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Wmt T' i T- km ? :
a n r iD \ i. BONG
rv ITBtWt I * m>
?oar hrai.l Ihr brich! /arlai"??, ??nlie e?,,!v Ik' lere
Cut howea***1 n?en bawarj m erawa t ? .?..?? Mi
T? m ?i baebi' I r?v??? i? ?i.? ? .
*n.l mire a? i ?- ? arm i,??-t that , dr. .t.'en.' Iielo?.
*? bb ol hlilli? i an.' dBBMM ' ? ""' - ' ?
Hi "f ru r. ftem 'i ? r**.len? loth. frMtial tcene,
RiriL- merrv poo* l?.i hier a*.l tbw "" ?** "'*?
II''.?.'.:: Bp R: . I a] rt'l w 1 I M BO ? I***I ?
Here", WUt trnni the aaaaMBB t ' j.? ft* " -a* ?
Air! liyl tor: ? oi r'.i.'i.. .. ? n tKB \.' j"
langt, nvnc'?\ uuk baarha r an' 1*0, *e ??'*
Ifowrwtei ???? bapht mand Pi-ir*- **??*? *****'?
Tur fair Brvt.- b l.Iu-i.n ???. a) bOBBM m i ? ?-?.-..
An.l aaaaaj .m m are airath.m' ih.-ir Bfja* '? v d I*
At ika ?rill'iaaajrhl catarrh l,-r ,?tr Btwa 'n now er?,
?aal Irad her ii !:???, i " ' .'?>?' bOWl ?.
Ah. bd Uni bob a ii paatitw t i r tw ? ?
WWh UBplatw baaaaVhi every graft
llerni? i i.iirlii?~? f.rr . h irni? traf ' >
AimI Im UeM ?irr? mind her. (he IWOtOrM ol Katlu.
Thev kneel at Ihr all?*. thev tnu'inur Bjeb ? ml
In the ??-eM rhurrir urm; err aj U,r > Bragg BOOgl ?.
Aad *ridh perfBBBI from t'arlan.l? ft at. .a?. ; . : ft* a |
Ha ell ? It >trnji? i.t Uew.ne. n Ka.a.' ?
Krom the Ohio Slate Jo-jtiI.
Ohio Home liiilu.li. 4 omrwlioti.
\t ;. inei-ting ol UtuugUUtt apppiotl '? to I '
ventioo fuvorahie to the Protection oI Ameiicnn
liid'uiiY. hem at Columbu* mi i1 - 5' of July,
1842, tie- lolioNviilg pf.?! ?:- ?
Oa iiioti.iti, bIm oHiei-n appointed mere ?
Mn?i - H. h iki \."! Marieo Co., Prr i Era/.
If. Mi MrtLtnr, ml Sai mh Ci I i ie
W. Ji. Tibvau.,of I i '.mi Co. W - ? aV
K, I>. M.i.n.iitin,ol HatnikooI'a . S < tttm\ v
OuaaoAioaa Joata iiarno,ol Sbarh l ? aty, i.
1). MoanlaWjU, ol Han. UM ? uunty, Joae|ili Bar
kei. of ffi biifl .t. Codnty, J. MurJ * U <(Clmk
Countv mill Jo*i*|'i Iti'i'any. Jr . of Kranklia
County, arera avfauiated a Caxajniltee to liaw up
On im ahm of Mr. 'J'lirall. IM followo." :? ml
tion arii ? aat 'I!
/,*,tali, d, Tliut dmCammitleoapnomtei tot ???
pure hMtavM lor Uba caamltlawrioa of thai Com
lion. M i ;?!t ieti .1 to report n plan for the ortan
i/.utio:i of tin: f'i'"'l- it A'nericnn Induifty
tliiou"hou? the Sine, aad to praaaota eorumrted
aetkm among tbem.
Alter aoam dtaeaitioa liy Met re. Hairia, N.
Wright, McMillea a. ! Thrall, the Canvention
adjoiiriM ?! to BaMt at l-alf j>?.? 7 o*clf?rk, J*. M. in
the ft tab 11 tH an (in,teli
At tHe BaUotaned meetiag, the ' ran ttec np
polntod to prepare aad report n tolatkmi and otb>
er bii*ine?s for aha ooBBteViraiiiin aad adoption of
tlic CotrrOBtloa, reported a? foOotrt:
Mttoiytd, That we bigbly approve ol tbe Home
Laafjan lor aitUai in tbe Piatocthai of Dome-: e
ladiieliy ia all ite rariocni bnaedtaa.
Keeomed, Thal h ie the imporioat doty of Con*
tio?. in ailojitnii: n luntt to mi." tin- nooaeeon
revftiuo to awfrn) tbe aapenai - af utoeornmeni to
to eaaariaihatta a< to stake it a protectkm bo tbe
rntii'- mborand rariml id theooantry.
aTtao/eref, J'lmt a duty oa import! i? aot a but
mi tin- camtuaaer of tbe trrirWi imporbtd to tin
amoam of the dndei leriod m an) note, and in
many iaetaaced doae not tax tbe imwamei ut nil,
but btarora the artickt hi tbe foreiga market to tin1
amount of the dtrtiei levied oa ut>
JtVtoireeJi That in adducing autharitbM in stip
jiort of t!n- nrinelnM of Protection, we cannot do
''i ttcr than to mlojit tlio fo?owitif: roaoltttione,
Banned at a pabHe attaatnuj bebj at Springfield, (
Ohio. June M. 1842, and wo do therefore adopt
thetn, tat ?
A'<*o/',a/, That ^,.'i tin' wonli offivorge Waab
iugton) "the aafoty ana (ntoreel of the Peopb r?
? .nur thai they ?!muld promote mofa tnamifaotuif n
Bl t'-Hil t" lender tliem independent ol oilier nn
tbaaa,(oi aeeantatl, and *mrtif*thirlj for militnti
Bej U>td, Tliat (in the Huagnagn "f" Thomaa
JaeaatBoa) " tbora*meetmn of mamrl tetnre? adapti d
to oar cfrctauatancee ut oaoof the lead markt bv
athiob Ihn nation ?.imuid bogoidod In ail itacourto.'
