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",?'. mOTOtDg
-. -w-York, Bad il livi re 1 City bubs ?.
SuNJE CENTS per week. Siesr-'!- copu? Fwo treats.
^Subset fVr*, $4 {.?r aanuni.M advance, and ibr
to no e?*e continue*! !in>r... u> time lor whiels it;
Mentions ?ben lor Six Koatba.
*: .?i??v?T?Mos;....For ea? h Artvenl- anew.
f#?\ jjfltor res? (over sit) first insextion. >d Cents
A>r<M :> --J .?-o/jent in-ertior:. ?
G,r <IX insertfonsvor one week.$5 50 "
?rTWENTY-FIVE Insertions. jb" ??
mVr AJvertlsmeuts at equally favorable rates,
jrnages-?*3rg oasKs'?''?' Notices, rot exceedirrj,
[ a** - ' '
The WREKLV TRIBUNE,* very large paj r. I i
^Country, is pdbbshed every Saturday nn ruing, at ??.
a.'iMUm, in 9 IIfi
? t h E t r i ii UN ;:.
One I>. 7 liater.
By the arrival of this steamer at Boston wc
-lave PnPtrrs !'ie 'nst* ^ut t*le news whiclj
^?Ae brings baa been almost entirely anticipated by
J^e Great Western. No new movements trad la
"atn place in the disturbed manufacturing and coal
Tbc Marquis of Downshtre is at present em
itingnot t^wer than Jl'?O laborers in draining
d other public works in Ireland,
jl quantity of American p >rk has been selling
vjs.utli ?mj ti within the last few days, from
5d, anil is id" exodient quality,
f Her Majesty is about l<? forward a small but
?tUliful steamer just built, as u present to the
,v:-n of Muscat, in retur? for the numerous
Ljcats received from that potentate.
!jlr. Isaac Hartwig d'Essin, a .Jew, who died
ai Hamburg", leaving no children, bas.be
*jl!ied bis fortune, amounting to about 2 000,
. s/fraucs, to charitable establishments.
8 Sererul cargoes of American tiour have recently
j !er?il the ports of Limerick and the adjacent
taties. No later than last wcoli several hun
d sacks of flour, most excellent and prime in
?lxtVf were discharged in SlTgo.
Lord* Auckland, the late Governor-G meral of
ia. has arrived in England,
elite bouse of Santos Moiiteiros & Co., who
id some time ngo, show liabilities of ? 100/5(10
|? assets of ?3,000.
A letter from Bologna ?tutes that on the 10th
: i*? of trio floors of the Abbadia, a benevolent
ititution. gave way, with between 700 and !J0G
ot workmen in them, bearing every thing to the
wild. Immediate aid was afforded, butalcngth
time elapsed before ail the victims of the acci
M ? mild be extricated from the ruins. Three
r,i as were Killed, and upwards of 70 wounded,
ax* of them dangerously.
A Hamburg;! paper of the 20ih ultimo says that
??framing the new German tariff of customs) tin;
?'?illiberal principles have been followed I.nth in
Aspect to importation and exportation. The im
f'rtduties on many articles are considerably ro?
sed. The ? Xpertduties are likewise diminished
some cases; for instance, on deals and square
??nk:r, on fish, especially herrings, und on copper,
won quarantine, p isses, transit duties, and ?
veral charges on ships are abolished,
flirre died lately, says a German paper, in t o
age of Felsoe Foerook, in Transylvania, a
mrr, named Terebesi, in the 135th year of his
He always enjoyedgood health, and worked
'ttbe field until ju^t. before*bis death.
According to the Frankfort .Journal of the 23d
jjV Hanover has given up the idea ot* joining tlio
? innan Customs' Union.
The P?triote Beige gives the following account
in accident which happened in the carriage of
|i? Leopold, at the moment he was starting for
denne: ''One of the pistols which were placed
juied in the holsters went off. The ball in its
er downward struck against a spring of the cat
ije, and. having rebounded to the top, passed
vough without injuring any one."
(The Limerick Chronicle asserts that "instruc
a of the most decided character were seid, to
lia by the last mail, to push on the two divis- ;
? under Nott from Candahar, and under Pol-|
^, from Jellaiabad, against Ghuznee and Ca
i." I
? I
A letter from Gotha, dated August 12, says :
jl dreadful fire broke out yesterday in the village ?
I Tambach. The flames, being driven by the
nd, spread with such rapidity that all exertions
check them were in vain. Of 320 houses, 14;2
lire burned, besides the church and the buildings
pcbfil to it. By this (calamity 1,400 persons
-ve lo-t tbeii all."
jFrance.?A ridiculous report prevailed at Paris
jtlie early part of last week thut the plague hud
dared it->elt in one of the principal hospitals.?
nreport arose from a black flag being hung out
[{thehospital in question since the funeral of the
ike of * ?rleniis.
jjn'e find in the < fficial Military Journal a circu
'-'1 Marshul Soult, authorising the soldiers whose
?of service expires in Vdi'i to return to their ;
peclive homes.
Tito French Squadron under Admiral I logon, i
tcb wii-; anchored ncur the island of Hyeres on '
128th ult. was expected to return to Toulon I
Wttbe 1st instant.
Stain?Madrid, Aug. 17?For tke last few I
the re; on.-* of some contemplated change in
!t.Ministry have ucquired consistence, and the
-<".n tnet:t ot the Ministers of Finance and the In- ,
^por are more particulai ly spoken of. The troops
Wsg in want of money, it is thought that the Re- !
Bjl has given a hint to M. Calatrava that ^n; ,,
Fwho has nmre >kii! in procuring funds will be ?
?PoRTt'gal.?The wine farmers of the Domo
ftifuimed themselves into a cooperative associa-1
Wz- The di>!t,'ss in the north of Portugal, ow-1
^,'tt) the failures <>f the lnai/.e crop, had not been !
Pill overrated. The approaching vintage will,
Jfcut'ver. pro'.iiUy !??? one of the litie>t that have j
vKO witnessed for many years.
I Kcssia ?A heavy rain in the district of Petro
jpk, on 12th .June, had cooled the atmosphere to
S-cb a degree that till the large cattle in the'steppe
Sftv taken ill,nt.<l 128 were found dead. Jut e 17,
pi?3 wa- a furious tempest in the districts of Ka
pchin and Faritzen. Great damage has be.-n
I -e by light ning in the government of Moseow.
|A gain--keeper, named Rheimann. has beea
pteuced l?v a military commission at St. Peters
krgh to receive 0000 lushes for the assassination
I Prince Pagarin, und, should he survive, ban
jhtnent to Siberia for lifo.
HVrat Fokkic.n Nations Think!?Sometime
pte, when it wits thought we should hive no
f^t*", Mr. Colquohoun congratulated the English
l^t'lc tliat the United St atos could no longer com
ptewith them in maaufactures. A similar spirit
Iw beeii manilested in France. The French Kd
rejo-ce in the President's veto of the little
.-triff Si;!, and hope that he will veto the great one.
