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K- ? ^^^^^ Prow the Christian Examiner.
The sea is mighty, but a mightier sways [scoop'tl
His restless billows. Thou, whose hands have
His boundloss gulfs and built bis shore, thy breath,
That moved in the beginning oc'r bis face,
Moves o'er it evermore. The obedient waves,
To its strong motion, roll and rise and fall.
Still from that realm of rain thy cloud goes up,
As at the first, to water the great earth.
And keep her valleys green. A hundred realms
Watch its broad shadow warping on tbo wind.
And in tho dropping shower, with gladness, hear
Thy promise of the harvest. I look forth,
Over the boundless blue, where, joyously,
The bright crests of innumerable waves
Glance to tho sun at once, as when the hands
Of a great multitude arc upward flung
In acclamation. I behold the ships
Gliding fro n capu to capo, from isie to isle,
Or stemming toward far lands, or hastening home
From the bid world. It. is thy friendly breeze
That bears them, with the riches of the land,
And treasure of dear lives, till, in the port,
The shouting se.'iman climbs and furls the sail.
But who shall bide thy tempest, who shall face
The blast that wakes the fury of the sea?
Oh God! thy justice makes the world turn paie,
When on the armed fleet, that royally
Bears down the surges, carrying war, to smite
Some city, or invade some thoughtless realm,
Descends the fierce tornado. Tho vast hulks
Are whirled like chatT upon the waves; the sails
Fly, rent like webs of gossamer; the masts
Are snapp'd asunder; downward from the decks.
Downward are slung, into the fathomless gulf,
Their cruel engines, and their hosts, arrayed
In trappings of the battle-field, are whelmed
By whirlpool, or dashed dead upon the rocks.
Then stand the nations still with awe, and pause,
A moment, from the bloody work of war.
These restless surges eat away the shores
Of earth's old continents, the fertile plain
Welters in shallows, headlands crumble down,
And the tidn drifts tha sea-sand in the streets
Of the drownedTcity. Thou meanwhile afar,
In the green chambers of the middle sea,
Where broadest spread the waters and the Uric
Sinks deepest, while no eye beholds thy work,
Creator! thou dost teach the coral worm
To lay his mighty recfis. From age to age,
He builds beneath the waters, till, at lu^t,
His bulwarks overtop the brine, and check
The long wave rolling from the Southern polo
To break upon Japan. Thou bidnt the fires,
That smoulder under ocean, heave on high
Tho new-made mountains, and uplift their peaks,
A place of refuge for the storm-driven bird.
The birds and wafting billows plant the rifts [airs
With herb nnd tree; sweet fountains gush; sweet
Ripple the living lakes, that, fringed with flowers,
Are gathering in the hollows. Thou dost look
On thv creation and pronounce it good.
Its valley?, glorious with their summer greon,
Praise theo in silent beaury, and its woods,
Swept by the murmuring winds of ocean, join
The murmuring shores in a perpetual hymn.
France and the French.
A traveler's first impressions.
Correspondence of tin' Tribune.
Whoever has passed from London to Boulogne
cannot but have remarked the low, black and un?
comfortable steamers which ply between these two
ports, and which not .inaptly may have reminded
him of tha poet's description of Charon's craft.
I do not know whi?ther they may be taken as a
fair specimen of British coast packets, but from
tho number and character of the pussenger* they
are intended to convey, one would suppose there
existed sufficient inducement to render them as
comfortable and elcgunt us any in the kingdom.
For in whatever degree the boat may resemble the
bark of the old ferryman, tho passengers, composed
of the gay and fashionable in pursuit of pleasure,
can scarcely be. said to bear a resemblance to the
pale cadaverous ciew of Charon, unless it be during
the melo-drama of sea-sickness which seldom fails
to be exhibited to the no small annoyance of those
j who have a part to sustain. During its represent?
ation, tho company is indeed sufficiently 'triste'
for any occasion. Never was the fleet of pious
iEneas so tossed about by the vengeance of June
as our bark on entering the Straits of Dover, an
incident scarce worthy of notice were it not for the
account it exacted of the stomach of previous
excesses. The passive spectator, who feels no
four of being called to act his part, may be seen
looking with self-complacency nnd philosophic in?
difference upon those uround him, who, in nautical
phrase, are 'casting up thi'ir accounts' with a*
doleful countenances as delinquent debtors in
' hard times.'
There is a remedy for every ill except death,
snith Sancho Fanza : thanks to steam wc arrived
in a few hours, in spite of wind and wave, in the
harbor, and, though at the solemn hour of mid?
night, were put ashore, where we found a file of
soldiers drawn up to receive us wbethem to honor
us with a public reception nnd escort tis to the
custom house some hundred yards distant, or to
prevent us from entering the French dominions ex?
cept at the street gate, we leave our readers to
judge. We entered the custom house with the air
of patient resignation with which one is wont to
encounter an unavoidable evil whose very name
Tecalls to the mind of tho traveller who has ever
had the calamity to lall into their hands, the offi?
cers and menials connected with tho revenue in
England. We entered them, as if we should pro?
bably need all the temper und patience of which
we were in possession, the stock of which is not
apt. to be great at this late hour of the night
<: Monsieur rotre' passcport" crici a whiskered
mustachoed little fellow, with eyes peering through
green specs, and whose chin projecting over a \
high writing desk left nothing except the head visi?
ble^ 4* Le passeport," reiterated the same voice
in a little more familiar tone. Passport! with my
usual carelussuess I had left it with my baggage on
boaad. Of this I informed the important little
functionary who seemed at first but little satisfied
with tho explanation, but the impatience of the
erowd and the late hour of the night probably pre?
vailed over all other considerations; so register?
ing my name, taking a glance at-the color of ray ;
eyes, hair, and length of the noso. (which alwhys
occupies a:> prominent a position ia a French pass?
port as IP the countenance,) and having duly noted j
those particulars, ho passed me over to an asso?
ciate, who ha* tho privilege of thrusting hands in
the traveller's pockets?all for tho protection of
the royal revenue.
T must say he performed his disagreeable duty
with delicacy and peliteness; perhaps we attri?
buted to his "politeness what was really the effects of
his indolence ; I can only say that he took a peep
into our hats, applied his hand to our pockets
whenever they presented a little suspicions en bor,
point, and concluded by begging pardon for iruiuir
ing if they contained any cigars, letters, or other
forbidden articles. Escaping from these vexations
we were beset by a half score or aiore of interpre?
ters, potters, etc. who have as elsewhere kindly
taken it upon themselves to counsel the traveler
where to go or where not. The traveller who fol?
lows our advice will value their disinterested zeal
at zero; select the least noisy, and proceed where
over he may take him. if he has not previously taken
,the precaution ?f informing himself of the best
?hotel, for par** and person. And we would add.
too, select one who at least understands English:
for take whomever he will, he is suto to be im?
posed upon; but if be be no American or English,
he may esteem it some consolation to leave him a
parting blessing in language which he will under?
stand, for nothing is more annoying than to bo im?
posed upon without having the power of remon?
strance even by grumbling, which is indeed the only
privilege;John Bull enjoys even in England and
which be*seldom foil* to exercise.
In the morning- we {band oar baggage aheady
an the Custom-House end waiting our presence to
be opened and examined, which was erVected with
Jittle delay, and none of that rudeness of which
the traveler has so often to complain in England,
where, after emptying the contents of your trunks
upon the floor, weighing your books, and examin?
ing overy article piecemeal, the knave has often
the impudence to n-k you to rvrnemWer him, as he
terms it, with a half-crown, as if the annoyance he
bad given were not sufficient to cause one to hold
him and his whole tribe in abhorrence forever.
But to return. In one comer of the room were
some half a dozen sunburnt dames seated upon
their barrOw*, casting a wistful, watchful eye
I upon the baggage and it* owners. They resem
! bled the bronzed and muscular forms of our fe
I male aborigene*, who mav be seen carrying their
poultry and venison to the market ef the villages
of the Western frontiers. Tedious as their occu?
pation i?, they do not want for physical force to
perform it, as we had an opportunity of judging
from the manner in which they handled our lug?
gage. One with my trunk placed on her barrow,
fastened to the shoulders, walked off with as much
unconcern as a Shawnese Squaw with her papoose
lashed to her back.
In passing through the =tre*ts, we saw numbers
of the peasant women, with short gowns, some?
what in the mode of Fanny Ellsier, and taibois, or
wooden shoes, turned up like an Indian canoe, on
their way to market, with load* of vegetables suffi?
cient to test, the strength of an Irish peddler.?
