of'
Orercoais._d25tJlia |
M'A.ME O?A ?<?Jd improved Farm of SO IO
la I.c: -. situate somewhere within 3U mites of the
dtyof ?ew-Yodt, and really worth about 3A-0 er 40J?
dollars, for ?isu-n will be given in excOang* several
Dwellin- Hou-e<. sll aearlj Cew. with suitable esrdess.
ro ?l ?eil-, ci-:ern-. t:. Ate complete; and which are aU
reiii.-i. and *.ll rent for a fair interest on their vasiatioa.
This p'ropertvis eligibly ?itaatedin EhxsLethtown. New
Jersey. Any person haviur ?uch Fs.-ri to ditj o?e of as
above* described, and who msy wish to maxe a fair ex?
change, ?ill sr-ply by letter (pest-paid) addressed to W.
W. at the orEce of the Tribune.
The applicant will please be particular in describing
hu farm, baildinr-. etc., and should it be found to an-wer
the purpose, she applicant -hill have due and prompt at?
tention.' d21 e?d3w
A LV1 I' S E M E N T S
.Viond t oui-c ;
ET* FOUR LASI t.V'.;MNii? - Monday, Tuesday.
Wednesday ana Tnursdav.
The subj-cu far these fcir evenings will compr-heud
au account of Aneriean and British Railways iiJ Lo:o
motive?, iHu.txatcd b. Didactic Model...
The National Steam Frijates Mis oari tad Hbsissip' i
with Metels?UlasL-tttoca of :!ie modern meib-al of so
eatific invesiigaiioa?Weight of Atmj.pht re? De? ? Au
rura B rcili?Safety Lamp?(iu Lightning?Theory o;
Musical Sound-?'..,-iruni. n:> :.r merttnriag tacit:? Bab
bace'? Calculating Machinery.
MONDAY, .7..-, De mh. f, the subjects "ill be.
Part 1.
Atmosphere?Harometcr- Nature and origin of
Dew? Aurora Bor alb?-Ioduae?Elec
Fart II.
Ic-tram Mierometic \Vtre?.Measurement
of Sound? Priuaplrs i t H.rmouy?
Soi-e? fl ips of a Gnat's ?in?
Subecriptioa Tiekets, iv.r remaining even iura cf the
ccorse. *2. admitting a gentlemanami two ladies, |t 00,
admitlin ; j ?iacl" person.
For Single Tickets *1 admitting a gentleman and tire bt- !
dies.-sJ ueutr, admitu gene person, \ouug persous ha I
Doors npee a: 7 ? serformsree to commence at 7?. C27
i ??>l BUT OF b)A( HE a .'11 ?1? si
Bower) Uoiveuslist Ciiurc".(entrance in Elizabeth.
street, near Walser." to be given this M in la} evening,
Dec. -Tib.
PRINCIPAL PEkr 'RMEKS-Mr-.str.-rg M.-P-ir
:ou, Mr. Pes:r.:oa. Mr. Sawyer. Mr. Timm.Orgamalfor
Mr. W. A' PERS the ? ?.iebra:>-J German Organist, will
given Volant ry on the organ -NaQOttal Ambcm?with
Pedal varmuons.
Part I.
Voluntary?Organ. .W. Alper?
>os.--' ru- E? e|.|..tf i'rn ??' Vr- ^'mi t .. i'. Sinii i
I'rto? O Jesu Paler Bonus,' Mrr. Stroi g. Miss
Pearson and Sir Pearson. t\ inter.
Seng?' When I Limk upon thy ti an Im s*,' Mr.
Pe.rrsa. Haydn.
D.iett? TbeScpp ication,Mrs.Strui g and Mis*
Pearson. M l*. King.
Snug? Gratia* Agimus,' Mr Suoag and Miss
Cborul?Grand IIa lalujah I'r. ::i the Ur.,torio
of the Messiah. Hands!.
Part II
Voluntary ?Orga i._ .Mr Tunm.
Duett?TheStranger'i Requiem, ? Re ' Spirit.'
Mr-. Strosg end Miss Pearson; Mu..c bv
Anthony Philip Henrich. Word? by J.W.
NeUon, Esq Was -u.ig by Mr. Strong a.d
Mis.. Pearson with unboanded applause ai the
Oratorio given by the New \ ork Sacred Mu?
sic Society at tl.e Tabernacle.
Recitatives?'For behold Darkness,'Mr Pear?
son...... Handel.
Song? The People that Walk-th in Dirk
ness,' Mr. P-'ar.-on. do.
