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1 tjlplfl ?*mmUmrt of l>enaoeri?li?
WHHI kill N<> MEN.?A regnter a*r>u?j tat Inlet n.
miller, will I* l.rl.t ?! t'r Brni'l "*? Ihni-e, fm rrailo
?v. *ae?.lhe l.iot inly. IMt, nl I ?"eine*. Bynr.nr.
AI.KX AMl'ltK W, UKAD. OKD, Climrman.
rmaataa k. i AY..O?, t'twwiniR.
IT |n Waoiivgto* Off the Tribune mar he bad m
f. |,l II . ??? n ?-, n?ar Tlur :-?tr?<t, at t reut? nr'
er,ii?. mmi delieere.1 t?. aul.vr.l>er- at lha.r NMBBBCe bbt tl
renn per month, "t Uj reut? pa r week.
J r TI.e Iw V>. oi I'* t' l THrra I.itcraiy kt receive.)
and fur HRB at tli ? office. A?ent. ?upplied at RM u?ua
rate*. P.ac ?I ?in|!. numliera VI renta.
I V American l.nbarer. The Jaly MMH> -
I be American Laborer .. reauy lor delivery. I'rue. t|
erat? p. r immVr. Mu'-scriplio.. lor mail ?ut?vihrr?, 7'
(TT* For a notice of the hjiiacooal Board
of .Miie-iona ?Literary Nefieeo? Review of
the Marke?*?an.I an article on the Coin
pound Keonoiiiir>8 of Aasoriation. eee |'ir?t
(J71* For ? |?iere of Poetry liy IL M.
L'liarlton?Rod remarks of Measra. Adam?
ami Miller announcing llieiieatlia of Mi ?-r..
Hasting! and Southard, see LawBt Page.
The ?reoI ,*p?? ? h ef flewry flay
?\\.' L.oi' ieceleed by this mornlng'i mail,bj
the enterprise : f our llaltiuioro correspondent, a
. fj at the peal Speech ef HENRY Cl .Al at
the Barbecue given him in l/oxington, Ky.. OR ilie
'Ith of June. It iaoneof theehhwl ami moil j>ow -
eitui eforti of ihii greetOrelot ami Btaieiinan. He
MpooUa first tnoat rlo<|iiciitlv of Temperance, ami
'heu ehret a rmo( iaMweatlagj ihetca ef hi> MPrji
lift ami l.ia whole political care r. The grrau
Oreloi ihoa proceedi to ? Mtrvej of t!"' political
. nii'iilion of tin- iu.ijt.try?trurua nil ita fottunea
through the Adminiatralioo of* John Wuinet A da ma,
nod espeeai the tooiea af ail mMTproeonl ft nan ial
difhoultiea. "He then iu :goete remediea lor nil
thflwdieordera. Hereviewi tin- coeduct ofPrea.
Ideal TTUR at length, and epeahi of it with per?
loci plainoeM aad with groat leverity. He apeaki
uf the Kim.I.- I aland Rehellloti al tome length, aod
i oacludea by a moot eloquent appeal to the cilieeni
of thr Union?to men of in 11 parties?to rally around
in. glorioui banaei ol out country. We quote the
lb] owing ooocluding uppcal to the Whig?:
\\ bigi.' araaao f rom the ignoble aapiaeaew
which oecempeaeea you?awake Crom the mihergj
in which you Ii- btitaal rail from you that un?
worthy apathy which tee ma to make you Sadieer*
eat to iha lata at yoai country?arouae, awake,
?bake?ff the tlew-drapa that glitter on your nm
BMaU, gad oi.ee n.oro BUrch to BattM und to \ ir
loi \. \oii have beaa diaappointed, deceired,
I.oniiv.-,1?ihamefolly deceired aad betrayed, Um
will yoa therefore also prove take and failhWan ia
year eaaauy, at ahey the kaapriaoa of a just aad
patriotic iaaifaathm t Aa for Captaia iylcr, In
la a amor anup?? RRah in gaa pan; pick yeui
\\ bjg liiut- and try your rifka ugiiin.
Thit ipeech ia very 1. Rgt aad ia dr. Idedly one
oi the t;ri.uo-i ho ha. aver made. It be "'?.I
with the decpeol iatert -t hy arery maa in the na?
tion. It'. sKjII puhlitk il in fall in ma, Euttu
Tnl.ua>- To l>a , <i' It o'clock.
OUteiel geterrereeee iw KlectieNa.
A 'Chaatanl Header' wi.hra to be mfbrBri
whelhei the Circular i.<ui d l.\ Ilm Slate Depart
nieut, aboetly after the aoeeeaiaa >.i thr buneated
lliitui.oN, -trictly forbidding, under pekt of dia
miaaal, all oSceraof the General Government from
any thr lead inMrteroncc ia papular aleetioaa baa
bea-n rapaaled ot t? yel ia lall operaiioa. lit
nlao w iali.-a to knon w liriluT 1'ieiiileiit TtLRR hat
reoeedy found reaaoe to believe that the Ibllowirg
rxtiuci from hi? Inaogaral Addreaa embodiea doc
triaea which ate a area $titutio%4? and which he
iwmot thereforecoatcii atiovalo enforce:
" Tin' iim eali aineil power exerted by a itlfiikla
ambition* mow, hi order eithet bo ptrpttmdit kit
mmtkoritfj, or bo hand it oiggtoaouM favorite aahie
tuccaaaoTi may lead la the employaaeal ..I all tin
laagM wiiliin liia ooatrol to aecotnpliah hi< ob
irrt. The right to remove from office, aubjocied
to ao piat reetretet, is in * ital.lv deatiaed to pro
duce ti n/'tnf of crom lima lortilit*. wilh the offi?
cial oorpa, which, in aider to uphnid '/,.? gaa?
.-.dttM i ft c l* tltrm, would lead to duvet ami active
iaterfeieBce in theehmtioaa, both Suit.- aad Feda
ral, thereby inbjecting the couraeof State Leglala
mre le the dictatioe of the Chiel Executive offi
oen and n .1 kiue ti e will oi ti.nt eRecet ahaoluti
and siiprruie. I will, ut tl propel tune, invoke tin
notion ol * leagreM upon the enoii ct, aad ?hall iced
Ihj aeqaieece in the eaVtptfoa .>t all proper mea
lurea which are eakadated t.. irreal the-e evil*.
a., full of (H?gel in their tendencies 1 will
raaaaaa aaiacuaahaai Inaaoaacewhohaa l?ithfullj
arcpaitted hlmtah oi the amtma of hat efaea i i cej I
in aaaaa wheta aach oaneet Ima beaa gaihy oi an
in-live eeitiaaaaliip, m ftr aaerel mi n???the loa?
meaty aad therefore the mote ohpMttonnhle?hai
;,-iren Int ii?ci.il mlh'i Ott Ot the/'uryv.c. $ of pal Hp
laereaa hefa riag thr patronng? oi thr gem lamaal
%h l onlli.-l with thi f rri </.>.u oirii rtiont. NaaaatVM
raaaovela maj la, ..me naeeaaary mnlrr this ruh ?
Theae will in- made by nu through ao acetwiPj ot
melmg. 1 have no oaaaa i.< cheriah ar iadulgr
unkind iVeUag lowanhj any awe, bataveoad
wi.il?' regulated hy a profoaad s.n>e of what ii
.lue ia tl..- oewatiy aad it. iaetitmioea, am iraii
I RMWM t 1" al ii T Tilt < AMI vim tBDiae in . !
to riin?i ..i mi u?\ irrouiTBBBT. Freedemcd
imiakm will he tolerated, the fail rainyatoiil of the
rinlit >>f> bTibm wih be awhttaiaad a? the birth,
right nfaverj Americaa cithten, hm I my empha?
tically la the iRnclal Cmrpt ?' thtH tar and i.o fur
tla-r." 1 luve durah the longer upon this luhjecl
' a ? ?*?? teniovals from obbob hiv likely eftea to
aime.aad 1 weald have an ooaatryama le .adrr
a.'.ia.Z the principle of ttt Jj.lfBIWt arti,<n."
