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Ls The Review of the Markau* oo our first paxew*s
prepare,! for the Weekly Tribuee. and it? allusions to
uiIij:? jruel';? later to that sheet aad not to t.'ie Daily
XJT A Utter fr.nii (.'Aar/'? *'. Muektll, iu reply to our
psrarraph of )e*terday ia crowded out to day, bsl ??!'
appear 10 aaorrcw.
SO" Tit? name of Hon. Rltcs Ciiuatc wss riven l>>
mistake iu our last a* the Lecturer .a Tursdsr evening
at Clinton Hall. Mr. Cheat* wa* ill, and Mr. Makw> ot
Alb.u) was substituted.
tCT We are ,u lelisd to Ho*. C. CtrsHWC for Publi.
Document*. _
ty Our friend who a-ks a- to pnblish the Debate, in
Conrreai ..u the T.rift'tjaesfJM i? reminJed ihat the pre
(?ntdebate ia an utcid ui?l one ar nutron a mere quen
liouofreferenre, Wedo.ool like to encuurape debate
uo ?ueb qaesti nr. When the ?ubject cornea furly up.
n>? .i.ati try fa room f r the principal arguments.
Cf Tor a fuU Review of the New-York Maiketc
Notice oi" Nitool. Arcturus, Militia Tines, iic .
tee Fust Paef.
SjT v.ir a compete Report of Dr Lardnir's Sixth
Lecture. Second Secies, exclusively for The Tribune
see La^t Page
LC/a I i.<- Exprett .<t yesterday ha.-i a remarkable
Editorial aimed at the existence and character of
the Whig Young Men's General Committee, which
we regret to nonce. It i- run in the right spirit
Undoubtedly, we have hud inefficient fjeneial
Committees in this City, hu ties evil calls for re?
form, not destruction. Instead ol demolishing
?int Committees, let ua improve them und lender
them ne.r.- etl'e ient. The system of double organ?
ization \> u> adopted in this State in 1828, and ???
found eminently useful in culling out the energies
of the more youthful poilionef the party. Itmu?.t
not be abandoned from whim, or pique, or even
because in u single instance it has not answered
all expectations. At ?II events, the evils arising
from the existent e of two General Committees ur>
greatly . \ ?; erated by the Express, ami the pro?
position to dissolve ihe senior Committee niul leave
ilii/ field to the Voting Men's, is, if serious, pre?
posterous : if ironical, disrespectful und triflint:
with an imjiortant subject.
instead ni abandoning the Young Men's organ
ixali ?'!. or fusing the more general into ir, we
would preserve each distinct, and improve it.?
The Young .Men's Committee have made some
t/in?! suggestions to this end, which we doubt not
will be fully udopted. Bui we trust the Reform
will go farther, until it results in an elevation of
ilie ordinary aims mul meuns of Political warfare.
We hope our in vv Young Men's Committee will
resolve to institute a Course of Public Lectures on
tlio important and not always simple questions in
Political Economy which arc continually coming
before the Peoph; for their decision, Mich us Pro?
tection rs. Free I nidi?Jnteinul Improvement, bv
whom to lie prosecuted, where und how !?Reci?
procity in Commerce, Low best obtained !?The
reciprocal action of Labor and Capital?Universal
Education, &c. &c. The series is inexhaustible,
and many of tlm single topics neatly so, while
Statesmen like- Fvans, und Everett, ans) Ham?
's a ku. und Clayton ami kennedy would readily
come forward to elucidate them tu n general as?
semblage of our Young Men There would be no
difficulty in obtaining nu audience of any si/..?'h.
effort would rather be to find a hall large enough
tu huh! iliuse wliu wutilil crowd to hear, even
though a trilling admission fee to cover expenses
were charged.
We throw out this suggestion lu our new iou'ng
Men's Committee, believing that it will secure ut
ilieir hands u n sjtec ful consideration. They will
tiot of course act hastily upon it, uuJ we would not
have ibeni. Hut we cannot doubt the advantage,
nay, the necessity, which exists for the delivery
of such Lectures under some auspices Here ul
mosl every man is a voter, annually influencing the
decision of questions vitally impoitant in the public
weal by Ins suffrage. Yet who will pretend ilia'
all voles iiiv guided by intelligence ami lofty piin
triple i W ln> dues not know that many are
swerved by ignorance, by prejudice, by blind en
price or paltry spleen ' It is tu the correction oi
rhese evils, the diffusion of know ledge respecting
the elements of Political Science and the axioms
of Republican Government, that we should rejoice
in ;ee die energies of a Whig General Committee
directed. And. whatever individual or body shall
first ensure the establishment of n system ul Free
Public Lectures in mir City, supported by the vol?
untary contributions of those who attend andothei
public-spirited citizens?so that he who choosi -
ami can' may pay bis hull" dollar, while he who i
less able may contribute his sixpence, cent or no?
thing, Inn nil fiod open doors and free seats ut the
table of Knowledge?will have richly earned the
title of a public benefactor.
Think of it, friends in and out of the ('ommittee
KJ* The 'Hosts League ' holds u business
meeting this evening at the American Institute.?
Friends ot American Industry ' attend and assist
in its deliberations.
ILT Will the Editors c{ the- Expret a be so gooJ
as iu inform their readers that the Report of 1'r
Larbner's Lecture on ' Popular Fallacies,' which
was in their paper yesterday morning, was taken
nearly verbatim from the Tribune of Tuesday I?
Cabbaeing the Reports of others, an.l then boast?
ing of superior accuracy, is carrying the joke a lit
i |e too far.
Shikplatters Uhlaweol.? The Supreme
Court of Ohio lias decided, in a suit against tlit
'Orphans' Institute Hunk,' so culled, that the is?
sues of unauthorized Htuiks are unlawful, and can
nut be-collected by iaiv. Neitbet can a note givet.
to such a Bank be collected by legal process?the
law refusing to rvcogni/e or meddle with shinplas
lets, and leaving all who do handle them to tak?
earn ot" themselves. The Cincinnati Gazette,
which gives this decision, doe* not state whethei
it bars a suit against the individual issunt.- -1. n
plaster?; for money had ami received, in some form
sir other. We hope not.
Illinois.?The Loco-Foco State Convention av
sembled at Springtied on the. 13tii u!r..to nominati
candidates for Stale Officers. Forty-three Coun
tie* were represent*d. Several eandidates foi
Governor were voted for?among others Jo Stnitli
the M. rmon, but Mow. A. w. Snyder, formerly M
C from the First District, was finally selected.?
