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NEW-YORK. T.'KSDAY, MARCH ... 1 ;-;!*..
XT Those xvhn desire to have tin? ! apt : le?"! at ti,**:.- resi?
dence- will please leave their name? at the Publication Of
fece, Xo. 3-1 Ann-stre-L IJv d-.'.n?.' so ll.??.. wilt !>*? ?erv*-,!
rezaiaxW, and at an early hour. Advertisement--, to ??**'n"
their in.friion in the next morning's pa\<~:. ought '*" ,'"
ti.ind'-d in as t-ai!y a? ? o'clock, P. .M.
In PiitLAOB-PHM. The Tribune may be tebtamed at_ our
A-'encx- Office, No. _"?'_ Chesnui-sueet, or from any ot u?
,NJ?-x?'?.'Boyt in dial city.
X1 For onr LeUer detailing Saturday's Proceed?
ings in Congress ??-.___?.__ failod to reach us in t-e
Editors' Mall yesterday morning; see Last Page.
XT For Literary Notices and Biography of Fourier.
see First Page. a____
g_j- property-holder?* of New-York ! ?hall the
Citv l-e cut and carved all to pice?.-., and your land
titl?s thrown all afloat in ordr-r Tu secure an oveT
whelming Tammany majority in the Common
Coonffii, no riKitt?-!' if the popular vote be heavily
against thorn ' Such i? the project which your
misrule. _ are now attempting to rush through the
Common Council, anil thence through the Legis?
lature. Hu-.?- ? ?ti net a word to say against it?
(XT We have seen at Editorial in the Courier
and Enquirer ?.!' Saturday which chargea Mr. .I.
N. Reynolds with abandoning the support of
Mr. Chr. tor President prior to and :.! the Hutri?
_?urg Convention ?>i 1.39. and writing in the sup?
port of Gen. Scot! Mr. Reynolds will of course
speak for himself: but we beg leave to assure the
Editor of tlic Courier that he must labor under a
mistake. We were t-t Harrist-ur** before and du
ring the deliberation.*- of the Convention.; vvc wen
tolerably intimate with the discussions in this
City prior io thai Convention; and we know that
Mr. Revnolds was steadily favorable to the nomi?
nation .?I Mr. Clay.
XT One ot' th?* first fruits of the repeal of .he
Registry is the turning oui of the inspectora of
Elections by the People, and the appointment of
n different sot by th?: Commun Council, prompted
from Tarn many Hall. ?1?t?-?? Democracy for you _
Slom.? Ii4?nu??e .""leriin^ at I.ctrni'k.
A very _.r*-_t meeting was h*'l?l ut Newark mi
Saturday evening last?all parties intended. The
People.are determined t?. break through the tram?
mel?? of party and go for the Country, Uvu Covs
iKv is the watchword, .it;.. Country Part?
is after all the true party; The report <>i the com?
mittec mi the Tu--ff.law_fof-.t__a L'riite?! States, and
their effects ?m Importations, on Currency, and
?m ilio Wages of Labor, Contracts, ?ice. made i"
lit.? League Jn this City, was retid before the meet?
ing. Also the doings of the great Leather Con?
vention lately held in Massachusetts. Tliere has
??xist'-.l in oui country a goad deal of prejudice
against t hi? large manufacturers who employ ma?
chinery, because it has been believed that t.i'v
wf.iiM receive most of th.? benefits conferred by
But on examination of 'he price of their fabrics
it is found tlint the hard limes ha?l reduced them
less than it 1ms the productions of hand labor. The
manufacturers of leather, huts, cubinct ware, ?**???.
who have to compete with th'* low labor ol 'Europe,
will .'? much more .affected than the large manu?
facturer, who. by his capital, puts in in?.lion his
machinery, und though capital muy be obtained at
?i lower inter?'-! in Eun.pt' than l?*ro, -till there
ara other considerations that are here in favor uj
machinery, water power, provisions, raw materials,
?m the spot. i_cc. The journeyman, apprentice,
and the laboring man will be must affected; New
ark, with u population ?f 20,000, has been buiit up
by mere muscular power, directed by vigorous in?
tellects. The meeting was gratified with a veiy
sensible address from Dr. J. G. Fisher, of Virginia.
A Committee was appointed to nominate Delegate*
to the Home Industry National Convention, to be
held in New York tho 5th of April, and directed
in report to the next meeting of the League.
[CF*ll"n. Alfred Cothuekt, Loco ?.T. S. Sen?
ator from Georgia, is at home, quietly uttendin?
i?, his own particular business. He usually conies
on tu Washington sume time in January*, but thi
yeur h?' ha?, not thought worth while to come at
all. W? hear he talks of resigning, hut we hope
not until the Session is over.
XT Hon. Samuel Young, the new Secretary
of Slate, has officially recommended the read ins
of the New Testament (the Received Version; ?>i
course) in our C?-mmon Schools.
Rochester election.?The following is asum
inuiy of the Official Returns:
iJayoi-.Cb ir!,? .1. Hill, (Loco).1,4-18
Thomas Ivcnijisliall, (Whly).1,180
Scatterings, (?forge Byiiigton, (Abolition). Kt
Marshal..Guarde Gates', 1^18; John Hart, 1,05)1 : C.Austin,
;i; -Scniterine; 12,
Ward Tickets..IjkoA Ward?, Whig I.
[tLT?* We remember the time when rum did for
Loco-Focoism in Rochester what a local heart?
burning lias done now ; but it was nur gain in the
?yin!. S?. it will hi- again.
Buffalo Ei kction.?The foih-wing is die full
result of the Buffalo Election :
Mayor."Geo. W. Clinton'.. 1,486 I. K. Harrington..!*?':'
Justice .... -Sclah Barnard. W.l>7SI Sam'L Cult l\v till. L47S
Supervisors-]. A. Barker, ll.irrv Daxx-.S. (.. Haven,V lr.? ;
Charles S. I'ieroe, E. S. Warren, Lorn?. (Vole
?Whig IjJBM; Loco!?_"7.)
Aldermen?5-Whigs, 5 Locos. Collcrtors?3.Whigs,2 Locos.
Assessors ?:> Whigs, _.' Locos. Tnspcctprs^-6 Whigs, I Loco?
ICT1 Monroe Count*, has elected 1*2 Wliig m
11 Loco-Foco Supervisors?our loss consisting of
?1 or ."> chosen bv Rochester;
XT Almon 11 Read ( Loco) is pretty certainly
elected to Congress from the Sus.piehunnn District,
Pa-, in place of Hon. Ihnis Dimock, deceased.
He has over 300 majority in S?squchannn Countv.
.Orlo .1. Hamlin, who was nominated by a part ?>i
the Lo???, Convention, decliii.d, leaving tin contest
between Mr. Ii. aud Col. Kingsbury. Wlii?.
LL? Election in NEW*?H__?irsH?R? to-dav.
BriiUU 5*oli???.- ? ottoii.
7'te fhe Editor of The Trttmtr .
It appears by the statistical table in your paper
of lasi Thursday that while the British Government
levies a duty nf from 100 to 900 percent, upon
most of our agricultural prod_c??? the article of
Cotton is subjected toan impostof bnlv9 perceni.
Why i? thi?? I need scarcely >u\ it ?s becau?*e
that product i* indispensable to the British manu?
facturer, and cannot yet he furnished by ?h? Gblb
nies ol* Grtcat Britain. But lei the cultivation "t"
Cotton in East india advance for the next ten
year? in the same ratio that it has done tor ?du
lust two. and I would ask the Atnericjui C?tton
grower, How Ions: the duty on our staple trill be
suffered to stand a! si>-_ per cent./ Let our
Southern tVi?nd? hut turn thoir eye? lo the ? hand
writinjj on the wail.' and they will Ik? startled from
their Uuieicd security. They will not then require
to be told ot' the absolute necessity ot" sus mining
u_d building up a market at home. Mkuxatok.
XT 1 he Senate ot' Pennsylvania, haa resolved t?>
ndjourn on the 22d instant.
XT Tho Legwlature of Ohio was to adjourn
XT Rev. H. W. Bkllows delixvrs tiw closing
Lectuie before the Mercantile library Association
at Clintou Hail this evening-. See Caul.
Mr. Emsrs?.H- Third Lectcre.?In enteri.
upon the subject of his third Lecture last evenii
Mr. Emerson remarked that two great parties
Cut.-"!vat?smand Innovation---filled dieSuite.wj
Ltheir'strife., and bad from its creationdi-put
the "possessioni ot the world. Th* it ti it" was .
theme of Civil History. Conservatism hadesl
ii*??,;.l the mo*archies ami the rev? :--:.i .. ?
of the ancient world. The contest of the Pl?l
ian*. and the Patricians?of the Rich and t
Poor?reappears in all time; and ::i ail countrii
Nor have the two ih*--.r only place of meeting
national council? and in bloody battle-fields, b
the combat renews itself in every man's I fe.