??* Si cle says :
3"9ur niannl ictures are safe for some months, perhaps for
>i./rot* the kamtiic projects of the Hhigs. We advise the
i 'fTKb mercrtiii le ti?u>es who" trade with the United States
**tO neglect to improve the present slate of things. Ii
???ad a national ministry, the opportunity would be ex
**at tor c?m ectiiig ss itb u? in our polil? al system those
'tke American Males h al desire a tariff odapled only lor
f hink of it. The hostile project* of ths- Whigs !
jkd itguinst whom? Agaitist foreigners in nol
ptmiuing them to manufacture for ua!
[Cincinnati Gaz.
,K?*Rev VVulter Colton has retired from tht
j-ijrth American, having recently received a man
pie from Washington, with peremptory directions
* disconnect himself from tkat paper. .Mr. Col
*n is one ot the oldest and most taithful and long
^-?d Cbaplnm. in the service. [Philo. Eve) Cour
Mr. Noiiull, tho boianist, whose name ha
* '?-: identified win American plants, lui^ late
7 conie in po*^sst??n of a large and splendid for
tale, estirrmv Hat ? 100,00)) sterling, and upward
M the decease o: some of his relations in England
* iU Wxt. 2 39.
V S S 0 C I A T I 0 N :
I Or. Pritici k-s of a True Organization of 3. d itj.
? I ?9br /." Htorship of thircvlktttn is d'ulinct from that -
I /.tf /.-dntfc?. Jddrau Utters, post-paid, to A. Baisrutrs
itav&enee, 7G Leonard-street.
i T Lccliii,- ? On Tu-vi.ry Evening, the SOtliinsu,:a
j Lecture wol be delivered at the F.)n.i.-: llj'i, ;!! Broad
' ' way, at 7$ o'clock by A, Brisbane, upon the sulrect of Ci
t, ties and -Gorernraent in Association. The Lecture win
! free.
- n-?
Pasutii&nal Attraction?Mxintcnce of a Di.
vine .*<r;cin! f.'o#:?-. [From FoarierJ
? [Continued. I
If th ? Human Race were in the commencement
I of their Social Career,?in the first age- of Civil
ization, they would be excusable for founding some
j hope of social good upon political Science,?upor
toe Legislation of Man : bat long experience has
? proved the impoteccy of human Legislation, mid
i sbowh clearly that the world lias nothing to hone
from human taws and political Constitutions.
W hat are the results of the most celebi a ted Gon
I stitutions?that of England, for example; so i >ng
. hc.M up as a model?whose Capital contains two
hundred end thirty thousand beggars, thieves, pick
pockets and vagrants? With an immense annual
Poor-Tax, the country is overrun with Laborers
rut of employment, halfrstarving ami emigrating
by thousands.
If this bo the condition of the Country which
' levies a commercial tribute on every region of the
Globe, what must be the condition of those re
' gions which are exhausted to enrich England,
where so much misery reigns? With v.hut n dis?
trust should die aspect of these results inspire us
for our political sciences and institutions? How
strongly should they excite us to search for the
Divine Social Code, to anarch for ari outlet from
the disasters of our civilized Societies.
And when we reflect that liurr.an Reason, which
might have failed in this study, as it has in so
, many others, has commenced no investigation, pro
posed no examination of this important problem,
there can be no hesitation in exculpating God of
all suspicion of negleet towards u>, or of having
made the Passions without un inherent capability
', of Order and Harmony, atid in condemning human
Reason; which, for thirty centuries past, since the
first dawn of Science,has most shamefully neglected
its task of research and investigation. The Human
Race are deprived by this neglect of the Divine So?
cial Code, and are left to sutler unrler the direction
of civilized Legislators, who only know how to pro?
duce and maintain ull the evils und scourges of out
false Societies.
* * * * * *
Let us double and treble our proofs to establish
the great truth, before which human Legislation
?tands condemned, to wit: That there must >:x- j
1st a Social System or Code, composed bv God
and interpreted BY attraction. Ullf men o!
science ha\ing made no stud) uf Passional At
traction, are culpable of a most shameful neglect,
particularly since Newton's discoveries in material
Attraction, which should have induced a con?
ti ? nation of that study, and led to its extension
from the Material to the Passional or Moral
The Age, plunged in Political and Legislative
illusions, deserves the strongest reproach for its
oppnsition to Nature, and the guide which the
Creator has placed within us. Its prejudices
against Attraction and the Passions,are iiks those
old wulls of Roman cement, upon which the iron
bar of the workman makes no impression ; such is
the strength of our prepossessions ugairiht the guide
which God has given us,? Attrnction. We must,
consequently, first clear away the whole mass of
present political und ecienti&c prejudices, befote
hiving the foundation of the new doctrine.
The more we examine tin: perfect-accordance of
Attruciiori wiih the Attributes of the Divinity and
the desires of Man. the tnoie firmly wc shall be con?
vinced that our scientific bodies, in neglecting all
study s>f Attraction, have rendered themselves cul
pable of a most gross, oversight.
To what numberless researches, which for the
most part ate useless, does not curiosity or the de?
sire of guin lead ? \\ hut laborious researches on
insolvable problems, like those of Alchemy ! What
inconsiderate searches in countries which appear
to contain mines ! What voyages to discover some
miserable desert island, or some inscription of no
value! What fruitless eftoits to explore the in?
terior <d~ Africa 2 What outlays to discover u
northern passage, which, with the present state oi
the Earth's temperature, would be impracticable
and useless !
Nev rtheluss, however great the difficulties to
be overcome, nothing can discourage scientific cu?
riosity on points which if attained, otVer unimpor?
tant rosults: whereas the most magnificent of
achievements,?the discovery of the theory ol At?
traction and the Law of Destinies?ha-, during
thirty centuries of scientific investigation, called
forth no efforts, nor excited the scientific curiosity
of any one
Numerous indications exist, which should have
led genius to a study of Passional Attraction. We
will examine four of those indications,?which are |
to he found in lour of the guarantees that Attraction
offers to God and Man.
L. Permanent Social guide and Revelation,
inasmuch as Attraction impels us continually by
impulses which are as fixed and unvarying at all
times and in all places, as the lights ot reason are
fluctuating and deceptive. (The constant ten?
dency of Attraction of the Passions, when rightly
developed, to a true Social Older, is u Divine In?
terpretation or Revelation ofthat Order, inusmuch
as Attraction comes from God.)
The experience of all centuries proves that At?
traction is immutable, that it will, in twohty
thousand years, be as unvarying as it has been
since the creation of the world ; it will always
tend to the system of Society predestined for Man,
and for which the Passions were created. From
this immutability of Attraction, it becomes evident
that any science relutive to its action and effects,
wouid be a positive science, und that any Social
System based upon it, would he a code dictated by
God und interpreted by u permanent Revelation:
for Attraction is never silent or uncertain. How
important is the research of this code, which, once
discovered, would become a true and unvarying
guide in politics, und replace our irreconcilable
theories and sn stems.
If Attraction were no: intended as a guide fet?
us, to what purpose could the Creator have des?
tined it? Up to' the present time, it has served
only to lead us astray,?to plunge us into discord
and social excesses; it seems in our false Societies
an enemy, which Nature has placed in our path; a
traitor which, under u deceitful and pleasing ex?
terior, gains oisr confidence to hue us to perdition
Is it God who v\ isbes to betray and mislead Us ? foi
it is he who thus besets by Am action.
