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I i? n'oblfthe?**. every morninj:, at N?i. 30 Ann
| rfrVrt, New-York, and delivered to City .-suli-rrilie?-** for
ONE CENT r>er?*opy. Mail Subscriber-?, $4 per annum,
in ??l'vanre. an?i tin' pap*r in no c?\x? continued b*?yona
the time fbr weich it is paid. Subscriptions ink en for
g*i Monllts.
Terms nf Ailvertising.... For eat.b A(lv?j-rtis<*ui't*nt r>f
TFN hue* or ??"??"* (oyet six) first insertion. 50 Cen??.
fin. for?a h ?ul-^rqijrfsnt insertion. 25 *
j. ??ir SIN insenion-i, or one week.$1 50
da forTWENTYsFIVE ?nwrtions. 5 00
Longer Adverti.n'i**nl$ at equally faviurahle mt?es.
Jlarnag?**?, Religious ami Funeral Notice*., not exceeding
flTe ?in?*, 25 cea?*.
rj The WEEKLY TRIBUNE, a very large paper, fbr
ill? Country, is puoiiMie?! every Saturday morning, at Ibe
I 'w pnce of $2 per annum, in advance.
^THE T It1BU\SE.__2
?Dictionary of ah thi-: Princifai. N??mi:s and Terms
rkla+1ng to thk g i go r.i i" hy. htst^rt, lttbratorb
j?y J. LfMiRiKlte. D..D. W. E. Derin; 2 Ann-street;
.C?llin' i. K?e'e, 224 Pearl-street.
The fact lh?t tKis work lias reached it?- Fif?
teenth Kilittoii in this country is u sufficient proof
oi the popularity it has acquired. Since ils first
. publication it has been almost universally used in
colleges, academies and all classical schools a?
the most complet?! :in?l satisfactory work of a kind
go rr.ucti iti-e.h'd in acquiring a knowledge of anti?
quity. Tito original work contained much that
j iva-? inaccurate in point ?->f fa?*t mid pernicious in
it? influence. __ The American Editors, Lorenzo
L. Da Pontk and John D. Ooij.hy, well known
I as having i ?con among eur most finished classical
j scholars, corrected carefully these errors and rx
? plinged from the work all that could offend the
itlortil taste and feelings. The several depart?
ments of Geography, HUtory and Mythology into
which the work is divided arc each full and expli?
cit. The re-je?i?He's of ntpderri scholar's and trav?
elers have iiHded to it much that is valuable and
nt'-resting. and wc are confident that the work
will long continue to be among the standard tr?*a
tises on ihe History and Mythology of the Ancient
Nati'in?.?It is published in a large octavo of 800
pa?c? with ?loulilo columns, and contains a valua?
ble Chronological Table.
. -?
The Knickerbocker, April, 134?*. John Bisco, i?i Ful
(?n .??ev!. .
Thi? Dumber is one of ??rom valu? and interest.
The third of the excellent serios of ' Letters
'? from Rome," by G. \V. Grekne, opens it - Ed
. ward Alton! and hi? Playfellow,! is the title of
arirv?- tale by the author of * Wilson Conworth '?
of which the first number i? given. The thrilling
tale .of ' Th?' Attorney ' ?s continued, as arc also
Grenada and the Alhambra*,* ' Life In Hey ti,1
* uhd ' M> tinindiaiher'-? ?Portfolio;' ' Song of Ihe
; Tetotalei;' by Ftev.'Geo. W. Betbune, is ti fine
niece of poetry. The ' Picturesque in ?In* Career
ofNapoleoii is well written?though: not unexcop
: liotiul?!?.'. Tlio Literary N"oiic?s are ?goodand the
j 'Editor's Table,1 %vlii<*h is ulwav? one of the most
interesting features in the contents is this monili
' unusually lull and racy. Y'nr pleasing literal*)' goi
oij? ?i is unequalled; The Knickerbocker has a
j.iomiiii* from Mr. Dickkns that at his first leisure j
montent he will revise a paper he hus written for I
tlii?; magii7.ine.
Hint's Merchants' Maoazi.sk. April, 18-12. Freeman
Hunt. Ill Fiilii?n.*t!'-ei.
This iiumherof this excellent Magazine contains
;i great tiiiml.cr of most yahiable statistics ?if the
Agriculture, Manufactures, Commcice and Coinage
of the United Slates, prepared with great care from
uflicinj sources. The loading paper is upon the
?Consular System of the United States.' detailing
the origin, powers and fees of Consuls, the itwpot
/efti.u.? ol the System and suggesting some im- i
provements. There is an excellent article upon j
flic History and Prospects'?-**/ ihe Oregon Territory
which is followed by papers Oil the ' British Corn ;
Laws,' * ?Michigan, Its Commerce and Resources'
and ' Wrecks, &c.'
? i*. ?
The Democratic Review. April, 1842. J. k H. G. Lang
ley, 57 Chathani'StreeL
A well written notice of the Reception uf Mr.
Dickens opens this number, and is followed by
No. III. of a series of papers on ' Association and
Attractive Industry,' by Albert Brisbane. ' Who
are the People-? ' is the. title of a good political
essay by John Iiiman ' The Mississippi Bond
Question ' is well treated in an aiticle which well
maintain-* the ground assumed in a recent number,
that * The Mississippi Bonds must be paid.' Nev?
ertheless, we do not see that they tire likely to be
paid immediately. ' A Second Slap at the Log
jcrh'eads' is the tasteful title of a very imbecile
and absurd attempt to ridicule the advocates of a
l'ariff. The number also contains two or three
literary papers.
The Ladies' Companion. April, 1R42.
A line engraving of the village of Sing ?Sing em?
bellishes this number, which is well filled with
literary matter of varied interest. WitlU, Mrs
Eilet, Mrs. Sigourney and other well known writers
are among tin* contributors.
The I de ai. Man, A Convention between Two Friends,
upon the Beautiful, theT'oo?!, and the True : By n Phi
Jokulist. (1 vol. pp. liio.) Boston: E. P. Peabody.
We wish we could persuade the great mass of
readers to choose such works as this?they would
be bett?*r, and so wiser and happier. The univer?
sal study of one such essay would do more to re?
press' crime ?and evil than a regiment of police ofti?
Tim Trie Messiah ; or the Old an?! New Testament*? Ex?
amined according to ihe Priuciples of Natural Lan?
guage: Bv G.Oejjer, tonner First Vicar of the Cathe
?Irai of Paris, (pp. 27, 8vo.) Bo?.ion: E. P. Peabody.
The character of this profound es?ay will be in?
ferred from the motto : ' A little Philosophy car?
ries us away from Christianity ; much Philosophy
bring* us back to it.'
? mm '
GcNOEROOG : A Translation from the Germai?. (Pp. 106.)
Boston : E. P. Peabody.
The st??tv of Bettina Brantano and the Countess
Gundet*ode is familiar to readers of German.
through the remarkable - Correspondence with a
Citilil* of the former. The little work before us
but pattially traces the comraunings oi the two.
Theory or Teaching, W?tb a Few Praciical Illustrations:
By a Teacher: (Pp.127.) Boston: E. P. Feabiidy.
This little ?treatise is of a class whereof more
should be written ; and more?many more, read.
Not teachers only, but learners?nut children only,
but teachers, may benefit lastingly by its perusal.
A M?TKOP or Teaching Linear Drawing, Addressed io
Ihe Public Schools: Bv ihe author of ' Easy Lesson? in
Perspective.' (Pp.54.) Boston: E. P. PeaboUy.
Thi-? appears to be a good thing of its kind.
Cr Gouge's Journal or Ban kin?.; is pub?
lished bv Hayward, 81? Division-st. It goes the
whole hog against all Banks whatever, except
KT " Black and'White Slaves" is the title of
?- print just published by A. Donnelly, 19?_ Court
land-strrct, intended , chiefly for the Southern
-Market. It expresses half of a great truth.
?CF The Board of Directors of Jefleraon Col?
lege, Miss,, of which Hon. A. H. Evkkett was
President, but which was recontly burned, give
notice thiit ihe building will be immediately re-,
?QT The Lowell C?)urit*r tells of a young man
hi that city, so exceedingly In-ight >*hat his mother
his to look at him through a smoked glass,
Or. Principle? of a True Organization of Society.
TfT The editorship of this column ii ?/i*tir?et from that e,j
The Tribune. Address-letters, post-paid, to A. BRISBANE.
Bin*r*i-DAV of FocniEtt*.?The friends of Asso
?liation will celebrate the Birth-Day of Fourier?
7th April?by a Dinner. Those who wish to join
in the Festival can ??blain ticket-? at the store of
E. D. i*.axt?in, 337 Broadway. Karly application
is requested. Price of tickets $U.
Altrntivc In dux try?D?-?tiny of ["?Tun.
To dignify Industry, t.-? ennoble it in the ?.????? of
Mankind, is the first abstract or ger.eral step to be
taken towards rendering it Attractive. We mut?
?.how that it is a mighty implement, placed in the
hands of the Human Raer* for a great purpose,
and that it has an important part to peiform in
th?*ir career on the Earth.
Industry is now looked upon merely as it,.-;
means ?>f feeding th?j stomach and clothing the
body : Iti highest objefct in the opinion of the
world is to supply Man with his physical wants.
The low function which is Ihiis assigned to Indus?
try; degrades it ?n the eyes of men of ardent and
ambitious feelings,?of superior minds, who wish to
devote their efforts to undertakings or aims wbich
exercise a universal influence. They engace in
consequence in government affairs or war. and
their contempt for Industry' extends to al! ?-lassie,
and render? it despicable.
