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Sale* at thr ?i-ock Exchange, Sept. 17.
225 Mechanic Bank, .v'fd ion . i7
J1. Mohawk R.b!5d 36 175 do...'.'cash 17}
25 do......s3d S&| SO Long Island R Co.... 51
15 New-Jersey R.?7 j 50 rj0.ca.sb 51
lOOifarlera.saw 17}i 53 do.51
50 do.nw 17jjJW do.bO'id 51 j
second board.
50 Harlem. 17$ 200 Long Isl.L50J oil
Consturrcial and ITKoner Mattrrx.
The sales a: the Board were to moderate extent, acd
prices were w it out particular change. For Delaware 32j
offeied, 33 J asked.
The only ?a e of Stale Slocks was $I,.ViO Ohio Sixes.
1856. at 72}. Then- was som<- inquiry for 5tate Stocks after
the Board, ami lot} was offered tor City Sevens, hut we
heard of no transactions. The following were the transac?
tions :
$10M ? S Tr Notes, C<.. 99J $1,500 Illinois Cs, \t 6.... 72}
We understand that Mr. Law was elected a Director of
the Harlem Road to-day, preparatory to be elected Presi
The Argue ?t?te? that the circulation ot the Bar k of
Lyons is aboni $100,000; rno-.i of which will probably !,?? a
loss to the Safety Fund. Tue capital is $200,000. Among
the asset* are $30 OOOof its own stock,which, we are told, was
taken Of the Black Rock millers a* part security tor upwards
Of $100,000 loaned them. In relation to this Bank, die Buf?
falo Commercial s;?ys that, some time since, tl e Bank Com?
missioners, finding lhar the Car.k had lost SO per c-r.t. of its
capital, directed the Directors to call upon the stockboldeis
to make good ihe los?;. A meeting was railed, and the
stockholder declined paying. There was a report in the
street to-day thit the Comptroller had derided that the
notes of this Bank could not be paid in in commutation of
the contributions of die Banks to ths Safety Fand He
grounds hi* decision upon the act passed on the 12tb of
April, which -ays the amount commuted may be paid in in
notes of any banking corporation against which an injunc?
tion has Iren granted, which he understands to mean any
corporation against which an injunction hadbeen granted at
the time of the passing ol the act. We shall probably know
in a day or two if this report is correct.
The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Hartford
and New Haven Railroad was held ai Hartford on Satur?
day. The election lor Directors whs strongly contested,
and a part ol each of the two tickets was < lected. The fol?
lowing gumlemen were.chosen Directors: Daniel Buck,
John II. Webb, David Watkinson, James II. Wells", Hart?
ford: James Boorman, Ehdia Peck, of N? w-Yoifc : J:me?
L. Beiden,ol New-Haven; JamesS. Brooks,of Meriden;
Chester W. Chapin, af Springfield. This is.a considerable
change in lh*- Direction. From the annual report, it ap?
pears that the earnings of the road the past year were
about $90,000; expemcs about $30,000. The present debt
of the Company i? 3 18,000. and statements were made by
gentlemen showing ihat this might lie extinguished in less
than three years if the Company deferred making divi
dtnds. A resolution was passed to apply to the General 1
Assembly for power to issue bonds to the amount of
$1iV,,(N'(i. Fitly per cent, of the earnings to be set apart a?
a sinking fund for Ihe payment ol said bonds.
The folio" ing .tocks were sold at Boston:
25sh:i"-? Boston and Worcester Railroad, 10 sold nt II per
cent, advance, s s; 23 do. Western Railroad, $64j per
share; 25 d?. Boston and Providence Railroad;C6); id do.
Boston and Ma 1 a Railroad, $90 per share; 9 do Massachu?
setts Fir' and Marine Insurance Company,87*.
The Bat tsol Richmond commenced paying sp".-':--on
the 15th. Very little specie was drawn oat, ami w<- have
no doubt that, from this circumstance, public confidence in
their permanent resumption will increase. The Bank of 1
Virginia paid out$500; the Farmers' Bank $100, and the
Exchange Bona sJ5o more than they received, making a to
taJJbf$950. Exchange on New-York was J a j per cent,
At Mobile, < xchange had improved 3 to i per c.-nt. The
demand was light and the supply ample, Sterling was
qaoW d at 40 p<-i a nt pr. mium. Krane? -Ii'.
The Columbus, Geo Argussay* there will be plenty of |
specie funds in that place lo.purchase all the Cotton that
can he sent there.
Tke value ol the as'essed property in St. Louis is ?11,
203,1 ? i'. The New Era says that If there was any currenc
there would In a fair business, doing, bul there is no insti?
tution capable ol supplying any thing of the kind.
At New-Oi leans, in consequence of tin- receipts af Cot
Ion, there had been more bills on tii? market, and the rates
on some points had < xperienced a decline. Sterling 5 a 5}
per cent, premium; Francs 5.-10 a ?>.-JJA; New York, to
days,2^ a 3 per cent, discount; sight checks pir a J pir
eei t. premium. By ihe St. Mary. Irom New- York,
$S0.000 in specie was received lor the City Bank. Judge
Cooley havmt Hi ruled that the wharfage tax on exports
was uncon-litotional.a panic took place in Municipality
Notes, which sold at 20 per cent, discount. They alter
ward recover* d somewhat. Treasury Note-w ere scarce
and want* d for Cu?tom-Hou*e purposes at } discount Lit'
tie change in broken not?-s. Consolidated had improved'
to 10 a 22 discount. City w as heavy, with a slight decline
ITlarliela? Carefully reported for The Tribune.
ASH ES.?There is no change in prices today. The
sales are not iai;e, being about 100 bids. Pols at $5 37 i. S\ e
believe there are n i new bills out. Some holders are lir.n
in demanding 5 ?'i for Pots, hut the market can scarcely he
considered v? 1 y firm at 5 37}, although we know of 110
sales less. In Pearls the lales have been small at 5 624.?
The demand is not active. The arrivals by the river were
small The sales of the week aggregate about 600bbls.
Pols at 5 37?), and 350 bbls. Pearls at 5 62A. with a few at
5 75. The receipts of both kinds are 587 bbls. Shipru ni
353 bill*. Pots, 21 bfls. Pearls. The receipts from opening
of navigation to the 17tb insu31,045 bbls. The stock ai the
wart, house?
Bids.' Bbls
1st sort Pot Ashes.2,71G|lst sort Pearl Ashes. fin
2d dO. dO. llHi
3d do. do.
Condemned. 10
Total, 4;459 bbls., being 35G bbls. Pots and 70 bids. Pearls
less than last week.
COTTON*?The same suite of quietude thai has reigned
throughout die week contiKue*. Holders are tin.), a-be?
fore, and bnyi rs appear indisposed to take bold, excepting
a few spinners lor immediate wants, and some few lois for
export. From first hands considerable Cotton i.? going for?
ward. The sab s lo-daj are about S?? b des, at fall prices,
and of;! ? week about 2,150 bales, at 6J a 9J lor .Upland and
Blot Ida, a ;?. for Mobile, und ?j a inj for New-Orleans.?
Of the sales to day, a few bales were new Georgia, of a
quality fully fair. Il was ol good co'or and staple, and
sold at 1'} a DJc The arrivals at this port since the 1st tust,
are 2,1k! h .. 5. Export from I be 1st to the 14th inst. 3,733
FLOUR-? Th? marktt continues firm at 4-62j:for Gene
see, with only a fair supply by the boats to day. There is
considerable Fl ur afloat, but it is the accumulations of the
last tour or five days, during which ihe weather lias been
too dirty to land il. The quantity afloat un-old is quite
small, and ibere is not a barrel of nesee offering at less
than 4 G2J, and very little to be had, at that rate?
Hol ie s o: tie ... .! lots m kel ask 4 0J, although we
know of iio "sales above4ti2i. The demand has hen to
(air extent; and almost entirely for Eastern markets. The
receipt., a* for some time past, iiiotlyJGeri'-seo. FJ.ii Ohio
brings 4 56; a i G2J ; round 4 50. Michigan,in good order.
4 62?. Sales 200 bbls. Troy at 4 5nj. Im Southern there is
not much doing, although the inquiry is lather better. A
sales of 300 to 400 bbls. scratched Georgetown was made
on term* we did not luam. Prices of Southern are not
firm. New Georgetown could be bought at 4 7">; old 525,
and probably lower. Brandy wine nominally $5. Rich?
mond Country 402}. NVwYork Mills 4 62}. Sab- 200
bbls Richmond City Mills; supposed al$S. The stock ot
Southern, with the exception of Georgetown, is trifling.?
There is a little better demand for Rye Flour, with sab-.- 0|
about 2\'M1 bbls. Nor h River at $3 a ? 12}. There is little or
no Brand) wine .Meal in market, and Jersey is not plenty.
We quote Brandy wine $3. Hbds. \6 50. Jersey 2 ?7} a $3.
GROCERIES?The market is unchan?e?l, both in de?
mand an,4 prices Holders are anxious to sell, but unw illtng
to yield in priees, and the trade ate taking but small lots as
wanted, in consequence ot this firmness. The ?lock Ol Bia- (
til is considered about 20,000 bags. The sales on Wednes?
day and sm.e, of Biaiil ate aboulS,500 bas^?. mostly for tiie
W esi. We notice sales 10 day of 300 ba^s RJo m 7} a y, and
150 St. Do-on..'ai 6jc, cash. We quote Java 11} : 3lara
caibo 8 a9; Laguyra a i*i ; Cuba t'}. Noi n.uib doing
ia Spites Cassia 22c; Sumaira Peppei ?j. Sugars a;c in?
active, but ?se caouot perceive any givmg way in the mar?
ket. Sales o-dnj of 5o bt.ds. Cuba Mascovada at 5}c ; Por?
to Rico 5} ahj; Sl Croix7j; White Br?ril 7}; BrowaHa?
vana 6i i > ; W bite Havana 9c
SPIRIT.**.?Tue market quiet. Sales Joel Wolfe's S? an
Gin at 105c ; A. Seignetle Brandy 1 5t> a I 55 ; J. J. Dupuy
1 28 ; Oiaio, DupU) is Cn. $2; Casiibn 1 7U a 1 SO. Wuisky
is firai at 2iij a 2i, With moderate sales.
