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[in conclusion of ihe long article ob the Apportionment under the Sixth Census, in The Tribune of Frida; last."
Thi- Table is call ulated from the formula appended to Mr. Web-ter's report, to show the equitabU
arrangement of the House if iol. 248, 213, 237. 234, 232, 230, 226, 224. 220. 217. (the numbers re?
sulting from the ratios of 60,000 to 70,000, inclusive,) be the number determined en for the House,
viz : The whole population is to the whole representation a- the population of any State is to its
Representation; or 15,907,659 : 251 :: 501.793: Maine's Representation. When the remaining divi?
dend was larger than halt" the divisor, 1 was added to the quotient as being a nearer approximat on ti
an equitable apportionment. T.be signs plus and minu. are used to express the difference between this
and the other mode of calculating in Table II., 4- denoting that this table gives so manv more than the
other, ? so manv less.
St a " ~ j Fed.No. | 251 j 2 Vi | 213 J_237_ j_234 j 232 i 2-M j 22'i" j 22 i \ 22m
Maine.* 501,793 5 8 3 ~7 7 7 7 7 7 7 ~
New-Hampshire. 234 573 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Vermont. 291,948? 5+1 5+1 4 4 14 .j 14 4 4
Massachusetts. 737,699il2 12 11 11 10?J 10 ? 1 In?1 10 16 10 ?0
Rhode Island. 103.523 2+3 2+1 2+1 2+1 2+1 2 + 1 2+1 2+1 2-1 2+1 1
Connecticut. 309,972 5 5 5+1 5+1 5+1 54-1 4 5 4 4 4
New-York. 2,428 I?20 33?2 33? 1 37?2 3i:?2 36?I 35?2;35?1 3 1?2 34?2 34?1 33?]
New Jersey. 373.037 6 6 6 6+] 5 5 5 5 .-, 5
Pennsylvania.1,72 I,008j27?1 27?1 2-;?1 26?1 25?J 25?1 25?1 2 1?1 24 ? 1 24 24
Delaware. 77,043 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 j \ \ " \
Maryland. 133.134 7 7 7+1 7 + 1 6 6 6 6 6 G 6
Virginia.I,060,203|l7 17 16?1 16 16 15?] 15?1 15 15 [5 14
North Carolina. 655,093 10 10 10 10 10 10 10+1 9 9 fj <\
South Carolina. 463.583 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7+1 G 0 6
Georgia. 57!',015- 9 0 9 9 8?] ? 8 8 8 8 8
Alabama. 489.341 8 2 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 74-1
Mississippi. 297.567 5+1 5+] 5+1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 I
Louisiana. 285.031 4 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 4 4 !
Arkansas.-.. 89,600 I 1111111 II I
Tennessee. 755,987jl2 12 12 II 11 11 11 II II 10 10
Kentucky . 7U6.926 11 II Iu?1 10?1 10?1 10 10 10 10 10 10
Ohio.Li5I9,406!24? 1 24 28?123?122 ? 122?1 22?1 22 21?121 ? 121
Michigan. 212,267 3 8 S 3 3 3 3 3 3 :i 3
Indiana . 685.865 1 i II 10?110 10 10 10 10 10. L0+1 9
Illinois. 476,051 3+1 77777777 7 ? 1 7? j
Missouri. 360.406 6 6 + 1 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
rhis 1 able may be v aluable as showing how much more nearly some ratios approximate t-> the plan
proposed by Mr. Webster than others. Thus, at a ratio of CO,000, making the number of the House
251, the ah ive ruble shows that 8 Members are difKVrehtly distributed by the method new employed ;
whereas, at a ratio of 68,000, making a House of 224 Members, only four States have ;t change
their Representation. This Table is so easily compared with Table II. that it is unnecessa ry to point
out the differences that occur.
Speech of Mr. Hudson of Mass.
- i Continued, j
["he gentleman from Soath Carolina would set?
tle ;iii< whole question at once. He insists
that duties f?r protection and duties for reve- j
nue are not ?nly different, but directly opposed
to each other. "Where protection commences,
revenue ceases;" is the gentleman's maxim. He
even l-'?-* se far as to maintain that revenue is di
minished ju>i ia proportion us you protect manu
facturcs. If y?u exclude the whole *f any article,
you destroy ull the revenue from that article?if
you exclude one-half, you destroy half of the reve?
nue?ii" one-fourth, you destroy one-fourth of the
revenue?and so of any other proportion. This is
my friend's position ; and nothing can bo mure un
sound, not to say absurd; It does not by anv means
follow, because a duty of 10L> per cent, would de?
stroy all revenue, that a duty of ;">? per cent, would
destroy one-half, or a duty of 25 percent, une quaJ
ter of the levenue.
[Here Mr. It. agnin interposed, and said that
what lie had stnted was true in principle ft might
not produce it immediately; for a period it might |
'?ven increase the revenue?but?ltimately it would
destroy it.']
Mr: Speaker, I am rejoiced to perceive that the
gentleman bus relaxed n little, and is disposed to
come down from the regions of abstractions) and
look nt things in n mop' practical manner. I shall
??mienvor t" look at thin?s in the same way. Bui
?he principle stated by the member from South
Carolina, and repealed by other gentlemen in the
Hinise. cannot be better illustrated than by uti un
ecdote which 1 will relate. We have in our part
ot the country such an article as quack doctors.?
It was on.-.- my misfortune i? full in with one. who
was assailing the regular practice, and bad selected
the Mil>i?'ci of blood-leUing a< the point, of attack.
He said, ?' I can convince any man, in two min?
utes, that blowd-letling in all cases is injurious and
dangerous. This is the principle: blood is life;
ii' you take away the whole of a man's blood; you
lake away life?he must die. And so if you take
away half of bis blood, you take away half of bis
life ; if yon take away one-quarter of bis blood,
you take awav one-quarter ?f his life; and so on,
down to the last, fractional proportion. " Here is
a perfect illustration of the gentlemun's abstrac?
tion?the very thing.
