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Psvcholocy, or Elements o?- a New System or Men?
tal Philosoi-hv, on the haas of CoNsciocssr.s*. ud
Common Sense. By S. S. Schmucker, D. D- Harper
.V Brothers.
This book i? the result of a well meant effort to
?simplify and render intelligible t*? ull the moat
Tiiv-terio'i? operations of th? human min?l. The
author professes to be influenced by no theory but
to state the processed of his own mind from a
careful observation <>( it? phenomena for ten yea.-*
He lays down what he conceives to be a more ?en
.. classification of the intellectual faculties than
. generally made?comprisibg them all under the
three division." ??f cognitive and sentient ideas-and
active operations. Tbe-ivork has some distinctive
merit,, especially in its method and it- aim*, at
elenrr.?-?- : whether these are t?, be deemed suffi?
cient t.? atone for its fault- and defects is u ques?
tion for those to whom it i? addre?sed?teachers
und _Jro?b-sers in C??l!?*_re? arid .?'?her schools.-?
We i i n r? in it ri" satisfactoiy exposition ot the na?
ture and function" of the Will or of Conscience,
arid no r?cognition of th?** wide and all-important
distinction between the Reason and the I nder
standing. __i_______
Km* cation in V .;??*?. ont.?A State Education
Convention was recently held at Burlington, Vt.?
Able address?*-: wer.- presented bv President
Wheeler, Prof, fi-'ri.-di-;;. Dr. I.. Mai\?ii. Mr. C.
i'?*as?* and others, embracing digests of the plans
uf Education adopted in other State?, and propos?
ing a plan for definite action by voluntary organ?
ization., which will b?? considered at another Con?
vention, tu h?* held at Montpclier at the call of a
Comniiu?-*.* appointed for the purpose.
XT Th?- Pu ??ton Post gives rathor a dolorous
account of the excursion of the Legislatures of tlii?
State and Massachusetts. Un says they were in?
terrupted by various accidents, delayed by ruin.
?uid on their arriva! at. Albany were forced to wan?
der f?! a !"*"i.r while about th?: streets in search '?!
XT Some morning papei in Philadelphia ?j?
nounced without authority that Mr. Dickens
would receive calls between 10 and Ji! o'clock;?
Tin- result whs, that he wri? nearly overwhelmed
by the crowd of the curious. He bore it. however,
with L'i'i'.'Jt equanimity.
XT For ih?' last month we have seen in "ur ex
changes notices of marvelous ' walking mutches '
in tlii? city. i)n not the Editor.? know thai ih?-*??
?re shallow ?leviers for the purpose of sellifig rum .'
?This patriot of the Revolution was liiiin-r one
day with n Tory Judge, who gaycas h tonst. " The
Kin?;." Mr. Adams and other Whigs present
drank the tonst, hut with no small reluctance; and
when hiw turn came, he reciprocated the civility
by saying;: Eet us drink tt> the health of The
Devi... Tliis was so startling and offensive, that
it woultl have produced unpleasant consequences,
had not tlio Judge's lady, with the admirable tact
of her sex, diverted the tide of wrath into another
channel; by observing : ' Pray do not ?crupi? to
drink the toast ; Mr. Adams ha.? drank to the
health of "our friend, ami you ought not t?i hesitate
in drinking to the health of his ! " Tlii? was
pouring oil upon the waves, and ii restored th?*
good liiimnr of the liour. The hamcrif the Judge,
if my memory be correct, was Paine. It was
probably the same gentleman who asked a black
servant if he had heard the new?. ' No sir. what
is it V Tin- Devi! is dead. ? Ah ! 1 didn't know
he was ?"-Yo./, though 1 have heard that he has
been u long time in Pain.' [American.
Choss-ExamjkaTion.?A witness examined in
one of the Conn.? of Illiuoi?, upon trial concerning
a horse trade, was asked by the counsel im- the
d?fendant, how the plaintiff generally rode? Wit
uerfs?He generally ride* a straddle, sir. Coun?
sel?How does he ride.in.company ? Witness?
If he has u good horse he always keeps up. Coun?
sel?How docs he rid?* when lie is alone? Wit?
ness?Really, sir, f cannot say. for I never was
in company with him when lie rode Ly himself.
Couii?el?You may stand aside, sir.
I'ai.sfl!. Developemest.?We learn that Mi*.
Tod. the Senator from the Math?***.'** District, in
tin* Virginia Si'iiut?*, has been detected in forge?
ries ton large amount. QPett-Tsbnrgh Int.
T_V The ?Tln^nel.?The subscriber proposes to pub
U?h it periodical with the aliow title, devoted to th?* Investi?
gation of llinnan Physiologe, Phrcnolb?ry, Phvsio?nibiny,
PritliiiL-nniny, and .Astronomical and Human Nrugneti-**.*.
Having inade tin*??* subjects matters ol serious and patient
investigation for some time past, ami ciin-itlerinv tin* Increas*
intr attention winch has lately l>?-en given to Uieiu bv tiie
learned, both in thi? cotmtrv ami in Europe, it i? believed
thai such a periodical is called im; and iliai it will meet with
liberal einxiuragement from tin* lo*.'ers of science, in tlii? ami
other countries.
Ont- olijfvi ot'ilii? work will be to excite and ericoiira_t?. a
spirii of liii'iiirv, an?! in a??i?t in such inv?stiifntions a- may
lend to settle ii??- following; among othersimilar ?|iie?ti??!i?: "
1. That ih?' magnetic tore*?? i?"t only pervade all matter,
but thai ?>v?-ry livini; being has a -?eculiar ina?rnetic nature.
3. That iln?-- forces are the means m* motion and sensa?
3. Thai every Mental and Physical nr_r.'in. and ever}'
muscle Im? it? correspondi??* magnetic poles.
?I. Thai ih?- Magnetic forces from the different organs
which t?-nninati- in tliti face, and bv means ol which the va?
rious expressions of Fear,Hope, Love, Anger, etc.; are'ex
pressed m die countenance, ?nul ih<- muscles and limbs are
made I?"? ol.ev the human will.
?S. That Iln??.- organs may !.?? excited separately, or theirac*
lion modified by Magnetism, .?? die condition ?if tin* pat'n-ni
may require.
8". Tliai this Magnetic nature i? governed by law? peculiar
to itself; anil may !??? communicated from ?>n?' ]?ersoii t?>
7. And a? tti what these l;i\\ ? are, tin- number, location and
function.? of the different organs; tiie location ??f ih?* corres?
ponding poles of the Mental and Physical organs.: etc!, etc.
Tin* snli?c!"i!itT has been engaged for some time iu a course
nfmaglM tit* cerehnil experiment?, tin* results of which go
very far, as he believe?, towards il?iii<>n?ii*atiii_: tiiese as?
sumptions, ami ifthey ?lnuil.1 prove t?? be true, all must ad?
mit that ilu-y .m- immensely important, a? much so as any
tbscoveri?*?. ever made illi_.?iratiii-_ the Physical or Mental na
lures i?i.man.
TI??- matter will !>?.? Qlustrnted by numerous engravings.
Minie of which are now ready for use, tin- whole renderm.*
iln-wtirk one of surpassing: interest, and every way worthy
of patronage, from tiie curious and scientific, who wish to
understand the mysteries of human nature. Tin- plates will
i>?- of special interest, inasmuch a? they will not only explain
manv magnetic phenomena hitherto unknown, or not nn.ipi
?i.Hvd, hut on?* nr inure will he given designating those fea
tures m the human face.where the magnetic courses termi?
nal?.? from the different phy?ical ami mental oPgans.-a'thing
never before known; and thus will be seen the only true .-\
plan:ui-.n of Physiognom V ever given t?> the world. Ina
word, the work ?hall be filled with new and valuable mat?
ter on evm* qnestiou relating i.? iln* Phv>ical. Mental, and
Magnetic Nam..?. ,,?' Man* explaining the phenomena of
Sli-epwalkin^. Souiuambulism, Monomania, insanitv; Mad
Mt??s. Dreatiung and Fanaticism, the whole ties-gnrd to ex?
hibit tht claim?,?! these subjects on the atteuiioiiol the can*
did, and to assist tiiem in ascertaining how far Matmetisui
im been, or may I?-, ,,M_,i w a m..,|i0Mia? ;,,-,.?,.
In furnishing articles for its pages; the subscriber e-Cpccts
the a?*M*?*auKeofa number of medical and scientific treutle
meni ol ih?- highest .r^pmabilitv hi their profo??iun.
The Magnet will Ive published one- a mouth* each num?
ber containing tweuty-four ?uper-rox-al Si*b pa"?*? with a
printed cover. ? r
Teniis$2i.eryt*ar. invannhly inadvanc.-. It w?U ?n no
?*a?e. Ih- tor.wartied nil the pay :or ii hasb?wn received The
first numb**!* will lx- issued as ??-on ?v.? five hundred subscri?
bers shall bave been ol?iain?-.i.
d to
., for?
warded to the publisher; tree ol expense.
Kv?-ry Editor who shall ?."ive t!u.? Pro???ecti:? (includin:?
lhi? paragraph) .?ix Liisertions, ?liall receive th? M.iL.'ii?-t, vviu'i
ont an exchange, lor one .war. provided the ?'.ij-er? coaoi'uj.
higt-USUotice.be fi>r\v;_r"ie?l. marked, to "The M.i_nui.
t?6 Fu!tou-?treet. New-York Citv.'*
ai5eo?-3t LA ROY SL'NDKKl.AND.
i-?ral aud Practical System.?The sul'?cri!'*-r is now
formiug ,\ Morning Class for Ladies, and an Evening Class
tor Gentlenien. Those desirous ?fiolning will please make
Immediate .?-.plication. L. M.-XESCA Dl'UAND.
"?8 ?A" No. ftJ Wliitr-.t.
Xf Any person prociuing sii!i-?crit-*-r?. wi\\ |,.- allowed to
retain the pay tor tin* fourth, provided the balance he for*
300 ca?l.? Boyd's celuhratctl Blmching Po*ivd-_r,juSt
received and lor sale bv
jy^2_ PJ?BSSE k BRO _ 61 ^ibeny st
"'ROGER'S PICKLES !?Lar-e size
Grocer's Pi-*UesofaHUB-riorquailt*- at 5i) cents ikt
hundred, for sale by JOHN BROACH. SO Palto -sL
UM PS. Cistern and othtM- pumps ef
superior qualiijiJbr x?\e at 112 .'??lin ?t. mi
EESWAX.?Just received, a .-?mall
lot. and tor ?ale by D. KELT A: CO., ?.?Jo Pear!-?. uv5
\\rANTED?A Journeyman Barber.?
V V Apply 210 FoltOT street- Brooklyn. Sg 3'?*
ANTED?Place, by 2 very capable
GW? as Cook ?*-?*- UM-ires*, at Si Cham?--r-?:.
Excellent r*-:"* r-i..-'-*- _ _ __ :!" *?"
