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From our Special Corre-poadent.
Washington, March
With painful anxiety I have watched the m
ment*? of Congre*-? and the Executive for s
w?seks pa*t, and am free to ?ay that at no pe
of our history have I witnessed mo much ?cans
alarm for tho honor and stability of ->ur ins
tion?. Tho v.-or4 fears of tho patriots of the i
olution are almost realized; and the predict:
of tho distinguished framer-i of tho Constitu?
are aJrendy tho recorded history of the ?and.
political degradation and sobserviency of the An
?can Congre??, uuier the daring twurp&uonj
the Administration!? of Gen. Jackson and Mr. "
Buren. 1 fear have not beoo entirely rebuked
the revolation of l?<10.
The Executive grasp of the sword and the pui
which wasI-legalized by trampling t,n th?.* Con
tuticn and the rights oi the people of New .1er
in 183?., is in no degree reltixcd by the conduct
certain Whigs claiming for th?? President thepo*.
and prerogative of originating n measure of
nonce over which his control shall be unquestioi
mid unlimited. I have no disposition to ala
you ; hut I have hoard it repeatedly insinua
that tho clause of Mr. Taltmadge's bill rostra
ing tlie authority ?f the President over ?he oific
of''the Excbeqiier' is emphatically denounced
that small party in the House denominated ' i
Guard,' and that, if the Semite bill should ?u
without a modification of this feature, it would f
to become a law; Tho odious art of the Sub-Tr.
giiry wrested from th?* Representatives of the in
file, the people's money,and placed it in tho linn
of the Executive.
For this audacious stretch?f powers th?-? peor
in their majesty hurled the late administration fr?j
their posts, ?md demanded of their successor.? t
regulation ol the currency and finance.? of the n
tion according to the spirit, and limitations of tl
Constitution Ii my apprehensions are corree
we have nothing to hope for in this matter. Tl
Exchequer Bill of the Mouse, which rccoTiizi
the appointment and removal of ?ic officers name
in it, cannot command a respectable vote of eiihi
of the great parties ; and that of th?* Senate,
am mortified to say, will not he passed at th
session of Congress
Tbe President's Message recommending tl
suspension or repeal of the Distribution Bill, hi
produced a commotion in both Houses, the ii
flucnccof which will be felt throughput the .?cssiui
From the tune and character of the dehnte upti
the Loan Bill in the House to-day^ I per?oive th
friends *>f Mr. Clat aro resolved t? draw th
sword iiikI throw away the scabbard. Mr. Ra.
sort of *\. C. Mr. Gentry of Tonn; und Mi
Lane of la. poured forth a torrent of iitv*<.-.j.iv
against the President and Ins small Land in tlm
body, which has rarely been equalled in eloquenc
of allegation and arraignment ol* motive : in fa?
Wise, Proffit and the rest) are utterly demolished
if the chtirgcs preferred against their political in
te?rity in all the hurtling ?sarcasm of this debate
be not effectually refuted.
Without stint or qualification, they were pre
noiinced tho very incarnation of domagogueism
and the supple minions of the Executive. Wit]
the lofty professions of disinterested patriotism
they wero declared to be signally destitute ofever
principio of virtuous freedom; to attain apol?tica
??tin1, their lips ami their knscs wero disgraceful I;
employed in servilo homage at the footstool ?
Powxti. But their purposos onco accomplished
the mask wan cast aaido and their real charactci
bhadowed forth in all tho disgusting lineament? o
its black hypocrisy ; and their high aspirations and
profound regard for the rights of their fellow-ciri
?ens were for ever buried bi-moaih tho exhibition ol
alow, sordid corruption.
Without pretending to report thn language em?
ployed by the orators, I believe 1 have given the
import of some of the most caustic passugos. flic
justice of the denunciation, in it? utmost length
and breadth, 1 am not fully prepared to ?-indorse
But this I will say, that the course of Mr. Wine
and his immediate friends requires explanation
and profound repentance. And before they can
expect to bo ?re-instated in public estimation, llioj
must repudiate their present political confederates)
and make humble and ni?een" ucknowlcdgemonl
of their past offences to tho great Whig Party ol
ilif country.
The debute in the Senate also, 1 understand;
wns full of power and interest. Mr. Puesto.?.', Mr.
Manocji, Mr. Barrow, and Mr. Alls.*?', all ac?
quitted themselves with unusual distinction. The
two first named gentlemen were especially elo
?|iient?though I regret to say there wore some
passages levelled against tho President, that
might, a** well have been omitted. As your regu?
lar correspondent will furnish you with a synopsis
of the proceedings of to-day, I will forbear further.
notice of these spirited debates.
The following nomination7* wero presented to
the Senate this looming: J. W MGuttocH, of
Baltimore, 1st Comptroller," S. 1). TuR.VER, Sur?
veyor of tho Customs, Beverly. Mas;?.; James
Gbegory. Marblohcad; J. S. Gibbs, Collector
Beufort, N. C. ; H. Nocrse, Collector." Apaln?
chicola Florida. Mr. MeCulloch is undoubtedly
a man of talent and attainment, and every way
mentally qualified for ih?> position assigne?! hi:n.
But it IS said thai his connection with the Branch
Bank of the United States bus left a stain up?m his
character which, if unrcmoved, may render his
confirmation somewhat doubtful. 1 trust he will
be able to satisfy the Senate that the rumor is with?
out foundation ; for the country is suffering for the
want of the signature of this t-thecr. \ours,
-HTj? -
Ccirre?poiidenct* of the Tribune.
W a Ml i S r. to K. M o nday, M ar i h 28.
In Senate, to-day. Mr. Kisg offered a resolu?
tion calling on the President for copies oi any cor?
respondence with the Government ot Mexico, re?
lative to American prisoners there ; which was de?
bated at some length by Messrs. King. Preston,
and others, and then laid over.
Mr. Prestos'."? resolution declaring the neces?
sity of immediately raising a loan, at the best term?
possible, was debated by Messrs. Prestos, Lins.
All""..*?-. Mas OU M and others, the discussion par?
taking of a party character, each party being
charged with the responsibility of producing the
"?resent distress of tho country, &c Mi*. 1 . advo?
cated the raising of money to meet the indispessa?
We wants of the Government, at any favorable
te-rrn.?. He would much sooner see a loan of .$20,
000,000 at ten per cent and ton years, than such
????grace und dishonor as ha4 been cast on the
??"Hintry during the Jasl three^fcfliths.
The Senate then adjourned. v
In the Housk, the resolution of Mr. Morgan
^reestablish the one-hour rule was postponed by
??neral consent.
The Loan Bill was again laken up. and Mr.
GmtRv made a. speech of about two hours in re?
rh' to Messrs. Wise and Profkitt, whose remarks
H*el\ as the editorials of the Executive organ and
ot tu-? hireling Tyler Press throughout the country
**? quoted a? proofs of a systematic auompt
i ? -i
?Jirougbo-.tt the country to ?tigmattr.e tne Lei
live branch of Government, and in defence o
iction of the majority in the Hou?*-? of Repr
tatives this .cession, and of tho Whig rneasur
the Extra Session.
Mr. RaTSOR reluctantly r-r-^^A -n the
which he satd had been comrneuced by Mr. i
_n?4 spoKc at length on th-:* .subject of party
licir, and in defence of the manifesto Whigs, o
consistency and patriou?ir. ?if the Whig party
?n exposition of the ambitious motives of the
sid??nt and Corpori?..'. Goard. with whom and
Democratic {?arty, although it was disguise?
tlii, fluor, nt the White Hou??* rhero wa- a u.*
Hie ?elf-?tyk*d Democrats had ?educed the a
President from his former principies, and, a
doning him, turned muiid to the Whigs and ta
??il iheori with want of action f*r the relief of
country, and non-compliance with their prom:
I when it was ????'?!! known that they wer?" thwa
at ever}* step by onivwho' having been brough
to power by them, hud treated them with tre;
ery. If bis advice had prevailed, the Whig p
would long since have declared a total ??-print
from John Tyler, and absolved themselves end
from responsibility for his measure?. The M
fest?' was is.-sued by those vvho spoke with tin
thority of three-fourths of the Whig partv.
udverted to ?he various cause, which might
?ei/.ed as pretexts foi war, deprecating "all
liddle faddle feeling" of going to war t" m
John Tyler President. lu alluding to the Gr?
ease, he expressed his opinion that in the
sence of international law un this subject^
English Government could not he romp'"!led to
liver up mutineers arid murderers or fugitive ?lu*
If they were taken forcibly by the British, t
Government might br? compelled to pay for tl:
as property. H19 speech, a complete reply
Messrs. Wise ntid Frorrit?, and u triumphant *i
dication of the Whi? party, was replete w
searching truth, clothed in eloquent and a:>r
priato language.
Mr. Lask at ?cnt?? length vindicated the W!
doctrine*" and measures, condemning, as false ?
recreant to every principle of political honor <"i
honesty. John Tyler.
The House at half-pas! S o'clock adjourned.
appointments by tiik president,
By and with the advice ?iiidcdhsent of the Senate.
t L'STOM-HOL'SE "fin KH?.