Some, however, were seated upon their lnad,
placed on little donkeys, in appearance quite dis?
proportionate to the animal's strength: others
could boast of a horse and cart, from which they
looked down with an air of proud superiority
upon their more humble rivals. Their dress, or
at least that of the head, which, from time imme?
morial, has enjoyed a monopoly of honors, exhib?
ited something of the aristocratic feelings of its
wearer. It consisted of a tall, three-storied cap,
towering upwards and backwards in the form uf a
sugar-loaf, or the triple crown of Fl is Holiness the
Pope. The ornaments lavished upon the animal
spoke much in favor of tho affection, if not of the
taste, of it* m;*tres?, which must havo been mod?
eled upon that of the patriarch, for the animal was
literally covered with a profusion of ho*ses of cot?
ton of divers colors. Fancy with what an air of
disdain shr looks upon the poor marchand, toiling
under a heavy load, and with what, aft air of supe?
riority shr> regards her of the donkey, in the man?
ner of some old dur'-i^ss who can trace her gene?
alogy up to Noah, or positively a little beyond.?
Here is the aristocracy of low life. J. YV. D.
iNE PRICE STOKE.?It 13 generally
known tbatsome store-keepers ask double.the price
the article is worth; therefor* any person wishing to pur?
chase good cheap clothing canrelvon being furnished with
articles at the following prices:?Coats nt .*I2; cloth jack
ets $3 SO to $5; cl?th nants $325 to $4 50; satinet pa-tls
$1 75 to $2 SO. J. COGSWELL. 1331 Chatham-si. '? v'JI Sm
h? ZE Dr HARE vva r e PAPER.-?
VT 36 by 40 inches 100 reams; 24 by 34 do., 100 ream*;
20 by 30 do., 50 reams. Fine Hanging Paper, lo.noo lbs.,
20 inches wide, a superior articl*. Green Hanging-Paper,
G.OS0 lbs., ?0, 31,33, 34 and 35 inches wide. 200 gr?-ss Bok
net Boards, blue and while. 40,000 lbs. Trunk Boards.
10.000 Binder's Boards. All kinds Paper manufactured at
Ike shortest notice, and for sale by
au22tf GAUNT it D E lilt ICKS ON, 15H Swuth-st.
T~~wo sahTboats for sale?
The Henry Clay and General Scott, each twenty
eet in length; Isitb bist sailers?not'exceeded by any boats
of their class in Ik is city; fitted in superior style.and in first
rate order. Can be seen at Bishop t Simouson's ship yard;
loot of Sixtbstreet. Applv to
jtZO tf C. M. SIMONSON, G<i Columbia-street.
CWEA!7.?AII aniciesTn"the Saddle"or
t Coach line can be had at very reduced prices at the
storeol the ?obseriber; consisting U pan of India Rubber
Cloth; Wvbn >.-ree, hos? and sheep Skins, Skirting's. Patent
Leather,-Saddle.Trees, Humes, Buckels, Bits, Stirups,Raw
Hides. Ltces, Carpeting, Bands, Hubs, common anil patem
Axles, Top Leather,Moulding, Bowh, Step Springs, <:c.
.au3 3m JNO. S. SUM MEUS. 272 Pearl-st
Sepiember, and .11 the popular Mugazines of the day, for
sale wholesale and retail, bv
BRADBURY, SODEN k CO., l27Nassan-st,
nu25 tf New-York, and 10 School-st., Boston.
THE Self-Instructor and Journal of the
Universal L^'ceum, by Josiah Holbrook, is published
monthly at the Exchange Lyceum. 3-H Broadway, at 50
sents a year, paid in advance. A liberal discount will he
nade to agents who buy by the quantity. Agents of penny
papers will find it a profdstble work. For sale at Axford's
iewp room. 163 Bowery. iel t(
For sale cheap at R. &. M. EARL'S, 346 Broome-St
one door West ot the Bowery. All perspus wishing to suit
themselves with a show case can be accommodated at ihe
Above place, as we have a large assortment of new and ?-e
coml band cases constantly on band. Also show caws, show
windows and store sashes made to order at very short notice,
s3 lm*_
CtOALyGOAL?$4 50"to $5 50?Peach
' Orchard Coal at ihe above low prices, from the boats,
in good order. Coal of ;dl sizes and descriptions; for family
or smith's use from die yard, corner of Hudson and Amos
streets. J. TERBELL.
Orders left at the yard or through the Post-Office punc?
tually attended to. Coal sent in good order, cash recelvi ? !.
the account closed. No fuss made ; Weigher's Certificate,
kc be. jj-20 3m
COAL, C??L7COXl7? Best Peach Or
chard Red Ash Coal?Lump, Broken and Nut sizes.?
The anderitigned is authorised to iak<- orders for tlii> cele
brated Coal, at the very lowest prices, either by the cargo
.r ton, delivered troiw the barges free of cartage in any part
if li;;-> city or Brooklyn.
Also Gray Ash Schuylklll, Lebigh and Lackawana Coal.
P. S. American Bituminous Coal, for ?i? grate, equal to
iiesi Liverpool. Best Virginia Coal, for blacksmith's use, at
die very lowest price. JOSEPH P. SIMPSON,
Office No. 118 Nassau-street
N. B. Orders for otic ton will receive the same attention
as those for a larger quanity. ruylOtl
&?;G) COAL; COAL-^From; the
'-fp'rt vessel, best quality Peach Orchard Red
Ash Coal Iresn from tiie mines, at the following low prices
Egg and Broken.$5 50
Stove, large.5 00
Nut.4 50
loable screened and delivered any part of the city, weighed
by a city weigher. Y^rd comer Christopher and Green
wich streets. JAS. FERGUSON
N B?1000 tons Pea and Dust cheap. a2P tf
OAL, COAL?$4?Nut size, from boat,
or cart?Red Ash, Gray Ash, egg, broken, and stove
tizesj equally 'ow. Boats constantly discharging; Liver
poo! and Virginia Coal constantly on band.
aul7tf J. TERBELL, corner Hudson and Amor-sts.
? ) The subscriber offers for sale the first quality Peach
Orchard Coal, broken, egg and large nut sizes, at tbeabbve
reduced prices, delivered free of cartage, direct from the
boats. The Coai will be welt broken and screened at the
lime of shipment. ALFRED ASH Fl ELD,
415 Grand-street, corner of Ridge,
and South-street, corner of Montgomery.
Orders left as above, or at 198 William-street, or through
the Post-Office, promptly attended to. auSoti
WOoIT SCREWS.-^fhe~Sevv~E n g
land S-rew Company's Brass and Iron Wood
Screws, assorted, .from J iucho No- 4 to 3 inches No. 20,
warranted superior to any imported or manufactured bv
any'Other, establishment in Luis country, for sale at their
warehouse, 94 John street.
s3_ _MITCHELL &. W1THERELL. Agents:
?LJ Sets, Coffee Urns, Coffee Boilers, Castors, Lamps.
Cnmmnnion Ware, Muse Plates, Colon Plates, .vc. made
from retined rolled metal by Leonard^ Reed & Barton, and
tor salu by their soleagents,
R- o'lleFgerF^ as.
G. MOFFETT, 121 Prince-street, near Wooster,
.voald parlicul;riy call the attention of Hardware Dealers
and Manufacturers to bis -uperior article ot Gentian Silver,
whTch.he off. rs for sale wholesale and retail, of ail thick
aesses, and wammts it equal to any. ei?ier Foreign or Dc
nest>e.for r. ir.r aod-wtts>e?s. .?>?'
nr*0 THE LOVERS of superior Black j
x. Tea!?Howcun's Mixture!?This extremely delicious
? paralleled Tea, so highly celeUated in China and
Europe, just imported, is njv.v for sale at the Canioa Tea
Coffpauy's General Tea Establishment, 121 Chatbam-streei,
New-York, io CLisese packages price 50 els and 41 each.
mygl tf
TO HN WARWICK, Svv^cp Smelter and
%J Refnicr ui General, No. 17 John street, New-York.
Purchaser of Jewells ajid S?versiuith's Polisbi?gs, Pa
ua. 'i.gv, L<*nielLs Parting liars, Coarse Silver Bars, Lttce.
ai.d PUu-d Motals. BonkhiBdertsVtags.l.-c. iir'K It
senber will pay ras>a for Cocoons, or be will reelUieni
tor ouarter of the pro?iuct
Anlast ?I, lf42. DAVID L. SEYMOUR. Agent.
an223ai_S>ate Prison,Mount Pieasaat.
