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?Washington Correspondence of the New-York Tribune.
?>- Tuesday, Feh. 1.
la the House, to-day, Hon. Messrs. Cooper
and Coi.Qi tTT, Representatives elect from Georgia,
uppe?rt-dj were qualified, and took their seats.
The House then adjourned,and proceeded in pro?
cession to the Senat?* Chamber, to unite in the fu?
neral services of tlie Hon N F. Drxb.v, Senator
from Rhode Island.
In the Senate, no legislative business was trans
? ted. An impressive and appropaiate funeral *cr
rhon v.r.? delivered by Rev. septimus Jf sTO.v, Chap
tain to the Senaf. preceded by prayer and reading
id t/K- Scriptures by Rev. Mr. Marh't. lie-ides the
Senator- and Representatives, the President and
lb-ad- of the Departments, the Judges of the Su?
preme Court, a few relatives of il?1 deceased, and
a.'Iarge as ? mbly in the galleries were present.
All were apparendy impressed with tlie solemnity
of the "era lion, and die demonstration before them
of the frailty of human life, which vi :t- forcibly com?
pared by the preacher to the leaf of the forest.
A procession *v;is then formed, and th* body was
taken to die Railroad Depot, to lie transported and
find a last long repose, at the place of the late resi?
dence ot the deceased.
Truly may it be said?
Thou bast :<li seasons for dune riwn, oh Death "'
_ Altars. I
By and with the advice ami consent of the Senate.
?James Owen", Naval Officer, W ilmingtoh, N. C
vice Daniel Sherwood; whose commission will ex
pin- on the 20th of the present month.
ET" Mr. BoTTS publishes in the Intelligencer a
very bitter card in reply to that of Secretary I'p
sh 'M'., fie promises in a few days to prove that
the Secretary ha* uttered a falsehood, in saving
that he never advecateda dissolution of tho Union.
?CP We understand John Read, Esq. resigned
his Station yesterday morning, as President of the
Philadelphia Hank. Samuel F. Smith. Esq. sue
reeds to tl.lie-.?Phil. Gaz.
?J Tlie body of Hon. X. F. DlXON arrived at
this City thi- morning on it- wnv to Iteode Island,
where it i- to be interred.
'.'t' Passengers by this morning's train say that
:. new Postmaster for this city has been designated
bv the President.
[LT (mv. Porte? left the city this morning for
Horrisburg. His efforts to obtain means for the
immediate payment of the State interest were un?
availing: It will soon be paid, wo arc assured.
[Philadelphia Gazette,
[CP The final consummation of the plan pro
poscd lust Saturday by the Committee of nil the
active Banks took place last evening. The Hanks
will issue their own notes immediately, establish
a permanent fund to secure the allied Batiks, and
resume specie payments on the first of August.
L Philadelphia Gazette.
fvSTEA.M-FttiGATS Missouri.?Theofficers of this
line ship, which is now lying at the Navy-Yard,
Brooklyn, were awakened early on Tuesday morn?
ing, on finding the frigate keeling over almost on
her beam ends. At first it wa? supposed that, as
the tide was falling, some of the -hip's works had
got entangled with the wharf, as sin- swung away
from her moorings, but finding till clear in that di?
rection, they soon discovered that she* was aground,
and fiist*siukiiig in the mud. On farther examina?
tion it was found thai dicrc wore five or six feet of
water in the hold, which arose from the stop-cocks,
for tin- supply of the boilers, having been left open.
How this happened is at present tho subject of a
rigid inquiry. There hud boon carpenter.- on hoard
during Monday, and the Euginccr supposes that the j
slop-cocks must, have been left open by some of
them, but whether by design or through negligence
In- cannot say. Had tlie frigate boon lying in deep
water, in the stroum, then' seems room for little
dbllbt that she would have gone down. As it is,
we are happy to find that -he has sustained little
or no damage. The Franklin HA had a very nar?
row escnpo of the some kind, several yem- ugo,
while lying at anchor in New-York buy. Wo for?
get the cause, it we over knew precisely what it
wan; bill we remember thai in n few minutes more
that noble ship would have gone down with all on
board. [Commercial Advertiser.
CGP A Mr. Brigham, to Detroit, on the 'g-hh ult.,
was badly so burned by the explosion of the ma?
terials with which he was manufacturing a species
of go? a ? a lubsritnte for oil, that he died the next
During the lust year there have been built
und commenced -110 newhouses at Brooklyn.
SuPPOSl d suicide.?Oko day last week a man
in passing through Mr. Vandovcer ?; woods in the
. >? t part of this town, discovered the body of a
man suspended by the neck to a limb of a tree.
He had hung himself by a -ilk handkerchief, and
bv his tires- appeared to have been a I . State?
soldtci A ense ot' dentist's instruments was found
in his [locket. He appeared to lie about 30 years
01 age, and was ti stranger in this vicinity.
[ Long 1 slain! Farmer.
SOCIETY.?The citizensn( the l-'inli Ward, in favor of
(brining n Temperance Sncieiy, to be an auxiliary to the
vVn-liiwgton Temperance 5eu? vol. at Society, are requested
in it* i inble at ihe Marion House, No. ICO West Broadway;
on Thursday Evening, at half pa-t " o'clock.
A number of good speakers w ill address tire meeting.
Kol it Jones, William Adams,
George Elmendorf, Jacob J. Andrew-.
Samlil R. Banks, Francis !>? Allen. Jr.
s G.W. Case, .'. IL Anderson;
John ll.nlow . i ?cotI fthines
Gab ti T. Porter. Charles A. Clark,
Martin Ridden. John Dillon.
T. L. I tartness, John Hnckuid,
Ben}; t hampin v\ T, NV; Thome, Jr.
>;. W. Cass, John B. Sclmyler,
\!>.\. II Schultz, Frederick Perry;
Joseph Me.-k-, John L Vaiidervoon.
C. J. Shepherd; Ahm. W. Wevman.
John M. Lv-r. a. s. Russell,
.1. B. B.nchcler, Caleb M. I.'tile,
.lame- John Gray, John Campbell,
Wan en Chapman, W. K. Dean,
diaries Viuton, Robt. Jacques,
M. Souza, Wni, E. Deusenburv;
il. 15. Siule. Geo. F. Barnard,
Haul. Carpenter, Edmund P. Clay,
<?:?:.>:t Chine-. Norn- A. Phclps,
W. U. William?. Joseph Jenkins,
Angustus L. Brow n. f 2 2T" j
article appeared in The Sun. yesterday morning, reilectiug
on the Committee ol Arrangements of the tneeting on Mon?
day nighl at IheTalvcniacle, in rcfercn.v to Fire Companies
2 and 18, The facts of the case are these ] Several seat
were resep'ed in front for tin- Common Council and the En?
gine Companies. Notwithstanding the rain.the rush for ad?
mittance into tho uieeti?!? was so preat that it w as aimosl
Impossible to keep the front seats clear. They remained
empty lor nearly an hour alter the time that the: Companies
were expected; when in consequence of the w eather it was
fi are*l that the Companies had given up the idea of coming.
It was then found imptwsible to keep tin- -cat- clear, and
iliev were immediately filled, and when the Companies did
arrive, other seat- had to be provided. Had the Common
Council arrived after the Companies they would bavi been
served in. the same way. As :i bapj?eued, the Companies
were not i- well accommodated as was intended, and so tar
an apology is due to them. The occurrence was unavoida?
ble,-and \yas occasioned by no want'of dlsj>o?ition to en?
courage those who are a- zealous for tlie ?ause of Temper
ance as the members of Nos, 2 and 18.
(3 It- EDWARD FALCONER, one of the Committee.
SOCIETY Anxiliarv to the Washington Temperance.Be?
rn vole.nl Society, will hold ? Meeting, on FRIDAY evening
next, at " o'clock, for the promotion of the Temperance
< aus?-, at N->. ?? l Ycsyy-street, whice i- a large and commodi?
ous room. The ladie- and gentlemen of the city favorable
to the cause are re?i?ectfiilly invited to attcn.L The Meeting
w ill be addressed by a nuiiiberof gentlemen, ami attended
witlisongs, &c. -tc- Conic one. conic all! The ball i- in
motion and must roll on.
fS rs BENJVS. HART. Recording SecV.
ET "ORGANIC CHEMASTRY," in its applications to
Agriculture ami Physiology; by Ju-tus Lnbeg, Professor of
* t.etni-trv in th? l/niversity ot' Gassen. Edited hem the
manuscript of the author by Lyon Play fair; D. D. Second
American Edition; with nn Introduction; Notes :mJ Appen?
dix, by John W. Webster, M. D., Professor of ChetUL-try in
Harvard University.
