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in-"?. ,
, ,;:;).- mr ?nil
M M--?'* _
T? -i:*.?"f ..dvcrt?sii?-'? Fbi ?-.-.; h -\tlvtjrttei ?M*ol of
T.\-\ lino or I?**.**" (nv?*r*iii) fi'rsi in?*.Tlion. 5*? Cents.
.,-,..! !; ?ah?.-.,...-?:; insertion. 25 '
?'er S IN insertions, or ont*-w**?**k.*I 5n
'in! for.TWENTY-FI\*E:inv_riiotis. 5 00
'. ... ,r Advertkrocnu at equally favorable rates.
?ta-TM-.'?-?, Religion* and Funend Notices, not exceeding
?y Tim ? EEKI.V TRIBUNE,-a very large paper, Tor
a r t'l-iuntr;.'. is puoiisned every Saturday mowing, at the
jniv pnc-i ' ' "
; per annum, in .??: va:,.
;*._? "* ?" . i i.iii i
jgL TO LET.--The four st?r*)- brick
Jffffl ll?ms?* a r Siori No '. <-.?.,. .,,?-?r'-ex., helbw
\\, :....ii-'.'? i -t. Ilentmodi ?-? , ?? I tenant v.-..
".?. ., pi*- !'!:m\\. :-. ..... ? ,? *,. ??,.'../-,;.
*rfeA:TO LET. for sale or "exchange?The]
JffJ'lS- " '?*,':!:"! Stable, -.'.-??. . md at- ?
taciie?i,on ihi'imrth-west corner of FiftJ \. . :.'?:-. .
- ...I. ...; .- ,: .,?? ?...-?. .. ,--... :.
-tfcj|TO LET?The l?r*c four Btory brick :
,_?.__-> House; No. ''?'.> Be? kiuan -r. well ?i;;i.-l ."'i a Inree ;
DCMriling house. Yearly rent, jj ; ? ? ?rst'oi "*'?''? '
h. -\ i. A pi Iv a: i', i blunder ?". from'2 I iG o'clock, nrf '?
. he two-story Brick
______ i. House, No. 36 ?M-irket-streei, wilh t??*- r?-?r building,
ivliicli Li suitable n.r a stable. Api.l * i? i
112 ?"I.I.NNKI.l.. MINT! fiS -'- CO., 73 Sonth-st _
M TO LET.?A gfiit?-'-i 2-sStory frame
J.:__j_L dwelling House l?*C lllifh-it. BrooklynVroelainirig 8
??iom-s. ?.ootl kitchen, ?vc. it is ??. ?."??..1 r^-iir. ami will be
? i ;.,.. uiag.I tenant. Apply-ta-J. <?. Bl I l.Mi. '?
Sands, corner of A.Iain?-?!.. BrfioklyM. i?? 2w
/?A Til LETpaitofthehoiL*"e 172 Forsyth
JjJ??flt 'ire?.1.1.? a small family ? ith.iut chtldr? n, cnnsisdne
o? ?i ?.11iri-j- room an.I bedroom mi ibe second story-, bed*
r.yint ..?i Ibinl ?t'.rv fin.I !.::-.-ni.-i;!. Ilenl S?lG?. Another
?icdronrn can be hail if.wanleil. Applyonthe premises, mill"
?r?, TO I.ET?Vor one or attire years, ;i
[?J^i.i'i!i" ?tory and basement brick work-?h?p, 2'? by ?Ht
??..... -.v?-l! Lighted ail round,;No. 12 Columliia-stri'Cii near
Grand. (Kent ?-100 i Apply t" '.:. .1. Price, No. IC Coluni*
h':a-?U M 2 11
7AT?> LET*?Stveral Workshops in
j'Jnjf.. the large building Nos. .-. ?!. an?! G Linie Green ?i.
?uitablertbr Jcwders, Silversmitlis, Turneris, Bnokbimli.-rs,
Sic. Rents moderate. B. PALM El!,
ii,ii iw* N?. r> Corihindl -t-, in the r-.-ar.
.it?... _ _ m i.
?dkTO Ll.T?Several Koinn*. in the
jjiiBt Clarendon House, No. Sti-I Broa?lway, with grate*
and well lighted. Prie?- irom ,*?1 to$l ?d per week. Thes?
Roams are well a?|apied it?r artist, orfor lodging-rooms.-?
ForfortlMT infoniiBiion apply nt I loom N?i. .'it'., 11 tin I Rtot-y,
?tithebuilding; Also i" M, th?* Thir?I,-Founli and Fifth
Stories for tii<- ensuing y?ar. f lfi it
?tek FOR SA?.K.-? A very ?le.<ira!?le little
J|1???bL Pnrm of about *j| acre?, situated IV! miles lroin II..
boken, on the turnpike ip Hitck?nsa?k, xmiIi g'io?l Irauie
house niiii store-, and iir ^??".l l.? ation for the hus'u ess if.de*
iin?I,undergooiU'etice,beautifully waierod, wiili ?juing.?
ami u.-ll, fintlsituation very pleasant?willhesohl a burgniu
if applied for ?is-ni. Particulars at th?- Lam! Otllce ???'
iJMm BUTLER ?s BENSON, .N... i Ami-st.
>A FOR SALE.?Eijilit valuable Lots,25
,J*'''ai by l^?. for saie?i fronting on. Clininnnnd l <?n Wash
in_:i..i! Avenues, l?rm.lilvn; section 5i\ next but ?in?- to tie
Bedford Road, commandm?* ?i perfect view nl Brooklyn and
lin? Ciiy?one of tin- most desirable Iniiltling ?poison ih?
bland, **-iii be sold at aiiciinn l?i Kel.ru.irv, unlt_f?s previousl*.
s-t-ld ai priviue sale. \iliimssA*4f?-t Park Post Oifice.' ?I2"tf
M TO LET?The three story house.
?0 Third avenue. The i?a??-m?'nl i? level vi'itb tb<
'Iieel; it is rcpL-te Wilh every ciinvrnience . marl.l" n.u; lob
in the two pnucipal ?.?.?ne?, - find ih?* pantriei f?nish?d with
drawer?, shelves, kc. To n gobil tenant ii will he let low,
ami privilege given for one or more years. 1'ii.^u-s?!!?!? give?
iinmediately. Apply t?>
?30 U* ' .lAM'K.'s T. M. BLKAKLKV. VU Ituil?-*!! St.
MPOR SALE.?Exchaugc or to Let?
A .'.?.?.I inn story Dwelling House without build*
i.;.-, antl large Garden, ?nimble for ?< genteel family. AI*-"?.
a more, a good place for in? rcantil? business, all hi ??.; or*
-ii r antl fil for ?mmi-tlbtte use. Situaiulii a villace ndjointns
Id.- Sii?,|!l.haini.lh Rivei*, Bmoilie COlllit\\Nc.\* Vi.rl?. lit nl
????i. a.-ii. Apply to I" 1'LKi: .v BENSON,
in'.i ,*.i? \... I Ann street.
MTO l.r.T?The neai au?l convenieiii
?I'-iiJL twbstorybwtdling-IIniise, No_5S?l W'uter.sirtt't.bt*.
i ?? ,'? !i ? hnr.ii a tu I MontgOllierv-SU'COlS. no\i m l ':?-???-*? ii 1.: n i
t-\ ..i Tin ?ma? Trim bl?-, who will shtiwihepri-mLsi-'? ?mil slate
tin* i er ins, Tlie premises are well calcul?t???! Ihr t\\.>r.
_pc? i ible i.ii, In--, and the ? a.' now in the upper part,; il is
ini.lt i>i.I, will ??ay ii wisbe?l.by ill? fiimil) taking the
lower part. Applv ?s above, or at the Bookstore?f
in' ?".f ' .M.Mil.tiV I) \\ \ ? (i .*;7l I". ...I-Ii'.-I.
MFOtt SALE or LEASE, AVashiug
__._., ri?_.ii ii_i. i_,...,_.t ... ..... ..--.?.i
A V U.V.VBLE I'.AI.Ai. lu Neu
JliliaL town, L. I., for sale; or to lei, conudninp ibbuisixty*
turee arif?, having an extensive waier fronl .<n the l.y-i
Ri**er ami Bow. ry Bav, alunit ihrec nnlf? from Hallet-'?
Cove, him' n-nrlv adjotnTng the rcAitlerice of-J. L. Itiker, Ks.?
Ou tlie premise? :? :i ?botl dwelling bouif: ? i?h kitchen .it
taclied, bam .??..I carriage house u good beariug appl?
orchard, pear und plum trees-, -*???. Apanof-tht: '.'purchase
tnonev may remain secure?! bvliond an?! mort!_^ure. A??
?'??'irt I'llYKK .V I'.U'i'l'llKU.
r lfi Im No. '?! Maiden lane.
?MHi.?>OKL\ .N IM.Ol'I'.liT'S' fin-Sale.
-*?_-;____ That tit?s-rn!>le ].lnt of ?:i'i>;ti?i? corner of Sands and
Aaauivstreeu?. being 75 feet front on S.tu?I?t. ami running
*hrougli7200 feet, to Prospect-?t. It is.w?tl?n 5 iuiuuu-s'
walk of ih?. Pulion anil Cathariin* l-'.-u-..?, an.I i? not sur?
passed in beauty >>t location by any intbe ???ity. There is
now o?. the premises a large, cointortabte dwelling- A fa
vorahleopiionunity is ?-toured lu-liuilders or?'ciipiwlLsts.foi
pro?lncti\*e improvements ns a large ??<>?n?>i*. of themonc)
aiay remain "n lioud ami mortgage. For further purticu*
brsapply to Jnbti C. Mnllory.SH l'...-.l-.?i. N ^? i*-?" ]?}
M VOW SALE-?Tlie three story Brick
??Urket-strcel, between Mat?ison yin? ll?-iir.v-?ir.-.-i?. Tbe
Loi is;25by lis feet; ?he II..-.:?'- ."> by -Ii" feet, witn !-' inch
?vails, built by ilav's work under the stiperitilendci.?.'? .-?'.Mr.
George Irelain!. Ttir-re are.ten tir? places ?11:th?-House,
*? ven tu'\??];,??, are linislied wilh iiiitrblc chiuiiiey-piec?.*-?.?
There is n drv c?:llnr nndr ?ibe whole, i-av.-- ana divided
into several apartments, ,1 tire-proof asti-house undei tin
kittdien fire-place,; ami ibe whole in complcie ordor. The
?T. :ir.-e? i!i!t\ !,??.-.-a ?v.-tv day h.-lw.-.-n ihe hfllo of 1.
and ?.o'clock". For further itarticuhirs ?.????iv to
i'2', cniWKI.h. MINtri'N -v CO.. 7:; r_*oulh-street.
4?(kT() LET?- The dwelling part ofthe
??."'?'aL liny.?.. ,r',i Broome-stie?t; r.lso die siore ami back
1 -*' '?the ?ame ?mu?.-; iln-v will h.? !.-t s.-p:miiiely or U
Also, the mlioining ?rt?-.- m Brootnc-street, cbriier I-lul*
lie??-?,'. 1 bese ?t.>r?? ,r,. lienr Centre Market, and are iitte.1
up lor the dry g?Xki, fancv ,,,- shoo busine*?s. bavmg elegant
-:,u windows wiu, large parit-s ?.*' gt?.<?.