Collectors.?Edward I?oi'k?ns, District
Brunswick, Ga., vice A. \V. W illcv.
Le?vitt Thaxter. District "f lidgaitow
Mass., vie..1 .lohn P. Norton.
.1AMK?'.regoky, I)i?!i?et of M?rblchcad, Mai?
-.ir.- 1 * ?. i < ? i Dixcy.
Moses Richardson; District of Providern
11. !.. vice Samuel Brown.
- ir?? -
DC/*' No Mail South uf Richmond. Va., tl
ROBBERY.?Mr. Moody, th?* proprietor of tl
Hygeian Hotel, Uld Point, says the Norfolk Be
con, was robbed on the lGtli inst. of between Si
."?00 and $3,000. by n man named Brown, who lit
recently been employed as a bar-keeper. He \vi
pursued and overtaken at York Ferry! at 3 o'clot
A. M. on the same nicht, and brought back
Hampton, where h. wascommitterl to jail. Near
nil the money was recovered. It is said ho istVo:
Horrible Murder.?Aman named Jone?.
shoemaker, in Meadc Town, Belmont count1
(Ohio,) ??n Saturday last, in a lit of anger t-hd it
toxicatio?, commonced whipping his son. age
about 13 yourn -with ti switch; Not c-iiiistiotl wit
that he took a enne. ntrd then a shoe-knife whic
lie used in mutilating hie head, face and stomac
until ho had kiU&jLhim. QWheelingTiiries.
XT l'it ionint*.' A.MOcintion.?An ?id?. .urn?, I mee
ing of Ulis association will tic h?'lil m .Monroe Hall, on Wei
neidny Evening, .March ???tli. ?it 7. o'clock.
SILAS CllfCKERlNG, President.
S." Aid-, S ??-crnarie?. ?j ^
IT Fourth Wnril? The Democratic W'kigElecto
of the Fourth Ward art' requested to attend a Puhlic ?dee
lag to he held at the Shakspeare Ilote! on Friday eveninj
April 1st at 7J o'clock to hear the report of the Commute
appointed lb nominate (.'harter Officer., and for ihe transa,
lion of suoli other business ns may he. deemed necewaryi
promote their Election. By order oithe Committee,
Oliver T. Hewlett, Zoi-iiar .Mills,
Aticii. Hall, Jr. GlDEOM MkaO,
Thomas M. Lyon, GaRRIT It. Crank,
ukJO 3t All-in McLean.
"ET Fourth Ward.-HENRY~CLAY-Tlie frirni
of the Hon. ifcorv Cl?y, of the Fourth Wnrd, in favor ?
lorrain*; a Clay Club, for the purpose ot" furthering th
Election of the ??real Patriot and Slatr?.riiiiii o! the Weit t
the Presidency, are respectfully requested to oltcnd a Pul
He Meeting, at the Shakspeare Hotel, comer of Willhu
ami Duane streets, on Wednesday Evening, March SOlb, ;
7. o'clock.
William Uall Zophar .Mill
Satnucl Sparks S. s. Chatterton
F. S. Gain George Watts
James I. Berrien Archd. llnll.juu.
Abel Smith Thorn?-. H. Burra?
Josliua Tiiur.ton Thomas Banlelt
Edward D. Hall Henry Toppin*.
Samuel Sparks, jun. Allen" .McLean
Joel B. Famutn Samuel Smith tu23 2t*
New.York ! Sh? ?an, she must !??? ours! !
"O" Fifth Ward Democratic WM?*will nie?
ni the following placus lor the purpose of a thorough ot
gnniiaiiou for the ensuing Election, vii :
First District, at 17 Anthony-st. muhe C'tli instant,
Second " cor. Greenwich and Beach-sis.,29lh in.st
Third '? .Marion Hall, lfi? Chap?l-si?, 30th in.*-?
Fourth '? HuiU?n's Hotel; c. Hoboken i. West, Sim
at 7?. o'clock P. M. Basines, of great importance is lo b
transacted. Punctual attendance is therefore rvqucstcd.
By order of the Ward Committee.
Inhn Kt-.'N.n, 1?. ... WARBEN CHAPMAN. Cli'n.
F. C. W?-llenliuru'.\' "?? _ n;2A Th,Tu,Wi?Th
13- Fifth Whrd.?THIRD DISTRICT.?The Whig
of the Third District?Fifth Ward.are requested to ?ieet a
the Marion Hnuse, West Broadway, on Wednesday Even
iiii?. the 30th. a i halt past ?even o'clock, to organise for th?
ensuing election. J.AMES L. HEWITT, Chairman.
John Benson, Secretary. ui29 ?i
New-York must be redeemed I
Ftfth Ward Dfinocruiic "Whi?**?4th I>??.
trie?.?Tli?" Democratic Wlugs ot the 4th DUirictare re
quested to meet on Thursday evening, March 31, at thi
Hudson River Hotel for the purpose ol ortraniring the Dis
trici. By or.ier. FRANCIS C.iWTTTJENBERG,
James" Lawrence, Sec'y. Chairman.
O* Ninth tVar?.?Tiie D?mocratie Whig Electur
of til*. Ninth Ward are requested to assemble at the North
ern Exchange, -73 Bleeeker-suvet, on Wednestlay evening
30th insL.io hear the Report ot" the Nominating ("ommittt
appointed to select suitable persons to he supjxiried a.
Charter Officers of this Ward ?t tht ensuing elecuon.
Bv order of JAMES RYDER. Chairman Nom. Com.
William Lowssbury, Secretary* t-nSO R
D" Twelfth Ward.?The Democratic Whig Elect
.it?, of the Twelfth Want are requested to meet at .Mill?n'?
corner of Third Avenue and Eighty -sixth-street, on Thur?
dav evening, March Jl?t. at halt pa? 7 o'clock, to hear ihi
Report uf the Nominating Committee.?.March ?Hh. IS!'!
PETER RA.N'DELL, Chairman.
Wm. A. Ross, Secreiary.^_ in3? ^t*
E Thirteenth Ward Clay .'lub.-At an ad
jouraed meeting of lUi-. Clul?. licld at the Tippecanoe House
on Moodav Eveninu, .March SSib.for the purpose oi orgahi
ting?Reuben E. *?U>v? ?a. called to ihe Chair, and Josepl
T. MilLs appotHied Secretary.
Th?- Coustilution and Byr-law?. as reported by the Com
mittee, were read and unanimously adopted.
On motion it was Resolved, Thet we j_o inlt* ballot tor a
tioard of officers :or the ensuing year, winch renuk-d in tht
uaaiiiinoas election of the loilowmc name?! geiiilemen :
For Frwiitot-?REUBEN E. .MOSS.
f ice-Presidents?1'ETEK, P. BxlLEY. and ?HOS. DlCXSON.
Corresponding Secretary?.lt?se?.'h T. .Mill?.
Recording Secretary-John T. Klou.
Tici-jurcr? Nathaniel 1. Bovd.
Sergeant ?it Arms?Jobn B. Parker.
Velecates tu the Central Cub? Charles M. Siraonson, ?'as.
A. Brown, Abraham Golden.
Finance Cotamitirt-John Colby, David Tappen, I horn a.?
Valentine. John R. Lecoum, Jr.. Daniel H- >?nds.
Bv motion, the Hon. Henry Clay.ot Keutuctiv. v. a* unan
imously elected an Honorary Member ol this Club, and trie.
S?*cr?.-t;try was requeued to address aim, notifying mm ot
his election.
Bv motion, Krsokvd. That iwo hundred copies ot the
Constitution and Bye-law* be printed ?or the use ot tJ.e mem?
bers of the Club.
Un motion, the meeting atli-turned.
REUBEN E. MOSS, President.
Jcsefh T. .Mills, Secretary. 1:
rr Fourt-eeath ".Vard.-PLBLIC MEKT1NG.
Pur.ua-'1? to a r?*>olutioii oa-tsed at a puhlic meeting j}f
March 1". an Adiourned Meeting of the Democratic ? hi^'
Electors of this Ward will be held at the Broadway House
onTbiitviay Evening. March Slst. at halt" pa*.t 7 o'cl.-ck. for
tiie purp-i??e of thoroughly orgw'ttlng the Ward, preparalor*?"
to tjueensuing Election. Byoroerol
R. Ck?IOHKad, Secretary. JOHN ?OLVI.N, Chainiian.
*,?* American plca? copy. n*?0 ?
?-Th?. ibUbwing .?rinonncemenf .lpr-enr? fa the Man.-l;
na.Tii.eroi this' Masraz?oe, the.American Reprint f which
will be publish?-!! on **aton:;?v. Ap-i! i.'-,'. coDtaln?D?: ?? Oar
Mess" frt'in the cotnmeacexnent a* fr.r a.? has ?i!r?-a?iv a->
?'The publisher* ofth?- D-jbiin University Masrazine ';??.
the pleasure '?? inform the frJeinisami ?upporter? ol i?iat
Journal,that they have cqonpleiH ?rrargeoieniswilhMr.