This is the antagonism of Memory and of Ho?
of the Pa_t and the Futute, of .he understand!:
and the reason?it U th?* antagonism of the tv
pole? of ?vature.
Mr. Emerso.s repeated an ancient though
unwritten tradition of the origin of this cohtc
Saturn, he said, grew weary of sitting a
?vitllnone but I *r;_.:m?the Heaven?to ri<-!:<>_?! h
ind be created an oyster. He wou ?'. tu t aga
and created another oyste**, and ... be went
creating notliing but oysters. ' '. Saturn.' ?:
I rauu?. ? create a ?ieir w irk : ti*o ul?l i? nut so,,.
But .Saturn answered, * I tear there i- :.?>! only :
alternative of making and not making?but Of i
making; you see my pow.r ha- an ebb and a for.
to-day is its ebb. and it' it be put forth now whai
have done.w*ould be destroyed.1 So Saturn he
what be had got?!?ur said Uranus, 'you cam
hold it but by making more:-: your oysters are b
barnacles and cockles, and _*oon tue", will be [?
bles of tb?' sea-shore.' ' I see,' said Saturn. ' ti
y?u are in league witli Ni_.ii'-' And Saturn w
sil?-:,! again and ihe world went <>i: for a thousa
years. Then Saiurn made .Jupiter; and he fear
again and Nature froze, and Jupiter slew Satu
to save the world.
This, said Mr. Emerson, is the earliest politic
conversation between a Conservative and a Radie
that has coin.' down to us. ?: is ever thus : i
novation i- tlie ?nlietit energy.; Conservatism istl
pause after the lir*! movement. There is alwa
a meanness ?ri the argument of ? .onservatismjoih?
lo n certain superiority of fact : it is fingers again
eyes: ihe.fingers clutch the fact.while Consen
lisiu will not ??pen its eye? t?? see a better fuc
But it say? ta Innovation?'you ar. as .'?_::?'?:?.
ti-.-- as I : von would tear down my Conservatis
?but only to build up one of your own.' And
tiii. Innovation must confess it- weakness. Coi
seryatisrh stands on man's incomestible limii
lions: Reform <m hi? illimitable infinitudes-; K
form is affirmativi?Conservatism negative: Co;
servatism never puts its foot forward : it tends :
universal scenting and treachery; Reform i
.'lines to asinine resistanc??to kick with the hool
it demands an ideal justice, ami ski]?? and ignor?
?tubb-im facts.
Each i? a good half, but an impossible who!?
!? ii not true thru then- i? ii" perfeci example ?
either?lhat there is no * V\" 11 i __-. " as we call hit
who i.? not sometimes u Radical, and no Radie;
who is not sometimes a Whig ' Does not Heave
give th?- crown of ii? approbation?beauty?t
him who combines both these elements ' We ?I
not honor the rock, thru always reist? tin- wavi
nor th?? ware, that always dashes upon the rock
the superior beauty is Unit of the oak. which ?I?
ties with its hundred arm-? th?' storms of a eentur
and yet grows like a sapling. So ail through .mi;
lur? combines the Past with the Present : we a?
mit o tin- sea-shell with it. nodes and its spiral ?
yet each marks a year in th" animaPs life.
Mr. Emerson ?aid ho could not recognize Coi
servatism or Reform in any of th.- popularpoliti
cal putties of tli?' ?lay. Each, as suit., it? pr.-s, ?i
purpose; is Conservative or Innovating; neither i
consistently or wholly one or the other.
There is something in Conservatism which de
manila our reverence. The youth, of course, is a
innovator by birth : he stands ?m the planet a uni
versal beggar, In hi? first consideration?forcldti]
in-, food and fuel?hi? is met by the warning din
ill these have owners?he must go elsewhere
? Very well,' he says, 'gentlemen of.the world
but. since I uni born, be so good as to tell me when
is my good lot V ' Touch diese things at you
peril/ cry the gentlemen of the world ; ' but com?
nul work for us, and we'll give you bread.' ' I'm
in what consists this peril V ' In axes and kni've?
and imprisonment.' * But what authority ?lit yol
threaten it ?' ' By thai of Law.' ' Is your Lav?
just V ' As just for you as it was for us : w?
wrought for others, and s?. got what we have.
* But is it just?' ' As much so as the case admib
??mi quite just, hut nearly so: it is more ju?
now than when xxc wer,- born?wo have made il
better.' ' I'll none of your Law.' says ?lie youth
?i ama Law to myself: I ask neither to com
mttii'l nor oh?'}'.'
With equal earnestness replies ?h?? upholder "
the establishment?' Your objections are over-fine
look ;u me: I have-risen earlyv.and toiled ream
years, and ncvei troubled myself ubout theinethod
I ?aid to my bones, and uot what i have by laboi
?vid you mus? show your wan-ant before yoi
ride into my estate und scatter it as y.aur own.'
' Now.' says the youth. ? you touch the heart ?>
lin- matter; to effort and labor I pay homage
but 1 lind this vast net-work which you call pro
pert y extended over the planet; 1 cann*t toucl
the bleakest era?: of the mountains buta mau or ?
coi poration starts up and ?ays il is his : and a- 1
am peaceable and (piict. ami though 1 could wel
enough die. as for myself, since it seem.- I wa?
sein into the world by some mistake?all the seat
being already taken?.-tin 1 declare that if the
Earth k? your* so is it mine, nor can 1 omit t'
claim tii*? own. Besides; I know your ways; foi
your craving humor ?lie possession of the Earth i_
not sufficient : you would pluck down tin? Sun il
you could, and for the Moon and North Star von
will find occasion in your bed-chatnber. What
your convenience could spareyour pride could not.
Mr. E. continued at some length thi- balancing
of claims?setting forth the obligation of societ*.
to s.*e that the welfare of all is uninjured, and say?
ing lhat, Cotiservatisin in its l??v,' ,,t' facts forgets
principles. It concedes that Reform won].i talk
to the purpose if man were --tiii in Eden, while
Reform retorts that Conservatism assumes sick?
ness as a necessary fact, and strives for mitiga?
tions and not for remedies. It makes Society _
Hospital?it puts the Universe in flannel andstip
pers?gives it a bib and make? it ?wallow pills
and heib-teas. It makes of it a sexton, with hi?
?pade and his song to men?
? Ashes to-shes and .hist to ?lost:
Ill-re's the liisie. an?! in you must.'
Whatever it touches it tin;? degrades. Education
and Religion feel its blighting influence.
But, on the other hand. Conservatism has pro
vided all the means of stability; of convenience
and of life; and thus it atones for the slight of?
fence of not giving each youth his acre; it gives
him his acre'.? worth. The Past has baked hi?
loaves and n.'w i:: the strength of its bread the
I.? former would break up the oven.
The Reformer concedes :i!i these fact*, and ?ays
that if he sought comfort, he would rest i:: con?
servatism. But riches, he say?, make not ::;?
rich; they ?rive me mote clothes, but ho warmth:
they make me larger, but not strongei : the*, give
me mor.' books, but les.? wit. The plant man re
Muitvs not all thi* pr?paration for his full and glo?
rious flowering.
Ai. L. concluded hi- lecture by appealing to
the private heart ni every generous man as t? the
relative-.uperiority of these two antagonistic prin
ciples^and enforcing the truth that each should
trust for security and happiness to his own in?
dwelling virtues, and not t.". the institutions and
bulwarks of Society, winch is ih eit'ect relying on
others' virtue rather Ihan ?>ur own,
XT Ralph Waldo Emerso.s will l?__um. on
? The Transcendentalist ' at the Sottiety Libran
on Wednesday (to-morrow) evening. Thosewho
desire to know what Transcendentalism affirms
I will do xx-,-11 tM attend.
Gen. Tailniadge and the We?.
Mr. F.diin*- of The Tribvnez
\ have recently received a pamphlet ?>! 20 to 30
parr*-.? clo??lv printed, entitled " The West Vindi
??? x." written by somebody. I know u"_: whom,
and it certainly mattCTS ven little, since tlie wri
?-?r'- la? r. ?-; uiideri-tauding accounts very satisfac
tdril* for iii- lack or' better employment than
ipreading ?uch *..;. A non-en*, so extensively
abroad as I understand these pajzer-liave been.?