Just published and for sale by DAYTON" .v. NF.WMAN.
f 3 corner of Fulton and Xassau-sts.
1'T PARTICULAR NOTICE.?Those persons having
furniture of any description to dispose of, or who are break?
ing up bouse-keeiiinir, w ill find a ready sale for any portion
or all of their goods, bv sending their address or ?-alling
upon the subscrfoer. Goods to anv amount purchased.
d* (2) FJJCOLTON, 197 Chatham?.
LAWYERS' DIARY.February 3.
Calendr agf tke Court of Common Pleas. Tris Day?
Part First, meets at 10 o'clock?130. 50. 63, 27. 51,77, 159, 16.5,
157, S3.105; 51, 153. 98, 313, 57, 31. 97, 127,130, 313, 21.37, 59,
Second Pan, meets at 4 o'clock?152, l.>1,155,355,168, 170.
172, 11". 112. 17H. 172, 130,.i22.
Calcndax of the Circuit Court, This Day?170, 171.
154.52,179,180,181; 182,184,135.lS6\n 155.
Reported f?r The Ncw-York Tribune.
< OMMo.v C??XClL.
v?'edve-day, Februarj'2
The Common Council met at C, o'clock; pre-om
tho President and a qnontrn of both Board-.
Tho reports of tho Chief Engineer of tiie Fire
Department for the last, three month" of resigna?
tions aiid appointment?: were received, the resig?
nations accepted and the appointments confirmed.
On motion, the fists of persons expelled from the
dmcrcni companies were referred to the Fire and
Water Committee of both Board-.
A report was made bv the Joint Cbmmittf*o on
hire and Water in relation to an alleged attack of
member- ot Engine Company No. 17, on =ome of
those of No. 22, -truing that the complaint w:t:
frivolous, and asking to be discharged from farther
consideration of tiie subject : adopted. Augustus
C. Ward was reported by the same Committe? to
ho expelled, William H. Titus refused admission,
and Alfred A. Motl and William Maroonev erased
from the ii-t ns members ot Hose Company No.
1.3 t adopted.
On motion of Alderman Leonard, Dri Daniel
Hogan wa- appointed Comwiissioner of School
.Money of tiie Sixth Ward, vice .lohn (Jrav, whose
term hud expired ; and Tunis 13. Haight and Geo.
D. rimes were Appointed City Weighers.
Wednesday, .January 2.
In the Circuit Court, dared L; Moore brought an
action agaiti-t Edward Dodd, proprietor of. a stage
coach between this city and SouAamptns, I.. I., to
recover the value of a package of 200 silver hilf dol?
lars, which had been placed in a box kept bv him
tit the corner of Fulton and South-streets,.directed
to Southampton, hut which never reached their
destination. Ii was shown that others also had
access to the box. and thjejuiy found for defendant.
In the Court ot' Common Pleas, an action was
brought by John Clark, proprietor of the Picture
Gallery in Barclay-street, against William M.
Pritchardj for false imprisonment in 183.0. The
defendant was an attorney, and received a claim
from Boston against Mr. ' 'lark, on which he issued
a capias, and directed the Deputy Sheriff- (Mr.
Kipp) to hold him in bail a- a non-resident debtor,
although Mr. ( lark had resided here for several
months. The jury gave a verdict for plaintiff of
$133 damage- and ti cent? cost*.
in the .-rime Court, Messrs. McDonald & John?
son; stone-cutters; recovered of Mrs. Charlotte
llinkey $163 under the Hen law for work done on
a house belonging to her in Essex-street, which
she had contracted with her son-in-law, JohnGar
rctson. to build, hut who failed when itAvasnearly
completed. She denied owing the contractor any
thing, hut the jury; from the evidence, (nought oth?
erwise, and hence tho result.
Wednesoay .January 2.
Stealing Male and Female Apparel.?A
man named William Beatliy was this dav arrested
by officer Clarke, charged with having stolen -ilk
and ehvliy dresses, a lady's cloak, gentleman's pan?
taloons, vest, &c, worth together $63 33, from the
premises of F'rancis Halpens, No. 403 Pearl-street.
The clothes were found in his possession : in his
examination lie confessed the theft, said he was a
native of England, aged 57, was a machines! In- oc?
cupation, and was committed.
Stealing White Lead.?A man named Barkcy
Mver was to-day arrested for stealing a log of
white lead; worth $1 ?.">. from Joseph Dellutorre,
of .No. 283 Front-street which wa- found in his pos?
session, and he was committed for trial.
Stealing Molasses,?Three hoys, named Lew?
is Thurston, Cliauncey Bailey and Robert Smith,
were caught on Tuesday night stealing molasses
from a hog-head belonging to Mr. William Rad
ford, r.f No. 132 West-street, which was lying be?
fore the door of his store. They had obtained
about2 L-2 gallons, and wen- to-day committed to
Stealing Bcttkh.?Daniel Price, JnmesGroeni
Bridget Ginnes and Ann-Y'oung were arrested on
Tuesday night and to-day committed to prison for
having in their possession about 2(1 pounds of but?
ter, stolen, as supposed; from some g?rnccry store.
Stealing Pantaloons.?A boy named .lauu-<
Stevens was arrested, taken to the JlTpper Police
Office and committed to prison for stealing a pair
of pantaloons from the house of Jo-.hua Ordway,
No. 2*1 Second-street
Wednesday, January 2.
The Coroner held an iuqnest to-day at tin- house
of Phillip Marro, rear of No. 16 Orange-street, on
the body of Mary Lynch, n nutive of Ireland, aged
about ?l' years. The deceased had been ill for two
or three weeks, experiencing great difficulty in
breathing, and having a haul cough : was confined
two or three dav- toher bed. without anv medical
attendance; and died on Monday night. \ erdici?
I )ied of effusion ot' the chesi.
descriptive, historical, political and moral,of Denmark. Nor?
way, Sweden and Finland, and t'.ie iVee cities of Hamburg
ami Lnbec, comainine notices of the manners and custom*;
commerce, manufacture--, art- and sciencis, education, lite?
rature and rclh.iei those countries; and cities; by Robert
Rainl. 2 vob 1-ttoo, m itli maps and numerous colored engra?
vings For side by DAYTON it NEWMAN;
i 2 corner ?t"Fulton and Na?au--t
l r FOR ONE MONTH ONLY!?Terms redueed;froni
Teii to Three Dollar-. Acadejnv, 381 Broadway; opposite
Washington Hall.
Mr GOLDSMITH, the American Unrivalled Penman,
pledges himself to impart to the Ladios and Gentlemen of
New-York and BmokVn his inuch admire,! system of:Mcr
rantikt and Epistolntni \ V? RlTING,or return the money at
the expiration .>:' the lessbits.
Mr. G. hns obtaioed the First Premium lliree snccewive
years for the best speeimensof OtEhnnd Writing exhibited
at tin- Fair- ot" the American Institute.
Romas open during die Day and Bvening.
The Ladies will meet daily from 11 to l o'clock;
Opinion - o f the Press.
Mr. Goldsmith.?.lit Iglus from what we have n u,
must pronounce him to he unrivalled in tlie n?c of the pea
[Boston Morning Post
Mr. Gof.nsMiTH.?ire is w-e say unhesitatingly the most
accomplished on-hund Pi timan wc have evi r seen.
[New-York Eveninq SlgnaL
New-York, Jan. 15. 1832. j d 6t'
M.1X2149 Tultoiestreet and iJ Ann-.-treet?Thus says the.
Editor.of the Planets??'? Free Reading Room.?Without
doubt one of the best and one of the most convenient places
Inme'cRy to gather the newsof the day i- at the Climax
Eadue Mouse; No. 1? Aim-street; runningdiraugh to Fulton
street. At this well-conducted and popular establishment
there are t\\ enty-six marble tables, with a leading journal on
each table, representing every State in the Union; ihuscitb
ienv and stranger- have t!,.- opportunity of taking theircof
tee, ^c. and reading die latest papers from all part-of the
country on the same table. It strikes us U2at;tliisarrange?
ment i- superior to any thing ever attempted in this city, and
we have no doubt w ill prove a great fe?tore in this evtt-n
sively patronized house ot refreshment. Under the manage?
ment of it.- geutlcmanlv proprietor, the Climax, we arc
phased t-? learn, i- rapidly increasing in patronage and pop?
ular favor, and we doubt not will continue to receive its nil!
share of public support. Step in." (2) n27
the'scn the moos full sea
Rises 6 5$ 1 Sets 5 1; Rises 1 45 j South 6 2?l 2 2
~" I. a t e sT~ Da tes.
london.Jan. 3i Ha vre.Ja:'- 2
LIvrHKOOt.Jail 4 NEW.QRt.KAXS.; Jar. 22
Bark Catharin.i. Sun.lmnr., Bremen. R'V.nnan i: Jolmson
Brigs Calvin. Par-ons. Wilmington NC. E BarteJl; Selnia.
