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ET Adven eer? ???1 pleaae hand in their adv?riiav-,iv?o-?
for Mond??'? p?;e-. ??Sa?*? I BfetBCb Ssai?tU??aXJ,
(?/" For a notice of I'rnf. Bu?h's lec?
ture, a variety of items and an article on As?
sociation, see First Page.
{?/" For tato Letter* on the Springhel'l
Armory se?- La?t Page.
Ediloo-.al CorT?si?.ri.!eii r.
WisainoTriQ aari,M**aa> tiv-n n?, April **T.
I think th'-rn 1? ' BTeS aha'.,
tie- a? i??-, piropear, und .':io?t equitable Baendnent
to tin- It.j'ort,,.nment Bill Bow jr-tiding in the
II,.,.-- ?ill bO .'idopt'-d. If to, Iti'-'i en- ?
MM !?<? i;?:ai--,l bj :t? I.?-??i-laiure into just *o
rnanv Distiicts a* it is entitled to i booee Memberi
id the II-.??,-, ?h? h to ?-la-ct a.ne M? a h.-r It will
then !h- no lungl t DOSt?b*? t" ?-IiSct -'it h politic?!
ii.ii).i:tic? u?that by vahf '. on? halfIkf Alabama ?ta?
in?' ;.,-?r -ir,it:.*t,,? depl ??'1 ,'t it? r-t>rr?r:,tati>,r,
tu txabaarxxi a partj purpuse. I ? dor ibis amend?
ment, each RepreaentaiiTS ?ill owe his electiou t?>
?tri?! la? held r> ItkOUaMe b] ari numa-diut" COBStitU
BtXCT, anal not be virtually appointed bj a I . . ?
a Ini'ialra- I >,r two of isflhl hllhhll and CT poeta at?
at tbo ???at ol ??ot.-r'ima nt a? thooe af New-Hamp
ihire, Gaenia, AiuLams. a?.al Mii.o'in now ar* .
a? th?,??- of otara? Stat<-s probably will he. Km.
nuca' tl.?- tseueral Ticket >v?'*m ?ndoubtedly in?
crease? th- ?nflistoc. of ibe leading politicians ol
the majority in any State, why may it not ha- adajpt
e?l by Miitsachusett?, Vermont, IkUBtUchy, ?fa h?
well a? bj those abend) aetitif spaa it I The
il'liaJa oa V t'? till? i? irit'Slatih,-. anal yet the gUaOtWl
it-. . t wonlal --? ,1?, I'lt-illy laissa fill
Fat, alt?baOOafh this aoM-ndmeni ?au? ?-ii?_?ge-t?-?l ha
u Van Burea Member (Hr. J. ('nn.pbi-ll afS. C.)
lie? i.i'li, ration? to-hay ;irr thai it a?:,I be <i|.|,.,,eil
by the almost aaaaimous rote of tlm Loeo-F.
[,-irta, avhnli aa .11 nearly m.-.ir?' it? ah teat. Do*
H?k BWf is thi?, sina-a- the print 11>I?- it m truly rc
publicim. and will uparme xx itlt p**rfect imjur
tinhta ' I ?aowa r. II by ?1 ?i that party oppose
eaeia rin-ii?'iie fouri'led in j i.ti ? ? ami coti'lnciae to
the public aar-'lar,-' The nii-avi-r to eitfivr ql.
tien at lil -oar the oll.ei ?Tohlom.
\ f.-?? 'State Rights' ni' h o-trseee the antand
?ncot?, allee-ing Coartitutionol -crwp,--. Mi
Si mm? k? ol \... replied to thr?e to-aluy. showing
thnt not only th?- express ??.,|,l? of tlu-< 'oustitutkn.
but the l'iiiiiimporiiiieoii? t-v?iii?itiaii ?I Mi. Ma,li
?oll was t|a'c:?iva.- ill fia? an Ot* the pott?-.. Ought (ltd
this t,< b? couclusire '
It i? wahahlc thai thi? oj,n-?iiaa ?ail! be da bata-H
two Of three day? longer, sn.l thai the bill aaill not
Im? got oui o? (.'oiiiBiitt-'o Ibis week. laut fortin?
il would batte lare?.
Tlia-rt- i? no? a fair prosjaect lor a food Trtiitl
Mr. Ko rua um fr,.!,, the Treasury iJaepartaasntand
Mr. Simmon? m th?- Senate hi?' .Inily aapaciad to I
?ulamit I .mil hills.
A word to travelers. Though nil thi? region o?
?hinpln?t? r?, they h.tv?' become es?entinlly niceall
at ?incea? to th? rlrirartr-r of 1 h?- . inney they nil
take. \t the riiila?lol?thia StUamhuBI Office fo
the South, they aaill take an New-l.nelan?! monea,
no .New-York except City i no I'mu-akania or
Maryland, even, except Phi!?.li'!|,liiu anil Unitl
morc. 1 mat tin- asa-i.t it-fuse Northampton, Pn.?
a pe.f?ctiv soasad ?jte? i?--paving liatik ni that Stair,
?mu?' fitly nula'? otl. 1 don't ahjact to ruasoaoMe
hiigcithness. but this is paltty Tina aa ill nut put
taon Bxtsgjace ." l'"' crate till you hu?e paid ?uni
pansana .nul exhibit a ticket1?lirai?), probably,
that vatii will rua nil n.ial leaaa- it.
So m llnlliiiion-. The l'mi'M'1,1 ( ?llica- will takr
no money that 1 coulai hear of hut llaltitnnr?
City?cartulrilv not Murtlaml aa,unira not,? re
deema'al in ?pavie Ii w,!l take West Virginia at
ten percent, ilttenunt, an,I Baltimore and Ditto
Itnilioail nota-? in till a per rtnt 1 hi?. a ?iisnler
nil? lb-it the ch.irg?- is only tS Ml f,,r ria?ng fort)
i.ni?-?, i? quits too ivxsWarSsti especially as you rida
?ivri n ?nut O? thstar.y It ,V t>. Id,a,I.
It .? clear und chill here t,,-nicht, and lb? high
aviital ait th? alav ha? fallen. I apprt'hi-n,l aunw
injury tai ilu- fruit, as most of tha- tier? ara' in
Ino-?oil, (..
Ithcl, |slrtn?l.
Corre?[??iidrnri of The Tribune
Pant mi ?a? I, April m. 18?.