This false and contracted view must bo dissipa?
ted. To comprehend th?> full importance of In?
dustry and the high function, which is reserved it.
we must ascend to a question of the highest order
and ask, What is the Terrestrial Destiny of
Man, or the Function assigned him to perform
upnn th?; G!?be which he inhabits ?
Wns he placed upon the Globe to ?ravage and de?
vastate its ?tiifiK'.o, to render if a scene ?'f d?sola?
tion and misery, abuse tin?! degrade the Creations
upon it. and to war with hi. fellow man ' If ?...
tal??* the hist?.iy of the past ?u n -tan?bird h\ which
to judge, it would seem ??"?;: would seem as if
his mission here wasone ?if discord, contusion and
destruction; l?u! such i? hoi tin- case.
What then is. hi?, tin." Destinv '
The terrestrial Destiny of .Man is m Dvvuskk
the Globe ntul the Cr?ai inns upon it ! The Kart h
is a noble Domain confided to his care, and his
duty is to supervise and oversee it with that high
order of Intelligence with whioh God has endowed
Man, the ?vkrskkk, has a gio.u work to per?
form: and Labor or Industry is-the Implement. He
?must cultivate and embellish the Earth, ?-huir it ol
?tsrude forests, fertilize it* wild plains and valleys,'
reclaim its deseits, drain its marshes, dike and
regulate its streams, devclope its material ?resour?
ces and riches, perfect the animal and vegetable
kingdoms, efface discords and establish harmonies,
and cover the Globe with vast works of internal
improvement and noble monunnmi? of An. ?.? as
to make it, as God intended ho should, ;. niagnifi;
cent tC'iTosirial abode, where he. could realise in hi?
Social Kxisbince those law? of Order, Unity and
Harmony which govern th? Universe.
Industry, noble Industry, is the Means?the Im?
plement by which Man fulfills his Trust ofOverscer..
Viewed in this light, a halo is thrown around it,
and it becomes exalte?! in oar view. Let Mankind
??nee feel and ct?mpreh?'nd ihe full importance of
Industry, and they will soon find the means of ?if
ing it an Organization which will dignify an?, ren?
der it attractive.
Why has War been ennobled and rendered hon?
orable ? Because ideas of patriotism and national
independence have been connected withii, because
it has been an avenue to fortune, rank and distinc?
tion.because the songs of poets have celebrated it,
and because triumphal processions, wreaths of
glorv, the love and applause of woman, and the
admiration of the world, have been the reward of
the Warrior!
Now let the high worth and importance of In?
dustry be comprehended ; let it be known that it is
the implement by which Man embellishes his
planet, creates the means of his physical Happi?
ness and Greatness, and performs his trust of Over?
seer.?c?nne-ct with it such grand ideas, and poet?
will celebrate il. and the honors and admiration of
the world and the applause of woman, will be for
those who are first and greatest in it. The means
always become sacred and exalted in proportion to
the ?randeor of the end tobe attained. If the end
to be attained by Industry is the grandest practi?
cal one that can be proposed to Man, will not In?
dustry be dignified and hallowed by it. and rend"red
the most honorable object of human attention ?
It will.
(The remainilur of this article is unavoidably crowded out
to ?lay. It will appear tomorrow.)
WANTED?Families in or out of the
oitv can procure co?"?! help for any capacity, with
pood city reference. Apply city office. 75 Canal-si. an?! Tto
charge._ _nil2 lm
"ANTED?American and colored Ser
. . vant?, with poo?! reference?, at No. 478 B**oa?l?
way and 18? Bower*.'. Also, youni* wen for all .situation?.
Hen*** am! arjartnieiit-? let._I" 16 tf
W~ ANTED?Places by an English Cook
an?! two Pnter-iant jiirls lor housework at lo!"
Bowery-__a* ?*** _
WANTED?By a young matt, a situa?
tion as Clerk in a i^rocerv or some mercantile
house, or clerk on board steamlxsat. References are good.
Apply City Otfice, 75 Canal-sireet._a! 2t?
W~ ANTED?By a stout brown Mulatto,
a situation a.? Porter in a More i is perfectly willing
lo make himself otherwise useful to his employ?-as a do
mesfic, if required. References very good. Please apply
City Otfice, 75 Canal-st._*2 11'
S~1Q L\f\f\ ?WANTED, on Bond and
,_} ? 7) \J \) ? .Mortgag-e, $3r5(X'i oil r"r?l rate im?
prove?! propertv in ihis city for a term of years, for which a
premium o"! *15!. will be ?riven. Address X. Y. Z. ai th.?
\\\?A youth 15 years oi* age, who has
j, j been two years in a lawyer's office, write.? an excellent
hand and knows ihe public oltices. wishes a situation in a
Law office. Apply R- O. office oi Trihune._a?3l*
/ COLORED Servants?Families supplied
Vy wiUi rood colore?.! Serriuits as Hulson s Otfice. 560J
Pearl-st._m***1 ??*-"'
T ?T"Surveyors, Builders aud others.?
WANTED, a situation, ht a young man who under
stands common ptan drawing and the ueheral business ot a
surveyor's office, or a* clerk m a ccneralstore. either s-'hole
s_le or retail. Address lo T. H. 94 Frnaklin. corner o!
Church-street. ni?* 6r
People* in want of any description of serv?v?L?, clerks,
laliorers, apprentices Ax.* are desired to patroaiie this es?
tablishment, antl l?e furnished on an improved plaa- tDl*Lll"
P1??0 FORTE Fu?TSALE.?A su
perti instrument, six and a halt octave, brilliant tone.
by Gilwrrt. of Boston, has scarcely i>?*en ased, will be sold
a !*an**ain tor cash, at Sll East Broadway. r_2l tm*^
ufactured at toe Salamander Works. The balance of
sto?"k remaining on band will be sold at a ?-real reduction
in price?. Apply at the office, M Cannon st. m_l
The Amcrirnn f.aboter.
L"iid?*r lli?? abor?. till? the subscribers will publish on the I
1st of April, 1342,-and on the 1st of each succeeding mantk |
? Magazine of Facts, Arguments, Statistics, Speeches; E.f^ i
toriai?. i.e. fcc, devoted exclusively totheadvocacv amide- I
tence of the policy of Protection to American Labor'j
???ram??, ihe seifish and grasping policy of Foreign Nat?o**-?, !
especially of those with which we chiefly trat'.'-. \?i,.ch ?hut I
out oftlseir port.? the _T-at hulk of our Product?, an?! e??.~.
daily those of our Free Lahor, while they glut otrrmarkets
bankrupt nur Merchants, depreciate our currency and tam
:?h our Laborers and Art'.?aas by pouring Ir. upon q? rhr
prwluc-roftAcir skill and Industry*. f'"" the easy terms pro -
fered lliern bv our.low and nr>n-IYoiec?ve Duties. Tin?
Magazine will iktlesitily and ardently adv?cale the true
American Policy of countervailing these gross ?--?ar-.;.-?*??
of Great Britain and other Nations by a system of ."?r"*et.
avowed Protection to ocr Home Indi'stsv whi?rbshall
bediorough and efficient.
The American Laborer will afMrm and mainUin the
pf-Iicy ofencourajjirfg an.l fostering by wise ??-??/?.?inti?rj ?.!.*?
establishment and grtrivth m onr country of new or yet fee?
ble branches of .Imlustryj such r.? the Cuitare of Silk, the j
Manufacture ot whatever fabric?? of Wool, Cotton, Ir..?:....., ..
may ha necessar?r fot the supply.ofotirown wants and to j
?ecur?-and jierft-ct o?jr Independence. Ii will demonstra!? -
that the true and permanent interests o? ;*?, hut especially :
of the Agricultural and. AVorking Classes univ?*rsallyj \yill '?
| be infallibly ami signally promoted by adopting and curry- '
.ni; out ihe Protective Policy; and that ihr Wag? of Lahor, i
die average price of lu Produce/and tl.e ajgregate Product !
of ihe National Industry, wdl 1.?- surely and largely en* ?
hanced thereby. In -hon. in.? work ..- intended to form ?
complete t*-xt-book mr the friends ot Protection, and a ihn- ;
rough refutation at every pointa ol Lhe pernicious fallacies
put forth by the foreign-and misguided American a;-- . --
for tin. policy of one-sided Free Trad?*.
Tin- American L.thour.R ?.11 I?. published monUily in ?
large octavo form, each number containing 3?l?rge double
column p??*es of dosel}' print, tl matter. ?ai h number will
contain one great Speech, l*>? ert, or other convincing ? -?? -
jini-nt. and a variety of ??torter articles? The work will j
form one complete and comprehensive vf?lun?e"of 384 lariro :
and fair pages, and \?;!.' be afforded ?-.-it.s_t' ?'ii.-'-? i-.-r? :..r ,
seventy-jrve cent? each, three c?pifcs i'-i Two Dollar-, fl*"
copies lor_Three Hollar?, nine copies fbr l-'ivs- Dollars.or
twenty copie: f?ir Ten Dollar?. Payment is retpiir?d in a.l
.yiue, in all cases. The lowest possible pri*e has been
fixed i?i onh-r that it.? circulation.rnay h*- rendered univcr
?al, ?houhl th?- v? ork receive tli?- approbation of the public.
Thirl several Uome Leagues, Agricultural S-?. ';?ti'-~, NI.
chaiikv Associations and individual friends pP-Trotection
throughout the Couxtry are-earnestly -?-;:?-?--?-? t.? aid u? iu
-\t.-n?!?!,-, i!?.- circulation of The Laboror.
GR?ELEYfc MsKI.KATII. 30Aun-st. N. Yorii.
?ew-York,M?irch 4,131*2.
