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I, pgblf?be?t every merniac, at No. 30 Ann
?..,,. New-York, and drlnri. 1 is C?v Suhs*-ih?T? for
NINE CBNTB prrw?rk ? 0g> rotpirs Two Crnt?
Ma-I Sntwetdter?, ?4 jmt lainim, n advanre, and Ihr p?p?T
m no raseroml,Bur?, hero,.,! ih? ti-rir mt which it It pai*.
Satiscrii'lirtn? lakrn for ?oi Montlis.
Term? of A?l?rrtt?in|_P<>r ra. h AdvrtUt ?tient ol
TP.N' Une? or lets (?tver m\) frei mcrlion. V? Cen??, j
r*x riea b *u(i*auutss m??n,-,'i. as ??
rtav. (i-r MX menions, rr r*iS M>erk.fi.? "
.i... C : TUrNTT?PIV|,: i??rt>. :.?'. * 90 "
lonr-r A.!??ni?niei.t? at roiualt) tavtaatne rair?.
?1 ?tara, Krf'vr>>ua ?a.I I unerai Notaes, not riorr--,,j
|?r lut?, Z*, rests.
gj Tha WREKLt TRIBINK, a t.-ry tori/e pap.-r. for
i . t nunlry, i? I'uoiumed rvery ?Saturday ?lornui?;. at the
|ot? pr-re t.' |2 r,.-t ana,un. :n ?hiTiiorr.
: j" I'.of. Bt ?it ? LsCTVas on ;.-,??? Lfrahcrath
? - .- wa? partly i:> contintnttlou of that "n th<
r, i:.! | :rtlv ujiot. the stibjertof the New
JernsaBBln, Be ?pok? particularly of tha cbero
COB? Bad tli?' llnrniui saaot.l, aa!;'-li g'i:?r,!e?l t!ie
goimoat Paraaiisa altee il.M-aspubion of nur
lir?? pata-uta ? with r?r?-at l-eauty and lore? lie ox
pi ? -1 the Caverubicn, }.<-r?' as elsrawhere in Scrip
tun , t<i lepH'traat, ht pr ph-tn- type, the ?aim? it?
their Iwareuly ?tnte . eml tli'ir being; so? t.? ru?ird
I," ?a? ad retara BO lvl?n ?i? fiaT?-sl?oil iw i?7 th<
traen ?'iinsont of tli" ?'?il to the ??ay prorioted fair
it? n-iletnjitinn and n'turn t?i happim-a? ar/l the
f . an .if holines*. lly the sxrord ha Bnd?r?htod
the Shefeiaah?or viaeVlr ial?ino?i1ng of Jeboeafc?
between tl??' cht-iahim. Tba aublirne display nt
Mount Sinn:, nt the tlr?aeritifi; of ','no writti'? law,
? i? IniiiJIv and clo,?,i?-tiila il.?eu?sa-al a. were nl?,.
die memorable Traaafigaratioa aaaj Actrancian of
our Saviour, l'rof. Ilu-h then sjn.ka- I ria-flv of the
fu'ure cty ?[niki'ii ol is tit?- Apaicnlvtasa- as lb?
IN??* Jtratala-.n. Ho rr garaJeal ihe belief whicli
i.inf.,-i-ida the |?-.i,?J of till* city witli that of the
Millenium ai e.itira-ly erro-mam,:, nn?l jirnirmeal in
a future leclare a nmr?' fall exposition of llii* ?ule
an In? limits t?., > ? i i, I tln'n allow, lie ?inali
tii'r.l ?': .i tn,-t ehsqaent at,?! c(Te?-ti?e maaaer the
?iik-li ,!.i|M.i:;i-,no of ibese tupia-s. ami il?-, litre.) hi?
belief thai the lime ?rai at hand ?h-n th?. full im
p,nt of ?a-ripia.ml aosesusen and allucioss?bereto
|..??!'. .hut up from humaa ntalrrstaiiding
?wain',I be unfolded >?, *tl! it? majestic ghn and
tr'iiis rr .In ,t .nt?-r?*ot. This, like n nraa rercla
tion. In- belietrud aa,iu;-| :iro.:?n tin- human mini to
the spiritual realities a,f the present n,:.l to ,1,,. rip
pruuehrag glarieo of the future. Prof. Bcsh i*
decidedly cera of the ablest snd most finish?**] It! -
heul scholar? i? ibe country : a:.,l ihese lectuiei
are ?specie! I j valuable .,? ? nihodying tlie n ?u!:? of
n i lose, ,'nli ".ion* nul critical study of the ? ihjocti
?li??,i??a ,1?caiiitiiii',1 with rarely criuallcd ardai
for mana a? :ir?.
<?>. m?. BAisin is I mu* ?The Salem (laxetta
i-.in'ni.is the following rxlracl ufa letter from s
S il* m gtmil iiiun. ilati-,1
" 4i nsinrau'le-raihSa' aawtli, i*<?
" lh?r?' i? n Mr. K- 11? re from I'hiladelpliia,
n...1 n'-o the cotton p!ni.;?-i? who well out ... <l'-i
the an?pi,es of tl.?- English Htrrernrneni to mis?
canina in India two years ago. Tba whole thing
Im? lullen ihria.igh. n??l th?-*? ?rriveal here no il.'i.
??na boote rlay before yeso rdn? a. our hotel. Tbej
n:?- airy intelligent fellow?, appuit ntly, I em ?erj
??it,l nt the n-Aiilt."
Aitr.ut? an Skii.I. Auk,mu ? The new carpet
tiK.'i?ioii? ,1 in the long ?la-?, ripiioii? ad i he recent
roaail christctiin?*. 11? haT?nf '" i ', had tor the nrca
siua ia St. Oeorgu'sChapel, ???< the invsatian oi
II. A. Well?. F?q., an Aim ricm. It is n new an?
'? ,1 rnrpet. aalnrli i? ii,a,lo aaithmit ?pinnme
,, noaeiac. Ine acaV? was fixen fer 000 thousand
?m,!? for tin- loor -f ihuChapel, and f<?r tha* ?t?te
apartment? of the euatle. In precisely nisra day*
frota tin-date ?te order ava? giacti, ana il.i.u-ai.al
aa.il? ame al tas nade, ami an tl??- loar. Iln*
lar;:- teem Ter*) Banch admired, ana faxw aaiver*
*n! latisfaetioo. The ?.t hrlllianl ?nal beaatilul
i'oloi? ara priated from block? o?auorj pa,.? hie
variety, ami it i? mid thai iheoe carpal?eaa be?oU
by tha- ratnilcr al about tlir,-?- ?liillii.?-? sta-thnr pel
a.H'l and affording n r?mameratiag profit to ibi
mno'ilai-liiri-i and win l?sale ?Irali-r. These paient
whed carpets appoat Iik?ail% to ?ui-eri-ulu tba mote
axaausivo carpet? now in ?"'.nral ?.se.
A Sikam.E I isiiKH.?Tba ('htirlf'ton Mar
aury ihn? describe? n ?tra::/?c bird batWfhl 10 that
?in bv n veist'l, upon which it wa? tulat'i. when iix
milt? finin html :
It heliiiic, to a elm? of availer?. It i* in body
? litiio Ihiia,fr than n wtradeoth, w?lbloiig and acra
ileaih'i 1er? ami tue?, n short tail anal ating? la-aali
mg ?early t?? its rxlrcmity, a sti?,na? ami rather
hi-aaa liiil. and leathers clot,- ?.rial smooth. Il is
rr.ii?ikal,!i- for it* color?, which ara-vary rich?the
BMa an,I hrvaat of a v.l. . iiii? 1,1'10 anal purple, anal
the bach and wing? of a rlit|?T, ?,i!mIu,',I e.s-a-.i.?
The hill i? al?e colinas in color?fron, the point,
Basal liiiit" ih-.- letif-th it ra light free a?sbetMOtolhe
hand, the color 1? that of dsad blood, ami tin
Baked ?lam at the riKd oxta'ti.J? lo the midallr ?if the
skull in lira form of tit. arch, givino? it ? ?ingnlar
maik. It i? now ipiiie r? camciled to its place and
ti-etl? ?hccrfulla. It en's Bstag, rice, .V-- . sea-miii-r
to b?A?e it natural reliih for huiiian diet.
Oaasos Sritt r.?This ryrnu i? 10 euaily aaacs?,
anal a tin he nset! .., cuii-tantly w ith ndaaiitai;?. thai
no h'iu??kea-pi-r abould he without it ??, l?-,-t lipe
aid thiii-?ki.,na'al liuit. O**raoaac the juice through a
lievc : to rvery pint itii,| a ptouad and a half ol
poas.le.eti ?u;ar: I>t?il il ?bawls?, nnd >U,,n ?t? lottg
n? iiny scum ri??-? : y,n, tna* then Hike it obT, l?'t II
gmaa cold, taa.i hulti,- it aC Be ?me to ?ecure
the corks well. Two table ?pnons of thia ?yrup,
Btned in melt.-.I bolter, malt? aa admirable aaacs
tor plum or hatter podding ; it imparts a line fla?
vor |o 1 u?i:u<Ia. ami a t?'a??>,'tai:ful ii:trn?luc?-il into
a J s?t ,?t" punch adals much to it* dalii'ii'U?tia-s?.
Aiwaisiinr.it KailwaTb, ? Arepi'itiif Lieut.
