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It nnbltahcd e??rv niorniner, at No. 30 Ann
>tr. ??!. Nei?-York. had delivered t<* Citr Sut>?rnbers for
NINf. CENT!?! per week. Single copies Two Cent??
Mail Subvi-.rH>er?,$l ikt annum, in advance, and the P^tper
:,. ?yi r.-ivroiitiniji-.! beyond tl" '.mi.' f?>r which it ?? pair.
SulisWiniions taken lor Six .".tonifcs.
Terms of A?iver?i?inz....K(-ir ???.< Ii Adveitis/wii'iitnf
T?N Ii??-? or Its?* (over sir?) first insertion. 50 Ceul.?
ito. for ?en !i ??ut?*?'equ**rct insertion. 25
do. lor SIX insertions., or one v??'?*k.^1 30
<lo. forTvvfiNTY-KIVK ins?rtim.s. 5 00 "
Longer Advci-tisrneoU at equally favorable raten.
Marriage*?, Rr.k'iou?. and Funeral .N'olires, not exceedrnp
live luit-?. 2*? rent s.
XT Tbc WEEKLY TRIBUNE, a very laxer paper, for
t!i?- Country. '-? puunsoed every Saturday iGonring, al the
low prie?- o! i2 ;i?.-r annum, in advance.
To our PafrouN nuil Friend?.
The last u'jinhi.T closed OntTVear of pub! cation of llie
? Tl;>- Tribune : the pr?-??-n:i.? t'?e first of our Second Volum?-.
Through Oi?? Yearwe have labored with whatever capacity
we possess arid n iih untiring a??i<iuiiy io i?>ue and estah?Mi
a paper which should commend iiselt lo the approval ol the
vittui.'j?, th?? en!i-.'!it?. ncd, the i-iquiring and the patriotic.
Whatever errors we may baye commilted have not been
thoseol iudolericeor tndmer?uce. We have labored, with
whatever success, to inculcate and advocate truth ?n?yery
depanra? m ol Political ai:-l Moral obligation, aad to publish
a cbtap paper which should fnrriish early un?! lucidly the
Si ws ol the day, and be a: on?:e an aid to.tbe man of bttw
i.. .??..i i. w ? ?ceme visitor at Uie fireside <>; every virtuous
family. The extent io which our p;o,,<-r has connue ruled it
sell ?'. Hi? lavorand pntron?gcol the public hasfolly equaled
our most san?ruine expectation?. Commencing witii l?-*?
ihanlhrcc? hundred subscribers, our list ran rap:.:ly up to
Ten Thousand, am! lor llie lasl two or ihre? months we have
hverairjed.nearly or quite Twelve Thousand copie? daily,
which i? hi many us iv?.- can prhit it? season, and lurni?!. ?
full abstractor the news by the morning's: Southern >la,i.
Un ih? scorcj then, wc have nothing lo desire.
V?'t -.v?; me about t.. tiiak" an appeal to llie good sense an.!
magnanimity of our 6uli?crib?rs-?an appeal which we truvt
ivi!l commend ?tseli'to th?ir approval. The occasion i? briefly
iliis: W> can print vor paper at its present price anddovyell
|iy it, bul :it cannot d" it and print the quantity and variety
ofreading mhller tluit zee have hitherto done untl hereafter
v?sh to do. To in- afforded at Ihe Ip? e?t prie?-, a papermust
b?' three-lburth.? filled with Advertisements, and fer such a
quantity, in the paper we choose to publiait, there i.? no
room. We can print our paper ?ma dingysheel, confine\u
reading coluinus to a synopsis of iii?' fir?-?, murders, r.cci
ileubi, crimes and tria!? of the day, give the Lalancc of il to
,\.!vi i?tiseinet.t?, (?fwhich m.- have an abundance on hand)
a,i-1 ihosmakeup a pape?' easily an.?! protalily; But we wish
our paper tri reflect ano parta!..- in the mighty Intellectual
aii'l .Moral movement ?>i our age: we. wish to present in ii
original Reports ol all interesting Lectures, Conventions,
Public Meetings, Stc. iic. W?- wixli to maintain extensive
correspondence at Washington und elsewhere, and thereby
present ?>ur r? adi/r? with fresh,full ami accurate account*ol
what? ??-r of interest ?? transpiring in th** world around us
Tlii- wecan >!?>af so trifling an advance of price as nil! not
be t^--lt by onr readers, while it will enable oslo ?rive nearly
double the quantity of rending mutter we otherwise could
.iiT-ird to iJo.
Wo propose henceforth to sell niir paper al on?, dollar per
linndre?! copies to our Carriers and tVewsrnen, who ??-?Il
supply it tu our subscribers in this City at yihe Cents pee
idcoI*. Out of ibis City, it will of course be sold at Two
Certs a enpv. as it has "?Cn?'rally been hitherto; and the
namft will bo charged Tor -.in':!'? copie? at our counter. It
will thus !"? afforded cheaper (as it should he) to our regu?
lar subscribers than t?> any beside; while we shall sell it at
litne?-below the cost of it? printing, iii'.Iuding such paper
n? we wish it to appear rin. VV'<- have never used a bad ar?
ticle, bat if our lubscribers accede to thi? arrangement, we
vlmll iic.-iih'dlv improve tin- quality tlirectly.
We submit ill'? arrangement entirely m the liberality anil
judgement of our readers; i! upon a fair trial they shall
appear to disapprove ii, we shall go back to the old price,
but redlining ihe quantity ami scope of our reading matter
mi a? no longer io crowd oui ihe Advertisement*] abundant?
ly offered us, and therehy render our enterprise unprofita?
ble while otherwise ?<?> s'.irce??fu! and approved. On thi?
point, we solich the counsel o? our friend?.
Monday, April II.
J^AiUlLIES" wanting good Servants c?
be supplied at ?i?fi Bowery: None hut sueh a? pi
?luce gooit recommendations are luUiijtsj^' "-?^Jw*
wanting men in any cai'??*?"*-. - ?*?***"* ? ?!
"?p - ?Kp !? O il T E Ei ) R SALE?A su
J. iierb instrument, six ?mi a huit octave, brilliant tone,
by Gilbert, of Boston, hait ?scarcely been used, will be sold
a bargain for cash, at -111 East Broadway. m21 lin*
S^OIt. SALE?By ? perso? about civju?^
.fl. up the grncerj? business, a small stocks of Goods, Store
Fix?nie?, Grocer's Wagon,Harness,anda good Hors.? about
7 years old. Inquire at 183 Third'Avenue.: a!l lw
discontinued in W.->>.?tre..t, North River side, and ?In
all mv business at my old Oar Establishment, -ln2 Water-si.,
and ?' 1 save all U.c expenses of one store, I will sell Oars,
Sv.i'.-p? and s. nils L'iiuu'?li cheaper to nav for coming from
auy. pan of the city to the o.ir E?tablislimeiif, 402 water
street,5 door? above Catherine Market.
?'? 1^?' .11?UN A. I'EAKSALL
-OT*?J I-'"y Goods Dealers.?Anstice, ?Sta
.8. tionor, comer Cedar und Nassau-st. has just opened
? KOO'I supply of Gumuied Tickets lur Dry Goods. Many
new pnttcrns and conveniently arranged for description;
price aud cast Also, a good supply ol lareer Ticket? for
inanufacturcrs aad j ?bbers. A iro.,ti assortment of Cloth Tag?
aho on hand. II. ANS TICE, Stationer,
"'' ____ _ Coriier ol' iN-ilar and Nnssaii-st.
TO THE PUBLIC-^All persons having
h'liKv Tin Hoofs would do well to ?*all on llie subscri?
ber, ?vin, ai'j.ti.s the Elastic Center,t, which slops all leak?
?nul pteserves the l'it. for years. This Cement the sutocri
her warrants to stand through b?t .-nul c.bl. All letter.? to
bo directe?! to .1. W. Harmon, No. -12 Pulton-strvet, Brook
lyn,nostage paid, which will he attended to immediate!!*.
-niStilm?_ j. w. n.\ it AI (iN.
D~ \ C-TIOj??ARIES?-HWebster's ?i^eT?
nan Dicticnaey. C veils, octnvo, enntainioe thi whole
Vocabulary of the quarto, with corrections, improvements,
and several thousatiK additional word?:
WVIisi.-r's (?.-tuvo do. i v?\, .:*??.?? edition, with 15,000 add!
l'un..:I words.
\v.'i.si?-i's School do.
T??!'!'? John oil's dictionary, 3 vol? quai to, English ?-.li
Walker's Dictionnry; octnvi? edition.
Do (!.. " S.-hi.ol do
Cobb's Walker's do do;
ll?vc:'s French and English do
M-.i.i.'.iv?'? .1...
Ambon's Cluxkicul do.
hcmprlerbi do.
Aiii?vviinii'? Latin do.
McCnllocb's' Commercial ?lo,
l'i.i .?.ile by J S Ii Kl)Kl KO. Clinton Hall,
aj>9 corNiissan and Beekman.
Park Row Sales Room for Rooks and Stationery.
|>OOKS, PAPER, vVc?.lust received-;
J.3 20cas??sof Hudson ?v. Ami-?'.? Cap, Quarto and Dttli
I'.??; Paper, ruled and plain. Al?h a lar??., ami good assort
meiit.of l?tanlf Hooks of.every- discription, in ?ibstantia!
an.! n.?-.t binding. An extensive collection of Miscellaneous
m. I School HiM.k?, N-w Publications Vr. Also several
pro? m vv,!.?u-!'? Elemeutary Spellings; best edition.?;
?Hoi vvhi-n j..- ofierecl lorsale at very reduced prices, ?u
rs.-h c,- npjtr?ved ?vap,"-.
N. II.??ialcs of Books and Stationery at Auction every
evening. ItOBKRT I'.' BIXBV'i: Co.
Bookseller? and Stationers, No. 8 l'.irk Row,
all I'v Opposite A?tor House
HI! E W( )!' KS oiMonathan l-'-ilwanlsTO.
I): late President of Union College. With a memoir
of bii Ltf?* awl: Character. ByTryon -Edwards. In 5 vol
uii,.-,. ;-.,>. With an eng?**?\*eu porirait. ?':i?t published hv
DAYTON ?V. NEWMAN,'.i! Nassau-street,
a!* Cwrwcr ol Fultcn-stregt
r>*i H OS V. !VEK SON S aiteinlit?g Prof.
J. l.YKLL'S I.e. mivs mi U.-.ii.t'-v are r? ?pi rctfully in
!'"i'ii'.-.l i:..n thi'. -;r.i b.- ?up-,1., .1 at.C? W. !'< -a'.i'.? " ??1.1
?'"rids :v ??;. i;.." No.4Sfi" Broadway; (depository for ihe
*>le of curiiistiies on connu ?oioii) wfth ueological cabinets,
triuttu?ihi? ti.'iii 2b specimen.?, upwards, at the motlerale
priceofl'I.cciits ami upwanls, in neat wooden boxes ; also,
Keel. .':?.i! specuntuisspiihenof by I'rol. Lycll in bisleciures
to : l?strate Hie sublet; ?':.?.. Iiiipr?-iaon.? of.lern andhilier
lea? - :? ;' .?.'.;;. seco i paniini; i-^-al, li^nife, lerchratula's,
birds; track?, ih r? ?1 saiiilston?, as described by Pro;'. Hitch
'????I? in ! i? :'.-..; repon of the gecdoay of Mivsacliuscils.