You hava- ?i-i-n that the resolutions ralltn<* nn,?
liter t'oiiveiition to form a Constitution were pool
ptna-al in the (rfiieial \ ???-ttihly. Ihn time of the
pn--, ut lacajistatars expiriagtaa w-a-a-k, ?and tl?.
mtm I.?-i;i?l:atuii', aii,-.ola ,'lct ti .1, helsSj iihoiit tn
niax-t, it avasn.it .hfneil proper, at the special ?a-i
?ion, t?a la-??i?liiti- un, i. ?o imjtort.iiit a matte, n? a
shMBJB of ll?- tantlnovuninl luv?- ?if the State. The
<?Yiia-nil A??,tiilla of the Freeholder? are reskdy ta,
maki- any chkVStga m the CoatStitMtJOU of the Stale
which |uiLlic ?I'.itimi-iit may Jcmaml. hut it must
l?e dene Is tally, ami not by violence?it must h?
alasna- deliberately and a ,i hurried thronghia u mo
ment ?if ?-xcita'tiient.
Silla?' the ndtaaiirntiient of the (iancral A??e.iihla
mithmc ol importance bus ooearrud. The <i',a,-rn n
iii'lil n conaiiliatiiin. nt the Mansiaiti llousa-, thi?
inoia.nn, with such BMnsbera of the Board of Coun*
cilloi? B? w-.'re in tha- City, ami tha' Major (iciia-ial
He ?ill recall the arm? ,,| tha-State laiancl to ih-,-.
military cinpani?? wlm h are ,li?Htlecti-il timar,).
the liitvcriinii-nt. an,i will refuse their comini-sio!?
to ihe nffirorsrl,'? tad nt" tin? character.
lh<- State Committee af the Sur]ia?:e party ha?e
written ta the chartered Mnipanicu, wuias theii
atteinlanie ?t ihi"f orgaaisatlou next Tnaaday,?
But ihitH- af the CoatSSSskM ?ill he likely to re.
?pi'.itl. BJbj ,,'.' tiicte. on,- liuitiU'r? but ?.'.", aien. ami
nnatther is :ilnin?t ?holla un.lnciplinc.1. lhcic are
numtncis aroluBteef ctMnpanies, koaretrei, which
Imae Utdi furnish-d for this exp?e?? pBB-ptrae n
tin? City, and ?n the lateo asaaiifactuiing ?rUlagssi
af rawtuckei ami WouBiechot. II hethcr thea
wiil ?pitear iu arm?, ami what ?ill U- ilu- r041 Be
'ine:nei it they do, 1 S ,!1 not ventun- to pndict.
Can,,Ma is.
CT IVc haao be,-,, re.j.cti-d to ?ut the fcdluU
in- ^ueric? to a certain 1,?.,,-*'?.-? AMrmiatt ol
one af the nppa. \\ ai-as*?-Wl?, have h? ,ampa
th;e??e?-i. particu'i.it'.a .l.rect.-al eUtWe ttccas'orit ?g
favor of it tenant in Jnmr?-?tra-?n. Konrth W .xr.i
la-.a?c-u Chatham and Mssllsaia?uwu, ??h,.?.
tax,'- haxa :.?t bean fall] pa: I ! I?,m-? he la- ,a? ,
aattain voters ?if the La-ao-K,?ai ticket tH-ii,r ?
i?**?! al ?ie bul clt-ctioii. al tha placa tbotu n-fer
nvl '.,.' 1> t.? h? knxaa that .?:ic individual
frees ?aid place, atlmiit?-,!. a?', lor eamV, that ha-had
Baas? thcrv ??.i,? ser the purpoae of ?.up;! lb?,-*
lie know that IXTO ?ilhcr?. niliiuttxsl uihler isith
that risse hti.l '.M-t-ti nrajdenti ?t the ?>;?ce |
in, ?aily sin?-?- the tiay pie?iuMS to the cirction
and .?in', that he had bean there ouit a fric ,lia
aritl shal thea ,;/. ttatk the constitutiatnai a?atb, that
they ?era e-t>n,i *i,/, r?'?itlc:it?. th"nl an,! v,,-,?d '?
1Vm*s he knn? that they a'.] aotcxl the LaCO-FoC?
ttck?-t ' I'?*?'? be know that then> ?ere olhi'i
places not fu !>>'>:> ihe ah000 l*s*?W?B)U, ?tit-tc h?
ftimuU turned ??it unusually ?t.a?ngat the hat ri,?
tien '
Stime other ajueric? may l?c ? ut t,' ?aid City Die
nitary, ?hen Iwhas ?ii*wen*d the foregoing.
BVIitoriai Corre?pemd?.asee.
WasHiscTo?, TbBr??!?y ?-?error;, April
In the Hcrate tins morning, Mr. STAava.T, I
the ?Veet Committee on PuSlic lixperidm
?.ibrr.!tte?i the Ira^-loaReeVeor Re? ar *
('?iiNt'irtTrR fnrr. UBS C '-?a.;??i>n IS itv, if
the mariacement tt ?t>- Se ? -1 r% ' ' mtom Ho
? a ? || ? i . ! labs, i?..! url- r?'l t?
?T'it?"! \ motion t., ?.?-int 50 001 '?
uv.-r tu iii-mnrruw.
Ther? is some mystery or finesse about the
?entntit.n of tlii? Rermrt, ail I am nut sure I I
ful ttie rijj?rit li'ilii O? it, tmt I iind. r-tiir.d it a?
low?; l'u.'i lester ssrat spsBsiatsal 1rs thaPreskd)
? Report lal .Mi. rr'.-i.r.:r.r a '?;??
'I | . Prt - . the ? re? Hfl? it a,
ntflfueity ??!" ih<* Eseeatiee, ar,.l Li? not ch bssj
yet tu i ommor nut.' it 10 th- Ho .?.-. "r utherv
mal?." ?I p ... ? .Wt.vr Mr. P. i? -ati-f.?-?! ?
"i - -i. ' ? dira. ?J rip?e nr; bat it don apt.
-.ut t srarranl srat ?a?- n |hl tervod oa him bj
C iiiiiMtt.-.' SB I', ?' ? Ksi'Sti'liture?. rn.piir.ni; !
?u 1 r...| ;??? t.'i" .Le-.;-.ei,' He c-.rnpli" ri ( '
atb,' I ?irik.; ?ml the i'imm.ni'. t
possosiinn of ihe Refer'., which bat to-day ?
?? d to the H" .f Mr. P.'indextsr
. ? c- ii nr iiiieniifil the President of the ntetn
ar. oasd ? I
? ? e eve iIm noraiaatios to-lay ? .bmitteJ to
-? i ? * as that flt* I.LUHA all. HrSTI! II ?
