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City Prison Statistic*.?During the last
?week 'JO ?hi:e males, J5 females, 17 black males
and 10 females, in all 156, were committed t"
prison; #5 white males, 20 female?. 22 black
males, and 15 females, in all 152, have been dis?
charged?leaving .05 w hite males, 16 females, 22
Mack males, and 10 females, in all 103, ?tili in
r>r::.on. 1 black female haying absconded.
Cheat Boarding.?The Philadelphia North
American says that an organization ol beggars in
a street uf that city recently existed ior the pur?
pose of supplying a cheap boarding house with pro
visiwns. These caterers for tho table received th^ir
nay in whisky. By this economical mode of mar?
keting the landlord bus acquired a handsome for
rXy*' The Old Maid in the Winding Sheet.' by
Hawthorne, credited by many papers to A retu?
rns, in which it appeared in January, was written
-pveral years since for the American Monthly
Magazine, and was published in The New-Yorker
some three years ago. 'We prize Arctu rus toe
highly' to >idd to 'its bright chaplet o f laurels a
single leaf that does not belong to it.
KFCadwallader A. Blanchard, Teller of the
City Bnnk, Boston, was on Friday arrested on a
chart:? ?f embezzling $19 000 of the funds of thai
Bank. It seems tie bad loaned so much on checks
to B. H. Odiorne, the defaulting Teller of the Ea?
gle Bank. Both are how in custody.
CCr" Lewis Campbell was tried in Boston on
Fnduyfqr having iisf.ue an u.-.sauit upon a Mr.
Matey with a smothering bag, with un intent to
rob. It was decided that a smothering bug could
i.oi be caii> d a dangerous weapon, bet the prisoner
was foutid guilty:
[Cf' E. W. Bennett, at New-Orleans, ua_> kiilrd
on the 4th., bv falling from a loft in his store. O ?
the same day a hoy. eight yeurs old, wj> killed bv
a plunk which lei: on lum, and the body of a fisher?
man named A Libert was found in u skirl' in j,::ke
[Cf A young man named Tiios. Moore, un otTice:
in the Mechanics' Saving Institution at Louisville,
Ky., died of hydrophobia on the Uta. Hu hud
beul) ii.aiiicd about live weeks, and v. a* bitten tin
night aller hin marriage.
Ii?e Ciii7.cn? oi Osv.ego opposed t" the Re?
peal of the Bankrupt Law field a great meeting on
the ll th. Almost all of both paiiies piitticipatcd;
lion. Ab in Bronson presided
LC? i he Philadelphia North American publishes
an extract of a letter.from Mr. Cro .-, Wee Consul
at Mutanzas, announcing hi? liboruti m a ter a
confinement of twenty-one woe Its
H-?J An aifruy look piuce ovei u whisky bottle, at
Washington, leim, on tlie 2?th alt., ivtiich one
Peterson was killed by a stone th.ovwi b; a man
named he.in, who acted m ?elf defence.
iCr' A butclier naucd Downs ha- been arrested
in Now-Hu;en for forgery. It id a great pity thai
New-Ymk cuniiot be allowed to monopolize this I
trentlcruanlv and fashionable crime.
DCj3 t hree of the murderers of Mi. Hastings
imd bis family in Somerset Co, Md.. have been |
rrP There wtn thirteen feet of water in the
Ohio i.i t'ittsburg on the 12th, and tie- river was j
?tili rising.
DCf' David Lacy, keeper of Washington Bridge, j
near New-Haven, Ct., is believed to have been !
dtowned on Thursday last.
IC/3 An unfinished two story brick building was 1
burned at Baltimore on Friday morning. It was j
insured for .*10U0.
03" A Mr. Babbitt of Pinckncy, Lewis county,
was killed on tho 7th. by a tree falling upon him;
Despatches for Mexico?Fayettcville North
Corolininn of Saturday, says;?" Mr. Duncan K.
MacRae, ot this town, has been appointed by the
President j bearer ol despatches to the American
Minister, at Mexico, containing instructions, &c.,
in relations to the American prisoners taken at
Santa Fe by the Mexicans..
XZT A statement laving pone the round?ef the papers .
that several soldiers had buen killed iu Floi idu by the
burKUUg of Coil's lirpenlinfj Carbine, en the return fiobl
a recent scouting oxpeditioo, wo unvn boon permitted to
make lha following extract of a letter from tie* Command
er of that expedition upon his l?turti, "Inch contradicts
tlii) story :
Florida Exi'EOITion, ~i
Flirt at Indian Kev, v.
Nov. 25, I Sit. ,S
With tho triul ill hs tar, the Carbines have succeeded to
my BBtii f.cliou ; after being louded for twenty days in
boat rervice,exposed to nil kiudsof weather, nut sii? of
them foiled i<> ? xpb'de when tried.
Respectfully, &c, JOHN McLAUGllLIN,
Lieut. ConimandT Expedition.
To Mr. SaML. Colt, City Hotel, New-Yoik.
For The Tribune.
Thk Howard II cm ft.? 1: i.i a common eom;?!niut of the
Visiting Committees of the rariou> benevoleut societies,
that the means and clothing lavished in certain quarters
of the Sixth Ward, arc thrown away. The wholeatmos?
phereseems filled with vice and misery, and honesty,
when placed there, soon becomes corrupted and dies. A
Sreat reftviu is now going on there. The Tempciuuce
trscieties are exploring tho repulsive aud unwbolosbmo
dwellings that enfold sad hide tho ?liefest eufleriag and
lowest degradation tho human mind cko fancy .and persuad?
ing tho wrotched inmates to return in reason and decen?
cy. Many families more unfortunate than criminal, have
been drivcu by want to take refuge in tho gan eis bhJ eel
lar* of this outlawed region, and o?:ce there it requires
more than ordinary etTori to r?-cue them from certain
destruction. Every thing around them urges them to
vice?nothing invites to virtue. The neighbor who cannot
and will Lot offer tham a morsel of bread, will briag in a
broken tea-cup a share of the rum he has pledged hi- last
coat to buy. We have seen a sick widow tyiu-j iu the
same bed with her sick child, in a dark, damp col'ar, re?
fused a piece of bread because she would not suf?
fer hnr fever-urickr.ti babe to drink rum ami water " to
strengthen it.'* when it was propo>ed by a fellow lodger?
herself a widow- and c mother.
To remove somo really deserving, but destitute f?tnilie.
from this ar<M of sia and death, the ladies connected with
tire Olive Plant have taken a house in Nineteenth street,
'near Sixth Avenue, in -vhich they propose to locate per?
manently, aud pve employment to twenty poor families.
Mi?-t of the.*e are widows with children, who, by being
thus removed from the contagion of bad example, will
be tramed to usefulness aud virtue instead of ignorance
anil vice.
The Howard Horns will be placed uuder the <uerr
vision of tho Lady Howard aud Chelsea Temperance So !
ciy.Kud only await* a litile pecuuiaiy hid te receive and
rendtr c< ?afortabie one hundred souls Some families
are already there. Douatiou* for tho Howard Home will
be received at 9 Spruce street, (office of the Olive Plant.) ;
or at Temperauce Hall, No. -tt Sixth Avenue. A lew in?
dividuals, knowing tlia peculiar necessity for immediate
action, have assamed the responsibility trusting that a
Christian and humane public would sustain ihotn hi this
attempt to rescue twenty families from moral death. Let
not their trust be vain. Let tlioso who sesk the blrsstug
cf abuudaneo from the Diviae bounty, impart .?>om?what
to th^ir nrrlictcd fellow bom?. NINA.
LAWYER'S DIARY.... January i7. 1542.
CiBcotT Court, Tuts t)*v?^ 110,123, 136, 72,7:1 139,
57,137,142, M3, 1 -its'. 113. 149. fi3 21. a?'. 13r. 78,140.
Svrr.iuoK Court; This Day.?99,73,74.45, 114. 115,
HO, 117. ii?. 119,120, 121, 132, 123, 125, 12? to \M, 136
to 141.
Comm?.v Pleas Court. This Day? Part 1st. m*cts at
lOociock? 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 15, 17, li>, 301?, 21, 23, 55.
Part ?J, sheets at 4 o'clock?2, 4, 6, W4, S, 10, 13, 14. 30?.
Uaaunou Pleas Term commences.
Citn JnUUujcnci.
Reported for the New-York Tribune.
Satcrday. January 15.
; Disorderly Conduct and Larceny.?On Friday Bight
I a girl named Hannah Johnson was taken out of the Chat
bam Theatre by Officer Alexander Parker for drunkenness
and disorderly conduct, and lodged ia the *? atcb-aouje.