Water POWETto LET?From
oae to fifty horse power, to lei. at West Darius
Sa?.- Mill, 11 miles irom the city. It is acctssible bv wa?
ter, and ba< plenty ol water in the drvest. wason. lucuire
at the 21 ill or of JOHN COPCUTT; S43 Wasbiiurtoo
treet.__au 15 tf
LEECHES ! Leeches !! Leectes \ ! !
10.000 very fine, healthy German and Swedish l^e?'ch
e*, tust received and for sale very reasonable, wholesale and
retail, or carefuilv applied, by WILLIAM WATSON, Che?
mist and Pbanuaceutist. Apothecaries' Hall, 36 Catberine
< treet._iv 15 Sm
i. A car^c of *he above superior Coal coarse and <uita
tde for family us?, now dtscbarklog at the foot of Beacb-st.,
and for sal-* ..'j lot. to suit popctowers, by
WARD Sc. B-tOWNE, -itl Waibington street.
_ *6_corner Laicht.
MAI>DER?20 cask? prime Ombro,"for
sale by GJUNNSLL, M1NTUKN i CO.73 SoaUx;
will find it to their interest to call at No. 20 Catherine.
street, where may be fannd. on the second floor, an exten?
sive assortment of splendid Cabinet Fnrnitnre?of the newest
and most approved patterns, and which wdl be sold at
prices below what furmtare rif the sani" qcality ran be
nought for ai auction. The advantage here offered in bey
ing of the regular manntaetory at auction prices must ire
e.videnL Iftimeand long experience in the business ut
\ any advantage in manufacturing good and eraamental ware,
: the subscriber feels confident in ?ayiag that any who may
cali at No. 20 Catherine-street and hinke their selection.
'. shall have full and ample satisfaction, both as t > price and
' quality, in the articles purchased. S. FANNING je23:irn
I-fTSA MATTER of no small considera
tion to find a medicine (at this season of the year) which,
I it administered in season, will prove an effectual remedy in
the summer complaint of children, and of tiiarrhcea, dyspte
j teiry; cholera morbo-. kc. of adults. The BLACKB EttUV
I PANACEA is a medicine of tins descripLioo. having been
; tried in a number of cases with complete success. The
. blackberry has long been held in high estimation as a valua
| ble auxiliary in the treatment of the above complaints, and
! th:s, combined with other well known vegetable agentf in
' the form of th* above Panacea, constitutes all that U reouirite
? (or n speedy and permanent cure. Fore .-ale A. B. TR~P
LFP., Druggist, corner Fulton and Water street: ai*n at G.
' CMILTON. ?OJ Canal street. BUSS ljr?*_
CAL.15.?Warranted Poisons for Flies, Musquetoes,
I Cockroaches, Bedbugs, Rats, Ant* and all sp-cies of Versau
! infesting houses. Also, Fly Paper, Travelers' Comfort, Sea
I pr.-.t'-ction, kc.
LEECHES?Imported largest Swedish Leeches.
I CHEMICALS?Scch a? Lunar Caustic Copaiva, Cip
j sules. Acids. Logwood Extract, and Dyers'* Material?, Spir
j itsof Hartshorne and Nitre. Ether.Chlorideof Loda. Iodiae,
I if.; Daguerreotype Chemicals and De. lists' Materials, Pal
I Indium Cement, kc. Porsale bv
au29 1m LEWIS FEUCHTWANGER. 1 Wall-st
REFINED; SUGAR at Reduced Prices.
. The subscribers offer their Standard cualliy double
Refined Sugar, packed
In boxes containing about 300 pounds Loaf Sugar
In barrels do ~ do 2on " Crushed do
In do do do 250 " Powdered do
At ibe following reduced rates.
Any number of} Losf....10 cents Cash or IOtctS. A mos.c
Packages hot > Crash ed. 1? cents do or UiJ " "
less than 5. ) Powd'd.lOJ cents do or 11 " '?
Any number of) Loaf arid Crusbed, 10* cents, Cash on
Packages [ess / <.
than 5. ) Pewdered, 11 cents, ( Delivery.
All orders punctually attended to.
New-York, Aug. 1, 134Z
New-York Patent Sugar Refinerv,
Offices 89 Wali street, and at the Refinery cornerof South
and Montgomery street_ au9 l?n
U^IT^lT~SfATES Tea Emporium,
121, late 123 Chatham street. New-York, wholesale
and retail ?The Canton Tea Company continue to offer lor
sale new and fragrant Tens of every variety and style.?
Their assortment specially includes the most tleliciou* and
powerful gradesior Green .and Black. Every package bears
the stamp of neatness and elegance, and the Teas therein
are so thoroughly secured from light and air that their final?
ity and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their
sytem of prosecutiHg business a perhaps scarcely to be ex
c< lied It is founded upon the utis.?st regard to the right*
of the customer, especially with respect t* weight and
quality, and unrivalled cheapness All purchasers are called
upon to return any articles which fail to give them the full?
est satisfaction, w hen the money will be cheerfully and
promptly refunded. Country merchants, public establish?
ment, heads of families, and ship-ma ters, will find it a deci?
ded advantage to supply themselves from this establishment.
Coffee roasted every' day.
Orders from all parts of the United Stales executed with
promptitude and despatch. ?
CT The onlv warehouse in America for the sale of Hou
qua's celebrated Blaek Tea._aug26 lBl
on hand a full assortment of the above ware, having
heen enabled to keep our manufactory in full blast during
the pressure. In times like these, when men and China
ware are liable to break, people are learning to be econom?
ical: hence the increased demand for articles of Britannia
Ware. Our assortment consists in part of pitchers, p'ain
andcovered, from one pint tosix quart?: coffee and tea urns
from two quarts t? four gallons; cundle.-tirks, flat and tall;
lamps, a great variety, with round and flat lobes, for burn?
ing oil, gas and lard; castors, plain and revolving; cofler
and lea sets, a large assortment; molasses cups, tumblers,
mugs, soup Ladles, nursing-bottles, la?ier boxes, table and
tea spoons spittoons, kc.
Dixon's celebrated tea ware,latest patterns. Also Dixon's
German silver spoons, ladles, forks, kc. warranted not to
turn yellow.
For sale, wholesale and retail, ai the old stand, 6 Burlin;
slip try auSO 2w BOARDMAN k HART.
SSESSM ENTS^'iret " Ward.?Pi?V
lie Notice is hereby given, that 'be Assessors of the
First Ward have completed their Assessments, and that a
?opy thereof is left with Otto Wm. Van Tuyl, at Not 33
Pearl street, where the same may be seen and examined by
any of the inhabitant from the 20th da-.' of August to the
Kith day of September, both days included, from 9 to 12
o'clonk in the forenoon, ami from 3 to U o'clock in the after?
noon, and that the assessors will meet at the expiration of
the said time, to wit on the eleventh day of September, at
the said Olio Wm. Van Tuyl. No. 33 Pearl st. to review their
-aid Assessments on tke application of anv person conceiving
himself aggrieved. OTTO W. VAN TUYL,
Assessors of the 1st Ward.
New York, August 19th, 1342. nrr20 tSli
DIIKLAZ & BAltRAUD'S Odontalgu:
or Balsamic Elixir for preserving the gums and
teeth. This invaluable, dentifrice is now offered to the pub
i ic as possessing the properties of strengthening the spongy
:uro?, ideas ng the mouth and whitening the teeth, refresh?
ing the paint* and taking away.nil unpleasant taste or odor
i; the m ?" arising from a deranged state of ihe stomach,
SOtokl oin decayed teeth. In a word, it is beyond
il- ..v ?>( a puff. Make a trial of a bottle and it will
,pr ,cltvlf.
N. B. Each battle bearing the directions on tke label.
- Id by Messrs. Souillard ic Dellnc, 531 Broadway and 2
Park-row; Mr. H King k Co.461 Broadway corner Grand ;
Mr. Milhau 133 Broadway ; Messrs. Guion. 173 Broadway
corner Courtland,and Messers. Rushton St Aspiuwall, uu
Broadway, 86 William and 10 Astor House. au!6 lm"
DI?SSY, Ophthalmie Surgeon, No. 207 Broadway,
enl ance In Fulton-street, opposite St Paul's Church, at?
tends to Diseases of the Eye. and all the necrssary opera
lions thereon Office hours from 9 to 6 o'clock Having
completed bU studies of fivey*ears with Dr. Elliott, Gen
li<l, and been subsequently engaged as his assistant, It. K.
Dlossy is cnalitecl tf, undertake the treatment of all diseases
affecting the organs of vision. Terms moderate and gradu
ated to the nature and extent of the disease.
Permission is given to refer to his late instructor, and also
to some of the most eminent Professors of the Medical Fac?
ulty in New-York.