' MHsaer of the General I.ui.J Ofiu-e, ta b
Judge of the V. S. Co irt : s tt-.- District of
Jiutitt.? '?. HssowJeeeeZ. Holmes,deceased. }
II. wa? lur.'tifi,'. a Ju.i^-e u| ii,e State i'unrt?, I
an active ' Hairiaoa' MbuiImt of it.'.- Harritbi
Aniurif? the a- poiatmeati is that of Hun. Gkuh
W. I.at. fornierlv Mi n I I on -r?.??? sad tit
ui' the L^fllaturB of New?York frjm G reeseel
to be Cbarga de ??natre? to SwesaWn. He baa e?
I,,.,-a u ihorwsjfjh W ...
Cdilonal Cnrre?[?.tel. n, ? ?
VS ISH1B6T0B, Api 1 y..
In the Hoess, thi? morning, Mr. Etsrit.
\ t. m,?...I thai the arsportkirunsel Rill !?? tas
out of Committee ?". Saturday, ami, the rob ?
th. a? vera! nntetahnentt !.. ing lakes in <>nli r. tl
the bill b?' irpasrled I > t; ? ? Ho ite I a iti s. tit n ?
l'tif whu> |io?t of l.t.-o i"'?MB?*'n ?n.'ri' ' ?
itself in opposition, and l"ir?t tried n cull of f
House, but thai waa not earned. \ mutiun w
nu? ma.l?' tu luv Mr. Everett'i propos lion "i, t
tahl?'. Hli'l ?hi? | ri". ilile.!. evert l.u -. i-K.m'u vutii
for it and now rial then n Wiiig. while I ?;re
niviv wees nlttent. Su tin1 d?bete i? te be i ont!
n,'! iadefinitely, ami probably the Lacislaroret
several States pal to ?erion? in??Mmsrt?nJeeee -i? wt
v? the public business li?rre ranet poned in prrspa
tiun. I rnnke nu complaint sf this, but I ?i'
thu?e ?liu i-u'iipHiiii ofCongrtSM for doitii: BOthil
H'utiltl |u?t take paint to lee mho 'a. y are wl
prove;,! any thine l?'iiic .lutie.
ItitheSiMTF. nfter ?urn?' BtOniflRJ 'ui-iric.
Mr. Ai LSS of?Duo?a dittnt.t imititor of Itenti
tnoMil the coii.iilerntion ot feitain rrtoliitioi.? prt
potril hv lum Imchinc the Free Suffrage partv i
lUiftil'' Isl.intl. (In tins motion the Yen?and Ka)
were ask. il und ordered, v.hen it ?a? Ttjgettd, h
the follow ?tig vuti'".
Vr??-Met,r? Allen. irtktr, Srntun. Buchanan, Mrll.,1
erit, Metier. Tapjian, Woo.ltiury, VS 'ni-lit?s
\ tvt?M?*t?r?. )'?.,(. Barrow. Bates. Batsrd, OaAssa
t'tiuate. t'riileBilen, ?Jotira.l, liaitui, Catkitrt, KvBS
Kalaas, (?raliam, lliinliiiL'to?. A't.r. Manrunt ?derrirl
M'.reliead, I'lielju. Pre,t,,i,. ?HnimoM BtuKhoflnd., H"Utl
uni. M?'fi.?, Taibaadge, While, vs,?.,|i,ri,ir:e_j8.
Su the Senn!.' refased te ravtertain tiir fljtseetioi
l'ri'\iou? tn the vote, it ?TM intininteil that a Me
tage from the Pias Meal .<n tins tsssject wonl
?iiutl llf t'Sjl.'I'ti .1
Ih.' (ietiernl Apprepriatioa bill wa? the? t.-ike
up; and Mr. KlNo ut Ala. movi'.l that tin? Senat
ilitttpree to the nrnetitlment of the Financo t'urr
itii't.i', Btrikiag "ut that pro?iaion of the lluu?
which sti|m'nte< that the l'iiritii:^ of the Kxt ?? nt it
llep.iittnLtit? be edvertiaed sad gives bj cosRrac
to the luvte?! I'l.l.l.-r. Mr. EriSI Opfoutd ihi
I'lttliiin, contideriiig the |iro|,otiliuii Btrach oui
iiseli'-. iintl vexatiii?,? take. Mr IfoOPBBRT, Imi
inp H|.|??iili?d tn, ?tati'tl tlmt the furmercxpeririien
on tin? prmi?iun hn.l w urki'tl a ell, ami Cafa-led i
?avine ol* ?0 jwr cent, on tin? price of print me ?
Mr. EtABI i'i|tiuif.l. Iiopifi!? ihm ri dtfetent iii.mI'
of Printiag woald ?thinU- weeeted to. Mr. Mas
lilt ttnrtnlv l"il Ini.tlv ?..lvuinteil the proviaion o
iln? li.'HM'. The Senate rrysolved to retain tin
. uiiiiuit ptovisioa: Ayes?Masara. Mutet, Bajrard
I.mi'i?. Millar, Merrick, Pbrfpe, PreatisB, Ki?ei
Tallmadge?;'? Neat ! I,
So Ait riflitomi? pro? ??ion tras upheld,
A ?eciitnl provno in the lull trotn the llnuse
prohibiting tin- eroploymeat of ?'??ira Clarke, .???
in the Peitartratuts, wa?, in KSMr?daacs with tin
rfi'tiitiiiiftitlnti.'ii of tho Cttflsnaktee, itriches uui
hv a ilt'i'isive vote.
Be varal miaoi saifla?sBBeatfl of the Committee
were likewise agrsM to. One ia relation to ihe
Territorial I'.sjm'ii?.'? of WiskoBsaa brsiagbt oat
?iittic cnriuii? .'Xplaiiiiti'.u? from Mr. EVABS. It
?cents that titees annually com.'? is from the Tei
ritoriea an estimate of fil.Ooti ur ??t t'u ' Furni
tun ' tot ill' l'ulilic Hui.ilitig? therein; hut wlii-n
the receipt? come in, it i* foaad that little ur bo?
lliiitr, ha?. I?een iictuallv exji-mUil I'm Furniture?
salees furnishing the Terikocial Laftoiataeewkli
tol.acc . ami other ]<lea?antrt.'? In- to cuiuidercil
Ttic I'ttriitti.rr aras Nrickea osB nrm. run. The
qtasstiue Imihj nuw on Biltltrti? fl?'.?lT to the
$?U,000 fur the rerritatsrial eapeeee? of Wialusn*
?JM, Mr Mi.ti.1 ?i inuM'il that it he ?tiicken out
alt nget lier, ami let H conic up in a separate bill
niiil In' si-iutiiii/iM.1. Mr. sf ? Ikll thsMlghl ?l would
I?? bt?M to let the Territury paj Us oero etpentii
turc?. Mr Erase ?bowed tlmt the sf t ?rrginitiiig
iti it l'erritury ? r.Md.,1 tlmt t'uii?re?? ?lioul.l pay
tin's.' litarge? Mr. (.'aLltn M tebeincntly pr<>
leatnl ai;ai':?t ttii? arransemetit. If we am hi
. -? mi? RMtaesj anl th.- Terntury ta appropriate
and ?peritl it, what weaslet that tht-re i? extrava
iance and ?a?!?' Mr. ETABI i-?nc irr.-.l heaitily
iti thi? ?ue?ettii'ii. He contends., liiat the s:ni?>!e
corrective ?at to hate lite Treat .r? Ilepartmeat
bete audit the account?, and refuse all item?