JtajR Tri tu.
M ? ar. not aware ti.iit ,-idier of lhe.r excelieni
.U-amcnte Rflg ever baBB formally |gpgg||j :
Imaafh we are itielmed to believe that ?u'HUNpir-t.t
mrinrll haa led the Kxacuivr to rtglfd their
puiviai.ina. tu t a.a m-mdatorn but aahl a? rrc.o-.
?nca .ii'orv; ami it may I?? thit the Naaasa tm
thia heliei" have baeu, with certain athara,
ia 'hi Stute Department." Thai the ,1.. ?
coittainoil in them are regarded a* mer-< ?
fionr?to which no pnienc.il let ob is to la- allowaC
?we laHR from the fact, that, on 1'ri.lay , \r
Inat.as wo or>- informed, a private caueti? hel l at
( natttadaa Hall for the purpaan af ntginliiag i
7'y/cr J*ert| in thia city, wa? attendiil hy Kdwarti
( urtia. C'ollivtor, rtarna'.a. Hatoa. Mra?u:vr. 1>
John S. Bowron. Wrish-ninater?all of the Caitotl
Hous,-and by Ka.lw.KHl Kiaher of the Lower
I'aat Otiico. None of ihcs? goaiiarnea, we think,
would have th.i. Bxpaaed riaaaamteaa to th?- com ?
of their auperior*?if theae orkcial regulatiou? wen
?tili in fall foice. We leara Rather, that the
dehU-ration* of the ( aticua tee.ilt,si ,n pup||.
ration, in the olfu-ial orcan for thia citv. of a rail
for a meeting in the S-vcnt.-cnth Wa.d. Tin
rooming waa held, and area attended hy Redwood
I isla-r mid tin- followme t'liatom-ll owr
hleii;. I?. Baaparia, Appreiin; Dr. Jahns. It..?.
rot., Weijchtnnatrr. aad Sou. Harn.-ilwt.? Hale* ami
Ihoinae H iawai!. nvently lurtieal out of the Cbo
tom ILui-r ! y Mr. Cum? lor iriterloring hi Kloe
lioae, bar iateiy re??or?*d ia arrordarice, a* > ?
lioeed, with order* from IVaahiagtoa! Mr. I-a
Fetfe ar..i .Mr. a*mf ail - BBaiet Mr. ? Bf.
Tho.e worthies were topportod in ">* r
.ailniitic efforts to tustain Mr. Tyler bj It Phon
M'.'-vrva, the Loe*>Foee S red [aopoctoc, wM
hi* iwBBjpejte. and Utrard Ma Health War?
ier.. T!ie C.i.iirrnan ot ti?- bmi Bag ?atil rev
lately wa? Ham.-row- f. r a ' fl. Bank, and 11
leonlmiuei were nrrpen I end read ?nth rre?'
teal by a Kent!rmrui who rii! no; appear ro h ? "
?nemlrer of the Ttiapeeaaea gtwiaWty. A *<>*:!? torn
rail wai made ,.pon Re*jWaod Ki?h r. Eae> for i
tpeeeh; but Im deal** '1 t? f:"'l'> vre-"'ni F "?
nticala*.'a iate??ptwbaaSlj aaeamM lie had r.ot aa
idJre??. ptapani on datt aide "I the qu.-stioa.
i n niimlou. Mioim* nt the Weal.
Hv ilie eeeiaowewataaee we pablhih bebaa it aib
beeeea hhai tie BateaUo Weaaara portioe of the
Slate ha* beenvbjited Ia h v-rri!.,.-and rJeartruetm
,torin. Hal Ho. heMer Peat tayi that ibb ?<*?
lata BAB **??? to have Leant f>-it watt ef Twin?,
though the wiad Bad r*ia WOTC \ery tOVeie. At
Peel livron. Moatraa aa, ClyaVt and Lank It.-riin.
tree* a eta piutliaMid. ia many rao-a aero** tl.?
? anal and towpeth, r< rpiirint' tolre eat away Irefor.
theboataeould na**. Varj large tree* wen twist?
ed otT by the mot*. At Clyde the Charcfa ioat 412
;ierie? of class h) the hall, and all alone tie? root..
^n-at darnaire trat Marahaad. Hail ttaaet aaaa
surtng from live to eevea lachet in circunHOfeeCe
were pleated up. Tin- Country about Buffalo win
a!?<> vhrited by a eery st-v.-re and deatrortiee bail
?turnt. Wheat Soldi aapedaHy tu.tained gn-at
rbirti I re
Correipeedrai ? oi Bm Tr haaa.
Aeatraa, Jun<- ??, i*t-.
Y.-afi-rday (fluBBaj) are waTR visited M lait
teetion by a Ire mead out ihuwer ef rain und hail.
K atn-iik aboal torn mil.* aid.- rawaing Eaat aiel
\Ve?t, ond riimntr-tirinir aba id ilin-o mil.-* Ploftrl
of Auburn, tuflered dreadful!) from tbe ileeuactive
effect* ..I hail, wir:.I and w;'t.-r.?tin- ram peared
down in torrent*, and the hail atoaea a hu h lavd
aotne ariaatea man] of tbcm arete n* large ee a
beat efJJ, l j,i*?><| through tbal regioa two or
three boata afteiaaide, and I eoofeet a. old a
"utri a* I run I tn-ver wirtiet.r.l euch ari airo.mi ot
waste: treat ?wi.? hrafleea,aad ttrippoil rd fruit?
potatoao, .on.it.. |raoa, aad whoat nro all
lerebrd and lii.-nlly eat ami mangled to pieeea;?
in fit:.- Geld? of erbt II ??: I adradi ct acn-* na I
paaaed aJoag not ooe ?taik . .it !.| I e mat. !i..
.o proRt wits tin- *?.< (', tin- lost to the farming
.?'immunity in thit pan rd noi fertile county tut:11
la" enortnoae, nr.il OO-lll he ?rrm-lv felt. No idbi i
part ot tin- county baa at I hear been to aeverclj
dealt a .tin Yoan in hatte
Ci in tpoaib nra id The Tribana
I.i 111 t: Kai i ?, June 27. i'.li (
M..,.nay itwaa?gi I O'rJecIl P M. |
Dkab Sia: [ lautea to lay be (bra yoa a briel
outline of tin- bmmI aevere und oVatrudttve ca
aitotii-a that it- h i* fallen to my lot to record tin
many a day. Thit atV rnooa, between two ami
three o'<:lock it caimroaaeed raining, aocotnpanied
i >v deafening peali "f thunder aud llie muol rivid
Ihwhi a of lighuiiatj, till, in lim ?h?rt tpaco >>f
twenty raiautei?tin rain doaceodiog all ih whil<
in out xrttil ?hc>' of tni/cr?nur >lnirta und low
fellnr* aten nii Rwadjed. Ilm wate, don, iaa wr
nwinding hill-1 nil teemed to concentrate in tin
main -ircc-t. pteaatatotj t-i it- leap wowa lha tide
lUwaat through to ii,i- Mohawh, forming one tnighlv
torrent, and tweejiutg the ttoret eeaapbtaaly, enr
rying with iu ravaging impetooeity almoal even
articby which mal tt-t cowraa. In teveral i-aaea I
taw barralt of floor, pork, whiakey, auger, flab,
and even the *to\i-. which bad been need in the
.Imp*, awepl in tili? nnghty whir! and tu?li ofwa
ier? to tin' diatanee nf fotly and even eighty rod.