Cotooel Sir l'n*derick Stnilh. Royal Kticii? er, and
rrofpsim Hariow, F. U.S., totht- PreemeM ol th.
liritish 11,'tr.l oI Trad?, on tin* iitmo?|iticric rail?
way, hi? jtut U-eti pubHsbl ,1 ha order nt' Parlia?
ment. I Ins n-ptait 1- dated IVh.teha!!. l'a!,, lo.
114*2. Lieut. t'a>!. ?Hi I". Smith and Prttfeaaot
llarlow, baxiosj ?tulttl tert ?'tin tha-ir views on the
?ul'itvt. anal harni? fiten, m tli? anpCUniS to tha-ii
n p.,;, tin- CXI aartinrnttil r?-?ult? and invc?tii;ttuo!is
on which thev arc taninil-al. (,,..rlu,le ht MMkUg as
" I. Mint we tt?ti?id?r tin? prim iplo ??f atniot
pbsrxt pit?pii!?ion m bo eomblisbed, and that the
?CUaoaBJ nt'wtirkii.g .nrt'.-asa.? ?auh the BBBJth and
di,im?'1?r of the tuh*
"2. That the expense of the formation nt the
line in caSaataWssje, enihankmt-.it?. hndj-e?. tunnel?
and rail?, will la- vera little le?? than fan e.juai
auxftbsof a rail??? to be wsxiWd by locntnoi.??
1, bul thin tin- ta?inl cn?t of the w,>rk? will
Ii- miia-1. i;i?a!?r owioaj to til?' ,-xpa-n?a- ait prut l-imr'
ami luaytug tit?- atmospheric tuhe. un?! i-rec'.i:!,; the
stati,uittrv ngiaco.
?;t. I liai UM x-xpi-n?? of wotk.t-g n 'ine >?n tin?
principio, am which tram? an- frequently pa?- in.-,
? leea than **aekiag by locsaoxtstitre ?ruines,
nod that the ?avin? thus efl.x-t,x| vail!, bj aOSBC
eaaaa, aaora than eompeaaaie Ih the aaViitiuoa) I
ouday; hut it will bu aba reverse am line? of un
trt-tju -nt tiaiu?. Ilowcacr, tln-re are mana ita-m?
? asauuoa ?>f ?huh wa harm nokaoxtrlouguand
eau form no optnioa, ?u 'h a? the wear and t.-ar ?1
piatoas, ?a,act, ,^c : OS tiia'?c hrtbet experience
1? needed.
" t. Tnat with prt?M-r nia-an? ef diwsajjagiagthe
train front (he pi.tii', in cas?-? of t tuerie n, a. m
? 1 tins principle, a* nuanl? saft la. eqoal b
>:>at a|>peiiui'.i?<* m rope m?rhmera. Tberu ap?
pear, howeaer. sonn- practi, *1 tlit'it iiitie? in n-?ar I
x" lutsrtioti?. CaTUaaBBSja, ?irlio??*, ami stnppnrcs ai
r,'?*> ?tatioti?. wl:, h iota?' make this sastiin ot las
VOL. II. *i?. Its
Or, Prlncii les of a Tme Oganizsrion of Socety.
?; T'?r rdif'/'.r.ii, ?,/ fSu < ?atBBS ?? d't?irur f-e- '?.-'
Vi? '/?' ikarvr. Adtlreti Ir'.trrt, j>.,t p'ii/. f. \ U
Ta ibe l.nberiag ?Invars.
\\ a l'tpliiin.'il hrielly iri ?t-ir in-t Utlrle your nr
il'tif.h BB Sbrvrt in Antiquity, and as Pariabt nr
utlier ilorjmrierl l'l?-t?'- tri II, lit l'i n'! r
?.rsers jroa t.eei ae Rights, reni urc lookrd api
tritli rssnteni] '. rrj.Ilifherl
your Labor, sad abo, wtiboot ymi, woold U? ;?,,,
nreaV sad oe-st flote cn'atur.1?. s t arvin j upon tl
frnitf'il r.nrth. In crjsjntiles srbcie Ton haw era
?piercrl ?.une PoHttCal Right?, "H'h n? tbe H if!
tu rute, im ti?.- un be 't .'?! I.aml servilely lia
ti ret? nu I lied tu lu, those trbo '-?tn oab r i -?
?.-he? wi'.li yimr ai'l. In proof of thi?. tes ||
Meteaget ..t' ull ..nr Offeernori sad President?
they are fille?! with fuliunte [irai??'? of sum Int.
I i ?renie sad li 'l"i '-ti ??"ii..'. ?'.I ?s'itli pomp - u
deceptive, misrepresentation? of yaUr |'r.
nrul Happsoe.s. The I'olitical Preat teem? nl?
with servile aad hypocritical miirt^pt-ssjeaslsrion
atitl every thine; m m? t" cuinl'i'i?' te Uwiltii r SB
?.'ai?-."!! nttra?. We shall saflstasai tu t> II you tl
t ? util, rind liu'ii' nur lint.kin?? trill hot olT'iirl.
Your cttiitliti.il m Aiitii|uiiy a?,d iba .\h Idle \
when yon tsen Sin?.'? arnl Svrl?, was mu?t Iri.t
t'nl; a-.d still you su!l r no doabt, ?t pie-cut, m si
k i I i i n ?? anxiety at.il :i ?e-.tri'i <i.,., I j. i v ti, n. al at
funnel period. I n order to ?.?<? the U i rible Povert
and Miser} which oui press nl So ? ii'-? entail upn
row, we tiiu?t look to I. iruj.i -, ?hcic tii?- tystrmti
Krn.' Competition an i ?lire I Labor h is e predut
their full ."le?-i?. Im are ?orntewtial bettar off i
tlii? Country, i? cause there ate an immense t ?.tei
uf .?./il sad a ti.ir. |?opulatioo, and li?. n iso there i
.1 ?n?i inn tun! of laboi i t be done, svhicli canttoi :
performed by machiner] : I m in i century mor ?
? -i ill?- pri - i t ?-..teiii I,, ci'tiiiniicd, he ?u..'..
the ?ami destitution. In ?eying that you tare belle
off, ae meaa that you rs-crivi s fots ?billings mar?
a i! n for _\ "ir labt r, ami toil it f n h
you ni,. evca here hired Drudge?, 'I ; dent in
Capitalists and Employers; yuta arc vrithom tV
eoj lymcnt i ftbe Kris at ?! ."?? ? ??. .?- ,t ,!.?.! So
??tal relation?,? ihe refinements ul life, and near!?
every thins tli it ^i\. ? a charm tn exl Utiir?i ttii
.m i'u mit n i! H.'il tu Utas state of M mi-starsatjoi
nul bratalisina; toil that yosrr fellow Libotersarnii
Europe, bu i yourconditi "' i- groseing yen |y worse,
und sou m.' viiiriii- rapidly ttittiiri!? tlie ?aril'' |i
uuiiihssrs nml I'livi'ity. Let their c<>:?diti>.n bu a
waning fat" you, and '?" >'"" l^,^?,- ?? firitle in the
Bit \ in ui of ?"'ir ' 'In-?, if \"ii f.-i-l for iIm- w.ll'nri
of smir Children and Grand-Childrrn, adveatate t
ili'f'rni ia the? presenl false and wretched Qrga
izati.tn of Society, rrbicb entails Pirreity u|.ua you,
?ho pruilucr all Wealth, ami thru??? it? baraihipt
iipt.n you, wliu de set v? the num.
We drew ? picture of the I.sbotei of the East
uiirl thi' Labels i of Aatiqaityt In u? fiance .it the
Laborer of Europe,?the ma?t civilize,) country un
the Earth. Th.- Laboring (it??-'? uf Europe re
ci'ive un ?m averafe,?tailing the N..rtU a'i.1 the
South, (oiruj frtiin ltuly lo Denmark,?sbtBti tun
rent? rser ?lay, aad srotli from fourteea to eight.-? n
lietir?. The imtneaee snajer?ty are sunk ,n com?
plete IgBiBisiB \ ilit'y h> ? in miWrable but? ami
hovi'la, ami on the coarsest Vpfjetablfl food I t'??
arc ?hut out from .ill the higher enjoyrnenu of
life)?frota Art, Science, Literature, sgreeable So?
cial Relatioas, and the posrei tal traveling ; all the
higher upintms which Nature bat implanted in the
human Soul aro unsatisfied, ihsrai led or f?raotbi r? d,
iiud they are rt-mov >*<l hut out' ihcrii' nim-.e the nai
rnn!? that ?'Brriiiiiiil them, lu Voatb, they are lefi
wit h? ?ut etlui'itiion ; in Siiktic??. without rare;
when out of Emphjyraent, ta Karre; ami in Old
\{r,e. to ?urtir in their belpbaraaaefls. Such nru ti,*.
ie?uiia of our bflaBtSsd Civilised Socioties, which
require, in th<" opiaioa of ?m great aaajority af
jn'i?ons, im Reform,
We will i!ifl?tr,itu their cuinlitiun vtilh a i--? i ?
anplefl : I n France, sight millioefl of l*i'!i?ani? live
on clii'?niii? ami ?'ich onautritioui trsah; twaaty-Rw
mUliont drink im a ira?, slthcsagb Fnnce ?lippue? the
W'oilJ with iltal iiilicl.'. in ?unit' of the I'rnvi ;<t'
ihs p?riple nte ?o poor that thej bave no bssds, i.ut
niHki' it couch of tlry Itiitvc?. which, during tbe w in
U'i, besXetroe letscayssd nml lull uf worsss, to thai
l'urintit Hm! Chttdrea, oa ri.ing in ibe morning,
?rrnur? th.'tn Irutti their r>C?Ji?Sfl, In lislrtntl. three
millioas of Peasant? have sot <?ritm?'h rresa of ihiril
rtite jistntiii'i* to ?uj.purt th'-m during more than hall
the vcar. In Sicily, the I rasante tire l'n*fptentls found
?tur? ihI lu ih'.ith in ihe t.i'i.l?. Fite l.un.lun M
Chmniv-le estimstet tlr ?tn-om?' of the ?agricultural
I .al Mirer ?of n i Maderable part of Eaglaad ni about
u?. lid. uterliii? |icr ?v.-k ; rtn.l itii?, iillu?? m; J. ,:,|.
per week fur rent sad fuel, 'M- fur loop, candles,
Ice?, leaves ,i?. for forsd, which. Cat a nasa ati.l ?? :
?mil fuur cb?drrn, i? ?ust 1 (M. n week fur cadi ; or,
iilluwini: them fsi?l three tunes a day, it trill ?m
?iiiiiethihi? less than one h.ilf-pi'tiriy a meal ! Such
i? the ctinrliiiiiB of the Agricaharal Classes n{
We ???11 poils out liriefly, in terminating, tli?