A -.. *.l??- '.'.i storvof thehou.?-, 221 lLni>tt?n-?tr?-.-t. with
back ttasement, halt of the muter cellar, tin?! two rooms in
i:..'an ,-. Inquire nt iSLMulherrv-street, n?_xttotbe? corner
Bl -.i'ii.-. ,?;l -if
t ^\W.VAl?l.i: rU0.M*KTY for safe
_Jj?;j?. bii Brooklyn I lights ai. 1 ,,,_.-,,, to,s or, Cohiinbia
' -?? *~* -.. ,in MM*- ? **> I. I \ ?'llltll.'lii
t-t ?. h- twe? n Cranbi rry and Oran-je streets??xt?ntliiii* l'-i'
feet to i>*umiau >lre?H. Lot Gl Fulton street,.-88 t'.-?-i front,
running through to .Lnm?-?*?> ? *. lioth valuiihl.? ??tuni .>:?? foi
bu.? .. ??. A!?.. i"i- sale, at XMlliainsbur?h, B .>r i?*, lots on
First .street, between .N.-nli 9th and North im. ?treets. ex
l-ii'i'?n; M-v.-r.?! h-tij ?--.-.1 |i ?-t ',. !'!?? w:r, r line. ?f,,,. w'tiole
orad* ;..i-t ?>;'tin* pa-jterty will'.Ik:..sold low. niototythp
in.?:,<??. rnav remain on-in?"?rtgage for ?vne or more \-.-arv_
ForpHTiicularsnppl\*^io .1. ???. Bl I I.K?;. 11 s..;,,?..
x.v.i inv cor Viiamst.. Brooklyn.
?S&'FO LET OH LEASE-?The upper
?_i-ic*. part of a new, handsome and verv convenient Hou.?
M lue. corner-'of East Broa?lway and Clinton-streei; built
expressly fora genU'el llt?tcl and I". ?.:-.' ? I* use. hayin?:
twnl?rge rooms?n the second ?tory coramuiiicating vvitl
each other, a large kitchen and cellar. nntl a number of bed
gwf*er.-?l East Brcwd*A-ay ant! tMiiit.n.-?!. i?'?r t?-i'ni?. 1.'.' if
rpO l.|*:T?The eutivenietii and well situ
-*- i-.lt-.i S'.f.r? N.?. 1 12 I'.n.eiw ?v. Applv to
"?5 S. .1. SYLVKSTKit. I3n Broatlway.
NK\VT< )N D a iu.i.\(rs" si ; \"i,n i:s.
The iiiidi-rsixnfil? ?nie Agents? in this City?mr th?
mleofihe above celebrated ***<vth?-?. are prepare,! to re?
c?tve utiiTs r??! i!.,- vimu-, at'tb?. Mii.-iuucturer'? lowest
pricts, [j?u2 u'j w'M. 11. WIGHT i?. Co. IW John it
>?>? IETY.
XT Uur article on ?.?-???ciau*-?-* is unavoidablv
?'i.'iv.l.d out bv the long Speech of Mr. Glav."
To-morrow we will continue the Biography of
r (?iiner.
$g| SEVERAL FARMS for sale, a. pri
_^_J_____, .. ? ".aupare m th?ielimes, in theviciniiv*-'of Sfw
\., ,. ., partie liai description of which max- t,*- -, .-n ?n ?p
;.,,: mm l?l TI.I'.I. .V I.KNS'.'N. No. l'Ai,i,.-t. ri_7ll'
g&.F-Oi? SALI-;?l-'i*.e iiujir.veil Kanus
-irm ih Gen.C?. N. _.? from ?Vi to 13? seres ?"each.
?,....ii .xi,-a: farms. From ?i?Oto .-.Jim x\:ii he renu_re_l
down; halan ? nia* remain-.eight years. For particulars
apply-at Na 3 Mulberry- oi IGJohn-st. op'st?in. mS tvx
J^|FpR SALE?4 Lots in Paterson,
_J?? ***'? ?- ? for \? hich l an? y Iirv <;.k,,i? will be taken in
. ? uiuigc. The loi? have been valued ai $125 each, and will
?oxv be exchanged a- ab ve ai the ra:?- of $75 each. Good
lit!.- ami free irom incutnbranees. Apply lo Buller i: lie:,,
.'.n. I Ami-street. rug ]w
j_?*|? l'OK SA LE orto lease, or exchauge
,^.___? for City Property In New-York or Jersey City.a
i-ai,,,.,: about __*__ acres, _? miles from F.,r: Loe, situated on
die I ..neck Road, l mile from Hackensack and" miles from
i token; ye,,..! house and barn?well in front of the door.
1 J. G.IJTTJER, corner of JFourtb-ireel an?! 8th
ml lw
$5& FRESH Vegetable and Flower ^ceds.
i, L ;Thc ?n'nsei i,,r respectfully informs the pu!,he ?n
.N-x-..\,,rk and ?L?i vicinity thin all the choice kind, of ex?
cellent v egctabn. and Flower S?eds can h?> obtained at bis
place eben per than iu any other establishment ol the city,
ami th.it ah ine x?,',!.? are of la?! year's growth
__ !:>'. ._gj__o___; St Pa id's Church.
|??_| FOI. SALE or exchange foi* city pro
-_-i__. perty throe beautiful Farm- near Patterson and
Little Fall?, xviih plentv >.| wood, fruit, water, kc 1 ?,11."',
i ol 115 and 1 of 7n a,-:* ??. The soil is rich and location de?
sirable. These farms, or either of them, will !,*? ?old or
trndcd.it prices; ice. t?> ?uit the time?, ami terms very libe?
ral. Particulars at the Land Oi?ce r,f limier k Benson,
No. ! Ann-street, or Robert Mon.ll, Patterson. mit't"
$g% V()\l SALE?A well-i?nproved Farm
?.v. ol 53 a? .???, situated in Huntington township, L. I.,
' unies from the steamboat landing at Nhnhport, and 7 miles
[rom the railroad at Babylon station, l-onu buddings,good
water, and gi>od fence. Price *-,_?><> l?r farm?$2,5?? for
?lock, ?inning uleusils, fcc One half ran remain oh the
place. Title indisputable, and possession given immediately.
For particular, apply to ihe owner on ihe premises, or to
Mr. Joseph Weed, t<G Division-*.*. N. V. iu7 lm
| FOR SALT'?In the lower partof the
villa'/.' of llackensack, N. .1., a very commodious
mo x'ell buutC?iiageHouse,with 6 rooms in <_"?o?i order,
ivilli stable, ami ?ii!'<"-qiiart?'r* of an acre of ground, which
. improve?! for gardening, aud i? full of fruit, such as cur.
?.?int.?, raspberries, sirawlierries, asparagus and grapes. 'I In.
ncntion :? healthy and very pleasant and ??it the whole very
lesirablt-, having excellent water, __c .v.,-. Particulars at
le- Land < ?lii?-, ol Butler?. Benson, 1 Ann-st mO tit
|a~F0_- SALi;.?A nice li.tlr Kann ?f
..-....-. ?'??! ncr? ?. i : miles from N*'\v-\,,rk, with good
?uiitl.Hgs, a variety of fruit; consisting of apples, pears,
?henie., plumbs, peaches,isC. i.e. 4 arrea nf wood, lences
jootl, water tii'st nie, springs and well, and the location de.
"nable, being in ih'- vicinity nf- Church, Schools, Stores,
Mills, i-c. Price $2,150. part of which max- remain on the
[?lace. Particulars ?ii BUTLER 4; BENSON, No. I Ann-st.
V II. li mu.! I>< sold within two weeks. inn Ci*
~ g| FOR SALE.?~IW^i?.I?. Harg??nT?-Z
For-lal?or exchange,?19 tract? of handsome Land,
?oiiiainnii; 125 acrvs each, soil of ?? superior Quality, wa
lere,! xxilh hu? streams, and covered x. uli line timber such
,? while oak, hickoi_y, beach, walnut, map?e and sycamore.
The soil is a,1.1),led i?) xx heal, rye, com?ala, cotton, tobacco,
?weet und Irish potatoes. The above laail.s will be sold ai
reduced pnce?, and on lenns t?. suit, or they wilpbe ex
i?llunged lor alnu.st any kind of merchandize. Formnps,
_ti?igniiiis urn i particulars, ?ipplv to
ni if smith .v. WHiT.viiiKE. 1C John st upstairs.
gg| FROiVl 8 to-lOipOO lbs. of Fresh Gni
_.?.-. DEN SEED, in all the choicest species and varie
Lies; or sal?, in quantities to suit purchasers, at BRIDGE*
MAN'S permanent establishment, corner of Eighteenth-st
nul Broadway. Also,'The Young Gardener's Assistant,'
coniamin?? the rosulu "?' hi.? 22-Vears' practice in N* wyVork.
A. iitis work has been honored by tin- award of a (.(?l?! Me
? lit I from die American Institute; vvbicb, with the New-York
State Agricultural Society; has'ea__nw*ar_e?lseveral copies
of Preii.iums lor superior specimens of Garden Products,
larther conimenl i* deemed unnecessary- m_i Im*
#& Y AI m FO R SALE?The F*rmx.f
^?A? ihe late l-aac Sayres, deceased, about a unie und a
hall irom il.?- Railroad Depot at Rabway, !.. J., on the
?Kaiii r,i_id lo Plnintieltl. It c?insists ol ?.bmit .rs. acre? ol
good lai.-l. contiguous to the dwelling. AI?o, about 30
acres ol excellent pasture and young wood, three-quarters
ofa mile distant, anil ?! or 5 acres of salt meadow. The
li.rn. i? well water?'*!?l.n?. barns, farm-bouse and other
buildings.a xx.-ll ,.! cxcellenl water; al?i, ?? qunntiiy ol
i(.cii?is lil lo ? '..I ; a quarry ol free hlone,?.c. A.*-. If not .:?
pose?! of at private salt prior in the I5tb March next, it will
be oflered al Vendue ou lh.it day at 10 o'clock, A. ?-L, on pie
premises, xxith tiie live st??ck. farming utensils and lio__e?
iiul.l furniture: Tenus made ?-a.v. For fartlier particu?
lars inquire of JOHN S. WOOD\v*ARD Esq., G2 Wall-M.
ml I2f JANE SAYRES, Executrix.
feg& LOU SALE.?A. valuable Country
.^,,1? S(s??t in tl?- lovxn of Jamaica, L. I. The subset,].?-!
otters for sale liis Property or a pnn thereof, as may suit ap?
plicants,with from *. to .'?, or luacres.ol laud, oil fitted im
g?r?leiiin^ purpcis?.?-*,with a spacious front of 737 feet divided
in 7 sections xx uli fruir and ornamentla trees : ihe n.iddlt
sr,'i;(,ii i? highly improved, with all ill** conveniences in suii
;i genteel family, with a variety ofchoic? fruuinthe season,
oritamculal ir?es^.*hcrri?s antl grape vines, in abundance.
The lious? is very ?ubstnnlial and ino.iern built, oiit-hoti.es.
barn ami fence? all new and in complete order. The whole
property will be ?old at a price to hmke it a.desirable in*
vestment, ":' a ?..ut i. xiexx of fniproving the adjoining sec?
tions. Tenus very favorable upon application t?> or audit-!??
ip.'.i paid) J. U. POILLON,
l'2l Im* JainnUn.
5^. F* H? SA LE?A valtitihlc and hand
.. X.-. some Farm iu New-Jersey, one mile from Italivvay,
ot about 11*0 acres of choice land and 10 of ?alt njeadow.
Th.- dwelliiig-biiuse is lil il.r the r> sldence "?a genteel fam?
ily : it consists ,,i lix, !,.i>!iis and large attic, b?sales kii<"he_i
anil serva i? rooms, wilh cellar un.lei" ihe whole, ami all in
(-.???arv farm building?, all in perfect repair. There is a
fuie vt'ning o'rcli?rd of 400 ingrafted trees in i.dl lieariiig.
xxiili'a xar'.etv <>i other choice fruits; gpod Rnrden well
slocked with" a?;.l>ei"rie?. cnrrani?. .v.,-., anil txxo xvells ol
excellent water iienr the bou*.. This property7 is under, a
hi"b state i,? cultivation, having been limed liberally by the
??re?,--.t proprietor; is xx.li watered and feue ed; and has sut"
licieiil '.x,?>it for the larm. The car> passing through Rali
x*a. s, \?:ai times a day 10 and from th- City, would point
il out as a de-irable country residence for a gentleman do?
ing business in Nevv-York." WiH be sold mi ea?v term?