From the billi it came with a dbwaraiag fom
agataal the back part of the ?ton-*, rutbing witl
thf tame deatTuetivc rapidity through ibopa InU'
the moinatreet; thence tab lag the oppootie able, it*
ravagea wen -?tili mtweebjtola?og, banting op ttep*
mil the underpinning of il,r buildinga, .-orniirie
w ith it po.t?. uaea, boxea, balet ..i tbeeting, I.id
clothe; und in taatiT ca*.-? tin- cellar walla were
??ii rij'pitil up Rate eadaaget tin' tafetyof tbebuibl'
inga. It ihea tuet, after paaaiag over the track nt
the Hailroadi thecarrenl of the Mohawk. Through
^noeattwel it? force eti exceedingly twift, ru?b
inr do?n with h madaeaa equaled -til* by the
|iowi>r of u cataract. Un thit ttreel it. d.-tola
tioaa treranevenbeb*aaterrible; it carrietl with ii
I Hera By evert thing; ehbvwalka oil doatroyep
post* aud ti.-r--. uprooted, gatdedM Ul let till" hill
wa re all waahad from thell loutidalioii. I aa>
tdurulii'ton. for it tuny not be known to jma tha
moot, if not ..in beat rardeaa, am formed l.y fill?
ing earthoo the rockt to the depth of two, tin.-.
mill w\.oi tia bet, iha i....n.hunoi being moal gene
tollv ?tilnl rock. Tin' quaatity t:ra\el ?ton.-.,
lorn* and I ember tlnit paaaed down the ttreea,
area Irah aetoai thing. TI im. k id tin Rail mud
ia eompbtaelj buried beaealb the atoae und eatih
thai wn?lti-.l o\.-r it; ami ;ti man; placet, both
above ami below thit village, tbe truck i? carried
oaT. im.' eaaal l'"?t that ha.I Iwun baaled intoth.
baaia that aAaraaea *ot* the putpoao ol receiving
her loading, now Ii. ? peHe tlj imbedded in :he
aarthaad taoaea that wan wa?iu-d in from the
hUL St?h a aceaa wa? aem befote wit.-?-,.ail in
ihi* place. I a.iw aeveral eara that had la-en car
, li.-.l ort'the trai-k. hty at a dbttaaoe of -.en r. ?J*
worn tin- Ralliwad. 11 a ram ?I i a. m I . ... .t nah
pa-t thro.- o'ebask, uti*l at four the 1MB .iiono
brigitly. Su^h a aeeae! The ?'.rn-tt rlovleJ,
j .-rammed ap VrWh baaea, taraiuae aad graceriea,
floating BBatM in ?>v,-,y .Imvrion. After *i\ o'clork
(hi* en-tiinj?. all Bereoai aim tOald So employ,.!
w.-ro haail] etiga;r.l in eeteetiag n?gether the
ftmtaaata of pcapattj eaviaad ia ail dirrcriotu. trr
tlu- til'are by the eaurae t!,.- varying current*.
Nolivea amre htSt, though leaaral nurrow e?.-a|-e?
I haat OotJ, :t duj BOt o.vur in the night 11 ia it.
eertalaly Ifty livaa ?uu*t have het-n aarrifi rd.?
the trabt of cart from the Eael at.-i l\'e?i will
not orohalily be "nable,! to |tW throuch her-- live |
?l. *trii.-n.,n alone the Mohawk meet i>e great, I
?"??"Itli I have 1,,-nrd from to place yit. The ioat
I i'Mioiatrd l.y ,?;r aWaa*B i? from torafj I 'hirtg
: '?.-.??ad d.;Ur,. All th.* ;n tlie *h,)"rt tj^e ef
. aw aoaa abb . baw? \t j.rc*,-..t a!i i*u, the
, irreataat fl.'ll* tajJ aneeedee.
I Tm.it. in icreat haate. S.
; ^^?CmoctiAa^A
?..u.tio, ,h, iouttht eralhebaadattl*.
?aVa ot tlu- \ bra Caamo, Bet >? Saratov Spriaet
, on Tuesday the BJajj mt July next
IJT A taJute a a* tired yesterday at noun, ha
Her Vii.e.i,'. Mdt*|.-.tit!.e!ii.-.:v?r?fc,y ,1|
the Woven a Coronation. Tlie talute war returtrai
bj the Aawrkaa slnp-of-aar in tlie i arh.jr.
Hai l BtloaoK ma Kol KTII.?-The ?tramhaat:
Kai itan will make an Kxrursiou ?? M.uxhe, .folv
aah, at t a'aiauh. aVam Harviay atreet. Ibr IV.rtb
Amlxii, ?,Mi New-Hrun.ai.-k. l.y tin- ...ir...!- ;?,..
?n;-.-. Wo eaaaaaaad daa whf t > tl?- am miua .rf
o'.r i-ieiuaro ?eokitig Inend*. Sh.v hdry rti.etiKt.t.
Kr?an It ho.I. I.l.m.l I Ii. War fladrd bv
tar Hi?hl al l>*rr.
The Prot ;den. c t?.at lUBaOelaj rnorriuif brought
MaaVgMattyJag mfi.igaasa dM aal threatene-l
eeeaVdmd it. Rh mt Uia-.-l ha?b-?r avertr 1
?,<r?f U<tt : We rirarii.v teyaiaa at daa rc
?itll; aar aej) ftrther anxi.ny i? lest ti. ? infamous
-railor ?bnnld escape Iba reward ?it Iii? villa-iy ?
We underatand that tie *a* jBJea ..lay seen upon
tne BaBM of the Snood Ward ffI..t?-1 in th;i ritt
?"hen tt irood ran-un tu paM :!.at hfl ha? BgaM
phased him ?elf eadrr the j i etea ihm ot bil Tam
manv frt?*nd?. ?ome el* wham have eajd tint the
ihrer? ef iu?tire iluf mW mke h.m into cu.iudy
W- think it net unlikely rjajj h? a ill Hth funnei
Mtetf in |Vtiii?yivan..t, ah re tie* ?vmjMtkv of
<io\. Porter would in.'ire him ptot.rtlo:i. Wt
trtt?t. if lie he) any lach !? NTtttioa, that ! e a ill fit
it in exaratiea a- tpooatJii a? peaafMe, and at
? a-t ml this ejtj ef Ida Bfeeatto?. IVe *.!?!
all that t* know r ot tue r. - ill mt da) Mahl?),
from I'toaidenro patera of I aetatTj ? The louti.t'i
-ays :
Newt ha* tbjaa aaeomal an ? i that the knee
dir roiii:.,..i'd ef( Otoael Bi ?; . I I * tskee 'he b>
?urgent fortit.fat;oti. Don bed ft d. I'm huge Baa*
ii. rs of his men had been Mptnred. Even cx?r
dee will la- made 11 tat the ARCtl I RAITOR,
arhoao eeptitfe b) abenhetely ItatMpeaaaMi ii> tha^
ntVtr aMpeaeee/da State. IVe do not haet
Bat dihtg fatlbot af tite partkahva. Thentvaarbe
beaagdat Iba ndorsattii ?. I ated fb m eabaaelioa
?oon after delivering kit a ? leage.
We thai! ?i'.u fortbet ptutl ? den u m.?? en
?an gel Iber? tri BB BOlhf Bth: l"..rm. * >.. Biel Bit
tiurnini: \sitli ?M dc?irv 10 hrimr iti llorr. and hat
eaeape w? hope mmrj jmi be pet reeabi .1. Qeaerait
gtariaaat aad ?roat? meat he in bat reef byddt
thaw. The paaeet at aanaa, ?i .f a ih a kaow"
ledge of the country, ran he aeeQ) dt ( aded.
Col. Bfoara left Oreeaeille atSo'cJoeh ihl*
?totehtf. end beff re five he had peaeeMiaa ef ihe
latiiiieal camp. Tata af ear awn been baea ha
i.-d, one an udicer. !. .1 w In t:irr fat ihe atta. k or it.