I'ouiliiion of th'- Manufacturing Clataet. ?\e ??
t|iiti!e |)r. Kiiy's remiirk? on th >?e of Man h. tier,
l.enl? nml Qlaagow : it i? hut a sample of tin- real
ef Europe, ami of what will la? m thi? CoualTJ :
?? I'he MtkBtrfacturiag PopolatiM it crawded into
une l?ente ma??, in cuitar;*? Separated hv iihituiv
?tii?! altnt>?t ?>?'?tiientuil ?treat?. 1 he Operatives
nre t tfltgitgiU'd in w?irk?h?i|'?, in un rsaervating,
he it.tl atnio.pliere, w hich ifl l"i?ile<l with dist m
the filaments tsf rutlon. They are ilrihl'-e?. wl >
watfb the movement? sut! n?sist the llllflSaliflBII Ol
? mighty mnterial force, which toi!? wuli un eaerei
e?cr Bncunviou? of fatieue. The ??ertevi inj '.n'^i
at the Opsiativa ntast ri?a] the faathrmiiti'-?.l pre?
cision, th? incesaatit motiuu at,,I the r\!i.tustlr??
power o| t)?. rnachine. H.ivirif? ?M'en ?uhi.vt to
the fru?ante,! !.,|?,r of an animal?his phv?i,a'
eaergy ?vaeted, i,i. nsad in ?upim- iasjctMa?he
ha? neither moral dunity, ror intellectual nor or?
ganic streasth to restai t|?. ?eihiitii.ii? uf hi- \ppe
tite?. l)ume?tit BeeflkStHJ i? neelecte.l?|?.i!i>e?ric
Comfurts an- tinkiinwn. A menl o? the Karaesl
foW I? prepare,! ? lb heedl,.?, h.t?t'- ami iletoure.1
?th ??<]iinl precipittitiuti. Homo mut it? nher re
iatian to him than thai of ??niter?fr/W pleasure?
?ire then?; it chierlv pi.ta.-nt? tt, hup, n ?cene of
ph\sical e?.hnu?ti.'!i. from which he is glad In
.??cb|m\ Mis BeSBBS I? ti:-!uriii?iie,l, tincleanlv.
.''ten ??-venti'iBleil. perlap? alaBi|i?In, fosal, from
? ant sf forethought an.l dflflMStic ecawetBy. it mert
.?re ami unnutritiou? ; be is debilitated and Isypo
dMimlriacal. and fails :1m ?utirn <>t ?li??pa:i,.ii."
Such. I.ab ' Sf C !????. :? yBBI ru.-uliti-in ;?
uur pre?ent falv S,x-iet!es- 1? taWf? BOl a A<;-y>.
irpeiit fCSSeill fat a S.K-inl Ki'f.irra ' Will yoa
nut. t.ir yuir i.w n tad >"'ir ( "tuMcn?' ?.i-?s, a:l
til effet ting it. nrel tmiie with iin.l ?tM'n,;then u*
hy your nunilier? Btnl inrlucnee I II UUM ilu ajot
wh.i ilu \uu e?[M?i;t w til .lo il I
?hi M?'ti?i..y are will a,ll|.?t the Kidt.
J..' The .*run ir?n l.aborrr. -? > -?
? ?:?-'.' A ? ? , , I ;?
a ? " rssnd Lai ??? ?
.-? .m. ^^^^
'lr. I.yeir? l.eriiie?-?.-a. :. .laente-l ?tvt
? MK.LI ril.l.'S.ilOUTLEC- ,
11 .';; ? a N .1 --. .... h* pu1?- ?
, . '?? -:..?? P ?? I I' OS*?
T!,. I - I -T-r?. ?s
- ,? a|r. )(. J. |t,.,-.- \ i- | t> woii.'i?
y . , .. 11.. Tri
? leresaosg Bad miso?
. ? - J...1 ia aay ?rwk ,
Pr -e C* cet ?? p?-r - - ? -' -*':.????
I ? ? s ?
,, \ . .., nr ?>y Mai!
.-. ?,!i-ilrt. V2) Bttxf
'?J""ll.. Puerta and Pixelr-r nf liiicrirri. wiili
1 ?II- 1 ?b* l: . .- aa . t?. ? ?
-1 vol, r.
The Fame ai l Gb?ry ni Enr/land Vrrsdicraert?he.ng an
... - England'?I ?at
Po? 1 - f as and Tr?l" by ?a
- 1 ' y
1 Bo-.t r Harriet Man nea :.
? M . I -
aa i- , - laaaltbe P irSea?1 ?
?... . ? II 2,1 a , , . la
t -
Hints to Moll,-, y Dr. Ball __
?;i . r . ..;. ..| ft REDB1ELD Flinlen Had.
I ' i:r. g lWTH?\-il.V "f Ar'?. Mm
\_7 : ?: . . \ a ?,,.. ,|av ro.-erve I ',?'
S4X r??N V .aili.f ? S ral. ..?.-r?-t
v It -?WTiiVt MILES w : -... n t btrt-. x?
,f Tli? ? ( ..t ind M ? ? lane? "? Book? - ' '
.1 ax : am A. Cat
..... 1 al.'
rpi'l? N ? n K UalST'8 LIBH IRY,
JL '? ?? ' si of Msn,
n . ,.. y ..... 1, ? -. n I Inser? inte '? ?
? -,, t ?? Cet-aer. Rarltaro- Brill
I .. SIlS .. ....!?!-'n 'Ii. ???-.??? a
\ II
.. r - - I a
t || .1 .. r?-.
1 I? ?a 1 Pi.N k NEWMAN,
'?IN - !
TUST PI lil.lSilKD?--ha.rt'**.ttirirxn.nl
H ? ...'. I ,.- f ? . \.,- 'a SB H!-!T?A
. - ,,,:,._K.,r ?air si the
I ...-.- ?isle. |( -'?.I), pot for Stanilard. M ?o-?
. ? Booh?, Pa er. Blark Book-,
* ? It. T BIXBT V ' <a
I Park R iw, oppoi 1? tha A?.,,r 11?. .-?
[LflMTARY GOODS below rest, at
?I 1 ? .. 1 n ..._-| ' etuhae* bra ' ??? ?- rrinqahh. I
? ? ?? and trmoved !.ia grssdsfront I-I
itr-'l.- ? lo II Maiden Lone, <? -a ?fort m ten his? th
-? ? . -,. 11. i,?, etasiies, Erraaletiet,
...... II ?' . :?.l? Be*, Hr. kr. ?M-loaa o..,,.
I ..... 1 ihemserve*, ?ir I
? ?- . ; aio will do we'.t to rail.
av\l. IIINT.'N.
I 1 TUF. WOHLI? '_< t,\ VNT .. 1 (Irani ?tort, ho i
now on 1 ...? ring fa?,inn, aa rjeellrnt sa?
il ? k II '- II |..' .. ??.Vi nl |.J_a reduce?,:) 1*4
> , ?..-., -, i ta non. farenrt* pri?es Alvi a taperiot
?iirie..: k'sr Met for ??,roiaal lo any sold ia the city :,r
?'''?' I |S Tbr polilic are respeetfully i, ?itrd to? rail.
t eoMO* .? .rtnv-i.i ,,| Ho??' Hats and r? ? oo ttsnd.
?i ' loi CON 4 VT, 2Kn ??rniid ?t.. near Allan.
p|{i:r..\\VK'll POTTERY,??] Kigh
VI -.?-I. ., . !.; -Mecm N'-iraanl Tentli Aae-rir?. ?A? '
-' - - tl.. i,|.|. ,,,eo.i:l?- I..,;? jnlhl?citv,*nd I
the ., ? : 11* ?tnte, il,- ?i,l?,-r,l,er n?pax-tfullv.m
tli- pal He thai he manufacture? and ofTrr? lor vale, on 111* i
m"?! '? .? ' , the loiiowme mtiol?-?, ?is.:
Stone aa,, . r.Brthrru Ware, PtirtaUSe Kuruare? Flnw.-r I
P ?? ?,.?-, Tile, C|.?mnea-.p.,i.. Ototr I ? n -. R' ?ncf ? -- ?