Ko??il coral, fovsil n?!? from Connecticut. i??:.l Bohemia
irilobite?!,and a large . oUe?tioc of othrir fossiU arid curiosi
lies, Dairuerrixilype Portraits at ??? each. I*. t Canarj'
Bird?! stuffed as 'natura! a? III'?-, for $1. Work.? and spect
iiii-iisora'-l ??:'.:i-i".s ?v Paturaj ?Science "l?_i_v_
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? * '.. ry, "Jardware Heu?.- furriahing .'in.! Too! Store, 81
Maid? -n Lane, neat Gold-sire?t, where may lie had, at low
price?, fine arid couimou Cutlerv, t*tilhic? s?n?lw?cli aiuloth
erp?tteru T? a Ti-.i? ?. '? Dixou I .>.?::?" (Bug.) am! T?un
tOO ; A,;,.'? Brittanin M'a;?-, p!;tii;.?l'?s| t'n. p.iinle?! and ja?e
Biie.l i; ?-.. ?. cc.i and wrought Nail?. Hammers; Hatchet*.,
Saw% Mallets Bos Chisels and S?-:a;..^?, G?itidIcLs Cot?
ton ami Cortee Tryciv-Markiug l\;t.? ?ncd B-iislie?, with
a general asesortmeni of Hardware for cV*- andcountry nicr
cbnnis, manufacture*??, housekeepers ab?rt>tb??rs.
The.friends and (?inner ru?i?:ii?s ui S. l\ Smith, (late
??!:!!.?:? ?v. Sn.itii,) and Ihe public generally, an* particularly
invited to patronize :! ? al ive ????tablisAtn?ni, ivhire New
Goo Is iire coosiantly bciri?; receive*!, bv l>. MKAD.
m M Iih? " SIMKON I'. SMITH, Agent.
Jl HANGINGS and Bcrdtr?, i.n s.?!.- cheap, ai llie Uni
t>?.! Slate?: l'aptr Hinging and Baud-Box W?rehouse, 65
Cariai street? near Biriauway.Xew'.Y'ork. iti^ir.i? papered
in '.Le neatest mariner. JOSHUA BR3WN, 65 Cajml st.
.?all t.I!_
jL PLOMAS have been as?-ardcd to Jolm l.i.*ulniarU. S3
Ch.-i:hnni.?ire?,t, for the h???i Cologne and Perfumery. Koi
!iy??s? b? ! j? been wigi?jjH in the manutaciure of Per?
fumery in iliis city, and until iLe ?resent lime l)e has itut
prcsuiiled hiiasell in-."ore the ptihlic in ihe advertisin?; tol
unin? of any mii'it, hut now sustained bv llie decision ol ein
ineii'. judges ol iVriuniery, giyenallhe Fan> held in ihi> city
mid Boston, be f?el? authorised in saying 10 those who want
any artid?* in his line, that al $8 Ch.-ulmiiKstreet tbey may
find a ?upcrior cjunhty, ai niodvrute uricr-s. BeinembVrr the
"?unjbvr u c'S, foruwMiy eatrunceAo Cnatliani CbapeL dH ly
VOL. Ii. W >. -*?
A S S C) G ? A T I O N :
Or, Principles of a True O-ganization of Society.
Ol'K KVI!,5 ARC SOCIAL, NOT I-iLITIvAL; .vNO V ?Ov-Mi. V.r. ;
IT 7'?if editorship of thi? column ir </i.itrn?f from that of
The Tribune. Address le't^-s. post-paid; to A. Bf.i?i..?N.". ;
XT The Fi'Mtirrtl in honoi of Fourier will ?
take place on Mondav evemn?r nexti April ? ;. A D..??-.our?f.- ?
?>n the Destiny of Man ???'ill be delivered, an?! t!?- prosresi ;
am! or?-??en! ?.t?te ?if ihe Doctrine of Association ??xplaine?!. ,
A collation vdil b? served: Tickets 50 cents.to If bad at '-.
Hie ?ture of E. D Saxton, 377 Broa.lv/ay. Those who in- j
tend in be present will ;i!?_-a*<- obtain '.lieir tickets on or W. ? i
for?' Friday.
The Democracy of Asiociittinii,
In our lust article wo said that wc would explain
our views of the Principle of Democrracy. We c-?,
sidei il the antagonist uf Aristocracy under every
form.?the opponent of all unjust, oppressive or
exclusive privileges,?of nil und every species ?>i
Tyranny or Usurpation. It rnu>t not. in our
opini?n, tur narrowed ?loivn to Rights of a Political,
Civil ?uni Religious character, but rrixist cover th?
whole brofid field of inherent Human Rights.?
Overleaping Ht once the progress or preparatory
step?- whirli Man must go through before ':?'? can
o*-t;il:-lii*li it true System of Society upon th? Earth,
let us look forward to the high degree of Intelli?
gence and Improvement which ii?* will ihen enjoy,
anil claim for Dernocrncy all tho characteristics ol
thai '?lunuu? consummation of llie design of tb<*
Creator:?Universal Education, T'niversal Liberty,
Universal Justice, Universal Happiness '
In u word, Derriocracy means with 11?* tuf. ]
Guarantee toIVIan hy Society ov a i.i. his
Let us riot be understood as meaning, when we
speak of Equalityythat there shall be no distinctions
among Men in the Social Order which we are labor?
ing to establish : on the contrary, when Man shall
have attained his Destiny, all the Honors arid Dig?
nities iliat Society can confer shall exist an.! In?
opon to bim ; hut they shall he the reward of real
Services ami real Merit ; they ?hall flow from the
exercise of 'fuient, Skill und high achievements in
Industry and t'-e Arts nnd Sciences, and in nil iliat
is useful lo, refines nnd elevates Human l"x*
istence, and adds to the Splendor, Happiness nnd
C'roatiiCi? of Man. Tiie performance of these
things will give Man in Association Honors and
Dignities, and they will not be bestowed, as they
now ave for the most part, upon a favored few by
arbitrary and unjust regulation.*, by the right of
birth, the mere posse??iun of Wealth, and hy all
the accident??, frauds', intrigue? and circumsi ancos
of .t f.il.10 anil discordant Sociely, which thrust
mon into pince:* lor WHICH t-in-y an- icn*i mica,
while Genius and Energy arc trampled in the dust.
Real Merit ?kail then he the standard of pro
eminence omoni?; Men. The 'Equality' that we
mean, is that ivliich arises from such a constitu?
tion of Society as will secure t?i Man all Ids
natural, inherent and inalienable Rights, equal
Social chances, and prevent, his being any longer
the creature ??f rircumsiances.
The first of his Rights,?and an essential of his
life us u happy being,?is the Ru.ht op Enu< .1
Tio.v?equal, utire?lricte<l. universal Education,
which will developc every power of ihe body;
?very latent Faculty of the Unders tandh is.? ami
every feeling of the Soul with which God has en?
dowed him, so that nat one may be lost io th" In?
dividual or to the World.
The next greut primary Right, and an essential
?me of Man's happiness in this life,is the RlCHT ru
Lai.uk. Thi? Righto which of all others is the
most important tw Man's comfort and well bcing,
lins been almost entirely overlooked. Politicians
have never dreamed of securing this grand funda?
mental Right id Man, 0:1 which th?? superstructure
of all his Institutions isbnsed. Look nbruad upon
ihe fue?.* of tin? earth, and what ?!o we behold ,'? I
Wietoliednes.i and Want, Disease and Death?all
in their most revolting forms, because Man. the
OvK.?sr.F.r? of the Earth, cannot procure Labor!?
hu?: not even the poorprivilcgc of earning his bread,
oven by it miserable, degrading and ill-requited ?
System of Labor, because some .?!' his fellow men.
mure favored in eoiiso<pier.ee ?if the false Organ
?ration of Society, do not need his services !
Can this condition be the Destiny of Man? Can
it he the will and design of n wise and beneficent
Civntor, that Man shouhl eternally he scourged bv
such terrible aillicti?n? as now prey upon him und
render his whole existence a dreary round of-"wants
unsatisfied, hopes blasted, and feelings crushed and
violated? No!?Nor must the People of ihi*
Country flauer themselves that their exemption
from ninny of thr Miseries which are s.i intense in
tho Oiil World i< the rcsuli merely of their free
Political Institutions, and impute them sohdy ti?
the action of had government in other countries.?
It is not so. The disease, which produces the
monstrous and complicated Evils which bp.ircss
the Human Race, is Social and not Political,
and the tendency even here, where the soil is fer?
tile anil the population, thin, which i? th? true
reason of their partial exemption from them, i?
strong towards the same Misery nnd Degradation
of the Laboring Classe?, which now exist so fear?
fully in Europe and other older countries.
But even in this Country aro there not thousands
of person?, now out of employment, anxious nnd wil?
ling to labor for a scanty subsistence^, who cannot
even obtain this poor boon, because, as they are
told In their Political Leaders, this or thai Party
has n?n the ascendency, 01 because the Countn
has not a National Bank ?>r a S?b-Treasun !
Out upon the miserable charlatanry of the Age.
the narrow-minded selfishness nnd ?jr.is?. ignorance I
of Partie?, that blind the eyes of men to the true
cause of this calamitous state of the World,1 and ;
staud in th? way ?if a Reformation !
Man wa.? placed upon the Earth to be it? intel- j
lig?nt Overseer.?to be an independent and noble
''em;-, aiul no*, the miserable Slave and degraded
fool of hi* fellow man. Who shall .-land between
Man and his Maker ? Who ?.huh say that there sha!!
he poor. d???;nided ant* oppressed Classes " and if"
there are to be, who shall -vay what men shall
comport* them ? Let these icho assert this tnon
strous falsehood be judged by their Jr.:i'h. and
become those Classe*. The Human Race is one
great Family, which ha? tullen from a high state
of Friend ?hip. Love and Hnxmohv, bv the action
of false Systems of Society,?but'to which happy
condition, however, they may be restored without
injustice or injury to any, by the discovery and
organization of a true Social Order, which will
5iiur.?i:itee to nil Justice, and equal Social Rights
and Privileges.
These primary; essential Right? will be secured '.
to Man in Association, and with these he? wi'i]
have the Democracy which we look upon as the
true, integral Democracy, the Democracy by
which will be fulfilled all the conditions necessary
ro his Elevation and Happines?which are I>
EQ.c4.iiTY and Abundance.
TANTED.?The citizens of New
T F Y'irk who may hu-.?- Ho is? to re??, and ?.!:?-.-?? '? ;
quirinrz the like, nr.- very r? ?r--> tinily "?.?--.i??t u> ci?"? ??