The first number of the above work* s> now
ready far delivery^ ;ti:.l single ? ? ?. 1 i ? - - mn\ b?? ob?
tained from any <-f n tr ageiiL? >>r iiswsmen !?;. o.-j
cent*. Tin* foll? vvf?i. are the contents:
[?.Introduction?(To th.- Public]
II..Mr. SM?ik'h Shcecii??K.'itt'iri?jl.'i
III .The Great IIoMe Inoust.rv r.ATio"?At. c6m-r.??
TION, i.e.
IV..IIKSOLUTION?(Passed at a Convention o| the citizen:
oi l'ri?Oil County; Mass ?
\'"?-.:Wi?AT of the TtM'r?"
l'II..Mr. Slade's Speech....ftoni C to 23 ?nclu?Hve.
VIII.. A i;|; ni"l.UK At. S'l M I? I I' ? ?'I I !!' I .VI I 1.1! >'! \ I ? ?.
IX..T11E Nece&sitv ok a Protective Takih- ?" * ;
Sound Currencv.
X..\Viikiu: Si amis New-YoP.i. '
X1..U.VIVER5AI. Free Tradi?
! \'Ill..s?!:n.-.': or Mr. MoRRi?.cf P..,
XIV.. ?'r.t?.?iT(.Tfs?(The American Laborer.)
RS. ri. C. REID and Daughter have
removed their BOARDING ami DAY SCHOOL
for Youm; Lud I es from Fourleendi^slreet lb ?34 Ponrtb-st.,
V?'**"!-1'"' Washington Parade Ground, a few door? weit of
The S|irin_ Term will cominfenc?; on the autb of March,
t'.esi.les the Senior Branch Of tlie Hoarding i?i;htiol,-ti<'-r.- ??
also a separate Department, exelU-jV'*j!y Ibe GhUdrfeti linder
the ai*?- ofnlli. years, where Uiev ?????ill he carefully attended
by a respectable matron laJy. The strictest attention paid
to religious instruction and tlie cultivation ol'moral?.
The Institution i? under the entire Superintendence of
.Mr?, fteid. The charges are moderate. The best o I teach?
ers are employed. tnl5 lm
?RV.nOINStlTltl??An I-n-j??sh and
Classical Boarding S. hool for Young Ge lllenien at
Tarrytowh, We?tchester County, N. Y.
The Summer Term ot tliis Institution will commence on
? the 2d of May next. C'atai.ii-iie? contitiiiiibr particular ia
j formation can be bn?l at tlie rtftiKstur:- of \Vni. V. C-ihna,u, |
205 Broadway; of T. J. Crowen, iVK? Broadway ; or IF. Si
I S. Havnor, To B?werv.
WM. P. LYON. A, M. ) *,- - ,
I m7 M WfcS lm CUAS. II. LYOX, A. M. j r nnc'PaLs*
R ? PA RA? O R Y ?S Cil HOL at M id
dleiowii, Ci.r:.? A Classical ami English Bonrdinr
i Scbcol for lait' I'll?- Summer ""?-???o?? irnj c?mthhnte on
! the 15tbof Aiay. Number limited to ?o; cliarge r.ICO per
! annum. Catalogues and inmute information may be ob?
tained of Rev. Henry Chase. No. 180 Cbeiry-street, and ot
(?. Pi DL-osway, Esq. No. lfi'> P?-ar!-?treet.
D. H. CHASE, A. M.} p. . .
mi? lm* _ S. CHASE, A. B. ' * nnclP'"'.
O PAI?FT-nWi-iiiTGT^ or"
der to suit the convenience ot student?, who are oth?
erwise occupied through the day. the undersigned will in
i future .It-vote the hours from 4 to 6 P. M. to Ihr instruction
of a few young gentlemen, with reference to the ?luties ?if
the d*?sk. The object is lo rentier them inmiliar with the
nature of account?, and entitle them to a favorable recep?
tion into the countlac-roonx
i 18 if ' THOMAS JON ES. 1W Broadway.
BOARDING.?Pleasant Rooms and cood
Board may he bail in a private family where there
are a few select boarders of quiet habit.?. House and apart?
ments very desirable?location delightful. No. 101 East
Broadway". a2 lw
OARD ?u Bond-street.?One oi two
pleasant Room?, with Board, may b? lltd i?L-No. 16 '
Boml-st. :i2 lw*
BOARD AMI ROOMS may* he ob- \
tabled in a private family. Apply at '206 Hudson sL !
OARD?Nt?.?A gentleman and his wife,
or tvp single gentlemen, can U?t ac?ommorlated with
_ooii board at No. '? Kukun s?recU Also, iwo or three per
?on? can be accotiunodaietl with ?limier. njy U
BOARDING?$1 per dayi'pr Meals
$2 50, Lodijin? i*l to ??3 p_r week. Pious and other
respectable person? fu_.t look in al (late Manhattan House) !
58 Duane-sireet. little north of the Park antl near Broad- :
way. __m26 lm*
OARD IX ( - --A Ge~iuTema? and his j
- _ ladv, or two or three single eenUemtrn, can he accom- :
mrnlateii with pleasant r?x>msandboarti,from the ??tot'May !
next Inquire atj 118 Orchard-street Relerence* exehanj*- '?
cd m31 tut'
m ?. Gentlemen'and their wive* ??ahbe.accommo<late<l.with
Board and pleasant rivtm? at No. 93 Henry-??, tone tl.xir '
almve Clark) alter the rirM of May. For {?anicular? inguire '.
a\ So. 21 Concord-?L. or No. l'2? Maiden Lane. New-"iork. ;
m31 lm*_-_
T~ O CARR?AG?"M?KKRS.*?Wm. M^ !
Titus, No. 50 Beaver-strvet, offers for sale a Urse as- ?
sortaient of Worsted Damask.? and Rattim-ti?, suitable c?>- ;
lors for c-arr.a;?*' linings. Also, licht drab and blue cloths
and black lasiinirs. m25 lm*
^"Rn\^Ni!Xl??T?L TVA RE.?Tea !
i_) SeL?. Castors, Lamps. Communion Tankards, Cup?. '
Bowls; Plates, Sjxwn?. Flask?, Mu^?. Tumblers, Ladles,
Cotrin Plmt?^?. Pitcht-n?. i.e. Jtc. made by Mes?r.?. Leonard. ;
rieed i. Barton, ?>i Taunton, Mass., ar..l equal to nr.y im
?.?-?r-.wd. for ?ale by their ?ole ar-nt in ihi? city. NATH'L [
W1THERELL, Jr . 112 John street,between Cb-Tand Pearl '
sreets._ I
T.O---THE PUBLIC".?All persons having i
leaky Tin Ko??fs would <in '-veil to call on the ?ul-???-ri- :
brr, who applies th? Elastic Cement; which --top? all leaks
and preserve? the Tin for years. This Cement the subscri?
ber warrants t?- stand through bot und cold. All letter? to ;
be directe?! to J. W. Harmon, No. 42 Folton-Street, Brook?
lyn, rxtstaire paid, which will be attend?! to itumediaiely.
"irl?oim- _J. W. HAR?lOy.
C-RC)LIUS'S BOAT Establishment. 4(H)
Water-strreu four doors cast oi Catharine Mar*et.
builder of the Sultan of Muscat's Pleaiure Bari-e, 'die. Wave. ;
G-iielle. Victoria. Atlantic. Wakona. A.c. AL??-, the Ann ot ;
Peekskiil, W?sbini!t?n of Poushkevp-ie .Dittcbess oi Hyde j
Park. Svlpb and Wave of Mobile, Geo. Stewart oi L.-?u?v
v?. ?C._"'>' lm* .
W.AJLLET LOST.?Oh Wednesdav
atlemoon. 30th March, a small (brown) Memoran j
dum Wallet, with claap broken o?Tconiamuig several not? ;
dra-*"n, payable to ancl by Piercy and Keed. ?ini a few olb
er pap^r** and receipts of bo value only to the ciwnec. It ?s ;
?upposetl to have l?e??n lo>i while iu one of the Broadway
and Blt-ecker-itree*. Omnibuses. A liberal reward ?t-ill be .
Civ.n for it? return to the subscriber, No. 9 -"'P?'-'^^^
? a2 3:* JOHN J- REED.
XCURREXT MONEY of all kinds;
s. / lionght at the lowest market rates bv
?lif F? P. -iAJ?ES* ? %* ?U-*
J. ?"iny?Capita! g?OO.O?) : Office NlX 54 Wa*J a. Thi?
Companycontinues to ma".? ?_s*_r_rtce agVin.*- ir*?* ?>r?l*?_?-'
age by rire, an?! inland rancatioa
Iteusseraer Hav?-....?. Sajak T-?v'r.r. Coris.W. Lawrence.
J. Pltrllips Pho-nix, Wiuiaca C-o_ch, *M*cnh B?idw ?..
John .'?torT-sor'. B. L v*".-v?;;ev. Satbaaiel Ween,
Joseph B. Varnuni Fai?!?,n_ C.Tuck*-r.Jn!;; ii.-.-.k:*:.
Meigs D.?en"|iu___ro_a D. Wolfe,
WtJIhnn W. Todd, Ferdinand Sovdan,
IL HJ?VENS, Prr-i.irnL
Caleb '?. Ha!?;.-'i
Henry ?J Thompson.
Li -v.* pH;_Li*-?.S?-cr-**a:
** ?V". ?7 v..?.'?-?t.?-t. corner ?f Hanov??_.str?eL Tins
( on pany ?continues to .i.-i:-.- against los?.or dama*?; by ?r?a
?ib l?uii'l;n_'*. r-o??.j,. ?.?.?arr-..'- in?-??-'.,.m |_? generally-ralsn.
dm vessel? -?-;i cargoes, against !???.? Dr limn :?_??? by rplaiicl
navigation.On as favorable wrw? ?? arv other office."