John Moore. Fao, . of McLean County, was nomi
bated tor Lieutenant Governor on the fifth bailot.
CJ" The United States Hotel at ?swepo wu
ned an the 22d; Loss from $l?,u?o to $15 000
?iujUfance $o.00v".
ZT Mr. Jakes B. Glertworth appears m
the tut Erwin* Port, in the shape of an ? Address
to the People of the United State,/' written by one
of bis purchasers-at any rate, not a line by bun
self, a* any one who his read any of his former pro.
,luctior.s will recognize. It tells nod.ing, but va
porn largely about what he can tell, and will, by
and bv. Very well ; let him be .jaiok about it?
the public will soon tiie of buying papers contain?
ing a mere promise of this gentleman tu rereal
something. This i? a stretch of the credit s)-tem
beyond all let/itimate limits.
We make a single e tra:; fn>rri this Address, in
demonstrate the intrimic falsehood and villainy of
the pr.sduction, viz. :
"Three attempts were made by my counsel, ,
James M. Smith. Jr. Esq., for my diac.harge, urg- !
in? at each time either a ttial or a discharge frurr,
the indictmer t; bat it was deferred by the Court
from term to term, until the statute oj limitations
would protect the persons implicated, and then j
my discharge was granted ' ! !'
Now here the language of truth i- preserved, but
the impressien sought '.?> be given is one ot depra
? e,|. ntrociwus falsehood. Glentworth's second
trial wr13 indeed deferred from time to time-, as he
slates, but not by the choice of the Court, hut be- j
cause the LoCO-FoCO District Attorney was never ;
readv to on on vith it. H< delayed, and put oft
from time to lime, until tins Jy ihe Court was ?bii- i
;'ed, in sheer justice, to direct him to move on the j
prosecution or abandon it. He decided to aban?
don it, alleging the ridii ulous plea that the LJoard
of Supervisors (Loco-Foco) would not pay ihe r\- |
peases of the former trial, anil he would not make
the County more cost in the premises til! that wu?
settled ' So Mr. Glentworth swung cicar of the ;
law ; and now the villains who have him in keep
ing seek to make ihe public believe that he was
screened frurn trial by a Whip Court instead of a
Loio-Feco prosecuioi und the pewer behind htm '
After this exposure of the honesty and fairness
with which it is "ot up, m ??<! we track this conspi?
racy farther!
\XjT Hon. Rurvs Choate's Lecture before the
Lyceum last evening, on "The Literature ol the
Sem,'" was not a dry criticism of books and au?
thors, but, after a rapid survey of the Tale, the
Snag, the Poem, which owe their inspiration to the
Seas, it presented a series of graphic, thrilling pic?
tures of Ocean Life, its stern and grand realities,
its ever-preseni and stirring Romance. Wilson's
breathing poem of ' The Ship ' was followed by a
--lance m the powerful storm scene in Cooper's
1 Pilot,' which Mr. C pronounced the perfection of
nautical description, eminent ly combining truth ami
nature with the most terrific vividness and force.
[If this is a libel, we trust Mr. Cooper w,11 punish
the Lecturer and nut tli? scribe.) Thence Mr. C.
passed rapidly to a picture of Columbus returning
from the Discovery of a New Wmlf, the splen?
did pageant bis triumphal entrance into Barce?
lona, and his first meeting with his sovereign. His
delineation of this grand spectacle, and the first
s;a/..* of the simple Red Men of the far Western
i-les upon the gorgeousness and might of Time's
cider empires?upon the surrounding memorials ol
Haniiibal and Scipio, of lUiiiiiu despotism, ol Go?
thic chivalry and Moorish an?the banners, spires
and blazonry of a rugged civilization?was worthy
a poem of Scoti orSoutbey.
Mr. Choate's analysis of the uuuticitl character
and the influences which feini it. were just; but
here the truth lay near the surface, ami onginul
discovery is n? longer possible. His picture of the
I'utiiwtisrn of the Sailor was. however, fur more
.'lowing uini effective. To u- upon the land, sui.l
Vir. C, the idea of Our Country is qualified or
Msdged iu by a thousand jarring interests ami petty
Uncords. We liu\>- ull a deal of trouble to keep
he Government where we think it should be, and ,
n spite of all our care, it i< continually getting
vrong. State tights atnl grievances?disgust at
leculatien or pervursene-a thousand incidents
ire continually occurring to repress 01 obscure the
latriolic fersur which still lives iu tin- inmost hearts 1
?i all. Once in many years, perhaps, a great oc
:asitui arises, which fans the smouldering fire, and
t hunts trrepressibly from every bosom. These i
ncitements, *> rare with us, are daily present iw I
he Sailor. His Country is an idea connected only
vith all that is inspiring and endeared. It is the
mine ol all he love-; its name i? his tower ol i
.trength, its starry power his protection to the
mdsofthe world. Ii he dreads nothing from ihe
nsolence ar rapacity of the stranger or the savage
?if he sleeps unheeding the power of the robber ot
he deep o that country and her ting he owes his
lafety, I; a all. Wimt wonder, then, that for thai
tountry lie is ever ready t? court peril and death '
?thai a bare glimpse ofthat liug streaming from ?
distant mast wakes emotions in his breast which
our sluggish life can never know ' [ Mr. Choate
concluded with a thrilling portrayal of ihe emo?
tions of the deck officer of the frigate Constitution,
the night after her capture of the Gurriere, which
we will not mutilate b\ attempting to give from
unassisted recollection, "]
Kj" In tli-1'uitcd States Circuit Court yester?
day the case of Carlock vs. A. \ L. Tnppun was
concluded. The Jury gase a verdict in tauu ol
plaintiff foi $2,061, subject t.< the opinion of the
Court us to the amount of damages. ( This wu?
for ihe infringement ot a patent right, and was al
luded to last week. ]
Mercantile Guaranty.?Important Decision
?The Supreme Court of Ohio, sitting as a Court
of ultimate resort, has decided that in a case a nirr
candle guaranty of payment for goods delivered to a
third person, to be valid, not'Ce must he given to
the guarantors that the -eller acted on the faith of
the guaranty, and that this notice must be gi\en
a* soon as the transaction has been closed,
OCJ* The schooner Charlotte Las serve, from ?
Charleston for Baracoa, was found stranded oti'the
island al" Abat'o on the 17th Novembei?no one on
board. Un the 20th October there u as a severe
gale in the Gulf.