Smith, Mobile. Stur^-- i. Clearman: Yen? brig O-nr,
Wakefield, Angostura,. Avmar k Co: Roarer,-Gornintr..Ala
raiiham an,! l\?ra, K. Corning'& Som Normer; IVj^-.-. Kn:^
ion. Ne-mithi; L.-ed<: Daniel Kdlev, Cards, Sannuider, G
W'Tliaicher; Gen Marion. Sylvester, Gonares, Nesmithl:
L?vds Moon. Haver, Cbarles?uL
Sehr- Alfred F. Thorn; Sanf?rdi Wilmington NC: Comph
aiK-e, Sparrow, Bo-toiu Tasso, Coaies, Havana, George E
Shin Henry Clay. Scribm.r. 50 ds fm St Pctcrshunr. mdze
to NolienitLs. x Pavenst?dt
Ship John Minturu, Stark. NOrl.-aiL?. 13 ds fm tin* Bar.
rlour to G Douglass.
Brig Philhura. Shcnr.aa. Savannah, cotton to Dunham i:
Brig Savan:*jdi, Shapter, 5 ds fm Savannah, cotton kc to
Sttirges i: Clennnan.
Bng New-Orleans, Alder.. 11 d- fm NOrlcans, molas*ej to
Depevsrer i. W"nitmarsli.
Sehr Emblem, Pearce, York River.
sales at the stock board. February i
"5 DeL ic Hud.55 ! 25 do.60davs 54
'0 do.?30 da vi :?+;'' 50 do.'..52
20 do.this week 54 j 50 do.32
-50 do.next week M i 51 do.52
"5 do. -V5 ; 50 Harl'-m r. 3
1? do. <*ii-. 2) do. 8
?V) do.-2Mav- 92i 25 do. S
50 do.Saturday r*4-* 3M do. a
50 do.'. a5*?l-vi do. ti
40 Weci-artics".51 ' v. I_ Mand.53
1? Union Bank..100 50 do.53
55Serenth Ward.75 | B5 T7. Sz S. R .123
50 Bank of Com..scrip. ?.G- 12 tub - Sr. ti . 81
Arner. Ex. Bk. 60 22 ti i - Prox P. .86
50 L Island. S3 | 50 do.i 1 oav< 52
?W do.b 50 davs 53.*- 50 Del i. Hud snextweek 92
50 Mohawk.;, .s 15 days r,2~
Wednesday, P. M.
There was a fair amount of business done at the Stock
Board to-day. Prices were generally lower than yesterday.
Mohawk declined if: Bank fommerre, ?~rip. 11: Harlem
Delaware and Hndsori; ( ash ?to<*k i- <s-arre. and im?
proved 1 per cent.
Western State-Stocks clo?ed at ?l>ont:tbe;rates of j*e?ter
day, excepting Ohio Six---, which declined 2 per cent* In?
diana Bonds tell on j j^-r c?-nt : New-York Five? and S:\e
declined j per echt.
The toilowiae are the sales:
LOGO C?rpor. Bond?.S6<V| l.f-fl? dc. 22'
2,000 do. 96* 1,000 do.. .t.tbi? week 22
?VW New-York C?.'?72.. 73 j 2.000 <i.22
5,000 Nexv-York:5s,*58. . . 7r? : LO?O lUinois 6s, '~u.20
7,000 Ohio c<.02 ! C.?o? do.19t
5,000 Indianas?. 21 j j 2,000 do. ls?
1.000 do. 22'< 1.?00 do.20*
2,000 do.221 2.000 d0.< 10 davs 19i
5,uti0 do.<; tl? days 21 ;i
second board.
2.0o0 Indiana-n.-xt week 21 j: I;ti00;Illinois. 20
2,000 do.s 10 tiays'Sljl 1,000 do.slO dayv-lSJ
The Foreign Exchange market Is quiet. We continue our
quotations Sterling; prime bills, C a 3-: Southern C-a 7*
Franc- ? Jo a ? 28a. '
There i- no material change in Domestic Exchanges. We
quote Phi hdelphin Cj a C?: Baltimore 3 1-2 a 3-J; Virginia
93 a 10; Mobile 1-1 a 14 1-2: New-?riean<s 6J- Nashville 14 a
14 1-2: Louisville 9 1-2 i 10: Cincinnati 13 1-2 a li
A forgery Jet.-et,-,] lo^lay, but the perpetrator escaped.
Some person attempted to pass a check, by the aid of a boy,
to a house In Wall -t. purporting t.> be signed by Ketcliuro
i. Olcott?.;" Hanover st in payment of ;i !"t Treasury notes.
A person is suspected but has not yet been arrested. When
the boy, acsompanied by .Mr. Ketchum, returned to the spot
when the man was to wait. He had ,'eearoped.
The Chemical Bank has declared a dividend of four per
cent for the last six months.
The City Fire Insurance Company a semi-annualdivfriend
Of five per c?-iit.
At the Tea -nie to-day die prices obtained w.-re a -hade
lower than at the previous sale.
The plan ti.r uniting die efforts of die Philadelphia banks
to sustain each other by a deposit of available property;
1 forming a Safety Fund, appears to have gone far to wards
[ quieting the ?citeinent which prevailed in that city on the
exciting subject of the Bank-. The fiminess aK? of the
Moyamcnsing, Penn Township; State Bank ntCamden, and
od er Banks which have"sustained a Iron without flinching,
ha- tended to add to thi- effect. Tie- arrangement- for ihi<
Fund are all completed.except tbeactual depositing of the
securities which will In; completed before Monday next. Tie
amount has \<f ?-n fixed at twenty-fivediousanddollars for each
Bank; to be increased should the Board of Trustee* deem it
The following named gentlemen are the Trustees for. the
bank- set opposite their names;
North America?John Richardson.
Philadelphia?-Samuel F. .Smith.
Commercial?James pondas.
MvchanicaW. B; Mitchell.
Penn Township? I). B. HinmaiL
Sautbw ark?Thomas Sparks.
Western?J. Patterson.
Farmers t nd Mechanics'?I. P. Hutchinson.
Northen? Liberties?David Kirkpatrick.
Manufacturers and Mechanics'?Thos. H. Craigs.
Moyamcnsing?Joseph Solnins.
Tin- Pennsylvania Bank continued closed, and arguments
are heard m Chancery for appnintlnga Receiver, bnt uo de?
cision hsis beeii had. Tlie interest upon the State debt, due
and payable on the l?t in->:. remain-unpaid; yet the <-toek
rose from.45to 50. Some other stock* experienced a small
The Legislature of Pennsylvania are engaged tij>on the
engrossing subject of the Banks, and the Committee ?-n
Bjinks was directed to report a hill providing for the resump?
tion of specie payments. It was supposed iheywould fix up?
on the l?t of June as the day, and that the Hoibte won Id
probably name a M.ll earlier day.
The Philadelphia Bank? now refuse tn receive Country
Bunk note- on deposite. Specie, which had been at ten per
rent premium, declined to -ix \?-r rent.
In relation to the interesl nn the State Debt, the North
American say. '? As die !a-t re-ort, it is understood, Go v.
Porter applied to the principal City Bank/-', and we h-ani
those institutions promptly tendered the heceswry aid, upon
condition of receiving a portion of the assets of die Bank of
Pennsylvania for collection, with nn assurance dial the State
should 'guarantee die repayment of die money advanced
before the time determined by the Legislature for. rf-sump
don. It h stated that/urnls were remitte?! by the last pack?
et to pay the interest due ftveign holders of the State Stork;
the Bank of Pennsylvania having bought the bill- before she
got iuto.trnuble; It^vas cmifiden?yvexpected dint arrange?
ments -eutild be completed in a few day* to pay tlie interest
in full. The Branch of the Bank of Pennsylvania at l?arrL<
hurgh L-i said to be closed.
Por.i ?f Bostov.?Arrival-: during the month of January,
io^->. Ship-. Barks. Brigs. Sehr?. Sips. Total.
II 21 54 131 t_221
Coastwise." W 30 113 1....16I
Foreign."7 11 "l 12 0.... GO
t)f the foreign arrivals. 1 bartwas Sirillian ; I brig and 5
scl.ners British
The Senate 01 the Louisiana Legislature passed on the 20:li
imt. the following resolution in relation to the Banks of tLa
State :
That the Finance Committee bei attracted to inquire iato
the present condition of the Banki generally; and the pro
ceedings of their several Board- of Directors, and the con
duct of their.otneers, and especially w bat steps they.have
taken, or any of them, preparatory to a future resumntion
of specie payments and their cajiacity \-> do <u : and that u
any violauons oi law have been Pommitted by any of th
B.-.ak-; and that farther provisions of law may be deemei
necessarxr: svith direetions-to r>-[wsrt from tune to time, and
especially a- to any particular Bank-, as often a- they may
deem 'expedient, by bill or otln-n-- is.', and w ith power to
-end for pcrsous and paper-; and to examine wiuiesses0
oath. -
Tit A sale.