Each member of Lhe L'-gi'-aturL* ha?, I :i*n tola,
been furnished with a copy, and in ._?: lit -. tl en -
ta. I presume, every man ::; ;i:>- State whose ad
Ire?? . lid ? ? --..r:--.. bas been t..\--?: ?,-.::!! the
postage u. a copy, bow few soeve? ma? ch ? ?-? :?
tax their time with the reading of it. i: purport-*
to be " ? Review of Gen. Taurriha-re's A?J.-r??
before the American fn?titate?3 a: the l?se ofthe
last annual r _:r. which the writer of the pamph?
let ? instrues intoaii attack opon the Enlargement
nt' the Ei :?? * 'anal ! \* hen so - ich thing was binted
at, <?: even remote! I? ?*.. I:: ? :<??.?.:-::_
? ;??:. the :??:??:."*?*-?;?:_ ;?- ;. ol the British Gov?
ernment inregard tn Commerco, a:_?': the w-fl.ii _
:,??-? '.viiit which H'p had apparently pernntt.?d her
to eil m ? ?- - us, (i'-n. Ta] :.-. i -:_??? alluded to the
: ?:'.-?! trad? .-r the Lak???. ?and incidentally read
? im officia] documenta p?bUj^bed at VV&shington
n ?tateroenl ol the tonnage on Lake L'.r:-. statins
at '.no same time that '*the table was evident ;
t.-u imperfect tu be relied on." when 1,?. ihe ? ; -
if raised that thi. is an attack upon the Enlarge
:n--!it ofthe Canal, and it i- attempted :.. be made
a subjact ol vehement t_mmadveri-ion, by. certainly
not the r.ibnof the West. Let the West n si .
- ired that if the Erie ' anal or ir? Enlargement
tint- no enemies until it find- them on the roil of
the Vm? rictxn Institute; its march to ??re?tne?.? ???
be unimpeded, and it? sun.; of triumph will me? t
with -i hearty i-t_-*ponse.
But i\" n't ?.-i your sloops; brigs, ships, schooner?
and steamboat.-" send then cargoes ..!' Grain down
the Weiland and their c.'v.-.i?' down tie' Erie Canal.
Don't t'uviir John Bull's notion that the St. Law?
rence is. and of right ought t" i>.-. the ??-.itlt-t t".?r
our immense W estcrn granaries : for, "i?'*'- indulged
in this pretence, he will demand ?; at hi? own price.
P.-:: ;?:;! yoiir shoulder manfullv tu the wheel of
th?; Home League, and we will compel him to gi? -?
yon :i fair price for it. ?uni tnke i* when ;; is m?-?st
convenient for us to i.-t ?iir:: i i -1 -. ? - It. .?r clsa furnish
you witli n customer that will. Banish al! whim?
pering, and whining., and local jralousics : !.>?
.MEltl? -N, and the time i- nut remote when the
Erie Canal, with twice ii- present capacity, arid
a Railroad "ii each side ??I* it. untrammel?d bv le?
gislative restrictions, will be found insufficient ;?>
trati?pun tin* rich pioducts of th?;glorious West to
profitable mark?;., carrying back in return, from
the handicraft o! nur own brethren, every tiiin.
tiiat can minister to tin- wants, comfort or Iuxur?,
i.f tin.- producers: A 'fust balance will be estab?
lished : the splendor of tin- setting sun in tl?c \\ .--;
will only i'tr equaled by hi? rising ?rlorv in tin
East, while the whole Union may bask in the sun?
shine of perfect Independence. C:
Tin. Principles ok (".ref-k Grammar. Second Edition.
Tin; Principles of Latin Gra.m.mar.
Tiir. Principles of English Grammar.
This i.? a uiii-t %-aJtiablc series "?!* elementary,
work? by Ii?**.. Peter Bullios*, of Albany; just
published by Clement & r'ackard, intended foi
dicuse"?f academies and hiirher schools. In tin*
Greek Grammar the general arrangement ami
method7of Moor have been followed, ami the
work i- t?ni- of tin- simplest antl most complete
evei published nt' it- land. The Lut in Grammar
i- founded upon the well known work of Dr;
Adam, and die English upon ilia, of Murray.?
In ail the strictest attention has been paid t? the
want? t?t those just commencing the studv, oiidive
are confident that their general introduction into
our Public Schools would lead to a inoro thorough,
uut.i~-fnct.bry and practical knowledge of the three
tongues ilary ar.- designed t" teach.
XT No. o >>t" I'ue's Dictionary t?f A in?. M.\n
ifFACTintES and Minks has just been publi.liedby
La Roy Sunderland, 12G Eulton-strccL To M? -
ehunics it i? invaluable.
Another McLeod Affair.?The Lockport
Democrat of the 2d inst. says that a man named
John S. Hoga? ha? been arrested on chai*ge ?>t
haying been one of the British party that burned
tin' Caroline A letter in the Rochester Evening
1'n?! s.-ivs that then- can be no mistake about his
baring been concerned, a* be admits it. and throw ?
hiruselffor protection on tlie British Government.
H.* uns formerly in McNab's law'oiHcc. and acted
as his" Secretary at Chipp_wajn 1?'.!!:;. He is ??ml
te be ? a ?ood-l?oking, l>nld, manly fellow?tory
and game to th?* back bone.1 lie i.t a native of
Ireland. The Post say.? it understands thai Mc*
Nah himself recently passed through this State,
an.l took passage at Boston for London.
Destrcc". tvF. Eire.?'Die Hope Mills. Nos. S2G7
und ?lt'i'J Eli-ub?th-street, owned l?y Mr. Asn \V.n
thinston, and used for burning and grinding^co?Tee,
spices, ?fee. by steam, was destri?yerl by lire about
1 o'clbck .?n Sunday morning. Lbs*; between 10
and $15,000?fullyinsjired^ The !?iiil?iin-_ adjoin
in_r,;occ?pied by .luim 1'rye. was also somewhat
Pater .Mti.r. Burnt.?The extensive Paper
Mill at Fall Creek. Ithaca, was destroyed by fire
.?n Wednesday morning la?;, with a large propnr
tion ?*if its contents, consisting of paper, stock. &c.
The loss is.estimated at ab^ut $18.000?insured
for -f :~.'?i!(!. About $"2.000 worth of stock and ma?
chinen.* only saved. The *::?H was owned b*.
Mack, An.Iru- ?v Wo?druiV. and Jame-* Trench.
At CIDENT-*.?Yesterday, a- a yoimg uirl nanie.l
Bridcet Ward was vj.??,:,?;;:_.? from an omnibus in
front of the Vstor Hou.?e," sh? was struck by the
hors?-?* attached t" another, knocked down, and
run over. She was carried in the Elospital, where,
upon cxaminationj it was found that ?lie had re?
ceived a compound fracture of one "t" her legs.
which will probably render it necessary t.. ar: j i
tatc the Unit?. The girl appears i" be 18 or 19
M-.ir? ofage, and rcs?des in Fiftt^hth-street, n?*ar
Tenth Avenue:
On Saturday evening Mr?. Shipley, a lad;- re?
siding at No. 98 Lmil.Hv-sti-i-t.-t. wa- scverel*? !: .:?
as ?lie was stepping from a railroad ear at the
"#nier nf Boweiy an.l Broome-st. Fier injurie-*
appear tu be internal;
?i -
XT The Toronto papers announce the death in
thai -it*? of Joseph Gawihra, l"_*q..ai thead%"anced
age "t' 83 v.--i:'?. The deceased hsid been !n:i_r
known a? one ofthe wealthiest inhabitants n{ \ p
per (.'una.ia. He was a man nf sterling principles',
bohoiablc in all his dealings, antl oae who never
oppressed ?.!.?? poor. The funeral was one >?! the
latest ever witnessed ?? Toronto.
XT A riolent storm oct-mrred in tin- Mississippi
Heu.-?- ef Repi't-sentarive? on the 15th. It. arose
from a motion to L-enstire ti:'' Whig Members :??:
refui?ing t.? \.'t<* .?!? tlie Kput?ating resolutions.
Much valuable wind was wasted, and dagger?.
were talked of, though ntui?"* were used.
XT"" A rin* at Richmond, Va., on the ttii de?
stroyed the stables of Messr?. Irby, with fourth ?
horses and a cow. An adjoining building wa
Ameki. -n Mi SEUM.?Yan-Z6o cr?ait-?! a i/r.-f?! ?*?ttsatlan
?j?; DJ-^lii. Th** ?fini?, ni t?,-- ?pl^iidid ?_i_enaiiiiD*-ii*-i are
\. :-?-.-.-.i tin? evening. S?re tniT?-ru?*-iji-'iii.
