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7 . General iominittee of Df?iorrati?"
"W'hiR Vohcie .-nen.-A reirnlar j^^^ar
?Committee will le- held at the Broadway Howe, pa rnaay
Rvpninw tnril l.al3 o*cI?-)ck. Bv order.
.-IrXANDr-.R W. BRADFORD, Chairman.
Samuel D Jackson. > S?<.r,.tar-,.fc m31 ?>,
CHARLES K. lA-il.n;.!
(TJ3 Th.- first number of tbe American La?
borer, devoted to the c?usoofProtectiontoHome |
Industry, is published and ready for delivery this
morning. This work will be published regularly
on the first day of euch month, and will he ren?
dered complete in twelve number?, and not con?
tinued further uni?"?-* the ???rcurnsLWs of the
country and the wishes of it? patrons sh-ili impera?
tively require it. It will form a larir?- and closely
printed voluTn.! of 384 p?iges, (with title-page and
index.': equal to four average duodecimo volumes,
and will contain a mass of Historical and Stati?
ticiil information beari**;: upon the cause of Ameri?
can Industry and Labor, which it would be dit*H
<;ult, if not impossible, to obtain focas manydollars
sis this volume will cost shillings. This number
contains the celebrated Speech of Mr. Sunk: in
favor of n Protective TarifF, which ofitselfis con?
sidered by tliose who have read it. as worth more
than tb?' entire cost of the volume?; Single subscri
ber? 75 cuits for the year, or lor twenty subsribers
sendin'* together, Ten Dollars, or hardy Fifty
?'.'???nts foi the entire volume. Single numbers 6 1-1
[..Introduction?(To the Public i
II..Mk. Si.auk's Speech?-(Editorial.'
III..The Great Home Inhustrv .Va t?o.nal Conven
IV..Resolution-- (Passed at a Convention of ihe citizens
nf Bri?tol County, Ma*s.i
v..What of the Times'*
VI..?HE Necessity of Protection to the Farming
vil..Mr. Slaok's Speech_from6to23inclurive.
lillil.AcRicutTORAt statistics or the United Status.
IX..The Necessity of a Protect!---i; Tariff ro .*.
Sound Currency.
JC..Where Stands New-York*1
XI..Universal ?Free Trade.
XII.'.Manufactures ino Imports.
XIII.-.Speech of Mr. Morris,of t'a.
fX IV..Prospectus? (The American Laboter.i
Editorial Correspondence.
Albany, Tuesday, 4J P. M.
1 believe it is now settled that Mr. Maclov'?
School Bill is not to pass. The Country Members
will run tul?: thr* responsibility of passing it over
the tisads and against the vote.? of all tin? Senator?
from the City; and th? City Senators are immov?
able. Mr. Varia.*?" has tuld the Committee from
Tammany Hall that he will resign if his friend?
wish:it, but must.first voto against the bill. Mr.
Scott is equally determined; and till know what
Mr. Franklin'.?, view?; nre. Su the hill is dead.
unless something extraordinary should happen.
The Tax bill, providing for a suspension of all
the Public Works. hasbeen passed and signed, with
n protest, by the- Governor. He considers itunne
eess.'irv, unwise, ?and onerous, but submits,because
the Fiscal officer of the Government demand? the
Tax; and a Vein would not stop the Suspension of
the Public Work.?.
The House to-day passed the bill turning out
Thurlow Weed from the office of State Printer, in
express violation of a contract made with him in
pursuance of law.
The bill intended to aid the Construction of ihe
New-York and Erio Railroad is to past?. The Re?
gency are frightened by the thunder from the South
West? lint this only shifts"; tin* difficulty. Tb?
Eighth District will now demand the prosecution
of the Erie Enlargement, and demand it with au?
thority. We shall seo how it will bear denial. G.
- ,? --?
OU3 Upon our first page may ho found an excel?
lent letter from lion. John Davis, Governor of
Massachusetts, and uno of the soundest statesmen
in the Union, addressed to Gen. Tali.maix.k, with
reference to the character and object of the Home
League, for the Protection of American Industry,
against the destructive foreign competition, t?
whlch the advocates of that most iiisnui! Policy?
miscalled Free Tradi?would subject it. Every
-sound anil patriotic politician must see that a Ta?
rin', which, while it replenishes our empty Trea?
sury, shall allord sueli*protcction, by a wise dis?
crimination, is the great measure which is to re?
lieve our s??ering country from the grievous woes
uiuler which it labors. It is to that mainly, pri?
marily, that we are to look for the restoration of
genera] confidence, the re-establishment of national
'?redit, the regulation of the currency, and that re
invigoration of Industry in nil its branches which
is the only sun." foundation of national honor and
prosperity. This, we believe, the whole land.
South as well as North, is beginning to perceive.
The voice of ihe Press, in various sections of the
country, and the still more emphatic expression of
the popular will, which reaches us from thcthmi
sand branches of the great Home League, tell u?
that this is the only policy worthy it nal ion that
claims to be independent. Got. Davis forcibly and
most truly insists that the protection thus demand?
ed is n?*u of manufactures exclusively; but that
every kind of Labor is to be supported arid en?
couraged by the Tariff demanded by tin? country.
His letter deserves, as wo know it will receive, a
wide and hearty approval.
BCT We particularly invite th?* attention of our
citizens to the call for a public meeting to be held
at National Hall this evening. We trust the meet?
ing will he an overwhelming one, and that Con?
gress and the Executive may be sustained in any
effort or measure proposed, which shall tend to the
speedy restoration of our National Credit, and to
the revival of die trade und prosperity oi cur com?
mon country.
What nkxt '?We understand that th?? Comp
roller on Wednesday last notified all the tenants
under the Pulton Market to call at his office and
pay up their buck rents. Yesterday the tenants
wulked up and exhibited receipts in full up to the
present quarter, signed by the duly authorized of?
ficer, the regular Tumtnam* Collector. What has
become oi the money, und where is the said Col?
lector ' Who will explain this matter .'
OCTThe Washington Coi respondent of the Amer?
ican says, that he has information from the best
sources that President Tyler will ven- soon ?end
a Message to Congres? recommending hostile
demonstrations towards Mexico, in cense?*uence
of her d?tention of American citizens captured
with the Santa Ee Expedition. He says the
Presiden*, and Secretary of War were very busv on
Monday?probably m preparing ill?? Message.
LO3Mr. Lyei.l's Lecture last evening was upon
the Origin of Coal. Though perhaps less'in?
teresting than some thai have preceded it. it still
contained a great amount of valuable information, j
not only to scientific meti hut to other classes oi i
community. We shall present a full report to
KJ* A large meeting of citizens of Philadelphia
was held on Tuesday, at which ?resolutions were
passed declaring the right of the people to peti?
tion Congress, the right of even?' inenuVer to ex?
press hi? opinions, and condemning the recent cen?
sure of Hon. J. R. Giddings.
Corre^ndc-n-e of The New York Tribnne.
fLuu-tsacac, March -s. 10*1
\\'.. have had rather an exciting time to-day.-?;
Yoti are aware that a Joint Committee has been
?u 3C.-?ion, charge?, with the ?hYestigtuien of the
?MC?tion whether the Banks or their agents have
usedcorrupt means to influence the Government,;
Executive, Legislative, or Judicial, for their
benefit. Mr- George HandyofPhiladelphia.hav
.n<* refused to testify before the Committed", ha?
been before th?.* bar of the House to-day, and still
refuses to be ?worn on thegroundthat as crimm.il
and civil suits have both been commenced against
him. in relation to matters connected with th?in
vc?ti?^ti?h; he may prejudice his own interests.?
Ho WH; accordingly placed, by resolution of the
Mouse, under the custody of its Sergeant-at-Arms,
und one of the Committee Rooms made his tempo?
rary prison.
There is little do-ibi Mr. Handy is privy to ?orne
transaction, which his duty as a good citizen ?le
mands should be made public.Avithout fear, favor,
or affection.
in th-* House of Representatives to-day, we
have had another precious example of Locc-Foco
consistency. Lu-t year Messrs. Apple, Brod
h.-ail of Pike, ("artright. Ebaugh, Kr-lton. H cas,
Hill and Si'ott. among other?, voted to ab??ii?h the
salary of the Recorder of Philadelphia?Mr. Rush,
a Whig, being then the incumbent. Sine; then
Mr. Rush hu? resigned, ind a L?co-Foco, Mr.