?nix- ono-tliiril ei'tii" ?iiiiiev rciiuiri .1 i ? he pa?l down?to
eeilier xx uli the ?t.ick ami farming iniplemenu. Ifapplied
for ?oon, possession will tu- ?iven the first week in April.
Inquire of Butlei .v Benson, 1 Ann-st m9 St*
?&& FOR SALi'..?One of the raost yal?
_J2_i___. ahle Ptfrnis in the state ol New Jerscv.?The sub
sei ii.?-' oilers :??i sale ilie whole of h:? Farm upon xxi.i.i, he
iiow r.'s':,!,.., roniitiniug 170 acres of h'.n-l in ? hieb ?tat*- ol
."iiltixai on. The location and quality of the land is nol sur?
passed !-\ any farm in the xx hole Stat*-. Th*_ farm is situ?
ated in the vicinitv ol the town of Paterson.* will m fifteen
niinutcs walk of ?lie center of the town. The dwelling if
nonimodlous and well arranged; theout-hou-et? are new and
?arge?the whole premisi's are in < omplete order, two weih
of excellent xx ,it. r. and fruit in ?ibundai ce of all kinds, and
..; :he xe:v !>e?l q?iililv ; al?" a fine sprini; brook r::un r.u
?ihn >?.'??-? li the center of the mrm. l'ersons living on the! arm
wishing to do business in the city of New-York; can take
ihe morning train of cairs *?i : o'clock, an?l arrive in the citv
i\l a nuartef past Sk l"ropt uv in the city oi New-York wili
be taken m part i.avin.-.ii. Tiie subscriber xvill sell from ?.
to 118 acres of the lVi.il without the building or 50 to 7.r. xv.th
the building, or the whole a.? it may suit thepaarchaser.
Paterson. N. J., Ft b. _K. 1S-1- __!?" ?_m__ _
pi.OWN vV COS. oue price Hat Siorc,
j") Wholesale and Retail, 178 Chatham Square, corner
? ? Mott-street, where fasliion, beauty, durability and econo?
my are coihtiini-il to a?!,'rn ihe head. Tiie proprietor? pave
tbVpl?*asure now?to-nfler, in a?lditix*mto their recentlv im?
proved ?::'-. nappt?tl Hat, a r.exv ?xx!,-. ?he imilaiionof Bca?
?er \vhich **o closclv re?seinbles that, of all lurs tl_e- most
costiv nnd beauiifuf. lhat tke difference is not easilvrper
ce?veti?prict **?'?? w*e strictly adhere to the one price cash
?v?ie;ii which enables us to furnish n very superior Hat for
!?? price charged. _m2-?*
1 VR H vTS.?.hi?! finished, the ::.?-si solenoid article
-xn otVered to the public Ele_ranl short Moleskin Hats ai
?hi . vv price ...f.''; ai*-an article u 82Wreqn3lin dura
bilin- and ! !?tr?' to tho?e commonly soh! nt *3.
,;j; j,.. KRtiWN. IVactical Ha:t-r. IsVi Canal-s
- . L?ON. N. ??__>"? Gnin-1. comer of Pitt?Th:.-Splen
t'.-tl Saloon is ftttetl up in m??^convenient style, and is just
: ? th tig that wa? much v.i.<-d<-d in that part ol the ?city. ll?>i
:??*(?(-. (*akr-s Pi,-., x,-? :ir,- served 0] in a superior manner.
,*:th eonfectionerv; Fruit, an.', every thing else -ha- ''"' V!-**
? r- require. 111 lm
^HEAP am! Substantial Bookbinding at
? E vv VLKER'S Old Stand, H__ Fulton* cor. o? Dutch
?ireel. K W. lia. m?! published his third edition o! the
Presidents' M?nages, 'rom Washington to Tyler's last Mc
viji'?h.in.l? 'in-' einh'i.??-! muslin binding;
0*;No"American t?itieh"? l?i,r.iry is complete without
this valuable anil c_mp!?ie volume of Executive Docu?
To be had Of all the Bookseller?. Cloth cases made and
stamped lor the tr.uie. raS lrud-iltw"
Tii*"- Resolution? having been rend?
Ma. CLAY rose and addr?_ssed the -? - ite i ? arh >
low? Mr. Presidt.ni?Tht; resol l nswhi-thi ave, ust be? ;?
read^and which are to orm die subject ih? :??-??*: : *?*
cussion, are of the greatest importance, rig irrt? ?-'
? : ?i? high? ? ?.-. a? u r, and as) ?tei " " ; ?
my opinion, lit-? at ill?* l/vrtt n? anvTf?sibra??On of die pf"?*
;? ??? ' be Country. In ?li-cussing them. I wo la 1res?
mysell : the langnage o? plainness; oi -
ami truth. ! di I'nol : m? here a?j it I were g a ".?r?
dea foil? : .' ???-...:???.- .?-?-? rubbery, wen :??-:? a
ro?es, tbejaponicas. Iht* jasmine? and wpodbin?**s;ajid -
them into a jpuian I of the gayt-st colors, thai ' ?
of th?-ira?.?-iri:r.? nt and by ::.. -r fragrai ? *? I maj grai ? '?
ladies. Nor is ,t my wbb?? I ? far, lar - i : wy wish?to
revive-any ?abject* of a partv cl ?? ter. ir-which might be
calculated to rcn??w th- animoshi? - wbich inhappilj
hither*! > prevailed between the tw great.] : il partit??: i .1
the.; Country: ni. cours-. .- ar d :':'? pi-t fioin du? itisto
ip?-ak to yon of the sail c ndii ?u ?ioni ntry?-to poim
out noi th?rerrio'eanri original^ but the proximate, ?he immt -
diate causes which bave pro luced an 1 are lik? ly to
ti*? our ?ii?.tre?-e?, ami :n ?_i_r_r--?: .. rctnetly. Ir any one..in
oroutof theSenate, has imagin? ! it 10 be my intention, on
lin?'occasion; to indulge in any ambition? display ofjan
guage. to attempt any rhetorical Mights, 0 to ? ibinanv
oUier figures than figuresol arithmetic, he -f-.il 1 ?"mi himself
greatly ?1 ??appointed. Th? farmer, if he Isa judicious man,
does noi begin to plough :ill be has first !a;.i or?" hr? land,
and marked it ?**:" ai p:;.p?-r distances by planting -ink**? hy?
alin i. bis ploughnn n are to !>?? guided in their me-vem? nt?;
and ih.- ploughman accordingly fixes bis ??? e uj*on ;h?> stake
ipposite tn. the endnf the destin? Ifur ??? ?<? I then en Ii
0!?tr? ri-;ifii it by ,1 ?trai^i?! an?! dirert furrow. Tli<-??i r?.
lutions are my ?take?*.
Bul, before I.proceed to examine them. 1er me : :?: meet
anil obviate certain objection.? which, a? I understand, have
been y may be urged .against- i!s..?i _ ????-.. I.- ; .-. -;..?:
n 1? ?ai?! oftliese r< ?oluti?ii.? that '; - y ] -.it
pr ?positions, aH.I that, instead ???' !?;?, I ?boni?I at once have
introduced ?? parate ?. II?. and ? 11? red into ?;-?? ? : ,?
m what manner I proj?o*.e m accomplish th?: nt*j?*rt.? -,?:i cli
the resolution-; projiose. tel me In re -ay. in reply, that du
anci?ntprinciplesan?!mode of legi latio? wlrch have .--.t-r
prevailed from ih?! foundation of ibis Government, has i?-' r.
*>? fix lir-t upon t!?<-genera"! principle? which are ?.. guid?
11-, an?! then to carry oui tin ?f principles by detailed lesfis*
latinii. Such has ever i.n Ihe course pursued, i:??i only in
tin.* country from which.we ?!<-r:?i-r.jr legislativ? ?im luribri--,
but in our own. Th?:memorab|-_ rt*s?-luiion offered in the
British House qfComnion? by ihe celel>rat?*?l Mr. iJiinniiij,
is no doubt familiar to die min?l of every ont?that "the
power oi'ih?- Crown (an.! it i- equally true of our own Chief
Magistrate) had increased;was mcreasinsr, and t.iushi to be
diminished." When I was .1 member of another l?tri-lative
body, which meets in tht?opposite extremity oftbi.? Capit? I,
;t wasthe course, ??i reference to the great questiou- ol
i.-rnai improveni?*ni anil othei leading m? asuri ? ol
policy.to ?i'..;?.-?? ?;..?.-:?'.. resolutions going.toinark ?ut the
principle*? of action which ought to I"- adopted, ami th?-n
m carry oui -hese principles by suhseqi ? m en : tment?.
Another objection ?surged, as I ?nderstainl, nsrainsi one of
ihese resolutions, which i? this: that Lo die ' onsiitution no
billibr raising revemi? can originnti nnywher? but nl
llmi?.- ni' Ibp.-t ?i-iiiaiivt-? li ;? true ti ai we cannot nrisri
naiesitcii a bill; but, iin?lnubtedly, in content pin I'm'' the
contliiitni of tin? public nlT?iir-.niifl in the ri'j):i cousidt ? ii
of all ??ii?-?ti?jii? it ?in hing tbeamouni -( revenue and themoiie
in which it shall l?* raised, arid involving ihe great que?t on?
ofexpendiiiire anil retrenchment, and bow tar the expenses
tf the Government may safely ??n-i properly b?; diminisned.
't is perfectly legiiim?ie for us'io. dnlib?*ratejind to act a?
duty nia\- deinnnii. There can be no question but Uiat;dur
ing ibt* pi?-?t-ii! st ?-inn of Coi'gre*..?, h b II ol n venu? ,\ II be
???nt to u? from ibeother II?-use; nmi if, when it ron..?, we
shall first Inn.- -_*iiii?' ?irongh with a consiileraiion ..?'th^
general subject, nxim* th?- principle? "i" |*olicy properto be
pu??niil in relntibii 10 it, ii will greatly economise die time
of the S.tiat.. and proportionality save a large amount 01 the
public money.
Perhaps n? l??u< r mod?1 can bo pnr-u.-.l ol discussing du
resolutions 1 liave ha?l din honor to pr?sent, dian to lal:
them ii)? in th?' order of their arrangement, a? I presented
tli.-ni t" die Senate", nfter much iielibemtt* consid?rai oh.
The first resolution declar??
'* That it is the iluty of the General Government; for rou*
ilucting its ailministrauon, to provitie ?in adeqo.it?. revhi
wiihin the year tonieefihe curreiitexpenst-s^of the year;
and that un>- expeilient, eiUier by loan or Treasury iini?--. :??
supply, m time of peace, a deficiency ofrevenu?;, especially
tliirmg sucrt-s?i\? yt-ar?, ?? unwi-e, rmtl mu?; lead to perni?
cious consequences."
I have heard it asserted thtvtthis resolution ?? but a truism.
If so, I rt'_*rct to say that it i?"iit- from which G-?vernm?'ni?
loowllen uepnit, and from which this Government espe?
cially has depart?rtl during ihe last ?ive years. Has an a.:t
quatc revenue been provided within *>acb of those year.?lo
mi-i-i the necessary' expenses ol tin.-?.- ?am?- years i? No: i'ar
In 11137. at the called scm?oii,instead of imposing the re?
quisite amouni ?.?"tax?-? on tli?* free artit-1?-*. acconling to the
provisions of the ?-.-.iiiproiiii?.- act, what was il?.- resort of ihe
Adminbirntioni To Treasury notes. And the sain?* expe?
dient of Treasury notes was ever since adopted, from yen
10 year, to supply tbe ?iefic.ii accruing. And. of necessity,
1I11- policy cast upon 11???- Administration ?in ? - - din ? an ui -
ascertained unliquidated d'-lir. inducing a tenqjorary neces?
sity on that Adminisiraiion to have resort to ihe same mean?