City fiiiic.-. 75 Canal ?;r.-et. and have -.i. -'r ;. lsuit?*** enl??rr?u
no tli" Retr??try ?? free of??:..'.-.?.." all 1m* _
XTT^ANTED-?10orl2 active and iutelli
\ V ?rent m?-n:ocir'- ?late the following popaba works,
viz* Robert Merry's Museum Boston^Itscelfany oi Lue
rature and Fashion, Musical CaUinet, Lowell Oftenni?,
Moll ? -?' A- slant in d V -n . I-?:?-?" Fri< I. Stndenuawl
young men it:.:--'! in iiltrrarj [pursuit.? ??-ill be preterreri.
GOO :? ?-.:..?? ..- ? ? ?? '?
?:i BRADBURY, SOD EX k C . ;.: N..-:-.- ?r
"\T/"ANTr.l)?l'y a huly. of two or three
Y Y v^nr?' practice n-*t?*n<-!irr, -i situational a.*si--ant*
or would ooLol.jfCt to taking.cb?rtje of die feinali ?
men! of a small ?choo! in:ornear tlte?-iie; V ??malt coiopen
s.u. .:, will -.; ??>-. A :?.:? ?? K. '?'. . T ? en? olBcc
X? TANT Eli.?Families-.and all employ-?
Y t era fan isln d vil! .-?? d hel? for g ??- ; ??- ? J??'-? !
fair ?-?-:i'_r"?.ni, i,v:. -a v. rsa, mid nom ?take! at \'< Broadivay
Motto?f?nnesty, L-orrect principle*, and ;i frrinjr. Cooks,
!iou?i u. ii'i?, I11.V-?. ?< in:.-::'.'?-' -. laundr??-es, farm? :-.^r.r
deiiers, coachinei . ?-? . -.,:?. porters. clerks, .kc. Sec. flood
references. Term? cash, but low: PU-asecallj
?,..31 Inf --?- '?'?? Ki.AKKS!.K^-_
TX7"ANTET)?Anierif-an n:i?l colore?! Ser
v T vnnt?, with tjo.-l references, at So. 4~% Brtwi*?
?way and 133 Bowery. Also, young Ben forall siwations.
I ib?r.?e. aild apanm?rjit.s let. ' ?'?? "
! "^T/"ANTEn Dry Goods artl Carpeting
*) 7 In pavment for board in Ler.ua.nt--.t- near -Broad?
way. Gente'i ? second ?tory ri na lo ??-t. A.!!..-- Lnt t!..?
.?:;.???-. '_^?L
T T7"ANTED?By a ro?n?. Married Man,
Y Y n tiiuaii .n .-?.? li?o"kkeeper or Centrai CJerk in a
wholesale ?>r r.-i.ui ilru" store. The i.--i "?" city refen-nc? ;
?-?venns to rap?eiiv .inil indi??tr.-. A !:?.?? addressed N. J
kihI left at the otile?- of this paper will ."? pmictually attend?
ed i?. S. B.?Would have no object" a to ?oti fin country.
a ?.'fi*
"OOAIItDEKS Wanted-?!? ii:p:rivate:'fam
.8 y . - -a ^',-r.il. ni.-.:; ami vvii".'ami tv>.,t ?.!..?..? ?.-."?tl-iiit-n
or iivi ?,,ii f. .-?r, bu ."..'? n n.? ?dated ???? il!i I an! alterllie '?t
ofMay 'n Krai klinstreet,near\V? -? '.'.;..?. ....r.-.w... re there
are no cuildn n. A ! In ?- G !'. al ?tuce. aS ?':
r.?hi ? In ;t
\ family or ;? few silicic gen
? /? o?j ri '-? .!- ?? ? i liav?? !.A,-ir<i ami ??'au-:"'.;?
MHjiiu nia privai? family, ?n-a very des trabie. location 101
Ka?r r.?-i,i. ?v..... House and apartni?'nU> umiauall* plea?
sant and a?ree?lile. all l.v"
OAltD??Goodcomfortable Board,clean
_^ -:i _'<i- beds $2&.r w-)., at I- Dulcli -ii'-a, tin'?.''.'
?mile.? walk from the'Park, Ibr 3 or I voiintr res;>ectable
?n or i,: _;?? boj - emp! ijri i in sliopi ao?l *'--r..? iii i!;- ii'-iirl.
...r!nvid. all ?It*
jy ?? !.' !. ? Ni ??A ucnilemau and hi? wife,
t_3 or :*.? r> simple *rentl?2men, cbii 1-" accommodated w tli
?,rfK;?l board at No. -16 Kulton ?.'?-'.. Also, ivvu or ibree, ??r
?onsennbeaccommodated witli ilinnrr. n29 t;'
BOAKDiXd-si ])n* tj/iy, or Meals
?2 50, I.i. ?.inir i?l to s.t pi r week. Rimis andother
re?pei i:.l?'f- persons ?usl loot, in at (late M?nliattan IIr.n-.*
ii ? buane-sire? :. littie north of i!.-.- Park audnear Broa?l
way. -'* Im*
?iOARDUVG?A Gcnt.eman ami In?
?^lady, or tv.n ?:r tlir?-?* sm?il^ nenllcmen. can be acci ui
inriilati tfwiili pleasant rooms and lioard ii":;i i!.- 1st of vl.iy
next. Inquire at 113 Orclrard-striei. Itelcrences eschatii!;'
ed. mi! Im'
\ lady wlio is kcepinj
Address A. /.., Upper P'.?t o:li -.e, with real najiie and ?liace
of residence, vheie it will reciiivejiniinilit.??? ??"?mi/...
GENTEEL B??R DI?nT? in Brooklyn?
Tlie subscriber hainnp lease?! the new .??..l ?.-le?janl
a7 lw
A.MOS sMixn.
Gentleman and his wife,-(with two small .Jiil.i-.vri and
a servant) are detimuti of lakintr, with n family of- similar
??ize, a pleasant houie in aii agreeable quarter of the riiy,
tlie rent of which shall not exceed ?inr hundred or four
hundred and fifty il"l!ar??the a?lv?-rti??-i-s to boar?I with the
other occupants, t?i pav li"!f th- rem, and a specified ?no
I per week l??r Loan!. Address I'.-?? 111, Upper P.: O. afi
IQPXJTNGS! Lodgings !-^o. fj(). West
iBrondivay, not far from Chambers streel?T!ii? ll?ni?e
i liav been reccnily buill and eMablf?lied as a G?*ntlemen'.s
bulging llnus... It basbeen k?-?-t by tlie same proprietor
for two rear.? pa if, who will probably keepil (or.manj'years
to come, and it usually contains from 2^ to SO gentjemen a?
lodgers. It is noi a Puli?c House; no liquor, game, noi??' rtr
amusements.of any kin?! are allowed. <in!> nnecla-s of per?
sons are acceptftl, toiwit,-stendymen "t studious or l?bsiness
' habits who wish a .?i.it-t steeping pine?- wiiliout itnanl, whe
give liltlfl trouble and wi?h moderate lerms. Such men ai ?
requested to remember tlie number, nnd apply nowornt an*
lime they choose witliin twenty years I en,.-?'. nil'.lin'
?|3<) A?M)IN(i"lX BROiiKLVN.-Two
I b3^ Oentl?menand their wive-crmbe accnmnuidateil vv itli
! Boar?! and pleasant rooms al \<?. !?T ll'-i.-.y'-?:. (one.? ii
' above Clark) afterthe first bf7May. Fur p?rtic?larsi ii . i'r,
at So, 2\ f'i.i'.i'nii!-*., or.?a !JO'.M.ii !? h Laue, NewAurk,
mill Im"
TO BARENTS and Guardians.*?In or
.!?-r to suit tli?* convenience ol sl-udentjv, wi.o a:-.- oth
?rwiseoccupied.lliroogh the day, the undersigned will In
itiiui? devote ilie hours from 4 to t? P. AI. tn the instruction
ol'a few young genllenien, v> iih reference to the dude? -.t
tlie desk." The object is to render ili.in Limiliar with': thi*
nature of ncconiiLs,and;?*ntide them u> a favorable recep
?OH im.? the count?ng-ronm.
ris if THOMAS JON ES.12S Broadway.?-:
rjni.UNKS. V'alises, Carpetri??gs, Pack
3 ?ii?-ll.iM's. llai-l!,.\es..vc.sic mamulictureil loonier,
mil ft.r ...I.-by K!)W'Ai;l) 11. NODYNI?. 2I?? Greenwich
streel (basement) ?-orner of Barclay, Xew-Vork. Aceueral
assorliiienl of Ladiea'an' fienilemen's water-prr.nl'Travel
?h??-Trunks, Carpel-Eags,-..V?li??es, k\c consitntly tin-?ale,
wholesale and reiail, on ibe most r?-a?xuiabk? teiin?. Call
ni!.I ?re. -li? '.ni
TEVMI'TV fclOGS.UKA-OS.'^Fresh emp
.S_ 1 tied .Mu?as.?--? Casks; in ??pod order, for sale at die Su?
gar lleiinervj 2y L?onard-su
.\*. It. Flour Carrel?; wanted. ml" Ini*
TOliN WARWICK, Sweep Smelter and
tt> lle&ner in general. So. 17 John street, New-York.
Purchaser of-Jeweler's and Silversmith's Po'i?h?Hgs?Pu
macings, LemelLs, Partinf? Bars, Coarse >dver Cars Lace?
Grill an?! Mated ?Metals, lid.iktii?;.!?-''.? ft.?!:?, ^c- airl8 Jy
DfiVS' ( :iothin| ??Ghildrehs* Clothing!
.6^ A v,-ri- lnr??;e assortment?ver-,- good quality?vrr
dieapj?G?o. A. ll..\t k Co. So. MBowcry, would n spect.
fully inform their patrons and the public ceherally, ?Jmt
tli v have again been making extensive preparations for/the
sprin?; inn! summi :' tr-;c!? : an I !. tve now on !: uni u n,;;.-;:
larger assortment oi Boys' an.! Childrens* CloUiing ilian
ibey ever before have had. The publicare invited to call
and examine ih? ?r <:? i Iswitli particu! ir referenceto quality
and price. Ternv? cadi. a-ISm*
rj^ IJ-'.??AX'r Cabinet Furniture, tobe had
?[.J at ii..?::,?,,,.:"..n ,-y. \,i. 173 Cbri'sti->street,at verj'
I,,-,?- prie??consi.?*Ji .? ol.sotas,chairs,oii?iiians, Frenchbea
sti-a.i?. ?v.r. lie of the most modem and improved pauerni.
Al! iir.i.-l.? ?n t ;".>?::! ibis establishment.are warrante?J,'an<l
are made tr??m ihe best materials; Any persons wishing!
furniture maJe toord-r, will have it i!..;..- in the vryi..-t
manner, by applying at ;!ie above ?-???.liiii-J.met.
m23 i:..-' ' " L. TR?.SCUE.L?
ONE P???? STORE-^AtS4Chatham
str< el, wh? .-? wDl be fouri I Cloi iua at the foil ?wing
lev? prices: !>- hi? r ami Pilot I ih t uats from >"' to S15 :
Cloth and Caisimere Pants Irom v" :?. >?"?; Satinet'I'anta
;:-..n: ??I 50 to $3: Double an?' Sin-jle-Ur? asi?-.| Vest? from I
Jl 30 to >.. 5a The wa?t side of Chatliam-st., IVa S-i.
mil Ira ?LVvY COGSWELL..