Th??ma? W* Tlwrne, C-Jeb C. Tunis.
'Ii. -tioi- T.\V(H?.?n;**.M...??. Tucker,
John C. Mt-rritt.
Tboo*isnn Price,
John. IT. Lee.
Jam?*? E. Koliii?-.*.
John P. Moore,
Ri-tram:ni?. I! .?-??">?:.Francis P. Sag?
Jo! i R. Davjion? F.!;-J:a Ri?-**<. "
Artson Bak?r. Wth. K. Thorn.
Mart?? Hoffman, James U. Whiting,"SiunnelUnderhill,
Joseph Allen, J?*??enh Brake,
THOMAS w. THORXK; President.
Geo. T. Hope, Secretary. i :'.-? tf
?j-iT?TUAL ENSli?ANGE?On Dt-'eT?? !
^V.S_ ng Houivsand Ft?m;!:ir?- nnlv. profit? return???! to
?J .- \v...:T,:._T!?r'i!??!"SKII'iU*?"??"""?? MUTUAL IN?
SURANCE COMEAXr. Offic? 45 Merchants' Exchange,
corner of William and"?* all -?tre ?-:-. Theatienuonnf Llnuse
hohlersis:respectfnlly rw??u.?t".i to the a&ex?d plan for:
sqpnrating the in?_rance of Dwenbig Hoa?. ? ami Fun?
t_re?. from thu: of'Stores .ind M(*reliahilise.
Iris well-known ?tai ??'.:?..-t.;;': ?!.?? Ic?.?rs incarred in live
!.;-:w-?? ..; insurance, ?-?re tl.?- r?-suli of th." burnb?; of vaina
!?;. ?.teres :?.-.. : cpsilj ?;"?>?!?.
This ?ner? ???*??* ill- expense ?fi?sur?iVce to the liotuel I ??
iT.actlraa' possiblyiieprivehinuol th*- very ??cmity-tor
which h? pa * I. .- prenliarr: :<? wn* die case iri the great fire
o?' 1335, wfatai th?- whole capitals o:'?" many ::i?:ir.?n..-i? com?
;?..!.'.? 'a?t*- * ?:.??!? ;.:r'. !.y :!.?? d&tructian of.tins kind ??;
- '?: ?'?:.:-... .-.y dwellings left for a unie wholly mi- i
protected by :.ri>ur-i?i<-r.
Another feature recommended to your attention, is "An:
.!.'.:? hi of Ihe profits among tin??.* who are in?ur?-?i by this '
>' ?mpany.
Th? cash p*.yi*-?fi;'.? or premiums form a t"nn?!. which, af
ler paying expenses aud losses, is represented by ?crip, ami
.- --.??.. to the :i??i;:..?? In proportion '.< the amount ol their :
insun-ice, which is Unis obuined :?l eo?t; anri stv-iu'd ilic '
h .-:; ? ?? ? ill ? ?:.?, .'f.v ;,! ail rt alir.?" the expectations al
the ?dire, to '? th. expenses of insurance u;h'?:i dwelling
liour*esand farnilure will ii?; .ilnunlshed by more than one |
'??!.' f?f?3S?2t rates- by r?_>?on of^tiie return of.theearned |
This ?"??inpany i* pr. rnirc '? '?" in?'!''- n?*-"a.nst kssor 'lan^- ,
age hV :ir?*. DwellFas lli>'.i??-s. llon-rinttil Fnrnilnr?, PUtei
Family Sirr? ?, Libraries, Picture?;, Statuary, Cabinets o? ?
Minerals and other objects, sn??omic?l ?'..!!?*'. lions, and all
II >;...-'.:.-.io I'i.-.p?rtv. onlinarily i??-p; in dSvellin^ hou.?<*s. i
Every person insuring ?'iih Ihm Company i? einit!? J to oi;?"
?/oie ?.-r each hu-adre i 'k-ii.ir* insured.
ThtMates.of lfi?-ji-njicr- an 4 all other particulars may be j
o!? "?!!,.??! lin ;?pplicai:on .it th?. orti?- of th?* Company.
Gulian <". Verplitn! "-. .\.I{t->.*n,??iH llrni^.-rs,
H ?h? r- Henry Lifillow, Mm.-j' ! M?r'ir>,
*?'?::'..it. ri.'rjiirbonj Fr?.-?!eri.:k *??'?u<-;rf'.r.-''.,
D ?Kiel's? yrnour, Stephen Cambreleng,
Frederii !)? peyster.
A. !!. liODGERS, Pressent
!). ?;. TAYJJOiR,St?crctary.
"?*??. H. HAltrSON, Counsel.
:.?: .in.?..! J aMF.S WEBB. Surveyor.
\i\ GOODS-aTReduced Prices.*?
fEUEiMIAH I.AMItFKT, \... 523Greenwich ?tr^t.
;- daily if-?--?""ini" rrb.tR faction; _rcai ImrL-ai!.? :i: I)rv
U.-.-f,;.. '?-?.-i:. .- i -t- v;i:.? : perfect d?jjfoi ''"-.'! '? t?"!?t.l,
new and beautiful .-t'i--*: .beautiful Dover do- for l?d.
. ' I qualitVj.ibr ft iui 1-t?.1 '-?i?! pt-r yard.
Plaid an?! Sni?!?'i! Muslins t'"r fri'ti? Is 3?! to ^s 6?'" oer yant
for from !? t?' Is t7d,superiorqualit\*.and fast colors'.
lor Reiitlemens' summer wear, at ?o ?irr e'en? les? than last
ve?r's prices. S17PR BRO FHK.Vt.'H LINEN "
?or iron? 1 ?;-! to Is i??! per yard, All of which, being pair;
<7!!-?*>'?l for Cd-r. i- -i?al?l??l ?o *?.-ll at prie.:* to ?nit the times.
i.'J .'I'.* _ _
Achine: TeethT
**h*;r liarii'n; r?_olv?d at all hazards, to supply the con?
stantly in.-reuM!.!' ?loirifnlu H.'r !l?t? jni?dl?ble Tocitbache ?*te
dy, !iere\\!!h preterits die pulilic vrith ii?e foUowii
The undbrwgned. Siirgeqn DfinJiLs oi ihe City ol Kew
Vork, ninsi cheenHily r?ciimtii?iid. Prfr??Vn*" vitjeiable Spe?
dfic, as ttV- hest rei-ii-ilv for T?OtlinW? ll?it? ?ft? '???'?r come
uiitlrr their .?liservationl L. pARsiKLV, 3?ll J*roa.lway,
J. S. DonCE, 47 Bond-**.
C?. Dooce, f)2t Broadway,
fj. G. Bl-rc.f.r 34. Mnrket-sl
Pn"p.?r?*?l only by J. ".*?'. Clowes. _enlist; sold ?nl??? hy the
fcl?Bwiag ?r'.':r'?t<-.-. Cott?(*yS6S Blet?cker-street; Rinir. 8+f*.
Milnor, l<)2, iu)"l Han. 27'? ore?il*,">ry: Mulchings, 15". ???1
Sviui-, r,J Rowen-i Burrell, 210 Chath?un-stre?*c; ??onlil?e,
24? CcHtre-slr??tji Ci.\rl\1S?.0..Ctultlinglon,227, ami Hart, li?
lfiiil?"jii-?tr?"i.-t. For s?il.' nl wholesale prices by ihe Propri?
etor a*"'.i i?."!" i.? ?.O'Hq.t'i* nnl?*ss ?iu;!i?'ii in hi.? own haiui-writ
in?r. Price ?per via! on cent.?; siiiall it?l; 2S cent-s"
Also, lor.4lc by Shi?flelin; 114 Carml-, Kinir ?. >"? iioifsal.*
Agent), *-' Fulton-st ?-?>r. Cliff" t3 2ni<**>w
OMAN EYE BAL.SASi for Weak and
_,lNFL;*lM P".D EY ES?*-*OplitliBlm?a;cM" Inflammation of
t'??- rye.isui 't?vi>kiiiilsioiii-|io>c?'rilmu!roiudl.?r.i?r*ni tlieeyel
or pa*rt?atlj?ihinp^orfroiii an unhealthy ttateorthe^'steimahd
tl?.. oihe." tconi external injuries, such a? blows, contusions,
and wouniis on ii!?.- ??".(??; ?-?itrti?i-.??.* hodiesof an irritating
nature introduced under tin- eyelids; extposSrc to bleak
wind.* an?! cold; small inflammatory huuinr*? called styes,
which rise ori the eyelidsi various acrid lumi-? acting a?
cheiiiiciil stimuli; stich fis tl\t* sm?,R?*?.b:f pit coal, thai of wood,
turf, hi-,? t?*?? (Vf" n "?? ?f **?nOu" or sptrjtUOUS li.iuor? ; :h?.
suppression of accuiiomeil discharges; tne long application
of a ?.trnn^' li_lit. or f:x?-?l ?.itt'iitif.n lo minuto "l'je?,*is; :in?J
an acrimony prevailing in the ma.?.? o? iluids.
The common inilamm?tJoiM of the eyes eommi?ncw with a
sensation, as ifgritty particles had inj-innateil themselves un*
derthe'eyeliilj acconipimicd ?r.-iui-grtiat heat, redness, and
priciiiiirr, darum; pain?. A> ?t increase*. lh?* p.lr'.s swell, an?l
the vrv?*-!? m" the eye become nut only incrtf_?ed in ?iz.e, and
tnrgid, but appear more numerous than in the natural ?tat?-.