"\T7*ANTED, a situation for a boy V)
W yean o'e'. '- ?**????-- sfi'*1,r r?*_p_?*>ta_le me? banical
hosin?*--. ' Applv at 1-7 i Bo-v.-ry_*____
WANTED?American and colored Ser?
vants, with ?nod refere-nceis. at No. 473 Broad?
way ar.J 139 Bowery; Also, your.-: men for ail situations.
Bootes and apar__<v>u ?e?_ f is tf
WANfr-D-^\ Partner in a .loh Print
in_r Office. The business - ? siablish? !. and :? en?
tirely for cash. No'n'enei : applv Irai a practical printer,
and one who has S*?00 in ca.|?. or printing materials t ? that
amount in ?-a?h value. A?!,lr---II.. Trilrone otiice. m& Gf
[/"ANTED?To Hire in the lower part
?,f thi- city. partnf:a Ereriteel dwelling, consisting
of two rooms a:?! basement, to be occupi?*! by a eendeman
an?! his wife, without children; A note to A. and left a: No.
!_:1 Fulton street, will mtrel with attention?: a personal in?
terview may be had widi ?he s__*__riber at ".i.'- above store.
I;,*' '?
\1/"ANTED?On Bond an?l Mort?a^e,
\ Y one sure oi 12 to 5l_500,and another"?2,000 or 12300,
the flr_t.*tvi-l besecured l?y a rir-t rate (nota second ratej
note at 12 months, anda mortsa?e on 'land near Harlem:
the second on leasehold properi}'-??'?_-> lower pan ni ih?
Citv, worth foor times ihe amount Apply to OTIS
FIELD, overthe Climax Eating House, 14_. Fulton, or J_
Ann-str?'"t. _mS 2w
second-hand Fire- En'.'i.'i- :? "-?:?::!e.? for a < intr?
Village. Address " M." at office ol the New-York Trib ine,
stating price and giving d*_s_ripUon. in.' if
BOAR ? AN I ) ROOM S mar be "ob
ta..?"?I in a private family. Apply at 2?*> Hudson 5L
p"O A I. D?In Brokd wIy. No. 231, oppo
_]__-. site d.e Park, and n-?r.t doorto the American Hotel;
a very plea'-ant ami Bonvgnjpnt k)cn:;..n. _J12 lm*
BOAJiDING.?A gentleman and his wife,
or l??e> single gentiemen, can Wa accommodated with
good hoard at No. 4. Fulton street- Also, two or three per?
sons can be accommodated -viih dinner. r,_& tf
OARD in Murray-street.?Three or
four persons can h- accommodatfed with rooms and
famil v !>oar'? .i?>' Morrav-streeL The locauon i? verycen
tral, healthful, and one of the best street., in the city. -.7 _:?.?.?
?SOARDINO.?A family abuut tf. take a
__> few select boarders wlio reverence the Sabbati?, would
like- to make arrangements w:th a gendemaH and in? w.:"*-.
ora small family, ivhowish to sell their furoitore. and li?ard.
A line addressed io M. It. A.. Tribune office, ?tarin,: where
an interview may !,?? had, will mow with attention. m7Gr
? O A R D AND R <X> M S w ? nted.~A ?en
?eman wishes to obtain quiet and comfortabh n ail?
ments in a private family; where diere areno other boan.i.Ts.
U*' i- ".ery loud ',;' mnsic and would prefer i?* r?_side where
the ladies'sin-- and play the piano. Adtlr? ss P. L. II. at the
otiice of The Tribune, stating situation, number .?:' familyj
nam*-, \c.
N.-?.?All communications will !,>? considered'confiden?
tial. The terms will be 'no. object with die advertiser, pro
V?'le-,1 he i- sllit-d. _1113 _W
i^UR XIS ? FED ROOMS, with Board.?
Wanted for a ?mall family, two lurntsned Rooms witk
Boardana small family. Ten?s must Ue mod?rate. Pay.
mem weekly in advance. Address L. J. F. at th__ o??ce.
mi. 3r_
TO PARENTS and Guardians*?In or
U?-r to suit die convenience of students, who are 01)1
i-rwi.??: occupied through the ?lav. the unil?rsigned will in
futur-! devote the I.our? from l to 6 P. M. to tl??- instruction
,,i'a i'-".v young gentlemen, with reference to the dudes *?i
ih" desk. The object j? to rendir th**m familiar with the
nature of accounts, and entitle them io j favorable recep?
tion into the counting-room.
! |8 Hi- TITOMASJONES,AcaoontanL
Gentlemen commencing business, and othors in want
of new setts of books and counting lions,- furniture, ar*- in
vit,-,? to examine ihe'stock'-and reduced prices of thesnl)
scrih ers, as purchasers who require good ankles can hardly
I,?? disappointed, as evcrv effort will I?, made to furnish the
best articles at the lowest prices. DAVID FELT i_ CO.
Stan-Mar's Hall, _,'! ", Pearl ?I., and M Wall ?t. m8
FEIGE of the London and American
Paient Water-Proofing Company, l'VS Fulton-street;
where all garments, and every description of cloths, leather;
i-c. is made- impervious to wt-t. Tbeappearance or texture
of the anieles Is not changed, and the pores of die goods re
maining.open, perspiration fieelv escapes. Ahn, a Past?-for
"?ai?'r-|iroptiu^ UooL?, Shoes and Leather.
i 12 1 m _ W.-.I. .1. 5 P E N C F, M a nager.
Just published, The Modern Builder's Guide, con
tainiiiii ?itrhiy-srveii . onper ?ilatr?, wilh full ?xplanations.
(MiiKird Cclever, Arcliiiccu) This work sijoulii !??? in the
hands n( every builder in the country. l! contains an accu?
rate treatise on Hand and Si.iir Railing, a branch which has
heretofore been hut imperfecUv noticed in other works. It?
publication has lic?-n attended with great expense, li i_>
liandsomely hound in iiunrto, and i. respectfully oflereil t?.
the public,Wholesale and remi!. bv ih?? publisher,
Architect, Portrait and Card Engraver,
lfiii Broadway,third story.
For sole a few Oil Stones suitable for.Engravers, Dentists,
Jewellers,ice. 111 im
RITA?1A WARE?Reed's*. Barton's
Britain.-) ware, warranted equal to any imported.
Samples ?f ten sets, coffee unis, communion tankard?, cups,
plates, l>owU, coffin-plates. _.c, can be seen at 112 .lohn ?t.
11.7 ..NATH. WlTtfETtELL.
?TF'.S of all the Suspehtled Banks
liouirhi at low rates by V. P. JAMES,
ml 60 VV;,|| ?t.
materials and ciualitv, and oi all s?7.?-*. cast at the Of?
fice of the New VVorkl: li-quir-- ol'J. >V. RICI?ARD1, in
the Pre-s RnOm", fltas?mentA au?j if
Bundles will be. ?elivered punctually and faithfully in
iiiv part of the city of Albany, tor a very small compel?? i
'?bn.-liy Iteinir left in 30 AnnslreoL fl7 u
wishing to purchastf ?rood cheap.Clothing, would tlo
well to call at J_3*J Chadiam sL where diey cau find ^ur
menis ?t tin* following prices:
Cloth Coats, Sil to 12; cloth Jackets $. to 5; Satinen
Pants SI 75 to 2 15 ; Cloth Pauls $3 to 4 50.
.?;i6 3m JACOB COt-SWELL.
N""?w"vrA lXT?TTcTd s.~?T"fRE?)
SMITH, Merchant Toilor, No. 1% Fulton-su. would
invite hit friends nn?l thr public to call au?l examine his
stock of new Fall Good.?, consisting of Cloths, Cassimeres
and Vi:stin?_rs suited to the fall trade. Gentlemen leaving
their orders may rely upon dieirbeihx fulfilled in the most
satisfactory manner. Terms moderate?;Cash on delivery.
sj II"
( ) RSTEl ) I ) \ M A S K r-T nmT?l A T
TINETTS?WM. M. TITUS, So. 5o Beav?r-sU,
??tiers for sale ;i larL'?- assortment of Worsted Damasks and
Uauineiu. ?int..hi?- ? ??lor? for carriage business. A|.o. super
Ingrain Crimson and Cherry colored Worsted Damasks,
More, ns, Black Lastings^ailyer DrahJ and Blue Clothsj
Gauze. Flannels, ice. ?2S lin*
B. KANCV GOODS, very low for casi,.? v complete
assortment of ("?inil.s, Itrtuhes. Per!U!i.erv. .I(,?.'?,h GUIoll!.
and odier Steel Pens, l."i?.'.|erv. Hook? and Eve?, Pins, \ee.
dies. Accordions. Pocket-Books, Silk and Leather Purse?,
Beads and Head Bags and Purses, Spectacles, fcc, tn_retb? '
with a general assortment of all articles in tl?- above line (?i
l.iisiitcss. Cou'itry merchants are respectfully invited to
call when visiting this city, and examine the stock, a? it :?
believed dial uuu.ua! inducements are offered, at
ml _>ni 71 Mniden Lane and 5 Liberty-street.
INTO T< ) M ( r'Y 11 ERS for the M an
_ ngement of dieir Health dur in" Pre?mancv and ic
Lying-in Itnom. By Thomas Bull, M. !.. From.the
Third London Edition?with Additions. In ! voL l?mo.
?' This little volume is the benevolent contribution (>:"c"".i
sense ami professional ?kill to the well-being of diose whe
have the strongest claims on ?mr sympathy. IJnfortunatelv
a vast mass of erroneous notions exists in the class to whom ?i
Is adilrcssed ; io which, and to die concealmentprompleii
by delicacy until the time tor medical aid is _,ronc by, ui
arc indebted lor very much of the danger and k_ti*?i_-g in?
cident to the peri??!* they are destined to pass tlirough. Or
Bull, in the true spirit oi*a physician and a gendeman, Iul
by his perspicuous stattinents removed the tir-t.au.l !>r hi?
judicious and simple directions anticipated tin- la*!.?; ?.o..
fruitful sn?rces ot evil. There is nd mother that v? :!! noi !:?
heartilvi.lianki'ti! that this Look ever fell ihm hj?r hiuids; am
no i :i?!'i?_fj who shonld noi present it to his wife, vvv can
uot ur^e Ti? value too wrongly on all wli->mit concerns."
f Eclectic Review.
Booksellers, Publishers and Importers,
iniiit'.l e?*.l 161 Broadway.
?3 eil at !i*> Broadway? Price ..1 is'.?In a.t.lit on :?? a va?
riety of form? represenlin? ihe practice of Day-Book, Jour?
nal, Ledger, kc. this work will 1?- found to c?nlaiu a serie.?