Vaux, hold? the office Accordingly, thes?* eight
consistent gentlemen have vjt?'d i? restore ihe sa
lary of one thousand dollars per nnnum. So we go
.Nriv-Vork fvegirtlntnrc.
Tuesday, March 23.
In S_e_?*"at?, the bill toextend tli?- exemption of
household furniture wi? referred to a Select Corn
mitt';?' to report complete. Un motion of Mr.
F?ULKN?R, the New-York an?l Eric Railroad bill
was made the special order for Thursday. The
'-.ill providing.appropriations to complete the Geo?
logical Survey was referred to a Select Committee
:u report cemplete. Tho Election Bill then came
up. and aftsr a motion to reconsider, the "Jl?t or
? residence ' section was stricken out. 14 to 10.?
The On? Day Election Bill passed its third read
ing. The Senate then adjourned.
In Assembly, Mr. To*?v?S?ND reported a bill
to secute the payment of batik notes, and tu pre?
vent fraudulent issu??? thereof. It recommends 1.
a monthly statement from the bank; 2i the prompt
closing up of inaolvchl banks: 3. requiring safety
fund banks to deliver to the Comptroller all its
plates, surplus notes, lvc. ; ?1. absolving, incase of
future failures, the obligation-, of the piifr-ty fund
from any payments except for the circulating notes
"f such Insolvent bank.?, and authorizing in such
cases the application of the en tire fund not pledged
for pre-existing demands, to the redemption of
such circulation; 5. compelling the replenishment of
the exhausted fund from the first assets ufan insol?
vent bunk ; 6. restraining the salo of its nutes bv
any ?.afety fund bank, and prescribing penalties in
ens?; ?if an over issue ; 7. making the directors of
any batik individua 11 y responsible for tin? pav
i tient of the circulating notes issued by the bank.
provided they d?> not cause tubo delivered in caso
of insolvency an amount of their circulating notes
equal to at l?;a?t twenty-five per cent, of the sum
they ure by law authorized to issue. (We have no
report of the remainder of the proceedings.)
- .?mi -?
The filiale Tax.
Executive Chamber, March 28th, 1S42.
7*0 the Assembly :
The chief provisions of-thc act entitled "An Act
t.? provide for paying the debt and preserving the
credit of th<* State," are the imposition of a tax
and an indefinite suspension of all the works of In?
ternai Improvement. These impertan I measures
are contrary to the policy which 1 have on ail pro?
per occasions recommended, and to which, with
the most respectful deference to the Legislature, I
am obliged by convictions of public duty to adhere.
But the question is of a nature purely legislative,
an?! the measures proposed have not only the ap?
probation of the fiscal administration, (from which
the Executive is constitutionally separated,) but
arc represented by that administration to bo abso
lutely and urgently necessary. Although dissent?
ing from these opinions, yet believing that the Ex?
ecutive could n.it consistently with the spirit of tin
Constitution attempt to control the deliberate ac?
tion of th?? Legislature in regard to such measure*
under such circumstances, I have given my assent
to the bill, and it has become a law.
A Caution.?Some three weeks since a maa
about 30 years of age, strongly built, rallier above
the medium high?, with light hair and a .o-tle?s,
uneasy expression in his eyes, apparently deaf
and dumb, called at our office, as wo understand
he has called tit various other places in the citv,
introduced by a mosi worthy and estimable citizen.
Mo wa* represented to be a recent convert in the
Methodist Church and bis business with us was to
ueihis religious experience published, as we learn
it subsequently wa? in a pamphlet. He wrote an
easy and cleganl hand and ?aid hi? name was
Thomas Robektso.v. He evaded all inquiries as
to 'ii? early education and many other points. We
understand he has received much friendly attention
in this city, and, probably, no little pecuniary aid.
This may all !??? well enough. We are induced
lo mention the matter now and to advise our read?
ers to bo on their guard, by seeing in the Zan?s
**illo (Q.) Gazette v^f tin? ".:.d inst. a notice of a
pretended ?leaf mute of the same name and de?
scription, suid to be living in this city under thr
?ame circumstances as those we have related. The
Gazette learns by a letter from a gentleman here
thdt Robertson pretend? to have come from Zane?
ville, and exhibits letter? from several ' persons
of wealth and influence ' there. It savs no such
persons as are named in his pretended letter
live in that vicinity. He may be a lunatic, an im?
postor, or, possibly, a deaf mute. We understand
he has gone or is gi'ing to Philadelphia. The
people ofth?t city at any rain will do well to know ?
something of him before they trust him.
DCT" A Ian:*? meeting was held at the Philadel?
phia Exchange m\ Tuesday, to consider the Exi?
gencies of the Country. HfNKY C Corbit. Esq..
Presided. Resolutions were passed censuring
Congress for having provided no measures of re?
lief for the disasters of th* time?, declaring that
??ur causes of discontent with Great Bei tain de?
mand attention and settlement., and that the Ta?
riff ought t? be adjusted.
K-TA meeting of the citizens of Philadelphia
I m &v*?rof ?* Protective Tariff, was tobe held yes?
terday afternoon at that citv.
XT At a late town mating in Westfi?ld, Mass,
the Selectmen were requested by a vole of C3S to
134 not to grant any iicen?cs for the sale of ardent
spirits in that town. Several other towns in that
vicinity have done the same.
LAWYERS' DL-U-?.March 31.
Calendar or the Common Pleas, Fart Kir.?-?73
1, 81, 17, ?57. 227, S3, 9, 75, 25, 2..
Part Se-cood, iiu*e*??at 4 o'clock?1*5, 132,146, 14?, 86,30,
150, 152, 15?;, 156, 15o, 220. 162, IS*, l?s".
Calendar or the Circuit Cocrt. Thi. Dat?1,35,12-?,(
125, 126. 127, 12?, 132. K?3, ]_?", V?6, 129, ?oi), 140, 142, 103,
144, 14?, 147,160.
From our Special Corrt*spond?*r.L
Washington, March 23. 1*4.
Bot'n House? are engaged in spirited debat?
the Senate upon Mr. Clay's Tariff Resolutio
and the House upon the Loan Bill. It is a !i;
remarkable that the prevailing topic nt discuss'
in both wings ot '?he Capitol at this time, notwi
?landing the variance of subject?upon which ti
are principally engaged, is th?- expediency of i
justing the rate of duties on foreign import?, w
a view to incidental protection of the manu:
tures of the country?the Representatives fr
the Tariff States contending that, without reg:
to the Land Bill ?J* the Extra Session, the syst
should be establish?*:?! upon the principles of I
Compromise Act of '33. comtaiaing the feature
discrimination : whilw those from the Anti-Ta
States, as a preliminar?* measure, demand the
peal or suspension of the Distribution Bill. Ti
vou will r?er?-?"ive that the harmonious settlemi
of thi? question Will be attended with the m
embarrassing difficulties. Indeed, from pr?s?
appearances, the prosper? .?f a satisfactory
rangement of ?lie Revenue systom i? any thingl
flattering. The Demonruts. a> they call th?
selves, are resolved, to a man. t?> resist ?veryp
position for remodeling the system, anless
Whigs shall first yield the crea; beneficent m
sirro of the last Session. The attempt to rep
this bill will assuredly fail, and the consequ
confusion thereupon must prove fatal to a desi
ble adjustment of the Tariff
There is a treneial expression of regret uuk
the sincere friends of the President ai the Capii
rhat he should suffer an unscrupulous and bran?
Print to participai!' iff his confidence, while
Editor is habitually assailing the members of
Cabinet, to subserve his own mercenary or p
snnal purpose?. Th?.* repeated nttacks of I
" Herald"' upon Mr. Spencer and oth?*r gentlerr
iramediately connected with hi? Department, i
ascribed to that notorious lu?t of gain which 1
hitherto s'i?:nali/.ed the ceurse of that paper in I
citvof N. York. Mr. Spencer's high moral soi
and unbending integrity, forbid his patronage ol
journal of the character of the Herald, and t
Editor and hi* Correspondent are determined
shall ?utTer for it.