ET The cargo of the Boston Packet. \s recked
on her psiiage from New Orleans to Guadeloupe
was sold ai Key West recently for $1,992, and th?
schooner for $37?. of this ihe w reskers receive
about $850.
iFroa the New Vork Standard.
KsLKIi>->s^^FIS ? Mr. Georgs SauuJ.rs. No. Itl Broad
way, bss just coaipleted a newly iu vented Kaleidoscope,
which is the most beautiful iiiiuks ofttie kind aver offered
io the public It will make a very ?le*,aut aud denrabb
New Vesr'r present, and as.-ach. we commend it toro:v
body. Thers is hardly au idea or novelty m the wholV
roeudof fancy or of fact, that is not illusirated by it all
ihe colars and lints of the raaubow. Go aud see it, pur
oha-< it, and make lh. hearts of your youag friends thrill
witb delight, at they forfdly ....cm and warmly riot sisooe
its beauties. , -" J^-' It' "
Trial <>r Wilet.?The trial of Wiley came
on vesterday in the Court of Oyer ant] Terminer.
before Judge Kfnt. and Aldermen Purdy and
Lee. It was opened by the District Attorney,
who recapitulated the facts which he expected to
prove. He said that it was Wiley's dnry. on be?
ing employed a- the robber's counsel, to have
had him immediately arrested; his position a*
counsel should not protect him at all.
L?r. T>ler, one of the Directors of the Bank, and
one of the Agents, sect on to this city to negotiate
with Wiley tor the surrender of a portion of the
money, gave hi* testimony a: considerable length :
we have a full report of his testimony, as well as
that of the other witnesses, hut we have no room
for it this morning. It serins that Wiley at
first demanded ten per rent . the Bank offering
six : it was finally agreed that Wiley should pay
over *l-j?,??l" ot the stolen money and receive as
a rewaiJ eight per cent. This was done atiJ pa
pcrs were draw n up ?.<-ordingly The money w as
brought by Wiley to the Havana h*use in s ?all??
which he said was his own.
When the agent- first came to the city he l Ad
them not to attemwt to catch the thieves, for
fear they should take alt.rrn and run away with the
plunder. He did not state where tii- employer
lived, hut s&id ha had gone south.
William B. B^ll another agent corroborated Dr.
Tyler's testimony.
N. B. B.unt, Esq. o|.en-d tiie case for the de
fern e. He s.vd that he did not propose ti? rest the
defence ?n Mi Wiley's agency as counsel, but upon
his good character, ami several witnesses were ex
amined w ho testitieel to hi- previous good charac?
ter. Mr. Price had commenced summing up for
the defence, ami the case will probably be given to
the Jury this afternoon.
Poisoning by Eatino Sxoki d Beef.?Within
the last six or seven Jays, five several families, com?
prising at least twenty persons, in the vicinity of
Vestry and Greenwich streets, have been poisoned
by eating smoked beef, and have suffered seriously
by sickness in consequence. After hearing of the
cases, tii*. Mayor proceeded to investigate the sub?
ject?and having ascertained sati-fartorily that the
poisoning proceeded from euting smoked beef pur?
chased ut sonn- stores, caused some of the beef to
be jilaci/J in the hand- of a skilful chemist tor ana?
lysing, in order to detect, if possible, with what
poisonous properties the meat is saturated?and a
report will be furnished him in a few days.
Tiie poisoning, it is to be observed, is purely
mutter of accident, nml the beef supposed to he
good by those who sold it?but it is said, with
what truth we know not. thai the smoked beef
that bus produced this sad result, is from cattle
driven iu hither from Ohio, which are supposed to
have been infected with some deleterious disease.
We have not heard of any persons Laving died in
consequence of the above poisoning.
tCP Mr. Bra ham gives one of his excellent Con
i Kins ut the Athenteum Booms, corner of Broad?
way ami Leonard street, this evening, when and
where he will sing " The Blue Bonnets over the
Border." " The Buy of Biscay," ami other favor?
ites, besides two or three good oiips never before
heard in this country. We wish the room were
CP A German named Heartman committed su?
icide in Chester county, Pa., a lew Jjvs since, by
cutting his throat with a razor.
Explosion.?It is stated in the Wilkesbarre
(Pa.) farmer am! Democrat that ? s.-rioi.s catas?
trophe occurred last week at the coal mine ol
George Sivelly, ut Hanover, neur thai place. Se?
veral miners were present to a house occupied by a
family neur the month of the mine, in which two
kegs of powder w ere deposited. Some fracas in?
curred between the men, when, either by uccident
or design, fire was communicated to the powder.?
An explosion was the consequence, which resulted
in the immediate death of two children, the burn?
ing to a greater or less degree ..t's.\ ?r right men,
ami the enure demolition of the building. It had
not Leen ascertained whether the men were ex?
pected to survive or not.
Bliioi.arv. ? Wo learn that the store of Mr.
Emanuel Andrews, in New Bedford, was entered
on Sunday night, by means of false keys, and a
considerable quantity of goods together with $401
to -j.iOt) in money, principally gold ami silver, sto
Deathar Carbonic Acta Gas.?In Klushing
township, Belmentcounty, Ohio, on the 19th, two
aged persons, Koben lnuis, a revolutionary sol?
dier, unl Isabella, bis wife, same to their death by
placing a vessel of burning charcoal in then bed?
room, which they left burning when they retire.!
in older to warm the room, i ?u Monday morning
these aged and respectable pei sons were found
.lea.i iu their bed. [BelmonlChron.
Common Pleas.This Day?38,1?, 27,23,9?, to, 30b,1,
7. 12, 21, U, 165,22,33, 5, 3.
Notice Vice Chancellor f?r January and tiie Notes of
Notice Argument Superior Court and file Notes of I?
Monday, lie.- 6"
Present?LieuL Governor, the Chancellor, Chief Justice
Nelson, Judge- lirousoii usd t*o?eu. Senators l.ec. \ er
planch, Root, fVch, Hunt, Dixson, Work-. Hawkins
Humphrey, Hull. Furman, Nieh da-, Platt, Rhoades John
sun. r ly, Scott, Hopkins, Clark, Dickinson, Strong, Den
Hi-ton. Hunter auJ Paige.
Jli tamder E. Ifataek vs. Stkemiak Rogtri, Executor, '?
a t?Appeal from tho decision of Chancellor. Decision
reverted. For te.ersal 15, for affirinaai a 4. Chief Jut
lit- N.-I-OB read an opinion.