Lever i Harr;.- Lorrequer) by -.?n.-vi he undertake?. t.1'**
Editorship of the Magazine, :??-.-? ng for ?t? pages ?:.?
publication of 'Jack Hi'iinr,.' and ?'.?? r tal?-*? hy ?.e same
".Mr. Lever'w?l abo coctiibu'.'- lanrcly and exclusively
to each number of the Magazine, tbeman?gvment ofwhicfi,
under !?.* auspices, will coiuinence with :???- April nur.b?.-."-.'
J. M. Maso.N, Publisher,
Bn.se:r.e:?t Room?, comer Pine and Bro.v'way.
TT Blackwood'i an?! Metropolitan Ma-.-a7.in-.-? an?! Bvnt
; i.-V? Mist-cliar.v receive?! bv tie Cciatr.b:a.ar?-in prrs? an.i
| _e_ti bepoblishetj A:nrily. ' rn30 Steodl?
Paris ?"-?lition. lvoLoctavo.
Ten Thousand x-Yz.\r, a cheap edition.
CHarlesO'Mmi.f.v -.-.-? ? I- ? . D;i;??'?'ir,. cb-ap ?-.iition.
Boz*; com:?!?-'.*- work?, illustrate I edition.
?. .. .. cb?-ap
Valentine Vox. the Vent?loquist, bv Henry Cock?on.
The Jacquerie,a oovelj :.;.- <;. I'. It. Jame*. ; vols.
Thi Ancient Resrime.
Marryatt's corn:,'-'** works. - -?? ?',-. octavo.
Forsaleby ' J-S. REDFJELD. Clinton Hall,
;:.." It cornerXasan and Beekman -fr- :?.
4 BBOTT'S New Series of Storiea tor {
I Co??i?; I.rrv's ('?-.?.??. !->?\t;->?. I vol. 18ma with plates. I
II Cocsir? Leer'? ?10RIE?. 1 vol. !3mo. with plates.
II! Cousin Lccv at Plav, l vol. l"mo. with platt?.
This 'lav received and for - tie Ij?
H.VXTuN .v .MI!.!:?7. li*' Fnlton ?tree!.
TURNER & I?IJGHES, Stationers, Pub?
lishers, and General Book Agent"7. N ?? '??? .'? hn-streei
New-York, and No.; Fayeitt-vilfe'sirect, Raleigh, Noitb
Carolina. F'*r<i.?;n and Domestic Books, Stationery, ??'*
II. D. TURNER, N'ew-?ork. S. ti. HUGHES, Ralegh,
These Puls have been now mor? tbnn seven years b< fore
ill?.' public, and their just pretension'? tn the ???aracter claimed
for them closely examined and tested, by a irrrnt numberof :
? ersons, u*? intelligent to !>?? ?!????.?;-.?.?.I. ami to ? deeply inter- ?.
t-ste<l in the results not to observe with cart-.andjudge with- ,
out favor.
Experi-nce ha?; not iveaKened these pretensions !?ut ?
?trengthened and confirmed tii-m by a mass of testimony of ?
-?i.-li respectably character ?>*? has rarely ?ustain??! any an:- j
clc in tin? forni in any country.
The??- Pills ninv be' liaii in anv iiiantitie?, and upon ?ber- :
si ieimi?,onapphcar*r>ntoH. D.TCICVER, PrincipalAgent !
If> John-street, New-York, n?-ar Broadway. ml8 4weod
fUREAP PRINTING executed' tm the
\yStationers' Hall <'ar?l Press, in operation at 14 Wall
?in-.-i. witii a speed altogether unprecedented, which will
enable th<- proprietors *? execute cards ai prie?!? cbeap?er
iban ever before <"lianr<-d in th?* United States. Any :"-r??>-i
having ii.,uUts upon tbi? subject, w'rrl please ? all an?! be ?.*>'?
sfied, where orders arc received at .Nu. 2ib Pearl-slreetand
?I Wallstreet. ni3?i
BUFFALO, Clinton county, and all the
Safety Fiimi Bauk-; also,?tames, Olean.St ?La*?.*rencc
and nil the free?rred back banks, taken without anydis
count for cloth, cassimere?, vesting?,'flannels^r-at thelowest
cash price, at -581 Greenwich street'-, Dear CanaL
B?nnington money taken nt a small discount, '.nio I ?ni?
FOR TEXAS.?Persons in the city f.f
X?-a-York and its-vicinity, having iriendsan?! inter
???t?in Texis, and who may tleiire to forward money or i
knolls to the Mid of their friends, may have th?* opportunity
: ? iJo.'Osifi-Iy, on application to ' .1. 11. Ill{??\s K.n,
m-i" ?'?'' " Consul for Texas, No. 7o*?Vall-^t.
ai No. 7z Lbpehard'StrHct,corner of Broadway.?
1 harle? T. Geslain.Music Publisher, is constantly receiving
new an?! fashionable ."?lus'??- t"nr the Piano, Guitar and Flute,
.vbich be is selling at th?. very low price "i" ? c?iit?. a page
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.-li.-aji.-r tban at any other?sstabllshmeni in thr tT. State?.
.**?. B.?Piano Portes tun?-?! at "5 cents.
nilKlm ?"HAS. T. GESLA1N.
JL Segar Depot.?Spanuh Mouse, 25? Broadway.-?The
money will l?c rcuirn'.''l to all p?*rsoRS ? hd purchase at thi?.
store, if thsy ar?* not sati?il?'.l with tbe quality ??t"tli? artirk-.?.
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above establishment; Tli?? entire stock ha* been i;ho?i?n
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In tlit- accommodation of those gentlemen >vho prefer to
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been op?"invi in ihe rear of tb<- above establishment, which,
it i? hoped, will give satisfaction to all who visit it.
For sale at the Spanish Hause,256 Broadway, a ?arge lo! of
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in3""> lwis? ft. RAFAEL, Proprietor.
i\T*EW YORK DviiiR ami Printi?g-Esta
il BLISILMEXT.ST?TF.N ISLAND, Office for the
reception and deIiveo""ol"coods,.Na 53 (late -11) John ?t.
New York ?Dye and tini*li in a superior manner, Broad?
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ice. &c
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va2\ M*?>*?".F6m
The subscribers have on hand, and are constantly re
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and Shoes to be sold v,rv low for cash.
in2? lmis* <". CLaRK A: ?!o.. t? Liberty ?reel.
. . would inform his friends and ihe public tha: he has
t-iitt-rcl into copannership with .Mr. Joseph Glenat, of Phil?
adelphia,;! will known omnibus proprietor of that city, wit!?
the view ot" enlarging the Waverley Line to an extent ade?
qua!?* to the accommodation of ihat patronage which it de?
serve?, ami which they confidently expect it to receive. The
nmprietors have no hesitation in resolviny to Increase the
line t? double its present capacity. As soon, therefor??, as
the orders already issue?l can be fulfilled, the Waverley
Line will consist of 50 coaches of the best manufacture and
finish, ami drawn by the best of horses The uttimst regu?
larity will be observed on ihe roule ; no driver will he al?
lowed m ?op on the route a moment, except io receive or
let out passengers. The rouie will,as heretofore, be through
Broadway ami Eighth-street to Sixth Avenue, from which
point it will be extended to Pourteenth-street.
N. B. No opposition will be allowed with any other lines.
With great respect, the public's uh't s.-rVt?,
?EKEMPTOHY SAL? "of valuable IVo"
pcr.ty in Thompson-street?Richard Vnu Dyke. jr.
will sell, at the Merchants' Exchange, on Thursday. tiie31?t
of Marcii, at U o'clock, the two ?t??ry ba.?ement and attic
brick front house and lot ?o. 174 Thompson-street, on the
easterly ?nie. near llou?ion-?trcet, ?viiii a two story brick
building in the rea*-. Lot 25 by lt>0 feet. The premises
are now rented for $435 per annum'. Title indiscutable.
Thesale will lie positiv,? to close a trust.
Tern??.?10 j"-r cent down, balance on the 2A ol .May.
when tle?-tl ami possession will be given. $230?* ??an re?
main on mortira'je if ilesire?!._ inCrJ 3ti?*
, . low.?The subscriber is sellin?^ all descriptions "?
irolil and silver lever, anchor. ?'.scap?*iiieii:, lepine ami verge
watches, Dianiomi Riu?rs. Pins, Gold Pencil?, Keys, i.e. at
retail, lower than a: any other place in the city. Gold
Watch?-? ?s low as 30 to 40 t'.ollars eacli. Watches and Jew
ein* exchanged or nought.
All watches warranted to keep good time or the money
relun?<i. / G. C. ALLEN,
Importer of Watches aiu?Jewelrv, wholesale and retail, 30
?Vail ?r??et. up ?lair*. *_d3n -M
HARDWARE, Cutlery ??*?: Fancy Goods
at No. 10 Oil >!?!?. N.Vork."'hree fir*?orsea.*: ??!'Pearl
mreel,?EDWARD CORiVlNGls C<>. are receiving by laie
arrival? from England a large and wel-selected aN?.-.r.ni*-n!
of Hardware and Cutlery, ??hieb together with purchases
at auction make their ?lock well worthy of th- attention of
those who are purchasing for cash or citv accentances. The
prices ar?* much lower than usual. In addition to tiieir
stock of Hardware they offer a large assortment of Swedes
Iron. Cut Nails, and English Rose and Cia?p hand-wrooght
Nail?, with the usual assortinent of heavy Hardware Goods.