Quartette?? So'tly. Lady there are Angela all
around.' Mr..Strong. Miss Pearson. Mr. law?
yer and Mr. Peirson. Chubb.
Song?-Ri turn. on Cod of Hosts,' from the
Oratorio of Sampson, Miss Pearaon. Handel.
Recitative?' Oh worse thau Death indeed,'
Mrs. Stroug. Handel.
Song--' Angels ever Bright and Fair.' .Mrs.
Strong. do.
tirand Coorui ?1 Hallelujah to the Father "
from the Muunt of Olives.Penhoven.
Voluntary?Organ.Mr Cayner.
Tickets 50 c< uta each. 10 be had at Firth A Hails.
Franklin Square, J J.Hicks'-. 906South si.. J Winches?
ter, 30 Ann st- W. A. Conaat, 280 Grand -i. J Y. Wai
kias, 10Catharine-st; Geo- A.Hoyt, 14 Bowery; Union
Ulli e. and at the door on the evening ui the performance.
d27 11
HOH rdtv A npsii i at t at lit,
No. :17 Bowes*] ?
'pills EVENING December27 .performance will
a. commenci|wilh Grand a Entree entitled The Roman
Ladies and their victorious Lords, by eight Ladles and
and tho Litde Messenger of Lilliput.
The celebrated Riven Family will introduce their won?
derful feats of Gymnasia.
The second portion of the performance will commence
with un original Eqaestrian Scene of Action and Evolu?
tion, entitled WANDERING ARAB-', or Bedouins of the
The whole ta conclude ?nh the laughable afterpiece of
Doors open at n quarter pusl b O'clock, performance
commence., at 7.
Boxes 50 i cuts. Pit-? cents. dSS
' 3 ' 11 \ I large and valuable stock of Fancy and Stn|.|e
A Dry Uuods contained in the storo No. 71 C ilharinn
street, late tfte properly ofC. R. Hull, deceased. As this
euurv -tock must be closed on or before the 15th of Janu?
ary BCXt, the Ladies, as well as Country Merchants, Ped
dlcrs, Agents for Charitable Societies, aud all othera in
*aut of Dry Goods, will ito wrll to .all, as great induce.
anents to purchasers will be offered. The stock cmisisti
Hi part of the following goo-Is :
Rich figured und pluiu silks .
-3lack and blue black Silks, 4 i and 5-41 Italian do, of su?
perior quality :
.lloii-eliu do Laiaus of all qualities, from Is to 4* per yd .
.Bruche. Silk Had Cashmere Shawls, from *- to $12 each .
"reuch, English uitd American Prints,
lrme English Flannels .
Large and small size Whitney Blankets.
Rrown and Weighed Shirtings and sii"eiitig?, tome oi
which are 3 yards wide
All of w hich will be oiTored much below their i;ilue.
dg2 Iwis
^LEIliHS, ralaSsIGlfaJ, ?A.?lOasJ!-?
CRADLKS, CRADLES!?Buys' Sleighs and T">
Cradles, toy Wagons, liarrows. A !;:r^'.- .1 uorimeut of
ihe above articles, together with a great variety -( hou.-e
keepug Wood Wrrc, Hardware, Tin Ware and Willow
Wnre, (or ?aie cheap at and -j0 lireei:v.|.;h street, by
d!5 2wis one door uorth of Murray ?t
DKlTAiymiAU LA ?JETTS- Uixuud
-'-'Britnnsia Ware of var.oiis patiern., ju,'. received, to?
gether with a largu a-<ortHi lit of Block 'I in
and a variety of Fiu-. tiothic and Sandwich
Also, poliahsd steel FIRE SETTS.
Tnnoe who wi?n to purcliusc arliclui lit the abme line
?will call aud examine them before purchasing elsewhere,
aa they will be offered at vary lo* prices.
A UjU.i1 a?-ortir.?nt ot Wooden Ware, Hi-ken and
Hardware aud Tin Ware for housekeeper. use, kept con?
stantly on hand at the Furnishing Warehouse, ?33 and
2io (jreenwich. one door akov- Murray street, by
dlS iw? W. Jr. J. JAMESON.
1 I ON. Otrke 38 Bowerv ?The Lad;.'. World of Fash?
ion; a Monthly Msgsiine of Choice American Litera
tare, Ac
Th" Latest Lindon and Parisia:: Fasbioas in advance
of Other Magazines.
Contents of the January Number Vol.1 No. 1.
The Fashion.- Uluiira'.sd . To Melarie.
The Lady Beatrice . a Story of Venice, by Mrs. Mary
V. Spencer?i1 in-trated.
Stanz is. SV Mrs. Edward TboBMI ?Lines.
