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It pablllbed r??rr morn ag, at No. Am.
?tirai. N<*w-Yoik, ?ml deliver*il t? CM) falraeribrr? tin
ISBNI CENT? itrrweeh. Kh I. i op ? ? Two I raM
yf\ i "?uIim ?' ?" - ?4 p?* auium, .1 Bdvm 1 r, ami il,e pain-r
M im. eaaeenaUaieed bryoad ihr Ihne Iba ?link u 1? pni.l.
BBheortpOnai take? ior raj laonlha.
i. ii,. ti v?. mang... J ?>? rat u vi?<i-u?. mbbmbI
TUN hMH loaa(overtil) hr?l insertion. AO Cent?.
? In. lot ra I. m 1 ?ei,m*wl ui.?t-u<n. "
<t... m.i MX nartroou nr .n,e v.rk.$1 Ml "
do. t.n Tw r. \ I , h \ h Ineertkna. S to ??
Loager AdverlaAieuU al f. oaliv .av.a-MnV rate*.
m? Ki gkyaiai I- X... ? mm 'i'"-.:'it
ft." l uv Bieealk
! t\m WKKKXT 1 :;imi N k. ? ?rry Log- piper, lor
I1 t Coonlry, < ? ?>? 1 ? verj Saturday nemani;, ai Ike
b* pncf ot %i i**- annum. 01 advance.
Tut I Mean ta Betti tic, Jeijr, IMS, Pint a Prtert,ai
The wiw Editor of thi? valuable awk, Rev.
I > r. Pbtbm, having accepted n Pi ofoeoerehlp at
tkc Union Tlaeologieal Sefntnery, in thia eity. Iba
chief Mtaarvbaoa devolve* apoa Iii? In? eaeociete,
.1. II. I SM BMI?aba il to have aid la itf ooaducl
from I),. PlTTJU, Pphf ROBlBtOB, and icvera!
gentlemen of ? niiii*" t therarj a!>i!itv and aiipiire
anaata, '1?" aombai foi tkaeurreal month Ban*
t'lir.i ?<ivetal artielei of cr?<??t value und latereat.
Tkaaa upon tl ?? 1 lea Period ' ax I 1 Phlloao*
pbat oi An' will am at the attention of e*erj
aebolar. Tbe ia?t ?? Uag but i* will richly reward
a nwakfaiala pareaal. There are in the ie%iow
other exi-fili nt artielai on ehe ' MaJhoone inn iin
mini >n in ladle'?made op 11 i l!\ of peraoael
gkctcbet of wane of the principal Mogul Empe*
tur-; upon reeenl 'IHaaetariee ia Afrieeltural
Cawaoietiyt' ' Pelitieal Retreapeei' of Kurland
fioni 1930 ho IUI '. ' Voluntary i^n ht Qarmany,'
? AnMe Saaon Liieretare,' ami aavoral ?h hut no
lioea of variotu publication* in tiii-i city aad in Ena
tope. The reyicw ?eneibly improvgi with each
tueeeedmg iiaatbt r ami promi*ei usefully to till a
aMfaiToBMBi of Uteeetara hitherto generally arg*
kacaed ?mon:.' aa. If tborongb, profound criticiaai
raaanl he ?maiawi hy mir own literary men there |
le yet Bead reaaaa lo believe that it may be mtely
Ueafa Maaduar*i MaaasiaB. Jaly, 1 iz
Tbk nanber of tbe Merehanu' Mafazina baa
ft eat Intareat, but almoatexeluahrelt f.u mercbaate
aad bualaeea men. Ita principal artichM are one
by Bf. D. L il >b>bi of Paebt on the 1 < omparettve
V irw i f the Coaamaroa .it Fraaco, Oreal liriinin
and the BlaiiadStatei from W27 t<> 183?;' anoth?
er hy Prof. TocKlB on the ' Progreaaof Popabv
tion rttnl W ealth in the United Siar.?? for the la*t
tifty vear.?;' oilien oa tbe' Commrrce of Syrbt.1
1 Cameaorcinl Voyefaa ami Diicovertca,' ami on
the lle.lii. tion *f I'riri' and the Rata of Dety.'
K great rnaai of Mercantile, Corn mere btl, Baak
aad nihor auMiatb**, .V-. eomplete tli<' number
Mr.BKv ?, MvaBva lor Jaly commenceaa
new eetaaee. It eoataina n great rariery of lite
rary mattor and aereral ?omi euta. It i? for *ale
by Bradbury & Sodea and King ft Co.
Ilrsuv Ci.ar.?Netliiye eoaM better eipreaa
ibe uuiied feeling "l tlie great ^^ big party, or more
bjudly arocbiiia ibe advaatage aader abicb they
aiil eatet epoa the eotniag Preeideatbtl enntoat,
than tbe fulloatng note <>f laiaeatailon from the
Richmond Enquirer'
Mr. Clwa baa, ao l ir. ,..?,'.? I OcMiml BWlfrorn
the Preaidenthtl Behl, ibe Kiehmoad Whig pro
aeaaeee Cley "the faearito of Whig people, the
lirond land orer." The ^ heeling Gazette fliea hit
natn* at lopmajl?" Mithout qualiikation and not
eubject to any contingency. Of couraa, it dia
chtima nil appeal le a National Caaveatioa. Such
ia id.. ?pult of the Federal Preeeia Virginia. The
Cooareatioo* <n North Caroline and Georgia have
aeoi anted him?und in both ol iboae Siatea, we|
uadi r-tand, eat friendi an- languiaa oi iBceaaa at
the nem electiea. \ great Whig meeting waa held
aa the llth iaat. la Delaware City?little Dri*
?ari?in which Clay area nominated for tbe Pieet*
deacy, and Clayton for the Vice) A meeting of
njuBre than .'iU0 Fed* aai hold in Philadelphia on
the 89th hart., and rallied aader the name of H.
t 'lav. A BBBB*mwetiagef hii friaaiihaaa)iobaeo
hold in the city of New>Yorb. Eeaa the New?
Voik American abaadana the etat <>t Gen, Scott for
Iba fortune* of Mr. Clay. The Whiga esxhtim,
that be ia ihait atnauj nan, wba keepa tbeiratreagth
together. Ia bka manaei be keep* the RepuUicaa
j.niiy l?getber, aad roneea up nil their energiea.
Iii? varyaama leaehaa n> the neoeeahy of barnaouy
und union in our own ranke, din' ua any boHBat
ead eapable Repul licaa, iooaei than thia aapiring,
dariafr, raetleeaaad man inpiiliwia advocate af tin
HamihoB l i'deral School.