which are nut directly warrante?! I>v law. Mr
VVooDBI KT ISBUSted lti.it tin? could ?tnlv he done
und, i more ?pecitic legislatioa. Mr H; SI ?
rae hoped thai the BaTMasiateat .?asreesaiag then,?
pepriat,,,,, v.,,,,1,1 ?,,t nmamnii It ??a? sec tttktmh
<\a ?? il lineas of ike CairusTittea raieiag the
iitemM, the J...cl?.iBl ?..,?.,. ,? ;: . , ;:1.,,, S?ate.
.ro,?kAr;,,u,?0u.t?7J.?U0l.,?riilI;allv ortr,;
t..i:..'Hi.uM'..-.,?.. , if, lKI[11M,;,
.??lit. Mr. Fva?? expivned lb, ae,e,.itv.f,h?
a- Mr ?este? Hsat tkat ikeDantrietCosan
.t. ?Vrftaaiai ??a? ?ittinR all the tira* ?n Cfts#,t ,,
Hartkiupt.-y. and the Marshal. District Bltsaaii,
Btid 1'1,'rk cliareirg $0 ea. h p.-r day t.-r th? \.a?.':.
tinte since tiie iaw pat?e,l. Se il ?ta, elsewhere
M l KiiTiM.it considered tt.:? i.rr,?ce??ary ?
Mr. EVABI ?tateJ that tlie Pi?tn. t Attorney, art
reiptiretl te cxamiae etery arr!i,-?tiop. la Bank
niptcy to see that the bankrupt i? not a debtor of
the I nited ?>ute?. and he is to take cate ot the
? t. "??? -i " l Bfiy. Mr Ki>" "f A
in?i?ti-d that liken slatmld be a ?j ?
flO'1060 f?r " expense* inderth" Ban?npt I?
Mr. !>?*?? explain?-d that half of the expci
in this Drpanmrnt were for ruroir?. Mr. II
?rsT ?tat-, tntt tie -idici*! apesupiiniiiii
i'.l ?a?- t|M.?; tha- af 1841, |S5.f
.- : as f.),.',.')')'. :- Bsked ?nd 100.0'? ' rt-n
th" Bankrupt Law. H? c " ., :rr.,l ? .
- ?. ? efrua Kawtnehy (Mr. I
the expenditures in tl ? DepurtaWCM ght
rmluced. And h'-n- '?-art- go SBg to :tirre,i?e th
gtff CbittbsdeS itraisted that the Judicial <
cers of the ?sWernsnenl burea? ighttocht
%'i per da j foe ?en :a'e? urialar the bankrupt L
Why? Sirr.p.a be? taa? 1 ?- - ? civir.ptl
ana ? ten pay W by sr-- we toadd this $100,0.
Hi sanan the Maruhalt basa estiaMstod it?
men who are to disburse the money' Appro
? . .i?, .i- i . . ? il always h
an empty Treasury. I in?i?; that the Hank
I)i?trict Attorney i at, 1 Clerk? otjont Court? i
?,.,?.-,?,? ta abundant additwo to their ? t?
., bu?in?-?< naturally ?rising tnoda r '.:.?- ..
I would not give th'-m a dollar mor? fr-ai
Tros? .r;.
I ' amendment ?Bc|ea?in|- t!.'- ftp ?
?il ? ?, c'.'? Without dial?:..':.
A:.-'thc: ameadmeM pr-'Oosin?, to *?..-?
clattaeof the 11 ? .? . . w.'.ith limit* the ?ti-n
tutu? sf the Marsh?. |. -? ? Attorney and Ci?
of the r. S. Court? la N?- . s fur ut Mai
clerk-hire. Sut t, i '? uu1) sack je-t ai ?
CUUte Op-, osai waiixphi ucl bv Mr ! '. as. \
K - jetted There would be ?oui indaace
pe? ?..-r men |0 take ?dBs?SVauVl ? .'? tha a ?
?huulJ rcligti. a* Mr. Er A* I ?|l|l|llhsmlld .^
Usa Ultia , ritite;,.i.-.l ihat the provision bet.- [a
pot< J lobe ?truck out :? ,? a n<?a .-??arv u- I
ame. The present pracSce ?S l?-avi:i? J ,,??e.
sod it the see nitit* ,,f Marsl . -. \ ami a ?>
..?id oae, and tbe clause prop coed to be ?iru.-k .
v?ry ,i'i?tla n-i!i?-,l,.e.l ?t, by providing; that the I .*
run -noild alone audit them. He bad knot
.- ?ate* in which the Treasury had n fused t i slk
account? M ai ll ted ha JlStlfCS ; ?all, r-up-n t
Marshal had paid hi mat If; the I State? ?oed hii
the , *??- , atae befare the .lu,Ire ; and be ,! ? id
in favor of ihe Marshal ai at first, so ?hat at la
the Auditor? have been indaced t,, u!!,.??
which they believed unjast, la order to a? oid fini
leS* tp?ll> I'' 'UnI ,'?[C||a...
Mr. In?? reminded gjeatlenxen that thi? aaa
qtieetion of how much we should take fiom tl
I lit ? :.r:.i.- g? "' t public offcM an,I put i.'.t,' t!
Treasury, I: i? but very recentlj that ii .
-?I <?? momy hai broken oui ia it? |?r> -,-m quartet
up to the term of the ?areeent incumbent, Distii
attorney* at New-York kurebeanalloxred tornar
?? m.in ni t., ?1M.0M per auaum; ??> thai m I
Urney General of the Waited States baa reaij
lhal exalted Marioa ami taken th:? minor otfi.>< :
ou?ei to n-, , r.r it? a'ii,..|i.i!icnt?. To all tl I gat
l Irtni'ii made no objection. B'it now be is out ?
OSace anrl another is. an?! you cut him do?aii t
?r'i.Oflil pei annum for must srda,>u? lervicea r>
,'uiring the hlgjhixn le-al talent?. Tin? it . Join
ta-at to, and no? ami r.ime a^ain ami ask turn t
da-duct I'J.OOU from hi. ?amin?? to pay tor uetnle
Cltrh-hin*. I? thi? jn?t ?
