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* *rstr?*eii New-York, and tlelivered tu City Stih-?-*rib**rs Ov
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?i. Country?j* published eyery Saturday morning, at lit
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THE ? I? I iii'NK.
II:--1- Mr.itcuAXTs' Magazine, Vo?. Vi, "\o. .. March
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Rev. .1. N. I : i ; i !..??-. : ? i.;,-.-.. i;.-;:,'.'-..- i.. I.) btm
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di ; ?irlUKMit contains n lu?: ?' suri than, "? ?le- f . S.
Census l'or l??-Jf.l. &_: &?.
Tu?: Wor? ? i Sin \v'?*,"rri. Scott, *li?ccif*Vii?'ou* Prose
und l'ovii-l, l.'f?,?.-l Edition, No?. VI VIL VIII.?
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I".:t. Com K-V-ION?: "i lt?i:i:v Loi?:i;i.i Kl:. Complete hi
ii.-i- ?? ?'??? -i- ? Thin! American Edition. d'?>. 102 8v??.l
i ,??? '. Hart
?Harry L?rrec-dirr* i? il].-\-..ik by whi?di Dr.
Luvet*, tin* Hiitliiir of ' (.'i..?i !- _ f i'M?i!?i-v.* !:i-i !??.
t-.iinc wnleh [.'.?"il::i. Ii i. full of fun, humor,
aii-l iltisliiiig -a (lveni.;i?'. Israel I'"-:. :;:; ?uwery.
DT?ii< n m '? for Mutch contain?* a new Chapter
of Ptiflci l.oplviii?*, iv. f :u-.'.. !;- -.m ihr Internatioii tl
Cojiyriglil Law. and ???-..?. ?.! well written und
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March, bu-j |u?t been -ri! u? l>; I. I'ost, 8?J Bow?
er}*, It is mainly devoted it? sUetehes in Histurv
and Xalural Sciunce, illu?li*;itr?l.
i r?NlSS'S BOOfcli-EEl'lNG, published
_r ai 183 itromlw?y.
| Testimonvds.?A,Vt: think it admirably cidculuted lo Nad
l!i-?l!l.|.'tlt !.. ;? !lii.ni!!_li HcqUa?ltailC- Witll tin- lln-i I y .11 nI
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A. W. SI'IL.S \ ?'o.
\\. I'. & S. WAIUNG.
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W. I!. I'l'll'r-T. Ca'-li'i.-i and Accotliltllllt,
????!li Au?t? n. Wilinnrdinj; & Co.
Tin- m. ri!? of.tlie work commend it ?im.ii -ly to lite ?illt.ni
:...n ..;.?,??, \ inuli w I-,, .-in. .-i ? commerce i">>r Iii? career.
II SCIIAPKR. witli M-?-i?. I'lini'-. **Vard ?. Kin;:.
S. II. PlEItSON, witli \. TsippaiiS* Co,
IL S W MITT h .M <>!U',
?Mtli Cutter, l.'ilkl.??*, .M?Tritt \ Co.
11 .titdites the pupil i" iiml? rstaml the principles on \?lii?-'li
lhe ?ai inu? operations lire (Inuided;
Kill!. ADILMX. Ii?te Pn). oI'Math.? .V.-.. Col'a. Col.
The !.-'l-.-t-r?-\-r.-i?! ?. Colinde?! on your simple nuil rntion.il
?l!?i-:,.'tin accounts into"prim.ir* and ??-.'oii-lai-y." ilui?
..-:.n "isiiii.;' ?"!.-;?? i.ii!r\ from ?loiilil?*. are, 'uriny
i-timation, ??-Liff.il.:--. JOHN II. >ll KI'lILKli,
Commorcial I?. iiii'Unent, Gr"immarSch**ol,Col'i*- Col.
The explanation? arn i?xi*.e?iliii?flv ?-lt-a:-?the nrraiigemi nt
. xi ell_.it. JAIMES S!-;.\ I'< >N. SlaMer in the ? !o**niiercial
ii. ;ia!iiii. m. I ni?tm-u? GramiiiarScliooL
Wckno? *_r."Jon?'s to liean able ?iccountaul and u sue*
ccvful f-i!fli?-.-..| I??..!? K'-'uinL'.
llload?theleiinift* loa full and ilioroucrli kno'wlwljfcol
ihciiiiporlnm prij-ciplesoftlie art. [N. V.Jour, ofCom.
From iii- London Atlas,
lie has ?truck out a new iii?-tlu-?l ol teac.hinp the science,
byaieansol exerc --?Mnilai- to Un plan iis?nlly adopte?! in
i.it'luii.-iin-ai iluii.?:.,-. "n m I \\<- liaye no doubtlbis ??illl>e
fonnil.. ?-,-? ..-;-. ..t imprvivenient.
Tlit- ?hove \ i...?? ? are corrobtirat?*?! in tb?? report of a spi_*
..:ti i-.iniuiiii?-?' .'?' die American Institute appointed to ?a*
aniiuc ii, inei its. (Sec JouniaL i
i Instruction i? !ri"?'eii by tin- Author, as usual, ai hi?
Itooin-, 1G3 Iii..ad ??a?.
Th? Ma*..!.-.?The MibM*r?lier prtipo??>;t? pul>
l?h a |'t ?:.,.. i [cal ?v'i?i -the above title, devoied lo the iiivisti
' tl ol' Il'.nnaii Pliysiolofrv, PhieiK>li)ir* . Ptiv?!f._ii..inv,
!'ii!i.._n-m?, and Asuon'aiiical luiil Human Nlagnc-tisui.
Ilaviii^matle these subject? matter.? ol serious and patient
'? ?;.:-:i!?..ii for ??iiic time |ki*t, and co?siileriii?* the increas
?ttenti?n w?i-.-li lia? lai.-h been .m-ii to ili.-in bv lhe
mu !. '.? ;!? in !','.? c?iunir\ and in Enrojie. (l |s believeil
tlititsucli ... |k : odical i.? ?died for, ?mil that it will mee* ??ilh
liberal eiicoura-*eiueni from the lovers of science, in tin.? and
"?ier cotuiirii s.
One oi;.i oi tin? work ?? ;.ll he to excito and eiicoura?'e a
'i'.'.? "i in?.|uir* . and lo .i ?-,-? in ?:i,-li inv?->tii*.itions a? may
'?ikI tn - ;i?,- t?i-_ folio?? ni:-. aiu"ii_ othersiiuilnr ?|u?>tion?:
1. Tlr.n die m i.-iii ?!.- forces'tiotonb ?'?ervade all -nialter,
?' -'i - ??? n iiviii?! Ii.-iii-.' h;-.? a pei-.nliai* iiia-oii-tit- nature.
?'. 'I'li.i! -ii,?, fufe?.*-, .f the mcani of motion and seusa
I inn,
?. That every Mental and Pb*.->i?__l or?an, nnd every
mn?clelia.? its c?rrespondinq iiiat*n?-tfc polesi
). Thai ih. Mapietic :;-: ??.*? from die diflerou onraiis
'' chtenninati in the face, and bj means ol-which the va*
- \'ir?'??ii>,i? ;?: ' !?'. n-, II ope, I."?-. Ani-er, etc;, areex
?-?'?: :i, ill .-ii.nant*.'. an.! tie' ?nit:??*!?'? and Iitlll? are
._? le :.. obey the huiiuui will.
s. Thai 'h... ..i-.-.....? ?na? lie m. i/ti/ .??'/.?i-Yi.'c'.i/. oMli-irac
:.-:i rnoditiiHi bv Ma-.'iir?-ni. a.? die centlitioii of the pat'tcW
''?-?y require.
'?? Thai Ulis >i.'.-ii- tic o.'1'ii'i- w ioverned by la??? peciiliar
??? it?elf ; ;md ma-. l>e eoiinnunictued from "one ?H-rvni to
' her.
? ? And ar ;.. what ill.-?? laws are; the number, location and
iiict?on-ol iberiUtlerenl .-i/an?: the loi-rtli.>i" tli?' ?."orres
priu?luin pole? of tlie M?*iita"l niul Physicid onraiis. etc., etc.
? The ?u??eriber lia? !.n entruged lor ?om-?tiine in a course
1 ???? ,. . ? ? , v ?? in ?-i?, tli?* results of which ""
?-:? :.i;. a? t., |M..,, w:v_ toward*, demonstratiiie ihesc a?
- nu:!:--:?. and a !i?.v .|, ,ujj prove to be trn?-. all nin?i ail
itlhex at?- uni?, t,?. :? '?-.,;?.?.tani. as'much>oa?any
- ?*< -?-????,??., . . ., . ... . i'!,\.: -.?i ..r M.-ntal na
? ? ?? M^N.
Th? niatter will be <llu?irnt<-?l !>? nuiuerous e?^niviiurs.
?t-meol ?yhicliar? no? ,. ,,., ,-or,,**,.; ,|,,. u?,.,;,. -viider?iUJ
??..- work on? ol ?-.;',!- ? ? . ... .,,?* everv wav worthv
'"" ' -" " ' " ' :':>. and ?cieulilic' who \?i?h to
I. ?rann th?- -n??;.-i-:.- ..i |?.,.?;,.: ,,.,.,,.?,-. T?u ?>1.U?-? will
*' '? : ' ' ' *' " - ' ? ? will no! oiilv explain
?''?"':' ' c phi ? -i- fia h ih?.-.. unki.ox?:.. or lioi under*
???:???' ;.. ?naiiii? r!:..??- fea*
?? it the human fa?-e .'????? ,,".,. ,.,.,:>^. ternii
?? ,?!!'.-r.'"i ->li>?ii*a? and mvntaj orinuis a thin"
veri ? '. ; ??? ? iiwl thus will be?ecn.tliviotdv tno'CV
I*' - '? '',''r S?iveii to the ??.*?::.. In a
??!. ??..? ?vork ?ha!! be ??Hed ?? tl ? ?* .:.?? \:i':....v,;',, ln:?
ever? .?\. ?t ?? i! .- to the Physical, Mental .? ,
-'? nietic Natures "? >lait: ??**. - ' ' ? ;?-?n.-ua'..:'
**1.? S - Mit. ?Monomania, Ins-ii ly.'Mad
-?*?. Dr-.-oa ?:;? md PaiiaticisuV..tb who! lesi; Ltoex.