N. B.?The poor treated gratuitously. . an!9 lm*
are cautioned that at No. 2?9 Grand-street, corner of
Allen (Ferguson's) n place that has long been notorious
among the female part of the public, where they have been
invariably treated in suctta manner as very frequently has
caused the husband or brother to return and demand the
?ante -tvle of shoes, and nt the same price*, being fully con*
vinced thai nti store in Grand-street could furnish a more
elegani Gaiter Boot for 12 shillings, or Gaiter Buskins lor
8 shillings?in short, a'i.y article for the foot of a Lady, Miss
or Child, ot w hich they have an infinite variety at such
unheard of love prices.
77icr; w no doubt but they mean to tell out and quit the
budntMs. au31 lm*
11LV E R W?REl?Wlcn7T&7ori7 NcT
129 William-slreet, continues to manufacture Silver
Ware ot the liest description and of the latest patterns.?
Presentation Vases, Pitchers, Waiters, Tea and Coffee Ser?
vices, Cake and Fruit Baskets and Children's Mugs, richly
chased and appropriately designed.
Also, Dessert Fruit Knives and Forks, silver blades: Forks
and Spoons, king-threaded and plain-threaded patterns.
Prize Medals of various patterns, suited for prizes ot Flo
ricnltural, Horticultural and Agricultural Societies.
Orders bv letter punctually attended to.
The whole of these article's are manufactured on the pre?
mises of sterling silver, and no care or expense i? spared in
the beauty of the workmanship.
N. B. Drawings and estimates of articles for presentation
will be furnished in answer to an application. jy25 3m
T"?~T?ilORS.?One of the greatest
discoveries ever made in the art of Cutting.-J ABEZ
DAVIS has discovered the true principle in the Balancing
and Drafting of Coats?which principle I have no doubt has
been more s:udied than any other science, for all other sci?
ences have been confined to but few compared with the
thousands of the trade that hare turned their attention to
discover this point both here and in Europe for this fifty
yean*. It is an entirely original and self-varying system,
aothing complicated, no matter in what position the person
stands. When you draft the Coal, it works out every point
perfectly correct. This system has been thorr uidily attest?
ed by a number of the trade for eighteen uroothsin New
York. Any of ihe trade wishing to obtain r good rule for
Drafting Coals, w ith an original improveme it on Vests, and
other useml instructions in the general art ot Cutting, are
solicited to call at 1S6 Fulton st. New-York , where they will
receive every attention. JABEZ DAVIS. aul9 lm
rpHOMAS JONES, Accountant, re
JL tpectfully announces that he is prepared for the re?
ception of students, as heretofore, who will be instructed in
Book-Keeping, Penman-hip and Arithmetic, during tbe
Day or Evening. Lessons may be had entirely in private,
and such as prefer it may bring their owu accounts to be
arranged. The sh -nest and best methods w ili be explained
and a thorough prartical knowledgeof the subject acquired.
For terms and prospectus apply at the Rooms, 133 Broad?
way, where ihey'may be had from the author.
JONES'S Principles and Praetice of Book-keeping, 8vo.
?Price 12 shillings. This work is already adopted as a
text book in marry ofthe first Academic institutions in ti is
country,2nd is die only American work on the subject re
published In Enei?nd,Where it is now extensively intro?
duced. See Review Hunt** Merchants' Magazine. Alse,
journal Am. Institute, containing the repor: of a Special
Committee appointed ?n the suWject. si Iw
AYDEN'S Premium Pens.?A Silver
.Medal was awarded J. Hayden for his " veiy supe?
rior Pens" by the American Institute at its last Fair. The
Government have given them the Preference, and tbe best
accountants and many of ihe public institutions will use no
other Pens. Tbey have justly obtained the highest reputa
j don, end are not surpassed if equaled by any in the country.
The trade are supplied at the Manufacturer's prices by ihe
agents J. k P. HAYDEN, 5 Plan-street.
Agents also for Sdliniairs School ui*u Ccttnting-bouse Ink
Stands. pxyfl tf
Embracing a History ofthe various Religions, brief
notice of nearly ai! the Benevolent se-cieiies in the WerWj
notice of Insmments and Machines used in scientific inves
?ns. Poetry. Musical Instruments, Ancient Gn can
rwlosopbers, -?tronomical Information, itc, Agriculture,
Notice of all Ns&jOOS. with their nopulatiou, Statistics, em?
bracing the Census for 1210, kc., kc To which is added a
Nomenclature of Technical Terms. Bv R. W. Allsi*.
Price, S?i cents. Fur sale bv' SAXTON k MILES,
sl atihe Cash Bookstore.2u5 Broadway.
1 Bresben, kc?City and Country dealers in the above
articles will find it an object lo call at ?4 Division-su
PARR'S LIFE PILLS.?It is impossi?
ble to calculate the manv benefits to the Iranian
race which must result from the discovery of Old Parr's re?
cipe. The fine herbal medicine which is compounded
from its direction has. in thousands o! cases, been tried and
proved to be the most etficiem remedy of the day. Nor is
it confined in its usefulness to the diseases of the poor, for
it is sought by, and found in the medicine chests of the
more wealthy classes of Great Britain a; d various parts of
the continent of Europe.
As a famiiy medicine it is unequalled, and is all powerful
in removing: bilious and other complaints arising from the
derangement of tbe alimentary ducts, and in purifying the
blood. It is certain in tb? cure of the more delicate com
plaints incident to females, ?rratefol to the taste, aromatic to
tbe smell, and at the same time so gentle in its operation,
yet so effiracions. that no female oaght to be without s?
exeat a boon, left them by its venerable discoverer. Old
It has been but a short lime before the public, yet tbe
proprietors have received numerous applications for rbe
Pills from various pan* of the United States, and have bad
trratifying testimonials of their good effects in removing
diseases prevalent at this season of the year.
To all, therefore, wbo are afflicted ami in bad health, we
would say go to any of the undermentioned agents, where
the Genuine Parr's Life Pills may be had, vis:
Rnsbton it Aspinwall, druggists and chemists, SS William
street. 110 Broadway and 10 Astor House.
Abraham Sands Ac Co., druggists and chemists, granite build?
ings, 273 Broadway, corner of Chamber street.
P. Dickie, 413 Broadway, corner of Lispenard street
John B. Dodd, druggist, Broadwav, corner of Bleecker-st
A. W. Badeao. Bowery Medicine Store. 260 Bowery.
Symes* Medicine Storr. 63 Bowery, comer of Waiker-st
A. B. Tri pier, corner Fulton and Wa'.er-sirerls.
Horace Everett, druggist, 367 Greenwich-street, next to the
corner of Franklin.
J. k J. Coddingtnn, apothecaries, 227 Hudson-street, comer
of Sprine-streeL
E. L. Cotton, cb'-raist and apothecary, 2C3 Bieecker-street,
corner ot Jones-street
J. Wendover, druggist and apothecary. 14" Eighth Avenue,
Brooklyn?Wm. Armstrong, seed, drag and patent m^cicine
warehou'e, 184$ Fulton-street
And wholesale at the proprietor's office.
s3 im Clarendon House, cor. Duane st and Broadway
Water Commissioiter's Office. )
Old Aims-House, July 8, 1342. J
NOTICE is hereby ffiven, that the Cro?
wn Aqueduct Committee of the Corporation have
requested tbe Water Commissioners, for the present to
rent the Croton Water, and arrange for making the neces?
sary connexions to supply the citizens of New York with
The following arc the rates at which the water is at pres?
ent furnished:
AsrsuAt Charges.
Dwellings of two stories.$10 00
" more than two stories. 12 00
" on the rear of lote. S 00
" with workshop or store. 12 to 20
Privilege of washing pavement*. 2 00
" bath, (where there are fixtures,). 5 00
Warehouse. 1.5 00
Boardinr bouse. 10to20
Stable, private per stall. 5 00
" livery " . 2 00
Payment to be made in advance for the supply from An
gust 1 to-May I~, next?subsequently semi-annually.
Large boarding houses, stables, breweries.tanneries,pub?
lic baths, packing or sdltng bouses, and all other consu?
mers, shipping, ?c will be charged in proportion to the
ooantity of water used, on agreement with tne commission?
Office hours from 9 o'clock A. M. until 4 P. M. in die old
Alms-House. Entrance by centre door.
jyll tf Water Commissioners.
Croton Water.