The nomination'? of.lohn Lestera? Appr?ixt
at Baltimore : Benj. T. Fondai! Surveyor of t
Customs ut Alexandrin : Benjamin Pattison
Marshall S. D. of Alabama ; John P. Dtiv
Post Master Tallahasse, Fa. : Thomas M. Ri
ncv as Consul at Matanza*1; Daniel ?T. Sutherla
~nd Lieut. Marine Corps: ?lames G. Dou?la
Del. Purser in tk' Navy.
The President sent in to-day the nomination
- in place el* Mr. Cl?ibornc r?juctfed
Marshal] of Tcnri, and two other* of ?n* kind.
Corrcsr^indt'nc?" of the Trihune.
rtlr. Clny'"i KcnoIutionN?Call on the Seer
retary of the Trcainrj for hi?. Plnn of
'B'tiriil-Lonu Bill, &c.
Washington, Tuesday, March gi
In Senate, t?o-day, after the presentation
petition-? and Executive communications?amo
which was the Message recently received by t
House, reeommending the repeal of the Distril
lion Act, and other important business.
'Mr. Merricr, from the Committee on P?
Offices and Roads, reponed a bill extending t
franking privilege t? ex-Vico Presidents.
Mr. Tappan introduce! an ApportionmontBi
The resolution of Mr. King, calling on the Pi
sidenl for information relativo to the stato of ne?S
tintions between the U. Slates Government u
Mexico, was adopted.
Mr. Clay's resolutions were then taken up. a
Mr. Wrichi withdrew his amendments, ?uni
that they were embraced by the amendments oth
cd by Mr. Rives, which, it will be recollecte
propose to strike out th? 'Jd. fUl, lib. and 5tli i
solutions, (relativo to the rate of ?Ititv. ?be occc
?tii-y amount t>? be ?raised, the Distribution At
&c.) and innert a provision foi th?' suspension
the Distribution Aci, and adherence to th?' Coi
Ou thes?3 ameudmen is the subject of the Publ
Lands was debated at some length, by Messr
Rives, Clay, King, M?* Robert?. Berrien, Arche
and Preston.
The Se?ale then went inio Executive session.
In the House, n ?resolution offered by Mr. Ku.
Mt?RE, from the Committee of Ways and Mean
requiring the Secretary of the Treasury to con
municute to the House his views, plan and info
mation us to raising revenue to supply the v\*ani
of th?! Treasury, on the subject of home raluutioi
what articles will bear an increase of duty, tfcc
was adopted.
A motion of Mr. Adaj.3 was adopted, authoi
iziiig all member!? who have petitions to proscn
to hand them in to the Clerk, to be received ande
the supervision of the Speaker.
The Loan Bill was again taken up in Commute
of the Whole, and Mr. COLqciTT made a lier
Loco-Foco speech in condemnation of the VVhii
party, in reply to Messrs. Rayner, Lane. &c;
Mr. Shields went into a lnmr disquisition oi
the principles oi financiering" pointing out the ne
c?ssity of the adoption of a better and sound?!
policy, advocating th? repeal of the Distribution
Act. the total abolition of ih?* Banking System,
?Vc. ?v*c, much les.? than a quorum being in at?
Mr. McKeON expressed his deer? regret at the
disastrous condition of the country, und pointed as
an example of the mode of relief to the State of
Ncw-Vork. whose Legislature had dared to come
up to direct taxation, as the result ?f which he
prophesied the stocks of that State would be at
par before ninety days. He expressed his entire
disbelief in the efficacy of Lord Ashburton's mis?
The debate was farther continued till a late
h'jur by Mr. Smith of Va., who underuxjk to prove
that Van Buren's Administration left, no public
debt, that the distresses of the country were brought
on entirely by ihe Whigs, ?fcc.?and other?.
The House then adjourned. Ajtaua.
GCF3 We mentioned a day or two since the terri
ble death of Coi. Potter nt Caddo. Texas. The
Caddo Gazette give.? additional particular? of the
horrible tragedy. It ?eetn? that Rose, the man
who shot him. was at one time his dearest friend,
but they fell out about a pie?;?* of land a widow of
Rose's brother had settled en. which Potterclaimed.
After his return from Congre.?-.. Potter, with a party
of men went to Rose*? house, to take him and chas?
tise, probably to kill him. but he managed to es?
cape. Rose determined to do the same to Potter,
and succeeded as we have aireadv stated. Seve?
rs! o? Potter's friends were captured, and it was
said that they hail been cut up piecemeal and
thrown into the lake. Col. Totter -was formerly
from North Carolina, an able but mo?; passionate
man and was thrust from the pale of honorable so?
ciety by a horribly cruel outrage upon one of hi?
negroes. He has died a sad and terrible death.
It is *Mud that the greatest excitement prevails
throughout the District, cmd'cora panics are raistn?
I to i?ixm the den of Rose, the inhuman raonstei
who by a countless number of bloody deeds merit:
not the appellation of man. However little th?
-vmrathv of the public for Potter, they bav? dc
?Trained" that hi? murderer ?hall be brought to jus
tice, an.l the country rid of a savage whose sol?
delight is in spillmg human blood.
XT Messrs; Lujisdej? aid Holbrook. of th<
Picayune, have prepared and fbr-varded to Presi
denrTYLERa full statement ?f the facts relatini
to the capture and detention by the Mexicans ?*
their associate, G. V\ . Kenpall.
(^".New-Orl?ans papers of the 21st. the late?
dates *h"i.r have mich?'.! this city, contain no new
concerning the Texfan invasion. No boat seem
to have reached that city from Galveston since tha
which brought the first intelligence.
"XT A .marre; occurred between two men.Goi
ten and Williams, on board a steamboat at Ne.
Orleans, on the 20th i:;-:.. in which Gotten wa
butchered with a large knife in a most herribl
manner. Williams is in ja:1..
| "?jT A man nam?**d Michael C.-irr became en
_-?iL''*d inabrawl with some hands on board
5te?mbo.-t at New-Orleans on the 20th, when
rreneral fisht ?ccttrred, in which Carr was killei
and another mau mortally wounded.
DC_T The Augusta Chronicle says thai Thoma
Hnynes, late Treasurer of the State of G?iorgiti
prove? t" be ??'. defaulter to a large amotit.
From Ft.'?hipa.?The Savannah Rep?blica
states that Major Belknap has sent to Tamp
I Bay 27 Lndians. induced to come in by Alligatoi
Fatal Acclde>*t.?The t'armeras Cabinet say?.
that n young man by the namcof J?quitli, in one u
the Manchester (Nr. t?.) Factories,-.was on th?? LOtl
insu suddenly caught in a belt, drawn iustantly t
th?* cielin?:, and crushed in an awful mannet, so tha
j he died in an hour or two afterwards.
Steamboat Burnt.?The steamboat Uncido
whioh left Wheeling on Thursday iast for Loui?
ville, took fire and was burned tu the water's edge
with ever}* thing on board, except the passongers.
Steamer Colcmbia.?Wenre informed that
ti- it i? inipi.?-ili!i' t<? obtain a new shaft for th
Columbia at. Halifax, ?.he will priced back t
England ?htii'rc?nvass. She is now.haying"ne.
ma.t? put intti lii-r. and :- lobe rigged asa bar? pit
She will bo towed out lo ?ea I50or200 miles b
the Unicorn. TI.niceis fed very confident th;
wiih the usual prevalence of western winds at ilii
season slie i. ill be ab!** to accomplish her voyage i
the usual t!,>*'" rjBoston Telegraph.
[CPTho dwelling house of th?* Rev. Mr. Curti.
of Union, C't. was struck try lightning during th
storm on the 25th, and his wife and a daughti
about ten year- old were instantly killed.
'ST Oliver Tchney's Cotton Dying F.-uablisl
ment at Boston wa? burned on the ~ 1_-111. Seven
adjoining buildings were greatly injured,
K_p The daughter of Mr Smith Robinson, Bri:
toi, R. !.. aged about 12 years, was burned t
doa'th oh the 27th. Her clothes took fire from
lamp by which she was reading.