WHALE BON E.? A saleof S?,0o0 lbs. has been made at
S3}, a further advance of "c per lb. The lot contaiLcd
some North We si Boi e.
GRAIN.?Tin market was qtiitt to-day, and we heard
of bul i' v. truiisactions. In Wheat we heard of nothing do?
ing, o e . ts.o lots were offered, but w-ete held to,.' high
for the ma. ?ei. There s<me demand ;or Souu em Corn,
tor the tu-? out Northen is rather neglected. Toe supply
is noi l?'gc. however. We quote 5S a 50c, Southern
would brim 5x:. Sales t.?* bushels Ohio Canal ai 55c,
weight, and CO bushels prime ai 56c, measure, some R>e.
of taleno. qaality. is offering at 5S?c. Ne good in ;uai kei ?
No receipts ot Barley. Oats are as before quoted. Canal
30 a 32 ; wvi >ft ; River 28 a SO; new 26 a 2$. In (air de?
mand a- <l *i (Scieat supply. Sales principally ai retail
HEMP. - Oi the recent "receipt, sales ore matving of Out
shot at $2W, a::d Clean $210 per tor.
Auction smiIc*.
By IV H- Franklin.
CKAKcki v >Ath,?lOiotst t ground,sitaatein the Twelfth
Ward, bs>o t!?o stuthb> 12Sa street, west by the Eighth
Avenue?at together for SlJ-OO.
?>y E. H- Ludlow.
Qhanckky Sale.?12 lots of ground situate in the Sixth
Wird yi ib. City of Brc?klya, at $33o a lot. ?
2d do. du. 5<J!i
3d do. do. 16;
Condcmni -.1. 5.
D* Wig* and Scalp*.?Tho ~ip-tr;ar,e" which
a.i agesbatetn ibe Heart of flair is a dear .>xoi il ? value
set upon wr^cal .fi-.ur<?, and when by some ca
beak ol Nature tiie human form is deprived of Its ta - nro
portion. Art is resorted to, in order, by artifcial means, to
?npply Uwd>ficieoey. Hence have ari-e? r?r,?. wonder,
tnl oticovfnes which bid Nature defiance. Barry's Venti?
lating and Gossamer
nr real beads ?fhair, w hich only can he had at 146 Broad?
way, corner ol Liberty-street, up stairs. ?17 ]m
IT The Molar My*i? m.?The Phenomena and
orde ? ol the Solar Sv?;rrr;- By S. P Nicho , L L. D., F It.
'2; E. Prof, of Practical Astronomy in the ?niverwty of
61 si'ww : Author ol 'Architecture of the Heavens." From
: the IdA Edinburgh editian. iilusfra cd with Plates. This
ddy published by DAY CON it N KW MA N .
. 199 Broadway.
Also Just Published? \ new edition of Architecture
of the Heavens,by Prof NichM.
Hitchcock's Geology?Third edition reviied ar-i en?
larged, with new i;iustra:io.iv. .;;
O* Gssnrand'a Eau de Braute, or True Wa?
ist ol Beamy, for removi g tan, pimples, freckles-, blotches,
sallowneas; redness, and all cutaneous diseases: eliciting de?
licate, white bands neefc and arms, and realiztnjra bea
iuvenile blooiu. To be bad at lite original office 67 Walker
Street,one door from Broadway: $l per boule. Beware of
chfa p. trashy, and deleterious compounds Lad es will red
tipped noses wdi rind lb:? lotion operate like a charm in dis
, sipating il *ous
IT ISrw Ta7iiT.-K"ci'i i LoTtREL, Stationers,
No. 61 William street, have published tbe Nev Tctriff.m
; rau s ot duties pay Hole f>n goods, wares and meichandjze,
on and altcrthe?ih day ot August; is;.:; revised and alpha
be?callj arranged, bv k. D. Ogden, Entry Clerk. Cu-o,-:..
llou-e, K.rt (ifNew.York. sli ?ti.-,"
!D* C5 our nud'i Stlaio- D'Espn;ne, or Spanish
lily white, imparts a.pure life-like alabaster whiteness to
the complexion, is an entirely new article and free trom
the deleterious principles generally entering into combina?
tions tor the above r.njert. Put up in elegant boxe* at 25
cents each. To be had at the or ginal office, 67 Walker?;.,
?ne door from Broadways sti lints
O* Try before yon JBay.?Remember even pur?
chaser oi Dr. Felix Gouraud's c.i lebrated Powders for ar>
rooting hair without the slightest injury to ihe skin, can see
tbem tested before buying? proof positive ih s. and no mis?
take. To be had nowhere els'" in New York hu* aiJ7
Walker street, one door from Broadway. ?l per bottle.
Acests?New Haven, E. Myers; Proridi nee. ?'. Dyer, Jr ;
Pongbk? ep-ie. j. Gray; Lowell, Messrs, Carleton Je Co.;
Boston,Jordan,Milken: Godi^n, Elliott :u.i3 Imis
TT Patent Self-Cockuag Repeating Pi?
toln.?The liest w -apon ol defence invented, c.:u b< dis?
charged six limes in tb. ee second, with o:u- hand, and war?
ranted not to get out ol order At wholesale and retail.
?7 1 rn is ' r, p, o L E N. 101 B ron d wa y.
3." King &? Co., 205 ESronriwny, will p!en.-e
ill at this nice to-day. si3 tl
t ?' Wet, Ortm;> or Dry Cellar* paved w lb
I toman Tlieantl made air, rat or water-tight lor seven cei is
a foot, or paved with Cement, concrete, !or ten dollars
(or the bulk or space of a tboasniidbrick.
jy20 tf ABU AH SMITH, 26 Hamilton-sL
Tlf Rfniemfrfr the Removal of thr* I?cnl
Camphine Oilj Spirits and Improved Burner, to L,
Fayette Hall, 597 Broadway,opposite Nibh '-. ai prices re?
duced nearly. 50 per cent G. W. McCRJEDYj Jr;
sl? Im (2)
Particular Notice.?Thosi persons bavin;
turaiture ol any description io dispose of, or who are break?
ing house-keeping, will find a ready sale lor any portion
or all of their goods, by sending tbe-r address.or catting
apon the subscriber. Goods to any amount purchased.
K. COLTONi COi. J9TChan-Bm-a?.
At Private Sale?2 first rate Pjano Fortes, that will he sold
eery low. _ _ ie20 tf
TT (loo? Heard and pleasant Rooms can he obtained
n No ..; i;iifi".?i <2i -i"
I Job Printing Office for Sale?Au e
eligibly iwcaie.i in the c.iy o; Brooklyn, containing a choice
selection of Printing Mate] iaN, including a medium Wash?
ington Pres, all in first rale order, having been in use but a
few months. There is a profitable run of c&sfom, which
may be materially increated by energy and attention. To
a young man of Industry and a small capital tins is a first
raieopportunity. AppI) a: No. 59 Fulton-street,Brooklyn,
for further particulars. >'j if
1 ?' *.Tisi. .f. Rurtitt procured my indictment for
libel for a'pubJicadou in the Sun, and on the Kith instant
tried tb fasten it up' n inc. by swearing that a part of lb
manuscript he believed was in my hnnd-u riling. I am
ready id make oath that there was not a word ol it written
by me What Others thought, may be interred from the
jury, u.der ihe direction Ol ihe Court, actjuitiing me ? ll ?
outieaving their seats. I have often published said Burriti
as a counterfeiter ol others' preparations,and never did and
uev*-r will drny any thing I say or publisli about him.
On a previous triril the Ui urt charged " 'Thai the nr'it to
Huyt't Linh.uiit had become so invested in me that I had a
i i^/it to )>ublish any one 00counterfeiter mho imitated xt,
though he might put his own name on it." Burritt has Since
continued to imitate it, and I now caution against this conn
tcifcitrr, and warn the trade and the puidic 10 purchase
mat article only where they find the name of Comstock i:
Co. on it. L. S COMSTOCK, 71 Mai len Lane.
O" Tue CheaprMtC'nsh Tailoryet !?PETER
V.HUSTED, Merchant Tailor, No. 1 Chatham Square,
corner of Catherine-street, ?mfimuj to make Clothing to
rd-r in the neatest style, 10 per cenL cheaper ilian the
?cheapest t^ash Tailor in the city. A good fit warranted,
and hereafter no disappointments. s2 istt
: E. O. of O. F.?The Members ol Mariners' Lodge
No. 23, I. 0. of o. F., are requested to be punctual in at?
tending the Ri gular Eeeting on .Monday evening, ihe 19th
instant, as business ol importaace will be brought bet?re
then*. Byorderof DANL. GEARY, N. G.
Saml. W. Chambers, Secretary. sl7 21"
PnMNciascrat ArriTCd
Steamship Great W esiern, Irora Liverpool?Sir W 1) Stew?
art, Messrs J M Heine, Oelricb, T ? Shotwell, O id .Much
ell, A Clement, Ml and Mr- lir.ivt-. an-1 servant, Mi- Em
nun, E NN ab er, Messrs W A Mom ley, B A Coe, E Graves,
.lohn Dowley, E N Crosby, Mis Crosby, J Garcia, R W
Weston, C D e Rham. Mad le Celeste Elliot, Messrs J Kep
ler. Van Kensselaer, E Phillips, 11 B Hacked and servant,
Mr and.Mrs Dupie, A Dupie, Captain Wilkinson, Drt hilds
and lady; Mr Bowman; lady and 2 daughters, Messrs
Jacques; T L Chester, C C Scuole?cld; S children and ser?
vant De Co.-ta, Paven-tedt, Arrowsmith, J Arrowsmitb,
Helberg,.! Stuart, Mclntyre.J M Burke, P Moseley, Kes
ler, Jacqueline, Holyolie.'McKim. Paul, It P Kmney. Mrs
Kitiney, li Wfcktiam, \V Da vies. J llall.R P Wileman, w
Hall.j Dougall; B l. Dawson, V j Gruud, v. I! iwkf Maj
J V'aDghan. Mrs V'augh*n, Mr and Mrs Steel, Mrs Nelius,
Mr McCall, Mr Ken . la ly, servant and child. .Mr Walker,
and.servant, i aplai ?, Betts and servant, Mi TborndUie, wi?i
despatches from American Minister, London; .Mis and .Niiv
Thonidili-, 2 children and vant>
In ihe ship tin bee. Irdm LondoH?T Dcwarand lady, D
Thompson, Miss Ann Thompson, '! Waring, E-q Mrs Bil
lings, Kodolplio Des Rivieres, and J Cochran. ol New-York
? Dr It L Young,of Boston?Ri vJ V'andervelde, St Louis?