XT Ve-terday'? Intelligencer contains a se*,-orv.i
statement offi-*. columns by lier.. H. A. *?\ i>e ??'
the circumstances of die Cille} Duel. L ??(.>:.: tuts
aietter from Mr. Cr_A*t relative to his ;,__.>:;._. ind
concludes -with; the following pertinent inquir*
? WHv should ti:e public be troubled with this pri?
vate affair anv looser ?-?
The Wis.Ko.fSAS Tragedy.?James R. Cleve?
land, who recently, shot a fellow Member of the
Le_is '?? : Wiskousaii, has-been committed to
answer the charge ? : Mut-ier. Ii??* sent in his
resignation t*. the Council, but it was returned t
him unread, and he wa* expelled the body, only
one person?and he his counsel?voting' against ir.
Testimonv was taken'to .-how that ho had armed
himself*"? ?th the intention to provoke the ?sneannter.
Fight-?A tT__ical affair occurred near Pensa
cula on die 15th :'.:. A quarrel arose between
Sam?.-! Burr end Henry Bell, ??hieu resulted in
blow,, and l>'ii"> shooting Bun* with n pist
Tlit- shot took effect in the bodj ol Burr. Aftei
being thus ?? ..i.-.i. Burr ran to hi? hous i _ I
his rifle, and succeeded in getting it when-Bell-was
pas sin z tho house. Run- ?red at him, the ball
struck Bell in it:-- back of the headj and h*> fell
instantly dead. Burr. ^,?i:!i.! is thought to be
? ?ig.,
'XT' Willis if. Blaney has been held to bail ii.
$1,000, at Philadelphia-, to answer th? charge of
being accessary after die fact of the robbeiy oi __
1'. Lcscure'.s store, and for a misrlemeancr in not
arrestins James Williamson fur tho robbery of the
store of Miller ? Hallowed.
XT Mr. Jesse Llghtner, an old man. with ins
brother's son and daughter, while crossing a
stream on the ice at Beaver; l'a., broke through
a:;.I was lost. In the attempt to rescue him both
the others were diowned.
XT The Girard College Fund at present con
.].;.? of .331 shares of United Stai? . Bank Stock,
worth nothing; $7*2,200 of City Five Per Cent.
S?.?-k: $636,000 43.Penn_wLvaniii Five Per Cent;
Stock a: par. The whole value of the fund ac?
cording f.i present prices in specie.is$336,307 OS.
Til.- actual expenditure up to 1st da:.. l8_-_j was
$r,286,697 33. ?t will require nearly amillion
to ebmplcte the establishment.
1 __
Natal.?The I . _*?. ship Falmouth, Commander
Mclntosh, sailed from Norfolk on Wednesday, on
admise. The I '. S. ship John Adams lie* ofi
Boston, ready for sea, and will sail the first fair
wind for Rio Janeiro. The L*. _>. frigate Colum?
bia .?iii.il from Boston on Friday, to cruise along
the coast. The ?ion;!:":- Mi?..nui. ?ays the Army
uml N.nvv Chronicle, has been ordered round io
Norfolk; as soon as hcrcrjuipmentsshall have been
completed. I pon her arrival, she and her sister
steamer, tho Mississippi, will make a trial nftheii.
speed and other qualities in dn* Chesapeake Bay.
It i? not Improbable that they may come as far as
Annapolis, t,, allow members of Congress an op?
portunity to examine tiiese modern engines ??:
? aval warfare.
Explosion in a Stka.m Mill.?On Tuesday
morning last an explosion took place at the steam
mill of Messrs. Bayless ?._ Co in South Wheeling,
Vu. Th?? Enquirer say??? We understand fron,
the engineer thai the boilers had for .om.) rime
been considered unsafe; iu consequence of a flaw
in two of th? boiler heads. Providentially there
was no nue presen:, the hands having gone to
breakfast, 'ii* -aid the boiler heud ?;i? blown
some distance into ?l_>- river, carrying with it a
great pi rtion of die engine house. The enterpri?
sing proprietors will soon have the ?l?mase re?
paired." _
Lotteries.?The Supreme Court of Maryland
has decided that it is noxv unlawful t.? ?.-11 lottery
lickets, or to draw ?my lottery in that State, grant?
ed for public purposes. Then' are a few lotteries
granted for private purpose.. which are not reached.
W hen diese grunt? shall have been exhausted, tin?
lotteries will cease in Maryland. [America!!.
XT There are now in this city many hundreds
of industrious young women out of work, suffering
all the privations of extremo poverty*. Tlioso so
situated are informed that the factories in Massa
chusett? have plenty of employment, at fair wagesj
fur those who choose to engage. We beg the
Editors of the oily papers will republish ibis arti?
cle, and ? ?I ? i: _i * ? a friend t" the industrious.
[ _mericah_
Winter or.'I2.---.Wi. have rarely experiencedso mild a
winteriis llie pnaeiiL But though we have .suiTered km
iitil.' from severe ??..!.I, few have esvapetl injury from tin.?
?ii'iiieu un::..-;?!;.-i:.' transitions. Sever were pulmonar*,1
complaints tnijre numerous or more ilitlicult of cure, ibnti
during the present changeable season. It behooves every
:?:~:i :.. LTii.'ir?! .i..':i::-.?; th?- first advances of consumption.
A common cold can I?,- almost immetllately cured by Sher
ui.'.ii'. Cough Lozenges. Those \xi,., aro ?abject to nervous
lieailacb?-?:,will tinel tlieiCamphir.JLozens?t? a sure r?medv.
By tli>- use of tli?; W?tiii Lozenges an infnllable renie?!? ???? II
I.,- found, in (i?.ti'-l!!:i_r everv appearance ???' worms, that ...
il:.tre..::i'_'l\" aiuir.t boib children anil adult?.
If you have a pain >.r weakness in tin- back, liver, or am
partof the bo ly, Sherman's Poor Man's Plarter (ibr ?nl? 12*
cent?) --.-ill .'.it- you -i? it tlitl J. W. Iloxie, Esq.
If you have n bad breath, or bad te. ih. n?.- Slie-nnan's
?liri? T?-.t!i I*??!*", Il,?' I>* ?t dentifrice in ?hr world ; il will
impart a delightful fhigran? e to the breath, harden the ?ruin?,
keej the teeth from ?tchins and make tliem a beautiful
?xi .. Dr. -?t_er_nan'_s warehouse i.? ai l'?i Nassau-street
Offices are ;,;*<> established at 8 State -:., Boston: ? Ledger
Bnulling?, Philadelphia, ami at DuvultCO's., Richmond*
an?! Dupuy. Bosser k Jones, Petersburg; Va.
C ?lir xi. Punishment.---There ?a irr. at out-cry at pr?seril
?_r!i;ii?t i'j;,:::i1 Puni-biuciit, and xx-.- irn?t it will be aboli he,i.
There are some cases, however, in which we think it ui:_.r!.i
??*? adv_i_nia_e*ously employed.Ithe principal of wliicli, ?irr th'
case of po-rsons who permit the pre*ent damp and danirer
oos-weatlier to atllict.iheni with coughs n?,?l c-*Itls, to.the
iilariH'ii/xx* ;ir un.i t-r,r "'!!:? ::.?.?!??.?? and i.',,- a?noyance
of their friend? and neighbor*:, ,.xl?*'!i they coukl i ruined i
airiy corred the <-x?? awl be as clear in die lungs and .,?
sound in lite sys-tem as the City Hall belt, were they onl? to
uikeafexx of jPeten?'renowne?! Couirh Lozenges!'' Capital
Punisbmenlslioabl also be awarded t<? parents who suiT?..
their little children to be raten up xvitli worm.*, -.?- _ : ? -1 ? no
worm can taste o! Peters' !. teng?s. prepared for ?ieir pc
liar annihilation, ami ?'?.-r lift up ?u ?. .id ?;:.?r'? ir L_ .'..-?i!.
??_'ic:?, ?i" mercy ?l??._:?.? be extemled to-nien wlio ?:.:??
themselve* in b?- ai?lict?_d xxiiii tlie h?._d_ch??, xx|?;, ??, i,.* ,.;.
ach? ??,:,.?"'-?:-: i' e .n:!:'-:;.-?- of Peters' Cordial L_?zen?;es
for a ?realer length of time t'.ai. two minutes a:?l -.-. half
v.:':.,- celebrated Lozen?rt_ may l.e had ai iV< Broatl
way, beside?;a-variety ,?r outers, an?! particularly ....?? for
Durtoring'the .sublime, on the inspiration .?:' ?.hi.-i, anyman
may !,.-.'?:i?.. .? ;.,*-t
Tmc Cclebritv "f Cureiicch's Tricophiroi -. or
Me-.iicat'it Compound for the Hair,lia? tempted a Icltow to
mak" a counterfeit art:, U?,callin?; :i by ;he* same name, und
bav?ng th?b.ui?-?. ?al,*-!? arid "directions ;?.,- us*-'' similar
?.,. the .:??::;im*-. Th?-..' xx!:.. have unfortunately !.a --.
trapped '???? purchas? the ?:,.- compositionhavehad t!:?-;ri aii
... .,-;..- d?stroyetl by its u?.-.