But bow does t'nis principle operate in prnr
lire I In \VX> and 183C duties on protected arti
cles were high. Ami was not the Treasury over?
flowing at that time'/ Certainly. Were not man?
ufactures then protected .' The gentleman admits
that they were; tor, in arguing in favor of the
compromise act, lie urged this consideration?that
during the former portion ot' the period covered by
that act, the manufactures enjoyed high protection ;
and it ought to be continued, that during the latter
portion the producers mi^ht have their share. \et,
notwithstanding this protection of .manufactures,
revenue poured into the Treasury in stich torrents
that, to get rid of it, Congress whs compelled to
ilcpo-it. it vvith the Statik. It protection destroys
revenue, bow came the Treasury to overflew when
ihe protection was ample ?
Another illustration of this principle will be
found in the case of silk. Previous to the hue
extra session, imported -ilk paid a very small duty;
now it pays 20 per cent. Here is protection to a
certain extent afforded to this species of manufac?
ture ; and I put it to my f>iend frarn South Caro?
lina to say, whether he believes that that 20 per
cent, duty will bring no additional revenue into the
Treasury. Will he or any other gentleman say
tin. ' They will an;: they dare not.
Take any article now paying "> per cent, and
raise the duty to 20, and what will be the effect '
The duty is increased four-fold: but is the revenue
from this article diminished in the same propor?
tion? Will it i?e diminished at all? No. it will
be increased. The amount imported may bo di?
minished, bit; revenue will be augmented. 1
go further, and maintain that a duty in a given case
may amount t? n prohibition of that article, and still
the revenue on the whole may be increased by that
very measure. The prohibition of that article
may induce our own citizens to go into the manu?
facture of the article, and this species of manufac?
ture may operate as n:t incentive to industry. By
prohibiting the importation of that article, new re?
sources may be developed, new vigor imparted,
und new sources of wealth opened, which, by pro?
ducing general prosperity, would enable the great
mas> of the people to purchase more of ether im?
portations, and so on the whole increase the reve?
nue of the country. What, then, becomes of the
gentleman's position, that where protection com?
mences revenue ceases
lint my friend from South Carolina re presents
the parties in this controversy t? We the manufactu?
rers versus the people Ot the United States; and
he refer.-to the late census to show, that while our
whole population is 17.000.000. the manufacturers
in the United States amount to only 791,000.?
Here are 880,000 against 17,000.000. But does
not every one see that this mode et stating the
case is unfair 1 Are the 17,000,800 all laborers I
Does not that number it:-hide women and child?
ren, infancy and age, the lame, the blind, the sick
and the dying, while the 791,000 are all laborer-,
in the vigor Ktui activity of life I Is such a corns
parison a fair one? Surelv not. But. unfair as it
is, the gentleman even goes further, and contends
that 791,000 is t*io inrge: for the operatives have
no interest in manufactures, anil ought not to be
counted. Such is the position of the gentleman
Now, sir, I maintain that the laborers or opera?
tives have a direct interest in manufactures, as di?
rect us the owners themselves. When, from any
cause, there is a stagnation in business, aud the
manufactured product accumulates, or is disposed
uf at a reduced price, who suffers ? Not the hands
pmpioyed. but the owners. The owners of u cotton
or woollen mill frequently run their mills witho il
uny profit, for months in succession, rather than dis?
miss their bands. The first lo^s always falls
the owners. But the gentleman say* that the war
pes of the operatives are regulated, not by protec:
tion, but by the rale of wages given other labor
around. This rnay be. to a certain exjenr, true;
but the converse of this is equally true. I be la?
borers employed in manufactures are generally ta?
ken front the agricultural class, and'the withdrawal
of them from agricultural pursuits tends ihsfease
ihr* price of labor in that pursuit. But rny friend
has told us that, that the wholo number engaged in
manufactures was less than 300,000; and does he
mean to intimate that 800,001 citi/ens are worth}
of iin consideration 1 While the gentleman i- un?
willing to protect 200,000 laborers, engaged in
mauufactures, he i- a strong advocate for the en?
couragement of commerce.
The gentleman reminds m>* that he has n I ask?
ed for-'any protection for commerce; No; he has
not., and for the plain reason, that commerce is al
roady protected; protected more perfectly than
manufactures have ever been. Hut all the gentle?
man's speeches show thatbc is a strenuous advocate
for commorce; and what number; ' demand, is en?
gaged in tlint pursuit? The fame census gives
117.1)01) as the whole number engaged in com?
merce; and if these deserve our consideration,
why not those engaged in manufactures ? seeing
they are more than six times us numerous But I
confess 1 have but little confidence in the statistics
connected with the census. That document repre?
sents the whole number engaged in manufactures
in my own State to be 85,000. Now. sir. by olli
cia! returns made by the assessors of the several
towns to the Secretary of State in Massachusetts;
in I8H7, the whole number engaged in manufac?
tures was 117,009;;and in this number were r,ei
included those engaged in mnnv kinds of house?
hold manufactures, such a> braiding straw, palm
leaf hats, Ac. Here then is un error of 32,000 in
tl single Stute.
But we have been told by the gentleman from
South Carolina that the parties i-i this suit, were
tri? manufacturers against the people. The manu?
facturers against the people ! Who are the manu?
facturers but a part id" the people 1 The people,
und the whole people, have an interest in tJie -
cess of the manufactures. The commercial interest
is intimately connected with the manufacturing. To
say nothing of the imports of the raw ?laterihls; the
exports of.manufactured articles make un important
item in our commerce, being about one-tenth of the
whole amount. There were, during the past year,
exported from the United States manufactures to
the amount of $ 12,806,000?un amount larger thari
the two gteat staples, tobacco and rice. Manufac?
tures not only give employment to our foreign com?
merce, but they foster our coasting trade by giving
employment to a large number ef bur vessels. I here
is no natural hostility bet ween commerce and manu?
factures ; but. on the contrary, they have bin* and t he
same interest. That policy which encourages enter
prize, which developcs the resources and increases
i he wealth of the country, increases our commercial
In like manner agriculture has a direct interest
in discriminating duties. It seems to bo taken fnr
granted that all protection is given to manufactures,
and none to agriculture. But it is not so. Many
of tkc products of the soil are now enjoying a pro?
tection greater by far than most of the manufac?
tured articles. Potatoes, oats, wheat; flour, indigo",
cotton; pork, lard, hams, beef, butter, cheese, flax,
hemp, wool, &c., are now enjoying a high degree
of protection. The potatoes of Maine are pro?
tected to the amount of ten cents per bushel, lie
peal this duty, and how long would the potatoes ol
that State be found in Boston. New-York, or Bal?
timore ' Immediately would they be supplanted
by the potatoes of Nova Scotia; and even now
you tind the two competing for the same market.
