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The sfcarie? of night were falling fast.
As through an Alpine village passed
A voutli who bore, 'mi*! snow and ice,
A Lanner with the strange device.
His brow was sad . his eye beneath,
Flashed like a falchion from ita iheath ;
An.1 like m wilver clarion rung
"*" The accents of that unknown tongue,
In happy homes he saw the light
Of household fires p'leat:i warm and bright:
Above, ihr- spectraf glacier* shone.
And from his lips e-raped a groan,
iL xcelaior!
- Try not the Pass!" the old man said
" Da'rk lowers the tempest overhead, _
The roaring torrent is deep and wide .
And loud mat clarion voice replied
i oh stay," the maiden said, " and rest
Thy weary head upon this breast!"
A tear ?to">d in Iiis bright blue eye,
g,tt -t,!i lie answered, with a sigh.
?? Beware tri- pine tree's withered branch!
Beware th<- awful avalanche !"
This was the peasant's last good ni?ht,
A voice replied, far up the bight.
At break of dav, us heavenward
Tl.e pious monks of Saint Bernard
Uttered t!,e ofi repeaie i prayer,
A voice cried through the.startled Tir
5 Excelsior!
A tri. eler, by the faithful hound,
Half buried in the snow was found,
Still yrit-.ping in his hand oS ice
That banner with the strange device
Excelsior 1
There in the twilight cold and giay,
Eifelesi. t?ut beautiful, !;e lay.
And from the sky, serene and tar,
A voice fell, like a falling star !
.lit. Siil well's) llrport.
- [Concluded]
This reasoning sfenis to he conclusive, so far as
?l,r- Jewish law i- concerned, und must make the
absurdity "1 the position so frequently assumed
uppe-ai tin; more glaring, when mv lind the adro
< ates of tlii- law opposed to every other law found
in the book of Leviticus. But it has boon urged;
and witli much more plausibility, that the lirst
command, " Whosoever sheddeth man's blood, by
than shall his blood be shed," was given to Noah,
from whom nil men are derived, and is not there?
fore peculini to the Israelites. This puts the ques
tio;i in another point of view, and will require from
n- u short examination.
?? i hope 1 shull not offend any one," says the
Rev: W. Turner, in commenting on the text, " by
tnkitg ihc! liberty to put my own construction on
this celebrated passage, und inquire why it should
1>? deemed u precept at all. To me, I must con?
fess, it iipp'.'.-it s tu contain nothing more than a de?
claration of whnl will generally happen; and in
this view, to s:itiui exactly on the same ground
with such passages us the following: ' He thai
lend,-th into captivity shull go into captivity."?
?' He that takelh up the sword shall full by the
sword.'' Tho form of expression is the same in
both texts; why, thi n, may they not all be inter?
preted in the same manner, ar.d considered, hot as
commands,but denunciations. And if so, the ma?
gistrate will no mine be bound by the text in Gen
??sis, to punish murder with death, than he will by
the text in the Revelation, to sell every Guinea
Captain to our West India planters.
" I suspect the attachment to death us a pun?
ishment forjmurder," says,Dr. Franklin; "in minds
otherwise enlightened on the subject of cupital
punishment, arises from a false interpretation of a
passage in the Old Testament. And that is, " He
that sheds the blood of man by muti shall his blood
be shed." This has been supposed to imply that
blood could be only expiated by blood. But 1 am
disposed to believe, with a late commentator on
this text of scripture, that it is rather a predic?
tion than a law. Tho language of it is simply, that
such is the folly and depuvity of man, that murder
in every age shall beget murder."
And the celebrated Dr. Adam Clark, in his
commentaries on the. words of Christ, " He thai
takelh up the sword shall perUh by the sword,"
says, that the general meaning ol the verse is,
they who contend in battle me likely, on both
sides I,, become the sacrifice of their mutual ani?
mosities. ~
Indeed, if we are to consider the text referred
To as a positive law, and one that must l?e enforced
at all hazards, how can we view the case of Cain.
He certainly wits ? shedder of man's blood, unJ
thill in the most aggravated und depraved manner;
but we do not find that the Almighty took blood
for blood; and yet the blo.nl of Abel is said tu
hnve cried to him from the ground. But, on the
oilier hand, he lues not oven mention the penalty
ol death :t> due to the crime, but pronounces h
curse upon him, which Gain declares will cause
every one who -Lull find him to slay hi tu. Does
the Almighty allow this to be the case ! Does lie
give his life iiiUtthe hand of his follow ? Does he
command all those who are disposed to fulfil his
will, und obey Iiis commandments, to inflict the
penally id' death upon a most wanton, ruthless and
abandoned murderer ? Are anv of these require?
ments made ? S.t far from it, that he who is
the sole arbiter of human existence, He who ir
charged with having commanded us to kill, not
only does not make ibis command, hut for the
sure protection of the life of tho murderer, set his
mark upon him, lest any one finding him should
slay him, and declared that whosoever slew Cain,
vengeance should be taken on him seven-fold.
Th? Almighty, in this instance, hi least, has no!
given u very strong evidence in favor of the usual
interpretation of this passage of scripture. Hut if
we may be permitted to lake it us u practical illus?
tration of ihe text, we should feel justified in say
ittg, that it fully hears out the construction given
to it by the authorities we havo quoted, to wit:
that it simply means to declare, that murdei will
beget murder, and that the exclamation of Cain,
that ?' every one that findeth me shall slay me," is
an illustration of the tendency of human passions
to return injury for injury, blood for blood. Bin
the inter fere nee of the Almighty is an equal illus?
tration >>( the attributes of the Deity, in opposition
to the impuls.es of human nature; The arm ol
mercy is at once extended: the immortal ;egis is
vent before him us a protection against the avenger
of blood ; and the voice of the Eternal is constant?
ly proclaiming, vengeance is mine ; 1 am the crea?
tor and preserver of all things ; in my right hand
are the issues ?f Life and Death.
The believers in the command thus given, must,
by the foregoing, he satisfied, that so'Var from it
being the will of the Deity, thut h? has declared,
both by precept und example, '? thou skalt not kill."
But what shall wo say to the believers in the
Christian dispensation; shall we required te
prove that old things are done awav, and that ali
things have become new; that the law of an eve
for an eye, injury for injury, ha? given place to the
doctrines of charity. lung suffering, and the re?
turning of good for evil ? Shall we be criiled upon
to show that violence was ant a part of the reli?
gion established by Christ, and that he came to
introduce the doctrines of pardon and forgiveness ?