Di W L Billings, lady, 2 children and 2 servants; s'
Bryan, T Coi I, 6i London?Captain A Coape and servant.
British Army?Ferdinand ttoosemay. ol Belgium; J An
derson, T \ValUs j Guiding, j Goodrich, j Wakefield, of
England; and 150 in it e steerage.
PaswaeuscrH Sailed
In the ship Silvie Oe Grasse lor Havie?Tyler Peck, ol
Pat;?Mr and Airs Y Cerberajjrrench Consul General at
Heile, Mrs ito-t.r.-. and M C Feist, Germany.
' rnr. so? i .wv.v ? .? ci t
R ss ,*i i."> I Sett ? 5 Iti-Cs i Morn Eve.
Latest Dates.
0!4D ? .Se^t. 3 tu"r.t:.
tiysERTOOL.Sept. 3iKf.W-ORLf A:
cleared ON saturday.
Ship Columbus. Cole. Livrrj?>o!. C H MarsbaiL
BaraJobaun George, Geerkeu, Bremen, i?'-ir.i-k? S; Ki uy
Brigs Saratoga. Bedell, Savannah, John Ogdeu^ Leo; ?.
Liswell Halifax:N S, Tis. W Wiuney ; Hebe,Rabbits,New
Fonndland, DuoscombeJc Beckwiih : Snow . Snow, Norfolk,
N'esmithvLeeos & Co; Lawrence Copeland, Baker; Nor
iolh.it K Farnhamtc Co; Vinrinia, BvUielt Jacksonville,
Fa, t". M Alwater; Grow ler, I im-r. Mubile, John Etueh it
Co; Aizie, Delon, Nanii, D Lemring i. Co.
Scbrs Martha M Fowle,Madal, Washington.N C: J Co il
ey Js. Co. Eldredge, Boston, A B Ceoley&i Co. Celeste,
Johnson,.Baltimore: Abbott Lawrence. Sleeker, Boston;
Woglom, Petersbu'g; Jonas Smith. Wheeler. Wilmington,
John Ogden; Bounty, Wallace, Newbern; Victor, Ha It el t,
Boston; Arabella Taylor, Philadelphia, A B Cooley i o;
Virginian. Walpnle, Norfolk; Greensburg Hob, Rutter,
NorJbtk, v B Cooley &t Co; Navsau Dearborn, Richmond,
Allen & Paxson ; Victoria.St Kitts, Geo Whitaker; Lvcur
gus, Leeds, St Domingo, Kesmilb, Leeds is Co.
arrived since OCR last.
Steamship Great Western, Lieut Hoskin,R N command
I ing, iiom Liverpool, Sept 3, to W adsworth i. Smith. R?? il
i mad steamer Aradia was to leave Liverpool on ihe monnug
i oi the ?.tb, with On or 70 j^assengers.
Packet ship Quebec, tlebbaro. Irotn London and I-Je oi
I Wight, iSth Aug, with mdze, te Gunnel), Minium i. Co.
>mp Ambassador, Brown, of NOrleans, fm Glasgow Aug
4?I, with mdz?ttoJ Du:;k'u.
Ship Cbrisiovat Colon, Smith, 10 days from Havana,to
Spotford, Tilesion it Co.
Ship Uilah, Bkmiuood, 15 days from New-Orleans, Johu
son ?s Lfiwden.
Ship James Edward, Howard, lOdnvs from Turks Hand,
toJ O Ward.
Slup Henry Allen. Galloway, 4 davs from Charleston, to
G rsuiion.
Bnt; f.rry, Thompson, -i days from Charleston, to Dun?
ham ? Dimon.
[The five vessels immediately above were boarded so
F: iday, bv the puut boa: CUartolie, l?t? miles .outb of >au
dy Hook")
Brig Anna, Sherman, 25 days from Canary Island, in bil
last, lo Nesmith o- Leeds.
Ung Cameo, Jarvis, from Cronsladi, 30th July, hemp, to
the master.
Brig Porpoise, Jordan,, from Madeira, Aug I2th, via Si
Thomas, Ii days, mdze, to Ba.lger i. feck.
Brg Cfinuin, Lyons, 5 day lion: Savannah, wi;h cot'.sn.
to Surge.--is C'tvirann.
Brrg Keutucky, Willis,50days from Rio Je Janeiro,rodre,
to E t* ieuler.
i'.ng Wilson Fuller, Cobb, * days Savar.iisL, with cotton,
to Scott is Morre I.
Brig T.ibee, Ogden. 4 days from Charitston, with cotton,
to G Buikie..
Br nrig Vanguard; Card. 14 days from Windsor, NS, with
plaster. i ,
Norwegian brig Onsen. Deltifson.SO days trom Stock?
holm, iron to Boorman, Jobn>oa it Co.
Sehr Mary Jane. McMath, Ida; s from Noi folk, withmdxe
to Sturge> L Clearman.
S (Kip Iowa, Downing, from Brandy wine, with Soar kc.
to Allen A. Paxsoa. .". *. _
B ELOW?1 -ship, 2 barks, and 3 bngs. Strong w:ad from
SW. {
ET IHralxh. Qnipj nml Votnfort ?The G-a
haw Hoase,63 Sarday-sL. New-York; pr flers advaotag
' lo Mrangers stopping a imr r>3v. or w*-ki in rh<E city, sue
j as are rarely offered. It is el^-fblv loested, on a clean an
airy street very near the business pan of the citv. and '
! the immediate vicinity of the principal Steamboat iH^fw
j Its aparttnenta are conre-irr.t and neat, wbile its tabjp ?
I svpplied with the best Variables and Fmir> that cant;
procured, excluding entirely Animal Food and Srirtralaa
ot all kinds. Charges rooderat*-?<$! to $1 25 prrfar for
iran-ient)?and every e?ort made to render Bwders c-an
fnrtable. Shower Baths free. Remember 63 Barrtey-st
13* By teuer? Patent of the C. K.-Tr-e pub
lie are cautioned against purchasing the Trkopberoos or
Medicated Compound for the human Lair, at one dollar pc
. IioiiK as it ran be bad for fifty cent-. Observe ihat the
j original and genuine Tricopiterotu has the proprietor'
! rame, A. C. Barry, printed en the outside HNixr. B<
: suretoparcbase -t the Hair Cutting Rooms. 146 Broadway
j corner ot Lif>erty-sireet, up stairs; or of the appo'mtei
? agents. Any other article of tbe same name j. an :mpo*i
i t!<jn-_si Im
j rr GonraudV Vegetable J.Tqnic! Bonze?
i uompesea materially irom dowers and simple., imparts a
? delicate carnation tint la the complexion, immovable by
I robbing win, a handkerchief or linen cloth. 50 cents a
! bottle?to be had only at 67 Walter-street, 1 door from
Broadway. _ sS Intis
Or the iJih in.:, at Exbridge, Mass. by the Rev. Mr.Gro
ventor, Amos Dean, Esq. of Albany, to Miss Joanna Davis,
or the former p ace.
j In !hi? city, Sept. 17, by Rev. D.\ Potts, .Mr. Levi D. Fair
j banks., of rhu State, to M-ss Angnsia M. Mauley, daughter
? of Daniel Manb?y, Washington. Mavs.
In tli'ta city. Se'pL 15, by Rev. Dr. Cime. William S. Fine!-.,
10 M.ss Caroline V. Tflyoa; daughter ofJubn V. Tilvo- all
; of this city.
At Brooklyn.Sept I", by Rev. Dr. Cntler, McKee Swift,
son of the lire Gro. Swift, to Hortetise, daughter of Thomas
Chew, Ese.
At Washington, Sep:. 15, by the Rev. Mr. French*; E. B.
Steel, Esq Assistant Librarian to Congress, to Adelaide,
daughter of the late Fiancis Rnpkinson, Philadelphia;
In Jamestown, Sept. 6, by Rev. .Mr. Street. Edward A.
Dickinson, Principal of Jamestown Academy, *.o Sarah .Ma
r.a. daughter of Fletcker.
AtJamestown, Sept 6, by Rev. .Mr. Gillet, George W.
Parker, E-ri. Attorney at Law, to Emily Malv.na, dangbtcr
o! Je--e Smith.
In this city; Sept IS, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of John B. Cor?
ned, aged years.
The fr ends and relatives of the deceased are invited to
allend le-r funeral This Day. Sept. 19, at 3 o'clock P. M.
troni her late re-i.icnce, 225 Spring-street, without further
in; ita'ion.
At Ttoy, Se?t I Ith, Coi. Peter Van Alstyne, aged about
5il years.
In PoIand.N.Y. on the l?t Sept. Rachel, wifeofCoL Na?
thaniel Fentor.in the 77th yearof berage.
At h:.> residence, near Hamburg, S. C. Col. Samuel Ham?
mond, need 87.
5 ? iv w kxds at new prices ?
SFJTTON RUNDLE invite the notice of their
friends, and all persons w ho wish goods at very low- prices,
to call and examine their large stock direct :rom auction,
which tl'ry nr" now offering at very great inducements for
cash. t 77 SPRING, corner Sullivan street
N. B.?No deception practiced r-.t this store.
A Lad of respectabiecoii-.iccti'.iu-r a I .; ?"?! I. tl.it> wanted.