(>: ? leraentaiy exercises, desigued to teach the genera] prin
ciples of debt and credit, by which all these vnrious_3odi
fic?donsare governed, so as w enable die student to jour?
nalize ir.?::; his own ktiowledg?j instead ofresortin?; los?me
vague and ambiguous i ?il^. These exercise* consisi of the
plainest statement of tact??plain that no pan can possibly
t'f misunderstood by the merest tyro: and yet,except amone
practical men. ?>* author has never mcl with an indhidnai
wbocould v;.?e thaanswer*required,"?ven among hundred;
who have made a trial, after ?ieetning thein?elves complete
in the study: Let i'ios,- who would avoid the shame attend?
ant^ on failing to accomplish what they uadenake first tesi
?heir knowledge by one oi the-M- exerxases. li" they solv?
u-em, no matter by whose svstem they acquired then
knowledge- but should thev fail, uiey will sc cooclusivel*.
ttie imjvxs?_?b?tty of their fulfillin? the duties of an account
Instruction i*-given, ;us usaal; in all duties of the desk,
viitrly. it requtre-l.
m?eodtf_Thomas joxES^Accoumam.
VALUABLE Standard Works, p?blisb?c
by DAYTON k NEW.man. corner ot Fulton an<
American Antiquities or ihe ffistorv and Ori??nofth(
Red toce, by A. W. Bradford. LvpLoctava Tb?'An___ioi
tirso! the Chnstian ( hurch.by R,-v. Lvman Col. man. i vol
octavo. Si-rnion on Important Subject?, bv t'ii*- Rev. Sam
u*'l Davis, a. M.,*; vols, linio. Jahnn*. Biblical Ar?__ba_olo
i:v, translated !>v Thos. C. Upham,! vol. octavo. * The ?c
ciesrastfcal History of Eusebias Pamphflns, ! voLcctavo.
'Ph*' Works o; .less.- Appleton. D. D.. 2 vols, octava Tl?
Four Gd??x-??, translate, from thr .reek, with preliminar
dissertation.?, by Gro. Campbell, D. D., I voL OCUVa f J3 "
pany?Capital $900400 : O??ke So. 54 .Va-i] a. This
Corcpanv cor___a__e?. u< nvak** insurance against lo. or cica
a^re bv fire, and Lnlan-? i_avijj_tir,_n.
DIRE?.T< ?P..**
Bensj-eiaer Havens, N_.J_.i_ Taylor, CorivW. Lawrence,
J. Phillip? Pii?*en._. W?Ham Coctcn, 5Pcah Baldwin,
John Morrison, B- I- WboBej, N'adaniel v.......
Joseph B. Varnum Fanning C.T.ck_r,John ILar,k:r..
David Le-. Me?g? D.l___ni_mi__J(____u_ D. Wolfe,
Cai*?., 0. Hai-t".l. W___*-_ W. Tod-I. Ferdinand Snydam.
Henry G Tbom-Hoa. R. HAVENS. Presidem.
Lewis PniLLi!..Seqenrv._?13
oj ?So. 47 WaUrStreei; .orner of Hanover-itr?et This
( ? ?? pan. continues to in. ire .???. - st ?? i ?amar? byfir*.
... :._ ..ding"?, goods.,w_r ?. - tier I u te generally ; also.
m. vessels an : cargoes a.-a.:,?: los* or damage by nlan I
:. iv ?at?oa,on_s favorabl? ?? rms as aijv other orn. -.
Thomas W. Thorne, ( sJeb C. T... -, J ?i C. Mario.
'!'?. ?masT.W_od___,Moses Tucker, Thomson Price,
BenjammTL Robson,Fraac?? P. Sage, Jol n n. Lee,
John R. Dav-.son, El'isha Riggs, Jame? E. Holmes,
Anson Baker, Wm. K. Tie"?. .' . !". Moore,
Manin Hoffman, James 11. Whii . _- >. elTJ ?-:.....
Joseph".-Dea, ' JnsephDrake,
THOMAS vv. TH0RNE, Pre.!-i?"-.t.
Geo. T. Hoi ;. Se ????..--.. ?.:??"
in? Hon???s and Fnrnltnre nniv, profits returned I
SI'RancE CO.IP._-T_" O?ce 15 Merchants' Exchange,
cornt?T ofAMlliam and Wallstreet-. The am House?
holders is respectfully r*_quested to the annexed plan for
separating the insurance of Dwe] _? Houses . '. Fnrni
i-jr?*. from that of Stores and Merehan lise.
I: is well known that almost all the !.??-.'- in< j?- ! in the
bus ?ess ofinsurance, are ?_-.?__ltof the burning of* ? ta
hlr stores and cosdy goods.
Te ? increases the e*per:.e ofinsurance to the boas
er.and maypcKsiblj* deprive him ol i ?? very ?- irity for
wliich he pays In- premicm, as was the ias? ri ? ?? _--? at Sre
ofl335,u_e? die whole capitals of:so many ins
panits were totallylost by the destruction o: this: ldnd !
property; andmany dwellings left fora time wholly un
pr.'i-.-, ted hy i!..ura!;r-.
Another feature recommended tn your attention, :? the
division of die profits among those who ar*- insured by this
T!ie r;i?h payments or premiums form a fund, wh cl
ter paying expenses and i..s-"s, is represente?! by -crip, and
is is.u?.i to tin-* as-ui'-ii in proportion to ::.- ai . . i n their
insurance, which ?.?thus obtained a: _?>,?!: and sh?uld :!.**
business of the Company at all realize the expectations ol
the directors th? expe-n?e-s of insurance upon dwelling
bon__*and:fur?iturewill he diminished by mor?* than one
half of the presentrates, by reason of the return of.th?earaed
This Company is prepared to in-_re agn ?? I -- ?r dam
acre hy f.rr. Dwelling HouseSj Household F irn i ir?, Mate,
Family Stores, Libraries, P. : :;-?. Statuary. Cabinets ?-?;
Mineral* and oth-r ol.j,,-:?. A- U . .... ? , -, u
Household Property, ordinarily kept - dwellini ? ??
Every p-?r*on insuring wiih this Company :.- entitli - to one
vr>??. :,.r erack hundred dollars insured.
The rates of insurance.and a!! odier particulars may be
obtained on application at ihe of.i._ of the Companv.
Gillian C. Vrr; la;.? k. A. It ... -?-, ... Y, .!_;--r?,
Rr!>< rt Henrv Ludlow, Samuel Martin,
William H. Aarison, Frederick Schuchardt;
Daniel Seymour, Stej hen Cambreleng,
Frederic Depeyster.
A. R. ROD GERS: President.
D. C. TA YI/'It. s- retary*
W. II. Il.vltrSi.N". Counsel.
f273meod J AJ?ES WEBB. Sm-ye: r.
MARSHALL'-. Troy Shkt Dc;.?.r. No,
!*.i Chatham-street, New-Vork.?ThLs i? our only
receiving depoi in the I'm:...i State??-con-equendy all our
gootls mustlirM'be received, her? before dLstributii the
inauy principal dealers throughout the country. Th - fa? I
\ye li?ahr known to the public ia consequence <?:' many im
pf-sitions dady practised ?-?"i merchants vi-iting. thi> city,"who
are in pursuit of our Shin?. Bosoms .v Collar?, ail ofvvhi? h
dealers and other- can still put the Httn??stcon_idence in be?
ing ?upplicd with a? per Catalogue of ourprices;:and i
have justi.-r done them.
E. Dan... Esq., New Urlean?, La.
IJ. F. D.i. a no. Louisville. Kv.
w. s. II.M.I.. Su Lou?. Mo.
P. M a-.tin, Nashville, Trim.
G. Moi.KK. S:. Abgustine, Kla.
F. Doocc,Savannah, '?a.
u. WnTER-MAj?, Mobile. Ala.
Piiii.ii- Bmnkv. Esq., Baltimore, Md.
Messrs. M. Ai.i.e.v .v Co.,Cincinnati, (Ohio,) Maine.?.
?? Wm. Hart kCo. do ?lo Fifth-st.
*? Wm. C. LiANCtEY i- Co..?-. i",!!'" -i.. N. y.
?< M. D. Benjamin k Co. Pearl-street, N. T.
Lester Holmes .'. ("., Pearl-street^ N. Y.
Justus D. Miller. Esq., Bcfaver-street, N. Y.
E. MaLTEV, E?<!.. K* aver-?tree!. N. Y.
IL A. Tucker, Esq., Charleston, S. C.
G. G. Lawrence, Esq. Milledgeville. Ga.
Messrs. Walter Boto .V Co., New Orlean*?, La.
M(?sr:_. WhiTNELL ?v SEav'ER, Milli-t. Boston. >Ihs?.
Webster, Ci.ase?- Co., Kilbv-st, Boston, Mass.
" FoWLE k TaLBOT, Kill?:.-!., Bo?ton. Ma.?-?.
?". NEGRETE, Mexico.
N. B. tiitnloxiies
may be seen ai the depot; alio will lie supplied to ill ose
who wish u, send theni to their friends and ..iin'r?. without
expense, l.v calling ;.; N- 90 Chadiam-street, N'ew-Yorki at
Marshall's T'r?\v Shirt Dej.t.t. nil lw
TylOS ANT)~SC?r.\S.?The largest.
v v t!,r cheapest, and b? si assonment ol Wi_;?- ini.l
SicnlpH ar- m be found at V. CLIREHUGH'S 209 Broad?
way; entrance in Fulloii-s?.
The many aiteui].t? that are daily making to imitate thi ?
celebratf*' 'Wi?;s and Scalps, are just so many proofs of the
high character they have attained, and the estimation they
aie held in by the trade. But the public v. ?II observe that
C. is the oriii-lniil maker in this city of the Ventilating ?nut
Gossamer Wigs and Scalps, without metallic springs,and
that all others are hut feeble attempts at imitation.-wanting
th.* genius to divine or direct the principle on which ihey are
made io tit, anH the skill and practice to execute.
All wearrrs and connoisseur? are invited to inspect his
11 earl?, of Hair, which forelf^nnce, lightness and durability
may be classed among the first productions of modern ari
In their manufacture they differ from all others made here.
Th.- hair is singly assorted, and so equally dr-tribiii?d a? to
???pear just issuing from the skin: tiioy cover no more of the
brow than the natural hair does, and having no metiallic
spring? all disagreeable presisure is obviated. For a South?
ern climate they are inestimable, being only 1 ot. weight.
Senator?-, members of Congress, anil gen?? men fromevery
quarteroftiie country, who are now wearing C.'s wIl1?, can
lie referred to.
Thr prices will be found te suit the circumstances of ail
no im
p R?ENWIC__tLOTTERY; 261 Li^h
V_X teentli-streei, between Ninth and Tenth Hvpnues."-?As
this rstahlishment ?s the only one of the kind in t!ii? city, and
thr langest in the State, tin/ ?ubscrib?-r respectfully ?nforins
tin- pu!,l!c tliai lu- manufactures and oilers lor *,?_*, on Ihe
most reas?,naide terms, the following artirl.-s, viz:
sin it- Ware. Earthern vvar?-, Portable Furnaoe?, Flower
Pots, Oven Tile, Chimney-Pot?, Stove Linings, Blanching
Pois, Fire-Brick, Green-House Tile. Stove Tulies, fcc .v.-.
N. B.?Chemical and Druggist Ware to order. All orders
lb mur h the Post-Otnce will be punctually executed;
COAL selling; oIV C?e.ip.?The very bear
ciaality Peaeh ??rcliar?. Retl Ash ?'o??!, well screencil,
and deliver?!?! in any part of the city. Yard corner of Chrit
lopher and Greenwich-sts.