Pies, Bire-Btick, Oreewlktose T ? Braee Totiei.1 . i,
N. B.?ClH-SSionl and tliiiriri.i Was? to or.ler. AM ??.???? .
ttir,.u?h If. r,.?i-(?f?,-' will I'* unneiiiallv axcrntr.!
ml? -,-n aa a?iiiM. i.i\ SJBJTfl
OOT8 tin.l SHOKS BeliioE otfai ccat.
C. MEAD, HI (?rand, cornrr ,-: Nnrlulk-.tr?> t ?
This immense stooh ol Boati aad Sanes, ?jorapraaag one,,; (
tin !;?;-s-iJ-l be?l assortaient* avt ??,-k btr rriailn??, Brat
a an l>e Ion,,.! n th.- riiv, it now ?> ll"-i- o,1 a( OoSt, In rice i
Hie on i,"rn. Tt,r tn',?.-i il?r imie? aU thai w ?Ii lo per
cUase lo call aodwt?ilir ta,i"?t luigsia* *?*i ?fl-reil in '
B?,i? and .-bairv Pleas* . i;..,.ai C. MEAJTS.
?7 Im If. 'iranrl-areet, rorr.rr a,f Xairmlk, N. Y ,
"V llW.iittl l'iinliiainalili'Fiir.ttgliini?l?nnds.
_l_ X ? The llllei lia* 11 lot l( on hand and ?reno? o?a-n
ins a new .,- il iplen I d a-?.!! una nl ol (toara Porn?Bhtog ar- <
l:, 1rs, ;.i.l r?-o?ivs<| lr.,,n inan i:ai ::r. ri an I dra'rrs, for ?air ,
on enmrn ??. n ?t v.-rr nrdoced pi ees, Sihtd, ml Orino!? ,
tliram toles,
Cliaildl , ? ?. Calldel ?Ina?, Aural l.-l:npt.
Hall La-. " ? L'bfl Lamps, CharcbCliandelk-rs
(?,a (fa: :?, Mix:!? Light?, Pmidant?,
Brai-heti, Lower?*, Piairi rta-k-i?,
Km- Table Cot- Plate?! ('a tor?. Plated Traps.
irrv. ? ,i-i Waavn, Bum cut niai?
Platedraadl?'*tkrlu),J*panne?l aaj,i-n, Ware,Ac
Japaooedtea a?-. I', I. .1,1?.
Pam ' -s id-,lit ,-.iirc!,.i- i. -, ?? II, r-i.rn.'v r'uid t! our v\ nrr
? Ions.- the beU assort aent ?n new and ia?l,i'?,a' le '?? -
now intbeci.y, and at lower prier? than ran po**Bdajr be
?old ov oil.- r dra er?. 4% Oit X M h II VI t.ill NT.
r?l il Corarolstion Merci,?,,!,. .-?SI Kr-A Isa ,?
*p ENTLEMEN'fl DRE88.?n.?th.?,
i nai- anaaloiral nf l*isnrh and Eotrhrai (??.?da, boogtll (
a ipuralj for essb. My casUoararaaadibepabhe aie lirahed
locsll snd ? ? ",? ne the prh-es, The fit, oyle sad ?-"-k
manthip ihallnotl larps ?-J by ? it n th ? i ly. '"-n
a | I ' -.,? Il, n ',-'?. ?'?? BS
iatt'tre Ion?- them. ^.
N. B.?Ju?! finuhed, a Dr,?. Coast nil1- latr?t ?? j
fashion. k?. ft. LOCKWtniO,
ai? Im* No. IJnho-atreot.l doors from groralwar?
/ ? i:\ TI.KMIA S Left off Wardrolie.?
VTiin: n?:, :,,.?. f jii:n n? n-,- i?:i ? " av.irdroiM
: -., cash, ? ratai Ihr ?obsci iba r la
in.r.- than ai ? otherpa rtn. ?? H i-:".
.1. i.L\ ET I I >' Xa??aii-?trva I.
.; ,...-- Clil lOfl liai , N- aa-V-rk.
dantleni'-n'? (?intif?.'? tUBOs?, slierej, ?l?-.aiiril. and re
pa.i, at the ahurtesi ansJce, aad m Hie taWMtrsuxuauSihi
II -nil, in, n all,-n-!,-,! It lliOT ie.;?eti.'r, by spOOtOtBa nt.
a 111 i ii', : ? I' -' Bee ,?r ..11,-r?? ?-, will n '' I?
prn.npl lal'.n
I. id ' - - ?] i-ei parchatted, slllni
I>( y\ S' ( l.itliiitK !?Cliilalrci)?' ?lataUiing!
) A ?.?--.? bXI ?' .i--irliiieiit?aa-rv eoo.| qualitv ??tt
raa?ap?Oco. A. Moat v ( a. No. 14Bowery, woeM re??x-o|.
full) .loiiai l!,-r :>al,-.i,? a,i.l the pub! c reiMTallv. that I
laey bat - lahing extern.**preparation* forth?
?pr'nrj aad ?inniu-r f? I,- ? and have i.iw no liaod a much
?Arc?-, HtxirlMieiii ol Boys' ?ntl I Ii 1,1 rna' Clothhag tl,an
tliey ,-aer !,.'.." In?, 'I , I - ? r in? ir.l ut call
. an.i eiani.iie r',.-r .I. >?,,n [.a-tieular rrl'erenrrto qaol ' >
and prior. Terras caab, a* an?*
Private Tiorsi:-kkk?mni?.?a ;
(?? t.tu-mai, and in? wile,(withta - * I raand
l j.-iji' . ? ., .. ,.' t.i.s,: i, w ?;: a 't idly nl ?in,;..?r
. , rasant boose la an ai?,c>al,;e quarter o? UV City,
not esceed Irai baa ;rcl ??! mar
. Iniiidi- ! and Bfty dollars?the adarrtiteit to leur.! will, ihe ,
? la, lo pa* in.i lb* era, a,. I a ?,?? t-.d mm
per week h?r hoard. Addi-es? Box ?Ml. I'pper PA a?ii__ ?
To \\ AM II MAKERS, Jewelers, akr.
ko.?Ti e aui.-cii'.. - ? ? ; ire all
Jewelry, Spectacles. Ac ko. :n ti,?- issi?: f.i*i. '"'?,
r, and at i really redor, :., res, ?hob rale or retail
I' ,,??> a , aa. ., ,:a b, wrr pur, bsobsg ei*? ? ? ?
?' ? - Iver iH.ufl,' ,?? a
y. S HI I . Kit ?V ( I). No. H Maiden l?ne.
aJt", ^v? Corn, r of Lit.., Bwea iBett, up ??ir?.
I baked lire?.I. at th* ??H ?ttnd, Vi Lu Bo? -?trrrl.
ibreedaaox.s the iraaar at (irati.:.?tr??r?. Priin? c.ti
len* ??'.?,|.?i,-t>- t? nit equal to any, end m lar,.?* i? ka I
atlvertised. don l t,uv it. n eqoal in quslity. aaal ?o niOal, .
n sixe, m bny it arara aa - - r to your iuUKMa
vi*. Crackers sii ? ? e per poaar), i ik?P?tn,i Ro-t
a.e im- w r HOLMES, v La ? S
\a IDKMI i no? open it ill BrwaSwaT,aadrraaspara*
farorabh -??nt profitaldein *ach popibssraay
be placed . - Pnerr well hnowo experteoce
ami succeaa in tlien ?everal itepanmen.? of CoHetrhlt? ml
at.,, mi . I,.-:, loi.oti, w.irrini? tti-in ?a ???]??.? Bast thefcr
-i? ?' ::!'-.! pr.^-ut? a :tAr.:a.-e?eq ?xl to that ol s
s the , ,tv. t *r>i? rontaiatoi trrm?. k-o., m?v tte eotaiaetl
-mia. or al the bonas? Ut Of" Mr. Hoc Looh?o?Ml, up
a al ,
f|-lll. I nina-dual ? itirynf Kngland \ ia
M. d,oate.l- . I ? : i. .. ag a.l an?aae. tn I--' ?
? ti liara | ; yol. LVllO.
x ne U.,|,. a-e n,-, tTTt? erd to tOO,
An,! a.?ne j-r, a, lies ?rrr nrirr penn'd
F? n -nrsijfo'l they har !mtii k> I
In IkiIv rapture.
A rous.iu? wt i. at t.nara.to ?end,
Airt iia.l't w, Sa-r.ptiirr."??Bum?. ;
lniro,l:ic. on?I, Our 4' ?JkO* * 4-Tval :a Enflanal ; ?. l/tn
?sraaad nDimira; *. l'-x?r Lair?of Srsraat. <L th-P?.
I ,-% Syuen ' K- ; t i ; Brit Si C?ra La??. ?'. Taxau-?n m '
. aa -, i a^,, ?K.-i.-lind ,ir,d tl.? l',r,I-,l StSIH
Br t ?h and Amencia Commercial "??stem?; I \ r
? aad the I ? i x- m . -i t :j,-ai.on :n Br.unn a:?l ?
Siate* ( *> ?*; 11, L,?rd Bvnui; II. t"? i
?'??? Ii : ??. I i? ti?. ?no Sln> r?; 1 J. rtrnrral Cotnpanano I
I , , : i the L'nuetlS ,ir?. Ju-i i*..|,-|m.,i aad ua- ?
Bonhielters, PUW thert ?? ! Imr-Srtcr?,
n its- rM-aiest bm
jail Ui
oinix;, vi?mi. no. IMS.
rTOTE hT?warii in s i i! \nce colT
jL ?''ar"?I'a-i'fal UggajUU) : ? ??' ? >'??? ; ?? I I --
' . .- '._?