I have information that car; be relied Hpon, that
there were imported into the city of Boston al >ne.
during the year 1841, 46,438 bushels of foreigi
potatoes; Take the article of choose ; it is 5(?ld al
the North fur from seven to ten cents per p< in
and it enjoys a protection of nine cents per pound;
being some 100 per ceat. This article is made
Pennsylvania, Ohio and New-York, as well as in
New England; Remove the duty, u::d the cheese
of England and Germany would come into our
seaboard ciues;.and drive the domestic article from
ibe market; or greatly reduce the price. My
sympathies arr with the agriculturists. I
calling, at once the most aneir:it, healthy;, an i
honorable, is the foundation of every other. And
if 1 believed thst a thrift was destructive of their ?.
interest. I would abandon it altogether.
But the great value of manufactures to the
fanner is the market winch they open for his pro?
duce. Where would the South and West find -.
market tor their " yellow corn," of which the gen?
tleman from Virginia (Mr. Wise) -1 frequently
speaks, it we had no manufactures in the North
and East I The ports of Great Britain are s) ut
against the corn, tits wheat, the rlour. of the grc it
train-growing Stutes. The^e great staples, to?
gether with the rice of the South and the pork of
Ohio, find^ their be>t market at the North, among
our manufacturers. There were imported into the
city of Boston alone, during the year pas'. 4 000.
000 bushels of corn, the product'of the South and
West, while the quantity raised in the State
amounted to only 1.800,000 bushel*. The flour
brought into the same city, amounted to 400.01
batrel?. and ths rice to 20,000 casks. A ?n all
portion of this was sent into New Hampshire; but j
a much greater amount was brought in through
other channels, and consumed in the State-. 1 ca: j
then address myself to the grain-growing interest
in every part of the House, and say to them, the j
subject is one in which you have a vital concern t
and if you know your own interest, as I trust you J
do, the manufactures at the North will be as dear j
ro }?>!.; a- they are to Northern men. Ar.d yet
gentlemen on this floor wall talk about manufac?
tures bein?: hostil* to the public interert, and es?
pecially to tr.e interest of sericulture i
The man tfacturers, as such, are ne party in this
case. The -Treat party interested is the laborers,
the tcorkihg men of the ichole country. And if
gentlemen insist ur>on rresesting this a- a suit,
u.-.d wiO have parties in the case"; the true parties
are the laborers es. the idlers. None, as it -'era
to me; '*n be hostile to manufacture-, or to the
production af American mdustry, uni??? it be those
who lend a Iii"- of idleness, and wish to live upon
the labors of others. But. sir, I do not admit that
there are any parties in this case. The country,
and the whole country, has a direot interest in tee
- . tcess of the American system, in the enc ??trage
tnent of domestic indu-tr*.
That we may see the effect of rmih?factures
ktp m ? ur general prosperity, let us suppase that
they were ai! destroyed, ad struck down at a blow.
Then the 806)00.0 persons now en^a^-d in this
branch of industry would ail b** turned loose upon
the other caiiings. in the community. Most 'if
them would seek the Healthful erntdoyrnen: of se?
riculture, and would naturally settle in the fertile
valley of the West. A cd what would be the con?
sequence .' These products of the earth which are
now so abund-inr thai they would b?? almost value?
less, were it hot for the markets found i- the
mahu'neturing di-trO's, would become sttTI more
abuudahti And where would they find a rar.rket.'
Eheyrcoutd rot exchange th?m for the manufacs
lures linglandj tor her ?*orn laws would opera:*
a* a prohibition. Tie's- 300,000 who ar- now
consumers would be converted into 800.000 pro?
ducer*, ::, .kfci? a difference of l.?OO.OOO. Would
this promote interest of agriculture ' Sut*>iy
its products would he greatly multiplied, ami
i - best market, rvoul 1 be destroyed. Supposr? 'he
mamifaci of sugar should be destroyed; what
- Sect would that produce .' The sugar plantations
would lie converted into cotton fields; ar.d the
gen?emnrj from South Carolina would find in?
creased competition in the production of his favor?
ite staple, while his great Northern market, which
new consumes oce-i.;unrt?r of the whela crop,
would !>?? lost. Meanwhile, the experiments of
Great Britain in 'India wou:d succeed; anil she
would be enabled to obtain her raw material from
iicr own colonies. Thus would the policy of the
South sprea 1 dt ioJation over tie1 country, and in?
volve ner in the same common ruin.
' Concluded to-morrow;]
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Door tiaibcrv.
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one half;of each~lotto:hc in slicks 22,25; 2c nail :tl feet
I ihg: Tha remaining half of-each lot in .-tick- :tl. ::7. 40,
sttd 48 fee! lore, the niimbernf lineal feet of e .rli length
!n he nearly the -sine.
Tbc WMu I'm' PJrink to he Piitirnly free from 1 -irir>
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ROBERT 0. WET-MORE, Navy Aeent.
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-eisss ? *?.<.-. ?.;;.~i...r uti?lA ot QaajxarU Jirm? s32 t"
OOVsi'S BsLFA?il2.\? JPOWDJEli.
*?> 100 casks Royd'a celebrated Bleaching Pcwder. jaal
>^ctvc.' an.t fat --ilo by
i/22 ': i:iL=;aE it BROOK.S 61 Libenr-i?.
M E D I c a l._
O --Warranted to cure."?Salt Rheum, Rinc-v-rai.
Tetter. Scald Head. B?rbcr\- or JacJuon.llcb. Ecmbm,
Psoriasis; Palmari*. and other disea>ca it" the skto, are
safe r. r-Vtainlv and effectually cured by :::?* ?.-?? olSand's
Remedy, which h?s ?ow bc?s tested in more than six
th -.-r-nd different c~>es cf the above disease?, ?:thoat
; having tailed in any where the directions are attended to.