By Austen S% W'ilmcrding.
\ ? ,1.:' Hvsnn?half chests 54 1-2: 50 do 18 1-2; 15 do CO
10 do double chests, 97; 50 do 02; 41. 4C, 53 1-2: 72. 4?> 1-2
29, CO; 35, 58; 10, .v. -41: 4<?. 5 20, 5C; 70, 53; fin. 48 1-2; IS
Ilvson Skin?70 clients 32: 56. -'? 1-2: "<:, S4-1-2: 4?, 371-2: 47
;w 1.': 20; 39 1-2; 31, .'W 1-2; 42. M: 35, 35 l-i tri, 4t>. 14, 35; 34
Young Hvsou?M" half chests Young Hvson56; 12 do W; 90,
53? 100, !'?; 100; I i l-2a '.'.:"?.;.; 1-2: 10.54 I-?; 30,59; 100, 43 1-2;
117, 371 J: 120, :7 1-2:i:.', .7 1-2: BI cht* 's; 1-2, 'd t-2. 53ahd
*..' '-2: li-t' I2ins hx- 4L
ilvson?30 ?7: 700 121b h\- 54.
Ilvsoii Tonkav?10 bfchts 441-2: ?!?. 4t.
(? inpoxviler-il hl chts R5 1-2: 4. 71; 15.1, CO; 27, t-2; 3, C9:
12, C4; 129, 57; 90, Cl t-2; 65, 65.
Imperial?3 bf chts 70 1-2; 6, 71; 70, 59; 7, 70; in, 71; tv'.,
10, V; 63. 58; h'o 61b hx- 0".
Pouchong--50 hf ciL? N2: 70, 51.
Snuchons?1216 hf chts 37; 1Q, 3:?-. 260, 37 1-2: 10. 38 l-i 10,
3S 1-2: 10; 47.
200 mat- Ciassia 17 1-2; 1700 \>*U* Ceylon Cinnamon 17.
TT We have no pariicular remarks to make on the state
?ftrade in the City during the past \seek. The merchant
are preparing themselves for their Spring business, which
commences generally the lattrr part of this mouth. A very
lull supply .- already openeiLand heavy cargoes of all k;r.ii<.
are daily arriving. It is thought that the country is rattier
scarce of goods, 'nut the continued and increased embarrass?
ments in the circulating medium at the South ;uhl We-t will
undovhtedly prevent any thing like a very heavy basines*
being, done during the present Spring. The weathtf con?
tinues mild, and it L< a general remark that we have a New
Orleans winter in New-York. We have notldng to notire in
the state of the Country .Market of die least importance.
Prep.-i:c! for the Weeklv Tribune, rhiedy from the Coin
r.iercinl Shipping List.
ASHES.?Tia re ii but very little doing in eidier descrip?
1* E ESNVAX.?Ujnv.ird- of 40O0 lbs Southern Yellow have
been sohl a: 29 a 30c. rash.
COAL.?The mildness of the winter hx- greatly lessened
the consumption of thi> article, and with moderate supplies,
prices have recendv tended downward.
COFFEE.?This article continues dull; prices, however,
are without particular chance. The sales include 900 bags
Braiii n: SJ a 91 cents, the former price for inferior: 200 Java
Ha Hi; 200 S?matra 9 a 9J : 1?> Cuba 9j : loo Mara.*^:b<T
Di. nil four months, and 350 St, Domiiiiro at 7 rent-, cash.
COTTON.?Since our !a>t there has been a steady good
demand, principallv for Upland and Florida tor rxpooataon.
which hi- iH-en rreelv met hv holders generally at the prio -
of last we.-k, the market closing firmly without any parnca
lar cliange inirates; except for the goo.i and ane qualines
New-Orleans, which are frdly one quarter of a cent hichtr.
The transacuohs embrace 23.? bales IJvlahd and Florida at
t'.', a 53 cent*. \s :!>i some fine at ?? a 91: 200 Mobile at S a 3* j
150 Nexv-Orleans7j a 9', with solne Sue at 10J, an4 s4 Texx
about Si cent*, short pr.ee; together -ay 2750 bales.
The lirriTHls have been?from
Texas.331 bales.
South Carolina.23
North Carolina.27S
Total Imp<in. from 1st to 31?t January.23,312
Expon, from 1st 31st January.17,7S5
Export from the United StateOr?e 1st Seoteni
- b*r .?.:.?...'.4.77,570
>am.- t::n- Lh>. ..^,r.290,002
Same ::m/- rear before..?.4-,?'<5l?
DOMESTIC GOc-Ds-Export; from Iftto 25to7aauary
t-oTton G<oo>. ' 344-ik^
k-J^ ?c ,T? .V.1*"" confined to immediate wants: thev em
Mace gestern Ca<oc 0., jaos?rSo. L at95a 10]
cewi^SOMJfcs. sai Soda.?, both 5 iook; 20 cases Jejnb
SSSi5?^n 'V"1*- r^h: 30 tot> cnj<it> Bnmestone, in cask
2 ' - f . h : ''r-,!*'lIi fi? hand*, withinnur rang? ; an.
r-nw???^ tcrnL* 001 transpired.
Eu0i,DS.-T.V market** quiet, ar.d we bare hear.
ofJ2^lfeSt?iiy ot --per-.d notice.
)...;'., 1 'IFJ^--A ':,J* o: ?W ibs. Western Lire Geese ha
FKH '"V " ' * mnad?;lesstherater^f?rcash.
. '?? lfi?haretecnmingscarce,andcommaix
, -. :-5 *- a 2 62*; secona qoalfcv are abundant
' .?? ??? The :rw.: arrtvaU of Mack-r-: Lv.
dc^berea?izmL0re' aad w* Md prices that cool.
_t Rl IT.?There have been sales of 1000 boxe? Bund
^i^'V-M?^: thereLsan improved^eS
SSSS^- T^,?mnes? H olders, price* have an an? u
"In F?i I ^Ss!?a,oos !)^i,d'> embrace a small lot sof
....I Aim. r,.;v at ... .2; Havana Oranges, tuJots. troni a rar
go .a:;.;:ijperHirr:e-Sm::h.rjr,3 16: andSOObnshetAt
. an Pea Nats. BO centsall cash. The Bunch Raisins in boxes
j:er Empress ostamved,we? sol I .
FLO I. ft aND MF.AL?Tt.e ::-.7 ^ v/ u ... ,. ;,. ;
since our :n,t has been quiet, yet, as ti).- stock d. crea.-. s..,- I
becomes coventrated m few band* holders exhibit much
nrmn^.an.t the sales effected for home use (there being no
?leraand tor export) continue :o be made a: gradualD im
pro? ed rates, so that prices ofGenesee now stand ZScents per
barrel higher than thev did two weeks ?inee w,- a:-.-. ti I
vanreonr quotations tor Ohio. Trov, i.e.. there being now
FT. .vT."?".?"IC ?v,r'* fn had below $5: .a parcel of 400
bbLvOhiovtaNew*-Orleans, Moses.Dfllon brand wa ..- ?
yesterday tor $6. 1- or Southern the inquire -s lieht but nrices
are without chat;-,- ? about 4-50 hbLs BrandWine have ,-h.,,. ..
b-4 hSad< Ca*k Rye Plour 3n,t Co'rn Meal remain as
r,-, F'., P*" rrom the 1?: to the 2firh of Januar.-.
w ht-at h Soar. S6JJS3 hbLs
cJinUA,1XrScv,:ral :,ar?v-Js lUinALs WhraqVojrether tbo
bushels, including nearly all the recent receipt-, have
been uisposed of :or milling a: $i 25. the former r>r re. There
h?V""leTemaihinsrin ' firsthand*. OnSarardav last;
4rssi..usheis.No.-th River Rv.- were purchased for et| n I
Enghuid at 73 cents; delivered alongside. The shipment >f
Kye to (.reat Bnfsin Ls a very unusual occjarri ace; and Ls be
heved to be designed a* an experimeot Oats mtinue t. - I
m lots tor home nse at former rates. Within n day or two,
Southern t..rr: has lt*en ncr.- plenty,and prici?have in con
sequence recwled coosiderafily. A cargo of 2,500 basltel?
mixed \ irgima Vellow was sold vesterdav; for tiistillin" at
R0 cems, and 1000 husbels Jersey. Santrday, at G2i,1x)th
weight, ca-h. B.?ide these, it is utidinvtcsvi that SON bushels
Jerwy \ ellowwere pnreliaseil for expnn to England at 63
cent-, weight cash, deliverable next week.