Egg; broken in the Yard.$7-2.?
Large Stove.700
?? Nut.?; "
Weighed by a City Weigher.
ml liii- J VMKs FERGVSON;
COAL! rOAL?? 1',-if-o Reduced-?
Peach Orchard, reoa-h, w nramed :1r?t ??nn??.v, nfall
sizes, delivered iu the best ord? r free ofcar?age. Apply at
the vard corner oi'.Mott and Ht uston-As. and at the yard
corner of Hammond and Green ? icii-sis.
N. It. Nut Coal of a superior <i jality and large s:ze.
fll 2in ' J__
"?7' ~ A PER CI?ALDROX:? P??Br.
'?Y / -??/* f bark S?rion,:a sup?riorlot of Sidney Coal,
newly mined.and imported expressly for family use/selling
:i? lots to suit purchasers.
ni) tf_Apply to J. R.CLARK,*H Water-streeL
C()AL! GOAL!!?;At-Reduced Pncii !
Peach Orchard, lied A?h, Bn k?n und Sere, n?d in tl*e
Yard, delivered cartage free, to close a consignment, at tiir
following ?'rit??-., viz:"
La r ' e S i ! t..?47
Broken and F.x:\i. ; no
Lehighfany size.7
Liverpool. 9 5o
N. B.?-Blacksmith's r-?>al. $3 .*->.
Yar.l 504 Wa__bi_agtou sL-eet. l?e?i "-?pring.
d-__.3in- T. B GL'EILNZEY k Co.
reduced the price of cur best Peach Orcliard Broken
andiEer? Coal to Seven dollars and Fiftv cenLsd?lhered
Irte of cartage. WARD.i BROWNE.
in5 corner of Laight ??''"' *?va*_ingto_rSts_
"^rPERTON.?i'eaeli Orchard
Peach Orchard Coa!. 1st quality in clean lump.$<_ '???
Br'iken and E_r_: saes. .".7 5?)
Delivered free of cartage, in quantities to suit ;? :rvi,a?er?
at Ihe shortest notice by " W_VRD _ BliOW NE.
mS Li .'i.;--:, .-or. Washinirt in.
Ne. 186 Pearl-sL oppc^he.Cedar.??R. ?IOVLY mas
ufaci'ire? and kee-:.s constandy on band eve.iy description
??: Travelin_rand^dckingTrunks, Carpet Bags, Valises,
?c at wholesale and retail, cheap for cash oi approved
__"_L For viands rare,
1 do declare?
F?ir ta-t- and ski!! ?-xqi_i??:r.
That Mr; Reid
Beat.? all indeed
I ever yet did visit.
Si!?-h Jellies tine:
Such Itu??*? divine!
Such, dnimit-s rich you meet!
O go in haste??
Do irx hi. taste?
REID-80Hudson str*??_t.
Boned Turkeys.$3 00
Do. do. on an Ornamental Sock.7 5n
S. i.sps of every description.
Calves feet Je'lly. Bia?c Mange, per quart_ 75
Ice Cream in i'orms. 7".
? iraaire and Grape Pvran:;H?. from 4 to.10 00
Charlotte de Russe. 1 00
Ladies; we send .the?*? goods any rewonable dUamce in
the country, likewise supply von w;c!i rocks, aitisic?in*!eed
??very tiling appertaining to the bu-?ness.
'--! Im Cash ComVctioner. _" Hu.i?.?i, ?_.
TEAS-?Fine Gunpowder an?! Imperial
Teas, m chests and half cn-?i_. ior ?a!>- bv
07 tf GRJNNELL, MINTL'RN" k Co. 7d ?OUlh sl
M-?LINTOCK-S Papillary Lotion, or
Mi'PLE "tTASH.*?Tbe ?e-ere suff-aing to **h:ci:
mothers a.-- so firequen?r ?ubit-cted in ronse-noence -.: - \
coriated ----- r.: ;:?.?. has bog c-.-?*or.?tm?---?t UM? ::?,-? -? ?
-???-.' i:..: :? d li cent -. -'. ??d cnj.alii- ?1
-,;->..: .;.' The *rep*?tedevidt_nce tarnished
?ftfai -.. ??-.?? eh an article led the pro] ".??tor w duvet
hi? attention to the ronnation m "L; '*?: ?rbeing:ai
? ? : sanative, shoal : t-flect tins :e,irzb.e c-b
,-?:. T.. - lesideratun? he cou - ? ?' ?? ?K;??:c:.'r:.y a;*
la ? -: : ::.- ? r. paration here osferaL
T.- >.? ?ftbeTa* UaryLotion, for about twenty years
past, ha? :'::.:'?* established ii? character as i | ?etuam a;:-: ??:
? - . - ..?-..-??-.: .t r?j?utation v* r
r-vrrv -. ploy? A?'??.-????.-? ?
" : - ? ? ? -?..-?:?? mmon washe?
-. -.r:.:i: a nta?n -:_- i th? r ?-?-;.:? - ?
.... ? _ .. ? ? - ? - ?? an ?.??'? requin, ta 6e
. ? ??:.? -:' ?.-.-? *: ?? -. U ? :-.?-.::.tied 10
. . ..-. r - ........ -? . ; v -,.-..? :;
-.-,-- Il - - _-.?:?-._?:-?
? _ -. ? s'to.'tb? :?:?:?: md, I ??_..?.-: I ??'- les*-.
. ? ?... ?. ; ? : d aftei -.-:'?>'.: ut
- ? ???.!.
n..v ..:..: ' - - ?.-::-":_:?.?
fi . ? *.;?' - - N ?- Wash," as I hear I the
?. .- ?---?- es favor, I bav. n? ... - r i
: :.j ; isan excellentand ?aie remedv.br
.?-..;.; ... N. SHOEMAKER. M. D.
H. . _- ? .v .. reel? : ::.- - i : M'Clintoclv*? Papil?
lary 1 tii ??. 1 *an confident-*? r- end it-to the attention
. EDWIN !'. AT!.FE. M. 1).
I -,.:. ... -. fri - Mi ? to. k*= Paj iliary Lo?
tion, and hare 1.i. ? ? ??? I.** th :<?-'.?<?<>.
I have, in ancraber ot -? . -. ?????. advantageous re
... . ... . M > ?'?. - S ? *?? ish.
? ?-.k-.wel ol -. ?*? ? i* _
- ILARLES N'tiBLE. M. 1).
I . . ,7th, 1 -.'-.
F ?ale at t*Lii - - '? ' liVth? Pr | I r's Gene
ral A'rent in New-York. <"K< ?RGE D. COGG ESIIAI.L.
\ . :_: p? a.-i. cornero( Ro*?-"*-5-reet- bv John Milhau, \o.
.? ?? . i: -:.-.'- ?. \- - ? . ? '?? . ? ?-?-?-i. IK'
; i-a ! 10 Astor II .? . '. I - '? ' ' tiff. I B >' ? ry
699 Br idwav.a Ibv the Draggi-t?-sreneraliy
::,. 2.?v.-.MltTl;1:n
Acoustic Drops _r-* dally be?*oming more popularas
an t-tTectnal r- medy-for incip ? nl :? afhess. The propr ? l r
lielier^s ihat.n?e?l in time it will prevent and remove the
-..?.:? ??? ,: it c ?? rila ? :. s.r.d will be found highly effect ve
?n cas? - o? ; n?. .tandins". Every bo?iv ?hould make trial of
it who n?-.!? :.? be relieved of that distressing malatly. Price
$1 50perl .;?:-.
Sold by a. B. 's D. Sand?, No. 1Q am! 100 Fulton-st : N'o.
272 Broa'tlwav, corner ol Chambers-st. an.I 77 East Brc-ai?
?>.av. Abojb'v Mrs. Uavs.Xo. !?>7 Fulton-st. Brooklyn.
2;:'!::! _'_
^.\TI 1A R TIC L? Z F. \( ; E ?.?S her
V_v man'sCatban ? ?.??????_-? are very plea?ant to die
taste, so.that-childr.n will ?_ai them a? freely a? th. v would
a common peppermint, ?nd their n?*tiV?n ?? far h-tr.-r tlian
ne given ? other way. Physic-i-ms rerpmmend
tlietnu? their pa iei?ts when they have any abhorrence to
commoi ??? I? -. Sherman*? Lozensres are the mot popa*
lar metlicines of the day, and mus? ??. continus*, heran??? :h?*y
The D ctor*s Warehouse ;? .it l??-* Na??an*?t.,
one ?!- r above Ann. : I I Im
K. ... G. HFWFTT trrkes this inethml
tn return thanks to bis frievtis and the **ublic ?or the
liberal encouragwtnent he ha. .->?.?? ived inH-siineofpractice.
which r* confined to Sprain?, Dislocation?, Hip D;??-h?.-?,
White SwWlings, Curvatures^ an?! r):-"*a?eii Spines, Rheu
maii?m, Xervous Affections, Cmi? rn-rt:.?!-?. ami all Diseases
- * the Joint? and Limbs, Sec
Uiftferences _-;v-:-, on application t-> Dr. 1!. "s>7 Broa??!way,
etweeB Broome-and Sprm? ?i?. jaS Sm?
PAHIS.I'.X'S S^ECinG:??The Propri
etorl a*. / resolved at all hazards, lo supply thecon
stanlly tncroasini- demand for th.? infallible Toothnche fit
m??.Iv", herewith presents the public with the following
Tlic:under!?i_rnetl. Surgeon Dentists-of thi CityofNew
Vork, most cheerfully rec?mmen?l Paris? n*s \reget.*??le Sp??
cifie, a? :?:>.- b? -: remedy ;i>r Tiwthache that has ever come
under their i?!iv-.-vai:i.i_ !.. I'akmu.v, "?11 Brortiiwav,
.1. S H-iii??:. 17 ?ond-st.
N. Doocc, ?i.'* Broadway,
E. C. Bt'KSER il- M'.rk-t-.t.
Prepare?! only by J. W..Clowes, Dentist^ sohl al-o hy the
followinir fir::_"_::?t-: Cott?n,263 Bleecker-street* Rfng,6-M.
Milh?r, 1!C. an.? Huri. 21'.'. Broadway: Hutchings, I50,aml
Svme, C5 Bowerx-; Burrell, 210 Ch?_J*am*?"tr*eet; Dooliltle,
2?5 ( ?t-iiii-.-.?irret': Clark. 380, Codtlinglon, 221, and Hart, !??">
Ili!il?:>n-;r...?:. For sale ai wholesale prices by the Propri?
etor and none is genuine unless signed in his'own hand-writ
?n_r. Prie- pt-r vial 's? cent?; ?mall vial, 23 cents.