; On Satarday morning, on being brought before tiie Police.
j she was identified as the girl who had besn engaged in
uuraicg at the house of Mr. John Green; ."so 4} Charles
street, -n.t who left there on Friday ruornicg, uf.cr steal?
ing dress* s, a vest-, cloak, bonnet, a: d otner article?, woria
$.0-1. A> part of the fl?te?-, or- perty was found on her
porsoft, fho >*;e> committed to prison to answer.
Infamous Octrags.?A soldier of lite garrison at For:
Lafayette, Darned Patrick Hyuca, was am sted by order
of the commanding officer; ari't .-eat 10 tins city in the eu?
logy Of a Police Officer, charged ? ith ba\ icg forcitly at
: tempted 10 violate the person oi a iitils g^rl named Dorado
1- years old , daughter of Jj;:u Ni ai, also a soldi r of
garrison, in wni-.b infamous act he w-,- e*ugat by ihe
the faiber Of the child and two other iold.crs. In default
of $1< b> bji! He whs committed t" jn-on to answer.
TnsFTsl?Solomon Gbuigal was o? c-turriay arrested
and committed to prison tor steaiii g a tii?. bonnet worm
$4, (run Miss Cornelia Manning. .*so. 533 Bowery.
John K^alinf w^h srres,i< i ?ad sett to prison for steal
j inr a ci-riii c.-p, worth >'-', from the t'.v;c of Jolu Me-n;..
j No. lUi WisLisgton-strtel.
Robbing ? '.ii unev Draw tk.- Oa Saturday morning,
, cue ol liic itinerant uewej aper venders, nsnirti Timothy?
McCari;.. iu the brie' ?ltsccc? i i a- o\'w,t room of .Mr. 11
, G. Daggers; ih. clerk, stole $15 from the money draw< r
"f trie ? New Woilu ' ofTc, iu Auu .street; but, od".),-?;
j could escape from the '.tii.:" ?a? detected and arrested;
dropping U.e moaey on the rl >or, r. iiirii wes recovered-?
j lie ebn-ueted by Mr. i)-?%cu ty the P. bee o:!:e
and committed to prison for tri d.
Sunday-, Jan. 16.
Stealing a Cloak.?William Fitajdambasiiad R? b :t
Mitchell wuearretied to-dHy ? Ifi'cai W.H Ste^he^s
ai ii fully committed tb prison for stealing a ctoek, * oish
$20; from Mr. Charles LT. Denman, of No ii Mull ? rry si
S s tv a d* t, Jar u a ry 1'
Death fkom Exposure.?The Coroner .n Saturr*uy
held -n iii')H'*-i at th ? nous-.- of Mr-. A.ie-- Carina, No. IT
Franklin-street, on the body of hrr eon, crir.n Carsou.
ared 16. n native of Ireland; The decearcd left hi
n-. 'iber'o bouse tome four ??r fivoweck* ?ince. and en
gr.gcd iu vending sad hawking n^i-papers about the
.?tree:s, refusing to return tb bis mother's donated, lodging
iu a dirty rellsr in Ann it.-'et. a- d th r" drinkTo2 to ex
r.'ss. On Fti:lky afternoon he was foun i lying, inr-enli
ble iiiid exposed,ou ilm irou graie of a store in Nr:?
street; Miid^beiiig reoiuyod into thi black?mitherj ?.;
Mullen, expired aeiure a pbysi< ian could reach r.u:i. i'r-.
Tiioinpaou aud'TempkiKs examined the body; hud the
jury found a rertlici r?f ilerth from cxpi sure and gulur
Dfath by Burninc ? Mso a! N-i 4?7 fsreer?wjch-iirces,
on the bo !y i: ii '>'? cam' ! Juhn; aged -2'- ycar??, the.
ciuli! of John and S -r.iil Sharp v. b,, c>::ie to its u' -.'till
its clotlies uking-fire a'.?-ut noou on Friday during tlt??
temporary absence of"the mother, who ha-i ?tepped out
lor about 'en miiir.t. e on an >:mn .. The chil i t. n up on
a chair a-''???k a b x i f ioco-fo rs ;? c ics i:) the nian
ile piece. Mhicb be Wa? playing with, r?h"n ?-' iu ? of their
ignited and set fire lo his clothes,: burning hi< , erson to
,-uch <:xie.ii that ii*' it.-.-'i uboutltwuhnursafterward. Vrcr
d;.:?Death by accidental buriiiiti
lrJiATit rao.M Takes Mksenter!ca. -Also at IVo. .'il?
Grecuwich street, a* the house of the f-?ther, Mrs; Lu/.;?
Oalloy^- oiLihe body of h?t infam smkui:, aged ?bout U
mouths. The eh;!! had br.en sii : ; s ;ii ? tlitj a pa-l with
the wlioopiinr courh, nud died ishdrioi j iu: l-'rid?v RighL
V. r 'ict?Died of Tab i? Mes^nieri ???
'? katm prom ^st. of i he Luncs Also a i No. .'"0
Lewjs-ftreet, in ihe rear; on the Vody ofa colored iroman
named Jane, aged .'tj , ears, -? ii" u. d been coulihed to her
roum by sickners for tho last t-o uipulhs,) the wife af
Henry Rickets. Shedied ou Saturday mo uiitg, without
haviug culled in ihe uid <d*h physician. Verdict1?Died of
disease of the lungs.
Sunday, Jan lri
Dkath from Congestion* of the Rrain?The Coroner
held hu inquest a1trhe Almshotise in the Park on Den?
nis O'Connor, bom in Ireland, who fell iuto tli- North
Kiv?r, ut tho foot of Chambers-street, oh Friday night,
about 11 o'clock The deceased wu- employed to put
s.'irii) barrels on board the tow-b?ht Orlaan?, lyicr at the
dock, mid , being somewhat in liquor, ho fell overboard';
but was soon got out of the water; tnkrii to a bouse, but
could not be ri suscitated, and died on Saturday morning;
about 4 o'clock. Verdict?Died of congestion of the
brain, produced byaccidentally falling into the river at
the font of Chambers-street.
eighth ward henry Clay club
An adjourned meeting of the Henry Clay Club of the Sth
Ward will ! f.- heb! ai tho ?loward House To morrow Eve?
ning, Jan. I.~, at 7{ o'clock, for.the purpose ofhearing the
report of the Committee appointed to prepare a Cousiitu
rion for the Governmeui > f the Club, i he friends nf
Henry Clay and the Whig Electors of ihr Ward ;-.re re?
quested to bu prcscut.
0\A\m WHITE, ? ' ommiucc'
C f alnnirsniiy.?Dear .^ih? a few months ;ir*o rm
tbirg but a miracle could jociii to reach m> case, a::d if 1
w;re to loll llie truth I should not expect to be .believe J,
but I will if-11 a^ much us 1 ihii k the public will ? rssibly
I know, fir that tho prejudices of tlie public against
specifics are so strong 1 cannot rcasouabh expect if you
should spread my case before them, thai many of them
will even re:id it. much less make an experiment; but you
art at liberty, however, to do it :f i>t your judgement there
are thoje whose prejudices are net too much s^et against
ail patent m*diciuca to prevent them from giving what 1
have to Miy a candid hearing. But, hit or miss, here you
have it.
Last Ji'tic I w?.-? taken with a severe tit of pleurisy,
which left mc with a constant cough and a very free und
offensive expectoration, so much prostrated a> to be con
fined to the house, appetite poor; t.i-tc nearly lost, very
severe night sweats, ?heu lying on my right side I would
siruL'glr nearly to suffocation, a gre.it ..Jure of the time I
was under the necessity to resi an 1 fli <-;, sitting up, ><n
uccouut of pain 'and 'suffocation, I had rt-i".i'ur Le:ui
every day, uutl was rs luccd iu strength and emaciated
much, attended with extteme weak::- .--.-, my feet ami bauds
were aiuchswollen; I raised at least u piutofmatter c\i-ry
day, which was otVec.Mve, sweetish t(- the.taste and very
sickening, I was very chilly sud thirsty in the afiernoou
of each day. Dr. Eddy, of Staten Island, intended me,
aud succeeded in reducing the pleurisy; bat the above
fearful symptoms setting in. he said I;bad the consump?
tion .uid was beyond euro. I ii q tired of him whether he
could render mc any permanent help, wnd bo told me bo
could not. 1 bad heard of the t sts of Rev: Redficld and
\S n!ian:s, of New \'-'tk. ur. ! after availing myself ? f a
knowledge of thct d'ecu of your Carminauua upon tiiem.
aLd a description of the cases ?.im:h ?o clearly .-n forth
my own 1 determined to iry one bottle. After using bait"
af the first bottle, 1 found 1 was gaiuirg a littlesueugth.
and my appetite began t?> increase, by the unie I had used
the whole bottle m) night sweats a:;tl fever had left me
entirely ; ?l'.er 1 (lad used 2j hotti.-* 1 threw off mach
blood, mucus and pus; there must i-uee b-'sc a number of
quart* ; so gre-u wu> the quantity th ii inv frieitds '.nought
ii was impossible 1 could live ..in-r -o uiue'.i k>?.- of blood;
Dr. B.'was immediately called,and thoughtJmusinoi die.
but fror?? this I brc >u to mend r.;: id-y. and I now f- el qaite
slroug and Hble to walk the street- wita little fatigue. 1
cowiuencrd taking this mediciue la^t August au i am still
iiMiig it, r?n'f 1 do >:ucers!y b lieve it will complete a per?
fect cure frem what it has already d ne.