Export, from 1st to 26th Jan.: Com. 19^93 bu.-hek
IIKMP.?Manilla is dull: IPOlrales from Bo-ton have been
*.|d. deliverable here, at %\r,2 50, r, m..s.: to ton- clean R::?
brought >tjri7, (5 ruo\
RI D ES.?We noticesales for tlie week ol 1000 Montevideo
(24 Hk.) on term* not transpired; 1500 Irv M^atimonts (241
lb-.) at 13 cents, H mos. (ItOtli to till order* from the countrv :'.
150 New-Orleans, 11 rem..; cash) and 200 Southern, idle,
supposed 6 mo?.
MOLASSES.?A sale of .vi hhds. old Porto Rico ha- been
made at 1!> rent-, 4 KMK Since our la-:, there have |.a
largu receipts of New-Orleans; which remain un?old. With
tins exception; there i- little or none in first ha!;d?.
NAVAL STORES.?U',- unders.and a sale of 1000 barrels
Wilmington H..-in hasbeen made f>r export,.on terms n n
rranspire<l; IotV? barrel- Turj^nhne, al?o for export, sohl at
s-'t;;; forsmall sized barrels, and >2 .77- for prime selecte,]
North County,. short time. Spirits Turpentine continues
?cry inactive.
OILS.?Whale arid Crude Sperm are scj-ce, lint the de?
mand it light English Linseed Ls in few hands, ami iirl.l
firmly at 92 a 3.r? cent^. cash; the large-: holder requiring the
latter price.. 1000 gallons were sold a day or two since at
HI. Best American can yet be purchased at r*i cents. cash.
Oliye in casks .- eery dull; 400 baskets Xiee -ol.l at >; r: a
S3 50, ca*h arid 4 mos ; 15 cases Lynch $6 25, cash ; I brls
Shore, --til received, brought *1J, caslu
I'ROVISIONS.?The market for Pork continues de
pressed, with small sales^only;to supply immediate wants.
Tin large stock of old, brid-tncreceiptsof new from N< i?
Orleans; contribute materially to thi- re?nlr. Beef all is
dull, without change in prices. Lard i? plentv. Citv rrn- .
der.-.; at <'< a Gj ? old Ohio; 4 1-2 a 13; and ijew do! 5 1 2
a ? cents.
Export, from 1-t to 26th Jaiiuury.
Beef.'.|ffi5| (,,,!,
P"rk.4,330 hhk
I^ard."l^tlii kegs.
S F. KDS.?('lover continue- dull, and prices recede aim. isi
daily; aboiit 150 trs. have been sold since our la-t. at 10 i 101
r.-nt-. Rough Flax is more plenty ; the last pales were iii
Sir, bat this rue probably cbiild riot !?? realized.
Export of Flaic Seed; (cleared,) since December 1,1841,
1324 tierces.
Export, from 1st to 26th Januarj-.
Clover Seed... .616 tierces.
SPIRITS.?A cargo of Rochelle Brandv has arrived since
our lasi, but not b-ing landed, no sales have as yet been
marie. Drudge Whiskey cannotbe qooted over ID cents';
150 barrels New-Orleans; from store, sold at 181c, equal;to
SUGARS.?There no change In this article, the demand
i> light and the mark, t h? avy. Sale- have been made of "?<>
hhds. Porto Ri.-o at 5 a U cei?sj 4."^ St. Croix "} a ;-?: 150 hlils.
Neuvita? 4 a 5}: .YV> boxe-Brown Havana 1; a 51, and Z'i?
White do. ii] a 7. all four month-. Bv auction, 23 hhds Por?
to Rico -old at *5 lit a f. j.er 100 per lbs. 4 mo-., and 40 bids.
Lump 104. cash,
TALLOW.?American is dull, ami the -t"ck increasing?
best City Rendered l? otVercd at !t cent-, with few Nah-; we
understand 300 casks of llivi description are being shipped
from f;r-t liiimls.
TOBACCO.?The operation- in Kentucky continue light;
there Ls not much inquiry for the old crop, and new is with
out demand. Bv auction, of Kentucky, 275 bales sold at 25
u 3|, and -s'7 -ack- at 1 1-2 cents per lh. cash.
TEAS.?A catalogue of 8495 pckgsTeas, ]ier ships Hamil?
ton, Narraganset, Ac, was o.Tered at auction Thursday, and
4237 disposed of a- follow-, viz; Young Ifyson atS8 a48j a
50J a 77 cent--.; Hyson, 47 a 59: Hyson Skin;301 a 43; (inn
powder and Imperial; 50J a 7?.; Souclinng,54 aa *7j; 1'ow
cbonj; 9> l-2a 5S; and CongoTi, j"7 cent-, 6 and II inns. The
sales went oh" rather heavily, at a reduction of 2 cent- per lb.
on Canton-made Young Hyson, and an average decline ..t 3
a .*. cut-on all tlie remaining descriptions
ASHES?T!:>- market remains in the same state as for
tome time pa-i. Ther?are no-air-for export, idl the pur?
chases being made on speculation by one hon<e whi< h ba?
the contract of the market. The nominal rate !-7 imi for
Pots; 6 r>0 for Pearl-.
COTTON?Of fine Cotton* the -nppii.-s are rather light
and the market firm. The sales to-day have been about 800
bales, mostly to shippers at previous price-.
FLOUR?Some ->!<?- of Genese*! were made to-day "t 6
12 1-2, and afterward at C> \?,{, arid some lot- not strictly ' fan?
cy,' but rather better than common, at G 2'.. which i- now the
rate demanded by holder- gem rally. We think K 12 1-2 a ?
IR] the fair quotation, although very little, if any, could pos
siblv be had at the lower quotation. Michigan i< scarce, and
good brands would probably command 0 12 1-2. In South?
ern the market i-quiet. We quote Gi orgetowu, How ard st.
and Brandywine at 0 00, with moderate sales. Richmond
Citv Mills 7 50; Alexandria and Fredericksburg G 00; Bran?
dy? ine corn Meal, barrels, 3 12 1-2. hhds 11 50 ; Jersey, bar?
rels, 100.
GRAIN?A small pare-lot Wheat is r.n market, unsold.?
Several lots nf Cornareoffering;and the market hasliroken
down. Sales 4.3n? bushels Virginia white at 50c; tleiivered
The sales of Oats are only at retail. North River are selling
at 5u a r'2; Jersey 40 a 48, according to quality.
In the steamer Britannia; from Boston for Liverpool?Ttw>
ma- KajvJas (i Keath. R M Harrison, Wm Marstedl.John
KoWenson, Geo Denbolm, Chas Geddes, Joseph McKay; J
A McDonald, Tho? Wilson, Thos Corliett. \Vm Clark, .'
GrcenshielcL?, J Connell; J Collins, Wm Mackinto-h, George
Monroe. Andrew Eaton, D Maekay.Thos. Kerr.John Hla.-k
wotmI, all of Canada ; A O Bigelow of Boston, bearer ..i tlLs
patches to our^limster in London; i t.a- Knorre o| Boston;
John Conant. John CaslurJohn Connah," New-York; Wm
Gatkin; Nashna: E.I??ard Bannister, Philadelphia; Mrs liar
""For Halifax^J T Chamberlain, Miss Ki.ld. Clms H Wal
ford. C in .da: A H Tavlc.r. Geo Archibald. Ben] tt w, M
(farringtnn, J A Barry. Halifax: Benj Randall. .1 J ( bl
Bo-'on- Moses Noble. Ponfmntitti; M Dyetl, R \, England
ET All FerionM liavior claims apaiust the lute pub
Usbiagfirm of George Dearborn 5r. Co. are requested tr
-eud tliein in rritingsmmedlati ly to the cilice of Henry C
Dcuiiug. Attorney, No. 14 Wall .t jlU tf
ill a r r i e b :
In this city, Feb. 2, by Rev. James It Perry. Mr. William
\ Dooley to M^.-? Aim Maria Odell; all of this city.
In this city, Feb. I, Gideon L. Knapp to Augusta M. Spring;
both oftlnV<itv. j _ . , ,
In this city, Jan. 30, Benjasmu laylor to Catnanne Ad?
ams, txith of thi- city. : _
D i e b :
In Uns citv, Feb. 2, Charlotte Berrien. infant .laughter of
Wm. S. a::u Rosabella ('. Slocam, aged 1 month and 2 days.