A commuakatioa ?? recciv.-.l inviting the attendance
..f the Court at a dinner to bs riven to morrow at I P. m
al Stanwix Hall, iu honor of ihe completion of ihe Rail?
road betweeu HV-tuii aud this city. Toe 1uuutn.11 wa-.
on motion ot Mr Livingston, accepted.
William Fan Hook v.. William ttkitisek.?Appeal from
the decision of the Chancellor. Decision affirmed. For
affirmance I i. The Chief Justice delivered a written
Thr .Mayor. Av. of Brooklyn vs. Hertrutlr H. 9fer$t
role.?Appeal irciu the decision of the Chaccsllor. Tils
chief Ju-tice. Mr. Fui iuou. Mr. Verplanck au.i Mr. U. ...u
ilelivere.l opinions. The decision of the Chancellor wa*
reversed For reversal 13 for affirmance -.
Uabritl F. Irrtnj uudo'inrtvs GtOTgi C I" A'uy.?
Appeal froia ihe decision of the I'nancellor The Chiel
Justice read au opinion. The decision was altirmed. For
ariirnnuce In. fur reversal X
Jaiutf (t. A'i?i7 and uJktTi Vs. Tkr Preeideul. tfC ?j
l\t Sea Imuraucr Ca ?Appeal f.om me decisiuu of ihe
Chancellor. The Chief Justice read ac opiniau. The
decisiuu was amnaed For atftriuam e IS,
)t.Taiman sTaa, U Weed andoikrr*.?-Appeal
from lae decision of the t'baneellor. The Chief Justice
and Mr. Verplanck deliver*.! opinions. The .:? Ion - ti
alfirmed. For atiiruiaace ill
Norure fT. Bulkley and other' vs. Fr:dtnck Urpr^'ti'
end oiixrrs.?Appeal frosi the decision of the Chancellor
The Chief Justice read an opinion. 'I he decision was af
armed. For affirmance 15; for reversal 3.
TaUweadge et, iermilyra?Appeal from the de?i-i..u
of the Chancellor. Mr Justice ru?eu delivered an opin?
ion iu favor of the dismissal of lb' appeal Th- dc' isiou
..f the Court ?as postponed uoiil the ? ate of Tripp and
Cooh was disposed of.
.Maria Ktuutn aad ?fAer? v.. George BrinkerkoJ ?"0
olhert.?Appeal from ihe dei iaion cf tne Chancellor. Ta?
rbirf JaatJce and Mr Verplanck delivered op.uious. Tiie
decisiou was affirmed. For atiirniatice It'; for reversal I.
[Albauy Daily Advertiser.
Flossi. Cosivtassiiose ?sn Myxel-linu Caans.?
These Cardt are in the shape of question and aasweri
slid are symbols 0) which sentiments may be exprened
roaiploueuts paid. Ac. Ttey are for sale by J. >-. Rib
rtet.ii, Clinton Hai.'.
By tfli? lernins's Ssinheni SJail.
The Bankrupt Lair -Betrertclimen t of Ex?
ecutive Power?Dip eniatic Appoint?
From our Special Corrv-poadeat.
WtsHiNCTOM. Pec.CTrh. 1:41.
Mr. Benton'? bill to postpone the operation of
?he Bankrupt Law until July next had its second
reading, and. on motion of Mr. Bcrrien to reter it
the Committee on the Judiciary, the Senate re?
fused by b large majority. This vote indicate* a
disposition on the pun of that body to indbige the
Senator from Missouri, and there is some well
grounded apprehension that the law will finally U
repealed. The ostensible object of this movement
is to arnwiid the law by inserting pro\isions to em?
brace corporations, arsd render it more practica?
ble ; but the better informed are of opmicjti that a
total repeal is intended.
Mr. Clay cave notice this morning that to-mor?
row he should introduce a ?Ties of joint resolu-j
lions, proposing amendments to the Cwti-titution, |
restraining and modifying ,th*? veto power, trans-|
posirij- the appointment of the head of the Trea
sury Department from tiie K\e,-utive to the Lrg>
lative branch -:' the Government, and renderii ??
ineligible Member- of Congress to appointment un
der the authority of the United States during the
perml for which they ?hall have been elected.?
Upon those propositions much animated discussion
i- anticipated, and the visiters at the Capitol will
enjoy at the heel ol the holydays an earlier ireut i
il.an il.ey expected.
Tlo-re i- a rumor that Mr. Waggeman, late a
Senator frtiiii Louisiana, will ?nper-.e,le Mi. Cues
at Pari?, and Mr. W Thompson will take the
place of Mr. Ellis in Mexico, I do noi vouch t"i
the report. i ours, truly. Leo.
Washington Correspondence ot The Sen Yotk Tribu e
- Tuesoay, Dec SS, ls4L
In the Senate, Hon. Mr. Walker, from Mts
aissippi, appeared in his scat to-day.
Mr. CLAV gave notice that he would to-morrow
introduce joint resolutions Hmemlatory of the Con?
stitution of the Uni ed Sta'.es : to restrii I -tmi limit
the Veto pewer: to appoint the Secretary of the
Treasury by Congress : aud to prevent Members of
Congress from accep.ing any appointment ftwsri
the Executive during the term for which they arc
He said he would riot also propose to limit the
Presidential term, as a friend of Iiis designed do?
ing this.
The hills for the relief of Samuel Crapih and
for a pension : i Margate t Jamison were passed.?
Several other private hills were reported and other?
wise acted on, and petitions were presented.
The bill introduced by Mr. Bentos to postpone
the operation.of the Bankrupt Act till the 1-t of
July next, so as to amend it by inclu ling Corpora?
tions, was taken up, and Mr. Bkrrikn moved its
reference to the Committee on the Judiciary,
l'he propriety uf the reference of the bill to any
committee, considering that the time is now so
near when ihn Bankrupt Law is to take . fleet,
was discussed by many Senators, mssi of them,
both friend- and opponents of the act. concurring
in the opinion that a reference was not neeessarv.
The merits of the principles ot' the Bankrupt bill
wore scarcely reached, although many allusions
were made to its imperfections. Mr. MaNC.i m
had heard from Judicial authority that unless the
officers invested with the execKlion of the Ian. us
it now stands, were invested with ubiquity it could
nui be carried out. He was for postponing the
bill till time could be given for the proper amend?
ments ; Mr. Calhoun concurred in these views.