Port Richmond, Stalten Island Dec. 20,1S41.
Iu proof ef the correctness of the above statement', 1
can-refer to Henry Slnte, 32 Factory streot, abd'J.inies
Slatr, of tirfea-* ich stre t, two doors north of Barro?;
on the t\'est sid? of Greeuwich st., N. Y., erto nsyself
Pert Richmond', Stuten t>land.
To D.-. h. C. Thorp. 13 * Greenwich ?ace. N. y. jl5 2?
JO* Xerra. reduced from Ten to
TilRJEK i)-:i,:,AKS.
ACADEMY, itSI BROADWAY, opposite Washington
Mr. GOLDSMITH, the Amariean Unrivalled Peamau.
pledge.-, himself to impart to ttte Ladi s aud Gentlemen
0f >>vr-Yiirk i:nd Brobklya his niucb admired System of
Mercantile Had Epistolary
or return the money at theexpiratjou of die lessons,
Mr. G. ha? obtaiued iho
Ir irsit Preruiuu?
three -uec-tsive vear. for ihe be-l -p Cime? of Off hana
Writing exhibited at ii*e Fairs of ihe American Institute.
Rooms open daring the Daj and Eveaihg.
The Lutes -.?ili meet daily from il to 1 o'clock.
Opinions el the Press.
Mr. Goldsmith ?Judging from what we have seen we
must prououace him to be unrivalled in ihe u:e ol ist
pen. [Bostoii M?rnicg Post
Mr. GoLhsMtTH.?He ii we say auhesiutingly the must
accomplished off-hand Pehmah we h t\e erer s-eu.
[New-York Evening Signal
New York, Ja?. 15, 1332 jtt lw"
XT liOi?t on Friday aft irneon 'lesr th?^ head of Maiden
lane, a small box containing a NECKLACE of Gold and
Topaz. Tae Dudersha'! bs liberally rewarded ou ret-iocing
it to its owner, al No. 3o Astor House. jl" 2*
MOjNE y Ma RtvL i.
8ale? at tho Wtoek ?xchr.nsr. Jon. 13.
MDel.d; Hud.s ?50da ?5 10 Man. Gas Co. 72
fr< d?s.s60d- 85? rO do.b4d 7J
20 do.-..(.f?di g," 51 ao.cn-h 7'
j 50 do. -7 100 Harlem R_cwk -
! 25 do..........?16V?j gfi 50 do.cash ;|
j 175 do.-ca-h SS j .y? do.sI5d ;i
' 50 do.t34s eTj ?I5*> do.u?
j ?0 do.cash cS'j 50 do.?3d gj
j '0 do.i5d.? fe lOO co.cash -j
73 do......c-isis 3fi 200 ..'o.a >k
50 do.4ds r7j|l')0a do.c:sh =j
230 ''o. 86jl 25 do.Luwk -i
7? do.-3J ?7j^:<-0 L. I. Railroad.?3cs 5*2i
50 do.?394 56J j 50 do.Ufc'd 52*
50 do.?3'd 87;- 5?Moha?kR.J. 59
r 150 do.Gd aa.J 5 do.. IS
130 dr-.-tfjd 37 ! Canton Co. ir*
>! ch-.nrj' Hank... K7 75 do.*60d 174
I?? Phoenix Bank. 72 25 do. l?i
l56:J??Udn Bank. ICO'-1--25 do.!^d lit
25 Farm. Trur:..;'3:n ;c{ 1 .'0 do. I'
: 20 d-. 25 j 25 do.cash I?
3'>J N. 0. Ga- &. Bg Ca 7"
150 ll&rh-m k R .s39J? 9 1" nn.! o 92
! 70 do. 9J 2'mi do.J5t- Ot
i W do.?Ida 9f 50 do. -!5 f'i
10 Del <fc Hi:d....b0i) 91
i 'onirncrrinl nn>! *lou?-r ^nitcr?.
.?ii'jrd?y, f itf.
At ih ? boT'! day the trassaciioiwere more cxttn
tiyelhau forsonje dayc past, principally in !>.*' ?.'.
Hudson itid Huric;*:. T** divfd a d paying B.?k 5i< ,.k
were; generally depressed. Kor MaohattajiSi offered,
I 53 asked; Union lu?? (dleTed; 105 asked'; Huti;h?r?* it
Drovers' 92 ?.ff-r-d. 91 asked ; National 90 cri-red. t'-lf
asked; Mechauica' lianking Association 52 offered; 55
?** **d : Airrnc-n Eich .rig-; 60 offered; r-3 a-k'd.
'1 bete is not much change in Domestic Exchange!;?
Biliiarc act pieniy, excepting on Mobile, Ne.w>Orleasi
j ard the -t. W?j i|?c:>::
PUihidclpliia. :<\ a 5 l'??ratoosa.57 a ?
i?tidtiinorc.. 4 :: 4t NewiOrlcsna.94 .? r
|: Vfl?inia. tij ;, ? ."Wrviile ....j5 ;i tti
North Curoiiua.5 a 5.'L-.ui-vii'c.It) 10*
Ckar!rt?ton. 11 a !j St. Louis.?
Savaau&Ji. \i\ a -rj Cincinnati.llj .-.i'^
?UgusU. ;;j a Uliltitrn-r of Ohiov..i3 ?
Columbus.13 a 14|lndtane.W al*
Macon.15 a a?liiinoi.*.13 a'.n
f Mobile.I5f a?jMicljicau..? a _
j Montgomery>... n? j
The money markvt feels s<> j et ab material relief. The
Bunk? have not increased their jiacs of discount to any
extent, and are determined lo pursue a-vcrj- r??irictivu J
policy U>t some time int.
The sain ?,f 5?*:n iStccks r<*^c:sc-i shout $70 0??C: Su?e
Sii--, 1862; told 7,-', 5i?nt7i: lliiuuis Bond?, 19 j, a de?
cline < f i per cent: lndiica Jidhds st 20V, a decline r-{ 11
'flic sales were:
1.000 N. Y. Sixes-, "i*.2 . 7= t 4AM do. ut
l.?flO'N V. 5Jsv l361 .. 74 I 2 ""0 ,)??.".C4?lt.i?14
1,750 CoriBond?, 1844. L'5!' 4.'no .nw 21'" j
?tio? 111; 6s._-M j :< r,?'j ,}?.-j\
3.e0?i do.^:5d It'ji J.m'.ii ,?.,.ca?li t.'l
4,000 do. i!> ! 1.000 do.oij ]
6;fKMi do.sii ? tSjj l.Ot'O tb,.cn-h jn
5%0?<)Indiana 5w..c?sh 22 | 4 00^ .u?
5,OJ>0 do.454sV32 j ;..tajn do ...-Jr.l.-' -Jl
?IroivtinoitN 5 ? vt in-?-^ ? :: Civilization
r|ir:ioj-il it.?O A. BROVVN'SON, Editor of ihr B?stou
U i r K view, will aivc a Course of J"our Eccttires;
i;"Oa Civi"i2jtioit."
Pirs'l Li'CiHri.'?s;A f."-;irr;?l Survey of Civilization, and
thel'fuw i,y which it it-advanced;
S i ?>irl l.eeturo? Modurii Ciy?iitHtioH: it- Eichichts :
tafln? ? ?* oi it- item:; and "hilosujihj m adVtVtYclifK !'..
Thir?l Lecture?ludutfiice of Property on Legislation
und t'oiiiical lit^tittitioiis>.
!'?? ;.:i: Lce.tun?The Part ibis Country b;?- pl8yo?l.ainl
?.siiacd to jday;.in adrnnciug ?iiti Civilizaiiou ?>f tau
. Race
'I !.e I'jrsi Locture wiii be srn-eu on MONDAV eve
NI.m;. J..u. !7. and the secoud un WEDNESDAY JA K.