.oino other an, ee* ? atu difter, Ii,.- fflhtge of
(jbepachel i? aaoliji tuiioaadad, aad huge pert am
are in bot porauil n Uoffi
The follow ins oidi t ?a? re< . ivo.i at I'tovid. tier
at I e'eleeh on Mai dej i
"i'.niin?. it. i..iui. :i. i I
" Heriag received auch utfertedna aa inducet
mo t? berbnra thai a maj .. ,tv ot the Grbsadt aflhe
Peaple'a Ceaatitadaa ditappfvea ot a.-._\ hattbet
foriildo mea.uret t-o r, support, ami (Tin vfajg
that the eoi.lii. i . t ami aaada, theitifiwet aadct
eaiatlag eattmaataacaai tn- l ot a peraooal rontur
versy Baaaaa dtffeieat portioaa "t oat citiaene, I
bereby direel thai ihe atilhan ben aa aeadrbad be
diamitted by their retpectivc oiliiei..
? T. V?. UOHIt. i BMBBBOOr n Cbb W
Ihe I >ll iwin; l.-tter it from our CurrCipo?lb*Wti
Coirrspiimlrn^r af Tli* Tr.ln:.ve,
PaavtaaacBi Turs.u/. t r. m.
Siner ihn la?t atfidagaeentt "t otmaldeiabhi ha>
pertaaee have traaapirad. Vou eraatrare ih.it?
lar^o for. e nmfahed o.it of iba aityeeeeetenrtr, aa
their way tu Clmpeebet. und i' trat tappoaed
abaaad thai i!,t* bafi the city alaaoai defencehtaa.
the Mayer laat etraaaag iaeaad hit prorlemalbte
that ail thuald be hi deeri <i III iVhtek. exaapl
person, on panel ; und MOB tftei thai boot (while
the min a at tmcondbtj in inrn-tiN) an alarm erat
givefl uf trooble in Pawttichot, I mile* diataat,
acrosatbe rlvei M ahbdtplaoe then bahtahje,
aad whii h nver is ihodividtag Ibtebetween Rhode
lalaad aad MaaeaehonetlB. I' app in that the
Keolith guardt, a bb h had been s. m to,hat plane,
had heei eeeeiled hv a nah of aboot MM), prinri
pnllv lush, whoaeniaavoredto break their line at
the Bfhige, ead palled ihe at aid) ataaea and aehat
mi*.ili". T il*- ti iepa brad heal atahem with hlank
eartrblgea, next d\er ihem with bait, ind flnadly,
finding it baputilblii to dhtperte ibem odarrwhte,
tir^d a vullev at them wMefa killed OM man and
area aded two etben Tbej then ditpertad ; hot
'1 en i? u BaoaarotM uo Bet due of Moh mea on the
Mameihaaeiii tide, aad a ttrotag fotce baa beea
?enf to Pawtork. t.
The tnawta advancing on Cbepachet too', n large
BOmber of prisoners, and many di- iC fti d |**1 tOBI
have beea a mated, nil <>f whom have bet a eata*
milled to prison. Hamilton, o;.f Dorraprotni'
neni ffghtbtg men. waa eaptared while oe guapl.
At % dabi mafaiags tha foeee aader Cel. Browa
loft OiaeatHba, and at ."? aarcAed able D wv'a ??>'?
riivipmrnf irilln"it tpmtMtttttt?where they took
ahawt 160 whtenera. Dort and hi. body gtattd
of ale.ui ?d men. lift the enmp nbant 7 In?: . .'?')?
in*, vviiii the haowhgdge of hat bbbb gent t.t'iy. and
prahablj nmda let the Ceaaeetiem hues. The
Uoverninrnt forecs ate in hot pursuit "I I.im.
I re?ret to I? compelled to ttate that Mr .lultv
Oovld, Sd I.ieut. of oho ot the M d.l .-ti .? ii rom
paabra, wa< ihol hv bit mvti brother ia law, * i lie
on the match t" Chepachat, m ? tempurmji fa uf
insanit\. It appears from lie' ai eount? that he wa
BMbjaed ami sat detva to r.-.t?the aweeaeed eem>
mai.d. d him to mar Ii on. wht I wideM .aving a
word he btvebad Ins nmekel aad dan him dead.
TMt |>s the o I] i.I 1 :'r I i1:. ,.,.| a| ?|,
ihe pan of ih' gi teraaaeai ion-. -.
i Pi M. Ti tti.ar.
Tho man who thol I.!. <!.. .'.1 i. ii poftadjlo h iVl
since d.i'.l ftom wow la received from others,
'Ihr pe?ardereaakM fram Gnea't p.a.hth.e.
..? well as the acrnp iron. .'. peBCCI rmaoea, hi ;la.
??lariotiet, an.] Madry other artichre, have heaa
found in tit.' eacampment.
Hill l>can and about? othert ban brcu taken
pr:<oneri< ai t'hepa? h> t r...l Pottef and oihera
t I.* tupposa-J have Babel t.ieir Meaaa to yi ur
Notlnnj farthj r is lirari ill' .rr. It it f.-trni
he has eseap' d
It it reporied that am-vn,; t't> priaouT? taken
at the l.ntantpment ar- Ihne riperatie halraagieg
in the efieee o! the Bay >.ite I Minet rat and the
B. sio:i I'ott
L>ray loaJ? aj pr.s.'B-r? ure co:i?t tntly cjmin"
in _ B.
The fefaHthtg hattet bj from dm eee^anHaaaatl
of the .Journal:
Two i.Vloi-k, P M
We h.ve j.jat n ea Mr Anir.rt v Whnakrr,
bcartr of dcapauhre freni Col Brown ?o Major
lint' ral McNeilL The lor.-a unler Col W
Brown, about NO ttteag, l^-lt i inetmBc at about
half part lour o'clock tf..a in. raint <ircer.v.!>
is eiiiht m.lra fr- m Chepa.h^t A Kout party
af the lotantry. of abeut a dozen men, !?d by
Lieu' P?man, kept m advunre freaa half a mi!*
to two mile* Thry took aud tent to the rear I
persons ;u the conrte ot the narih, ail fugitive*
Item DefT^I camp
I'pon arrivintr near the for:.r*i atu.n. if wu evi?
dent thtt the ton c had m?ren*!1*-?tcreated, ?o
that the scoat party, without waning for th* ad?
vance of '.he main body, <i*t-rmtned on entering
the fortihca?nn alone. No resistance was made
The men lied in eonfi.ton, and ihf atom party
look potaree'en wtihoat ti;iug a gun The tortiti
cat.on provrd to be a in ferable ali nr
The main body itiimediateiy arrivrd and totk
r*rvafwjon of the village It ia itfkde guarded,
and eactpe from il it impotetble Th- number
o. pneoit-r? was about l ??, ?nd more were taken
coiattaatljr. Tbc house* will ?[| be thcroaghlr
Our men were tired upon .n eoiogmto Chepa
' htt, and one man a. umied. Th-y rcftrnrd the
lire No eata ntx>,bbom n Cat. laaawai
ntlttttl1 Has Bt.tV KILLtO K,ve l.eW.p,rCe*
were kuad in ihe lurt; also a large aumber of
miu-kfts had tmm\ ?vr.d mm pike* were four.d
\n ?xclirm ammunition wtgon wa* captured. 1
*hirh came very ?J pMtwM ',y fat '.he Manne- Ar
.r;\. tbeil >~wn ha? r.g aeen brok?n down.