Also, for sale by Shieflelin, 111 Canal; RingJWliolesale
Agent). 52 Fulton-st c??r. Cliff. ?32me?.w*
(JOTH-ACIIK?Tmith-Arhe?Cure in
three minutes.?'!'!.?* application of ihi.? remedy lia? in
e\,;xv iu-'.ai.c.> prove! ???Vt-i-iiial ui alleviating the pain, and
making a permanent cur?/, without the !?-a?< injury to the
other teeth. Its ta?icnnil smell are l>??tli agreeable, an.I ii
will also r?*.ieve the pain in the gum? occasioned l?y coltl nr
inflammation, when the let th are not .It-cay?.!. A trial will
establish the fact. Sol.I by A. B. Sands i. Co.,corner Broad
way an?! Clininl?T'?t. Granite ?ii?-Iwil:: al?n by A. B.ii D
Snnds.79 an.! 100 Fulton, aiitl 77 K?st Broadway f3 3m
?? NV'h.i; can'i I.n?iur?-?I
TO .OTA-A CITE cured, not w five min
ut?-?, but in a |V\7 seconds by a single application of
th.- v,-^i-;.iii!f Tooth-Ache Drops,**prepare?J ami ?-.iLi only
at Uri Canal-street. Price 26 cent?. Carious and aching
Teeth invariably j-estored tt- health and usefuhiess when
submitted to DIv. PEAllSON'S operation Price from one
to two dollar, ?.?r cavity. All other operations in Dentistry
at retluced ?.rice?. i)ij3m
produce a healthy ?tat? of tiie syst_*m by friction without th?
ri*k of tea ring th?'* -kin, lualltlieordinary Horse-Hair Gloves
an- liable to ?In.
The great value ol the Horsa-HairRiJoovator as a thera?
peutic agent when applitrtl to the human hotly is now too well
known to every one who has paid th?* lea?t attenikm to tue
importance- of a bealtliy action of the ?kimo require farther
For sul-bv A. B. S.VNDS k c?"i.. 2TH Broa? I way, corner
<>:"?'haia!ier?.<ir?'?-i. Granite Building-; ?20 ""
scriber would invite the attention ?f the public lo his ?in.-k
o?- GREEjVQUGIPS PATENT 1. \."\!!'.*?.' which from their
lieanty an?I ?upt-rioi iiiialiti?-?, are des?ned n> siiporsdle ?ill
others now in u?r. The oil which ?? burned in them i? a
cltt-mica! preparation, very eltr.iti in it.? properties, and Klves
a vttry brilliant ami economical light. The Ilur-imi Fluid
i* a !-.-rial.!..- li_rht, free from all ?inoke, ?:n?-!l ?r preas?, an?l
will nriihcr ????I r,?.r ?t,tin. Common Lampscan be altered
ata triuinir expense i-i burn the fluid. Tl?? suli?rril_t?r is
kintllv permittod to refer to ?.une of-ur mo?it r?.-?i>?'?-ui!il?.
?niiil?e?, who are now a?in_r tiie article.
J. C. HOOK Kit, ?166 Broa.lway,
F. B.?There is no danger of explosion in eitlier?ne ?i
th?-. articles. o2I if
By Sp? cial Appointment.
OSEFT? GrtKOTT, Pen ?Vr?nufacturer
TO THE QUEEN'.?CAUTION;?The k:*h ?harn
1er of these. Pens has induced the attempt, ?o ihw part >.
several disreputable makers, tnpracticea iraud notonly upon
Mr. Gill*!., but a??o upon the pnbKc An inferior article,
b?-?ring the ini.v?!?-!!^.! name, thus. Gillot;omitting the final
t, ?< n?.?-in the niarkvt. It can readily be detecte?! by it?
unfinished appearance, and the very common style in which
it i? ??lit up.
Observe, ih- gemrnc P?-ik are are all marked In fnfl?
?-.I<,-.-;il. ttilloti*? Patent,*' or-./n??-!?!! <";i?l*?Tt. warranted;"
and that eacli grci?. h?-ar.? a fac simile ot hi? signature.
The above may he hail, wholesale, of HENRY JESSOP,
?? 15 Iv ti John-siree..corner of Cliff".
PATENT Improved ??'o8?;iiiiet*\\ ig*? ?nad
S?alps, proved Uy the mo?: eminent arii?:.?"to ?taml
unrivalet! i?-r^their beauty and perfect resemblance to na*
t::re. defying the clos?*st scrutiny ?.:" th- nicot ob.?erver to
pronounce that the hair ?? not issuins from die r?-al ?kin. A.
C. B?j"ih submittins* this imjirov?meBt (so long aimed at by
the proles on,) ran :*-::?.? solicits that hi? invention m..y he
te>?e?n>y tiie 'community antl trade s-eiwrally, Uein?* con?
scious that ?t i? the Lrr?-5t.-'?i ?inp!?iv.-!:?.::t ?n WJg^iwki?e
extent BARRY, So. l'.'i Broadway," corner of.-Liberty
street. u;>?ta',r?. ! ;.-, -t.,"
T< 'V. [CE. ICE.?Hotel...r. Steftmboats,
.ft. Packet*. Fandlii -. *- ?upplied a: all time? with Rock
: ind Lake ke, on appli :i ?on to :!!>? Knickerhocker Ice Of?
fice, UTA.?-... -,-. . i, -:?* ?:. ,-,.r:,--r ?f ?*an?j street. All or
?1er.? : r ihij :,.:,.- propCTiv attend?il lo w th de-patrh
? ? ;? ' JOHN D. ASCOJ (?H y'co.
OAUS.SW-EEPS & SC?LLS.----I:liave
ri ? intinued in W .-r--r.?t. North Itiv-r ?;,!?-. an'! do
all my h usines-? ?t my o?d fiar Establishment, ?J02 W*ater-str
an4 -is I -av.* al! the ?pensesof one store, I will ?. I! Oar-'
.-??.v...-?>? and S. oils enough cheaper to pay for cornih?. from
any -nrt of the city m the Our EstablhJimeiit, 102 W,?i..r.
street, 5 doors above Catberixa: .Market.
J E VVIIA RDW'AKE, Gtitlery. ?; ung,.\:c.
The ?ub-criber, importer of English an-1 German
Har.lwart-, is now receiving a l'r?-?h a??r,rtmentof ali the ar
tlcles :r. thi- i;nr of busmifss, and bees to a??u...- .l.-aler? that
on examination they will nod !.:? stock very complete, ami
of a.? sood qnality,*an?l at Iow?-r prices than elsewhere, fin
?.-:-. or this .tatemcntalone be relies fora portion of
iheir l?u.?in?'?-. ant! ret?ue.?:- the fn\or of ;? i -.:! previous to
making their purchase?
A :'ul! asMirtment of "Ja'-t:?'?" '.?'?!ehr:.:??ti \Vood-S?_Tews
-..?? t - 'i? hand.
Agent lor and ???aler in Domestic Hardware Goo?ls.?
Goods (nr sale to t!.-- Trade by tiie parka--, A mo*t lib?r?
al di?count allowed for cash. EDWIN HUNT,
?'? ? .'?' TT .1 ? -: , Ijtetweeh W.:?!a:r! k I.' ? : : -1-. \.V.
3OATS?lui) Water-sircer, tour doors
east of Catherine Market.?CR01JXJS"S Pr'-::::-jni
I'.oa'. E_?tahUshmenu---Three Diplouir-s and wo Silver Me?
dals -??? :i.r-:-i at the Fairs .-i" the Aninricar. and Wt-chanics'
In?!:ti;t?-? :>,r the best Bi-.;*_
Bar-e, Race, Club, Gondola, Life. Pi?hins-, Gunnin?.
Vawl, Gitr, S .-:'. Sau and Pl-a.?ur?* B0 its, nl every ?!?-??-r?p
tioa i:-i--i:ir:i-n,i?.1 by th?* Arnat*-u: rioat-Clu-b A-syjcialiot.
Of N?w-Ybrfc
Builder of iln* Snltan of31uScat's P!t-a?!:r?- p.nr-'e th^
Wa.^GaieU.*^Victoria. Atlantic.^ W-.sona. i.e. A??o, th?
US 1m*
O I1.V?K PLAT!-:.?\V,n. Thomson. NO.
k 7 129 \Mdiam-*trt?t*t, continue? to maririfactcr?? Sil%?*r
Warerof thebest d--script?on and of the late? pattern? ?
Pr?atathm *? a?*-?. Piicheirs, Waiters, Tea and Coffee Ser*
vices, Cake and hm:: Ba?k^L-a::.? Children's J?ntr. richlv
.-?. .-.-.I and approprriiejy desTgn---d. " *
Also. D?*??*-?: Fr?h Kmv**s?b?l Forks, silver blades: Forks
an?! s.poo?.king-jthreaded and plain threaded p_ttt-_rat
. ?TAr -V":'/,:' "' \anoas patteriv, sated 6? prizes of rio*
? ? dturalj Hcmcaltura! and Agricultural Societ??s.
?ir:r-r? by letter pnnctnaUv att--ri(l?-.i ta
The whole of these anil l?s arr ro__M<a?ured on tbe pre
ae? o tferiiog ?.lv^,-. and no care or exp?*r^ is .?pared in
d:eb**auty of: the workmanship.
X. B.?Drriwir..-. __nd estim?t? of articles for presentation
?* ih u? rariushe-t in answer to an apphcauon. f26 3m
>\ i\\e. iiairru?*. * iciori.a, .-uar.?c. *?v?sona. i.e. AI?t\ ih
Ann of PtJekskOL >Va?hington of Pt>a_.t:ke?..p.;.., Duci:?-^? c
Hyde Park. SyJph ar.d Wave of Mobile. G?-or_-e -?tewartt
l_?)U-.-*.ii!*'. kc. ."IS ht.*
r Ir__:x.r.a_.t Ti-iimony.?Ifiartber prool i* n q tired tri
esta. I.?h the factof ?_he-inestimable rain?? I Dr. St? kwea
ber's Hepari? Elixir.die iW?owiiHr commnnicai
HoiuSaniuei-v. K..,-_:. Govern?irotih?Slateof.R-a <??? '-?- ?
-?utai:.. adequate test ihony : i snb-tantsate it beyeVnd dis?
pute, and mn?wpntentirelyj itrest the idea that ?? - ?
? remedy belasse, with the many :_?-?!?"?.? ij.i d?<ngen as p? -
trums'which are palmed upon tbe public merely tor tin
i ?ake of train.
Please read the f.?iin?;n_ stnteraectscoinniaincated to '-??
under?.-i;-1'i bv H:< Excellency, under dan
JOKN'STON ! . ." ' ."
M-. CharlesDyerlTe: My dear ** r? Vour c
lion of ????tcrdav. asking rav opinion o?Dr. S:.irk\v.-.it.':<?*?*?
HepaticElixir,lias been receive?! this..-moni .. I
I will inform vou that my c - ? '
-enei-Uy Is not very flattering. I have in : : . mud rea
_oni ? vei ?;??-??..??.-.' ten palm.upon
?!,-?. .their ::-. ' -? ol - "'
?r the sake of-gain, the n?e.-of which takes rp
tant and crit i al period oftimewitb-mt pn nngam pod
effect, whei -.?-??*--.? ips,j : ? remedies .w? dhaye
been used, ami much suffering ai ?! d stress preveni I. For
that reason I i.av. not used them, fei ling myself and
to be much safer urideribe ..???: :? fi ? '? ?
c a:)?: but having been a_J cted lor the ?a?: ? x years with
ditScultie. m___?4de,and chesL uncomfortable and
distressing, painful and somewhat alar ag,aiul from w| .