The unparalleled -acce.-.- of this ren-fdy in curtee 4i?
- i-e? of the ?kin i? without ;r. the b:st?iy^of medi?
cine. Tie <V.jiipound Syrup of Sarsaparilla is recom?
mend i to be u>ed with the Remedy, as it tends to tbro.v
? ntfrohi the biood aid system generally sli the uahe-lthy^
humor oocn-cted * i:h the ?i 1 ? .*- acd the .ippltcatioa of
tij'it-remedyexteruilly^stt the same time, entirely cradi
at- - it from the -js'.em. The Re nedv i- perfectly h trai
lesa in its oporatirn. and may be applied with safety even
? the kin of the lenderest intact. Testimonials of its
. i ? ? .1:- >ia:ly received, and ta! follow in; are selected
for pub fi ation -?Hich it is thought satisfy the tuiad
< f every candid per-on of its extraoiWnary virtues:
New York. May 4. 1:40.
M--r-\ A. B. Sc I). Sands?Gendemcn;?Feelings of
taankfulscss and sratitude induce me to infena you that
! am perfectly cured of the Sal: Rheum by the use of yc ur
llemedy. The disease spr?.ad over bot': my hands to ray
f:n*er e'eds. and ha 1 :??:: stanuiog :?urte?.ii yeirs. during
which t.~.-: I wj- under the trea'avnt of more than twen?
ty different physician*-, who all fatted to rive more this a
t !juporvry re;ief. J -*as u-ab'e to use ray hands but little
sndrcoalU no: put them in water: my haUe repeatedly
earn-' off. and I was almost helpless tram the complaint ?
1 tried Indian ami Root doctor., but all tonb purpo-e, un- |
: ;-: summer I was advised by a friend to use your Re- j
:.!- iv. 1 c:iaraffK. i! with little faitk, h:vic2 tried so ma
ssy thing? without prmlucirg any gco3 effect In a few ;
?ays my bands w*re better, and not-*itiistandicg I put ;
t?em-iawater;daily, they continued to.improve, and in a
few weeks were entirely well. I: 1- uow more than sli \
Tr.vk- siacethc cure was effect e i, siscc which time they 1
ha-.e bjt.? p?rftc:!y well.
Yours, most respectfully '?
LYDIA LEWIS; Newark. N. J. ,
Messrs. A. B. St P. Saads?Gentienico,?1 certify that 1 j
ha ve been cured'cf the Salt Rheum ef ten years'stand j
iui. by the use of your. Remedy and Syrup of Sarsaparil
Lti and 1 wish '-ve-y p-r-nn troubled with this dreadful
1 om plaint in any form, would call 01: trie, and I will satis- j
fy them that vour mcdiciac mil cure them perfectly.
Residence. 109 Nassau -i. - ore 45 Fulton it
New V'-rk. June 3. IS40.
Me-.,-, a. p. St D;^Sands?Gentlemen;?Feeling daeply
indebted to you for the valuable service? you save ren- i
derr,: I do most cheerfully inform yon taat my wife is
entirely cure I of the Salt Rheum, by the use of your Re?
in edyab-! Syrup of Sarsapanha. s has beer, vary se?
verely r?icted with the disensein the face fur six years
had tried varioc* medicines, b- th internal and eaten -.1.
without produciuc any cood effect, until by the advice of
a friend whO-w-s cured by your medicine, she indu
e -d to use and I am thankful t" say the result has been
a p. r;'--< t cure. Yours respectful y.
.It ?II V <":! IPMAN, 7 ' Chathsm st.
New York. Sept. !.">. 1.
Prepared .it;: wholesale and retail, by
A. Ii. tv I?. S VN.DS, Druiri
79 and lu" Fulton st.
Sold also b) Ahr h.un B. Sands & Co. No. Broad
tu. David Sands A < o. No. 77 East Broadway; and by
U*iu.Brown, 1=1 Wasliiugtou st. and S W. Fowle, X>.
Pritice st. (', ston; Joseph Batch, Jr. Providence, R. I. F..
Bull;:H'artfc*rd; Conn; Dr. lt. W. Mathcwsoo; Nor
vich; Con : II. Rawl.s <'() Albany; J. (?orhara. an I J.
Fowl -r. Ncwbnrp, N. V.: Dr. DavidiJaue, SonlhThird
street Pbila let] h.a; <J. K.Tyler. Baltitunre; E Trivetti
Son, Poughkeepsie; and by ?iriirci-ts cent-rally u: ail the
principal cities and chief towns in theUnited State?.
Pric it. jlS lm
p UL JSB ?SS ff S .1 .>' A!tA?S5Ani IIA LS AM.?
y For the cure 1 I every kind ofwounds, -prams, sores,
burns, coughs, -ore lung-, the most desperate piles, aud
rheumatism uf all kinds It will prevent the toothache,
restore torpid aud perished limbs, frozen Umbs, stuf
oints, numbness, Jtc, and can be depended upon to>|uiet
pam and relieve soreness in all oases:
This valuableJMcdicine has been very extensively used
for the Inst ten years; ??rlnle its increasing demand, the
univcrsi ! satisfaction it has piven. and the testimony id'a
multitude of individuals ?)f the first standing in the com
muntty, who have tested and infallibly proved iL- efficacy,
:,hows that it needs only to be used tn prove its invaluable
r.tcell?nee. Indeed, all who have nycr tried the Batiaui
prize 11 so highly that they will : nt be induced, under any
consideration, to do without it. Tiii? Balsam has attrac
led die attention of inen of science, and physicians and
irgeons "i the greatc: t scientific acquirements give ii
their unqualified approbation: while many of them. 111
different sections of the Uuited States now h-c it in their
practice, and have authorized the publication of their
. rrtiin ales.
An I now, to all persons who are afflicted with any dis?
ease likr the above named this Balsam 1- c ?uud>ntry re
aommendi tl, for purifying the spriugs iiiid channel- of
life, nnd restoring them to their natural tone and vigor.
