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New-York daily tribune. (New-York [N.Y.]) 1842-1866, July 07, 1842, Image 4

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K..r The TrS i ?
T I II E ?
kg tlTSAC t ??' *t A MINI '. BtPI fOKM.
gl At .1 ?.ii ? ??..,|.,.RA?S.
\? a. Mm iii""1 ? ' '?"1 ,n''''
Tmi-. (MM the depth '-I age*, a?4 t' i fall
f ti Nut.- Ii?, an t t|i? ;?'?'?.?,.??? I t> ?? g!o -m.
4'olUMiri and arrli and m ?* en?clop'd wai'
li mit !>? Mtj htnMeaa, ?*? Sss tat mm\ hall
?II ii UU webrj hath -?-a.nl, ami Mw pateakt
Dmi within, ll e lte\. I. r treads, ami ptl
Awl innre? '-i Ladt gBMB on In? it?'
Tl'tno t r lt.. Kar.l, 0 thee, *V/ BWt tint* ail- ntJy:
And ?l??* atal slant BBS BM risBagO at b-aees
By the BUI breath of lutumn. the high BM
Kalleth S*W, and ili' ?o,re.i?? -Iu?l lUM ?es
Ita?.-.r... ?? I BSXhgj ?.Iba ii- !.'?* BKBBj
UtM i, gtd * Ma BaT Ball BMWS, *'?? and lone
The |>r>.u<4 bbs IMb , an t li>- im.Ii n.' ' >n
oi .i miifni Beamy, ?M>daf art spawn wn
?Ml Bah all pMWriMi Aye. weak ai d wi?e [Be)
Kail like lie ti.-lp'.s-. ?*? 1. aJBtt *l MSh man'? font-t. ;?
Kurth ?pread? a L..mi|iiH. an.. why <"t | irtake
Th.-u.-ht mm . i?sportingr --onda? 'Thew..;,k flower
Muni. ' !or a ?? BM; ?al- and BBBBBBBH make
wMB -.he dewy ion?t,giadnaaa for an bant
With hwvm aadrerdnri i and the srswsbsiagtower
?t|K.rta with Bj ehasnaej -???'? TI i ? wby ?tral
Krosn Mirth and Tkwihll ?*. bmm-gh the ?ilent Power
CaBktt n? mvi.ihly ' Kven tl. BJgb you reel
l..kt ibb World' Mora-rh lion, bit hatt, ?mt> m BOT fed!
Karlt. kM Bj BBBBBMj an 1 v?ha'. OMWgh WB feed
A BUM hr.nr or ihein' The . rent mt goad,
Tli- weak and K? I I.are t!:-:r lot. and Need
Doth BaaSM them. ? ? n n? IBS BaBffl 'I mbd* 'I
It v tire BBS hammer. Tin- inhuman brtaal
Ol Han and BtBBBM r hive Bat If la;.,-?, .md BRJBl
lake >? r;auts u?e ihein. Kr-nn Bat I ClBBBOM rod*
The strut..'>?!illurn? ?u?;nii< d by inward tin?t.
And ?link.? Hi. in from In? necB into their native i|u.sl
Hut l.aith I? ie.1 all ? v.l Th mm Bight
Hath Man and Beauty, mi l a eoiee that make.
The old heart youn.- In r.ij Vit- m 'h i jjht
The hours Iiy on to him who ne'-r lorsakei
That BIB ard law, Whici I t lak?-?
Tield? in another, w.tli a brlgbS r glow.
Hi- ?ii" bat ii. tw rraan la* It?. foeetalm .lak'a
Dr'iik? pan? weed I and ia> ;!? rtlirg pb m trei gran
Into a binden I.u.o tS 11?. r ? adMBJfwe!
,V"n, i,a, A. )'.
I .'.ii. I!l?rkw<a?.| f .r June.
Wean bom i" priaoa?iaa Veaetiaa auageea?
witli our iiaaitri tor n ctMBpanJoB. Iloa BtrOCItTUf'
Iv laftialeai. boat diaboiieallji IntrCDtive la crueltt
lu a <"'Hi wbica wa i iin-r Masepiiuj) tea um bmw)
to notice thai tin- reund bole above ibadooi Ii-"'
tli.- Msaasje bj arUoail i- eaterrd, arhile it admiu
?jy eootif h to keep a priaoaei alive, and waa not
tii'-ant il" more, excludei rvee toe companion
aliiji of i lie- soluarv cnndJe, wln-li vvn-> permitted
only nt meal ttaae. Tbelifbl ami placed aifAoaf,
aaa oppoalte lotwe air-hole, eoaa to tbrovr meral)
ti ibmuJ circulu lniln mi the priaoa nails. Thme
aarM enceintea bem itroag testimonv ahto to the
aadtirance of man in tuflering, and prove that mind
mat even be active, and tbat a certain exartioo ol
it?, po wen i- potaibh m utter dark mat ami nope
li ?~ rmifiarmmt, aLt" ivnti ii iimi often by the Bath
ciimnon ot ii maa liaary denlh, of which the oalj
uiici'ttanitv waa the w4ea and the wajf. I pon the
alnas ovi-r arhlpb wo KumMe u* wi- eater, Byron,
comntmhuj hia " Foaeari, ia -^nid to have lool.nl
(Ititkiiosa in the bee for levernJ hours at a time.?
Tbaaa bonrid eella liav,- even tboir curioaitiei' I ?i
nil tin' portrait! of ihenMelrei which painters
bjraa bcuiwiahrd, none wliicli wo ever yet beheld
latereated im liko two protiie* on oaa low rout?
n KiriIs Ija-tsiJ. with a Brown on, and by it enethet
fuci-. rheM are tin- Paduas lyreat, Carrara, and
Iii- son. who wi re ri-rtninly Strangled vitlmi thoM
duBceoai AvaiKtuj hitnaelf of tin: hour whoa hii
star, the candle, sboae from the hole above, each,
wMh a charred apooa foi a pencil, i? smd to have
?BBrked the shadow of tin- othei on the roof. Vorn
eeaBtanea and bmm have railed by, but well iloe?
tin- iadehble charcoal still cling to the drj -torn
waJL Nor witlioiit its Interest is the aerawl ot *
we it Illiterate fellow, who recorda of himself onlj
his own ta.-irv diapMiltoo, thooab doomed t" live
nnil die here, a- wore all who |in-at-?l along thi
narrow Cstal corridor. - ? ? - gaaaa kave draara
ehaiehea <>n tin- walla, with "Cone let us worship
(?ml in Ina aajKtuary '?' Prieeti in their eapttvitj
here aokBowletige tbeii fiaVUty to the Holj See;
tbeli namei nml that of their con maj la- read,
an.I ?? I.oni; life t<> the holy Roman Catholii
Charehl" .i'ist ?? the loldieri who aaakbefore
him in attempting a rivet tln-y oonld not ford, crieil
" Vhre I'Empereur!" Cooceroing thil mmbc llo
maa Cuholic Church, by the way, faof aeecr sod
it sclinu : Venice, nut three oenturim ago, defied
the Pone's terrible pwrogative of eaeommimica*
lion. Sdc shut ii]i the ehnrcb ami the chapel, nml
laiil hold 1471 the prieete, calling benelf, neverthe
?aaa, bothlRoaiaa ami Catholic. Oa the othei
band, to make Bologna anil Pavia obedient sni,.
jeete, Ui holinem enaed them from ibolietafmw
ilnlitie- for heave a. We entered one cell whiah
had a window, n. well as a door ; ami what a win
dow '. l>v ita side a bsale ii wrought ia the wall,
sofficienl it r the IntrodiKtion nf a coed. Ii wa
poaTtted out in 11?. We ihoald have overtooked it
Under thai window, mithin, ia the very ttooe, ol a
proper bight, Gar the 11 ttdba to nil ea hh-I be ntnm
gVed ?be poultry?to have his aeek wiung vo*,
damaableaad blaad] maa!) agaiaat theunyield
Ing Iran of bis eBBmmeai! rhe next cell, r.timbet
six. we Ix-iii-vr. -tm li< itTong oftha lira lighted bj
n bieeaed mob some thin-, yanraago. ? Sweet
anu-lls lha aid earison l
Atioth.-r r. ll, aad lha but, i? thai hi which a tint
ricide noble ot Dahnatia was confined f?w fourteen
yaara. He waa, thej sm, tin- oalj surviving vic?
tim of the iitqaudtor's tribunal, when the aarrel
t'itir was mal .h ti-i tmi, and the people rttabed
down to tin- cells. Mr- bad shot his hiothcr, a
rrieat, whUa ha ?\n- naa laiing at i be high altar in
Zara> Ue died rimol forty-four days after dm
liboratian, aged lhirts/?-five yeara. Hi- nervous
syotom, not able to tu statt the etiaralatitm of mr
aad Hght, to which ha bad bean m long mmtod
raajetaa ea ih?' machine, and pal an etui to lit ftuvc*
lions' Tili? cell baa been ipared sw a aoeetntet
to poalrrity. m .I hi even, aa il erat, ami x- they all
witv, a wnd beaat't den, vaulted with lattmn mar
bla above, aad ribbed all round with woad, ami
riMMteil to the walls with Intee BBilt. lt? -haue
is exactly thai of a trunk which you puck clotJsca
in?tt tiiink v?uh 11 roaad top. Thh is a ittsloaaal,
imitoiwlinhsti ti unk. \t oaa loot above the around
von toe the planks -m? read] (or the bed . i atraa ;
ana aee lha shelf for the v?m,-i ami the leaf of bread.
aad yatj aaa, nml ihtaader, ?t the one tnmll air
hole ah,?ve hi- paibH, tiotn the ihtik cell into ||n
dark corriilot, at the end of which OaTrld >i then
1? a iBaaJH ?Iii. wbeaee a glimmerol dayKghl cemet
tu Mara the v. 13 riaiter, who may go aaraty when
he pleases. Hut these are no: nli the horrors.