" UVi-Y'S TRUNK~??"?Pii<lTOIiV.
No. li.il Peari-sti ?ppos?fe f7c!;-r.? Iv. HOVKV tmn
tn'a.-.'i;. ? ami kieehs constan?y nri hand evtry descripnon
ni Travelins arid ?'::iTk?n*r Trunk*. Carpet ? t_*?. ?'alises,
lie at wholesale i-nd reiaH, cheap ?bi ch.??? oi approved
papen mS Sm
iS?OTS .-iiiii .SHOES ?ellin*! ofl'at cost, j
J? C. Mr7.ll), 346 ??rar. i. comecof N,.r;?.!k-s'?r? ??t.?
Thi? immense ?luck of Boots and Shoes, comprisifg on? oil
the largest aad liest assortments ol w..rlv for retailing, tl ?.-.
van lie foun ! in the city, :.? now ? ??un:?: ?'il* al L'n?t. la cl -
the v-oiiceni. The subscriber inv-iu-? nil tbnt wish to ?lur- !
chase, to call and sec?llnr tallest Itargaias'ever offered ini
It - ? arid Sht..v?. Pleas? recolleci, at C. MEAD'S.
aT Im ?'f> Grand-street, corner of \orfolk, X. Y. i
E.N.MA.NSlllP.?A Lady Mho i??'vvl?|
.?uaiiiieii to iriveinstmctiot? intb<erartof.v?*ri?ng;offers
her services to the L.init.-? o? New-York.' She would gire
private lessons, ai.tl also instruction :n two or three schools,
She : ?-?not pretend to in-.??- ?'?>.i writns in two. or evi n ;
ibree less ins, but li?'*ies, i.y proper atier.-.io-i and athorough ;
practice, t/> r^ive Ucr {.stron? i>?"-i'<'i-.t satistacti, n. Ti.e be?: i
of referencesgiveoa? to eapab li'y, respectability.ike. -V
!:i;en:i ?if???-?: : ? P. \ ~3, > i>;?^r Post lirrice. will meet with
imm?diate attention. a9 ?w
V3?T ran-juments ?h? nude by the Exctbange Lrceum.t>r
Sciemi?c Excursions loex-smiiie an<ic?iil?:>ct minerals, ilnnts.
shell? a?lotherspt*citD?as of nature, t?>r FAMILY CABC?
TVKTS. tur me Depository of the Lvcetua, ami torexebanges
w'ith ntberSovieties, and with inairidinds in different pan*
oi the worl.L Tliiise v?ishin*r to ensraire in them are irrrited
to call at the Exchange Lyceum, 3-it? Broad-*-ay. ml?tf
l?>Iir<iXO. APRIL ?2, ?S42.
TO IRC V DEALERS?An excellent
opportunity ..? presents Uself to obtain i di?rahlelni.
i ratj.-.n in ibe ?rail*? ?.:' it.?? Octtawannn, P ?.. !?> '-ii.mi'?* er*
???:- rely .- ' pro t ly ??1 the manmacruritis of iron (and
I v. | ..':.'.:, a.-- la -I ? |ni??-st?c nr?if?i-.-ii i? nou r.ri',-:-?.?.:.! Il
: r.i:,?',?i? of a : i ???? \ ie Furnace, capable of prodncinr*;
?". to .11 ton*,? er*?\ i'.in weekly, ?. Capola, Mecbd
, qIc *?hop, v.-.-'.i tari*?i lathe.-?, a Stor. .1 11 se, with a pmtit
??:.:.- in i,-: P ?-'..:? '.'. ..? and st*vt**-al ?mailer ?,cr? tur
? ivor?v".!'-::?t.-?/?-tlii-r vi th all n*-. >-?.ir.- tools, sacii - . :?
?. -r: ?, da??.*, i,-. Vf. f-rtopsibi L* no ;?!.:,--i: ?-. ?<?;.??
? ??. -.? here ir ?"COI s- ??. ? -? .-.-?.,;.??? -'..v pur
? ose? r. quired. Sbipiu. ?-.-.- ;?? made t , ;...? I irai a
! [ow .?'.- ;?.;.? I with ? .?. .-. I ? oi..'?...-? i?'? ??. th? .-.-?
: ..fthe above -?- ???T**\v. . ? veny?*iru*s to ran inin?
I n?ar.tJanuarv. Fiurtfier pai ? ".*"? can i? ? ?? en ,.
.m-t.. V, .si. i,. br?*K.\'i. F.?'.V.
re* Iw N. 7t" C'.l.i--?-.,-.::.
Surve D-ai.-.-? would lo vve?] to rxam ne ?i..- abo? -.
Q/' ~\ \ rt?.\?._-?'i)AL.? lY-u-li Ur
: '$ \) ?sJ \ f ft?ariJ Red .-uh. Cos? -
S'.ove du.ji.l" ?;.,-.:.. .:
FuJT?i.l t.r-i..-!, S'-'!.:> As!:.'
i Nur.i."
Del ceml cartage fr -. Y? ? ' - ! I ??? n City Weither. \ :-..'.
' cornerof Grceewi -:.. Cht^topherstreets.
.1. KK!:-."">.'N.
>)l\?\ CliALDRO? Tii.T?f (OAL
t&XjXj (or n:-:?u;".?..".ii:-i:!^ pnr: ?.- ?. ?'-.- --i:-* low, hv
ss \::u ti BROWNE;
??briier Ln?jlii an.l VVa?hington ?t.-, is.
Also, S'ir-'iiiip. Coal ! irbladi.?*mitli!? ese, for ?alea* above.
P~ ? ?T O? COA^?or Manu?act?rer s ? fo r
sale at lowest ui-rkt'. ???rices, i:i o ??-.i'.i'ti**'- W? I it ;-:r.
el - rs, hy ' WARD ?s- MIO..? ?, i-.
ni21 U??iit ??n.l SV'n?.; i.. - ?t.?.
: ?T-OAI, nt !..?.iv!co<! Pricos-^P?a?h Or
? \^y chnrd Coal, of all tue (l::It-:-?-:ii ?.;.*-. for .??ale st re
! (faced prie?*.*, delivered nt ?h?rt notice, in ? nanlitii ? to suit
i purchasers, by SS'AKD Je BROWNE',
tu/*" Laicht run! Wosibiturtoii sin ?.?.?'.
TVppTIGE?Tu Tauuera and Curriers.?
I _Ll Splittin;* Knives froanil ?:. the I ?t.-... ner, nml-il?c
attention pawl tu liieiir beius return? I a?rreeablt I ??.? ?
lion, by l'T.SSY, BROWN :?. S..11 IT?.
ap ? Tana, rs i? Ciirr?t rs, No 7 Ferry ft
JL fer ?or sab-Vat Uli CIiAtli?m-st. New-York, tue^beap
e ; :.i. :;. .-t genuine u-::.- in :!??? vr. ; i :. ?r. ?u:y quantity ? :
. I?-?.* il;.!.. A o:ir..i-s. If-any. article ptireiw^cU at ilieireatab
!.:..- ?.: sboald hot trivt.-'full satlsfaciion, it is roque?..?*?! tbai
? -. b?-.11. ..j.: Uit-cl_th?*uioney i-titl be retiirni;?l. ?7 ly
rp? C?P?Rl?G? MA1<KRS._WniTlil.
! JL 'l'iin-, N'a ?*?i Beaver-street, otTers for ?ale n lar?c a?
?- rtinenlof SS'oreietl Dania-Jcs und Itaitineus, suitr-.liii- co
l ' ,i? Tor fiirrinire linin>**& Alx.i, light ?Irnh ?uxl blue ? lotlis
: an I black I a.? :.t :?.'??. nr*S I in
: f-pOMPl iSril?NIK FLEERS of the best
I "????/ niA'crials ami qaality, and oi all si'.e- cast at tlie <l:
i'i.-f .v' tli?* N.-vv "vS'iir'ui. Inquire of J. ??'. lllCHAI'.l).*. :n
III?- Pn ?. ?.'nii?i,!..:.?i-i?;.-nt 1 at?:i II
I^'IT?;^7-& OSvMJGEiv, M?mTfacttirers
i 'A -*?w_ and i.M.i-r? '.:' Uunibre?las and ParasoL?, over -V
? Tnppsn*. Co., 122 I'earl-sireet.
1 ? '??'. i ??.;.-? r. lohn'eriy witli Tliiv?. Jarncr.Jr. al in.;. .?
T^?.UvK^r'iNl?TNKV ut all kinds
?on??!!! al ti?? low.-,?, market ran-sliv
m?tf F. I'. .lASIKS. 01 Walt-st
1 i?QCER'a PlGKLKS !?Lnr-o'si-ic
Grocer*!! Picklca oC?supwor qunlitv ai 5fl cents poi
liumirrU, forsalcby JOHN ?fltOACi'l,!!!) Pullo st
il? ?in
T? "i \.. \ DpZ V.? 3 bovcl, JT?rk, and ! I pe
' )\ 1\ f ITa?dlc.?*. ..lili" lti-?t mitin;.?-.i tire, for ?a!..- by
~r1Gi V.M. II. WIGHT ii CO. 100:J.?!in-st
? Q.AFETY FUND and Eastern Money
i ?O wanted thia'il**.v, nt tbe;Iow*?st rntir*?.by ..??.,..
? ... .. Jl,f.%!v-SffsV*ii^
E?ILApELPH?A, Kaltiraore, Wir?iuia,
?anh Notes, Cliec!;.?., ami hoatrhl nt retine.-.1 ratea, l>y
P. P. .1 SSIKS. rn SV.-t!J-?i.
>R?ADl Bread! I Bread?i i-r-At Pal
hum's nt*?- Bakery, corner Second*f?lreet nn.l Bowery
| ?U pounds lor a siiiHm?*1*, anil i?aile irom the liest superfine
?l-.ur. Try it. mi.} l,n
! "Ci NGRAV?NG aTniTPrhititifr.?TlieTu?T
i ..t..J ?fcriben? having in ihetrown manufactory nu'l under
j tl.eir own (ihoieil?ntc .?ii?.erir:i? lulanoe all tberequisite w?ark
j n.eu ?m. 1 materials for execntintr cvery'description ..:' Cor>
I Perplate, L,tlio**rtipliici Xylographie and T.vr*?<jrapl ic
? Priutiiur, which unable ibem to execute Book?, rainphlets,
j Handbills. Cnnls, Bill-Heads, (circular*, Cl.?'dv?, iN'otes,
; Diit;':-, liill? of F'vi-*.ini.'i- ami Did?n?T,*Cer?ificates of*De
| posit, do of Strick', ".Iniik?, or any nilier il?-*rripu.i'i of Print*
I ?ni; M?' every ?mairinable form, k?.<-, ?i.atie ur color. Enjj*
j lish, French ur German Isabel*, i^.*, execated in bronze,
I uolil-le?? "'?' colors. DriiL0.'-!-!?'. I'.-i 111:11.-rs' nml *,IaoDl'ac
j turen,' Labeis beanliftilly execnie?!, in quantities, ai iuw.-at
I prices,by DAVID KELT ?t CO, Statioaer-.' Hall,
an_245 Pcnrl-n and S4 Whll-sL
""OCK WE LI/-3 Patent Tau?t""Li'shis?