Purchaser? will do well to call and examine their goods lie?
fere purcliasimr._nr*s* lmis
G ENTINE DRl'GS aut? Medicines.?
French. English, and German Chemical.': Leei ?je?.
choice Perfumery. Toilet Soap? and Cosmetics. Also?
?arce assortment *f Hair. To?t!i. Hat aa?i Nufl Br-sLe* ?
For saie wholesale or retail bv
DAVID SANDS vCo. Chemi?t?aod
tnC lmis Apy?iecarie.s. T7 Ka?t Broadway, cor. Maikec
CO LO G N E VV AT E R.?Just rece?v"ed"a
t'resh supply of the true Gem?an ?Cologne, (F. Maria
Farina) of a in?*?, delicious ?"rafrrance. Al*.? Cologne "?-?a
ter of our own manufaciure, very fin?i in quan?. pints, and
hail" ?jints. for ?ale by DAVID SANDS i. Co.
r Apotbecari? and ChemL'U. <? K?*< Broadway;
n?S lmis_comer Market ?i
IN BANKRUPTCY?Nonce to Creditors.
This imp.-ir.ant blank form in bankrupt proc???!fdiiigs is
publishes* bv PI E NR? ANSI" IC E.
Law tiU-.k Pubi'sher and Sta'.iouer.
i-omerof Cet?ar an?! Naseau street*.
The alxive blank, tosetber with all ike forms require?! :.
bankrupt practice published by Ai**uce. are a-jreeat-le^ tt
?iie tbnivs prescribed by the court, ami carefully reyi*"ed be
fore printing, which i? a safeguard for conreine?.?, mii.' ?*r...
" "q* Xo Travelert..?Ge;;tler.ien visitin-; tin? C:tv ar?
respectfully invited to ?top at the GRAHAM HOuSE/S
Barclay-street, where a quiet home, pleasant r????tU5- C:''*f
btiU. wholesome food, au.i an atmosphere unpot-oned by
bol or tobacco, await their acceptance. Tbose wno be
litve it impossible to iive oo a rigidly temperate and pureh
Vegetable Di? t without severe pir-ation are requestetl u
?i^ it one iriaJL The house is very convenient to the bas-,
?less part ?f the Citv and to all the Steamboat Landings.
Tenu? mo?!erate. "Gcr.ilemeii visitinir the Ci'.y ?*:t.i a par
of their Faniiiies will ?au such a borne vastly iit->re a?****T1*'
ble Uuui a Hotel Shower-Baths fre?*. ?*"
G'Reat bargain.*? in dry goods
? can be had -1: *>. R \P.K ER k ?:?V3 (late J. w, ?. 5.
Ba-'.-r.) _S1 Grand street.
Hiv.nr ?u?; r----.%-i irnrn the auctions an-i importers
large qcant?nesof the ?-.???.*??-? and most fashionable sty Us o
-??a.-?naide Dry Good? for the S] ring Trade, they would
inyite the !..,;;? and ::,- ?? general, to cai! ar.-i tn
sp/xtthi ir I..*.- an :..,-. . ?? a.?vtr*.nie.*;t. which ha? been
selected ??;i:. gr?ai car? ?nd ?itention.
Tti*? -,- ??;. will be freely ?.h.-tw-n to au, and thery.'hope
with polite attention, .?.ad very low prierez to -?.t great
inducements lb ?Li v-bo vrtsh to buy cheap.
Ju?i received 1 ci?e Velvet Brocade Cbene D-icspe?. the
j verv la?: .rar-^nai-on, an entire ue?v aniel?.
I ca??? Cbene Striped Lustrings
I " Fig*d ancTStriped " mode colors.
1 " Ciiangrabie Cbene, very cheap.
I " En_;ii5b Gros ?Je Zaus, an excellent ariicle. al bs
pet yard.
1 " Hellienne Silk?, at 5s."
Also, an entire ne?." stock o: -pie--:: '. . : i-..i bin?
?ilks f all styles and lands in ihemarket, annnpri -:
low prie?**. BOMBAZINES:
An extensive assortment ofjet and blue Mack Bomba-.ii.ej j
: the :.. ??: :? lebrated manufactories, at t?*s? :txc than have |
?.-ver been otT?>red.
Ju?t received one case of jet and blue black and mole
?Ions De L* ;.-??. superior quality.
Al?-., ?everal cases oi various ?ty!?a at all prices.
Ato, 2 cases small figured at Is t'd per yard, the ?ame *.
?.t- been celling at _?? 6d per yard.
Ju.-i received 20 cast?? French, English, and American
Print? at all price?, from 5d per yar-? up. Also, . cases I-'
: ?.:,;-. ...-?,- pntit-rn?. ai otdy !? p-r ynr.i.
Domestic <J---i? in .-rt.-at abundance at all prices :- m ? I
p*<r yard up.
An amazing loi of cheap Sattinets just rece!-.1-! : also,
i ; -.:.-. Cass'unere?, Vesting-, *?,-. ate, ???ether with a ?real
variety 'jfall kind? of goods usually Lttpt in dry goods stores.
tnSa Stii Latr J. \v. i s. Barker, J" ; Grand ?tree?,
? -?-Spring E.i-!i.,>i;.'-.i.t r-c*:v-.| at the City CashTa?
?,.r;n?T Establishment, J>-2 Broadway?where may be found
a complete assortment of fashionable Goods, selected ?rom
recent ?mp'jrtatjfin.?. b''u_iit txclusively for cash, and will
be made to order, at extremely low prices. The style and
quality ot'our work will compare with that of any house in
the trade.
Our assortment comprises super tin?? wool black West o?
England nnd fancy colored Cloth?English und French
.i.kin Cass'unere?, double and single milled?plain and
fancy Cassimcres of superior quality?silk arid ?atin Vot?
ings?n choice and elejrant a?.?ortt:i',:it for Spur,-,- w< nr ju-t
We would call the attention ot our friends mid the public
to a full and empi-tr .'.?.orim*-:it of Heady Made Clothing,
the most of which wa? made to nrdcr.of the best mat- rials,
an : latest style, consisting of
Superfine Dp-?-and Frock Coats froth $16 00 to $z> r.?
do Plain and Fey Cassimere Pants, 7 00 t" 10 00
do Silk ami Satin Vests from 3 on to S 00
A large n??ot-tni?-nt of Over Coat?, superbly made, we of?
fer at this season of the year for co?t.
Citizen? and slrangersarc invited to call and examine our
assortment andstyle of work t-t-fore leaving tht-ir ?plfr?
elsewhere, as it will be much to thrir interest.
T?-rnis? Cash?on?? prie?- nnd no abatement.
N. B.?A whole suit furnished in 18 hour?.
m25 iw* EDWD. Fox. 202 Broadway.
CPU I NO GOODS, Spring Goods?The
k_5 undersigned i.? prepared with his usual extensive as?
sortment of Seasonable Goods to execute order.? for Gar?
ment-? in a style which will comport with any house in the
Trad?, at price? which must offer inducements to those pay?
ing ready money.
Attention ?*- solicited to the style m~ Pantaloon? furnished
at this establishment, as particular car?- is directed t.. this
department with th** view of giving entire ?nti?i"action.
Thos?; who have experienced any difficulty in getting
suited are a.??ur?*d that a ?up'Tior fit can always be realized.
French and English Ca??im?'re<? in a great variety of new
patterns just received. The assortment.-of Vestintrs whit i.
?*-t.? ?o much satisfaction through th?*- last Spring and Sum?
mer seasons will be kept up.
French and English Cloths ?.! ?up?'r and medium quali
ti??. for Dr*-? und Fro.-k Coats always on hand.
Fancy drens articl?-*, includinc Silk nnd Satin Scarfs, Cra
vat?, Hdkfs., GIovim, Hosiery, Suspenders, Sinn?, Collar?.
i.e. at usual moderate price?. W.M. T.JENNINGS,
Late Lynde ."? Jennings, 229 Broadway,
in24 lmi.? American Hotel.
A LARGE and well selected assortment
f\ of fVit-liionitt.l** SPRING GOOnSjtt? reeeiv-hl at the
142 Fulton-street, near Broadway,
('.iiiipri?ii?ir ?? great variety of super West of Knslarxl and
French black anil fancy colored Clftth?; French Elastic
Do*-?ltir ? nii.l other Cnssimercs ; rich patterns o| fancy ??ilk?
iin.i Chally Votings, making a ven- ?ieslrable avortment for
gentlemen to ?eh-ct their Spring and Summer Clothing from.
Our purchase* are made exclusively t'orcn?!. at the pr?*?***nt
extremely low price?, which enables us to supply our cus?
tomers on such terms as cannot fail to meei the views o*" the
moiteconomical. We have In ouremploy thebtjst of cutters
and will (ruaraHty onr garments ;?> li?- equal in quality,
?tyle nn.l elegance to any house in the trade.