Great pain i? excited upon tin- lry.?i motion of the hall of
the eye; th?* patient irannoi ht-ar the liu'ht. and an etTusion
i?f tears from the lachrymal gland ni?u??. \vhich is of so
acrid a iintutv a? to excorinit- everv part on which il Imp
P?"ns to tail. In some ca??-s a .ILscliar-'e of ?iick^glutinous
matter ensues, which collfcts in cott?i.!era!>le-'quantk:p?
iili'iui ihe angles of ihe eye* paniculnrly during; s?rep.?
Wiirr?' only one eye has beet! affected, the inllatnmat'ou
iVi-fjut?ntly'i'r'.enii?to Ih?otber:
This valuable B,il*a**i hi?? ?St-eh used fWr'rhnny years, In
privai?- pmctice, by ihe most celeWrated oculisLtin this ami
t'orei?ii countries' and may be ?confide!?t-y ndled upon a? ih<
most ?ale ami *p**?-(ly cur?* li?r weak or mfiamed eyes, an?
ing from any oi the above cause?, that ha* ever been offered
to th?* world. Prie<-37j r?-nt?.
Fr>r sale, wholessde ami rt-tnil bv
DAVID SANDS A CO. 77 Ea?t Broadway", ctir. Market-?t.
Sold also bv A. B.."* X>- Saiid?; 79 and UK). Fultoa ?L an?l
v. B. Sand.* k Co. 273 Broadway,lie only Agents forNevy
York. m26 Im
M'CLINTOCK'S PapilltTry Lotion, or
NIPPLE WASH.?The ?evi-re -utferiii'.' to winch
nioiht-rs art* ?o frfquenUv subiected in i-on?eournce of <*?
c^riat.-t! <>r ??ir?* ni??pl???. has long df-ronii-trat*-?! the n?*ces?:
ly Of a preparation a?lapt?-i! lo-ieueral u.-e. and capable of
affording prompt relief. The repeated evidence fuirnished
?: tin* want of such an article led' the proprietor lo direct
bis attention to the formation ot a Lotion, -??bich. being at
oner innocent and sanative, ?hou!?l effect this ?lt-?;ra!?l<' ??b
'.-??!. '!*!;!- desideratum he conc?i?r?es to l?e satisfactorily ai
tninetl in the prepnrntion !i**re orlfreti.
Tht-u.?e of th?-Pnpdlan,-Lotion, for about twenty years
pa>t. has fully ?*--ta!>i:?hrd it? character a? a pleas?nt ?ia?l ef?
firaciou? r?*m?*?ly. ami ha* procur**.! for it a reputation over
??vrrv thin-*: ?hitherto employed. An obvious if not in?up?-T.?
!)Ie tibjfCtion, wl ich applitrs to most of the common wash?-?
u??tl tor tii?- puni?se, '.?.that containing in tl:??ir coinpoiwin
lead, or some other poisonous articl?-, they rt-quir?- t?i br
thorousrhly washed ?*T bet?re the c!iild can i>?r ptrnnuted to
take ?h?^ bretist. Tiiisinconveinence is entirely obviat?-d in
the present prepHrauon. It contains nothing in the slightest
.?.?rr^. ??..?uriou- 10 tiie ?n?in; and. beiri? almrwt tast?-!?-**,
ihechild may ?be nur-?-'! at any ;)eri<>.l .tt'trr using it without
regard to it* resiovaL
IIfiv:!iL' liad frrq?rni opportunities of v?itne?.?ing the hap
pv ."ift-t.-?* of'M'CInitoi-k'? Nipple Wash.' and heard ihr
lestimony >?l nuiT??(r?>u? nurse? in iL? favor. I hav.* no h?-?"ta?
lion in rt-couiiiifiidinz it as an exc?*il?-ni and -*hj"- rnnedy for
st?re nipprr**. N- SHOEiLAKER, M. D.
H;tv:n?_ frequently ?lir?-ct?"l the Us** of M'<'iint>ck'? Pnpii
larv Lotion. I can con?den?v reconiuirn?! it it? th?* attention
of the public. ' EDWIN P. ATLFE. .M. D.
I bave ???-!->? ;V?-quentJy used >PC_nt?ck's Papillary Lo?
tion, and have L".?n pleased with it? Hir-eU.
I bave, in a number of insian.:?*?, -eerj advama?*<rous re- I
?uli* from ihe application oC M'Clmt<x-k's Nipple Wash',
an-1 Lav?* beard manv lets-tit?s ?;>eak well of it, ar.er havin?' -
given it a trial. CHARLES NOBLE. M- D.
.- Phi!a?i?*!phia. iOih m<i. 7t!i. 133."-'.
For ?ai** at wholesale and mail by the Proprieto?-"? Gen?->
ml Air?".! m New-York. GEORGE D. COGGESHALL.
No7*_- Ptwri* corarTof Ro?*-?streeti by John Milhau, No.
Ifjo Bmadwav, Rusiiton i. A?piro?a!l. 8?S William-strvet. 110
Broadwav and 10 Astor House* Adam?on ii OllixT, 6 Bow^rv
and 699 Broadwav, and l?v the Dragsisi.? uenerally.
MEDICAL CARD.?Dr. Morriflen, for
meriy Surgeon in the British Navy, can be con*
ra?l*! daily at his'omce, 204* Falt?ii*>??Tt-eu whh the erm?
denee "l bis :ri??rt?!s. _ ?"*?3"*
invaluable m???iiciiie. Dr. Swa\"neN Com^-ounii Hvnip
ofWad Ch?-rrv,!'or cougbs col?.L?. .?pitting ?.loo!, birrnchths,
tC mav !>?- had at Dr. ~""*'. H- Manor's drug store. No. 192
Br-Rtiway. N. Y.. and J. M. Smith. Brooklyn. mIO lm'
S "ALT, Salt.?70 tons 3I_r_haUft Stoved
*-a!t factor?* oiled, on i>oar_ ship In?i??pendecc??, for
?teoy ' Gs^SSlOsU'mSTVW^?o.naotabm.
I i
TO LET?The aoodern hulk *?? ?*torv
??'.at Hoa?e No. ?' Roottevell ?tree*, well adaptt-ti for "a
p ?*ai family. I.-a---:;>-a: 62 v* alk**r ?;. .t^,;;*
LET.?The three ?Story House
So. 2"1 Market'street \r>niv to
.?'??NNELL, MINTIK.V .v t, O. T? Sootli street.
Rrttnres, kc. Possession ?.iv-ii immediately. Ap
ai$4 Ci:r:?t:e-y,
A*? TO LET?A workshop with n siipe
?ji?i?L r ?????.?:.:?,-?*nr low. Inquire of 3. Locnie n rear)
"i No. j'. Ann ?!. t? ;,:?
SSoLET^-ARo?n?, Bedrooin. Pan"- '.
>?_-_3L try Cl ?--i. suitable for s.sttiai. family. P- ?? ?
-??ion "given immediately?Rent low', loquirecfj Locke. ?
i. :? ir o*" No. 3: At...?-?._ ?_? (.jjj
TO LET?A new Bricfciiouse. with
_, ti fireplaces and 7mom5, and rjiabli ?u tlie r, tr, ?n
v? ?,::.?.. ,r?. it.-a? ?Lio. Particulars of
:? ?U ILFR v BBSSQX, No. I Ann si
?JTO LETe^i-e-^?r nvo>lofts of tlie
_____ ?Mr.? I'.*?" P-ari ?rreet^?uttabte:iir v.h?>l?-?a?.- busbies.?,
..r tor some manufacturing purposes. Anplv u> ?-t?..--.- .?
Cary.'ic Go?. Ig*i IVnr! ?*_- *-?_S ;-.
A?TO LET. for ?-ale or evchruiic?The
?ttiii^ House and ??table. with halt" an acre oi ???'?>?!!!'' re
it .. on the ?.'??", -w.?t . -?rt.-- .-: F.p\: Avenue and 125th-'
'fret :. Vpply at J'"' t;i-.'i-n??''c!.?tr.-*t, ,n.", tf
.?TO LET-The two-story .-rick
_j_?______ House, No. ?>?" Market-street. \r-:h t?,.> r-.-.ir building;
v?. inch i? suitable tor a stable. Apply m
:'i: t"*RlN.\'F.I.L. Ml.Vl.TlVN .t 1'O.T' ?"?Mih..*.
?efafTO LET from the firit day of next
?juila May, tlire*_-fourrt_* oftbefourth ?tor*.- ofllin b"rank- ;
hu Kuildim*. corner ot" Ann .m.r Ntossau-stre? '?. unable tor ?
a printinr. o?tie?. "or other mechanical business, linruire of |
JAM HS CO.VNEtt. in the boiMin?*;. ?11 tf '
f*rac?ical Fanner with a family, ? ?van! ; tak?
ofa 'l jirri r-n.l cultivate a Kann ni Illinois. T I j ;
;.--:?.iii well recommend.???] witfi ?onie mean? a satisfatrton
Hrrr.ii'jemenl could be made bv ifMyhiC at No. 2 Lihertv
street,to IIK.MIV ??. COX. mS3 2w'
M TO Wheelwrights and Blacksmiths.
__i.____l. The sultscriber will Rebuild die old stand ..n the i*i }
"*. May ne\t, fifa suitabl*. tenant offer?-., in the tow n of Ja
.-. -a, I.. I. a ?... -.. rem, tliree stor? ?. with dwt .;.;._;? ad
?oinbir. Reut low. Apph m
ml2 lm" J' II. POILLO.V, Jamaica. !.. I.