.V- Very useful in excloile wet an?l ?lust frn.u vault.? and
j ?..linn litrht. trn-aily imprnv.-.i for ?ir.?ii!.'ili nml durability,
! for sal?* ?o !i A?t.>r ii.i.i?,?, entrance in Barclay*?.!*. ?iii Ivv*
:;.A: NEW WORR.?The BiblevGompan
: J~ ft.inti? liv !i.." It?-v. .Iniis Tono?Tli'i? dnv received r-11 ?. 1
'? los sale hy -?\X'I'ti\ v .MILKS. 12G Ptilton-sl. ?.7
; p.\:NKKrij,r LAW?U. S. cori?T.?
' O DI'Ti. 11 Kl!, t?KVNiiLn.-? k PLATT, ?"roctors and
j Counsellors, i7..' Alr:-,-?i;iiii?- Kxchanj-e, City of *-,'?".???-Vorii,
i liavinr*? marie arrangeiiicnt'.far the purpo?.-, art; prsparetl to
1 Ktli-nd to applications unv'er this Law m this City and from
I other win* 01*1 lie Pnnthi'm litairii-t oi*"Cpu*-VVirk. t'l "Im
KIXU'.S Spring iNorice.?Self-ll?ckiug
Cl?iir?-, ?.viilt ??cll"-:i,liu?iiii?r foot r.-.-t ; tirerchan?' O?
j fice Chairs, (??''? tfi?>?.?- in ii-f-t the Cu?tom H-iu??-.) "??uch
j Improve?! Recnmbent Chairs of boactiiul formation find per
i li-i-t in comfort; Wheel clir.ir??all klmts.of Chair? made to
I order. M. W. KLN'i., Paient Chair MaLer,
?1~( Broadvvaj*,.between Grand 2?1] Brooin?*.
King'? Chairs have lit en awarded t!i" Piral Premtuin ni
! he two List Fair? oi the American Institute, and lire war
i iit..| ?nperior to any in Ulis country or Imported. .;.!) ;:'
H VI) t? AT LIC mi K?<: round ?.Tme,
('??ni?-...1-, Xii!..1! River Lump Linie anil Wi):ti-vv:.?:i
?nj. Lime. f?>r Mil?, by John P.?. Tin-?. Cuiiim?ii?', Jr. at the
; corner.ol'Tr?r rritl \V?*st*stre?L<, t? To?iptius-sireet, luid
. atib? South Ferry, Brooklyn. The lollovv-in?r ariicb-5 taktui
i:i .?\f'n..-.:-.- (i rtlie above, ro wit?Flour barrels! -.v.iii two
. ii.-;i'l? IT, cents ?acl?? .:?'. with one ?nail 12 cents ; ??-.-ar
I hh<l*.3l cents: molasses hhds. 50c?nt?: in .!,.?-. - in-ii-.-- J'
j cents each, deliver?; I at either '<: ii.-- uliove ?ii...-. -. .-ill l.n
p?P?J?LISIIERS.-Just received ami
for Sale, a larse number n!'?!.-?-! platea, ele?*ahtly en
?_T".;..-il by same of tli--l..*' artists In L in ??is. Tli--v are in
? iir?t rate condition; having been very little n-i-.i. Any per
?111 vUhino* to purchx?e will ?.|-:.?i call ?it \22 Brnailway,
j fitih ?t-irv, v??irr'- proof impressions .-.in be ?????n. nil f?t"
! produce a healthy ?tat? m ihe ?y.vlem by fricdon without tin
i ri?k of umrintr thesbin, a.? all the ordinary ll-irs*--lla:r Clf.v?-*
ar> 'iihle to tin.
The greal value ol t'-n* Hbrw-TIair Renovator a* a ihera?
pe ?I ? ?gent '.v?i:-:i n,-p!..'.t ;-i :!'..? ii::-i:;.: i.v'y i? now too ?v?II
I known to every one who i.a.- paid iln.* l?-.i?i atteniion 10 the
; i?i-i'.rvaac?* of'a b-s?thy action of tue ?kin 10 require farther
! C??::i!.".enU
r'..r ?an-hy A. B. SAiVDS ?tCO.,273 BroRilway,^corr*?*fr
: n' CI i-.iiili..t?-?trrrt. f?r:inii?? Building'. ." "
A ?TATR XA R ? >. Gold and Silver U?iTi?-r
."V t *m.l Exchange Broker?Office I Wall street. Th?
h:.;. ?1 price paid for K:ir Cold and Old G il?l ?uid Silver and
L' ? ? of :.il kind*.
A-i. ??_? ?? t. ,Id -.:.?; Sil er correctlv attended to. Works
341 M. ?? .-..:r.-.'t.
N. i'-. Uncarrent Monej' .?i.-x-nunte.! -u ti.-- lo?est ::?.-?.
? ...i In*
Vl! leenth-street,beiween Niuthand T.-utl. Av? :::-..?.?A
? ib. -?-:.?: -: . t i* the only one of ihe kin ?in tins city,
the lars?**! iii ii.-- State, 'lie s!j?..-.Tii.Hr r.-??,?-i-u'.iiiy iuibnns :
ii:- ; ibl .- ?!..:: !i>- manufactures :?::'! ofTi ? :' r sale, on :!.?. :
n:.i?t ri ??- in iblt ?-??!;-. ? ? . -.? ..- . : '.-. ?? 7.;.
Stone War?*, Earthem AVnr?*, I'ortahlti Parnac?is Flower
Pot?, Oven 1":!.-. Cliinin?-.--I'?it*. Stove Lining?, Blanching*
Pou, Fii'i-Bri. ?. ('r.'.?:i-H..?.:v*Ti;?-. Stov? Tobe**,ke. kc.
S. B.?('h'-:tr,--il nn.l Driiggi?t Ware to orjlcr. All t-rders !
ihrdugh the Pi-z-Oilice vvili be pnn?*tnali*" cxi*cot???'l.
"V'KWJ?AK?W'AKL:. C'uiL-.'j.it'iui.'.A-c.
_^ r'he ?ubrcriber. frnponer of E . I?b and Ge man
Hard .-..i .-. ?? :.ow- .. ceiv inj? ?? ::????:. assorlmeniot' ail the ar- ,
ticl?? ? ti ? ? ? ? : ??-.:?.::! liegS '.?< ?'.-?.:'.? ? i.'-r? that ,
r?:i .--, -. -.- w ii Qnd i.:. stock very ci mi '.-'.. . a :
i- ?. :'.;a!'.t\-, and at lu?>r ;-r ? ?>?? than -i-.--.vi: r-. On;
- statement atone he relies fora portion of
trteirbusiness, and requ?t?i* th?- ?-.vor of a i.aii previoaato
:.. is ::J thl :r pit:. ?-1-^s.
A full ..??-i.-tiicutui "JaME?';" celehrati?d Wood-Screws
aiwny- ?-. . ind.
Agent tor and dealer in Dn;r.-?t:i* Hardvvare ?!?o?*?di*;-?
Gocvt* . ir ?..I- to the Trade bv the rvirk:>.<:??, A tmist ?ber
; 1 di-.-TJjir a?.iu^i ?'.->r.*a?i?. ' EDWIN MCNT.
nio Sur }?? ?r 77 John ?i.. i.?-tvv?-?.n ?'? i?i.a.n ?.. u..!.! ?L*. N.V. .
"i^ILVKii I-L?TE.?Wm. Thomson, No.
kJ7 11] WjiJ?ain-Vtreet, cmiiinues ?o t-?natai-iare ?? i?--r
'?'?,-irL- .1! ?h*r i??; dtiscnption an?! oi ;:.- latest ?.?.tii-n?--?
Pr?sei:'.au?in \ u?-?. Pitchers, Waiters, T?-a and C?See ?"* '?"?
vie?; Cake and Fruit Basket? and CL?drer.'? MoS-S nehly
?:.,.-,( ..r:,l appropriately -'???'rrietL
Also. Dr?.?,':i Fruit Ivrl-iv^.?-.?i Fork?,silverhladt.*: Forks
and ->,'*?"???>us, -?in; ?irt-aded a;.?l p!.?in ?h.-e?deu ytterns.
Pr.io Mriai.? i-.f \-a.-.iia* p-titt-nis ?uitt-.l Cir jr'.zr- of P'io
ricu?fJrTil. H.:t*T:.:u?;??-ai arnl Ai:ncu'.U.-al .S?<i?:tie?.
(?r.lcrs bv ?r.vr punctually attended t.>.
The ????!.'. of ?.:!.?? ??nicl? are maauiaaortrd or. the pre?
\ m,-. ol'sti?rHne silver, and Mi rare or e-.pe;r*?' L? "-pared in
i thebt**aary oltjhe workmanship.
I N. B???Dravv-ing'** and estimate? ofartictes for pn-sentation
' ivill b?r furniaiie.1 in answer to an npplication. (2? 3m
WHOLE ?O. 314.
?/.-:?? - Cap tal v.'..-?1.;^: Ornee Na M Wall st. This
i . ?esto make insurance d?au:>: ????s or dara
-< . ? ? ..::.! :. n .*i: i-n.
::?-?-. in?-.- Hr.vei.?. Kajak Tavl? .'. Cor?s-'W. L?wmnce.
i. PhrfUps Pbrenix. William Cosen, M-*cah Baldwin,
John Mornsoi. 1". L \i, ? . v. Katnaniel Weed,
i - .. !?. Vanrum Fanning C.Tccker^John Rank-ri.
0.-. ? : ? i Ue. >d<?ig? D.B?diam n, lohn D. Wolfe,
Ca! i? li?is:? I. W?lam >V. Todd, Fer,i:..n:;.! r*uvilaH*.
Henry O T,??-...i; son. R. HAVBKS.PresbleMi.
LT-:-s-i? pu;; li.-'s. .-.?or* :ary._?'?'?
EE i ' i : M S < ) i\r E\TS ORA t\rG E Compaiiy,
?N... it iv all ??:reel, corner of llanovir-street. This
? ..-. ? ,-,,. m ? m .:.?uie au*am<: ?..-s.,,- Jam ijre by tin
-. ?-.??. ai?t?i*chandizegenerally; .it?o.
-, . . ??? : canroes ajrain'sl I'?? or d?n*a?re '?; ;? i : I
. .-. ... .. i? . iv,,:-:: ;. terms .... f othei ??r.ive.
r ???.- vv. T: ?rne; Caleb C.Tunis, John C. Merritt,
'Chuna? I'M- Irutl.Mos ?Tu '- . Tliomsoa Price,
t?ei Uli ::. I: I- o.Franct? !'. Sage, John 1! Loe,
. ?,..v .... KlbshaItiirrs. James "???.ilolmes.
An?, n ; \? in. K. Thorn, Jobu P. Moore,
Ma : ? R ?'? ? an, Jame? .'?. ?VhUihg, Samuel Underbill,
Joseph A'ii a, Joi.-pit Drake.
THOMAS vi. T1IOKNE, l're,!.i. iH.
Geo. T. nope, Secretary._f2-t if.