T.'.e Rich Wife, ay Ellen A hlou? Bahad.
Tne Young Minister, by Emm ? St. Clair.
Ooa-ip at a Villaga duiltiag, by Lydia J. Pierson.
The Fairy's Bmisl?Song of '..he Houn
Ttie Hour -f Peril, by Percie H. Selton?bonnet
R-trenihmen?The Phantom of Ligkt.
The Dreary Earn?The Sister Ann
Tte W do'w's 'iriv -, bv Edward Wolf.
Prayer for bo Assent Sister, bv M.A. Browne.
The Mouu sis Stream?Tne (lerm.u Ruine.
The Lidy B-.atrice. engraved bv A L Dc k.
Too Kasnion-. six rigurcs. thrs-j fatl lesydl sad thr?e
half lesglb tirares.
Teraas?$2 '-"J per annum in advance, or 1-1 rents a 'in
gle number. PubluSe t Monthly, ce'ivercd in any part
of this city and Bror kl) a. and sent by mail to all partv nf
toe L'oited Sutra *a-i the Cenadss by tm i al lisher,
d85 Jis_ISRAEL l'.'.-'i -? Bawgfy.
tocic Railroad. Butfalo. and all the S-fety Fund
Banks; also St Lawrence, O'eau. and all the Fice or
Red B*ca Bark- ill I i- Stan, ukeri without any dis?
count, for C-Cassfmeres, Flannels, Ac. at the lowest
case price at l-l Greotiwieb-ar-,nearCansL ill Ir.is*
ryHE MAUeCAM' YALU. No. lOe Wash
A ington s'rect, idjoini 'he >'t?m: Sa?. Mi?, ii sup?
plied wit,- a l?r?e a" i cen'.railv stl! seatoucd strck of
Mahogany Bj-rds, I'lacka and Joists; ?ul Vonecra ef
wfcite ho?y, rsahogany, map.s, black walnut, ro-e-wood,
Ac at the .owr-t market pr.ee.. Builders, BjuvnaJsctarera,
and others, will find it to their advantage lo call before
purchaamg elsewhere. d4 Luis*
?T?*ES-8T?'VE?-- r - ? - iperior
i3 Cooking ai ovea for either wood or cosi. ?re req-ie-ied
lo examine Met; a Tbeae Stoves nave t.-.-en awarded pre?
miums at every Fair for several year-. This combina
tion is the oay Store that obviates the great nuisance,
the ^mell and steem from the uisbsi ? These sre un?
questionably too b-?'. Cooking spparaiua in u"' . stoi>'
in operation at either store. J *!'?T L?
564 Water ,t ax.d No ?5 Bowery
N. B. His Ring Stove, for .lores, workshop.
been ? use several years, many of tr?? ^^^Z
Thenriac.plecf construction is ??ch that bey most bs.
?ore durable and give more best thai, any o.her store.
dfc! lwu
A l't ? T I O ft g> A L E S
BY ?4. I?liAFi K, Jr.
J ?:re 5i IV t. . '. rar*u>r ?.'" I'mt-ttnet
At ISo'eiovk. at lb- Auction Rcoot.
ity orrfrr ?r Trustees, f r eist?l? p.chag*? fiue sad
Xtra tin. >a-f in*?, some dita*ged; 1do rot on trread
At Private Sau ?5 ca*es raucy l"r. e-h Stvlc Cassi
.:,r"'?Viu. Oxford Fancy Due skw, Cadet,* Mixt 0?
leinviUe, ?'?>.. s superior article.
AT PRIVATESALE?China?BlackS&k Hdkft. no.
: sorted S Mlks.
Jjj;ih Richards. Auctioneer.
Slor; 1 ?'. /fracases.
Amsi-ai*. Fare Bibles oi'K?s,.v Bci-sd Hooks ?A
>? - : select) j a-?- rtmoatol the alsjva arfcles. iu fres.l aud
legaat brings. toc-thcr wnh beantiful Alt um.. Picte
rial edi-.iou? ol standard author-, and a ccoice selection, of
k .. ttval ahto standard works
I IIESDA1 r VKM.V?. Dec 23,
A: Oj o'clock, at the Auction Rocm.
5rLE>ctb Lu>non Bodies and Amniml? ?An cx'cus-%?
:nJ rich selection ,.I tie finest Euchsh publications tn
Inding an eleg ant assemblage of Piciure^jae and lllu..
ratad Books msny of Ibciu the iro.-t ccssily work* ever
at ported into this courtry. and bouitd iu the nche>t SLd
?l >.-t rxpcnsive sivIt- of London hiuJlnsr- Also an exlru
I ? 1? r.meut of t'.e uio?t recent a-;J approved work,
i i iti- rartoaa departments of the Senates. ?ud a great
. irietv of MisceUaneoua Cock? iu .-very braLch if gee
?ral literature.