The friends and relations of the family are respectfully m
rited to attend tier funeral from the residence of her father.
No. 5?3 Fourth-st on Thursday, 3d Last at 4 o'clock P. M.
without farther, invitation. .
In :h.Ls city, Feb. 2. Harriet, eldest daughter of Orlando D.
and Eliza McClain, ae.-?l 4 year- and 19 days.
The friends of the family a.-e invited to attend the mneral
diL- afternoon; from 14P Springet at bait" pa?t 3 o'clock.
In this city. Feh. I, John Si infant son of Sewall and Ly
iba T. Ben.-on. aged 1 month and 3 day-.
In this city, Feb. !, Henry McGloin, aged .2.
In this cit'v, Feb. 1, James (?? Bamham, aged 22.
In this citv, Feb. 1, Mrsi Eiirn ITusby, aged
In tkis citv, Jan. 31. James T. Smith, aged 70.
At Detroit, Jan. 23. Hop. Henry M. Campbell._
A full a-sort:neut of French an-'. English Cres^nere* ot the
latest Fail and Winter Patterns.
CAN be found nt the Xew-York <^as
Tailoring Establishment, 142 FnJton-street, near Bros,
wa v, where particular attention is paid to culiir.g Pants is an
stvie our ca-tomers may wish, and made at the shortest no
tice. A greet variety of Diamond. Vine and Bond-str?-- |
Beavers for fjvercoats, made to order, in a style surpasse
bv none, and at prices to suit the mo?i economical Also
our usual toll assortment of West-of-England and French
Cloths, together with the Woolen.-. Velvets. Cashmere-, Bro?
cades ami other Silks for Vesting*, comprises as full an as?
sortment as can be found ia the city.
Strict punctuality observed in filling orders. Cash on de
livery, and uo abatement in prices.
N. B. -hose persons in want of a good and fashionable
Overcoat, at a moderate price, are invited to call and ex?
amine our style and quality before purchasing eL*ewhere,
as Mr. Gaylord gives his whole attention to the catting de?
partment, -?hose name is a s-j.-^ p-jaraotv for a ar*'.-rate fir.
04 tf J. C. BOOTH.
THE RAINERS have the houor to give
a Grand Vocal Concert at the Rutger- Institute on
FRIDAY EVENING, Feh. 4, 1842, when they will appoar
b tbt if neve ceMusue, a:;:! ?hg a variety oi S?iot-, Duetsand
Meiwiie-, of the Alps Tickeii^onlv-^SO cents; to be hadat
the Music Store?, and at the door. .Concert to commence ar
bait past 7 o'clock. j ; ;:
TTVENll.E CONCERT.?Mr. William
n? R. Bra.i'.-.urV-Juv.-::ae Choirs Nc-s G and 7. vvilIgixi a
Concert at the Amity street Baptist Church, on Thursday
Evening, Fei'. ? -. a: half-past 7 o clock.
Single tick* ts, 25 cent- each, for sale at the bookston -
H. i. s. Ravncr. 7G Bowerv, Davtoc, and Newman, and a
the djvir._2__'_ __f22r_
New Attraction!
peale-'s, having undergone material attentions, and a
new and improved arrangement of the vast collection ot
curiosities and object- of Science and Antiquity, for which
purpose .t ha?been for some time partially closed, will here?
after present new attractions in every department. The
celebrated1 Portrait!Gallery,"somuch admired a.- containing
the true and almost only likenesses of bur early and most dis?
tinguished Hen>e>. Patrioi-and Salesmen,has been greatly
unproved by revarntsiung. The Scientific article- havebeen
arranged and adapted for the best purposes of study and tor
teaching youth. The Lecture Room ;has been greatly en?
larged and improved tor the accommodation of intelligent
and respectable audience-, and tor coursesofleetures by dts
tingul-hed lecturers, ??? :rl; extensive Apparatuses, \ c. Mam
neiv articie- oi curiosity have been added and the w hole now
n -.:.:- nnequalUd advantages for rational amusement and
usefuliustruction. Parents ami teacher-, me frieinb of sei
t nee, and citizens generally; are invited to calL f3
!',- nent of the celebrated Rivers Family.
C<IRCUS.? Ho we r v A m p hi f he a ire. ?
' Last night but two of this extraordinary company;
liefore their departure tor Europe.
THIS EVENING, Feh. ."!. tbe performance will com?
mence with a Grand Polish Entree.
Master Day win appear on the Corde Folnxo.
Mr. F. Rivers, the unrivalled positionist will appear.
Mrs. Spencer Will dance r< favorite Hornpipe.
Old Downie. the old established artist, will appear in a
neu style of Leaps am) Somersets;
The Rivers Familv will appear in the splendid Gladiato?
rial Feats
To conclude with the afterpiece of JEMMY OF V.BER
15riX'~ 50 Cents. Tit 25 Cents. Di tors open at a GJ o'cli ick.
Performance- at seven.
BILL1 A R I) S .? Exercise for Health
Only?No Gambling i- Permitted.?OTIS FIELD
will i.e happy in a call from.his friend.- at Bnx-ford's bil?
liard Rooms, over the Climax Eating House, where are
eitrhi splendid tables, wfth -late and inorble beds, India
Rubber, < loth ami Spring Steel Cushions ; Iron and Maho?
gany frames. Entrance 149 Fulton ami ' Ann st, Tables
iui I Cloths for sale. ja5 liu"
T VNTED?A purchaser for a respecta
hie well established budness,with some tenement -,
ly at tv; Broadway, in the office. Terms very reasona
a re-qtee table per-on. f3 lw
" \NTKD~Teacher Wanted?Desks
v.,mted.?A male teacher, experience*! in teaching,
and a few second hand desks, in good order, wanted in
?he Philological Institute, 61 Eldridtrc -st. Apply between 4
tmifiP. M. fJ In
ANTED?Places for good Servants,
please, apply at 1?; Broralway. City and County
Employers suited widrcooksj waiters, nurses, housemaids,
tc.; aljso men servants and boy- for trade-. f I lib:
\PARTNER wanted in a perfectly safe
.business, with a credit or capital of $,1000. or upwards.
Business 111*11 may apply by letter or personally to Samuel
llurlhut, 126 W ater--1 |*3 It*
OHN McCARE ,\: Co.'s Intelligence
Office, 99 Nassau -t.
REFERENCES?Hon. M. H. Grinnell, ILBrcvort, Esq.,
W. Irving, Prof. Remvick. j 13 Im
T^f)K SALI!?A Farm in Erie Co.. New
.8. York, 1 Ml iii-re-, 35 improved! house, barn,orchard,.vc.
Price $1200. Two-thirds ??an remain for a term of years
Apply Hi John-st. f 2 -It*
.8. EXCHANGE for a Farm, 11 large DWELLTNO
HpUSE?;and it Lots of Ground; at Williamsburg; I- I., om
mile trom the Ferry, suitable for a Florist or a Public
ilen. Inquire of G. It. Lane, 400 Pearl-st., New-York;
ftl It"_ _
"? T()RE TOnTCTTluiiTStock ami Fix
Vjj ttires of a Crockery Store f?r sale,in ove oftlie-hestlo?
cation- in the city?Stock small. Inquire immediately at
No. hit Bowery. t.J
TO LET?Part of a House, pleasantly
situated 01, the East River, with a large barn and
about four acres of land, with fruit. Ace. suitable for a sum?
mer residence, or tor milkmen. Applv on tin- premises, I7tli
-tree! arid l-t Avenue, to JOHIvC*. Mil.I.Fit. fd 2w
sicians and Druggist-:.?The old established Driis
Store,.as Gfeenw-ich-sireet; corner ofDuane-street, i> hand
?omely fitted up, and lately palrdod and gilded in tirst-rate
style. The Store has been in existence tor nearly fifty years,
m.l well supplied with a good stock ot' Drug- and nil afli
des usually kept in a retail store.
The above will be sold low and on reasonable terms, 11 ap?
plication be made immediately. The.only objec. in Sellins
jut i-; that the proprietor is about engaging in another kind
if business. f3 it*
R A R E C H ANCE.?For sale, a lot
f Ground containing about three acre- in a high state
if cultivation, situated in the pleasant and nourishing village
if New t..wn, U I.. 4.) mile- from tbe Ferry at Williamshnrgi
tin the premises are ? dwelling house and. kitchen adjoihingi
.Abo, a barn and an excellent well of water, a good garden,
will: a variety of fruit trees, currant bushes, grape vine, vc
The location desirable, being in the immediate \. ty 01
:hurchcs.-schMls, stores, ic. and about 100 yar.l- from the
Po-t oii, .- where stages pass to and from New-York ibur
timcs'-aday. For further particulars applv at 651 It road
wax*, N. V , or ot Thomas liowree, Stag! house; Neu tow n.