Mr. Dais? of Man, mmmk m sbbsbbb? aie? aatah
?uh|?-<:i, slating that th? District Clerk ia New
York i* ohlifud tu in.pin* mua assistant?. II ?
can ha- pay th>-st*Wt at 1.1,000 j?er annum '
Mr. IV ki 'Mi contended thai tin? ariiendinent i
it? pie?, nt ?hap?', striking out certain omens i
New-lmk, ata? ceitninly objectionable. It simula
be so nmei.ded as to n-n.ia-r it ?if uuifurm opera
tion. II-uriticr?t,K?l that in New-Yorfc tht I n
ha? allowed a Pep?!? District lltnrnea a - i. ir
?if ft,000 ia inlilitiou lot .In- |i',.1100 to tie- Di?
ti-ict Attoroej and |ra,000 lor office aap*aoaa?, s.
in rsrard to Clerk : formerly the ?a:nn m,liai,hi?
?a? in fact Clerk of thi-Circuit ?ad af the I
Court in Pfew-Torh; but ilaea the Retreachmen
pi, riso of IS 11, there l,a?a- bees tun ci?'rk.. end
n-oiain*, ?I.JO:. ?alary ?ml s):l.00l) exp?-n?e? ?..
we have probably ???;:,*,I a |o?- b] tin? Retrench
ment. Mr. IV. imputi-al BO blame to ana man?
certainly not 10 th,- Judge,>f that District ? but be
did beliexu it peifictly ea?y to pro,-un-a suitablf
Clwik f,?r Ml aase?? for *l.Mil), which i? fl,..('.!
miAra' than the ?alary of the Mayor of the ciiv. anal
? 'ii.'i mora- than that of (?oternor of tha- State. 1
mu?t say. ?aid Mr II'.. ihst I would raihcr .lit
chuica' the ilutie? of Clerk than of Mayor. Still,
I woiilal bare thi? o?ace amply, liberal!? paid,
I ft me correct one error atf s Senator. Mr.
Hut lei ?ul uot retign tie post of Atti?niey (i. ?vti!
to taka- that of I'l-tin-t AttOtUSy. He I,S.I left the
foiUtei In retiira. to 111. ]>ii?atr ptatlku, ?hen tie
defalcation af Mr. Pitee otcmied. At that tim?-1
for one (?aid Mr. IV.) arfed thai getlaman in a.'
ca-pt the vaCUtsd [?nt. Then- ?as s ?raiirtral ili?
tilist ?eieutad; s::.l I ?ante,I a man ia that pott, in
?thorn I ha?l ?U?t tuck confu?, une m I had is Mi ?
I doubt t?ai,l Mr. IV.? th?- pulley of the plaa
hen' ],r,.pe,cd aif reilmine cnm|>a'n?ation. Iwoui.i
rather reduce the f,x.-. .*??, a. ilh th? ch trr>-? Itade
the Baakrupt Law. We aagbt to ?>a>? a law t xl
bae anil limitinc these ?JssTfe?; .: uot, ?? ?? thai.
bare all manner of lrrejular riwrgee,
Mr. K.vixs heartily r.incurre.! ?i,h the S.'natcr
fnim Nora-York that thi? ?hob- pntca-oling ii
?rote in ptaXstaiusU. We ara- farmirc out an ortice
for tev. ? a- ? ?,- ire ?? ?linz a Di.tnct Vtt,irnev?hip
to Mr Hotuuta f,?r some $-.'0.ti,ui per annum.?
The Camtitntioa jir?:?,rils*>? that all ttte? ?hall hv
uuiforra ; yet here a,m are taxitu? Mr. Un'':
eertaifl ?nitor? i? Nets>Yorfc kxxsss |90,ff0 to fill
the Traainry By ?hat right d,> ??? tin? ' Your
pros toe is a dinv! bounty for aegiecting
of a poblic oftxci??aau inaha it a'-n ??; uceettar?
that the ..:T:cer ?t,,-ui,l ne|?ect a part of the |,,i?
ness y,?u entrust to him. or ?mpo?en?h him?, If h
s ibaakleu?and tmpu'id discharge of his dut.??-.
Tlie Be nut or 'mm How-York ?ay? the ?imp lu?
ll hnt hra-n Clerk of truth Court? la v-a?
Vorka So he was?bnthou ' Wu paitad ? lau
re,) urina- a Clerk for eivh Court ; and th?' Jt*dfB
app?iint(-d the Clerk of SM Court for the other
/-ro? fr-?i.. expre?*lv statins that he dii s? ? i n t il be
cu'.i and a.iaither tit p?'r?on to till the post. He
n?.,.i dial ?,?. an,l Basntls? "id Ci'-rk resigned both
Cklklhlai Hut ma ehjectioa to the Senat t'*
*.t:o:i is that u proaMise? Io rsaasal B law ol
the land in a cl inae aa Ippropriati ?
Mr. Woonmat ?tnte-i thai lie hid a memorial
fto>m men-hunts anal other? : i Keu-1 *A cam plain
? .- ?: the exorbitant char.-- ?! '??? I -?
?-:ks. ami asking a lUgulataUU. A.i tlutt :?
ii.,? [rop,i?cd is to cany failhlaiia into clfect the
intent ?>f the ?aw of U?t ?.-??ron. A? t., 4 - I
?(??insibi'iity taf ttiexe Clrrkiiiip?. erowiii?? ai?t ??t
th" large amount nt money ia hi* haieJ?. th?re i?
t." rea??n that th-v ?hall he pti.l m"i"'for that.?
llaai..,ae or.lv SO dep??i:e the ti,on?'V where it
? ?Vrj ?i.-.i?ia the Ba.-.k .?f N'.'?-l urk,
"t America or ,.f Commerce?[II hat a beautiful
?""-Treasury man '] on?! he ?i?J ne? d no tXSatfS
"?' taiion? the Bank arts. r?eoime in- ?
Mr. Bcattsssa made s speech in tavor of Re
? -;, b-_ ? j u i :'?? .. t ??? I ris Csaal It?
principal new idea wat that BteRBJ it new worth
tww-e at mur-h a? it wa? a aW year? eg?', and sal
?-les mold then f ?o-r " reduced witfcsBBt hanl.hip
Mr Slaseva ?tate,i that a ben he voted ?Bet ftm
i limit the?e offi,-???. he never dream* i th?t the
r> ??? ? v - ?t? as he allesjttl i Deputy who
was to he pad ? ?eparat.* in'-ir*.. He Mgvted Ut S
it wa? of Bttk iitaetsiiteiifr whctlifr thi? provi.iun
?sere ret ijaed ??..??????