The followers id" Christ, of all atker men. have the
least pretext to sustain this law ; not a portion ot
their creed can l?e found, which does not directly
militate against it; not an uclion of their great
leader which does not inculcate doctriurs utterK
at war with the idea of capital punishment. And
we are warranted ir> saving that whether we look
to the laws of nations, as exemplified iu the princi?
ple of self-preservation, or to the laws of God, as
declared by the Old and New Testament, we are
equally admonished to "do untc. others as we
would wish that others should do unto us."
?' Laws," says Dr. Franklin, ?< which inflict
death for murder, are in any opinion, as -unchiis
tian as those which justify or tolerate revenge; for
the obligation of Christianity upon individual*, to
promote repentance, to forgive injuries, and to
discharge the duties of universal benevolence, are
I equally '"Tiding upon State?. ?
i The law punishing murder with death, is in a
I its essential features a law of retaliation, and this
! brings u* to the consideration ot the next subdh
j vision of this ?nbject. . . .
' Blood for klood is the doctrine ot capital pun
i*hment, and yet we have it constantly asserte
I ,Knr it is r.ut the object soucnt by the law. Black?
top* gavs, "' that the end or final cause of human
punishment, ii not by way of etonfme&t or expia?
tion for tbe crime committed; fur that must be left
to *h<* i'ist determination of the Supreme B-un-;.'
Trie law of retaliation then by name is denounced,
und has been repeatedly condemned by ti\~- law?
givers of almost every nation, on the ground as?
sumed by the English jurist, that punishment is
not intended as an act of retributive justice on the
individual, hut as u prevention of future offences
of the tame kifl'l.
The laws of most countries denounce the lex
talionis, or law of; retaliation; as impolitic and un?
just, and scarcely a law-giver -ince the Christian
era has been found, hardy enough to establish it.
It may be found in the Koran, but even there .;
doe9 not extend to all cases, tn England, a u a
nie wa- passed in the 3?th year of Edward Dil
enacting " that such as preferred suggestion to the
king's great council, ?hnuld bp put to sureties ?l
taliation." But, aftei one year's experience, this
punishment of taliation was rejected, and impris- l
or.ment adopted in its stead.
Becraria. and several otht>r writers of distinction,
have contended that the punishment due to the
? time of which one falsely accuses another, hould
'.p inflicted on the perjured informer.
The law of the twelve tables of Rom", neyei con?
demned to retaliation, bui when the injured party
could not be satisfied in any other manner; Arid
we may remark, that retaliation i- only another
name for revenge. It i- taking vengeance on the
author of.any offence, not for the benefit of'the pul?
l>lic, but fdi the gratification of the vindictive feel
hYgs of our nature, the return of insult for insult,
injury for injury. Flow much soever some indi?
viduals rnav boast of their spirit in resenting an
affront, very few will he found to advocate a la*
authorizing a citizen to seek revenge, foi a real or
supposed injury.
The object, says Sit Matthew Hale, in punishing
offences, is not to gratify a spirit of revenge, for
that would be perverting the curiy.nl of justice..
If we examine ourselves, if we inquire into ti e
reason which induces us so readily to justify ii e
destruction of human lite by the operation ot law,
if we make ourselves sensible, of thecamethat leads
us to applaud tin- execution of a law attended w itli
such fain! and horrid consequences, we shall find
?hut the spirit of the old repudiated law of r.
rion. the feeling of revenge, the desire to sec the
-ame punishment inflicted that the culprit has bi ? n
'he cause of inflicting upon another; lies at the bqt
rom of our desire t?> sustain this law. Let every
? me examine himself, let him inquire whether his
whole reasoning on the subject will riot result in
this, ' he is hnilty, he o>t?itt to be punished.' few
persons can be found who will separate the object
of punishment, from the feeling inherent in our na
ure of the propriety of inflicting an injury, because
an injury has been inflicted". In tine, this law of capi?
tal punishment is sustained by,although it may not
have originated in, the lex talionis. We call then ;
upon the advocates of this law to say, whether they
ire willing to restore the old law of retaliation?
? an eye for an eye, and n tooth fur a tooth'?wlic
?her they are disposed to return to a state ol na
ure, and inflict punishment for the gratification ot
he worst uml most vindictive feeling*; or whether
hey would have government to be, what it is in?
tended, a guardian, a protector, like a hind and
tfiectionale parent, chastising the disobedient child
'or its benefit, and seeking its reformation for its
sake, and the good of those w ho are necessarily
with it ?
Another objection has been urged to capital
punishment, which deserves at this time particular
tttention ; it is the irremediable nature of it.'
-V'hile men continue fallible, whilst human nature
i- liable to error, the depravity und presumption
of the human heart must continue conspicuous, in
ids which admit of no reparation. Can any thing
-hart of absolute certainty, justify conviction; where
die punishment is death ? and ran you arrive at
that given point, under the Organization of human
The laws of England have placed around ihe ju?
dicial investigation of capital offences, every bar
rier to the introduction of falsehood that the hu?
manity of legislatures and the wisdom of judges
tould dovise. From the .arrest of the.: offender, to
he final expiation of Iiis crime, the law has ex?
tended to him every indulgence that the most scru?
pulous philanthropist could demand : and it has
lecoinc a standing rule with those whose business
ii is to see laws properly administered; to instruct
he jury, that if upon examination they entertain a
reasonable doubt of the guilt of the accused, that
they must bring in a verdict favorable H> ihe pris?
oner; usually urging as a reason that it is bettei
that nine guilty persons escape, than thai one inno?
cent one should suffer.?Nor is this all: even after
the jury have found the accused guilty, and the
;udge. has pronounced the sentence of the law, -till,
before the fatal time >hall arrive, a* any moment
?revious to the extinction of human life, it' an er?
ror "can be traced in the facts, or any misconcep?
tion either of the judge or jury, the executive still
?nay interpose the arm of authority, and arrest the
?execution of the sentence.