Mr. Clav was in favor of the law on the broad
principle ihat it was demanded by the commercial
and other State-, and because the General Govern?
ment only hud the power of passing a law of tin
kind. If the hill weie imperfect, be should have
no objection to postponing its operation for time to
amend it. Mr. Buchanan urged the impractica?
bility of tbc tier, ami that the courts would not be
able to perform the business glow ing out ot it.
Mr. Hendersi n said it might he imp.-iiect. ami
taii'lil throw too much business before the eouit*.
hut all that could, should he done ; and there were
many cases under its operation which would not
come to courts, but be settled by magistrates. Mr
Preston had i." objection to actin;- on this bill
now : it ought to be considered hef re the time
arrived for the act to take effect. Mr. Hunting
ton ?nid that public opinion still remained in favor
of the Hi t.. Mr. Tai.lmadgk wished that the act t
should have h fair trial, that it should go into
operation at the time fixed, and then when delects
were discovered in its operation they could be re?
medied. He um? opposed to postponing tin* bill
and much more lo repealing it. Mr Barton
urged the necessity of immediate action on the
bill, as hut thirty days?twenty only of which were
legislation days?remained before the act was to
take effect.
Tin- question was then taken on ihe reference,
and lost: Yeas 15, Nays 25. Thus the bill with?
out reference remains before the Senate.
The tanti' debate was continued in the Hoi if.
by Mr. Hudson, who concluded Lis able and
practical speech in favor of protection; by Mr.
PvVNK ol Ala., u ho opposed the ppite.i i\e ...
tern as taxing one portion of the country unjustly
for riie beiietu of another, and replied to various
previous arguments; by Mr. Burke of N. H .
who in a tone scarcely audible read a speech which
.va- supposed to be against protection, and in part j
replying to Mr. Aksoi.d, as Mr. A. (je-tingly)
said be had not heard the speech, and moved that
it be read by the Clerk, or laid on ihe ttble and
ordered to be printed ; and by Mr. Eastman in ;
opposition to protection, who, without concluding,
gave way to a mation for adjournment. ARGUS
Martland.?In tiie Hons?of Represet ative*
of the Maryland Legislature, on the 28 th, J. C,
legrand fW.) of Baltimore, was elected Speak?
er by 58 vows out of C5 cast. In the Senate.
Kichakii Thomas (W.) wa- elected President,
and othei Whij tfi era wa ?? bosen.
DCP John VaCghan. Es.j., a worthy arid es?
teemed citizen of Philadelphia, died at that n\y
yesterday, aged nearly :><). He was Secretary of
the American Philosophical Society at the time of!
his death.
"XT The ftiet.ds of Senator? CLAV ar.d Tali.
kad6e?both ot whom have uern foi several da\
confined to their rooms by indisposition?will fie
rejoiced to learn that both gentlemen are Bgain
able to attend their duties in the Senate Chamber.
[Nat. Int. of Wednesday.
TO' Tin Dsiima, or Memorial of Affection, is the title
ofa v*ry ort-tty Auuuil published by GirrtMC, No. i'i
li?li street. It is illustrated by sax liae eusravinji, aud
rery eie,r*&ii} bound.
From FLORIDA.? More fr.Ji*n Murders :?B\
ihe arrival last evening of the steamer Beaufort,
Capt. Peck, t'row: PUatka, we iearn from ojr cor?
respondent at Jacksonville that the Indians madu
their appearance on the morning of the -Oth ihs-.
within three mtles ct' Mandarin, neur the St. Au?
gustine road, burned a bouse and murdered the
whole family, const-ting of a Mr. Hartley, wife
and child. Tbey were destroyed in the flames.?
Where are the troo;.-. ' I: appears that the Ik
?:anj can L>e found somewhat oearerthan the ever?
We farther learn, fr-m Captain Peck, that a Mr
La Costa, was also killed. Capt. P. also ?tat?
that the Indians burned three houses, and sarried
of several nesrees, one of whom escaped. I:
<ai.l that the rndiaris numbered twenty-one, and
were supposed tobe u part ot Halleck Tastonug
gee's triiw*.
We also learn tint Lr. Col. Riley returned to
Pilatka on the 21st from his expedition to the
head water? of ttie Sfc Johns. Hena.l discovered
no Indian*. Col. Worth is at lampa. A Com?
pany et R- ;t;!ats was to be sent from Fort Him
sell to Jacksonville in iioest of the Indian mercen?
The steamer Col. Harney 1ms gone to Key Bis
cavne. to take the Indians recently come in at that
po'st to tiie West. [Savannah Rep. 25th.
Fbom Yivatas ?We are in possession of dates
from the i it) Merida tot>i>6th inst; At that time
the Commissioner from Mexico (Quintana Rou)
had just arrived with peace offerings from hisgo*
ernment. at the head of which is the illustrious
Santa Anna. It was impossible to divine whai
course the Yueatanos intended t.- pursue in the
matter, there being two parties in the country?
one for establishing th.-ir absolute independence,
sei the other tor uniting with Mexico. The for
mer comprises a large majority of the people,
while the latter is composed of the aristocratic
few with tkv-ir influence; yet it ???- generally be?
lieved that Yucatan, after the many protestations
in favor of a separate and independent government,
would not back out, Lut would send the Commls
siotiei home t.> his master.
Private letters from Mexico, received in Merida,
mention the Imprisonment of all the Texians be
longing to the Santa Fe expedition.
The markets throughout Yucatan were glutted
with foreign products, while the productions of the
co mtry were scarce and in demand.
[ N. 0. Bulletin, 17th.
Sixra Ik Expedition.?An tu rival at this port
yesterdav, ? lie.-.-t from Yucatan, fully confirms the
capture of the Santa Fe Expedition. It is stated
with some more plausibility, than was the uncondi?
tional surrender ..("these brave Americans. S i far
from 'not firing a shot,4 they lire.l u good many.?
W hen w ithin two days' journey from Santa Fe.
they wer? encountered by 1200 Mexican volun?
teers, -tilt) regulars and 300 r?ucheret, or herds?
men. This bo.lv of l.Stltl the ' Expedition ' fought
for more than twelve hours?killingover320 Mex
cans, and losing only two of their number. They
fired away every ounce of "their ammunition, and
sui t en.leu .1 from that cause only. This is truly in
accordance.with the Anglo-Saxon character,.and
bears on its face the aspect of a sadder truth than
nnv report thence which has obtained circulation
The braves are how without doubt in the mines of
Mexico, whence nothing but a wiii like expedition
against Mexico will release them.