I could get only temporary relief 1 very fortunately no
tice*| voar adv?rtisemi ntof the medicine lestioa
I ha'd been a school boy w ih Dr. Starkweather, and
with him a lon_r and intimate acquaintanci - were
voung n:e n. nr?i from my know ledge of h m I th mght him
incapakleof practising a?c?p?dn i n am- ? ? - - ihisfact
induced metotrv D-. Starkweather's H?-pai c . I v. . ..
:??. :? ?>.. I r...w't.. l'e-e? ni.se!'" ;.-. !.???. ?? '-. imred.
I need not. therefore, sa\ i-> you that I ? - -,"? -i
-. ..certainly think its disc ? ?reat public impor?
tan "??. . ;
The first bottle 1 to_k gave me mucl re ef.w]
arlv : :- gressed until I nail ;;:_..?i ? \ b, ??.,*. when t *!:?
continue- t, ' n ng, tl ink-G d, noturfber se for tatpr?>
..??.t. VVithinuci recard ?.- ; resnecL
Your obedient arid humble servant,
SA.ML. vv. i-fiN?;.
Sold in New-Yorkby the !v agents.-V.B.J?D. s WHS.
??ruiirists. 7!' an?! 100Fulton -treet : aliosold by Abraham B. i
Sand?. __7:> Bro.i.lwav. Granite Buildings, conwr oi Cham?
bers -t.. and bv David Sand, .v Co.. No. 77 East Broadway,
corner.of Marketst. Price ?1 0?. -?;' lm
"\\r A,i ! WAR : WAR .?The Wi-Mn
7 V kers have-declared hostilities against onr neighbor, ,
Dr. JAYNE. on account ofhi.? HAIR TONIC, which Is
knocking all their business into a ' cocked-bat.* Lidit ? and
gentlemen, ?d?l an.! voune, ar*- flocking to the Doctor's ,
standard. Heads long divested of even the first rudiments
of hair, aller using his Hair Tonic, soon appear widi new !
and flowing locks, which Absalom himscll might have i ??
vieil. Beardless Ijovs are seen vvith large antl bushy \vhis
kers, awd ladies smile acain through their own raven rine
I???-. more beautiful and bewitch ng tl in ? ??? r. Bald hea Is
are d?tfinij i!,?':r wt-n-an?! thro?* :._ ' ? in I i the "? es
.,.-.! Hie bat?,' while the wi?_-makers stand aghastasthey be?
hold 'Y.-.r demolition of their l>u?.i:.-??.
Wbatwill be the. consequence-ffthi** w?r we know not,
as the wiggies ar*- outrageous and the Doctor -? mains tl
it : leclares t hat *soniet___gs can-be done as vvell as others.' ?
ami :!' it bald h- ads may as ?veil wear their own Uair as the
ha r of other people- [Weekly Messenger.
JA .NES IIAjR TOXIC?After giving this a
trial, weunhesitatin__l\*pronounce it to be w al ? ,- ??? ?es
?the Vest article, without any sccption, in astvi the re?
storation and preservationof the human hair. We kr...... o?
numerous illstasces where i.air ha* been restored to beads
which have been bald for years : and wcthii k wei annotdo
i greater favor than to recommend m all ourreatlers who are
;..-.,;_: .::?? r i.a.r to make a tria! ?.;' this Tonic ".;:?? diately.
[Boston Mail, Mav !..
Sold in New-York by th" agents. A. B. ._ I). SANDS.
Druggists, Nos. 79 and 100 Fullori-street. al wholesale and
retail; Also sohl by ABRAHAM B. SANDS \ CO., So.
T> Broadway; (Granite BuiltlingJcornerofCbamb? rs-stre< t,
and DAVID SANDS.. ('??.. So. 77 East Broadway. : -'?
T \ LL YO ?B ELUE VE and live, or
Pun. mKLPtiiA, December, **?.'7.
To Dr. ./(lyrv?D.ir Sir: 'li.e i-" - anil almost
miraculous beneficial eflects your valuable EX__E.CT.O
I UANT had on my neighbor, the Rev. Mr. Rusling, ma?ieso
! fayorable an impression on my mind that after consultinj
| with ?ri. ral friends, and learning that you were a :-,'_.'ul.?r
; Practitioner of Medicine, t called upon von, and ptircli.ised
halfador.cn l-ottl*?.. and tohl you ibai il I. lived to take
Ihem.you shonld have n gootl report from me.
I a?ii alive an?! w.-ll this day! Thanks lie to a merciful
God; and your E.\pcctoiat_t;antl now I com? forwanl
cbeerfijllyt? t n I til my proiriise.
For tweniv long years had ll.e.'ii a constant su flerer from
i!i.- eifectsota hard dry cough, pain in my brea?t, nnd ?lit!?
culty ofbreathmg* die last five of which chills nnd fevers,
every ???rinir and fall; w?_re added lo my misery, t was
wnrnaway to a mere skeleton ; ? ?th the greatest dirti? uliy
only co'jii4 1 ?.?et up an?! down ?lairs; mv appetite wasgone,
ami my ?tre:j_:i!i had ?n far failed me, that my friends were
persuaded I could noi survive many \? >???!>?, unless I obtained
relief. Indeed, sir, my situation was so perfectly miserable
!>> myselfrand family, thai I i-.lt willing to die. wh< never il
should please die Master to take n.e home. But I heard ol
your medicine, and relief? ame. Ye?! it prove, ihe '? Balm
,?i (?ilea?!" ;., my poor aiTlicted body. Before I had taken
ONE BOTTLE 1 experioncedan:;tigntionofallmv.syrap
iiiin?, and to my _rr?'at jry 1 found in die coiitinuetl use of
it ?he happieit reu*'!', ni ?h>>i"i, ?ir, it hi? mad?- a perfect
cure ol'iur, :iim I (-an truly ?jv, I have no iWsire lo be hetti?r.
Now I consider it a duty I owe you, and through vouthe
public, to make niy case known, lielievingtliat it will b-?the
means of directing bund rods who ar*. aQlicted as I !?a-.*'
been; to ih*- us,- ot n r*"ine,|y which, under the blessin ,?- ol
Ocl, I consider to have pre?erv<*d my life.
V?iu are at liberty, ?ir, t,, make use of this letter to your
advantage, and roakeniy case .?is extensively known as von
please. li'il?*-re be any who doubl ihe Irutli of the above
account, ret'et them to me. I ?hall he happy to see lliem, and
will not only confirm the above ?t_i.iin-ni?, hut will __ive
them particulars, which il would be.unnecessary to*" furnish
for tin: put .lie press. 'Widi everlasting gratitude. I am, dear
sir, your obliged friend MARY GILL.
Corner of Ruse-street and Oerinantown Itoad.
Prpparrd and sold at No. 20 South-Third .treet.
Sold by the Agents, A. B. .. I). SANDS, Druggists, Nos.
7_?and 100 Fulton-street, at wholesale arid retail. Also sold
l?y ABM. B. SANDS, __ CO. ?No. 273 Broadwav, Granite
Building, corner of Chamber-?!, and l.v David Sands, Co.
No. 77 East Broadway, corner of Markel-sireet. I'ric?
I 00. l'!.l lm
W.f)RT.??Icertifv that 1 have been crimp? lied by ex
trein?.* had health to make ii?,' of Dr. Taylor'? Balsam ol
Liverwort for many years, and that the meilicine I now use
i? identically Ihe ?am* a? that 1 formerly obiainrd, and that
it is made by lin* same person now at .'II Springet, who
formerlv made it at .'?7.. Bowerv.
SoN only al 211 Spring-st, 79 and 153 Fulion-st-, Brook?
lyn, lit: and _2l>i Broad-sL, Newark. Price, large bottltis ^2
?exl s?j-** %l : smailes! ?i?e '-_. re,,!? 1*21 in.
F??T to the Lame.?Th?' I__xtitigu?3hing
LINIMENT, a ?-:.-.? Cure for Chilblains in th? Feet.
so troublesome i.. th*-?.*vinter, and formerly so ?lilli.ult to
cure. H ut a new discovery is now unfolded?the true reme?
dy now.appears. It cure? chilblains, even when die feel
are ulcerated. It cures burns, freezes; whitlows, and:nhl
sores. It will not only cure but prevent a burnorscalil
from blistering, ii applied immediately ; hence no family
should be wiiiioui its Directions with pnitiLs, Price2_5ci nia,
and w cure (or chilblains, I.urns and fretaes-warrant?d. Pr? ?
pared and put up by Amos Hai'sef, ol Hollis, N. II.
Sohl l.y dieagents, A. ?. St D. S.n,e,-. Druggists, No 7!i
Fulton-su corner of Co!?!, and 100 Fulton-su, at wholesale
and mail. Sold a!?-, bv A. B. Santls "?? Co., ?o. .T? Broad?
way, and D.iv:.l ajiidsi: Co. 77 Ea?i Broadway. f28 lm
? OVKKT'S BALiVl OF Lin':.?This
Medicine is doing wonders. Almost evei*y person who
.?ir.? this article comes recommended by others who have
used it themselves, which speaks volnmes in n? fav.r. For
l)y-p.''??ia, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, ;,??| Consmnplfen, il.
?quai.does not exisc We hope the anlicwil will turn th??r
aUention !?? tiiis valuabl? article.
The following acrtificate i"r?!ii Mr. Chasteney, whosewife
!ia,l been twice or thrice ?o low as to leove l,iit little hope
bf recovery, ?imll her,- ?peak lor itself:
.Mr. Covert?Dear Sir: Mr?. Cltasteney has taken 2 Unirle.
A vour Balm of Life, an,! to my ?urpri-e ?- now in li*-it*r
health than I have known her to he for several years. She
has been ai?icteH with;? ?even- Cough for lift ?en year?, and
bv many P.iysiciat_sher lungsliavebeenpronoDiicc?! r.. ::ra
ble. She ha. several times been so low that ?i ?a- tliougbtshe
could not recovar. Now her Courh,comparatively speaking,
is hardly visible, and ihcd?rting pains Of the lungs have -u!i?i.
.!*?'!. Mrs. C. has taken a variety of medicines, huthasneve-r
experienced ?., much r--????r* :?? -he* has from your valuable
i;_,li,i oi' Life It :. :r,.!n a sense >?!' gratitutleai.il a feeling
for olbei- similarly afflicted, that I write yon this certificate.
Other iiji'inhe-rs ?*! my family I,_v.- ,|..-,| it with d?ci?ied
benefit. 1 am, d?'ar sir, very resjv?. tfully, vour?,
EDWARD CHASTEN-EY, Druggist, 140? Boivery.