Horror? of Indian Warfare.?The Con
mcrcia* piibUtthcct th?? following letter, from whic
the uattir?. nf the enemy our troops in Florida ha>
tu encounter, may ov t??.'?**i. Tlio ?iccniv>nccs n
I tided to we have before noticed.
Four White, E. F., March 16th, 1842.
Aliuiu the 24ih of lust month a pnrty ?f the r?
devils attacked a Mr. Tillis's family, in hi= absciic
nbiiitt thirty miles from this fort, shot his wife dow
in the yard. .?tabbed ;i young lady, shot, an arm
into eaeb of his childieii, and. after ?lund?'rir
tlin bon-.- retired.
A? socii a? news ..as brought nip 1 repaired I
. the spot, with what force f could muster, for
portion of my command was scouring the han
mock-, west, of the Suwaiiee river, and found tl
. mother and one child dead; a littl?- boy, of si
year- old, shot through with an arrow, but alive
a little girl, of about seven, with an arrow stickin
from hei ?mol.; n poor little boy, two and a hu
yeaos old, with one stickin?? from his left breas
and the young ia.ly stabbed twice, once on eue
side, nearly under the arm. and apparently wit
a butcher knife, pliingcdiip to the handle.
[ had taken mir surgeon along. The ln?i littl
boy died under the operation of extracting th
arrow: ihe little girl die?! the next dav, The at
row was extracte?!, but the barbed iron leninine?
immovably fixe?! in the back bone.
A little babe, throe weeks old, hud been over
looked by lite savages. Just imagine all thes?. u
one house, and fancy my feelings in seeing then
.?utfur. I can see and a?s??t at cutting men up. hu
not little innocent children; for .i time I felt like t
woman. Strange as it may appear, ? think thai
the young lady and the boy, the arrow from whoa?
body was pulled liirbugh, will recover. All th?
rest are dead who were injured.
Again, (since.) a woman, nearthenaturalbridge
when stooping down to dip water, had an arrow sh?l
by an Indian about fifteen paces ntt*. through h?*i
frock and out through her bonnet. She fled foi
her life and escaped.
Airain, tour days after th?* first occurrence, un
old lady, named Ogsby, sent her sonto grindsomc
meal : he fell in with another young man. and
seeing smoke proceed from the direction of his
mother's, tltey proceeded in that direction, and
saw the yard full of India.)?, and the house on fire,
and after alarming the neighborhood, and going to
the spot, the old lady's bones were found among
tht* embers, and the Indians .nn.'. Thi? wa?
about fifty miles from this post.
It is gratifying to know that by a rapid move?
ment, the dragoons crossing at Fort Fanning, these
Indian- were trailed to their camp, within about
two miles of old Fort Baker, and seven of their
wive* and children taken. The Indian warriors.
authors of thi? tragedy, were rir?'d upon, and one
of them shot down; but. owin-. to the darkness of
the nicht, they finally escaped in a -tat?* of nuditv.
Deaths in the Citv.?Th?? weekly report?; ni deaths in
th?? Cuy shows ?>J cn???s of Consomption an?i 3 of whooping
? r>ui;h. There is no ktn-l of doubt but on?- half if not Ihe
whole0- this number .nicht have be. n cure?! ?f they had
T'**nv-'? Horehnund Candy; they mi^ht have been enjoying
p.?-..! health. We an- induced to mak?.- this ?tatement from
ill*? certmcates that have be-n published in its nraite as
well a? from the article. Sold wholesale and retail by John
Pen?.; &Son, 15 Divj.ion-?ir'?-t.
XT Sherman's Cough Lozenees cure common coughs or
colt's in on?* or two day?, and con-timption in a few weeks.
Rev. Dariu? Anthony and Rev. Sebastian Streeter can bear
witn*??? to it.
TT Sherman's Worm Lnier.ze* are certain todestrov and
dispel all kinds oi" worms that infest the human body. They
have saved many li*-es when, th?: patient? hail l>een tr?-at??'i
tor ?-onie ntht-r ?ii.??-a.??-. Many: grown ?ters?os ?url"**r from
?vorratas weUas children, and no infallible verm?fuga lia?
ever b**eti otTered in die public till Dr. ??hemiaii introduced
hl? Loren?**?.
!D* Sherruair? Camphor Lozenge? curt? all kinds of head*
ad?e, palpitation of the hran. ana all drow^ine?-., lassitude,
and lown?_h5 of spirits. Tbeyare the only prtvt-r.tiv?? and
care of st-a-?:cka**ss ev*-rtli?coveretl. One hi our distingu?? h
ed physicians has fully proved thL? fact on his recent voyage
to Havre. _
"CT'Benulifn] Teeth and a ?weel breath can b?? posse-??i*-d
by all who ?vill us<- Sherman's Orris Tooth Pa>t??. U i? a
deliciiu.? to.l.t artici'-. and non*? should be withwut it. Dr.
**h*?rman'? .mce is at 1'vj .\"a??au streei. Aitenw, 3 Led_:**r
Ruiitiing?;, Philadelphia, and ? State street, Bonon.
America*. Mcseum.?MOBcheirs inimitable plav of Old
and Youn^ Nick, cwratc songs and duets bv Bcoth and Mr?.
Ptulifx, uon.'.eriul perfonnanc?**, of th?* Gipsey Girl, and
other vataahie aanctiou? keep ilua popular place of amns
Kient coasiaiiUy crowd?-d.
Teale's Mi-sel-x.?W? are truly gla.ito hear tiiat this well
known and highly -l?-?er.-in*_ e?ablishment, wa. crowded to
OT?rn*ow:ng ytrsierday during the afternoon and evening
Many were so greatly pleaj*-?i that they procure ticket-; in
advance: and it will let advisable for thos* who go there
with La?J.es to be on tie ?pot earlv, ?a order to procure
cotx__.oci.o__ 'seau.
cil Jackson
1* Gregory
Public ??Ieetins*
Merchants. Traders, Me.-h-.nx?. ?ind others desboiis of
;,ro.n.::ii?:th." General J*Wj**?ity, teviviiDg Trod? n P
lie Confidence; iiMaeasing the Revenu.-, maintaining-the
Credit of the ?Country. ? ?tahftshing a Soon ! Currency and
an*5hirni>on Congres.? die: imm< to iJoption of nieasure*?
cai ?I rorat th:? peculiar crisis? I ?lairs, ire ti*. *?"' ' ""
tenda Publi? MeetincTHIS EVENING (March H),?bal
p.-Lst??e.*eno'clook, at Nation**.? UaLL, Canat-street:
Lambert Suydara Joseph NBarnes -'\*.(-'s" '-?
Thomas Carirfey S Pitcher } ?" ' ' ?
?lbridie G Sta?v ?Teel Jobn < tony
JohnVanBriskL^kV. I! Pwrytt Mejptwn Chrk
luchan! *? ?"annnr. Jarar-s Small 1 bomas ?. il
A" Lockwood Hyi.-jtzui.iii ( ' -^'^V
<.,,;...;_., W'Corhyn ^Vinch^ter
J*une?*?Vith<repoon J A Sbaw l'^r?-i? '
GeoColver Aug F Cau*tn?ry*:r -' '*-?;?' .
G O Kinne*- ?wJennbon !''.. .'r.;.
Johnresbine JohnC Brant " " '>' !
Wtn-W?Us CXLake ^f'n,v
\' m Tucker Wm M Stone P "?"? Lenn? >
Samu?lnam W Seymour II J? ? h ?m
M L Nuttim* H W?bnn * laritsc] ?
Thns'll \?-r? H CurtlsS '' "*- -
.lV?A.v.'k:.; ArcdL.Vooie John Bdamaier
! Wm K .**;-'.i- ThosMcElrath John Lkryd
I w ?'? r,v.v,- Ed? ard Sanford ? m ?" ?J Engl sh
: H H Leeds A S Grabara A A .Valeatuie
O E llosm?i ET Vlclr liJ- Co *ia["0v)^
Jame* P Person LA*.pleby ,,s",K:r'-t .',',
! i? v Kaw? lames .' SaiiUi Plulp... irlebacbt
i ?.Babcock J.M Bail . .' S7l-:-;
l w .,?;?? Phi'ltp? ??ene l: '. :. romp- I? o - un ? r
; K ?? u . ..., .' kiiLS I**."!???: {lllr%,
I Howard Sberniah E Henry Ringe: Alphas*orbe.
i II 11 (?-:r?;::-7 Geo T Cobb "S L .Mitchell
! U?*tarkw? nher Cha?es Connelly Charles Dolbier
i n.,?,. u Burn? P.Clark \' ?; K' ?'? "'A
i John Norton. Jr Bonn? i; ?** ?Mather V?y}"<>
GC l ester Jolin Kobens l> I? Gi'-nan
E RShermno Sandfcrd Col?b*.Jr 11 ? Adam?.