The law thus recognizes in eveiy stage ?l the
proceeding; the fallibility of human nature, i:- con
-taut tendency to error; ami with the most -cn:
pulwus adherence to the immutable decrees of truth
Mid justice, will never deny the possibility of error,
even after tin- last act .if the judicial authority has
>een executed. Strange, then, th at with this ac?
knowledgement pervading every step ot' the law?
giver, and law-expounder; with this constant de?
claration oh their lips; to ' err is human,' they con
lude with an act which gives the lie to all theii
former actions and professions, and assume the
provihoe of a "God that cannot err.' Do w? urge
this point too strongly ' Shall we suppose that
lime is a liability to error only up t i the fatal mo?
ment, when pardon and reprieve are useless : when
the soul has winged its flight to other regipnsj and
the.body is committed to its mother earth? Do
we imagine that, because the bourne is passed
from whence no traveler returns, we have sei the
seal of justice and infallibility on the deed ! If ex?
perience did show the untruth of the position, we
night still find some slisw of rosiitar.ee to our ?r]
^ument; but there are such a multitude of facti,
such a crowd of eases, that the greatest lyraw ?
the most incorrigible sceptic, must yield the point.
More than one hundred cases of < v en-ion can be
-hovvn, where t-hesufferer w?- afterward proved :?>
?>e innocent; it will nor, therefore, be necessary to
relate particular instances, for scarcely a mi mix .
in this hall hut can call to mind more than one in?
stance of what we have related.
We cannot, however, dismiss this pint of our
subject, without introducing the testimony of a man
whose learning and philanthropy have given him
a standing.that will ever mak^ him dear to every
American. We -peak of Edward Livinostsn, a
lurist and a statesman, whose name will always
'.?e mentioned with respect, and whose doctrines
will be quoted as authority wherever the true prin?
ciples of legal knowledge'a re regarded. " 1 have
witnessed, ' says he, ?? more than one c mdemna
non under false constructions of laws, or perjured '
or mistaken testimony-?sentences that would n us
:>e reversed if the unfortunate sufferers were within
?he reach of mercy. I have seen, in the gloom and
-aence ot the dungeon, the deep, concentrated ex?
pression of indignation, which contended with
gnei ; have heard the earnest as^veration of in?
nocence, made in tones which no art could imitate;
and listened with awe t.. the dreadful abjurati m,
patired forth by one of these victims with an ener?
gy and solemnity that ^emetl superhuman, sun ?
moning his false acruseis and his mistaken judge
to meet him before the throne of God. Such an
appeal to the tribunal that never errs, and before
which he who made it was in a few hours to appear,
was calculated to creaor a belief of his innocence.
That belief was changed into cen*iniu. The per
juiv of ih'- vntner-s was discovered; find he tied
from the infamy which awaited him ; but it was too
late fot any other effect than to add one m<ir-; ex
Hrr.r-i- to the rxany that preceded it, of toe dar.g"r.
Hnd 1 mi?\ ad i impiety of using the attrir?:;:.! of
the divine p .v. or. without the infallibility that cdn
alnne properly direct it.
" This b ri>t picture of the tmasinan?H : would to
God it wer?- Would to God, that if death must
t>e inflicted, some -iure means might be discovered
ro make it-fall upon tin; guilty. Tbe.se things have
happened : these legal murders have been ct,m
mitted. and they rn..si be repeai^dl The; same
causes will produce the same eflects. The inno
ceat have sndrred ?he death of the gaflty?the
innocent will suSer?we know it. The horrible
truth iT:tr"*^as in the fare-; we dftie not deny >t.
and cannot evade it. Who a::!ji:.r:.7?'d ? punish?
ment which once inflicted could never be remitted
to the i?n?ceni ' Who tied the cord, or let fall the
axe upon tiiv guiltless head ' Noi the executioner,
the vile ihstromerit who is hired to Jo the work of
death ; not the jury who convict; or the judge who
oondemt -: but the Leg'slatnre v\ !:?. made the law;
those who, h-:vi:i-; the pxwer; did no: repeal it.
Che=e are the persons responsible to their country;
;i;.-ir cpnicisnci s :?.<. d their Go?L"
The committee ha? iqg thus -samined eyery-que,'!
:ion which appeared t*? trail for invesrigaooh', and
haying shown that the right or expediency for cog
tin?ihg tiie law aiitiiuriziog capital punishment
within iht* State U not found, ihost resr*cr
fuily ask leave, itt accordance with their se&ii
A:N ACT to abolish Capital Punishment;
TTre 'People ot ?ie State t .\V?-- York, represented
in Senate itn'ii ?s&mttyji?? enact a^-Jolkrir*.
Sectios i. All laws wiii^aumorize tlje punish
merit of death, 'ire hereby repealed:
u 2. Ail persons who shall hereafter be convicted
of offences' which are now by law p tnishable with
Death, ?hall be confined in tie- state Prison duriat
$ 3. Itshali'be the duty ?fthe jndger.ii pronoun. :nr
sentence; in ail case where, by the present la*, tt.e
punishment t&death, to declare \\'.:r\\ifv the punishr
inent ?ha!l be by confinement in the solitary cella
during the whole time.of imprtsoiiment.or whether
for a portion of the tirne.only, and sncTTse rite nee =l:ttl i
ii" enforced accordingly.
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Wall Tents -od Fiies
i??ns;-.itnl 'Pen-.-.
Painting and Strspping KnapracTi?
?*a ks :n::l Coop r.; - {...- one vear from 1st Apr:', i-exf.
(The iiu.atity nid : umber of t!ie-o articles be de?
termined hercafterO
The whole are to be of dbmestic maaafactured
als; Patterns of all t!u retjaired Wooleu and Cotton
Cloths, an-! article . sre-depasii?d iii the t 'ommissary Cen
htl's p*Bce, in tkis city, for examiaalioii. Samples of tae
Woolen and Cottcn ( loths will he scut to any vsaaafacc
turerou application to tbis'Ot? -.by mail, and .ut-a ia
i.irniuti.ia given a.- ma> !?? desired 'Pee Hoot.-, a-u-to
t>e of eil? it* size* hi;.! the ?'aps --f tue o/.-,. Th^ sizes end
proporiioi s of ?< ?yiJI be di^.l in tae contraets.
On th; ssmptes ant patterns exhibited the contracts
will be fouud. ? and inspeciiocs made, and no article will
be received that i- iafen r inii ?? material ,.r workmansbip
to. or that doos not corre.?|H?aii in every r?pect with the
pattern ou w inch a c intrac: is founded;
The supplies.are;to be delivered at the I'uiieJ. Sil;^
*.r*eual; near Ph?adaiphia,Toriaspectiea, in e>pisisi:nth'
!y portions and the wmtinets are to be ftilfifled vxs or be?
ibr*- the 1st tiav of juh-, I
The prop><aU i--iu-; 1;.: is writing, sealee?; n:;.! endorsed
?? Proposal.-." ami -i-.-: re;,ch the < in", e of the Coramissa
ry Geseral ofParCh: on or b#?"fi m the It h dav of Jan?
uary, I~4-J. No proposal >. ill be recciveJ after II o'clock
of thai day.