Han rolled the head from the deeaptoied traah;
tkatatagb these round holes fell the rnmBgulmsil
aaadiial into the tea, 1 rooking tin- giwenoae n?l.'
for the-e priaoai are oaly iust above the level o|
aba water. Gtasi are yoa to ascend t) duagem
itapai in doliwhich yoa Bbttaia, ibraagh n peni*
meedaualy lighted ?eil. a view of the Britige ol
Sighs, with the abMa look lug nmthla baadi winch
pi meet in tili; Ii mlmf from the covered mcii. \\ hat
aaaMBtbl are these ' la it poasthle that iniiti can
? nn; a id vviaDgb hehind the d*v;>lv latmdiBg win?
dow-, trith the dowbh hars, of aaeb a ktralitt '
fee! Mt the] (>?? ban Cm a ewtaia -ra-.>n oauy.
i h>y had u i Bridge of Si^h* to cro.?. Theii
Wewsvj knew whan the] ate, a?why they have
BtM?a and sea the Hgbt; llaty liu*.? ears to catc'n
the joeand inandt on the qaaq below. The belUah
jsaigeiaenti of the Ten and of the Thrc hnv(
ce.v.se,l im aver. They abeli not die like poaltry,
am even thnagh trbay aatd iniaBmliiiiil one of th.
fewr rmpitalcrianM whl m Paul Vmoaaea has paiat
ad ia lait Josijraaaam HaB. A friend of nan Im?
pul Btt hand into th.- I.um'? tnuxith, ;o -nti?fv hini
aaM ih it than me really no ?.-cr?-t awMaaeeamwia
aaattallotred iakb) WanpSSIglM. The Austrian and
hi. sol.iiet- may t>- hated ; hut he would not BJTOWB
ins si um priaeaeea. Tba sUaal tr.is. hief of ike
?otli. cr.-f tba sight, aaa lha Bsyetarioai dhaa
?aaMmaoe of tnen. who?r house mi l family shall
know them no m.-re. can no longer Intimidate.
Mute tire thjOM BSBBH wba Baad I" conduct him up
tha Scaht Sagnea te the ptaaaaee -f ramttaMsom
palgas] perhaps out ol SB00M of State in his own
I'atil FrawMt'i pjeitwee roocnt m ?ImIi the
owner l.an.j letad BMI JtMiudai tri fuQ MCllhtJ
1'rom -u/-h room-lN" HM thfl ] ; IgVM ?MTAW '?? 4
rn BBBwfve bmbbbbi d thaw ft Ban ? i. i ??: ; ? aril.
ind nf ?tfht. I'ortrar?. uf 4 |JmM ? pet bf I,
?i purple Bad kt ertaiae, ere ihewa hi ooe of the
I bbbbb.
The \' rj D gee tl ? n k !vr?. it ?eem?. vere i
Mtt: nne nf them, I ? rttrn r. ?. w i- cot Dt >i eigl tl Ml
?iwi.tli*. ou UM loppoeitioa el til i n eg kt dee pot
?rii. The mnaieilm'i omaa il diacevered tboit
?ni?'al.e. n ij CBUBad Titian t.i reeetd it by the
beautiful picture f-nlI?'<1 "Tbe Tritranb "i tbe
1 fflory of the f"to*e." Tbe epPOT priiooa, ?
they bear tli?' frtwhwt*ai title " Satte i Pioarbi,
rery diaTereal places of eeeihnemeat. Hei? there
i< light ami fresh air. Tbe rarfofhnad ia foilfoui
?not -tbirto the woodoo raUiag oi tho room. (a
?bort, S.ivio Peilico bet made tbe moat of i :? r i-.?
'.v nn moans laut. TImj pointed oat to i bti
riMi-ri, abeM a deta. '..rn? :it ? ?! pigaot?. from UM Pi
utsn, ware eeoiag ari l punning each otbor aloaf
? he bdgo of Iii- o in.lo?--?i!l?an episode which,
bad it occurred during bia ioafim urn 1 araaU
aVatWeea have eelfatd ferth tarae \.-ry toocbmg
[ apottropht to ti;.- raadar'i !??? liaga.
Katti t-NAtti.? ii TgjUl.?The followirig
from s. W. Keodali'i bat ty ot tbe S tot i i ?? i?
I neglected t?> mentkm in my laat a troublesome
-it. it we tin"! ia camp oa tbe nigbi of tbe Ith al
Julv. It rained on tir<; p-n,. : <\
?* to which I erat Bttai b I to in:-' a lei t
I'he wot rru-? wit-,o ,t pr. !?? a rattle
mke to more comfortable rtijartera, and the fuel
itima'ion we had of riii ricinity he tree eraa It |
????r ..na of hi btable Ibe tent ia Iba eneVaavor t..
effect n lodgement rmdet tome of the biaahate. a
intwti dleagrtaehle romiatabmehljt cannot be
-nne: od. eron if a jn-t-on had Iii?' ort in- pica M
?mrv living, movii,?, creeping, aying, ' tanmi
iwimming ami CTBwliBg tiut.r. Bad !?? bbj thai i
if ua felt perfectly oeij and at hmae irithaach a
leigbbor amoag ai, mould be taying a hat ia aot
truo. for tnr.i'lf. feariag to more leel 1 r-.i^ltt
?nole?t hie laabaihlf, I rolled my ae If bead and al.
under my blanket. Bad lay peraaitly qoiet until day?
light next morning, Where il.e lau aier wet t to
tm ooa coold tell, and we lia.1 the rery pleasant
?atiifactioo of ???ein'; no mare 4 him.
Verj tri-.ji.i atlv. oa tho greet pratriei, a rn ?
trahee op la iln- Btoraiaa an.i Kadi tl.at ).?? ha?
? ad e. ratllriaalto lor ?< ibmping ; irtm t: but tliep
ia one exeelleal trait in the rbaracier ??! ibt M rep
tifet?they never bite unle?? diaturbed, and a
(et oal "f the way a* 100a at poaaible, i acept, per?
'apt. in tin- meBthof Aiici't. nlien tin y are Mid
le bo Mind und ntll aria;i at ant tbii | ai o eeeri
ibing tbe] may hear about ibem.
Tarantala?. too, am frequently found upoa and
under tlm blaabet oftba tampaigiier, and nru Mid
to be aa poieoamw aa tbe rattleanake. rbej an
a larf'. Mark, eeawawui looking ipider, nearly ai
irtrro a? a eotatuoa tea<upl and their Idle i- -hi.I
la be even worae ibari thai af the rattleanake,?
When atta. ksd with n -ti'k tin \ will rear up ob
?heir bind legi and attempt to bite, and are i v
tiamah leractetai ia ererj reapect. rhe leu.:
?cratch from their leag inr.g? tl rowi a peraon int?
conTtdaioaa, and will produce death unktM in it ?
diate madiral remediea ean be procured. I lie
hallet of l.n Ttrtntmle, ia which Blaahrr gained
?omuchapplauae, i? n beautiful cteatkm, although
i .umlud upon n luperetitiaa of the Italiane. I be
bite of the real tarantula diirei a peteon to any
? hi ti*? bat ?aaciBg?i eea thai ipeebie of tlte tin
ind--tuit? order 10 beautifully girea hv the fail
Fanny in tin- ballet I hare alluded t->. It 1- ean
enough to keep iha rattle-r ake from a peraon I
bed ni aight while ileeping upon tbe ground an
the prairio.. By placing a Imir lurt'tt ..r rope
entirely around a bed the make w ill never rr..?
it; but tlii* kt no L'imr.1 ajft'n-t tbe laraatule. But
Mw pemoae, bowoeer, me Innen by either, not nn
itisiaru'e occOTring mi tlie route although we taw
iuree BUtnbari of em-li.
Bcad Mabcpai tobt.?Wem to aee tIn.- Manu?
factory of Baada, for which Vt nice baa been famed
for 100 rear- Vre iaa Meavee ol gloat warini
like corn, ia ill" !ap? of woinoii. wlm >ai attort?
iriL' the vhreoae barveei according t? ua rite. In
another itage, a number of men with ?bean were
clipping the lone threadt into very ?uinll bite, the
nbanente of the la-n.!-. In the m-xt room !a\
fragawntt of 900 o>| ,r ,m.d n-tttcrnainnumeral le,
illiti^ forty or fifty banket a. A verj diatretaing
unrt of ilio tMieratian ua* to be.a be loa. a bare,
in ut pruacbrng u kmg thed, open on one tide to
the air. and cl"wtne with thirtyfirat ia all itt
leagth, ttood n number nl poor wretcbee, whnae
dailv ami bonrlf omphtynMBl it waa, to receive
tbe mtt of lifted glaai, cul a* we bad -con above,
ami melt them lato head-, by meant ol charcoal
and land, in tin und-: ot theie dreadful I te bktiti,
which ihey ware eomlantly feeding, n...l withti
three feel of which they ttood, ?dreantfaaj it everj
pore, Mooping !?? draw nut the cmMtob and pout
ii? eotaamti upon a tray, which thej then, i-i tbi*
? tute of tl.eir own badiei, dra| forth into the an.