ACRES [lliiiois Lanti? at $J
per acre?timber and prairie. Ani.lv to
SMITH i VVH1TMQRE, 16 John st l i 2i
A new and splendid Piano; which for tone and work?
manship cannot be sufpa-sed in Nexv-Ybrk of Boston; and
which cost -?.i"ji?will i,.- sohl very cheap for cash, and war?
ranted lor oi,.- year. Adply at 212 Broadway or 152 Fulton
street, where if can be -een. fjj 21?
RV <i'()Ol)S at very low prices.?We
assure the public that in tbe purchase DRY
GOODS we can warrant a great saving.
We have an entire fresh Stock of Goods; and do not wi>h
to call your attention to old worn out -lock.
These goods we -.-Ii at extremely low pnr. -
We ?,-11 on commission at Faictory Prices,
FREiVCH PRINTS, \.,r.i wide. 6ti;
?^n^i yards, 5 colored Cliene and other new patterns.
Br;-iui Print.-, and I cases British Print- at the low price of
ONE SIHI.LINO >.-r yard. Decidedly -up-nor t-. any
print* ever offered in this city at the price.
New -i vie- of Spring Oood- at the lowest price*.
We havo received direct from tie- factories. We -?11 them
at lower prices bv the yard tiian other merclianU bay the
same g - :-. F. W. k W. F. GILLEY",
f2 lwta 430 Grand-atreet.
^"1 HEAP DRV OOODS. at 50 Charham
street.?BROWN i: I'RQL'HART liavejust received
atmeif Store several lots of ilesirable New Goc^ls, which
they oti'er at extraordinary low prices.
Good .Mouwiitje de Laibe-, new -ty'.es; Is Cd, 2- and 2$6d.
French do., vv-arranted Thibet Wool, Cs 6d and "-.
Some very pretty small patterns, in blue, pink and lilac,
suitable for children, 2> 6d per yard.
Mourning fie Laines, neat styles, 2s per yard.
SILKS?Several tlviusand yard- of figure.!, chene, and
plain Silk?, beinsr part of a Bankrupt -lock, selling considera?
bly under oritrinal cos*.
SHAWLS?Broche Shawi<. Cashmere Si;aDamask
satin Shawls; Silk Shawl,, and Velvet Lonb* and P..a.'
shaw l-., the est aaonment to be found .tt any Retaii Store
:n New-Vork, and very cheap.
An entirely new assortment of Shilling Calicoes, fa-t
colors and superior -tyles.
DOMESTICS, of;;.: kind-, at vt'-.vA" reduced prices.
We also oner all our Winter Goods at cos-. desiroua
[o clear them oil m make rix-tu for the new Spring stock.
BROWN Sc l'KQI- HAUT S One Price Store,
f2 3ti*? Xe. 50 Catharine-street, corner of Madison.
TONES S ?O(J1v-KEEFL\G,Publi^hetl
tjf and for sale at liJ Broadw-iy. Price $1 50. Instruction
- ven by the ?uttior as rdthenb m Brx-K-keep.ng aim an
itlTef dut;e- of tue desk privately, if desired. Applicants
*iio require .t will L?- cuecrtuity referred to tbrmer jjupds,
(Vbo are Bo./..-keep>-rs.
jji im- THOMAS JONES, Accoun^miL_
J r of Eaglarui, Irehmd, and Scotland, in 01 '
:b, and 20k, to any amount, for sale by ..-.,^,net,
f^C?RRENT MONEY of all kinds
\J pnrxTteeied at the best market rat** fa^vreel,
S. J. SYLVESTER- 1;M Broru^^
^ruiFCTIONs" on all part* of the
/ 'ULLtt L . j ,-ttvorable terms, by
\y United State miuie ?^^Eu 22 Wall-street.
S. J. f?? Ljyj -.ar, Broaiiway. i
AUCTION sales.
Store 54 WHliam.?reet co-hit ot' Pir.e-,-*reet
Store 1^ Broadwsy.
On FRIDAY EVENING. Feb. 4. at"halt"past 6 o'clock.
. at the Auc*j .-> lloom.
Ln w Library.?An exre-isive and valuable Law Libra?
ry, erabranns- M.viem Reports and Di-e-ts and Treat.se*.
Old En-t:>.: Ileporx Elemenarv Works, kt. in excellent
condiO >n and rni.*-{T bound m calt
Among.tbem are^WeadelPs Report. vob,: Johnsons
son's Cases, Svols; Cokeapoo Lytikton. 3 vols: BmaeV
Reports u" vols ; Cmtty*s Blacksroae.2 vols; Rosanc.uet aiid
Pu-LVre'* Report-. vols : Burti-'s Digest; Chitty on Bills :
C?wetfs Trvanstrs, Svoiyj CampbelPs Report-, 2v-ois: Co?
rny*. on'Contr^cts; Cowper's Report-: Condensed Report-.
Svols; Daj^sTHgitst; D*dlas"s Reports. 4 v.-l,; Di^o-s of
New-V ? s Hv;? ::s 4 \?-.:<; East'* Report?, I'3 vei?;' Espi?
es, \ . Pnus: Ex"ahson Plead; r.c: Fed on "JuarantiH.,.
Gill>ert's Law ol Evidence; Gray don** l>:gest. 2 vols; Gra
bams Practice; Lor.uburne m \N dls: JacooVs Law Die
i -v. folio; Pigg^t's Convc\*a*H*i**s*; Cokes Institutes^
with H irgrave's Notes, 5 vols; Sackelu's Report*: Jacob**
Conveyancing; Jeremv's Equity; Slitfonfs Pleadings;
Chitty on Contracts; Cb'itty's Pract.ce. 4 ml-: Crhttx-'sCnm
11 i. Law . Ph ...;>-'- Law of Evidenci . 2 vols; LawXibrary ,
12 vols; Biacksrone*s ?. ?mimetitaiies. 2 vols; Hall*- R*p?irt-.
I vols; Mathewsou Ex-idence* English Common La? Re?
ports 12yol*; Collver on Partnership: Story on i.'onthct
?*tws; Srarkieon:Slander-; Seutou'< Forms; Gcamon Ju
en. K.- Commentaries; Archibald's Prac.iee, 2
: Pothier on Contracts; Store on the Con-tinmen,Svis;;
fi re in Paroierships: Revised Statutes Svols; Highroore
on Lunacy: Holroyd on Patents; Harris and McHenrV- Re -
ports, 2vols; Harrison': Digest s vols; 11.ird*? Abridge?
ment, 2 voh: Hoifman's Chaucery Practice, 2 vols; Hull's
'-': ? ; ?? - < -i-: I.ju Glossary ; La? - o Cafrierv; Mad
dock's Chancery; 2 \. >ls; Oliver's Con**e* a;., ing; Paley on
V ? ?"?; Ihj - on b surancei Peter-'"- Reports, 12 vols-*
P Ion's Digest: K. ev, s i.aw ot Shipping; Runnhigtonou
Ejectment; Richardson's Practice* Roberts en Frauds;
Reeves -.a Descents; Sunn-ton'- Chancery; Stearnes on
Real Actions ; Sngden on Venders ; Sugden on Powers;
Story's Equit* : Starkie's Evidence, 2 ?*ols: Sauuder-'- Re?
port-. : v.'.-: T\ lcr*s Report*. 2 wls; TonUm's D gest. 2vls*
Ttlbnjhast's Form*; Wentworth'- Index: Wentxvorth's
Pleadings. 10 vols: Vales'* Pleadings: Wood's Institute?.
Gay's Abridgement, -' vols; Jaeoos's Law Dictionary;
Bridgeman's Conveyancing; Case- in Equity; iJilbertoD
Tenures, kc
Vi-"?A large Rook-Ca<e suitable for Law Books.
I I ESD \Y. .March 2S1.
Agreeably to tin- regulations,the next regular Trade Sale
of Books, ^ riling and Printing Pap*rs> Stationery, Stereo
type Plate*. Leather, i.e.. will he- commenced on Tuesdav,
the 22il of March next. It will tie continued underttie di?
rection of the Committee, and under the same regulations a*
Invoices should 1?- furnished by the first of February
when the catalogues will be put to press.
Cash advances will ho made on receipt of goods, and sale*
wiil he guaranteed ami cashed when required.
BANltS, RICHARDS .v PLATT. Ii? Brcmlwav.
Store 160 Broadway?-New-York Lone Room.
"JVTOTICE To Families.?Persons who
i aye at this sca.-ou of the vear'troubled widi burning
oil,are informed that they may be supplied, iii quiuitities to
; their convenience, with pure bleached Sperm Oil at :?
p. r gallon, mid unbli a. he.! equally good except in color at a*
od per irallo i. and both are nrarrautetl not to chill of cru-t
the wick in burning.