Fors.-i!- by I. Covert, 131 Nassau -t. under Clinton Hall;
??i?o l,v ?L. Chasten.-., 1!". B?,w*-ry, -Vi Bowerv, IU8 ITnwery,
15.? vv'.-.'er-t. 110 Broadway, 1" Astor House, 73 anil IW
Fulton. 77 Es-?t Broadway,&?3 an?! 771 Broadway, 39 Divi
-??"I st. ?l lm
BON'ESE T.?This valuable pr?par?t ?or, has proved
?urce-s?!'ui ?na prart:,:* ol many years, and its reputation and
?rood effects may !?*? learned by the use of one or two rial. Ir
;?rr.?i'j?:,-? easy expectoration, and no equal circulation of th**
duitls, obviates c?stiven?a>s without causing debility and
!>rin?s a gende and healthy moisture on the skia II imme?
diately quiets a coughing :ii. gives ease to a seire- at,?! painful
!irea?t, an-i supports the debilitated chest and lungs under
'ii?ea?e and seated consumption. For sale, wholesale _nd
retail, by A. B. SANDS i_. CO., 273 Broadway,
con.er of CharabervstreeL
._ B. k D. SANDS.7!? and 100 Fulton,
f?-? 3'n_ _and 77 East Broadway
LE E C I? E S ! Leeches ! ! Leeches ! ! '
l,0?.o ven-fine, healthy German and Swetlish Leech?
es,; ?.:-__. receiv*?d an?l foi .aie verv reasonable, wholesale une,
retail, it carefully applied, by WILLIAM w.vrsi'iN, Che
rnlstand Piiarmaceu?st,Apothecarien Ila?.."^; Catharine-si.
. _, A tir*?, rate anide 0f Rolled and Plat*-.! Bras', can
always; be found at JAMES GiMOFPETT, i-'l Prince ?t.
near Woonoer, at the i(-<v?.-e*i market prie?-., Likewine a ven
(Superior artide of Cooper's ?r-a.*?. n22 u
?L G. M? i F FETT. 121 Prince-tre?.et R<,nr -ft'otMier
would particularly call the attention of Hardware D?-aler?
"tr,d .\Ia.iuir?.ciure_> t_ bis superior article of German Silver
wh-Chhe orfei. for ?ale wl,.,?,-s_.?e ?nd retail: ?fall thiclc
.1*.?.-?, and wan-rt.* it eq-jul ?? any, eitler Foreign or D*>
'He-si:c.lor c? orar.t:__-.(__-__ s__""> if
TO?mi^RW?C?^ Sweep. Smelter and
*J Ret-ner ?n eenera!, No. 17 John -ireert, New-York
Purchaser orJeweler's an?! Silversniiib's PoJishln*. Pa
roiangs,LemelL?i; Parting-Bars.Coarse Silver Bar-0____?i
r. ;i ?,,?*. mated Me,:,;.. jgoklAg Ra^^/^a iv '
*-T- ?^,J",-?^.?br.eas^aiid comlhrt. such as Rockin?- K
tombent; Levolvin_ _c. The first premium at the two b
Fairs barbeen awarded Kin-'? Chairs. Th.v arr warrant
-it to c* ?ar superii.r to anv m this citv or elsewhere
..,' _., _ M- W. KING. Pat-n.ee.,
??i tl .,. Bmadwav. between Grand and Kr,v>n> *t
I> (.'LED FOlTl___l^_n?AP?R._ 1,000
*L Reams ?JMESrB Ruled Cap ?r *:ale by
5_7 _ PERSSE k BROOKS, ?l Liberty st.
h-/. /OR. PETER*.? MEDICATED 1O--40 ?
?.LNGKS, u :.-,?-., - : .:??..:,_,? tfci Bmadwav \ \ V
!: " :'"* '-'- ' '? ".? ?r el .- !.??"?,-. J
' ? ?' ' ' " ' to chitdrr-H, . - ? '
. .-i . ' I ? ?? .?_??. Tlii?, while ?t pr.-^ .-.,., .? _. v--,'^,
a ver entra .*.?._?-.?.,...."""
? ? I .'???? ??:.??- ... .-. : .? , ?;. .... , ?,._; j*
? ? ? ?t_u es. The proprietor, bai
?'??'?' prit-fe-?sion, nod ei.-JZjJT^
, ?. \r? r.? v.- ? raence for ma ; ? ? , .. .. '- ? ."-"?i cV/'
- :"'' '' ' ' ' '_?????? e tothe *vC
??"!!:?? c?i-.-i.:'tii.-,i ??-.i?.-. :,.r \v|;:.l? ;?:,.v .... . ...
: v i ;? bt-en '.?:??.: ni a \a?l number :
both n. : vate a
?*? ' " ' * : ' - ? ?' ? ' ; "?'T'-ir-i*.:.-??.? for?_s_>
? rfof i".->:;_.i.?. C**ol<L?. Astluna,WboopingC? ogh.CaLv-f,
i:_:iiii!? ?.?.?: th?_ ?f-??i. l"n>;i--:irt??, and ?:::?.;ar ptdroohanr
?'?'. ??.:.-:?. Ir s no** well ?Mablished that alarge prooor-jon
01 cas? ?ol;I :????:*? n: by which su many *? >*__*..i>?-. ?'-^
. ?anni ?I.'*.- ?.n-nrii "?. owe lh? t origin :?* *.?:?- csiiioa
i ? ? -.? i id I ?-. ? - ch *r*'__?!.r easily have Iwvn remorgj
? - . early ;- i .-?i. No mediciu* **::! !-?? Iband vi enxacocs
? ." - -???? J? *J ?*??' I-?.*- : .'?*?. Thev !.?????bjv
illny tlie cbogh. by "removing tbe irritation ^l.c.-it?,.^',
. :. .. .ir me ?me i ni?* they promote ex-fectoration, ??_t
relieve congestioa O o ? e.?One Loiengeis '.'.?..??vjij,^.
Sir art adult.
. ? i -know:..:_.??! by tbe Oitmlty w be tl.? most vier.^.??
and successful prei oration for ?Ir? ?:. ft* :?? li-JU >'? wortnsertr
oiferetl to the public There are several toed ?nes ?d?-**-.
-. ?-- ..-?'.? :i sucht -a????, but they hare proved n> ^
? ? .. I ?* .- ? Ii -?. t? ". i ave lostail coi ? di ?? ?' with, ti?
. .-. i?.'::..-?>; iheiii, in?l??ctl, are so viol vut in thtvop<?r>,
. is to ?vqu-mtly lead t" fatal results. Tin. pabBc.th?ti.
- Ls cautioned a<r*ln?*.them. T ????!., .eng?*-*, whDe?_..-.
... fourni to he pe? I? eilj -*..,? latthe?f.meU_iuM)?w?
fail, wliere worms are present, i" il? stroi tl
Ar?* n .-???? ,. ill? "? ? ??' o? r> isoi sick ? > "?:.t?-t;?*.iw>.
k of spirits - melancholy. Lnisrnor ami I . ? . ear,
from previ?ius ;.?. a??- or too i:?-.- , \ m_-. tr?nons, ?^.???-.?o,
? ??' i ??? ? ihenerv?*? hy>t? -ai i-Tt-ctlcw,
.inn.?:i, ??. cholera tiioii.n?. ?fu.?'* of r'.n ?in?' ami palpitado?
? it the heart. From their eiSc.icj in the reliei of hendadle
lliey are called bj many the H?*adache I>>??-i?;>-.
I)- PETERS' \ EGET .BLK .sbHIini; '?'trength.
tilling PlttJ-Itf-P.?Tw? ?v.- Ilui..t!?-,i ."housand wW
-.?!'.?;.?!>' *?hilltni_ P!a?tt *? is an easy ami t-.T*?.-t.?-.
r.-:in-.i\ for pain in the breast,side or.?tomach, \??".iki?<"?'...r
pain .n the ? :h**st, loins or back, ??!tli.*>? of th? neck^atTec.
.- ?"the limbs or joint?, whether product^! by rhvcsja
:.?!?. nr other ca;.?.?, habitual pain of the head Or ?.it*in?cit
colds, oairli?. ??*.?-r complaints. wt>aknt*ss .'i the ?;.!'.?*. ptv.
I sposkion io break out in init-? and pimples, Ii?tlr???!!?>vi a?
the frame, and linr general debilitation.
? ? Itlren. aswolf a? adults.'may derive _rr?-ni a.lvanuj.?.
from Peters' Sh??ins Planter.espe? ?ally when nifterinefroa
coughs, in?,??. teetliinir, chmcougb, whoopin?cougu, Uhl
?n? Ii like, a? in all dies?"ca-*?.s it i? a sir ple.sure andspeeiiy
Dr. IV'.'r?'? Pr::!?::-?:*.! Offices ar?- !."?? Broadway, N. Y.: ft*
North S\r!i street. Pli ladelphia. 119 lui
I i;::??..? - >. I'.f!i ,-r M.MhKi-v? in the l?a?*k, Loim be Side
Neck; l?:"?-.i?tor Limbs, effectu-Jh cured by ii.
In ('?-.i_:.-.i.:,? I w: Complaini tliej ailbnlastonishiit?
results. Worn on the l-wcr *?.-irt of the spine, they cure
;!;.- P i. ?. -i... i on the !?.n*k ot it:?-1 ecks of children tcckiDj,',
will give ?mmettiati relieC
i.i.-.i.i'ii' sold yearly an?! varra ted superior to nil othrr
planter?, an.I ont* I2_ cents each. See von r.-t the (genuine.
Wiinl,??:?.?? an.l retail at 106 Nas?uu-st.,N. Y. Agents, \tl
H ?..rv, TT K^?i Broadway, .*Ti Broadway, 221 Uu?lv?!i<
?58 aiu! 139 Fulton-st.*?*-?*. Bnvtkl-? ?. it:) Im
Hon. K.I.J. Porter.
Rev. Darius Anthony. Oneida Conference.
S.-I.k?t:aii Streeter, Boston.
Mr. Han,lock. 197 i*enrl*st.
Prof B. \. Ward, 113 ChainUers-su
Mr. Y.intierpoeh 132 Fourth-st.
.Mr. E. ?;. Stacy,6?1 Wooster-st.
,*lr. Henry J". ?ank.-r. '.T Green-st.
Mr. I...mi- W.Gro??s.86 Fulton-st
Or. Hunter, 108Sixth avenue.
Mr. Itji-i.-r It". Cli-.illiain-?!.
Vntl ?thers innumernble of thelriRhesl .tnndinj; anil respe?,
ability, have fullv tested the virtues ofShennau's "tlt-dkateJ
Loteii^e**. Orri.? Tooth Past??, an.l Poor Man's Plaster. Ii
v?m have ci.iiL'i?. el.I. a?i!i!iiu. whooping cough oi con
iiption; use Sherman's Cough Bhienges. Ii'.? l;?-ai!-.icii?'.
lowness ol spirits, palpitation ol the heart <?r any ncrvoo.
ilisi a??-, n?.? Sherman's Camphor liizenges.t'.eoniyrflnietlif
for seu .i? kness ever discovere?!. If yon are trouble?! wiiii
worm?, which are known L?r ?i picking "i the ii"?e. 'Irv*w?,
t.i.-v?, voracious appetiti?, len??ess. pain in th?-,joint?, flu?b?.(
checks and paleness round the lip?, u??* Sherman's Worm
Lozenges, tin- only infallible worm medicine ewrdiscoTertd.