\ new coppet "i earn materiell already awaiti
ibem, whtcu Baut I"- tbrual forthwith into tbe
fan in e, nml a reel -u; eriamadt 11 it ti.< re i.e
ihat there i- bo remitaioa! lae tun in;, ttie
feeding, the teaawwl ??eat. eeip... not till tdelit
?ome? to pat a pBOM to miaorMt which lire 10 ??*!
fat life ' The galbryt i< a joke t.. tbii \\. rk. the
wurktiwa all die young. vVo never tboagbl of|
leadi t\* nich aa expeaeive luxurj belbra. \
?LapetiBjiBechbtcaamyeoti the life uv the titiaan
Look al a r,'?i??y fa thi* It'jlt '
[ Blaehtreod for .'une.
4 B. I>i:\ KREl X. Dre.igbtaman arai
tli Bneraver to Wnad, Ka
Nea V.rk. jyt
Refera %n Mr. George Kadtenn Ju'.n itreel r
k aba . >? Ri. Mew ? K. ba k Bbel ?? . w. .;
Hr. lt. tl Diiey (BUwaidRiebnnlaon k t < imaantk a.
V K\V YORK Dying and Printing Kita
. 1 Kl I-iimi NT.STATKIV l!*l..%\0, IM e
-?t. eptiea and tlalrw ry of gnodt No (Im t , i aa a.
Itew York.?Dye and r,:,-? m a aar?vbM mm ? , ? ad<
clotha,CtMnwria, B.ik?. Batkaa, >.ik \. %.t ami Pbaa,
Kilihoaa, Caatoa and lulbia Cmpe, Bilk tad t ? ? ?
Qkereaand How. Ladhaand Geatmetem GarroenU, Mo
e?ii. Dama-k tad Baaa Carttaa, Lip'aaand fniami
Ctetam aad Re-Baaak Mrrmrv rtubet and i ...l.r
Shawl?. PhUM ?nii Taklf I .. .. i ., ; l of all km K
Drucfeuv, Rkxar Clolka and Itearlh Kutn t . nix Cartano,
A.c. kc.
I r tartleri eaerfaOy anea lad to aad maatatly eir, awek
riM MWAKi ai
1/NT VNGLED ICC?1 NTS -Tliu... it
mi Jooea, \c.-<?ui tat, 103 Roil way. nupmBi 1 -t.
itnlertaki - to armage Bad adjaa bci oanu ? t evei > rk - i -
i on. TbtboM aba bave ma beoa BbMtodevM ?? unie
<i.,i bb wetbod oi oeedacl ag ttnt deparaaeat, tin- adver*
laer, wuk tbe rnalWarmi derived new much etpcrhatc,
renpeciiully odVra hit awn?tance in -urjestmr ?ucl. famn or
?ccoui book i ia art bea loapaad to any parurnbir t
?i bmBwUB In con.pl cnte.l purlin r?li ;. ?rt* -? ??
?n,i aegkmted aecoonlabe inedgei bHrwdt mt rflect i i
aw nn emBtaaat aad hMkwauaai Bdjaanwat.
Pabuabia an.i Mr mb> by the aaUmr aa akoaa, " JaarVi
Pliadpie and Practice at Boakkeepaar.'* wl
?lie teat hixik in tlie bad lag ktaihmh Imtitaihaa ot Una
toantry, and tbe only American work on Ibe Mtecct thai
Jki: ?r Y r ? i e
rilHK AMI Kir \N EXPO?l IUK, or
1 Intolleclaal DeBner--Dtwiened far Ibe am ol Bctmokv
tv aV t'.i?;e:t, \. ML P llh RVl i nn, PuMaaVd aad n r
ile by g IXTON k MILKB, .? . Br.n In .
Ha ...?i vs. M.iv C i. IBM
CbuUetrt Ami r van KtpOdUM l.n- beea ii.tr.al... ?
bmU m ihe wbaota at Ban county, at d from tbe mttofactioa
rapeemedbj tke leathern.I feelanlkornted ka adding wry
ipproiaL Bad m eaaaaaad H to iim-e nan hair Rn mkn I on
.t beebaajr trJtoob). btla ibig u ? 11 be amnd of arem an
damnce bt aldiat tbe Mhohu to ara|BBa BM mwamidaf
.aii|;u?re and Rw pr-'tier lira Beat HM oi w r.'?
18 Deniuy Superinten.le.it ,.|" Pal.In Sclnad. i h ? (IC ..
&?-Y?1 Clothing i-^ChiFdrenB' Clothing
lat\' ??- ml?
'heap Onv A. l?o\ t a t ... Na Mawn er?, mom ti reapei t
Mry akirmBMB patmaaad iln- pnh .? geaeraly, it a:
bey have Bgato hraamakiaa atwaavepeepnmBani .r i!-.r
femg aad bb?er wade i mot . , ? at head a mark
artrr aMortuM-nl ot R. .1 ami Cfc I Iremf Clmk nf tl u
'*-ry aaw baeoee haae hnd. Ti.r5.uia . are no .ri ka .a,:
id enpuimi Uinr f.?? ? th s*jt. ai:ar tr;t rem r rj
nl pner. I ? .. ... .
? ? * ? Kmrtwk Bilaee, md Ra-k et Kngiamt
Tamea, timldrr. and T: r-rv l.ii,;! : ??i n *
8. J. RTLVRB rj B B, a w,i . ?,., 1^ Br?,, .? ?
RILLS OF EXCHaNOE on nil ,7^
lafnt l.ii.'lin 1. Ireland and Scotland, in ?an?at U'>
LIB. ?1A and ?a), to any amnnm for mir al
B J BVLVtBTEriiaWaU-a-aeal IX) Broadway.
D%Y'8 HANK NOTE LIST for sale,
by 1 nl I II u. DAOGBBa, R \
Itkii-.c* l'"?in"" <'f St I'f ti r?i ? i
i? m<-l ui'-!i'?'> i? ?'? >? '"ii-t.r.t ?! in;>
I , WBSBh tin- btrihUBal cuyil pirn f 1. ll Mr
LohPl picture i? nut yvi>r Ihsigrif tt. ?>'' ''"'
?t .1 .t'oeg we.t?r V Wl il nr. ?? ?
las ? n Sr...'.j BB ??: But sSB, weald it naj Ml
i- t.? uccaaien na iiumL.tiuti ->j:^.?-i?-r.r b
ifowathe arheia population anil aom tl 'i
. i t:te ' ;?? w f!i In. lt? ?'.t!.: t ,. .. j 'rn ??? T- ' ?'
:. , .t. HMM 4 rI BB QtM oi i " Mad I ?'?
to a point as it approaches themouth '.f the Neva
\\i,''f t'i- ln.-t v (. t Lil'-? at" -til'* I '??
.mm Um w?st, aa ttiat the amm of waters, ca
mch latBehwM, ia alnrayttm .'? ? .rr.pt ledtoe urd
?t,e citv. II.'" l*>!-n . foi I.it ti the tl* a ??! if*
Ne-.a.fti a i- ?:. St. Putl ?I H :--'?' Ii IS CXU Dst
ms and lint, and dm hiem-?t point in th- city I
wobebh am morathat twelve oi hnvnea s?et, I
botet, ire.ettuogb to place ail Si. I'eterahurf, under
.i atct. tit. 1 a i .- if f.:r;. !? ft i? i 1 m-'a ? ?
ilaioai eaer) btnaaa being ;m the phace. rha
paec mhahimnli are. thtwmre, ia eooataal dan
gat ot atntrwethm aad fin never be certain thai
tin- whole imi.nun at* iheai may not, *? ihi ?
?\I twenty-i Hit lini.r- i-j wa-lic.i ??. t "t f :
bouses like -o mane drtnrned tat? I" taj tlie
truth, tin- subject ought hurdly to be spoken oi
with letrhy, for the danger mo Imrninen* and
ibe rrflection often m.iki a man* beaxti quasi
st. Peambaif. 'J he 'y ' am oi this app itatrj
duetaed i it\, is, thai the three eta area n aj
sever occur limiiltiiaanuilj, viz : high watet, the
? i'-t-.:: i op of the iff. Bad i ri! "I a had from
;he west. Then nie so tntn\ points of t?
;?;!?. for tli" wind to ch.. Urion.-. 'I. it il v ml i
msid pen ?r?f in the eure me loael t tl i treat
at to critical a tnoraftit . aemHtbeleos the ? h d
bam not blow eftea from tt.e weal daring ipiing,
and ahn lee tl..*t;nr- in da Neva, and the GuKoi
Kindland hi <?( a !"i!k sap)* sufficient to oppoei n
? irrni hi ,u i,' ?tat Je to tt.e w iter in if" upper
part ol the river. Il.nl ttie a;:. - - o! i ?? *t .
nept meteortdxtgica] leunda, one might perhaps
be able tocalcabito bow often in a tl mi I jot -.
. kfil a Besld n? we ar" here - tppeell .' I ighl bt
I heft in necar. As it la, the a arid ra e.i i. t In- at
JJ -surprised tO read in the now?:? it i i? one nl
? -?? says ti.at St. Petarsl arg, afl riiiag ? ?
bright meteor from the iwampi 1- md, bat
laddenly been esthtgaathed ia then Kke a wilho
the?wisp. Ma- Heaves pt sat ttbei
[ F ? ? tm Qc trt i h 'Review
TbeHea ?? an tad Oenaml Be -v. n i. rwertv
t in length; both hM ?j > ra?i ot . i .... | b) n* bnea
Iheir cless W this city; Sited le sep i ? i ' -'
. rir.lei fan lie - > n .tl B:?l.?| .v > r ?