>14 lv. i>-_
Fall a n dw1nter goods at the
ME NT. 1458 Fulton street, rear Broadway.
The subscribers are prepared with a large and extensive
assortment ot FALL ?ND WIXTF.il GOODS to exe
cute orders for garments at the shortest notice, and at a small
advance from cost. Our purchase- are made , scJusirely for
cash, and we commence our fail business fully determined
lo sustain our unusually lo v prices, and fain >h our custom?
ers w ith a fir-t rale article at a small profit for ready money.
Strangers and otln-rs visiting the city who ar?v in want of
an outfit will find it w theirfnterest to call and examine our
goods and style of c-ork before leaving their orders.
Full suits furnished in S< hours.
Sirlct punctuality observed in tiding orders.
SIS istl J. C. BOOTH -c CO.
IT'ALL GOODS.?The undersigned is
prepared with his usual extensive assortment of sea?
sonable Goods to execute orders for Garments in n style
which v. ih comport .vita any house lu the Trade, at juices
which mustotTer inducements to those paying ready mo?
Attention is solicited to the style of Pantaloons furnished
a; this establishment, as particular care is directed to this de
partraent, with tbe view of giving entire satisfaction.
Those who have experienced any difficulty in getting
suiti d, aie assured that a superior fit can always be realized.
French and English Cassimeres in a great variety of new
patterns just received. The assortment ol Vestiogs which
gave hi much satisfaction through tbe Spring ana Summer
seasons, will be kept up.
French and English Cloths of super and medium quali?
ties for Die-, and Frock C-iatS, Pilot and Beaver Cloths for
Surtouts, always on band.
Fancy dress articles, including Silk and Satin Scarfs,
Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Hosiery, Suspenders,
Shirts, Collars, kc . at usual moderate prices.
Late Lynde Je Jennings, 229 Broadway, American Hotel.
the Locomotive and Boston Card Presses for. Card
Printing; also, for.-every description of Job Printing. The
Smith Power Press, tin* superior Rust Press; also, the cele?
brated Press by Emery, London, the only i?u now in ibis
country?which presses, for speed, beauty and execution of
work, cannot he surpassed in the city. The location of this
extensive establishment is at 115 John street. 3d door from
Pearl, where orders for Printii ?_? arei x-cuted xtlbesbo teat
notice, am! in a style equal tn.anv thing yet produced, by
FOLGER it St TTON, Printers.
N. R. L-.oJi well for No. 1 .".Job- s'.n?.v Pearl, si1! Im
D K LTA N iN i A W \ U 15.?Tea sets; Tea
.3 % and Coflee Hrns, Ca>tors| Spoons Dish covt rs, Com?
munion Tankards, Cups,-Plates, Baptisiual Bowls, Music
Plate-. Coffin Plates, kc. iiiaeufactured by Lronard; !tet..i
is Barton, 1'aunion Mass from their reh??l rolled metal,
for sale by ?ieir ag< nts, :;i PCHELL it V, ITHEK.ELL,
si;< til John st.
\ M S:'iOVCLH A:\!) Si'A!>K.S?
J-%.: Acomplete assortment ?f these celebrated 'hovels
kept co?stan?v forsale, at the manufactu 'ers prices by
slj MITCHELL A: W1THEUELL,91 Jobn-st
C.HOVEL llA^DLKS?1000 Pen, D and
i^j loi'g s'iovwi handUs. for sale at manufacturers pric?s,
by their ag< nts, MITCHELL &: V. I I HER ELL,
sl-J 94 John-st
W; ??D !?CR.?-New-England
V v Screw Co* brass and iron v.i,od screws, assorted
!,? m I in. to 3 inches. No. 2U.lorsale I v
i!9" MITCH ELL, & ?VIT HE KELL, 94 John st.
Toe Anti Insular Svste-m of Wriiinj-.
GKEi T It !?: 53B"4.'T! ?)N.
TVFR. BRlSTO W, of London, rcspect
J_V SL folly informs the_Ladies and Geotle?ncnol New?
Vor?; and Brortkl) n i';->t In- classes. Day at d Evenh g. have
irjmmencttl for tic teuton, and that he h?s REDl'CCO his terms
? one iiait?to >i\ Dollui?
academv no 23.5 broauway, XBAa PAaK place.
Gente men ot ail u-ie. .oe iw-itiv.-iy taught in twe.ve !. s
- <> > n laid. int. expedition* and fi; isbed Businessdlke styls
of Wtiting, no matter bow lap. ittECi?LE,stiff, or cramped
tue writing may be. S. e specimens at the du^-r, -Jj Binad
and the ladies
A neat anil handsome, dehcaie and fashionabie Rucnmg
in twelve easy lessons.
J \ 1^1 i'OU> in N. w-Y ir.'i car. ,..*e a course in ihiee
Days!?Mr. B. is to be seen from y to 1 A. M , or from 4 to 8
P M.
Evening Classes from 7 to 9,
Taught on a superior method,by doable ami sing'e entry,
-cieniific.illv and practicallv.
r?Ci r\d 9 ?s'- ? 3<n 1
A new system of Hie art of Writing Short-hand, fbrtak
ing dtrwn L", ctur.--. Serwiis. Trials a Law, .'sc. i.e. taught
perfectly by Mr. Brisiow in one course ol iet-iu:s; ai si?
Broadway. See a specimen.
N. B. A work ot the uudior is presented to every pupil
for their (>? rmanent guide. _ s!4 wfaim lm
la.-ue assortment of white and brown Sugars, of supe
riOr qualify,suitable for preserving, i.e., for- de by J. O.
Ji D. FOWLER \N i o'esaie and Retail Grocers, Green
wich street; comer ?I Murray. Also, a general assortment
ol fine Teas, Groceries. 4ic. N. B.?Families ami de?h-.-s
i are requested to give them a call previous to purchasing
elsewhere. Sl4 tWTS*
!l\Il!.Li.\!.Hi GOODd very low tor
! JlfX Ch-Ii--T EVENS is GRL'MAN. 9-=- Beavt r street, 1
j dowr Irom Pearl st New-York, have just received a huge
! a-son??e?.t of Fail and Winter Millinery ai.d Sill. Goods of
! alinost ev. ry dc-crpt on, niosi of which ha*- been honght
I atauction attkt: present unheard o: low pricies. Muriner?
I and Merchants wbo ous im cash, will find <>n harxi at ail
time-a large a-oitmeiit ..f ihe must fashionable Millinery
Goods in the city ai puces almost w uhout eicej.tinn less than
lean be bought ebewhertc Tbl? is tM>t puLfo?th ligbtty, as
those who ? ave bought of u- we I know; and others have
bul to bu\ k> he Convinced One of the firm makes it h;?
i bu-iiie-s lo attend the nuctn-n sales daily by which arrange
; mem ihev are enabled to avail themselves of many girat
bargains all o' which they wd sell at a small advance Irom
co-t. Tbey have a large assortmen of Tarlatan Hat Vrl
Lyetsand N'rjvei Hrit Riblionstu winch tbev would particu?
larly invite attention Men bants can always cad a lull a_>
-oninetil of plain Tnrieia and Satin Ribbons from No 1 to
16 ai low prices._a29 Sniis
_A gr? at variety of ne-v and splendid patters adapted
to infants, children and boys of a 1 ages Also. :a'l*o
RidingCapsol very beantifij paaerns, and^gentlemens
Sporting and Dress ^aps. I h- sobsci ber natters aimset
he has the largest and be-- a--.:r:uiei.t ol Cap-? in tbe CilJ
ao<! a further iecoiiiiiienOau.?a is the exltetwe mocaPraie
Bfices ai whtcb the- are vf-utied v\bo<esa!e and reuulat
W AT.-ON'a, 154 Chai .a.i-strett and
fS istf_i60 Kowery.
C^HINA, GLASS and tarth nware, at
/ veiy lo* prices. Those in want will nu.i u_to their
interest to" call aud examioe at me new stow, No. 17 Cat? e
rice-sL year Chatham square. P. P. PAGE. ??31 eodlmts
DF.\, B-na<iway. opposite St. Pad's Cbnrch.
Best au.?ction in Itfew \ ork!?Change of NoyeJlifs!?
, Performances i*ice er? r?- *inv.?Fiim um?- in tf.i> chvof
chel t'snew comic sketch entitled JOBS KARCH-'EAI OUT.
I ?Miss HOOD, tl>c accomplished Vocafist-?LA PETITE
I CELESTE will intredoce various Danes.?MODEL ol
i A L BIN O L A D V - ft L A S 5 3 L 0 WI \ <J?GIP S Y ?! IR L. A c
j Admittance to the whole?no<ciu, garden and entertain
j cynts?<-e-.t-: Ch Idren half prirr.
; "JVTE W-YORK MUSEUM opens this day,
J. 1 ander the management of Mr. BENNETT, wbc
, respectfully aaooances that he has takrn the above es'ab
; lisbment, ami tliat he intends U> adopt an enii ely new p!r.n:
: tiiat is, to reduce the price and tecrea.se the attractions.
?' II>* i'eeN confident that bis system mcst succeed, and cheer
I fully submits it tothe decision of a discerning public To
remove any impression ihv may be entertained that it is
I not genteel to attend a shilling exhibition, the Manager
; l^c-* to < iiserve that the pnre ff rdmi-sion is no criterion
j cdlt&respecmbifity; the way i;: which it is conducted, and
? the periorraasces presente-.1 ts the proper standard to jud^e
j by. la uie principal cities oa the continent of Eumfie ;be
I rates oi nibnission to tii- ire?, an i other places of amuse
j meni. i* fifty per cent, cheaper than :n England. All clas
j sc? of soc - y" assembler"bigiiest aad tiie lowest?the
i moderate c::arre placing it in trie ppw<. i the latter? vet
? r.oone attempts to cispate tit* respi ctz.hU ty of the pci
j mraiance. In the public sardeas of Pansthfreis no price
I of admission?tliey. arc frequented bv every body?yetor
j derand dec?ntm Dreeails. and the Managet maintains that
if a place of public amusemeotis conducted wi b~p opriety,
and disrejmuible char.icter-e-.ciuded. that families of the
nr-t respectability may at:end with as great a decree of
SSfetVfcS if the price Ol~admi??;on were tei. limes tbe amount.