? i?...,... t.-,.. ; v ?s Schack Richar?! Hoe
lBri??_S*t Mather ltri.l S. S;?ra-.- F VV lin B toi
Hansom E Wood K?iu Corning .v Co K Ever?
Geo S Kettlewell David M. Prall Jobnll'\o?*ht
JohhArcros.? John l):::?: -??" -Jahn .
j m u ? ?i T I) Moore*? Co Charles Mait*tifl?l
Simeon Pince ?Vm 11 Blackwell James ?Muid vc
Wm Luckv k ? i Richard Logan Nil.' ?
WmOimstcad 5 Lkhteiiheim ?N H >?'?**? ?"
lohn Real. Jr JLSproat A >> Mar.be
John J Mo ' Michael fi nie '? J, '?*
, PR Luii i-erySoas Charles L?rd E ?3!??
Frederick \ Gay It Dinncford ', K ** ,.
Il.?. R Velverton Thomas D.iir. Jr Josiah I . ace
i* C W Mathcws S W Marsier? Wm M ?tOMU
Samuel Wvckoff Stephen Sherwo ?d G K Brisen
Heniy Lawrence Neliemiah Brown r. rierson
\w-il? ltf??>.| J??nali Newton H?-nr> l^-ti
John Mathews Geo P Br?*vii ?:<;?' -* >*.i!!?' . r ...
JohnGrav DBanon Gillespie&atodweU
Wiiliain Oakley H ?? Banon C J ?*nutb
CSKnijiht ' Otis/-'PeriB *ll7"'
D k Davis OBOrs-"* \Viiislcy L ) i'
James McDoiwunh Franc ? Si cer
"-"-tintif-? ?""iistoii James P Brenmer
lames Patchew CS B?.\U>n l';",|l,ll;;'\j
Sieph??nB Holt Richard Oakley Cba?. CHi?hs
I' KimbaU ? ? Wlliams Uugh Bradley
Wm T VeniOH *?? m C Noyes Jam? - I mkerton
Inn?*? (",?!"?i'.'' A W Clnsohj Jr Patrick Kflly
A B Kin?**lan?l J L Grah.-nii Oliver Joliniton
Foryyih Labiis-h Wm Richards ER Gondinz
Chafl?**-Roberts WBi Chase Cba.?B Tappen
!)*" I5ir?l?.il! ?' A ?>?: mi A ti I otteii
i ?i Brown C F Alvonl Wm D Ballagh
JosenhCknrk AbsalomOetluey 1 ??*-:-" Hinds.
F.lw I! II..l.l.v Martin Waters \\i_hm?rion lost
Well? Phillip? John ?S McKibbin G ->V Funnan
PBDeveau F. Il ?.il?!.? t>,i?:.l S_"?lill.?
I.Mwi? Fi-i.?ii?"l Snmiiel Mail Gvo II Sheer?
Edwin W"iilia-Ji? .'..? 1. Tcitr???? E T l'.-n'f"
r . *tlerrhaiii??," *Tl?*?rhanie??, a?iiboi?r??. and
other? alten?! the Meet i..* to be held at National Hall, ? a
lal-atreet, THIS EVENING, March II.?The cnt,is at
which the atl'aii*? of the eo'untry hasarriveil is ?larmmg
N'ational,State, ?n?l Individual Credit ??t?- deeply injured:
busiuessol even" kind par.ilvre?l, Iml.ustry withoutany re?
ward . Labor without demand, and all parttis lookin??'on
wiib apathv, if not in d?pair.
Rally th.*n, fellow-citizens, at the call oi your country
Tha ui.-ftiii" at National Hall has no object in view but to
promote ihe common poo<) ofthe country. I he subj??cis tor
discussion are those r?"!ntinir only, to the business ol every
man, be his occupation what it may.
M..;,?iir.-? will be pr??pos?-?l for ihe ?enenil rebel. Mea>
iir,-* t,? ^-ivif us a sound National Currency, an? it?r???i?_? ti me
means of-'n proper adjustment ofthe Tarlfl'.io giveto i raae
and the Mechanical Art? a new impulse, and to insure l?>
American Lahor it? ?lue r? ward.
Lei Ihe People then ih?etaiul express il?/*ir view.? on ti,??,
.ill importanl subjects. The crisi? ?'?jl* for ?t. anil "K\rw
tcrests demand it Go then lo the National Hall >!?'; ?"?
out, and your voice will not be heard in v.un ?"?,l !t
rr V'onr.l? Wnr?l.--The Denn cratic VVhieEIectors
.,.!l?. I",?iirili Ward are requ?.*sted to ailend^a Public Meet*
?.?-,', be hei.1 at the -?haM'-ar?- Hotel on Pndav evenmii,
\nrii ui ,-tt TVo'clockUiheartbe r??..triui llie c?inmutie*
April 1st at ..*'?<? ?*? ? ii-Vii-.--? .m I i"i* tin" trau?.-?.*
appointed to iiOi?iiiiuie.L'U?'riV?. V". ? .. - ?
tioo of ?uoliothir business als may bedertned necessary lo
promote their Election. I5v ???-il?,r of Ui?' Commitlee,
O1.1VKH.T. Hewlett, /.?h-iiah Mill?.
Arch Hall. Jr. G'?EO.? Mk.*ii.
Tho>usM. LVor-r, Garrit B. Cra.ie,
II130 31 ALUS- M? 1 ? f
New-York ? Sh? can, ?h?- must he-oiirs!!
O* Fifth Ward "D?mocratie \Vhi|r_will i??i-?"i
at the followin?; places tor die purp?vn: of a ?ibr??glror*
?nn?7.ntirr. for Ine ?*n?uin?r Elrcti?"???, vi? I
Fir?t l'.Mii'ict, m ?7 Anthony*?*, ??n the "??ih in?Unt,
Sf*?-f>i?il " cor. Greniwich and Bcach-sts.,29?i Inst?
Thirtl " Marion Hull, 1&*" Chapel su, 3?itl. insu
Fourth " m?ii.?j?n's Hotel, ?r. llohaken k West, 31*1
at 71 o'clock P. M. Business of "rrcat inipbrtahce Is to 1?.
transacted. Punctual attendance 1* lheref?jre requested
llv order of the Ward Coinmitl?*?*.
John Benson. > <- V.'arr?.N I ?I VP.MAN. Ch'n.
F. ?;. WellenburtrJ *"'( ?" __ m2j Tli.Tii.W-vTh
.1./" Twelfth Ward.?The Democratic Whig Elect
<?rs ?it" Hi?- Twelfth Ward ar?- requested t" meet at Millon's
corner, of Third Avenue and Ei?r'lity-??.?:th-<!if'-t, on Thurs
?lay evening*, March 31st, at halt'past 7 o'cloch, i" hear th?
Kiyort ofthe Nominatinc Commiitee.?-March ?_*th, l'A2.
Wm; a. Ib'ss. Secretary. mSu 2t*
TT Fourteen tb U'a'rTl"-P?"BLl(: MFKT?N(';.
| Pursuant lb ?1 resolution passed ai r. public meeting lieh
March 10, an Adiourned M ce tine of the Democratic Whia
I Electors of this Wanl will heheldnlilie Broadway Hou??
ii?iThur??!ay Kveninir, March ?lst, at half past 7 o'clock, tot
the purpose "t*iliormiirlily or'.'iiniziiiL' th?' Ward, preparatory
in ill?- ??ii*uin:r Election. Kv orflerof
!{. CiiAi.iiiKii?. 3ecretar>*. JOHN COL\ IN, Chairmaji,
-. * American please copy*. m !0 ?it
O* ?. i berry Pnrty.?The friends of THOMAS F.