TO ENGINEERS, Manufacturers and
others.? Welded vrrouskt Iron Tubes, lor Steam, Wa?
ter," Gas. ItC. from i to 3 inches diameter and in length"
from 4 inches to 12 feet, capable of sustaining an internal
pressure of from 1,000 to 10,000 lbs per square :nch?tojre
Iber with fittings of every description, such as E bows, T's,
Reducing Sockets, Cocks, lie, to which the Tunes are
joined by Screws, and by means of which they n ny l>e put
lot. ether" with tbe greatest facility by any ordinary workman.
The great strength and durability of these tubes as com?
pared with Copper or other material nnd their economy
render them superior to all others for any of the purposo?
above mentioned. For sale i>v
jy23 it_WALWORTH k NASON. 36 Ann-st
Crot on Water
PIPES inserted by CH?LM?S &W1L
LIAMS. corner of Spruce and William streets, with
the Patent Screw, without opening the ground, thereby
making a great saviug in time and expense, and without
inconveniencing- store-keepers and wthers in their business
and dwellings bv oirt; and having brought the water into
their shops, would invite the Citizens to call and examine
their fixtures before paying for the water. si lw*
Croton Water Pipes.
DOCUMENT No. 13?Board of As?
sistant Aldermen, July 29th, 1842.
Report of the Select Committee on the subject of Naylor k
Ewbaok's Patent Tinned Lead Pipe, for the conveyance
of Ihe Croton Water. Presented by Mr. Scoles.
The Select Committee, to which was raferred the annexed
That In addition to tbe written statements presented, the
following scientific gentlemen appeared before your Com?
mittee, and were examined by them upon the matters sub?
mitted to their consideration: Drs. Clnlton, Eilet, Gale and
Griscom. Your Committee have als? personally inspected
the process of tinning the pipes- The opinions of ri.ese
gentlemen were very clearly and positively expressed :
they agree in condemning the use of ordinary; leaden pipes
for the conveyance of water as dangerou-- to health, in con?
sequence o<" the highly poisonous character of the white
crust of oxidized lead which is thas produced. They con?
sider the use of leaden pipes as most dangerous when the
v>ater is remarkably pure. Dr. Eilet states that leaden
pipes are used in the citv of Edinburgh, where the water
Ins certain mineral qualities that counteract the process of
oxidization. He experimented with Die purest water while
residing in South Carolina, and found *uch n tendency to
oxidization as satisfied him of the danger of using leaden
pipes. Tbe Croton water is very pure, and therefore the
use of leaden pipes ought by all means to be avoided.
Dr. Chilton recently inspected the Croton water drawn
from the leaden pip'1*, by which it has been introduced into
the house of a well-known merchant in Pearl-street in
this city, and fonnii tbe water evidently polluted by lb
lead. All these gentlemen agree that tinning the inside of
the pipes is an effectual protection. They also stated that
it woulil be a protection, ?ltbou<rfc some small portion* of
the lead should escape being covered?that the proximity
of the tin would, from certain chemical causes, prevent 0?
i'lization ef the lead. It further appears tlntt the process of
tinning strengthens tbe pipe, without diminishing its elas?
Messrs. Naylor L Ewbank informi.yrihr Committee that
they are willing to furnish the Corporation of the Citv with
their tinned leaden pipe*, which are thus recommended by
chemists of high reputation, at the same rale a? the ordina?
ry leaden pipes, the use of which they all unhesitatingly
condemn. They would furnish them at from eight to nine
cents per pound?in no case at more than nine cents per
pound. From nil the information obtained, and all there
flection bestowed by your Committee, upon a subject of no
little importance, as connected with the health and comfort
of our citizens, your Committee have arrived at the follow?
ing conclusions: That ihe use of the ordinary leaden pip?'s
for the conveyance of water, particularly wheu as pure as
the Croton, is decidedly dangerous, and therefore ou lit to
be avoided. The danger would he less wh?re ihe pipes are
small in circumference anil in daily use, anil irrealer where
there is more extent of surface, and they have been permit?
ted to remain unused for any considerable space of time.?
Tbe internal coating of tin will be a secure protection
against the oxidization ot tbe lead. The tinned leaden
pipes of the petitioner? are altogether superior to the ordi?
nary leaden pipes, and deferring of public patronage.?
Your Committee therefor? recommend that these rinsed
leaden pipes be adopted for the conveyance of the Croton
water into the public buildings, iu preference to the ordina?
ry leuden pipe?.
Your Committee offVr for tbe consideration of die Board
the following resolution:
Resolved, if the Board of Aldermen concur, That ihe
Joint Committee on the Croton Aqueduct be instructed to
make use of Naylor it Ewbank's patent tinned leaden pipe*
for ihe coevryance of the Croton water into the poblic
buildings, provided that the cost of the same shall not be
greater than that ol any other species of pipe which U
equally safe. JNO. 3. SCOLES,
The Tinned Leaden Pipes spoken of in the foregoing
Report, are furnished and put up by
au29 Imeod 76 Broad-street and 709 Broadway.
A T a Court of Chancery held for the State
_LjL of New-York at the City of New York, on the Mill
day of April, A. D. 1842?Present William T. McCoun, Vice
Chancellor of 'he First Circuit?Marv Boddy vs. Mablon
Ketcbel, Mary Ketchel,Andrew Reichel, William Kelcbel,
Isaac Ketchel, Samuel Ketchel, Jame* Daily, William Ir?
vine an 1 Sarah Jane Irvine bis wife, James Ketchel, Mar?
garet Ketcbel, Andrew E. Ketchel aod Betsey bis wife,
John Russell and Sarah bis wife?In Partition.
It appearing, to the satisfaction of this Coart, that an
amended hill of complaint has been tiled in ibis cause tor a
partition of Uie following described premises, to wit: All
that certain dwelling-house nnd lot. piece or parcel of
ground, situate. Iving and being in the Fifth Ward of the
City of-New-York-, and is known and distinguished bv the
nmnber two hundred and nineteen (213) Church-street
bounded westerly in front by Church street aforesaid,south?
erly by ground now or late belonging to Jacob A. Cole,
northerly by ground now or late belonging to Isaac T.
Tallman and Charles Morris, and easterly by lot No. 163?
containing in breadth in front ami rear twenty-four feet,
and in length on each sHe seventy.five feet, be the same
more or less; together with all and singular the rights, pri?
vileges, hereditaments and appurtenances, remainder and
remainders, rents, issues and profits thereof; And it also ap?
pearing, to the satisfaction of this Conn, that tbe residence
of" John Russell is unknown, that Andrew E. Ketcbel, wbeo
last heard from, was believed to reside somewhere in South
America, that Betsey Ketchel resides in the State of Penn- j
svlvania, William Irvine and Sarah Jane bis wife and An?
drew Ketchel rjtside in the State last aforesiid, tbat Wil?
liam Ketchel and Isaac KeicL-I reside in the State cf New
Jersey?o? motion of CrNaght, Solicitor or tbe Complain?
ant, it i? ordered tbat die said Job n Rn?sell, Andrew E.Ketcb
ei.Beteey Ketcbe', William Irvine ana Sarab Janelrvire, An?
drew Ketchel. William Keichel and Isaac Ketchel, and
each ot them, cause their appearance to be entered and no?
tice thereof to be served on the Complainant's Solicitor
i* irhin four months irom tbe date of tbls order, and. in case
of their appearance, tijat they can?e their answer or aa
arj to the complainant's bilfto be filed and a copy thereof
to be served oa the complainant's Solicitor within forty days
after service of a c*py of said bib, and that In default thereof
said bill of complaint be takeo as confessed by them and
each of theta. And it U fartii er ordered, that within twenty
days from the date of this order ihe sail! comp'ain.ina. cause
ibi? order to be published in the "?t?te paper and in .bn
New-York Tribune, a paper printed in this State, for three i
months, once each week, successively, or ihm the sVtd i
comptainan's cause a codv of ibis order to be served per- !
lonalLt on the said Jijha'Rassell. Andrew E. Ketcbel. Bct
sev Ketcbel, Wi?ian Irvine, Sarah Jane Irvine, Andrew
Kerchel, William Ketch-! and Isaac Ketchel. asd on each
of ihem, at Iea? twenty days before the time herein before
prescribed for their appearance. (A copy.)
^ x. HIRAM WALW?RTH, Clerk.
c. NjtctE, Sol.cltor. aoIO iaw8m
[Evening Journal copy.]
MT? LET-The Bnjcment. No. 194
Broadway, a commodious rn?m and good stand foi
a Nat maker, fruit store, kc kc Aynlv to John Lock wood
No. 77 Ceoar sl je25 tf
_ Toe cottage I ? I Hi ose and Stable no north we*
I corner of Fifth avenue and 125th street, with ? fall lots, o
namented with trees : also it pamp near tin* door: about'.
minutes walk from the Railroad. For further pnrticnlar
inquire of J. St J. W. LEVERIDGE, 145 Cherrv-t. N. V
_je22 tf_ __
?A small and highly respectable family are de
sirou-s of renting a neatly larai&bed House where '.he larail.
now occupying the house (say from -1 W 6 person<> would
board with them. A pious family would be prefers, cd.?