Also. .?large variety of the splendid Annuals for t$4}.
B k !:t?\ iL GL'fitLJKY.
*Toaa IAD Rroadw.w?Naw-Yonx Lotto Room.
I? ?? -? tt \ t . lt.*. t.l . Auctioneer
5uirs Room 3 I Breadieay earner of Untat etrttt.
At II o clock. A N.
Fancy Articles. Toys, and New Year. ri?9.u t?. A
nosl splendid auotlmrui.
At II o'clock. A. M.
I ine Ol I Madeira mij Mi rrr \Vine?. in hot'lee, Wait
's ?.?>. Rrauriv. Shrub, and other L <| ;ot?, m demijohns;
Havana Segars. Prunes, Raisins, A ?
V ralnabte collection of Engravings, with a .ma!! tr
? oice of muc-dlaneou. It ok..
A splendi I collection afNen \ ...s' Prcseuis, T> y> and
faoi J Artie ee.
Also al private . i'e. during i!o .%e< k, ?splendid eolle
.iou of New Year's Presents, to which the attention otthe
public i: called.
?;.?.?**.> EK sV YOI .N?
/ |FFER FOR SALE, iu me greatest variety, at 132
Chatham street, the following seasonable ar?c!??.
Foreign fruits.
Sperm and Mould Candles,
Olis and Soap,
Havana Segars,
Saratoga Pavilion
Bird Seed, Water.
Cocoa and Chocolate,
Cocoa Shells,
Catsups sad Sauces,
Ate. Ac. Ate.
All of which are for sale low, snd will be dehvored to any
I'.art of the eitv frco el" expense. d*.'S ijl.
or THE LATEST r all a SID w1ntsr patterns,
Can bo found at the
New-York Cash Tailoring Establishment.
I 49 Fultou-street, near Broadway,
Where partlcalar attention is paid to cutting Pants in
?Iiy slvle urn customers may wish, und made tit tho short
it notion. A greit variety of Diamond, Vine ui.d bond
street Beavers for Overcoats, made to order, in a style
arpeased by none, ami at prices to juit the most econom?
ical. Also, our usual full assortment of Weet-of-EngUnd
.ml French Cloths, together with tho Woolou, Velvets ,
Cashmeres, Brocade and ather Silks,for Vestings. cJtn
priaes as full an assortment us can to: fouud iu the efty.
.Uriel puuetuality observed in filliug ordurs. Cash on
delivery, and uo abatement in prices.
N H.?Those |?-r.o?. in e/ant of a (jno.l ond fs.bionah!?
Ivereoat, it a moderate price, are invited to cull and ox
.nine our stylo and ipiabtv before purchasing elsowhorc ,
IS .Mr. Gaylard gives Ins whole attention to ihn cutting de
lartment, whoso mime is a sure guaranty lor a first-rata
iL ol tf J. C ? u) I' d. Aa?nt.
?'I4E ATTENTION of the reader is respect
I fully c died t i tin-iiuprnv cuicut. The author is aware
hat it is only necessary to en I a t tout ion to tfcecireum
tance. tbal after tears ol experience, philosophical re
earcli und al a very great expense, he ha- produced a
?lau for teaching Writing ol great /iracticitl utility.
Institute 'or instruction and depot lor ih- ?ab- of the
iui.les, Bro.iow.iv. cokmlh oi Pahu Place
N. B ?i'tie plau Btaj b-i used aa a perfect -elf iiislruc
'or. dl? Im"*'
i MM,iJ<sirl t "??'? tVI(ll l,>t> AND BOOK,
I ? KF.i P SO ACADEMY, ti*sl Broadwss, opposite
?Vasbiogtou HalL-Mr. GOLDSMITH rcspoctfully m
brms tho ladies am! gentlemen ol New York au I Crook
ya,UMU> hia Kooms are now open fur tho reception of
lupds ukd risitera.
Mr. O. ple.Iee? himself 10 impart to all, :n I'en Lessons
if One Ho ua Each, his much admired syatem of Mca
utd a masterly command of the peu, which but u*n spe
imena and practical exemplifii at! >r,s will illurirato, that
hey cannot possibly ever lose in their future practice.
Mr. G. has received ihe Ft'asT Passftosi three succese
ve >uars foi the bejT ses.eiME.i? or ort-uand Pe.nxasi
,Htr oxhibitcd in the Fat as of the Asiekican Institute.