Hbbbi i'i.at in Mahtlabd.?Ia ipaakingof
tl.o ipirit e\hil?it*.i ia thii eiiv and in difleronl
State, nf the UbIbo in f.t\or of Hi Mir ( iay
for the Bail PtaeieVeut, the Baltinaote Americai
BBj I! ?
Maryland \ai!l net 1m' l.eliind hand in taking her
part in tint eiaml deiBanatTatioa. The neeeaalty
ef a eomplete organ iiatioa ia becomiag every day
BMta aad ateraaapareat. The Whiga muti tal,e
their "round, eoUeet their eaerglea, aad reetore
order iu the place af thut oanfuaion which iraech*
ery ha? hroaajhi lata ibeir rank a. The way then
will Ii? i 'ear mid the iiviin* u\ailahle to OOntBnd
MM ike C'*"t priuciplea vsitli \*hi' h they are proud
to be identified
? .Itter froui Hr. i union .
A flatatkaj of the CirJaene of Troy wan held a
iev\ .lav* einee, abkh adopted a aeriet ..f Reeoht*
liana highly complimeatary to Dr. Dbaryciui Lard*
aer, to which ha letataed the felkrariag reply :
Baa von, Jaae Bl, IBtP,
Gbbtlimkb : [ hava the naaoi to acknowledge
too reeaipl ol a aeriea of reaolarioB* paeeed by ran
in relation t" the lortnrea leri-nlly delivered k\
me la your city.
The oonocionaneai of beinj oaefal to the Pao?
pie BBBang whom 1 nai pbaeed, ia the beet reward
loi ni\ kaburaj nn I tl.o ?ineat lonire ot thai ooo*
?i iou*noai i? auch teetimony yoe have ?i?'"n.?
I began rat lecturer ?it monlbt a;.'o, well kaew
m^; that 1 ?hotild Ba^saunter oppoeitioo from indi'
ridaale, hut relyiag for aappert oa the plain, prao
tic.ii aaaas ef tlie Aaaarieaa people. La thai rali*
aaee I have not ln?'n di*appouted. The large
ami ealigbtened popnlaiion of all the principal
citie? North bbvb eaptaBBSd i" ? manner not Bqub
vocal the lutiio .eiiiinii'iiti which yuu have aaa*
rayed te me
\\ bib) I i'*ai ihroiagk ihi? rael eoaatrj fron the
ihaeaaef lb* Athwaie in tho waaara of tha Mia.ia
aippi, and from the aaeauauVd iaktad asaa whick
marl, your Northern eoamea to the tiulf oi Max*
ica, collecting materials fe* a fatara Hteran and
?? let line work in refeveaoe t<? ua active and eater*
pnain^ people, Heeivil aad political InetluahaM.
it. aeat and aaaauaaelinaa, ka abandaat nataral re*
aoarcea, and the elemente of future aoaar db>
peraed ovai and I.mied lM*.?i-aili it> naataaive aur
raee, I ahall eaaleavot inn tum la ecatter, a* I
rw, the aoe.l- of Bfaful arid elevating kaowladga.
In thia penraa I kaOM that l ?hall have gem-rnl
Bpprubatioa and rapport; and you may l?? n??ur''.l
that ?ach OppoaaMa a? I have Imlicrto BBBt with.
t. nd t.? peaMbata ratbae ti'ian obetrMet aay ebjeeta.
Allow me to thank you KM the ]<i'taoiial BtlCB*
tion aad kladaeea 1 bawiaeefved ambag my ?hon
viailaa yanr caty, aad for tin- hacilitJea rod hn\e
aaaopded m" in nbtakailkj anck liM-al information ui
1 djaeirrd
1 luve Iii* honor to ha, rentlrmen.
\ aa ahribaat ?rtant,
/?? lit II,*- ? Uttrgt M I'm ... ?..?',?/) W./lmm
* .. t> >fym"a., C 3. J. livdrirh, A. A
Hint T" Mi IICAl MkN.?If you would like a
tum- m tw?* at dinneri tall your wife ?hu ia not so
liand?"fio- BB the lady BCTOM the way.
vol. ii. yo. 75.
WseTBBJ RaH-BOAM.? The net ir come of the
Wettern Railroad n M i??acl :?eua foe the )SM
! I M ?ti? f.d.'.'r."); in 181!, |77.:,02-makin? a
in1*' <>f 11*7,77! for tfit- mo year*, or $1 tf ]*?<
?li*r<' < :. 30,0M .-iiurea. The gto?? inmm?' durin-:
tlio tir?t ?ix month* of lfi!l WBB t'il.'Jo/; durini:
the liiaf ?ix it was jlltl ifoabkf tili?. The receipt?
for ilia first ?ix month* uf 1(4) have In-on |Sv7,
iO?; jaajfjag troni the pBOt, tin refoW, the rBCCiptl
for tho ?hol- year will he 9091,615. 'I ho d.?
haro'ineut, an- ?'??niated n? follow*:
Annual late TOM no 4 n UiOM loan at i per rei.t-|Kl v
iK'lfronL to the Sink.r; Fund. tBpMt
F.tp? im?, repair* and BUanBe, caliu.aled at.2>J'.?'
Sn per cent, on PAAMlberei.MJMOl
Ni.v? JgBAEI Ctll i?.>ati S'CitTT.?W-hear
of but fow rele;iratii'tn by tfao BaehMM and baaer
?hlo lOtllotlee of DM ClotiBBBll?olio s* lloutuii
bnj and laaetoed ?o nahte by tha a, iiv- member
? hip r,f tiio abbM nnd MOM devoted patriot* of the
Revolution. VYa find in the Neararb Advt rtiaet a
natiee of the < alehratJoa of tha Fourth by tha Near
Jrraey Society ?t EUzabethtoira. The* Ibrtned ?
?pletxiid praeeeaioa und tha eanraioee wees hatld
at iba PaaaemtaiiBa Church. An oratkM iraepro
laoacrd by <-'a;-t. W. < !>?? Hart of lha I , S.
Annv. \ puldte dinner wu* given nt whn h thiili
burauoechaj were maaV and patriotic loaaia were
Ironk For tba eaenjng y-*i Qen. ButSB, rha
otiiy mix vi vi ag ofiacer ot tha Revolution m iht State
whit ttmt BBBBBg tiie ongnial BBBIBboiB Of the Cit>
(bavatl, araa elected PraohJent, aad Capt. De Hail
Vice PreeteVoti
Itrview of the >? w-Vorl? Market,
ro? iiik raaai i>?v? > atu idim.,
Kiom Bat Baappanj I. -t
Tiie WbiBBBj lie*..w m nil. need to aatbraco the bbbbbs
lionn oi Batanbi] and Tu? may *? by; winch u nil] be ??o-n
na?.- beee anaaaaflr light- ibb being the ?luiie-t p*nod .a
ibb -eaton. Tl <? aaaetaad ?laleot ihm;?? la r> lereiirc tu tie
Tar,if qaeitJoe, Bad the re, brrrner oi aneiber Amdw r,nr.
of our National Indepcndcan ?, iia?e uiio Maibiaod to reia
oar Bat aMibat Ihr ain.o.t a:i daacrtptioaa ot Maieaaadita
eitn melv inactive.