The Manager.trn>t> tis;>t .br ,.-. ...g i.^mei will be a
-u"f:i--::'. guarantee of ntention?:?
Mr. HsKarjfCTO.f, the -,r uderfal .Magician and Ventrilc
Mi - KavsLtr. the charming and beaztifcl Vocalist trom
the American Museum.
Mr. Knt the mach admired Singer.
Mr. BEXNIE, tbe celebrated Dancer.
Miss EMiLiE^theaccomplLdietl Dansease, and
Mr. JEaoNELLtis Fantarini Figures.
ID" Admission?One Shilling. Si" Iw"
"jVTATLONAL il! USE UM, corner Bon e
_l i ryai ;I>:?i: nSt.?Mostsplen .! tra tiontbisweek,
j Sep. j?J. Toe Ast mishing Mysterious Lady, the VYonderfuI
Electee Eel, Sumor Rinaldo, il e grou Necromancer, Imi?
tations of Old Aam Betsey the tVondei ti l rtune Toiler,
the ci '.? brated dug Apollo, the terrdne Boa Constrictor, die
Mermaid, the Garden of Eden, Gihbs and iVansley. and
numerous other groupes of beautiful figures. Admission
23 cents.
N. B. Thepubiie can judge of the scarce and correct?
ness of ail the vague pa agrapbs ?hieb have lately ap*
pearetl i n thepapers respecting this establishment; "Live
and l?-t live is mv molt >. *
s!9 S. B. VAN BEUREN, Manager of N. Museum.
f--? BROAVN'S Billiard a^d Bowling Saloon, No. 61
Rast Broadway, m ar .Mark^t siret t, extending through and
fronting on 71 Division street, having undergone thorough
repairs alterations, and improvemei ts, will l>ere-osenedon
Wednesday evening the 21st inst It is the most extensive
place of the kind in the City, being about l?f .t rt in length,
an.; containing three n?w and sptendld Bowling Alleys and
four Billiard Tables on the same :)or, which will accom?
modate ail '.viih-iut much detention, which is usual in many
places. Gentlemer cann it find a more healthful exercise,
for ?hieb this estat iisiiinent is inten ied, as do gambling of
any kind ?dl be permitted, anil ail vulgar sccteiyexclaued;
The Proprietor solicits his former patrons, with a request
that they invite their friend-. slUSii??
"AN'!1!!!) ?^irii t;in;:5 I'l-otivstitur
servant*, who will be excellently w> ;l recommend?
ed by tif tr last employers n this city. Apply ni office Xn.
Broadway. Famines arr respecdully m-1 ?-.! tu <?. dl.
s!9 It* T. ELLIOTT,Proprietor.
ANTED, by a smart boy .1 bout 17,
a situation a? waiter to take careof horses; will
also make timseli generally Ufeful. Enquire a; jod Broad?
way; gnosl reft rei ce given. su u?
ANTED?\ situation b\ a 51111112;
t Y man in the dr\ goods business, has had 7 yearsex
perience in the old country. Goodrecommendaition-'wiU be
given Apply at the lVuipetai.ee Otfice. 77 Nassau sirtet.
sID It'
AjNTED?At 71 Nassau St.,employ?
ers 'or pood coachmen, grooms, portersj farmers,
isc. ice Apply at the Temperance Office, 77 Nassau ?:.
I? it
\Xj ANTED?A situation as c?aniber
V v ii. i d and nurse, or to do l ons< *'0i Ii, by a respect
hie girl, who can give a satisfactory city reference. En?
quire at No. 90 Laigat ?t._"_sill If
W' ANTED?A situation ?s cook anil
v T lauodress by an American girl, !:^- il e very
best city reference for capability , i.e. Apply at22n Mdttst,
in dio basement. >l:i li*
T7p"i^N'rEl)?]S.mplo)menr by a stunt.
7 V iactive Protestant young man that thoroughly n i
derstands thecaraaiid driving of horses. I? willing to do
any sort of inside work. A good Protestant family ismoie
in view than wage-. The very best ol city and country re?
ference given. Please call at 266 Bow ery. sio'u*
\ <;p:.\Ti,KM W AM) l.ADY. or tu,,
_TaL or thn-r single gentlemen can be accommodated
wiih boa d an I room.. ;.i
s!9 iw* Mlts. FREDERICKS', 45* Houston-sL
to at II. a Militia Captain's Uniform, all complete and
in good order, cheapifor cash, the owner having resigned
his commission, tnquireoi II B. L atl4 James Slip, during
the Jay. sl7 2tis*
BOARD.?A gentleman and lady can be
accommodated with a very pleasant front room, on the
se ond li wir. Also single geuuemen widi small rooms, at
38.0 Fou Hb sl tI92w*
anxious feelings of a sister living in Canada, wishing to
I hear from her only sister, PHEBE YOUNGj thai bv I in
the Ciiy of New York m iH-iii. at Hoboken or Patterson,
i New-Jersry, in IU40. Any informatiun respecting her, if
! livintr, ?bere she llvi s, .ir dec a* d i!:.- :::.':'? oJ hi r decease,
w'ii be g-ntefuliy received ii, Peter s. Titus. No. is Allen
street; New York, who will trausmit the sanie to her sis
ser. sltl lm*
l\73'ONEY TO L< ?A.N.?Temporary ad
i.T.3 vanres n aile upon mn.t descrij lions "i saleable per
-on;,: property^ such as goods; produce, furniture, plnu, A:c.
Pi rs >u. temporarily emb irrassed will find Ibis a respectable
modeof obniinirig^relief. Apply nt33John street,cor.Nns
sati?'itJic- No. 3d story. Opi n from io A. M. till 2 P. M.
sin i**_
tjTuLKN font lb..-oiiiee-ln> vVaibin^ton
street, tbr'f ?-. r n tes:?John Ogden's at'4 mnothsj
Aueust 12, 1842,$174 4': W. B. Desbrow's, A mos., August
I. :.': ?75 iiu*: Draft on Cranf ArCo', Mobile, Maj 4 1842,
8I4&.63 AH person* are cautionedagainui rgotuit ng tbeni
a.- [;aj meiil has hi en steppe--,and they are n: t einioised by
ihe sub-criber. in whose tavor th-v are drawn;
il L\V.\ R I'?l.opt or ."-n>leii on i!u*
Jooli conta ning tbefollow
Noies and Bank Bil
James GaumVnole, :> h March, 1341.$500 00
Stod lard* Freeman's ni te 13 b av; !n;2. ? mos.'..43578
Jmi'-s M Wilcnx i: c-'.. 13 h July, i2l2 6 m-s.790 24
l- b- riezer (.i. Benm t.100 10
TurneV.'iVht elwrighi .V: Madge,Gth July,7 ni is.I2'.l"4
Ca mmnt Cldugh's eii ck......*.7'> 00
Ca-b. snv about.150 I 0
A? the noli s are r?l no value ti? nr.y on*- except the owner,
above reward willbe paid tor ihepoeki t bookand e. utents,
and ;oqu?ho wasked,bv?JO*E'PH WJBaVER, 170Sooth
sueet. or GAUis'T i. DERJHCKSON, 153 South-ire-.t.
sl9 3t _
Mr. M. A. GAI'VAIVS French Classes, (Manaeaft
oial system,) are now P?rroti?gfiv ikeseasun. Students are
requested t >cal! and make arrangements. Private Ic?-o;;s
ii(3\ be had early In the morning.
.Madame and Mad lie. GAUVAIN will ai^.. receive pupils
in tVencA, and in Vocal an'l Instrumental Music.(the I'ximi
U7ul Uuitur.) 'the forenoon imurs wdi be nevoted t;> in
tuition bf Ladies; tbe afternoons and evenings to that of
Gentlemen. Apply at 397 Broadway, near W alker st.
? e ton street, (near the Bowery.) The Institution is
divided into three departments, with each a distinct teacher,
and all under the-up-rvision of the Principal, and is now
open tor the reception of pupils.
A Primarv School is connected with the Institution, and
also a School for small boys.
Circulars may be had oh application as above, specifviag
the stuoi? s of the several classes 2nd also the '.mus, which
are made to su.t the times.
s!9 Im* V. THOMPSON, Principal.
tfft*)\ f I7ll inat . a Po k.: B<
^3 L IMPS ?One third of a cent per hour for Light.?
A Lamp Burner baa heen invented hy means of which ordi?
nary hard Lar.l?free from salt?may be l>ur::-d with the
sanie faeUit) as tie-best oil: igniting easily and liuraing
freely-inall tempera lares?emitting a clear bright name,
w iti out Mii.'ke or unpleasant s;ne|i. and in c nuparison nb
oil ci?stmg i?et-Ihiui one ihiro, while it;afi"ordsa hotter
llgbc This Lamp has beeoextrceively ad pte^tin Boston,
and is sup'-rceding all eih*rs, wherever .1 basheen intro?
duced Il is well worth ike attention of maoataetories and
ad other peryoos requirmg li^bu Tlte truth of-.this state?
ment can i>e easily tesi<M bv calling a: the ,,r ncipal Agen?
cy, E FILLEY'S Crockery Store. No. 12-^ Maiden Laae,
wti, re they are i ,r sale in every varietv, liolesale or re?
tail. * _s!9 isti
TO HATTE KS.?The subscriber has
constantly on band a lull assortment of Silk Plash,
winch heoders for >aie at vrr>' low prices.
si? isim 72 P-.ne-streei, near Pearl
p E \ ?TJ f ?'. GI FT BOOK?Bible
JLp ograpny. > ...?e;.,. ted with several hundred f.-e E?
trraviogs -In one volume,8vo 500 p. p. Publ-nhed and
?0 il at No 122 Nassau - irrt. Neu York City. Price $2 5d.