Sopl ist< think they exjiui'i the problem bv say
ing that iiod has give* us reason toresi.it It h
precisely what be lias not done: that Reason, whicl
they wish to oppose to At'ractiwn, is imp)tent witl
th-'se even who possess the largest share of it; i
is in ull cases powerless when the Passions are t<
be repressed; Children ate restrained by fear
Young Men by the want of moneyUlthe Maas b;
poverty and want; Old Age by cautious calcu
[fJE.W- 0 ? Tl7?Si>4 fe- Mt
1 1 ,
! tgttous, which check the liefrllons' Passions f
[Youth; :ju: no one i? restrained by that Reaso
/?j which, u.on ': anie i by any ronsideratibns^ strive
?? j directly to subdue the Passions.
Reason, itis clc2.rf is without weight or influence
i j aha tl?L- more .v< . bsery ? Man, the more we etba
*:??''- entirely g?idi .-1 by Atfi tctiors ; that he he .r
?, to Iioa-o:: so far only as it aids him in the attain
j ment iji> ends or pleasures and in the mi ait? ??
i -fiti-tyiiiig- A;;iaction. Hence it i> evident :ha
.. God, in subjecting us to this guide, to this inter
j prerer. mnst have a?ieTied it some emptoyrhen
adapted to the ends of Unity and justice, whld
ir<- two attribute? of the Creator. To apply it t<
a useful .purpose, he ttv.i-t 1 a-..* given as .i rrdt
which would permit it? free development. This
opinion is the only one which is compatible with
the five following Attributes of God :
Regulation of the Creation in all id
Economy oi M^on?.
Equilibrated j"u*tice.
Universality of Providence.
Unity of System.
For 1843.
v v DAY. Sektkmbek vIOl!:, apd rwiy for deliv
ery to oi der. It wiil contain
1. AN ALMANAC FOR JS 43, full and complete, with
nil the usual Calculations, and adapted to every Stnte in
the Union, kc. kc
WHIGS : A plain and condensed statement of the poinis
of difference between the contending parties in this Coca*
.try. etfibrai .rig an exposition and defence of the views
of the Whigs.?(original.)
cy, Necessity, and benefits to the Laboring Men of this
Counf v. ana! how it contributes U) the Prosperity and
Welfare of the People
i. A LIFE OK HENRY CLAY, dear and glowing, writ
ten exj,re.-dy for this work ;
ELECTIONS,in the several States and Countiesol
Union, from 13o?J dou nward, Including especially the vote
of every, State and County in the Presidential contest ol
?J. ANECDOTES, MISCELLANIES, ?c?a great varie
tv ;
7. TIMES OF HOLDING ELECTIONS in all the States;
the number of Members of Congress and Electors oi
Pn sident to which each is entitled, tc. kc.
THE WHIG ALMANAC will be printed on fine white
paper, and stitched in a printed cover. It v. ill contain 61
closely printed iar^e octavo page., and as inucii readin?
matter as an ordinary duodecimo volume. 11 will heal
Ibrded loi cash inflexibly at 121 cents per single copy, >1
per dozen, >'7 50 per humln d, or $65 per thousand. Orders
euclostng casii ai r respectfully solicited ley
GREELEY i. McELRATH, Publisbers,
No. 160 Nassau-street, opposite the City Hall.
Tribune ('tfi<:r, \'.g.. Iftli. ?133tD3tW
" S. REDFlELDi Bookseller aud Sta
tioner," Clinton Hail, corner ol Nassau aud Beekmnn
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( ass cat and Miscellaneous, and Schoolbook^ and Station
er) at the lowest cash prices. je27tf
a lot of prime thick and kip Bootsand Brogans, stor
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Pearl .t., N. Y.,2d story. nu2H lm*
C~H7c,OON0. "CTTCUUNS.?The sub"
J scriber will pay cash for Cocoons, or lie will reel them
lor quarter of the product.
August 20,1C42. i) Win L SEYMOUR, Agent,
au22Sm Stale Prison. Mount Pl?-asaut.
AiTORTAYl' TU Mfc. KCl I a:\ts !?
The contents of Wildert Patent Salamander Sale have
never been injured (much less destroyed) by fire They
can only 1h> had at the Iron Sale Store of
SILAS c. HERRING, isy Water-street
N. 15. Safes of oilier makers, siirli a. have I>??<" 11 taken in
part payment for Wildert, lor sale at le;- than one half ol
first cost, as above s3
BLE MEATS and SOUPS?Warranted to keep anj
length of time in any climate, viz: Lobsters, halibut, shad,
salmon, oysters, clams beef, mutton, veal, dock, chicken,
turkey, beef soup, mutton broth, ?Mucken soup, ox t.iii
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IV OTICE to Underwriter*-, Merchants
_JL tI .hi i Shipmasters?In compliance with a Resola?on
passed by the Board of Commissioners of Pilots, notice is
hereby given that HENRY ALLEN and JAMES LEON?
ARD are noi legally anthorised to pilot vessels to and irom
New-York by way <.l Sandy Hook.
By ordei of the Board.
JOSEPH SPINNEY, Jr., Secretary.
Commissioners of Pilots' Orfice
New-York, 15th September, IM2. slC lw
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T 3'i by 40 inches. 100 reams; 2-1 by 34 do., 100 ream*:
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g<- >m lies wttie, n sUK-i .%f if in le. tireen Hanging Pap'.-r,
6,090 lbs., 30,31,33,34 and 35 ncbes wine. 200 gress Uou
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Ay stpeciai Apuomuueuu
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TO THE tlUEEN.?CAUTION.?The Ki;h charac?
ter ol these Pens has indeced tiie attempt, on ili? pattoi
several disrepotabh makers, to practice a iraud notooiy "p<'i
Mr. Gill?tt,boi also ujkiii the pabKe Antalerior?rt?ele
oearing v-.r mtsspelUd name, thus. GUl?t,omitting ihr- tinai
I, is now in the market. It can readily be detected bv
uarinislied appearance, and ihe very tftnmon style ta which
it is pjt up.
Observe, the genuine Prns are ore all marked In full?
"Joseph Gillott's Patent," or "Joseph Gdlott, warranted;'
and that each gross hear> a tac simile ol his si.' nature.
The above may he had, wholesale; ?f HENRY J ESSOP
iy 15 ly 9-1 Jobnattreei, corner ol Gold.
AYDEN'S Premiuiu Pens.?A Silver
_ .Medal w as awarded J. Hayden 'or ln> very supe?
rior Pens" by the American Institute at its last Fad. The
Government Imvr given tiiem the Preference, and the best
accountants and many (?I the public mstitutkms will use ra
other Pens. They have justly obtained the highest reputa
tion, and are not surpassed if equaled by aiiy in the country
The trade are sv.i.phr.' at the Manufacturer's prices by tin
agents J. is I*. HAYDEN. 5 Plan-street.