Full ?ulls furnished at twenty-four hours' notice.
Punctuality strictly observed in tilling orders.
Terms?Cash on delivery, and no abatement in prices.
11)26 II J. C. BOOTH, A?eiiU
G'?l EAT H A K ( i AINS.?.I'ult received 7i
riot of fine black and white English Prints for one
shilling per yard. Also, a i<w [?iec?:?. ?lightly ?potted, al 1"1
p?-r yani. Gambroons *2s* tlnrk colored (?ra.?? Ctoih? for
jackets at I t?tl ; superfine 9-8 wide printed Lawns at ! 6.1 ; a
few pieces rich striped BrocadeSllks at 4s. Itibin?, Hosiery,
Gloves, ?c, at ruinously cheap piictw, No. 175 Spring ?t.
,?_S l'w P. GREGORY k Sun.
CHF.?P GOODS.?Geo7s.~Caiy-& Co.
195 Tearl street, (up stairs,) have a full assortment of
1 ?foods m their line. vi?. :
Shell, Horn, and Ivory Combs of every kind.
Ili.ii.-, Pearl, Metal, and Lasting Buttons.
Cloth, Hair. Teeth, and other Brushes.
Pocki-i Books. Money Ptir?e?, Bead?.
Needle?. Pin?. Knive"?, Savors, and Razors.
Spcx?! Cotton, Ball Cord, Corset and Boot Laces.
Colored Piciurrs. two hundred different Kind*.
The above, and oilier goods on hand, will be soli! by
' put kage or ?loien, at the lowest price?. Country merchants
' will do well to call.
N. B.?20,000 Cattle B?.n**s, 30tn* lbs. Rattan ; also, a quad
j tity of dressed Rattan, for chair-makers, tor sale.
j ni28 linistttd _
FJ?iCX ROODS, very low for cash.?A complete
. assortment of Combs,"Brarfies, Perfumery, Joseph Glliott's
| and other Steel Pen?, CuUery, nook.* and Eye?, I'm?. See
: die?. Accordion?. Pockft-Book?, Silk an?! Leiuher Punt?S,
; Beads and Brad Bags and Pur??-?. Spectacles, .-<:., utgetht-r
i with a jenvral assnrtmenl of allarticl?-?? ?h the aboye Un?* ol
: !iu?in?*??. Country merchants are respectfully invited to
' call when visiting this city, and examine th?* ?lock, us ;t i.?
? believed that unusual inducements are oilered.ai
nil 3m 7i Maiden Lane and 5 Liberty-street,
; il scribf-rs beg leave to inform their i"r:?-nd? uti.l the pub
; lie eeaerally thai Uit-y have just received .? new an.: ir?--li
i stock of l?o??l?. roi_,i?tini? of *Cnrp*-tin?r. Oil-Cloths, H^^'?.
! Matting, Drnirgeus, Baiz?-?. ice, with every* other -mcle
i connected with the trade; winch they offer 10 ih*? public at
? the lowest cash prie**?, without pr*-t.-ti?lit?_r to ?ell 15per
I cent, chfupt-r than any ??ne else, but will iruarantee to ??-1!
a? low as any one tor cash. Those wishing to punchas? ',? ?!
do well U) call and examine our ?-lock, where they will find
the most choitie patterr.? and tir* b*^?tof colors.
m2 Imis -t52 Pearl-?-;. 3d Cartel?*'.ire from Chatham.
A T Daniel E. Tooker's. "272 Rl?ecker-st.
fljmi received, SpackagwTrench Ptnatsfrosn 2? u> 2$d.
5 packages American ?io 'br.6<L
d do b'-autu'jl English 1? ?d. Ist?d and 2s.
S-v.-ra! n?-w styles De Laines from 1? ?d up.
S?k?rlack, colored an-i blue-black. ver\- cheap.
Shawl??various ?tv|e> and qaulitie?. ?nin?- very rich.
Lare?* ?:ock of bleached ami anbleached Muslins, always
to be found at 272 Blcecker SU TOUKER'S. ni25 ?>ii?'
LACES?Laces?Ribbens.?Cap Lace
S cents: Cap Ribbons 6 oeuL?: Bonnei Ribbons ! ?hil
ling:* Lace .Muslins; QuiUinir- : Insertiners; Collars; Hat
SUk-sA-C Milliner?; and Pedlars supplied at
m4 lmis LEEPER'S, or. Grand and Chry?i:?-->tr?-?*l?.
TVTEAV Sprins; Fashion.?Mealio tic Clark
_* r?-sr~*c_t'ullv :n?orm tht-ir frieii'is an-l tite publicuen
orally, that they have ?ie Spring Style ot G-entlemeris HAT.
nowready form?3>ection. G?rnt!??rn?-n d-^irou.? of obtainim
an articl?* combinmg eoonc?iny with neatn?-?.? and durability
are ?oliciie?! to call and exam-inr. MEALIoi. CLARK.
mo lmis Hatters, 41t" and 4Jt-i Broadway, N. Y
. MACDONALD k B*t*RD would call tli- attention o
j Merchant? ami Dealers lo ihe?r e-tlen-iv** a.??.ir*-i?-i.l oi I'm
breila?. Para-oi.? and Sun-Shad*-??, which :h*-y offer inr ?1
on accommotiatiuir terra? ai their estabti?hments -TO P^arl-?;
I next ?loor to the Fulton Bank, and 1c?" Pearl--t- iw* door
I rbove Wali-stre-A_nilj lmis*'
TO TH?f PUBLIC.?All person? havinj
leaky Tin Roofs would ?io well to call on ihe snhscr
hrr. who applies th? Ela?Iee C?-?-nt, which slop* all lei?
and preserves tie Tin for years This Cement the ?ubscr
ber warranis t? ?land ihrouch hot and col-t. Ail letter? :
bf direcl?--! to J- VY; Harmon, No. 42 Fulton-street. B-yk?
iv:',???*ju:r t?_id. which will be acendtrd to immediately.
' m?o Im* '_J. W. HAR.MO?.
?5_7 ?ir. PER CHALDRON?A supe
OT / ??/ i_?n*-ir let ca'Sidney Coal, impon?! en-ire-??:
t?- familv uieT?-ei-ing in lots to ?ait parcha*>?rs. Aopiy to
"m 14 ist'f J- B- CLARK. 4-1 ^-suer-atl
?TS?N'S Iutclligence Ornee. Numbe
???^Pcart*?r?<V f i??
LAST of the ?Season !?Hill's Lecture.
G. H. HILL. Cmetiian. ha? the plea?are :.?> 3...
oounce that he will bare the honor of d?"I-veni?g lus- L.?.|
Leeiure on the Jlanoers, Cnstoins, Habits, .v....'- of the
N- ??*- Enc?a" -, -?. n i:-, Societ\ library THIS EVENING,
Mr. Hii! -.v-.ii in the course oi" the evenir?* :e!:*-"r ? ?
? ?rated Imitations, Ais?orjotes.Stories? kc..~ as given by him
? "-. ihe most r* -':r;.-'*. audit?-.:?-??? to i!.* l'n?ctl Siilr? and
r. K :
Gentlemen'? T.?'-.*???. 50 ?fan.? L-?.i:.-?' Ttekets, ?^ cents.
D?7?or? open ai a quarter bet?re 7?L~c.ure to et ::'??"? nee
al ri.?;:' -a?: * o'c ??.:?. -
**Topostponement in tcconntortiw wf-aiher.
*D" Eiiit.-r* ai;.: ?-{ntleraen come-'-teil ? tfa lb? p
prev? a-e re?;-c,-- ."... .??;..S ; attend. Each. ?-? '.'.!.' with
' - ? :-?-. - i ? tin li avtns his a.'.-re?, ntlb? -? - r.
One Le.-:ur*" ??:|i '? ^*.ven a: R ??.*?*?;?.?1 Th-ir?.!.iy eve?
ning. ioSO
T'lHST appearance of Mr. Charles Bra
hamin Ne??-V?ir!?.?Mr. BRAU AM has the honor m
nee ".?".at his Concert ?*:i? be given at-.<
-, -.-. hei; Mr. Charle- Srabam will make his I
.M- Brabam
?-??? ??>'..-.
>?? .-I' ? l.!-'?'- rds.of:Marm?ouT.(Dr.
c ? -? w -?? .
Sonn?" My B ?yhoo :'? H ?me,** (from tlte
Opera ?CAmelie".Mr. C Bral im
- .-?**?*? . ??? I . '(Braham).Mr. Bra im
HaydenS C u ton? ??- My Moth? bids me
bind mv y air?.Mr. Bra ban
D .----A,;-, W... ? S - Mr. I". H a :n.:. a:'?: Mr. Brah.ur.
S the Opera Mans?niell? B
t.ann ?? I've ?Worn he ?hall not pensta."_Mr. Bra h a m
2d Part ?Sons:?** Wli-?n 1 behdd the Anchor
IV? .-.?? !'....-.. .Mr. C. Brabaio
i. j Brigai Scena.fr is th? Opera of
Km D '. ? \ ..-..?,3!r, Brnham
- ?-? rhe Lads ? \ I lage"| D;t"!in)..Mr. ?'. Bra
s.;,_-_?? The ?Landlady's Liltle Daughter,"
translated from the German.