" Rt$uhed, That, in the language of Jamei
Madtoon, we uiv convinced that 'tliere i? bo .u1'
ieci adnch can enter with greater force aad merit
into the doiiberatioM ef Congrow than aooneider
atianef aatana to proeaota and preeerve the tnano*
farture> of the coiimry."
li'<'?".'rfii, liiut. in the laagoagaof Jamea Mon.
toe, ?? the Bn>aiancturot of the country require tbe
?vttomatic and MMtoriag care < f Grovern trie ai
Poaaeeeiaj at ameVa, all tli" ran- material . di
fruit of out own ? oil nml baduatry, we uuglil not i"
dej'i'tid, in the degree we have ii an>. on upple -
float other i onjtttiot. \\ bib* * earetl ..- de|h'wl
ftit. the -i.ddeii otreal ol wat. cannot tail to phing?'
ii? Into tbl BtOtl terioui difliCBlliea. Tite preaet
tNtttonel tlii.e mmnifartmea,wbicb ?!? ,? t..| on
due eaeouragemeiit, ia connected with the high in
teaaavbj of the nation, Py tin- ii rreaae nl domeatie
iiatliufminn i. will the detnaod fin tl- raw uiiii?'
rial* at borne 1"' aacroaaod : M i ibwi ?ill ilie ile
|iend'-m?' oi tin- -e\eii,l j>ait. ol tin- t nion on each
oiber. mid thertreogtb of die I'm " ? elf,I* |>io
peataVotnabi) aagmenii d.
aTtaWptdT, Thm the raHa>UB?ttti adofated from
thene Haamrodoaary Fatitet were wvei ol mon*
itiip-ri"t:? application to the ? ondiliou ol tin coun
trj tbtiu at thai time, and that amearnewth invoke
Cnatrreaa to he guided the light* ol S< >-?ty
tSi*, in riving rahof |o i Buffering poopb?.
Rtu'lrr.l. That in Ofdci to dfOW BttontlOB to
Americun lndiMtrv. tie- Preekient ol tbU (,'onvon
tion npi'oitii ii State Caatral Connniti.f five. I
ithoaedret] it ihall be locorroapoad with die friend?
of tin- taananra mtbe rark uj euaatkraof th" Suite,
BTM on chata the propriety and neoeaalty it fotm
itu: c'miBtx Soeiettea to aid ia promoting the ob"
us t- of tbi? Coavatrrion, and to la on aome time,
if It) their opinion the air-p ia advisabledurit c tiie
ooraaan wiater, for a'ii>'iier Stati Convention, to
M.iaeiiiMi'. in Columbua, and duK notify ti e vuii- |
out County BocJoth < wb b may ' '? i-. ' und
other IraBMI "t the ir.en?urv. Of the I m< of tbe
aaaeciag ol auch Convention und requem tbem to
appoint dok*g itea aad pin. ore tbetr tAtatalanco.
Ait'-r a dataaaadon af the pilatilphn af these ie
palatbta*, by Meaara. Harria, Manabeld, and Mc
lilUao. the report arm ???' opted at 11 lapted
Moaart H. Wood, Chatiacirj Humphreva 1 ?
?eph Suiiivaiit. A. Pntton, and Ibruham Stott?.
woie aam .nte,| by the Cbaii memberi n tbe < Jen?
tral Ceetttdcata,
t'a ? den Mi M< M : wai
/?'?.?. '##?/. That a committee of tl e ... ,
e.l !>\ Lho Chair, to prepare ai I pub ?h m?Ai
lo l|m i%oplo of Ohio, aetriag mrth the riewi
tbia Convention i:i leJbraace t ? a due protection
^aaarpraa iaaotaaat and Itaaaei a labor.
Meaara. MtdatheM, Joaoph l?dgearay, Jr., and .
S. \. I. ?.?!'. arere armnated thlt c a - ???
t bj Btethi . .; ? at
/.''.?. '(. /, That papers friei If) ie ?mericaaln.
duntiy iai letntaated I i pahliah three proeeodiag?.
The i atakt of tl ut convoadoa were than retaraad
to da rrtaanan of the Preat*ytar1an Church for it*
am! wb.n tie aoavoaaa*w adjomaod without day.
MufBj.*. Ii K. 11.U\ '? iidea*.
?. i> M.s., ? ejr
0*1 afcdu w n ro Ca but.?The tttan day.:
.UM' ?t etil BMetdmam teat tbirtv boxe* of lemon* i
akms Bade of ?? Su .thorn paj Bat, and direct!* a';.'
n de. out ktekiag tnati cam. U|?. mid f>..?Ki* veiv
lamiliarlv to th ? Coptala a!>ot:t the lemon!, -a.::;j
that he would like t? *ev' tbem ao Umrd bimeelf,
arnl Baamattatd a bill ior aho.it f .. wbl a be aa ;
wa* for Now-Vork cbavgoa on tbe kranoae, \? in i t: '
ba arwdaad the t antaia i? pay and collect ..i t. ?
con?ir*t*^* at the end of tha royago. The hi
heing in Btmadanroarllh oommoa mega,the ('?, ?
tain paid it and *ro..eiv??il an or .lor l or the W]
mon: ftf the tnotioy | but it turned o ;t that tbe fel?
low bad notions' tU do with the lemotia. and otiiy
had ingenuity onm-h to contrive th'? BBttaod ot
paytns In* day'* cxpvase*. [Joar. Com. j
I.vuni-.1 Shobwabibi.?the n ^ Mechanic
.,.',';.:,...>,.. f..!|..w.tiir ???>:' .?<!?? ..f Sh.?
makor? who ha\<* afterward* ri?en to eminence in
Literatur.- and "i fclSBee. [t mirlit BA rreat!\
. ?<???!:.!. .J. mim? ! a ?:??,t" ?'.?>?? :? '
l'imt- |o-.ot. .It.:,, i?> ?
boon Iry no mean? deficient in underttandwir. W.
'-ann"t fot'x >; name <?:' 'a< a
!; I'll nan, ona of the moot hmmrd and gentiy
:iii?*.| m< n Ulm Lav* ni'i ,,-e.)?wbofol ?wed Cm
war?, even while writing Iii? wild, ?trange hook.-.
i.i- i'? tiad ?.
LlNvits. ii. :??.!. r I t?ii.viy.
?mii|i|.i.-.';.'fii iua>. urraaui in Sweden, but
. w.i'.t taken anrjra at", in c i.? b I ?
nbiiitv. and ?ei.l I.
Ii*> if. l'tnri th>- ottfar, wh ? w..? afterwerd?