.>f supply.
I ?I??not advert to these facts .\?!h aux- purpose ?r ? tu
nation or recrimination. Far from it. Forwehavereaclietl
ihai state of the public aiVair? \% ben tli-- country lies bleed?
ing at every ??.r--. ami when, a? I earnestly bopp and irn-r
we shall; b\ common '-":i?.-i?!. ? ::-?..-u-.- w ,?:, ? n party pr.r.i
dices.and agree to look at any measure propo??-?! lor tht
public relief as patriot-" and ?tni?-?u;.-u. 1 ?.v. then, thin
durin?r the four years of the administration 01 \lr. \ m B11
r?;i , there was an ? xt-f?.? ofexpeiit?iiur? over the ?Bcomp of
tin- Government to the amount oi betwei 11 s?fven and ?-i^lit
millions ofdollar?: and I say* that it wn? 1I1-* duty ofthat
Administration, the mmneni Uiey found lilts delicii :.. .-x.-i
in the revenue, to have-resorted tn. tbe adequate r??med\
laying tlie.requisite amouniol taxes on'th? free articlis to
inei-t and to supply ihe deficiency.
I ?ball say nothing more on iberfirsl re^nluiion, becau??* I
do hope tbnl, whatever tin previous practice oftbi? Gov?
ernment may have been, .there is r?o Senatoi berewb?? ?.I!
hesitate t<> ??nin-'j! in the tmtli of the _-.-n.-ral propo?itions it
Tbe next three resolutionsall rel?telo tin ?am? irt-neral
?ni... ct*?ubjects which I consid? 1 much ihemo-i important
of any here.?.*t forth; and I shall; for ?lut rciison; consider
thi i:i together.
The ?..-??on.I resolution asseris?
"That ?rncb an adequate revenu?, cannot be ohtaint I I ?
duties on toreiginmport. Mitbout adopting a higher rate
than twentv ?i?-?- cent.,as |?roviiletl foi inih?**c ?n promise a.".
which, at tbe time of ii? passage, u a? supposed and a?-umed
a? a rat?? thai would supply .1 sufficient revenue for an ? co
nomical administration 01 tin- Government-."
The third resolution concludes?
"That the rateof duties on ? - gn imports ongbi to.be
augmented beytmd the rate "i twt-niy.percenti so a? '." pro
tlticea riet r?venueot tweniy-six.mill.sofdollars-*-iwent)"
tw.i for ib.-ofdinaiy i-x?.i'ii?.-? .-i' Government, two for the
payment or the ?xb?rii? dein, and two millions as a reserved
tun.I for contingencies.4'
The fourth r?*soluiion a??r. 1??
" That, :i she a Ijustmetil of a tariff t-> rai.-.- an amount >?:
iwenty-six millions of revenue, t!?*- principl s of the com?
promise act generally ?i.oul-l be adhere<i to: and that esp?_
cially a maximum rate ol ad valorem duties should b? estali.
lisb?il, from which there ought to be n? little1 departure a?
The first questirm which these resolutions suggest .? tin?:
\> bat should be the amount ol ihe annual exi?enditures of
this .Goveriiment." S?>w. :>n diis point, I .hall not attempi
wl?M i? iinpo.??.!.!.-. to be ?xaci nx.d prec ??? i:: ?* a t i i : _: what
that may be. We >*an only make ?in approximation. No
,:i-t:i. inhi* privaieaflairs; can say, or prt :? nils'.id say, at
the beginning of the year, pri cisely wfiat shall be die amouni
?l !,:? expea?es durlns die year that m i?tdepend oc mai
unlorse??n.contingencies,Avhicb cannot wstb ?b\ pr?cb ?'
be calculated befor??han<l: all that can.be .??.:!?? ;? to make
an approximation toAvh?iougbtjtb.be or wb?i! ;::.?? !" die
amount. Beibrel consider tiiat question, allotv meto cor*
reci.here; an a.senionmade iir?t by tb?; Senator fr <m So .?:.
Carolina,(Mr. i'ai.mov.v./ and?bsequently by the Senat ir
?: ::' >!;??? ui ? -? ar me, '.Mr. l.iNN.i ami I beheve by out- or
two other gentlemen; viz; that the Whig ;-.trrv, -~ ::??!..,_: ,,>
r?x)wer; asserted thauifirusteti w'ibthe ir.-lm. they would
ailminist? r this Government at an amouni ": expenditure
no? exceeding $13,<K'0,0(*0. I ??o;.'-. r. -weh 3:1 assertion was
ni-tually made by ? iilirror all o; ti:?.-.e gentlemen, thai il
will neverbe repeated again ?nthnnt r?-?..:t:._' to pro
sustain it. I know of no. such position ever taken by :i;r
Win-.* partv, or bv any proroinenl member of the ?*? b._c par*
rv. .?"ure I Hin thai t!??- party generally pl??dg?d :t??-Ii' to no
?a>"h reducti'iu of ihe publje expeit-.?t__i---non?i.
And 1 n_rain .?nv that I trust, before ?;:.-!i an.a'Sertion is re
peatt-d, the pi-oofs will be atlduc?*d. For in tbi??-a-..-. a? in
others, that whfch :? a??.-n?'! an?! reiterated come* at lastto
;..- beJieveiL TheAVhig pain* did:promis?. Ecpno?iiy and
Retrenchment,aiid 1 im?i will pertbnniheir prom:?-. 1 de
nv (in nootren?iv? ?erise) thatiheXVhigpany ever ? --
to reduce in.- ex}ieji?limr*--*s of the Govt rnraent '." thirteen
million?o? d< Uars. No; but this ??? what they ?aid: Durmir
t!;.- four years .?! *.!:?? Atlhiiiiistration ?-; .^lr. Adams the ;.-. ? ?
raj? amount of the public eip>ndi-x_re was !??:! ::.:?:?-??:; mil
Itoii?,.'.!!,! you charged that A?ltnini?trati?an ?*::ii outrag?
extravagance, and came yourselves into power^on proi - -
to reduce the annual expenditure: but. having .?;-?
ixiurr, instead of reducing *.'??*" public expen?--?. yoa .- irr - I
? ????m un to:the^astonishing amount of nearly tony millions.
But. while in-- v.'h^, :.ev?-. a?.?e.r*.ed ?:ar they won! : ad
mhisterthe Government ?.'.? thirteen milb'ons. our oppo?
nents, our r?.-?r>-.-:.'ti ,in:?*r.r!:'s niier having bf-en :. ?
years in ?"?"?.ver. instead of brinring tbe ?pefi?-?s t?elow the
standard of Mr. Atlain.?'s Admin.?!rati? -.. I? : ired that r:>
t?-?-n miliioa? was the amount at which the expenditures
should be fixed. Thi? was i!;-: _.-uu::>iaKen by Mr. >lc*
Lai-e,when be was at the i.-ead of the Trea?t*.ry. I have in?
Reportbefor? met but .1? ti.- fact. I presume, will notbe
d< :'... 1. I forbear to read im:n :x. He snggt-sts. a? the r.x
imountio t.?- raised bv t!ir TarirThe had pror-osed, the sum
of fit leen million? of dollars a? ?ur?.rien; to tneetthe want? 01
the Government.
1 hope on?*- I have shown tba: the Whis party? berort*
tbev obta'med power^neve. wrre plf-dged-to bring ?t?_*wn
::.?? public expenses ehher to Ihirteen or 10fifteen n LI .-.
Thev ????]- pledged, I admit. ;?-? ?? tn i".'!? unnecessary ex
penditure... n-?.: :-i make a -?-.i?'ir.-ib!e d?rfn?*oon when?^-**!
?; could prop-iv !"? made cnnsHtentlv w::L tbe public s?-r
vice lhal pr. fr?.?. x? I under?*.!!!.!. ;?'iiovv _;r.;:i._ on 1:, :?.?'.,.
Houses, ?-Ji'l I trust tlie fruits will be seen before tbe end of
the nresent ?ession.
l*!i->ied_retl. ibereiore. i? theAVldg par.*?- tvasjas to any
???ecit'C amouni. tbe question r;rcur?._.i; wui-uui canih
expeuse* ot tbe Go'-ernmect ?.-e now ?xed *
______ J?L%
>10R_n_-G. MARCH 10, 1842.
I n ;?? a; th u il ? es : :i an oui i s : -: : -..-> ? ?Lseena n
*??:. I - jve -?...-? tl : *. ihe -?saint ou I ooive orT?r ai '" B_.y
f_?o p.. ?? : I ?had ?e-.; -' ? '? ! I *?? I "-? ! a:
ih-taino ". !'?::.-..? bre 1 In that, allow-me to call the ai*
?? : ? .:.-?: the Senat?-to th. expenditure-,01 the prec?diae
._?m?.___*at ...--..?! ,::_::.?'::?_-?-, fix a ? im tor : . ? -
tare,! know .?;' r..-. ???? irse bul to I?v?k baclcupon '?'?'' i ? ?
?'.? past, and then to endeavor: to. de icefrom ti -
? ? ture expenditure. What the .-*??
the expenditures oi ihe founv?ars ci the r-a?: v : .. -?
'..on .'
I T e amount was.?_7.2_5i ? :'?
! ' ?-' it was. ?...iv.._...-- 35
i 'i. h>". _*7;6H.93fi 15
In IB40. -;-*._?-.??-?
?! .- _ e .i; ;..-, ;
">' : '.'. - - ..-. . ... s. ." . .. .;
1 - I tve:-] -? - . t.x. uty-tv?
- '? ? ? ? ? - ve.le?ves.arcd
. ' :- " ?*?*< rtgas . - ? th?wh? le r.
'?-:'?? ? ? . ? ? _ . ?. \ ; ...
M V ? .-. .-h the? told ;;? w,.-.? ? ?? ?. ? - ? :
??t be re ? a ? ?? i ? entand n
1 am not 1 ? .- ? . -. ? ? . ;-.......
? ' . -. dit! es of thi four years : Mr. Van
,; '? ta.ii -? ? ! :,. . -. ? ii ..
will ,-'1' ?esaid;oti ..: subject?thai there were many
itera?o? extraer] - ?-???-.- n ?? nevei ccur again;?
B? iso: I ? . ? .?-.' not know tliai ? -? -? A h ii strai
t? extra* ? - : .,?.,?..:,, ,-..,? an I iv.ll
and mn-t. arts? . ?-????...\ ? -???.. beneath the sun_
B ttakfl thi? also into view ?n looking at the expen?e*bf
::..,: V Imtnisti mino ::.,: 1*?wa'sexpeudert on:_he national
? ....... r ?.:.? ? .. ? oh ur re; aii ?_>: :?>n ?.cations?
???s?!,-,-'.. ?*-.,.,? . -.??.i ?,... i,,r other mcnn-oi repelling a
' """ Z? an . ? .. ..: ; have been exp?
-?' :??-???',?- : . ??? ?.? ih a c in mon teal an-: ?le
term nal on thesu'yect of ? !? ;--m-e ? all ?e.-i t!:e ;,.-.? ??
of some adeouai pla oi defence, as well upon the ocean.**?-?
the Ian :, an?! .-;.*?,??,;;,- of putliue our Navx- ami our ibrt -
':??-'???- ?? ??' ;.*r-" state to defend the honor and proteci
"'???' ? ' ": ? :. : W? f?el tin? necessity, although
the calaia.tj ofawarmay b? ayertc?*.?