** ... : n . I. ?"-.- in a Village?** We all >-??
tPretty Girl un-i. r :i?- I!"-?-". Mr. Bral an
The Pi "i ~' . from th? Opera ? : the
n-v :? Bridz?' 'Brahnml....Mr. 1". -,' sm
Mr. Uayier,the ?-? U!-r-i;.-." nr.-.iiii-tn:' Boston,?a U pre*
s :- it the- Piano Forte ;; severs?! :' the p?ec??s. '1* ?et.?
$1 eacii, ai the principal Music Stores. m28 t*i.?
.Tl. CERT repeated at the Broadway Tabernacle ?ai
T :?:--.;.:;. evening; Jlarcb31st,to commence at hall-past"
?'?; ock w ?th a Medl???. Duel on piano farte, by twosch I rs
The perfcrninnces will consist of ?.cti?ns from thos?
?? Estintruished author?Moiari. lto*sini, ? >n W? h?-r. Bellini;
Mo?chelles, Th tnpson, Meneike, Chi'iou. .????. ,?.??. Uu ins
the . venin -. by request. Mr. Webster will ?ti . ?? ^. ? il songs,
and, durintr the inteniiissien, will addre?? the nmlieno ..??
th? culiivaiionof musii in connection with common ichool
e ii'-niin;.. Ticket.? 25 cents each, to be lia?! at die music
and book ?tores genernllv. t____ 3i
\ MEini'A.N ??iOB?r.Vl. Corner Broad
.. V way ami rlnn-stre?t?-under the management of Mr.
P. T. B.irniiui?Kverv ?lav ami eveninc this week. The
Mnnairer has srreat pleasure ?n .mnouncing an engagement
with the MVSTK!tl??l"S ?".ll'SF.V GIRL, from Vorkshir?
y. Englan?). She will apparently beeoncealed in a
globe only one tool in diameter. Mr. >viN<'liKI.L, the
Comic Drollerist, will H;.;?.-.tr ?n ?rbb, Dutch, Fret chand
Vankce characters, in hi? admire?! pin" of ?>i?l iiivl *f?*ui>g
Nick. Mr. T. ?i. IlOd?ll.tt!.o...? ?Otigsand tlii.it?
!:;??.- drawn forth universal appliiuse here, is ?rigrageri ; also;
Mr?. PHILLIPS, th?- popular VocalUt. ALBINO ?LADY;
Gram! Cosnioratna: ami i!00,?300 Cnriosiii?*s.
\ sp!en?iid Hay Performance lakes place every Wednes?
day an?! Saturday atierntKin.
\ In ?nance to the whole 25 cents ; children half price.
PEALE':-" .\<*\v-Vork LMuseiim.-Day
and Evening Exhibitions commenced on MmiAas?.
28th of .March, ?Mr. HARRINGTON, the ?ustlv .'.'?^r.it?.i
Ventriloquist and Magician, an ?.'Mr. EVERARD. die laugh
ter-lii?!i?xr Comic Singer, are Uith engagtrd tur a ?bort
Splendid DAY PERFORMANCE every ?Vedn?r*ali?yaud
Saturdav, at *, o'clock !'. M
The larges! an.I rarest collection in the world of-Original
Portraitsof distinguished Am?*rit*nn WortIii??is" Crnnd ?""?
moramai Fancy Glass-Blowing; a Million of Curiosities
nbiamed at immense expense and ?gathered toceiher from
all parts ot the globe. DAGUERREOTYPE LIKE*
NESSES taken in the mo?i scieuiilic manner and ai mode?
?prices. Aduiiitance to the whole 25'cenis ; children hall
LLLEK'S (?YMNASIl M? T.. th?s?
who value HEALTH. The Gymnasium N". 205
Greene-si. near Bleeckpr, i? now opomlaily. In addition i?>
the esercises-ol the r?*gular Gymnasium there :?re atiacbed
for exercise and amusement a Bowling Alley. Quoit Ground,
Pi?:?'l Tare?i. ami a larae open space for Running ami
Jumping, with other out-door exerci?t*s which rendersihis
establishment n?.i Gvmnitsium ?ii?i?-r;nr to all other?. i.Jen
tlemen snliscribing have the privilege ?>t exercising at the
Branch eswbllsliro?ht 29Ann-street, where eyery implemeni
necessary.to an in?door establishment will be found. The
.ut nl ?elf-iletence taught .?? usual. Fencing taucht by an
eminent professor at hours to suit applicants. Terms uio
Thf term? ?if subscription (m ?uit the iimes)*have been
considerably reduced. m23 'Jw
"?"ANTED.?An ?raericab woman to
do general housework. One thai can bring a good
recommendation may apply at 312 Broome-st. in-?" it"
X^A.NTED-By a respcctaMt: ?.?>iint-r
' t woman?A Situation as Chambermaid, or t<? do
Plain Sewing, and to n??ist with the care ofchil Iren. Good
referen p*niven Vpply.ai3*i Seventh.sL m30 li*
\\TA NT ED. ? Private Families are re
T t spectfully iriiiiruie?l tliat Protestant Servants can be
ha-I ai otlice 584 Broadway, for citv or conntrv; in any c,-?
pj.-itv. (irtGO 2ii-) T. ELLIOTT. Proprietor
WANTED?To purchase a (rood se
??iiii'l han?l ?teaiw hoilvr, ab?-)ut 24 teei long an?! 2-?
to 80 inches diameter. Apply i
ii?3i> 3V
117 ('e.l.n-l.
^\7*A\TEI)?By an active young man.
TV h situation a? Agent on a railroad or Clerk on bonrd
a steamh?jnL Hi? qualifications and refereni es of the rir?t
class. Apply at Cily Office. 75Caniil-?t. mjo IK*
7?,7".\.\TED?In a retail Dry (?00H9 ?tore
7 ? n ?ivi'ir:. active Lad. about If yearsof age. One
thai has a kno\?le.|jre of the business, ami could reside with
his parent?. None oilier need apply. Apply -105 Broad?
way. !fl3'l It?
"VVT" ANTED?Employers are furnished
V f '?iih English, Irish, Scotch or German help of all
kinds at the Temperance Ollice, ??Ni??ati ?ir?1?-!. Several
vouii- ; e-ii ami women lately Undeil will lure low. Apply a?
above. ni3?.' it*
r?NTErFa Partner with 80I.M) for a
New Ynrk Museum?duty, ti> recciv? money at the
inside box and irive checks to ihe door-keeper? income to
one accepted $1200 to $1500 ?>er yeitr. Al-?>. $9?X)0 ii bar?!
ware tor innrtiiaL'es <?n property in fe?v, to ?i lartr?- amount.
A sloop J,i t-ifi? f.. exelian^i' for liquors; several tin?- biigs
and schooners for ?ale?a bargain or exchange for real estate.
A number of desirable e?tat?;s fer sale ami exchange m the
citv and vicinity. A handsome lot of iron sulamamier chests
toexebange. Apply to D. PALMER i. ?'??.
in-ii? it- in Dutch street.
BOARD WANTED?TiVeeyoun?-en
1 tlemen wish to obtain ?board, ?n moderate ten??,
(from about ibe middle of April,) in a respectable private
family, where tin-r?- are no other txjar?|ers. anil where tliev
can enjoy the comforts of a home. Two of them \>i?h full
board Location inu?t I??- West of Broadway, between
Walker and Spring-streets. References exchanged. Ad?
dress, ?lining tenus ?ml referenri-s, \V. R. at ihl? oiiice.
N.B.? Boanliiig-hous?" keepers neert not answer this ad?
vertisement. m30 fkis*
TE A ? : 1? !?: K NVANTeD??A person
i|ualiti?.-<l u? give instruction in the Common English
Branches In an Academy near the Citv. Inquire of."'
m30 -f Clinton Hall B??ok Store.
Ci <)L()ftED Servants?Families supplied
) with good .-olor-'l Servants as llutsoha Office..S?50'
Pearl-st Ili;ii! !'v"
M TO LET?A handsome front base
merit room, suitable ?"or an office. Apply at H2 Green
?tre.-i. mW Jt
COTTAGE in-:the Gountry for Sale.
?\ beautiful little Fan?? on Long tsla?i, 4 miles from
?ity. (ni:,-> 31'i J. SMITH DODGE. 17 H??iiiI-?l
~" WANTED TO RENT from the 1st
_of April, a part of a house, consisting of a r<?)??i and
l>edn>om,| with the use of a basement. Address R. G. at
this office. iii29-*!:?
M PART of a House To Let.?A gen
ileman vvith a family consisting of 2 persons with?
out children i? desirous of letting part of a three ?tor,- house
?n Chambers-street The appartments consist of 2 pariurs
on fir?t r??->?r, I room on 3d ?lory- 1 or 2 attic Bedrooms,
Basement, kc inquire at T25 Fulton corner of Nassau-?!.