111 Sitthttreet. Ai prt M
C. M. SISIONSOSI,1 i i .. nli t-street,
[TAB \ Ii'" ?Iis below cost, ?1
Uahtea Lane??The lalacrlhi r hei g rat
,.rv lni?ei??M aii'l rem..?.., I..- ?? i. Ir- -n i 'I
Broadway hi I ? dan Lane, now oner, as tell bat eotin
auch coiamiag ot Swords, BeSU, Sethe?, Kpaalrttet
Laces, Baitnos/rlaases, Mu-k.te.ltn'...V.. v.. i. rt si
rail in nathhsg aahmass, nSVen eqnipi : u ? i i ? t ?? ot
s-jr. h,i-,ngsu self again willdowi i Si
,.7 II N BJ. IHN I "V
I Mill..-' \ fTKNtLKMi \S' Nr.\%
I i in n i I ino ?II"K > l < iK K, .
-:re. t. earner < i BnWnien artet. B i at r am apraed
i stiwe awl geeeral aaawtmeni oi Ladies', M er and
i I. I I . ii." Il.nter B....I? bibI M..? ?. ..f the I .t -|\.
ii evtvy vanetr--".i?si anieriaal and work i ishtp. tlsn,
Mi a*i aad foadrt Iii?.-, and Shnea, rh an offirad <t
nr.re. corresponding a ill the inure,
VB. ('. urtr.- Mereheets ?u;>i>ie.i by t;.. caasot riow ?
.n the low. -t lerne at) i.' u
nit I'.SS III I?TS?Latesl Vnm < ?tj le
The ttd-acrBter res pert/ally Invhet ihr .'./???.- n
New-York, an-l strengen i Mth - the ? tv. w "il at III* il
t..n ?treet, and esamiiM- t lares assotlnirnt trt DremS
made in uw latest ftprin^ Fntmon, and of the nor-a Prencfc
Call *-k'n.
(jWeatlemea ran h ive Boou made le order In ihe bed nan>
ner ai >n danwi per pair, waiiamed rt|aal r> .o.v ?< i. m
?even dotlan and ,i half, and at the swlridgis j t.tk. - It ia ?
iag Oi the Rrel and keep- UtSS lor earh i n-i' irier. bt r.ni UV
-utf m enav pmbantbmas St,
Coaoaatty on hand.rasbhaialib Btwm.kt .at the follow
inu redneed prism.
Seal Skin B'?it*.imni V" M 10 gl W
Call " ?' . ?? I MM l; im
Hair Boou.i BJ
(?ait? r?.2 it"i
Baoes.from I Sn to M
Pump? and BUppcrs, br. pratanttoaahly l^ w.
Temu,CaabnoDeiteerv. .MUIN L S/ATKINS,
BtyM ill Pad aawt between Wassnaand Dingg?,
IVr()TICI..?Morison's liygean Mediciues
II from the ?? Hntiali Coiiege oi lleahh, Issaton."--Tl e
?ah?. iiIm ra having I" en aSTrrtialCll the tin rue.. i r Me- r-.
Met ano, Mom A Cox. and Agents i a tl s Stete n v
V. rk, l.av.. r.era! a large a?titwana "t SBalliine tntert
Irnmtbl ?? Hi t.-l College ot Health. LorOOB,' .i y
Mmanly the Agemt oa teure aneral term- than i r?t..
ti-re. Per?on? wi?liitic to he appointed s. : ag \ ?.. ^
-V .ii phmw make bisuidjBlr spplicatins t.. tht rabtcrl
r?-r?. All p. rem? n.d. I.te.i in th<- ijte Aged, Mi Gen.
I'av li.r, are rei]iie?te.| to nuke SWUM I Be ; lyi mb kt Ihe
aaderagaed, a? il.e, ..niv are tethorrsed lo _'<rrr ceipu im
the same. PIRTHk MALL, N I i ink - ire.S. V.
miatf |Al'. nt? bar MtlRttUlN. MOAT fc CO,
PrtKNT CliEMli VL I ?II. L ?MI -.
srrHwt iron Id Inelte tl ? attemioe ai tl ? petdie at b ? Mock
beantp aad snptrrior opwltties, are destined t-. mpetaetk afl
oiher? h??w 11 Bte, The aM wbiek B horned ka thet - .
i -.in . ai pn*i*amthm, very clean bt jat pwisertlea,01 '? 1 res
nsrj IsnTBaiB mal eeoiwmical light The Bttraing r im 1
?a p atnl.i? lif-ht, tree lo'tn all ?n.oke. ?U.. h <?? .t. a-e. ma
ail] neither ao nor tSadn, Coannna Lamps can l?- aher.-d
?1 a ti ii nj etpBms i?. hum the Said, Tht mhwrBitr b
kbsdli pertained m nfcr at seme of -ar mail loipttialih
aanates, w !ui an- now 11- e.; the an ele,
.1 1 . HOOK RR, Rt Bros i'?r
I*. B. There Is an dangt 1 id rapiosioa 1 ? tberoni ?
ate arf, le?. otl tl
19 l M?V \I..?Ti e snlstHTiber has re>
.\. mow I flam ITS tTaar m TTT rrmt autt. win n 1 >
?? I ii./ o|t b ? -t.H-k at very rr lured ; '.re??coosmi I , i.
pert Ol Coa.h ano Ka-. ijriie S; ingl
do .le Atlel
do .to Patew BM
lo tin Boats, Baadt and Lempt
II I i". d'i an I BmSSeU t ar; et
Ii..1 ? Babber Cloth
Pat. M Id -'I ? r
Lw ? -. Seam t a* Cord
Saddle T.,1togal m
Biet and ir"ti 11 h .? ?
Sj. kl B us Stamps, v?ei 1...
Bttfc, rhaiiis. Trank Isacki
Hmdlrs, Plash. Tbreed
and all art.rl.? ,11 the V..mrU or ?.addier? ! tie. \r kr
luttra INO. S. S?MJMRRS. 177 Peai Poltoseat
ALL PKRH(>NS wii.t rTomiilain ..l
j. liH- 1 1: , Me ,,,d dele'.lv .1. ?. II t? .. . ? -
wrih ,|y.|?ep?la, nicbt twi-aia. re?tle?- nigMs, palpi tat kn
Um beart. ao.1 all aei teni dkssaaes, It u r?
I Hi 11 nt\..? STOM \< H B11 I I Otk 1 . -
C' mpoRag 1 an- Iron Siature'sareal ?. getsBas < apnricua,
in be taken wah sasety, The follow iag . on l?r
1 ?. N CM Braadwaj
I ham a??- ? v 1 .r ' ii'-f, ,:, <-^?e? of impair-.! .1 .11.
rhen lYgetabte toates were ladwoeombikt, wah a bsaeS?
cial remit The arucsas of wtikch k b e. t,-.| ire, ry I
ilk kieslji ttMthined| and I have no etrahi a ill prow wt>
leaMa m the amm aar wMcb yea have ret,.art
Yrnsrs-he, r ow tun u dlou
?"ir? I ha?e in the r.-urte ni'mv ;>ra. lice ;.<? ??-r v
B|<inn.-h B.lter* and .cd t... 11. 1 1. ?? ? ' ? 1 ?
ra?t ? 01 me.jeatioii, i? i.lity an . .tel. . ?? ol 1 ?.
rgana 11?? aa nwum ebne Ramang list am h a.
ribt 1 ..v. 1. .11 ..ti.- ?1 rk a 111 maiw a gmai bhaa |
mat.) ?...j- ... '? 1 .? re:U w beiaga,
P J Bit tin ,BL 0 . Brrswa rt.
Niiine-i a* l eriiflisWa el 1 ??.??. w. 1 re. j
?>?! . .. aan he wen ai 111.11 :.-?.%..! ?? He* - I
B .a'ine Street, Old ol? r?e Ihr '.'?i.UIlie l?v. I . ? ? .?
? I-.- 11 tl.i. city. Price large tHHjtlf #1 -:i 1 - ??,.,(...
|eM Ini
. 1 I?-. V U. HI LL. No I \ -v ..? \ 1 11 ..
Hen York.?Parana afflicted with R , ma/ ret* I
???>???? ? heu mramemnl aM ate werM tSardi, i
M ? ' K. ..'Vi. IVesey Wrest, New Verl r eiihi t
hie aumsiaus agamt In ate rbkrl Marasoftbi Heia i?'-''--. .
Patent* natu la- ra'etul lo examine me beck nan 1
Heirs Tl awn, m tee IT they .0. . loeat-d 1. 11 a I
iime. Waneittkeran genenwmmbi nBedts .,- - i
lit. Ii jll coannteea rurea to all nth?rw :?.? he ;;d,v j o . .u j
all at h ? ?flire [,..-tr. ata,, r.t I ? t rali- ]
d permanent, mmnpeidadi lbsaecesauy s
r'L'a.iv trass Thatrtit, the ammjadsmtid sntaraad m
t?teesp ' tl:. 11 "? 'I ? ?. nil ?; .. ... .1 .,- 11.. ?I i>. ? ,
??r.e?.,??? t:,. tupti'-e may have mad- t.. w .0 I . r.i r - it .11.