Observe lhat the ori_pnaI and ?fenuine Trittopheroos lia?
?.!:>? proprietor's narr"-. '-.Vair Clirehugh'.*" xmiten on the
.-? :- wrapper. Be sure to purchase at the Hair-Cutu'n.
Roo ?.-. _?""" fi'?a. i .x.i'.-. .-?.??.'-r of Fulton, tip stair?-.
Any other article ot il,-- saine name is an imjKisition, (2)
RtNO's ' AM.V.?We believe 'hi- *??? lie a really efleciivo
femetly ibrthe ills it professes to cor?-?ar least it is a very
palatal ??e on*-. We haveknown instances where coughs in i
colds were ir,_i?*!i relieved bv ?ie a**- ?.i this very pleasant
Comfurt is Shaving secured - - ? ? ipman's
Magic ___rop. 1"-' Wilfiam street.
XTHowe's Hvgetne -Torehoo'd C xndv.?Ti,;. pleas?
ant, sat. a:;.i economical remedy, (or-the cure of Cougb?,
Hoarseness. Sore Throai and all cla*'?-* of tndaeiua, keu, -
kept constantly on hand-by '.!:'' proprie_or,.4S2 Broadvay,
comer of Ho**_rd-s_r_?_. : an ! may Be had al the (oliov. _ig
convenient Incations: ai KierstetTs^ 52t' Broadway; o? ..
I> ..;?. I Broadway: Drisrgs k.Jay, 6 I nion Place, Boxv
i-r\ : Palmer, corner.it Bowery ariij Second-strei_ti Lori
laih. 121 Beekman-t.-'?;: ll.-.'.o.i,, p~ Eighth Avena?
- ? -
The Ia?t new .?.onuct.
Oar early tho igh? if? ;..i.?- r?-:a;:, .?
.Vlr.-tn wild-, t:.- inddenti of a_re,
L.k'- xx"p!? ":. ^t::.'.. tbey ?j-arc- r?mali.
Till ne*? events ob_:ufe the p.T_?e.
Tka?. foaferfs ?cr.re upon ihe wail.
Coodnnes till some kindred friend
Obliterares ;.';-- dreaded scrawl,
Ac! brinsr- m? terror? to an end.
Sol *?? i* Chapmarfa Magic ?.trop,
Ai bondred tn.-(j, in Wflliam street :
That irives an eiiije a !?^ard to cr?.;,.
From *??ch a _?a?__ii.??.r?. miiAl r*-tr??at?
neiKriidir-xni an,: admired by alL iron-, youth to ?a-*-.
It ??. at nr.cc, :.'_?- ^r*a: a:i__,-u.-n of the a:."-.
XT Home I_,??a^af?.? I':,- Commiu*-. ,_r s.-v.-iitr-e,,,
and at?o dial of?5ev_n a??|e,; m ?-,r. ?;i>; meeting i if the League,
are hereby noti?ed that ii,r la-t meeting.of the Committee
was adjourned to m?-et.?: :?,r Hail of th? .\joer:?-an Institute
,i, Tuesday evening, im ii.?t.. at 7 Crdock. a venera] at-1
t-rudance ?? r^iuerstrd. (m8 if, E. CI KT!_?. .**e.v'v I
Stvte Piusos Statistics.??apt. A. M. '
Smith. Deputy Sheriff, advises us" I t_t ' ??
Ci-* to the '.-rit February there ?
discharg? -; : n :. - St it? Prison it ''Sing ?
: Hei rv i'. C< I '?- -"-l ' ?*?'-*-*
? ........ . \ ? ?'.?
Piatt. H ?:.:*- Srh?l '?' ? -.:???'?
Lorxn.bi rry 1 h *:. . l '' ' ? Marc] .-'
ti ? ??-?? rema?i ,-ii in pris > ?
mal?-tota j
Death?; im rn. Cita ?11 ?
ment.? ::. tlie city din ini tlie ; ?18!
..t" whom 39 were men, '-' " ? ? "???. . ?
_?..... i if *.-...;..? s. there died '. : V-pl ' ? : '? ?
Gaucer ? : oi ( ? - i ? '? '-'; ?13 v of < "?on?
?O: of-Gh-?p2: Delirium L*remcn-?2: !' psyin
the head 11: in the <*h? *?' ti ; Erysip .<- 3 : *-? u
.et re-. ??! 12 : iy--;..:..' :*5j W :.- : .' ?-*- >:in
tl?mmaiion .?t* tue Lungs I':: of the Braii
the Bou ? !?: In? ..;'__?. *J : Marasmus ''. anil -
l',,\ (I. i If these 133 iven ol the I i i ?
- '?* ?:.:??:!' .! ?? of '
XT \ i '??? tmiti ??? of ' '
etty of Baltimore. w;?.nt ; - ' **
..:' Marviand. ?itti'.ii at \t ?? " ?
?.--.-??i.-, of the bu
'. * Sec?n?! \V*n**l. \ ? : ? ? *'? ? - ?
ors .-i ;..- >, iron?! ?* uni, l?*l?i. pt? * " ' '
u.. ?1 . ..-,:.,.:. ?t Jon? - - ?? ? ond VV*i II ?> l:
7th. to ? let l three D< ? -I
and n Committee to non ! Ward, l*. I ?' '?'
??II IRPE, !" - -.- calli-d to iii-- CI '?? t.
LAND a EOW.t ? i. -? ? W ? . ?
Mr sharpe, la .-'...??
?a a : - ? ? ? ? : : ?
meei :._? i.i- n; ?- ? :
? In m ti?>n, ili?* ? ? ? ? ' '
to ..-?>:?-. nt tin m n tilt* ?la* a ti ?lien
JAMES Krll.V, GEG. \ LIOOL), u ?I
rittiM .?? McEL&ath,
W?"*?- r'lrclt-?!.
1 :.?? i:.,-- : _ ? ? . p ? ????? ? ?-? I - in irk or I ? get i lit'.??
;.-. nominate :!:?? otl?t - :..? ?"? artJ.
K. ?'. IIAXVE. l*E ! KK SI! Ul'i'Y.
II. W. ( illl.DS. II. M? I.I **. ninl
w< re elected n.? the Com? "? . ? tl ? ?? ' ? '? "- *"?
I- u:i? niovctl -i*i-? ?-??' ml? I rhnr- * ?
:.. ? ? ? ? - - - -
in- .-ni-,. Mi -? -. !" u CH ? -: . li ?N? i ? and in ? ..??'??i
?. - -,
lions, wl - '?
.',- :..'. I'lml by I. ?? '?!"?" mi?t-_i' ?
liu.it. :. ilir-pnci
.?.-,!. the ;???
? ??:; >;;? mi 01 -. I : IV i _ ? I ? t* till
city ini*. refus-? d-to-ei
ihelr expense***, buth?vi ...
k*S? i -.tra*. ?_"a:ir... '?-. :i?:. '11 . ?? ? ' * '
an extent ... !le?l !>> am oti.i :??''- - ? -? ?? :'-' '?'
Resol, ed, I li.1t ?.-?? ? ?'? uitou
?ootl . ? ens, to iak? i !
>tich men from ?? ? ? '??''.
fia.-i-- iih.i?- i.-.-li: _?- ire tnoi iiconiuioi I n | ?
and who have hisrbei ? . renie
?::r.-? ol men politician. - ?
Resolved, Thai the attempt now hehvl I !;"-'' '
of Aldermen to consolid?t?.- ??? ' Vf] _? ? i ?.? :?? ?
? '!-,?-, .11. ! : ? . :... h*. >t?> i> ivartls into um . - i I
ni'iiri the ? 'his oi die |*e?tj*.c, anil'?
.ubiiiitted ? ?. \ :. .i .it ". '? . ill iht ' - .':
.?..-.?::..ii i.? now r? ? - -? . i ' ? ? .-??:?
min irity arc r? (>r? -? ? ted ! '? ? \ ?-- int.'th?
same). I? not Uus inequality enough. Die pn?*K>?it?on -
ivi .. w irthi - Drcerl'rom which ?' emaunU'*.