' -; claim.? ..i iii? se subjects on the attent?oii ol ihe can
? ? ? ... -? :?., :; in i? crtain ??:: h w fai M i-*iie?sm
??. ? - . ?- .: m -?;it .- id .!_'-:iI.
In;furn'-4iin?*;"an ?? lor t?- pac?*s the.?ul*?critM'r tMcp?cu
---??? i n nid? . in? ?? tl SC? 'Utitic i-i-nlle.
l'?iel . .- ? t _;...-.;>. :\ ... their ??'.v:'e??:oii.
1 ? >la_iR-twill Ih- pubjisli?il once a month; each hum
??..???. ?? .?.Mifr-:-i.?-;il 6vo pai;**s,with a
''-un. .*,. .? . vear. in* irial*l> in ad\*ance. It will, in n-'
- ? -.- rd?*l till the pa) for it.bas l*ecn recetvevL The
? i*:t:l..-r-'will lie L?sue?I a?"sx>ii a?li?e lituid:?'.! ?nli?i-.-i
.' i* eeu ..im :,.,!.
' ?" Any pt-rsoii procurin-' ?!i!.?fri!..t?. will !?? allowetL to
'?'??"??i th.- ?..,-, .... -j. fourth, pro* led the ludaocc !?? tbr
| ; W? the puh : ? \ ?? it-tf.
'? ? K-.,, -A-hoshatl -.-???? this |-ro?i??vtn? (includins
' : "? -\ ?:?.:;?..' n?. ?!ia!! n .-????.- tin- Mui-iie:, w.Ui
? lang.?.ibr on? v? ... :?:?-?:d>>i th?* ??ijh-i?- contaio
,'/.?' ' ? f.irwarili-d, marked," to'vTh. Ma-net.
IV? Pnhon^rreet, New?*, irk Citv."
;:" ""?'-': LA ROY SI'NOKKLANI).
\V<>ni) scrj:US.?The New-F.n
^ ??""?** ' **. ??? ?? Company \?:il furnish Brass and Iron
???i. ?? of cv.-r? .,.'.?. upon *? favorable ter:ii? __tliey
??? ' n ' ? . ,.? i i,v
N.VTIi; W| nib'ItKLL, Jr. 112 John ?L
BY GKKI-U-Y & Mcl-I.l!
_ ,' This Column furs been purchased by the Advocates dj
tssocialion ??. order to lay their Principia before the Pub'i'.
Its editorship >? entirely distinctfrom that *./" the Tribune.
Sou re "Y ?hi Evils which af?ict Society.
We stated in our last article that ihe various
Evils which different parties are Striving tu re?
form, have their origin in the false I -Tganizatiqn
il S ?cicty. We will examine a few of these Evils
md point out their cause*.
Slavery, arid ihe abuses ot' our system of I ? ?i. *.
Labor or J,;tt>*-i f"i Wages, ai- results of the Re
itignanl Industry which characterize?-; the pro
luciive Element of the false Societies now and
hitherto existing on ihe earth. Slavery, Op.
?ression and Dijusticc \\ili conthme until Industr*.
:s rendered Attractive.
So lung us Industry "i La bin is repugnant, 'li ?
honorable and ?U-requited, Man will avoid it as he
?youId ;i curst? arid a scourge : he will endeavor lo
?scape it. burthen by every means and dev ice :?? bii ri
ingenuity can inveut, and \\ii! resort to violence.
-.vi-rit aeliiiie. lyranny, fraud, and often to down?
right robbery to obtain the Products of Industry,
which are so absolutely necessary t-> his wants ami
toinfuru?, and thron- ihr burthen of-prod acini'
hem upon <>'hers.
In the early Societies ***.-11 i ? -} i were ostnblished on
the earth, [n?lustry was doubly repugnant and
odious, 1.atisc there were vsry few implements of
labor, and those only of the rudest and most lie?
fe ?ix".- kind, and because .Man had not lost his ua
liv? dignity iitnl love ..t freedom and cuse, which
belong lo a primitive co ud i ti un. War, in ail early
Societies. u;i? the main, and ?h fact, the so|(. ?nj.
?lortant occupation of the Lenders <>f the world.
Ihe I'i.wi'f which was used to resist the incursion.?.
?il enemies, ortoiiivado and plunder, wj? found
pqatilly ellicaoioiis in enslaving the Multitude ami
wresting from tliein the product of ih'-ir loil. The
prisoners taken in war became the propcrtv of the
- ?ft? ?:.?-. and, despoiled ..fail rights, were forced t"
labor bv tin.' rudest and most brutal moan? that oc?
curred to minds engaged in strife and plunder,?
th?- lash and other corporeal punishments. Thus
Slavery, or th?' ownership of Man by his fellow
Man. was established, and violence employed to
force the one to toil, in order to relieve the other
from th'- burthen 'if Lahor.
Repugnant Industry is the sol?? cause of the in?
stitution "I Slavery. The desire and necessity of
possessing th." Products <>f Labor, and the <!i?__u-t
of undergoing ?ti have impelled from the beginning
of history down t>.. the present time the Strong-and
Crafty to enslave the Weak and t" cheat the I_.rtn.?
runt. The Mas:?, whether they he Slaves or hired
Laborer?, will always be victims, ami will always
toil to enrich a Mim-rily, until Industry i-? Dk.m
kikii and rendered ArntAcnv.. by means of Asso?
ciation and a true Organization of Labor.
Slavery took its riso in the barbarian Societies.
In th?- Suvuge Suite, there in no Slavery, because
there is no liultistry. In this primitivo Society,
Man live, upon ih? spontaneous products of tlie
eurtli, and by hunting and fishing '. lie <l"Os" not
prosecute Agriculture, Manufactures and Me?
chanics, and In- consequently requires no *hixe- t.?
perform the lubor.
When population increases so that hunting and
fishing aie no longer ?ullicient to support exist? ncc,
Man must resort to Labor t<> live. Industry is then
established, and when in the commencement "t
Societies, a? we before remarked, there are scarcely
nnv tool?, implements or facilities, it must he in the
highest degicu repulsive and loathsome. Slavery
grows out of such a state of things us a natural con?
sequence. If we vvi-h t?. abolish it effectually and
under all ii? forms, we must uprooi ihe cause,?
Repugnant Industry.
Slavery ?h Vniiquity was almost universal:; it
h -..? been continued more or less gcueiully ever
since, and exists ul present upon a large pan ??'.
?he ?lohe. With the aid of C 'liristianity and otllCl
iulbienci's. Siaverx has been abolished in most civil?
ized countries, and a system of Hired Labor ha?
grown up in its place. When the Mass were freed.
ihev found the Soi!. Work-shops and oilier means
of Production monopolized and in the bauds of a
few. (In new countries where they are not. they soon
become so bv a minority possessed ol Knowledge,
Skill and Craft, which the Mass have nul.) The
freed Multitude were consequently forced to bei;
iho privilege of laboring from those who owned
the Prop?rtv, ami t?. ai"c?'pl the ternis the*, chose
to dictate, if they ?lid not. ho other alternative
x?;i> left them than to starve.
In countries where there is a thick population,
mid strong competition exists between the Labor?
ing Classe.? for the work which Capitalists and
Employers require, th?' system ot Hired Labor re?
duces th" Mas? tq a condition as bud as thai oi
Slav?s. In Fiance ami England, two of the most
civilized countries on tho earth, the Working
Classes toil from fourteen to sixteen hours per ?lay
in filthy work-shops for a miserable pittance that
scarcely ke-ops body and soul tx.gethcr, and when
the*, are old. sick or out of employment, they are
left without ?rid, and often t<> starve. In this
country, the Working Classes at*, better off,?not
because we have a Republican form oi Govern?
ment,?but because we have a \a?t extent of ?oil
und a thin population. The Political Institutions
??f n country have ven little to tio with the great
question of Labor and it? Organization, and in n
centurv or two more, the Laboring Mas? will be
:t> poor, destitute and dependent in this country ?
if the present syst-mi ot Society be continued?as
tliev are in Europe. Athen? was n Republic, and
there were in it about.four hundred thousand Slave,
ami twenty thousand Freemen. This show.? that
political Democracy may coyer the greatest socib-.
I yrunny.
S?? Ion?? as Labor is repugnant, degrading and
ill-requited, Man will no?, undergo ?$ unless in- is
forced io do ?... To force him t?J it. Constraint
must of necessity be employed. Hut two systems
of Constraint h?ve been devised by the Political
and Scientific Leader? of the world, and en them
i'uxe hern based tbe two svsteras of lndu.-lty which
have been established,?tbe Slave system and the
system of Hired Lahor. Tho one makes use of
the whin as the stimulant to l?il, the other oi want
and starvation. The great work? of Antiquity.?
u? Temples, Aqueducts. i!fcc. were built by Mass?.-*
thai labored from the fear of corporeal punish?
ments, while the jrent work* ?md luxuries of the
modem Age are pr.vduc?.d by famished Operatives.
who labor from want i.nd necessity. Both the
Slave ?y?teni and the system of Hired Labor are a
disgrace to th?' Genius cf Man. and must !*?? re?
placed by a n*'xx Orgajiiaation of Lriduatrv.
S E W- _* O II K. S \ T ! J _ _> A V
FOLT.IEI .- : ?:--?:.::..
bor, ???-:;. ;. :- the it e and i ituraJ system,?th?
on? .:?-??::?"?'-. ; Lwhich pi ?'?* tl ?
two ftdse ones th " "? ? - Bv means ?t th:?
system, [ridostr; ennobled
\;::'!? ? .?:-.??!?- -!::?i *.'? .- -. ' I
:.,..,.",: , ? . : :-?!?':'-.::? ,". Hu
::. ?? Si .? ties.