: NlNli, link, al Lall' past 7 i,'c!oi k
Tim lime on I ;ii^< e of ties Third and rdarlh Lcciurc*. I
*.? ill In* auuouhccd at the cl .se of the Second.
Tickets for the Course ?'Jcsni?; to >??? had at C. S.
PraucisV Bonkst?reT 252 Broadway.; at W. IIa* v an! -,
c'.i llivision-strcet, and ?t the Door, on lk? Ev.mings ol
Lecture Ssiuglc Tickets. Twcutt. riv?: Cent*. jt? 2t*
23" llKecbniiicN' Inatsiitte Lecture, Tin? Eve?
ning; Monday, .lauuui} 17. at ihn riew-Tbrk Societ? Li?
brary, by GILBERT LANG DON HUME, on Electro Ms.*
urtisni. w.i h illustrative eij-erim-isis, c..iiiim' ii incr it ?
o'clock. Tick et-, admitting a laily ami gcullemHU,~2aicts,
to b?j had ?; tli?i ^?><?r. jl7
TT" L'liitoMophtcai ?.<??:lurm at riinioii
XInil.-?Un Frida) eyeuing, the 2li>t inst", at Clintnu
Hall,.at balf-past 7 o'clock, ?ill be given a Free Lecture
ui on Lectures introductory to a Course ?if I.Het?re? rm
br cing ilie ccncral principles of Mecltanics, ilu- Air,
VVuter.Sound, Electricity, Astronomy, Klocuiion; Arcbi
icctere, witii Lectures upon.Courses of Reading, Trades
aud Professions, Language, Female Education, aud the
AiKcrican Scl.Iiua.-ier. ?rli t be i- aiei 'ihat lie shi u !
he. It i>- 'Ics'igiicil to .-liow the practical uses o'" i.-.icntitic
knowledge in a phraseology thai nil may understah i
Family Ticket to the Cour.-c..*5 00
Siiif-ln ?? " .2 00
Ticket admitting a gentleman and two ladies for
the c'-eiiinir. 0 50
Sintrlc Ticket fur tho cveniiip. 0 25
jKl l-.v J n. bellows:
XT P?lai4* Boat!is?A Lectute u;"jii the Unc tistilu
?ouality. of the Emission of Stai; Bonds ami Loans of
Stale Credit, will by invitation of ike Social Reform So?
ciety, be delivered :.t ike Lecture Ro'.m v[ >? New-York
Soi iety Ltbrar) . Broadway, corm^r of Leonard-street, on
Thursday evening, 20th inst, at 7 o'clock, by Francis C.
Treadwell, author of ilic Social Reform Soci ty's Tract,
entitled Slate Bonds," and of the '" Reply to VV?.!..ter"
upon the ? ime subject
Ticket? 25 eeiits each, to be kad hi the office of ihe Eve
nniL' Co?tV.27 Bine street; at VV. Hayward's, r'J liivi.i n
-trcet ; A. M. VVilder's bookstore; 5l Fulton ?u. Brook
Ivn, aud a*, the door ou Ice Iii r? evo: isl>. jl55t
XJ' B. of O. F.?'The >!?*in,.ir*r? of fclut^ri-ri-e
Lodge, Ne. 36 are particularly requested to ba punctual
in their attendance on TUESDAY EVENING; J.niary
the 18th It-1?. as business of importance relative to the
go'-d id* the Order will be piescnted t.? tk" Lodge.
jlT 2C HA \c TAYLOR, Secrotarj-.
XT Nalional I.o?lj;e No. 30 ?. O. of O. F ?
Tho taotnbers of Nalional L?,i)i;e No 39, are requested to
meet at National Mali Tbi? Morning ?t 9 o'clock precisclj',
f>r ihr purpose of attending tke fanerul of I?r. Jam = Md
Keon, from Iiis! tte residence; No. 512 Brbohie-si.
A. 1). WILSON, N. <'??
W'm A.Walters,Secretary. .i'7l:*
0" SylvcHler Si rah a in has just is-ue4 ??The Phi?
losoph) ofSaci .i History, v. nn particularRieftfreiice to
the Authority of the It.bl-s ftir Man's F.stinsr Flesh, Drink?
ing Wine.' ? c. ?c. Thowork is to be completed in four
parts of lf<? 1-ra i. |*ace? cai h. of which th^ first i- before
os (Subscribers-in-'this city will.please call ou Dr. John
Hurdell, Dentist; tlf Chambers -treet, and receive thnr
cojne^ ireo from postage i jle 2t'
JT Ciilti vnior !?Jasi received, a fresh supply of:
the.'isuuary numbor of the 'Cultivator.' A'oo. n supply
of-the pastyosr, at ihs o<?rncr of FjIioii and N.is?au->t.
^J" Price Kt-ducrrt to tsix tints a Cubic
Foot, for removing the coatests ef Sitik; and Cesjii bis,
by ?ii New York Poudrette Company, in .*. manner much
!.?<?* offensive tnau the ordinary modi* of rem >vai?a
pump and hose being used for liquids, and tub- m.h close
covers for solid-. U.-wer- left at ihe otSoe, 129 Na.-sau -t.
ui' stair-, will be i>r'<mpil> a t? c d to
Also; Fertilizing Powders", f?-r il '"ver- and plant .which
will c.?us-' an astohisbicg growth in a short lime, and a
be/iU'ith! deep ere in. j!5 -V."
tjt;itf.d states in miniatttre
vt the 4t.1.tiax,
14 0 Fulton-street and \\ An n-g treet.
rh ..- <?-?>? tho Editor of the Planet:?
?? Free Reading Room.?Without doubtoae of thebe*t
aad oue of the most convenient places in the ciiytoga
ttier the new- of the ?la^ is at ice CIi-cmx KaIiu^' House.
No. tj Ann-ftreet, running through to Fu ton street, At
this .?ei! conducted and popular eKUbli?hment;there Lire
twenty aiarbie tables, with a leading journal ou each
table; representing every State in the Union; thus ett:
aens and strSaecrs have the opportanity of taking ?ieu
c iffee, A'c. and reading the latest paper- from all ?>.ir:.- Ol
'..'* counir.i ou the same table. It strike*: us that this ar
rsHgemeut i> superior to snyttuwt* ever aitempted in tki*
citj .tili?'have no doubt will prove a great feature i
this extensively patrouised house ef refreshment. Uuorr
be uiMnaL'eiu-nt <>f its gentlemanly proprietor;;the i i.
max; we nr please*! to learn, i> rabidly increustns in p
tron ice and popular favor, and we duubt not tvilJ continue
to recei*e its full share of publie support. Si', b in.
a27 '2
XT Children-"* Briek?.-S. ts of blocks ia the
, ,ha;*.* ofbricks; tetter rittea man any thing :!?e to ^trplor,
' ^mu-e. and instruct child ten, from* year -?ud a h.-lftotive
; v.-ars ! f are; and lb relieve tae patience ?*f mothe*-. f? r
sale at the Exchange Lyceum. 34r Bradway; Also Geo?
logical Cab aets,showing the eieiacnts aad struciur? of
l ihe Globe. Cabinets of Mineral?. Shells, and other depart
? m*Lt- of nature, wr.a various art cle.? et >cient'?c -|>."ar
atui in 3l
7 " {'armruK ot ihe fit**st quality, ready
miide?Including Surtouts. Winter Frocks, Cloth
Cloaks; & e . are offered at rcducs.) prices, in view of the
idva ced state of the season, at229 Broadway, cornor o:
:s-. -treet. (American Hetei.)
jli 3'iawis? WM t. JENNINGS.
XT. <ioe?l mLcdicinea.?Every person will scknow- :
I ii gt ^t once; tti.it where there is uecessity for ir.'*ciici oe.
it i? of the ut:n >-t importance to uiut use of an article
ih it will not disappoint tie physician, and by the loss ot
uaie endanger iho life of bis patient; To guard against
disappOintmeoLs md mi.take-, and to obtain GO;jD AN D
GENUINE MEDICINES, put np neatly and carefully at
a reasonable price, cad on DAVID SANDS <t CO.. Apo -
**ei-anesdul C is atatsj 7.' Et,: Br^aJ'iV. coraer Mirke t
ueeu j3 Iui-xkIis
ZJT .TJ?*rcnaliJc Library Association.?
For Prt-ndtnt.
JOHN T. ROLLINS, with Ayrnar <t Co.
For Vice President.
HENRY R. PRALL, with A. T. Stewart a Cc.