NTS?RANC.E against Loss? or Damage
liv Fire, hv the Uni te?l Slate-- Fire Insurance Cotupn
nv. r?'t iheir r.itkv, No. 55 Wall-street.
Rn,; Stron r. Geo P. Post,
i:.?. II;,? i-, It. II. Il m <\
' . F. Carpt'iucr, AlhertWooilliuH,
1 .? i- . ,: :.v... ?;,?-. B. SmiHi.
Mo ri? K-'.l um, Sam!. ('. Paxson.
.1. s. L'n.ierL II, Cal b Barstow;
c T. Cromwe I. C, m. Hurl! ut,
J:.o T,. Bowne,
; ., ::. \v? i?.
S.la? H ks
i:-i'.'i i . ' .-...
.1 .? ?1 ir?,-;-.
Bt.nj Ci rlies.
Lin l??v Murrov
llv. il. L-ivvre??
?? \ m Wv'.k.
?: .!,t l) II eelv?,
J:.,. Wo? I,
Corns. V?. Laivrenee.Snm. L. Mit? I ?II.
?'. Ki"?la.i.f. Jas. Marsh,
Hobt B. Mintani, D.A. Cushman,
Tiis W. !'.;? ?al!. ?'!?? Hills?burj?b.
.1 !.. l'OWN'E. Pre?;,',-nt.
JaMES WlCKtE; Secretary. ;>H Im
M TO U;T?The. three story bonne,
? Th : ??.?-'?nu.-. The.t?aseme?t-is,level withth?
street" it - :'.'[>'i - T?' 'V Uli everv i-i":v ? ,. ?i ? .-e . ??;.,: ?tie iivir.'.el
in the iwi. pnnripal s|ories.*and the pantries ',iv:?U('>.l will
drawers, sri Lv? -. La To a good tenant it will he let low,
ind p ivil? ??-given for oneor more years. l*of?5e??.iori Riven
?mmediittclv. Apply ki
-.-> u ' JAMES T. M. i'.?.KAi; I.KV. 212 lludsoii -;
^THl?i:i: EARNS rOll SALE or.
lE? the iiortb quarter m Stuten l?lnmL Inquire al Ko.
..rv?T-i:,,-.. fniM.-lm?! _ DAVID DKilKKK.
|*a| c'O RU A LE.?A valnabl? Kann.
JI-?.-?:,!'"!" '" ncres of good land, lymjx at Betrle's Poti i
? with ivaier ; i .v .???'??. in lb'? north ; : ? ?erof.St itcn Island
For "?! f.-i/'i - i ??ire of D tv .i 11-.-!;.t,'i Ann-sireer, or
i ,.: I;. ['. V'.. .-, M ai Bull's I lead, on Stateo Island. aBlm*
tfA. A VV LE TR E ES?1,000 prime thrift?
"\ ' v??-.: Trees, ???>?:?.??:' ni Ui? winter Greenin?,
Cart llonse; Wine Sap, V.lloiv Kewt?wn Pippin, Bnllock
? !>.,il.ir ?on do.. Roman Stem?!?>-, IKlitloivcrdo., Rainlxiw
do Cunil !-.". ! >;.:.'? ?i"-. Fall fie ??>?? ?!, or lin.,- Apple,
Summer Penrrnnin, Prince. STclhw II-irycsc Fall Pippin.
Bristol Pippin or Itullheail^-allof wliicli arc warranted; and
will be -.?! ?! ! im in lots to shit purchasers. Also, a few Plum
ami ?Var '!',
ihSO 2n '
.i. No. i Ferry-sir ?t
-#?* ?'( )i?- SALE?A i':uni. situatcil at
--X?-. F i:- Kockawav, !.. I. with n i ?liorl ?.-.,? ceci the
Marine.Pavilion, aul-frontinc ?-n th?* liny an?! ocean. Ii
contains 100acres,70acre?of.wbicli ?? fii*sl raleiillaWeJa?^?
the residue ?'oo?lyxassormeado??'.'r*?**rwmf?wopniantl.
V? Wmm.1 ? I*.? '?-? ?' t"-,rxu " ;;;~ ? B,!,!I n'"' "Il"'r ?l"
i '.;,'..::'??;?,,':" a-,-?? to Ti.--'', iKi?iby.laii.tn.ul.wa.
;"'' iv i..--,. .,i -.i'' U.Nonon on the preiuises.-oi
17^ kSSiSSwON-S, 40 East Bmadway, N. V.
A!?.\ other property for sale similariy sHur.t?.?!. Apply a>
before stated. mSI 2?v*
^ \E\V SEED STOl'i: at ?il7?oT?5ar
"mekx.> 'len.?Our friends and the public nrerespectf?l?*.
invited to call nml examine our ini| on nions of new and ran
Flbwer-Si e< . Vegetableand En?*li.?li Grass.Seed.? for lawns,
choice Dal.lia?, Grape V'ihesj Fruif mil Ornamental Trees
together.with oui large colIect'On ni Green ;.wl Mnl-llouse
Plant?. .Anv of which will be soi i ?<*i m?.d< rate terms, und
guarantw-d as n presented. N1BLO .-? DUN LAP,
nl ^iv i57ii Broadway.
f?g-TA C?l'lTAL l.'JI.WCE tor a Wo
^lX-~ chanic or other working ninntn become ?ndeperd
-nt. Thirsulisciiber offers for sale ii place of SfSfl acresyon
vliicli i? a frame liousej and an aim',.! ? ce ofheavy i mi.'. ,
deli?;litful!y and eli?rlhly situate.! mi the St. Joseph river, One
mile from ihe thriving viilnv-enl Bristol. Elkhurt co.. near
the north boundary .if ih?l ana. Ii is on the great thorough,
fare from "ifonrne an.! De?ri?it fn i'hirago, alintu mil?i
from Mnttvi'Je, and the ce ebrnte I v liage u White ! ii*- on
n i the Prairie, Michigan, Flouringa.flier mil'scmveni
en!, and 40 keel hoats plying on me riv? r. This di?trici ><i
country i? ilistingoisliud 'i>? ::? ii.-i. -oil and fertility.
Also, an improved Farm of3C0 a ires, s-.o of which i? h??3vily
timbered, the remninrler oak riticnin*:?, very thinly i.
near Pleasant Lake and , of a mire from the thriving, vill:i?j ??
nl' Van Bjren, Van Buren CO, iMicliig.m, and only 25 mil. ?
Irom ihie mouth of St. Joseph river?a cash market tor p- ??
duce?in a tliickly seltled country ; flooring, jiaw ind grisi
milis, i.-a-. The house and other l.:i I linv? are adapted t?
?l.?. liinn, which i? well watered by spri? tf?, ??c On it ?? a
bed of brick-clay and a quantify tit hard bu l?lii:i/ ?i n-, .?
rare production m that country?.
The above will be sold m |.i'..-?s m ?t,a the times and on
?*asy terms, or would I?.- exchanged lor r.-.ti .?..,:,. in i'??
ciiv m- vicinity.
The oivoersnow reside in Ihiseiiy, are men of character,
and their representations may be reiieJ iijith. For lartb? r
particulars, apply ut 77 Nassau sir?*? t.
all 2t v, '.*. M. t-1'.viv?..i:-..
yOXE^'.S l-OflK-lviL.'PIV???Puli?sh
ttP .-.I a: 1%) Brnadway - Pri.-e .-Jil 50.?In addit'inn 10 a va
new c.t'iltrir.. reprcrseniins? ibe practice of Dav-Book, .1..ur?
na!, Ledger, i.e., ihi? work will be foun?l ti> romain n ?. rie
..i el rmentiiry exercises, -!e?ii:iieil to ?encli the general prin
dpi? - ??! .lein art o.e.hi. l.v vvl?tdi all il..-?.- various inodi
licatinii. ar? governed, ?o as to Piialile the student.to Jour?
nalize "'""i !:?? own kuowleiljre, instead ofresortlnj, to-ome
vt: ?>? and ambiguous rule. Tbtiseexercises consist of the
]?'? iinest staiement of fact?? plain thai no purl .-^n p-.?il*l v
be niisu.',,!.-i--iood by the merest tjrrr?; an?l yet;exeept among
practical nien " ?j author has never met with an individual
who rivil.i give lir.eanswcrsrequired, even ainun^ bin: ireds
? ho Ii ive maile a trial, .it'ier ?Je? ining tl emselvirs complete
m the ?tody. Lei those wlm would avoid the.iharhe attend?
ant on lUibiiB in accorrrplisli wliat :!,ey undertake first test
their know!?*dgi> by one of Uiene . xercises. Ii they ?.lv
iheie;, hu m .ri.-r by whose ?system iliey acquired iheir
knowledge ; but ?li.n! 1 they fail, nw??, *.v.!,' ?<?.? conclusively
tlie irhpossibilitv ?if tin ?r fiilfillin?- I'ie ilutie'-ibf an accoum
inn while un*ible le dispose of such simple ,;ii.-ii(>!.?. There
!- ,i .-. ?de ilift?rence !?< tween leai n ng principles aud de.tai ?
V'iu may have balance?) up five thousand eniri?s? liui until
you have acquired the principles, youirtheory and di</prac?
tice of business will ever ilLsagTee^
Instruction i? triven, as usual, in all duties nf the lie?!?, pri
vatelv, if require?!.
ni3*en ?fiGMAS JON ES, Acci u ata n't.
E.\TA.\(.'Li:i) AeeOU?TS.-The
uiwlersigue?! undertakes n? ?'rrange ami pin.in otder
the most compl?cale?! ah?! i'.<i?^lv !..?:: ai-cnnhis, orto afford
a?y assistance thai may be r? quire?! .,;.???? inllie adjustment
ofliortk? it ili olut?oH of partnerslup, .- in any oilierde
p irtmem -?i liis prof? ?ion.
THOMAS JONES; Accomi'.aht,
i'.1! en.ltf _ Ofiiee 183 Bmadway.
rnriiM-'.K.v nn;i!i:s.>i;i?ioiioi'-ij'iii,
8. l?-her*, and General Bool; \ ? i*-, No. 10 John-street
New-York, and No. 1 Fayttevibe str et, Raleigh, N'ortli
Cam! -a. Foreign anil Doinestii l:.-.;,-. Siat?'?iierv, ?.e.
IL D. TURNEU. Nciv-York. '-' :'. HL'GIIES, ithlegh.
Th? ??? i'.,.- i i'.-- lieen now mure : inn seven years I.- fore
the piibl ?? an Itheirjnstpretensi .?.-??. tb?ebar?ctercl un^'d
f-r liieni closely examine?! and t.-.-e.i. by ajrreat numberol
?-- . ? rife! ?rent to be deceive,!, and too deeply inter
.-?t.-.: in the .-? suits not to ??!>?? rve with care,amijndgewidi
t favor:
K. i? : ???? ha? hoi weakened these pretensions but
??? ? .-t.- ':> ?: and contirnied rhi m by : mass of tesdmony oi
table character 9s has r? ?:. ?usiaifl? lany.arti
c?e in ti:i? form in anv ??.,..! try.
These Pilis .-, ? f.bad.in.an* es,, and upon liber?
al t? v.r. ippl . ..if ? 11. 1). TI :,.*. r ?i.i'r.:.. :ipal A.,-,.:.