J r AgeTitf asanr?d rn t-^zm and country.
?17 ins ROoER T SEARS, Pobhsber.
> Y ORDER of Garry V. Jackett, a Judge
_}V of Senee* County, of the degree ?; t^ouaselier, ir.,
Notice is hereby given that an atuchmentbasis^ueda^ainst
thee-tateol Jacob H. Coeof tbe town ot tc.pio. in the
county of Cavuen, ?s a non rr-ident debtor, an 1 :ha: the
same *>i:l be <-?! ; ur the payment of bis debt-, unlrs, he
i appear ami d,-charge -ulU "aiiachnient witnin nine mtintbs
from tbe fir?t publication of tbb notice; and that tut; pay.
m-ut oi any '-ebl oue to htm by residents of this S.ate. and
tbe deliver io bim, or for his use. of any properly ?*iibin
Uits State belonging to him, and the transfer c-i any 9uch
property bv him, are torbidden by law, and void.?Dated
September'?4,1842. WM. A- SACKETT,
sl9 law9m Attorney tor Attaching Creditor.
WILLIAM BURGER, NViotesak D na g
.\ ??. ji1 anj 52 Courdandt Stret *. arc! i^* Greenwicb-fcirett
Wlsolesale Agent for Um* Proprietor C? C. BRISTOL. r>
j Buffaln.
Tbe following editorial notices :rom tbe mo>t respectable
j portion* ot the press in favor o t" 3 kzstol's SaRSarattxCi
are submitted to the public.
I'Knirothe New-York Tribune. May36, l.'-i:.]
In caihng atirr.tion to ?? Bristol S EXTRACT of S*rs?pa
an.la.'a remarkable .-are by which is attested .n o.rco
iannis tbifl morning, we are confident that w e are ii fog a
vice to.?;; n :o may !*.? arrlisited with scrofulous ar*l otoer
disorders originating in imparity ot the blood, or with k>n
; dredformsoi local isease. Mre nave known Mr. Bristol for
yu in. a- a gentleman of iutet.iger.ee anu integrity . n.-hi we
, bave know n instances within the sphere of our pi-rso.. i
i qaaintance wberetbe most formidable distempers have L> ec
j cared by h? 'Ex tract ol Sarsaparilla.' We .!o notsuj pose
: it will cure all or nearly a'l diseases; but in risprct i- tbe
Class of disorders aLove meatiooed we >pca& what we
I From the New World.]
Bristol's Extract cf :*arsaparilla - This is one of
the tew a !vt-r?.-e.t medicines that cannot be stigmatized
with quackery. We.ihvite Ute attention oi tliose interested
to the strongly certified case of care rehu .t t>\- Mr. Url-toi
in ouraiveriishig columns. Sarsaparill.i, "u > well kfcewn,
is one of the most efficient; and at the same tine innocuous
agents in tbe wholemateria ledtca, and bv 'ar the best and
parat preparation of it Ls that offered by Bristol Per sale
et Milbaa's, 123 Broadway.
Fmni the Saratoga Whig, June 2, is40.
Bristol's Extract ok s ...rsaparilia?'I bis preparation,
advertised in another column, recommended as it iv.-> been
by the New York Gazette and other papers, bvibeMedi.
? cal Faculty of Buffalo, by s~* editor ot the BuffaJti r^triot
and Jourrf.? in a tetter to us. is frred from the Often
grounded prejudices againSl nostrums. We therefore with
pleasure announce dux belief in its efficacy for tl e cure of
those diseases icr which ii purposes to bc'inteoded.
Ftor.i the New-Y-vrk G.Tzette, October 6,, S 59.
Bristol's Extract of Sarsaparilla.?It r.t-ro bat
courtesy to call the attention. four reai ers to tbe hwafunble
preparation which will berotrnd advertised ia another r>
lurim, for Mr. Bristol is a brother editor, antt bsues a
j highly intercstibg newspaper every now and then, on- or
two numbers of walch we have already noticed; an., the
medicine itself has be. u eulogised bv ueartv all the prr-ss of
the western crutury. and, we doubt cot; justly eulogised.
It h^s j, its favor,moreoyer^vtrn flattering lesiiaxinial-troni
the most eminent practitioners in every f art oi the country
wbtre'it is used. Tnere is beauty anil taste enough in die
bottles, and in the engrav?i labels in which they n e en
veloped, to induce a purchase, even u the preparation itself
were not ane ol the *s ? reign? -i in the world,fas every one
most believe it i,?tl >t i?. every one who would not resist
a mass of documentary evidence conclusive enough to coi
yerta Turk to Christianity. Buy one of the h. if.es, gently
leader, and see whether you do uot agree with us, on this
latter p >iat at least _
fFrom tbe New Yorker, Mav 23. 1840.]
The season Las no w folly arrived at w inch u is incumbent
on every one to renovate; so laras may be. his constitution,
and guard agam-i the .e*ers and other complaints to which
.ii; are more o.- less exposed in summer. A thorough puri?
fication oftbe blood from the acid numorsand vitiated . in
dttion to which the sudden extreives of heat and cold en?
countered in winter have reduced it. ami tbe c>>:,sequent re?
storation of the digestiv? and vital organs t bm langu and
diseased to bealtbj action, will tn very many cases ptetent
a long ana dangerous illness. Precaution ; caretul s
have saved many valuable livts;~they have never sacri?
ficed one. ,, ho, then, will discard them.
The virtue., ot Sjr-ap.irillo as a purifier ol tbe b!ood, and
renovator oiihesy-tem, luve tongr.been esiabli-l>?-'d h> a
I unanimous concurrence of medical authority. M.it.y pre?
parations tint* dying n.em luv- s-dieted and i.. ?? ?o-icit
the patronage ol die public Among the-e, Bristwl's Com?
pound Kxtr '."i Sartaparilla holds a rankU?r>erve.ily hign.
The manuiactun n have devoted years to perf. cting'i .and
it may be conti leridy pronounce.: one of the best prep.ira
tions in eidsteuce. ?
[Fr..ra '.he Dvlroit Daily Advertiser. June 3. 1840.]
W.- c dl the reader's attention to a notice in another col?
umn, from tbe New-Yorker, ol Bristol's Extract t?i S-r-a
p.irdla. We have:tested n* virtues, and unhesitatingly re
commend it as a valuable and pleasant spring and summer
medicine. -
[From the va'Gazette.]
We would call attention to the advertisement in our col
umiis to-day ol th ? ? Kviract ol Sarsaparilla,' from the Lab
oialory of C. C. Bristol,ot Boflalo. 1'erbaps tier.- is i.o
preparation of the day which enjoj s so enviable a rc| Uta?
tfon as a reniirrfiof agentas this. At the West, its success
ha- beea unbounueU;and wherever introduced we believe
it has given the most perfect satisfaction^ We have been
i shown this day a Lithograph, b> Steele & Peck, of a most
j remarkable cure ol nti obstinate cutaneous eruption, win-re
the whole body was covered with large fulsome ulcers, ami
even the tonsils of the throat eat> n ;iv\.iy : and by the u-e
oi i nly six bottles ol the Sarsaparilla; the patient was < n
lirely restored to health. The certificates may be seen at
Mr. Ketlej's Drug Store, where the article may he had in
any quantity. -
[From the Utica Observer.]
Purifying ok tut. Blood.?'m e best i.Heine for re
moving all impurities of the blood is thai ol ' Bristol's Ex?
tract oi Sarsaparilla,' a ivertised in this paper, and to which
we refer all coocerued. A friend, wriung to u?, speaks cf
tins medicine lo the most exalted terms, having been tiinde
acquainted w ith its usefulness by its beneficial etlects com?
ing under his immediate observation. The reputation it
ha.? already acquired is very general, ami those who make
u-e ot it for the purpose oi strengthening the system, or for
the eradication of dtsvase growing ouiot any jmpuritio* o|
the Moou, we are assured,_c nnol rail to derive salutary
benefit therefrom. Physicians at the West, of the mosi re?
spectable character, testify to (he value of tbe preparation,
and the proprietor, Mr. C. C. Bristol, of Bunalo. is.a re?
spectable chemist and druggist, of much -kill and experi?
ence. Tie- medicine is for sale oy William Bristol, ol ibis
city. -
[From the Rochester Daily AdverM-r |
" Brisiol's Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla," prepa ed
by C. C. ii-toi.oi Buffalo, of which an advertisemeni may?
be found in another column, is a good article, aad entirely
destitute ol all quackery. Independent y of the ample tes?
timonials from professional men, adduced by Mr. Bristol,
wv are wi ll sail.tied oi the Extract o| Sarsaparilla. '.- we
have used it ourselves with entire succes-, in removing the
affection under which we labored, la all cutnneous affec?
tions, especially; it is uivaluable.
I From the Daily BufT.do Journal.)
The following deservedly favorable notice of Bristol's
Extract of Sarsaparilla is taken from lie- New-Yorker of
t!i?- 3d instant.
S'arsapaRILL.v.?Althoug's decidedly n\- r-.- to puffing
any of theq lack remedies ?if the day, yet we are induced
to notice a uiedii ihe ofa difTereni cliaract r, at ihe instance
o' a friend who bus used :'. wiih decided mc i ss in his fam?
ily. We allude to ''Bristol's Compound Extract of Sarsa
ptrilla." which is extensively manufactured at Builalo, by
C. (.". Bris..,i, Driirgi t. We do tin- the.?? readily, in it
is warmly recommended bv many able mi dical men at the
West, and ns we ?re assured, by all tie- Phvsii ians in Bnf.
fal'?, who state that thev use it in their ^r;i. :;ce, and w i.h
decideil success in chronic dUeases-and ^iher aflections
arising from an impure state of the blood. This Isa can
vincing proof ofits efficiency, as the medical faculty, ii is
weil known, are decidedly uppo?t.i lo ail quack reimd.es,
[From the Detroit Spirit ot'7G, Oct. 21st.]