We intended in 'hi- article to.have i ?cpl
; .-?? of L'itemp? bui~w< must l?fer it
IB ?-? :.??:.??. 1;: --.:\ : ? .s" :...-. ? ? - M :.
a sketi v f th< risi and ::"_!'--- ? ??; th? ? ' ?? trine
?fAssb? iti .1
f?'WIL Steainsbip Presidcut lias as yetuoi
_l_ be? . noi ?il el\ ?l.-- ????? ?: xx... ! ? .
:t lias : ? :. i-. . ;:,. ? .. ( beyond a
the cheapest Dry ?.'?.-..i- .?.;!.-. city can be1 tatN
.17 Centre ?:. b?twei t. t;-.:.- ? ? and Broom? st.*:. 1. ??? r.vwill
lind in liii? store? splendid a-iso?roent of i: ?? ? .
?I-:;.'- : an : ? ?? --... ,.-; ?i ..... . . | . ... ... ;,i]
prices, from _s to 4?6?| and ''-. An ??*.?? ?.- . ?? issortnrient ol
I'r::il..!.?r -id. *',.!. ,,.i. ..i. ,'...? m1.1 !?. ?*- - ? I ?- . id .
fr im !- ???: to .> ol :!.- Intesi ?tv '? - M ?? ?.?. brov? n. tor * I,
Id, "-!. lOd and 1-. '?.. 5-lan :? ??',-. white do. o! : - ;
?x - ? ?. from I-; to 12-4, extra ciieap. .v., ??. :? - ofjacon?
cambric. !?o*)k. mull, drapery antl **????;?- .M?.-::r.-. Linen?,
Shirtinr, D. e..;.? : .[i ....... y ,-..... p, - ?
und Itob ftnv S!i;ixx'..:';._.. x- Scarf? and Cravats, tozerther
xxitli a ?'?ill ii-sonmenl ??? ill ? ? - . ? : ? ra kept and u*n
ally foond in ri-'sper?iuible Drv'Grmdsestahl??hm-'nr-: all .1
which will bt-oldat ;.? esv ? ?? fnSltosnt!
c! asers.ai 2-17 Centre? ?:. F.. il. KENT.
P. .*?'.?.V new style of Prints iii D:?-- !' terns, ? lulifitl
tin i cheap.
X. If.?Hosiery :md ??lov*'? in e?i'<I!. ....-.;? ??"-. f_3__W
pRENC-?; i:.\(;l!S!I .\.\i> ..k?.m w
B FAN. V (;(i(i|)?s. ven' low !;"" cash.?Acompl l?
assortment oi Comb*, Bru.l ? -. P*?rfumerv, Jtiseph ... it's
?uni other Stt-i I Pens, Cullerv". Ho..?.* ?ind Eves, I'm*. V . ?
dies, .V. rorelions, Po? ki l-B ? - - *? ... ;.i..i Leather Pur*?.-?,
I'..;:-!- and Brad Baa.* i ' Purse?, **:-*'.-::n ?!.??. ,v ?.. ? ? ?-_-*- t J i * r
?.vitli a gen-nilaveortniPiuof all article--in thi above? 1 ?
i..|..nc.. Com.tv merchant-) arc rt__peciiully invited lo
call -vhf.ri visiting this . itv, and examine lb?' -t***-k. as :t is
believed tbiit unusual inducement.? are ofi'erpd .11
ai! '-in ""l Ma th m Lane and 5 Liberty-sirect.
|>1.!_TT\\ LATIIROP. 7. Piuest-lmve
E ? h-.?- ..-.,.?. |.\ ih,. packace*,
SATIN ETS--?0 ?'iis.-s. as.or|.'(! .jiinlit ?._. black, green.
\ ... ?!!-. ii?. ?..-.!. .:,...? and Cadet mixture?.
t LOTUS? Id case's ?n?li_.o blur, low priced.
KENTUCKY I HA Vr??_'".;..... heavy indie. l>!u.:.
? VMil.L-N ICK?100 liai* ? common ; 150.].. superfine.
I'MI'.I'KLL \S?5 c,..,.. ,ii Inch cotton.
PALM I EAF HATS??35cas?-lecl-lOdo boys*, fanev:
12 >'0 hoo?l_
COTTON TIIl.'EAI)-:.">e:...-. white arid colored. iis.rt
e?l numbers, for sale low; 25 cases Dexter*.?, all numbers
.in.I colors.
SPOOL THREAD?20cases Mallery.-?, Sea island, very
sup? rior.
KNITTING COTTON?20 ?t.-is?s Dexter*?, make. a.full
assortmenl?ihe.undersii_neil heinir sole Agents. m2"lmi ??
!}!.(>\\N & CO'.***, (?m* price lint ?.tore.
._)) Wholesale and Retail, 17:: Chatham Square, cornel
ol Motl-street; n h.-r-- fashion, beauiv, durability and ? couo
1'iy ar-- combined to adorn ih? heatf. Tlie proprietors bave
Ihe pleasure no? lo ofTer, iu additioii to their recently nn
proved short napped Hat, a new style, the ?mitationof I!, a
v.-r. v !im !i-..;.... ;v i-.'...||il>l**s that, of all lui. tin. ni'osi
osily nnd beautiful, ?iai il<e diflerence i. noi ea?ilv per?
ceived?prie? S3. \V_'j*tric?>* adhere to the one price ca-*h
system, xxlii.-i, enables ns to furnish a very superior Hal for
iii?- price charged; m2 Im
AT.S, ar WATSON'S*, 154 Chatham
street, and bin Bowery, at the following unprece?
dented low tifiri'.:
Su ?"-rior ft F. A V E It.at "? 1 50
NITItlA. 3 .y.
?' AHILE. 3 00
" sii.K. . _: "-?
The Proprietor assures the public iliat In- ?vil! continue lo
manufacture Hats ?tithe abov^rcduceil pricesiashebny?
and sells ex-ltiswely for i;?.?!': and be particularly ?nxites
attimriofl to his splendid Sill* Hat*, at .*2 .*s?? tli.-y being su?
perior h. those now generally ...-i?iil' ?t ?.. Alwaysori hand,
iii*- li.rircst assortment ol Cloth aiid Fancy CAPS to be found
in die city. fJJ :im
K K C 11 E Si Leeches ! ! Leeclies ! .' 1
L000 verv f1::c, healthy (?t-rman and S vx. -? i i - ! ? Leech*
r?, ?tist received and !'..i *:n.- verv r-rasonable. wholesale and
reuil, or carefully applied, by u'll.LI \vi \\ VTSON, Che*
tii.si and Pbamiaci ui.?t, Apothecaries Hall,36 Catharine-sl,
f I? ?n
AI)?.*:TT?sT~L;iiUlers ! ! Ladders ! ! |
The subscriber respectfully inform.; those usine tie
above article iIm; be lis. commenced ihe Ladder businexs
?ii the corner ni 1st Avenue and _'?l street, xxl.i-r*- he will
make an.I i ? pair Ladders on as reasonable terms .i? any
other .-;.il'';-i.iii.'ni in the city. THOMAS CHOWN. '
i n; i in* -
PAINTS. OJTiSi Wianliiw-i .'lass. \<-.?
The sub?i?ribei*> l?.'."p ccnfclantlv on hand.a general
?issoi line:?! oi Paints, xxiiii every other titlicle in the i ?????.
to \xi ich tiny wttuld invite th?* particular attenlionol city
pairtei. and couniry liieiciiants. Term. p.a?h or approve?
s:x month? paper. ' JOSHUA GILBERT ..SON,
i 11 !>? Inl VV.v, ?-.::.. r.
A Cmly-H Declnrntiou.
For v?an.!? rai i .
1 .!o declare?
For List.- and skill *?\(iuis:tc,
Thai Mr. It. ?tl
Beats all imle? :
I ever y. i ?lid visit.
.*;:!.'.,i Jellies fine
Such 1 ? li--?-. I : \ n
Such dhitiues rich you meet!
O y, in haste?
Uo trv In? inste?
RE?D-So Huilson ?u- ? t.
I*?'ii<?i Turkeys.>? 00
Do. ' do. on an Ornamental Sock. 7 50
Soups o I every description.
Calves feetJelly, l"lanc Mange, perquart? ~5
lee (.'re?ni in forms. 75
<?range and (?rape Pyramids, from f to.in on
Charlotte de Russe... I 0?)
Ladies, wei-?emi these goods anv reasonable-di?lance.in
iii?- country, likewise supply vou'wuli .-??"I.S. music?indeed
cverv tiling apperiaiaiiig to ihe ?usines?.
i'2S Im Cash Coiifrt lioner. 3!i Hud*on *t.
COAlrselling off Cheap.-?The very best
Quality Peach Orchard Red Ash C? ai, ?veil -? reei ?? I,
ami diM?vered?n any jiarto:'ih-' cil*. \ tird corner of Chri?
topber and Gree?v. iclvsfs.
Esg, broken in Ihe Yard.?7 50
Lnr\-(.' Stove.? 25
" Nut." 00
Weighed by a Gitv Weieber.
A RARE Vil ANC r..?For sale, the Fix
_"__ tures complete, and in full antl successful pperationj
of a Vinegar Manufactory, nearly new; W ill !k-s..?'! ? h? ap,
with lease of tl? Factory?, n> any industrious persoiL A
chance ?or a ?iii?_: little fJriune is presentetL Apply to
vil'li HELL \. MITCHELL,
!ni Ixx- No. _*s L?berty-stri ? ?.
O PARENTS and (.'iiar.iinii"?.?In or
der to suit?ie conv?mience ?f_studems, -.xh.? ar" ?lh
srwise occupied through the dayytli'e un-?-x-.-rr;- : will in
ftitur-e. Jtrv_te'Ui?;.li?ju___rfrom I t?? P ?I lo Ut? Lnstraction
ni a i'cxx-x..;?n_" i;?:.ti-'iii..n, xx.iti referenct loth? duties *i
ihednk." The object is to render them familiar with the
n iture of ace m .i?, and entitle them to a :ax.-..r.i..!e recr;.?
tioii in'.o the coaiiting-room.
fl8 Ul* THOMAS JON ES. Arcoumiint.