Agents also forSilliman's School and t'.ounnn^-Uous? Ink
Stands. _mvg v
?ROWjN^? BOWLING saloujn?
i 3 Masonic Hall Broadway.?In introducing this estab*
lishment to tiie nonce of gentlemen, the proprietor wouh
call attention to it as possessing advantagessuperioi to anj
iblngeveryel produced in the world;and ?herecau lie
found recreation anassociaied ?.itn vnlgarit) or objectiona?
ble Society. It has been the ?im of the proprietor, in adapt?
ing this superb hall to the purjxws of athletic exereise, ti
banish, by strict prohitory regulations, all deviations from
;;?od propriety; to insure this, be Uis been careful in hh
selection o' assistants, an^i particularly tlio.se clnrged wit
its general supervision.
To str?ngets visiting the city, and also citizens desiroa
ofamusement aiui invigorating exercise during their ab
s. ce from bus a ess, ? - Hal! has attraction'' ol a b.gi- order,
iavitino by the eellghltul ciw.aiese consequent upon its -inl?
and perfect ventitadbn and die ortb-r and decoium prevail?
ing, from strict discipline among its attendants.
N. B ?In this Sal?<?n will be lound <ix a'leys, thereby
preventing the usual detention so much no objection^jydSoi
nj^lli; i\ KW - YORK XYLOWrap111c
JL PRESS, 4i( Maiden lane, up stair*.?'The Proprietor
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gi-sts perfumerSj and all others who ate in want of t'opjier
P'.ate and Xylographie Engraving and Priutinc, that behas
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row prepared to execute ad orders in a style not lw be
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Ali orders Ir^:i. u.r coumrv punctually attended u?, a ??
the articles ordered, forwarded to any pan oHoe United
States, or the Canadas. CHAS. SHIELDS,
N. B.?Engravini; <?n Wood. sI3 lm
?K^JtfG. SEFTEMBjES "iO-, 1842.
To a oTs&ffi Pl'. Lir
s 1 S?-!f rrrservn;;.)-. an infaereat principle f.rni'v se:-i?'d :
j the heart nf man. He ajigbts epoo the sboresefTime tfc
- I mos' helpless of als* G~d's creatures, hu: as soon as R-*a.
' i rears her stnn?!.-rd,>>e> *e?--*. and thinks, and rr.r-irc.-- hFrn
P^PJfej:'*'"if with objects of protection: t-eii?g cisslawtsi wi:h u-i
- j most n?hlelnte?e?which distiogoisit? him as the head oi di
K?>* his r-swer mannt -in? ire l-vd-d, r v~r> irr- turned fron
f t: ? irr >.:-.-?<?,thehaid-is vir: with iroa-a cn ! r eaablE
. j .'dm to fly; es it were; r-";h the wirgsol the wind-; thi
HgKocear, ?parktos beneath i:i- .v-: r.?e _ ?. .a ?
Kr tu some di-lanr. shore. Be? > i:h ~.!t ;:::s de'-gare-i w ?dorn
rrfan is helpless stfl; as die green tJs!rage;cfnsrsri is ?
pMij 3?r^ye(j by the auitimi.nl fr??*?*, *o art- men cu: r'.v.-.-i
j the band of diseaif. It walkiTabrrad and we cannot-stay
rits"progress: men fall !>y the.'wayside>and ot-rers nt?jtni
j their lo>*. Bat es tie history m mankind evinces a gradual
improvement, who will say that suiT.rin- arid pain is'o ac?
company u* ir. all onr walk* of life Amongnbe mar y and
important discoveries of this generation I- one recently an?
nounced to the pu';l;c. whose fame will: hi .-? i itten as v.
a sunbeam in the history of the past. San os's Sarsasa
Rii.t.a ?i^r.d? forth alone; and by itso?- worfe? rj?rflclaintsi?i
power?that ma?e el* qnence^sa irre*': t.!>'y BtTecling tn the
appeals of the suffering foe relief, has been answered.-?
j Di.?e-i*e. have been cured by tiii- invaluable medicine, such
j as not tarnished in the recor.is of ... ie. 'i hese things ire
not done in secret places or some ukknown town, i>ui ;.rc
done in our public place., and the highways. They are
br, oght before the ?vor! I to scbsumiate beyond doubt the
bea?r.g viri-itf'of this new preparation, and the farts un
folded, although gigantic, are as plain as the light of day;
and where istbat High PriesLof Envy that cm gainsay
I The tbUowing.cure ofaii inveterate case o: Scrofula is
*ahrmtted to toe careful on*: !era: ::m "t a di-cernmg pub?
lic, and its truth vouched i.ir from -u-.\. a source a- cannot
!>e called in question. It may w.li be said,'? Truth i*
itreugcr thm f iction." %
XEW York. Sept, 14, 1842.
Messrs Sahlis: Gent.?In the < holera summer ol .he year
18S2, a disease first made its ap~p"< arance on the end '?! niy
tongue, which continued to spread gradually for three
y?,ars, uuritig (thick Lim ! was ui?der the treatment oi dif?
ferent physicians without receiving any essential benefit. I
?.v;i* salivated until the ;i -t. dropped from my gums. My
tongue wasscarified, frequently caaierized, slit I< ngtfiwise,
and cut crosswise, until 1 ? as told that the only cure would
he to cut my tongue off t the ro.'.t; hut as it seemed an
certain whetherUitswould put a stop to the ravagesef such
adtser- e. I preferred 10 iisk my liic rather than submit to
the operation.
A scrofulous affection now commenced on my right cheek
a httte below theand continuing inward seonauacked
the bone, forming matter mtemally, which discharged in
the tiioutii t!:rnui:h aa opening caused by the extraction 01
a loot!:. The disease then ?elzeii upon to. , oofol !!;?: m uth.
just under the opening frorrj ti e -v se, and soon destroying
the bone,continued its progress upward a..d backward into
die booes oi the n??se, which it destroyed; together ?ita the
cartilages. A gathering then took place tn hiy head, which
discharged a thick fetid matter from the n-sse, which resem
bled soft bones or shelb, as it came out in strings as large
round as a goose-qnilL Pieces of bone a bo dropped t'tom
my Lead into the mouth through the passage m ote by the
disease in ti;e nppei jaw. The complaint now spread over
the nose and:enveloped both eye*, destroying the lower
eyedasbesahd stopping the opening Irom the eye.* to ih
uo*e, which caused almost u continual tl m n tears. At?iis
lime my smell an?l ia*te v.o. ,? both gone, m> hoai;.- u' Bearly i
*o, and my .si?nt *o much impaired a* to render it impossi?
ble for me to distinguish an ebject at the distance of two
leet. My memory also was so much atT Cted that I could
not ret;,iH any thing 1 beard said for live minutes; an.i niy
condition; il not wbollyi was nearly that ot idiocy. The
disea.-e occasionally appeared to !<?? i-i in r. and theu 1 i...iked
to warn death as tie-1.-. miuaiion . i u _. sufferings.
Hearing through the newspapers t; > remarkable cures
of your tsarsapanlla, hope *|iiiiti<r up .. .? -.'i. and although
my c.i*e was co.j..iuered hey mi ; t:,e rea ?:.. : ar., I resoived
to make one more erTori to regain my health. At this pe?
riod my means were exhausted in try ag various medicines,
and dying, as I was, i>y im hes, i: can tie readily sopposed
with wh.it feelings 1 I toked toward relief It is now just
weeks since 1 crossed the threshold of your door, and
was then an object iroiu which the eye turned with pity
and die senses with disgust. I was theo a man who was
broken down with suffering ami disease, whose cup <>f mis?
ery was more than mil. l looked upon the wwrlii as dead
tome; the past ami future were both alike; hijt while
memory proves true to her trust, and reason -it- enthroned.