Ftent S2?K>. __['*?>'' 'i
M FOR SALE?The ?Stock and Fixmrea
of a Grocery Store for sale J<J*w. Tlie ?tore bas ?been
??iat?i ?r.^-i sb?.ul a v-ar . the -_rr??->?ls are first rate, and the
store .? doing a firstraie bu?in?;-?-.s. Other engagements are
ihe cause of tbtpr?sentowner relinquishing the bu?ia*f.?s.?
Term?, half cash?tlie balance ?hort approve.i paper. Ad?
Ires? a line io Simon, Tribune office. mV* It*
'APPLE T RE ES? LOW"prime thrifty
_.l?=i? AppleTr?*e*s consistiog of ill* Winter Greening,
Car". House, Vfine S'-- ITellow NVwown Pippin. Biilkick
do., Harr:-?-?n do-,RomaniiStem ?!'??? Bell:!".ver ?!??.. Rainbow
d? .. Cumberland Spice ?to., Kail Redstreak or Hais? Apple
S immer Pearmain, Prince, 5TeIlow Har.'?-st. Fall Pippin
ti-.-i.i; f*ippin >r BuII?ea?t?iall ?f which are warrante?!, an?
will I?- sohl Io1?* :n lot? to roh purciiaser?. Also, a f?ew Pluu
ar.-i P?ar Trees, at No. 7 Ferij-ixreet.
m30 2w- _* ELIJAH T. BROV.'N.
D~R7 MeM?'N.N'S Elixir of Opium.
Thi? is a new cbfrmical pr?-paratioD, -v?*Uaining al
it.?.- -.ai-iar:?- medicina] qualities of Opium, Ui r. ainralstati
of combination, to tiie eiclusion of ils noiious principle*.
Sohl at wholesale and retail by DAVID SANDS L CO.
Druggist? antl Chemists,77 East Broadway,corner oi Hbw
k^i-?iree?* m3 Inii?
IE E G H ES=1;EEECHES ? ?-r^sHpplj
A of 1 ar/e sized h?-aithy Swedish ?Leeches t?at *v'" t':t'
cuick. constantly or. hand ami for sale by the. hand re?, oi
dozen, or applie?! by a competent pe*-?on.'
DAVID SAND? a CO.. DruS2MU aa?? Apotl?<e.?r:???..
c?i Inns T!East Brriaavrw, cor.j.nark>tl-_
C1H E AP and?Subsi?nd?? l?ookbindiDg a
/ K. WALKER'S Old Sund. U2 Fulton, cor. ot Dutcl
street. E. W. ba?jus? publi-?!?"'.! "K-7* '
Pr-sideni?' M?rt.?ac?i?, from
?a-re?handsome embotxid muslin r?in?lii.g.
XT No Amerieaa citiztm'? library ?. complet*? withoo
th:- valuaWe and compile volume ot Executive Doer.
iiietiL*. ,, , .
To be had of all the Boo^'U-rs. C lolh ca^ nude ?to?
iWstped foe the trade. a3 lad-Vitw
pU*?v?hir!rlon lo Tyler*? last Mvi
BY *>. I. H A 1' r. ri. J r
St tre 5" \*?.?. on-??r?t*i. corner of Ptne-siTtn't.
THI."KSDAY. March 'K*.
A; : " .-.?.. ?: the ?._.?*.:.??: Rtsotti.
r,.--a; t\-.? Sa'eol F..,:. : fi .-.-?. ?.r Cash?10? ca.?e>
F - ;i ? '? ?. ?:? inded per lastest arrivals.eon -
p?siu?a niv-i ,ir??r?t!-lt-.tv?i->r-.;:iem et fcsbiooabie and ?**a
-.?i.?-'.t- ??,.-.,?..-. edit of six months, for approved ea
:.-?%?.. ..;, jorn?Hi : mes;
i at '.--.urs ..in ?amples on ih? n?on*i_tg of Mle.
A.?.-, i.-.?.- -t-.v.;.? :;>r ve>tings and button?.
4 castes crlms-K* p.><1;-, ,??.
5 cases print*?! pon-_ee bdkt*.
Al?o, I as? ? black and bl te black lc**4ri*"t?*"s '
A - . _ ca?es supr black poult de soie and gro de ?"-.??** ?}
Also, 5 cu?-?, as-sorted feather tans
S.VftUDAV, Aprti ..
At :?' o*d?*?_k at the Auction Room.
Peretuptwrv Sale of Cloths ?ti.i ?,c.t?.????,?.-r?-? trom the
-briv--?. ;'?,- i*.i?h?t '?-?- s ' '?'->' P?f-Ce? We?, o I England
- in I Cas? .: ? -???. ju?t landed, comprising wool dyed
(?lacks browns invisible griren, olive.aud i-iwy color??, Loa
\?i??, !l.:?.?.,i:. green, woadedolive,/"??troo;green,
?cartel 1.1 I 1. .v <-.
Abo, 100 pes c,ts-:;:itT-.-? of various pattern, and v'.escrp
TO LET OK LK?SE in the village of Jamaica?I >p?.
is mdconvenient House, wlih a largfrcoartyiud, gar*
? . - ige hou.?e, _-?-.? :>?-. csiboiise ?kc situated
te? waft ; the l?.tilroad Depot. The
?. !>si>- * are i?i pel (es : order, anj w?l '??? I? '. * -Ui five acn ?
Forpjrticulars, nqnireoi _?1'ME?*S DRAPER, Jr.. New
?,.01 oi ike iubx ? r, >n tl. ;-r?-'i.i?e?.
w.M. k. (.racie.
Jo-s'mh RkhanL?, Auctioneer.
Store I?**" Broadwuv.
>*? ? . Hn?**_crty, Aucaoueen
Store It?:" lYarl-stt?-?-*. t
W E DN F.SDAV. March 30th;
At I0o*clock; a) the auction room.
Package s.iie.?.It"*? ;>a.-k??t-> foreign and domestic Dry
G ? ?, cotnyrUi?g a large ami desirable assortment of sea
???rt.tt?;?? -vti.-l-? at ?; mo? credit.
Catalogues an?! samp;,-? on morning <>l ?ale.
To be ?old without reserve.
Also, T5cax ? tuaddei prii *
A?s >' as ?IM ?ehester print.-, ti*??*? style,justl?i>?!**d.
Also.'for Merchant Tailors,
I case bi ?-y black serge
I .-?>>? ?uperri?-? Macis ?ilk
1 bale ii ? ?:: Macis Italian ? ravafcs
Also, under ?!i<- :!.?),..?:;"?*. ?if the ?.-urden? of lite port, tbr
account .?: the nmlerwriter.*, itamagtHl on tli? voyage ol
.. cns?rs check**d and striped musltw
B bales Flemish linen bed tickings tuictii quality ever im?
Also, 2 eases fiii itfi moleskin?
Al?o, J c.i?.? be?vert**? U>
U?0, J bal? ? b-jsln;??
Ai?.?. ? bales < Knalturghs
Ai-,-, _ I a!. ? 5 i ?heeling
Abo ."" cas? s lull chintz fancy nets stvle French p.itier?
rich prints- >m.ll fi-jured fancy a?ikl marble fancy i?nnt?.
Viso, 5 ."i?- * ,;-i and 10-M linen Damn*k tablecloths.
?.;*.,. ;, i?.-? i?-.? iil.-h'd ?iieetin?? ?nimble for retail trade.
ALm), under (be inspection ol the wardens of theportlbr
account of [lie undi ? ?' i ilers, damaged ou the voyage of im?
porta lion?
1 case cambric dimity
i <-j?<- lace and stripetlt?iustini
.? ,.??.-- colore?) and black M Broche shawls
1 . a-e ?..j."i tine I a?litn.M??? .|?a?*-??
2 casesbroM n ?iheii drills
2 cases printed balzcriiies
KRIOAY. April 1st.
\i lOo'clock at ti.r A-.icti.'ii Room.
Pre.ni ii Goods.?100 .-a?.-? Prensh t.????!?, comprising a
large and doinihle a.?soniiient "? ?.-??? nat?l?? aruclett re
vi : tier recent arrivals?it ?> month? ?-.*'?"?'-".
Catnlocue? nnd ??amples on morning of salt'.
Al-o, -' i a?.? Maitioni lustrings
M-.I. i.;.??-? jet an,! blue bl.Tk French Bombaxim*?
Al?>>. under me in.?pt*ction .?i tlie warden?? i)f ?ie-port, for
'ccounl ofundenvriters, ilamaged on die vovaufe of fmporta
lion, an invoice of lace goods consisling of l-'-l musqaeto
.i-t?. i-i \tii-. neis, l-l idlel n??ts, ?t Ihncy blonde, 4--I plain
net?, ?i spotted net? and spoiled blonde.
SATURDAY, April 3d,
At 10 o'clock, at tlie Auction Room.
Brussels and Im-hun Carp_;ts.?Brussels,AVihon und
Saxonies in setts; line und superfine Iii?*raiin\
2 bales Uni??.-]? rugs. a.?.?.irt?.l sixes
.* bale? i-i an,i .'.-I h. nip carpeting
2 bale? .vi bnizes tor floor cloths.
>. pieces superfine ami lint* ingrain carpet*
Al?o, ?Hi pis ?iifp Brussels curpet?