A811KB?The aalet of P*U 30t bam l< at I > M?
P> ail? vi d a?; war k at $"i SO.
Tba HOCt at Pol. (all ??U| i? now 47n3 bbbaad of Pearl,
i?T7. Thera na?r heea rrcarredal l ota an i Peartt in
way of llanal U) ? traton, 30^BI t?tais.
i UM,- Korean u ptentl ami dalL
i ti l l ON I in trantnctioia la < "tmn on BBtarday aad
TandiT do ant iirrnl ate 1800 i>aie? at prataaw ratra,
in oily token tor exportOfl Saturday U?L The inarkvt i?
eavoid oi aaBaaOmL aad m ?irect tahn la any ? xtent, adtk
tie peeeeni rrewaoi baj* r?, ?? um v?bat loner price, troald
dan to P. MlbmiUed to'.
l ie arrival, have In i n?frnni
firw Ifrloaia..vi ha|e?
fouth raodlaa.lin^
. ?"-'"'"?????.v.v--.'i
Tn'al imju'itum' l?i irM.hTfltwdCB
Eiport, frnni ut to Mb .tun ?.re ml
Biport irotii the UaHed Siatu Bate iMBept la?t..l.MI.77,i
Same iw- la.t year.1.^1 '..f
Mn.i IJIlle JTi ar hemre.1/4 1 n i
iiki i.? AND l?\ Bit- We have only lo nntiae a mhj ol
Vi ton? Bieily i rude Briawtnne at f-l'j, t, mc?.
PI8H?The law wila ot Or? i ?.i oat at MS Ik N>\?
No. 3 Uneherel are dull at BS, and No. 1 it .*?'? harre?
a: the lauei at ?I, tieine held ai thai pnu*. ?inle the deal
pr?oller hol # I 90. Chatbaia "<ka.| liave airi?e.| m.,re
Veely, ami pn i < an lower,kaohall narreiahaving aliangad
Imnat hamrday *i >i> 'Tj a
PUUII -Then n ivc we. n ?nie? <ii too hoaai Bunch Ran
?iatat Bl Wj atJObotet Biaily sh-llni Almond*, i:, ? au,
I mos: m Baraca t nena-NaU, $U per M . Pin Ipplei
u lot.. 8 j,, r hiiinltecl : ,Vi > ? Macaroni, <i erat?, and t 1
?let prime Sieily Orat^et, receive.] rnolt w, at #^ a
ill i ato. By abrimii, SCO boxei Freaefa LeaKMn told n >, ,
Mall a $1 Sit, etil..
PLOlJR ami MEAL- Poribepaa] two hnilnaa dan
h. market for We.tern floor hat been inactive . yet. eaa
ii?; to co alia aad Ibyhl ri? iota, and a lair iknaaaa for tie
Ka?|ern ;?? ?rt?. an advance ot aboot6] eeaUon Oenetei aim
Brio waaotrtnineal yaMrnbip, The tale* I Bal iv ?
BiaU.attANa}at" ? neaea, and tA7A a a.. :, (.
oandand Bat hoop Ohio featerday, aboat mot 'larre'i
.e,.i ?rr ami Otde wart nM n. ^ *. ' .i at f..r ? * mn
' i ft] tar flal Ohio, anil ?onie choice Mlchi^ti at hat
bb little or aoat at tba ckac aBonl aaajta. TbebataaM
>i taoorl via New I h ie.it? waa 178 harrei? at BSIIJ ^,
tooUiera ??>rU are dull the ?,i|e| being conhaed to ?mall Int.
n Innne u?' at OUI l|OOtalioBa. li ve r lnur and Col n Menl
ire wtuaonichnona. The farmer ?? ?irr.
Kipert from the IM la the Vth of .tone.
Wkenl Pi ur .M.llSn harreI?.
GRAIN?Tha car?o ,.i BaM batbehi pood aea .North
'arolina Wheat relerred lo la "in ia?i ?a? itajmaed of >*i
ir.iav ko UM Ne? Volk Cttf M.ller?, lofetner * uh MM
mabeb very baadanar old *> hue Mbwari, at Ji >?', cath
<o Uiii ?i rec IpOol new. Thetaleaof lUtaoa,aw*rxpnrt
0 Kai;:and,einhraci l'le,lllU?^e]^at I .7 a 1 ?7j. aad Bafad*
warty il aot ijune all tat tir?t baadb Nortfjera HyeeoBBM
ii ?(iHt m^iv, and priceaarewell maained; Ijeebeabeb add
it ti a bona *i M eeati; pareeM delivered would prahaMj
anunaadM aMceato OnM,tboogi MUIphnavanddn?,
ire In rather bettei reaaeMM B cenMfot NoHb River, aad
Hi a 37 lor Caaeh one ur two pare! Ii Southern ii ma n afloat
mmni. mi tin /ereey here m in aoee. Par i ..rn B?e de<
nan.I aBgbt,and prin t are hardy lna.nl.line,I. M e bava
ii.ly to aO?Ca tale? of SSO0 t.il-hel? New tlrlean? at IA a .*.'.
.?Uta. w i i^'hl. aim J a 1.'" Jervev >\ bite at Ot, rwoa?nre. Tl ?
ail .iie? . i ,i.... v \ ? Bow were -it 88 lent*, and Nonl ? ra
i. i.ow ii t)ij ?Both im aiarr.
Btport from Ut b> 30th Jane....Cora, laleMBbtabefaL
Hi Ml'- a;i deaeriptkini an dali,theri bebaracarcrly
iiv iooaby from the trade.
HIDafl?.Theoaly ?deet eoaaet|aeaea BMaaBM |bat paM
1 that of ISpttS Cay Bhtagbtari ndddtior wcigbM, at the
lo.e ,.| la?t w?i k. mi mibm Bot made public.
LI ID?Mbaoarl retnaim Ina ::???. mal uo fartln i laha 1 1
'ip have cume to out knowMdge.
MOL.ABBEB eontinnei rxcetaively .lull. an.I no aalet
rortk" of not:. ? Im?? In en made . nee our la-t.
.s M AL HTOBK?.?The annul. <.i Nartfa loiunty Tor
.ent.ne have been lar^'e. ami thv article h now very inact
re, tPi qaot* BS SB a XZj, thoagfa wBhoat aahn. Sp.r.u
roipentine 1? Handy at 83 a SSe, t um.?