?-.?. snd ? t.. :..
B'ttarh-r Ravi \ . ; , . m 1
J. P'mI'i;mi P!m?',ii. '?'. ,, ?n, t '.;.!'. ?a.
' - ?'?? ti I ? -. '. ? '.
J, ...re, K S .. g (.', . I
Ds I.re. ?I -,, .
CsiehO. Rakeed. ?t ? -,s ?r ,
it- - ? ' K. :t ? .t.
leSWlf PHlILtet ?.
?F -V. IT w? . . n I
i -i-. . . - ?
?a ?rood?,
. .
Dim i i" .
Th-.i-ia. ? ' ? -.. | .. 1 ! V
i i.T.vs.. ' " . . i
it - t:. K ,1??., Praari? P. S - ' Ml
:: tt - ? ? . Klitj ? laiue? K. II
.S',?.?-B.u,'-. B . . . .1 ;? ??
Marin Hnrfr.ian, la . It. ?V n ? ?. .-. ?.i ,,??? i t
1 * : Allen,
Tli'iV' \? -.v. THtHC p.
Oro. T. Horts, ?
INS! RANCI*. Bf ai Bat I..m? or Damage
By ? |e? | I
lie. al thcr rilSi.f . \ ??
un:i" nui?.
I I R ??.. It? ? ,;., n I ?
!i?. I. Will?, |?. Il s -
? ? 'I ? k-. ' F , ? ? t ? .?
It?!? -rt C. <' it,.. ' I..?. It. ??until,
Ja> llarSer. ?I - ! ? t I',
Su. ' .! ? : i
i ?; i l . G-t.il
II?, il. It. i ' ? i
? \ . <? ( K
l). Weeks, i IB M n \ i
laoWi ? . '.. ,'??., . i . I! .
J I., (tu'? M ,
i, ? ? . W ||
\1 1 TI AL IXdl ilAMi,.--!!', i
. I 1 at II i
lite S ?? I'll i,,tl ?f lli.i in-?".? Ml :t si. IN.
?I !t\\' I- i i,Ml W?, . t iff , M , r
?? '.? . Im ?? T llr. ,...
- , '
??!???-.'.. '?" y ur. -
l'..re, from - '' ?
It i- an :: ki ???.' .. it- it ? ?
1,!,. ?are? an! rn?tlv /no.I?.
? -
..-??., I, -i, '?: tu? T.-rv ???? nniv Bar
|ya 111! ... ..?.
i- capital? oi ?" mat " i? ir mee cran
: , ?. ta ? ?' i? '- kind i .
[tropenyi and nan) d?*l ? left lor a lime v?
p., ??-?, i hs ?
? H r,- r-, ui'ini.. . .','? ?
the ' ? ? ? i !iy li ?
i ? ?
i r . ? -, ? rat . ? r ores inssf a-ns ? fuel. a ?
? . ? ? in ?eate?l by >?
.... '? i-, - III : t .;?,,? u,i ',. me nmuiitii | -.
r, tvhicb '? tito? i - a it ro?t; and i aso M il.?
... , il,*? ? an; i all n Vue t-.- .nf'-t-n on. . i
? 'ur? tlu i M ? ? ? nuance ujmiii dvrellinr
itnlsbed In- nr re than ene
il ?? -,r<-' nu it,-?. uj r. .?uiioiii ?? reran n' tkseenraed
?I ?III Um*,
T!"? Cuinmei-1?-iree?re.| m n.'ire ari n?t I"?? or dam
a?? |i\ ? e. |)??e|l ,? .- Ilause?, llua-elmlil Kirn I III re, I'll'e,
y ? . .1 rie?, r ?? Statuary, Cabinet? nj
Mineral?and olber object?, Anatfaroienl Coil, rlietns, and i
?' ? idd Property, . - i.i it ? kept i. dtreUing Imute?.
F.??r?,';r' ' ' i ipan) Is ?nii?l? ?' to one
rote (or ?a 1? Itandn t kslLai - intured.
The rale* of : all other rsvtieulari isvy be
obtained on apnttealien m Hi? nffia a! t!ie Cninj'inv.
ttllllBB T. Verniit;. k, A Ttf.<.-rt*i'a Ito.lfrr?,
Bi ten lletrnr Ledlow, Betuael Manin,
?V.Hain It. Barw.il. Fr>drri< k Srluirl-r.l?,
tt-., ?i ?. r........ r?ie[Sien Ctanorelenfr,
Prederir n, pet?'er.
\ r. rtoonrits rVrstdent.
P. f. TAYMM!, S-. fsa-v.
w. II. Il\!tr?<>\. ConnseL
fl Sir.eod J Wir.? W KBIt. .?urvfvor.
??itii ?
FOR BALE.?A valnal.le I'ann.
_ahoniSB acreaol fuoi land, ryine: at Bscie ?I'mni
water nrivflefet, In thenortk qoarter ol Stntrn Uland.
k'nr paru, ni.ir? iaqairerd David I)?cker, s Aan?enTeet, or
of R. P. ?Veil?, near Ball'? He? u Stal Island, an Inr
?FOR SALE.?Bargain?! Banait?'.
r'u- wie ar ete'-in'r?. 49 traft? rS Baa l?nme Lasset,
ronlaiiiini.' I2S ?r-?? ?ah. soil of a ?upfrior Miisli'y, ?a
ler?il ?ill. tin'' ?'r.ani?. and i'it*?rf?l sit!, fine lu.i" -, BM I.
a.? ?.hit. oak, luk'.rv. Beaeb, walmi', nt?;te an?l ?yr?tn?re.
Tbesnil i? a -lap!-?! in abest, rye, com, of Uk u-ttftn, ii.harcn,
rtreetand Iraw putat".-?. Th? atM.ve lirai? ?ill! r a.1,1 at
reSureil pn.t?, Bad aO ? M I I ? i I, ur tlify w ill lie e?.
chanced hs abana Bay kind ?i tn'-ri-livitlne. Korma|>?,
il:.ti;r?'n? and ;a.'t calara, ai.jilv lo
nit/ SMITHS >siirr?Ji>ltr. l-i Juk? ?L opitslrs.
pO> FROM s m Iti.iMN) lbs. ?f Fresh Gttr.
^1?, DEN SEED, s ?It I eeboiretl tsarckrs and ?arie
t ?. ..-.ale, -, n .?nut ... i,, .n.t parehaaers, .t Itltlln.K
M \V? . ? ,.i i, .-..-,.? r .f y ?Mr.. i?..'.
aswt Breaste ay. Ahss.'l ? \ ??? ? Oaislfarr*? (satstsnt,1
ret . t? ni kb .2 ?. Bisr- rtraettcf m New-York,
A. Ih ? ?uik ' a? !.. m I.... ft, I.? tbe a??ar.| i l'a G?k< .M<
?lai rrran the Sine, ..-an In-tituie, hmuIi Iii?titn1iuti,
New-York Siai.- aRrkrabaral a><??-1< ly, barlag ti?i????r.irii
?evenl ??.pie, :?? Preiiiinni? Inr tanerwr tut tune at aCQar
See Pr.nluru. lartli.T c aiaient la ileeuieil unnece?.?ar?;.
ml a f
^^.\V SIT. AM 8 \\\ MILL.?Tin Mb
?i, II n l.ill u|? raii.m. are now
I to ev< ate at short uotktt ail unier? vtitli whidj
? ? be lavored, ? while pine, whiti nak and iin.r; ?
Un : lin.' "r ni'-"- 'i ? verj ?'? ?? " >' ?"'. ''? I
??...? Pniil... Ka.iii.-t? au i Brider Tindwr, ..i ? ?''?-.
a ' '? ll ., ?' , .. -! ? !? 'I- "i, rtuff? l,r . ? i
hoc ( .. i? be; Blind Makes. I
Paleta d f ?el. II * it? ami every ilrscnotbtn nl
statT; vVntte Pitie, B ??? u.-.k anil ti,. r.u.i Pfi ? I
... i an>| litera, Tbe
?... ? ? .'r.| lu rii-tni?irtt mi very r< a
? . ? ? iiu.'.l raspar, soil ? :. ?? de?
? \. a-York,
Si? klyn v l ? ,i ty. LEB I?? B. <?!?!? t-'KN k ? m.
all ? :. u i i ?it , l.i', ??!-? i. \-"-;li ruer.
ONE PRICE 8T( iI.F?AtC4rhathsm
itreet, wrtere will I I I trat lb? Wbjwbi*
1 ?il .. Itea..r .I'.l f.1,1 Clulli I'njl. I'lUlll *'. to |r?;
i , ? . ?:?,.$-..?.? n.t Pants
rrcaTi |l ? t D ' ? ?-Bis tiled ? ? ?'? fi MB
S H I ? ? i ? .- ? .-. No.H
ais ?at IIENItt I ITrGS? KLL.
0\|{S..-\\ Ill's ?\ SCULLS.?I havt?
...-..,,- ; te ' ?' Bfi -v?' res N etli Ft ??r ??.!?. tad do
all inv tiu?nw't? at ii? <?..' I lar K.liil'ii?lnii. . . .
Bad as I eave tes I '?