Hun [red* ofpersous whose declining health ha- brought
iIkwi to llie very 1 erge of an untimely grav j, have been
rescued, and permanently restored to the enjoyment of
licalth; without which the bsc-snn;. of life lose half their
chHrms, and even life itself wems but n pnrtial lilossing.
Purchasers should enquire for the true article by untie
the whole mm e?Ciieesf.ma.v's Arvabian Balsam, and sec
that i' has niy name written in my own hand-writing
cross.the printed directions, ou the wrapper of every
ottlc. K. CHEESEMAN.
S?hl at whole-ale and retnil by A. B. A I). Sands. Drug?
gists, No.79und IHU Fulton street, Sold, aim, by Ahm.
IL Sands ?.t. Co, No 273 Broadway. Granite Buildings;
.:ornar of Chambers-street; David Sands A: Co., No. 77
Ka.-t Broadway; corner of Market-street : und wohl by
Apothecaries generally throughout th ? city and country.
Price ^b. larsesize; 50;conls small size. jl l;n
r>ISlTONESTY K\l'OXED.-Tlie subscri
5 f lier hasoa ham! bottles IIAARL.F.M OH.,
which he * arrauts to be uuiuc; Hia motto is " Honesty
i, lite ln-.-,t policy;"
The subscriber would here express Iii- rreret that ;o
many id* hi- follow citizens have hitherto permitted them
elves i" be deceived und imposed upon by disbouesruieu
quacks, iiiclioucers and pretend, r.- who offer .to sell v. hat
f>rr call llauritem Oil at fnurtcc 1 shillings per erri--. j
Aiteiid strictly to the following Wrappers printed in
the flerinaii lahsiihgc ~n-l those ?'iih thirty -it heads are
i 11 v iriabiy sjutrious ; and of those prune.I in the English
uof :>iorc thnn one out of a hundred ij genuiue, most of
ih-oi heing printed 111 New York. All genuine one- are
English-mid have my name and residence printed ou them.
Tili? 1- done l.v "dr. Tilly the manufacturer in Holland.
They have also my writteu signature;
This HuarlrenvOil is used for n variety of diseases. It
needs no putlin^ : it- use always seeures it- r--e..iu
lue.ndatiba. Cough.' :.nd colds are cure.I by it without
puffing it in the style of Candy denler>.
N. B. THe nndersigucd sells the best Cimli-.- (Stuart'-';
in New York, lout he don't sell f'.M/evi Candies to cure
cotiiiiinntion, sprained ankl*?-and tootli-ache; he leaves
that to large dealers and medical gentlemen.
N; B. Genuine German Coli gno Water imparted by
Fancy Storc No. 121 Easi Broadway,
One door ?wr. e Pikc-st.
N. B. Wanted at the above place a few dozen of the
mpori.d BRITISH OIL. dig
Co! Is, Consumptich and Liver Complaint.?Cousrumption
is a diseas 1 often ?cretiy lurking in the system for years
before there :- the least complaint of the Lungs. Aiid in
this stage it ran be cured as effectually, and as certainly
as any other di-e."-e. Let net persons delay the use of
medicine until tin ir ItiuesarcieMsiblyafTected, l?u: indue
>eascn.resort to l?r. Allen'.- Balsam of.Liverwort?this
medicine ha* proved even the " Conqueror of Physicians,"
for which -!! mankind will have abundant cause to bless
ihe h;nd qfProvidcnee: More than 100 physicians in tins
city now use tin-medioir.e in their practice.
I i.av. used your Balsam of Horehound; Liverwort snd
Pleurisy Root >n my practice for some months past, and
from iBe:*ouderful effect-it has had, I am f?liy satisfied
that i: nos.-e-ses very superior virtue- ia the cure of
Liver Complaint and Consumption; ! do -tr.mtrly recom?
mend :t the public^and to the Fsu a.:y. Respectfulljr;
J. D. Riciiaroso.v. M. D.
Hudson. August L 1 ? 41
WHOOPLNG COUGH?This disease Ls prevailing very
extensively, and is sweeping oir many little ones,, with
very few day-illness. Parents should r member that Dr.
Allen'- P.alsai? of Liverwort is the only infallible remedy;
and tia.; saved thousaiids of lives during -eves years.
Sold ay VV. A. Tyler, wholesale agent; 58 Barclay-st.;
?'. M^Guton;i27.Bowery; corner, ofGrand-st; Dr. Hart.
c?rner of Broadway and Chambers-street ; J. O. Fay, at
Milnor's Drng/StoreT.corner of Broadway and John s?;
and H Eyeretu 36*7 Greewnich -st. dS9:tm
( <CR? IIS OH JE ?IS.\PTE.-|-..f l:? . mts you ?
w can procure a roll of William Bro wn's rVucii Paste.
It"your Ltove er ?r-te is cevered ?*ith rust, ir one minute,
by. the application of the above article, a lustre will be
produced that * i!l astonish the one who makes use of tt.
The Paste :- used without making a dust, and will *ive a
much core brilliant relish than the Br::-.-h or American
Lustre in t'n j form of a powder; The polish mv'e by the
Paste is also much more durable. Manufactun d by WM.
BROWN, Chemist. No; 431 Wa-bingteO-streettTBostOBi
Dealer- and families supplied by A B A- D Sands, Drug- 1
ei-:?. No. 7t> a:;d 100 Fulten str^et. Retailed by David
Sands ? Co. No. 77 Ea-: Broadway, ..ud Abrabara B.
Sands i '".>. No.273 Broadway; d'jU Ira
croup. croupT
FFl iRDS immediate relief,aad will efiectanermanent
cure in this alarming disease in children, aod.has in
nntceroua ca-e< been found the only preservative of life
wh ,, .-very other known remedy has failed to cive relief.
aEd when hope had almo-i 2ed. caller! f.,r the language, ' '
?? il has s,ired my child."
A phamphlet coataicing full directions for use, with a I
.' trge cumber of certificates of cures from Puysicuns
C er ;vmz.v. and others . f r,,2,,-.t standing in the
community; arcoiripaa:es each bottle.
Sold br the dozen or at ntai' by
A. B. Si D. SANDS.
~* md 100 Fnhonstreet, or by
Granite Buildingss"^roadway; corner Chamber street
and by DA\ ID SANDS Sc. CO.