1 ma i la i a.-t i. Brnv?, ?t " ? 14CK, a
BUy men. in the o.red.on ot ClBBMirlifBT His
>wn rr.' d were go. rent ot' hw ti ght, and nun?
ei uVdn lared thai ?hey wo'ini ?hoo; htm, BBWld
bey :" .<i him A large body of them weatthrough
l'.urriiNi?e, in the d.rtction of Maanachasrtta ?
rhe fagjitrvee were in ocndernble parties and
aril armed They will therefore he dangf roue
'? :he peac'ab.e inhabitantf, unirr* thry ?re taken
t ?ne of the Marine Artillery am fired at hr a
bm ot a high orticar under Dett'i gavenuaeal
The bail went ihr? u^h the shirt of h.s coat, and
im i m hm cartrn',? box. The mm wat pur?
sued to a hnu?e m which h* took refuge tie
hu BBdonbtedlj been tak- n TheJ|eri?oBers were
?et to wotk baihfiag the intrrn< htnen:*
The foBewiag Bccoaatof laaaafHCi at Paw
tucket, a larce manufacturing town alaiut four
Providern c. i. frum lha Chronicle :
p?u Tt tear, Jjne 2?, imz
Ton probably are aware ere that that th*tre ?>?
a diatarbaace la-t eeeeaaa with the treeae teat oat
here t > preeerve aeaV r. N her it *a* kaawa tl at
l MgMJ of ?oid er* hail be, li < tdi red to ik ?
place, aa eiwaat aHteathalaBtma ?m Bnaiteetod
On their arrival In te. at ah..u: 1 o'clock, . WJ w-iv
gteeted i:r*t with ehean, then wnti ;i an? and
bjatea : Bad when a aatthwai' the guard wate
aMfcaaag to iheir ttauaat im the bridge, ttie baym
aal of ute- of them ?m arraMMd from bat gun ami
I . liabed in tl ?? ^ir by a man who mi. drunk.?
Ha a it Moa afamoaaaaaad of it. bet not tili ha hail
atfueh OtM of the midien with it. Hl made Mi
?K-aia' ieta Mj-ii 1 mtllB. Thiagt went aa ihia
I ... v..in i'ad to arena, uvt'l between 'C and !?
o'clock hi the evening whea aaaaa pcraaa attempt
, d t.. reree ? borne aad wagon through tin* ear
diary, Hml report, ha waa tir?-d upon. I am
told dial at the tit-t dl at ha ige otaamaetry, ? wie
ii wa? pawing ?woonnl and fell Bt?w tlie bridge
It waa Imtwediatelj reperMm Bewag the crowd a?
ma bled thai n womaa bad beea killed.
About lhh time, I Irata, a raab wat BBtda upon
the troopt inen tiir re.n, to liepoaeeae then oi
da .r cun?. at'd at nearly the .amr titM ?tone?
wate t! i two by the crowd sa the Motootkuttttt
>i rr. accotaaaawd anhh " Woo dara not are, aV
|*hia badee ?1 the lok?en t.? tin-. The iir?t roead,
I Irata, waa blank tiilialgai. which waa retaraed
?:ih a volley of iteoee. The agaia Ina.l? I theii
gvna and with ball cartridgee,aad tired ever tin
heeda of the crowd. That waa attended with ? ?
better aoeceea s the crowd weald boi aatparae.?
II..-. fifed agi.md, u* 1 ware, took aim, are a
ana name.) hi >!'v. I imtive of Sotlaml. ?k ihot
? 1 the heart. There *va? a tamer that Othe
en arere woaeded, bat it waa ceatraiUctad.
The crowd immediately dieperaad, and than
waa an larthei aatbn tk duriag the Bight Tbia
- i tehnH ilay in Paagpwkel; nan of ail <ihtaa -
arear gloomy counteaancei, ami ali baeiacat it
In addition t.. the ut.,,w letter from our c,,i te,
p.indent, the fol'owinc partibbIbbi are giean in an
ram of tan Quetta aad Chreeichi, froat which
ara aalraei:
I>n\ill C'Hitin.- wn? <i,..f tliro ijh the knee, ami
l> hen l{.'\ waa wounded la tha ana. The belli
ara laani, pemed tbtaogb iheelothaaof Bomeothei
; eraet?, bei we ?1 i*l not laara that any otheraw.
mm red. The maa killed l.a< left a arna an.i
children, ami bbb of tha a needed ha? a family,
ami are do not knoa but both have.
I i t:,.' .-.iiir-?- of the evening, a citi/en of Mu?mi
chtMeitB, while pesehtf throafh our ?treet? in a
carriage, bad - reral Btaahaaj ditcliarged at him,
bm he fnrtnaatal) escapad aafaaramd, I hne ap
peBri to have been ?Mine miiund.-i?landing in rela?
tion to mr oi ler lor t in to ?top.
Tatai ..i .Vau IIombm.?At tha raaaaCaaaaiBB
of the ' I, 'mpif ma ( uert, held at t 'anaudaigu.t,
*evrra! jH-r-.,... WBIB li "l bf Mail r.'hni-iie* ront
mitted a few Bioatha dace in lha vVeatara part oi
tie route. Alfred Holloa an 1 John Harting to a
wer" eottvietad af wveral rohherieaof tha Mail on
the Caaal rente betweea Rocheater aad Buhalo.
Henri C. Hilbert, tried for a limilar oCeoce oa
the Ridge Raad era* acqaitted, Bihta Doly ?;i<
coevktBed of robbing the t;icat Mail aa the Stage
route Weat of BunUe, ThB lllaia occupied nrnr
ly tin- whole af laal week, hi a laie bom- on Sat
ur.luy alght, while Jiulre Smith ThotnpOOB wa?
aharging the Jury?the Coart havlBg beea is *ea
aion tiBBBta boart?ha ?m leecad to c> aae throngb
faiainaaa. He rev i.e.I, however, and ia a ?ittu.g
poature, proceeded wiih hit charge; bet he aeon
fainted cooiplately away. HtrtrnrrradnilBainat
1?, ere loaf, to rr,jiii.,t ui* aBBBclaca, Jadge Cook
hn. lo t.niih the change. Hi* a Lam ad BIB 001 a
lioaad raaaidBrabla fear thai he would not r?iuv
ei : but he wo* in lit* BBttal krallh on the MMBBBd
iag day. In.- Rocheater ivveaing Poet eaye thai
h<- " ia now upward* of iBatatj yean of act, lie
hat lung tiiled important ?U'ioni in the public ?ri
v ice. He wu? for ?o:iie yi-an S. i i. tatv of the
Navy, nnd wa? tha competitor ot' Mr. Van Boren
for the oftce of Ooeeraai of thii State ia lull
II.- wa* tranei?rred from the Nuvt lK?|..irim nt to
the Ben, li af the Di i a?a* one of ike juaticea o!
lha Suj n in.- Jndk .al ti aWaal of the 1 tad."
Attrmpi rocottarrSoiciBi bi Dbowbibo.?
AInmh nali hU", a'ehmh tiaiwday. a man wh?.
?ai.l hia aaam waeThaaau Kaeedddfe, proceeded
to the North River near Washington Market,
a he re ha threw hiameafaaT the wharf htte the dock
I wiih intent te drotta hunioit. A i ope w a? throw n
i ? him, l.^t bo tafaaad to gra.p n. and ?jnk. By
lha aae af great aaartteaBi bawwwjr, n< araaiacov
.-? ? !r..tn the water, though ru. Ii Rfahnfl loa will,
?i. it v .1 ..teii. and ?vi? .ar ??? I ;,. tin- I *. .j re
? ???' ? There he itakd that be ba.l been, agaged
in gaii.bling in the B..wury ami laal evarj diilhng
of hit money : ami that having n..thing to bjve oa,
he might aa well die. He wa. locked up iu a
! cell of I he j.ri.oa. la ladefcear, if !*'?? ble, in ac
ijuiro nlheieal kWedli tft ot tl.'- art af living to
baw bb hither eecad n Gm drowaMaj.
DaHAwM faoa tu Cawi i a ibi aaar.?T'.e
Hadaaa liner Chronicle catain* the followiBg
1 award* mile by AppraMMg BMpOBBBad by the
Vice Chancellor of the Second Cir. uit, tuapprai?e
dl Bwiaagai that will accrue to individual* by the
dilllllna ot the water? at? the Croton River,
whan wii'. la; drawn ort' by tlie Croton gaaadaal
Tb- awnrii* aie thu tamo a* lor a lolai diver?ioa
of .aid a ater?.