11ii.? ~BhM* our 1 ?1 Z,iM0fdd?. Whale bavebecB iBld for
i|airl at S2f 1 a.b. The . argO lcBlll'1 1 to in aui la.t 1? atdl
tMd ai >.'|. Holder? ..t Limeed are very firm, nn?l pr.re?
1 any thing have an epward Mndeacy. LBN gnUom 1 . ?t
Imoricantoldia baa at MaBlecaaa. in atberdeacrlp
111.? w e bavi beard nl no .ah .
PRO? IBIONK- -Be* '. Porh, and l.ar.1 remain a? l ot n. ?
bred, the two form rdaU, the inner aetbag readily i?.r ex
MM ?'. h c nt- tor prime W i Bern, and 7 lor city IVndllVrt.
? Butter there ia liith- or nothing aWngf. Baad an.l prune
tbeeae It about out oi nr?t baada,
Ex|?irt, troni l?l to VtU June
ivei.i.t.'i bant a.
?oik.1,73 ?
.ai.l.iT7,'?ai keira.
SALT.- We have only ur notice ?lea ol ?'?i mcka Lavae
ami grOBad, at $1 Jn ; !>.'? Ion- Oi the lame, in hulk, al Be,
! per cent. o4T tor caah; aad 8,100 baaaen Ink. baand, oa
ema we did not barn.
BP1RIT8?All foeeiga daacriptbmi remain aafl-aad we
iave only to BOticI I tale of In |,al! pipe! tltar.l, H k
0. Br?n.ly, iBt*,at$l tn, o nion. DooiaMlc Wbbaeyar
ive? riowty, aadjpricea bavi further Mujroved bail a cent
MV ?.'"'Inn; 2 a p/ood to choice htdl Wettern tobt "-.our
lav at IT* a I* ceaM . none HPiring ami no ?ale? ve?te|,lav.
BirOAha vi nrn n mala di pre wed
TOBAOttO? Tbere i? nmbing; doiep tat Kentucky. A
?arci I oi ."71 !'.il*> I i r new CtOB ftdtac?a,the tir't received,
ia? been taken tor home n?e at Jn CCOta, 4 month*. There
? now 11.. new St. Domingo m t'uha in lir?t baiuti, an* BM
lock ot old i? aiach reduced.
w II ILKBONK?A parcel nl ? fit? Iba ?*< labe? for et
.. rt. at jvi rem?, i a.h.
winks- Are without demand.
FRSIQHTaWThere ii raibet to avottering Lrrerpool,
.lit the nie? remain unchaiijri .1 To Ilaare, ihe packet
tl. in.u it full at j a I ot a cent ler Cotton, *" ami In tor
klbea, aad t of a cent per Ih lor Tadow. To London,there
?ao rliMga
bteitiil I'ricca of Hroviaiona. Fael. Fruit.
Ac. in .?n.lork Pjrepared Ihr Tb* mhaaa
Ipplet, green, per peck. 25 : Potk, fre?b. per Ih. 6
kpplea, dried, peraaait. S Htrh, adtrn. prt lb. a
tuner, lre>h, per ll>.... IS I Pi?r?, roattiiiL'. W
tuner, liikm, |nr lb_ 10 IPtgr Feet,per Ih. S
leef, Ireeb, per B. 9 ivach.., ,|ne k per at.. I-1!
lei Ht*ak?,perlb. l.'i POIILTrtYANDUAMK?
Ivel, tailed, per Ih. 7 Cbtcken?, per pair.... SO
leef,M*heda dried,(*? I BavvM, j?-r i?air. T8
oni Meal, per 7 Ih?.... Ii Turk. \?,. acl.I*'
he. ae, p.T lb. k Duck, tame, each. SO
Ilona,per BM. vi7*j DacA>wa*Leach. trrj
r.itL"?. W for. Ia| ??eev. each. ?
rloar, Wheat, per TPaa.. B I Tripe, per Pa. ?
I"|SH- Veal, p?-r lb. 7
Babaoajlhub. It . \ in. var, p?r rail. ]t
Salmon.|e.k>.i.|wrlb 10 VBUKTABLSS?
Balmoa, laaohed, lb... il i Pataaae*,pe( both.... 88
Sabi.on.iiew. SJ PaMtBe*, new. prntli.
laid. Ire-1,. |? r IK. ?i P,?Uli?-*, tweet, hu?*l. ?
Cod mit, per Ih. 3 ; Tarataa Ruaria. ?
Baad, ftadi . ?I New Taralpa ikiprhonch
Bhad,per 100. ?I franl-ernar?, per tjl... !?
Shad, mil. l?r lb. t Spinach, |*r peck.... ?
h na... B Be*n?.whue .ir' I,he* I u
Mr ;a". ?*??, i^-r Ik.. 7 I t'armt*. pet l<"' . ?
Halibut, per Ih. R New Cereetk, 3d perbaaeh
P|..un ler?. per lb. 8 I Beel?, |a r bu?h. ?
LobatrrsCap?. fo.'.lb. o N'? ??? ? bl l>?-r boach.
1, b . ' I t*ai"uk. P? r peel.
Mackerel, lrc?h. ?
Mackerel^. t
II - ? .. pet Ih. 84
Hanl?, a* r lb. 8
il elvary Ntttajpet ha?h.l
Lard. Ml Iii. 8
I ?b.pirai. lo
Mj,iii,.ii, per lb. t
Uv.l. :?. j>er 10*. 63
Pork, whole boe*, per lb. 5
i u ?.??.:-.???-.. 4
Paraanp?, per bo?h_
IV??. |*r |?ek. IB)
Pickle?,per 100. SO
Oak. load. l| ronl)....l -o
ii korVjpar ham I -
Jer?ey r ne. |a r loa.'. 1 ,,:>
Virguua Pine, per load, 1 M
0FF1C8 N(?. ;
F\ecj tit? Ttkisit.?Mm v?hi? rightly ap
jitr bale the apirit of Freedom, ii: . lh*
greatglary oil irtrWtii't?! ItanaiiTnr ?. i ic
tiie power<d lo<" iortd j principle on which <>m
in-ftiltina? an? baaed?that the Will of 'kr /'/er ?
?B' rxpro?o'-i throti-h ttVir U|i|BBBBtBtllBB i. il
brj be t!.f ???vfit i^ri law of tin* laod, anil over;.
wl ere IM leert ? >rrow at the dartr? usurpation o(
President Tyl -r. Itnt ?? have maiht'd n ?tili
lowerdeep of national Baagradatiea if Cengreai u
* itil imp'iriitv to bo iajeejttd fcv *urh biiilyii?
bravado rn ifce roUoariag from ipeeeb tat Henry
A. Wit.-, th" moi.tli-pi,-?-?' of the President, in ?M
Uouee on Saturday. While it proves by eoafee
?ion the falsity of tin' charge tiat the \t bi,** up1
artitie in purposed d< fir?nro of th- President'* * ill.