/.', wlvedfThal ill - ? .. I ??? I :: ?
lIKMtV CLAA is nl nut- _ I '
the ; JN'alion, c.tn not retrain ti m espr?-?.?ii iheir
?ens? oi ii.-- I?is. which i m c mni?ii c ninlry si.-i-i -.UsUiiii in
thus losing Hi, i.!.!.-?!. -,' lest, a I ? ? ? i.1 ??'-?
the fr???/ ol .iii lier noliltr arm> nt' i?tiiti stiurn.
Resal: ni, VI at in hi? retir? ?.-..?, - ? i I ii in Ihe
??.?;'? >*r. tl.r,. ui, iln [ove; an? I tl
lovers'of ti-..-::..?? I.Hpul.lienn Institut - I ountry?
?nul ili?- oil!.in.I ti??- N.u?i-' alike are ; ??:: 1 :?? iio honor to
iii? i i.i a i?- in ii i h-- m, i-j. to his rMii'vice*? ami virtuos.
Ii ?\ a-iiii,i..t .ii-..i ...... .?? . - the prCH'eedi.1 ? ol ;' ?
iiii-rt:ii-_- i.-- pul i ?:.. I, - :? iv th< iiflicers of the inet/tinir.
I'i-.i'K!; >ll HtPE". Chairihaii.
Geo. Rowland,j ^ ... .
Edward Long, 5 . '
T.T Srt'oiiil A1":ii*tl ^TTT'rl.l It. -V ?u?hi to u
public .- ill, r .. fri.'ii.l. m HKMtV < !...\ mel il tl -.
? mit \***artl I tote!, ami after appointing _ i i. \ ? ?. IIanxe
Cliainnan, anil lienry Harris and Ali'iii Untan,*? i -:.-.?
[ii-.?i-.-.-,]?-,| to ;hrni il'CIay Club.
The meetii .. was'el ipiently addi.i by Wti li.'..*?i I-':
MONDS, Esq., n, : nftci i ? ; s pn ? th?
parchment roll, ::?-??
Resolved, That"when the* lub adjourn, I ? ??..,.??
at die call ofthe Cliairman.
!l!-.'\ <> C. IIAX? K. ? :: linn nr.
IlKI.'KY II IRRIS, / 5 . .
D*Thii*<l "iVartl.?\' n inct'intr ?> nocraii.r
Whi*.' Blvcuim ..i ih? "fbird Ward, h.jtdla.?! eveninur,Alar?h
7. at .v... _'l*. ?;.....?i\\ icb -t. in pursnaiicv.of.the recoimnvn
dation of ilit- General Cominiti. >-, ti?? m?_etin?; w?. . aUetl'n
t.r.i'-i by Jam.-? Gillt-spii*, Esq. and on bis motion, C??l.
THOMAS 1'. I'EEU?*, was .-a!:.-.1 to die Chair, ami v.u..
lian Dodge and NVilham li. _1ar.su vv? re chosen "seen ta?
The meeting tlie'ii proeeeded to ballot tor three ?.- r?oiL? in
represent .thi.? Wanl in the iMayorahy Coovi ? !-.-..
[...,-.<m? to lorm a Committee to Nominate Charter Olltci r*.
were clios?n n- D? I. _r.it.- m the Mavondtv Convention, ami
JAS. VAX MiS'l'KA.M?. W M. .?'I'E\ K\S,
EltEOERICK l'i:\!"/..
were chosen as a Ctimmiltee D? nominale Charier O??cei
to li? supporte?! I.?y the War?! at die .?n--.i.n-_' ?-I. ction.
After the ballotini; ??? a? '?!? ?-??:. tin ;?..-;.,.. iv. thr?.??
hearty cheer.? for Haruv of uik W'k?t.
On.lntvtion, Resolved,.That tin. Co-niiiiiiees clioseii :
evvhing bave pow? r ;;- fill all - !. ? .- . . ?-. ? . .
The m?-':::??.' then a i ouine?l,
I'HOS E. I'EEIl.?*, ' hairman.
Wii.i.io: I) :...:". / .
WILLIAM B. Mir:-:: ??' >"???'? ?j'-'"' -
! . Tliiril %Vrii'M lli:"-.l'\ < I V* ? i.i 15. -Ana
jouniednn.-etiiiL'ol th?* irk-nd.? oi Her.rv I . . I?.-Iit-id
'n tli- North '{?v.-.-<?.,''??. i|,. ..... \ . ,.| VVa.shiniii
oh TIESD.W EVEXI.VG, \|:i ii . !,,'_?. tor >: ?
;.f? h?rariiiy the rep. I ? I onniiitte. appoinlt-d i?i
draft a pian ??i .,i--_'.ti:;/..tr un for CI
JOHN A. i XlVEn.Wr.oD, Chainnan
VV u. ! KB K. I'-NNV. / .
J-MCff-B. SWAIN, \*""!"!--'"- ,? ?
- HKT.-I.
! Fifth iVanl?HENRA CLAY.?The D?*ii
i.- Wlifa Electors of the Eifrii Ward in favor of Eorinirii! a
Clay Club torilie purptjseol furitn-r?n?? ih? 1-?? lion ?if th?'
Greai Patriot and Slntf-sman <?, du: w .--i ?,, n,,- c-, .,,|,.IS ?..
are r?*?pe<.-tfully ntiue-teii to ait?rn?l .. ? rat tin
Marion iloiiM*. Xo. 185 Chant*! .?freer, on WKD.VESDA.
EVEiVIXG, 9?i ?.'.-tan', n 7?' ?.'.-!..?(?:.
K..!..ri Jim.-?, I .- !.. Harne?.?,? : ... H. s: . ,
Wm; A.iaiii-, II. M. So?le, K I ? - ;:? ,., ,'"
John H-irlow, A. \. Plidp>, i! danl T.-n h
A?.\.ll. acliulU, Daniel Lee, Ih ? Ten Eye'*.'.
SvlvaniisS. Ward, Wm. !I. Lee, K. ? . U
O'lc?tt Rhine?, Chas. j. How?*)), ?. I* II
Wm. II. Williams, Warren ( liapm ni, H K
Chan. J. Shepanl, J. VI. i:,,.-. j.?;i, p0rt,
lliiirv J. Hoyr, G. Elm? m J. J. II..,; ?
Xailii. Jt. L'li...-. John Benson, W m 'I' Gt
\lark Ei ??1er, T. V. Tl unie, Jr. Danii II
Lewis Karen. A. Tho. I:.:?, ii,
/.??un? Hyde, Snml. <?. W. ( arr,
: I-:i?li:l! IVurd.?lmmex.se UEETI.VG ".
? >i iii- D?-m?x*iat.i_ U ?,: ? tli.Wan I at the Hov
anl II.":?. March 7th. pur>uaiitto.tli'*c?iHuf Gemrral I
mitlei .'???..''.:.. i. ? f Wai
Mayoralty < nnvi . \ iiatiii?
- ..;:? e- foi W . I Oifio -. ELBIilbGE ' ?. - I VI ',
iva? calJ??d to thir Chair, and J. Wi '.n. .*, W>r_ EL*r;i.i*tt,
It-.!:.-rr i.i ?.'? ? ??? .; Iames IL.Kl \ I /.,
gar .*?'.'.;.? -'..., .i .i.i tl. I'. i\ :?,..... ?-? , ? .
-.v-r-.- -lM-t-,1 ;,, ,-|.r-?. nr :??. J-. V* .! . ...
?. i invention.
ELBRIOGE <? ST v Y.. ,.., '
< OiVST \XTl\K II. BROWN.i ,?,(
uil.l.l IM I!. PERfilGO.
JOHN DOHGLASS. til , -..
J- '?? X.LLES..,,!, ,|?
EDWAUO IH \ ALI. - ., ,i,,
-?n.\? ??i.M-.it-:\u....:. ,:..
were -l-.-r-l ... .. War?! Xominatii I ??, ,i
??? Othcttr?.
On motion, a reurih??* CotnmiUe? was a ointed
lO report li?ii.lla.ii?. ;., !..? .?;t,,,,.;; ,, ;,, .,..,,,..'.., .
a:i] roval. James T. M. ?;;-.,t.!v. X. ?;. Blum -uh?-Jwks
M. Murphy were, aypo rit? ?! ?aid <
The Committee on li. -..: ? ... ., .
which -?.- r--u!i:inini'tii-ly approvetl bv die an-: n.-.