TVPEaV v A L L (i 00 D S.-ALFKIvI)
_L l SMITH, Merchant Ta'-T- No. 136 Fulton-st., w
inxite la. friend? and the public to cull and exaxu i - hi.?
stock "f nexx Fail Goods, cons ?"Ung of ( : i__>, Cassiroere?
and Vestings suited toibefall trade. Gentlemen lea
their orders may rely u;?on ih":r Ur.vx fulfilled in rhe most
sa?staclory manner."Terms mod?rale?Cash on J* iivery.
.-_ if _?_i
HANGINGS and Bordwrs, for sale che..:-, at Oie Cal?
led Stales !.f*.r Hanging and Bund-Box W :irehoi_-?e. &5
Canal street, near Broa.wav; New-Y?rk. Rooms paper?
iu ihe uesiest manner. JOSHUA BR9V__, w Cm-l _t
jall ?I_
G'Vr0CER'-_ PICKLES .'?Large size
T Grocer*? P?ckieso:':? *up*-r;nr q-jalitv a: 50 cents per
hundred, for sale by J'.HIN BROACH, '-*" Fuito s*_
itS Sm _
_Ll The nndersigm ?)??sole Agents is ??> City?for the
?.?le Of the above c*.-l?-l.rated Sovt!..-s, are prepared to r*?
cs-ive t-r.i-Ts few the same, a: itw [.fairouctm-r's Iowas!
prices. I.ial-i u"| WM. H. WJt;HT is Co. l.-.-Iolm ?J
_? DUTCHKK. UFYXOLDS !_. PLATT. Pnv?_ors _n?t
...ii!iisel!(-ir?s S2 Merchants' L".cha.i^. city of New-Vork,
bavins made arrangeatentsfor tfi*? purpo-e,- ar*' ptvpared :?>
at'etid lo applications trnder _-?._?. 1_-ta- m ?.hi* City and troai
other Dartsoflbc Sontbern D?strici ,>:".\"*-xi'.Vc.rk. f 1 [_m
M?j.'>"A*PER CHAI. IRON.?Per Br.
?J* / ? )\ f barque -"iron, a ? .irn-rior lot of .*?>'?::.?'.
Coal, newlv nuned, and screened al !:e ;?:ne? whea shi;>
pet." imported expressly r?.r fan.ilj :w-; r.-.x?-?- di_?_*-i-r-_iri_
m lots tosail purc_-a__rs at :!.-? abo elow price. Appb to
ill i>u" J. I*. CLARK; i Water-si-, up ?"-t-**
! "*
WOR?l-VG, ??AIU H .3. isa'?i
?I -v -....-. \ . ??? . .._ -?-I,..
' ': " ?- r ?:..:..? - :- in ?::::: ?- ?
'-'" ;':-... ?. ? ? :.
1;. ... ;;,..- Raven?,
Najal* Taylor.
C >rnelr_- W. Lawrence,
1 ?1 .-!-..
John M.?on.
I ?? ? :. B. \ .!.-":,?:;..
Da? ' : Lee.
? ?.-' '?. Ha -;-!.
W .. i:,: W.ToL-I.
'?? i --i ' ? :
It. L. W
*?: - R
? il . ?
I ' l' ?
Mehr? D- Ii?
John L'n
lob f ? w ?.
Ferd I ? . Ian*.
Henry G Tbomp-oo.
IL'HA? KV?. Pr ?
Lewis Pki-.lip-, S-i-r-t.-j.-v. ,.
; ** -\ .. r? W ill-stri -i. corner ? Ha .-.?.??' : ' .
Cojnj com ?.-.-..,.-...
?'?' ' ? ?-'-. |*npd_, wares. ? ? ?
" '?? - ? ' ? . ..._..??
i..i*> ?_??:!..?!,. on a.? fa vorn Lb r?i-n??.'*_> ? ?
DIILE? ro?;?.;
ThomasW. Tho*-r*<. r ?I ? !: .:?-.
Thoma? T. \\ .
Bei im ?: i:, i:. ... ,n,
1 : :;. \).<\i?..:i.
I! !.? -.
Francis I'. Sacre,
i -?? Pri?e,
M - I . .
J--!.ii C: Mi ? ?:.
Caleh C. 1
\ ?on r> in? ?
M . ? . Il il
Jo-e,.|i \ .
J.-... ?;.- Il ?-.
. ! ? . ,
,i . ? - ?:. W|
!' M
V k !
James K. H..I11..?.
TlloM \> W. TIIOPwNE, Pr< ?: lent
Geo. T. ii..r?. Secretary. ? .?? ?
?YT?Ti \l i.\.-*ri.A\<*i:._(!,i i>-.-.,-!i
. I a iti?r. llou??'s anil Furniture oniv. pro*-.:?
the A??ured.?Tilt. II??' SEItOLL.l-.l__' :t Tl VI IN?
???"r N? :i!::i!ii a::..iU_?:-r:,-, ??. TheaEentioi il- -?
r? ? r?-*n?. llillly :?.-.:? -?? ?: -.. | .?? ..; -?,.:??
srparaim?. lin - H-? ...?;..., : ;
tun*. :? ini diai ??-..: y* . indi??-.
It i? ?veil known thai alm-*-*i all the lo?? ?? iui urred
husii ess oi insurance, are th? re? : hen -, ?? ? i
hie -:,. r? ? and costl. ??ond?.
This incr? ases die exp? ns? ol ins irance to die h iu*ehol ?
? i In r. ?-"?? la?- ib-pr ??;,?. : i|i? very -?
? ii ? ',??;..???< in? *.ri i::ii::n. a. ?va.? ;!..?.- ... ? . it tin
n I !5, when die y ? ca| tal?'of ?-> mam ?nsui
p-rtiiic.? were totallydost -Ii* ?- ? - ru I this k
? '-. . and man} ? :-.? IIT? - - left i:>r.? : ? .? |\ _
prol t?d by insurance:
Vnoiher Feature recomm?*n?!ei to your au?.?uon. - tl
division o-, th.- profit- among ihose ??ho are in?ured liy thi?
The cash payments or premiums form a fund; which, af
i'-r paying; expense? and I..?.-'-, is represent?-?! liy ?crip, ami
i? Ls?ue?l to the assuied in proportion lo the amotinl ? ?:' the r
insurance, which is tlms obtained at cost;.and ?'? -, : I
hu_in?*.'sOfihe Company, at all realize the expectnt
die. directors :',. expense. ni insurance upon ,!??>;
houses and funiiture will-be dimiuishe?! by tiior?1 11 inn ni
brdfofUic pre?? m rates,by rea?onofth( return ?i tin:earned
Ti.- Company is prepared ru insure luramst loss or dam
aj-r by tir*-. Dwellins; lions? -. IIou?t-liolti F irniuire. Plat?.
Family SUires, Liljraries, Pictur?*-., Statuary, Ca!iiiiet?.oi
Mineral* and otherjobjecls, Anatomical Coll ction?, aiitl nil
Household Property, ordinarily ????;.: ?? d-ellim? house?.
Even person irisunnsr with.diis Company ise?i '? J to one j
vote lor t-at-li bun?Ir?-rl dollars insured.
Therateaof insurance and all o?ier particulars may be
obtained on application ai il - ??::.?? nftbe C< lupauy.
(":;!;.i:i ?'. Verphihi k, A. Ilobertson Kod*r-?r??',
Robert llenrv Ludio*.*, S uni el Man
William H. fiarison, Fredericks? lucliardl,
Daniel Seymour, Stephen Camhrelen?*,
Frederii D? pi ???:. r.
\. C. RODG?ftS; Pri-ji ? hl
I). C. TWiVll!. S.-, r. larv.
W. IL II VltrSON, Counsel.
f_73ineod JAMES NVERB. Surveyor.
L,^' ANTE D?\ Sashmak?r. Inquire of
m I ir J. LOCKE, in rear of31 \ini-.L
r_iVN-T-ED', ;i situatiou for n hoy 16
.1, t? learn snm?
busin?*??. Applj h 21 ? I!o??> ry
TAX'I'l'II?.\ situaiion I>v ;i ('nach
n-ctable in? chantcal
man who understands hisbm-iness. \ ?'? ii III
lb ?!.T-?t. Best of references. m33i*
7A.\TI:J.).?A ??ung .Man in a law
yer.? i.iii.i.-. Onewritinp a ^ood hand ??ill receive
*i?ni.!l compensation. Apply at IS Wair*?l, up ?I - rs. in > tl
rANTED?A place liy a first rate
COOK, -'"i '"'i llavar.!-?!. V\*onl?l have mi obj*?ction
to travi I -,?uh a lamily a? nurse or ?? ani-t.-f?.?. She has ex?
cellent references. m ? 2i '
."""AiNT'I*"!)?Arnci'ican and colored ?*~"er
vani? . \?ii!i pood references; at .N'.-. ?7", Broad
?? ay and ?.'?;' Bower*,"- Also, youny inett.forall situation?.
I!i.-i?ii an?! apnrtnit?!!!. let ;' ]c> tl'
7A?*n?.D. at f-M Eiist-I^H?A.-TyT---. ;
F.-! m i ?it-? ?iir.!?],''.! with the h?-1 ??; Amei ican. i-'n.
i?h and lrl?h Oirl? with tli?? !??-! nl reference? fn n ineti
last place?, for Cooles, Housemnid?, _.c .7 i
j|7"ANTED?Places for.good Seroints,
please apply nl 456 Broad? iy. Pit) ? ? ?<
Kin;.;..y..-r? ?nitt'd wtUi.C'Hik.s waiters,"nurses", h"u?o?:ia !..
.'?r. : nl"-. men .?nuts and l.o\? fot li-i'.-? : I Im.
"TXTANTED?Au ag?n? in each ' 'on?*?
V T ???? '?':? - State i" oUia .. suli? : lotions tor the loltf???? !
?nf' pomilar j?erii>ili?*nls: Merry's Mus.Um,MuMcal t ?!.--_?**.
I..??? Reporter, and Bb-tonMis?*?*il?iiiy.
The most ?atist'actory testirn??iials^of character and ?.t,',i
city Mfill I?- :??,..-?!. To competent mtm a very lil
couimission ??-??i he sriveii.