CaBditaaaaei*iwertejrean saiseraalty ea ..i ? thanl
nirth. r e\pen*a than the , ?.1 ..( ihr T'?:??. The md 1
n under pn.cre-.t?? piaClKel M.r rev. , ? |
lhaa loenty ysnn past, bt Dr. HaUTi Tma Omot
? a branjratm ? "*lr of nnnnale.t prr'. et.....
VI. 1 --e i.-l . ?. .1? i.-ent. ha*, in . rt 11.. n : ?? ??
' i?"i Or Hoir* cehmated H ags sa>l Preetl .-? I the
sty end take teienthm of BMman* The anhat, as cs 1? ;
he reiietl oil?thatv are inail? hv BnBUBM ?urce/.n. and me
cheaiea, aad am aa beenjr taaa Bar st?dbmn Traswa f lbs
market. The genuine have mjy ? aarta wriUag
IMOS tl lit LI v CO
0. Rttti beam the rtqasw tti weer ? :?
am, I tted BB a team racmdaetj r LasSet kaeiag aera
iatc ertran. e man tl.e hu?n?-?? . ? ?-? ? ?? a . . n a Iwty
n?tant alteiidaia e, to apply Tr ?? 1 "* ' ?
t' tenwie jwhenta.
of Iki Hnllt btnaalbweamMBB a rew a an h h
pert. ree.-e. f." Iart.lv v.sr* [^?1 ! .
Pi naai 11 fffr Htfl t Ttk tarrrw Tht ,o;, rti aas ls?
?ei'ej o 1831 by the Dr., a:tb my tali . ,
and I am happy m my thai I b eitcasiti r
r";?i a? well s? in Ibis rountrr.
BaresS, \ AUER tim: MOTT M.1
Metv-Terk, ?.iiv L t~ti
mlretlr? Oft), e ia now ,T| rtawrv. k.i.
ni"?e.t t T.'in Ii.- rennten r ? Tend,,oi?- i teetmel
r'.rue. and :itpo?trT? win am i:i|?a. a btaltS ttW?Ba?
war?- Rc!:ieiut>er. Dr. B-andret! '? Iiff.ee ia S*. BM .""i
B?.wrry. fmm In.*
RE W \
I > i> ii .
I ^ ,NDRI FF 01 ! bm of IIb ? ?
k"tn i flamm; n ifci aamtoi, I ?
, ,| i.. r ?? h ft up the pore* of* Iba Min and by
. ir? initial tin r ."l. ..i Iii? ha.r pre?rnt. It Iren re
*,ITn* .jnVi-nl moir ?' mrnt tn retain Titai.lv Ti e l.a.i
? . ,'. , ? ... in.] '? u .? 1 .1 *r? >.?r an i
.' , . . .. . , r, t ' i ?er? ? rddv a ??: eg* ta
red bj JayaVi I?. I ? . ?>
.... tri? ??; -a., i.to.taetotsithedunoran
, i ? ... : *? ' I t-y.'.itv jn.mih r.t lit to -Jl f ?
.. '?. j ,| >,a:!i.'-? .? pr. .'-atr; or-r.-.'t' I ?Ii'r- I a
-raify rt,i?t?.
1 ? ? . .-????e :? .elect ??!. a !. -n:' ?. : ?
ret k? rxtranr aan rirtaei
?I .. . i it h n. > ? ..? ??iit'e?.".-A? art art el
to era and Dr Jayne, I arnd von tun rerun, ate la he
I . il.. i.en. ? : i:. v. ??- |. i. rrcr veil
. . ?? > Ii r, .. Ii, I ? Bra mm moi
?>, I !.r i tu "ftit ?'. -il ? ? n* at won " e
? . ... . . ??-,.. in. . i ("? * werk? liea.l
i, ?r,r rnt.rrd Willi l thlt ! i tttaat of fXmt
? r than die ha.l kau I :i i 1 ?i? raiin Iv
pro-lrr. '? .-? ? I e Ttat . nd vtoiil I re. unmet.,1 it
id who need a : ir remedy. Trail l 1?
.tnllN H. SM r.*"N
??? ?.... . . m be 0 D 'i> i I areet
' . i * a. and reist! by A B. A D BAN OB,
!>? ? . 7i Kali .n, ? .rn-r . f l.oid-tt. ami IM Knitoa-t i
\ aiam B. rtao.lt k Co.. No. 173 mrrmtmr*rr,c?,
i 4 ? Bat I Mandl v c . Ne.Tl Bart mtmmth
?ar. ?"' **"
f l (CTS IRE Stl RBORN TlfiN?S.
|1 It It a fikCt I tOot . . : ? T vi - w I p. 'mi
nen??? eraa -att a I ha I Ihn I tl r ;..ir: ?h?-e it i? applied
? :ti out the .I jh e.t injurvto ha ?ka Te be bad a tat
< . I r.tal.l .I:meiit,?i7 Walker ?treet, one drv.r imm Broan
? ,?? || .. ????. knottier lart- tt.ii tlaurn I. Tn.
w met a r. i rty w ;ij tamoaghly ratfrmlaaic taa, pimple*
? . taneoot eruption*, elicit I |Bienth! healthv ap
? . ....... ? ? l ?? ? a \ 11 ? i if i. ? .? k and ? no r' t ,v t
K.. ,? - ...r ..? ,..: i <? *??? .??-.l it ti- r. .1
nie ci ma n ne muamtl a-trinjent? otter !y rumou* to
a. i ,., ...... m ' l.v ?:. re; ellant arfon
oat to health. To be ha.l M al..te. ft nee botlie.
I...' k m ii - \ BOBTABI t BOt Ol
I Mflai M w ' ??' >?.?: ...?>?. ?atfahli ky wri|iii'BUoa
nr rabbina ?* Ith ? : aea rioth. M eentl per l-.iiia.
i;mi K >i l?- III IM t? > BFAONI
Or BpwtM Lilt an nr>, raiMrtt v t.r'i-i.i. j.:ir?.. life-like,
? i t?., t \. ? t?. i *. ? . ?> i, : ?. Ban dw ateftoaa pr.
pertiei generaUT romblued whh prep-iration* Tor tint put
-?. Put up m elreanl Kite. i|SeeaMcach.
\ , ? ?. dot leoci Deer Jr.; Albany,OotbrMi Haid
\.? Rnat Laari ll?-t rtl, Wette k H n?
. x Pr icebtn, Beahianki Borten, Jordan,! M
", ? . .. Mra, R...? n. IB CI -Moat -t. iei: Ira
Tv. i? NEWS Pt>B rHI BICB -The
'.. .' i .kr. ; ,. .i.jre ,n ??omn.im.i-.it i.J to h;. II,.?., i, e lup
p? r>-. nit* he bei nueiUneed Baw lha mme of Dr. B. Dt
Kir bar. n-. Sherry R tie-. Duriiu: Hie laut n>ur v< ar*.
i bad octadoa to retort m awap rsperhaatNi me BM
rt'llornlioe or .ay Matth, and l-avin!? eapehewed miirh tan
ret . iron, a general aerenai itehatty andconae
? ? n ?, 14 . op, I -it ieet ii wrtamji I]
... I i bottle ?? I?:. It.'? B !'? iv and ti. ? a.-taal etr>.e
?? ?.? ran r. tnmnirnd tie ? to the pafatM a* i Baal "'.'ri e
. i I edVctnai rettoralive of health and bodily trhjr?r-?
lh< . ? a -. h i,! ... . ? on to ?i:ne.t n . ;.? . ire.-t.. a many ?>?
nrefl n .-.?.! m rhbort, I can teatty to Um r'.. n. ? i
? Ii- It riardannneedinoentoathaBabbtaaaewho
a-r p..r*. anlly n . i; ? r bm atally acnaalnied ? Hh him, ?u?
la niiif M beiloet a lugb refutation for ln< ktam ledft run!
... . ? a. (apartment. Tn Ihme ?im know tun.
ant, I caa g it no amn Otvornlde irtro luciioethan advUna
" .-ti to n, ik- i'miii .;. ii a- t !? ?">???: Ii.? ?et v valml.li
>? \\ i; BIMMOND.
K i the Patlad am, Nea Kaet?
?? v T K Ii i.in..l.v, t' ii ii .Jane i I, H M>.
I>r. S. fl Ri. ihki... >.
Hit ? Ii??.a/ been, far DM 1ml Bra yean, tarry mach de
' .'. ?! at, : um. I, ...it oi' h> alth < :h. r? ?-<?. :u..| I,ail ihr ad
? a twenty or thirty af the baa phwlclana m Charleaion,
8, i ?arh?BaraBiKa Bpriaaa, h..a,and a namhti
?? r, i ice*, I a m n Bt -ion. ob ti e kh ot MM Man '.