Also,'JOhales In?;ruin carpels
Also, 3bal?*s S ply carpel?
Also, 11 bales Teuetians
AN... in.? tuit'.l ru?._
Wm. w. Shirley, Auctioneer.
Sale? Uooii. N?i. 6-1 and t<i3 N.i??.t.i-?i., unir Maiden-lane, lor
Public and Private sale? ot Furniture and
Merchandise generally.
N. B.?uut-?i.ior Sales personally attended to at mod?r?t?
rOltMS.Wi i RMS.?Doctor L. D?
FLEMING'S Medicaletl Worm Candy, for th?.
total extennination oft this vermin, that ?re so annoying to
?ill B'ges, and produce so much iH**trera mid ?o many deHth.**
among children. This compound is both safe and pleasant.
No family ?boni.I be wliliout iu
Synipioms of Worms, ?icUn?-*? of the stomach, vomiting?
disagreeable breath, crines, l?**aseii?S?. *welHnB ?f tlie bow
els, laiiitn--??, inatlniiir 01 ibod.ora voracious iipjietite, dry
coughi in?, erinding ?>f the teeth while .*?le*?ri, picking the
ii.???-, .ve. For sale by I. COVERT, 131 Nassau-?!?, ?ole
gjB_ut-f.or.he iT'ipii'-tof. ...... "_'-->_ I ?''is
?pu\ Vl?'V't? BAJiM OF LIFR':?Thifi
v1 ine?liclnr i? doing wonders in curing those afflicted
with coughs, colds, bronchitis, dyspepsia, and all .iNen.e?
leading to consumption a- ihousnnds can testify. Those af
?:.-'..?.i -.titi. th?- nbnve-nained diseases will do well Kocallon
>lr. Covert, ?it hi.? ollice lor die sale of his medicine, 131
Nnssau-street, New-Vork, where ?mv number of testimon?ala
muy be seen. Altai', for sale at | ij Water-street ; 110 Broad?
way; lo A-inr [louse; '?ii William-street; 79and ii-n Pulion
?treet; T7? Broadway; 643nndT71 Broadway; B3, 140} und
188 Bowery; ny Division-street. ni2?! lwi.t
?A R1.11 ( ? A C A ?I ) Y--Dr. LT \J. F?em
ii.'"? Q'i.ik--'- Balm Candy ?This Candy isa certain,
lie and speedy cure for Diarrh?n ant? all Bowel Coni
l.ntii?. 'I his unequalled compound poss?de?all il?? virtue?,
of die Quaker Italtu, which Iims long been u?*??l amont* tlir?
Quakers for the above complaints, and i*. without ?louhi th?;
nearest infallible of any tiling thai can be produced ; it 1ms
been re.liice.l i.? the candy form for convenience sake.?
Nothing cnti excel ;i.
It is [i?Tie. iiv .aie, i.t-jng purely vegetable. Certificates
may be seen byjciilling JcwiVIr. Co.ert, 1^1 Nat*tau?4t, ?Mile
ngeni for die proprietor. _ n:2?! lwi?i
AJiPEJi'S Cough Remedy?.?Thornao
W. Harper's cel?brate?! medicine of P?n year's siand
ingrnr il.e cure of Coughs; Colds. ShortneafOl Bieath.Dirh
culty of Breathing, Asthma, Whooping CaVfdh ?"id all
,-la??es of Long Cotnplainti, ha? been pronoun.'-et! not only
by those who have been benefited by in. use, .'?m by n
??trge number of "tir most eminent physicians, as the l?*r?l
medicine extant for the relief and curt? of Ihow dlstreJing
, omplaints. A t'-n spoon full will give relief to the mo?t s'e
v.-r? Cougb, and one bottle is sufficient in most ens**- to ef?
fect a cure For sale, price one .shilltnt', by Mrs. A. HAR
PER, 57_r Bowery, at ine drug ?tor?- BJ Bowerv, coinerof
Walker ?'t., and by the dillerenl ?g?-ii_. throughout the city.
m28 Inn?
?>OOK-KEEPJNG-The Counting;
y Rooms of C. C\ .UnrMh, W Cedarstre?., continue
? ?p?-?! from 9 A. M. to !? P. M. in order thfrl merci.ant? ami
other? may ?vail themselv?*?of a course of hwiruction thaii*
truly practical-, one that t-mbrace. a complete routine o*f
commercial transactions and mercantile calculation?? ; an-d
one in which the student .ctually keeps a wt of hooks m a
'??njiilitir' bou??-. To i hose who are unitcquainied with die
atl\i-rti.er'> reputation, be desire? to ?ay, that his principal
work on Itotik-keepm?- i.a.? pmmeii Into t?-n editifins ; ttiat it
receive the preference Jn the .New-V".irk Publie Schools,
and other large Institutions ; and that be himself l>n the ho*
nor of being re appointed tencherol l>*Tok-keepin!r for the
'? Mercantile Library Association" of tiiis city. Prospect
use?, w?th tem??, may be !i?n! at tbe counting ro??ni?i aa
?thnve. in2."i lmis
if J. .?. GRUMAtV,93 Bepverstreet, two doors from Pear!
?tree?, N'ew-V,,rk, would rt*?r,f.-t.ullv invite merchants and
inilliilers visiting llie city, to cj? an?? examine their ?li;'."k ?sf
Millinery an-*. Silk Cools. Their stock is entirely NRW,
and ha.? been ?>'|e?-tetj with the utmost care. Havinjf entere.d
the mnrkei early, th?-y have bad tli?* benefit of FIRST ?SE
LECTIONS from die* ?nri-?rters an?! auctions, and baling
b-tu^lit their coo'ls lor cash, they b?-lieve they can ntl<-r, not
oulv lit. cheii[>est but tli?- If-st ?elected assortment of goo*'**
in their lir.'- to be found m di?- city. It i.? th?*ir ?mention to
keep constantly on band good? ol the most fashionable kinds,
anil lo do bu...iies? on tlie CA?II SYSTEM, lielieving they
can mak?- it an ob)?*ci to those wanting i?'kmI-? in dieir line,
to jiatroniie then. ir.?t.-'id of the creilit houses. They rely
eutirely on Liie cheapness:tf iheir ??jotin for j>atronage. They
alter,.! the _,-.-t:oii *>?ies re^?ilar!y ;?nd do ?cm some great
bargains which tb?-v will sell r?t a int?in?ra?ivance from cent.
Call and see. bTEV?KS k GRUJ?AN.
L. M. Stkvess, )
S. E Grim???. ) ml*l 3mis
RDVA?VD. that all the creditors of
George W.to_ru?", junior, an insolvent debtor, be re?
quired "... ?how eau.se, if any they have, before nie, oh the
i?ih day or May wit, at lOoVdock in the forenoon, at my
otiice, number in Nassau-street, in the City of .NVw-York,
why an assignment ot the said insotveut's estate ?lioald not
he matie, and h'.- be d?cbarged from hi* dehn?, pursuant U>
the provisions of Ihe statute t<>r the di-cbarge of an ijw>lvt*nt
from:b?deb.?. Notice of which ? w?be published for six.
weeks in lb? State paper, arel m the newMpapet printed in
tile Citv ol New-York, entitled die Nww-York Tribune.
Dated Jtith day of March. la-? ?
m-?Olawt-w- **A. TALLMADGE.
BY Order of Nathaniel \V. Howell, Esq.
a Su-irenie Court Commiss?oner, N'otic?? is hereby
-?ivn that atiacb?nent-h?ve b?-en issued a?ait??ihee->?aie?if
Mattl.?-.v P'-ck, ?ale <?t East Bloom?eld, in the county of
Ontari??! ***?" a'.scontiing or conceal?-?) debtor?And that the
?am'- vtrw l>H "Old ?or th?- payment of hin <lehu unlwss he ap
an?l discharge such attachment accordins. to lav.
wititui three months from ihe first publication of tbi-i notice.
\n<\ thai the payment of any tiebi? ami the delivery of any
property belonging id iuch dentor to him or for h'uu.e, and
the trai??fer of 5'-y prop-rty by him for any purpose what
e-..r. are forbidden by law an?l are void. Dat?*?i March S3.
:nL"?j lawGrn Auorney for Attaching Creditor.
N purauiince oi" an order of the Surrogate
of the County of New Vork. Notice is hereby ??"'en *o
aB person, havin? clams a_ ainsi Ellei Coho. late ui the
Ciiy of New-York, grocer, decea.e?!, to pre-ent tlie same
with ihe vouchers ihvreof to the ?nttsc-riber, at the olEce of
J*-.?eph Hnsson, E-q-, No. 13 Chaml>*?T>--*iireer, in the City of
New-York; on or before the third day of <?*ctob-*r iieVt.?
Date*! New-York, the twenty-ninth day of March, A. D. 1842.
_-ih30 luwt?m
TO HATTERS.?The subacriher ha?
?.-onstanily on hand a full a-_orutier.i of Silk Pioslt
v* hi.-h hr?*oAen?i very low prices.
i.-3-UJ * TU0..f..CL-?MD'?-..T?Pfr*&a!?_?ii5g?

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