;!7 BK.VDBURY, SODEN -'. Co. 1.7 N,.?..u!-?t.
Viiixul Book-keeper Wanted.?A ?bod
i.k-k??eper, *vho will loan-$-1,0-0..to .*_",(HVl to 1 - ? ?
ploy?-r-.-on ample security, i.? wani?-il in ?? re?|.laid? and
profitable lni>ine?s, \vbi??i may be _r.-a:ly ????? nde?l. ? . ?
?alary \i :!l I---;? ?-. .i-a .1 !? i->:?>-. and thi: ?itu?rj'm .-?
la-ut. Any commuuicatiou", with name and refcrenc?-s .
i*h l?o? tiO-l Park P O. ?? II he ? onsidi ri il strict! con
? id.-nii.'il and prompdy ati?-:.?!??'! to.
<).\i:v !,( ) \\i:i).?.M?iiev loaned in
. large orsniallsums,_-n aim*.?! all tie?cr ?*tioii_ uf per?
sonal prop? rty, mercbandiie, produi >-, tc.
Personslaborin!; undei tenipOrary ?;-inbarni*_-iieiii ?vill lind
this iropectable: method of obiairiins* reliet* Ot5ce So. ?
ihird story of the building No- !3 Job?-L, corner 61 Na?
sau; open from 9 A. M. !.. 5 P. >L I 12 Im*
iiM'.V LOANED in large or small
?am?, on almostalldt-scriptionsof P? rtonal Property,
Good?, Produce, ?_?*. Persons btliorinj un?l??r ? ?
embarrassments \vilJ find this -i rcspectabl?r-uietliotl of ob,
taining r?-li.-t". <)tli.-t- No. 'CJ John-street, corner ?I N ?-- .
:'?! ?tory, odice No. 9, o|.^n from 0 A. M. i<. I P. M. 151 Im '
OARD? i.entr.-i.'-.Aleals. .*'2. Loc???iig
) >] :>?r \?t--k. >'"? l,.?-?-l-.!i.a!i-?ir*-?-t. !7 loi
> O-AvR.'D'ANT) ROOM.- inny be <>!>
J? tamed in a private family. Apply at 2in* liaiL-on -u
OARD?III l?r.iailn-ay. N?i. 231. i.ppo
jy -:?.:? !!:?? Park.-arid next door to ihe AHierican Hotel;
y pleasant and sonvenienl location. i !-' Im*
~>OAKDING-?A ?entlemaa and his wife;
_> or two single-?en?emen. can ?-? ? omtn ? .vitl
? ... : b lard ai V-.. Ii Fultoo -:-.-??:. Abo, iwj oi lb ? ?? ;???:
?ons can be acconnnoilated with dinner. u23 ::
EX( * KLLKNT B( ?A K11 A.N lTRO< |MS
can i.e ha*i by Ladies a.?*.il Gentlemen, m a d'dltdutu.i
!.. .-?. a ?ton-'? thrr.vrr, firorii Broadway; Vpply .it I!:' Mer
? er -::??;. near t!ie corner of Prince. i"1' [f
TINETTS.?"?v.M. M. TITUS, No. 30 Beaver-?!.,
.,r*.T? r'.,r ?ai.- a large assortment of Woirsted Dan -:.
:: ??? ? ? :;.. ?a table ? blors for carriage !- > i?. *??-?? -
i . rimsnii and Cherrv colored Worsted pan
M.,r. ?.-:.. Bl.-it k I.--: :.-?.?-..??-r Di-ab* arid Bine C
Ganx?-. Flann*-!-*. J-c. r"*3 l'ii
MONAKfU'K. 2124 Bowery. NTew^York,
Fashionable HaLCapatid F;:r VVarelwu.?. -constaat'
!?? manufacturing??-ndempr?slomcandshort i?-.r.?-r. nutria,
!.ru?h ami ca?,?i:ner?- Hats. Abb, best quality mofekin ami
?ilk Hats; cloth, vri\..-:. fur. sealette ami _-?az?-<i C->;- .?
-..,,...I hr m !!;>:? a! ill*- inn-i-t ..??l. t.n.-?-?.
J-'FICI* ot* the London am" Atnerican
Patent W_*er-Pn_o_ri** Company. If- Fniton-?;-'---.. .
.- :?all S irments, an-1 -?.rv -i.-.-? ? n
tc is made _n'pen**oos"?>"w'e_ T????? ??:ipe-??---.?- oi
ol the anieles is not .-t;an_"ii. and tt??- po.-.-? ol the ?.?-?!- -?
ns-open, p-_r_T?ir_t?on i.-.-eiy .-?cap?-?. Alv..... P-? ? ? ??
.->.'? - : rij-fint! t>--)'... Shoes and Learuen
? |. ?.-..;_W.M. J. SPKN' K. M ? aster.
fer for sale, at -39 C-?tbam-?- X-_w-Vork i ?
-?-. a.-:?i m?_ct ee_ui_e ;.-.i? in ::.- wrorid, in ;-ny q : ?ni "? n? i
;???- than ' onnctss. If any article purchased at :, ? - ???',-.'.?
;>:.!.:-:.: ?;.? til I not-g ??? loll ?atisfa. :??:??. it ?a requested that
: --. | e brousfat i?a-.*k?ii? tnonej **iH be rrin-..-?: 7 i?
p HEAP GROCERIES, at No. 153 Nor
V_>' loii, -tr?-et?
Go.-i Butter. !?. 4?L per poun-L
Go*d white Lamp O'.!. "_, --er ?allon.
G -??: liffbt brot-Ti Sntrar, i?. 5-i. p_r" pi.'ca-l.-.
EffC?, 10 inr i-.. wa-T_n:??d _:<?o?_.
? ?iher art'ict?*? nj-jaliy n? rl;^ap.
N. B. Codee Itoas-ted am: Ground for crocer-, in the
rear. RICHARD ALBRO. 14' 3* *
Tl?NOIS. INDIANA and Ohio Bank
N? :>-? *::d Ch?*c)_?. bou^rr?t at ih^ ir.?^-.t mark?*, rat? -1
F. P. JA MKS. 60:WalU_ *
TnCTRRE?T~MONEY of all kiad?
i r-urcha??--' al tl;?- lo?-^- market m:?. at
>. J. SYLVF.STFR'?:. -- ? ii!-:. ?r i l_fl Broa ? -y
FOR SALE?The .Shelve? an?! Fixm:*?-?
.. .1 S:,-?-..-. :;??::n. ";' Draw?r?. S :..-??>?-*.*>'. :.?;?.??.- Ca
r::.^-. i?:. Inquirv at ?.*" Front-street- Brooklyn. m_ Il '
1 |;|x| .
I | I
?4 **?-. i
i ??_ _
*-?. ??. _?_3_._?.
IGE M?. :iit A\\-S'i'Rt:i:T.
"NO. ?>$-?._.
.-' a '?'i ? LET?Two fine Loft* to let cheap
._-?_..___ -? ? - *?*? ?:. :? ?:. 1 ..;:-.-.: ibcoccupai -. _1
/A FEED AM? ll.oil. Store.?For
- ?.? ? Bowerv. \
\ . ?. wery.
Ml??!: SAL? or To Let?Tho 4 ?r?..v
? STORE No. IS7 Front-street, i .merof _>?*
i J. .IL ELY*. 129 Fullon-.L ?5 (
MDRI G STORE Fol. SALE; tvitfc
F xi ; --.. i_ . p. ... ... m 5 r*-;, ?mmetiuuely. \
? i ? .- ....;.
?- || TO LET?The upper part of. the
--: .__. ? : -?? No.. 123 I ? ft; \'. it!
i- ???? ?-??..
J. k. "A EEKs ,v ? ??. ti c.??-. -
r .*>. Tl > LET?The large four story brick
; -!?__.______. II i -? ? N 59 Beekriinn ?C vvell suited h?r?lan?.
Warl* rent, jJSCO?possession fjrstoi Max
x t ?9 Chamber.? . ??.".:.. k u ; ?
MT< ? LET-Tin- t\M.-?t..rv l-rici?
House. No. ;_-" Markt [.?in ??. with the rear buil? iii?
' . :i :? ?::.- l! !e oi .. stabl? ?ppl. 10
t"l- li'?VVKl.l.. M1NTC?N -v C0...78 South-si
M TO LET pnrtof t?iehouse Vt'2 Forsy.h
?treet.to asmall fan y \? itho il cl il Iren, i nu?
.???'i. ? ::i ou the second ?loi y,-lu
i?? ? ? ??'.. l??ni <:?'??. \ ?? ?
m h? ? ? xx mu ?:. \\ p\\ on ;h. : ?? ni ?? ?n.411
- r?h ' O 1.1. T?lui- one or mure years. .?
_J.__?__. ? story and basement brick work-shop" 2.7 bv*
j leet. xvell ?ii'!:".'?i all roun?l,;No. 12Columb!a-streei. ?enr
? ' '? !?'- il $100 . Apply to i.. J. Pnce. N?>. Hi ?
i-?'. |-j21
AA. T< ? LET?Tyvo light anilpleasatii
? ----''-____ ;-1.-.?:?!?? ? separate oi together; in-ti thin -
N .. :.' .M.?_-:?-11 Lane, very suitable ?or :i watcl
?'??????'??? - - ur eugraver. ,\?'|'ix . n ihe pn m ?
! -*: Si* READ*. T V\ LOI*.
MTO LET?Tho upper part of Hon.??
_A .??. No- ?? Orchard-tre?u'r.eur Grand, consisting ul
liack room and i? ?? .-? .-.i ? /. .1 !.. .;.n nm. .
._? : heif-roora with-tire-place iu the-mtic: lo
.. th backhasemeiti,cellar.room, _.c. luouire ai I ?
; Fiiltoti-str. et, or cm the premise*?from I'1 lo 1-'A. M. m2il
/Al'ii!! SALE?The siil*_?taur_:il ami
, .A .... ?veil finished two ?torx; brick House ami l"t ol
\ G2D ?? street: llie hit isS5"feel froiiuiml rearh*
! .ii-?-.::.: feet, deep: th? lton??can be'converted into n moi i
il i sn il expense. For particulars in_ju n ul
ml?*t JOSEPH IKE LAND, 2 Dry-?..