JO* Tall ? c ire of the poor ; the ri :h can lake cure of
tbem-elve. '? This i? a hard winter tor the laboring claaa
es, and many wiU suffcr greatly uul-.s relieved by the
band oi charily. While Ike corporation provide* a por
tioo ni fuel tor th'iu, more i? left io the benevolent socio
tie., and individnala in the way of providing food and
clothii g. There sr.- other aecessaries iu the wiy of med
ieiai for the sich ihui arc of no leu importance thau food
fur the wa IL lftho*ewho m about doing good would
give the tick some of Sherman'* Lozenge*, they would
do iiune good thun any thing else, and far les? expensivo
If itiey liiiit any one with u eougb, Sherman - Cough I.? 1
anges are just the thing. If a headache, the Camphor
I.na.'iiite- will cure it in a f. w in in ute?. If worin-, the
Worm Lozenges are infallible. Head qu irte-- at 104 Na?
san street, ami agents at Ho, 873 an,i 159 Broadway, *7
K ,1 Broadway, IrS Bawery, 331 Bleecknr street. 837
Hudson-street, N Y. and 58 anil 139 FuIton-aL Brooklyn.
XT Freckle Wash.? rats t* believed to be the beat rem
r,'\ aver di-covered for lbs removal of Frechlea, Suu
buru, Tan, Pimple*, Morphew, and other obstlaale erup
no i- .mil lil-.rmiM.es of the -Inn.
Il niav he found m Tt Haiden 'au.-.
Tint Annuals ?t Reooci o Paicas ? We inviti the at
tuiitiou of pun iii-er? to the advertisement of the Lang
ley-, .'.7 Chatham street, who, iu addition to a vane.I uud
extensive as-ortineut of the superbly einhi llia' . d hooks
of the season, juveniles, Sic, offer ihe farth. r inducement
of a large reduction m terms. We wuuhi advise our
friend, to call.
.M -srs r.oi-e a Si.
Gl atlemeo I hex to inform you that us i. pas-enger in
the Columbia I arrive. 1 iu tin. cuy on Wedae-ihiv e.en
ing on my way to Philadelphia, when, from axpoiure
in travelling, I was ici... <: with a m im vii lent aaddanger
ooj sore iliroal. Mi brcaltiiin; hsca-ne aluto.t tniii'ly oh
airueted, and my i lie t bi a< > ' as a drum, a waiter at the
lintel pointed iu.? n. *-: aper rertili ->le- of your
Horebound i'ainty, which, at tirsi -11(111, Iconfe--, I ecu
aidored a in. du al ruae. How. ver. I could um he wnr-e
I sent for half a dollar's ?> oi lb, mid l? -ho* you it, effect
I hereby subscribe iu' self with gratitud*,and wishing you
eierv success in your providential invention, on mi com
plete recovery and ability to travel.
lour-., iiio-l re p. 11i'ii11v.
JiiU.N HALE ..f Arkansas.
Sold -:t 15 Diyi-i in -' 10 Aator Hoi - . 529 Broadway
No. 3 Sulk avenue, and No 03 Nassan st.
^Bowea" Ammithkatrc ?A glorious bill input fotth
here to-night for tba benefit of that Prince of Ethiopian
Dan srs, Master Diamond. The strongest combination
of equestrian and arena performances exhibited mi any
on.- sight tin- -ea.on ia presented to-night, and Hi" whole
concludes with the ever popular ami humorous hurl, it a of
('h Hush * in Diamond's iusl benefit,hundreds who up
plied w.-re unable iu gel --ut- We advise those who in
tend going to nigbt io ecure tickets and seat* daring the
Kaleiooscopes.?Tae tubscriber having made inauy
improvements iu the article of Kalei loseope, through thi
inducement ..t his friends Io.- made an assortineni for the
appr.hu i- hotydays und reipei tfully invites the public
to e i l and examine,
d30H" (3) G. SAI1NDER3,163 Broadway.
Sples'dio Holvoav I'acaENT.?The most acceptable
and valuable presentyou ean offer to a friend is one ..t
'Clirebugb's Ventilating Wigs or Scalps.' The material,
?> orkiuausiiip. beaut) of tin -Ii aud e|c->ai.of style, e.oi
uoi!.,. e.jiiuie.l lu la< . every thing lira! enhances a
beautiful head of hair i- cooci atrated in tiie..- iaettima
i.le -vorl.'. of art. Wliuluier etperieiice could -ugi(---t or
genius could execute, C . Wiga hue received the advan
tage of. They uru formed to ihe iiead s? the natural bail
irriiw -. ia. t er ins no more ?.f lie bio-? I ban one's own Ivor
?Jo.--. They are strong without being heavy, w.,rui -voli
out being thick, sad elastic without betnir louse. Tbey
give ihe delightful f. elingof tin me ihe bead >iti the ea.e
of H -ilk cap. haviusj u.. uuner. s-ary weight uu.l uo rtisa
greeablo pr---Mre. Such ire the combined sdvanugesol
Clireh gh's Wig* and Scalps. So large an assortment is
worthy of alleutioii. ?, gi Lit- men can lit themselves ,? .,
moment. The prices still be found to suit lbs tim-<s. i fi
Broad.wry (upstair . entrarce in Fulton-streeL
, ommo.sk i tr.u j
The Special Committee of the Hoard of Trnsteea of the
V? ^o.-k Fire Department Fund, appointed to mike ar
raagemeatfor i Benefit, to be given at ihe r*a k Theatre,
in aid of ihe Food, perceive, with regret an artiela m t! e
Tattler, informing the public that Mr. George W. Dixon
bad volunteer! ri :?, ting on the occasion of ine above Ben
?Iii and 'hat In-aid had bceu accepted.
Tba Co-nmittee wcnld re-pectfully info m the publii
thai a i ommuaiestioa has been received from Mr Duo
offering bis services *a the above occasion?that an an
-wer kas hot been return."! hut area being prepared *hen
the irtn.le above alluJeil Io w . piesented, and that Iron.
the time that will ba consumed by the Programme al?
ready arranged, it -ill be impossible for them to accept
of the reneroui n^.-r of Mr. Dixon
Signed MARTIN W. KMMuNs .