We an-sorry to piircelve that many of our younger as
I weil.?? o!d.-r niemner. of-ocie:y in th:- ciiy, arc c< rnpl iin
I ingoi what are tliought to berheBtnatic pains. Now inonr
long cour- of" pract ce in the medical prqfossion, we have
a> all rmes found th.it the m ijOrity of those cases were WieH
coiis'queneeof thetoo free'nse oi mercu d prep?railon-,
a- purgativi ?, StCi and ?? <? never fail, d to ;? ?i.ite nnd cure
the saiiie with the'Sii'rsaj i ilia; There^are many prepaia
linns of ibavioot, hut none, we believe is equal to that pre-lH
pared by C. C. Bristol of Buffalo. We know not wbethee
be h. - an agent in ttii- town at present, nor if there is any of
the medicine to beh?d herej hut if it can be procured, we
know that there is nol ^> ihe whole range of the nuUeria
medico, a remed <> u- fcl a- this is in mer< urial,as web .is
scrofulous and eruptive ? [senses. We do most earnestly rt
ccmmer.d ii t- Iii weil at are effected with anyvuch disease.
If any thing wer? ise< ded :o establish the truth oftbeca-e
of Ali.-- Vau tJoozrr?the following editorial remark* from
the Oswegoc .. Wbfg.of Jnne30, 1841; would be suhicient
to satisfy the most skepiical:
BlttSTOI 'a MPpDNO F.xtract0f S.lR-.-.P irilla.?It is
not often that we pay any attention la the vannus nostra-us
mid (.'ii.ei.t medicines which inundate o?i ? ouQlry, each and
ad of which profess lo be a sovereign remedy tor all " ihe
ids which flesh i> he;.- io," am! our readers w i|! he^r us wit?
ness that since out wb le sojourn lu this ca t have
only on one or two occasions uotlced iheai a; ulL i'!?is
course ha- been Drompted by a determination not to recom?
mend any }. n it ir with the qualities of which we were unac?
quainted. But when we are satisfied of the usefulres? or
beneficial cir-cLs of any rne .icine, no pe'* .: .^nv chee, ful?
ly gives publicity to ihe lart than ourselves. It ? ? b foil
convictiou ami unden i ! le pr oi'oi the v.due.-l Li-eabr^ve
preparation that we tall uf>on all our i lends who may be
afflicted with scrofulous complaints,&r any disease arising
from impurity of the blood, u> (fiveit a fair,trial, wiiii as?
surance of rei-et. if not cire; and as an inducement, we give
an instance of its won '?? rial andhappyefJects in this neigh
berbood. Mr. Widiam Van Doozvr, ol Or.. ?by. has a daugh?
ter, -on.e twelve years .l.i, who bad been adhered witlia
scrotulous afieClioa Ei*.U-e knee, and whic . for a long time
(alibougb much m?u*-v bid been expended.) basHed ti e
sk II oi .-ur best physic The entire knee w?i ulcer,
aied, t!ie bone b> came affected, ami many pieces were dial
charged. At this crisis, the attending physician, and he one
of ti:e best in our village, ii as bis opinion that nothing
short of an ampatioa nl the <!i?ease I limb . on Id save ihe :iie
of thechil I. A; Uifeti liethe falber provident al! califd at
the store of our friend !t L. Lawrence, and wh,.e no?r?hf
ihe di-p!ay ol in.- various medicines around r im, wwuterrd
why, ... the ^ i<t colle. tion. nothing contd be found to aif-rd
relief to his r?ffenng little"daughter. After hearing a state
meni ol ihe case, Mr L. informed bun that Lie bad a new
medicine which wa- highly recommended lor -neb c i u
plaints, arid urged him to test fts efficacy tfe poreiuu 1
v.otl.'e. Tbe reniainderof the story in so-a to.d. That hot
tie, although'at tue lime ot comm ncing it< use tne child
was conti ec to i.er bed and entirely helpless, in less h.m
a month, restored her so far to health as to enable ber m
join in the active amu-emcnts of the other children. ; id
her frame, which had het-ooie emaciated, now aSsuni--d a
ronu-- ari<i healihy appearance. The leg from long con?
traction; wilt probably never resume its primitive shape; bot;
from the u:e ol half t bottle more, th" rle-h U resiired to its
Torrn^r soun ines?, and uir child is in perfect tiealih.
Another case, equally wonderful, of its b*neffcial effects,
will be found :n our advertising cwlanins.
Docl P 11 Hard, succescor to R. L. Lawience. it -? :
agent for Mr. B,-i-tol in ibis phce, o: whom tbe m<dicine
may be obtained. -
['?"'rrini ihe New World, SepL 19, I?40.
" Bristol's Extract of SaasA pa rill a ? Of all tb in -
rr.aikaMe catastrophes whicn ?ere ever born in the bra n
ofa novelisr, we do not believe ihat tiieie ev-r was,or . vc
could be. one more rem jrkable than thai w! ich condu. es
j the story on the last page of this p.iper entitled * The D oni
' Averted.' It should he pcru-ed by all who -re in Inve * uh
j life. If Mr. Brurol can pioducescch wondeilul tffeds by
j b.s raatchlesA raetlicine. (and we havrno reason to doubt it,)
be deserve-tbe gratitude of a generation.
I '? In tbe opinion of sood judges, SrisL>!'? Extract of Sar
| sapariha is lar seperi?r to sjwaitn's Panacea?having ai! the
virtues and none of ibe deleterious p. operti s#f tbe lat er.
i Tbr Panacea is snnply a deco*tiun ot S*r?apanlla with a few
j grains corrosive sublimate, wrsiob m ra>iinng more nor Im
I tLan a preparation of mercury?tbe proio chloride, wr l>e
Uese. Nsw Bristol's Extract is pure and made in the ra;*
skilfal ar<{ seietvifSe n*/*nrer. \V|?;!<?. ihtrr'on; it C3D
?o .-.??>. :: ider incalculable benefit Ferial
at Mut.au'> Pharmacy. U-3 Broadway."
[From the New-Y rk Pr V-? rarer. Nov. 3, IML]
^Bristol's Ks nt ic r <*-y SA*SAFAUtJ We never rmxe
the ? all-c*Scieni| medicines, genuine or qaackerj of tire dar.
Bat we have rriuvessad acaseoi oar own Executive Coco
mtitee.wi ch we-cannot pass over u silence. >?e ailod*
to ihemaarkahlecoEc oi Mr. Tbomas Hogan, *b? is weB
n :; wehy anu to our cay ncthsriiie?. Crom bis oft?
cial dnuesm the City Had. He was. btrogb: to the very
gates oi death by ? nan ? peaololdisease is. die face ai d heaat.
Ii was pr ponnced asctomloas affectino. His phwcuns
ceased ifae r m.:is and U?- ?ras des.paire-1 of bv his blue fam?
ily ; while bis friends expected dairy to hear that be was
consigned to the torn**.
But *e are U! tl - delighted witnesses of Ins umxpeeted
restoration to health. ?*> that be can sroab- ut and attend to
bus ness. An.: ad this, we ?????. , fleeted simply by his
taking strictly according to rule Briaiur* Extracts* Sarsa
pa u.a.
It-perils t., be a duty we all owe u our afflicted n,!low
mm to :el them Know valuable {acts i:-at trey may in dos
peraie cases of scrotu'a and its cognate 4lectk>es try what
has wrought a mam teas cure on ?toe >.
Th sis no pud ol quackery. Mr. Hegau is wjii.r.g to ex?
plain and give a.: prvpei mtonnauoson thai mattertoibose
w bo m !> * s.'i to >oe ii in. He is to be loand at ?>S Man -
ion street. X. Y. -
From Koch ?irr Evening Post of Oct.
Sarsapariix* -The virtues of SarsapariUA, tn conibina?
tion wi;ii x\nr oil.er medicisal roots aiod i ertw; seem to be
SUCCessfull f concentrated in the Said prepaied by Dr. C.
C. Bristol,ol Hi Halo, if we may jud ?? I '??? tue testinMwy
boroeby v.irious papers (ine Burla.?? Commercial Adves>
?serand ? : teis) not cocnmonly addicted to puffing:
Variou; cms* s have been mentioned bl laie, s owing that,
in eases of cancer and oilier desperate maladies, BiistoP*
preparation has been wotidertuhy successful TIw case
enttooeO in tr.e adv-nxWioeots iuaccabei < oiumo. si-ems
to be a tab* specimen of these it.;.t;? IC cares. ?e are
inducvd to make it:is notice particular y is % marrer of ju?
tice, from ihe good rflVcts which koow have resulted in
on*? case of Interned disease, to which &n?te!S Srtrsnparilht
? as lately used.
Pei ions w ti*> have any doubt* of the efficacy of this raedi
cir:- are invitedvocall on anyof the cUwwing City reier
ences before purchasing the article:
1 J. !m Olles, SM Pi art street,
Tl omas Hogao, 3 8 StaniorJ-strect.
William VV, Raudolpb,573 Fourth-Street;
Flovd Bryant, 1 Avenue C.
W?liam H Stewart?, 93 Cedar-strei t.
Mr Johnson, 20Jame>street.
W am Slebkins, corneeol RMagt ?a and. Ridge -treets.
Richard Sodlh,82 Clinton >m et.
Robert II Gordon, 13 Orajigeaareet
Mrs. A Hodge,30 KldgessuVt
W tiam Wiisoo^'?fi Lewis-street.
M. Vandewater,384 .'?la.' is.Mi-.sirert.
Lemuel Li! ind, S6 lluttson street.
J. G. Reed, iJ> Fnlton-atreet, Brooklyn.
Jlrs, War i 6S Bayard street
J. w. Henderson.278 Grand street.
James McGiII.336 Grand-street;
H. B. K tapp, 21 Avenue B, house HH Fourth-street.
Jo...i i u'M'r. 191 Stanwii-street.
I r . do not wish any one to purchase this medicine until
1 they fully satisfiy iSem'seives that all that i- saidoi it is rrw.