11 East Broad-ay. cor. Market st.
Price. 5* cents acd $1 p<?r bottle.
XT PARENTS who-e cbildren sre subject to this
r-a ted disease, should always have the medicine on hand.
A word to me wise, etc. l fa
-An infallible remedy for coughs, colds. uImu,
sad in fact for nearlv every primary affection of the
I iBC*. This celebrated compound if offered by um pro
r rtetor with the fullest coe? fence cf its efficacy and use
falness. It is made of the best material.', and conta.es
tbe extract of nearly every herb fensoUJ (or mcdica, v.r.
I ie<. improved by a proccsa known ou.y to the Propn
etor, aad ha warraats it free from evorv deleteriousta
redfeat. He challeeees comparison with any other
i eeetable compound in tkis city, knowing as he doe" tftat
i ivalids will; a/tec a fair aaJ impartial trial, decide ia<*t
' candy is tbe much wanted. AiWfaoa in Farvo.
For sale by the proprietor. No. 436 Grand, cornerpi
Pit itrcct. Price fir cent*?or 5-t cents per lb. jv' 1
C1>'DY AM> COUCH DROPS being now
-the cure fjr Couchs, the Horehound Clarified Caudy
s prepared by N. Ncwberry; *tth mediesl advice, for the
,"? ire of Courts; is found to be a first rata article to allay
irrigations of tbfl faucrs and lungs; aau tffect a speedy
care if used early as directed. This Candy deserves a
trial Also, the Anderson Couch Drops aac Powders, as
Drepa7ed by James Melle? A- Co., and now by Dr. D. Mel
l n has cured thousands ; many of them * ere pronounced
j,,;. ru:r. .,. pr.-v-.i by c,rt.ticates around each via. ol
?Vom The above medicines are sold wholesale m -
Yorkbv S*nds\-Co. 74 aud 100 Falton-street ; bv Ed
ilrds & Co.. Druzgists, Nas.su-.reet . H. Diabrow. co -
ssr of Allen and Rivii gton-streats, and oan> ether P?a
::?t-- ?'
VEW-YOP.K SUPREME COl RT -lr lat ~ ..7""^
y ?PPn?tioo of ^e Mayor, Aldarmeo sad Caa^SE*
the City Ot Vw-\ e :. relative to ep?r*tn? T>lrV J
?treet fcom the Teoth venue I the Eaai r 3^**?
leeulb Wart of < .:d Cry. T ill irr u> ii may ecSse*-1?*
lie fs ?Mrebjr-'fivea. ihat a petition wi Lb* p: '?.rl,T. te*
honorable J?<?Oces .! it-' S?.prrn., urt bi jUiilft. *
People o? t> - S.I \. , V ,;. tth< r.^i-ol-nthJr ^
Albany alba first Tuc?c y. s.. ,;v ,'.k' ^'^
i tue C art n that day oi as iooa tfetreaHer ?v Z'**.**
behe-rdly J.a sB tm ' City .f New V-V ,*
forth the right. Utle and <r'--'.s: of the petitioner to the
..ne thousand dsdlan h'f qfbn r?tiu!s!r,| n.j^t J"* ^
Commissionersof Estimate jrd Asks mem appointed?rtl!
ss>o?r enti?i d :h.ittrr ;????*? i" ??":?'? i ?-<>? ,. ,ca .. , the j
li?nagr to the said unleash ti uwr/t. i .i.a .,, , ^j^^'-***^
relini;:.ishiat the ;:.;<t.e . ; the ? lid uaknowi) own. r? uj 7** ^
or parcel of land -? for the purpose ofop^W'Tfc^*
? eculid ?tlrtl ill ttie said City mddesct ih. d ;o Ike rwort'55;
Mid Coaia. issl e.rf. a- follost*. viz: ^.AHlbatcertaui&L
r parcel of ground situate, ;>::? sad tvi?s in tbe u'jV'c^
th Ward at tbe laid city, ?nd bounded ti>d;coo?ais*2??
folfows, ti wil-^-begiifDinr. at the iR?nnv?e?t,i|y Conur
Kijhth avenue^ a? estaWiabed by law, Nad 'rhir;v-^eyoa Lj*
^? the ?ante w.,? to .V opeard, ar.<! r-iu is; ?lierve a.-rawttT*1
ly alone the northeasterly itne or side of Tbin^iecoad^
?j the ?am? wsi to be optaed. ob* bstjidred t?^t lotht^J?
eatterlr line or side of land of Jame* B ormaa; these,loaA
westerly alons th* n utke a erlj Hi r c tide ol the ?de'?,**"?
i;-e .ai.t'J id e* B ? rmai . fq ? ? ? ? ? ? vtf
nitty IV,:. to j ii< * drawr 'VV;
ii *treet.a? the tame v?a.toh.-6B<-T7
tbe i-ortre oi 1 hir >?e...in; -.icr,,,. . i. ui ts-gpeii?a.
thence southeasterly al?ag the said ' "?- drawii ihiouehy^,
tredf:.ThirtT-fecond"street,as he ... ? t se p*'~?^
on? hundred fee11 the i .\ ne rside '. . r y V.'.
avenue at established by law; and ntnning thence ooribe^^S
v ?E4'ia&!4 APPLIED by Mrs. ?ARAH b ?loag ibesaidj?orthwesteily Iraeor aide faaid K;,! n
J_i HARPER; 4S Vesey-sL who has many rears . established hy law, thirty feet to the place efVerioiS^
rieocfl in tho busings. ->-' " And^no?ce t? furthi: clven thai on -enting ;:> . ^
;_- - as aforesaid, the sai l lu-Ucea will be moved that (beprnMr^
the same be ;r?nted ird lor ^ nee oi >.Irr it ili^ M|j *?
direct ioz the C erk of ..-id C *r res ... ; i :l-.e f;;_T ,(- "?