GE K..K. F. Ni:-BUT ) ommM*'
XT sieroud Coniiag of <'bri*>t -To be Jis nss
ed hy the Mew Vork Motaiaud Religious Lyceum Tills
EVENING, probably far ihe last t.uie,, at 1-7 Bowery
third building.above Delancy, >,<.nnn*m u ?{ at 7 o'clock,
The ^.ut'lic are invned lu atteud. J, J?.)'
i For IVew Veara -One Splendid Grand \
tion Piano Foite. together with two -ecoud hmdone-. for
-ale very low by F. Cotton. I'-fT Ciat'i.in iqnare. Abo
Farnitnre of every de.criptio? boughtnnd -old. d303*
XT The \ouuiti Caagrtualatlent.-?For tbi
?-teastoaoTthe above meetina-, "I hive well died u.v
creel " ?jth a cilou.? Io: of Oysters. ?Inrli i am pic kill i
in a sup-r..r Btaaner f .-the New "TeardaycoogratalatiBg
table. I would wi.h il to be uotieed ihat the-e dystets
are prepared etpre?-|y for the u.;ct:.,u, and have a deli
cacy.of Bevor known ooljr to those w ho have triad them
The increased orders of last year inform me, that t
fashion of hav ing Oy.ters for the abovu oceasiou, i- U.
cohiii k more geueral and I have calculated accordingly
All orders will be punctually ntiande.l to.
THOMAS DOWNING .'Broad -tree:.
N. B.-Order? t.keu for all parts of the city . Brooklyn
sad Jersey City. dit at
?::d new 70LD14B
Or the Quarto Nsm WoatD, ccmmea-e tor?!,..
Saturday, the latter w?h i spanking t-reei? tI,'*
set. in staunch condition, and freighted m :-'n 11 '
themo-t valuable iescriptiou, ct.- ]r.e.t f,om of)_'i
I and rar.- ?ourre*. tin! w hich -a MI ?, ,.. '* J
! to werk, among our goedsj company ot j*iOt?u it^f
gentlemen, l.o set out with im on the a,x. j-,
voyage And rich will be the portion ot ?11 m,.^
, nr.\r. >.-.i lAjrt ?** 1, 1-vjj.
Rev Bishop Onderdonk. D D ?origins!, tni try t
series of Pi<eoiir ? ? by eminent Divines.
II WILTON HARVEY, a new novel by Mm s,.
wick jn?t commence I by this popular authored
ill AN ORIGINAL SONG, by Mr*. Osgood, saj ^
by Mi-s E?r.a Pratt.
1\ JOHN QUiyCYADAAIS os n-r.'?,-., ^ ;..
A po-vuriul dricinal Review o! Mr A iara?' Leete>
aud complete refutation of his argument! ?r.j po?
V. B1.1V? OLD MILTON, a .-?;..:al I'ocaj iron aw
wood's Nfagaxine tor December
VI THE SIGHT SHRIEK, a Tale tor Decease, ??
thrilling intai est,
VII. THESt RAPBOOK?fullof enteitaingaitedaa> |
also Report ol -.h.. Secretary of the Tiejsuryoc-j, I
plan for a l> iscal Agency, Sews xc a..
Qfjr? In consequence ol Sew Veir's coming on S?s I
day.the Sea World Mill be for -aleoa K HI DAY A
norro ) Perm >? a >? tr 6*i cent* single. ojjf
'ii Anuvtr.'-t A !.??< \'i;.?ot 'lie l.ni?m?sp,0
ki.i W. t 10 lot --ale this daj at the ot?ce.
Hti t.tTT^T; tiFK.
XT FCPTON A RUSOLK, in closing UtaSsjasasaat
concluded to .it''.., r.ir the coming Few u etas their baaj
stock of Dry Good* st prices that will ??.-riNti^
immediate sale, nor a?oriuom i- '??>v,|d<'ie, ?nd i0f^:
sing our pn-en: <; pie,!;;,'oai-e|? e? to jrive gta,
Babcain* la such i- atay be pleased to give a* a cell
X. It iimt c.....!> aie .?II sound, sud uo deceptio* prs
ticod ty> iij 1?.
XT We Mould recommend to all siUicicd ?uh t'oujb.
Hoarseness, Influenza, a-, to ir> "Peers') \|..?,.,
Couch fan iy. I'or s.leat-Jii? Broadway, and at);,
Canal street,36*7 t?reeawich-sireet,2?! Ilndsoa ?treet,<
Carmine-street, Smith's, corner of Fulton sud Wito
-tre.-t-. stid J .-. U . Smith, C rii r of Kiiltou aus MiJ.Iij.
street*, Brook I) u. V dl:if
I Spencer** sVn*hiemable Ilm Kuom,
corner of Chamber* and Centre streets, 3d rloor.? lieu>
meu are reminded of the inducemeuta presented at ti,
well-known establishment The assortment coosishaf
Fme>-. Nutria, tho $"i srticleof other makers) $13
Cassimere Beavor, do. do. do. ..AU
Imitation M leskm, extremely neat ..ml durable,;i %
They are offen .1 ..- CI i Sdeall) to the man of taste fcr
tbeii rich beauty and slegani style ?- to the ecessaus
for their unexampled lo* price sud capacity for l.-ue -er
Tim large re 1 letion from the prices usually ebtrra;
for Hat* at all ?imi ar to the above is effected by avoui^
the enormous expense* under with Ii the business is jto.
orally conducted. dt>5ut
?rill be required for Mo? Year's Day, aud to be?un..?
having one in time, made tu the best style, and at a la*
price, you will do well to ..lion the
t.- I'elcr V. Si nsteil, No. I Oil it limn -j i
er of Catherine ilreet,makes Clothe* to order hi the seat
est style, 10 per cent, cheaper than the cheapest c?i
Tailor iu tin- city. A eorsi Qi in nil ca-rs warranted.
dSI r-t Hi
XT Itii?l'? lints. Phe lubscriber h.- r.-, I) fot
intpeetiou und -ale in- usual variety of list-, via: Be*
rar, Cassimere and Moleskin. The patronage of jienl*
men reifiint i: Hat- for tins |uritculsr season is solniirj.
HIIII?, crner of Pine aud Naasau-atreets, N. V.
s ft. BIRD, l"7 Che aal street, Philadelphia.
i .) d3l9t"
r ProiracictJ Meccitsg ?1\ protracted ssmi
in* in the Second Congregational Church, recently ritte*
up, nt ibe corm r of Delaucy and t'hrystu si?. Iwi?s*i
Spring and Broome it*, jusl ca-i of the Bowery, tisskest
ia progress several dat< srith daily incessint, ieteronv
Rev. Asa MsHsf, Presideut Of Obeilies Ins^iiule. OSio,
preaches every rveaiug el 7 o'clock. There is s prayer
meeting at '? o'clock ia the Lecture Room, Cbristlaassf
diflereui denominations with their fiiends and srqsnat
ances, are invited to attend these meetings. The t'hurek
is commodious, well warm ??' ventilated and Inrhlcd.
d-J1.' If i ?