B?vee?aSB?asad BcaUsens ? '|n? Inr romine 'r ,in
aay rasrtoi*lbs edj attne n.r K.ia',n?i.ni-,. . ud Water
?tri > t. ? ,!i?>r? ?l?i?e CathfTtftc Mark-t.
at Ins* lOHrs A PI \r.-\l.(.
rpH?MP.'*??N'S TRUSS.?Cure ?ar
X r ?? It I . rered. a,
????i ,-.t I. ,?? a
wiiltnat a back fat'l, * -.?'?? ? ?ne at!
i ... - ...
?..i in ?v retara it. I - ? I " ? 't" .
for til?- pr?tent s. Ladtet am i lad
??T lir
(. ?SHMLRF mil Merino Shawls, Mous
. ' ?e.ti? rjfl Lebt '.V? I. r !
.n tie? R|.-a.-1.:nk' leparlniarnl of Ins esubbal lent, hy n.ear.s
- .e.let? at i ? - l
?. r ? ... ? Cash?
mere ar.i aterinn Shawl? rraored nv tin
?t ? ? DC lie l.ai ??, B>l'.le. .M,-,-k. . a .
clean?,I and renew.-! . -- ?
?!an,.i?k curtamt I IB, lhut|fl, a.
. 1.1? .Il t ?
? .,-.?.. at tto. a Barrmy-street, sad e.7
i ?- ? .- r
1)1. Xl.l.'S ? OW Curiosity Sttop,' No.
N ,. !? ? I New?! ? -0 ? -
?? . . ?.. ? - - ?I - ? ? .? m.?C.
Bf. f BALE a ? ?.
? ? -. ar prevents the ?sree? ibis
oi ?i>e,-,nM.r? i Nets I! v erer ?fters
- i Amencan .?! ? . I ??
the late Dr.
Bnv.l i Stella ruma, '.art? ..1 th" wurl i. rurni.t ng ,, op
?,../?.. . . , y
Miners ? ? ? I. ? firtanfl sr :p>?. ? \ ' ? I
for wur.te.| work an?! : I ring V, ? ,k . < I, lia
snd tpu ',??? :.,?-. itber kraocb of nstai si sctei ?
Pet B.r.l? ?i, i S ?-? ?e l a? natural aa I. f?.
taken f-ran ?? \. m t ii , p n ?? Sse tuoBiiBie ? ? ret 9
D r rrreotype Porwatts traded
i Pane kniel -. Cartaaii ?-. P"ii?. Ati??r
t:?;nL'. Vc. Perxtu tarj ?lit srvl t'iim?he.1 with appsr li? be.
. . '.ra.U li? tbe ala?i?r ; ?
rrairierate te-rn?.
N B ?Pet Bj-'i? an?! Ai.,rnai? ?fuffed at natural a? BBS
aI2 if ???S. B-aa i??ay
Na 1* Pea-! -r o pp.?? t' Ce?tar -R- II"?!1 "?
u ici'ir?. ?-?S k?ei?i r.?a??sntiv oa Land fnry *"?
?i T-s??i t.!? an-l Pa.-kinc Tiink?. Carpet ??r?. ?SU?
kc. at whuie??le and leu,!, cbeaft lia- '??* "t apra-?'??-'?
,?~., av? In,
O M. ?'KH F. .-?rol?!"..?It i? i:euer-'i?l>
. . iljfjia . -? -? k?e;??n ??k ti-.?? ? t.,?r.rf?
tfve ?a -I? it wrtrtn i tbSIsSsl? an? pe??on w?ti?ne to p?j
bH ?'.-li-he?n riuili n.' r*n r?lv un le'inr :- .' ? | ?.
ai'clf? ai th- tr?,'>w'i,r l*ieet ?Crtatt ?? ||;. rlcth jsek
m| si ?? ? ? Si ?? m |i ?, ?a- -.n paras,
f - -, #.v ! i u-;?? Kl.I 'Vr, f a'iani-?! a..
rpi.l NKS. TRUNKS, TRINK.?? ?
_1_ niaii'ifis.-tn-e't to attjflt ?n '. "r ?a!? t,r K. II S"
DYNE, ?la Oretaa n ttreet, corner Barcay (tiaaetneni
New-York. P. H V kee;. ?n.tmllv on hsrn! e?err .1??
cnniionot Ti???! ng i?at Pa. S n s Trusk?,Carpet ?*?%
? >'- ? t '-? waierprm.i Hat Bese? an-l Trunk?. -
sai? ?txl reuil. ?ai me ir>an rra-ooakl? terms. CM.l Trunk,
lakro m eicbangf- alJ Ira
&--?-r v/11 _I_Jt
iiiiol: \o. 330.
To LET?A psrtof Hovtise N,?. M
(?reliar. l ? . ? on the pcftalaea, or at I r
DRl'C STORE for S?\le, vaitli Fix
? t I ? ? ?t? a
*Jhg4TO l.ET?riif* I ir-e 4 srnry Stars
a 4l * ;i i ? a ..... lay k'Bd
- -a .. .
**r*i'r<? l.l'.T?Tli-iwn?Mrv!?riclx II.??**?-.
as-aX. a ? to A a. II.
a.l tl ,
a ? It? i.i'.T?\ workshop witbainpe
L i I : ? * -
Al Ti i l.l'.T.? Tin* '?tree a'.iTT II.?"?,
-? ?i.s I
. ?iKlNM- LI min 11 i;\ s. in - ?
/-X, TO I.i'.'l'?I per pari of House I?3
. 10 a an.aU lain
? X 'l'u l.i; I ?\ llootn, rca'iuo.n. Pan- ,
J-JL . p
>:? ?. i ? i. .
S a ._
I ? ? LE i ? V i art i : i tn-a? iuo
,. . .?.,...
>4 I" LET, ?ur sale or exchange?The
j ?1 v. ' - *
. "? kt-eooea
? ? -i. a, a : . Ura ? .
M--X I't ' I II'-The tavo-Si, a I,
a?"~Ja. H - Mi kel .??.,.
? d a rait m
GIUN.NE! I . '.IM LftN k CO.,71 South-a* ?
XXYi) M'.T?The St.ne :?H? ?rand lt.,
?. 11 "N' nth. In--?.- abtratet.. ?
?.?? a - .
?JnkTO U.T.?<?ti St'itt'ti Min?!. :t neat
!i . ? ne?. I II
.i BENJ .MIN DE? M r. a ? .
ink TO LET?The h ipil-mu.'vacTl'tiixh-?
.V.R. ....-- I), ll r. Nal
mal le
Il -
F. ?I Kl ait a: t ? ? ?
TO l.l'.T frnttl the lirut alaa ol
M..V. Inr'-e lilt.r'.l? o- tSe -'ii!ii-'|. .|,'->. of tbl r
, -: : \ |N
van;.? t (INNER, in the bayj ,-iitf
?TO LET, t?) ? aery mall genteel
' ?tory Bi.ok 11 ,:*. No l.'l Bsr
-? ... ,,,.-?' The boose ,? la complet? orda
' - - Mi .-it-non in? l?t ni alaa. T?> a ? -?l n ?
r ... let low. Pin,i, red at * Charles ?t. ?
,T<> LET, from the first of May itex'.
_ s Steer and beca Rena?, rattatde sad tot ????'?,.
laodaoa oecaeied *? a l'aiil,ra.?in and t: ?>?,;*??
Office by the New-Tor? M*-!i.-,,uc. r th rnooiert, ??.-:..
a1..-. Kent lot?-. Iiw|uirenf J. LOCKE, in ihr rear nl I
Vnn-ane-r. _ _ ?I- 1m
TO l.l'.T?To a ?itirtll family only?
_ tin- upper part n| a i;rnteel tso ?to.y atlic llou-r
Prankbo-street. eetweaa Hodanoaad Orra awhta ilri i la,
coasisung ol a .root and ha.-K Parlor, one or t??o Bedroom.
' m the aoie, wth privilege in ll,- o ?liar ft* wood ?n ! ? -. I.
? Apply at? I), v..t?r.-?. ?. r?
JgL tTm.KT?In Brooklyn. 2han.lM.iii.'
lli'?B 2 -r >rv a?.! ?ni.- Brick Housrs, w'.k marlil* inaa.'-l
I and inlilini? il,?v?, pbasantly situated, 11.? anil 117 NsaSSa
?i?, ?I, a'?,ul fu-niioiac? at ?Ik tr,?n Pullo? Prriv. Rcnl
fitiraeli. F.nquir?-avf SAMI'EL SHOTW K I I
S24 if On the often ??a
JrX TO LET?A Summer Residence,
* .M ? ?n.nlla tiiuau-d on III?- hank of the K.?' It ?er,
root, 17th ?Ir-et. ant wiluii fivr minute? avilk of th- liar?
le,,, Itailmad cars. The House u ?amtundrd tv irn I or, .
fid ?liriilitiery, ?id coinmaud? a fine vie? of the r *er
' Applv on the prr?*il?e? or ? J. B, Miller, l>r?f?nl |)ii,?|.
, .n?iitnlMMi. Bast?
F< >K SALE?That very tles.rahlt* pial
nf,-round, ?unated it Bra corner ol Laigat Bad Var
ok"?tn-ett. i'n,iii,ii_? 00 St. John', P?tk. hebra f? f'?t. a?:
-. 00 Laiulit-ato-et, n?l ii Irrt ou V arick, With th?
, ' ibereoa. Bor paiticulart enqoirr of JOSEPH
MEEES, No. II Brrcb, or
?fill SAMT. R(?O.ME, III Walker it.
ROOMS TO LET at304 Mniariwav.