This .- . ?? n ? of m? :,.?>? ! .;' thes? purpose?
than was ap] ?? . mder Mr. Van*Burei?'s administra*
;-- ch. in tbe.pr?trres? ol afiairs.uinor_*seen ex
-?? : - m .-? .. --. ii : - - :ur, calli.ig ihrotl-er
appro) '. .. :. h_no man can anticipate. Eveiy
M -' ?? G r?mment? every Administration of <.ur
..??-. t, h:is. its extra : tries and its cmtingeii
- it is ??. [or Mr.:Van Buren's administra*
? say that ri.r circumstances which occasioned itsex
?itures were ex :?:.- aud peculiar. Making all
?i;'* .1 loxvanci-s which ;:? warn,.-: friends can ask foriheex
;.s of tin . ?war ii Flor l?? aconte?* which ha?
;??'.'? ... ?y \x:..:.-i? not only tbere*ourcesof.tht__.Treasury,bi :
th. '??? -? : loo I of the nation?inn king the amplest allowance
fnr this an.) ;.. all olher extra?, whatever, ?he sum expended
h*- the last ridminlsinition >: il remains to he far. far beyond
what i? proposed in these r.*-olut ions as sufficient .foi the'?ire
sent, an?! i'.,!-year? ?'??iii?'. It u,;i.i. ?n catiilor. he con.ed
thai th?s isa ?*-ry grent diminution of the national expendi?
ture; an?l-sucli if httllriiigelse were don?, would redeem
lli? pi Ig? ii " . Whig i artv*.
But lei us noxx consitbir tb??.bjectinahoth?rlight. Thir
i... n niilllnns \x-,-i? ibeavenige'atiiiual nmountol expenditure
uniler Mr. .\dam-*s administration, which terminated thir?
teen yearvngo. I shnultl be authorizetl, therefore, to take
!!;?? ??.-. mm? i .-? ?mem of his administration in !82"i, beinga
period nl ?> v, ? : en year., in in,ik;:i_' a comparison ol the
progres* ? ..*? ?>:' r?o- national expenditure?; or.nlall
?' lits, itld iie-hnlt of Mr. \dams's term, to take the pe
: .??: ?is r inning I ? ? ? vfars back : Imr 1 sha : . i ivail my
n this penentl) fair calculation; and l\\ II tin pi
-i.v. i hat ?ii the ??ii?l of ihirtceuvears, from the tiine when the
? x- ? -i ........ ?? tecntnillii -.1 propose tliai tliej be
raised totwenty-t?* - ..nd is tin? au.extrao l??arj
.'.?-,-.i-, Ibrsucbaperintl.in a coaniryofsuch raj
an.l ?l?-vi lojinient ?>- this .-.-' vv bhi has occurred durinc this
la;.'i time? The a::ny lia? been doubled, or nearly .,,.
it has increas?_tl from ? littl? ovei 5,000 men to 12,000./ We
have built ?i\. eirhr, or te? ships nfthe lui", (I do n.?i recol
led the precise ?.Mt:.!.?-:- : i two.or three new States have been
.??: I? ?. to ?1 ?? I 'i On.; and txx., periodical e-nunierntion? have
bceii made of the national population; I?-?:.!?? which tin re
have been, and y. : are t.. be, vast expenditures on xx-ork? ni
fortiiication andnational deitnce. Now when we look a i
tile iiicrensf-in tlienumber ol members in l*oili Mouse? of
' . ?. ???-. and cons di r t! ? nrcessaryimd inevitable progress
. . owth m the : <? ? ?sit, I a-k, an extracrdinar? tbins?
that at the- em!."?fa period nl ll ?t*ie? i, years our expenditure?
. increast- frmu ihirteen:to twenty-two millions ol d.'l
;.i!?.' Ifwe take lb peri?dai seventeenyears; (as we fairly
may.*) or al but fifteeuyears,the increase ?>? (-?.;., nses -.x ,11 be
found ii"! to go beyond the proportional ncrcaseofour popu?
lation ".x ?thin :he same perio?!. Thai increase is found to be
about four per .-eni. annually ; and the increase ??! Govern?
meut expenditurt*?, ?i ? e rat? above stated, will noi exceeil
that. This i- indepeutleni of any augmentation o the army
or navx, ..i the addition ol new States and T?i ritories, or ihe
enlargement ofth?. numbers in Congress. T-ikuiL- the addi?
tion, .u ?he end ,,| thirteen years, to tie- nine millions of dol?
lars, it will giveanannual average increase of ?lioutS700.000.
And I think thai the Government of no people, voui.g, tree,
and growing as ?. this nation, crm. under circumstances like
ours; be jusily charged with r-simess, recklesstics?. or ex
irax-airance, ii ?i< expenses increasebiit?tlherateof,*jr700,(K)u
pe? aim im. I: our posterity, after their numbers shall hnve
swelled to one hundred millions, shall find ih-i their expen?
ses have augmented in no greater ratio than i his. tbey will
have no cau-e of complaint <>! the profusenesa or e\inix:i
gancc of their Government.
But ?t should be recollected that while I have fixed the
rate of expenditure at ?he ?urn I bax"e mentioned, viz: txx?-n- I
p.-txx., niulious, ibis d.not preclude further reduction?, if
tie-, shall be found praciical-Ie, after existing abuses have
been > xjil ?.'?'?. i an?l all ::-eie?. ,,r unnecessary expenditures
I, ix,? been I";?; ed oi?
The hononil.lt? Senator from Soutli Carolina iMr. Cal
inn >?) has no.?re.1 i?.. on more ?Jccasi.ins than one, xxith an
account ol i!..- reforms he efiected xxln-n at the bead of the
vv ,,r i>.-?..in.m n! ,.? this Government; and no man. cer
tainlv, . an be [??? disposed 'lian I am to deprive him ol a
-in U fealber which be-tbinkshe put hi bis.capby ll p.
ra: oa Uui i"l '?:??- lie i.-ii u? \\ ?is his experience in ih??
bii_."?ne?s . enclimeni. II* tells u- wbai vie nil knovx
lobe '.: u - " ?? u every father.ever}* householder especially
finds tob. tr ? inhlsowri ????????that il :? much easier-to
,: ?? i ? ?-, than to reduce "expenses; arid :? ?
? > ? ??: i nation. Every nationthids it far
easier to rusl i extravn ?ant expenditure ol tiie money
entrusted to its publ ? ng? nts than la bring down the public
expenditures:from a pr?fusc_nnd reckless to an economical
?titndard. Ml iseful >incl sidut?rv reforms must be made
witlicari ami circumspection. Tu? gentleman from-South
Carolina ulmitstl it tin reform? h? accomjibshed took him
ears tt>briniriil. Ii *?.i? ii"t nil after f<?nr years ol
? -? int - .- -, thai be ?.*..- enabled t" esiabltsb a system
.?? ? :-: in ? ,i! itab I ? ?. and to brin?! ?)?*?--11 tin ex;.. n?e? ,,i tin
a i u,- lo ibiitavenige, ??? r man; to whi.bthi y ?*-re at !e,.._'!|i
r? lu. Vnd now, with ?ill hisper-oual knowledge of the
. task, " i- ?I kind in him. was n kind or
?"a ? n hi? .,-,, ;.,:? i, to ta ni .-. as the) have done, by nl*
n id .id. :._ ??.;:?: are thereform.- you promised to ac
.- n .- ?? :.? a you ??'* re ont of powerf''
\1 . Cxi.ii*us liere -.>??? in explain, and ohscrx-ed that
itl . . -.. : igaio-said.on ihesubject?ifreforms
was i.-, more tb >u this, ?i.ai il ivas time the prom set) r? n-rni?
should begin; il \x.? tiin? tbey should '??"?m : and that xv,i?
itll he now asketLl
V.-rx xvell: il u? ii ? all.h?ask?s the gentleman will notb?
disappointed. We could not ?>."_"ii nl the Extra Session; ?i
could not then reasonably be expetted oi us; ibrwhatia
tin! duty ??l'a ?,.-?.x- Adininisiration when .: first i .mes tul
the ;i.?-.'ii ol power. Its immediate and pressing can
i? to carry ?... the Government: to become acquaint??! with
the machine-; !" look bow it acts in its various part?, and ! i
inke .are that it ?hall not xx-or? injuriously to n,e public in
:? rest. Tbey cannot, .?t unce look back at tt,e ?,,-,?t abuses :
t is not ] ? .... '.:???>: :: must hav. time to look into
: ... : ,.-.,? ? .? various bureanxrto tin.1 out ivhai
: is been tlone. and what l< doing. It- Srst ?reatduiy isUi
keep the machine Dl* Government in regular motion. It
^therefore liee.xpecied ?i,a! Coiicress would g?
-..,-. _? procesaof reformat the Exi ?*-?-? n. Its
;?,.... ,.u ?xa? to adopt measuri-s ??! imm?diat?
: ; .... - . :.-. relief?) the I'eople and to the Goy< rn
?... n;. I'..-,,.- xx i.:- ti the subsequent misfortunes .,i the
Wt?i? ? " ewell knoxvn President Harrison nccu
,,:,.,i" ..,. , .. Statf but forasihgle month; ?intj Uiemem
_*>rs of bis Cabinet leu il iiiisntnceswhich;;letihe
..,,,. ? . -, . ? ? - ! . . . - :.'-"- u] on
........ .. -.. ..<.; ii ,.r tb ? st ?'?? - ' . ? ?' th? ??- - I]
to exi-J lit actuaH? ? xisl or not : but, bebevina it to ex --. .
:;,,.. . .. :. ? : :?i'otsone of the. mcistsigneil e\
. ? th? sil ?"?:?? '?' ".?? ::Oi?-ir?i*ii.!ciii..!u.;. ?
??? _-?? i) \ ? -? . ' '..1.,,: ?in',inven:'!.'-,', and '.?
? ".?-re: te'.l ' mil ?rood __?t_, *x-'i.;;. :;,. ?i;
:. ?, f anv Couutry caiisbo** Builma** -' laiiiu-no?
.... >. le'bali f ihe retiring Secretaries, bat forlhe whole
W| ;.,irtv, i ?ternadherence to principle, in utter ?!:--?
_A | '? .. ; .... .;. loctrine, and of nil '.h.-e ha?-: ii.?.i:.?-.
and consid?rations which address themselves;tb some men
?a-.:i. . , geeal i ;? ?x"r I *..>'. ti.-u. .bat t!;*- iaie Extr i **? -
. i, ... ,,."::,, ? ?..? ? ?. . eve :'i great and extensive and dilh
cult reform ihroagh ?.partinenuofthe-Upyerrioieni
a proc?s.? ikt ll ? I" ' ? tedohlyrduring.a-regular
.,_?,,n . ? c? i._"!??-? ' and do not sf?nl'emen knoxv that it .?
f?-,tx in prosrtSs. t??- the ie.itl.ful nao-is to wtiicii it ha? here
. . .,'...:..-.- in Coi __"'-. been committed.' and that .in ex
. Mee _i.-i?!*--eT,.-??*-~'iin tlii? !*.-*?.>-. in?--? 'lUCb
, etTt-ci i'?'?? -?>'? ha-somewhai shottromi_rn?ual
esialillshing; a suthdin^ Committee
.-.i" Re? i If The honorable _e__ior i ?in S>utb
Qa . ? .. ? , - - ,-..-.?::.?
vvar Depart-iient. V* eu 1er his oxvnin ?:?--?
!..,..,. . i ? ,. - ?elv; ? th confidence, mak? m> appeal
....... ? .-- ? an 11 ?-..:?' ??.-??? ??? lea*>t two
,-. .- :. :.. - is .with a failure in a work so
rauch i ? ?' ? ? ?