I prutr-s.ir ??* ibeoi<>cj at H? i<h'lb< re
11 : n . v i- al ?:.e tine ?;??.1*1? ed '?> a -I
.!"?>.I'll 1'lvPKHI. wh' di-'d ?orr.e ttn.e aim
at (il :n - I. .1.1_-. !. ... i a ..I wl.-t a i- a ;?!??
Inuiid anil -"i.-yiiv. ?etieiar. Ica^ Big an "xrelleri.
1 Hhtrwr, wai bn i.... 1 ??? . .. !?:. ._. :i.. 'tuC
? if a -b.i.-ni iiv'T.
His? Man-. ?>? i ??' '?:.'. ' inofl ?- ai ti i ?
poet-, waa Um. son of a tailor, m.-t?ed an Bppn-fi
tteeahip to a anttaaaaar, and after* .ir?i?bw ia ?
a i ?
BaaiDtCT Bauroovui, oantal tbe meal learr.. .1
n 0 waa hhi father, 1 bu ataa wrote ?< troatiee
on the ihra bm I ??:? '.' x :...'. r ? 'Il
Hp to Ihn . Id aHmaelf Thui Adamwa*
a * ho? maker, aad Eve a ?aikwaaa!~-rfaka eewad
figleaiM tut'.'Iiier."?Ran prorrhag UpAj lb) an
t..i.i.'-. "i da aw tarn I rar..: ??? I ..? uWatrj in 1 ?kill
craluie. Hot CBOTTi the author of liie (.'mir. and
other w?>rk?: Girr"K*, th" founder, and f"r ?.?
laaarj pa ridm editor, oi' tbt Loadee I] a.*..
Review, aae of the Boot prnfuai I a ilnra a d
., jatd wTitert id the aae: and r.i.<> iuhm-h. ahe
aatbjor of the Farmer*! Boy, ai i othei woeka: all
of whom were ibaemakori, and the pride aad ad
rniration of I 0 literary w on'd.
John !',:*> i>. St -rotary of the Ian don Anti
?I'lirinn 9och)t?, and author of?evcral learned
?? w a- oiigiaa 1;. a -'.????na! ? ?. b . i nt. :,at. '\
found ateaaa to complete hie ttudiei at Oxford,
WlPi k ?' bas, the leai tied (??? rnsanaat aat 1
wn? the *im of a i? tie maker, and wai fot tome time
rrij i?. d ,'i ?an.i- 1;?...>. 1 a, ! -it ' i 'mi-t
tr.'in hi* otmcurity aad bt en ne 1 pi deaacw 1: b rflet
lemes. He waa the fiii ridand cerreapondeni el
the rrio-t k araed mea of bia time.
I ..v. the rounder ol the aed called Qaakera, wai
the aaa ofa wearer, and apprenticed toaahoi
nu - it ar. I |rasier<
Rooia SHntVAR, the imericaa eta! iman, wai
api'ientic-d t<> a ihoetnaker, and found ample time
dm mr; hia minorityta tcanire a ?<?* U fknowledge
ilnt aaeieted bin in da acqtiisition of fniae and
Tbibvti i*o \untn tv Scierck.?Tlie Pari?
eorreepoadeni ef tti^ National latalH ?? ret. 11!..'.
? it WnlahO in ? recent l> Iter, mm <:
Arago, from ike Commiitaw apmdintej l.\ the
Chamberi made an elaborate report on l ? M .. - -
lara' bill for appropriating forty thousand franci
for a new edition ol tbe roatbematienl work- in
L tpla ?-. t.. he pabllahed be the Government; and
in aaating the reu?, n- fbi thit reptiblication, the nv
porter h *aid to have that boninnbly referred to
tbe tranalation of it b_v Dr. Bowdtten.
?? \* the Meeai iqut Cele$t< wai no longer to
be poTcbaied In the original, the appn ben km a ai
anteiiaiped that tbe aeekor? ??..'.id I.all il to
procure nt Philadelphia, New-York or Bo ton
the Englieh tranalation of the aide 1 eomi ti . ian,
Bowditeh. The buyer, who understood Kngliah,
would hi veacquired what ii even more ttxluabh
thrm the original."
The n port tin a roer ?n Eg Mate the ; 1 ktaewar
ib\ and liberal ipiritwhh which tin' pabltcntioa
la to i." made. 1H the 1,000 co| ka tobe print. I.
700 are to I a placed ia the bandi of ImokaeUeia,
t.i be --id ai eoft, ami the other ibitj to be dim il*
rited among the librariei aad Kietuifie ach tdi <.l
I raa '?. und ti;" ju in tipal forai |n ixademiea.
We hope this examph will bni etnamht red when
our owa Qovernmenl iball pubUahtbi reaulti of
th" late I?xpk'i in" bpeditkm.
Dr. Nathaniel Boa lilt in at "nr readen may
net al! know. wa? a native of Maeaachoei tta, and
the meet eminent of American ma?n^niatkriana.
IIa died 1 few paaia liana in Baaton, where be
had Ion-; hold th" jdare of I'roai.lenl of an lnaur
1.Cnmpaa . Hie Pnctteal ISavigaaoi, which
baa 1 ekl il.>- tir?t rank nnnmg workt I thai etaae,
baa laid the comirterce ami navigation of bia eaun*
^ I \ '?? j VK. J
S\? ii rai 11 Mi a.' -if 1? >aid dmi mea wlm
rue need to it. will tkitiou beta . by hold
lag their -|..1 longer. \ man will alao walk
down a h..i>e. f.n all.'i ia i.nt tr" ? ;.? i ; !i ?
daj-, the h?r?.' Will be quite tired. ! 'it the man j
trill bona fresh fei motion a? at the beginning.?? j
The Kir f'? me aengen w ilk in IVrriia, 108 mile? 1
in 11 hour-. II maun tute eutatrtp lion* in the I
chaae, and mvngei who hum the elk tire it dow n j
ami take It' they are lahtte have perforated a
jaaraaj of 8,600 ia miiei in 1 than tit areeka.