If a pnin >.r weakness in the back, loin?, skie or l?rea.?t, nr
.?ven rheumatism ^>-i one of Sherman's Poor Man*? Plaster
anil it will*cure \"?. Always see that yon ;?*i the gonuiu?*.
The walvhousv ?sal I'-'i N'.t??au-*trc? t
.\,r,.,,tw_|..: Rowen,* ; "7 Eafl Broadway; lO-VstorHooi?.
I Hi and J7i Broadway; .'.-7 HuiLson; _T-'l iU.t-.-ki*!--?., Nm- *
Vori?. Mnnil 13?Fnlton-st.,Brooklyn. Ilineson,corner-llli
ami Oran.! ?i.., Wllliaiosliurgh. R**<lding, 8 Sute-??.,Bou?
lon. Bur ????, .'!> South 3tl ?i . Philadelphia. 117 lni
/TORMS in Cliil.lr.-n.?Of nil diflcas??
T io wiii.li children are exposed, none ni?* -o fatal ti
them as Worms. Unfortunately children are _el?lom fr***
from them, and a. they ?mitnte.tlie symptoms ol almost ?'?'rrj
complaini, tin y often produce1 alarming et?t?cts witlwu* be
:?.. suspr-ctfd. Worms ar?- noi only a can??- of disease
themsflvtrs, l?ut by their ?rrita?on aggnivate all other tlw
i?a?fs. wandering from one port ?>i tli?* IkmIv l?Ab^oiwr,
winding themselves up into large balls and ol^inic?nglb
bowels, ami frequently the throat. .-au?in_,' cohvuImoii??.!
mo often death. The desired rcme?lywii! liefoundhDr.
J Dyne's Tonic Vermlfiice, which will very ?o..?n ilestroy.dic .
Worm?. an?l invittor.il?* 111?' powei?> *>l digestion, ?o .IStoptr
vrnt n return of them.
Sold l?v ill?' a_rcnt?, A. R. .V O. San?l?. ?l!i)_ri:ist$, wboi*
?al?- ami retail, N?>?. 7'l ami loti Pulton-sU* also David "??aiKli
k Co. 77 Easl Rroailway: Abraham B. Sands k Ca SJ
R road way; granite luiilding.-oor. of Chambers-st. 1241m
iJNT'S Ve{reial)Ie Ctiu^h Candy.?
An infallible remeily for eoiicrli?, coJtls, intluetna. ?i.t
in ?.ici for nearly every pnmarv affection of th?* lungs, Th-.?
i-i-|.-lii!ii?-.l compnund i.? .?li.-r.-.l !?y tli?* proprietor with Ok
fullest confidence of its etlicacy ami u.?wuln?""ss. 11 i? mad*
..! tli?- l?.-?t niati'ria1?. and contain? the extraci of nearly CTWy
herb famous t.n medical virtu??. Improved by ? rwes
known only i?. the Proprietor, and he warrant- !t fref fnwi
every tl?-l?-icriou? ?nurcdleiiL Hi* challenges ciiinp:iri?*-i
V?.-ill. any other vegetable compound in this city, knawiugui
he does thai invalids will, after a lair ami ?mnartlnl irinl, rfi*
citlr il ?t hi? c,t...,i-, is tiie mue!! wniiletl '.Miiiiuni in Pana'
Eorsale by tin- Pn.prii-tor, So. 130 Grand, corner of P-it
?ir<t-i. Prii ?? ?>i cents, or .r??i crni.? jn-r II?
Soi?! .tl?..ai il,.-druggists corner of Clinton an.l Dir?tpn;
corner of East Broadway and Scammel : Eoster?c Palir.??-"!.
Suflolk,between (.ramfauil Uenlerj ?Merchants' ExcLjn.**
Post*otfice, corner of Willinia xx:.d Exchange-streets, ?wi i;
Ii?' .I'*ii'_"-''?r* ".jn. ihIIv. I'll Im
( ? I I iv. K V11 .!.??*?*< ; VA\ M AN'I' LASTER
\JA ?A m??.i i-iK-fiiiul remedy for tiie f?llm?ring?tOTpWnli
?Cor?*, Cut*, Bruises, Burns, V?tons, Sali Rheom, F'"'
Sor.-?. Sore Throat, S:c. In "'????? from onet? tijur?htlliK
This Piaster has been usen .-.?-.jese ??-ven years withp?t
?ne?-?-??, an.l tin.??, wlio once make use of it will find nv?7T
u-eful.in their rainili.-?, a> tln>ii?:if:?l? can already "J-rolj?
trial -.?ill he a sutlicieni recomnieiHlatJon. So!?l by S-r?*?-*
ini-r. Proprietor; 163 Wonster-sireel nt*nr llotuto?! ?*? ?
Trans, 175 Bowery ; E. II. Tripp, l?"7 Oivi?i?.n-?tr?*<.t: Mrt
Sjmrling, 11 Second Ivenue* E. B. Little, conter H"-*-'-?
ami Caiiiioii*sL; t?tforge Thompson, corner of H??-'??*'1"
Brooklvn?Mr. Sewn), Ift) .\a??avi--.t; Mr?. Heed's'TliWti
tun .v--t-.il.* -;??r?-, Kultoii-st. mlIra
jy EAUTIFUL tocth and Sweet Breath
t.y SHKIt.M \N'S iif'.ltl*. TOOTH PASTE i? warm**
fi dir- l?.*t prr-naratlon for cleaning an.J .vhitening.tii? VtA
ifivinj? them a f.rillii-.icy ami preventing .li.vay ai:?! p*?*
lariitii? il.?- ?.'um?, .mil imnarun delightful fragrance tot?
brentk. Or. Elliott, th? di.*?nguishetfoeul?st.and Dr. ?'a-*-J
the celebrated .lcui??t, 2<1 Broadway, u?*- ?i h rin-fcrence.
??il oth?*r articles. The immense wile this de-VhtfoI *&?*
lii? i- almo-i ?ocredibl?-. N'o one ?/vt-r u??'>any ..tl;?-r artici
aller givin_; tin? a trial. Sohl at ?06 \a-? IB-street, nwl *"
. 2i'? B rond way
108 Bowejy; and lia
hit m
East Brn_tl'*ay
A. AspniwnlP?.to"
f 19 In
fl_ II "uVGLVCS and Bordurs, for sale clisan, at idele;
n ,| States Paj4-*r Hanging ami Band-Box \Varehow**. '
jail *J1
?t, n?-ar Broad way, New-York. Roorrui-papcnii
atesrmanner. JOSH-TA BROWN,65Canal**
AM<I.('|-rr LAW?V. S. COURT?-?!
? DUTCHElt, REYNOLD!?* !c PLATT, :'r.??-ionio! I
i-c|...r?, 52 Merchanu' Exchange, City of .V?-w*Ytvt I
Conn?elIon>, 52 Merchant1.' Exchange, ?-.n. -?.-:
liaying made arrangements Ibr tin* purpose, art* prepa
attend to application*? ander this Ijw m tin? City and
"lii'-r nan? ofth? s<-,;it!.?.nt D?mria or" Sev.-Vork. ?1
< ?TIGE TO (:ii EDITORSr-Tn Itinl
. ni ptc y. HEN it V A N ST I <" E, LA W I. LA N K fi'*.
LISHEIt, has in press, ami will !??? n*a.|y in tli?* nearer.
"Thi*. important blank in p-*oc?*eding-! in bankropU),?**
rrct?.tl and ordered l?y the court. A. evt_ry cr?.-.li!?5rnr-*'
be serve i with a copy, great numbers of tlii. blank ?fill**'
iviiiiir.-'i. They will therefore be printed to me?t tli-r?*j'
inand,an'd sold cln?aper than the generality of LawBUc-*'
The trad?, siipplle?! ?' ?' less prie?- than theycan ?^ir,t.
The additional Roles No. 15, 7G, 77, 78'am! 79 for?-!?
price only three cento.
mStf ' HE.VI.Y ANSTICE, ror. Cedar ic .N'.fsaii ?^
"T>" l-A!U:XTS":.nTr;^Hi'ni^In or;
der to ?nit the convenient:? ofstudents, '.?ho _r?*o'*v
erwiseoccupietj through ihe day, th?- luKlersigned wi?;jt*
future devote the hours from ! t???* P. M. to the ir.?*ru?"W
ofafew young gentlemen, with reference to thedotfe?^
the?lesk. Tl.?-oi.w-.-t ;? to render them familiar u;th ?-'
tiatureof ac?_oonto, aiul entitlethem to a favorable r?->yp*>*
- j.niitiu' n
.rilo Hi
m7 lit
THOMAS JONES, 183 Broad*?.
G-LUE, Glue, Glue, Glue.-,50 barre*
? aviorted Glue, oiitable lor Cabinet Makers, ?'-?f
Painters, Hart?-.?, Woolen an?! Cloth M-mufartur?-r*..kr.*
V.-r.i?L-."i? groanil in Oil?1,000 II.?., ?uitable lor Ship-?**--5
rr? and Blind Manufacturers,-for ?deby
m7 lm JOSH t'A OILIiEKT k. SON, 1?_4 Water-S,
J O A V A N ? ) CANDLES.?G rocera aej
7 o?iers who .ir.- in want of a tir?t rat?* article ?*?522
ap, arereouested to ra!l?at 182 E!?/.iib**th-?tr?.'et. W^.Y,
?ring am! Princ?-, vvh?-r?-!h?-y can be l'nrnish?^ '?'l?*3*ii
i? iii^ iiii.i rriii?;?-, wtiirnruiey ':??!. i?? itiriii^ii?^? ? :?,
rien? quatit.e-1 ol. Soap of acknowledged superior ti^.,
Ai-a. RefinetJ Mould Cantiles;free from ?aires!* v-*
!???? option, :?.i warraiit-hi to ?-itbsmnd ihffumnier-*
E'.r ?ai?- on i:!>?-ral t?-n!i? by th?- manufacturer, ?*__*.<
mflSw** ' JAMES Kl Cn.t>,
kORS.?nfbce No?. -I and 92 Merchantt* Excha-y*- -
in-i. N-w-Vork. SALEBf DUT?flf;
rs27if _O.TT P-I-ATT ^>
f?-r for >a??'. at )""i Chatliam-t. N?-w-Vork. *J-*,L=1'i
?-?i und mo.i ?.-nuin?* i?*a.? in thr worW, in any Qtia-yb^,
1?-? than 4 nnnen. If any artici?* punliafe-J '-'* * "_J ?Jjt'
h?!.ii..-iit ?iit.uld hot give fall ??...?fact-or,, It b) rt;<*__f "j??i
liey be brought Uack ?Uie money %>nll b. rt^urne??- '

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