Yotk, to pay over lo the said peti?oi ei or to n-? iltucaee'a.
sais! sum of one ihoiisand dollari above mentioned i.^j
crease thereof, ifauv.j .! for such further or otherart>r?
to the said-Court shall aeemms'etand'proper. '
D?ud Decembei Sd, tS ?l.
rfS 6wd J. Wi ft'HE ELK R. Alt'y for Peti?W
Office No. Ill William, corker of Johs-st.
. 1 illK)DS DYED, restored and dressod, itcluilttif la
and gentlemen's garments, such as Dresses,
-Cure ri tiir-o minute?Tbe in!
Shawls Crapes. Velvets, Ribbous; Meriuoes, Hosiery,
i laisimeres, Carpets, Rags;Piano and TableCovors..Win?
dow Shades; .fee A' e.
P c ttoii of this reme ly baa in every
instance proved eflectaal inallevia
ting the pain, and making a penaa
nent cure, with ut the leist utjurrto
tlm other teeth. Its taste aod sntli
e both agreeable, and it will aba
lieve the pain in the guiuocca?
sioned by cold er inflammation, "?hen the teeth are sot
decayed! A trialjwill cstablwh the fact. Sold by A.B.
Sawils .v Co. cort?cr Broadway and Chamber* st. tirun.te
Building; A. H. & D. Sauds, 70 Fultou >t. a.id ~ Kast
f'.roH.I w;,v. 'ItiCIrn
L FL -.
CUSTOM HotsK. alst December. lr:41.
?. lOllowinz rut nates '-"*-"???'- -~- ^?A,, . ?. . ' .
R1DAY, the 3Sth of January; 184t?j by'L. M. HOFFMAN A iU? Auctioneer
Da t es;
marks and numbb?s.
one {'a tkag
oue ho.x....
I >(
tpnl lc BA or B Avast..
Oct. 37 William Thomson
i 39. | ,
April 3U|Joseph Rarker.;^i:e D0*
19 V in ii diamond 1 a ?.I"ve ca**;
Ii S S 143. 115. two cask
191. '* 147. one case
?J- \V F 3 .lone cask
?.ip y is'l! .hhd
me barre
H I F 46,48.
Ill " 1.
31 A Moore for M Nickol
Orpheus ...
Sankari ?
two casks
IS 10.
Ajiril 13 II C
.j one hhd_
(i Gilbert.!tw0 ^"lulks
one ke;; .
one pare*
13 Mi
II Mrs Bdllaah I.|0uei.\rrel ..
?j;. Sir John Vaughn, care of Thus D R>au.one package
?v{| j p ;.I one hhd_
28 No in .rk.lond sack_
V H 1; New Voik.package
?I MrVV A Hallock. t>'"! package
?J F B iu a triangle Y under.Oue box
tl 1* with F. under. '':,lu
ijlP m ith C under X over. ??'"! package
- John Bide or Roche Brothera.pao trunk .|Si?p Rocli
South Aitieriti
Brig Isabella
?? Long I- land . ..
?? Angetique.
Barque buphrosine
Ship Congress.
Barque Atlantic.
steamer G reat We
wueas mox.
I Liverpool
St. Croix
I - No mark.
1? Samuel Thompson.
I IT D Parker.
i jX in h diamond 553.
3 S..r Dr Potilo Duaiiv, Repelad.
?jl.Mrs Mull^u. Broadway.
nip P C I h tri.
l? F H N 1.9.
ia| Abij?h Fay, Esq.. care, of Olyjihanl it Co..
.. iS'e iiner British 0,Heen|Loudou
! one parcel
.lone chest.Ii hip Uuilcd Stale. ..
. I one box.j Barque Be* i-.
. 'one case.Ship Iowa .
j oue bo.\.j Brig Maria. ....... .
.joaobox.iShip Patrick Henryi
eighte* n
t*? o casks ..
one case....
l.'i'K in a diamond 15 a I-. four barrels.
-Iff John Druinmond.??? I"'" ?- - ?
25 H 11 couuected 10.ouc ccso
05 c 1 :i 3.thrcs cass's .
no v u i ? a. eight boxes.
C T with A under 6...
Rev W A Hallock....
Miss Harriet Williams
.one parcel
.: oue iruii)'. .
.lone box .
Mis Lydin Peaslce, care of Hickoek & Pome
ro... one box
John Miller. Broml-sirect.???? ?>",f ? ? ?
rbomas Burr, care Robt Mumby.!o?e boa ...
M in a triangle 1,2.
-'or Dr Jose Vulliunt. cHre John Wallis.....
Spoflord Tileaton.
Loir Cabin.-.
No nun k.
Li? i'rpool
Uia Janeiro
>t JagodeCubi
Henry Alloii
" Yu/.oo.
? Lchigh... .
Brig bmejiiic.[Texas
Ship Romulus.Greeoocli
" Howard. Hamburgh
" Frenhliu. Rotterdam
" Hellcapout. Havana
'? President.Londoii
?' Frankfort. Liverpool
Brut (!en. Marion
Casber Hauser..
two < Hsks . ..
one box_
one box_
ten smnll boxes.. j "
one box.ISclioou
'.wo chests.I "
lotp,.joiie quarter box..
lull' V & W iu ii Muck.owe package.
19 So mark.joiie basket.
20 Rev Mr Hallock. ?"o case.
?.'I Sit mark. |mx casks.
27 Dr Martin.'one box.
8fi mark defaced.'une case;.
3 W H in a diamond.j twelve lieg-.
7 BAKE connected ll'iu.one box.
10 F with F. C over and C under 1.'one box.
" Jane iliiddow....
Ship Toronto ... _
" Cristdval Colon..
?r i'oinci. Key West
Barque Rapid.I Havana
Brijj Armadilla.|Antw?rp
Ship Siddons. Liverpool
" 4Jiien. Havre
ma .
74? W K.eiiete i ..
yyrv connected l>
I Ol Joseph S Jobneou
Vo mark. joiie bull
J C P with N Y under. one cits.-.
No in irk. fifiy-eighl grind
Red U'lix. eighteen barrels
. one half barrel ;
arH R 52.S4. fi?.'three bags
til J k a ah EC connected under I.lone ease.
' i* 101.one ciise.
.j one box.
136 a 144.one kej:_
l2|Danl fJhinu eiir? Lev A Mac lay.lone cask.