-- : . the feet of tin'?.? I I ? '
tially Thtt clai;?e ?reald rad * ' i ? i
tn.l prot?cr standard
The aineitdmetJt wa? a;??'.'.! I ? I ?mot ttee ?
?2u 11 1 [ta ... be tr -1 i? its in S-nnie. >
I rU i rat, etri ? -t the pro? ise
mat laksre ihall aet be iS|ierese C?a?rka ef th.* Cir
. i District CsatrtB, alto pre?railed \
? a ? ? - aa of .
Priiittne. a!?o prevailed.
T e ?--i-.' ? v? ; ?. sreat ietoc .Beider.
a ' - | is, and -. ? -i a,i
u.i.rned. B.
Coere?r?on..?i?ce uf the Tr k ?
m ??MI.1.T ?. Thara ?? I
In ii.?' Howe. Mr. Evsarn -i.-.?! a ?? ? ? ?
lion to ter--.'iate.l?; MS ColMHtttre !"tr. ?VI ?
on the Iiiiun lo-mnrruw : Kri.l j\ ) at l* ?
Mr V in express . tea agaiaetcirenan
?cribine debate n't
was peadin;. and ia ^position tu iba re#.i!ition
Mr. McCuiLata Dsf N V tn.?"! to lay the
- * tion oa the table ; s b ami kgie? 1
\ie* -?. N if? [>'i.
( ?:. mot;,m of Mr. CcflBlfl I, by ?.?..'* 51, N.m-,
thousand t\v i ip .-? ef the rep tt t.utn
. R M l 't ' \|r '"'i.' Bg'l '
tel rive to the colonial trsde*cic urdered to be
Mr ?tus of?red ? resolution providing thai
? II let , on and . ike id Mes proa., lake ?
.'.,.- froea 2 ta half past I o' ? f M. Ob?
jection being; made, Mr. C n ! i ?msf?enti?*aol
the rule? t >t ut reception ; ?? baca BKB?oa f i '-.i
\ .1 \,\?';???iwo-tliird? net voting therefor.
[Hun. A.MTK-.? Mm n-: i. (Upreseatatire
?!.-.-t from N.tnh Caroline, rice Lawn Wa
liars, d-ieease?, wai ilil >-?l sasl t.-ol?
hit ?es!.
Mr. Writ in nrreentcd reseiutions of s ratet?
ing of iitif.ti- ? 1 \- al ..iin!\. I ?hu., i'.'ii'lt m
nstrary of the eour.fMr. OiBBtSOi ]
The Appui ' wai tcssia taken up ia
Commitate of the ?V?sele ?.n the lTnma, the
lion mawdiateW peridiacbeiag ?tithe aasend meat
of Mr. < ?>! ?yi iTr t.. o?., nipt the? Stat?' of (..">r?iii
frote the up. rut .u. District System,
a? prupo.ed bv the ?iriietiilnienl fcotit the I ,titr:ur
Mr. KsssBbf of l? .uticiiidi'.l In? reiaarki is
upi'B?itiuii m ihe 1 Hetrtt I Ss stem.
Mr. ItsatARit abt? adrctcated the amendment.
rsBBtaesling thai tka Constitution gavefull power as
to rcjiilattnc th?* time, place an! manner ut h>>M
?ng ibiiiunt tutlic St ? ?? ? t:?'. sad power to the
Oeaoral <> iteraweal ofrcritbse arid r-ori'rTtioo ,i
Stat" lefjtal.ttio'i ?hen ?:e,-e?aitry.tlist the tii*?.?-iry
no? existed, and ihe District System should be
adopted 1er the cermet aad perfect esprewioa of
the popular will, ?*?-?'. ?V.-.
Mc??r?. Put*, sad CLtrroRB oprassed the
amendment ?tn llif cru'in.l? of eoast t"! luuaut? anil
The Hoaee th.ni adjourned Aboi I.
KsihaV, April f?.
Civil. CotTRTS.?In the U, S fiRi i it ("oi nr
lite action l.r.utlil al the ?nil ot Ihe I n.iei! Stat.i atan it
V\,II,aai M. Price to rernrer a lar?-? ?urn ot menfv ?Ii., I,
hail been paid to Inm wink Di?tn?l Allome?. Inn for win, h
BC ha.l aol a, rmintel, ?a? -"a lii,l?,l to .lav Therlann ..|
ihe G u.eriiiaent. BOB Baa* nr a.linille.l. ii, w.lh iitcre?l, >??,.
11': ?t, At an utTitet t?? this Mr Pro ? lia. f ad ire.l a tnll nl
particulars Itf fee?, a l<H ef Wookt left hjr him in Hat ata. I
an.! t.riiui item?. BjaataaBBf tn fl"'.'...'l. The Bttacipal
rhartre, are laie-one of itiem $t!.'V afieileil I. I mi Jiie tn
hi.o a? a reiainnti; fee un f ?ten !?.| bawflb in ! M ; .tti'l Mba
mliar. ||n.nOn char?e.| a? conini??? n - on Iranaartiuat ? il,
? t Intnk. fur th? ir .?Tin.it a I '-V, an ! ?flST. Ii,
I- Mi I". ?a. ;>."m:'t?'' t , en. n I ili. i mf far [.synie 9SII
l.itii!?. II? |.rix-ce.lcl lu lake neat bnada, re,|iinn^' two la?
tirnnient? in ?a.-h cate, aiel re.-ei? me, a lartf" aniuunt ,,i
neme?- t'rntii the rnerrhant, ?t f. ??? f,>r tncli lie had liera
ilirei teil to pot thetmnl, ti leJtOS th? IffltOf <?, lul-er. The
or.ler wa? roualermin le.I l.v the ?olic tur ut Dst Tr???u
hv letter Stte.l Wa?lnnrton. Sent BJ Tli? w?i n-.t rr??ur.|
Ii? Mr. Pricf tul Ih? At Ol <tcl,.|ier He Mat i ta.mi that he
ha?l a rifhi BS pr.?ee?l wild ihe tn tt nit tfle lit Bad Cborget
a i.? m tip?? arli ni ni??? l..n.!a. r.illne ihr two unira
iii?ni? in rack -a?.'tu? I?. Il ?ii|>ear? that Mr l'rl.-e ma le BO
a|i|,lfat;uc furffetal ihe time, althnueh h" ha,I in ullier
ca?e?. an?! tlie Court BstSBSbt he wit not fniitlfl to the
rberget, aer to OMBariMloas ia relatiee asdWBeaetlflB.kastBfl
BltlSoiigh he mi^lit lie allo??e.l a |,ra|?-r rfmuiifralinn ?Or
L ? ?er?:rr? Al.'in fl l,.?K> wm |M,,wtnl nut to the Jury a?
liaina wktrk lh. v ia ?hi lawlully BflbaB a th lalfreai
Vec'licl fur I'laii.tifl |c'...'l? tu ?ainii-ii. an.! ? renU BBBBk
t ?iTtn S-rtTis t'lsmr tin tr.-Ar.-utuei.u lu Baiik
ruplcy will he heard na Tuevlay next at in A ?I
\'?t kBocs.?Ii ni'ty be vsawsaaaead that .lame.