Any respectable family wishing, to makesocb-'arrangei ? ?
until May next, or linger if agreeable, will please address
"? Wallace." at the ortice OA this r-.ij ?t. s5 4t*
J?? FOR SALE^T\ ITstory fireproof
JSmtm brick Hou-? snd Let. The hoc*" wa* receoth
erected, has finished rooms in the garret, and a ceila-. 1:
is situated in the lower part of Church street.New Brans
wick, New-Jersey, in an eligible place for business, and
contains a bandsomely-rini-hed store, which is at present
used as a dry good store, and La? been since tiie house was
Th>-premises vvi|! be ?old on rei-i ?s '?: -:;:?, For fur?
ther Information, aaplv to
C. L. HARDENBERG It. Esq.,39 Wall-st N. Y. or to
?6 tf New-Brunsic iak, N. J.
_ AND COUNTRY SEAT, in the town of New
Rocbelle. abont four miles north of the village. There are
about 120 acres of rim rate land, in a high state of cultiya
tinn. with a ifoohle two story hou-e, in perfect repair; about
25 acres of grafted freit treets in full bearing condition, of
th-? most approved k" ds: and SO acre- of wood tan.!; .he re?
mainder is about equally divided between plorghed. past
ure. and meadow land.
Tbe farm is well fenced,mostly with sti e w alls, and well
watered with springs, ami a running stream through the
who'e leaith of it. There are two good barns, a cider mill,
cow houses, granery, and other buildings convenient and
suitable for -urh a farm
Appiv ro WAGER HULL, Jr.,tm the premise* to J. B.
BJtKWSTER, 120 Broadway, New York: er to THOMAS
EL BURLING, Milton;. Ulster county. Terms will be made
tiuxv. nu29 Imltw *
_ ofthe best sm3ll Farms in the State, with new and
modern buddings and fences.and only about one and half
mile> from the centre ofthe City of Boches? r, New-Yorfc
The Farm contains fifty .-.eresof choice Land, a new House.
Stable, kc, about 30* Gearing Fru.'t Trees, of various kinds,
good wood and water, ami altogether, ii ;^ a desirable pro
pert-/, and ofiersan opportunity for a good and safe Invest?
ment; being near the City ami i:i the vicinity ol good so?
ciety, and good schools.
For 'arther particulars, please inquire on the premisesjor
address C. V.*. I., (post paid,* Rochester Post Office New
fork, a n 2? i'tawtf
"jjXVTlC E TO Ti l E PUBLi'C^The puh
lie is respectfully reminded that among all the mime'
bus-inventions that have heenJntroduced to the world for
effectual ami permanent cure of f.'lironi.i and Inflammatory
Rheumatism, none has been fonnif half v> valuable, er -^i
certain in its beneficial operations, as COHEy S CF.I.F.
HRATED EMBROCATION. The proprietor, well
knowing that'no other remedy could: be manufactured to
j equal this, has for a long lime ceased to advertise it, during
which period hundreds of theaffltctcd base appliedfoc.il,
and K^ed it successfully, after the utter failure of die com?
mon quack nostrums, which they have been induced to try.
The proprietor desires now in inform tbe public that be bas
made an arrangeraent'with A. B. k D. SANDS, of No. 7t
Fulton-street, comer of Gold-street, by which they have be?
come sole agents for the wholesale and retail saleof the Em?
brocation, for tiie city and county of New.Yorlt
Since the introduction of this remedy to tbe public, various
emeries have palmed upon the country rostrum*^ aodito>
tioHs and liniments, and "infallible rheumatic mixtures," all
of which are calculated more or less to injure ihr system,
rather than remove any complaint.
In proof of the estimation in which the Eaibrocatioa is
bald iiy a respectable men in the medical profession, as well
as by the thousands orpersohs wholiave been effectually
Tired of Rheumatism, the proprietor bas subjoined letters
from a few who are well nn-J ]>opu!arly known to the entire
society in New-York, and whose opinii in and professional
judgement are. universally erteemed.
New-York,Augusts, 1838.
Dear Sir?Having frequently v Ith'i ssed the appl i ation of
ynur Rheumatic Embrocation, ami the beneficial effects
arising therefrom, it affords me pleasure to stale that I most
cheerfully recommend it as an invaluable remedy, and the
best known for the cure of ihat painful and distressing com
palint either in its acme or chronic lor n.
WM. F. Pi ATT, late Corres, Secretary of
Medical Society of City and County of New-York.
Dr. M. is. Conns.
Dr. M. B. Cohen?In reply to your request risto my Opin?
ion of your Rheumatic Embrocation,! most willingly a<-.
knowledge that I have used it in my practice, and foun<j) it
errtavnluable remedy as a palliative liniment in casts ol
rheumatism. CHARLES A. VAN ZANDT, M D.
New-York, April 2D. 1339.
Dr. M. B. COHEN?1 certify that I haw used your Rhe"
?natic Embrocation, and 1 have found it a most useful ad?
junct in the treatment of this painful disease, and therefore
hesitate not, to recommend it in all cases,,( Rheumatism.
WM. ANDERSON, M. I), kc.
No. 342 Broadway, New-York.
New York. April 25,1839
The following is especially recommended to the attention
ol gendemenof the Naval and Merchant serviced
f, Henry B. Nones, Captain in the United States Revenue
Service; in the service of the United Si les, do certify that
1 was for five months afflicted with the Inflammatory Rheu?
matism, ar.d had tried every remedy by advice of phyMaians,
without anv relief?ami finally, by advice of Dr. William
Rockwell. Health Officer at Quarantine, I applied to Dr.
M. B. Cohen, in the month of Jaly, 1837, for a bottle of his
Rheumatic Embrocation, and after one week's u<e of the
specific, was entirely free from pain and able to reaurue my
place in the service.
H. B. NONES, 1st Lieut U. S. TL 3.
New-Y?rk, August 1, 1337.
Should any person remain sceptical of the virtues ol this
preparation after p*ru:al of me above testimonials, in order
to <io away with all sti-picion? of quackery, we beg to re?
fer i? any ofthe following persons, ail of whom have l?vn
completely cured of Rheum.ui-m by tbe u?e of our Embro?
Hon. F. A. Tallmadge, Recorder of tje city of New-York;
Dr. G. Bancker, Ifudson-strett; Tbos. Bell, Esc] ,32 Ann
street; Wm. Warner, Esq.;"W<?,ster >'..; S-Thonibil",Esq.,
shipmaster, 29 Mercer?t.; Frederick Tary, E-q.,lat? gehe*
ral tl iur inspector of this port, 16 Tkomas-st; Henry A.
Haskin, 13 Varick-street; Rowland Davies, 18 Spruce
-ueet, and corn?r of-20ib street ami the 3d Avenue;
?N*. f*. Pettibone, Ksq. of Ihr- firm rtf PettibotM Ac Long;
i Libertv-st; Robert McDermot Esq., r>r<>pri>>t->r nCtue
Second Ward Hotel, corner of York and IVarl-sK. Brook?
lyn; B. Williams, Esq., Bloomingdale; Mr. John Lynn,
Steamboat Hotel, corner of West and Ames-sts.'; Mr. B.
(Jarno, hoti-1 keeper, Harlem, between HOiii and 120tn -ts.;
Thomas Guvan, Esq.; J. W. B. Kerrison, Esq. Rudso -st.;
Mr. Henry B. Lamoos East Broadway; <;aj.!. H. U. Vass.
masteroi the brig^Vlaria Cornelia of Rostock; John Taylor,
Jay-st Utica, agent of the Liut- Boats; Mr. Charles B"?,
50 Genese mi. Utiea; Mr. John Richards, Main st.'Utlcn,
agent ot the Line Boats; Mr. Wm. H. Beal. 53 Liberty-st,
Schenertady, Genend Passage Agent lor the Associated
Liees of Canal Boats; John S. Cad Well) St. Union-st New
Haven. Ct.
ID" The public will remember that this i.s simply an ex
ternal applicati<in, and free from iiiinrrals.
7Zr Each bottle ol the Embrocation is accompanied with
printed directions for use; and none -.s genuine unless bear?
ing the signature of M. B. COHEN.
S3" Price $2 per buttle.
Sold by the agents, A. B. k D. SANDS', Druggists; No.