?t ? .? nrl- ibowi what tln-y have t.i expert in rturr.
tot ? rer feeHi e rat dear fence tbttj n.uy be ditpow i
to pay to it :
Mr. W. wont 08 |o rcinur'i. tint tka veto, while
it boa] deae ! ii great hnrin bt paaaiHy deaaa ing a
hill v? hi' h hi own Butli its ilnl eot und?T<t~tnd, had
bVmM rr'-at c tod h the was oi wantitif. It WOi ?
' !rnr iotJOMltioe tlint tht-uil a errat tut I J rTahaV
f as* tariff set bt.' tbttiUti t* tht /'rr?;./, al, C ??
taming a >>>nt/>ir tyrattmt with thai it th' prri. nt
bill, r, mould rg/e tint' alto. The ftealueathee*
aleoitji IrrttTtiitfH what ha woaM tlo. He tUndod
to the driu.nci.ttioit of the idoa uf ciming crawling
to we I .?<?' utive be lot legt si at km to know what
was his envoi, If B | I. ..a-ire. Hie uifleO^Oea ' new
whether tiny ?urh thing had boetylotM in I aaw
Hut while geteUeaaea wi-rc miking ia M iaaikaaal
a ?.train, tind Ipeak'ir.' L'reat awi'Hnir? \>. rl? about
heroism aad itaaatitu on their gtuand, he would
a-k w bethei If i.ip* tu pgr had <-, aid to /Vrti it
Tyler und aUnott icith taari in ihrtr in-1 tttfmli'
eated htm t> tap ? thai tort of a bill |g >e,,v/,/ ,/.'.
00) t'i patt, that (hilf mi? litCurtfti./, tttU (r./C.'.'i/
fa suit trat .? whether etntaeariea hod mit beeo de*
?patched from cauctM iMetingi of bath Hootta t..
know exactly what his plon-nro was' II . re
then? thr jruinl suit"! Auglo SujCtm. if ft ' aad
?!??. it from them that "a.-h a hur?t o| heroUtTI
hrnke f.-rtli '
N*tt tiar CtrttloaiTT '?Tnt: TVRHtl *m>
Catirb I.akk'?Thi? heatitiful Ihtle Lake is in
Kiteiethooh ooaotr, in thir State, nml about 25
mile* distant ftorn Warsaw, wo had the ploaJOte
uiMsitinc it a few areeke aince: It is sit jam.1 nnen
v high dividing ridge, and at the a peer [>nrt of the
lake ia similar in shape to the OMOf pnrt of the
tunnel, the ritCUfnlewuce <?{ whirh at the m..iith,
? a > .ut 150 feeL and about 1ft at the bot teat
\tter dVacendiag '0 Ol ?30 feet from the natural
winding stmrs, we catne to the inoath of the
rav.in leadiag to the lake, which i? loa eliptir
circle. We now entered ihe ilJetii oaeera, nn.l
hail nnotlipr deacaai to mnke of some 40 or .if)
st. ps before ?>? stnivl at the i.riak of the wators
of the lako. Dm lUlfaoe of thit ?heei nf aaier
ciiitnins ahotM 9.000 a.|iinrti I'.-et. aad the cavern
as some appenrnnre of baiag the work of art.
uitt its high and vaulted rhnmlier*, mid ttaetopoa
law and iMgni6caat eeiliagi ?? of the iiapeaetra
? Ii' adamant, provo to Qjaa tint man kn.ini I.at
little of tb<- hotrele of Mio .-nrth. The ooweea
Lahe WOOU be a rieh an.I plmimtit tront to the
roiirial or peoleqisi, und should he visib d hy all
rli.> lovers of Nature. [Otago < Ma. | Valley.
Krinrs.ri...?Lord Chief Jattice lienman ha? I
braucht n hill into parliament for removing the
ineapaeitf of v?in:os?,>s. Ho proposes thm
witneat shall Ivo inrapni-itttr<i on acfconnt of . ither
interest or rrime; it b.'in^ htA tO the tribunal to
?'.nkethe fitttagdedui lion from Im otaWibibty. Th>'
Law Magazine ?ny-. the ruir- ..( the Kogllali low,
which Utterly rrt; mtv. - a ? la'-i? WM hat (he
frti.ilUsi poceaiofy itttereat in the retult. whiltt
me naatreet ivdativet aaay eviaaace lot i
another, hat loag been regarded a* n ttraoge
a ...rnalv. nn.l a.'.ro than one Kl i. hern
paaood to modify h. [Law Uaporter.
Masart< rtRta'i Srorptaa ?The atnufaci ir?
art Bl Ri odingi Manavuak and Other plogtM in thit
rrgioa of PemMylvaata, have shut down their
??tos nnd virtually itMpawdatl their operations.
u the Globe Milla, the ether day, a Ittrae aa*ta>
her of handi arete diifhontaj Thit of eotiroa
pr?Jucc? great diatrew amoag the Iwdeeiriiwit
i'las-.??. [ PUL Jour.
T B. REDFIEIJ)! Hotikaellt-r and BtR
te ? tioner. Cliotno Had, eontet oi (faanaand B.-ek nsn
?.ire-ls, his OOOItaatlt *nt vai?- a I ?-?e-tmeiu ..( Theologiral,
Clattieal and MarceOancoet, and hV ijoolieiok? ant station?
er.' at lh.- inse.1 r?^. prhsaa jaotai
LIK ENE88ES takt u by the Dagnerrw
lype Proraetk art taken at the roaaw aorocr Broad**
way and Joha it., la a taperior Oyle, wRh ail Hat aatdera
nproveaeeat, wnhootaey regard to n.e weedarr, the rw
-uii hehag ale ayt ih<- ?ame.
laflrwWhttM .n Hi.- tbove U autifu! art are ghnra in I Bp
paratBi Ihm -he I at tan (? rat- prteei
N. b. all the apiaaatai otto In the hndorw may ha ot?
laatrd al laatr tlatte tdara Alan every dear^paton oi Miata*
lure Catet, LeaKt, Ptatet, Ar. Ar. Tspe. :nir^? may HI I
m ine na^iti? at anv time drarhag da? .lay. Jjyd ,
DWV S DOINGS?Or the Higtory .?f
Ihe Lit- W it ... I1 ? I'lai.tat ..to - Bv S >?..;.-..n'al.'i. t
Anrt-Pat, Aathorot * Quoin aaa*.
?? I will gel Peter Qeaaceto wr it me a l.alla.1 of thit
Dreainj and n ?hall he railed BoUoin'i Onuos, becaaae M
bath BO h'tloin."?IM"humm. r ? Night lirsam.