F&r Currtrp<<ndir.g Secretary,
C. C. GORDON, with McCurdy, Aldrich A Spencer.
Fcr Rtcurding Secnt-try.
WILLIAM M. PARKS, with Asiencoc Exchange Baak.
Fo~ Treasurer,
ANTHONY H ILSEY, with Tradesmen's Bank.
For Director*.
THOMAS W. FTINCHMAN, with Becar. Benjamin a Co.
WaLPRON B. POT. Jr.. with Coffin a Post
REUBEN BURKHALTER, with Henry Wyckbff A Co.
DANIEL O. HYDE, with Frederick Kc?-trtr"
WM. H. GRENELL. wjth Wood, Johnston'.*. Burriu.
TH0S1 is FREKB?RN, Jr., with G. Frcebbm.
J P. ROBINSON; with E. P. a A. Woodruff
J A POST; Chairman.
Joei 0 Si ?? v.. . jit - is
itlercnatiic lr.ibr?-r? A-*nooiation.?The
ui gul u Nominating ComiuiUee of tae Mercantile Lit>r?rv
Association pr??cat the following Candidate- at the eosa:
mz Election, for tLe various tiy'icea of Uie Institution :
_ President
vYJLUAM CUTTER; with Back of Commerce.
V'ice President
HORATIO N. OTIS, with Sdas Brown A Co.
Cbrrr>pondine Secretary.
' M'LLS MepOCGAEL; with Gould, Germorid Jfc Co.
Recording Secrctarv.
ISA v: !I. BAILEY, with QxiiloM M. Leupp.
I SAMUEL E. SaTTE Rl; EE^wTtb Ketchan^ Rogers A
SILVANUS MILLER, Jr. with rvlfey A Putnam
HENRI G GRIFFEY with J, H A Ibers A Born.
CLARK L.SH IKPSHEEN; ? ith James Pmnu .* Go;
HENB '? Q, SGL?DDEIv; with K & Knapp.
WH LTAJH HfSTO.NS wiih P. B*-ne Av Co.
WILLIAM h. WHITE. - ith George F. Whus.
CHAR! ES M. WH EaTLKY. with lames Ft. Ellimart.
S. A. GR I FEEN. Chairman,
JaM2S j L. ?.m . m. .-c.-.re:-<ry. j-lT.ThAS t?t
L" [rlnrcutitiie SLibrnr? A??siflciaiion,?The
? upport ol :.? Mjcaibers oi this institution approving a
more ord) :!;. and less public conduct of the mirum] elec?
tion ikan^h?? h;ea usuvd, i? solicit.*;*! in behalf of the fol?
lowing ?ckel^tmmp?ied of candidates prof|rring rood
order to indecorous controrersy; and w ho.r individual
menuand ST.. >;. far office are open to hi! pron'or di?cns
-J/ ? M U tZ ii S 7 / 6 K K T '
For Preside**,
For V;c- Pr- ?iituLl.
For Corrcspondinp Secretary;
For Treu-oircr,
For Directors;
John lmnes.
james !< in foul.
william H WHITE: j!5 L?tis
V^.- ^jj.Jl
'Ifiiirtccntli Wrnr?l 9?ui!ro:tfl 11 eetin??. ?
NEW it UK AND ERIE R Ml R&AI).?The citizeut of
the Thirteenth Ward. ?-. j crsoaally intere?t?d in the sues
cessful completion of the New-York and Erie Railroad,
tare, respoctfelly and iirg?,atly invited to attend a public
nieetihg to be held at theTippeeaiioc IIouse.rii'o. 5 Sheriff
:t on M n day even ill c, January 17ik, at 7j o'clock, so
take into consideration the most effectual means of ,-u
nrii z tii" iiumediair termination of this magnificent en
terprise. \>y nr-'er of ihe Committee,
jl' it JAMES II. COOK, Chairman
:. Seventh Ward.? NE>r? YORK AND ERIE
It ULROAD MEETING ?At a mcatin*i of the mh>d>i
:. .; of.thivSeventli Wardr-cnlSbd at the Seviuh Wttd
Hotel; ?.. Friday Evening, January I Ith. t-> aid in th"
>m fib- \ w-York and Eri.? rtsilroad
i"; motion of John II. Kriscom, Esq J?>in VVi Do%u
MCk. Erq, was called to the Chair, Josiah Rich, and J
M. Ft-taaiEa, Enquires; wer? appointed Vice Presidents,
John II. W iLMAMs and Eucab M. Bkowm, appointed Sec?
After a statement h> D Macomber, Erq.jof the pre
?-"ot situation a ail !????"?-, ects ?f the mud. n co mmitlce, con
>; -tine of Ah c maa^Mitrnby, John M. Ferrier., E*q, AI
? er ian. r..i ' Aadrew Su-y^iour, Esq. ??rs appointed to
dr^fi resolulions uxpre'sive of the sense of this meeting,
Who reporled the foltowing resolutions; wh.ck wore uiuu
im tusly idcpti d ;
Resolved', That ilia success whn-.li ha, uttended ihe eL
Ion ufcihor citiestoidivcrf the mJe of our city from
its ncciutoiiitid ch?aels; by the removal of obstacles which
have impeded their inlercuurse with the West, ought to
admonish mir citizens of the necessity of corresponding
efforts to maintain the full value t>f our geogr?p!iical poai
lion unimp: ired
Rrso:ved. That ih'* improvements *l.ich have Keen ef?
fected ii; tue construction uud utanH-cninsnt of Railroads;
aud the results which have aitcuded their past nperatioas
clearly indicate th -t t:e-y are deetinod to effi ct great
changes iu habits of comraercial intercourse, hetwem ?cc
lions and commuaitics, by increasing the celerity of com
muiiicAiion uud opuning channels lor trade independent
of canal' or water courses.
Resolved, Th it th" grea' debt of ou- city, contracted
in the prasecuti -u of public work-, winch were predica
ted upon tli- expected progressive increase of our pupu
latiim. greatly enhances the uec?s*ity of vigorous efforts
to i.i ter ?II our resources, aud to coautmract the effect of
Rtto!r?d. That the New- York and Krir Railroad is an
enterprise which is weil calculated to develop- the re
sourc ; of u valuable section < f our Stn.t". destined here
after to be the scat of manufactures, and to furnish prb
duct.ionswhich will greatly contribute to the comfort of
allclasscs of our community, besides ereatiEg an aveuae
t , i.i" Wester.. States vvhicii will be open at all se.isous
of the year.
Resolved, That iu the present condition of the finances
of our Stale <":r city is thrown entirely upon iu own rc
sources for the prosecution of public laiproveairuts.
wbich are rend red n-.c--ssary in her coniiuneil prosperity.
Rttulnd. Test we iheref-rc recommend our fellow,
citizens to ai !, with liberal subscriptions to their Stock,
la-- New Yi rk ,>nd Erie Railroad, ami also that kindred
enterprize, the New York und Albany Railroad.
T ic mcetintr ably addressed by Messrs. Bloomrield,
Rich, and Hoxie.
On motion of J. H. Gnscora. Esq.. a committee of six
was appointed to obtain subscriptions, consi.'ting of tke
following z? ntlemen ,?
Win. B.Crosby Esq. Jimes Mcfulloush. E?q.
.1 '-rp'o Hoxie. Esq, Thom'on Price, E-q.
J -inh Rich, E-q. Andrew Seymour. E?q.
Oi! motion of Alderman Murpay, "n'ered tha: the pro?
ceed. : gs of thi* meeting bo s<ened by the Chairman and
Secretaries, and published in the ?l:olv papers
En ??r M. Brown, )
M A K i IVE "o??JN A
?4iuiitturc ilmuauc?This Dav
.-jc .tjjt tscmous foll se?
Rise- 7 19 [ Sets5 ilK-ise-ll 0<J I SelK 2 51_}^44_
Latest Datei.
?_;,Sko^.dec. 'i Havre.dec. -
rearobt . Dfcc. 4 ?ew.waoE?>?.Jan. 4
rite ?cii S te^ tu - S hips to Arrive
Britannia, .Js-::- * [Caiedenia, leaves-Feb. 4
T hie n x : Sie a m - S_hi p to
rXOM sosT - ra?m UO?TO>
p.riiHUu^, .en . e-_Fob ? I Caledonia, !e tyes .March I
i.LtA't:.' saTLIUjaV;
gjtipj Silvie de Grasse, Wtederholdt, Havre, C HoLon.
Fox a: Livingston; Orleans; Sears, New-Orleans. Win
S*^,!ua Kark \ih-rtms. 31aunison. Rotterdam. Bo;?r
n.an, Jouusou a Co.