If itn retore they will uke the trouble to call on W>i. Bva
I oek. Cou'tl.indt street,oral Mu mac's. Broadway,
they ran eiamlnesNAffantial testimony m addition to the
I above, which will prove conclasivtly that the article m>
h it pa ports to be. C. C. BRISTOL.
CAUTION? As the Ihme of this wonderful medicine ex
I tends, numerous preparations are springing up to reap a
pan oi its re utntlon. The afflicted therelore should >h:
'? carelul if they ivWi the true article, to ask for BRIS POL'S,
ami see that the w ritten signature oi C. C. BRISTOL is
I across the . ork <>: the botile.
For ?ab by repuuble Druggists and Agents throngbeut
t! c country.
j William Burger. Wholesale Agent, SO Counlandt street,
[-and 18a Greenwich sin-, t. and at retail ut ihe foLowiug
placets? Milbau's Pharmacy, l :-i Broadway; Rusbton*
Asptowall, 110 Broauway, 8fi WiUlain street, add 10 Asior
llou e; lamesSyme. 2d. D. 63 Bowery:_Robert L-'itgeit,
M. D. . IT Avenue i> ; B. Quacklnbush, 7* *J tlreenwich-si,
am! A. Hdl. 208 Greenwich street.
loslafa Richards, tuctioneer.
Siore 180 Bri-aowav.
Liberal cash advances made en coos enmenti for aneiteu
.'. V S. DRAPER, Jr.?rSiore 54 VVil
liam-street. cbrnerbl Plnesstreei
FRIDAY, September zuh
Ptytponed from Mond i) . m consequence of the aitival of
the remainder ol the '.-.ir^o from ihe wreck, when the stile
will ? ositiveh take plaice.
Damaged Goods of inriK Louisa.?At 10 o'clock'at the
store 27-1 Front'street,'for cash, untler lbe inspection ol the
Wardens of the Ron. for tliebeuerit of w hom it may con
cern, the entire cargo of the hark l.'-uisa, from Mars? dies,
consisting of325 cases olive oil; ;? d>> almond oil; IUI easea
brandy; 533 do muscat w ine; io hnlf pipes red wim-, 81 bbls
vim g ii : 25 cases vlnenarj 138 cases Ibpieis; 7.ro eases anni
Reite;27ca e? cologne; in do perfumery; 133 do preserved
fruits; 30 do champagne; 50 do vennicelll; 60 du whl'e Ireer;
10 do dutch oheey ; 19 do looking glasses; 6 do musical bxs;
13 do glass and earthenware; 3 caVs cRIna ware; in do pa>
perj 2 do painted paper; 4 do umbrellas; -I do ha.-: 55cases
empty bottles; 27 j irt almonds; irf do Ieornlsj2do essence ol
bergamot umi rose; 2 do toys 2 do capsules: l do quinine; S
da Khsynibe;bills -ill meal; I do sa ires; 30 Steel:3 cases
safrunum; on r.nchovjes; 2"i> do pickles; i) ha-kr-t, clove,; 80J
kegs paint; Ihales pepper; 10 cases corks; i do do sumac;
7 do rnerchai dbe; do do blankets and coverilns; l do mus
bns; ? bale corail; l box cysocal; I n'oimages;3do nlabastet
ornaments; 13 cases table; 2 do marble siaiues; Ktiooscuare
mat hie; I pkg books; I case, silk siuffs; 4 trunks shoe*: I bhls
flour of madder; Iii-lt'ts lemons, tec 4c.
TUESDAY,Si pt 20.
At 10 o'clock at the auction room.
Cloths ami Cassimekes?Froni the ?belves?on a credit
c six months, for approved endi irw d noti re-200 pieces supe?
rii rWest ol Bnglaml Cloths.and Cassimeres,just imporied.
,\!sD, 80 pieces West of Englai d Cassi meres.
At 9] o'clock, at the nuctlon room.
French Goods?By Caial ?true.?For approved endorsed
notes at d months credit.?100 cases French Goods, com
prising a grent variety and t xtensiv assortment ?f seasona?
ble articles,received per reeent arrivals.
Caialn u.-. ami samole* on 1 inrniug of sale.
SHAWLS.?Peremptory sale ol ONE THOUSAND
SHAWLS without res rve. comprising a large and lull as?
sortment ot 7-1 and 8-4 black and scartet Merino j 10 4 real
Paris b o he Cn>b?nefe and 1'-i heavy new style nierinsj
ICabi !?.; ad ol superi ?r labric, from the ci lebraied maim
lactoryof Ptedamu U Co.?an entire invoice.
.\No 3case bli-k and blue blank <ilk velvets.
Aiso,2cases rieb high cost tiIk diawls.
Alsn, 25 ca*ej German cotton lioslery.
Also, i case nch emhrdld ri>'?.
At lOo'e ock, at the arc on room.
Cloths and CAsstMEaES-s-PeoOi me shelves; on a credit
of six months, f ,r approved endorsed no e ?200 pirc s ?u
perior Wot otEugland Cloth'i and Cassimeres-juat mi
A so, 120 pieces London, Wt,-t of England and French
Cassimen s.
F RIDAY. Octohei 7tb,
STOCKS.?At I- .'du'lv,!!! ti t- Meichants' Exchange.
Sold n.r tin- ben* tit ol whom ii tcay con ern:?
ijo Shares, ol $50 eat b, in the capital stock of the 17th
Wa-dF . Insurance ITm pniiv Tl - chares of the above
company ative been reduced from $50 o y,7, npershne
and lie- name "' 1'"' cduipanj cbungeu to the Xational
Foe Insurai ce Company.
5 Bond?, of $1000 encb, of the Slate'of Illinnis, mited Ut
May, 1841. benrtnu fnierestat 6 per cent; annum, payable
bail yearly, redeemable at the pieasuie of die State alter
the year I8?5
.'5 i?. i ds. ol 8 0 eoi b, or JJ.lfi -lei bug of the Southern
Life Ii -a a c. and Trust CoiM|?any of Florida, guaranteed
I y i| ? Govi rnment ol Florida, and wlifi a permaiienl and
accumulating -inking fund tor :t? redemption, dated IstoC
\ i ? -t. 1839, bearing Interestal ? ;>er cent. j>>rannum,
pavnble bals yearly a. percerdficaie.
in .hare, of the New Br ulnr. 1 Association S took.
R. M. Baker, Auctioneer.
py ii. M. BAKER.?Store J19 Fultoa
| > .1 ei THIS DAY,
For ra?h, m lotsto suit purchaters. a quantity ??f Dry
and Fancj Goods, Hardware, Guns, Pocket Cutlery, Ger?
man Silverware, Jcc. Sale positive
Y A LB A Ki.MiiALl^-OlIice No. 42.
_ William-street, i ear Wa L
A. K. will give his aitentioo to the sale of Real Estate,
Stca k-, Furniture and Out-Dooi Sa es generally.
Thv three story dwelling l?: Use So 12 Duane-.t.
Also, a large 3 story house in St Mark's place, with a
Stock?90 shares Pea.acola Land Company Stock.
A beauiilul Farm of about ti'i acr?-s, widi goy<i buildings,
near Pouxlikeep-de.
low.?The subscriber is selling all descriptions of
gold aad silver lever, anthor, escapement, lepine and verge
vvttcliea, Diajuon<l riu)j?, P?ns, ?old Pencils, Keys, ice. at
retail, lower tian at any ?ther place m die city. Gobi
Waches ?s ir,w as 3-') to H> dollars each. Watches and Jew
elry exchanged or boujrhL
All watches warranted lo keep good lime or the money
returned. G- C. ALLEN,
Importer of Watctes and'Jewelry, wholesale and retail, 30
'* all ureet, op "lairs. d.T? i*tf
SM?LUti, C<. IJGHS and CO.\!-*UMP
wild CHERRY is an Invaluableremed) foral1 ibM-ases
iodicaove of i'ubnonar. Affections, such as recent chronic
coughs, hoarseness, whooping-cough, wheezing and dttfi
caliy of brea hin , croup and spitting of blood, fcc. Thht
Syrufi in^nediately begin*lo heal the ulcerated longs, stop?
ping profuse nighi-sweats, m'ligatingthe distressingroogn,
and at the same iime inducing a healthy an naiuiai expec
toraUon; nl>o relieving the ?Ijorines? of br< alb and pain ist
ihe chest, which bara-s tba snfTereron the .sb..'htest exercise,
and finally the hectic Hush in the pallid and emaciated
cheek will sonn vanidi,and tbe sufferer will perc*ive him.
self snatched fr?.m a piematnre grave and resiorciltou.e?^
oyment ef comloruble health. Kor sale only at Dr. W. H.
Milnor*s Di ug Store, 192 Broadway, cor John st sl2 lot is*
UT TACKS, assorted from2 1-2 to24
V/ om. farsale bv MITCHELL U. Wl i HER ELL,
-19_91 Joha-rt.
TO LET?and possession given im
_mediately?The Uir*e- Uiry modern finish* dDwU
ing No.28 Pea*i-street. adjoining the residence ol Mr. GoaoV
.ue on tLe corner of "Ahitehail-stieei. Inqui-e of >
?19 lw _T. S. DORFMLS, 30 Waf r-?L._
TO BE LET"?A new tbne ?tory
_ _hnck bocse in Clinton street, Sooth Brooklyn, near
Ll.nsi Cburrh, until 1st o: May next. The prev nt eccu
paut would prefer a tenant who would reut iiie house with
-he fcronure therein ami board hi* family.contisung of 3
pe-sons. ?tHdres.lsox 10f< l>.wer Pn?l Orfi?e mB3?M*
li^??t 'JO lTfTl IN I5KOUKLYN.
-Situated oa ihe Heights. No 81 H.ck? Orel It
i- a ,o?venient two ?lorv dwell n;?, and w.,1 be I? low uX
1st Of May. Possession imnie.tiat- ly. Inquire oo lb ep^eoa
bes-orot J. WINCHES;TEK,30 Ana ?t. ?< ?? -

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