It-einle ?,f l'liil.-ul Iplna re.-ent K rsaftwinl m ear?
dint ?tgii n?t th- I nit.-d Stat.-i for $1:?i).i)iiii. He
had in his err,j.loy a nntn of the nam? of J>hn
(in\. ?thorn he employed te ca?t m hi? siueaais
and prsfpara lu? pajMir? for the trial, ?lio sauagrvj
-u e, t nut of him abu ,t J i'IWS n cash fur his let
vie.? Nui content with leeeing him to thi? IUM
(i-a. ?nl bold of all hi? paper?. i?e.'pa them and
mf'i?es to en? thssm ep. Th? Admiral took eat a
writ oa r?e.il ij it .-n ?!,?* Sapret ic ( 'mut. sad I ? 11
(irny to hail in the ?j-ti of |S00,?N0, firay ?a?
arre-t.'d and lodged in jail. It i? ?aid that thi.
? i':.' Qraj bas fraudulently tricked Mr? ReeeMe
..at of an flhehasi p-wer ef titinney, or an Steige
nient ef Bat wh.le claim of |IL?0.000. and ha? ban
??n i.-itortng to get the money into hi? hand?. A
Dili of r>.iiity has (?'en peeeeaud t? the Court of
Commun l'.ea? of Philadelphia, directed to fira?
?o n [BUS Inm ti pradaes an?! ?am-el any ?..ii
! itturney ur trar.afr, or ?how caune \that
be esrer paid for it. ReeearJs bsabeea ?ii furnearlv
sit itiiinth?, arid it t?'em? tiny tot? aiivarilaf?
:ii? ill lt<-altli to fet t trioi? '?rinil?. no'?'?, fladother
pasasen ?ijni-l b) him What btsBbit!Bate of ther
it ihci.ite?t:.m le he UaesL
Tur CaaaSLBl I.t: r.r.stlp ?Tie-fui1 rrlag psu
afranh i? frsrra the c?irr.-.rion.tence of the Eueaaa,
date 1
Naaaae, N P.. Aj.nii?, i.ti
A ?pea-iai fleesiea of th.- Adssiralte C >urt eas>
resed thi? daj le basvr the charge ?sf pirarj aeatri.t
the ?ev.-nteen nefr.ie? imprifloaed from the ? Cre?
ole The \tturney Oeaeral mad?' bis mtetitja Cm
? trial, ea bbs .tu .ml that u ?tea imp'??.
ble to ohtai'i the neeessars evidence here, and of?
fered for the psrassl ef the Court a number of at
tidaMts of tii<- .apfain. mare ,? i cunm and MsaBB*
jsr? ot the Cp-'itt*. ?honitig that ?ufn-iei.' ???? I 1er.. F
eaeJd he prrstas??d firees th?' Usjitsd State?, if um?
was allowed.
If IB c\aru;narion of the fe.tinnrny ?.'Tared.
..-: rer, .-.| tint wr>re the captain, crea \
pavsecagerfl, as ?.'t forth ia tlie ar?'.davit.. Ii.-r- pr.-.
??ut tw t??tfy in this rit?, th'.v ?hu ild ?, . .
M Bot entitled to le|i.-f ? . . in.,uni
charge th? ?ary to that . ri.ct; and thai BO B1
d.'n?e roaid he pr?ti-u??><l to <-.,nvtct the pri?oaer.
it the Kar. f.>r IMS w.-re uurtueArj jnetisVd in th.
r? a ?u? tl "ti iiu.irii ?i.e ( >.'.n?, aad ? ?? B!?.ut
to !?? ?et free.
The Chief J us t i< ? Ufa i-i ire-sed tit? n?'??ri>e?
...mething in thi a ?tile: ? It ba? plea?.?! r, ,.i ?
?i fr-e from tue aSBBasS ul'?la--ery?ma? ?re.
hereafter live rlmttaes at* gead and faitiif'/l ,'ul>
e?-i?? of her Majetis ? Government Jrm wer?>
then ?et at liberry by pro. Urnation.
XT We have rscri? 1 s paper ? " -
tract* fr.m: Uve U? mnfm -?? M MSSShusi tl?,
which it i? undcnial'.y ih 'wn thai Da*-'; I I'arm
ter. who ad<ln"?ed ta?- BKStting al fus '
on IV*?ln'-?daa aeeoiag tipon ?he Rhttde l-'1
di*T, tlties, wi? arr?-?t?-?l ia IV,.rc.e?t?r(. o ? Mm
in Fehruary. Itff, "n chare? of for- y Ba i
tried, ?nil th** ? ' ' rrl ?ault?. ; but a?
was not ?vi'fisicnily pr,.?ol that the oaVactax
eomrn:tf,-d it th - tuanlj of H ?n-.-Ster.' ?? e - :
IBwictSBSM ?aa bid, the Court twdered the a
d i to Im* .?". as?is as? 'hv w * ss? ill b it-awd
Im??Ih- tunas??/? dwslKag boua?, sad
...... - - M *U:- -*B
? ;.,,. ? i WedneeJaj sight, a
Horn ?a? ia bad BsWp at th.- tmic and I -
?u,j of :.?- fcasjet a:. 1 -- ? i'''S '
elotku? of hi? bed an tire. Utstrifav*as ,
?a ...... . ... aasi, withhimseH tnd I
,y. aarrowlj . - . ? - ? '? ?'?<?'? '?'
r?:.-i!.t!.',l at twulvuaraJ aAssn thomand Jalla
an.l bo iassjrs ?
XT" A Mr?. Bat ?? ? I >>? Joha, S. B i ?
d.ia? ? ,.?-." - ? ,..,! at tnetira'l'?it'C. t'Cllii
tha :'.iv. uni ia las? thaa ?a a - -?? *
burnt to dcuth. Be? three little ah1.Iren ??,.,'
the : o :i ul the U'tie, anl t, ed '?' innttat lh<
motha-r sisialamu ia pulling ha? out efthe ire, b
? . k*ni BUef th?a..?' or? she a
? it's a i- i-xiinct
LtXTht raraili ?laaafartiny sf loba K? ie
(':, tvslulphia, ami tlssBsxytsl by firs -.1
ac Four adjoining frame late!.m
were f.!*.i !>nrT-.fl. a? I'll ?I their furUMWIW
biitch-'r af th- BSSaS of I ? ?SSI ' '??' !l. a! the in
minent risk af hi? 1 fe. r.?l.-u*?l ti child a???'. of M
gf the biTPini? liull?*'?