; . ..... - ??.-._?-: as. p
the am ???? ?ge expenditure of this Govenioi nta^twrn
i .. ? a this ? u ? ??- ; forsome years
. ? . : .. ? .- ,..-. ' pieclude :?:.x tunher re?;_..
....... ?.....?? : - - -- : ? :-? .? -s .i:.. ers, the abol -
? u.:.... -:.:??:.. indthe retlu tion of unnec??u ?
? ? xtrava"_ni expenditures. .No m. :? tnore ?!??i a? than
I am".?: - * ?:._: '?'???? Government administered at the >ma lest
p, s*ibl? ?M'e~-e cc-tsisient ?? ?lb ::ie.:ui cs entru-ied to us In
f,.e ,'..,... ..-.:: -? ; . : interests both at home and
abroad N" '? mon- if it shall be lound pr_tc_
.. el reduc?- or expenses to eighteen, to t-?eettjor even
-;.:.... as. SaaeyVrepeaiiL.>fll rejoice in such a
:??:-.:?! of ec? nom ?' more heartily than I. N..i.,?none.
* lt.!!-. ?-? dl -'? _i-to p-tvcectl-to state by wbat-pioces?l
have rea ???.??_ ?? _*a-ewy-twon__U.ons,_sprupo-s_dia
the resolutk) I b ive tfetrd.
T ? -?. .--.-..i.-v oi the Trcasnry.has presented to us esti?
mate-? for the current year., independent ,,:' peniiaiharii -x
. . . ? ? : : . an ?.: ' : -? to about twtmtv
.: mid ?.:_. which may he =___d tinder the ?<_
? ? . ? ? -? ? "
p ? -, cil lis u for. .i? intercourse, and t__*
.ii."'.:-"" 8.?
p,,re"i.r vv^rDenartment..nclodn 'allbranches, H.TiT.iOi T
XaWservice. ".._,:?--.j"*!. a
i2i.4.*4?_?'_ 95
Aud her. let me -ay a ringla ?-? -d Ln detenc.of the army.
_*o. aso.
The Department of War comes io us ?**_tt? est mate? ior 'he
?um of $11.717,791 21 : and tb?>e who look only on tb< - ir
?fib :.-? -ii. suppose tbar this sum ?? extra-rdinarily
--_.-: .:: there are many terns in that ?urn. I bave btrfbrc
.- i ?? .'.-? .-.?_? :??_? to show that of :ha: subi only four
tii are asked for the ai?il?ry ?. ?nee ; >ri --per?a sum
? -- ? an > ?lemanded for the naval ?er-v:,-?- proper; ?;:.; ? ?ly
ible the amount at which it ?to.-??! when th?' honorable
geiitleman from South Carolina left the Department; Tbe
? :r.. .va? ?hen about$2,?W,000; it is nov. quite $4.000, -?
-. loring ihe same period, the army ha? l.e**ii nearly
? *. ?? ?es the ra'isinicof mounted regiments, the" mosi
? .pensive for that i cry rt-a??"m o: any in the service. I think
th ?: ?:-_??::. man from South Carolina, if he ??"?ok? into the
? ib -i-: in .:*:..... will rind that th--cist of the .inn? ;? not at
*-?:. :-.????-?-.:??? man, ?:. in it was when it ??vas under
hi? own personal administranoa So I am iutbrned ; and
it, ". ;.- the pa) ' i- been raj?e?! a dollar a
has verv largely augrnei ted the rxpe diture.
The Exec .?'???? branch oi thf* Gbv< nmeut has sent its es
? ?. amounttii , in all.to twetity-foursnil i half i
--. tbrt!.-??.'.' the current year, which, ?> ..
and a balfoi permanent expe??liture, !i:.*k?*?
? ?? - - oils. How -n . r. is ro In* added to tliat
amouni loi a* pro] * on? not y?-i estimated^ wh ch may be
tr ? ?_? the .es.?ion i?t < nugre?.?,tomect honeste ,
?-?r?-.t a public nature? I remember"one
item :?- -? ? my frieniln?arme 'Mr. MaSGOi i
. ?? ? ?? -i m on for the build tn_. of a steamship, au n.-ni
: ' - - led in tbe es?m-?te?i, but tor which the Senat? ; -t?
alreadyappn priate?! : besides which there are \:ir?'-.:? other
items ? bi?_h I avie passed or will pa?.? during the present ?<??
sion. When tbe honora hie gentlemen from Xew-ilampshire
? i- .t th*- ::ra?i o? il_e Treasury, he made, in hi? communi?
cation.? id Cutter- _?, constant coinpla-hi?.?!'in:? very practice.
He well remembers dint he un_ ever complaining that the
expenditures of Goy?rrnment were sw?tled lar bevond tlie
Executive esiimaies byappropriations in deb? Congress
not estimated for by the Departments. I have calculated
that we shall add to tlie twenty-six millions of dollars e?ti
mated-for by tbe Executive Department?, or peimanently
required a: ?>-a?t on.- million and a bal., which w?uld nu?e
the ?urn for this yenr to ;weut\-?even millions and a hah*
Ho** ili'?n ?lo i propose to briug^this down to twenty-two
lion?; I have, 1 own, some fears that we shall net be i ?
? - ilect it : hut I hope we shall -? far reduce the ???;.m m -
and prevent unnece??ary appropriations that the tern r \
pemfiture shall not exceetl inai amount: The mode in ???
I : ? pose to reach such a result i* this: 1 ?u:-;?-?? we m.iv
? '? ' a reilucuon oi the ci'il IL-rto the amount of h-lfa mil?
lion. That genirral I ead incttnles, among other things, tl ?
expense? ol tbe two lloa??*?. and, a? I have heart!, the other
House: has already introduced a repon which, if adopte? I,
.?-ni .-?t down t!; ?se expenses one liendre?! ihousan?! dollars;
tiiou'_r!i I think ili.it they should be reduce?! much mor?. I
e-t.inat*-. then, three and n hall millions for the civil list in?
stead oi fourmillions; then I estiinnie nine millions foi the
v? ac Department instead of $It,71T,n00. In a conv? r?.?i on
which I have lately held with the Chairman of tbe Military
Committee ol this bodv. be expressed the apprehension that
it could not be leducet) below t?*n millions.but 1 hope it may
in- cut down to nine. As to tlie naval service; the estimates
"?? tin- Department for ?hat branch ol "the service amount io
_-.!.?.i7..*tmi : an amount I Hunk tar too high, and indeed quire
extravagant. 1 was ?.ready astonished at learning the
amount wa? ?ti Inrge. Still I k*t.?.v thai ihe .N*?--. :.? tlie fh*
vbriie oi all. aridjiis?y : ii is the boast of the nation, and our
great resource and cbiel depentlence in tin* contingency ol
a war: no man thinks, for a moment, nt" crippling or ,n?a
' ? i ? t. ?_? tin? riL'iit arm of bar defence Hut 1 have supposed
thai ? nil..in injury u.e appropriation asked tor might be re?
duced tram $3,70/ 5f*fl to $6^)0,000. Th ? woul?! put the re
iluction in die naval nna .ting with that in r!ie military
appropriation.-?and still leav? a greater appropriation than
.- ? to dint department. The reduction to si ?millions anil
a ball 'is a? large as I think will be pract cable, ii we are to
provide ft.r p"ipi-.'d experiments intheapplicnt on of steam,
and nu-, besides, in add largely to ihe marin?' corps.
How, then, w,II die total of our expemlitures stand.' We
shall have?
For the.civil and diplomatic expens?*s of the Gov
erniii.-ni. .$3,500,11 -1
Kor the military service. 9,000,000
l-'or ih?- naval service. G,50O,?|U:
For permanent appropriations*. l"50O,0O0
Forappropnatnni? n-.i included in ihe estimate?.. 1,500,000
Making an aggregate of. $-2,1 00,i 00
To this amount I ?upi>ose and hope our expenses may be
reduced, until, on due investigation, it shall be discovered
that ?t.il further reductions may !??? effected.
"?Veil, then, having riwl U?e amount ;o twenty-two mil
lioas ?'or the ordin?r*? current expenses of .Government,. I
liav? supposed it necessary and proper to add two mUlions
more !.. laake provision for die payment of the existing .Na?
tional Debt, which is, in the .-vent o- thslonn being taken up,
seventeen million?:. And then 1 go ?>n to ail.I two million?
more lis a reserved fund, n> ?n?*?-t enntinge?'Cies, so that,
?hoiild there be a temporary rise of the expenditure? heyontl
tweiity-twii million?, or any sudden emergency should occur
which* could riot he anticipated or calculated on. there m i\
be the requisite means in ihe Treasury m meet it. Nor has
itif-ri.- heeii a single Secretary at the h*,id of tlie Treasury
since the tiaysof Mr. Galla tin, including the respectable gen?
tleman fri'in New ll:iinp?hire opposite, (.Mr. WoooeURV,)
who has not h?*ld aiid expressed the opinion that a reservetl
iiiii'l i-'.liigbly'?xpedient.Rnrl propt?rPircontingencies. Thus
I propose that twenty-two millions ?h-ill lit* appropriated for
ordinary eXj.?,ii??-?, iwo millions-more to provnfe ior the pub
Ire debt and other two millions a reserved l'i*ud to meet con?
tingencies; making in all twenty-six millions.
Tin; next inquiry which presents iueii" L? how this amount
niiL'lit t.? I?.- r,ii.?.*il i There are two mod?-? oi estimating the
i? v.-nne t.? l? ? derived irora foreign import*; and either of
them presents ?wily .rroun-t for a conjectural result; but so
ilu."!-jatiii_.r i? tin- course ofcommerce, thai every one must
-.-?? ii to be impossible to estimate; with prec?i^io?, die pxui i
amount ol what it will yield. In forming my ?-?limar.-. I
I iv? taken dieamountof expnrts as.pn-senting tlie btst bo
? ? oi i- ..[.-iil.il mi. I?nr here let me add, thatatli?eTrea?ury
tr,--. bave taken lb? imports as the ba?i?; and I am gnititied
m I?..- able i" ?i ite that, I understand, on comparing the n
?iilt? arrived "ti,a!ihou__h tlie calculations were made without
rr,tho?e of die Secretary.turn out t?. be very, nearly,
ii i,,.i I'xactly; the same witli diose to which f have been
??Ohducted. I will here ?late why it is I have lake? tlie ex?
ports ??- the groun ? of my calculation, adding thereto fifteen
percent for profits. The exportare one means of making
foreign.purchase?. Their value i? uscertatn?ti at die port,
of exportation, untler die act of li -". and the return? gener?
ally present the same ?..tin-. The price of cotton, as an >-x
ample, at borne, ??'always r?gul?t??? by the prie?- in die Liv?
erpool mantel. Ir follows, therefore, that by taking tbe
. ib .. ol any coromoditv at Hi?, place of it? export, y?ii r? ach
:t? truc value; mr. il tlie price-realizetl abroad be sometimes
above and sometime* beUw that amount, the excess and de*
t?ci?ii? ??' will prohwbly neutralize reach other. This is the
;?:re?t iitiiile ior another leax.n : if in any one year mor?/
: . eign _? ' ? I- ?hall he purchased than the ?-xport? ol
that "year would pay for,la'credit'ls creau-d abroad which
mu?tbeextiiiiuisheil by ..-?.exportsoi _oiiiesuccee?lingyear.