Tn 3 .Im T.nnpk n?. .$l..ire
Te aaBiitTiaplMi. too
To Banaea TMapaMa. 2.o*>
T> JmUr. anH J?me* Ba.ly. * jne
Tin- further hearing in ike , a?e of tl^ Tan
Coitlandt* i? postponed to the ISth of July next.
Loan I*tivp Ra:lbo40?Another ?ection of
? ? id era ed Met wwak to the Ialip Statioo,
BOW callad Thompson, about 15 mile* from New
The cnn?truction of twenty rai.e? of ihia Road,
aaniertahea la*t y.-ar by the Company with the
?MB Leaa Bf |IweVOO0 um I the ?her rr*.>orrr* of
the Company. are nearly completed. The , ar? are
now running twice, a day to the preaent termir.u?,
ThewBysea \ laavMBj Brooklvnatlmif past I A. M.
and 5 P. M.
Thi? road M ?o far eitet.Jrd a* to place BMHBr
' gera within three frr-r mile* of the great South
Bay ami tlcaan ; whither tha-y are taken k\ ?tag.-,
on the arrival af the eara.
Kaw-Toaa Dult Taiacaa.?A i>a ropw. of a^i 6m
' .e.' . la Ulel *i. . ...| t*.t at lha otbca.
Okie at Iii?? BTBWBlWg ?nr .Bellow #lni
? nrwiii in MM Km kn? IHN TmB To?
ri* ami Pi*BBB?eeM nr 1*41.
C rrr.,? n .cm- ' !???? Tr.t mir.
??> l H.\?. im ? .:. IM
? -
?.bow :.??? bot, tit a .; [?n mining gay,'
proajajcta .4 th gteBMM U I ?.u proud M
any thai BBB ipil t winch e in itrd the people 1?.
year* ago, 1? n.m.:.. t daed BBU wtmant. IM
U'al that ?tirre.i it,, mahl afgBBwl MM 1:l ,>
the same m ing* that 1 mat id tlx' hMM < >1?
.".u!.?.:>'? i i. mal ml tin Mauai ?'aBaj ?>? thai
?aHmm moated swath af flapismbcr. 1844, ??
a... i.u.,.< withrenewed rhjer; aad a yun?
Pttveii 1 about ta take ?mg li.an tlie aelics a'
lha o. .i?i (..pi t iadhtatiua proclaim* lha fact,
that tha y.anry at* am mad whttagaia caaat ?
anil laalMMfd tad eoMrwawad eaafgj l" *, rK
ot p. 1 . eel lugaaeiatana. Oar velieyi ail] again
wwta with ceagragjMiag Ereetara wh :..vn tii?
call shall ha aeeaded, aad thai time 1. mat if
IToacbii *?
Our tir?t lOBtaaihwta tha fa! State . .unpaid.
Mhi a MM) aat M ha adeuadarateed, . ..1 ^i>e ta
earnest if trhai can I-" bVm arhaa aa trj hi I'll
A .van/y nwWaiwg \ \ think; WM SBafad et V. atMB
county. M ha hehl at 1 aae ana, tha reaidcaee el
Gen .r.or Coawia, hut mbm "i thaii t.. ?;!. lera ia
aha adj ..-nng couatha iheaghl thaj eoeldeallevei
?sal beet alMlihaflhia'' Wagea 1? >" had Mam ;
? ?? ihey paekt'd up to .tint." at.d .hey did %la;t
Bed to with a Magaaaa?aad m dkl ?e hem
hVwatgaaMty. "Old riaara" aad [eBtpmaaeeat
tha bead, caiiiaga loads aad berat me a, wa^.u -
aad aaaeea leaded doara aad bearing ilofl I ? i
aaaara aad tteee, thronged bate the place wem
rvarj direction : an.I as me peered ahanj lha read,
ahe wwehay af baadkeiahivei bj bail aaitdr. aadtki
lead hai m fteM the aaraatr fat In* eevaaVdw* to a
m in tha atfuageat language that every haart ami
with us iu the wotk, irt.iu.il MNM wc,e .1.-. : t La
the bedy. Hut I inu,i aot oaut M meetiea eai
wwhiiiBl foauiiB ia the praeeeetea. mm km. ae
? pi-it which I am ii PI trill ehatwctwfiM ali out
fafrara BiirtaMagri Midway between *otnc one
bnadird rarriagM. npoa i bread vlmeied amg
.Irswn bj four ii.u?e?. itaad a M POMtwB ? ?
eith it? Bttendaai seinalng wheel, ami bj u tat lb
'.waei thaMot*iialaatriuualj eagagad Ii m irhaj a
j?:??.?? of /.miry. Xethtag aoam baiea ipehaa
,.i*r or ?im bebtet eft.??' (ToH Comaru aad
llr.nkv i l*i tiaepted) lhaa lha rattht ui ike
Loom and the itaatrj arm el tl"' Wearer. lt?
aMahltraahigbrieuabaraaMj "::ii the amliiaji
of ihe people. Hut it pndaard direful mging*
ueeag lha Ftaa rrada I larnvt'oeM, ihougb ?? leei
.ure wah ajony i- hm balfhcgua. lue ihaagu ol
the Blacksmith aad the hammer ol me kriiian un
destined to ring in their ear* tot many months t..
oeoat, and the aatiic ..i the loom aad arbeel will
I?' the death ehaal aearj I Nimagwgaa a ho -.?> ks
to erush on.- breech a tabor to bethJ nnatbaa aeea
it* mine, m t<> deniaa aur ewa 1 tea Label in build
un that of the beggared nathtM td Kurope. W<
?. ie bailed a. em raptdrjf i ???.-.1 aloag with arerj
deeaoeatratkm ot light spirit aad goad feel ng .
with thrilling meaic, fUu.^ bannen a:,.I itraaraing
Uaga. Kfu x a good dienet, ami most hospitable
. beer, from t.n n lha! spoke ? nit lull hearts, though
their pocketi wen aaaptr, repaired to tin
green-woed,one>he)f milo north i f the town, where
?? T. K. die Liiuey weaverr*\dMVW lha eli ittlc to
thetaaeot"aragei aad wot!, awhile, whea bj
laud rcnueii be n >uated lha bap of his ?(.".m in.l
cave a a Kiel solid n.ait. r >>t tact Tarill speech
He t<?.k for In? test! extract* tro ti WaIRII . ion.
Jtmitoi, Moaaoc, A?amj, aad J *> mow. Tu
boM who err out for Jeawreon m Jeeksoa aet>
tt ines, he atwaaalau the oi i mi ef these i ion,
paaaad them to theit pruteatai.?. aad bsulo them
act. Breathlaai ataroiiu* pereasied tbu \a?t a
menhir " Tom lha Weaver, said ha w.-.ld
aav Um " lorn tlie \V a.?i ..I w.. ..? . i
UM1 a'iilities I would, but Cannot pen one half tin
credit due. For one hour and a hall bo enchained
in tiarfect silence the muhhude uround him in the
eapeeitioni nf thoM great, vital, and imp rtani
potato thai involve the welfare of our BMkm. II.
.?as luccccdrd by oaa of our Repreaentalieea, i(
C. Seht nek. Kin , who made a lacid eapoiitiim ol
the conduct el the Loan awjoritj in ."ir Slate Le
{idame. Be ahn were thej in Hunk appeakkn
that the) paaied reaoluUoM undei which no haul-.
? rrr voe/d br tknr/ernl. Mr. S. eloaed hi
ipeceh with a proposition to nominate III.MO
CLAY far President, which waa received wuh a
itoiversal houl of wann teipet M.