[ Hope*i Brit aj Va thl; M iga 1 e
Wuuit,?Tbe ?ab - nf thia detnon in tbe New
Verb markei daring the laat tix montbd have avv
1 ?'??:.. '. t::..:i? 1 ? I im . .?.? a .!?; Tii- :- to.'
about one-third lent than the m - iwi reart ago
We i|.;...?e ll.e liiininiition i? ilreo-t whoBj f"t:i
the drinki r', a* the i .>n-i.minion in the mti i- 1
prababh h ri at ai evert it not greater. There
i- however, too mncb drinkinr even vet.
nISE \sr.l? EYES v \i> IM'LAM
M \ riON O? Mil KTK-LIOd.. v r da ne 1
weaknrwortbp i-ve. or mtiaminalmn of the eyedidt, can Tu
<|it ckiv ami ?afe v r n. a, ,, l.v I?.,
ROM IN LYI B \i - ,M
Mc. |>at - n.i T I..?. . ?
ktflanniatiar. nf tl i eye Im- ami wrak rret. nf rear* ilara
lion, l.v BlUC onlv our .arnfihe Kve Ra'htm.
km Fitrr.-r . .?>?.??'.-.. iwo -r'! ...
yean rn to mark ?"? ia ?.,. , . | r. - . \..
that a' ? ataa ?' ? - at ?? lee ;?. -, ? l|. ... ,..
been enwiphWe t thit Bahw, after all other ntenu
badalBod. ifanetadi ban bt Bp aewnac vtrtee? I
?lorr.1 to Hfnt. where alimi.i i Wal MlBdlHJtt, tOllttd I t 'x
. ??-? >e 'lamtnat . t ?? .-ar
The " K > nan Kvr Balaam" ba? Wn a Inn? time c-.l in
IN HIMNi Bfl OP BJOH I ? a r
minute ..hi-ct. >r to a ; .ne . tt"**tt'i - '" i .' ." . " :
111 ine ?i Ai ? -. ? _.i,| ( . . ?,
aet il u ? ?orr rr,torrr, tk.1 ^h>u I In ote.1 l.v ail w bo ffml
their? ifht falihtn wiiaoat aaj 1 .... trete l'ut en .a
KSati rtrt with tall eireebooa for u*e. lb. e 37} ?ei 1? Pre.
t ii " f ... ? . M ?. ? -? n v
Behl why v 11 \ i> Bt - * . . ? P ? - ? ??
aad '.v v. B. !?.?? !? v Co. 173 Broadwar, comer ('I
d frit la
iNDRl FF it Ltssa si Hair ia cas**: d
by a la... ui.r oe otnarwied i lv laooo in dm anmll
,-?-.v.> .? -urn. lent m?ur.?| >m W to rrtam V'ttbll 'I bail
Umr heroine, har-h an. a.>i.lea*anl Uh ii 1 falb
? K 'I ? .. ji la alt! v aC- ? ., a t - ' '.. . ar ?
? Ij t in ? bj Jarae*] Ha i T m r, wl ' re? - tbe i ?
n,..ni [.i?.t? -a ?: .- .... j , \.... . .. >..*? if*
?' ? eaa ? r? aa.l health* rrowtt ol ?-air to ?opnlv
theotU; a ?1 hal loett.. r.e? H'.e.l - n r.lwl.i
r.-a '\ ? t'?|.
Tlie follow ar crnlfftte ?? vlerie!, w!. I; .uffo .T.U)
j '.>... at ma ' ? 1 am ? rkmn ?
M- V. B k D Bm . OenlJemeti?At a t
tire to yet and Dr. Ja; i.. ,: ........ . ,..
(arm toe ' t! ? mtaii to'. ' ? ? ? : ? i, , ,, n,
flea ilie u- oi Dr. .la. ne . Ha T ?
barcotbeb nJ I bet her ?yebrnwt abe,atdadivi
tmnr ?arou? r.me.1... v .th a. br ne!'| .; ., a |jr
JWvnrNHair Tonic th.- :..it?..i. i-i..r. .
anwweei Utr bail haj tvaitrtt, to4 r. nine ?c,i : w il. li t
thir.1 U ?t irte.1 t" irr-.w out t m i\. an.! < . ? a . N.
and evrl.row, nor . ?>,?.. ? ,
black hair better than the had lent. It k it ? n -
pro-lareif hv the on-of the Ton c. ami w,.ul.i inmei..!
i" ai| wltnued a ...? u eine r. I rait >
john n ' m KKON
Pre pan I .? % hi II- n Jayne, ?ip n afreet
P r I 8 I wl ri mdretail by a B I) - \n dm
Druiri'i-:*. T? Palton. . orner o' I...M-.L ti i ? I
abw i y IbrahM S. Saadt k Co., No. m Broadwar, cae!
nl ClMathrrt tt. David Mu.li a, fa. No. 77 Ka.' Br- kill
aasA ,.^iin I
?jdendnl Mcoaai wMi h at-. ?Wed CwiptnnTer
i n-.-i.t '?.?.??( II- ?>??
? .ri.ni Ii .r lunctamary to advertive ' r
Ni w.\ ..... ..mi i.i. I.. : . . ? . ,.i a: i :? ? ?*?
. ' a ... ,1 uibt'ea* ??? ?' ??? .i ?>?. nt "?' ??'
... ? TK ??' tin- >l?'- Ii ':?? ???? >
. i ., i . ; ,.? .f.;?? t-rm*
w irth ?hilf t. u m Iii-?? h.ivr th* S'ar- 11 -i:ry Bad
i 'i.- t.'i'.'ir il?h? v?i;l he t9mtt?i bf t%\? sViIsIbBB
?MM 'it .Mr. 1 i i.'? * t.fiar,. i ii ;..i!i.v. A !?.???:
'??ilati.ir. ?rille?hbie a* (0 farm i |4MTSl I] mMp
-a... "f lit" li't-ifi ard t?we?*o and < atskill and
1'ana'oharie Riilrvid*. These road? ?to.xl BM
State bji seine fpl&JMt nan mm ka ? iked brant
rif.ewn it '. hi:r.i!rnt. T v y *.dd I'i'T
tore u about the ratr of three etnt* on a do.'l ir
By the ?anie ruh- the New-York: and Kne Hai r -,..!
? timid \ield ?i'fnethtnc like f 90.0'j?t. tie :ai r I
' i ill abual **Ji'ii.iMMi. and tae Erie and Cham
pfada Caaala, m>t <iu.te halt' a nil boa It at trM
tbat these bast wotju are ? ? '.\ i. m
? "ir.tK- t tlia-t tli" >'<??? :. i"ie i . tu.? !