JbA, STORE No. 16] Pearl street? The
____J__,foui jpacimus Lofts of ?hi. store to let t.. t?ie tir?i day
ol May, 1843, funished wiih SheWhs", Counter?, (?a? Fix- |
un*?-?. Stove, kc. Possession can t-e had immediate!v. In?
quire, of JOHN LAMB. So. I Merchants' Exchange. Wail
?ir<.-?. _5f i:
M TO LET???p-per parr of ;i House
No. I?'5 y.rrick-.-.reef, rttisistirc.-of front and bad*
;?,irt.?r and bedroom on the ?t-coiid floof i ?USO, a bed room
in the aitir. willi a ?ood basement and other conveniencia"
It i? a ?'??.I neighborhood. To n ?tmnil re?-;?-i.-t;d>le tiiii.il-..
the r?*iH will !"? r'-asonahle. Nbro other !-i?-*-tI apply. Can
>,.- ?????.j irntii 11 tp ? o'clock; " in."' i'-f
?r?. TO LI'.T-? Several. Rooms' in the
__.'.'j__. Clarendon House. No. "K?! Broadway, with ?rrates
nid ?well I;?!ueil. Price irnhi -Cl to.$l ??) p?T week. These
Robins are well adapted lor artists or tor l?tlginar-rooms.?
For further information apply at Room Mo. 36, tf?r.l story,
in tliebuildm?. Also to lvt, the Third, Fourth an-! Filth
Stoiie.? for iii.* ensuing year. f 16 tl
M PART of a lions?.* To Let.?A _-en
lleman ?-ith a Family consisting ot" ? persons with?
out children i? .!e?irou? of Iftlin?- ;?art ot'a ihr?./ -tory house
m Chambers-street. The appartments ,-o>i?;?i of 2 pnrlors
on l*.r-t i!r?rtr. I roiim on .til ?tor*.-, 1 or 2 nttic Bedroom?,
Basement; i.*-. Inquire ai 125 Fulton North comerrof Nassau
street. It>nt ^2if\ m30 tt
Jg& FOR ?SALE?A small house .-.ml live
J?;'_'j3_ or ?ix at rtt of land, two acres cleared, and.aboul
one a..-n? ?.-? out with * ht!?xl?rfm'' ffrowth of peach trees,
and th?- remainder "I the land in tto*-*l?m tua te at Far Kock
away, Cn the main rf.ad, between 0. T..JenrniMrVan?l lhe
toli-?ati_. Inquire et ihe iolJ***atc, orof JOItV Norton.
Jr. next to the toli-^ai.*, par Rockaway, or ofJ. NEW
HOUSE. lo? Water st. N. V. m 17 u
M TO LET?The three story house,
80 Third trfenne. "-'he basement is level witbth?
street ; ii is rep!?*t.e w.il? e"cry cc-nventence marble mantel*
in the two principal stories, am! t?if ?ninines ?nish?d with
? it ??v.-,-?. nh^lw-m, ate. Tt> n Rowl icnttlK It -?ill I??: l?-v low,
and pfli?etr? given for one or more year.*? Poa**?J3ion piven
iiniiifilia-ftiy. Ai?i'ly to
?30 tf JAMP.fi T. M. BLKAKLKY. 2-12 ?uiImih ??!.
M FUS W??E^ 18 Lot. of (.round,
(separately ?. r ic ?* Wfayil jittrat?- em'the Eighth Av
etiii?.-. and on Thirtv-KiL'hth ?/id Thirty-Ninth-streets, on
the east ??le of sai Avenae; between lhe Seventh .an.l
Eighth Avenue.l A/so; -I Lm? on th?* north side of Forty
.".'erond-.t., 2f.fl feel frpm (Hi Eighth Avenne, between ihe
Seventh and Eighth Avenues. Ihd?Sreof
' Or. ANDERSON. 40 Eaj. Sroadway,
orofSAia?*; R, B. NORTON;
m31 2w* at ??.'."-*"i?i?'place, on Tuesdays.
jjfe4T0i BE LET IN R?.OoKLV?N ?
j,'-'^!, 'i'he IftrK" brick Building situated in Hicks near
Piecpont-?treet, a conv'?hleei diffance from the Fulton and
Snith Ferrie?! will i.?- put in first rate ?nlrr und rented for a
i?fiiterl Flotei or Boanliii?.' H"ii?**, for which iii? weJI'cnlcu*
lated ? will be ready for occupation on or before ti?*".- 1st ?>f
May: tii? gfgun?! is.handsomely ornamented with trees ami
shrubberv. The ai-Hi!': btrilding wa? formerly ihr Brooklyn
Colle_-iaie Institute. Apply id WsJ. CORNELL,
ai.w 173 F'r'mt-'t. N. V
j?k EOR SAIiE or To Let?The largest
___?____ and b?.**t ilited M?!!linr<l Room in .Amer?
ica. The Room L? ao by B0, and contains SEVEN TABJ.ES.
It ?.?'.1 i,e exchangeJ tor City Property <>r a gist?il *""t'?l and
Mo**i*-*ag&'asRegl Estate. In proper hands there maybe
from 2 to li?.iKH) per aii.'lt?r** r'?**treii by this Room. It? folia?
tion i.? -tt'i Broadway, (e?iual to an;'1 ? ?'?Is ?-iey.) adjoining
thie Olympic Theatre. The pr?*v?nt propnet?? v,-m no tini"
to attf-nd this hu.iness is hit onlv rea.v?n for ?ellin^. Ii not
sold bp the 15tli April, will be l?;t. Apply to OTl? P1EL0
at th'^Clinia.x, I'll Pulton, running through to 1J Ann. m21
M EOR SAL?~The ?lir.e i-torTBrick
Markei-street, l?etw??en Madison an?t llenry-sire?-L?. Tar
Lot is 25 by M feet, th** House _.*> by 48 fee't, with 12 inch
walls, liu?i by day'? work under the .<up*-ru)tc-n?teiirt< o? Mr.
ii?-ot-_-e IrelamL. There alreten tire places in th* House,
-even of which are finished wilh marble chininey-piec-e*?.?
There i? a dry cellar undr ?be whole, paved and divide?!
into SHvernl apartments, a flr***prool ash-bouse under the
kitchen ?r? place, and lhe whole in complete order. The
prftiii???; mny hs ?e*-o every ?lay helt?een ihe hours ni 12
antl-2.?'cloeli. Kor turther ?srrticolars applv to
f24 G RINN KLUJttlNTuRN ii CO., 73 South-street.
Jjj]-'jfc, on Brooklyn li:^'!:!c, and c!_[.'. lot? on Colurnh .
street, between Cranberry and firamr?? *_ree**i,?utendiagJSO
feel lo Furman ?treeu l^m 61 Fulton street, 'Si leet front.
robmng through to Jam?.*?street, both valuable situations i'.-r
business; AL-i [or sale, at \Vi"J_____hlJrgbj 3 or 16 lot-? on
PirstStreet.^^hetween North 9th and N??rth 11th ?tr*?ei?, ex
tendiiik' several hundred |prt to the water line. The whole
or any part'if tin? property will be sold low, mont of ibe
money rnav remain on inort'.aire for one or more years?
For ?.'articulars apply to J. G. Bt.'LLKR, 44 San?l?,
mi? lm ? con Adam st,'Brooklyn;
M FOR SALE.*?A valuable Country
Seat in th*? town of Jamaica. L. I. Tiie subscriber
??>f"". r? tor ?ak- his Property or*a part thereof, as mav sUiiaj?
f.?.-ai'.i?. wittitr'-m 2 to 5. or !0 acres of lanil, all rtttt-'l tor
L'ar.leniii? purj??es. wiib a s[)ariou.? iront of737 (?-t-t, -l:?"i?i,-j
,ii 7 ?..-ciiofi?. with fruit and t,ruafieuial treis; the niidii'e
?vetion i? highly improved; with all die cooy<*ni?nc**s to ?uit
a genteel family; with a variety of choice fruit in the season,
ornamental trees, i.?-rr>? and ?rape ,;.|^.? in abundance.
Th?- hoasei? \--rv ?Liij.?".antia! and i!.o<ler?i beul, out-bouses,
ham and fences al! new and in complete order. Th^ whole
property will be ?..|.| at a. ptice to make it a desirable in
vestment, or a part in view of impruvirit: the a<ljoin*ni? vt
lions. Term? ver." tavorable uponajto?cation to or a.i
tir*-?.s Ip?*st pai't) (nv?2 Im'J J. Ii. POILLON. Jamaica.
M~T? LET"5r LEASE?The upper
part of? new, haadsomeand verv convenient Ho--?
at the corner of La.?t Broadway and CIi*itoi?-??lr?;et. built
expt* ssly tor a gtmttel Hot?l and Boardin^-Hou.-?-, ravinj?
two large rooms in th?? ?econ?! ?tory communicatin<? with
each o:her, a !ar?^e kitchen and cellar, and a numb??" of bed?
rooms in til?.- upper ?lories, al! wi?i t?re-piaces, _r-_t?-?, an?'
in-trl.ie mantel? and jam!??. The situation i* pl?-a.?anc am;
healthy, and the prospect from the several room? airreea
;.i>- tod exu-nsitre. an>? markets rtiul church??s in Uie neiirh
boriiood The Dry Dock Carria_res pass ?irei repass the
H.-a?<* every -jcan?r ot an h??ar to Batrery Piace. and Cab?,
ami Coaches are within calL Inquire of Mr. MORGAN,
corner ot East Broadway and Ciinion-st. for n-rms. f28 if
M~OFF?CES TO LET.??Suites of
ROOMS in tie? 2d and 3?1 stories of the Iar^e bnck
buiJdm.- on the south easi corner ot. and frentia:* on Broatl
way and WaU-st. Entrance N<x 1. Wall-s_ The rooms are
airy, and Sniihed In a style suitable for pri?-air apartment-?.