Bnga Strae'-r. Bree?..r, BarDado-ls nnd a market. VS -n
Cummiegs; Neptiine, Crockett; Galvestor; Linden, Liv
ermore Mobile, Sturs;.. .V Clearman; ?r brig Lady Hunt
iucton, Clements, S: Vincent and j market. H H Gbdet*
Br brie Roadv Rhino, ri .;;?x. St. kes .v Anthbiiy* Ko-a
t.. Cooki Darieo, 'i---. H.. !r. r X Peck* Br brigHelen
Am- i, Huehe? St JohB?, NF- Siokr- a Anthony.
Sehr? Returo, Kellogg, VVihningtou, NC: Charles E
Thorn, Smith, Wilmiafrton, NC; Caroliae, Rice. A, n-.:.s
ehicola Post A Phillips; Tb.tu. Beuneu, Phiiadelpbis;
J V\ h ?mpt in, Bedell, Norfolk
liaaiVbD SATcaoAV.
Bark Sirion. Caus, 10 is I'm Sydney, Cape Brelou, coal
to mauer. .
-.r x* l* Eliza, Eldridge,i?iafm Apalachicola, cotton
to ? i-' Hurlbut A Co. .
faekei ship Mediator. C sue. plin, 4? ds im Loudoc. aiHz
to Jufia tiris*??td.
Brig Vandilier, Berr>. 10 ds fm St Domiog?. niahoganv
to P Stasrg A S.-o- -_
iSri^ Manhatun 20 da fia Ap*l-cr..coU. cof.ot; Ac to E
D Hurlbut jl Co.
Kng Cbntou. Lyoa.7 ds fm Cairlenon. couon Ac to '?
Bulk lev.
Sehr Protector. Lake fm Virginia.
Sehr American, Virginia, oysters.
Francis,Cour?U, Virginia.
I: is r<*portad that the ..up aih'jre on Jersey ?aore ??
the pr.inkfon from N^w-Orieans. and not lieM.-rruea
'rom Cotton.
Iii ? r r i t ?
A: Brooklyn, J^a. 13, ELu? F. Noyes of this c:tv. ;o
Atta Incet et' 3rroklyc.
D i c b :
In ihn Lif. yesterday Hortung, Wi?uiM Ii. H'wbsov,
ared 32 3 e*r? and 7 months.
The fknerai will tak* place Iiis afternoon, st 4 o'dock,
treaj aij late residence, N>>. 75 Na.-sju-r'.ree:.
la th;- citr. Jsr.. !??", in the '2nih year of bis age. Henry
L- Bretwu. '
His friends aud acquAinunce?, and ?hose of bis late
brother io-law, J..?u >!. i''?;d. ur- invited to attend tti
funeraJ inn* hi- inte residence; No. 134 Cherry st. oa
Tuesday afternoon at fcuJfpast 3 o'clock; 2t
la this city. Jan. 15. Mr. Josn KeedV. in the 33d vesr of
'ai- ue.
Funeral this afternoon *.t 3 o'clock, from ti.; residence
of his mother, 31 Suffolk-st
this c;ty. J,-. 16 .Mr!^;r Hewcil, of tfc- Dm of How
ell <fc Coffee. ai>d 37 year*.
Hu triced; end acquaintances, n.'so the members ?
Getty's Lodge No. 11, L O. of O. F.. and the Order ia gen?
eral; are respectfully invited to attend his funeral to?
morrow T-.i. -d i> morair.-. a: 10 o'c.ock. from ti? late
residence 3-* Hubcrt-st.
In this city. Jsn. 15. of teeilsmi. Charles Hanry Ualsev.
sou of W illiam A. and Margaret E. Whitehead, aged'l
y enr an i i J in;.?.
Li.? body will oe taken to Perth Amboy for interment
In this city, Jan. 15. of scar.et fever. J.;.r. Stcvcas
Tow*, aged -1 > ?-sr?.
Relatives auii friends of ?io family are respecti illy in?
vited to a::?nd his funeral this afternoon; r'rem the re?i
dence of ha father, John W. Tewt, 103 lir-'n ncb-st. ?t
H o'clock, without farther invitation. *
iu this city, Jsn. I t. of scarlet fever. Joseph Ctis-void,
ontj son of JDaoielO;and Lydia M.CauUiaa ?ge i5 j :ir*.
1? :h-? city; Jsu. to. Richard Scott, in th* 11 '? ys tr Of
His friend?, and those of Eli is Roberts ire respectfully
iavited to .attend hi- funeral u>is .dicrsoott, at 3 o'clock,
from ':t- Second street;
\|S<. HiiAHA H has th.nor to aimCMC . 'that
-' ?* his Parewcl!Cojtccrtiprevious to hi- departure t"r
Albanyj *.:> take place ou TUESDAY, Jauuiry IS; at the
New-York Srcrcty Library;
Seiccttous from che Opei as of Th* I'o-tilioR, Fra-.D.
avs>lo The Eagle's Hhuut, ?c! Der l-rcisuuktz:
I'akt 1.
Grand scene from Per Prcitcbutz; composed by Curl
Ms! 1? Von Weber.
Recitation?" <>h. I can bear my fat* ub loner-."
\ir??? Thro! the forests.''
Sour?The P?euti?n cf Lbnjcmeau?N'osr Friends
ti:a-?' near and bear my Scry."?Adam.
Burns** celebrated Song', ?? John An lursoe; mj Jo."
??'Aad senrto from Fra Diavalo?"Proudly and high my
Standard d:?."?Aiibcr.
The 23d Udr of Horace?" Chloe dies on like a fawn."
?t Mordant.
Celebrated Song?" H')?ck Eyed. Sussn "?Poetry by
fay. Music by Lovcridge, the Bas? Singer in the r-figu 01
Quern Anne
Par 11.
The Smuggler's Seng, from the German Opera? ' The
Eagle's HaunL"
Song?By George P; 3d orris, Esq.?Sly Bark is out
upon liie Sc.i."?Horn. '
Son*;?" The Seasons," written axpressly for Mr. Bra
ham, by Bo?.?Haliab;
By rsquc?t?"jT.ho.Miriiaturg"?Poetry by George IP.
Morris-, Esq;?Knight ?
??Ali> Croakor.L'and " Gbosy Gamier."
A Song for America.
By de?ir#?*? God save the Cinoen." jl.'? 3i
?jou^;kv A ttpMf?ClTB^
No. n? ?o^rcry.
rpillS EVENING; Jan. 17. ?'k eHtertNinmeau will
I. commence with, iko popular Entree of tho Arahs._of
the Desert;
Tab? followed by a Hr?- Entree entitled Pour t^uarters
of the CtIo!.-.
M--. Sweeney wiU appear and ring several of bis origi?
nal Soaga; acconipaiiyingbinTself on bis.favoriof iHstru
ment, the Southern Kwit
VT Boxes 50 cents?Pit 25 ceuu P. open at fit
and Performance commences;at 7 o'clo< k. j)7
J > : J, 1. J A it iP?4.-r:\EI'-''!S!?: K?K IIEAi/lTl
KIELD will be happy in a call from bis friend* at Bass
ford's Billiard Rooms, over the Clima\ Eating House,
where arc eight splendid table? with slate aad marble
beds; India rubber, cloth and spring steel cushions; irr>u
aud mahogany frames. Entrance14'J Fallen and.'3 Ann
?t. Tables and < loths for sale. j5 lm"
'^,'A>'!'i;i)-A person to superintend tin; niauufac
' ? tu ring ? if Umhrcllaa and Paramds, One who is well
acquainted with the business, and '\\n come Ii rtcoui
m-ii^?d. Address, a i.h r- al uaiee and rueidei c?s, VV At.
P. atihi-. odice. )I7 '2t*
V I K-iK WAtfTKB.-A woman ar-.-.i--.,i.....i t?
s lake caro of children is wauled to BO to Mataiiaas;
by * family who wdl return to t'ais city iu May neat?
llig'.i wages will be pabt to '<m.- whoeau coiao well r( ???;ai
iimu.i ??!. Apply :\ ? til r.*l"ren-es (/iij< u'uv. between S ai d
10 o'clock, A. M. si 14St. Mara- pin ie I".7 Eighth >i If
A ii KIVTS WAWTED?In ??ch Cn?jltj ?flbTa
?^A StHie.eu obtxiii subscriptions for the follow ing popu?
lar periodicals, vi^: Merry's Museum. Bjs'.ou Miscellauy,
Musical Cabinet hjhI Law Reporior, for which 11 liberal
commission will ho given. None need apply but mi. h rs
can furnish.the hiosi satisfactory evidence of character
ami capacity. BRADBURY, SODEN & ( o ,
jl7 3l' 127 Nassau ?treet.