Security will be required for the falfihhentof cdn.
fjaots. j. WASHINGTON TY-SO.V,
Ccutmi^sary General of Purchases.
CoMMissaev Gtussnut-'s iirn?.e,
Plnladelpl.iH. December I7,h. IS4L .i?? eodtjH
pIlEAP; itiZ: Al'l fJ5EAP":atJAM!S?:>
VSc. JERVIS'S i heap Engravias tad Prihtin? Office
A Visiting Card Plato ?xi-rns,! and" fifty i'ards for ou!y
$1 5C?. All ether Engraving-?tr?he half the aaual price
Pluisr call and axamina speclnuo?, No <^ Coartland tL,
coriuir Craea?ick. jQ I
M E D I G A L.
t FFORDS ^mediate lelfi f and will ? :f c: a permanent
- V .- ye in this slariahic disease in children, and baa io
: - .- feceslfouad the only preservative of life
? hen ev-ry other known remedy has failed kJ give relief,
and - ><:; hope had almost tied, called for trie language,
?? /r *arrd mu rhild "
A pha??hlet containing full dirtctions for u-e. with a
laree Dumber of certificate of* eure? from Physicians,
1 fMES, andothcxs of lb* highest ?tatidiiiir in ilie
eommiDitt, accompanies each bottle.
Sola t>t tae dc-zeu or si retail, by
.A. b. A D. SANDS,
'.' li)0 Polton -trcet. or by
i r- it, Buildinr?, 5T3 Broadway. corner Chamber street
l ;. i)AVID SANDS it CO.
East Broadwayvcor. Mattet -t_
I'nr.. cent* suit $i per bottle,
r * PARENTS wno?e cbildreu are **jbj*et to this
drearfed diseis ?. should always bavethe medicineoa baud.
A a or I to the wi<e. etc. d*2t> li*t
Take^Phvs rear ly?Hcdi iae comes too late,
When the di-^a;* become- inveterate.
S3i-EGOMMENDED by tne Faculty ? TASfCE?J3
? 1. ?*.?;-;.? ion expen ace these Pill? have
! ! eea prayed bv thousand- to be the ha i r.r.d laiV.-i Fanii
ly Medicine bllhertq-discbrerei At all seasons ot" the
ir ; ? ?? - ill be fenaa very valuable to ?11 who -*i?h to
., curs t?iern?"!\es against sickness. Tboy are alike safe
f..r children its for aay period vf life, and require no extra
ittentii :: ;,, :. i or to clothing. Bilious an t I. ver Goo
l.- j . :, r Indigestion, Nervous Diseases, Sic?
Headache in I in ftci all diseases mines: from an Impure
I State of the Blood or u aisbrdcred. state of tbe stomscb
. r bo ? --I- are speedily removed by tahir-ir them. Thej
vcu: senryj costivencss and its con-e.jderirrjs. there
fore ?eartaVlni: men should g; v.r be without tneni time
v. ; jjjxi ,;, , , i t-.t lil int. T.WO vt til re* tlosCS Wl?Coii
- :? ,;' of their salutary effects, for the sfcihacb
a?! readily retrain us -.reniriB. :i healthy state of the liver
?,:-.i beweis: will speedily take pUce. and renewed health
: nod mind *?ill bo the certain result.?
{Their virtues, in fact may be summed up, as a medicine
hich strength) ... the feebleaed consolidates the muscle*
!: of thftstrong", aad ?.il be fu and oil infinite value to fe
... s ? ; -ill eg ?-. if taken according to the direction-,)
... *i*blo be secure from sickness.
For .ale, wholesale and retail, by VVM. WATSON
? A;,o<lirr;irv'- H ,11. U%, Catharine st. ,17 lm
ET.'" >i'; 0 it: - iab ?Whereas, it has been put,li?ht-d
!>?. ?'Widbi* in.the l'>.' ".er\*' that I am not tnebrother
. : :;.-r i .t. hu?b indi 1*. A. Tbayer, and inm I do not po.-*ess
ti^viis! recipe for Taylor's Bal-ani of Liverwort, and
:. .-. I never made a:.J .-old tin- medicine at my late resi
dem . rT?Bawery; The s!? v - reward ?i? be paid 10
tny person ^ho *ill prove b'>r asaertibos true.
W. W . Ill A i i.V.. -II Spnutf -trcet,
formerly iT.'i Boweryi
Auents and others are supplied witn Dr. T?ylor'." Bal
. Liverwort ly the do/.eu orsinijle bottle on the most
IrfVorable leriiis.
CaCITon -Beware of the fabrications <>f the interested
-.; ! frai;.lull ni. Daily nii>-t -Jane ful (atiai ks ar>* made to
doe.^iv&purchasers of this ?Tsdiciue, und deprive t'?e
riehtful proprietors of thi ir ju..-1 claims. Bay hobo luiide
bj those who are trying to dercive you by false 4-.-er
lirtus Buj only of the, ori-_'n a! and preselifproprietoirjtat
Jll >pr;rc* formerly IfT? Bowery. di? Im"
:?CSf: t*i-: ier--;J.N ad verti
i:e in Sprine-street',
first mi i'-r annnymous initials, then as W. \S'. Tay
r. and ncuiii ns W. W; Tii iyer; lias nbtnow, nor never
is hnd any connection with the establubmeat at .'l""?
iwrry. '/'he hiu! proprietori F. A Thayerj had but ?nie
?thi '? linmod Wm. \'>'. Tbayer?he ba> not been in the
ivo his deceased brother fur several y?.ir.?. Abont
ir ? ? i.-., i" i pened n -t<>r" at . I! Spriiisj-streei(and
I Verth im] Rtfjpcry Baisam of Liverwort, and near two
?.! - aj;o . ma' before the public in support of Burritt A
?, 1,1 imitating Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort?usd ;
in ,-i,!i!,'. forward claiming ihe prnprii lorehip of said
rtdicine; when it was well known iknt at the time the
nprietor; th-" late !?'. A. Thnyer, tirtt introduced this
i : nu !i iiiCj W, Thayer whs about fourteen
>rs ot atre.