79 Fulton-street, c .rm-r ot Gold, 6nd 100 Fulton-street at
wholesale and retail. Also s'.; | fiy Dnvid Sands k Co.,
No. 77 Ea.,t Broadway, aorner of Market-st; Akraham !'..
Sands k Co.. Co. 273 Broadway. aul7 lm
andli)lbimed Byes?This Balsam is a prescription of
one ofthe most celebrated ocu?.?;s, h.is been a lung time in
use. and i? confidently recommended to the public as the
bestand mostsuccesful salve ever used for inflammatory
diseases of the. eye. In cases where the eyelids are rery
much inllamed.er the ba;i of the eye thickly covered with
iiloml. it operates almost like magic'and removes ail appear?
ance of disease after two or tliree applications.
Ii Dimn'-ss of Siglit caused by fix- ! atl mti >n to minute
objects, or by long exposure to'a strong* light, and in the
weakness or partial loss of sight from sickness or old age, it
is a siire restorer, and should be used by all who find tln-ir
eyesight failing without any apparent disease.
This Balsam has restored sight in many instance* where
almost TOTAL BLIN'DNKSS, caused by exce-siv inflam?
mation, bad exi-ted lor years. Inflammation and soreness
caused by blows, contusion-, w ounds on tt;e eye, or by ex?
traneous bodies o' an irritating nature introduced under the
eyelids, is very soon removed by the application of the Bal?
aam. On?* trial will convince the most incredulous of its
The following evidente of its suoerior excellency is from
the Pastor of the Episcopal Church at Hartem :
HaatEM, July, 18-n.
Messrs. D. Sards k C->.?Gri)t<: Frriu motives of hu?
manity I am prompted to informybu that a few aj>pficatmns
of your' Roman Eye Balsam' have made a perfect cure in
the case of my ag?d moiher, who has sutfere<t under a most
naintul irflammationof th?* eyes h>r twelve or fifteen year'.
Physicians have given up the ca?e as hopeless on account of
the* rwtienfs age, but by the blessing ot Heaven, vour rem?
edy has verjfitd "be adage. ? WLile there iaiifethere is
hope.' Yours most gratefully, R. HoTT.
Mrs. Davh>, Ni>. 77 Es.st x-street, has iieen cured of inflam?
mation ?>f tbe eyelids ant! weak eyes, of years' duration, by
using only one jar o.l ibeEye BaUaai.
Miss Fitzgerald, Na 2 Market street, bad for two or three
years been so much afflicted with weak ami inflamed ey^?.
thai at times she cculd scarcely see to rr-ad. Ib-r eyes have
been completely restored by this Balaam, after nil other
means, had failed. Hundreds by its heaiing,-vlrtue?
been restored to sight where aLmoit total blindness, caused
by excessive inflammation, ha i existed for years. Put up
in small iars with full directions for rise. Price 37| ceptj
Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, by DAVID S \aVDS
k CO, 77 East Broadway, comi-r Market sf, rt. New-York.
Soid also by A. B. k D. Sands,Ts and ICO Fjhon-<!tre-t.
and by A. B. Sands k Co., 273 Bruudwav, corner Cham?
bers street_s3 iai
days excepted ?Leav*- 73 Courtlandt street ^;
_ <i o'clock A. M, by Railroad from Jersey City f?
? i ,., Newark: there pwenger- can take their choice
e.ther by Stage or Railroad to MorrLstown?th*r.cebv -rage
turough Mendharr., Chester, Srhcoley's 3Iounnin, to'BeUi
dere and Easton.
For mats or farther information, applvto J. II;i!,Coaimer
cial Hot 1,73 Corrrtlandt srreKt. t^pi by Wm. Kagler.
N. B. Extras furnished a: the shorte i not;.;e, bv apply.
ing to N. B Lnse. IJ. States Hos\. Morritfown. jy 16 2m"
FOR Tl\^RP??"C^PlcteT^>f
September 7th.?Tlje packet ship ROScoE, H.
iluttlestcn, master, wi.l sail as abeve, her regular
day. For freight or passage, havint; ntpenor sccomntfda
lions, apply on l^oard.font of Mib! ?> Lane, i
GRINNELL, MINTL'RN Si CO.. 70 Soetb-ttreet
The packet ship GEORGE WASHINGTON, A. 3ur
rows. master, will succeed the Rorcoe, and sail o^ the 7th
of October, her regular ilay. " anil
assortment of diese celebrated Knives for sale by the
manufacturers' ag?r.r*. ^
V?r?i^caS55L BA.NY an?l intermediate places?from the
?Vit Bf Conr?andt-sL
The Rentner NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Trijes,
"ell. will leave a< above at 5 P. 3!. on Monday and Thar*.
'be columbia, Cart. T. P. Newtierry, will leave w
ihove at 5 P. M. nn Wednesday and Saturday.
For passage or :o-;?t.t.apply to P. C. Schnitz atthe atace
>? thr whan', or on board.
N. B. All kinds of property : tkea only at tbe risk of tbe
iwners thereof.
. . _ BANY. TR<?V, and intermediair L?od
ng>.. rnJinwVe Stearnlv a: Pier t>?*l of Barclay st.
The'.ow-presrcre "steamboat TROY. CapL A. Gorlurr,
TLis (Tuesday) Morntne. at 7 o'clock.
TUe ne-w tow-pressore steamboat ALBANY. Cart. J (?.
lenkins. To-morrow (Wednesday) Monnntr. at 7 o'clock.
for passage, apply at the orEce, tool of Barclay-stumor
>r? board.
Notice?Ail Woods, Freight. Baggage, Bans Bills.Speele,
h* arv other kind o; Property, taken, shipped, or pa: on
boaxa ihisboat.mustbe.it the risk of tbe owners cftock
.Freight, or Bnggag?. i.e.
*" 3 .-i>'.ij>i u_L~?^ banv. landing at the fbotof HsmmOmE
treVti N'ewourgh, Puughkeopsie, Kingston Pont, Cattkill
*r,.l Hudson.
The splendid steamboat WASH IN G.TON, Captain J. M.
Brown, will leave the Pier at the foot o! Rohins^n-strett for
Albany every Tuesday. Thurxiav and Saturday, *\ 5
?'ctock, P. M.
L-ave Albany, foot of Lvdius-street, ??r New-York,every
Mmday. Wednesday and "Friday, at? oVlcck.P. M.
For passage or freight, applv on boatd.or to
i). R.Martin, is: West-street
Freight taken on 'be most reasonable terms.
To Let?A Steamboat Berth at Wam?n-?treet Pier,North
River. Applv or. board the Washington. su2? ha*
fc ^evening line of StelurT
jBflB8B3ZL boats for Albany, daily, at 7 o'clock P.
vi.. Sunday excepted, from die pier betweeu Courtiand and
Liberty streets.
The steamer SOUTH AMERICA, CapL BrainArd, b avei
tlondav, Wednesday and Friday Afternoons at 7 o'clock.
The stl nmrr ROCHESTER; Capt. A. P. <t. Job?, b-rtve?
the above pier Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday After?
noons, at 7 oY! ?ck
The Rochester and Soulb America are new ami rabftam
tial boats, well fitted up nnd furnished wi& State rooms,
and for speed and accommodations are sot surpassed by
anv boats on the river.
Passengers by this Line of l>oats will at all times arrive in
Albany in ample time for the first train of cars for die
East and West.
Dinner *m board. The new and splendid steamer CO
LUMBITS, Capt. F. W. Sione, will leave New-Vork, firm
the foot of Chambers-street, even* Morning. (Fridays e%'
cepted,) at7o'clock; and returning Jeace Peekskilf. >:ime
day, at 12} o'clock. P. M:, except Sundays, when she will
leave IVckskill at 2 o'clock, P. M ; landing at the ti ot of
Hammond-street, each way.
Notice ?All goods, freight, baggage, bank bills, Tiecie,
or anv other kind 01 property, taken, shipped, or put on
boarnthrs Boat, must be at ibe risk of the owners of such
goods, freight, baggage, &c
All persons are lorbid trusting any one on account of the
above Boat nr owners. i2
I _?v?_
S9&r9s5ss9*. for the Pishing Batiks oft" Sandy Hook
every Tuesday and Friday during the season. The large
ind commodious steamboat SUPERIOR, CapL John Could,
Is again in readiness and wiU commence her regular trp?,
for the season on Friday morning. May 27th, leavfn ? the
nier toot of Chamber-st. at 8 o'clock, Hammoml-st. { past
I. C&nal-st i past 8. Pier No. 1 N. R. 1 to 9 o'clock, .Market
?treet Pier 9 o'clock, Catherine-m. Ferry, Brooklyn, 1 pa-t
9i and Pier No. I N. R. } past 9 o'clock, landing at Fort
Hamilton. Fare bach way 25 Cfmts,
The boat will be accompanied by nn old Pisherma-i weil
acquainted witb the Fishing Ground. Bait furnished. Aa
excellent Band of Music is engaged to accompany the boat.