A: *TWA"M KMOINJB and Boiler wauled, from
-"A ti t.; s n,,rse power, in good onler. Apply to
jl53f_ M. BLAIR A CO.. 147 Ced ir -t.
|4>ai> JlcttAMBS A.- 4Jo.'?i INa'ELLIGENCE
ti OFFICE, 99 N'tissau-st
RKr?RBMCRS:?Hon. M. H.Grinnell. li. Brevoort, Esq.,
VV. Irmsy, Prof. Itenwick. d 13 Im
.*.'n .'en. P.. if I <;r el. near Rroad?rsiv did Isnis"
F^O tJlV.l>?On iae inerniug of the I5tb, a Mur Camblot
Clonk with standing collar and considerably worn,
-ilk Hat made Ky Orlahdo Fidh; 137 Bowery, and ? pair of
woolen Mits; '?itii a large hickory ?tick, belonging lo ?oe
of the burglars wbo entered the Clothing Store, corner
of Le Roy end Hudson ?treets mi the above morning, but
not wi.-hiiur to be on intimate t-.ruii with ihr watchman,
left the above articles in his possession rather thnn dis.
put" thei r ownership; Any person w ho can give any 111
f 1 laation to detect the burglar* shall he suitably reward?
ed He should be happy to receiv e a en I: from thr ai agaiu,
as the Clotliiug did no< appear to fit cisjctly; when he
"hall wuiton them personally and take their measiire;
N.B. Th* abore articles are to be seen at 111 v store.
Bu?aj? and all lUe Safety Fund Banks, al-o St Law
rence, Glean. James, and all the Free or Red- Ba< k Li m ? s,
taken without diiy discount f r Cloths. Cas'simeres, Wst
luirs. Flannels, Ac* at the lowest cash price, at 481 (ire<-n
wich-street, aear Canal. jl5 lmisJ
TY DAY PRESEN Ta.?Just received by the subscri?
ber, some very fine Gold and Silver Lever, Auckor Encape
ment, and Lepina Watches. Aj?o a few Diamond r*.us
and Rin?", and Camso Pin- f'jr'ftd;.;*, Gold Chains. P>-ti
cilsj A'c; all of wich he is filing, at rcA.nl, lower than nt
any oi'ier place in ihr city. Gobi Watch's ;ia low us 3?;
to $40 ?aeh. Watches aad Jewelry exchanged or bought,
All Wa'ehes warranted to ke.-p good time, or the iiion.'}
returned. Watches and ' locks repaired in the best
manner, al much le? than the uoual prices), by oea of the
fiuest workmen in the citv. G. C. ALLEN,
Importer of \V<t/:!ie? and Jewelry, wholesale and reim!,'
dt? Imis N*. Wall-tit ep Blairs.
'jint FKIENOSJ AN? I* L f I l7x of Mr.
I J. L. GARRETS being desirous of. testifying their
r>'grtrd for bis atteutive and gentlemuuly behaviour to?
wards them. h.v. tender..*1 bun a Cemplicaeatarj Bill, to
be given at Washington Hall, o- FRIDAY EVENING,
Jan.21st. 1'icket- to be had at Washington Hotel ; Mr.
Hayward, r;0-j Broadway ; 51 Cnita! ?.r- t ; of J. S. Wood
and of the u idersigued Committee: Mr. Decker, W. M
Garrison, J Kelly, S. Wynt,F. W Griffith; i- Gadaghaa,
J. T. Mamard, A. Butmao, D B. ?V.i. A V'oi rhei s;
A. BEIM AN. Chairman.
Jai. S. VVdoo; Sec'y. jl7 5t"
TT^Bji HKAL t Jt.TIS-?? fc.'VE 0?i> A> Ai
aniLresuhttcd'by a single motion, extremely simple and
coavenfant Webb's coatempla*ed improvement in the
ifpn-i :tu? !'.r r-.anufac'.uritig pure Camphche Oil; after
mach study an'i gre*t expense has '?:ua completer!, anu
the resell u t.he proiluctiun of aa article of uncquaied
parity ami cleanliness that "ill hum without gumming
up ta'e lamp in th<- troublesome and filthy manner that ai!
iisferier article- will do. If those wlm have been anuoysd
with poor oil, gas, or spurious Camphene will only in
Wnbh's real No Li they cau see ?oe difference. P-?r sale
only at 41- Broadway, corner Caua! st.
Webb'- pure Cainplithe is safe as (_Hl. wdi .nit explode
will not s' ilth- richest Carpet or Cres?, will potcrust tse
*-.<.*.. -fill light a large room st the cost of one cent an
ASTRAL AND MANTEL LAMPS. ?a-t Chandeliers;
rju >>r. altered, and the whole expecc saved in a ?h?rt
as water, is sold at about ouc half the price of :^5perm
Oil, which; -* hca compared ?i'.h the par^ Csnipheai Oil,
costs the consumer at the rate of two to tbrr-i dollars t.er
jullo'i for "d to prudiicc the like aaveir;'. light.
Those who arc doubtful as to it- SAFETY or eeoaomy
will be perfectly satisfied by rAjramiu/ the ibordugb ei
periments of Professor Locke, or tnr Joe mal a *( the
Frankl.n aad American [hstittites. Nometrcsarerequired
to ascs-rtnu the quantity consumed, *t tney register cor-,
rcctly and in plain English.
Partor Lim,>-. Store Lamps; Tailors' Lamps, Si?(,.-uia
kers', and tor manufactories or ail kiads. Corner Canal
st and Broadway. jl7 Iwis"
R?kV'!NEI> HtrOAK at Reduced Price-.
Tr.e subscriber.- have this day reduced th ! prise oi
their Double P?etiued Loaf Crushed an< Pound Sugars
one cent per pound. R. L. A A. STUART,
New-York, January 1,1S42 2S5 Greenwien-?t
jl7 Iwis* "_r?
I a fc O JE?i*ABLISJJLEI) 1> . f^!~7t
U FOR SALE-Theolde.tabIi??ed Drag ?^c%*x\
Colharioe and Madison streets. eoiapn*inir - - - ? r
:ur;t. tu, Ac. one of '^^^^0C% p? it
and two years unexpired lease. 1?' H?Bie st
cipal theroughftres it the city. AppiJ ?? jt- 3.
corner Caiiianae.
BY S*. 1>B.\FKK, Jr.
S^r< 54 Wi'.iitivi-iir<rr't, cor-nfr of Pins-tire C
WKDNF.SDAY, Jaa 1). at 12 o'clock,
At the St. George's Hotel. No. til Brva.iwav.
DjViWE? Wis?r??*ltboct res?vi., *5cs?ki Madeira.
Sherry and Claret Wia< -.
ALsoT $uDtir> other liqacrs, rixmaced by - fir* on th* 9ih
last. Term* a: sale.
SATURDAY*, Jan. at 10 o'clock.
AaitcxEts Sajue.?Articles tor J. w-iers.?t,)a sssonut
i r f moot ?s,?An invoice f>( '25 case*, consisting nf lcma
i. St*ns; white sud red Cornelian aad Omx lops.
Drops, sr.: P,c Centre*. Paintings for Breche*. Gold
Also, sev-ral ci*e.- of new style of pocd* tor
idling: also. 1 cus? of richly cut sla*? Rnob? . *iso, m
invoice of Gold and Silver Watches.
At PkrvATB S.?i.r. ?5 CH?ea F-naey Frouch Stylo Ccasl
meres?Via, Oxtrsrd, fancy D.*} Skiu, Cndei, Priac? d
Jo:^v.iie, Jo., a superior article.
J o -1 a b Richard?. Auctioneer.
S ; iSA.Ni;?*, Kif?iAiiS>* A- PI.ATT.
Store 196 ?rsuassa? .
\" O 3'? 1* K.?The special Copsrtuershif heretofore
Ll ?. ? . ? ?? ? d Lbe Budorsigued acder the arm of
B?NSSi RICHARDS A PLATT is thus dar dissolved by
ttu tl ni All outst inline affairs will be adjusted
New York, J in. 1. ISlS. L. P- PLATT.
C ' T ie is lersicned ?< ?.' a eet sred into Copartnership
and *m? continue the busiae.* under the same arm.