Wah detignt by Qart?Ttut day pehltebed an-l for tale
by HAXTONh MII.K>.>5 Broa.lway. j?'.
v v Hat- The tabaerthert. bavtog .1 aeaatity ot Palm
Lea; an.l Lrghera Hat? on band, woald iHl thaot tttitett
la httr, ,.r ?"u:.i i.otei thcui ior Piadaee, Boom,Matta,ee
Silk ll.il*.
s b An attwlaealet*BeoM aad shor* imi Btraw
OeodtcooMaatlyoobaadaod ?oi.lv.'tr low, PleoorcaM
tnil riaatloa tt OALB & ( O.'S.
j. (.' tw Pearl-st-, un.ier I . ??. Hotel, N V. _
CrtOTHING, Chathtun -treet.?I'cr
/ ?oa? id want ot l"mhI Chtthhal au.l wi'liit"' in BW a
i in- ihete hard im ???. ?":il i do w.-n t.. call ?i WILLI IM
DOLSBN*8 new Store \ I ? ? ? > . ad ext
in.- In? ?lock >l rea.ly BMde Chttlllagi heforr pur. ba?iii'j
elvwhrrr a? lie l? wellconviuceil that they will n"i ?
ttie prir?'. M :*"i*
lar Hat*'--JaM loBhad, tlie nt'Wl tpModid artirlrever
ort? reit to the publtr. F.le.'ant ?tnirl nap Mole?k:n Hau, at
ihe lew price of ^tM, IheaaartkM at *2 SB, enual in da?
rainlity aad lustre to (boat ronawooly BgtJatfllB The
tin??t ?uahtv Drab t o- in.'.? Bl IB.
BKOVv.N, Prariiral Halter.
JaM Im* I* Cantl-itreel, I .loor BhOVB .Sul.isan.
Ch i'lreV* i:|o"tl.es.
IN?, either at nliiilitab or retail at DOLSOtTB aew
Clothing Si'.re, No, "Kl ChatbUB ?ireet, cheap at llie cheap
c?t tn.l at ciaal a* the tx ?t tint ran lie lound itt any other
iwrt oi ihe city, jej 3iu* i
geaahnaaB WM leave h-re in a MW la.' * Be atour hi
ihe w*> nt Bjllalo, D> tm.t. i|tnn, Sl Lotus Ciii'innati an.l
Pittsbarg,and u -a..' I porbaMaew m that teet an
..I taWtatrV ata teeloaabla rar. Anv tiling leftat the ntVe
ni ihr Tribeae will he iluly attended loon reasonable terai*.
A.l.hett C. C. 't? *rl*
|_ ;-?-ket look COetaiJtBIga $29, llnand a t!> bill raf
Hank at Aartetica, and a $3of tooir other hunk unknown,
and vari'.ut paprr? tt BOatetO anv one hut tie ow ner.?
Sui'p-aert t" iiatr beea hot between weth n^ton and Orten?
wich Ia L bertj street. Whoever will being it to John W.
P ??:. II . S F.. r ri.-r tt Kim an t Broom- streets, will re
. . ivr Ihr alxivr reward ati'l 'h- tl.ank? "f the "trrl *? if
n.-r ol P.iurih-avenne an.l 5eseuty-ninih-?treet. N-w
V'.rk. Hotel beeper* Bteea R and Packet
and families, ran have th< ir Wastun/ aiH Irtaaiag .lone wnh
?lespatrb an-l In th.- ueate?t manner, and m tath terms as
will compare wttb ibe timet tira-rs ujreeel tke Pnat'if
?: e. "i let ?1 tli- oAee of >?. B.-n??n. No. t J'.hn.street up
?lairt. w II n i - ??? iniaie 1 ate allen >.n VESKV k C?l.
a w v,?iY.
IL Bot ?.> jy?3?*
matrrieU ami quality, an.1 <B all ?ite* caw al the of
heeet UV New vtorkL Inquire of J. w. HU Htm.? m
ihe Praw Rt???m,fKaaeiTieoL?_?aBt tr
VT" B.? For a good Fit anil cheap Cloth
Ll a int.'. r-tlt at R. UTLBTOira Cash Tailor.ug g?
ahMOBtea, J0i Urtwl-ttreei, corner of Attorney, my 14 im
t Tioioix.. JULY v. '?I?.
Or, Principles of a True Pnjantrat-.on of S.it'.t'y.
I i I r TAt 'M\t*r?\<r nf t\u .--;.(-ia f efeffaM from mat of
TKt Tt Bom AM-f hMMva, peeSfaaJ, ti \. BatSBtBS
^m f The Haw Ca* w laaaraay -aetebsedabdhi sad a am
i appeal for Bn ?-ie?nimn of tiir Labsttag l/faaaie. aad the
Beeaatpaf <n? praai sttassrnh arhteh wopM caret ti at
aaa\ Tba PYsasaeeertsbosapobMsatdect, sad aheawe
I mr an Einer ?-hn dorasjabta* beam Smelt, end r.w
I hu ?oire for the a*BBOnS ot bfe fellow .-rra'.ure? ?ho ?urTer
*.>nt sad miiee.ied. wa leal BBaabral aa?okaB^ntod <?"
on, Mr. <ii<!vr;n, (nil pleal (he caa?e n| tnrtenne lioman'ty
? prointpi poa can an ea WBBaet oaaadlna awrtaRp the
peentsei Leader* ami ihn laeBteathxl aaraof paar party,
?i ?i bf KM pSBBBBl at.d unja-i fh-der si In ??????. lad "ho
?iaht eraA poar paper, ht paa atBsehrd It Me have no
r.jriit m rail apoa laslMslBBh la idrvoeasr acaasr, wnich
?Bald run the,r own po ?p?rt? iirvl bUBretM, hut if OWm
em do my llnr Mr the ?ue>rinj ami to l.ar Mi??. who
i rann >t ?peak tor them?t?i?i?, an,1 ? bn nun ! n k to entbuai
?ok youn/ mealoda lhMBana,we prip you to eo *n.
!)? IplM the lottbsome BrlBtbBUB. Ihf stupid doubt, tin- pre.
, juSirc* an,i hearth?? '.inLtiereare of the LeaArn an I otm>
? ential men oi so.-.ety. who are rich and tfre.il. la-cat*- the
i Maas are poor and degraded, aad iBtehont brass ai.-<
ol <>"?! an I ir.r happiness aol elevatinn ol paat RaCC,
Wn.it : tVnat" ! \ tl n?te::.