[ \lr. Kuciunan here inquired if ?my ?letluctifin had been
made by Mr. Clay from the ??x?H>n?, to jniy tli?-ini.-r..?t, \:c
on \merican debt held ??broad.' .Mr. ?.'. replied dial die Sen?
ator would presently see mat he had. |
I ihink the Senate will agree with me in assuming thatthc
expbns tbnn a more correct and reliable standard oi ?-stima*
don thnii the imixiri?. Iloweverthai mas he, die ao id? n ?1
cttincidenceThetween the r?-?nit? arrived at m either m?jde
fnrdlies and prov??.? ibecalculation ?t-elfto have been found?
ed m correct prmciples. Those re?,iii?. a? ?howii bj die
Secretary ofthe Treasury, ar?- nbw, I beheve.ln the House;
in?! I regrette?! thai I could not examine them before I rose
: , addre?a the Senate,
1 will now ?how you that the exports irom i?*3?j to 1341,
inclusive?a period ol mx y?-*ar?---aniounl to ?_??.__-! .??'? ; ,1 __ ">. be
in : m average annual amouni of 8lO-l^On,6Sf7, That I rake
a?~pie?.iiiiii'_' a ?ale ground of calculat.ons for th-- future.
To-ihis 1 ;. op?.-?-rr?ad.i riit?-e?i percent, ?or profit??in whii h
I do bul folio*- Mr. Ewinc, t:??* late Secretary- '!? his *?.-?..,:t
ai th? K\tr,t -'??-:'.n. It ? .-?-rt.iii.ly a _.'!?'.it pmlir, ?liirclidf
of course ail expenses and charges <>?' every K"m?i;) and with
? i,:?:it:oii,tb?- annualaru"uni will !,?? -si 18,!!.j7,l.7? ?ay 1 ??'.?
mtllians. Dettuciing, tor the interest and principad of the
lmer?can.debt ?ibroad ten millions'.per annum, it will leave
a ?et amount of ?"? millioai. There can be no dispute as
... the propriety '-i such n d??ductioii : thedebi exists ? it in ust
:,. ',-.,?. ?.? .. r'.r: antl niv fear is tria' Ibi? nmounl will prove
too small to meet r 1 thmk that much more may probably
.??i,,i: but certainly none ?*aii object to the r.-iv.-...
. ,...... We ihosger. a? I said, n net balance Irom our
. ( , ?-. uicluding profiLs,oi i"" iiiiltfons.
?n this amount of importation now much !?. now tre-irtrom
- The free _-o*x..r, melu ling t?*a an?! enn've, amount to
which amouni I ! ? ' for lea ami codee,
.-.-- irii?ng that tiiev will be _ubj*icte<J m ?rio ?rate dui ???. !-'.
?. i..-.. |? ,?v.r._: in?- ainoiint ..?! l'r?->- a: : ,- ?- ai M.?? ' .' ' 11: de?
duct lilis from .0.1 millions,lb? amouni ol export?; and ,t-.-...:
leave -t balance of -1 in Ilion?, which - . ? Lssumed a- the
.unourii oi ?lutial .? . ti .--? tbrson ?? ?? ir. to come
?I '-.. theii, "?'t ofthese 30or IIj On- ol dutiable _? - I
,-? ..?::, raise a r.wntie of -*? mii.i'.n?' No man. 1 pre
-jn-.e will rise her?- in lii? place n?l say that we are to rely
, tlier on dire^l or internal taxes. Who has the temerity to
mrV? ?he waves of popular'mdignation whi-cfi'will flow round I
andburvbim, who>verhemay b?.that should propose- ?
: me ot peace, to raise a revenue by direct taxtttion \ei
this is the only r??-?arce to rlyto.-av?. the proceeds o! the
pulilic lands, on wbich I ?nail speak presen?y, ami which I
can satisfy ariv man is not tube tnouu'Iu ot. V ou ar?-. there?
fore r.'. cfrawthis amount ofSiS.OOO^HiO from die 'iLiKOJ/Noi
dutiable article*- imported, and. to rt?acli that ?um. a: what
ran per cent must you go i* .
? .; ? | .,-r,. ..,. notbiug,or bui a word ortwo., on die sub
....-, o home raliiatwo--a subject ?**h ch a friend bas ca e ot,
? \I- ?*istMoss,Vtban wliom none^ismore competent to it.
....m. lie thinUs,aslunder-iand. dial there can
.... .- i sal ?factorx* svsteni o? such valtiat^un, ami 1
,?'?? ? .?' -:. h.m ?'..-i;?-'- in ih- attempt. I will only say
. f we" rai?e but teii inilhot?, without any
reference whatever to protr-ctibn witi-oi.t retert.-nce U m ?
butmme*rehon*?Stv-, howerer .mall the amount may
tieTwe ??10.114 ourselves ?--<? the viitneoi the _"?
wbich ????? '?? tbetlury, aixl noU-_a-*e that valn-rto be fixed
.,.. -.-....?n?--.. As thing? now stand, w?i-lay the duty, but
foreigners fix tli?- salueofthe goods. Give i:,.- h-j; th.
? .??...""? *.?....?!;;?- value of the goods,and I care little,! no <m
'...:-.-:.. - r.afmav beJhe ntie?f duty you im;??",-^. It i?
? ? that on the ad valorem prir.cip.?- it is the torx-;'.'!!**!
who virtually fixe> the actual ?usouniof the tioty/DakL It
.? tlie !?"?:?? i j*"*r wr?'>. by rixme tuatyalue, virtually ie*_ri?iatf:?
:,.- os: ah?ihat in a case ?.here his interest is directlj-op*
...-?i-, ti-, thai of our rr-venue. I say, dierefore, that i??de
peiid? :.i of ail con-r-.i-ratiot.? of prol?trnon, ?ndependeo? ot
all en-i* or motives but the prevrniiou ot ihoseinfarnou? t**"-'.'*
-.f.--..-*-ii ?,':'"?L-_rrai:eoi'ourcu?!0'n-r:oa-?.?ir-''1* L':
.. :..i-.. t.- tbreigner, with his double and inple andqiiatiru
ple ii.v'ii'.-e?. ready to t"' produced a* circuiu-tanc?-? in?-*_^'''
",u re, fixe*i ie vaine of the merctxandis-- t-u'd?evary c
. ?? mi ? : ?l national dignity ju?tic.-,and iwU'lXJ^'\^? 'i
? , the su ?lituu'on of iiome v-,?i_iat:o?i "; ? .^' '..,,..
,. W bat enea such a cbauge ??ay '*--*v- ? *"^;; ;
entai ?;?" therevenm I amtnotpe3^?a-t?,f?il|??n
: . ?ori?Jo-^th^rt^ht-.-l:'^
atfrom twenty "... ?-.vei.ty-rive per ceta. ?>a;"^
tn tr ?_
TES*. SES?S^dS ?oT-?^ ^^l SB
denk If tt,e ^^^^^^fpSS^
??ti.! only are per cent, w w?1*-"-1 ' ; ?,- ,h? i........ be
. ?luie-s beyond twenty per cent, will be less by that boo-?*
?--?'??aiion*. -.-.-hatere-r i: ?nay !?e. V irbon:. however.entering
not* 1 ????? val aoon, and lea*rin__ '?bat subject
r,; 1 ?'.? ' treat the scbject .is n the
? pu ???:-???? s to cm tino.?.
I then retara to : . ?? - .. uocnting
; -.?i moety.oi , ...... ? ..v -...:". ?nl p ?sed.?
- f " ? i net rev? twentyi-ix mill?.*-?- The
f. ?? ?? ? Dot admit..; ; eriect accuracy .th? "-?m*..*- ?hat
; car: I*.- r>-.?c'"i > s o ?.- e .- . ,.v ? :;...:. SuppOs.
e-verv one ol the imponed articles to I *? sotyect to a duty of
? percent. then the gros?, revenue will amoanl to $i7,
: -".'?? n,. . ; ? .. .?..-,?[:?,.,-?' cnllectkur, x?u;cti iivay
? *'''? ' v '?.* . '.v if give SS-t.TOiV??, or three buri
??"' ;'; ?'?-??' I liars ?os than thev-r -? o_\l .?count of tweitv
<tx million?
every description, are to be carried up to that i^o.v. s-.o,
fix? : r ?? . : .-? . -? .< ,i >? rtoi bed?! t''.x-r-_?te-.' But that
? ::?. den. No doubt certain anides ou._ut CO go up
; to '.!:*? maximum- I on an those of prin.? necessity belong*
_? the. ??? '? : ????????: i ; des. There areOthe-rs.such
i. .-xxei:-y a;;,! watches, and sonic others of ?mall buhe and
' ??? ?;wir,tt':xe \-a!-je, jr?! therefore easily smuggled, and
- - - i..-- it temptation uvdie evasion, of duty, which
.>u_;h: :?> bt - lb ? ? ?? ?: :.* a less rate. There ?hoiu'd. there
. nal ?...".xed under the maximum rate
? - . : the ex .? _?-? oi the respective circu__._KKe?of.
ea ?:? par? : il u interest concerned Since it will require a
: duty of thirty -ver cent, im all anides to ?live the amount 61
twi ty-tive millions seven hundred thousand dollars aud
*f them ?-ill not bear so high a duty as thirty p?et
cent...: toiiows that less than that raie will certainly not nii
.xx -? :,-. necessary >!.-:v..ir :. .?i the Gover_m?-ni. *m<! n may
:u ?.iin*? paracul?i ca?i-. require a rate somewhat higher
than that m order to raise the proposed sum oi twenty->ix
n ?. H::: i? ihe reserved iun?i of :??i millions :t?r con
.-? ' ?es xx ill n?it require an muiua! revenue to ?hat pur
? pose, snoulti the amount of? iti? .!? ? cd be less titan twenty?
? x" ?. ? even between twenty-four and twenty-live.
millions, the reserved fund may be ?nade up by pccuiriula
;,.,.. ,,-. . ?j ... .....s^e .ears, and SliH leave .?,, amountsuf
ficieut to meet an aunual ? xpeuditure of twenty-two mill ons
? ' ? Cins :??;? the p itili ? .; -b_
I now approach tl"' consid?ration of a very important
' i - ? ?'i .:: .:s connexion with iiie cenipro*
? mise act.
1 shall n?- . ? . m ?? :??_.' us uinto the history of that
? ?i--!. I nilloulv s.ty tuat. ;?.: tu? t me of it? passage, it was
rht that the country, should make a fair expert
: Dl it? edect; and that. r> the law ibeli met the appro
; hat on ot all ports 01 the country its provision? ought not
' lightly :.? :.,- departed from . tna"t Hie principles of ih*.? act
? ?boula be observed ;n good faith; andtbat.il it be tieve-ss-try
. to ra:?e the ?iuties higher titan t?enty ne cm... ??e xeUgbltO
hadbere to the principles of the compromise, then, a.? i.r _*>
i it should h?t possible to no so. 1 have It-en animated, in the
; oposii ??..? I ..'?x oiler u* the Senate, bv die same- desire
i that prom] teil me. whenever ihe act hasucen assailed bviti
ipponents, i" stand by _.n4 defend it
But it i? necessary now m consider what die principles of
the compromise ?si really are.
[ 1. The first principle i>. thal'lhere shou?il be a fixed rale
| of ad valorem duty, and discriminations bt loxv it.
II. That ti e .-veos, of duty hex one! twenty per cent
should, i'x a gradual process, ?ommencmg on the al?i De
?. : 33, be ???:::?"? d, v? thai by th* j? :!i June, W42, it
should h*- bt ought di-Wti to txvci.ty per , em
11!. Via'. ."!??:" Unit day, such duties slould he .'uiu'ioi the
purpose i1 r.? ?p.,: -i, i revenue as might be uece??ui'j >oran
tjcoiKtinicnl ni m n ;? ration >i in-' Government. conseqiieutl?
? ?-. lud :;_? all m .i.rt lo mental ta vat on, o> to the pr.-cee*!?
ofthe public lands Kor,contcmpor.meously with^tnepeud
?ucy of the compromise act, ?i bill xxa? peudinK for me dis?
tribution oi those proceed.-.
iv. That.>iter the 3mh June. la;.', ail dudes should be
paid in ready money, lo ihe exclusion oi all credits.