1.1 KK Pi PLATT.
New York; Jan. T.1S42 j4 la*4w
3D" The State :>sp"r will please copyi
sroca iowAV ? Nsw-Yoak LONG Koom.
vi'. PABTJGULilS MITICK. . 247".'
rY\12 ? -kappest and beat selection of DRY GOODS in
? this city can be fbuml at E. IL KF.NT'S. "147 Ceutre
betweon Oiand Broome streets. His prcseu
stock eon.,.,. v>; plain, plale, figured aed cheno pattern
Housselin dc Laises, at a . prices, foi 2s, 2a 6Vi,3s,3s6d,
1?. "... ifec per ?ard. Broche Shawls: of all colon, quali?
ties and i !tit?ri;>, for 16s, SOs, 22?, SMs, Ac. up losu
? i ior for SS; V-' and $10 . a iarce quantity of ? hue. red,
v ? Ion and ? ecu Flannels, for ls6d; la 9dj 2?. 2s sal. Us,
n .. frenca, English and American Prints, for 4.J.nd,
??1. M. I0di A.-.. up to the latest designs of Preach Prints,
lor J. T'l per yard, together with ? frill assortment of
Cloth', Casstworcsi Satinets, Vesting*, Shirtiags, Sheet
iug?, Linens, Linen Darnach, Towcii??gs, Cambrics, Jr.c*
nets; Crossbard. S-* iss, 11.>.? *t. sl.i Mull Muslins. Gisjrhauis ,
j i|>Ic i Moths; r.ivrv A .-. Sold at prices to shut"tUc limes,
ii No.247 i>mre-sti-- t. E. IL MINT.
P S.?All ki Is of Hosier] and Gloves of all quautilie*.,
N. B.?Ladies :<?! gentlemen buying Gloves hercwil I
be allowed to try thembn.
O" Try utrj ..nee aud 1 know yen ? ill call sjrafa. j%
r|~ll!S>.^ question Often Huswcre?) tliu? i aio?t any
ere. Th< truth is, all who study economy in these
bard time... aud have tried tim Now-York city market for
Dry Goods are prepared to say, and without the least de
viation from ?inet voracity, 1 Und the best assortment aud
; lowest prices at
P. NV. & W. I'. GILLEY'S
430 <3rii?34l--it.
Youmaj i'- issured you can find anyartieloyou may
wnnt. and no one ?? ill dispute that the style of jrooas
display ed show exceedingly refined tu?*.o in stvle and pat
tern-i. I., t the doubtful call mid bo satisfied.
The assortment here oflVrcd coHiprises nil the new
?iv'^s; for it must be known that wo are enabled to coa
liuue our purchases during every season of the year, and
wo ate .uro oi ready wie, because our prices are so very
low jl 1 if) r W. a W. P. UILLEY.
?& lVKK( LO i iU!n AT l'Ul:flf? HOST,
st tkk
Nrvr- Vorli. i ich TniioriHif Estiibliahment,
i 12 Fulton-atrect, noar Broadway,
For ? fe v days only , in order to dispose of ihn balance
of our very doa.iruble slock of Boavore, einbraeiufl: a grea
variety of styles. Gentlemen who are still in want of at
good and fashionable overtoil are im red to cull and ex?
amine for themselves, us our Goods urn direct from the
iiiiporters, t.o.mh*. exetusivqly for cash.
N. B.?A full n*Moruneut of superior Clotbs, '.'?ssimero?
and Vesting, can altvayB be found at the above establish
ni-ut. Fell suits furnished at twenty-four hours' aotice.
Cash ew dolivijry, m:d no abatetuout in pfieea.
j7 if J. C. BOOTH. Agent
! SHADES 1-pLlVER W. WdODFTiRD, 66 Catha?
rine street, ha- ju.t rrc- ived anothor huge invoice of
lialiaii Window Shades, (loonier and expressly for tho
full city fashion These shades supersede uvery other
now in use, a-, tbry are both ornamental an J durable, easi?
ly c.'eaned, und the colors i.ro preof against ^ight und the
I teat of the sun. Families ornamenting their parlors,
keepers of hotels fitting up ball-rooms at this season of
? the year, will find the greatost assortment at the nhuve
Nu. . ver before in this market.
200 pair at the low price of $1 50 per pair.
300 do.do.-J i?0
3?iu do.do.a r>o ??
:?()<) do French Scrolls..1 .'A)
do Italian Landscape and Scrolls from ?5 90 to
*l:> 1"' jlO is
?fTicE ok rne L. I. Insuhanci* Co. /
No. 's Front *t. Brooklyn. J
DIVJ3>r'"M>.-The Board of Directors hur? de?
clared a semi-annual dividend of ii per ceut on tho
capital stock, payuble to the stockholders ortholr legal
representatives, on :iu.l alter ihe 15th inst.
S. ALPHEUS SMITH, Secretarv.
Brooklyn Jan. 5, 1842 j7 1m
TAUGHT on the Piano Forte by a
Young Lady at 167 Greenwich at. Uit
I 0 per quarter. jl4 4*
Ht> H' uft?u it is ?aid of oar friends, when they aro
Muppoied incurable from Consumption, when Sher?
man'* Lozenges w-oild cure them in -i few week*. The
Rev. Darius Anthony ana the Rev. Sebastian Streeter
have both been cured of Consumption by them. The
Rev. Dr. Eastinond aad the Kev. Mr. Handcock have also
witnessed their wonderful effects in curing Consumption,
Colds, Coughs; Whooping Coughs,Asthma, Ae. Mr. Ra
der, 40 Chatham-street, Jun Grant, \\ Aan sircet, havsi
aLo used them, aud knowu many eases where they cured
Within the hint ye..r, ?vor
hare been reported cured by Sherman's Cough Lozenge*,
besides cures iuniimorable throughout the couutry thai
have not been reported.
Bad many grown people sutler for life with varn*u? dis?
eases arising from Worum The only ?ure and certain
j remedy for all kinds of Worms is Sherman's Worm Lor.
eu^'us. They have cured ?ince their introduction more
! than 1,400 000 CASES,
i an 1 have never been kroA-n tn fail in a single instance.
i .-.f the '.)? art reli iv id in from 5 to 10 minutes by i ur 4 of
Siicrruan's Lczeeg< ? It is really surprising haw quick
the? operate. Individuals of the highest respectability
cu^ be f.f rred to.
.:, k. sk! breast, or Rheumatism, cured
n\ V - . !'.,.,- Man ? Plaster ; price only ceula.
?oh! ? y . f them, ?<".: warranted superior to all other
p|as ? ?:._? they may. They also cure Corns,
drawiu: ?? n outb; he roots. Ask for Sherman's Poor
Man - Plast - ??? I see that ins signature, thus,
, with directions, is on the buck of each, and around each
boxoFthe genuiaeiLossengofl. Avoid all olher?. as they
ar" wortblesei or cUe injurious. Dr. Sherman is iheonly
Medii ate I Loz ingc Manufacturer ic America. His ware
he? ??; is ?t ? Nassau-stre* t, one door above Ann^treet,
N. Y. No. -.Sta.te-atreei. Boston, and29:SouthvTh?d
street. Philadelphia, are bram;he* of the anginal e?ub
lishment Agents in this city?110 and 273 Broadway, 77
EastBroadway, 188 Dowery. 221 Blceckcr, ^r7 Hudson
and er". Wil?ani streets . in Brooklyn at 58 aud 13p Ful
certsiu cure for the Tootk
Acbe. \'rr.[.*T?A only by J
W.Clowe?, D?nii*t, 17 Bond
street, N. Y, and sold by
him. wholesale and retail.
Recommended by the foi
iowibg emiueni r?isrgefl?
??:^:^^V??J'?uVHr^dwsy, N.'Dodge, ti^ Broadway,
'? **Til -"e 47 W-.i. :E.t;. Bur?er,3lMarkct sU
V^'-'V '-: ? ? following Drutrgiets; Cotton, 263
. y ?g Broadway j Schieffelin, 144 Canaii;
\\ v ?roa.-??v'isd cor. Hudson and North Moore;
Mdnor" \ J-' Brbailwayt Hutchiu2s. 150 B<jwery, Syme,
,;j Bowery; Borrel, 210 Chatham ; and Doolittic, 245
Ce?ire st.' Price, per vial, 2c3 cents,
151 tiil'i*_.
7?!*^-i"':7-o:.i .tuicted with this painful and dtsa
, -reenble eomplatat can nave a permaneat aud lasting
cureVwarint^ by applying at No. 6f ^^ r"^
near Hud,.,n. Also. Asthma. Dyspepsia,St. Vitus O acs.
Drop?y. Soras ami Ule^r-, of recent or long ?????8
OflSeefhoar, from* o'clock A. M- ? 1, ??d JjjJjJ
j PM. " 1

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