Resolved, rh.? our present ( r. G?vernm?-nt, u their in*
?'"??.I taxation:and ? i.?Tin.,-.? ? . ? ? .- hur
':? iat, '?- to (inane a! ? ?.. ; ai li . ? -.:?- ? ...
-. ' ? [,:?.??;.: ri,- i.r* ,,.y.s ,, ,:,,, ?;-.,.,. .;,, , n beillC
? ? ' '??--??? ' *. ? ? .
RtMolwl, 'I';,.:: we |V--J tl -., -c ? : . 'V lO C-Ot
'??,-??? ;? ? ;? i - tin '??.lion?? ?on
tian.l?: I'. Il W? :-?:.-i- ?t W! that Aldi
turn -.. leatl or v.-, ?ve contrai ? I ?iat"we will
v, .-ir-._; _;:.?!, ::,,(,.[. -A,;, hoiKstlv and fail
the aaair? ol die < . y Govenim?n?.
/'? .. ed, That *'?? hereby ? ?
:"?'?*" '-? port ' ? ?.?:;'-?-.-::'? : \S litchm? -. ^^
fi'd---... :: ? m . int?>rto rcniovethe men li
have raa?ed their pol i ... .. .- ripti? : ?., far ,,- -., .
overfive -hilhnicsp-rm^ht ami plao themamong tb. --..,;
u: victorv. '
^...h.,;, Thatthe r?-? active ( .,;:.,.;:... ,.,... ...v.,.r,,.
nil a?? vacant,-? _c their b?dv
Resohed, Tliat the pr. : . ? . , .,..,, ,?
ti.*- ...i:i<-,-r?.
Resohed. That "-in! t!-i,.
, ... ., ?- E. r-. ST V(.r, ? liiurraaa
{:. --*.,-"????.EN. ROBEKT GtOVKh
Um*--l'!-'-^.- Jax? IL K?-.
?.-,.,_? Vic?. ) lihinnen.
H. B. Kik>.....m. > "?'*:? 'ar.-.
I i:-ur:*rr an?! American|pl??i-_ copy.
" Heim i lay Clab?EIGHTH
. ? . ? ._ . -
|J - - .VII 1 ! \") !l -??? ? |
'.. \\ , . . ___
I . !. ? ? ? ?
i ?of Henry i
____cVru_!_ Word. I D \\
. ? ? e v? ire r? ? ? . ?
w r -vj , . . - ' ?
? ? . ? .......
w ? v; ? . .
, i ? ? , ?
By? run.?,' -n j- i>r,....
( . xx
\ . <
V .
Thirteenth V* :ir?l
Whig fc ' ? 'Ml 1
?. _- I*sir?.'. M ? .-_ _,,;.'
V VI .:.**? TINE !?- i
? I -
R0D01 Pill S l'i- IRBOKX. 11!?'-. V U.EXT1.
\ vl'l V\ . r II J BO\ D
wi -?:...!?.-??? ' ? ?? ? ? th? \i?xs-^..
i ? the Broadway I! . . --.Vr,,,*
? ?g. 141
Y ' ? ? -. - . ? I ? ? .i?_??t^. .
? I ? ? .
Elect ?*?
. n -.i* ?-?\ ?: I* \ !' PERSON*.
r*.. v\ o.* i i ?\?;r ;:. _? COLLINS,
!: (?iivi^r.v. i;ii H'D ? "i:M-"t.i
t: vv. ?: \RRE I i tOUN ' i?.>P? H
r- H 1.1- v \..| ;i?
v. - ? i; -.
.??. ? . -. ? - - '
/.?-..!: I) *' I' - ? -
.?. ? , .
-? . ?
. . ?
,'. - ?. ri ?i -
U 3 .
. - - ? ' ? -
VX . .; :, , x.?; -.- i : . u ? : .
id-l ....; -..?
? I ? - ? ... ?? , | -
?... ::..': on,
I.HOM v* > vl.KN l'IXE. ( ?
V 15. II ! K
; * .'hirleeuth Ward. HENRV CLAY.-.*?
?.,, ,,,.,.-. - ? . ! :- ? v\ ,?',|. ?a ??.
. ' , ? : i.\i r - - li i.. x .?: the ?-?:? il S", -
: 1'-,;,- ot. Ill? II Ul. II ?... K ?'.clvv. \..
has so :-,-'!?!?? - ? I. - ? ?
|| il , -, ?? --?- . .
?. i
. .- . ?
|i ?,; , i ano? If . N
... i . . IOiJi in?u ai -..
?- n n n. . ? ?
.'.'.,.. Ulay.-ClnU l
? ? i - ,
......... ? i:..--,-.
\. . ' . . S ; ;..
Jame v. I!
Dax . i, -,. n,
M Boyd.
? i. M. ?*
Ri , c .1 --.
I !.. ? : -
V!. II. x. -.,
!. Ornisbv,
II. l-.i.
.1 V. \
.1 \. v ?
L. B. R.
!?. L. R? yi i.
l'bnd. .\e\x,'.i'..l,, jr.
I IS Wheeler,
lohn Mari
.: iti?ii llr-ski II,
John R. !'?< mi.
i ? , .,? V dentine,
II , . tl R. v nolds.
V". m. ?'. Br.tdlev .
; ....
\ ?...
. i), nnis.
t , . . i i . ;. . .
.1 ibe ? w - n ?n,
!' M S . -
Dax ,i G
.!. hu \ Il
.l'un,-- Viril ,.
?. ? .em'.,;.
Benjamin I> ? ?
vv - . I. ..
I! (
Pelel I*. Bii
lotlll. < ' . ? tetil ii!. ,v
Isaac <? Hunt.
Win. I
M .... i> I ?
. ? i; un. , :. .
David \. I-'-.?'.-??.
x . -, !.. Tin:,
Isaac II. Il..rt'.ii.
) ?Jome I.?'::;h?'. - Tin Stated Mec?ngvvill 1
?,. ?,: ?o Hu? Rep i.? torv ?-i tin" Am. ! mu liistitule m lin .'
' . \\ ....... ,,..., tin lili tB?! :,,:. lil T ,,'........ i
? . ? . ntU? to theTrnlecl I'll Iah.
? ? i tal R? ? ;?.i i ominen.?? with for* \tn m
... ...... i *it? il It is 1
the. I !'? :" not wi?It I ....
iM ti i ., 1 ??? 1 .x ?th lb? . ,:.;,- ibjevi? nl b'o
itteml and I- ?rn Iu.m ?
txid le a:!? .'i. d bv .??...ti. ii-.-?' and liiinli-cussioa \
ver ih. whole ? oumry an i
;| . | , ? v,;- . i i: ( IfHJNTiiV. Ii.tere.lin_.' I'.-;.
? ,..,, |.. , ...... other S::it.'s \? ill be ren I, ami I?. ?!? -. ? -
. \ . nl i ?invention m tin? city the 5th ol Apri
will !..? app ... .1 the meetinc on W'ednexla* cm
:.. .:. ? -' I
XT linlisli Waldo I__itlcr?on will deliver .'
1 ? I " ??.*...! ? I. ?,. ., v i? VV? !.:.li ?l
.... ,'.; Sol? . 1.1? ' '/' ' '/' III IM-? ? .'' I
; -. |i itlmiuii ? ?ill. nan ami la?h ? lo be Ii nl
Ut Ibe d _ ''?'?'? ?'
1 ,.3i-ri'iiuiih" library I,??eitu?i?*_.-Thet :_#
I ., iv?11 ? ? - ??:?.-. : . ' ' I
?I TI i- *:>W EVENING, .h, ,i..t. ..t halt |..-i.?..,..
..?,!.?: ,;,x REV. IIENR. W BELLOWS,
Subject"?'The Inrtuenc.' Traite on l\i-"._._.! and Na
,1 _i;,.".|-.' '
'ticket?, adiniuinc a Lady nn I Gentleman, rilly Cents.
i?7_i itv...-.'..?-. isvv?: II. BAILEY, It- i, s*-.