Mr. Fatff'aaanarial abantan an rathmtoi
08 i ? !?? -oil me Itbaea arid Oa ajo Ba ?
which uwdwcod !a-t Mm fK.Offi, tot f I '?'?'?. it
cannot Iv loubtod that he rotild wth erjiisl ?nrc.\.?
ery ifotra tho Erie Canal to baP a tnffihni. It
would onli be r','.-e?..lrT for him t* amnre the pea*
. ttendtntr the ?nie , he i. -i d t.i ii aw ?! U"
? . ?. tne Itbaea and I r* ? i Raih
I . ... auh f? the i. ri rot ? i I*
-:lar inoeod if wifb tank f rem
I ..? ;,.e-. i. " r tho i riee af ? I
alf a million of dollar*
?iot...-i'.<r. then, that Mr. Flesjj tl
? M tli" -.11 ' r' pi'?* t.i
ti % railroads i mm d, tne tocooMt
State would <tand nearly th tot?
AW.. 0 .1
. ii...,-. It Ire* I.... ttl\?jt
k .1 ml Caaajoharie Railrowi... iao.inn
i . j t.i ? Itailr'm.t.N
TbtM, the Statt byse?h e a it under Mr. I haj '
aost Ice*, all berintereel in the pablie w. tk?, wmikJ
realite ?owiethinf* like n million of doilan wbtte
? ? paj tvtntn-?tt m?h on*'. Tkit wov!<l
htdetdletttn a font lable ! I iency. But ettht
m arnle be i ? d. Mr. Flafj baa a receipt I a
repl : i?Iiir i? th" I n i<ur\ a- mpi I!;, a- etnptiea
1 ... i- "t nai tint :.? "- a ' u ja.i
to cMHtaUatt lie baa a Baak nta to nvj tr*mn the
people. " i:ii? to make tip tor the half a million
lo?t to the TreMttij bj the lacrirtce of the Ithaca
< iwe^n nr. I (' it.k*'" ??. d ('?%;>? I! ??..!
be reiiet upon the wtj.i r*x f.- tl i irrent rear.
If the Erk Railroad -ink- twonrthree n.-.
IWQor thtee mill ti\e? wiOqakUj fdl up theraip.
\nd shoald the rest of the public worhefeoffaia
?fanthtr discount it wmtld only reipiire a lea atfd -
tl awl tun i of the Regt :..?> I ? -to. nto vm ing froi i
'he i.|tbj the atonm n cowan to oaake op the
leficit! (n a word, there is no fearlhat the leew.
ton will I.iiipii.d bj Mr. Flan's BahYnods
... ktasj a. ihm t.." tHumn can draa apoa tl ? pew
ale fur mcfa eMtrilwUoM at he chooses to pre.
>. rlbr. I Ufamn Ere Jour.
C \i; KTO? \ l \i< ?N SPRING ? I be
17 w.,:.. ,,. ilinSprin I si :.. I m I on I tr ?- I
[ij i BTrts nn Itu psti in W nimiiii :i.r saleable nedwinaj
? . - i ? . i.| Um- Sarai?.;? W .. . : - .an lit .|i If ree, the
proprhttan wens Itstoci I i" lawebanalysed *'.u unj lb*
tat - n-'-n by |?r I. It ? Uli TON, ah* i h waa I i ind io
iiiiiain a larirrr pnajMXtbai oi :>rt ti u i iasBoi latrt Ingrerl ?
mn to use na i ii.ii ibaa say ".:.. r0m m k Mratoga
restlanalab ol it. ?*ir? sno ribcaeji base heea re
? \>4 ????ni th* ? ItOWbie il -I ? ? I ft.?I 1
BBBlber aim.the mibe h ." i M iedl* il I Steal of d lei
v w r \ i i.N> Mtn I V I) .
rrofesaor of en.rWtbeUelw nn ?(S V.
lnllN Ii l!Kk M II .
f .. .r a M w i i Med cs m the Coll.t
Physic in*ami * . peon*, fit, v.
ILBX tNDI it H RTKt r N- M D.,
I *..... More >'ir.-rv 'Bwirbm' anseConeee
..i Pbyi. in. aad Hsrseoi -. N. V.
Baraeoa to u.e Nea-y."1. <:.t\ HospaaL
thomas i hi k. H. I? .
\... Cr. ?i.l. nt ?.( the I nil. ^i- ol P' > -?? . n- ?? I
.-. .. nm. N. \'.
m. ?? nr nr.ii,n o. I) .
rndtiM at Ali Im in rv in Iii? I ahre > iv ..t ;ii..
? if at ,\v? .York
?PIMON8 nr i !'?? PKKsri
Proa uV Neo -Vo. I l as - aal Ba ? n Ktar.
Msunnan irttaas W* wnatd cat Mis sni *sw afttn
poMk f nerallv to lb* sstsertaaaaM of A. ft .v. l> i lads,
., ahah il aal ha ssaa tbat the ?<;i-r..i tbr s i-o... i
i asmapriaf/i bt *sbt by tbeakbonwi I hj saalysnto
ma ?? atraw ni"ie sa it tetrad qashtk. u.an riibn ol the mh
er*pnam Par wiofabwi. rdlknm brer o* bowel eon.
plaiats, ni.i... -i "a aad afteetl I rb* .i aaMb, it - h tri i\
iisisaon ndiit tiy ill moat ei..- ui lbs wedieaj i slrv
i- uv l!'-i?l"i..n. hau !>. <"ii emii.i.l \ -.? ul W?
woaM r.n I irmly n oaaoi *" a trial ofM W p- ISfiai S?H |.
I I rabtaars a* eiasiptsmu, lor Which, frasa U* eraabiiu
ti .ii... an In mal |. ... erne, il wa-ni j. ? i ? ? ' .
r ? ill N > . I?...;. AdvertWn
I *al I- air nut\ wiabtoc* S-araioja to .trink the
Mineral Walei sa wtw Iwse the bear III e dwrew* \, .
?er* im'.up ro?4. by nappiac nitoMr. Trippe'? Drnir-Slorr,
at Bm at stn ? I. Mr. 1 -n s av t ? raws of th.
I'ranaltpririBi M.?.? K. It. .?. I). s.??t.. hb-w-forb.N.