>o loiii.? w :|| I cherish witb heartleli gratitude the beat tit I
have received (undei the blessingol Divine Providence)
from the use of your Sarsaparilla. In tv o weeks from the
tune 1 began usmy the medicine, the internal ulcers brgau
to heal and new flesh to form. This has continued until I
am nitireiy cured and w hi lly *o. from the use ol y< ur med.
iciee. My t>, lings are >ncu as I cannot deseribe I can
si arcely realize dial 1 am the mflerii lt object of pity 1 was
so short time tigo. My appetite is good, 1 sleep uaturaily,
und ior two wi eks pa-t I have !,,-eij able to follow my trade
i.-. hieb i- that ol a sboemaker,j almost as well .?? at any pe?
riod of my life.
With lasting gratitude, 1 shall ever remain yours, most
gratefully, lifiOKGJS W. DULAY, 114 tvitlet-st.
The facts as above Stated are strictly trur, he having ap?
plied to me for a letter of recommendation to Messrs. Sanns,
and thecurc came itiictlv under my personal observation.
Alderman of ;!ie inn Ward ol the city of Ne a-York.
September Iti, 1842.
New.York, August 23,1842.
Gentlemen.?A tale of misery and woe * mine to tell, and
as memory ever constant in the task brings back sceres thai
have pa?.i, I sbudderat thr picture and alniwst wonder if it
is s?>. For niootb> stretched upon a bed ?ir' -urt?-riii<? iio.i
distress, racked'by the mosi excruciating pain, dumi-with
agony?the Only voice thai came irom my lips the voice ol
grnaning, and my only hope despair. **tten and olTten while
others -lejit in the soil hours nl nigiit, 1 have turned mj
lace to tie- wall and wished to die.
Although I stood on the brink of eternity and the thread
or life was nearly severed, yet I *ti!l breathed on, the lamp
held oui tn burn ; I little thought it would be ever trimmed
attain, and only hoped lint death would swallow up the
flame. My sickness wa> first bronghton by m) imprudently
expos nn in > -eii to a strong current of air while ovex-hf ated,
which CJiirsed n sud?i?n check of perspiration. '? y com?
pi.in t ?I tir-l seemed iighl ami hardly worth while to cad a
phvsician; but I soon begauto grow worse, and a physi?
cian wiis called, who prescribed -omr pills containing a
powerful preparation oi mercury, to be foilowedby sars?pa
rilla toot and lignum vita made into a t? a, which I continu?
ed tisiu ; for several months without intermission. Soona!*
vr taking the mercury 1 liegan-io feel its poisonous tmlu
ence. .My whole glandular system became affected, also
lbe btines.-joints and muscles; lumps Ibrmed upon the skin
nearly as big as an egg nccomnaned with intense burning
he.it, v. Inch keptswelTiBC until they broke, and disc barg eo
matter and blood; These continued to increase outil tliey
covered my whole body. But this.wns only the beginning
ot'nn aiHicii.'.is: now commenced those torturing paiu*
termed clnonic rbeursatismi AI times it seemed as if I ivas
stretched upon a rack and all my limbs were being t rn
Irom e.?.h other: at others as if sharp knivr? w>tr piercing
me at every point. Themuscles <>t my legs seemed lie*I in
kitoi* and were a? hard .:s a hone. M . .I'.iie-s w;i> now so
creat that my groans atnighl distarhed the whole house
and aL*o some of the families in ibeadjacent buildings. I iiad
not -b'pt a ii'ehtsii.ce the early pan of December la-i : the
only steep I obtained wa? a lew hour, during the middle ol
lb" day pillowed up in a ( hair, au I lbe eruption had ?I-o
fearfully increased, ."f face was completely covered with
an extending sore Iliad now shrunk to i mere skeleton?
theskiiiaudile.li were so di*eas?-d aiound my thighs that
the bones nearly protruded, and the physicians pronounced
r ry c ise beyond the reach oi medicine 'ih how I wished
ti.at 1 might die From my long an I protracted .dues* we
bad.became much reduced in circumstances. A short time
Since while look ng ill the ; arrer-. Ir .meed tu-ee\r.ur
Sarsa p irilla advertiserl, accompanied w nu * certiricaie from
Mr. Burdock, of a most extraordinary cure made by it* use.
i': e i ase insome respects n n mbled my own, an t I found
that lingering hope still clung to life. It seemed like a
wldspei from Henvcn. Thesecooddny after I commenced
taking it I felt the pain much easier and went to sleep. I
had notsl"ptlike this before for months. By the lim- I
had used one bottle. tbe pain liad nearly left, the eruption
w a- also much briter. I ? ow (clt a s.rnn^'e hope gathering
>u my breasttbai 1 sbouldlivel perhaps be cared. No: tins
could not be. I dareii not believe it. I ?etil and got another
boit'e, continuing to improve rapidly, and still aieither, and
I?I a lew- d.n-.sine,-a miserable, suffering, dying man, was
almost well. Two weeksfrornthe da\ 1 t(m>"k th-first do*e
1 m as out. an I a ike<i nearly three miles without eve.i the
assistance ci a cane. And now; gentlemen?yes, now, I am
well! and have testified before my God u;mu H:s sacred
Wont, that all might believe this statement for it is trae,
true Oh how lamelv these . old word* describe those fear?
ful nights oi' agony, those dreadful days of suffering. True:
Yes,gentlemen, 1 herald itm he v.or;.i that all nay know
wbatyour preparation fSarsaparilla has danefbrme. My
heart yearns towanls ;im?e suffering and artlicten Lkel was,
and I only hope this statement will induc e ?Ibers to pursue
the same course for re-W.
Ever gratefully yours,
TrtUMAS I L'it.N ER, -Ii Anthony street.
City und County ?f jVczv-Yor'ic. is: I hereby certify that
on tbis2?lh day el August. 1842, ih- above named Thomas
Turner appeared before me. in the Mayor's office, and b^
ine been duly sworn; staled that tKe above statemeni dv
Him subscribed, was tru?-. HOBT. H. MORRIS,
Mayor or ti?e City ol New-York.
I do hereby certify that the above is a correct statement
of the case o"t Thomas Turner, and the efTectof y?ut r"arsa
pari la upon hint ; his wile Lerrr-": a member of my cr:ngre
o-ition I have frequently vi* ted iheni a.:d ki>ow lbe facts to
0e true, S E V M? ? B V'AN UELSEN.
Pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Duane-ST.
We, trie undersigned,I?in^r nelehbor? of Thoma* Tamer,
do hereby cenif- that tie* above i? a correcr-sftatement ol
case and U:e operai on of vour >arsap*riUa npr-n him.
WILLIAM LeZEV, WineMerchant,
corner Chu-ei: atvi Leonaro-sts.
corner Fra?I:linand Cliarcb sts.