FIELD, Esq., lb? Liberty Candidate for ;.May.?r. arenod?ed
that in?.?tiiir? will he h -I?! at ih?- corner of Delancy and
ciivr-iit.--str.-ct?, .-aeli Monday and Thursday Even in e until
Ihe Election.
Person? tllsposed h> add their names to th? Vigilance Coin?
niitti-f? m' tlii-ir ri?pec?ve ^^ nr.!.-? ure invited to attend.
Members ofthe General Committee an requested to be
punctual in their attendance.
By order. JAMES G. BARBOIJR, Chairman.
GCORCE W. ROSE, S.vr.-tarv. ui2? TliiiiMGl*
l.-Kiilly.* Friendst of Texan! Rally!?The
citizens m New-York and vicinity, and theatlopted citizens
r?t T..-*?a? ii.li".' in thi? city, ar?. re?|uested to attend a 1.tin*-*
to lie held This Eveninjr, (Thursday,) at ShaltspeareHotel,
i-?irii?-r ??? Ilu-Jiii' ;?i?.| W?Ui;i?n >tr?-i-L?, at 7J o'clock, to adopt
such measures a* under existing circumstances may h?
? i..?-iii..,i ..xr?-rli?.ni tu aid tlio.??* win? wish to emitfrate t<?
r?*-?as. Daniel E. Tylee
II. Williams N. W'atrous "
B. S. Luptoii .1. F:h*1ou
William B. Travers, Gtiorge W. Wn-rht
R. W.McDougall, DanierJacloon..." m31 It?
TT A Card.?Mr. WTLL?a??S, ih?* English Orulist,
has returned, and ?nay !?<? consulted aiiuu<dhy ihe Deafaii?!
Blind; at ihe '.'?! i!i-or rf No. tl!? Broadway, (which in I8S7
was called Providence House,} from ten to two o'clock, and
where hi? remedies Nos. 1,2,3, 4,5, B. 7, 8. ami !) maybe
r.lita'm?-.! iron? him. a? well nl??> from Mr. A. Doolittle, (his
duly accrwliteil agenl for tl?e ??ra!.- of New ?ork,) at bis
Iioti??*. 21"j (.'?..-?tr?' ?trcrt. (2) m.il it.
Fa? rs PORTHE Pr.ipt e ? Il ;? a fart that two hov? ?if
Peter's Lozenzes are ?->!?! ti?r one of'any other maker's
Lo/.eiiirv.;in the United States. It ?s a fact that Mr. Peters
:? ih?- only regular Physician who prcpar?-? Lozenj/eson this
si?le rifth?* Atlantic It Ls h fact thai a* a cure for headache,
sea-sFcknes*, worms, coughs', dyspepsia, iinu?*-a,*;?iiil low
?;.'irit?, tbey ar?' superior to all ?ither me?"ictne*, and have
nearly suiierceded them ; an?! it 1? a fact that they are in be
lia?l at lo;? Broadway, 53 Fultnn-sireet, I50and?330 Bo wen-,
71" Chatham-street, an.l ll?i Ilinl.???ii"tr?*..t, N"ew-York: and
at 90 North Sixth-street, Philadelphia, where arc also kepi
fiar sale P'-t.-r?'.-. lehra?^d shillingStrentzihenuiir Plaster, an?l
V'ecetable Pill?. ICreaders value their health they would do
?Veil 10 ke.p rjj.v .ncl j? 3 ,.ir m;n,|._
I7" Valunbla Lot??.?At auction on Frid?yyApril 1
at M?chants* Exchange, .?t u ?Vclock, in continuation of the
adioarned ?a!e, 3 l??t? m th?- Bowery, hetween 9th and 11th
streets; 7 L^>t> loth street between 2d and J?l avenues; V.t
Lots 11th street, between ?2d and 3d avenues; 15 Lots l-lih
street, between _d au?l 3d avenue?. Lnh. maps at bui-iioii
r.^m,!Jl Wall-sL _J2) ra^tapl
**alrj* at the .?Stock Exchange, .flarcli .'?O.
2-> Del i?. Hu.l-.--??li !???.;.i<>?i ilo.?LfliJavu ?l
11 **?.cash.Wj It? do...'.'.'.'.'...;<ash ?I
~l da.?10 days ?JO 100 do.h 60 days 5H
2? "*.s-iSdavsTSS*. 200 do.s20days ??i
^n ? ?-.-??.cash 9H?300 do.,3 days SI
?Ji Bank ot Coni...?rnp ?A\, bit Mohan!?. K.. .30 ,javs P>
oOMec Bank'? As?."tf 50 do.?7 ?iny? -??*>?
-!5.\m?-r. Ex. Bk..?n w .V5 2*5 ,|o. s20days \5\
~t0l? W.anA R..5IJ 33 ?!?>.??.-?.h J5J
lfl<" do.this week 51* 2"? do.cash 4.*i4
1?? do.s ?5-1 ?lays 51 '2.5 do.?ash 45i
M do..51J 50 P?terson R. .h?ndv? 1.5.
?m do.btWdays.Slil 53Stonington R.'.. ir
Commercial aad .Tlouey .*TIatler*4.
Wr.D.sF.SD.?.y, P. M.
The ?ales at ihe Briar?! to-day were 10 a moderate aient,
and at a-."?iieraj ?ietline. Mechaaic?' Banking A?.-o.-:?ition
t'.-il otT2 per renL from Friday'? gale; Long Wand declined I
> ;_Delaware _ Hudson improved l per cem
?ltj State, Sto?_ts lhere.wasa fair amount of busbies? done,
but with a redactionof prie?.*?. Illinois Sixes declined ]
percent: In?iiana Fives '.
l.i-OO New.York 5s, '5-*.. 77 I 3,600 do.ca.>h I7i
l,Mfi IiliiioLs?s, '7ii..ca*h 16 ? :i/?t*l do.s86days 163
?.00O do....?thLsweek 15ji I.fHfO do.s 10days-174
".'W do. 15l| 2.IN10 ,Jo. 173
ll.Ooi) do.15*.j 7.W?) do. 17?
2.000lndi._ia5s?lh_week 17 j 2.0?~iJ do_b ?i??lay's 17*
3,000 4o.?15 days 17 3/100 do.b Go ?lays 17?
3.-0.00 do....s 60 days 16'I
Little was clone in Exchange?. ?London hilla are he!?! at 7
to 7?. Domestic is du 1 at former quotatior.?.
The National Bank has declared a dividend of 3^ per
c?nt tor ihr last *ix motiih?, payable April 11th.
Tr?*a.*ury N?-.te? to-day are somewhat luor?- artiv??.?
Note? ?.;' $1imri ^[\ rea.Iiiy at 21 10 I? discount, and tifj-e for
a ieM <_nou_i at 1 j lo Z
T ? 4???ntlem?*n***. lint??? Spring Stylt.?BIFID, c_r.
s.v. A .
...? i.:. -*,?nii.?>,?.
orGentlemen*? HatsTIl?SDAY, H?- ?o?, ?.?_.,_ ?X4r?.
nation of the same, o tutident-that they ??i! .-?m man." ?,_.
? .:???: ; ?tronase, ?u well on account of Ute tinen^Moftht-jj.
.- .? :! ?? ? .- ; .-? u ind ? irabl ty of their finish.
Itlltll. corner of N us?o uni P .--?:-?--?.?, \ v
.1. ?. BIRD, 103 (.-... ?n :t-?t. l'h;!,..'..-:- _. J '
ii.l? T Th v S :.:.- (2)
- r?
t T SiM-Mi-rr'?* l?nt Fttablixhuunt ? th? ^i7
moved t.> i-ent ai:.! conunodiocs r -ont? at ?HS Brc_.|,..y
: .h?.?r below Murr- ?t.
Prices ?a il remain a? heretofore, v?7 ?
Extra F'?,?? Nutria, (Be?vef).?-4 .?e.
t ?.?tiitkm M? if.??...:.? _5
Th.- ;.Un upon which *.!:i? weH-known ??nl-liv'.ir.ent 1?-?