? can where yea bey?Piirchns4 ??: ly?iniut! tin
<i.v?nt the old otHcc, 37*5 Bowery, bclwi .-a Fourth and
th-streot.-;. tl:ir agents will please address as for
rly. ii30 1m
" e9> <Ss
?LS are no loiigeramoug ih?se of doubtful
utility. They have p ased away from the hundreds
tb.it are daily I io"- Iii d ii| on tin: tide of cxpsrimcht, and
iiom !::. i !i fore the public as hi^'h in reputation, audas
\ i: -:-. i-i \ employed in all jtarls of the Dni ted States, th?
i intidas-, Texas, Mexico, and the West Indiey, as any
aicdiciiie thathas-ever been prepared for tie relief of
sniferini! uian. Tro v have been introduced wherever it
> uh ! ( s.-ible tu carr) them ; and there uro but few
tbWi ihst do not contain ?o.uie remarkable evidences ol
id etl 'Ii,.- certificate* that have been pre?
llen" to the proprietor exceed twenty ihointaud:! up
.. i I - ? f live Inn drod which are frani n-vular praclis
me" physicians, who are the most competent.judges of
riteir merits.
often.hnvc the cure* po for med by this medicine been
? -i ? ? til j,-<ct "t editorial coiiimcut ih:variu?s newspapers
and j luruals . und it inny with trntli be assertedi that no
! iiVedicinerof;-the kind hak ft?cr received testinioniab of
i rater wltie than sre attached to this;
They ire in iieui r.il u e as a fatnily medicinei and there
J are th. a-a.i.is .a" falirfties who declare they aro never sni
; li'd ir*less liiey hav? m aiippljf always ?.u hand.
Ti.Hy^hav?ihe rival in ninr^ mi,I preveutiag Bilious
? ?'. i . Eevcr ,i '?.? ie, Dyspepsia Liver Complaints,
Sick II ???!; :. , .laua?'ieij. Asthma, 1?..,-.-v, Ith. uiii iii-m,
Eiiglflrgeincntof theSpleen I'd--; Cholic. Female Ob
? iri:. ri .11. fleartbiiro." F'irred Tongue, Nausea, Di-tm
iou ? : the StoaiBi i aud Bo weis,Incipient Diarrhcee.Flat
; -. *. [fabitual '''i-:i. e11<*.--. Loss of Appetite, Bioiehod
SalJo Complexion, and in all cues of Torpor cf. the
I.-, n . >? ?? catharta or an aperient is" needed. They
ly mi d in their oporaiion, producing ueilber
a m iea. cripii * or d> bility.
l>r P? :? ; -' principal <) !"?? t.'. i Broadway, New-York ;
? North-Sixth street, Philadelphia. Brica ^ and 50 eta
per.hqr._ dill
/ ,:5?-:;:.-2-:.*san'*s ?cai? w balsam.
' For the cure nj . very kind uf.woiirid5, spr?iiutj sure.-,
burns, coug'is, ?ore lun^s, the most desperate pile?, and
rheuntausui ufnli kinds It will prevc?t the too'thacke,
restore torpid end peruhed limb.i, frozen I nibs; *tiff
joiiits, numbiics^, A'.-. and can be depended upon to qaiet
pain and rcliove soreness in all cases;
This t*!*ul.!-.!M,;,!j rine bi- been very extensively used
for the |a>t:tcu years j^wbile its increasiag demand, .ilia
uiiivCr al satisfaction it !i<e srivtnj and tbe test many bf.'s
militituda driudividuals of the ::r>t standing in the co:a
mutiity, who have tested ami infallibly proved it- ?tfie-ey,
bow> tliatit needs ou!> to be :eed to prove its iavxlunble
.'!:.?. in iced, sll ?v!io have ever tried the Balsam
,.r .?. ? it so his lily t^.,t they wfll i ot be imlueed) u.idT jny
onsidcratianv tbdd wiihoutiL Thi. BaLam has nttrac
ted ikcattrntiOb of men of sciecce, and phy^i.riou^ and
s?rgu?ns oi ti.. greatest -c.eot fa: acipiirements give it
their: i.i.-i ;i] approbation.: w hile msny of ta> in. in
different ctions ot the U'uited St itej now 't in their
practice, and have aiilborizid the publication of their
. ertir'ra:?.
.*.n 1 now; t., ?:!! person's who are afflicted wilV any dis
ease hk- the ?li?ve named this Hdsam i? caniideotly re- i
tiomniended^ for parifyihg th- springs and ehaunela of
bfe, and restoring tliem to their natural toce nrrd vigor.
Hun Ire i. of persons whose declihiug health ha- brought f
ihi si to the very ".erire of an untimely irravj, have been
rescued, and permanently restored to the eaj'jyment of
health, without which the. blessing'! of life !.,,e half their ]
charms, a.:.', even | ;.- itself see nis bat a part a! ble-sing.
Purchasers ?botili acquire far the true article by u-intr
the ?hole na e? Chees;? ma.-s's Arabian Bu j-.m. and -?e
thai it has my narse written in my own haa !-writing .
across tbrprinted directives, on the wrapper of every
i:. chee>emax.
?-- '?! it wholesale and retail by \ B. .v D. Sands Drusr
Nb.TPand It"1 Fnltoo street. Sold abb, bv Ahm.
?.Sands ? f.., No sr.l Broadway Granite Buildings,
coi;n?r of Chambers-street; David Sand, i Co.. N?. 77
East Broadway, ?mir of Market-street; aud sold by
V 'tbe*ari - geoeraUj throuehout the city aid ..nuatry.