ISAAC L COWL. Orrvfr. 37 Prankhs St
Reference i* al--o mad?t(iC any fartiier evidence BttMOtrad)
tn Mr James Brown, of the bouse of .Brown, Brotnersk
Co., who isacqaair-ted tfce above part .-?j'ar?. in wbrxe
employ the above j?rnt-.: Tbomae Turner was fbra number
of years. '>l7
Prepared and sol at v bol sale and reiaii. and lor expor?
tation, ov A. B SANDS i CO Drcnei?^ and Cberntets
Grantte'Buildings, 275 Broadway, corner c: Chambers?a
New-York. !<*M also by A. B. i. D. Said?. 73 Faltan; D.
Sands k Co. 77 Ea*t ?m?d'^ay. comer Marfcet ,u Price (1
1 per botue; sis b ?! s for $5. si? tf
WHOLE WO, 451.
\XTANTED?A setef pigeon holes an
T ?- n ;v i middling sized coundag bouse denk. Ail
dress P. at ikis o:ricp. -17 Zi'
TJ^ANXED?\ large white marble Im
? 7 pcr<ifj*.5rooe,Tto; . 55 .. i ;2ii:ches by 4:-. als
in* about S2 nichts by c-j. Stfdn ss V. w., Tr.bune strict
Wieg price tmd. where tu-y way Ii-m-wi. .;7 ; ?
\ V AiN 1 felD?1U or 12 active, iuteliigen
7 ? nteh. to procun mk*-ribers for the ;?ui u-s'eri
'' ? ' ' ' - ? who bar* beetteacagtj? m Eterarj
lursuils. Wi-lbi pr-:', -r-.!. To ibnse. wL'>ar. ! :'. :
' ? -? >,/ : ;:? -rimonraLs of cbarai let
?? ?. ' :? ?? ?- Noforeignersemployed
BR tDBl RY, SODEN Y CO., 127 N* sau-st
iVrJjfi wanted on .-.nmi anrj
'? <i C ?? ' ? ' w M irtgage at 6 per cenr. for a termol
1 ? ? ars, un a 3 story brii '?? house and lot, situated n the Bow
?'? ? v' ?? ?? ->i -v rents :. r SfJOO. A plvatNo.S
! Ai'.a.'V sTre:_ " * s5 2w
* e.vn.e.m.v.n and lm>\ , or t??
j ...A. or three single gmtlemen can be accommodated
[ ? >ih Jt-ianJ u.id rooms at
-! - .MRs^FREDERiCKS*. 43? Hou*t.m-*;.
i GKNTLEA?A'N ami his Wife can be
j. i. aecontnrodaictd with Board and a pleasant roonvaad
j ? ? ?"? 1 ? ? = small family living in the vicinity ofBU ec1
kantf~M i> Cr ii .?!--!>. T.-rms r i.-xialil... A note t.ireu-'h
die upper Post Office, addrersed to T. J. C. appointing an
interview, will meet * jth unmeatate attention. si7?*
npO MEKOflANTS?Michigan Laud;
_ -i. Merchants or oil ers baring land in Michigan I irs il
low, rosy bear of a j . . by addressing a liae to Box
Low? p F*?; Office. M? 3i*
1 (\(\ AME RH'AN FLAGS for sale
f w W or hire by GAUNT Sc DERR1CKSON, 159
S-'.ith sujeet._ at>3l if
B<' \ ?\ gentleman and lady can be
arrorxm ! tteo .? .?(? s very pl<-nsant front room,on the
second tlooi. Also single gentlemen with small rooms, at
::."? Fourth >:. t\0 2w
5 >< >A1? I >.?A family or a few sitt^'e geil?
st tlemen of good morals can Uave board astl spacious
monis in a private family, a very desirable location, IM
Ka-t Broadway. House and apartments unusually plea
?Bt-aiff^agreeable._.-I! hv*
desirable apartments can be obtained lor a fatuity <-r
two or three single Kentletr.ei:, in a hou?e newly furnished
throughout, where order, neatness, and a good table can !??
ISsonrt. Apnlv at 13!' Broad.w
BUARDING.?The house 42 YV arre 11
>:n et, formerly occupb -I by the family ol Gert Sir
veos, bus been neatly fitted up, and is now open for the re
ceplion of boarder*. M'p.'ilin.
}/V\ M 11,1 KS ami single gentlemen can be
iccemmodatediwidi ui><?! ami pleasantrosms. with
or without board, at No. 77 Chambers-street, second iloor
below Broadway. sI5 lm"'
Pl-.W in Ascension Church for pale.?
Pew No. 13 on the g ..un'. floor, in the body ol thi
Chnrch. *>pplv ni No. 7; SOoth-?treei jeU
?HN McCAHK & CO.'S Intelligence
Otfice,99Nas,snu-st. Hej krhncks?Hon. M. li. ?ria
-H.H. Brevort. Eso. W. Irvine". Prof. Renwick. a J tf
1 to 5o horse power, with suitable rooms, in the
Saw Mill at West Farms. Inquire of JOHN COPCUTT,
?')!.?< Washingtoit-stn et. ? 1; lm
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\v tides of an insolvent manufacturer lor .sale chenp, at
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\y ehe p at -|.".t \Va.l.'ii?lon-.treeL sl3 I in
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quireof J. BUSil, corner Horatio and Pourth-sts
iu2l lm"
1 A/\| \ LBS. BREVIER TYPE (sec
j \f\/\f ond-k?nd) suitable for Country Newspapers,
ior sale in lots ol 200 h?s. or upward. Price 20 cent, per lb.
cash. Apply at this office. nug7tl
.1.anxious feelings of a sister living in Canada, wishing 10
hear from her only ?ists-r, PHEBE YOUNG, that livwil 111
the City of New^York in 1839, at Hoboken or Patterson,
New-Jersey, in 1840. Any informatien respecting her, it
liv.ii c;, ^ here -lie live-*, or deceased, the time ol her decease,
will be gmtefully received by l'et<-r S. Thus, No. 13 Allen
-t ret, New York, who will trausmit the same to her sis
ser. si!) lm*
ONEY TO ToAN ? Temporary aTl
L vances made upon most description, ol saleable per?
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Persons temporarily embarrassed will find this a respectable
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sau?office No. Jd story. Open from 10 A. M. nil 2 P. M.
s!9 lw*_
^k^i \ KEWAK !>?l ost or .Stolen on the
'IP* /\J ',:,t ? a Pocket Book containing the follow
\t\l Notes and Bank Bills:
lone. Gaunt'snole, Olli March, 1841.$500 00
Stod lat e! L Freeman's note 13tb >lav, Inl2, 6 mos...43578
James M W ilcox Js Co., I i h July, i8(2, G mos.790 24
Eben? ler <; Bennet.100 00
Turner. iVheelwrigbl .v Mudge,6th July, 7 mos.I2!l7-t
Ca niu? Sc Clough's check. 75 00
Cash, sny about.la<? < <>
A? the not? s are nt no value to any one exci pt the owner,
above reward willbe paid forthepockei book and contents
anil no quesiioiisnsked.byJOSEPH VVEAVERi 170 South
street, or GAl NT Sc DEKR1CKSON, 159 South-street,
si!) 3t_
CO?L! COAL!?The real
sell Orchard Red Ash i.ow Sellins from
the yard 5<>4 Washington street, two doors above .'?primj
broken from inecli ?n lumps, doubly screened, and delivered
free of cartage, weighed by city weigher, at the lo?owing
Large Nut.>t 75 i Broken or Egg.$5 50
Stone. 5001 Liverpool,screened.. 3 00
N. B.?All*?rders to be lefi at tie yard. No agento?no
com miss on The buyer receives the hem fiu
i ' Coal from boat, 25 '"en:- less per ion.
sl6 lm_T. B. GUERNSEY.