?? ???: conducted inr the last t?-? years, b.*???eentl.a-.of moi,'.
mg all exp*/n?es not absolutely n?e??*y in '.!.?? pro*M*&)?-a
>:' ?is i'-.;?.'.?-?. ;.i ihe fu.', of thereby reductii*' the ?-r-s?, pr~?
til on thi -??? - - : tin "jrMteit possible degree. TV
? --? ? ! ?v th has l.t-vri v* unexpectedly .rr.it as xoin.
.j ice the proprietor :?> adopt SUCC?*s_is*e .::.;?:- ?? mer,-?., -_t_
the comencememoi thv pa.?t>ea?on, ?>!.'-.. P...- ! j?.-.??., v, ?
i lied an extent which encouiaged him to reHnqubh tbe
ordinary Five Dollar Hat et oilier ni.i'?--r? and -t.iapt ti>?
finest possible quulity, known ?.. ,:? ?'-?? .?? ?': ? ?? Belly S'g!
trial" ThUquab'ty of the furl's :.;:.-- .:?<'. u-i-n;^,'
tuatuifn. ture .-: Nutria Hau?, of any price, and ce-.
?i:.!- '. ? .Its ?"? ?I aler lathe c:t*-at I?-?? than .?.V. la ?_?-j.
ice-to btin.? It ilie >ob*-?rriber would repeat ibh ?tais ??**_?
that so far from I.?*" in* the :n;?-r...r art. le ? lit n sold t? -.?
five doilar . the Nutria Hat no*.? ?old by him ts ??>}<*-?_;.
|v note?iual?*d, and in no instance surpassed e ?.??_. at *__.j
,\?i". ishv ihe t-corioHiical policy oi the ???'??"?i.-.xt'ni.u;.
_etber with tlte larse extent ol its business, th? ?????.
il :.-.?-::? in? .tre o?er?H? tn puri-h:i?;'r?. no apology r?o-n?
, ; le :<>r the location of the Sales Room upon the ?-?xoi?i
i**?-tr, ??specially at ?> favorable? point ??:' ti:" ??!i'??tv??'?,.
? ??:?'-..:>?.' (2) t-fiHtf
I ...enUeniC-T*? Hntn.-ALVORD .V CO., n...
! Bowery, ofTer-to tbe public ?? tine Kur Hat at Four
Dollar*, nt the Spring, pattern, pcually ! ?hi ?ml durai?!??,
?v th more costly qualiti?i, and ptis?pviin/f.all the elefran?eoj
ippearai.ee. Keecii _ a fnllast'orti ?? ? ? ?"other .,.-_???.*.?.'
Heaver ami J?oleskin Hat?, in the articleoi iineNutna
Halt .it $?J, Dow eiVert'tl. ihey aim to excel. (2) ?u,*" u
I"".- S'ew B?attina E*?tnbl?.**hmeM".. N?v5AV*?n,.
?.. >.. :w.. u II road mid Ne? -.irt-ets.?To l?ie ??uliwribet?.
i -, m | ?plendi.l ?tock oi I in? an i short nap Beaver, ri.-ti
?! ih ?kin, superior Brush anil .-:-.m:.- t'-i ? tncrti Hat?, iV
ittentionofthe public is restiectfully invited, ami theirp.-?.
mage ??atnestly solicited. Tliesub>cril>er>an l'?>?.<**< ? : ,
men desirous of ntivaiicin?" ?liein-elv? antl ubiaiuin?; a ;->:?
tion of puhlif' favor, \?lu.-li they will end?-avnru> meet l..
tlieir [?er?"!'.*! exertion? and ?dulou.-lr devoting ihein-elves
tn the protluction ofan article in which shall be unit*?dtlie
?? ind des id? rtmim nfthe pn?sent tin?-??th.-.t ???'ttie.i-r.it .?n
[n prie?*?and: a durability e.jtinl to thai ol the most ?wily.
and a beauty at?<i ??entile?*? of-hapo, both in form of brim?
v? ell .i* cro? n. in?) .i brilli int, permanent colon
From their intimate ncquaintniice with ever)' degree in
the manufacture of llatvand lutth having held pr?>min?*nl
?ituai >ns tn two of the most fashionable concerns in ih?
ritv.aud haviii?? been clliefly instrumeritaj in procuring for
those concenis Bie reputation Ihey mj*?v **njoy,they -?r?' w^U
calculated t.? produce an article in'everj wa\ excellent :?.-..i
IcsirabW, which tliey pleilge tbeni.<??lvcs to tlo. They -???
licit but a sin.le tr:nl or mere ?nsp?r*ctinn t.? lest the prctee?
sionsthevsei forth. WARBURTON .-? WEBB,
nuvJ e.i.l tin (3) SWnll-sU.NewAorlt,
)?:? ?Vti.v ?i.lc oi -Tl.?*. - !r\i<IS PASH?ON.-.
M..?.,-.. iiKVIN.v VAN \lt.\NKK.N bave rrcently intra.
duft-tl a it'-w -tvle of Gentlemen's Hat.?, modeled after the
litest j?nris Fashion. W.? ?mil conndoiilly solicit an exam
! inati'in of th? m. ttelievin? tlial lliej nre every way ?{ijal lu
1 the imported article, both .?? r?*i?pecLS beauty ??i S?.p.-?rnwt*
ami durability, while ? -ti the score .?i economy ihey will be
fourni iir pi'" ferable.
?.-..?,-!.il attention la? also b?*en directed to the manufac?
ture of our Beaver, Nutria ami other Hat? for th?; spring
nade. F?>r the enunicraiion of tlifir desirable qualities we
.--? i tintent n> rely upon the ?ponihiifou? testimony of our
customers. ' i.KMN k VAN VRANKKN.
inU eotllm" 21-1 Broadway, opposite St I'nol's.
rTEHhn Bnrrilt, A. "-t. fth?' 'Leame-I Black
? iiiib.i will lU'lWer a l.t-i-tiire in iii*1 ("nriiiiti.*-?ti-'-t-i Presby.
. -a.i Church, on Prlnay (?veiling, April I, at 7j o'clock.
St'BJCC r?' Si-lf-K.lii.-at.t.n.'
Tirk.-t? -i cent?, ndmillin?* a lady ^n.l gentleman, tn !>??
had at s.iMi-n'?, 126 Fulton-strii??,?ratlli*j door on the eve-l?
ing of the Lecture. '_m3ia
I ". Ch?lMCR l.ye.Mii... -The closing Lecture t'nr
i-,,.?..,t?.,ii ?ill In- .bltveit-.l en Tb:tr?.lnv pveilintr, 3l?t
tost at?.-?'clock.by Mr. H"?\?. Bubject?" tllocm???? ap*
piled to the practical phi ;>???'?* ??i';!i '??" m30 2t*
i ." Franklin f.yccnin. -:Th<- Lyceum will meei
Thi? (Thursdai ) Bvenins, llie ?i?: -..i?-., at the College of
I'livstcians and Stirg??ons, Crn-tby-strerl. The exercise)
will commeiiceat 7j o'clock, and consist .>t Kecitntions iui?l
|-;-?-.iv?, and a discussion Of the feli.nvi.i? i|ii..l mi : " I? an
mi... .m.../..-..?. ^. ???.).>. .win ni*t ano ?"*y<e>i!ent."
iu3i it- John s. ,i E N K t\'.*?, Secretary.
1 F Lecture on .".Intti-r. nntl Thing?.?A Lee?
tnre i.? to be delivered by .Mr. ORtGSM BACHCI kr at tin
Church tionu-r .?f De,ancey and Cbrystie-street.?, To-?Moi
row Eveniug, April 1st, coiiimeiiringui 7j o'clock, whirl?,
en account of it? variety of topic?, will he entitled ' Mutton
and Things.! Admittance for a gentleman ami one la>ly at
liiyre, One Shilling? The recelgti to be npplifd t.? lb? be*
??tit ol the Religion? SocflHy ?lcsOM^ Mi.*-?- Ibr pubUc ?v.r.