Price $1. I iree size ; y> cent* 'mail -ize. jl Im
- Cure iu tar-e minutes.-?The ap
I ti a of this remi -'.v in every
instance proved eff? tual in alle; in
ting the .? uii. and taakia^ a perma?
nent are. Wiih?lit th.; le.at inju.r V 10
th* other teeth. la uate and smell
i 7~j~-, ?r" agreeable, and it will also
J /'' relieve the pain in the gums occa
ced by cold or ipdimmation, n-hen the teeth are not
\ .i iITwill ettahiisb fact; Sold bv a. b
?'- Co - Broadway ,. | Chambers -t Granite
-"? -V !!- * D.Sands. 1> Kclt.su and 77 East
-":?*"*"??-_ii-24 Im \
Li Anti-BBious Pill-have core than f-rty sears maia
aised.aar nnexampled r<7ora!?;,a ,jr ^ rrlief ^
>: u M ^1 Li.ver- As a Family Medicine
they are unnvaned. The immense number of counter
eiu continually uppeartag at the South is a coovincinff
prool ot iaeir popularity, ?ue or two is a full dose for an
dult. f'nee cents a box. Toe oniv aeency m thia
in tor the saleo< this Jredicine is eitsblisaed at H3 Ca- j
ai street, tear Vanck. j3 1
L LaCKA WANNA PRICES.-Re*l Peach Orchard
Red Ask. larce Nut Coal, doubly screened .cd delivered
lo anv part of the city, fr?e of caitagei at.>? ?
Broken, or Eg?.$S 30 |Uhtgh.t^ JO
Screened Liverpool.c?.V-V ',"t*A W
Apply at Yard; 50-1 Washington ;?E?*car SpriBg^?tt53m
PO?17COAL.-Tlie very beat quality Peach
V ' Urchard Red Aifa Coal, fur family use, well screened
aaddelivered ib any part of the city at the yard corner oi
Grseuwich and Christcpher ?tre-eu.
Egr and brokcu.
Stove................ ' _' .
d.v> 15f _J.Vg^Ft^RGrj?ON.
Done In the neatest manner, chaapty and expeditloasly
Af T?t? 0?KtCE or THK ?W world. 30 *.vm STREET,
Apply to the Pubhsherjaf the New World. _ *u0,i^
No 12S Fulton-?t.'founh_itoryl New-York.
Attorneys, Solicitors and Connsellyr*.
omceN,Sl.*. (^w-Y-rk.^-^?
1 S WIA KTB RhllfrtOEJi AW I> O J EB
ISHOES?50?0 pair Lanes and Gents Figured Rubber,
l.a.ties ami Cents' Plain RubCtr.
Moleskin Over Shoes.
Ladies' Sheet Rubber do.
Geata>' do do.
do Cloth do. handsome.
Lndiea s Velvet Tep do.
do Furred Grecians.
7^ American Mackintosh Coats aod Capes.
3n ttft Preservers and Life Jacket.-.
50 India Rubber Beds and Piilows.
iOOO lbs Ind.- Rubber Bottles.
Griffith's Patent Cotton Floaters.
Machine Baud.nr. ?Ii widths.
Together vitb a general assortment *l fnaia Rubber
Goods; For sale at 426 Maiden laae. HORAt E iL DA^,
d-i'J ?-'?? Successor to Roxbury lo.ua Rubber Co.
, . ff" \TE !??'! or other securities will be ta
? Uen iu exchange for a Hou?e and Garden; or proper?
ty to ihe amount of $:i 000, near Yprkvtlle The property
i? unincumbered. and all assessments paid. Apply to >
E Stilwell ut the Uahed States Marshal's office. Park,
from 9 to 3 o'clock; J
L E G A L.
; ?-'.st
10. u p*ir:
1200 do
VEW.-YiT.o. SUVftEMj COCRT.-l ;.. ? herof*.
?policatioi ol . Msyoe. t d? .... tiy ,
the City ol N.u-Y- k. rei ?e -, ? : v '1 , ' '
.tree' ft 6m Abi T- In i?r .?? i ihr Rast tuf, n.the ?fat.
teenib vs.rd of said Ci y. I 1: wt- .. it mayr, noern ?
Ik is hereby pif*n. 'h I .i p> ' ' ? w: bs ;. "??-,>.! j, ' *~
honorable Justice?of the Scpn-mi C art : t . v.. f.
People 11 t>e Statt of N-w YoiSr, it the capi oli , c
Albany i n the ru?t Tues?ry F.brcary tt t. ?
of the'Court n that day or as soca th-i?-i ?-? ? . i .
be beard by Jan * B.-ormiti of the City i.V. \ JJ
t .rthtnc right title and cliiniot th. prt . .-.
on* ti>ou?at>d dollars heretofore <-?uniit?-,i ??Tt auusea ifa.
Couimksiooersoi K-nucate s:.?l A?<.?'iti< nt aprHX>.>,j il
^ k rr eiitiiled u:.it!frt,..oM!<-r;ur;kcowiit' ana M the li^ns^
diunsge I the ?sid unki?wn'?w-hersby and in .-...-.M-cott,^ c,
ylinrjuuhiac the i'.irtf ?t of the ?iiJ unknowncwm n in a piece
parcel of Und -rqr.iretl for the puryo.-r of oaeolsig Thirtj.
iecood ilrt?t ;a the .\.>i City w'.j >:t-*!.i~d u thi report of the
...i,; Ccmm wi< i er?, t- follows.via: "Altthai cefiamlocpiec?
^ pareelofifrOond situate, lytcif snd b?-i?c in th^ t*te <$,x.
..? in Ward ef the-said city,and bounded sndcontaining*|
follows, to wil?bejinning it the northwestwly corr.^t ?f tb?
Elshth svenae, m esuWUhed by law, <rc Thiity^eeoad itrsrt
n ih?- <jtrf wi?ti> be-bpen'eti; ^nit niniitngiheDceaorttrtieu?,.
.? il ng t ? aortheailerly line or side vf Thiny Mc?nd street
.s the ?via* wa? to be opened hundred t?et U IheioeuV.
easti rly line jr <icV of und orJamei Boorman; tbo ce
westerly ? ? .? the ?? uthca??erly lire cr iide of the -aid land of
lliesaid lames Boorman, thirty feet, to 1 Ii e c,?wg ihrr?vh
ibecenUf >l Phii v--.. nd street, at th* tame was i -? :nf?fJ.
thence ? ulheasterly the ? ? i-1 line drawn thioufh th^r^
ire of Thiriy^econd orr?-t, 11 he nme was t.> hr > ricued jbix;
. i? hundred fert I ih< northwesterly line or side of the Eithth
.ssr.nc -.5 established by hw, ju>1 running lher.ee northeaiterh
thnc I he said r...rtriu e.tctlv linear lideofsaJd Eichih ???su?,
i? established ;v isw, thirty feet t.. the place oi ???iri.ir.icf.?