<;A ST< H.E .\... Itil Pearl strn.*i.?Tin
?__A''.'aLfi>nr spat-isms Lofts *?: this ?tore to k-i to the fir?: ?lax
M ??-,'-] '? ?, furnish? :?l x? ?th Shelving, Counters, Gas Fix?
ture?, Stove. ic_ Possession can !??? had im media tel v. In
????: JOHN LAMB, No. i Merchants' Exchange; Wall
/?.-V l'Dl? .--ALE CHEAP.?A pretty Cot
Jt. ?:__,' i.*--limit house on th? F"li avenue, iie-iir 'Tin ?i. A
? ?a residence Or a ?iikiII .'amdy. Price .1.750. A pot'
. the purchase monev can remain on.mortgage. In?
ri ol J.\V_ SAVAGE, office oi ihe National Insurance
( nnipany. IS Wall ?t-orol G. VV. SAVAGE, Bth avenue
! tilt -? - ? an _.x.?.,?.!.?
M'?'O LET?S.-verai Room.*, in the
_i?_.?L Clnreiiiloti House, So, -I'M Broadway; with ?rriite*
and ?M n ...iio??!. Price irom ?l to.*! on per week. 'I'hest
lt.....|. .!??? vvell adaptetl lor artists or for lodi;ii.i;-rooii___.?
I '? ?? mation apuly'ai Room No. 3-, third siorj
ii. th' building. Also to let, the Third, Fourth and Filtl
*??.'??; die ? :?.f:n_: year. f If. tl
? ".-S I'oPv >ALE.?A very desirable little
, Farm oi'al?.n: _'l ;i.?:??., situated _'! mites lr?m Ho
m ;':..' turnpiku to Hackeu?ack, vxitli 'j(?>.| Iniiiu
111 I SlOl ? . .'.I!.i 111 llOod !o( ;itie?n tor the l.ll?ll es? ?| ,!.?
sind, under ?too?! fence, beautifully watered; with spriHps
veil, and .:n:ati.>:i very pleasant??.?llbesold a bargain
ir.ipplir.-l for soon. I .rticulars at the Land Otlice of
231m' IH "I'LKIl .?_. I'.KNSON. No. i Ann-si.
M Foil ?SALE.?Eijiht valuable Lots?25
by l.'i, "r ?.:!???! fronting on Clinton aud J on Wash.
n? mi Vvenue?, Brooklyn? (.cl?on ?t>. next-bul on?- to th?
lto*ll'oril r:..:i.l. . .n.lil. .ui.'llM? *. I..Tt-.| o.nllli.Uy.? .ni!
this City?one oi the most desirable 1.1111(11111? spot? on th?
Island; ???? :ll be ?old at auction 1st Februarv.unless previousl*)
??Id ai private sue. Adtlress-.-.-Ma? Park Po?! Oltice.1 d2ltt
MTd LET?The three story house.
i___-''.'_aV.. W Third ?veitue. The Dascnient i.? level wilh.tht
?treel . i? is repl?*tt_ xxuli every convenience"; marl?!? rnantul*
in the tx-.<. principal stories,.and the pantries finishtxl with
.Inr.x .-t-,-i-ix.-.. .v.-. To .i gootl tennnt il xxill lief let lot?
and pnvtiege-gfveri mr nur or more- year. P_*?se.-.?>ion give)
::? ly. \;.|?Iv to
?20 if ' JAME'S T. M. BLEAKLEY, 212 Hudson ?t.
.''/?.To LET?The ticat and c?nveuient
?_?_-__- Ivvostorv Ox?' ?ilmir-llouse.Ni..... I VV.ii.'r-strct. I..
?vi ? i . ? tmi nnd Montgomery-streets, tiowdn theoccupaii
.-'. ?. T!,>.::..|. T: .nl?!.-, \x ?:o \\ ill ?l.oxx the |.ft lilis*-? and state
erius. The ?.r.-mi?*-* are well calculated for iwo re
.?'.?( table Mm !??.. m. I the one now in the upper |??rt, ii ??
li stood-, xx:ll ?tax-, if xx'.s|i?'.| l.x ihe family taking the
. ?ver-part. Applv a.?ahove.orattJie Boolistofeof
tnl'i \t_VHLON DAY ._ C P., S7-I Pear 1-sirc?t.
/:A I? n I { > \ I. E ? >r * L !?'. A S Y.7 Waahing
Ji^Y^X 1,,!' HjII, Harlem, (brone?*riiiOri_'y?_'trs,ihai desirahl?
lli.lrt. mix? occupied l.y Andrew lloni-, ?itu-iied on Tlnr?.
\ i?. Tin.' premL*?.. consist of a !arL'.' double House, tw?
?nniliiltii ; -u?.i?! I:...!?'? in l!ic :ear. le*-Itotise, milalsu
? ? ? . ? Smbles and Shofl*,conUtiiiing in all about rvfwi loi
of gi lUiitU; vxci? cal. uiated for country and city custom, In
wvi ?a. the principal Avenue, nntl about seven unie?, frocitb?
. ,-MaIL Vpply lo William V. Brady,51 Williani-l. /Sill
/' 4 To LET ol. LE \.-*T_ from the 1st
J-':.i'_ nl Ma; i.-ctl;- three'story brick House No. ?
K.i?t liroadvvir . \.-i\ pleasantly situated on the sqtiare n:
G nod-street It will lie put in _^."..? oi
lier .nul rented reasoaably to an approved tenant.
Also, .?is Lou ol" Ground ?>n the west side ?f the Sixth
Avenue, near Twenty-sixth-street. They \? ?11 he 1-ased ai
i !..-.x ate for ?' term .?t v.ar.. Iuinie-naterxi_.?*e-ibioogiveij.
Applv t?. P. TRACV, No. ?.'I IV.irl-sire-e-i. or
u\2 i*x- J. It. TRACY, N. . 81 Nassau-street.
/;A A V.M.I'Al.LE EAK.M, If) L?ew
_Ji -_S- low n. L. I., lor sal*-, ortn let,containing .iIkhii ?ivix
ii... e ?icres, having an ?xteaVivc water front on1 the Easl
It.-.??? and ?iovr.- Bay, about itire.- miles from Hallett*
i ove; ain? nearly ailjoimng ihe residence, of J. L. It.ker, K??)
0 the .premises, b a .?.f dwelling, house with kitchen at?
tached, barn tmd carriage bouse", a '.'nod bearing anph:
n i, pear and plum trees, i_c: A part Of th?-purchase
money may remain secured bvhond and mort_r*-i.-e. Ap?
ply to 1-1YFJE k BROTHER,
: |ej im No. ...j Maiden lane.
?-? I.KOOKIA'.N PROPERTY lor ?Sale.
_V^jL riial desirable plotof ground corner of Sands and
.x ims-tre? ! ?. bping ~'> feel front on Sands-st. aud running
.... . n feet. : ? Prospect.-t It is within 5 minutes'
walk of th*- Fultouand Catharine Feme?, und i__ not sur?
as.?? in beauty of location by ?kit in th?- eity. There -
. list?. .. lar?e, comfortable dwelling. A fa
poriunity is nflered tobuiltlers or capiiallsu?for
productive improvements as a larce portion of t!.*-mon-;.
no bowJaud mortgage. For further particu
-, to John. ?. Mallory,21i Poarl-si. NY. |_23 Im
M POR SALE-?Tbe three storyBric-.
\i i kei-stre.r, between Madison and Henry-*-ire-ts. Tfce
1 ... ? ? -, the Hotn. 25 by 43 feet, xxim 12 ioeh
? : -.'??:.:; !.v .??-,-'- x.ork under tiie ?up-rint-i.!> n.-- "I Mr.
.. ?_?- Ireland. There ar-- ten tireplac*-. in th*. House,
. ? . .-.. : ?he,| x*-:_h marble chironey-piexeti.?
n - ?? - i dry cellar unde ?h?_- whole; pave?, ami divided
?everal apartments, a ?re-prooi ash-hou.?. under the
r . . ... ; |a ?-. and the whole in complete ond.r. The
.es mat '?? set-n-every ?lay between Ji*.- hours of 1~
'clock. For further parti-ralan? appt>*^ to
_?'. CIII.VM-.LL Ml.\"ril:\_ CO..*] ? ...._.--.-'?.?_.
/ja TO LET OK LEASE?The upper
, it;'';,^, |.ar: of a new, handsome and vervconven eolHouse
?-??. V. ?-". Broadway and CliBtOD-stre-t, buib
-. - i .-ei.r_._i Hotel and Boar.l'iii-I' use, havipB
? < ?art.- '-'in? in the ?--co.id story comronnicating witl
each other, a large kitchen and <?? liar, and a numlver of bed
?.- ?tone-, all with tire-places, ^rai?-. and
? md jambs. The -dluation is pleds?ntan?
? ? -...;..- : from the several xomxni a__reea
hie md -.'.??-.., md rnarkeu.and churches in therncigh
; -, ;. r.-.. o- Dock f'"-:.''r? pass and repas* tl)?
ii ise .verv quarter of azi Lour to Bail****** Plac?, and Cah?
1 Coaches are -.? : .m call. Inquire *.i Mr. MORGAN,
cornerof East Broa.:.?ay and Cliritrm-si. inr term*, i .a it
MTO LET, either separately or to
_r*-tner. '.he two story br.ck dwellini? i:*-?iis* r>??.
?, cornel Spring ":'.'! Green streets, (1J3 Spring).; if
?r/./.-'i.'-'i'v. r ? ? ' the first floor and a cellar can be tel
,?'.;. the ?tore, ??: It bas a partition fitted to divide it ?nm
i li. occupied for a ?.tore, ;i?..- other will
? ? ? or for lamilv qs?
! ? upper dwelling part'.ha? two randsome parlors and
? ? m the-.second 3oor,two__i shed auii rooms, an?