13 II M i oniiei lei] and P 3. one box.
liijj T 5, 6. two eases.
J'l !'. It Browne, E-q.louc trunk.
24jNo mark (containing a Harp;. one case.
M 1 V 240.one case.
261B. one case.
'.'A I hivid Sterling care W Smith.one box.
fj Metsars Peacock A' Fowler.lone kep.
.'. Mr Klirret.lone kei;.
10 A B 1.joue case.
II Lin !ley Murray Moore.[one box.
1 i Mathias Bruen.one parcel
12 P 0 20.lone ease.
14 Rev Thomas McCrlc. one parcel.
14 L C with C under. twenty boxes.
11 C in a diamond M outside.'twenty boxe-...
Ill Vfr^ Woulfe, (Charleston).lone case.
16 G D.jonc box.
24 NI) I.lone case.
26 i>r J C Johnson.lone cuho.
27 VVilliau Fleming.(one box.
27 <; Blatch,St Johns, NB.!one case.
9 WD J.'.ouu trunk_
Hnir Helme.
Ship Sil vie de fJrasso
" (ireat Britain...
Barque Cragevau .... Dundee
Bnv Hope...|RottPri1uin
<!up Mediator.(London
one box.Schooner Ermine
Nassau, N P.
Norinn.' Havana
VVelliiiL'ton_i London
. j Hri-r Rosalind. Newcastle
? Hortensb. HinnWurgll
Ship I'.uri;uudy.Havre
Btirqui! Le Graugn_MarseillM
Ship Ph laelelphia_.London
" Dm ii D'Orleiiiis. " lVr'?
?? New-York.Greenock
Bar.pi I'.odl.; Hamburgh
Mr;:- Tarn O'Slianter. '?'"'?coa
Steumer President_ Liverpool
[Ship North America.
? Villc de Lyon... ??vre
i Ontario.
Baltimore. Havre
j " Toronto.
" Howurd....
" Sheffield....
I Barque Navarino
, Liverpool
Ship Baltimore. Havre
Brig Franklin.Rotterdam
Ship Illinois_. Havre
[Steaiiicr British fiuecnjLondoM
" Greut Wcsterb Bristol
Barque Ann Louisa.
P NT I.one box.jBrii; Firm
3d J A Ackley, 15?) Nassau-street.
joue package!
5'hip Orry i aft.
; ''era Cruz
;'?. ;o Jaueiro
one ease.,
one box .
one ca.se.
six kalf pipes.
one ca-e.
one ca>e.
oue case.,
thrive c.ees_
two case".
one ba.-ket.
" Stephen WhitneyjLiverpool
: " Robert Fultan ..! "
i K.-.r-jue Diana.I Bremen
[Step Sil vie de Graste.; (Havre
. " Nisntic_
j " Wellington
; Barque Chariotta
; Br>? Louisa ...
lone barrel.? R:<ro,<ie Tiberius..
j one barrel.j " "
>;,ip Wellington
? London
! Marseilles
?I "
, Lou.! on
W in a diamond V. outssde 31.
15 V FT'L.
15 F A A I a ij.
Iii F F 3s.
IG JoNUthun Aiaw.-y.
16 JA B.
13 W A C I. 3, 5.
20 inchor M & 3 150; 151.
22 it i.;
?J5 Walter Buchanan, Ouaida co. NY.
25 No Mark.
27 Sir. De Begnis.
Murch 3 C M.
26 FS HI.*;
20; ?? -.a 4.
" v-i Joseph Yeni.
-'7 A E Wright, Fulton st, S Y....... . .'S.
30 Mes-r-! Bro* n..
?J N 43." V.".
8 S over M diain'uel 9, 9.
10 VV S with P under. . .
15 John Liviitrstou.
16 K in a diamond.
16 R A Co ;n a triangle, 417, 44J-, 451 a 453"
20 W K P m a block 44?. 450.
?In p;dx Loag. Wasbington; N C.
SOiTaylor.A: Mo.-rill. "lon??k
23 k c 1,2.i..:;:;::::::::::::;^^;:
? Jj.? ?.joce barrel
= . No mark. .. ....;.fourwagaoTwheelaiBrig Pandora. .; Lasrt
2S rhomas Chamberlain.loaeca?e' !s,.'?,.,r..a...
2e Tlios Larue for Thoa White. lone cn.?
28 MnLHThornbiU.'.'"""I
2sj; James Hudson.
...[One box.
... jot;e i a?/.
.. I three b?ndle?_
.. ' two trunk?.
..j one case.
.. two care?.
...iocc bale.
.. lone, cask.
.. one bundle trees.
.. 'oce box._.?_
.. o> u cask.
.. j fi ve. casks.
.. I two casks.
six bereis.
il 'Iie.pout.IHavnin
Ontario.j London
B iltiaiore. Havre
" Toronto. .London
.1 " '?. "
. I " Siddons.'Liverpool
.ISieamer British Queen . London
. jSi.ip S ddons. Liverpool
! " Cambridge.j "
. [ " Westminster;. 'London
. i Cambridge.[Liverpool
'one cuie.
ione box.
Winimore.? Bordeaux
St. Jamc;_'London
Steamer Great Western! Bristol
Sept le F iu a diamond, 51 r? 53
lei " " 1 3.
.j three etsks.!Sbip Georgiana.
?V fimL-.tiimAn//''"!.'two cases.' ?' Nicholas Biddle.
I BUdk diamond, circles on the corners. five cases.! " Wbig
wiirke ti?>k
?srut; isarre.l.I ? Empire.jLiverpool
dim brrrel.j " " .j *'
joue barrel. *? " .
lone cask.' " "
mcu 3 PP.with L under.
9iNo mark_
1S40. I .
April 21 RC 1. _ , ,
?^ LHRl? one case..| " Polann.
August 2?:WW AudreirViii??e cnl",L" S>,,H Araeriot-"
.. Ht-, ?. .ose tru?k.; Brut Helme.
" 26|SI7 .lore case.j ? " .
26 SM 6lone WHeI ,
1*41. "-one case." .
F'by i)lB*FS45,.|O80w,.|8hjp Vakrje Lyoa....

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