M).\L, COAL, COAL.?Beat Peach 07
ibard Bed Ash Coal?Lump, Broken and Nui-i/.'-s.?
The undersigned is authorised to take orders lor this cele
liraied Coal, at tlie ver> lowest prices, either by '.he cargo
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Also Gray Ash Sebuylkill, Lehtgh and Lackawana Coal.
P.S. American Bituminous Coal, forth* grate, equal to
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' ?tfice No. I la Nas?au-streeL
N. B. Order, for one ton will receive the same attention
is those for a larger qoanity. myl8tl
dh 4 Q/T?COAL, COAL?From the
vessel best quality Peach Orchard Red
Vsli uoal iresl from the niioes, at the following low prices?
Kl'L' and Broken.$5 5o
Stove, large.5 00
double screened ami delivered any part ol thecay, weighed
hv a dry weigher. Yia*d corner Christopher and Green?
wich streets. JAS. FERGUSON
N B?llNKMons Pea and Dnst chenp. a29 tf
?j \\ Ti) $5 ?d.?Peach Orchard Coal.?
*P-?/ The subscriber ?;ffr;>> for salethe first quality Peach
On hard Coal, broken, egg and large nut sizes, at theabove
if.iur-n price*, delivered, free of cartage, direct from the
boats; The Coai will be well broken ami .creeneil at the
lirueofshipment ALFRED ASHFIELD,
415 O. ^n.l street, cornT ol Ridje,
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(,roVrs left as above, or at 198 William-street, or through
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Caleb O. HaJsted, Wiibam W.-Todd, PenJinarxTSuydaM.
; Henry G Thompson. R. HW k\s. ,, deaC
Lewis Phillip?.Secretary._
1 \\/YITl A M 6j3 L Ii t;H FIRE JNSLTk
v T ANCE On.?OrbVe in Grand, neir F^urst-ttreet,
W?liasubu ir1 ? Agency Office, Wa2?reet, eortb-Kest
corner ot Pearl-st pirect--r?.
SamuelWittels, Fretter* ts W Favre, AndrewCBenedlet,
Fi-RDcjsS>einheU, Thomas McK e. Co*r1>s o H.noy,
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! Nictmh-Wyckorl'.J <ha Skilltaan. Jeremiah Johnson,
. Lemuel Ricbanlson.
I This Company conUnU'stoinsore sgwiwtloss or damage
I bv Fir?*.ai the reduced rates of premram, at either of the
alwive place*, and !os?es Sustained will Im- hl>eraB> adjusted
I "m-l proraptlv paid. officer?.
C. ZABRISKIS, President.
Axursw B. Hougf.s, Secreta y;
*5tf WASHINGTON POST. A?eat. Xew-Yoik.
-t? I. A a i ire Insurance Company of n.
- 2 A Y ? Ofl * N .. 57 ><::. against lows or
damage by r-rr nn dweiling bxioses. store-, goods, lurnitore,
? --???ir.oine r. port, .?? tproperrj ger*eraltjr-; jm
as favorable terms as any other offvc*.
D'JKKc n ?KS.
Charles Town; Ct S,. WoodhuU, John T. Stagg,
Jcl :> Allay, Gewfjc?- Porta roy, K. B. Cm-ton.
FredTt Pen?, P. Lonh Poolke, Geo. Colgate,
Russell Stebbias, J, J. Valentine, Isaac U Platt,
dieser Clark, W n. Wldtewright, K. M. Blackwell.
I. H. Hoftnan, Wm.~A. F. Penu, Gl W. Coic
ft D. Skillia, M. L. Marsh, Josv Jamiesoo,
R- Pege, J. L*. Mailer, Jot-bra Jones,
V vv l.'.y^'' .. J ??. v..- BotAerck,Silas Wood,
Theop'sAnthony, Daniel L. Gray, Will am H. Tborn.
i n IRLES TOWN, President.
Henry Lctt, Secrei try.
- i Richakj) P. Duxn, Sun*eyor.
?"U i Tl.'AL I.Nm RANGE.?On Dwell
.i_?.n ing Houses and Fura tare only. prriSi, retern-d t*
. Vs,, , . TUR 1101 SKHOI DEl-US' MOTU iL IN
-l it VNCK COMPANY, OtSce ??)' Wali for sr-paratiof
tbe l isorasce il Dwelling ll->us.*s at:* Furnittrrefrom that
? ! >uire-i and Men -.band is*.
!-. i- well kwwn s tali ? all the lo*^ locarred in the
rressoi insurnoce, ate theresalt of the burnmg ?fvalua
ble stores and costly goods.
This incrtasestbeesn ? - ol tesarance: to the b<jasebold>
er. and niay possibly deprive himol ?ie very secority tor
which he pays hi* premium.
The casti payments or premiums form a tend, which, af?
ter paying expeaai s and . sses, is represented by scrip, and
is Issued io the assured In proportion to the" amount ot their
This Company is prepared to insure against loss or dam?
age by tire. Dwelling Houses,occupied in whole or in part
as such, llousehold Furniture and all {leasehold Property
ordinarily kept in dwellirfg houses. Every person msur
uis with this Company is entitled to one vote lor each hun
dred dollars Insured.
GultanCVerplanck, ?. v Robertson, StepbenCambreleng,
Rnh't Henry Lud low, Samuel Martin, Freilerick Depeyster,
William 11. Hanson, F'd -> Schucbardt, Daniel Seytuoar
A. It. BODGERS, President,
my I: if_D. C. TAY I.QR. Seen tno'.
"jj^hik I'?Ou'k [ron SAl'KS ?'rhcre
J_ can be no greater > \ dence of the high estimation by
the public of Wilder*"* Patent Salamander Safe thau the fact,
that since :he invention of dieseSufesand tin ir subsequecS
tiial* ai>l te-ts. almost every thing made for the purpo-e of
holding books and papers an- calleil by the makers and
venders bj the name *> I Salamander Safes,
The lolio wing genUemen composed a Committee of Mer?
cli uii* at ti;e trial ol safes In a blast furnace near the foot of
Wall-street, and decided in favor ol Wilder*? Patent Safe,
which was the oniv one that stood the test, vix:
" BALDWIN t C?>.,
" M1NT?IUS .v co.,
( It \s. H. M UtSHALL, Fs?j.
Wilder'* SnlamcBiler Sales, which have never laded to
preserve their content, in case ol lire, are to lie bud onlv of
SILAS C. HERRING General Agent,
No. 13y Water-sL, N. Y.,
And his duly authorised Agents,
M. J. THOM AS & CO., Albany.
jy7 tf J. W. ST AN TON .V CO.. NewOrleans.