!-.', bo-street. New-York, near V.r .i-:.? ?? . : .!.': ? ?->*-..?t
ftp I IE undersi'iiiecl v.iil leave this city
:>::-! "? 11. . j . -_-11 -. to return in .Jut.-.-. Any liu-hie-s entrusU-dto
;. . ? :!,. r ' : ciillectin'* .i^i.L?, ?etilini? ? ! limSj payuig taxes
. ? !-..ii.| ..btaininrr rorr?:t .:? scrifiiibiis oi :l..: ?.?ute,?-?
? ttrt?? ?, ?? -. ??-.,. . ? _i tie?, -. '.. . i.- d -!??? ?uendcu
;... ] ?i- .-?- of land "i I ! ? ? '-?? r.M.';i."-' V'1' '???'
law makihir seven yea -' pot..in a .-< ? ?< "'!''? (*;l1. is>,,r|
hav? been tnexL?teireseven years. ... ltVj.?heirfarjd should
:.--? .;..;.-,: ?? lad-Hi thereto. 1'l^.cndersrgned mtirbe
StN0.:83 ??; :-.-'..iit?' Kvei.-' ---.!"l ??"???!! tie ??our- ol
II A. ".,. ah ! 2 P. 51 each d?e\ ?nd ?????? '!? -. bbip
. . Ayers, VV"aIl-srreet;v*b?jah I'isher, Esti; Pine-street,
t? '.:.-i F.-:.. and ?Rrain Barnei?, Esq.,Jphn-st.,New
V- r!;- E.'.-.-.-t-i! C. IJelavarr, F.<-;.. ':'.-..-:. ar..i d. \V. ??or- i
\..... P -;.ii.?--i?"?"i Boiton.?April :-, \r.P2.
- -, i .k ::. K. LiriLF..
"I^ItEXC?l .v GE??.M.vX Fancy Goods, !
g very low .'?.-?.?.-'?:.?A cbmn! I? trtmcrit of Combs,
i:rushes, Perfurmr?*. J .???; h GiT! ?'!'- -, i I other Steel Pen?-, ?
Cutl? r\-, Ips-.ii? -.?rid Ey?; 1'irs. N.-.-,!:-?. Accordions^ P.ick- ;
.'.-'.'. ks, Silk an?! Leather Purses, '?'. ? ? am! B?a 1 Bap.?
arid Per? -, Spi-,-nr!-s. J?c, b?spi! Tf ??'?!* a ?'-i'-r-.: assort?
ment ofn'd articles in li.e above line m ir- ..-??. C lantrj
m?frt?aiitSjare r?-*pe?fully invitai :-. c-?'? when visiting tl.??
- ?:?-. ti i -. i ??ne 'i ?- -f.-!.. a^ : :- : . : -v-.: ? ai i. iiisual
i...'-jTi-m- :.:?.,reofiere?!.at C. Ii. DARLING'S;
r ,?'. .i? 71 lt.. I -n ?. ?->' ,?i.! ? !..!i"-rv s;r?-er.
^ LUE, GLUE, Glue,^GI?c.?The Sub:
VjX seribers v?ri:?,- senj Ked f ora i ?--. ? s manufactories,
L- p con-tan?ly on handa''large i ?? i lentof uieiii??ereiii
rii7^5ue?rofGlueJoldmihL?*roarkeuto v.iii,-h diey would
rivite die particularattention oi Manufacturers, Country
Merchants, an?! a!! whoma> rjs*flr deal .;. die article.
tn38 vf J? Water t?.
??.'?HL fixcwt\ in-. pvxst?-?.?:.i?: r.*r*r5 tar??f?lUteIy. Ap
- -A I'hr-s;;.*..?, ' fl*tt
/??vj TU LET?A workshop with <\ siipe
?X 'JSl ri??" light? Rtlt ?OW. I.';.--::.,- of jrLOCK? fa KIT
|5 V.l. S1 Arn ?t n ??,1 la;
?5i ? ' ' Lfc-I'*.? The three story House
-?":**?_\". 3*. .M-irtyft sirve*. Appiru?
in!.. l.KLN'XELL, MINT1? IOv i <*0. Tu ***,.ut!? <tir?-l.
M'fi) LET?A Room, Bedi c>om, Pau
J???2. **T "fad O?-**?. ??jtab.?- for a misVi ?amuy. IVs
-. s?. .,: ? sen t-niiHsi.att-lv? Kept low. lit*?*...**-* OI*J. l-.yc.te,
h rt'itroi No. si A ?*????- at im
M~TOTJ?f~~or "TEA S ?-^^ni?g?nte?l
and ron.?TJO>.iou? briek flouse, -"?*.*? Givrovnch ?uri-t.
???[??> -n Cfaaritivn ami King Reel tow to a rood ten.-int.?
?Apply aiot?'ce ?a 5 Peck ?i;p. uA 2*"
M To LET?-A Part of a now mo?
de::; bout 3*torj bi ? ? i! ?ast?. to a?-:: ,:l respectable
tin v w rtboai i->ii}dr?*a The t? nt weak] be luv?-. In??!iire
-??,-? 1..'..?-. ? 3* if
M TO LET?One or two lofts of the
?tare 195 Pearl s*r?*?-t.?ut,.v.iiei?>:' w'-.... <-.W bUM*********,
. -i).;u- tnanafaclur tig pcrpo-a*?. Appt*. to G?*oi*?e S.
Cary ?v Co.. lit? Pearl**. inSttlm
>? TO LET, for s'.lr'or t'-vchange?The
llouso and S.abl??, wiui ball" an acn-ot grouaal ??'?
tadietlj .mi the i.>i.''.h-vv?*?t coi 1 er nf Fifth Avenue and V2M\>
???..:. A;-; !y it .?y? (.?v<-;:vv..-;i.?'.r.-?t. n:'. ?.:
M TO LET-The ??.??.i-story Brick
House, N- . 36 M.-irkrt-street, with the nar bn idlng,
?..?.. 1 .? s.1.1-.i-.i-:??:' ? swble. Appivto
fl2 G R INN ELL, MINT? llN ??? CO..*? Socih-ti.
.-4TO LKT.?Part (iftiielli-iiso. N0.0O
prii-.-???. l '??? ' '."'.-?tr? ?-i '?.' a small, r? ?;..:.. ?? I'ainit?
1 ,.- '.in?.-? 1 1.iv seen between the tint?n?, of 12 and 6
,.?;?., k. R? ni 5'li at*? fit*
&&XQ LKT?'l'hf"Stoa- ?>.?. Graiid-st..
J???? 'iv. corner of Ntwlbtk. Tlii.S*..?i?- ?? 1 ?atedin ihe i?..*?i
?ti*?ii?"S pari ol ti.?- ??.i?-.".?vv.ii.id iti.vivo two ^'.?.?ii Stvir.'s. .
In.ji.ire ?1.1 (lit? premises ' ;:i.a u
M TO LET?The lower part of bouse
?SS Eldridge near Grand >tr?-?-t. ?leni .*?.;*?). Po?.
????.?;.m ?Hven linme lintel*, if n-, uired. Knquire onthe pre*
mis**?. ' all ?t"
l^jilGR?lTEJry am! I't'-.l Store To Let.
J^jt]_ A good stand and low r- -it. with (.:?? ?I ?*-? l.?u** i.'de
?-.. 1. Applv to PBTEII.V, H, JACKSON*. II-.-. Com'
:.:?.,?:?,:-an.! Cotiecili,-* Agi t, 102 tVivvi:: ?t. .it I o'clock.
all Gt*
/H'l'll l.i-'.T.?The Inner part of the
??lJ?L1'1''??. 2i ?to y lifii-k house, lii T. iii.i-?t*.e?'., with fold*
in*. >:.v>r?. marble mantels, l*c. The i????><?:- ??-?r'. isoccuple?!
In . n!v tu?, ?ii-rv.tis. Tin- li?vu?i- has laiely bceu painted
tlimn*-"li?ut, and i? in the best order, ail 3t*
/?.'ivvTO LET?A ?entccl 2 story frame
_iL'?L5l_ DweUliiir-llflu?. ' . High-street, Itrooklyn, coii*
? ? . r ;? ' r ?? ,* - d kilt... i. ?v. It i? :,i j.ixiit repair,
ju<\ wilt be remet? tovi to n-*.??od teuaut. Apply.ioJ G KIT
LKIt, ! I S.i d-, ?-.-.tu :-.: Ali ::??.. Hit...??lvii. ;ui l\v*
?ft?i COTTAC??. in tht* country?l'or ?-ale
I}'??y mi accoinniodsitnr' terms, i beau! ul little fartii.
iviin iiiiiiii.?iini-.. of fruit.'fiiur iniitf? from-ibiscity. AL?o,a
?i ? w-agouj leatber top.
;:? 1:- Appb' ;r- N"- ?|7 ?Om\ ?t.
MTO LET?At476 Br??ilway, an Of
, i-'.f!?' KICK Hint lias been ocien pied ?.-v..--;ii years by n
1'tiv ?.i :..u. Also, Itoouis to let in the same house, liirnbtied
.-r iu-.f'ivi .?In ,:~-it-t.i nitiiierai?-. ?Apply at 47-IJ Uroa?lway.
all ill*
?ATO LET from the first day of next
Jj^-iS. Slav, titr?e foiinhs ol ihe fourtli story ol ihc Frank*
. :i iluil.l ? i*. voriier of \:m nnd Na?.?-i.i-?ti.-. t?. ?u?ml le for
i ?irinfm?r (ilRt.it, or oilier ineejinntcal busiiiest?. Inquire ol"
J.UIF..S CONN KR. in the bijil?! \? i.\lu
.?'A'l'O BE pTSPOaiSI) OF?-A largo
?"j?H?CJ?rpcnti i'? Shop and Stables, stanilin** ?n taro l.?t*
[?round, v. lii.'.: can be rented on easv ternis. T.> persons
?.h : ? ?' .i.'.-D. ibest* ?i:.-iii:-i's-art* ?in ..I'j.-rt. The erections
?vill In ?old-very low. Apply to OEO. Ml ICIIKLL,
,' i i-* ? ''.." irine-atreel, near Division -.tre-'t.
ri-AM'iiUi. .'..?. Till I'c.nl street.?The
J^ySLfonr spacit-us Lofts ?'i llils ??..re to l?*l to ti:?' first day
?i M.t?. I."*?'?, Iui!ic*lii?dwith Sl.eiviii'. Counter?, Gtu Kix*
: r?. ?Sttive, .V.-. I'.t?,..?.? . :i Cil'l b? hniMiiimeiliBli'Iy. In
,j.,;,-..?j jish.-j t.A,vir?, So. 4 MercbanU' Excbange, Wall
street._ _:_-?if tl
A--.-VTO Ll.'.T?In iiiooklyn.'2 handsome
.Jij.il.'- *'?"?'??' and attic I5;i<-li lltiu?.-?" with marble minitel*
?mit milling doors, pleasantly situated, llj and HT .\a??.iu
->???. i. :i!ii.tii riv-i iiiinute? vvalk from Fulton K.rrv. It. m
%-tW euch. Enquire of r? i.Ml'Kl. SIIDTWKLL,
aH Ivv_ On the piviniM-.?.