Terms. Five Dollars, including Stationery, pe^ubh
ii advance.
Bennett's System of Book K-epmg taught by a practl
,ul accour.taut. d2*l Iwis'
MA I. I t H I '.V. 5M? I ME AtVO LOT
IN .'SEA' BRUNSWICK, for sal- at public auc?
tion, ou Tuc?dsy. Dec ?S, at 12 o'cl'<ck ?The
House is located in lbs pleasantest part i f New Bruns
sieh, his a uesi double two story house, built iu m- ?'?
?ru style, eootaining ? teveu fiaisiied rooms. The lot is 70
set from an i rear, bv 130 in depth; Terms of psvmeat
*ili be easy. _ d26 8t*__
An ele/rsm in-tiuincnt, made by one of our
Srst city raauufacturers, aud warranted io
'.anc any climate, is otferrsl fir suiu at shout two-third I
' its cost. It bua born in use hut a few maulhs, and for tu: s
is seldom excaded. Any person ia waul of s first ra-1
nstrumanc at a moderate pnee. would do w?ii to examine
t. Inquire of
.14 I mis' M ItS WARRKN ?HBioad.av
? i I LS L'" p II _A .m-E itotUoa a.-.d liupreTeiHMi'
I tali i Iis in Dentistry. Perso -ircuso!
roidiai? the exiravigaut chatr--s of Dentists, w||| find it
. Ivaanureoas to call ou V. SHERWO ID, "iurjeoa Don
I tis'. too Chambers wr,t of Broadway
N. B?Curious sud aehieg t-elh iu'a|i|bly curni s.'ilk
1 nit pain, and reudered ii?efjl lor mans years. luco'rupt
'ate m nets! teeik inserted oa v lrtoiii lystemx, Com ?1 10
55. Filling aud cleaumr in proporuou. Whole retts 02
he atmospheric pre-ssre principle d271w*
^AkJfX ?Cure io three unuu'.es ?The ap!
-/L^ \| pbciition ol this remedy ti2s in ever> -
jH*nw ^ J instance proved effe lull in altevta
^^>vT f&Q tingthepsi tkingaperma
.1$'-Jn?^R> the otherteeth I i tuu am smell
*kzJG^ztfSit\.*r' -" J:"i '?Wl" M'">
'ill f.fe^* relieve the Dtltl in the gnuis occa
ioned by cold or iafiimmation, when the teeth are not
lecaysd. Atrial will esiabli.a 'he fatr. So'.i by A H
lauds, corner Brcailwav and Chamber] -t. Granit" Build
?ng; A. B. Sands A. Co-TO Foltoa ?t. c.^1 7." Ksai B oad
?TTiT'vTrT'E E TS.
Miaiu can for i*ie Tooth
ieiie Prepared o-l?byJ'
A'.Ci >?? r, D;^i 1^47 L'oml
treet, N. Y, ai.d ^o d by
be ? h 1' ale ar.-i retail.
BecesstmendeH by the f:!
^riug eminect S/Ur?;?;3
iirlt , ,ai- '7;ty*:
' L i'i'iu'lv Broadsray, N Dodge. 82? Brr^dw.y.
J.Srsitfa Oofge, 17 Bond-at. E.O. Burger,34 Market ?t.
i For l" '""' "?"i* Dnnrfieta: Cotton, 2>53
Hierarlier ,i; Ring.Oit P..-oxl? ny j Scni.ff-lin. 144 Cspal.
: itirt. 378 Brosiwey and cor. Hudson ?cd North Moore j
sfiiDir. it'-' Broadways Ha'chine?, Ifej Bo-erv : ??'yro
I rll jj)s" y ; Burtel till) Ch.tham: nr. i DoolitlD, 243
! '>Dt-c ?t Price, per vial. 50 cents hilf visl. *^ e? n--.
? '?I Im'is
f \ PCRjsCaScK .,7Vn '.rder of the Sur; or if the
I- -y ..f New Y-.rk. N .tite n rier?' y .-.??.-i to al.; "?? "? '< *"/
eUimj siaiml Richard E. Habev.Ui-of theCi ? ofNew Totk.
I tucliooeer deceased, to present l!.e jaroe with Us?veeehetTS
irreoft,.lhe.,jl?:r.ti-r ather rcid.nce.No. ?< .p.-ii'g?Ttel
! n '.he City of New V r'<, .rl?et?wetlieeis>h?Myol Aor-I
I OtXL Dated New York.the f.-i-'b **? '
I ot5oantia MARY ilALsE\ , .VuiamisirsUis. ,

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