Refreshments of the first quality famished on board extra,
i chamber-maid will attend to the ladies and children
C;iRl. Gonhl pledge, himself that no pains shall he '?pared
to give satisfaction and make these Excursions both pie*,
int and agreeable lo those wbo will honor bim wi?i their
The Public are assured that the Superior will positively
;i\r on the above daj's throughout the season, d the. area,
her permits. _ _ rav2fi 3in
? g^~fr"NEWAKK &, NEW-YORK*
SC*522?ScSL- Fare only 12J cents. Tbe Sptendjd taj
sommodioos steamer PASSAIC, CapL John daffy, being
completely and elegantly refitted, will commence hei* reg?>
lar trips for the season oa Thursday, March ro? leading ?
Foot of Barclay SL N. York, I Centre Wharf, Newark,
At lOyclk, a. M.Jt to'clk.r.M. | At7Jo'clk,a.m.At lJo'-'lk.r.m
On Sundays die Passaic will leave New-York ui Id a. ,M,
and 4 P. M.?Leave Newarv at 7J a. M. and 2 o'clock. M.
(T3* Freight ot every rlescription carried at very nitrated
rates. mS 6m
^"'g^^staten island ferry
.^^ec^xSPF?^ ?Foot of Whiteball-streei.?Tn? ueara
ers sTaTEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will ruu ts
tollows, until farther ?olice:
Leavus Staten Isuano at 7,, 9, 10,12 A. M., aud U,3,l,
5,6, 7, P. M.
^ Leaves Whitehall at 8,9,10,11, A. M. and 2, SJ.-f, i,6,
All goodsshipped are required to be particularly marlteil,
ip.d are ;>i the risk of the owners thereof. jed
and Freight
md NEWPORT?Composed of ?fie following sapenir
Uearoers'i nuin" in connection with tbe Stonington an<l
Providence and Boston and Providence Railroads'.
The MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstoek.
NARRAGANSET, ** Woofsev,
MOHEGAN, '? Vandertiit!
The steamers of die Line lor Boston and Providence, tin
lUminfton will leave pier, No. f, N. R. Battery Place US
i'--!'M-k. P. M. daily. Sundays excepted.
K ir (urila-r ii.fofmntion, apply at No. 22 Broadway.
^t; POWELL & co;?i Lina
CT, For NEWBIJRGH. lanrfinr it CAI-D
itearnboat Highlander, Capt. Roben Wardrop, will le.ne
ibot of Warren-*t,every Monday, Thursday, and SiUurday,
it 1 P. M. Returning, will leave Newburgh every Monday
it tfi A. M, aivl Tuesday and Friday at 5 P. M.
Kor freight or pa.via-re applv to the Captain on board.
Baggage urn! freight of ad desci iptlons, Hank bill* or?pe
ie, hoard, must be al the risk of the owners thereof, onlra
ibillof ladina ?rri-cfiDt? !>?i*iin>ed for the Mime. f22
^buffalo and Green Bay.
. JL The steam COLUMBUS will ply bt>
?wees ButTalo and Green Bay during the season,as below
Leaves ButTalo, Leaves Green Bay,
fune 20 June 'O
?July 4 18 July 11 23
August 1 15 29 August 8 22
Sept. 12 26 Sept. 5 19
October 10 24 October 3 17 31
touching ui Intermediate ports.
For freight and passage, apply to the master on board, or
10 A. R. COBB L CO. ) ? , , ? v
P. L. PARSONS it CO. ( Hurr,,l?'lV ^ ? .ie?l
ing at Caldwell's, West Point nnd Cnl4
~?nnng.?TEeste?mboa t J AM ES M A D LSON, Cant. Char!?
Hals end, will leave Warren-street Pier, every Tl'KSDAV
and FRIDAY EVENINGS, at 4 o'clock.
All Baggage, Packages or Parcel*. Bank Bills rrSpeti*
pul on board of this boat without being entered on '.heboot
of tbe boat or receipted for, will be at tbe risk o ' theo*
era thereof. _ 12?
^elizabeth-port1 *anb
Summer Arranratieut.?b'are \Zk Cents.
The steamboats W/TER-W1TCH. CINDERELLA tni
WILLI AMSBURGH, ply daily fromElixabetb-PortwNew
York, touching at New-Brfghton and Prrt-Richraond, <?
.mu after the llth day if August, 1K12?each trip, as follows
I^ave Elizabeth-Port, | Leave .N. York, pier I.N. R
\tCj. 8 and 11 o'clock, A. M At ,2j and Inj A M.. und
At 1,4and5*o'clock. P. M j At2,4 and6o'clock, P.M.
On Sunday.
Lettre Klixabetb-Port at 8, 10 and 12 o'clock, A. M and at
1.4V ami 6 o'clock, ? m.
l^eaveNew-Yorkai?, 10 and 1U o'clock, A. M. aulat2,S{
and 6 P. M.
N. B.?Passengers for Westfield, Scotch Plains, PlainfieW,
Bound-Brook. Somerville) Easton it Schoole? % Monnwi?
by ihe Blrzaheth^wwn and Somerville Railroad Can, will
leave New-York in the 8* Vcloek h?at in the morain2,aD4
in tbe 2 usA 4 o'clock boots in the afternoon.
Passengers fror;! thetjJt o'clock boat v.ui leave Someryaw
?". (br Eas'.on and*for Scbooleys Mountain oa the ar?
rival of the cars at SomerviOe.
The Horse Car will leave tb.- ^>nt of the Uni-w ITo^?
rjuarter of an hour previous tbe departure of each I it;
All baggage at the ri?k of iL? owner. _J5?-.
_ . The Company's Steamboat and Bar2*? (?'3f'
tarn A. H. Sbaltx) willmn comiection wi?i trainsnr.i*J
between the foot of Duane-btrtet,"ew-York, awl \loditm'<*
folUws :
Daily fexcept Sunrlays) leave Go-hen at 7 o'clock, A. K-?
inti arrive in New-York at !!-. A. M.
Leave New-York at 3 o'clock, P. M., daring tie
and arrive in Gosh?n at 7? P. M.
Leave Goshea at 2 o'clock, P. AL on Mondays, ri ' ? !-;
Thurflays and Fridays,and arrive in New-Itorl: de 5J?'
evening: , ?v>
Leave New-York at 5 o'cJack, A. M.iw Toetd tys, v.^
nenfays. Fridays and Saturuays, and arrive in Gc-her;*"
?lav. H. C. SE VMOUR. iapcnn\eh?^
July i.Stn_ ^_ .
W^Sgt fJOMpANY-Anotnerw ctkwi W-;i NgJS
'-"t; :-r travel rei tie J'ah init. three tv'tsw*
Thompson to. the SuftnUi Suiion, with the fbJ:pitwe*J
rangeroent r>n the extewted line i
On and after Wednesday, ltlhof August, 1W2,
will run as follow*:
Lea?e Suffolk Station at 6 A M and l? P M
Leuve Deer Park at 6J A M anil li o'clock, P }l
I>ave Hicksv?le at 7i r/clf>ckf A M and 2j P M
Leave Hempsie^d at 'i o'ebw-k. A 31 and 2iP H
L*-a?e Jamaica ?t 3 o'cieck, A M ami 3 PM . ??
Leave South Ferry (V.York jsifle) at W A M aso-?31 *?
L< Ave Bruoklyn at 9i o'cIoc'<. A M - -1 4i PM
Leave Janwi*? at 8 r'clock A M and 4$P" i? P M
Leave South Ferrv (N. York side) ati*? A M aiKi?
Leave Br^kl yn a't tJAM aad 5iP H
Leave Suffolk Stau'oo al i'i P M
Leave Deer P^rk at S PM
Leave HicksviileatSr P M
Leave Hempstea/1 at 3* P M t?^ '??fba>??
FARE?For Tickets at the office in Broody".??? '<?
Ja.ua.ca25c. BiwhviKe SSc. Branch 50c, ?^?^1* 7^:
Pia-eand Westt nv .*>.-; ICicksville 62c,
D->-r Park 88c, Babylon ?!. Suffolk Stat<? *!.^' ^iff*
?N. B. Passengers are desired to procure U?*?*?
taking ^eaia in the cars.

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