I . I mt yoar oBVe and bnaght a beule of paar Shew)
Hit.-. After I returned borne, I bonght more. I cam
mt re<lraialnf man?Mvert Srat,and IbareMkeatnret
Imttlet and aa bou trell M? ran im dm paired ot at
?i rabie; bat la utree inimthi. I have iraineil iaa
W poatnhv?wbich i? MrpradnB. aa I !'*?>? eab a nothing bm
???r ..i iod i" ik I Bill. oatinae ti. mme. ToeraiedieTne b
?eihag >?eii und eomg am ii gamt
V.-ry reipei fnllv ynurt.
i . II 1MB* RUN
by da tgeata, A. B I D. BANDB, DragBbla, No
Ta Palma arret, corner ot Ootd; IM Pa boa wrret, ?*i
n i !???., 7t Rait Bmadaay. McetBcanm. ktBhlw
I Ti<;iil.\ important to Farmere, Planl
I I , - . i it licaharirti - Taa C ?a| tad Chi
H i. OilBoapmaj !.i tttadiliiut mi laai priaeM amawtt
ti- i. .t prepanaMa IBM .vrr wan eampoaaded i?r ii.r m>
: . ?' .-L.-riou ol i verv .per;... ot' in-.- t* nit. ?inu: tue ?e-i
kiafdi -maagota, dagi? romhaga, peaeh, pectatine,
?p ,. ,n..i pear irre iaarank cm and araay norme, mall,
. anbajer Lee. and all the .maller inieeaablth are parM ' C
c ad ft... ii- aa i rxollc Ifowera, -urh a? Um Mt-aaner, rar
in? n.'u?, i'v. ii', ine.rmln lanil.. ilium, rertatlB, i r ca.
-a. e.i. 'ii-v all. b| a po.pi r appttcM on. In ihtMttBghly ei
lermlnatetL Bt-tidei, the ratraordiaary cbeapaam a mo
baparmM item bt economy, readeri II aeeaidbli lorai!
, pnaeion a Inrur wilr i i.ino pea.-h ire.... or Waereao
land, may In- kept free from t!:e maraudmi; kaccttKM '!?
UiBUaf expeaMOl MM .:iar
Kiiamii rah?nc com, oat*, rye, paanaee, larnip^ cub
begee, amy, at ihr etpeaaeoil b hrw daaan, rcemte harn
dreda be naiag their Itetdt from tie devaMWhaa -r the reit
mm. T?r Componnd Cheraical WaaMOH Bnapaaqrb.
bad inliulk.or m jmn offner pound*, a do/en ot wliu-b are
i ached ui a bos. %ppty to
int. Lew i- i- i i ' h i a ?.v;i- R.
im fiiiniM. No. i w iB-atr
it i ? .fj - Bi ? ee 'i ?? v Ire i baaei Dor et tl ? K ?-?
( - khrahai Met ritt and Miry A. ha wBB ea. Branca
Bi1 ki.a i i uhH nr a ? ??Ifr, i brMMMMr BtaekpooM,
John Kiilbyy, John It. nnetl ami Bilm l.u.llum.
In pniaannre o..l l.\ nmr of.-n ..rterot ih ? Ilnneiald*
Coort, made In the aaoee imJlh'd caaw, hearing date the
BIB day nt ^l 11 IMS.and id theHmBM <? nttA mw u.a.!.
ai .1 ;,i .? ded, V ihre .-1 n -l.v ri?< ? M ill penaai bai k?
any general in n or Mtctimbranee, by IndcemeM. .leere,
otberwite,on the nndivkb I than .r t.t.rr.loi BfltpM
pniah 1 ai Ihi pcwaiaee hen Inafter referred Bh M prodac
i:.. ,uhe Badeedgaeel, .me >.t Bar HaWeraal tin* COnrt,nn
. r I., fore the 1 in .1.1? ol Aagaa aest, it My Mace. No. 1.1
joan-trBCKi in mi Citt or NaW'Toai peaaf of taeh
reapecut 1 tit at ate! laeambm -i -. tagceun ? Bh aMhaactM)
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tun- ot ch m< iiniiu aneat, sad UM rlatei die reut reipectl1
I?. Tin- pieaasn refrrred '?i" m fttttoan t? ait
The 1..1 oi gmaad anj | rem mi ..1 iato, ivm- and betog
. Uwlnfthttal Bitth) ward of the City ol New-Tarh.hi
Inf p.1-1 t ihi lamii ?omieiiy hflnai if to mmth b) la?
nareT, Esquire, and bj bha cnoveyedto Ittwrtt aoper am.
Bebe Bi ikert? if,boandmlnortherly bt BaM by Waikri*
?nrtpet. wetterty on one Wde try an alk t-.u* tr.t m ?1
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Hai mt, W 11., a Pi i i u .i".l em, ? 1 aherty In ike n ar
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?a 1 mm '. ??; im * de in l.-t BBBUMV Bne bmntrt
and -.\*. mi I.BotnmiPi Map, eoutojnmg m i.rra.lih in
? . 1 ireachlweMj feet.and mlengn na raeii ode |
? tbtj Mt, aygediei >> tthae aw and privilege m coaa
amn tu? tbe mber proprietors of the belieo nwauonnd ai
ley, I..- rUMt ? tti all ami aagalai UM tenenn alt, bered u
meats i "1 appw umancm unto tin- m 1 ahovr->aMntioaed and
detcrihed -? 1 * n ..| pi rttMMg or batonatog.
AI.ttcerta la leeae , Eatali dtaato, I? at ami tn>
II ?? weawrty ddeot Hadma ant t. n. t..r rV-ii afard
?>i mid Chy, and known bt n.e .u.n aaaMm at >???
one II i- ami nhVli mkl b asitaihl raws a as hall'
.,, m a r end 1 ? > n.e 1 fi . ertaii. Dam BMn
BMdeMtme Jamei Bart holt 1 r the term o; tnrm?..,!,?
'ears frnm tbe ArM day 1 Noeamher. M lite yenr e
?and' ?-l.t bandred ami loa
Nea \ lane 23 lift
v? il LI .M W C lltrBBI 1
r.' i I twt .v ?! BIM .:. I ..i 'it
' ? B*et 1. : J. urnai
i 'I' \ col RT of Cluneery h?-l.l for
W. tl Blat? V- > \ :k. r t:.. Cityo New-1 -
. a? \ - ,. A. O. II.
I r? .:. Bj... 1 m 1 . .. (viri CI tn. ? Im i : BM K ft
1 im 1.
M iry B 1? . hfal a Ket m . N an k1 ?. bei, IbMii
Ketchel.a , 1 Eetehel, In got rl, Bomurl K etc bei,
1 Daily, a nu Irvine and B. Jane Irvhw, bh
1 ? - K ? kMifg nrtK 1 ? ? t. K-t. bei,
I .. \ btea r. Jona Baan II and Barahbian r
It anpearing to the mtbihcttoa ot Bah Court, that an
? ? Bill 1 wptatm baa bean BJed M Uaa SBuaa Bte i
1 ? ? "i the fiiainawdemrihed ptataktta,M wit;?All
lb.it >?'. 11 NrrUnMT ittHum and kaCpteea-mpnrcetnf nnaand
t? imi benir in Um K.ui. W at I ol UM 1 :tv
Nea 1 rk, ami ? hannn ami ilbtmaahlMd By UM namhi
iwoaandred a d r im trra(Tlt)Chaith aiiiljawmh 1
erlj m from by Charch aiial BBaaaakli uiuthrriv bv
. .a'- t.< ... ; - ? ;.. I 1 nh \ Colet nort'hrrlv
bt .oi. I iro? or but bejeng Dg to Ktac T. Tai.man and
1 - rt Momt?and enaerly by tot No, IBI eoaBamBM 1
.??;:! ... ? , 1- m.iin 1 yr t'e. t. an.i in let gtS Ofl
ei ?? ? ? ? mw it? liti ieet, lie u ?? mn.e more or |. *?? to
rtther a ?!, ai: indilngaiar therMton,prMUigas, baiaani
: - 11 p ? mi '-. - tniaiar aiaa itiitnanhti. 111m.
?? ? ? .:?;.-?.?. and ,1 al<n appearing to >?., . ?;.
- ? ' beret ilence ..t Jana Roaell a
hat A -.Ik- bei. when Iaa heard from,
??t bcliev. 1 to reWda mnewhen in Bnnlh Imaricn?Umt
H '?? ?* ? let , ?'. u .... m Peoart h into, a U
<* " 1 -?' hian r, ami Indn *? Ket. bei
- ntheStote ,.i4.t rem I thai WIBmm Ertcbel mmi
l*ai ket, made , BM Bme of New Jemy ?Qa mm
Una 1 1 t Nach>,BonV mr far that CoawWaaat, t border. I
Ihat the mid Jot BmseH.Aadmwit.Ei U mt Burton
K rl, Will no |r? ne aad Bamh fan.- Irvine, \n<tir?
B' rl, a .Eetehel aad l-aa,- giBhll, tail I Bib
Bate BBtottM I . ;-aia-i.m MMVWd, and n nie.
? I.. ,.toben r?r.| ,Hi BM CompM nan''. hmacBnr, wBbto
twemMMBa bwm tie date ?? tV,. order and I raw.,
lien-si pea . r. 11 it tl,. > rnu-r i!,ortri.?iT..r aa. ...
lha ? ; ? int't BiQ to he filed, and a copy theraof to ha
?erv? ! no tbe ?'..m; iainai t'. Boba lor, within lortv dav. at
ler ten ? ~' - --jT tf tiirl Bill, mid dial la ih faah tbsiaaf
?t : " f Coo aim bt taken ai eonwaaed by them aM I
eacbn dwm,andh mAwtbei sesered,UMt wnaantniaMi
?in - bam n.e Ism of Una ardor the mm Cnmphi sm toestMc
ti ? -.rorr aa be pah! atod ia u.. BMnj pa;?o. tmi 1 Ti.r I
\'? \ -k TlBiana, a paj? r prui-r.1 m ti... Slat.-. Ihr Ihre.
,;?in:!... iv. . ach ??-e? mo r*.?t?elv. or thlt thr .a 11 tn.