In Hi 'na, KcOMBBy, l-otli ?? mti ns an i c n 'jrv t > a
I ir?. n the nidy Kcoip'my IBeomnieaded nr known in mir :
; present Roc did |i< practice?tantamount t* indivtdnal
pri.atam?1? i'alou?.y preached hy moral.sit and tage?;
i and what are the rtsbtsef n?il.ut ?n. with all IM Minting
? and paraiawny ' Potitive poverty for Mven^ighlhe, ainl 1
j relative poverty | ,r the ft maBBBBJ eighth.
! 1? it not Muprhaag that the /VVi-il Ur Ivr ! a> ? n. #? tieen
I u.- e?,.rl i f .tu .,. . '.Or the '-sj.. ? l ? ??/?>r |cr. ir,??,;Mra
j hly nsnrr eaarntial lo die happinea m Mankind, h?a Iwei
ehaoSt eutirvly BBgb Ot ?! ' I. Tomutrr.
It" tin- (loader v.il! observe alientrroly the infnl
j waate and uaeleaa cooiplieatiaa of the present So- I
cial Order?example* of which In- moeta nt ev.-rv
! aten around him?he cannot fail to la- convinced
of the abeeace of every thing like order, economy
aad foreeighl in our piaieai a_\?iem ef Society.
Ff mrh charaeteriaUei raarked ttm otierationa of
an individual, it would l-e ea?y to fureaee that, an
I far from atttiiniu!; lichee, he tni;?t Inevitably sink
into povetty and wnat. The same law U appli?
cable to Society; tho aaaenee of Association and
Kconomy in our whole *y?tem of Induatty pluuget
the Soeial World into indijonco and want.?tin
aource of ondVa? Disrord. Ilepravity and lle-rada
tion. Thia creat fact eteapei the alten) oh ?l men
because each individual) aaa ions only to escape
from the common evtl, tnd to secure himself it
sufficiency, so a* to enjoy trannuility in tlta i>tat<
of general privatioa and anxiety around him, sees
nor tares not lor the .Ma.'. In the Ooofiioed i S?rta,
however, which are oaade by eaeh und nil to uttaiti
the creat desideratum, fortune, ibnyonlj trample
??ach other down, and after all, are find in Society
that the greater tbo cuntlict and ?trife of indiv iduals,
the greater the collective poverty and depravity.
Kngland iilttatniti-a thia fact fully; no country has
carried till branches of Industry tn tlio extent .-Ii"
haa done, nud BO where is there such a hideous
contrast of poverty and wealth. The same effort*
combined, would bnvn secured ricki'* and happi
neaa to all. but BO am- ha* time to *to[i in oonsider
upon this fact; ouch Individua] flatters bitnsclf with
the idoa that, if aevon-aighlhs of thoso. who were
making the ?atni- i ifort* before kirn, have failed, ho
may,nevertheless,with in-tior aaBBBgamenl sneeeed.
lie strive* to see are Ua Itappinese isolatedly and
separately fram the raea ; if his fellow nu n sutler
and ho doe* not. it i? to him a? If suffering did not
??iat. No collective action, >o eeeeatial to the we|?
j fare of all, takes place, und in the munu tune tie
aglomeratton uf disaasociated utdividuals, ?f which
&M-iety is composad, are nriaagiiBg with each other
liken wild animal* for the little wealth which is !
produced, making 't??' of fraod and choatery in J
! tlieir otlurt?, and sacrificiag iboir spiritual nature
to satisfy tba lowest order ai want*.
If we wi.h to had the tnmt perfect picture ot
waste und disorder, we must search fat it in our i
Inrce cities. It i? th-re that we will find our
isolated, individual, <>r n.'.-up system, in which
every thiiiL' is reduced to the measure und selflsh
ne?? of tho individual, pfodeoing an Incoherence
and eomplh^atioa winch might properly be terased '
a combination for the predurtion uf evil: for it
would seem a* if things were so organised n? to
cause the greetest poestble aasahar of <*vtl?, and i
insure ibeir moat rapid pcapasjasiaM. Each bouse, I
for example, Ls* tts sink of tilth, the BttBaaamt afl
which the whole pepnhttioa mutt beeatbei tiie >
povertv >r neglect, or bath cotabiuad, of a shagbB
family, prodaco a contagious disease, which ex?
tends to a thoaaand athers, among abicb there will
be indigent ones eeeagh '-e keep .t ineiistanc*.
The aeglect ef ?ne peraoa, of a child or a ?er% unt
p-tbap?, iu whom it i* ofma naeasaary to conide,
burns down not only the house of one fatn.ly. hut a
hundred other* with it.?cr the misplaced economy j
of a stove-pipe, caused a lo** of the same kind, '
which would lie eBtfioient to eonstlttl t nil tiie ap?
paratus secessary for iraradag tha ii.lit.ce of an
Association, Whore every tiling W lel't to the
igaotance, eupitlity, carelaesaesi "r iBability of in
dividuab), nu ifii-itanteos of a ?ev: i! nature r?a
exi-t or 1i?j pat in practica.
It is from th? [mvorty of tha liars ia our larrv
citie* that tho j;reato?t abases take place. If u
Capitalist builds damp cellars, carrot* without'
: ventilation, ?mall and confined rooms, rloae court?
yard* without light and circulation, and wrk liarJiy
? tho eonvenwncBM aenoeeary to the watts of its in*
! mates, be i' s ire |e had droves of Indigent fainilio*
who will stow themselves away in tha?e tenement*,
makinf of them hot-hed- ef diseaae and rinr?erie? I
sfdemoralisation, MoraHstswos?nWthat Human
NBlare can i?e a* depraved as they find U in . .: B -
aBMies, aad thay aeah ia ihnktmtrt tba source of all i
this depravity; it is only surprising that Human j
Nature thoald lienr so much and murmur SO little, |
, and that ? ith its load of social evil and misery. ??< ,
much good will and eayety ?tili remain, and that it |
i* not mom degraded than it i*.
If we cite example* of material w aste. MB should
i rank, next to that of tires, the loss inS/asklBWl by the
tearfasg dawa ef buildings front beeng badly dms<
1 ?tricteal, or from spat bIbI'iiBI Thi* w a?t?- le many
of our btrgs cities must he enormous, and is due to
want of combination and forevght. What sheaaca
of order, in an architectural |>oint ef view, on thu
part of Society, not to bo able to plan it* baUdiagB,
so at to answer tiie wants of the community for
twenty years in advance ' The widening, straight
enmc and lencthetnag of street* ?rm another
? an - am of waste. All ibnoO abuses nn-e
from the fact that in planning our citio* and
town*, no ?y?tem. no motlu>d exists. There is BO
' adaptation of architectote to our want* and re
o, iirements : our hou?o? are as lutla suited to our
physical welfare, as our social laws are to our at?
traction* and passions. It is to he sBBBBMad that
t:. - eaenanas watteand srpradilBis nro pud by
pnaluctive Iadmtry, upm which an immonae in?
direct tax is laid, which i* not perceived. The
Warmer*. .Manufacturer* and Mechanics must pro
due- tho mean* fur payinp in tho end for e\erv
thinp?citiea, ?hins. canals, railroad*, &c.