XT aissericass Issatsissies? On Wt.intiiu/,S9u
instant, a meeting of l',.ii< HsNursCTirasaj aad their
friend- wjli be held it the Repoiitory iu the Park.
Ou Thursday tth n staut at half past 7 o'clock, P.at,
the Hostl Li ?. i r. will meet at the -nine place. The
friend* of Horn ? Lab r nr. I l'nr' -iii. l.'d l.'.iuitiierr?, |'*r
tieularly itrangers in the city, nr? invitod to participate
Oa Friday, 31-t instant, si half past 7 o'i lock P. M. lb*
celebrated Doct. Lnrdaer has gencronsly eoateated t>>
lecture at Siblo'* for ihe benefit of the Library of the
Institute. Subject "The Progress ..i EleetricaJ Dil
coveries." Ti kei- .'o ceats?admit % gentiessiasail
lady?to ha had at the Repository and NibloV 431 jt
1 i PnrlicMlar .><?ii?-i i ti ? p..r-..ii- hsu,r
furniture ol nay di icriptiou lo i?simmm of, or *n.i srs
breaking up bouse keeping, will i'm I ? ready sale far an)
portiou or ill i their rood ?, by send hut their address,u'
calling upon the lubscriber Goods to anv amouat p*r
chased. o30 8) F. COLTON 197 Chatham street
XT 3troolil)ii flaroaiiloii literary Asso?
ciation l.eciurrs. Trelsis b Lcciureof til 1
wilt be delivered on Thursday Eveaing, 30th last, is the
Lecture Room of the Lyceum, by Oliver W. Holmes, M
I). nl Bo ton
Subject Kn?ll.h VertiSeatioa.
d-'.i-ti E.TKRRj Ch'u. Lee. CommiUae,
XT rtumliiy EvestissK l.ecttsren, bj H B
Blsis ,i Cstostitutioo Hall. 8S0 Broadway. Habjeet?
? Man," si he wai - a- be is?a. he is iv be. The Lecturer
?ille mmence the litSuadey evening ia the aewyesr,
at half-past ". o'i !?,. k. Staging Uy ine Coogre-piiea
Choir. Se its Frt ??. <*i daa U
Prankliu ILyceuiu. Tho Lyceum
T is Eveotnrr*t ihe College In Crosby street The*s>
sreiees will commence al 7' o'clock, to consist of a Lse
lure by ? Jenkllll l'.sij oll li -liliis, and a dlscuisiou ?I.
ihe fi [lowing question " Are Total Abstinence Socieue*
ealeulati I to benefit the morals of Iba comravoiiy at
l?rt/e " l.iidi.. ? an l gentlemen sr.- invited to aiiend.
d30 ii W. V, GALLAKR,fiecretsry.
1 CJIielaen l^yeeusn. Phe next Lecture -
be delivered on Thursday evening, the 30sh iu?t. *t 7|
o'clock, bi a. W. Bradford, E?q
Subject The Philosophy of JlMtory. iSS? 9t
I ? '1 r i i opt 11 In u is-in iiili"". * ?01
Eli i atioaar] ?tead hg* avi It ? iuiion po*tp?aetl f,.,M
but Thursds) an iceountofthestorm. will he delivered
before thisA sociaiioo This (Thursday) Ei ning, atYs
cal II ill GrriHil-*tre I, one door from tt.e Bowery, cesa
meneiag at 1\ o'clock. The Pablic are respectfully ia
ntf.l to attend. order,
? v, ii T MISER, He, ret?ry
The frieasl? ol Trsisperaaee r.
to . II at the N*" remperance .-i..re, 173 Grand street,
.oner ??( Mulberry ??her? maybe found a good assort
meal i f ch. GROTEH \r'.<, which will besohl a- lo*
its tkey i U !>?? bOUghl iii lUe <:lt/. d89 If
XT 1'iuii, Ac. iw subscriber offen for sals en
reasonable term* ?ud m lots to suit purchasers, the fot
lowing rend*, vix: New Raisins, Grapes, Figs. Prut.e?,
Citron,Curraats, Ac; together wi>h ?l*r?e and choice
assortment ol Wines, Cordials, Teas aud Groceries.
d303w' i?) JOHN McCF.AOH, Wa 179Bowery.
1 'I he following S' iisonnble lieeds fur
-ale mi rcdacad prices Girandoles, Asin-I and HsB
Lamps, Ivory Knives, with Fi.h Forlru^fineiTeaTrsys,
Gothic. Sandisich au] Victoria patterns, steeel Fire Set*,
?upenor quality. ANDREW J. MEAD.
II .r.l * sr- an l Lamp Store,
dls -ft- No. I'l Fulton-street
I7 0yht>ru. Mr DaVHJ D'-'CKER, No.9Ar?*ts
he?s lo inform his friends end custosners to call "*j
leave tli^ir orders for Pickled Oysters for the HoMv-'J
Soial -ea-...i, at it lake- to.ie lo pre[,sre llieut. ?M it"
XT Red Hair, and ?siray or white hairai
a beautiful black color by the Aboriiinsl llsir ,'))e. U?*
raosl excellent lor ?b;?k'ers. sud Bevor -ts'n? or burn ihe
skiu.and if it does no: work to perfect satisfaction,'??
ue-ney will be r. funded. A nipisijr of this eoo veassa 11 *?
u-eful article I? letr jt ihe agency llora.-e Everen'* ?'"f
store 367 Greenwich street. ,jue d,?.r above Frankha-st.
and al Moss's drug siof. e rner of liraud aad r,?'toc
street-. n*S9
XT Balyday Amaseuseol* The msg>
Panoramas ..i Jeratalew aud Thebes, at Catberwood *
Knlund:..-eeni io be is attrsc?i*e as ever. The i'^'f
hs- bsen thronged every ev. nine; tinea ihe?e besutdsi
views were ready for exhibition, and probably "i'l *J
llln.i.rti the Hol*.tay<. The Pai.orsms- ruav bo * ''t*
eieij d.> and cvenui; this week. (8) dVW

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