? 111 "v thi* of.'rr it. 1^ ?#^ved per?.,na v
na tbe ? I Jo|,t, RUw||. Andrew K. Ket. del. Bt-ttey
Eeiebei. W l.ain Irvine, Barth lane Irvine. Aadrett
ketrbek a , k.i il satlmai Eialal. sad at saU
Un 1 at leut twenty dayabeaWe lha lame heretobanamI
1 rai .:.??; nr Ihrir apuearanre.
, ? v" HJEAJd w awcaRTH.CIeia.
' N-3 1? ' ' BH UWto,
TRUNKS, Improved VaaBsea, Carpel
M... La e.'an.i.;.,ltr-,... .Watorjroni Travenw
rrnakia Hmt fcrtei Aha M-n-baat,- Pa. Iina Trank.
^ il "rnU'oVilr. tay? |
l.W. 4 Bra rm* utwb. ?? RoOed ami Plainl Bntaa....
' ' ? '' ? . ,v LaVwhntTaJ^
atpeiMr arQcto ef CaaaerM Brtm i2i
(1i ?I ?.IIS. \sftitm. PptttlDg "I B.'
J he..rnred i.v MYNKK r XPF>' HiK t\T
I*DHU Alkllnoe'? "ha.: i ? r ? nine P-1
Pun iffi mi, '" ; ?
Mi ?tri tame Dear Sii a ?.*???-.?-? i ? ?
r paper to i > ml of the ? ?, i i rsrrto ?'?-''?
L'irvi piluf, in re^torrnc a f real lumo, |.?"? "
I .ird i.r a M v-.i?.pi>: ?ieaii.l?.ai I ;?? ' ' i ? ? ? ?
wem ssBrcted by a vtoh-n **???*?? I Complaint, law
t,>?. ? vo t*d.i ? it m k m '.Iv : V- u nnv r> ?I a.- I
?p,.. ,1 .? .- ,....1 ? i if, L i ? ? I .
. ??.: rata i ? a ??? - ?? rsj. hai I im i im.
? |t ... ;.?? I . -? Ill I . . .1-. 1 Mil I..-I ? ?
? .i ?-. savstdlathe ? i' i i.
: .1?', ? r. i" .V" r Bl :< ? i ? I .? '? ? si kMl
?Kin t?r more than half a re.iturv. W t.. n a *'!?: ?
In prkraa ??? an ? 11 I * im *. * - ? ? ."? "
etpomre.) hedaeiolenl attack of dtaeew i* ibe luues. b?
wtucb I waadeabird ft an ??ut? for ? -. >
atriaal- antil n rath . I have af ft m.(v.?? a ?
' , ?? a .-i... ? i .-.?>. 1 i ..'
I.r. i"i. 'I ? w. . ?an- ? ' ?? ' : * * '?
. i . ... ai .'.i. lrri|.i?-i.tiv brought me I" ??;?'? '
. ? ' . Ill I, ' .r:, i r alt. i ?>.??? ?' m i ! I I '?<? ?
iv tad fWcoda that I "i here to arttc liuata J ... II '??'
bad saBBal physicians to attend aac, at i every thaag owm
Ikat wastbnegbt likely Mgiverelief, wttl nttaa wed ??
. :!? 'i. I .i?: ? .let I I nl a:... h?r ???'? ????? :? '?' ' '
i .I ibe Ian**, wbksk I Iu.iv esaai ltd ? Mid I"
the i?i i dwa nau fl hj <???? a? i aa t'..' a..loi nwdt
. aha I ante peamailed 1 rail ? Dr. Ja) a With the
a*?i.ra...? ol Di*"ur Pro?aki tare, Btroegh bjm I aaaaaea
. m. ra.ar 4 irrtn niv ben. hut ?? c.-i.-i. o. . *!??>? -
wanted mc .lav an-1 sight- II? a I? bed in.- M L-<- I lb t ?
pect.-rat t. I .ti t *i, ? tu a -i i'i.'I !?<?!! a: "?> ' I ? I
ii i ? ..| ,uv irqua iu.-iii-e? ?? ?a'??'j? .h?<" iw-? <.f tin
rbtM !?.i?t inItkjate ?) Mtfcflatja Meeoiaej
?r it ad I and' It baaittetaatlt area m A*an a.
anci .1 atklag t I ? ' t r. . ?. j m) . lae.m ' I
m nr. ?ihr- ?? III at" r I. 'i ' M..V,.'
mm . a-v, and my rnuch cniirr'y Icil ci'. I m ?' Pel a?
.... m cter I dbi i Biyalel aad batter than I bavt a* ll
IMMJty reera Lmm are I rptt a g.
aoM, taauik 6ad I am pwfcetty cared Noa ?.It' i?i
? ag xi katg, aadaadUag at ,.i?t raarbtigaal.Or.
layae'a Kapeetoraat, I ??<?'? mm a? to k
, lUteaa a ben teilet mav be bed. If toe think i * werte)
? ii a plarr >a eitarttaaer. pea a Habligt .? u*Mg .>.
M. rtm t? II IRKIlt, ? i tril-M
Mr. II ??? ? ?.?. lo wnrtht :i.? r,?? ? i ?. ??. i
,!. a oa "' the P rw B;?i I ?t Chaw b la tl euy.aod i,.
, , ' .:. ? r i , i, I .? I j ? ??? II I: > ? t ? *
p.-r-a i.. an EatMrd M illaadare khn.ai I totady ca
T?ir .ll-n, ? i>:at > nied.r i . ???.??? I-.- I id V?' ' -a!. .1' i
retail id t B h D K \M>> I' ' ?'? ? ' k 1 >
Ihetnldh) Datid Baada tk Co., Mo. TT lta?t B ? ?
? r et Market m. i Abrabam at. Baada kta.JTJI i
way,eeraerof Chaotberiat r-s '"'
I n |)K \i LIC LIMP..- 1 * ? '" ? -
||,.. N.\.
. . hi IBU tit -mi i n ? ' aev< rti el
repotaliou aotong owarn ? 11 km The l
battel e,',. .|> ?-i ipee',lowii riwMbnakrtthai
nfaei liaw aaa lea a a M the n..iri.r:, iati
worfcaeael ?at'Biaupiily a tde and tenipeinl i wil In-at
tna eaad t at aw, rat, aad ttater tight i t baa all the r heap
raeattd uowk-liate,and all the adheaitwaeni ->t Mydreonc
I . wdlnnit t'.e.d ie.-t ... at le tea- ...?? ..if.-l!.. id t
ling to aton, Maiakag tad rracking tbi wanawlnMMeacb.
?. .?? ie, an i : be eenteM the otVner t b wei ..r jwer
rl ,*rj b) water the Meager t beet Matt, In ihn ? atootbt
,1 i'..run m ?i.r a I ad ttothi i qaick-hata la U Peeyi a ?.
It mar i.e ated t'.r Mont M bri k work a'1'! phaaV ? ag.
Ownert ahratt to ba M would do an ll to i inn aa Bat ar
lathr ia the IvUnwhtg bahMhnyai ' . .
-a. en Hi. i,' ItaiW.rtlalea ItUttd, baiH by Mr. J aef*
Tm kar. _ .
r^tham TTkiMin, baft bj m?-i? latbroae, Iran ink
A ?'???-? Maatl?i -n B< rgen ii rhu, t? -11? t.-r Mr. rooii >
by Mr Lorenao Motet, and the leMbelkna to. a- BBnd,
iHiili by th.' Mne.
t he Kap? ?? rbereb in Bronaw-ttreet N. v.. belli by
Me,.,. PYaxe?h Baata?Ml U Pewre ueMtect
The Ralgera-aL t horch, im It by Newart, I. Prk-eI ?>' ????.
Two bra k huiuliagt bt Waterlej Ptoee, near Bltlh ??? -
nm . baill by Mr. Ira Topping Mr. In Harry, .to t ie. t
V.a hrtrb dawUbtga m Bttth and tieeeiMb-st nBi I
.i leenoe, heill aar Meaara Ttttwi wB. Davit I Janet
t Munayhyklr l H Chan' Mr. leant Luca?.i.mrt
I mtr it n lor Hen. Jon.?, in Waabiur/biu Pbti'e, liaill
.\ Mr Mn. i n- ker.
lt:.? ktofhniMingt fur Mr. A Blake and otbt ??'?. Mr. Wak
II Bain ii. trek i'. No. i Wall it
M. chan ? >' Banking Aw atmn. WaaVaVeet, Mr. PnM,
Bit blick helMban La llrnr? ?'rmt, Bnaikiya, boiilktir
Mr, llowtaedbt Nr. CheMer Bettelt
t hr:?t ci.urcb. by Mr. Janra in wart: EnnntriCherrh,
and ii.. nnuitdr BnMb of the Cbnth aeraer oi ('hatch and
Mnrray-Mreeta, and thewcMeriy gel>b*ol ilMOidl'Mted
-at.-. Rank ii WaB.nr. ? i 1 ? Mr. Kui.n, I'll in! Prethytr.
rianCbarch, by Mr. r Cold
Aiatif. ntne hniMIng at WeM Pent, lor the Cadett, by
\|t. \ an.I. renter.
Th-- nmndatioiiet Trinity CI art h bt Hetnt, Han . tt?
The article w in i>e dei.?? r. d at the ? -k- at BhtgMnn, or
an when on the Madane it-eer "x Mew-York Herboi ..r
vir.n t.. at one dollar per l.iri. l. I. irr. N returned. M "i"'
doileraad leoeeott, witb hart, b, nr.- ?i am en-, r, I tnjp t,
ii nuantitlea af title barr.;? ?:,.i ai >?*-1.