JJ* I aoii-'j nun ri'-ie.l I. F I !':.'
,|r??an.-d from am b.nr.1 the H-cri-if.- SI t|?. i
PhilaeMpMa, oa ll. ::?,!?? Tha deceaead un
.?, ' ? ? . ?ib-t at the ?i.le ,f the room
?csunnf- In? I ?rurr-.-el?. -.? !? B be I ???' M* In I 1 ')"
fell ?at,? the ri?a'.'.
' Tha (stwurnor of Cans I* bat pi en op Y
-.,?: Hacket, a reftigee -lt-e. ai tl : the Ri
,. -, i a ', u .n?.
[TJ* Tweaty-tlir.ticizena ,?!' Pituburfhave ad
. ,1 ! jtc'i-iori to ;he auth,uiti-'* of tll'M
\ p..Ii: -i ll?, :? ???'?? g thai boaJj :
Kipp.?, them with a tei'iHr prearher
f \ i i Aa in a ???? foamed ia '?,???''?
on the IBth inat Ho?. W. W. C Claims?!
Pi -. l.-nt.
'1,-1 . . ompa m il Sas
hare r'?,'l??'l to rebuild tbe St. Charle* ibe a tie
XT C. H. Dilatas, E?q. delire. I ? ?
sasa-e lecture at ll?t?h:i?gton Hail. Brouklyn, lai
et*euia?j. Many ii**nature* lu the pledge wer
? St d
?C7" Prof. Bi sa lectura-? t i-morroa? evening ??
ihe New Jaraaalem and lbs Mill?'...,.!... ?' ih
I'lilVt l.ita.
| ' it will ,.- sc.-ii ':,'. totora c to our ' itj I
tatllis-eai ?? thai the Jaiy h,?,- fouad a vrrdiri
?falast Price of 183,31? ?
1X7* The son of Mr. Iiatikln. B. La Cunneti
?ille County, la. wa? killed on the 20th wl
(?Sting his lather to roll ?a?v lugs upon hi? aa I
[nu It teesna that after rolliof :he Lira part j
up, lie ma,le an effort to rena'w hi? bold, v?b>'
it rolled hm k upon Mm brsnkiag e*/ary bone m
hit body. it,e hoy was about t,n year? ,1 If*
TttS ? '*?.? 1*0 Nli ..mit li.rkM... .t.? ?In ihr
t'oiirt of UeBasal Seaxdoa* ihn morning, !mlfc'
It:,,ton Uli?,'i,-,l tha opinion of the Cunrt. Jtsataj?
Conrad concurring, in the rnattei charging Metrar*
Biddle, Cowperthwah and Indrews with a cm.
spir icy to , hi it. aVc. discharging then lot want id
prohuhh) canse. Jadgu Ilutan tnsseuted fruaa the
epiaiua ?>i tie' muionta of the Court [ Phile. I?n/.
?later I. Until*.?..?.lohn Shn??'i. wl,,, ?? I -
sleclsd Sheriff ??I' Haatiagdoa eunaty l'a. lint full,
wn? convicted ?I UM .laiiiisia Sa .?m....of ih<-Court
of that county for bribery at the elect ittOS, ?ad has
le',m ?enienced t,, one month iotprisonmeni la ihe
county jail, aad to p i;- oi e hundred dulla. - i aa tu
th>- ?sssnBBuuureulth.
H7* Mrs. Ial??in \ St,-..i?, artre of Mi 8x*>
???ii? of tha snihoj Railroad, ?deal am Tu ?. I ta.
?Ujut at Bor.letit"i?ati. N. .). She bSS he, Ii niiwil,
fol s hing tun?-. A trip to th?'II <-?t Inall?-? in Mr.
K. I.. 3if lem'i baaatiiiil jot hi Onkayha nsi of no
???r? ice to ht r An amiable and exemplary a?,.ma,,
?hi- i< r? -n ltd by a large cirl? of friends and re?
cipients of her kladnes? [ I'lula. f?a/.?'it?-.
lim ?ni'? is rui. Wrtr-li sfatprsrtx, bf pajxe** re
rnved ?itlnn ihr ia,t ,1a? ,,r |sn. Ihat Us* Bank'.I lllknorj
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assert e?l.
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the arasai aial be? Maun went Martel saw, a. i ?
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?'.le.iiun i.,r live Trn.t.e. ?tl! l.e 1.. I I n ' ? - II
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hill past I o clock, P. M ti? arsb i.
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N S -The rr.aini.it.-. which II ?V ? ? r ?'
Itl.lll. .|,|?nale,l at lite 111,' III. ? ! n;; u' It,e \ .ui'l ..??, . i-, I.? "
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aim,e tenu? It n nun he,ii?: apple .1 al the ..|l, ?
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ran.'i n,.-?. ? ?? r?rei?e en tn. .Tin ?tynt kadi, I?
? ?a Tr ' - tr. ut V> i?|.,.? ?|,a,|e? ?-?,.,., e ,.,e a ? ??
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nette n 4 |r i u . entre.. Frech H< raa?t, View, in mor.nl .".I
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? la L'enetal a?*t,ri. 1 . , 1 .
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meat fashlnnaht? ?ryle, atsater ibe ?tirfctlow ot Sir M ?????
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ne?*, w?? iv.i nci a? rmt ?I l,y ?n k...-??. m wh ri >
t/eaier | ayt renia ?< raa, l,?t wa. le-re,! lar?
1 l?. n Ktn.k.K?. \|. ?!
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way, aii'!T7 iVa.t Rioa.lwav Price 11. '2? ?.T Im
It" l'kisil'in tlttrk'a f II? I
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known ??? . ?? |t ,,:, a reara a
l-sper p.i i .._? 11 re,, i.,,-i,,| i M i ?..?..?? (?ranee. M I
?l'i,pi? ??..!..;,, .H-, ti ,| !er"i?,A ' at al
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auat riet.'?' ,i l.entlet'iai.? Mal?. ??. I wl.icb te? i? letem. nfst
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let all call an t ?? illah aad Caps and p re?ltesnre
n.aa.a.- i ? ? I i> aSf..llPI
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Metall c Ta?.?i Bin ?. wi. .1. ul.ia ??,1 ?.e preaSoa
laie a. wetl a? each pre e.i ng Pa r at the artteiieaii Irwae
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