Each suite has folding <j?x?rs. Uavint. die open trround ot ,
Trinity Church yard in frint, an?l Keine near the ??rreat cen?
tra ot'commercial oansactions, tew nl?_es cas he fuund to
equal them in the combin?*d adVMta^? of pleasantries ot_?it
uatiou and conve_L*?nce <or busin?es_. inauireat So. 1 *>*? ail
str-ietorof [rnlltf] J. >L ELY^?^falmn-u^
BEDSTE?tDS.?These who areia want
o? B-'l.tead- ?will find that WlLLLfS..PATENT
PREMIUM BEDSTEADS fare-X*-**d ?H ?her ?in?!? m Uie
ihre? great e?.r^tials-cheapnes*>.' durability and enore
freni.ira from bnir?. The public are invited to -?arajne
them at 71 Gold str??et. second door tmm Beekrr?in.^ r:?e
larirtrst assortment in the city-_",t~ ?'' "
RrI\D ! Bread ! ! Bread ! ? !?At Pa?
jr ma's new Baker*.-, comer Second-stre-zt and Bow-ry
1 pound? for a sbiUin?.. and made from the be? soperhne
?o?r. Try it. m24 lxn
, - J__ the *s!*rth q-*>?r*?*r of S***irn Mar??., h.?:-*, re a? No.
g ?? Arm-street Jr?>4 i.-?-' "DAVID DECKER.
JJ^PuR ?SAJLE?Five improved Farms
i <?_i .;?,.?-?..- Co. N. Y.??tesa M to 130 .-reres ench.
i liooa -\beat :?-!*?. From $150$) -?ere ?-ill !*- n*?7ju?re?j
twivn; I?*a***ce may reinain ?righi y?-*?--*?. Fer particular?
? apply ai No. ? Miuiberry or l? Joan?t. a*> ?_i?n?. iuS4?''
PRt IT TREES, vVc?L. Provost,
, No. t_?-Br..i*?d*?*?v. h*? juH proenr?-..! from Fr??>ce
t ?rs_u variety ?if t_t< Fra-t T.-n*-*.' Al?o, Cau.ncUi.-_ tn*d
, Ki-s-e B_!*??.
N. !>.?L. P. bas haj (rreai ex*t**trie??re :n ra.'.n;? Tre?**??
I". ? * his third v.-.ir'? :***r-i??-?*-t-ttJo? mid mav be r**"???*i! upoo
' '* *'"-v::*!''- Please lo cab ac-i exonrr.?-. ml!*? l"?
: gS* FOR SALE or exchang?tTtt?r cityprr*
? ____. petty ihr*?*- beautiful Farn,?? ?.??<?? palt?*rson an?!
7 i. ". ?? F ''".-. Vritfa plent" ..>["?? 'S?<!. """"t. water.?r. Ic-fieO,
: oi 115 and ! "!'"*.'? it?res. The >?:! is rich ami.?"e.-xion de?
; s?rable. These ?hji-mi?^ or either of them, ?v?i? w- ?,,?.;,! 0r
? tr.nif-ti at prices, kr., :?? satt the lim?s, and Irmi?. v,*~ ?be?
'. rat, P.?rue!!;.!?** a: tue Lam? c-tSce of Bntler Ai Be_-cii. No
: Vi??::?? -.t. or Robert Morir!?'. Patltr*.*!*. m l? 1 St
|Jj^ F? ?i? ?*S M.F.?:\ vveli-iiiipn.vtfil Farm
.?.___. of 53 acres, ?iinai??! in Huntington lo-wi-sdii?, L. I.,
? ? '.. ibesteamboat iasding at Northp??rt. an?! 7 mires
^railroad at Babylon ?tat*?-?!!. G00.1 buildings;g? *?!
v.-.:- r, us *. go ?; :? n?3. Price .$.'._???' for tarvt? ??-..V-o :?-r
?tock,7farming Utensils, ???c. On?? half can remain cm. the
. T tie ndispui?ble. m-A p?v?$es_ou :':*r?*u ?mmMwiely.
Fer partie liars ipply to the owner on ihr premise?,or i>
'"'.r. .'-7.?v"'li N\*.'?-.i. iv Div7?iou-?t. N. Y. ml lm*
??? \rn.K 'FK?:t:s?i.?h?^-?T-inrot?iritH
^Xaa? A;p.'?T:*???*. v'.o.?:?i;;i^ ?>?' tbtj *?*? iatrr Greening,
Cart H ?;-.?? i?i Sap, Yeltow Newtowa Pippin, Bullock
;... ?.irr:?.'!. .i.-.. Ilrattan Soin do." Bii?r?ont r do.. IU?i!h?\\
'.".. i.*;ni.*''t-'.os, Spice ?;??.. F?l" Hedsireak or Ihntic* Apple,
? -.-?..?? P??anna_f, Print. Yellow Ilarvi**!, Fall Pippin.
!? ?to] Pippin o? Bullhead?all ??!"??!?ict\ are warrant?id, an?!
n :!! !?-.- soin i iw in lot? t?? ????t purchasers. A!?o. a few Plum
o?-i !'?** Trees; at ?Va 7 F?*rrv-?.ti-?vt.
.?? _. _? F.l.IJAH T. BROWN.
?g&KQK SALE?A Farm^ situat?wl;at
^?\?. Ft-? ttocka?vay, I? I. w'tfhin .? thtori distacceofih?
Pa ?-? . .... frontinc 'in ill?, bay .o>?! Mean?. It
t.ntains res. T?acres of-wblchls'?i-strBSetillaWe land;
??'.-j - j ixtgr?sfi ??' m?rido*"1 l.'.rsl, ir?! st-'iie ???.?"?.ll.'ir.?!.'
.?- ?.."-? . -.. .i ,!..-.; i-'>?n-i IK-.'.?.". Snr?? and t?lh'-r out
.?-. 0 - ' -..?:???- both'ty:titntlandwa*
???-. !?>;?: i. -i Samuel R. !t. Ntmon on the prends? or
.: I). A.Mit-K.**?*.*.?.-?. t" K:?>1 'B;t?ad>?iy. N. Y.'
a!?.?. .-.:;;<"r ??. ? rty ? - ?m!- ?iniilai?y ?iln?!?-?!. Apply as
lieforesiateiL* mJi '.">???
^ FOR??Al.F.?liar-'ibif?! Hcirgnin-?i?
?,___ Far?leorexchange,*l9.ii_cu ol h?B(i.?_*_?e l-a?-},
cantaining !i."< :i<rs? each, soi! "i" u ?ap^r.?..* oir*!ity, w?.
teretl with r.ne ?trr.in??, .n:?i revered with tin." !U?>r*? r. ?u.'*i?
? - v? !.:!.? ncH; hit?korv, !>*--tch. ?alino. m;?rt?" mu? <v.-jrii??r.?.
l'hr .?oil i?aiUp?i'il to \vbeut, rye, roni,oa?v cotton,' lou.-ic?-?.,
?wect?nd Ir'*h potatoes. The above land.? will I e.?o|.i (I
' p. ..-??. -iri ??u i**nns t.? ?n:t, orihey ?villb??ex.
fhangedjor .l'un'?: any kind <?i m**rchaiidhe. Formapt,
isi_r;'ins ?i.t.l pispiculir?. appN '??
pj u SMITH \ WHITMOIO-*, hSJob_5t up ?uirs.^
FRO?.1 6 to ?0,000.H)S. tf Fresh (?ar
? DEI. SEED, in .?.11 the cl?ol?*eM sp?*ck??i nn?l var!?*
nr sale, id quantities to suit purchasers, at BRIDGE*
M WS permanent ?fsiahhshmeni, comer ol HixhteeiitU?.?L
??I Broutlway. Also,*T'he Yonng Ganlcner**!i AflsisiaiH,'
tab ?in? die ;????!:;!? ol bis 22 vears' practice in New-York;
\? this work hajf been honpeed i.y in?- award of a Gold Me
? n the it - ?. in Insutnt?, v??.h!. Imtirotion, and live
\i"*.v-V?n!. "*".?'?? A'gricultural Soc.+tv. having a_o.a'w_rded '
ra . o?l!''? .i? !"? C!r?;i!*ii? lt?r *nipf.-?or sjiecimen. ???"lia?,
len Products, lartber cnimhent L? deeined uimecessiry.
I!.;? .'!??*
?5g. \ i ! W s F. F. 1 ) ST?R E at Nil.?o's Gar
.!___ den.-?Ont frienilsand the public are respwtfully
\ ?. ; ; - .-..i! m<t exnlnineour impoitadbn? of new and rare
.-. ?.-?,,.,.,' Vegetnbleand EnglL?h ?*rn??..>t'vt!? tor lawns,
lioice Dahlias, Gfrene ? in?*?. Frail and Ornamental Trees,
: ,._..'ther w lib our Inri;.' ?olleciion ?>t <?r?-."n u?d Ilot-Housr
Plants. Anv <?f wlii.fii iv-ill N? ?>?l<l on iTM??t?*iMt?* term*?, nn?l
iranttred'as represented. NJBEO ?V DIJiNLAp,
ni 2w 5*"<l Broadway.
( 1j:ot:F.KV ami Fe?tl Swrc To Let?
v"3" A ^-?>...| stund. ;?n?l low r"iit. wiih die dwelliag ifile
- ? i. Applj'to PKTKU A. II. .).\<'K?*??N. Ih^use Coin
. ssi?ner?nd CoUeotinj: \geiit. lU2JFV?issau*sL, al iV?lock.
\|vi. -i PEAV FOR-SALE in iti?: n?t?!tll.* oislc ?>f Si. B.it
omew'sChnrch, (Episcopal) corner of Lafayette face
m i ?oi-wi .i.'i.? ?'?'?ii-?-?i. Apply a.? above. o J "it*
ryC? LFT?Tfic Store p6 Gratul-Mreet.