Mi. 8. ...I.erti.l ia tie- Tariff, ? nueation, a* I
remarked '...fore, in which people are ink.to; *
deep iutonst, mi.I the reMll ot iheii Je liberation*
von may rest leeUTod will In- itiiafacti tv, a* loot,
i* they eaa bare opportunitj to rapress tin ir opin
ioaa UBmugh lha baOal boa eVaalily liebaari an
held in our cily and elsi'w here, and the subjeci i*
jaakeiiu.g an intense interest nil around us
We've pet ta* great '.all in motion again, unit
ae'.'l keep it rolling for ('l it und ( '.n.vv iv
if "a bouM drrkm I agaiaai itaehT i atin..i staa 1
lien l.oco-Kocoiam hi Oate ataal oil: tor some id
the prominent men of thai party ia this partid ibe
State, Hemer, M. D iu * ?. ?> ??! utbei - of eliom you
inive prohabl) beard, are *nii making *ad havoc in
tl..- rank* af the A mi-li.n.k maw, aad are ready at
anv time lo inawei to lha chII ol ihefa friend., ami
aniiint the rostrum fm debata or speech. About
?ev. niv aamea from theraakaofo rDayton Imtuo
ciHts ere already M u It-t t" invite tl. m here fin
mat parpose. Thai ara maay ia i n citr win.
dare aoc come out. 1.? BM coavineed oi iheii
parly folly in '.!tia Hank nppositiue, bui have not
moral i..ura^-.' tuthcieal lo declan it. Tell the
fuiks ?? down Kant" m he kiedihag ai ike welch
'.ros f..r the Bouraaiga af 1(44. Han m tin
hearth atone of thepJai.ted Habbiiob ihey are
i ready bi.r1.iu5 aruh a t.ii_!.t an.l atrady Beete,
Yaura, ti ttj. I'si io>.
Tim [deTTBBTOi LlPI ? Thh) i. the title ol a
new aevei bj Lad| Bhmttagtaa, jaal pebliahed ia
maarto form and at a in. n ly BaatSBBl price ut the
otwca of the New World. It i* the !;r.t Vmericau
'JLr* A coil's;., i o<-i",rre i batwaaa tha sBaamshonta
Ti-iy and AJbaaj on TaBBBtaJ at PflBgl ... da
;u?ta* Unk wen- aasaada| 1!?; d.- k. The Aibatv.
which wa* H>mia| down, lost lier prow, though
neither wa- s. rto .-v u, ire.l.
DBtAiarvt Deita ?Tha Ii dt | if ?. racot 1
an Bwfal aacarraaM which loah ateee oa itoSwh
of May, asai JaaBmtowa, County of Kirheaey.?
li.'orre llely, bsBB. of YlahUj Hits, aoBof the nrh
e?i BSMaMman ia thh) aaaaty, was fmnd lit.-:.-.*
IB his be.l. Bad hum. .1 r? dOBth. 1 M body, from
the bleust aptraaaVj v??. iii.e ? r,n?ti .1 btau Tha
beuaaaf tha ikal trm anaaly ralriard W bai
gMBtry adda te the hoiror of ihrN rragfral occur
ren'-e is the fact of the gentleman havinr bBM Maa
apparently in health in tht? place a* d men.Ur ?I
trie board of guardians the pMffaM day. Mr
H*fy wtu. found iiear'y bam to a itder, lying in
:n? bad. with his arm* Nrelched BBBaaaVnS, w>- ? I
ard BaaVadeahM Bad the gieaMl part at the furrii*
tuie in tla- riaim having been bunt in whali or in
part. I'. it wiiat wa* the m?ti extmonlinarv fact
B| ali. a barrel of gui.|Miwderwas faaad MM w ith
:a three vai l* ol tho r..t(.?o. beMg onlv |uirtinliy
^ovrrrn) with a ^.lecr of brown [iap?'r thrown peel
it.' It wa. a mbbm oi BatoakaVaaWBt to all that it
was not (gated by a s[mrl> or at l.-a?t Irr the li ime..
There was another bar.ei <d" gUBMWdM ia the
ad)<>ining na.m.
I.iMrv taELr.?One >A the workn^n in the
Navy Yard wm Mrioeety Uiiaaad last Wednesday
wmn at work on ln>ard the Iudep.-n.lere-. In t?
course of l.ii labor en |ksj ipar-detk, he an acci?
dentally precipiute.1 tkn....,;!, tlie aatchea to tke
ia-rth-derk. Fortunat. ,v n , 1.?,*, ?,.r,. br.ikfn
but be wat aajarrrd by taWamil that it is feared he
ktbeajje mjared ituen.allf. ||,, oam? ? Alexan
1- r M. I- arlan.1. a BMedy ural haaBBMJrie .s mi i haahi
[Cliarle,u,nn :. urut iclo.
C-.rrv.;?. ..<?... ? I '.. T .'..jr..
In iimbbb. Bbbb u\ *\w 1 i .??. I **
Mr. Cur'* >r?c? kl I fXU i v? \ ? ? p)
.1 Mr. (.!*.'? srcat apaaeh at b\ff" ? M
ei?ed hv Ibia aaenatag'* Mil, ?? " I ***d >? '?
I aejn it hv granted JMM *??? M ? J :' 1 ' *
m ?t once, vi m w ? bb daaajhfid v? 1. thit *??
I !??? dcliaUtJ v> Ii Ii ?
?..i uV Si v. ?.
lailtbn af Iba riewe af urn *" ?' ? ? ? i
\<? l? ?? is i no v? Al Xa.I.v.iii- M the 51*1 ' '
,4 a Mr. Preach Ce?d* v?.i#-??iir^ to rmk. i hi ' to
!h\.!.r.-:ik. bo wa? mm* ml R ta b I d i barge
tone peat, ?'" MaaM of I?. aaVrl - ? J"'
ibe Public Siuarc. IV gen *e* 1 barged
.?ill, common bitd shot, lion ? o
lee t i i! i detection al ibe ataat
CBBUiinea. /wnhat ot ihm raeceda v.; aai
..n. er.ied iu tlie a??aull bo tad rebl rj a| Mr.
IL hill IB, (lueker) MM tri. .1 yt I.rlav <ntrii?
by aad tarniend. HWtwutte i* Ma***, aad ba
HM |bja mm that kaactad M N bob ? d ??>
.? th the rJab. I'm i ar, * m ?? i a-party, are*
?ouvicted kaM ?" I
tut Croc ? l ba an *!> ? i ha '
intnhhi line BBU*srdey?a laa raa aiih a fre*h
.r.<-re. Tita wheat .ti tonaa aaetioaa ? ? ? w i ?
u it juiarU hj rha raat, hat alte? tab i ila n ? I ha
. I at 1 ' ';? _
lit >rt Cl at". Si bi attta.?Yfe tm? the etna
:io:< ,;' all our fthtadi to mm ..... . raat t el tha
n.l.ii. ..turn in ?t\h'v ana '?>??? aba waul
Hi siti Ci ?>. I ba wtrh a rnthiace a
Baaajajaj?ba I alta| thai al L th I a, K. . i I a
aatyaalaat?artth tha pi i laf thai ij neet
j i-ijr? in North Cato;:-a j.-? ?. :>..- C.'v Lwi!
eoateiaaa rhtlaal Biography by a aari erefCoi
n ??, 'i ?p!.*iiti..l I'ottiii.t. a ??'! v.. \* - af hi I i
PlBcaat HaaanaMT, Ym., ami Ida nenaai rtwWeaea
at AeMead. F?aoh aaaihaT aiH rnaia . ? a
.vfl![.i nir.l p.i^o*, a.-.i w -?. i i I at' ?a I I
all' cant*. Su'". i -t ?:< | I i H ? ba) WUCa ll
OaaB .ii ?ii .' laara Paaaa of Cbna . . I
aaJaBaant tha aataariaf Caaajvaaaaaaal tbrkat t?
How. ii c. I.'., . f Chart ; M. \ Cnapar, at1 m ?