MKS. MULTON'S MnarHiiifir and l>?y
School f?r Young Ladies, No. II Ainity-st au30 2m*
DAY SCHOOL. .No. 26 Laight-strvet, (St. John's
P irk) will re-open Monday. Sept. 5, l8ti ati.'lO liw Tit-Th*
"IT and Mli?. HA ILLY wil?e^Ti^eQ
their Young Ladies' School. 1(1 Carroll place, Blee
er*street,On Wednesday, 7th of September. They bnv
lew vacancies f->r l-oardiMir pupil-, their finiited nnmberb
ing twelve. It will readily be perceived that punctual at
tendance is necessary tor the immediate organization of die
classes. auSI 6w
M" iS^miAl>r8^?AKDING"?ND
DAY SCIlooi, will be opened on Thursday. 8th
Sepiembi r, at No. 66 Hammond -irret.
Mr. und Mrs, BLEECKER, lor many years at the henrl ot
a popular Female Seminary in Westehesier Counly, associ?
ate I with Miss Oram ol this City, having taken the exten?
sive Mansion No. Gri Hammond-Street, will open a Bo.trding
and Day School for Young Ladies on Thursday, Sept. 8tb.
The building and grounds, lor elegance, convenience and
healthy location, are not surpassed by at?y similar institu?
tion in the ciiy.
MissOfUM, with assistants, will attend to the inttructlan
of the young ladies, and the domestic department will be
undei the superintendence of Mrs. Bleecker. s*2tf
J V.M. Day School, No. 184 Fourth street, ntar the Wash?
ington Parade Ground, a few doors west of .McDougaf
street, will re-open on Monday, 5th September. The pu
,'],i- ire requested to hd punctual in attendance, that they
ma*- he present at lbe organization of the ctas-es. The
whole system of education in this instilniion, i? founded on
reasoning and demonstration. All pupils attached to this
esiablisbmeiit nie instructed in Frencb. Every department
is folly sustained by experienced and competent Professors.
Relerence, by permission, to the following Ladies and
Gentlemen s?
Nbw York.?Mr*.Jobn Beekmnn,627 iiroadway.
Mrs, Daniel W. Gan?ey, corner ol Fourteenth street and
7di Avenue.
Mrs William W. Galla'ian,72Amity street
Mrs. T. I'. McCarty, Niblo's, Broadway.
Bet iamiti T. Onderuonk, D. D., Bishop of the Diocese of
New York.
Thomas Lyell, Rector of CbriM Church.
Fi am i- L Hawks, Rector ol St Thomas' Church.
Thomas liew.tt, D. D. M. M. Noah, Esq.,
John Knot. D. I)., ( ha- A. Davi-. K?<|.
John W. Francis, M. D., Charles Davis, K.-q.,
11. Mi Western, Counsellor, II. Grrelcy, Esq.
Buffalo N. Y.?<ieneral P. It. Purler.
Albany, N. Y.?Governor William H. Seward.
Lexington, Ky.?Honorable Henry Clay, General Jas.
Shelby. " au25 2m
rpllfr; Kev. Dr. E. D-,15arry and MrT?iH
I. F?S L?CKM'OOD'S Collegiate School, No. Ill
Broadway, near Canal street, vull open on Monday, the
29th inst. The Classical Department is under llie immedi?
ate care of Dr. Barry. The English Department is under
lb ? supervision of Mr. Lock wood, assisted le/ - -,
a teacher of mathematics. Mr. A. Pestiaux, a professor of
die.Krench language, will have charge of the frencb de
partinenL Those parents desirous of plar ng their sons in a
seminarv, in which the classical and comin i >eial branches are
thorongbly and radically taught, are respectfully invited to
call ai tin- iiimk store of Mr. Roe Lockwood -III Broadway,
at the rooms over the store, or at pi Howard street, at which
places cards containing term- of admission, iie. may be oli
tained. Mr. Jyickwood would receive a few bovs into his
family lo hoard. The strictest regard will be paid to their
comfort, and to their moral and literary improvement.
au?! lm
.^LiVlALL SEMINARY at No. 32 Riv^
ington-streeL (near ihe Bowery.) The Institution &
divided into three departments, with each a distlnet teacher,
and all under ihe supervision of the Principal, and is now
open for the reception of pupils.
A Primary School is connected with the Institut'on, and
aly> a School for small boys.
Circulars may be bad on application as aho?e, specifying
tie- siuilies of the several classes and also the temu, which
are made to suit the times.
sl9 im"_V. THOMPSON, Principal.
Mr. M. A. GAI'VAIN'S French Chwsea, IManttcett
oral system,) are now forming for tbe season. Students are
requested to call and make arrangements. Private lessons
ruav be had early in the morning.
Madame and Mad.lle. GAUVAIN will also receive pupils
in French, and in Vocal and Instrumental Music, f/Ae Fiona
ar.'i Guitar.) The forenuon l.ours will be uevoted to tlie
tuition of Ladies; the aftprnouns and evenings to that of
Gentlemen. Apply at 3*J7 Bioadway, near Walker ?.
?19 lw?_
tSTk ESS BOO fS?Latest French style
\_y The subscriber res-ectfuUy invites the cttuens of
New-York, and strangers v *-iirg the city, to call nt 1H Ful?
ton-street, and examine a nrge assortment or Dress Boots
made in the latest Spring r as Son, and of the finest Frencb
Gentlemen can baveBry-'sma le to order in the best man?
ner at six dallars per pair warranted equal to any marie at
seven dollars and a half, a id as U;e undersigned lakes draw?
ing ol Uie feet and keeps lasts for each customer, he can in?
sure an easy yet handsome tit.
Constantly on band, Fashionable Boots, Lc,at the follow
tog reduced priees:
Seat-Skin Boots.from %l 30 j) %2 75
Calf " " . " 4 00 io 6 00
Half Boots.3 00
Gaiters.2 25
Shoes.from 1 50 to 2 W
Pumys and Slipper*, kc. ice. proportionably Low.
Terms, Cash on Delivery. JOHN L. WATKINS.
cylO 114 Fu.toirst. between Nassau and Dutch.
!\"E PRICE STORE.?It is generally
known that some store-keepers ask do aole the price
the article is worth; therefore any person wishing to pur?
chase good cheap clothing can rely on being furnished with
articles at the fofiowing price*:?Coats at $12; cloth jack
eta $3 50 to $5: cloth pants |3 25 to $4 50; satinet pants
$175 to $2 to. J. COGSWELL.l-fll Chail.anest i y21 Sa?
THE Self-Instructor and Journal of the
Universal Lyceum, bv Josiah HolbrooW. is pcbltshed
mixitiily at the Exchange Lyceum. 343 Broadway, at *
cents a year, paid In advance. A liberal discount will be
made to agents who buy by the quantity. Agents or" P/nnT
papers will find it a profitable work. For sale *t Axford t
news room. 16S Bowery. _
English 14 to 32ot, for sale by _ _ .
s6 GRINNELL, MINT CRN k Co. T8 fc^icta 3U-eet

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