.v.-.il notice H lur :-.-;: given ih.it on presenting the imj p<uiioa
?# afbntjai.l, thesji-i >ustice?will he moved that ihe prsTerot
ir.e ?tti< b. irranted u d For i rub r . -Jet oi the said Coaai
.: ,. ing the Clerk ; taid | i*rt r'?idin? i- the Ctly of N??
Y->'k, lo pay >.ver to ihe ?i.i petitioner or to his attcraey.oM
,aiJ sum of om ihoiwand doliarj above-uaVntloncd .: c the j,.
crease then r; IFanv, u:d for such further or .thrr&rCsru
tu the .-i<i C nit sh dl *e> :u ;n*? t *i>2 pr ipn.
Dited Dkembei 3d. 1S?I.
iiS tlwd .!. W W ilKKI.Ko. \ ' v ! P,ti;, s,r.
iiliS \V*U?? 8< Si, Sweep Snteltei aed ?a
na. r in general, No. IT J,.hu street. New.York.
Purchaser of Jeweler's and Sih-rsunth's Polishing*,
Piunicin?>, I .' Parting Bir?. i oarsc Sitfci
i ace, Gilt and piatou Metals, Bookbinder's Rs.*n. A.c. icj
??S |v _
s so.y?S?<>?,! l'B??.N 5lOI.i,FK?4, of the~bcet
* niato:ial< and quality, and of all sizes, cast <.t the Of
ficu of the New W.,r!.!.:?i Ann ?u Inquire of Mr. i. W.
RTCFfARDS i.. iu I'.... )t,1.1iM.liwi.Mi.i? .icil \(
Custom House, 21m December, Isll. EDWARD < I R 11*. (...Hector.
marks -?Nl> NUMBER*.
\}inl 18 B A or B Avuiar.
Oct. 2* I William Thomsu
i :ti>.
f ICK v.^.s.
oue p:n L age
one box......
% Etseha'.
Sbip Tun .uiy.
; " < irpheus .
30l Joseph Barker.
IPIV iu a diamond I n
19 S S 14'5. 145.
Ittj " ht.
2c VV F ?.
?j- P F 19.
IIIF46, 48.
Ill " I..
oue box..
fn ?? c.i-Us.
tu o casks..
one ens.....
one ca.- k ...
one hbd..
one barrel
two casks..
one kea ...
Moni polier.
j Knmburgh
: Liverpool
' \'ecuttle
! Liverpool
I A Moore for M Nichols.Pa?ol
IS40. i
April 13 H C K.
13 Miss Auua G (iilb.-rt
N Mis Bdll?gh 1.
?2;!^ir John Vaugh
?23 J F.
?* 2S|No ni irk.
30 H II N.-u Yck.
?i Mr W A Iluliock.
M ly 2 F B iu a trianfflo Y under. .
Ii P with E under
" lioiitli America,
itriu' l-abella.
care of Thos D R>au
Long I ? laud ? -
" Angelique -
Barque Euphrosioo
ship Cougrexs.
itar'pie Atlant c.
Steumer GreatWoat* ri
British 0 leeo
'? 23
August 1
.. . one hhd ...
_two bun.lies ..... j
_one ban el.j
...lone package
... one hhd ...
.. one suck....
... one package
... lone package
.. .0=0 box ...,
.'one Inlo_
6lP with C uud.r Xover.onepuckage ?--?! " "
- John Bide or Roche Brothers.I???? lr"?k.j's|"P Rochester.
1- No mark.P?? l,arc?!'P'r
\i Samuel Thompson.'.oue chest.bhip Umtud Slat
1 T O Parker.'..one box.|uurqiie Bevis...
I: X in a diamoud r.?:J.? case .'.
3 Sor DrPablo Duuny, Repetad. I"1"' box ..
'.i Mrs .Mullen. Broadway.
11 E P C La IS:.
12 F H N 1.2.
12 ibijah Fay, E^q.. care ?f Olyphaut vV Co.
1? K iu a diamond loa Id.
lrlJohu Oruiiiinoiid.
2"i|H H connected 10.
25|C 1 a 3.
V U 1 a 5.
C T with a under G.
Rev W A Hal lock.
Mies Harriet Wilhams.
St Crow
' Bordeaux
' V tlpartii'u
Bl < men
one box ._
eighteen cash
iwo casks.
one ense.
four barrels
oue box.
one case.
iline cases ..
eight boxes..
oue basket ..
one parcel_
oue trunk ?
oue box.,
one box
one box
Mis Lydia Poaslee, care of Hickock & Pome
Joku Miller. Broad-sireot.
rhdmas Burr, euro Robt Mumby.|o?e box .. .r
M in a triauple 1. 2.
-'or Dr Ju^e Valliant, unre John Wallis
SpolTord iV Tileiitou.
Loir Cabi?.
No mark.
|two casks
one box .. ^.
one box.
ton small hexes..
one box.
two chosts.
i.ne ^imrter box..
."ship Iowa.
Brig Maria.
'?hip Patrick Henry.
?? Henry Allen . . .
" Yaxoo .
?' Lehigb.
Brig Emeline.
Ship Romulus.
?? Howurd.
" Frank lilt.
" llellrsj.ont . .
" President ... .
" Frankfort.I Liverpool
Brig < ?eii. Marion ... Kiujgstoa
: Liverpool
? 'l in .l.iuciro
. s*t JugodoCuhi
Lit er pool
Liver poul
Rotter, am
Casper Hausor.. Matanzas
J .in- Hadduw.
Ship Toronto
Cristbv.il Colon ? ? I iIrvmij
Schooner Comet..Kay Weit
P V Ac W iu u block. ?"? packagi
20 Rev Mr Hellock.!""? case.
"s'o murk...
basket .'Ship Siddons.
B irque Ui.pid.IHavana
Brijf Armaaillu.(Antwerp
No mark. ">* cask*
Dr aiartin. one box
mark defaced.-.I?nw cn^
W II in a diamoud.
BAKE connected 1139.
P with E C over and C under I.
10| Joseph S Johneon.
^'o mark.
J C P with N Y under .
No mark.
.Itwelve kogs.
Ione box .
one box .
...one box.
. i'.ue half box....
. one case.
. liLy-i igbt grind .
I -tonen.
I'lillod Wax. .:.eighteen barrels.
Iii ?? . "im half barrel, .
2 H R S2.81; *B. three bags.
i* J E with J'iC connected under 1.one case.
6 B IUI. one case.
t| s W Benedict. one box.