II.ir.lv,me Parlor? and Bedroom? attach, d. of ?a
'?, lum-?l,rd or Dnf,irn'?l,ed. Tbe Mous- will I,?
: and put in complete oraler. A?ti>'?' l'a ul ??? n,
? in l>- L?ntle ne,, .aim tlonk "f rl-ani-n,? ?ould do atell I.
, ill. Vlao, a Ream to IrlN .lie fourth IhM.r. 2't l?-et mi,I,
? a > i. .t ,ler p. Inqqire ,?, the ?. rood Door, r,?>m 31. al?,tl
JiHJL < II'- ?'" RENTS!?A ?erv diilraajr tw?wa?a?y
Bonk Us,*-. No 7 HillM?rt-ttrrr|. n?ar ft J,,|?r? p?rA
i tOOtl er ?u|??r:< r Daaell ng in Clierrytlrrel, No. Ill, w.ll he
! let either to one or two familiet; ?bio, ? BMBSCio Atomic B,
, airar ||ouston-sti I -1. Kithrr of tlarte prrn i?et may be
i? i la d Bpon fair terina 'ro?a D. E. SICRELS,
?.' ?! 77 Na?aao-st, M story.
TO LET?The larirr rt.ntn ef Cos
_ ?titutuiii Ha!l for Public Wortbip on the S abbat!,
a th pulpit, benches, ho. AI*,, da ll.a-e, a I
.? ra?an*-. I Im rat?' i,:?oe for a refr.-tory, io.
which t h.it becnoccBpied iai the Is-t nu years, ami i?
no? fuinlatied atrd fi'ied up in *?.o?t ?ivl- The ?in?,
an ntr.'iil? ?ill he let h.?? to gated tenu,Is Inqia re on Iba
preoiiras,Sa?Broadway. sLotl OEOROE HILLY.
FOR SALE?A ?mall house ami live
,,l land, tso acre? clr?rr I, and ? ...u'
, re t.-t f,ut ?.in a li.iii-l??,iur growth ',. Beech nee?.
in.I the r.rn.iiii.:iT -.1 the \?:-< la vtood??time at K.ir It k
iway, oo lb? awka rood, betweeo I). T. Ii i i -
toll-lllte. Inquire ?t l.ac Util irale, or ol Jailfcfs N??It I . N
Jr i.ttto ihr toll-n-,:?, pai hVieklway, ,,r ,-?? ,
lor him will, J. N.iV, HOI'KK. I a, Water it. N. V. ni!:
M I'd l.l'.T?III III.' Vlll;i?C of Ml'llip
I. I. | two -'?-?? More 00 Mam ?ar-rt ; a two
vclliog-l '.join ii?; the ali?te, ?lib lart/e eai
a i?. -,. 11
ion sueek
t be .'i.... ;.?,,, a... ,.,..?., central part of ibe t
will In- rrnt?*d al lo-.a - - a ? '.- to
a.l ii avat. aaniiii..- ? Peari-strea t.
A..?-V'i'o LET?Tfcs Store No. HU llr??ll
1 "'tn ...... ??.? ? ra'iia-. r.a.r i;. b 1-n: iia't drewia.'
or? .. .? , ?? face, ?? Ki Ii iinikir, ?.
-- ,. i .. . ,,iut-l, ormanar. a? 1? ?
?, Tbe ret.11 ,r i.'.e wl
JiallN I DIRL N'iTur.
It ?I ? 00 fir pr?,?;..
/el Tl ? LET?The hir-rr Rnotn nri th
j-'-'m\ ?' -,r ..t ii,,- College oi P ?. ?ktrhtaa *
- , ..,. kr? .??, as tbe? ? . Hall. Ti ?
|< . . and htal - ??? ?! Ra,,.
... - . 1 ? , .?? . ?
I . , . a? a I
H ? ? ' , :.'??? ? il e Jai
tor. I . lu w ai I'm, Jr., It:
klererr-M - bS) ii
?gk KOR *? M.K?The three ftnry l?rica
?"':j| ll'il BE AND L'.T (>P MOl'ND, Ret -
a. en Issslawa an-1 Heura-strrei?. TV.
I ?..'..-'. th? Ho era :^ by 4? i--t. w?ta t? n-1
? , ? ; . ,a a? . <?,,rk and? i lite ?U|M-r.,it? n 1-:. s ' .1
. - I TWerr ?re t-n Ire placei In th? linos?
?even ol ?thai, are flubbed ? th iiwr.,1? rbiii.ney-ieer? ?.
r ? ? i ? ' ? , - ' IM> ' ?io?,, paw ? and rflTttferl
several SUM? ?ICOia, s ?rr-peoot a*n-laiu?e nndrr-lb?
! ?'ie ?hoi- in coinp>tr or.lrr. Tie
., -, ,?a- tMrt??-en ibe bourses*?
Por ;?:!.-? par. ; ?r? apply ?p
?.; ORIN'NELL MINTl T.N k r.tl. 71 r*^th?stre*t.
? ' ' '???'
... a tberu*
,a I-' '?
. . Ill . - ? ?
? ot ma,iuia?tun:qf nal mi Bg * kefciad BW
i a ,-?... i ,t nrlterarak* ant
Ms?. ii? tl. and u not disposed ol by U.a. day. th* ?aan- ? :
? .'?. a . ? that Jay, ?' llayrbtch, M . ?
Mercl.arl?' P.trhanee :n the ritv ?f N-?-Vooli P<?
porticolan. ai.i as t,, tenas I rah .?ire ...
*4r( ?un h Clark. AtTir,rvs ?! La?. WO. ? WOB I ?
Utajn lia* iM-ennxs at Silc? kiMMt. of
RL'SSa~nLL I'lll-LP**. Aw.irti'e, kc.
Baled ?trw Voss. Ap?il IS, 1M?. ?1?; ?a? ,?
?VILLAGE FARM.?For Hale, a-le
?irahlr Psrm in the villareof Carap4,,w?. N I
f . .-.-?.
Newark. ?j 01 ,?? -rnmahr latter, and i! ft OX N
-contaiai? ?bout M irres o? ?oud Lan?. 1? ?cri* ?'? ? '
? .--tltr-l frail OOW ,, .',?-1 te-ar ne; 7acr?? ?oosHai
rira? iy inr.o??rao?i tioiothv;h?o)n*thn>oifathr t?r ?
n..-a 'rame b/is??. ?ist hitche? ?,.j?.inu,e, pCaMnilv ?
a.e.1. rt?^n. well airt pomp: ??rrtable ?r?! rVtwer rs
- ? lirait, ?c; '?am, rncn-crihiod .itbcr noi-iiud.! i ?
?hole ii. lao,! irncr ?ml foyvl bean. W dl \* ?ol-l atoi
aprrl tn '?r ?ma The buiMim*?. with ll?nut ? ?Wre^ BW*
; \\" rafsTlID?fSOO in a i.m.iii.ict.iry for
! , . ? '? "1 , - rent .tea. ? ... Or ft VUp
I _ '* mi? ? . i? t ,??VS .?, K r--i..ins
j ??Sice. ,., M.
W\\ 1 I I>?|,, a erjBioi Man, a mem
'.* ?. ?. a n?ij?:c?.oa a
rara ne >a a tial.e; ? we? arxxu^nte.- w u, uV we el
- ' " kpp?y 7?. !,..?. iBS'
\\ UTER W?tet, -\ *u^x ma...
" ? ir ida-'
?- ? ' l .,. ?. .... \ ,11
\ \ * V\ TED? \ IVifstiiiiiviiimj. Woi|):lll
? v .. aa-irti I,,
' ". ? - ? . Baaraat
\\^\li I'?v female ?.isa.tt to tlo
v V a ? ? ? at 1|
tmast ? til j M.n
\\ ?NT?D?A lot ol SeaiBwilbbtTtclts,
V ? - - ," . I- ,
?? ? ? , . ?? ? sas, m
? . ? H i" M .
..?? ti
I A ? \ I I' I I ? |,y ;| y.illll- m in. | situs
let ? the i? ar c??u I I?
' "> " - ? - .M It'.
\. ? . . -,
?? ? i ?ttCaaal tt. ?a R?
i I/-ANTED.?Tlte citiaeaB ?.f N. ?
Y T \ ? > mai .?- !! - ? ., r
? ? ? .. I . ie.1 le ?all at
? t ? . . ? .in ii baaiarw i
ill lui'
\\~ WTF.I? ? I.y a iami?) :n t nie is nit.
s , . ? S .i i ,'.,.- ...??..ni:,,
. ? . ? ?rl?e years. ?
I ... ? ui ihae
i i i . ? . ?. . i . h tie.
?? ! S.I ?. ?tree!,
kitatWB ? - ,.?,'??
U' ?N'IKU.?Families ami ?ill smptoy
..!?-? ,,,.. ..i,d
? ? I j Iway.
?-. ? la .. .?? i ???.,
? ? .-> -, 1.1. ,iei?. |?.r.
. ? \ 1 1. . .i
Pleat, cs
S vs III sKK?il r.T
\U" ANTED?Adj rtrrano in rvant of a
? v iee Car ilie p..,
? i . tin.i. -.tut r rtttel ? .i y i . It ,
I . . ?
I ? ? < i. ? a . e ,., i , u r i .. I ? ?
- .1 -, le a ilia k
Ut? t'a i the ?i iu?. m ?i m,, knows a
? ? ar?.
?I? W.i ? re | ?mol?ate '??! .-i Ir, lb. BBBSt
. . !..