\ . si ??..??.i w I"* un. -i drdkand wsN keep
,,. ipptVoi taw a na? 11 btdaan w. k iw ten .??.: ?? ?? i tl
I starsimrethe .?n r?, u.1 '**r laaad I i i ? ...
tarklins awl a > s* wkn
unilarwai I, diwhi
ul S il ,?. .I.i ii
si of Mas .... . . a
Wi.1 Lnur. .IMS ?
to ol Bad i. Ms
mal Ion?. i,4M
; Bednua, a* bdtaw.Im
si' Broiu di' nt Pouvutu, B*nm aad?lnauas I ''.<>
Rarboaie Aral llnfrnm WalerhoUledtwrrk?....3tt,ISin
in sapbartc Air.
Tl b * sa r.. as malt ham b law hvrr nr bnwel
wnplsiM, adbtesibab and saTsci iam <>i Bm aaa ich, be.
i , :!?,.,-.? . .. bm tpei mi i as haw tried,B b sbs ?
[lieasant ilm.k. It i? put up In ?lu-ot iikI pint lottkn, aw:
\ i.
?. an I hM riiil..u-.|r
aad* b f >.. No. H9 It-.
. i>..i 18a dsb Ce Ke
M i i l-*treel
IVING proaented to the Public ihe
to..- i1 ?? ? -iv ??? I:n,i a-,r .... an ;? ? r ???.-? ' ??'
? q al a th, ?'t - I he \ ?. s a I km Crraw. It. ?
Wttrtal ? coaipiu i "i. I i an ta*. > ? iv ? Ba*S|Baied
.?i? inlriiil to ihr Aiin-raaopublic <a Jir ;>li-a?uri? it a'ttifit. '
iBtBl r hb.!v tr.ii.--ui'. poKlucun a nrh a.,.' ,,.i
iajt tatber. '?ut |?nva*i"?? ^B^abrs o w h.irt v*- - im
i ?? i i kjMare, m to rawe a Ibr ab ?<? wj ??l rneb?. *.
? - ? ! o n t l> Ij" I'Ll ' .t '. 1 In- * ?? '
! - !. ?n tl.ry a ho ii. ? I. ai.l a km ?. .... li .?
1 of .'? ?in??-. b*?<- not la r heea nah!
i2 j LtlsTDM vr.K i sd ua-sL
Bv M>?.-rii * ; ?? ? i.
Jl ?8EPH f.ll.i.t itt, Pen Matiafactarer
i " I HI QUEKN.-CAI i Oft.- rbe ?Ii
^,,. , ,.;r,|Ur..! in. ? A . pmtl
- ii >" ' i1'1'-imketx ii?;: . i "a ' ?; -v i?.i
Mr. ii stt, bat sbo apoo lb* ; . ? . \ a . * ii
aesrirujIbanua^iefladaaror,thaa,?iOouiiaiutina i etna] 1
t. > '.-ei ???.. I: . io r. i i ?-. -? ? - ?- .- [?
?tlfil o.?J appe*'a.n-r. Slid u.r ?.-r,. ?"TT.; .' ... X :. . '.:
Obwilf, the f-ns-ne Pesv arr ?rr afl niira-d la faO?
Joseph Mil : -Pa-'.'.' or' I ?? ; G aarrasted;'
? ? that each (raw bears a lac i leofl ?? itarr.
Tin l?ivr a*ay he had. ?I- f HK.MtY JF.S>Of
I 15 Ivy ?l J *u -iaa-""'.. n ? ?' it.
f \innkfi >Riva I'm r\ r wpro^
j "rdclki raicAi plcbmoi uvkjh ibtiapb
pi rar* * beabl v o u* nt UM .> aeta b > hrisaun a * mt
? ? . ? e tbetbia, w dl.. I svj a*-\ II !l...r 0 ? a
:.ati!r to .!".
Tnr Kr??; .aar.? la. Il.ir-t-Ili.r Retv.?.t ir a. a llirn
prutic atfent ?ti>-b ?ppl.nl tntl.r tnruan h.?lv i> BOO ten Wat i
kn->a-n IB i vr-ry n;.e ?I? has paid ttar lea?t auent <ai to ur
aw r i a baakhy acnaa ef dw dtin to re - atbri
r aa ssmL
Karvair <v A. B. BAMWk Ci?./n Bsoadway, raraar
ef rhanibaraaliwes. OraartrB? liar. jt :<
\] i ?XlS?N'S Ffjrei?n M- i
t? Ktotic I a i,?. \ . h
w* . New-Ytark, ;? ui<* nij *n mpmprr aw i Mrtan
MtvfSMia b Co.*> i| ml.d . mJ ..- ...... M- l
Tv> s Iheiefcae. n.' rni it. ? \|
?? . ? MlbbMSON > i n I ?
N r-Tork.BS.1 'i it M..-. M : %? .' ?, \ ?
N- wY< an vi .. . Pll rtl A HAM \ .
hb ^|B*re, tr. m aii"m n|..n?- the Medirii?? can he had eew
?j.i a t"trm a??Ri?ns \ i
l>ate,i BntiOi CoaVB* l ?scabb, Nca K -a* Lcrxlon.
Jane Itth. IMt_ rtH
butts -iuW, r Noa. ?1 and ?! McrrJ jik f.? tia?-.-. w , |
amet,MeeaTera BAtdE*a ntTCMBR. '
' N .y\M LOB,
r*n n h. tl Pi.tTr
tiY'S BANK NOTE Lisi for ?a!c
by (,uH u i U. t>, DAiiWKil? ja Ait-.t
/ U ?l gh8, UttSrn l, ^pitrini of Blood,
\j kjcram hv fATKBTR rxprr romsr.
f .. V? * - P i ; la ' L" n . I'?I
I i not. Abc :""
V I'd iaata Bfif Sh A lew weeh? Bjre I reHifeU in
i .i f-ar? t an *"*;ii ?: :;n? ?:jr|?m i ? ?Irrt m ) ??ie *
i , tu i i: ?I. '. r? *t"i : .. r"-.i! ' ...'?!'* r o: ; iw ?.'? '* nn
? , ? ? i M .? . .... '...at . . p.-: > . I I i' ii .. ?:?_'
reread ted by a ?ni bI b eel <" " ?> ? i - ?? :
... ? ., -r || .. k.?..?:?? ? -, i:..M ?' twcre 1 .'
heti bdoi :. Tb? beaetu I karr re
....... ?,.r. t ? Kir.. i"iai.i.
11 i\r BarerBi en ;?-e naet.
? biratiune V- ??' i ' ' ? '
I ? v npei |r-l w
a- a, - !?! tin- a.-.