I.. I. Ihath, af St.va: lafat MUhna, i
Ii .:l um : II \. ilarailBBi l'""!' I U (l
Miias of Ca?.. .1. H. 1. BtaV, af I ? J>
LaaiphiB, of VUfi.
AtTBMPtta SituiUK.? \ ?ml r, who'.' Bat
we could not h-urit, cut hi. t: : u: wait a l.iiit.'
faaadaj abjjbl m No. 7." II? o-velt-?!i? ? t. B i ? h
wni>, howrv.-r. at aad aa by a ahyab am, ai d ha w
iik. i. aa iBQUBBi. TIm' atibar haardii :
aaepei mat la tbe ii -| to hatra hint wtmin i
BaaTa, hut not bein| ailiiaej t.? pa) foe hl> i oovej
aaant, ha aal Bot .?'?d hhat, eaachtdh \ to n tau i
khat in hi* iiv. n tdaata
Z3* Tmibbj'i Ubtnry mi the Yt\ n h i.
ikaa baa taachad kl ttly^bjbtb n nt* a the a
ri-. peJdlihad by Irmri Pea}, 11 B itrery. Xmm
aanra adU conabna tbe foui \
Zj' No. 'Ii oi theCompbi* VVorkaol tfabTBB
*>riiTt ho* iu?t baaa pal lathed i.\ Um I I'eoi, ? I
Bowery. It etaauauea the aphtadbl I ife ? ihii
neat aaan hv J- 0. Lot kn mi.
Soictoa.?CttptHiii' '.u! laadw, of the Sv>. .Ii h
? rig Ohellapiea. !>!'?? ?' Iba T wharf, reaaatitied
< HVba* y*>aterawy Bawwaagbj ibooting hintaell w iih
i nil.', in tiio aabk*ol Ue eeoeel. Tha ball wi
atradtbe ifii port uf In* bcaaat, paaa d ibt rugh
uis ho.lv, und afterwatti* lodged in tbe eabi.?
o'_r. Hb area aeea to eaaar the enbio, i.'. eat oi
tbe baada af the roeeel, t.. ba k the 4oot. aad ooon
aseratepafl ef Cring wet heard, ?h'" "'.fthe
Bawd* olniord of tbo taaael hnvped ihtough lint
eaatbt window., un,l looad him aeltt'rii ?
4nod. laVktaa duel befjaretoean mill 11< iedet 1
ha wrote a letter to a if How eoaattyntbn, Capt.
4aobergi ahm te ih>- awaeri mt the bri ai (? ttei ?
?itrar- I" dm fufneer b* etidaaili route an plated
luicide, und requeeted dual be might In* borard . .i
oim- aaaeaate fabaad aaai ibe ?. a, also latiaji thai
ba ha.I dawaanaad it. th- Ailu* Beak |10tO, wha
ie w i-h.-d la be lahea oat, and aomean i ita
4 hi* teltbidi ami the bal tatrai ted I
wrifo. Ho waa a aehei i l ii luotrb ia man, ami
? i* left a adle Bad ihn a ehildn n al ffcrti -.'?> if ? ?
fh$ (Bane ef tha rneh aet i< anpn at .i to b it
[.ri'?<ion el ?pinit, eoeaaaaaad h) the dilttceli) id
etfahtiaga frwight lor hia v. -w'. Coreaet Prall
lathi an TBej"Ttt oa the body, and the jan rel raed
i iniilhi in ? ?uiddi,. i vt.ii, iba abave lat ta,
[ banana At!j-.
i ibboibb OvTBatH aa) ha totera ti
did aot aeaai ia jmmkmwtf aaoei ami! at*
ubree bean Lvfter tha aaaal daaa. s .u." wretch
In haaaan ...t ft adfath diape, art a ahme nf dm ?
ht a BBMtiag direction acreee daa n -I at i ab>a
i II?". a mile or lau le.r'i Vioniio. wh;. h ihn ? BBf I
of the tr nn ?ii the tru-k, .mil ton- a* i pel i ..i, . i
tha aaeaji ioiiutiau'iy. the aaaatara train erri rd
aWtk jftor at daa aaeaeef pan , | ai,*?nd
broagot tha paaaaamera ba ihla ehy. Via retrei
at edd that iha eagdioer n wiiuaeli bar! I I..
dtatteted trao: aaa leA bebtnd. \\>- baaa .i aa*
ihangflanaaa*aawaataJ Iben aiHaJ ... rueiing a
bmht oi ra.I coareyaaeaa. \ mechd Ian
aVoahi ba aaaetad Cm to. pari eabai b anil oi aaeh
BaaaMnda atardt et i - [Raeh. Den.
Kik?.?.V'.out k on Batardej Bagbtva
Ire banbe am bj pi ai ana ..j, I p cat, atari 11
Mi**r*. A. \ ii. II H Hb urn, ho, 44 \ v
laeeee atract, wliicL r ige?! rtoa ad\ ti l bSa hid d
lag a ul in eaataata \? i - ant rely ?tr ? d. rb*
eaaaag^rndoa pnaeeted an anouiirnoaiy *ph> did
? [e.tarle. fta Imbjm wee four autri a high, i
aWhag dM laa aaa ef the ralli hall eutward and
laaaaady craabad tba two>atae] build Inga N *. 4 ,
A itj. The st.,:. n 13, u| Datdaaa S Km. i
lar..l, wa* at one tian ?itrlitl? >n are, and th it
neb wa* aoaaewbn damagtul by araaer. I ?.
whole Ian faeetnaaard m ab. it n ,. .
ilevril to la- rover-.l b\ .... ,ai,' .-. [fi. \}, Bat
iMJiaaa < ki.ui roa? ? I ?.. Bifgei baa ]??'?
laabad uro kann aVon th* I. ler* of In
dMnahaade ht tba Indbum Beate laatbaaj j ?
make a aoaaMM appeal " to llie honor, to dn ha
tegntv. aad to the pdhHc priaaripn af tbaaea*. la
of tha S'ate, ?? n r< d?-. in hat Bagag ?a* i n, aa I
that pr-.er-.etl?. nMetit* mt hti piedgeJ (arth
Wi.at [arHeaa, Ban he able to im ?um, bt peefag
h. rdeltta i* u...-vrtaiii; hot adtta aie ?*mtU w
t.-1 cor.i.d. nt her btgb aalintd aaapbt wall bapab
im nil -laima a;ai.,st h-r to On la.t Bttrdaag.
lao> laanaj uro a-.I arittm mal eehaea a ri at
spirit. The writ.-r* tru?t to tho ititefiiry ..f I. i:
ar.a. and vac- do not th.i.k ifaaj Mill ti .'t .n vain.
[Cui. liar.
"tu.Kuij A. ? ;?a>r. ?lie tram bam |
ta?t thit morning on the Auburn ami Bach it i
iUilroad aa* thrown otf thi; track r- ar \ h ana,
n aean eiliam hanjaahag a j iane .-t ? ana at
the pit falls. s? that a'.our tvtn fael j r ry ebsd up?
ward, and haenaad toward the east. MB . i
wa* ll.riw n BBT tbe track, hajnthag it badly, aad
aaaajaTaag aaaaa af the can wrh it?n a hick I
llie pa**angers, hawesrer. no .larna;- was
Mr. Hart, Bat elixir.. ?-r. wat thrown m% ural, it it
feared, r-rtju?!y iafnad InBMaaUy.
[l!oche*ter Ktaajntj Peet.
HT" W bntrti t, m. Mi H ite?i that Mr.8
Hill, ah'. Iia> bi-en coieluctot in it.- I
I'rovid.-nei- Kaili.sad for BBBMB ?> MB, ?I..-.1 ul l'io
vtilfi.ro ihi Sunday, afl-r an BaBBM o| luooi thr.e
week*. Hie bed) area h***taght to tbis ein pnnr*
anj motniri^, aad adU ha earned I hatfrbn hi >"
Ma.t..- lor baierneati He ??> m If vent ef '
age- [hVanaa aVdae,

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