I [To be conuoaed.]
\\ 11 OL NO 3??7
1/ I'NA Fire liiauranea Comply of V
_ j v I''.' No. V ?? i-?t ?In-i ? ?? ->- ? ??<?? '
lag ..? Inciting hoaae*, m ... riii..Harp.
>.-... . ?? foe* u port, 11 ;
i a> un.rit .r i< '? ? is not ether ofh.-p.
i>;Kr*i- i UHU.
o,, p. t.m.. r. ?. ?\... ihuii. n T. s,?rk.,
i -?..,?,. Hem ge I' toeroy, K. B. t'i?m..ri,
K ? !?? P la?u ? K" dhe, (bftCMM.
Ii ... . . ? ... J.J.M Vateatbaw, bear L P. 1?.
c ..t. r ? ????>. ? ..v.l. r...-..-it, a M Blaeawetl,
L. M. htodm in, M . t. r. I'n.n. flk W. Cafe
S.D.8I .. a. M. I.. Man.*, Jam, U ? ?on,
K. Pe ? ? ' I Malta I. Jotaaa Jones,
a v* II ??? Ja i I a? Bnakarck, ?...?? I
Ti ??; . tnlboey, DankH I Urn, ?) na H. There,
( II IR?U rowpi, Pn - daa*.
HRaav l 'TT. Pi letat .
Batata Hi Haan P. Di? , Darte/Or_
p*.i.y-rapial *--?'.'??'; Ohara \ i '?? Ml . .1. IIa*
C 'i .????? ? ? ? ? u Blair I ? mbu ee *{* bM Im 'tie
Mhl i.:-. ??' olaad 1 tvigaian
DIRft roRS
Rpim?p!.rr 'drew \* i* T.'ir C. rltb W La > rence,
I ;., p. 1 \* : s . i , . it. M ra BahlvrhB.
1 - M ?an, B.l. w. . Nwhai?1 Weed,
iiawj.ti K. \ araara Ml ttiog C. Tar aar lol a Rai kin.
Da. , Irr. M if" f) Hi .1111 b^'.Ihi II .* ? *?.
CalebO. Haloed, WilRan V?. rodd, Ferdinand b ?.!am,
Mi 1.1 a H w ? s*. Prat dam
Lewi* Phu.i ir?.secretary._nt
"\I 1 I i \l INSI RANGE, -".i Dwell
"I nf n 11 ip
\. nit' IH'I BKIUH Or K? Ml 11 IL IN
KI'R INCE COMPANY. Od ? ? a. b-, I >r ;
tin .1 II. ;-n-f II .. . and furniture trna"i that
? ; irra iral Ma r, band -r.
Il? milllaoneRialbbboMMlItir aaatl . 1 1 "a
Baatnaa* ? > aan. irr BBtiaeaJlQi Iba banli ; eftalav>
i.lr morn aad 1 rtly .-?? '?.
Tl. 1 mrrra?r?ttir. in mar of Intataece 10 tlx* Imuta hold
rr, aad awy ;--v. 1.1? dept !??' I ;.a id the w 1 y ?a-. ur.iy ror
\? .. - ?? . - I." I 1. ill 11?..
r . a-., raayaaaau .?- prawdaaM form ? lun.i. arbMI <
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? .?- .- ! i.. tin uaan .1 |?"|_ 'I 01. M haf amount ol thnr
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WANTED?Ten or twelve active, in
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BltAOBL'RY, HODEN BCo. iJTNaman e N \
iri ti and i" BraboohtA. Boaton
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I i three milet from Fiwdham, no " ? road to V..nl>p; ?
A line addrttatd to II. U., IcB at ibt BaBee,artll receive
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Ascenaion Church for aale.?
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^1 11 Conml.1 Mereliants, IM Wain .1.
\| I SIC ;if 'I'hrce Outs ?1 page, at .No.
.VI 73 Litpeaard-street. ? iraier of Broadway.?CHAX,
1 '. 1 1 \ \S m Pablkdier, a oawtanlly rateieinenee
and Mtbaodde Movie, for the Piano, uattar, and Blate,
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eath, at retleced prfceaM Na 171 Broadway, New-Ve k.
Hyde v Ooodnch, New llrleans.
Ilayoaw. Urei?.' v. Cn CI irteatna, B. 0,
jsuisrs i'. Hi Kinn, Peeetyrtwota Avenue, Waaahwhta,
D C,
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4 NY GENTLEM iN intendiDg to build
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I > i:M<>\ ED from -1 to 80 <.hambera
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ua 1 < H Win Kits mt
I> II N '
Kv tu Li5itvr.siTi.?The Art-l Lover, aa En^rnvm? or,
Bteel, Pare Pathiooti Music?'The RatuU.w,' by s. I*.
Wet a.
? btkbti v ? let, by Uetaader H. Everett i The
the Boel hi w R Btery; BrowW^lOaj ?Mb
the MnopwMW, by N P. W.U.* : a Panta.y, by Jaine.lt.
LoweMi Lfm v Ktnhas^.lors, bv Wnt A. Jones -. Mister
J ? Wt bl .ienaai F 1 ii Itiwaa; Lbteetoi
Lady, tr Mary B Hewh; Baadaya in the I ly and Coaa
tr>. hv e. K Chenetngi a Prrw Letter,by Cernehaa Mat
darwt Primeval Woods, byC. M. Hoffman | Mr*. Im le
i al !.??.-. E. V Dnyrhlnch ; The Artitl latter, w th an Kn
rr*?-iii? on .t?ei : The ContplahM, by IL Feiere a. , The
Biv.'uar. by I M laaTaaaai
LlTSBstr N t; r? ?Bow-iS V r.-:l; Henry r,f O.ter.
Pallien i - ; Barney Baprrt, Pirt II ,
Lew. m i t:tarkS Narrative ; p?ri? Padnons.
The pre^'it BBIUber fnmmen.-e* a new Volun.e ot the
Mis.-ellai ) : mM ?? a ta?taraBel BMarBaoity l" ?itienbe
l?e lh? w .rk, Trrm??f3 t?r annual, in advanre.
BRADBURY BODEN k CO., Ii? Mi.? n v
.? and 1" S.-bool *t Boston.
Nu. I I P'.ar! .1. ,,; [r.sitr Ce.iar.-a HOVEY tuae
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oi Tratebag ami Parkin? Trunk*. Carpet Bain, Valisea.
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paper. ^ __ srst *rm
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They ihnrrc Ive daily, at the above | lare, CM A M m i
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