-V. That, riiler ihe same ?lay, the as?e>sment oi ihe v.due
? ?fall imports ?liould be made at home ami not abroad.
N-ll That, after the same, day, a list oi articles ?pecifieil
and enumernteil in the act should be admitted free of uuiy,
for the hem-til oi ihe manufacturing interest.
These arc the principles, an?! nil the pn ciples, of the
cnnipromi?e act. An impress on ha.? been uiken up m?x>t er
roneously that ihe rate' ol dut? xv.i? never to exceed twenty
per ."en!. '1 here is no uch 1 iint.tio.i n. the ?el. I admit
that at the time ofthe passage of the net ;? li-.pe x*a? enter?
tained thai a rate of duty unt exceeding ixxtniy per ce?,i.
would -upply an adeqnuie revenue to ?ii ecmiomical admin*
?ir.noii of ihe Government Then we xv, re threatened
with that overtlow of revenue with Which the Treasury
was subsequently inundated : and the ?i lliculty was io find
artides"which should be liberated from ..ut> ami thrown
into the free ?la.?. Hence, wines,silks,au*i oihei luxuries
vve-re rendered i;?-' Hi.-, the act, und no part n? the net,
when fairly interpreted, limits Contres, to the iron rule uf
adhering forever ?i?l under all circuinsiances, to a fix.d
and unalterable rre of twenty percent, duty. The first
section i? m the following xx.ir.i?:
?? He ,.? enacted, ?rey, Tu it lioiii nud after the thirty ?first
day of December, one thousand eighl luiudre-i and ihiriy
ihree. in all .'a?,-* xvbere dmies are imposed on loreigu im
:?i::- by the act ofihe fourteeath day ot July, one thuUsand
. ighl hund? e.l and thirty ixxo. ? milled ' An nci to ulier and
amend d,.- several act. imposiug duties on import*,' or by
?my oilier act, shall , xvee.l twenty per cr.*.ti,iu ou the v?lue
thereof, .?ne tenih pail of such excess ?hud be deducted;
from and after iln ti.u'.x-iir tdax of December, our thousand
eight hundred and iluriy-live/nnotber leiuli part hereof
shall he deducted ; frvjm sind aller tne iliirt) -first ?lay uf L)e
?euili*-!-, on?, thousand ?M;_h. hundred and mirty-aeven, Boo?
th? . lentb pan thereof shall be deduct? ?1 ; from and aik-r the
thirty-lirst day of Deceinber, one thousand eight hundred
and thirty-nine, nuother teuth ?mrt thcreol'shall GededUCled ;
?.I iroin ami after die iblrty-firsl day of Deceinber, one
Ibousand eighl hundred and loin-one, one-hall of the resi
ilue of such excess ?hail be deducted j aud iro.naud afterthe
thirtieth -lax of June,one thousand eight hundred und furty
two, Ihe oilier half thereof.lia,1 he deducted "
The provision ot ihat sect,on is notliina more nor less iban
(hot the existing duties shouhi be, by ihe-Oth June, l?s!2,
brought down lo twenty percent. V? hat then.' Were tbey
always to remain at tii.it rate.' The section does nut to de?
clare. ,\ot only is thi? not expected, and xvas not&o under?
stood, im! directly ihe reverse i? asserted, and was so under?
stood, if ihe exigencies of the Treasury required .1 higher
rate 10 providr die revenue neces-.a.y io un economical ad?
ministration of the Government The third section, which
embodies most of the great principles 01 the act, is in tbeae
xx Old :
" Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That, until the tliir
teentbrdav of June,one thousand eighl hundred and forty
t,x-o, the- iliiiies [inposerl by existing Inwa, as modified by
lids act, shall remuin and continue to be collected. And,
i":"in ami aiier the day la-.t aforesaid, all dunes upon im?
port.? shall be collected m ready money : and all credits now
nllowed by law, in tin paynjent of duties, shall be.andlii-re
by .irr. ahoh-he'd; and sucli ?iuties shall he laid for the pur
p???e 01 raising ?uch revenue as muy be necessary to an eco
; ?? :i -al mlminisiration oi the Governuientj ami, iroin and
an??? tin- day last aforesaid, ibtr uutie. required 10 he jianl
!*_".law on goo?ls,-wares ?n,*l mercban?iize shail be ?i?.?e?*ed
upon the value thereof at the port where the same shall b<?
entered, under such regulations a? may he prescribed by
Whai .-'!.. meaning ol this language? Canany thing be
more explicit'or less liable to mis. onceptiou- Itcontuinstwo
ibligntior . The first is, tluit ?ieresliall he ...i economical
?idtiiiuisira ion ..i the Governtncnl : no waste, no extrnva
trance, no squandering ofthe public inoi-e.-y. I admit ibis
onhg?tion, in its fullest force; in all it? length and breadth,
and l trust thai my friends, xx .in or without my aid, will iul
ul ;', in I- n* r un.I spirit, with the most perfect fidelity. But
Hi- se.'contl obligation is no |, s-, inuding ami imperative; and
dial i?, that sncii duties ,/uill br luid a? may !,,. ne.-e.ssary to
ia ..- -.../i revenue as is requisite to an economical adiiiiinv
tratioii 01 the Goyenunent. The source ol the revenue is
denned and prescribed?the i?-nei-n imports to the exclu?
sion of all.odier sources. Tin- amount. |rom the nature of
things, could not '? _|*ecified ; 1,111 whatever u max he, be
II large or ?mall, allowing u? to come below, or requiring
iii.it xx,? should ^'o beyond twenty percent., that amount is
to be raised:
I ????>,;ei?i, thei? fore, \xith entire confidence, that it is per
fi/Ctly consisleut with ihe provision. Of the compromis?'act to
a!i|K-e(iuti*-s toi.ny amount wliait'?'tr,ihiriy,iorty?or more
per ? .-..i., subjecl to tne singlecohdilion of an econoinicvl a.l
III nistnition 01 die Government
What are ihe other principles of the act. First, there is;
the principle that n ! i x * - ? I ?iJ valoran duly shall prevail and
be m mi? e lit all ! me-. Kor on.-. I aiu wiillli*? In ahnle by
in.it prin? .;..<- There .or et nain v.i^ue notious afloat an to
the uiiin> ami oecessUy of specific duties, an?! discrimina*
i!?,iis. xxic.'h I Jin persuaded arise front, a-want of a ri?ht
uiulers-tudingol ihe subject. We Iniv.- bad ihe ad valoran
principle practically in ion.*?! .-ver ?inc?- thecompromi_e net
w.i.? passed; and mere has been no diiBeultj iu.admiuister
i.,_; the ,lui,e?( ul' the Treiiaury ?m that principle
It was necessary first to ascertain tin: value of the goods,
ami then to no, <_,.<.? th.* .:u!> ujHiii the-iti ; ami from ?lie c.eeui
uii ,1. ement ol the act io t,,;.. ,1.1*, tit?.- ml valorem principle
,,,? been ?ubj'tandaOy iiiopei-tion. ?.',,,.pare tne mtlerence
Ijeiweeii ?pecific and the .?/ vuloreiiisystem of duiies.and 1
i,,,i,iniu, tnai the latter j. ju?ti> entitled to die preference.
Tne o.ie principle declares that ilied.?y paitl ?liai be upon
tl.*- real value of the article taxed; tin. specific pni-Ciple
impose-an equal duly on article? greallj unequal m value.
?.. ill ?", ?or ei niji-l?-, (.'.:,.i .i. ,> an article vniicM always -eg?
?est? itieltto my ihuughisX"->one.oi the nnkles ?m wincli
!*-;..<?::;." dut) has been levied. No? .1 1. perlectly well
known thai the M m ha cxeiTtei. xt**rtii utLeiist t?*-ice as much
.,< the coiTee "i ,_t. I).,m ngo or Coba yci i*-?ih pay the
- urn- ,iu:y. 'I'm-ia; I. a. .',?> respect to the value, bu 11? ar?
bitrarily !??"..?-.1 on till.articles oi :t specific kind alike, bow
cvei various: ami u.? ?j in may he tlieir vulue. I nay lhat,
.,, im -n v, -ind .,,??,:d.u_' to every sound principle ?f'jus
l.ct.'j die ad valoran u.odc ol taxation 1? eilutled to ihe pref
etence. There ;?, I aduiitione objection to it: a? die vatu?
.,: .m article is a matter subject to opinion,and j> opinions
....;, ex-, r x.,r;., either hone-iiy orfraudultinU-/, there w some
.iiuicuit* in pr*.-x.-iioii/ frauds. But:w??i tne.bouieraiaa
l ou proposed h^ my trieud irom Rhode Ltland, i.Mr. Sim
?:? ? -,, Ule ad valorem system can he adopted with ail pc_ic
ticahle safety) ami wiU be luble to tl?,e?e chances only of
fraud ?inch are inevitable under any and every sy>iem.
Again: Whatbas been the fact from the o?t__rin of ?he
Government ?jntil no?* .' The articles from winch the ^reat
est amount ofreveuue has been drawn, sachas woolens,
iuje.i-. -idk?, cottiins, worsteds', and a lew otneis, bare all been
:.,v d on th? ad valorem principle, and there has been n*dif?
ficulty in the opeeation. I ii*-l?eve. a\ria the whole, that :t
is ine btrsi mceiie. I believe that ?f we auopt a fixed rale ad
nilorem, aii-revfcr it run he ?l.?ne, tne revenue will be ?ub
jevted u* 6-wcr tntuds thau ihe miustice and irauds incident
to specific duties, i.ni- 01 tne inost preilific sources-f ihe
?.: .?.it.on of vur revenuelawa ha< been, aHevery body, knows,
tne etiort to get iu good] Ol a finer quality and li'^her vaiue
?? Imitled unoer die lower r_?te ?>i dnty required f"> mo** ot
,t lower value. 1 behonorable eeti?etnanfmm New-Marnp.
?mrelMr. vv., ?,t...i .,a..,ui.e i,o,_e?,able.enaiortromNew
V-_rk . Mr. Wright,) both well know tin-, rfuf .1 the duty
..a-h.du.- valorem there.eoaUibeno mouye ?or ?och an
""!! '."i'^Taxn u ?!,.-..'. I repeat, to adh* re to rh.x _rrvat prinr
! l 'll as bud do? n in u.e compromise ad If there be those
SCosuppose _hat.noder.thitspecific tbnnof duty, a high?
er deree of protection can be secured than under t?ie other
?Heile*' I would nbsecve that the a? tualmtrasureof prorection
,1 ?-' ri'.t (]e?e-nii upon fhttjorm i.ut on the amr/unt of the du
?.xhi.t: is ievied on the foreign rival article.
A-sumin-.' tie-it xve an- io adhere 10 this principle, then ev
,.,-v" onecf ih- e i.?':.'i_f principle-* of the same act can ???: ad
nered li? *nd lullv ca-ried rut; for I agam assert that the
:ea i!*at dut*-, are always to remain a?_p ecL?-?y tweuty per
?.;it and ru-ver to .ary trotn that poln, l>e me exigencies ol
, ,-.e nmeni wYiv they max ,._o*?. co? lee|,*n?rtothel-t..gua^e
ol ;t_e act. nor > ,-t required by any one of its provision?.
I :.. i,e-.x: resolution 1 hare proposed to Uie cooiideraiiOO
.: th? Senate is this: ? -.- _
Resolved, Th-i! the prr.v-ioii in the act o the KXUra _>?*?
.for the dLvnbu'ion of the p-ocr<A> o> th?- punlic lands,
requiring the npe atioh of that act :o U suspended in tte
cnniingency ?fa higher rat- of asnj d an twenty per cent.,
ought to be repeale?-.

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