Also, good rive gallon Oil Cans tit 7> each: other sues
equallv low, far sale bv
fS lw .1 AMES A. SMITH. V, Water-st.
hie Yorxc; pi'XrpLKrs"iV( >?kT?7
tire .'.:; Bowery?The Young People's Book. orMagv
line of Useful and Entertaining Knowledge. Edited by
Johif.-V. Fro-t and Morton McMichael.
The Prodigal's lteturn, by T. S. Arthur. Illustrated by a
Ste.-i Engrayhig.
Self-Instruction in the Art of Comtiosition.
The Itercaved.by F. S. IL
Mu rat, by Jules Justin.
Desultory Read ng. by A. 1- Elwyn, M. D.
The Patriot Merchants.
The Gi in ot the Sen, or the Approach to Laud, bv Rev?
ile!] Coates, M. I?.
Evenings army Uncles; bv Horace.
Tin- Philosopher of San- Souci, from tbe German, by Hal I
it randgent.
f>n the Departure of the Year 1841,by M. \. P.
Evenings at Ro-eheutb, by a La.lv.
Laurel Tlill;bv Horn John Bourier.
Itetlection and Action.
New Books.
Tie- ProdlgalVRetufn,a splendid Engraving by Dick.
The Battleof Maren-,',., engrave*] by b; Atliertou.
Frederick die Great and Voltaire at Sans Souci; engraved
byC. N. Parnielee, frmn a design nt' Adolph Menzel.
Ournng Otitang, engraved by C. K. Fro-t.
Chimpimie, engraved by E. Athertoa
Barbary Ape and Long Armed Gibbon, engraved by C.
N. Pafmelee:
T> r ms?S2 per annum in advance, or' 18J cents ttslncle
number. Puuli*>he?l imnitbly, delivered in ant part of illi?
cit v and Br.M.klvn. and senfbv mail to allpait- of die Uni?
ted Sum-, by ISRAEL POST, 08 Bowery, f3 3tls
USJG tit Three Cents n Page,Retail?
. c. T. G ES LAIN, Mush- Publisher and Dealer, takes
thi- method of informing his friends and the public that he
has removed from Kroadxvay to No. 72 Lispenard-street,only
.me door from Broadway, ami has reduced his Music to the
very low price of 3 cents a page; lb'would at the same time
inform the public that his Music i- not incorrect, a- has been
reported, hut is the same ami printed from the same plntes
as the music of any store in the city; and, as a guarantee,
any .Mn.-ie purchased at hi-store and found to be incon-ect,
can be returned und the money refunded, The public are
respectfully invited to call and examine for themselves,
J'jjui_C. T. GESLAIN, 72 Lispenard-sC
low.?The subscriber i? selling nl) descriptions of
gold and silver lever, anchor, escapement, lepinc und verge
Watches, Diamond i'lings, Pins, Gobi Pencils, Keys,dec. at
rebut, lower than at nn\- other place in the city. Gold
Watch, - :?- low as 30 to 40 dollars each. Watches and Jew?
elry exchanged of bought.
All watches warranted to keep good time or the money
relururd. u. C. ALLEN.
Importer of Watches and Jewelry, wholesale and retail, 30
Wall street up-mirs. d*' istf
I1.LOUR.?600 bbls. Georgetown, choice
t. brand-, for sale in lots to suit purduuers, by
f2 l>\_ E._ltICllAltDSON 4, SON. Bn'iling slip.
< R O C E R S ' INKLES 1 Grocers?
Pickle-. Superior quality of Grocers' Pickles, in any
juantltv; for sale by Jofl.V BROAH, 20 Fulton st.
100 caslts Boyd's celebrated Blend n^ Powdefyjust
received and for-ule bv
jyp2_PF.ltS.SE .v BROOKS, Cl Liberty st
/ Mi.M 1'OSITION iU)LI.i:HS of thobem
\; materials and quality, and of all sizes, cast at tin- ?n
ice fine .New Workl. Inquire of J. W. RICHARDS, in
he Press Room, (basement) au24 ti
Railroad, ButTnlo, ami a'U the Safety Fund Banks,
ilso. St Law reii. e, 0|e;in. Jan.-'.-, and all tie.- Free or Red
Hack Banks, taken without any discount for Cloths, Cas-i
neres, Yestings, Flam els, i.e. e.t die lowest caih price, at
tat ttreetiwich si fret bear Oan:d_[15 '.mi v.:
PLES:?Persons afflicted with rhid pain?
ful and disagreeable cbmplalni ran have a permanent
ind lasting cure guaranteed by applying at No. 6 and n bah'
Harri-on street, near Hudson. Also. Asthma, Dypepsia, St.
Vim. Dane-, Dropsy, Sores and Ulcers, of recent or Ion;;
?ending. OBIce liours from 9 o'clock, A. M. ml, an ro
2 to 5 P. M. jaJ2 mis:
npOOTH-ACH E?Tooth- rVehe?Cure in
J thr.-e minim--.?"I'll.- application of this remedy has m
:very instance prove-1 etlectual In alleviating the p^in, and
nakins ipennanenl en e, witliout the least injury to the
/ther teeth. It-!.i-!' and -lliell III b. it h ilL'reeable, and it
will ,d-o relieve the p.iin oi tbe gUm.S OCea-.|Oll''d by Cold Or
miamtnation, when the teeth nre not decaye'l. A tna! wiL
establish die fact. Sol I by A. B. Sands it Co., corner Broad1
ivnyand I hambi r* ?. Granite Building ; A. B.Saodsk Co.?
273 B roadway, cor. of Cbaniberx-*t - i d .'tin
LL liOPE IS Vr7\rNT.?How often it is
said of ow frien/i",-when (hey are supposed Incnra
.!>? from C^nnmpuon, when Sherman's Lozenges would
ife ihem ti n ft nrwi?? k-. The Rev. Darius Anthony and
Rev. Sebastian Street :r liavetwih been cured of Consumpdon
by them. The Rev. Dr. Eastmond and the Rev. Mr. Hand
ick have also witnc-"?l dirir wonderful e;r,vt.s in curing;
i ..!;-:;-np;...ti. ('-.. .-. ' . :?.'!:-. \*hoopmg Coughs Asrljua,
!tc Mr. Railer, W Chatham st Jim Grant, 4.j Ann st liave
?L*o used them, and known many cases where they cured.
W ithin the !a-t v e-ar. over
iave been reported cured by Sherman's Cough Lozenge*,
tkrsid?-: cure- mt.umeral.Ie throughout the country ?iat liave
bot been reporte*L
and many grown people juffer for life with var.ous dtseisM
irlsing from Worm-. The onlv sure and certain remedy
for all kiwis of Worms is Sherman's Worm Lozenges. They
have cur,..; since their introduction snore dian
1,400,000 CASES,
and ha^e never been known ro tail in a ^feS^Smw
,f the Heart reheved m f-m S ?
i?" </'err?-?*- I ? -ewe- It is really -urprjing nowquicK
?hevo^i tedt&of^ highest respectabmtycan
i^referre/to. K BACKS
.... , ; iJ' hrr?st or Rheumattsm, cure by
>r pain m the ^g^SrttsWj prwe only I2J cent*,
?shermnn'- Poor .?<??>'1 .' 4)
., nf .??..? .m/1 warranted soperior to ali other Has
..idayear ot i.i' .n. Tbey also cure Corns, drawing
b^&? A-k for^ennaxr-s Poor Mar.', Pia?
"JJadiee that bis -ignatunr thus,
?.vitii dlrectio-ifii is ?n die back of each, and around each box
>rthe ?enuine Lozeog<A Arbid tddothers,as they are wottb
ess, orelse mjurioas.. Dr. Sherman is the only Medicated
Lozenge >Iajmfactnrer in America. His warelmuse is ar ICrt
\'a-.-au -t. pae door above Ann st N. Y.; No. 3 State st. Bos?
on, ami 23 South Third. *. Philadelphia, are branches of the
iriginal iMalill'hrnent. AgeuU in ?iis city?1 JO and 273
t- advnv, 77 Ean Broadway, latj Bowery. 221 Bleeclter
227 Hudv>n and So William street*; in Brooklyn at53 and
!Ja Fulton st _ jl-Slroi*
vf?TlfJrrTO CREDITORS?A" persona hav
: * ins clairrn a-rai^st Will? Place are requestedtoit
nidi an aeeoont thereof, duly authenticated, to the subs
bar on or before the rlRn day of February ??"xt- at his wore
No. 14 Cedar Urtot, in this city. ? s3

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