-. xx.in them xxill belong.a cellar kitchen, one cHhii
i . a r>>>i!iy ?:reet ?.auk. Ti.e ?mre i? intended foi dn
- ?? similar use. To careful tenant?, with -tuail
- -. ?:- rent r> 31 be mod?rale.
Th? premises ?.a.i \m s-.--v;^d :*:';er n o'clock. lu'joire ol
. : "? J. M. ELY. IZi ruitn.-e-o-eet.
g^ ~"I* oil"-.ALE CHEAP.?A lot of
^?o rnmi'i 'i-i ^"v-r. h--tree-t. \\ynweof
\Z\2+~ R.CHARD ALBRO. i--'_v;n'fl"k"L
. e^V?K SALE.????r?a-n?i^lBari?ain- ?
! J^ F-r ?ale or exrhangc, *-? tract* of \*adwtvr Lsu_?l
. pota Lor. ii" -?-y?-. *~*j ?" .
red ? : -.*. and on tern? t-_ ?u:t, -4 th.-y '-i'^ *;"-?
chane-iltor ?dmoa any kiwi *"*? m?^l*?a_?-uxe. Formnp?
: i - -.-,? an?! r-articuinr*. applv to
u? ? ?511T H _ WHITMUKE, 16 JoWn ?. up stair-.
w ILLINOIS I.ANUS.?Illinois Lauds
_______:-.- ?aj or r__haa??_d *br propertv in this <-ity.
t - -? Lands are of i .... ___ are Itvated 0
; ? '"???? nitks >i' St, Louis. Fc
?'"'?!'?'. .. iio-_?:o:iitbetween Lai
_ '?? " ! - - ? ? ? ? ? : , .g :!i. ????.mi S*
f-;^ l * ii i.SH \ i u.ei;ii?ie raid Flower S?_etis
______ i.. ?-;? -, - itSirms tl?-- pul>!;c of
""?**?-. - - t* : -: all the choice k n.i? o?ex
-. ? ? ?. .*-; ;??? >..:.ta.ui-i .it in<
lia a ? ??? ?:?; ?.--.::i?-i:t _i" t_.e citv,
II "... -,...,..,.,. ..,.; . , ,.-. ?jp ,vl>,.
Vt ILl.lAM '.\ akKII?G. !?"*$* PulttMi ?t.
-'- : ;: opposile St. Paul'.? Church.
"?Vj^ I'll, SALE tu- to lease, or excbauge
.-_-____ Chy-l New-York or JerseyCitv.a
r ? . .-. ..--.. ? ??-strojii i-".-.rt Lee. situateuon
I ' teneck ??oad, t mil? rom Hackensack.tml 7 mii?.*->froni
I Hob? ?: ? . _. ? ?,; ;:??.!??? .in<? L'.irn????-it in -r..ni of tti<* ?ioir.
! ' J. G. I TT1-R. corner of Foun -.-?tree*, an?! St!?
?*????: ??- -o* 1?*.*
?v_3? FOR ?""-ALE or exchange lor city pro
i , In_ ??'' beautiful Parras near Patterson and
r* -. ?? ll '.?:.:?.: \? .-.ai. :: i::t. watt.-. _.?*. lollOO,
15 "and | ?>: ?C-actes. Tbe soil is rich and ??-cation de
1 ? ?*? lam:?, oi eittit_ el tbeni, >.? il I?- sold or
_ -u:r the times, aim term*! very ! bes
ai. !. ilars al die Lan?: Office ?*? Butler ?.t Benson,
? ? ?? --. :: b< . Morn II Pnitersoa ii:ii;t*_
g?? IAK.M FOR SALl?-.\t Auction-?
______ W .. be - : on Tuesday i!.-?- f?ih ol Mar-fa at 3
ck ...... ? ? id tl? pj \-_te sale) in the town of
'?? .?:;?-?-. (Conn.) i!? larm known a? the r, n-.;-?? Kami,
ormert*. i ?..--. pied .<> John Q \? so?, I-'-?,. ai ?' reccnilj by
- ? : , : - -.' ... res .*ii;?i ;.?s:tua:e?I
on Lous I?;.' ? -..;.: m ibe Saugatuck river.
! .-.i - a? been I'eavil* n anu t*d f? r five years
. a?; and ?... i> a ?v_.i. ?tar. or fertility i?>r tine crops.
? - place ni -., \-.??.-.-? : e ?upplyof maourt*-of
* ? \? a-?..?.ti.-, i is ...t ?:.-,;,,! c?-i:al
i: \ onih? Souiid. Poriurtliei particulars inquireoi P.
\ .? J i ii?, .? John sir? ? i.
&f? F.aK.M KOK SALF..?The farm of
______ the ??'!< *??-?-?-- Saj res, rfi .???.????-, about a m-lr ami a
?-t. trom l! .- l:ail-<.i.i D ?.-_-. I at ItnbWHV, N. -'.. on tin
f?iain i pad to I lu ; !.. nl. It ??? ii?i?i.? ,-i about 5fl acres of
land. ? i'iuii.'i:..ii:< to tbe dwelling. Abo, about 20
acres?*le??*? ent-'pastun and ??".:_* ?? ?!, ihrrt-^qsarter*?
iii ? -' ?-....:. .... -a . ?i ...if,a?. The
arm .? \?. Ii ivatt-red?I - - 'a: n -I ,-i:.-e .'!-?! nli.er
?--..' .?? i .-.- ??- water; d?o, n quantity of
???:?:? fit to cut; aJo ??? ?? ? ?? - ne, i.e. _._. I, ;??'-?
??--.! ? 'i ?r ; * ? ?'-. ?-. ihi ::->:. March-next, it will
??:-'?? Vendue ou thitt da] I "o'clock, A. M., on the
,is?,-tii<??????. ?? ,ii: :!,.- i ?? stock; .i i ?_? Utensils and hoirse?
nal fiiruiTuic. T?iins made .--v. Por lariher particu?
lars inquiieoi JOHNS. ? i-??l?w \KD K-.?.. -.. >>...; --.
nil :.-.- JANK ?U KEs. Executrix.
$?% I'OK S.M.I-:.?A valuable Country
__?___ >?.?-. ? tin trtwi ? Jamaica, !.. I. The .ahscriber
? --.... Prop? ; oi a pan ttiert'of, as may ?uit ap
?i .?.mi?. ?? ih linm -' ?? '. ? ? .. . . a ? . all : ?:>d lor
?hrdciiiii!? pur?H>>? ?. ??.tli a ?p.-, -ious front oi ?S7 i?-?-i. divided
n 7 ?.??:., i., ?vidi fruit and ornameutl> Uee>; the mi.hile
ii. is-'lits?lil** nu -.?.-.r. ??? th.all the cnnvenitiiices toMiit
? .t nit-? i i.oa.i?. ?viili a ?arii iv ..? choie?, truit mil.?- season,
ntiinmeiital :?????. bei -? ... . .i.i?..- vines in abundance.
I":.- hoiiM L? ver* ?ubs'aiitial und modern built, ont-liou-Cn,
bam ano i?-i.--. - ?ii i.. ?? and iu ?.-. mplete "r.:?-i. The whole
property will be?ol<lai ,i price to inake ila de>irable.in-'
?. ?m i? i i. ?t a i art i? ?i.-?? .-! ?mprOS ' .- 'i ? , n ! ? ? ?. i > > i ? >?? c
t .-it?. Term? ??-iv favorahl? upou npplication lo or ajdrvsd
?? paid) .'. 11. POLLLON,
:.'i Im* Jainait-?.
^5* FOK SA LE?A Farm, *avo antl a half
__*___. aides from Piushing ? ?I-..-, umi ahoni .3 mile.
,..:. die eil' o? N?'?? -Voik. Thesaid Pnrm coutaiu. ubout
'" ' ?cresol choice Land Iini ol whieh ?s meadow int.! iilln
b?? Laud, anil '?' icrea principally ??o. ?l-iand. There an?
tl i.... app(e*i 'i. ha? ?!?. coniaiiiins! about 8W1 young ire?*, of
?.'rall-.l fruit, ??!i,'*li aniar ill? \ ? |.l ?:.|.i tin 10 twelvic !;uil
dretl liar..'!? >?! ai.?.lf?; an?! then.- is al.oa choice "?sortmetil
il ?m.ni nu t. <?n ill?- premises there isa spacious Maiuion
llouse; ?? tli i.rn.iiii.iiiai _roun.l?. trardens and shruhbitry,
iwo muh?, ciirriiige-hoosc, granary, ic*-.**ii>u-e,-smoke-hou_e,
mtl.nl iif,-.-??arv appeiiduue.? eiihei for the convenience of
a pmcti? :il farmer,' or i.>i ii,.- residence ol a man el ???nun?*.
There are abo two Cott*t_es or (?'arni-llon??-?. and 15 n c t ?- .?>
?: _... .1 Sali-M..-t.i..??. 'I in. situntion ib on rUing -?round))
?? iiinii a ?niarier ol n mile >.? thu Kay, oi w hich it command!*
i dfiiu'liiiiil prospect, ami i? iilt?jf?eilier one of die most
hratili?- and .it ?iial.lf locations on the (.?land; Term? uc
comm?datiiiir, Imiiiiie ol M. I?. Story, 25 Pulion-st., Brook?
lyn, K. M. ll.-.nley, Cumon Hall, New-York, or ol Reuben
Vluiis?n,on ibe-premise*, H ?ni*
FOR SALE.?One ?if the most valu?
able Parma in the state of New Jersey.?The ?nb
ci iber oilers for ?ale the ?? hole ol his Parni upon which he
now resides? contnmiujr. 1*70 n? r??- of land in a high ?tat?- of
cultivai .on. Tin- locauon an?I quality oi the land is um nur*
p_v?ed !>?? imy farm in the ??hol?* s?tate. The 'arm i.? ??tu?