?V1 ? 0 Jayne Wilhil
SU noLAf I" untlv ? ' 1- ' "
Mr. Harri? ha? lour lieen a worthy member, we believe a
ileai a oi Um P -,i Bepake Cboreh m dua my. we kB] i eu
confidence may h* nia. ? a bit aniltkaw
I'prvaM ire invited to .'alt and Me bin. aad mtnty Uiern
I be at? te vni n'.le r.e. .- ? " t-iv ???? ha.I ?! "'? ?"
n ul of A. B. k O. BAND!*. Or -t?. 79 k I "'t alt ai A.
\ -. rD.it - . > I. '. ?>., No 77 I -t Bo adv. ?.
..... M. \ .,' B. "ins v i .r> Br
way, earner of Chamber?-t_jr25 Im
\OTiCE to Kl l' l I KKD PERSONri
?Dr. v D. Hi t I. v. i Veaej nreet, lab? H j-?
v ?.. y .rk.-l'-'?? ? ? dB lea" with ft iwrev awry re]
? il . he?i in-truroental .- I t' e a?rb' ar*- ?!?. >??> ap: '??
,,!?,? hn ofhrr. IVeirv an ???'. N'-'A York, nr i "
\,, r ..... ,,- o: lot.
I?, ll.i i i'jaranl. e? e..r. . to a ! ' dM rW
, a! - ??! ? ?? ??-.i t 1 ?
rk part of Dt
. 6 H
,.,| ?. -....I
tbaa t?.:.tv yean pet', in l).-. liuir? tniw Office, aad b
.... i , ?! -1 i 11 a 'I i ? ??[ :i:r ?..!? 'I ro-t I...H.
Mai,\ treaeherooi leeott lw*i undertakea btveed n. ? ?
.; Dr. Ilairt rekrbrtted Ringi ami PittxTnM toe l i
..... and .ale retenl n It ?: ;>? ;r Tie , ?, - i. -
... relied nn IhBT tie ma.i.- by BBtklBbj ?urrei.r.? an i Bta
, .1..... tad a . bo '. :n - d i the n Maate Tnaaai at Bn
. t,. . T .. ?. H . ,. i i. v ' l i.a ' ? ?? ? e. .
tMOd 0 in U a CO
Dr Hull bit at tba re : :? ?t I ? ?? I
-. filled up a i ? ii < ?flu? vely I .1 1.1 i et, i ?' ' - I
? lie rnlianre IpetB litt l.r- i ? dr|.a-???:<?? t. ?.?
.... .-lam an. i . .'i. to aj'ii'y Trewei ami Bvr| porteej
10 fetnah palitatU _
rjnHE TRI H8F.8 and 81 PPORTER8
I ... Dr. H dPt lotenti ac ml bbc la reeeite mj decided
arete re are. Pnr tweaty yean part I have empaoeed the
i . .I) Hall mm laceeaa The wppurbtr I?
tea ed I ? bj the D--, with my advtea and wpcr--'on
11 .t i an, i.appv to ? I? dial tt i? ratendw ,v t wj ? I *
r..;..- a- well at in tln? roontrv.
- . . \ ALBNTINI MOTT M l>
N. v. V..ik. July I, I'll. '^l
So. richardson's BltTER8.
(_GOOD NKWB Pt)R THI S|i K ? II- - - r -
her i ike. pleaaarf ia ootnmoaleathreloblt feilow?. ih, hap
py r.->a!i- !.?? bat aeetrtenced tr..m the bh of Dr. B. tk
ii ii ino't Bherry b.iih.. Darwaj the lawater yean,
Ur.,.. ha i o. eanloato retort to m my eiperaneebi I,r t; I
rettoralkm of my brahh, aad haetat; eiperieorrd aracl
< onvein. ii. .? fr.'.m a rewaraJ aerveea dehidty and note.
.... oi tliepepaii and i.i apnetite, I at kvnfdi fartan ite-i,
d i holtl.Dr. R.*t nitteri, and fioaa aetsnl eapi ?
rience c in n commend them to the i abUc at i anM l|i(i?j.
imi tHetjfaal irmaatlw of health and bodily ? or. ?
It " i>r aba hid o.-. a. ..n p. '.?.in It e-.r efert. on inanv ? !
an frlendt ar.t at jrhhon, I can letllry to their beneocial
edaetn Dr Riebt naon aeedtnoruournianiwhh Ihoae who
.: e prrwiiiailv or etperenentally aciOainled w ith hen, -'J
u tune a< in dm - a high n petadee for bbt knowledge aad
ia ill b the medical department. To thoae who know him
not. It an five n<> amrc (hrorahle rntrodarttoothan IvUing
Hum k> make immediate Bteofabottleofhit very talnable
Bitten W. a BIMMOND
Fr.... Bhn Path at Bat, Wan Hanta
w i>t Ki: t um'.', C m , Jane tt i mo.
Dr S. <> RlCB IBtteOW,
- ii.iv.ii-,' i.ien. forthelatt few taawt, eery i '?
b Mb .1 and Brack ool "i I? nltti otbi tv a . and baddy Uli
v ??? e Ina ni. ..r llert) 1 I ll ebrat phy icbuM la Chanetbvi,
- < ...New York. S.ir;:'..t* Bptlata, bVatoo, ami * . ' f
. i , tt.,., phi ... i natl B. tton, on the ith ... la-: Man-:,.
led M poor . It .-, and I me.-i i a larilleol youi Bben |
B ii -. After I '.tarn. ! home,I bonentmore, I coon
bm i (Wd f nnh .' lYani V >? ten #tr?t. and I h ue lak.-n thr.-e
bottle*, and mi i . .. wed. My eaae ta. deapebed el et
eertaii ,v m. n i'.i? . but n three oe nil ?. I hat - ?:* " I u-t
? . , ia?wbk*h kt rarprhanp, tt I htve ratea oothimr but
beendaadnnIA I nMI i netkaee ibeeame. Yoerintdfeint t
j wed and dnbaj Bteek eeed.
t er> reaoi e nlly poera,
Bnldl Iba A raU \. i: D BAN DM, Drog? N
- p .ii .-. rornef of O ,! bw Patani wreet T,i
Broadway, 77 Rant Broadwav. Price T-.-n.. jeaWtm
1/ \<Its ire sTi rboRn tiiiNttS.