??lip, _ D,:jl*t'
3 r Temperance HI-aettttt.-A meeilng will I*
hehl ni tbe KourteenU? Wart. How. corner oi Elttabelhaatl
i;raiiil-ktr?*eu, oo Thursday Eyeiung, ihe 31st o I March, at
~] o'clock, fur the purpose ni or:*?-.i ring the Cintrai Tern
i.eranc?- Society, -Auxiliary to the. Washington Temp?rance
Ki ne-oletit Society;!
All persons frietidly', liiodttratt* iTr" Confirmed driiik?t?i '*'
those win? tlo mil drink at all. nie invited t.. attend,espe?
cially tltnse residing in the Pourloenlh V/ar?l.
Inhn B U'hitler, Thos s ?VlJUnms, J B Weedcn,
David L Jacobus, Thos B Tappen, Il lla.ll.v.
(.?-..r.'.- Tappen, J W Provoost. J K A Btddle,
Win B Ilnmberl, Cha? 11 Bed ir?an. in3l it
) /' I'li-iiK-utnry "tliiwic Mchool for LnrfieN.
?A Course of Lessoits for Ladi?*s in the element? ol Vocal
Music, with a ?pecial vinw to leutning in ?Ina <.i read I.y
note, will be comnienccd by-the si?iscriber Thi? Aftrrnoon,
it i o'clock; m tiif toung Men's Itnoiii of the Brondwry
Tabernacle, entrance 3d door im riathouy-street. This se?
ries of Lessons will also furnish )he nece??ary preliminary
instruction for (Uose who v.i?|-kt'?l!?-arn the plajinE.nl ?oine
inso-unient, ami will accordingly ?a/Tonl an excellentoppar?
tuniiy for ladivs designing to ?tn.jv ibe Pinno Fort?', or for
present prnclitioners, wi... are unacquainted wtUi.tlie el?.
m?ntnry principles of Music. First Lesson fue. Term?,
Lr. will then be stated. J. P. WARNER,
Translator of Kubier'.? Elements "f Vocal Music, Ooil
iV'-y Weber's Music Teacher, Theory of Musical Cmapri?
tion, etc. (J) mSllP
TT Animal ??fnirnet?HUi.?Dr. ROBT. If. C?X
LYER, Mem. Mass. Med. Society, late oftlie London Uni
ver.ity. many year, pupil of Dr. .'-.!.n Elliotson, in fiuTho?
mas and North London Hospihtls. mi?.rin? the ladies ?mi
gentlemen of New V.?rk, that h?* has taken rooms at No. V
School street, opposite the Umversalisl Church, BosTOX,
where be will devote liim???lf to the treattiienl of Nervoo?
Affe? ?ion?, and ihe Mesmeric **xamination ofdis-?ases.
TT Demonstrations \v;ii_?- given at ?7 School street in
Mesmwrism Prop?r, Pbreno Mesmerism, Path?? Me?iiierii?ti,
Physiogun Mesmerism, kc. kc. Uv giviii?. due notic?;.
Dr. C. will be delighted in .??:e his New York frlewl"
when they vi-it Bo?ttiii. in2fl _a??3?v*
? ? ??? _
T?' Tianipf*r?*Jit tinlinn Window Mhn?le*.
<?L1\ ER W. WOODFORD,6? Ciitl.arm.-M. invite. U.?-at
tentton of families about famishing their houses thi? Sprinj,
m a splendid lot of Italian Window Shade?, unsurpassed.'
.inv ?ver before brought to this country. They ar- tii*
paeiungs *>f an artist who has devoted bis lit?? >o hi? pnifn- ?
?On and embrac? every variety of Landscape and .**cei?ot7.
Perhap-no piece of furniture appears to better advanun
or more inviting, than a handsome pairot Window Shiiilo,
paint?*-" tn a ?yle to imitate nature. The invoice coiiU?-?
Italian Land?? a:,?-?. Gothic Arche?, Moonligbl Scene*,!Scra?
l'..ii-.|t-r?. \ i_-m-tte Centers, Ate ic.
N. It. Country Merchants baying t<> sell again will fin?l ?
t.? tli.-iradvantage to call and exnn.in.- this invoice (of nlxxfl
inOO ?.air) a? they m\\ |?. sol.I low for ca-h. About 300 pa?
ai the low pn.-e ?f $1 hfi p.-rjiair. (2> mil if
? - Lithographie Prill tu?100,000 splendidly co?
lored, consistan;?* ol about200 design?, among which arei
?j-rt-nt numberol National,Teni-j..?rance,Mond and Keligioni
subji*?is Jh.- above ar>> ptibh-h.-d in a supt-rior style]" and
tor ?ale by the subscriber, in Iota to ?nu purchasers.
?N .CURRIER, 2 Spruc?--?t. opposite the .?iun otfice.
ii i W ',,ll'J'?'',-* ,r'"" de*ignn by the first artist? wili I*
a?i?ied uj the above assortment every week. (2) mS la
. {.''. Tmbri'lla War-e-IIou-ie-McNA.MKE t
"?AN I- ?Util. 7't B ?raver, corner Ol Hanover ?treei?, liave A
?uperiorand extensive aMortraent of l.'mbreilas and Para?
sol?, made in the ben style of the American and French
and from the nch'-st silks iroportetl. Their itock, in part,
?'?"???' Gingham k .Silk Cmbrellas, from 50 cU to-4_TJ00
6000 Kich Plain and Fig*d .??ilU Parasols, .1 00 t-, atr_j
1000 do do do Sun Shade?, 7*> o> I .50
Also, ni their nu-n manufacture,
200 doz Rich Tab and B<"w?-?1 SatinStocks.7 no to 13 CO
200 do do Plain do -1 00 to 12 00
200 tlo do it.?wed Bombazine do 5 00 to 12 00
?WO do do Plain do do .'i 00 to 'J 0*1
100 do Saun Fancy Summer Stock?, 3 no to 10 00
Abo, Sann Scarfs, Silk and Satin Cravats, Lr. u.c.?all ""'
which will be ?old at a small advance on <'OST for c_>_ of
?.'Oot' ?norl tirii?- paper. (2l . m25 lm
3-7 Photographic E.iUene?-????**, by ah irnpr?..
Daguerreotype procr?,?, by M. D. Vam
Cliambers-st. and Broadway. (2)
TT- Foreicn Letter Ba.? |V.7 Liverpool,
nar.fs R*?> l Mail Steamer ol 2.1 April, close at Ha
Co."? Expr?s Otfice on Friday. April Ist,ai3. ?ydr
m29 -U
Loan, corner -?
(2) ml? lm
... by Ce
'iarntlen *?
N k CO.
JZf Saratoga Water?.-Medicinal Waters o the
l/nion. Congre?., Pa-zillion, ami Itxliiie Springs,?-tista'-D*'
on hand, -r?*sh from the ?prints. Ft>r.?aie, wbole?a??* vso
r-tail, by David Sands it Co., Chemist, 77 East Broadway,
corner -Market street. iul7 2m*
17/Fifth Ward "TIarion Temp?rance So?
ciety will meet on Sunday Evening, ai 7' ??'cltxk. ?oao-.i
rnur-.lay evening, at the same tune, at .Marion Hall, lv>
Weal Broadway. Ufxxl speakers will be then?.
mSO .1' JOHN H ARLO W, Ptrsident
AU member.? are reqoesii?d lo attend, as businevs nt im?
portan?:?* will be brought beforetbinn after?speakiog ?over.
TO* To Traveler?*.?(ienUetnen visiiinL' Hi? Citv ?re
renpecUally invit<-r| m ?lop at the ORAHA3? HOUSE, *>
Barclav-stre?-t, wher?- a qniet home, plea?ant n-oins, c???^
bed?, whedesome fool, ami an atmosphere cnpoi^ned t?y
alcoliol or tf.bacco, awai*. their acceptance. Tltose who ?*
lieve it impossible Us live on a rifridiy temperate and VuT*y
N'eiretahle Dit t without severe privation are r^u^'Vn.?
? ive it one trial The house is * er/ convenient to the du>'
n?-?? part of the Citv and to ail the Steamboat La^'J^^Z
'l'.-niLs nuMerau?. Gentlemen vi.itmf,- tlie City "*'lU1^'^.
ut their Familie? will ?ud sue? a home .a?"'y more ?r ?
?le thaa a IloieL Shower-Balhsirc?.

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