?t.?.! in the vicinitv ol die to??n of Pnterson; wnl in tii'ti-i'ii
minute? walk ?f "lie-center.: of ibe town, Th>?dwellinj* i.
nom mod ious and ??''1! inaii-.-d, lbeO?t-liOU?es are new and
Lu L-t?the whole premises are in complete ord?*r, two wells
of excellent water, and fruit in abumhi ce?l all kinds, and
nl tin- very I??! qnnlity . n!.?o a lin? ?ijH!'",' brook runu.aii;
:!::-i::;h til? CCIltCl' o! Ill?- liil'lll. I ersons living on 111?' llinn
??l-lnnir todo business in the city ol N?-w-Tioikf can lake
tin- morning train of <-ni? m o'clock, and arrive m ibe city
?I a quarter pasl '.?. Prop? i IV in the citv of N?-w-York will
ii?- taken in pan paym?Ml. 'the ?iil>?i*rili?'r will ??-II from 50
h< It. acres of the If? ?iwitliput iIh. buildin-* or5nio"'5 with
the l.iiil.lin-,, or il e who'ems it may suit the pwcliaser.
i???,._.?. ?...i., r. w. ... iu?.. j-U im*
J^OK SALE or Exchange?A horizon*;-.!
liiL'li-pri'??i:r>' Engine, with jioppel ?tf-nin and exhaust
valve&ai cock end of cyumler. Cylinder 30 inches diameter
6 i?-! stroke; horizontal pump over ihe cylindec: wrought
iron connectin-i ro.i ii i.-?-t ion*f; waier-wheel ?nnft, ami
cran- cast Iron, i-t" feet lonp-, tkree water-wheel -lanche*, 2
pillow block- lorshulL .\d the parts, except ihr eccentric,
complete and in ?ood order. The Engine iu all itsjiaru made
very stronir, so diat very hi ?-list earn can h* used il necessary.
Por further particulars inquire of II. M. -tratton, 212 Water
?:.,..? oi Tiii-na.? J.Ulanch.286 Hudson at.N. Y. i? im*
II A KSI I ALLS Truy ?Shirt Dej.ot, No".
III 90 ('lia:liani-?tri-.-!, New -York. -Tin? i? our only
receiving depol in the United States; ??oasequi'iitly all our
?i.I? ui!;-t tir?i I.?- received here l? fore distribution lo the
many principal dt?aler? throughout the country. This fact
???? inalte known to die puldi?* in consequence of inany im?
positions da.I? practised on merchants vn>iting Ihiscity/who
ni-.' in pursuit ol our Shirt?,' Ilosoms'?- C?jltars, all of which
I. ai.-r-an.l oili.-r? i an ?till nul the mine?! confidence in lie
in_r -njiplifd ??iili ?is per Catalogue of our prices, and.can
have justice don.- diem.
K. Dana, K??i-, N<-?? ?irl.-aii?. La.
B. P. l)i !..?>.., Louisville. Ky.
W, ??. lim.. St. I^.ii?. .Mu.
P. Martin, Nashville, Tenu.
<;. Mooke, Si. A-gusiine, -'la.
P'. Dodck, Savannah, Gi?.
G. \\ ?Ti.!i.\t.?N. Mobil?-. Ala.
Piiu.tp Ba.nby, (?'-? j., Baltimore, Md.
.>!???-!?. M. .Ai.i.K.s \ Co..Cincinnati, (Ohio,) Main?--?,*.
W..I. IIaki- v Co. do do Flf?i-st.
"?V.M. ?\ L.?N..! i\ 1 C -..'A Pin?- -t., N. Y.
M. 1). Br.NJAMiN ^_ Co. I'.-ail-tit-rt. N. Y.
I.K-nu Moi.mk?J_ Co., IVarl--.tr??t, N. Y.
.Ir?Tt? I). Miller. *_.?cj., Beiiver-?rreet, N. Y.
K. M.?i.ii:v, K-<|., R-a??!--irrit, ,\. Y.
It. .\. Ti i KEit, Esq., Charleston, S c.
<;. G. L.vWRENi E, K?.|. Milledgeville, (?a.
M. --?. v. iti ;.n Bovo .v. i'?., New Orl?ans, La.
.Messrs. Hmuni.i.i. j? Sea ver, Milk-?i. Boston, Mass.
*'-?' W i ioii.h. Cluse .". <a?., K.;ll.-,--?t., Boston, Mass.
Po'.vle v T.iLBoi, ICilby-st,'Boston,-las?.
c. Necrei b, -Iexi?*o.
\. I!. < jil:ilo_:iJ? ?.
may b.?*n at die depot! ?"I**" will ,!>? supplied to tl.o??
\ ho wish in ?end i_>-m lo iln-ir friends anil others, ?viihout
expense",by callin?-ai N. '."> Cliaiham-strect, New-York, at
Mnrsball's Troy ?-'lnrt Depot. m4 Iw
QWVER PLATB-?Wtn. Thomsoai No.
?7 !-"i Witl?-xn-srreet, ?-onriimes to manufacture Silver
War?-oi'il.?-l.?-?t descripuon ami of the lau-.-t iiaiii-rn?.?
Presentation Va?,--, Piicher*?, Waiter?, T?-n arid CoiTee ??i?*r
??1'?-?, Cak?* anil Pruii Baskets an?! Children's .Mu;j", richly
??lia??-d and apprnpriatply Jesigmfl.
Also, I>?-?.-??; i Frail Kiii??-?-.ml Kork?,*.?lv??rb|jid?-?; Forks
.i!,.i .-??Ki.iii?. Ki,i' threaded aiwl plain lliirtt-ded pauems.
Prii-.r Medals ol various patterns, suited lo- prizes of Fl?>
ricultural, Horticultural and AirricultaraJ Societios.
?ini.-r? by letter punctually ?uernl?-d to.
Tl.e wh?l? -n' ii.*?.- arr,. ??-? air nianul'actnrt*?! on Ibe pre.
,,,.,. ,,x ?ferlint; silver, an-l no ir_re or exp?"ii-?e i_ ?p.iied in
the Ijeaoty of die ?i-'.rkiiian.lii".
N. IL?iJra??!!!-^? and estimates of articles for prex-ntation
.?II tie f?rnl?hed in aaswer to an application. f.** 3m
Y? U'lNDOW-GLASSi of either .?icle or douW?
?I... Ki..-?-,fii rtll?i/.r?, iioiri ?i hv 4 lo )i?!ij jj inches.
SHEETor CYLINDER (?LASS, of single and doubl?
tiiickness; of any ?ia?- under 42 l?v '? incluv.
From the manuf?i lory ol Chance, Bro? _. Co. Sinethwick,
_ntlfor-al? in quantities to sun porcha-ersi by tb?-ir af-ents,
W. CHANCE, SON ?c Cf>.,'P1iiti-?irr.-T_
Tii?* quality of the itouiil?- thick Crown i? equal to the
b??t of American manufacture., and i.? >?><tl at. much lower
I n.-.-.
Tbe double thick fslieoi i? well adapted forylrowiWr.dows;
'?*rii.*f flatt__ed Oil a n?'W prmripl^. Th?r ?Ulfacr ?? aluioiT.
perfectly imoodi, -ml givea it n?*ariy the appearance of
plat?- G fa??. f'.">
. ???! a? 183 P.r.iail-.iay?Pr..*?- ..1 50.? In a.l.lit cm to * *a
>?: v ..i tortas represenifn?- <Ue pra?*ticeo! Day-BoflAf Jour?
nal, L*-d_~r, it.., tlii? wor- will !,.- found t<> co_tain " ??-n?
ii etfiHi'iiiarv ex<-r_i_e>, -!e_?Kned to leach theirener?! pri*>
ipresofdebtanfj credit, hy whicliall tber?. ?anoos oaodi
Scaiionsare governed.'so a? to eaable tbe'-uouenr io jour
?al ze from i. - own knowledge Umtead ot rwwting to?ome
vague and ambi-.tiou- role. Th?*-?ex?i?*_? con?_i ol the
plaln-isl M_teni_i?t Ol tact-? ?plain thai no part .ran pov.ib.y
- roisondei-tood byibetaernttyroj and > e .?-xeep: ;..non^
iracti?al men *' ?? author bo_iw^er met v-,n. _., lodiv du. I
Who m,I, ....-.. e?i*j.wiffsr-**tuirey,eve_ .-..non- _?ir*-_red?
i. i.iuii _.?? ... , j!!rr tjei-mmg ?(.?-m-?-!?.-? complete
woo i"i?~?:"-?,!..,,l^?ttl, wo_|,j avoiddieshame ait*-n?i
n tue ?-.ui,?- <-? ?,,???s-, ?hat tliey uii?i?-rtak?- fir.t tr?t
'.' ' '"! f_?_. ? C: th-.x?-r;-i->-?. If they solve
''??'rkL'r.St*-r '.?' who.tern they acquired their
''"'?'?-d-'- ' hut -ho?; l they fad, toey will ?*?.? concltuively
.*?;'" ?'.?*,".- ' :???'? lui ir Cnlnllbg ihe dutirt ol an acr-ount
_nr wlifle^una-*!?*:" d?*i-'''**?*f" -Ut-h-implequm?oiu*. Th?-re
i. I -??.-i?- rtitTerence Ixween le_rning pnnapteauddetwl?.
You may bave ??la_c?*d up five, thousand ?-ntri?*>, but until
. 6o bave acquired ih?- principles, your theory and tL. prac
iice .)!'b-i?in-->? ?v ill ever >i.?a_re?r.
I-struction :? strren, a.? a- ;al, :n all duties ot ih?; t:?.:?k, pn
?-atelv, if reqoir__.
, 3 _..,n, ' i HOMAS JON F.S, Accountant.
.roduce .. beaithy rtat* of the ?v?t*--n by irictif-r.wid^ttli?
tk oi teat ?dh th? ??tin, 8_all'.hef-rdiuary H?r_i-Hair Gloves
ir?- l;af.i*- to ?lo. .___
Th- errat value ot the Hor-c-Hair Keoontor ? ?J-"*:
?ata* gS. **nenapp[^tou?e^^^
*aovm to cvi-ry one who bas paid ibe lf?[?*^&??
m-x-rxa-.ee of a biraltby action ol the -kin to require .aru-er
l "For"!; by A. B. SAND? k C0..2T3 B^dway.^r
1 ol Chamber*---!--?-?*., Gr_nitc Buii'laiif. -"
. ,?

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