It,. ,i At ! ii m Beei .a.". Pi i he - thtHe mit pen ? ?
.dp eradieati id boh mm Ibe part when? U b ippluil
a bonl dm anlfbieti j?ary to tbi dde, To he bada lb*
oi l r.ubii>innenl,t7 Walker n.t. ..ia dtVor ftvan Be a
nay *l i?r l.ml.. aanttbet m. lit that Hainan.I'- Tin.
\\ a;. . of K.-.iiiit w.b ll. ewo'.'lib ? il.-oiiint'f t ".. |. .a."I ?
and all cnuneoaa rrapihnw. eheb ? JevtntUe beeltny an.
i re, and an >-. [hi I nda, i n k ind armt m nidlaid
nlutenetw, Ben.", of?rmeieaaimHatbtnaoftl ieel at Wd
-i. I.,, roatanni.f .mrmt wlrin entt nti.-rlv njjmaw M
pi hi hml .? .1- |i per i?.
I) * \ RHRTA1LI Rtn i.f
IHM it tl
I .... a ibriiean to mi da i ....... * . by penpiraiira
or i uah.ii" w i l,nee etotb. W I * III* tier '.Olli^
ii.it RA) I) - BI \Ni II RNPAtlNI
? '. S| ni?h l.dt While, impart, a l.ri?ld, pore, lifr-likr,
t?. .?? 'he ?k i. Ire. jonn'lie n-nriot. pin
... i aii v i .w il. panpa. ..t,.?,- ' r 11
Pol [efatnl baaaa al at rentt eaeb.
len.li Prothienrr, Dyi , .Ii.. AH>ai.> , I, it: rie . M* i
en bn ft w? Ma I a ll brd. Weih b Ilm
? ? f ,, * to ? I k nan, it. Ian, I Hdk .?.
Ph :...;.k i. Mi . Bn ' *?? < i ? m m -i je 17 i n
lOHlaY ImptHTaal tu I aiim r--. PlbMH
? - unl Don eahati t- - Tu? Cnnuyannd Cheedi kl
ii 8 .,. ... '.ai eradaltke preaenl wanami
-i preparaik.n that ever wa. raatpoondad bar ti.e an
every -ye.- . i- ii n mi? Iki >? l- -
; . - a > . : l.i ?' p. ?. h tree-, .tr .V? a. r - o!
. .i iv In ?? ;.' '.'..n tile m.iriDdinp intert? l"..r the
!? ? ? iye. ;?>ttto??. t jT. p?. ctb
BWy, a! Ul' eipen'eof a !? vt .t..|!ar?, rej! i<- hj. ?
? ?'? ? v ?*. at t: . ' ?'? ?' n.'h> Seva.tat.on? .1 ll," ter.
T' ? Ceanpoand Chemical wt.ti.-Oil Boapmay ka
had in hnlk or in ?r? of four pejud.?, a doten of whitk are
?eked in t bos. kna r ai
.. I -i c! anaat, No. t ?.> n ?
1 r MKMICAL OIL, BURNING Kl.l lB -The nab.
? a j?i oriw the attenthvn ef the pwbtb: b> Ida week
aeeaty and tupn tor qadifh it air iDwhiad bt to^enwde a,i
Mnee, t?a :o 0>e. The oil whirl, it borued in thcru ts a
.-. -i. ? '?; a-.i ??? t. rv e>ir. in p> pn'oert-ea, and ei*e?
trnlhaotaml eronomical lieht Tin- Bucnsmr Haid
.a portaMa liekt, free from all anioke, awett at eieen and
? aertnfi aartva C mnon Lamp* ran lie altered
it ? ? Imp;eipPuM la I tint t*.- S- .l. The ?al ?crilvr it
v .. y perm 'i ?! k. rei'er to ^nie of aur nic?t rtr.pir'.ab>
am 1m, w?. ??>? bow u? an sl.e an ie.
J tl. ll'itiKPn. ne Br-.a tvray,
P B. - Ti.rre it no d.i.i/er of eiplo?:on in ritha r one el
WO ?n < l> ? oil at
I? can t?e no err a ter < t idence of the bi.'h rathnatia
etibj dm name of Baiaman.ier *?tie?
To* ! ..Uiw ruj tentlrmen comr^oae.I a <'..n.... tie.- ? Mer
i U ii dn tr U ? mit? I a MM lomace wear the fool of
r ? - -t. and decided r, itvor "I Wildest Patent Sate,
which w-atthe only one that >ioo^ the ie*t, eft:
M .. . w tDaWuRI fl k Mb I II
?? BALDW IN k CO.,
" MINTTRN k t it.
W .; ? - faiiTitter ?ia'e*. tli.n hate ?>>?'?... .
pre?erve their com? nw i ra?e of i re, are to :^ bad ante Ot
BliAM l lifcKr.lN?.. <.-a-ral bW '
N... i i Wat- ret, N Y.,
A I kit .'.uiv keakorkwd Aeena%
M. J 1 Hum AB a. CO . Aihan
J. W. BT ANTON a <'l?'. NewOrlram.
Hur colorTno^T p. .MABY S
celebrate,! Iltir Dve for rhanir.n?: red or crey hair
to a perniar*ni hr?wa or'hUrk. tor tale aboie?a|e ., | I r.
1176 0 ? m wreet, it H '-eon. M eenW aad 1 doMar
;*r parkah'e. aVDuncet r ten though aot pul.hdiru
I -?.,-' DanaaanTHair Kett'watite. tt Vi rentt
- '..trie, or '. dollar! f?ir revtonna: a bead of hair. Paya.
h e art-. n nrOi.red. ,. , '.
. I! ? h'..r n i I it hi,: r|i(.;i|, (?!,,th
- . - ? -? 'i-i it R. APPLET'>N"S ( a.. 1 . ...r ur ta.
?^batiuieut, BH Orind-ttrret, WToor Atvoruty. ?./?Ani
?VA T< i IJ. T?'I ii. B M iU No 1 ?
_? M
a !..?.? iwak-r 5 U n l ..\?.
Nu. 77 < . > -. 7
etat TO LET-Tb?
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" ? N- a - York at !"? \ M
l>?v- S'ew-York at I a. iv M !ur.. i e M-ie :.
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Leave New-York.iM ?vle.-k, A.M.' a Tue. u>.. Wed
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B-.-.'/^ve at. art i ..i i,..... Bvk r.i.- .
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