- I .;'..-...-, . ]
- ??WMl THREE Thousand Dollars
? it M M t i
. I at lb.
i WTO.
?. t ? i ? ? - ... i... ?? ?e ?e.-urilv
i ? e?a( n lui h ?
.'????? . .i i i|| \4
? II. 1. \ ai .i- ' . , ? -| te? ??..lente.
V. s\TFDfiir.ijrars. with
? ? rit? ?? ?'???en?
. I milI mi?
ll Mul I ? : ? ? ? til. im
. n?. ?I ll.at Mate al
... .. BBHBLl I-' e
?val lll,BM ?rd tani.lly
. ?iae. Inter? ?'. ??i-,. ? ill?- in
\ . lit M) ?.MS, . \ ? ..JB St?
I ?*?V WANTED?A smart, iartalUftstM
I ) I; ? ?'" ,'? ,?? ". ? '? ?? ? afin m 'if agsn.iuitbi
I 111 IL'.Il 'il?. i-?t ?!,.,|? '. .
i B. ?\ ?l>? !? I i> JTJ Broadway.
?'ITI rVT?ON WANTED.?The a.h.-r
? r f.. i. i witlitn '?'-. ? ?! ?- t. ,?' It h a ?'tiia'titn as
liant!kills I. "r ?fiipire.? In a seni.-el lainilv, n.-as tnalma
a s j.i;t.lv infill ii ? i "i ??!,.??.I. Kur i er rtkaraairr an.I
. ??..,, . ?? rences ?' ti ? |. * . ? rfartrrtsBSlhy ?-ait
1m? nivea. Iin|u.iy may ne Baader, tlie l'util alie r ?f S.?
n. ? ?s rid, m rhe Editer (S the Tribune. Ad.lr.?ar. !..
K. ?t th:?' dice ?tau?
Vi?lMi LADY ('?mtptfttnt to leach
tin- unliiiarv I,ran. lie? of an lui?, ?h P.lu? att?>n and
who ?jomases a kitewleatf e of the French l.angnape sml
Vlin.c, i? .le?im?? of ?titaitnni; a moat ?,\ rnher a? BMrvetn
? ?? m a private Bandy or aaaa tttistaas aaacbeal, Refer
rnre mav I c male a? In qosHnntjooa and ntlier pan .- niara,
10lbs Be?. AI.HKIlT ?VII SUM, hat I?BatBBaBi s?? -I?.if
IOST?Vrstr-rtlav. siim.ost'il. Iietvreea
_jj Cliitnlier? tlraei an,l ituuili Fetrv, t Wallet ruBiain
ig ? _?|ii ilailar?, ?is nne i,-, n,,:,. ,?,; une tfl ,\n , |l ,i .
?nine?, a antfl ut band tor S.sm, ami thf can! of t Phvticisa
? - .i i r ia Bniuklya. ?VKtetcr ?ill retain llif abo?s to
.lie K? ry Miittrrst tie South r"?rrv aBall l.e ?nial.l? ?a
wanted. BaBit'
OAROINO.?A Family, toiiether with
s If i? ?inflf ?.einlernen, i aa h? a, r. te,ni. -laici at 7k
"!? -ekitiaii ?i ?.i it
BOARD.?Om or tsvti pit .it.uit Roittii?,
whft Bn.iril. mav tie liad at Nu. I? Bund tr.
AI?o, a lar?,-e ami eirclient ?lialile m let, in ilreal Jnitf?
?lieet, in ll,e rear. In?|tiire ?1 NsS It Bond-st. B?tt fll'
I>< ? UIDING.?Single irr-ntlt-men or gen
? tienten and tlieir wite? can Ihi scconintedsted witli
rood ivjoBBs wBh ?taard by i;;.i,.i.;, ii u liry ?> it.?i
en i? eii'lan'?'I. a?? 2*'
BOARD in Fast RroadwBT (101) with
fine treat nr !j. k riMitii? ?,n ?.cunil 11. nr, ntsy lie had
' v ,i 'niiilr or ? lew ?iie'lf ??fiitleinen ut r.mmI amral?.
Ilaaae Bad neaikin intu.ualty pe-matii anil ilcmalile P?i
rate fsiaily, reruu very MtvosaMe. ?-> i
I >' ?A It HI M.? \ ^tiiili'iiiHii ami hislaily,
I) ,,r l?,, nr l'i?. e untfle eent'euien, can lie ?.?.?iiiiiim.i
?;.,i ??.in , .ri.ai.i rarasseeast board rreaaiaela "t Ma?
? teil, at 1.1' 11 iltaiii-tieel. |,,.|,me al III tame ,l.-?i'.
I. rrf ? ?? ricttattffed _at Im?
I HOARDING?Ttvn ?.riiileiiifMi ami their
? ? retrae ><? I -?'hiiik?lal.-.l ? ih pi-asaai pail?n
?ii.i te ar-l at SS ? lit! ?iteet, atte rhe hs May. Baa?,israet
ii,ir. Softs ?res llrairu until in.il time. A| mi) al V, Kulti.n
?tre.t. all il
1)1 ) VRDING. ? Silljili; liflltlt II1CII or J?S-Il
? tl'lll-'l ?til Ilie r ? ?.'? ..il le arroniP'O'lBlf.l ? itli
i m?, i i!,?,n.? ?> iii Boanl i. ?pi'!) ..'tr la ii.? .ui.n . Iltei. "?,,.
.? It, , ?nee!. HAMII 1)1 l\ r I:
j.-.u,'- lat? ol lit.'< il'len ?trrel H.Hel, Mewtiu. ;!,
BUARD1NU.?A snail family (with
?i' all iiiillren prffesretd,) ??'? li"ac?uninoialeil .in.
? ii ;,arlnr an?l In ill n a SB M and Sner, by ?|i|,l? i.if
me m, iie|? rd \n. IS Mull?, i r , ?i ; nr a le* ?oijle neiiili ?
ten , a, i lar. ??. i ? .n. ;. .-.i??i.i I? i;.i.|;f aail fjli l.iar.l,
,- ? lb either nl lit. i-'.tl u.? a!? ? ?,, |.ir,l. itJH ot"
|Vt\?,|i|\<; IN JER8?Y CITY lor
I ? ? 'i i ; ??? m I.'?;,!'. ntn irafl be t.?'i fapplied r,jr lat?
in- ,.. ,,, ,, nne lit Hie iii.??t an? btflatatflst BseOOont in Ilie
. - . ilk ui ill? r'?rry. A|i;.iy at
? .. iul an Mireene-.trreta, Jerteyi > Itf
leren, e?ev l.at. .'..I. ?Jl?'
I J l, i.',..,..nan U?e r .? ;??. BB "IStf ?1 with
md pteaaant rrtasnt al N" SI ll?ai?i. lease Saar
. ? aikia 1er tl.c lu?i ?i M?v k'ui pirtirular? innuire
it No. 21 <'?> r un! ?t.. ur Nu. I."' Mu-i? n law , Ne? Yirk.
' lui
?OARDERH W \NTED?la a private
ry?A BTfn-.l. ?nan m. I ? wile. niKl It? . nr tin re
-, ,. inoeSSiii t,'. t.ani r<MNii? ni S newly
........ \... 2*\
. In.iklyii, only liil?. ? r Inur tint u--' > ?al?
f Pi .. -i-"t
BOARD IN BRf)bKL\ N ?Ttso <r
, lam.ly .-an be manan
?ted s Mi Board and lar..?e ,,r ?laall H.a. ??, |,|. a?amlv ? t
itr .i ?., il ? ?i . .??. reran reasonable K?tereiMif?
, - t n to be n.?.ie urn.: afcoet stsy 1st ?t
, p . .i. tires-?, ?"?***?"
?()ARD.?I'leasaiit Rimiiiis witli Roar?!
,. , r ?? ? I .- Ilu,.?.. " Bjpad
ei|r|,l.irh.?Mi, larrminaied by onea -r.n.n?!., ?imI ? ?lt"ii?
' ' " . iTraaTaSa
I , ,.-?.. ?allie
,0ee. BdlBossetJ - reseaaassajaawsraasya.
a? IW
iKNTLEMEN caa '"- inruislKil with
f R.,, .,,.rare t.-iiii?. Apply M No -. M'.rtou it.
,,,.,, , -ir. ? t. ait* Hi
JI.FA.SANT ROOM8, vvilbgiroillioartl,
? olil?n?.! nv applying al |i?j HuOtun-tlreei, near
" i ? . f'ark a.S II
VI'FW S?iigle G .iitloiiifii ran he ?e
. ? m I. ? I .... reairiitali> teria? after the
'i. neat ia a vary nl?aaaat aad d?sirable iocat.'?a
it ?? -? a eat of Broadway. atMretl w lt. M
? it? ?anfif
f i INI IF! I. B< IARDING in Brooklyn?
\ ? I e a . - I bet ?.??'Ulf l?.??'i tt? tew at-l e|et/ant
. \. y ?? tt.e l?t May H re
, .?;.! .tea.tv N?ir.!-'?. Tkas e-an-.n ? ? ?
, ...r.. ,-.? ? I .mulet walk
, i Por ion ? ? ? ? J"'.?
?et. J. at fir /.?eery. .ri. r ul Peail aikl Til?
? (-- Witt BMITH.
C*ILVER IM.ATF?Um. Thomson. No.
t? l.'t VS ,i|,ai:i a'.-eet, finKiiis?? to inaiiula tute Milter
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