P I'Vconnected I) LiO a N4._i.onekeit_
I? Daiii.Guna care Rev A Mailuy. one cask.
I3IH M connoctod and P 3. . oue box
H.jjTfi.t5. twoca?ea.
23 8 R Browne, Esq.'. one trunk.
iMi.N'.t mirk (containing a Ha/p). one case.
' i p U4\).
31 David Sterling care W Smith.looo box
f. Messrs Peacock .t Fowler.one ke?
iAJr Carrel., me keq
(Jiieu.! Havr
Brig Helme. jFc> pt
ship Silvie de (iruss?... j Havre
'? Great Britain_ "
Barque Cragevau _;Dundee
B'ift Hope.jR>.it. rdsni
Bh:p Mediator. London
Schooner Ermine ... NassBU,NP.
Ship Norms. Havana
.uie case..
one r j?i!.
hip Burgundy .; Havre
Barque Le Grange. Marsftillcs
I Ship Phila-'olphi i.... Londoa
" Du. Ii D'< Orleans ; Havre
'? New York . , Grei nock
Barque Pabll. nnmbiirgh
Brig-Tarn O'Shantor:. CurHcon
Steamer President.... Liverpool
Mup North America. "
\ Jlo de Lyon ,.: Kavra
Ontario. Lomtoh
in K B 1
11 iLiudloy Murray Moore
1 I M:ithii.s Briien.
12 P n 'jo.
14 Rev Thoiiia- McCrle..
14 L C with C under. ||
14 C in a diamond M outside
lo Mrs Woulfe, (Charleston)
16 GO.
341N D 1.
96 Or J C Johnson.
?jt Williaia Fleming.
-? C Blatch.St Johns, N B..
9 VV D J.
w P NT I.:
one case....
one box
ne parctI..
'mo cu.e....
lie parrel .
*'flllV box.
" Baltimore ....... Havre
" Westminstai ...^(London
" Torocto....I "
" Howard_
" Shfitisld....
Barque Navariuo
Liverp m i
j Uori.'cHiix
twenty boxes_
me case.LSbip Baltimore. [Havre
one box.? Hru' Franklin . .Rotterdam
|'>no ca?e .'sb.j, Illinois. Ilsvre
..IStoair.er British Queen[LondoH
.. " <.'.-eat W.-ster;. Bristol
one ( .--' j. .
. one box ..
j.nil Caie. .
one trunk,
'....e box.-.
3d J A Ackley, 150 Nass&u-streei.
J?i.y 5 M iu a diamond R outtsde 31 ..
15 SfrJawar.
u.e package ..
no cn.-.e
mi box
one ca.?
15 F A A 1 a 6.?ixbalf pipes..
IGjF F 'IS .tone case.
l6jJonathan Amory. oue case
11> J A B.1 ion case.
19 VV it C 1,3, 5 ?. hhree cas-? ..
SOlAnchor M A: S I5Q, |",l. |two rU<.
2?'fe I. .*.
25 Walter Buchauan, Oneida no, NY.
?J', No Jlu-k..
27 S-p. De Bej?i:i-.
3 C M. ....
20 F S II I.
'*.,*.\\'| three bundles
24 Josr-j.h \em. two trucks
27 A E Wright, FuUon s.t, N Y.' ; ;ne rase
30 Messrs Bro?u.l wo cai-e?
2 N 4:!. .;.,w<, \,.,\0_
Barque Ann Louise
Brig Firm.
-hip (irry "i aft
? Vera Cruz
.... Rio Janeiro
.: I eghoru
'? Stephen Whitney Liverpool
?? Robert Fullen .'.!
e.!iri|u- Diana. Bremen
?Sup Silvio s\. Gnu jo. J Havre
?' Niantic.| Can ton
ne basket ..
ne barrel; . .
no b-trr.-!
me box. [Ship VVellii ffl in
'? Wellington
Barque Charlotte ...
Brig Louisa.
Bai .pie Tiberius? .
> London
j Bremen
Mnr.. ill,
>ne box
Lo u ton
Hellespont ...... Haven 1
Ontario. Lot. !ou
6 s over M diamond '??, 9.
10 VV S with P under..V.... ... . . ..
IZ J.;hu Livingston.
If. K in a diamond.
IG R it Co in 3 trianple, 447 , 44?, 451 a 453
211 VV K P in a block 4 In. 4r^>..'
20 El* Long, Washington. N C.!..*"
'an Ta>lor A: Morrili.
23 A:C 1,2.
24 L.
27 No mark. . .
2e| Thomas f.'hamherlain.*"[
Thos Larue for Tho< White.
j <ne ca-a.
j >i.e bundle trees
1 - -lie box.
oh? cai k.
I hve casks..
II wo casks .
j ix barrels.
? one kfg.
i t~o caaes.
one barrel.
four wagen ?h<i
! 'ine ca.-e.
me cn.?e.
. 1 '? Baltimore. Ffarre
. j '? Toropto.; Loud -n
; ?? Siddous. Liverpool
. SteaniQr British Queen London
'Snip S ddons.Liverpool
.! '? Cambridge. "
I " Westminster,... London
j " Cambridge.Liverpool
i " Whitmore. Bordeaux
1 " Si. James. London
j Rr ig Pandora. Laguira
Steamer lireat Weaierr. Bristol
28 Mrs L H Thorakill....*J ,ne Cluii.
SsjJamea Hudson. " .one box*"
MaKKJ v.NfJ MLM UK as.
Sept 1-. F in a diamond,51 a 53_
is ? ?? i;3...;;*;.*!*;
26 Blank diamond, circle- cn the corners'
28 PF 11.
lihree ca^ks.
!i *o cages'...
11. ve case*...
me bar rei..
me brrrel...
one barrel...
one cask....
.1 Ship Georgians_..
'? Nicholas Biddle.
.{ " Whig.
?' Empire-...
ucl 3 PP. *ith L under.'
9 No mark.
184?*- .
Ap.nl WifS^Yr.lone case.j ? Poland.I Havre
Auguetid.W W Audwwa'ii|l,nR Cnt1L" f 0?? ?*> Amerso-.... Liverpool
26 Auarews u.!oi? trunk.Bn? Heimo.(tgypi
- 261SI7.. .-me case.| - .; \\
'? 26 3M ri j.'.uccise.,. y
I 1 j .^necaie.1 .
Feby 20!? Sc F?45..!oae CMe.|?hjp Ville de Lyon....]Havre

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