Matena, tiii.-d and add by Meant 'nllN P lad TH?W
. I NMINUM.Ji at Ibe corner ol Wert aid Tn.v.>.
New-York. and the Booth ferry, Brookly? aM lae ba
jMbVTO LET-TImj two-itorj Brick
a:<"H Hooae, V?. .V Market Ml .< t. ??:tit the rear baildfatg
... ? ? \
? I] ORINNRLU MIN PI 'BN t? CO ,li s .uih--.
'I t i LET?The Baaement, So. I'M
I road Mat. a ennanodbnt roan aad gnod Band aar
u.ai iwak.. 11uit More,he. he. Apply M J?ia l.o. k? aal,
Itft TT Ci iMt tl rTatttl
I'o LET?\ batHiaotne DwelliDp;,
??im mum., well arranged ? th naniriwt. .. .in
d van. laaaire el n M. UL PINKNBY, -? >??
corner af Wlrb M. nyl U
TO LET?The bintlsonie well finwh
_ edIbiat Mory DwcBtatg Honar, No 72 Pannen
. .. Broadway, aariahie lor tlie ttttMenai oi . , I
ail* or Boarding Hoaae. Appit to
,i| U r: Ii KIMKAI.i. in Wal-' ret.
atawk STOTtK \M? iTol HE TO I.I IT.
^'?'?p ret, ia Ar?t>ral e ? t i| e
..i .., .it ..ii. a toeeMy foi betintwai bat been naed at i
uda More lor 10 yean past. Posscsatba r.ti, InanM,
t: iw
'I'n LET rrora the Ural tiny of neat
Mav. lim edbnrtaa mi ih?. renrtk nnry ll r Prank.
blbag, comer ol Ann and NaMBSt-strerbi, ..'.ie for
Minting oOVe orotlsn mecha.si btoaiiem Ii .piire of
IMRB I lr.N VK.lt. ii. t. e y mllll
'I'n LET?Tin- large und eotiTenieiii
tei^.lorv Hi:. I. H . No I.' t olum! I .'reel, near
Batensen end IBie. Pariurs awi Koiding-Dn
..ii the P.i?i nid Meant Morset. Heaae wi ii raicaiated lor
i.rden Kent cheep, an I mos? wain given intnar I at. ly.
I eoTO. J. Pi lee, V. Iii R
FOB H U.E?That very deairnlile plat
ui and, esasMed ..i ibe rent t id I aighl and \ar
eta, rrontingon J?t John*! Pa.k. beiaa H (eat, '.'
?cbea. on LalgAtVMietl, aad BJ leel on Varvk, with iht
nbarrh Ihereon. Por patlu ule. . n.( tire oi Jus|.;p||
Ml ? K*. No. II Bo. h.
.i7 tr >\M I. ll'inMK, ?1 N dkl r t.
MTU LET?The Idr^e Room mi tin
Je JL r of pi
Krona,67Crnal.y^treet,keowa a, theCollegn Hall Phr
Iba.? well. gbtod ami rennt n d, md bn i ssaail Biaaa
ui.'ii the rasaraas, It. ? ctntvi a ei i phn r n . ? ? i
s?g i' r itsolkr w.,.-.htp, or tor Literary isaociatKats. The
Room may he seen mi say Ihne on ?..pi 'atIon to Hie Jsnt
n.r. r*nr let thai parMrannr apptj H K. vt ITTH, I . iaj
MertaaaaUVet. BaVtl
aFOR *: \LE.?BargnJoB! Barg .,
Bee narer etrhnegt, t> traru mi baanaant Laad
i-ontainii.e l?*. arna each, aal id a npnranr anal ly, w i
Meed wkta BaeMrvtaaa.aad e..? red aafb Bsie umn r, sack
?a while osk. hi-knev. I.eirii. w alnut, n.irt.- ladtycamnce,
The aid iada|rted to a beat, r?.-, earn, natai n ... mhareo,
tweet aad Irish pot ami a. The nkeee laaaV wUli e add al
redaced nrhtet, and en kertas t.> .a-ti.ey wl hi ea?
rl raged aw ahno?! any km?! ot inenSiaadite. Por hnps,
dfcsgranMand particular,, tpedy to
ui u_ A. P SMITH. M liberty ??
S ILK.?Will be nakl en the aid July inata' t, al In
urea \ M. of that day at pebtV* aaction, at the Tavtn
. David t . Brs?ij. n the town ot Hnniiegi >n, Heffotk I
i Pi m. ataatad ie the tiUaeeof Ka?t .NV^k, m the Town '
nf Hnntlayion, cnnaiMlng of tan contignnM pan els, sash
coats niag tboal ilstv-osw acres . : im.;. ??a t fa n ? i lea
? ? ? r Bleated beiag .a led ?a Ihe ?.?tl. by th- t ??. b
rater mark.on tks er.?1'i v Im i Thataas C. Hate
tii rksoa, aad oa tl. aaMbby the tii?t Neri it It bat
baill upon .t a manned on- .!??? :; ag home with herni and
rnstl ?et complete, and is ia every way a rteaJiabf? loea
tbte Mr a cennry ret d'-ne^. a riebt ol aey from lliedocl
it Hamb eine Harbor a ll >.e mid am. the tana.
I ? -a e w: l jaM't... .'. lake p.See, a, p ,. Ui I.? n. i tr
inder ti e e re. | an . f a Matter in Cl.ti.rery, pur, ism to *
? learee of f<>re.-|??urs.
Ker further n'ortnsiton apply to
Ai.l.ltON htBT. Nn it Cedar ?t
y< ?MAI (lit-. B. KI TLBS N IHanover-M
g - ?T?TEN 18LAND I ERR1
*??^i^rr<~ * '?-?".? :
? >l\IK\ l-I.ANIJKI: ?,.. MMmc, ... ,.. ?
.a-, Batil lartl.er nnt:ie
l.i ?. r - STirtv l.i Atu .11 rj, ". I", Ii A. M , and U I
:. I'. M.
Liu eat Wmrasix n I a Ml ILA M. and 1st. I ts
7 PM.
All iQodssMpped an- required t.. be partiruia;iy aatrkad
sad areai the r d? of the owner. iher...f. ,r3
^ %: POR NEWBIJR<;il?Ur*d
?att'al l s MPs, Vta.i p,, nt ami
- ? i-eataambnet JAMRB MADIrHIN Ceat.Char'es
Halatead ?> ? .i re.-t p er, e?ri w Tl' ? IV
tsvl BRIDAY EVENINGS, at 4 ottsock.
AUBaggag PscksgesOt Pa tit ? BBR ,r Spw .
put on i?wr.| ei th.? uM| anhobt hiringerneredonthe u..k
of the l?.at or receipted lor, w;U he at the rial ol tire nw
era Ihr W. _ , ?.
\ ultK \N() ERIE H Ml ROAD- ?
_ ti - ?
Ti?- i ...pa..,?? Steambon an.) B n/.-. (Cnpadn A. M
si j i r, will run ut tmmeation watt Bams or earn tape ami
oi Duaue-Hreet, Ne,t-Vork.aod li.Mben.aa^.llews
Darlv letr. pi Sundav.| Irnm April l?t to Mav 1?, 1-ave
^??iieu at 7 ..Mock, A BL, atal arrire tu New York at ll|
Brom May 1m to Sepl ba, laeae aVmam tianrimk \
N-anl arrive m Rew-YorkM i t a. kg
t>a?e New-York at 3./. loek.'P. M? .iunr.^ the seaaon
sad arrive ui GoaJien .it 7| P M.
Knit KRKMillT.
Leare U.,.|,en at : orclnck, P M. M Mondav? Tueaday.
Tl urwlay? and Krida.a,and arn?e m New-Y.,rk the unie
ejenillg;. r
I i - New-Vork si ?> o'clock, t M r.aTum.lsv? ?n|
t.e^lay.. Fridays and Satur.ta?.. ai rl ,i-r v.- u Ooshea ?am'e
*L_? , H t. BEI Mill It. Stammten.leot
Piera.'-i.t.March it, uu.
. f~ v| | UPLK'? UNK . OR M.
V ? :. oi. ,t..'< ??? w ? ?' ? ? '
i ,. cOLI'MBtAt 11 1 ! i
V* *"'"''? -v- r'' * "'' ' '' 1 'i I ' 1 ' '
0 l BV I . ' , r',*?rrtj|
\ 1 1 ? I
H p??- ?>,[, iKNlMi LIMI* K?I< ?
' ? 'V- ? . ' .
" ??(.?'?i* ,.
... r p ... 4 I BOY. ? * '
1 ,.. [tan .> ? M ? ' '? 1 v:kH,N? , . i ,
?-rfcin., To mm* tOW (Kr '?>>_*"X
?i , _n*r .?PI : ?' " ?
%, .. ,. ? ?u
,N .1 r A ? I ? I. P " *
M an ?i r k ? ?? ? ?* .?? ?v '?' " ' ", '" *
,.j ti, . ! mt, ? . .| ?I ? ? r B) ? U ^ j
i. iv P "i R Iff *? '
r . * ~ . .
' |" .,. ' >ui I M iHF.BICA,C?i B .
V VV, i m .? r -\ \-mi^m.il ? ,. '? ??
pi -... , Rocifl - ri R - ? I " u ' .
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