Ti' ?iev. S'". N. Kirk will preach this (Tut_??j
.?venin in the Allen street Presliyierinn Church, neai Grat
?tr? .?!, at !,alf|>a.I 7 o'clock. in5 It'
! p* Tl ? im vetsary lleetiii? of The .\rvv-Vor_
L y i ii ig-i ? .?- ?) linn ?nil be lield ai the ?*__yluui in ?l.
rioii-stt'e? i on 'I i.ui-.iay, 10th ?n?t. at 12 o'clock -to -It?
which tin Ii ??.??.?i. .?: the Institution arc re?prt|fullv ?nritt-,
ui73t Ml'.vW
; Lchry A Co.-*, FaNhioii. t**-pi*?n_{ 1S1J
for Gentlemen'? Hat?,Will !.,? imrotluced Saturday,.*?hr_l
?th. ?.'i ,\o-t. i A- .1 A ST QIC ll<>_'.**il?:. ml .'?*
1 . <?< iilliiiieii*-. HntM? 5/< .'?i.- ?*??.'/'*.?HIIIO.." -
ner.ol Pine anil .\a._au-streets. xx-iii ?ntro?lnce tl?*' Sprin;
pattern OI Gen.le.inen'? Hats Tills !>VY. II. sollcitjaii
._xaiitinatii.il..:' lb? ?ame, confident lltey will compiandco.
titiiie : patronage, a* .x-e?| on accoui ; ofAfie linencasofthrir
... , .,. ih?; ? !? '.'a " ??? and durai.?lil. ol" llieir fmiih'
BIRD, corner ol N issaii-nml Pine-str?eu, .V. Y.
J. !/. i'.li.'l). Iftl ' ';? ?tuit-su l'hiladelpl.iii.
Mar? Ii 1st. : ?!.'. mlSw*
?f.eiilli'uu.'11'.H Bint.?.?The ?pr?ni? Pailibi01
<., nllemi i,?* ||? ..,..,:.,: it -?pKATKIi",
" ? liters an?! Centn?-U.
Extra I " '??' t! .... , !;? .?.? : i .?? -'i
In lal in Mob-kin.-*
ii.: f [2i
^?e i
] ' Sjn-iii?.' ".ixl,-. -C. F. VI.Vi.ltD li CO..N?.I*
Bowei ?.. ' pul -s tin?? l"'::i- Hal al Four D?ll"
..! ihespriiirr patiern, .'quaily light an?l du..,!.!.?, with i?
costly finalities, and pn? ??-* ? ? dl ihe i legnnce n! jpp ?'
?nice?. Kf'f'j --..rii.t of oilier vialili*'? ni Bfl
'.??-.',?! lloleskin Hat?. In the article of fine iViilria H
al ?!. ti ?? oil! . I, ? ? .. m :o e\e. ?. ,j, in-1 tt
1 So.'.i of! re*? Dictionary ? ?k'rt**. M i';i
? !???- nal '.i ?has i* !.. .-p.- --.lb- La Rov SutiJcrIan>I,
I2?i Full ? ? ? : Tl ?.? ! ? :. wnrh vill b<? complrti
;.-.?? :-.-., .n. ., i,,; . . ;, |,, ... ;,,,,] ??lu-tniied !.;.' txv. U
?.m?.!:-,-.: an i fort? ???.?? ( ? _ -
i .'*!',- \,',.i, Miinufaclun-r and Miner ***1w
irinclphs ol theirhiis-iuess, ?-.,i!-i
, ?tib-.-r.i..- !.. ti . work forthwith. Price 25c?
ibl? on .-1 '..,-? ? , tin u ,.?y?. n,. It i-'i
?'iunspiii'iiii Ilalian Uimloxv Slmtb?.
OLLUKR >v. u.i?M>|.i.|.-i),,? (..ic,-:,-,,?..|. unite- meal
'??'?: f.o-of.1 m ;.. - ?ilifiui ?'iin,.?ii,ii'.' (heir I_ou.se? [hi* rtpriogi
'?? ?? ?;.? ?? ?? ' "i lutl an vv .... ?si .-.,. ., ..:
?m.''-? ? ? brougiii I.? Ibis country. T!-ex- at?, it?.
fan nriist ivho biLs ?levoteiiiiis l?telo his ?,o,i??
-"?'i ? ? embrace every varietyol Litiulseape and Scenery.
'''?? ?-..;...?.?.. .,t I urn i hi re appears to lietter .elvaniasc,
. than .. handsome pan o| Vv ?n*low SbaJ*.,
;'''??? ...... , nature. Th?: n,x..iiiain.
? ! ? ' ?-.i. ??:..? ?i?'l.e.. .VI.-.i,!::-!,!.*?.-.-!,. ?, -"rrcll
B-irtl ?. ? ? it, ?.'.-?iier-, .'.. ?
S. IY t otsnir, v;, rehauts bu .>?.? : . -.-?I again will find I
?lb? .-? to ?rail an?i?_ xa mine i hit invoice (ot about
lOC-i . . tli? ??? II !??- .... il low for cash. Aboul .?-' | ?'
?' Uie'Iov ;.: ?; 50 : ? r pair. (2) _?i U
i To K-Iilor-i.?-A .-,,,:,.' m,in ???i,.. I,a. !??].i ? .:
? - i i situai on "i- ?i? A?? 'i?i,i Kditor.
I ? - ....... ? nee? unesceptionablei, A
iddr.I :.. W. W. .:, : .-n .,i ihii? orne? will meei >
... ' ill? . (2) i, . ??'
! a*5iot._i;r:ij>lii?" l.ili??iu???*?'?, bynn'mpiowd
?? .-;? .?!>.? ? ;?< i :?>. ??--. :-. M. I). \ i?. I..iA.\. corn?, ft
i i m,,'. and Bn : :? ly Ui : l : Im
! ' Pri'iniuni Razor *-?iroj>s.?I',,--! pi ?ii:_..i
l'A-arded b? tin Imeri an Institute it the late a.? ??ell
.?-? i ? ? linj? Fair, to Geo. Sanmiei., 1(53 Broad****-?!
i>.r tli*- b"si Razor Strops. The Metallic Tablet inv. I
by (;. Sam,?l?r? produce?-a il.ifi smooth edge on a raz*r
ta n II m it can !??? done on a hone in atenth
p3rtofth?.?tim?r] witlmui the use of oil of water. An? ;?
intesl ?'.by i.:- :. ? dull razor ami having il ; ?
oxd-r ?-.., ?,:.. oi !:...!;.. Th - article lias been establish?
??-'- ' i, ? i.r'.,-r,ie.? le. ...\.-,.,| ,., il,.- i.ra .'*?-!?
' ? ' ' ? Ul*. . i., t li 12:
'I'?? the Public.?Th? sul?__riber having
. . ?. ?? ?>??. bis nexvi*, invented Cotton i M
?lay .'.-? -, ??S?? to ..-,? or dispo.j Pr.:..r any ; '
th*-I ,.-. : ?? ,'. , :, . .',.. ....,., saleoftiie Pnten
' ' '? ??' '<:??? - .I the country ?_a?l o? die \
? ?'?? ? . I'.???? may l., . ?. ftjtion ;?? ; ? t**
? ? - ? ' ml II \. M. at ii.? "..i:...-." ol Aveno?
' .:"?-? . Oil this Press.the powt offou icn van
pr.--- :, !..t> .,, cotton to.the ?tensit? ? to tbecobii
a- i, in one to two minutes?thereby - ip* rseeling the r.*-*"*
die --i..-. at great * *-*t and ?x:--:i?e-.a!
tli- pla* *? o;' shipment Tli*? power >.: two iiK-n is s___ci-i*>
, ?--.,, |,ay 10 ibe density of -?' lbs. to the Cjibk iooi?
? ' . . 'I .? ;,,.-, is x..-.- ?imple ?o a* (..ti-irnci?*-*
?'?"'i.?'??!? ?> :.. .-..-.- I'repair, ami ocenpie? a space of abc*
-even feet . the floor, is - met:;- ??,r..iblr.ai*J
? ?? ess tlinn one-fourth part ol theco?! on-J
- ?- ? ??, ? -? ??? r now m use. Imjoire o: ?ul>"-*r^
berai iiie ..r!?,-e .,( L I'r.'i,?..., So. 12 Wail street, U-iw******
. .ml 2 o'clock, *'*r ??: I". W. ilarx.-x ;i! l.i? v*
ciiit,.. -I??;i. ,-'.n..-r of Rivington and l.exx ;*-i.. Letter* Pi?**
;..,.?.! ., ?n m.-, t iiniiie.iao. ato/nliOM.
b? ltd ltxx- (2) P. (j i.ARDJNKI?
1 ? Wanted?A Partner with a caahcapltal of "?I-V**
in a well ? ?taiili*li*-,! -,xhn|_-sal*_ boase in Pearl s-O"****-"""
I'.-... opportunity [>r. ?e-nr*-! ,- .i x.-ry desirable ?ai*". ?*"?'
.",,*. ,,..??: apply t:i,i.~* they have the requisite*"'_**_*
.1 capital :.. inve?i,and cast give undoubted r^tt?ftt
i* to i.i^'b r?_-;.'. Labil :?? .*? character. Addre_i G. ??'? "?
72Park posi office. ' ' i2i :-?'?

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