/?A Fol. S \I.K?'1 hat very il?sirnli?e plat
-?'?U. of ptiund, situated ?tt the comer of Laigbt ?nul Var
:>?;? ?tie?, t?. iVt.iiiiii.'.h St. Jobo'? I'aik beinj* *i f.-.t, :n
inches, on Lai*?ht*street, and 85 fef.i on Vane-It. vvith Hu*
I'l'i.'-tli tliereon. Foi particulars enquire of ?IOSEPII
.MKKLS. X... II Beech, or
i7 u SA'.l'L. i'.DD.MK, 121 Wldki.-rX.
afea FOR SA Li i?A amall house and live
?.???L. brs? acres .,? land, two acre? cleni'cd, and abum
i i i;i wi:!i a liniii'.-oiue crnvvtli of peach irt
nnd tin- reinaiiiilei nf tin.? Ian?! :n vecod?.?ainiaiuai FnrltocL
awny, on the main road, between I). T. Jeonintr's ?n il ihr
toll-sale. Iiirpii.-?? ;i! Hi,. i..il-.;ai,., or of J01 IS' NOItTON,
Jr. I..-XI in Hi? !iill-.-?tie. K.if Itnclxawmv. or leave a note
i r him iv .ti: .]. NKWIi(H;.-?K. 1 ?j Wr. I. ?c**L N. Y. o? i 7 It
?TtiTO l.KT?Several Uuoint- in tho
J??S?m Clarendon House, No. SfH lln?idvvay, wi.li ?r?ale.*
.?il well lisbleil. Price iroin ??1 io$l SA per vv..^k. ?'li.-se
l?'.-.ne vv.-ii adapted lor .ini.?i?itr for lodelii^-roonw.?
Kur luilber Infornmuon apply at llobni ?N'n. .'>o, uurd story,
? il\e..huililiii?. Also in Iff. tbe Tliir-I, F.tunli and PJIUi
Slot its for tin ensuin-; year. flfiif
?A TO LET, at a Moderate H ont-A spa
,|Vi*;flj| i-inii.s.; .inry House,iVo.7ilThird Aveiin?*?? foldinjt*
|...i. ? .n..! uiiirble uiaiilels, ?..inns of fresh vvatvi aii?J ram
water on ihepreniises, with brich sial.l? in tbe r?nr. I'..
>? slioncan be had immeiliaiely. if renulreiJ. Alto; a llou??: ?
,i m ,. .?,.;.. rTio?cript!.<n v.. 71 Ti.i.il Avenue. Inquire of!
ADAM (?l-.li?.Ni. ;;i?i iMulberrv-St , n?*ar Mlei-t-lu-rst. or 28
Mi It . It;.. -, ..i It. u. I'ANKS, corner ol 'tl.-?i. and 3d
i? .-in.-. fif? :ivv
*tel FOI. iS?T?-:?? \8 I.i)tA of (!n.und, ?
^'-i^S. (separately crin n bo?Jy,) situate on Ihc Ki^lnlt Av
enue, and un 'i'inri. Li-i.i!i nv.it Thiny-Ninth-iitreets, on
the east miU-'oi ?ail Avenue, bctvyeen ihc Scvenili and
f'.i'.'liili Avenue*?. Abo, *t Louoa th? north side ol Korty
.?-V. i.nd-sf., ??i-o feel lioin the !*.t*_*I-?ii Aveooe, between tb<
.-5..-ven!i) :tni.l BigbtbAvenues. Inquire of
rir VN'liKaSfiS'.in Kin nroridvvav
or of S/ML. H. If. NOItTON,
hijI 2-.V* ?itilieimnieplace,ooTuontlay?.
M'S?? The large brie!? ?-mildlng ??lu a ted in Hicks noar
Pi r?...i.r?trt-.-i, a convenient di.itance frem iheJFulton nn?l
South Perriea* will lie put in f'.r-t rateonler n.'d reniedfor.fi.
.'.ni. .1 Motel or ftoardin*? llouf?e, ?or which ?tis ?w-tllcaku
I: :>-.l ; ivlll be reaily for ocrupanon .>:i or before thcJstof*
'luv; i!..- frrounil ishanilsomelv ornamented with tn^tmnnd
shrubbery The obovebu Ui?iig wu? formerly tL- Brooklyn
Coll??eiateInstitute. Apply in W. J. CORNELL,
n2 -?? ? n ? Kront-ivt. N. \'
**S*TO !,i?Ai:i)IN(i mil?SE KKFI'
Jfiii?3L El??*? ?To Lt>i, from the J loI'Mny next.ihedwell*
ni..-?..in ... die'dire?story ll.m?i- *.'.?. .! ?Jh.iniber.sstreet?
ni? well calculated in.* ,t genteel boarding House, bavin*?;
M rooms, a larye kitchen, cellar, pantry, nnd front vault,
?a iii, ?i bsrjre yard, ha. i? pin7.7,i and chteni, pleasantly ?itu
t; ?I on Ctiatnber*-?tre,-t, !..-i?.?.-. n Cbaihani ami Centre
treeL*? Inrjuirebf Mr. IOHN lirttHKi.L, Dent 1*1, No. 69
1 i .ii.i*>'T--ti,...'. at the cornor of Broadway, or of WIL
LIA ?.I ALU- "IITIS.?*. S?. All Concorrl**?., corner ol Adams
?t., Ili-iK-ivl-. n. L.-.ntr I-ia.iJ. It vvi I Ijc let very i?-...?, niable
lo a *^fii>.l :?-,Hint. '!'ii>-linn?.-.-.in lt.* ?.lii i'i .nu 10 t.'.-|i.?-k
in lb'* inorninirnntil-12o'clock, nnd from " o'r!o.-k in die
nfterncon until I o'clock. aii if
?T? LET O?l LKASK?The upper
liKiifia. .'>T,n ' ''" 'e-a-, handsome'and vervconvenieni If???-???
it:tb??ccru??rol i*'..-t Broadway and Clinion-*?treet, l.u.it
"...r- -?!v tor n ./?'....-i Hotel .n:,! l?naril.'ii^-Hotise, ravine
. -.,.,?.'.'?? r&onis in the Mjcond ?i.;ry cominurilcatin?; with
..ti i, other, .i large kitchen and cellar, and ? number of bed*
room* in the ?ipi*-r ?*.<iri?-s, all with lire-places, t;r.tt?*s, ami
t?iiifle inauteLs and jamb?, 't'i..- bituaiion i* pleasant and
lieall , an?l the ? ro>peci from Uie several rooms a^reeti
hie ?Kid ? I ???.-?-, ?nil mark? i? and rli.iri-! ??? In the neJph
' or!,.?id. Tbe Dry Dock Carriatres ;..i?? and repass the
I loose every quarter oj an Imur to Baltery i'.it. -, and Odn
andiCnaches are within ral!. Inquire ?r* Mr. .MORGAN,
corrjerol K?st Kroailway and Clinuin-si. lor .?-ifji?. f'JSitf
AA V()l'C~SALE.-?~.\'valuable Co???iTry
S?lZL ?ein in the town of Jamni?*a. L I. Tie* nibscriber
:; r- t..- ?n!.- his Property or*? part dierivjf, as rpv ?uitay
p|i?:a?.is. witiifrom -1 to 5. or 10 acres ". Ian./, all fitted l?r?r
'.-.tril.-f.ii- purpose**, vvi?i a .??if-itiu?!-. ..r..i7.P?eet,.!ivide.i
in7secuonf.,win. fruit and ornamental trers; the middle
::, n :- I. .-:.!? improved, ????'!?' a ? '-?'? conveniewce-? to suit
i - enteei family, witli a variety r.t c'.<,:r,. 1,-u-. [oUie*??-*?uon,
.r>.iif;..-?tifi i.-.is, harries m.d prape vine.* iu abundance,
The house i? very ??:--,;i -r fj and mo lei i i. ?It, nijt-lio-i-e?.
bar?, and U -?? "- ?''' ''*"?*' ?***?? 'n complet.- iinhir. The whole
? -, .. ,:y ??'?i '-'? sold at a pi ice 10 in?.iv^ il n detirable m
.e-arnent, or n jtart iu view ol' ?mprovin^ t?a- riiJo?b?r*? v?:
ti'ini. T'Tin-. very lavorable upon application to or ad
Ire?(iwbtpaid) |m?2 1-..-1 J. ?I. POtLLON. Jiu?aica.
<^>a FOR. SALE.?A four years lease,
:i"4)*?. trom !?' Slay, ftlic premiacs i-iiuated .it Blooming
? :...-, lool ot 7!-t street,cons.sti0*?"ol ?> two story dwelllne;
l?o .-'? and hr?e inime Iniii.i:. a, ???" by ???i '.' '?', and a room
:.i ;'?? i i ::_', well '?^'-'- ?!, -v .-h -.-!.--- lauildif-^iattached; .i
3 ii'.r?e power steam enjjifie and l.*-??!?"*. I...ih i?i-s! an<l in et
.-.-i!.-.,. workiufforder. ..?.??.a pati*ntman';(e,2,wn>hwheel?",
,-.?:?:..?. till?. *.-?*. ?: ? f.'??'.,?;!.-r.i.-' healthy locations on
::i?. Nur::. River,and well suited lor any ?ia?if.?-*? wb?;r<*
li??hi ;.-r,.-fi :;???-?,? ?? required, .'K>-?- ssinica ?lo<-!< atiti iwoacre?.
-.-~ 1.U..I For p-yTicnlan apply on tho pr?-niivs. or at 7'i
Mifid.-'i L:t ..-. lip -? .ir*. _ aO^vv'
^?T?LET?ORLE?SE-'t-? large com
j''.'yi? mo .'i??':- Ffona? ..! iv?ll? ?"/ an?! oshvehierit stab'e" five
? ... land . . ?r zoo,*, cuiitvitiio.., v/i?i fruit tr?.?* s nr.?l
. -, .???: I:.- ? , l?ted on ilte *.v.-?i ' ?i-ik of tht.- Hudson
ht.?, vviii.?n ene .-.-iie ..: ?be v.i;n;r?- of Kyack, on the main
tad :'. im Nvack ??? X ???-? \ ork. T'ti.-n.- i- 3 vte.ii.boar run
i,.|,:M.\'.-.vVn'ii"i..|''.:;:i, i? 'l???f'-?--.r'.'. fd<] pr?t-jerty
?vas f ,:-nii-rlv nci'j;. -ii by the widow o>me|;?r.i. For ibt**'
ilierpar?icularj,inquire t;n iyian'. sreamlioat Arrow.orof
lie- nr??er?t pr.iprieVir. A BUM. A. TALLMAN.
TTK.il) I'istarectis '?vantcd fm* a .short
I ! unie, bv S. J. >YLVc^TER,
22 Wall ?r.. mid itm 15'oadvtav.
rri VC KS.-? 2W) hoxe*? Tacks, .5-** weight ;
X 27 -lo. ? weight, u-?/-,rlod fi-nm 3j ?o .4 oz. tor sal.* by
ai; N WITHJ-AfLL, Jr, >12Jolia-a.

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