1_ conier of Norfolk. TblsSlbre?located m ihe best
fiii.if?..?? |?..i! of the street-*- tyouUl make t?.? i*ooii Sior??s._
Inquire on the ptremisvs; .n?*l if
" *".M!'I?1:FL.\H; -?f?niso?s aiiirStm^hadeB
, ? at-wholcsale and retail.?A t.?H and t-innjilrte awori*
..ni of il.?" above articles, manufuctnred at \?*w?irk, N. J.
Deniers ??.il fiiiil it to their advantage to call mid examine
belbr? piircliiteiug elsewhere, as every arli?_emanufnetured
by nu- combines neatn?*$s with ?lurubihty. a??! at prie?-*, low?
? ihai! at any other e?t.V?>li?hinrut m the United ?tat?-?.
I il?ohave the mcIomcc rialitwnianut?ctiire G.S.WBrd's
paient Portable l"ini?t-Hit, a very desirable article for irav*
elers,.?? ?i ?'.in I??' l.?l.l?d and put in an ordinary \'ali?_
N?-wark. M.ii.-h. iai_ ?iii^lni-] RICHARD WARD.
'I S 1 F K, Mil .K?-'{110 to '"HXTq?iarts per
I* I li.'.Y ?IF PURE MILK can be furnished on aptAT
..!.... u? c.shnait. No. 198 Greenwichxtreei; at ?>*i cent?
per ?i'i.trt ?n the summer, .?ml 4 is in the winter, n:.**1 Iw*
T~T~RNEU-v HUGHE*. Stationers, P?b
li?hcrs, and General B'??k Aeenttt* No. 10 John-street.
\.-?v.Y?'th. ?m.? N??. I .|?"?.y<.UKVilie stifet, Rulelgll, Nortll
iTCarolina. F?*?reign und Domesftc Book.?, Stationery, Sic.
H. l>. f'l'K.VFH. Nr-w-York. N. B. HUGHES, Ralegh.
ri???- Pills have ii?-?-n now more than seven yean b? fore
the public, and their jusi preienw'oiis to the character claime? I
lor tl.i-in cl?)?''!y ?"Miuiim-d and tested, by a irreal numberof
? ??:?'.n?. t???! iiiieiilgvnt lo I??* deceived! an?l i.k? deeply inter
.- -ti-.i m tin- results not to nbserve ivith care, and judge witb
??ii favor.
F'xp.-rifii?-!' hi? not weakened ti??-??" prete?hMH l>ut
?!''.'!i-.'ih?'i!i-H and contirmeil them by a uni?.of testimony ???'
? i!'-li re*ipe?taul? character ?? has r??r?-ly ?ostahied any urii?
-.?- in tin? tonn in any cnuntiy.
Tlit'st- Pill? mav I?** had in any itinn?ii?'?, and ur,on liber?
al ii*ri?s, on application to II. I). Tl KN Kit, Piincipal AgenU
lO.:JOlin?9treei, ?ew'?Yorli, ne.o Broadway. ml8 lw?*oiJ
rVfFU' YORK Dying and'Prihtiug Eata
Ll BLISII.MKN I\?*'I'ATKN ISLAND, (Hficefor th.
reception':nod ilelivery >?i'?roods, No. 53 (late 11) John #t.
New York ?Dye '<?n?l rini?U m a ?-jp?*rior manner, Broad?
.'..Hi?. l".i.?iin."i<?. Silk?. Satins, ??ilk Velvet and Hlush,
rtiblion?, Canton an?! (.'alian Crap?*, Silk an?! Cotton
Gloves End Hose; Ladies nod Gentlemem GarmenW, Mo?
reen, Diiinii?k and Satin Curtains, Linens ami ?Cottons.
Cleanse and K?-f*ni?l? ."?lerino. Thibet and Cashmere.
**!?;i%? 's, Piano and Table Cover?, Carpets of all kiinl?,
Driiggels, Floor Cloth? ami Hearth Rags, Chinui Curtain??'
A.-, le.
fJT ')r?i?-r* f-ir'-ni?y attend?'d Co and promptly executed.
ni-"-1 M *?V i-. Flirt!
?AFETY FUlVD and Eastern Money
tfj wanted this day, nt tli?! !?*nvi-st rat?*s, by
JOSEPH L. McD!.'FFIE,47 Wallsi.
?i2 ?If (oppositethe Courier Ai Einiuirer ofl?cef)
^z* ?COAL! COAL'.? !?PRICE Ke
'i?\)? ?lacifdr-Red Ash P.?.-ach Orchard ?Coal, ol Die
first iiuahty. Nut. lafgr size, ???? 00; ?rokr? and F.gg *tl On
per tori; ib-liver?*.! from die yard free of cartage. Apply at
th.* yard C(?rner of Houston and >'ott, or at the yar?( corner
Of llflldnKTiid and Greenwich-st.?.
E. F. "?H. A. MAYNARD.
N. B. Nut Coal, verT)??rj??'?iie,?'jpf.?rior.'ualiiy. fil .'m
?SS ?5?. C?AL~COAL.---Pea(:b Or
*Tp\)'?'*/U '?'?'?Td Red Ash Coal
Store doutile *-cre?'.ied.,..?y?.1*?
F.j::' and broken White Ash.?WO
V.j :......-.,.?J.IW
Delivered cartage in.-r. Weighed by a City Weighr,: Yard
corner of Greeewich and Christoph?"* streets.
m'il A J. FEIU'.L'SON.
^, \)\ 1 lor.iiinn'Jl'ai tiii.n"r pu,
nroof*?*??, for *a!e low, by
c?*7nj?!r I^iiiihi _n?l Waishington streets.
Ai?o, Virginia Coa! Mr bladumitb*! u.?<", for ?al?- as above.
.^.n and Exchamr? Broker?O-hce 1 Wall stre.*i. The
:.:_'??t price p.'ii?! fur Bar Gold an?l ?li'l Gold ??ml Silv?-riin?I
?.???.n? of all !?in?i?.
Assayiog of Gol! and Silier correctly ait?-nde-l to. Work?.
.Ml Mercer-*treet.
N. B. ("'i. urr.-.it Money discounte?! ai the !ow?*?t ratis.
m_l ?lint _.
"pRESCOTT'S Ferdinand andieabella,
JL Eighth Edition, in 3 tols. 8va for .?al?: !>y
? : SAXT'i.v a. M?LE?, L?: Fulton-sc
?j MPTV' liOG.SIIF.AUri.?Frelh ?up
_J_J tir?! Mn|i.?p? Cask?, in good order, for.?"?le al U.e >nv
^.ir lt?:!'?nery. 2S Lif?)niirrl-si.
N. !.. FToorBarrels i?v_nt?*d.
Pie'j '".jinij?^
.-..*.;? at lowest i?iirkift pnce*, in quantities tos dt pur -
chasere, by W.*J?D k BROWNE,
?ii^I Laicht aiwl Wa?hinetoiv?i?ts7
SCHOOL BOOKS^?fhe mh??aib?n
Weep ? '.??' ?iitlv on band an ?lasortment of th? ??iiirerent
kind of ."??-Ho?;! B??ks In u*e througbout t'.*?*r;?>?iotry, >hidi
!h**v will dispose of at the lowest rai?--? i?1 ?ipaittities.a? may
!,-? d>-?;r?-?!. Merchanu and Teachers ari invited ?v? call and
?-.a i,.ne. CLEMKNT?t PACKARD,
J6f li*"' P-arhctpposit* C'flar.
ANf'KOFT'?^ History of the United
?i*3?,^_Tt-ntb E'liiion. J'?n rereireif an.t for ?ale by
at JSAXT.QN ?k MILES. 12*3 Fultoo-nt.
TEJSP -& CUl'GFR, >iaiiufacture7s
_ami JorA^n of ''umbrella.s ani Para.?!oLs, over A.
Tappan '- fV'-- -***** P*-**rI*itreet
X7/'\v. Crnge?r, fonnerly witii Ttios. Jarner. Jr. al liiidi.iv
COAL at ReilHoe?! Fi*ices.----Peach Or
char? C-sa!. of all the ??fff-reol size?, for sale at re
'Icceil prices, d?-!:vrr?itf ar ?hort r^iice, in ouanlit'u-sto >uii
psucltasen, \.; WAJtD k BROWNE;
m21 Laightand W,?_hiii{rton jtreet*.
pT BAN K R G RXCY^-District Court of
J_ the t.'nited *?tat?-s for the District of MiAigait?In tli?*
fiia:r?-r ?-r J'-^iaii ?snow, a Banknir^.?.Viii.;ei?,hereby ?liren
iba: ./n the tenth day of March, A D. TsA2,Jo-.tAH Snow
was, uy a decree of this cou it, <iec.!are_ a?infcrupi untrer
tiie act of Congres* in such ?:_?>p ma?ie and provided i acd
that ai: order ha? b???-n duly entered in th?sco?irtrapt*-oiiir?Tj'r
ifs* lifi?renth ?lay of June le-xt, alien o'ciockinthelorerioon.
;?t ;L?- Districi ?Coortl?bom; i? die City of Detroit, for all
j?--rson. mti-resred to show cau.*???, if any they ltave, why tlie
?a:?i Josiah Ssow ?hould not r?*ceiv?- ?is ?lis.:iiar!;e and r?*t?
irkate a? a Bai.krup?. By ortlerof the C<jurl,
Goodwin it Collins. Solicitor?. JOSIAH SNOW.
D?Hiwt, March 10,1342. ?Sift*.

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